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May 25 Game Chat
2007-05-25 17:19
by Jon Weisman

Tonight's game:


Retro Gameday

Comments (714)
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2007-05-25 17:22:00
1.   silverwidow
Kershaw and Bell to San Bernardino next month? crosses fingers
2007-05-25 17:33:18
2.   twerp
Yhency Brazoban, backup Dodger emergency catcher?

Speaking of converting folks to catcher at the end of last thread, how about catcher to outfielder, then to pitcher--

"I started as a catcher," Brazoban said through a translator. "When they converted me from a catcher to an outfielder, I was having knee problems, and converting me from an outfielder to a pitcher was the best thing that ever happened to me, because I wouldn't be running as much."

Story also notes he was a solid hitter in the NYY organization.

2007-05-25 17:34:48
3.   underdog
Yhency could be the backup catcher - to Lieberthal - and Russell could unconvert back to thirdbaseman to fill that hole. It's so crazy it... just... might... work. Or not.
2007-05-25 17:35:33
4.   CanuckDodger
Chin-Lung Hu has hit his first homer of the season tonight. No doubt he read regfairfield's dismissal of him at TrueBlueLA and was even more outraged than I was. Beware the wrath of Hu.
2007-05-25 17:38:32
5.   Curtis Lowe
4 - I'm sure it was weakly hit...
2007-05-25 17:40:02
6.   silverwidow
Per Tony Jackson, Wilson Valdez cleared waivers and was outrighted to Triple-A.

Does that mean Hu has to stay in Jax because of that scrub?

2007-05-25 17:41:13
7.   CanuckDodger
If Hu's batting average collapses now, like Loney's, because he is swinging for the fences every time up, we know who -- Hu? -- to blame.
2007-05-25 17:43:24
8.   trainwreck
So, he probably would have cleared waivers ages ago, which means we basically wasted a roster spot.

Makes sense.

2007-05-25 17:44:01
9.   underdog
Yeah, Jackson wrote: "Wilson Valdez cleared waivers and was outrighted to Las Vegas -- probably a big blow to him, but a big coup for the team because they get to keep him in the organizatio[n], and they really like this guy." Why? I mean, nothing against him, but he's a decent AAAA utility infielder. I guess having him in Vegas is better than some of the options they might have there right now, but I just don't want to see him block anyone else. Ah well, as long as he's not blocking anyone at the ML level, no need to carp, really.
2007-05-25 17:49:15
10.   trainwreck
I dread the day when Logan White leaves.
2007-05-25 17:54:41
11.   regfairfield
4 I like to think of myself as a motivator.

5 It's not like I'm just pulling these numbers out of thin air. The fact is that Hu does not make solid contact very often, and I don't see how that's debatable.

2007-05-25 18:00:41
12.   Jon Weisman
Canuck - point has been made.
2007-05-25 18:09:22
13.   bhsportsguy
8 I am pretty sure the reason they kept him up here was as insurance for Furcal, which is the same reason why they wanted him in AAA.

9 The only player[s] that he could be blocking is Abreu and Hu. Abreu is a better 2B and it looks like they wanted to play Hu in AA all year anyway.

11 Then can I use the same argument that based on the results thus far, Ned has not traded anyone of value as far as prospects. He has been absolutely correct in his judgment.

Jackson, Tiffany, Guzman, Pedroza, Blake, Julio, Justin, and Jhonny are all going further and further down the prospect hot list.

Now, someday I may be proven wrong and I will answer his critics then but right now if you are only going to use the economic costs to back up your argument, prove to me that economics has been issue with any moves.

2007-05-25 18:12:01
14.   regfairfield
13 What's that have to do with what I just wrote?
2007-05-25 18:25:24
15.   Branch Rickey
I was just thinking that the least mentioned Dodger player here at DT might be Jeff Kent. Went and looked up his OPS and noticed that is the last 5 years it has never been above .889 and has never been below .860. So far this year, it's .868. You certainly know what you're going to get with him and it's pretty darn good.
2007-05-25 18:27:11
16.   Branch Rickey
The Yankees pitchers have walked in a run and given up a home run to Chone Figgins tonight. They are not so good.
2007-05-25 18:27:35
17.   overkill94
So, ummmm, what's everyone up to for the three-day weekend? Apparently chatting on Dodger Thoughts is not on most people's docket.
2007-05-25 18:31:47
18.   bhsportsguy
Mattingly is a single away from a cycle.
2007-05-25 18:33:38
19.   Branch Rickey
17. Golf. Unfortunately, that can only happen during the day.
2007-05-25 18:33:50
20.   CanuckDodger
12 -- I agree. I was sensing that I might be approaching Rule 8 territory.
2007-05-25 18:35:45
21.   twerp
Anyone know if anything has happened for Joe Mays after he declared free agency?

Supposedly hoped to go to a NL East team. Story in the Vegas paper quoted him saying the Nationals, Yankees, and Orioles might have interest.

Ken Howell had good things to say about him, seemed to think he could help someone but wasn't going to crack the Dodger rotation.

Second part of that, at least, is accurate.

2007-05-25 18:40:18
22.   Bob Timmermann
I might spend part of my 3-day weekend at the Kaiser afterhours pharmacy demanding an emergency refill of a scrip that they didn't get taken care of in time even though I gave them 10 days to fill it.
2007-05-25 18:50:43
23.   k0b3 says that Mark Texiera has hit the trade market and the dodgers and angels are the "big market teams" that can use him.. You think he's a good fit and what would you be willing to give up for him? I'm sure he's not goign to come cheap because of the competition from other offense needing teams...
2007-05-25 18:53:38
24.   D4P
I ordered a book on Amazon last Tuesday, and it's still not here yet. What did we do to deserve this kind of treatment?
2007-05-25 18:54:13
25.   Greg Brock
I'm a whole thread late on this, but I wanted to say what a great read Jon's previous post was.

I've never really processed the fact that the Dodgers traded the most dominant right handed pitcher in history. I sort of pretend we never had Pedro Martinez. It just makes things easier.

Anyhoo, like I said, it was a great read.

2007-05-25 18:59:06
26.   regfairfield
23 I've suggested Loney and Lowe for him in the past. They seem like players Texas would want.
2007-05-25 19:00:57
27.   CanuckDodger
23 -- Of course Teixeira isn't a good fit for us. "No-Trade-Clause Nomar" is already blocking one first baseman who should be in L.A. instead of him.
2007-05-25 19:02:57
28.   PalmdaleSteve1
Ya thin Sweet Lou will grace LA with a fine exhibit of his "sweetness", or does he save that for the hometown crowd press corps?
2007-05-25 19:03:22
29.   dzzrtRatt
24 Isn't that what AJ said about Lexipro?
2007-05-25 19:03:22
30.   twerp
TO: Mr. Ned Colletti, GM, Los Angeles Dodgers

SUBJECT: Head Games (apologies to Foreigner)

FROM: Dodger Thoughts, QBE Psychological Enhancement Division

Dear Mr. Colletti:

Following the recent splendid example of Mr. Mark Hendrickson, please have Messrs. Tomko and Betemit utilize the services of the same sports psychologist.

Mr. Hendrickson has commented about learning through this process to focus on things he can control--like his next pitch--and to shut out things he cannot--like an opposing batter getting a lucky hit, or, for that matter, hitting his very best pitch out of the park...or even a teammate making an error. Results obtained by Mr. Hendrickson, while of course not perfect, would appear to be an outstanding example of getting the most out of his talent.

Yes, Mr. Hendrickson still is the one making the pitches, but his physical ability did not increase from last year to this. Yet his results are markedly better, even allowing for recent outings which did not match his early season unsustainable pace The obvious conclusion is that the psychologist has helped make Mr. Hendrickson's mental game much better and in turn has benefitted the team through measurable positive outcomes.

It seems this process would be especially beneficial to Mr. Tomko, who has great "stuff" except when it comes to the "stuff" located north of his neck. Mr. Tomko seems to have exhibited on-field irritation at some small things which did not go his way, and a near-total meltdown after losing a no-hitter in the fifth inning of one contest. He barely survived that inning and was gone from the contest soon after. More recently, he seems not to have reacted well to news that he will be moved to the bullpen due to performance--or, rather, non-performance--issues. He may be, in lay terms, a "basket case."

It is likely that a pitcher who has no-hit potential should get far better and more consistent results than Mr. Tomko's history indicates he has, or is likely to achieve on his present course. It appears he soon may no longer be on the team, which would mean the Dodgers did not receive a very good return on their investment in him.

Likewise, the somewhat younger Mr. Betemit also seems to have mental issues hindering his performance. He has proven potential, as indicated by 18 home runs last season. Yet he has struggled mightily, except for recent exceptionally good results as a pinch-hitter. Lately he even seems to have allowed his struggles at the plate to affect his fielding, which previously had been a strong point.

Like Mr. Tomko, he seems to be overthinking, pressing, trying too hard, feeling he has to be absolutely perfect to perform satisfactorily, or otherwise placing mental obstacles in his own path.

Perhaps learning to focus only on the next pitch or next at-bat while relaxing, having "fun," and letting his talent take over--concepts likely to be put forth by the sports psychologist--would be at least part of the answer to his struggles and "streakiness." His performance as a lineup regular threatens to result in his considerable potential largely being wasted on the bench, where he in fact now seems to be spending most games.

It would appear there is little risked and much to be gained by following this course. Whatever the monetary cost, it probably is a relative bargain compared to some high-dollar Dodger contracts which shall go unnamed. It might help the players--and accordingly the team--a great deal. Who knows?

A challenge, Mr. Colletti: are you open to such new ideas, different ways of doing things or of evaluating players? Or are you locked into old and set ways, perhaps to the team's and maybe even your own detriment?

Very truly yours,
Sigmund Fraud

PS: If you prefer to use Foreigner's lyrics to get the point across to them===:

Head games, that's all I get from you
Head games, and I can't take it anymore
Head games, don't wanna play the...
Head games

So near, so far away
We pass each other by 'cause we don't know what to say
It's so clear, I'm sorry to say
But if you wanna win you gotta learn how to play

2007-05-25 19:07:45
31.   overkill94
27 He did come up as a third baseman...
2007-05-25 19:12:19
32.   CanuckDodger
31 -- We've been down this road before: the Dodgers adamantly refuse to move Nomar off first base.
2007-05-25 19:12:26
33.   Greg Brock
27 The thought that Nomar Garciaparra could be an impediment to getting Mark Teixeira is, well, unsettling.
2007-05-25 19:13:26
34.   Greg Brock
32 I think he was talking about moving Tex to third base.
2007-05-25 19:13:55
35.   CanuckDodger
31 -- Wait a second, you were refering to Teixeira. My apologies. He couldn't stick at third, so he moved to first.
2007-05-25 19:14:19
36.   overkill94
34 I was. I know this because I used him as a third baseman in my fantasy leagues.
2007-05-25 19:20:00
37.   Greg Brock
I take these rumors with a grain of salt, but what a conversation that would be.

"Well, a switch hitting gold glove first baseman who absolutely rakes is on the trade block."

"No can do. We have Nomar at first."

2007-05-25 19:21:35
38.   Andrew Shimmin
Assuming he doesn't get re-extended, Nomar and Teixeira come up for free agency at the same time. Assuming, further, that Loney gets turned into something else, it might not be so bad.
2007-05-25 19:21:57
39.   TheDictator
Can any of you who are gifted in the area of statistics give me a comparision between Nomar's current numbers and a projection of what Loney's numbers would be if he were playing with the Dodgers the whole season?

Maybe even compare 2006's numbers.

I would greatly love to see them.

2007-05-25 19:25:15
40.   Brian Y
I really feel as if Tex is overrated. Plus I hear he really wants to go back to Maryland (where he's from) to play after '08 though Im sure we could afford to keep him here. But he also plays in a big time hitters park and if he cant play 3B anymore I don't see how he's going to help.
2007-05-25 19:27:31
41.   Greg Brock
According to Baseball Prospectus, Loney's 75th percentile was a .367 OBP and a .506 slugging.

Nomar's projections were a .362 OBP and a .496 slugging. Nomar is not currently meeting those projections. At all. Remotely.

2007-05-25 19:28:53
42.   overkill94
Actually, last year Tex was much better on the road than at home (.983 OPS at home vs. .791 away) and this year his splits are pretty even. Plus, he's a very good fielder at 1B and one of the best power hitters in the game. I'd just be afraid that it would take some time for him to adjust to the new pitchers he'd be facing.
2007-05-25 19:29:24
43.   regfairfield
39 Nomar's numbers: .282/.328/.350
Loney's PECOTA projection (usual PECOTA disclaimers apply): .295/.351/.470

Major League Equivelants's of Loney's current numbers: .214/.280/.296

2007-05-25 19:32:13
44.   Sam in SC
Sam in SC is in. I just hope the guy from North Carolina is asleep.
2007-05-25 19:32:14
45.   trainwreck
Well at least the bored sports writers are mentioning us with better players.
2007-05-25 19:32:27
46.   Greg Brock
43 Ah, you're using the weighted mean projections. Gotcha.
2007-05-25 19:33:26
47.   Bob Timmermann
My girlfriend and I have made tentative plans to go to the Kaiser Pharmacy Monday morning to go seek justice.

Then we can head down to Arclight to pay too much to see a movie.

It's the perfect date:
1) HMO pharmacy argument
2) Movie
3) Lunch

2007-05-25 19:34:34
48.   trainwreck
I will be going to going to bars all weekend and watching UFC. So pretty much a normal weekend.
2007-05-25 19:34:50
49.   Branch Rickey
Not clear to me if anyone out there in DT land benefits from these reminders but... If you have the DirecTV HD package, tonights game is in HD on channel 96. I mention it because it's so darn cool and pretty rare.
2007-05-25 19:34:59
50.   trainwreck
Scratch the second "going to"
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2007-05-25 19:36:45
51.   Sam in SC
kennedy and lyons about the "speed" again.

I am literally agonizing about this game.

2007-05-25 19:38:01
52.   underdog
Sounds very romantic, Bob!

I'm home by myself tonight watching the Dodgers game, then maybe some writing and/or a DVD and/or drooling and watching my cat cough up hairballs. Pretty sad. Rest of the weekend might involve soccer, going to Angel Island, a movie and more drooling and staring off into space. (It's been a long week.)

Re: Texeira, I thought his defense at 3rd was a concern? I mean, I love his bat, but if Nomar's staying, as others have mentioned (and with Loney next in line)... And I, too, heard that he wanted to go to Baltimore. If not now, then later.

2007-05-25 19:38:28
53.   Sam in SC
the voice of vin is quite relaxing.
2007-05-25 19:38:57
54.   Marty
I'm going to a Texas BBQ tomorrow. Golf on Sunday. Catching up on work Monday.
2007-05-25 19:39:55
55.   underdog
Yikes, D Lee's numbers vs. Derek Lowe scare me. They should IBB him all night.

The voice of the Cubs announcers are not quite as relaxing.

2007-05-25 19:40:43
56.   Bob Timmermann
I need to bring her along for her skill at arguing with people. I tend to be very understanding toward people in service industries.

She just gets her way.

2007-05-25 19:40:48
57.   Branch Rickey
Uh oh. Vinny starting right out with a senior moment calling Derek Lee "Leron Lee".
2007-05-25 19:41:35
58.   Sam in SC
I don't like DLowes pants. they aren't properly old school
2007-05-25 19:44:08
59.   underdog
Nice play by Kent, there.
2007-05-25 19:45:59
60.   Brian Y
I wonder if Texas would do something along the lines of Kuo, Houlton, Loney, Delwyn Young, Pierre plus $10 Mill for Texeira and Lofton? I really would love to get rid of Pierre.
2007-05-25 19:48:31
61.   Who Is Karim Garcia
web gem, lilly.
2007-05-25 19:49:04
62.   overkill94
42 Oops, the good OPS number should be his road split
2007-05-25 19:49:52
63.   overkill94
Wow Soriano, could you have gone after that one any lazier?
2007-05-25 19:49:57
64.   Bob Timmermann
Alfonso Soriano, not a web gem.
2007-05-25 19:50:05
65.   Hallux Valgus
Wow. I can't say I've seen a lot of Soriano in he outfield, but yeesh.
2007-05-25 19:50:30
66.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Every time I se Lilly it reminds me of the days when Luke Prokopec, Jeff Kubenka, and Angel Pena were our prospects. Ugh.
2007-05-25 19:51:18
67.   Brian Y
62. Thank goodness, I was trying to figure out your reasoning there.
2007-05-25 19:51:59
68.   overkill94
66 Prokopec and Kubenka would have been successful major leaguers...but Pena ate them.
2007-05-25 19:52:47
69.   Marty
Backstop Bacon time.
2007-05-25 19:53:00
70.   Sam in SC
Martin -- he is the RBI guy
2007-05-25 19:53:27
71.   trainwreck
I remember I was mad we traded Prokopec over Gagne.
2007-05-25 19:53:52
72.   Brian Y
66. Prokopec was fine until all the injuries. Kubenka...I dont even remember. Angel Pena was a disaster. Those were the good old days when Gagne was still a SP. Im glad Toronto wanted Prokopec and not Gagne. That would've hurt us.
2007-05-25 19:54:01
73.   Who Is Karim Garcia
July 31, 1998: Traded by the Los Angeles Dodgers with Jonathan Tucker (minors), Peter Bergeron, and Wilton Guerrero to the Montreal Expos for Carlos Perez, Mark Grudzielanek, and Hiram Bocachica.

I remember I REALLY wanted Bergeron in LA.

2007-05-25 19:54:10
74.   nick
as a Yankee fan Soriano drove me nuts....hear that Lily story? GMs everywhere have to be thinking about pit bull clauses...
2007-05-25 19:54:24
75.   Sam in SC
Prokopec -- where is he now?
2007-05-25 19:54:43
76.   Marty
That's my boy.
2007-05-25 19:54:44
77.   overkill94
Russell is amaaaaaazing
2007-05-25 19:54:45
78.   Brian Y
i love russell martin
2007-05-25 19:55:08
79.   Who Is Karim Garcia
The more I clamor for Martin to head to the 3-slot, the more he just keeps on hitting.
2007-05-25 19:55:48
80.   3upn3down
Hey guys. Had a baby boy today. Tall and skinny kid. Had the cord firmly grasped in his left hand on the way out. We might have a situational lefty on our hands. All are doing well.
2007-05-25 19:56:46
81.   StolenMonkey86
80 - Congratulations!
2007-05-25 19:57:00
82.   overkill94
80 Congrats!
2007-05-25 19:57:17
83.   Who Is Karim Garcia
congrats 3un3d!

Let's get that LOOGY down in the pen already.

2007-05-25 19:57:48
84.   Bob Timmermann
Of the six outfielders there tonight for both team, I assume Ethier is the best fielder of the bunch and that's a classic case of damning with faint praise.
2007-05-25 19:58:13
85.   Marty
80 Great news! As a lefty myself, I love when new ones show up. What is his name?
2007-05-25 19:58:16
86.   regfairfield
73 When me made that trade, I thought it was the greatest thing ever. Two All Stars for Wilton Guerrero! Wow!

If we made that trade today, I would not be a happy man. Albeit I'd me more unhappy about losing Bergeron than Lilly. Perez and Grudzielanek were massive examples of fools gold.

2007-05-25 19:58:35
87.   Branch Rickey
80. Congratulations! And right back to the Dodgers. That kid is in good hands.
2007-05-25 19:58:35
88.   Gen3Blue
We are going to get addicted to Martin RBI's.

80 Congrats! What a feeling!

2007-05-25 19:58:56
89.   Greg Brock
80 So awesome! Congratulations!
2007-05-25 19:59:12
90.   trainwreck
Congratulations! May you get some sleep in the next year.
2007-05-25 19:59:22
91.   Who Is Karim Garcia
C'mon Bob. Ethier is a pretty good outfielder IMHO, but of course the rest out there are an adventure waiting to happen.

I had no idea the Cubbies were playing Jones in CF.... No more Felix Pie?

2007-05-25 19:59:24
92.   Hallux Valgus
just so you guys know, has the following item available for the low low price of $80.10:

"Official Major League Baseball autographed by Luke Prokopec (Tornto Blue Jays star, Los Angeles Dodgers legend)"

Act now, before it's too late! Father's Day is just around the corner!

2007-05-25 19:59:52
93.   Terry A

Our baby boy, now about 10 weeks old, just started consistently sleeping all night.

May your new one develop that habit much sooner.

2007-05-25 20:00:11
94.   Bob Timmermann
How tall and how skinny?

I checked in at 9.5 lbs and 22".

I guess that didn't look too skinny to most people.

Congrats Papa, Mama, and 3upn3dwn Jr.!

2007-05-25 20:00:49
95.   3upn3down
His name is Jacob Tanner, but we'll call him Jake. Mom and Dad are both lefties, so the odds are good. There is a Duke Snider signed ball waiting for him in his room when he comes home this weekend.
2007-05-25 20:01:17
96.   Bob Timmermann
Ethier is an adequate outfielder in my opinion, but he probably would be better in left than right.
2007-05-25 20:01:56
97.   Who Is Karim Garcia

I'd almost pay that much for Bob to send me a ball with his signature.

Well.... if he offered financing.

2007-05-25 20:02:57
98.   StolenMonkey86
92 - it better come with a certificate of authenticity
2007-05-25 20:03:31
99.   trainwreck
Nice choice of name.
2007-05-25 20:03:39
100.   Hallux Valgus
95 Speaking as a fellow lefty, you should probably just buy him a first base glove and teach him a good pick off move starting when he can keep his head up.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2007-05-25 20:03:53
101.   3upn3down
Bob, you were nearly a man when you were born checking in at those numbers.

Jake was 7lb4oz, 21".

2007-05-25 20:05:10
102.   Branch Rickey
91. I think Ethier is a decent outfielder but like his hitting, I hope to see him improve with maturity. Remember when he made those two sliding catches in one game in SD? Then a few nights later he slid for one that he had no chance at and it went by him. Ever since then, he's been very tentative on balls hit in front of him. He needs to gain the confidence to trust his instincts. When he does that, I think he has the tools to be pretty good defensively.
2007-05-25 20:05:46
103.   StolenMonkey86
101 - That's what I weighed, but I think your son has an inch on me at that age.
2007-05-25 20:09:38
104.   LAT
Congrats 3upn3down. That was exactly the weight and size of my oldest daughter. She too is lefty. Unfortunatly she still does not sleep through the night. (She's 13 now).
2007-05-25 20:09:43
105.   underdog
Ethier just looks like a gold glover compared to the guys to his right, methinks.

Yeesh, what is that, three POs for Lilly already?

Be nice if the Dodgers made him work a little bit more, but of course one of their slogans is "Pitch count? What pitch count?"

And most importantly... Congrats to 3up on the newly arrived Jacob! Many happy years and may the Dodgers someday draft him.

2007-05-25 20:12:38
106.   Hallux Valgus
That was pathetic.
2007-05-25 20:12:54
107.   Greg Brock
Pinella's a pretty easy going guy. I'm sure he's ambivalent about Lilly's at bat.
2007-05-25 20:13:18
108.   StolenMonkey86
welcome to the NL, Ted
2007-05-25 20:14:10
109.   underdog
Bob Brenly's quoting a Missing Persons song now (the "walking in LA" song). A bit scary.

Nice - thank you once again Soriano!

2007-05-25 20:15:48
110.   LAT
So as Lilly strikes out trying to bunt Vin talks about how pissed Lou is that the Cubs are unable to do the little things like bunt, but isnt the inablity of a team to execute the basics the fault, at least to some degree, of the manager?
2007-05-25 20:16:43
111.   Bob Timmermann
I tend to lose contests to pick the weight of babies because I assume everyone gives birth to kids the same size as my brothers and I.

7 1/4 lbs? In my family, we'd throw that one back! ;-)

My mom related to me once the story of looking at one of her newborn sons through the nursery window and another new mom saw one of us big babies sleeping and said, "I'd hate to be the woman who gave birth to that thing!"

2007-05-25 20:17:46
112.   nick
107 What happens when #1 conflicts with the rich tradition of baseball idiom? Should I say that Pinella is famous for possessing the crimson donkey?
2007-05-25 20:17:56
113.   Greg Brock
110 I'd say it's more a function of the player development system. Plus, most of these guys are veterans and free agents. And it's Pinella's first year with the club.
2007-05-25 20:18:49
114.   Gen3Blue
I used to like this kind of excitement.
2007-05-25 20:19:09
115.   Bob Timmermann
I thought it was more the function of a curse or jinx.

That's far more logical.

2007-05-25 20:19:22
116.   Branch Rickey
110. I would say nothing about execution has to do with the manager. Strategy- manager. Execution-players.
2007-05-25 20:20:15
117.   Sam in SC
114 - you were out of the game before it was won on tuesday
2007-05-25 20:20:17
118.   Bob Timmermann
I salute your turn of phrase in a euphemistic way!
2007-05-25 20:20:46
119.   Branch Rickey
I was just about to type "how will Pierre find a way to make an out this time?" but he beat me to it!
2007-05-25 20:20:55
120.   Marty
Oh well.
2007-05-25 20:21:04
121.   underdog
I hadn't heard until now, via the WGN announcers, that Pierre had offered to do 20 pushups every time he hits a foul ball. Which is a good motivating tool I suppose but shouldn't he be a Mr. Universe contender by now? Anyway, he doesn't have to do pushups tonight so far.

Though he should do 20 for getting picked off.

2007-05-25 20:21:04
122.   Sam in SC
the player - out at second. how many outs does he create?
2007-05-25 20:21:32
123.   Michael D
Bah on Pierre. I could tolerate this whole speed wreaking havoc idea if he was actually any good at stealing.
2007-05-25 20:21:38
124.   scareduck
52 - I'm home by myself tonight watching the Dodgers game, then maybe some writing and/or a DVD and/or drooling and watching my cat cough up hairballs. Pretty sad.

I'm here watching my bad dog drooling on her Elizabethan collar and trying very hard to sit so she can squeeze some chicken out of us. (When that didn't work, she tried barking. No go, either.)

At this point, I couldn't be happier.

We learned today we might get another year with our good dog, and another two years with our bad dog, if everything breaks right.

They're worth every penny.

2007-05-25 20:22:12
125.   Sam in SC
we need a new stat - batting average past second base.
2007-05-25 20:22:21
126.   Michael D
I really hate Juan Pierre.
2007-05-25 20:22:24
127.   underdog
Kent! Ripped.
2007-05-25 20:22:36
128.   Sam in SC
kent does his thing.
2007-05-25 20:22:40
129.   Greg Brock
I know that the Twins player development system is outstanding. They have a really thorough handbook-type deal, and all their minor league levels work on the same things and do the same things and teach the same method. I think Tom Kelly created it.

I doubt the Cubs have been as diligent. You know, that whole stinking for the better part of '99 years thing.

Kent and Martin are studs. Everybody else I can do without.

2007-05-25 20:22:44
130.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Kent is a beast as of late.
2007-05-25 20:22:48
131.   Hallux Valgus
fantastic! Although I would like to petition for a new home run song.
2007-05-25 20:22:54
132.   nick
118 thanks Bob! (as long as it's not what my dad calls the salute of the Italian navy...)
2007-05-25 20:23:22
133.   Sam in SC
I restate:

we need a new stat - batting average past second base.

2007-05-25 20:23:47
134.   Sam in SC
(with runners past)
2007-05-25 20:23:51
135.   Rob M
I hate that home run synth song. That was a bomb though.
2007-05-25 20:23:58
136.   Who Is Karim Garcia

The havoc being wrought is on out psyche as Dodger fans.

2007-05-25 20:24:15
137.   Bob Timmermann
The first Dodgers-Cubs matchup (with different team nicknames and the Dodgers being in Brooklyn) was on May 29, 1890.

Brooklyn won 8-4.

2007-05-25 20:24:20
138.   Greg Brock
112 Nice work.
2007-05-25 20:24:21
139.   Sam in SC
never mind - that would be RISP
2007-05-25 20:24:29
140.   Marty
124 I hear you Rob. My lab is a lot of work since he hurt his spine, but it's worth it.
2007-05-25 20:24:38
141.   Gen3Blue
I'm willing to allow that Pierre distracted Lilly a bit. I would like to think so anyway--it sure looks like it.
2007-05-25 20:24:53
142.   underdog
131 I would, too. What is that? I'd go for Andy LaRoche's Karate Kid song at this point over that.
2007-05-25 20:24:58
143.   scareduck
131 - I don't think you want to use "The Natural" theme. The Rangers do that, and it's really lame when they're behind by ten because of their lousy pitching.
2007-05-25 20:25:49
144.   Who Is Karim Garcia

Isn't it awesome yet devastating when you come up with an invention that already exists.

I did the same thing the other day with corrugated cardboard.

2007-05-25 20:25:54
145.   scareduck
140 - I am learning far too much about veterinary oncology.
2007-05-25 20:27:38
146.   Hallux Valgus
142 The song is called "Kernkraft 400" by Zombie Nation. No, I am not proud to know that. Nor am I proud to know that Lowe's technocrap batting song was Cascada- "Every Time We Touch."
2007-05-25 20:27:56
147.   LAT
I just think at some point the manager bears some responsibility for his team's execution but I can certianly go with the argument that these are pros who should be able to lay down a bunt by now.
2007-05-25 20:28:14
148.   Bob Timmermann
When I took my cat to the veterinary oncologist, I was told that I could extend my cat's expected life span from three months to six months.

I decided to spare her any more trips in the cat carrier.

Except for one last one-way trip.

2007-05-25 20:29:08
149.   underdog
You're scaring me Hallux.

143 Even lamer is how they have the stadium lights explode every time. Such a pain to have to replace those after each home run, especially after they're already losing.

2007-05-25 20:29:12
150.   Branch Rickey
141. How? By yelling from the dugout?
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2007-05-25 20:29:21
151.   trainwreck
Kernkraft 400 is for futbol.
2007-05-25 20:30:14
152.   underdog
148 That just made my cat's eyes tear up a little bit.
2007-05-25 20:30:15
153.   Bob Timmermann
Not to mention the fact that Mark Texeira is getting really tired of having that gaping wound in his abdomen sutured everyday.
2007-05-25 20:30:21
154.   LAT
Sadly, one of our favorite, most knowledgable posters had to put his dog to sleep today.
2007-05-25 20:30:41
155.   Gen3Blue
That may help too.
2007-05-25 20:31:16
156.   Branch Rickey
Jacque Jones ended that last inning by jogging in for a fly ball, catching it, taking another step or two and then going into a slide. Apparently he finds sliding to be fun.
2007-05-25 20:31:38
157.   StolenMonkey86
what was that first pitch?
2007-05-25 20:32:03
158.   Bob Timmermann

My cat was about 15-17 years old when she died. I got her from the pound, so I didn't know her exact age.

My new cat has been free of health problems so far although he still thinks it fun to take bites of my hand and claw the couch.

2007-05-25 20:32:25
159.   Marty
154 That's sad. Is it ToyCannon?
2007-05-25 20:32:30
160.   overkill94
I'm just gonna start calling Lowe "DP" from now on
2007-05-25 20:32:38
161.   Greg Brock
Nothing says baseball like talking about euthanizing your pets.

I had to do it once. Terrible. Just terrible.

2007-05-25 20:32:42
162.   Sam in SC
the double play

a pitcher's best friend.

2007-05-25 20:32:59
163.   scareduck
148 - Our choices are six months (do nothing) one year (50% do better, 50% worse), and probably two years with the other dog. I'll take those odds.
2007-05-25 20:33:06
164.   Who Is Karim Garcia

It's been so long since he's had to do it on the basepaths, I suppose.

2007-05-25 20:33:24
165.   Hallux Valgus
149 I worked for the Nuggets and Avalanche at the time when Kernkraft and Sandstorm (you might not know the name, but I promise you would recognize the song) became staples at every arena in America.

And my girlfriend likes Cascada.

2007-05-25 20:33:26
166.   Sam in SC
NOTHING says baseball like . . . . . .


2007-05-25 20:33:27
167.   scareduck
Nice play, Abreu!
2007-05-25 20:33:32
168.   underdog
153 Hah hah.

154 Aw, man. You guys are making me sad here. Who's pup? :-(


Lovely play by Abreu there.

2007-05-25 20:33:59
169.   LAT
159. Yes.
2007-05-25 20:34:09
170.   D4P
Nothing makes me sadder than pets dying.
2007-05-25 20:34:21
171.   Branch Rickey
Nice play Rookie!
2007-05-25 20:34:43
172.   Gen3Blue
We seem to be turning the double play awfully well this year. Lucky for Lowe in particular.
2007-05-25 20:34:45
173.   scareduck
161 - sorry. I'm just happy to have them both in the living room right now and snoozing on the floor.
2007-05-25 20:35:04
174.   StolenMonkey86
We put my cat to sleep two days before my birthday this year. She was 14 years old. Not a very good birthday.
2007-05-25 20:35:07
175.   Marty
163 Mine is actually healthy. He's just physically challenged and needs supervision. So far, I've been able to deal with it.
2007-05-25 20:35:32
176.   Michael D
Plays like that will keep Abreu in the lineup.
2007-05-25 20:35:38
177.   Marty
169 Aw man. I'll send him an email.
2007-05-25 20:36:02
178.   Sam in SC
yes, and yes.

betemit could have made that play.

2007-05-25 20:36:14
179.   trainwreck
Abreu does not seem to waste time in his at bats.
2007-05-25 20:36:18
180.   Bob Timmermann
Well, we have a new baby to cheer us up, so we're going to back to talking about euthanizing pets to even us out.

The hard part about having my cat put to sleep is that I had to make an appointment for it. It made it very hard to look at her that morning.

With humans, we usually don't get death by appointment unless we're in prison.

2007-05-25 20:36:19
181.   Hallux Valgus
seeing commercials for Ibragamov/ Briggs and Liddell/ Jackson really tells you why boxing is falling and MMA is rising.
2007-05-25 20:36:56
182.   underdog
176 ...although hitting like that probably won't.
2007-05-25 20:36:57
183.   scareduck
158 - meowch!
2007-05-25 20:37:07
184.   Greg Brock
173 Oh, no need to apologize at all. It just got me thinking about my cat. I wept when I put her down.

That stunk. Plus, how soft is a grown man crying over a cat? Pretty soft.

2007-05-25 20:37:35
185.   trainwreck
You have seen a commercial for the Briggs fight?
2007-05-25 20:37:45
186.   Sam in SC
betemit should have been given more time to prove himself
2007-05-25 20:38:29
187.   Bob Timmermann
The Red Sox went up 4-0 on the Rangers behind Matsuzaka, but then the Rangers scored five in the fourth to take the lead.

There were multiple playings of Randy Newman film themes that inning.

2007-05-25 20:38:34
188.   scareduck
180 - congratulations on your new arrival, then, Bob!
2007-05-25 20:38:39
189.   Who Is Karim Garcia
speaking of MMA, anyone catch the Joe Rogan interview on SC today... it was quite good.
2007-05-25 20:38:50
190.   underdog
169 Drat. Send him my/our best wishes and condolences.

This whole conversation made me want to hug my cat. I felt like Elmyra from Tiny Toons.

2007-05-25 20:38:56
191.   Hallux Valgus
185 Prime Ticket just played them back to back (I think they were the DircTV spots though).
2007-05-25 20:40:00
192.   Hallux Valgus
189 I saw it. I thought he repeated himself too much. "Boxing is part of fighting." "UFC IS fighting." Over and over again.
2007-05-25 20:40:06
193.   StolenMonkey86
er, 188, meet 80
2007-05-25 20:40:22
194.   Bob Timmermann

I did the same thing. I didn't think I would and my cat had been nothing but trouble the last couple of years of her life. She gave my apartment a certain aroma.

2007-05-25 20:40:25
195.   Terry A
Nothing brings out the depressing stories like playing a series against the sad-sack Cubs.

Seriously -- but just for a second -- not weeping over a lost pet would be a sin. That's the kind of "soft" we could use more of.

2007-05-25 20:40:28
196.   trainwreck
Yeah, he proved his point, but I do not agree about boxing. Heavyweight division is dead, but not the sport.
2007-05-25 20:42:13
197.   Who Is Karim Garcia

The other guy made no points at all and acted like Rogan had stolen his girlfriend or something.

...and I don't particularly like MMA or Rogan.

2007-05-25 20:42:43
198.   LAT
180. With humans, we usually don't get death by appointment unless we're in prison.

Yep ever since they shut Dr Jack and his machine down.

2007-05-25 20:43:29
199.   StolenMonkey86
195 - ha. That made me feel better.

Now, to lighten the mood, I'll listen to the Team America soundtrack.

2007-05-25 20:43:51
200.   trainwreck
Lou DiBella is like most people who will never bother to learn anything about MMA, so they call it stupid names. I call it the Joe Morgan response.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2007-05-25 20:43:55
201.   D4P
Worse contract:

1. Juan Pierre
2. Alfonso Soriano

I'm going with Soriano.

2007-05-25 20:44:03
202.   Bob Timmermann
Sorry, misplaced modifier in my statement.

I have no children.

At least that I know of....

I will be taking my nephew on an outing to Wrigley Field a week from Sunday though. That will probably tell me that I chose correctly.

2007-05-25 20:44:20
203.   Greg Brock
194 I got that cat a month after I got my first apartment at 18. It came back from Connecticut with me, and I had it through college. I paid two hundred dollars for that cat do fly across country while I drove.

It got attacked and had to be put down. It came out of nowhere.

Great, now I'm depressed. On a three day weekend.

2007-05-25 20:44:24
204.   trainwreck
____ yeah!
2007-05-25 20:44:29
205.   Who Is Karim Garcia
I don't think Rogan was bad mouthing or trying to knock Boxing at all, he was just trying to legitimize his sport.
2007-05-25 20:44:35
206.   Hallux Valgus
{197} I agree, DiBella looked like a fool, but I don't think Rogan was anything to write home about. (frankly, I don't think MMA/Boxing is an either/or argument so the whole debate sounded stupid.
2007-05-25 20:44:37
207.   overkill94
I didn't cry when any of my pets died (2 dogs and 1 cat). That was during the period of my life when I didn't cry for anything though. Strange that I used to cry in little league when I struck out, didn't cry at all for years, and now I tear up during sad movies.
2007-05-25 20:45:08
208.   Bob Timmermann
The Rangers lead over Boston lasted for three batters.
2007-05-25 20:45:23
209.   Greg Brock
I'm gonna go look at baby ducks for awhile. Something uplifting.

Be back in a jiff.

2007-05-25 20:45:31
210.   underdog
Milwaukee, Colorado and Houston are all being incredibly unhelpful tonight. Shame on all of them.
2007-05-25 20:46:10
211.   underdog
Kent's having some mental problems this inning. He should've just gone straight to first.
2007-05-25 20:46:12
212.   Hallux Valgus
jeez, Kent's a little out of sorts in the field right now.
2007-05-25 20:46:27
213.   Who Is Karim Garcia

Hahah, the Joe Morgan response. I love it. If I ever see Joe Morgan I want to shove a copy of MoneyBall in his face.


2007-05-25 20:47:07
214.   Xeifrank
210. DodgerSims predicted them as all losers.
vr, Xei
2007-05-25 20:47:08
215.   trainwreck
Well Joe did say that MMA was eating boxing up whole and that boxing was dying.

Boxing PPVs still actually do quite well. The heavyweight division is just garbage.

2007-05-25 20:47:14
216.   Hallux Valgus
good job, Jeffy!
2007-05-25 20:47:26
217.   Sam in SC
2nd and 3rd, 2 out
2007-05-25 20:47:49
218.   Branch Rickey
I hear Jeff Suppan used to cry in Little League too. Until his sister toughened him up.
2007-05-25 20:47:56
219.   underdog
199 Singing along to the Team America soundtrack here would violate rule #1 in heavy quantities.
2007-05-25 20:48:02
220.   Sam in SC
pitcher up
2007-05-25 20:48:26
221.   StolenMonkey86
Dave Bush is starting for the Brewers.

Juan Pierre once hit a home run off Dave Bush. Boxscore here:

2007-05-25 20:48:33
222.   LAT
All these big-time-fat-contract pitchers Loew, Penny and Wolf, to a lesser degree, should buy Martin a house. The guy has saved thier bacon so many times and (I think)he makes the league minimum. I hope Ned is talking to his agent now about locking Russ up for a while.
2007-05-25 20:48:51
223.   Hallux Valgus
Lilly's stance/ swing is reason enough to make him bunt 3 straight times.
2007-05-25 20:48:59
224.   underdog
Well, curse DodgerSims and curse the pathetic opponents of our enemies, curse them all!

218 There's no crying in baseball!
But there definitely is when it comes to our pets.

2007-05-25 20:50:28
225.   StolenMonkey86
219 - Not the montage song
2007-05-25 20:50:52
226.   Branch Rickey
222. Major League Agreement does that for them. And last year he did live in Penny's hourse. Not sure if he still does.
2007-05-25 20:51:04
227.   Greg Brock
222 Martin has to be locked up to a post free agency deal, ala Wright/Reyes. He just has to.

Just not at Wright/Reyes money.

2007-05-25 20:52:13
228.   StolenMonkey86
227 - Wright/Reyes money Canadian?
2007-05-25 20:52:34
229.   underdog
225 Ah yes, love it. Was thinking of the other one, um, you know. Classic.
2007-05-25 20:53:18
230.   LAT
$9,500,000 Derek Lowe
$8,000,000 Brad Penny
$8,000,000 Randy Wolf

Total $25 million. If they each kicked in 5% they could buy him a nice house and they wouldn't even miss the money.

2007-05-25 20:53:30
231.   scareduck
214 - one of my coworkers finally wheedled me into joining the company fantasy league. Wouldn't you just know it but every player I picked (or a lot of them) started having great weeks while none of it counts. (Scoring operates only on full weeks, and we drafted on a Monday.)
2007-05-25 20:53:30
232.   Terry A
227 - Hush, Harriet, that's a sure way to get him killed!

(Translation: Signing such a contract, with the Dodgers' luck in such matters, would result in Martin suffering a career-threatening injury.)

2007-05-25 20:53:40
233.   overkill94
That was scarptacular
2007-05-25 20:53:58
234.   Greg Brock
228 Let's see how the dollar holds up over the next few months.

I'll get back to you.

2007-05-25 20:53:59
235.   underdog
Well if he's gonna hit it in the air that's the way to do it. Reach out and bloop it over the infield. Fine, fine, no pushups for you - this time.
2007-05-25 20:54:13
236.   Sam in SC
a non-violent hit
2007-05-25 20:55:00
237.   Branch Rickey
Russ is not eligible to go anywhere until 2012. I'm quite sure we won't wait 'til then to sign him but it's far from being a pressing issue. They would be crazy to buy out any of his free agent years right now. Maybe some of his arbitration years but that's just a money issue. Enjoy him, he ain't going anywhere.
2007-05-25 20:55:08
238.   Xeifrank
I'd play the outfielders 30 feet behind the infield dirt when Pierre is up. About where the outfield line is in coed softball.
vr, Xei
2007-05-25 20:55:30
239.   LAT
232. Nice B.S. reference.
2007-05-25 20:55:52
240.   D4P
I'm not sure I'd pitch around Nomar with Kent hitting behind him.
2007-05-25 20:56:14
241.   The Rabbits Rarely Loose
Speaking of music at the game . Do the Dodgers players still pick their own theme songs? . . . if so whats up with Nomars "lowrider" song . .? I thought that song was really only appropriate in beer commercials and such .
2007-05-25 20:56:17
242.   Greg Brock
237 I would say after next season at the latest.

Plus, it's not like he's going to get Kendall money.

2007-05-25 20:57:27
243.   LAT
237. For the right price it may be worth over paying now to get a discount down the line when salaries are even more out of control.
2007-05-25 20:58:07
244.   scareduck
Piniella: <obscenity> <obscenity> <obscenity> <obscenity> <obscenity> <obscenity>.
2007-05-25 20:58:47
245.   StolenMonkey86
2007-05-25 20:58:50
246.   underdog
I don't care about Kent's iron glove tonight for some reason.
2007-05-25 20:59:04
247.   Bob Timmermann
I'm worried about the dollar after seeing the Lyndon Larouche display outside my local post office where they were calling for a new Bretton Woods Conference.

One of these days Larouche will be right!

When I drove up to the top of Mt. Washington (the one in New Hampshire, not L.A.), I could see Bretton Woods from the top! I was so excited!

2007-05-25 20:59:09
248.   Hallux Valgus
sigh, the song played after Kent's hit was "I Like To Move It" by Real 2 Reel.
2007-05-25 20:59:45
249.   StolenMonkey86
lemme try that again:
Pinella: [Team America Soundtrack]
2007-05-25 21:00:21
250.   Greg Brock
Pinella: You guys. You lollygag the ball around the infield. You lollygag your way down to first. You lollygag in and out of the dugout. You know what that makes you? Larry!
Larry: Lollygaggers!
Pinella: Lollygaggers.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2007-05-25 21:00:29
251.   Bob Timmermann
You can't type < unless you type & l t and ; with no spaces.
2007-05-25 21:00:38
252.   Branch Rickey
2007-05-25 21:00:55
253.   underdog
Lyndon LaRouche is still alive? I thought he was like L. Ron Hubbard, alive for believers but not literally.
2007-05-25 21:01:13
254.   Branch Rickey
252. And by that I mean 15
2007-05-25 21:01:23
255.   StolenMonkey86
248 -
They could flash "Thank You Freaks" on the scoreboard with that, too.
2007-05-25 21:01:26
256.   Greg Brock
It would be quite fascinating to find out how many DT posters are LaRouche supporters.

Very fascinating.

2007-05-25 21:01:43
257.   LAT
Long as we are talking about putting pets down, would anyone object to my sending the AFLIC duck to Peking. I've had about enough of him.
2007-05-25 21:02:39
258.   StolenMonkey86
LaRouche, no. LaRoche, yes.

Down with the letter u!

2007-05-25 21:02:56
259.   scareduck
251 - that looks like &lt; &gt;
2007-05-25 21:03:16
260.   trainwreck
All this Lyndon LaRouche talk is making me think of So I Married An Axe Murderer.

"Well it's a well known fact there sonny Jim..."

2007-05-25 21:03:20
261.   underdog
Cosmonaut, I mean, Kouzmanoff hit another home run for the Padres tonight. I wish the Dodgers would show that kind of patience with LaRoche (not LaRouche). Or Betemit. One of them.
2007-05-25 21:03:22
262.   The Rabbits Rarely Loose
are we up enough to start rooting against LuGo . . #'s purposes of course
2007-05-25 21:04:32
263.   LAT
253. I thought he was like L. Ron Hubbard, alive for believers but not literally.

Don't forget the King. I think he was spotted at a McDonalds in Des Moines.

2007-05-25 21:04:43
264.   Gen3Blue
257 Had enough of step-and- fetchit?

Good night for Kent. But as of now RM drove in the winning run.

2007-05-25 21:05:24
265.   D4P
are we up enough to start rooting against LuGo


2007-05-25 21:06:29
266.   trainwreck
D4P, I take it you have heard the Shogun, Henderson, Silva rumors?
2007-05-25 21:06:43
267.   StolenMonkey86
The instrumental part of this sountrack is actually quite good.
2007-05-25 21:06:52
268.   Greg Brock
I want to be famous enough to fake my own death. Kaufman, Elvis, Morrison...Man, You know you've made it when people think you've faked your death.
2007-05-25 21:07:12
269.   Hallux Valgus
257 I think the "Other Guy's" goat is funny, but I'm a pretty simple man. My favorite show is Lancelot Link.
2007-05-25 21:07:50
270.   Bob Timmermann

I have an arrow.

2007-05-25 21:07:50
271.   D4P
I'm not sure. I read that Shogun supposedly signed with the UFC (although that doesn't seem to matter anyway, with UFC buying PRIDE). Which Silva do you mean? I read that Wanderlei is taking a year off. Haven't head anything about Henderson.
2007-05-25 21:08:16
272.   Branch Rickey
269. I'm with you. What could be better than a secret chimp?
2007-05-25 21:08:34
273.   LAT
268 I think I'd be depressed at how few people come to my funeral.
2007-05-25 21:08:55
274.   Hallux Valgus
Pierre trying to throw someone out should be accompanied by a slide whistle of some sort.
2007-05-25 21:08:56
275.   trainwreck
Henderson is rumored to fight winner of Chuck and Rampage and Dana said he wants to bring in Wanderlei. Rumors of all three appearing tomorrow.
2007-05-25 21:08:56
276.   StolenMonkey86
man, I forgot I could actually watch this game on TV.
2007-05-25 21:09:06
277.   Sam in SC
the arm, or lack thereof, just cost the dodgers a base
2007-05-25 21:09:15
278.   Bob Timmermann
Brewers pull to within 8-6 of the Padres. Rockies trail the Giants 3-2.
2007-05-25 21:09:24
279.   overkill94
The Brewers are making a bit of a comeback against the Padres...
2007-05-25 21:09:38
280.   underdog
You know what, that was a pretty good throw by Pierre. Didn't nail the runner at third but it was a good accurate throw. I never thought I'd type these words.

How was that last pitch not a strike?

2007-05-25 21:09:48
281.   LAT
JP jst gave it everthing he's got and the ball still bounced. But hey, only once so maybe there's hope.
2007-05-25 21:09:53
282.   Hallux Valgus
272 Not much. Perhaps a secret penguin.
2007-05-25 21:10:06
283.   trainwreck
Thank you, I would have never realized I could either.
2007-05-25 21:10:18
284.   The Rabbits Rarely Loose

:)fair enough ...

my rule is :
Less than four: LuGo can score
Up by more: its 0 for 4

2007-05-25 21:11:04
285.   overkill94
274 If only MST3K did baseball games
2007-05-25 21:11:10
286.   underdog
274 The last throw wasn't bad, but that cracked me up. Or, afterwards, a "mwah mwah mwaaaahhhh" sound.
2007-05-25 21:11:32
287.   CanuckDodger
250 -- What movie was that from, Greg? It sounds familiar, but I can't place it.
2007-05-25 21:12:03
288.   underdog
285 That's what we're here for. I'll be your Crow T Robot for the evening.
2007-05-25 21:12:34
289.   scareduck
Lee gets a triple bonus score for getting the ball in the left field tarp score. Too bad Gonzalez couldn't hit the flipper button fast enough.
2007-05-25 21:13:15
290.   underdog
287 Uh, Bull Durham, Canuck. For shame!
2007-05-25 21:13:24
291.   Hallux Valgus
286 The throw was good, it was just extremely weak. He can't do better than that. I would also accept your sound effect.
2007-05-25 21:13:57
292.   D4P
Sounds good, I guess. In theory, the cross-promotional stuff should be a good thing. But for some reason, my enthusiasm has gone down once UFC bought PRIDE.
2007-05-25 21:14:13
293.   scareduck
274 - Hee!
2007-05-25 21:14:55
294.   scareduck
290 - I assumed CD was being facetious.
2007-05-25 21:14:58
295.   trainwreck
Yeah, Pride is basically dead. At least, that is what I expect.
2007-05-25 21:15:06
296.   Hallux Valgus
Lowe looks fatigued. His mechanics are lacking right now.
2007-05-25 21:15:10
297.   overkill94
Oh man, my roommate's going back and watching the 2nd season of The Office, damn is this show classic.
2007-05-25 21:16:21
298.   Greg Brock
287 Bull Durham. The skipper asks Crash what he's doing wrong, and Crash says "Scare 'em...They're kids...Scare 'em."

And then he walks into the shower, fully clothed, screams, and throws the bats in the shower.

2007-05-25 21:16:39
299.   Branch Rickey
Is that Scott Erickson sitting behind home plate (next to Dennis Gilbert for those who recognize him)?
2007-05-25 21:17:24
300.   underdog
Come on Lowe! You're still winning 5-1. Time to stop moping, slumping and delaying everything.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2007-05-25 21:17:47
301.   overkill94
299 Sure looks like him, but where's Lisa?
2007-05-25 21:18:01
302.   LAT
Lowe looks gassed.
2007-05-25 21:18:26
303.   Greg Brock
302 Yes, he does.
2007-05-25 21:18:35
304.   The Rabbits Rarely Loose
Lowe seems like the kind of guy who even gets sweaty taking out the trash
2007-05-25 21:19:04
305.   Branch Rickey
301. Next to him I believe.
2007-05-25 21:20:22
306.   overkill94
I guess that's her, though it's easier to recognize her when she's standing up
2007-05-25 21:20:33
307.   StolenMonkey86
okay, turn around
2007-05-25 21:20:40
308.   Hallux Valgus
NO!!!! I've managed to miss the Nomar van commercial all night thus far.

also, 302, 303, see my 296.

2007-05-25 21:21:09
309.   StolenMonkey86
Abreu's first hit, a double, left-handed.
2007-05-25 21:21:15
310.   underdog
First hit for Abreu, and he legs it into a double. Nice hustle!
2007-05-25 21:21:17
311.   overkill94
Welcome to the bigs, Rook!
2007-05-25 21:21:24
312.   Hallux Valgus
nicely done, Etanislao!
2007-05-25 21:21:31
313.   trainwreck
Dodgers play really cheesy music.
2007-05-25 21:21:34
314.   underdog
And they play "feels like the first time" on the PA, which is better than the home run music.
2007-05-25 21:21:45
315.   The Rabbits Rarely Loose
"it feels like the first time" seems appropriate
2007-05-25 21:21:50
316.   Michael D
I thought Pierre was a bat boy getting that ball for Abreu.
2007-05-25 21:22:05
317.   LAT
Good for Tony.
2007-05-25 21:22:50
318.   underdog
Lowe's done. The Meat is up.
2007-05-25 21:23:28
319.   Bob Timmermann
Biggest bete noire in Dodger Thoughts history:
1) Scott Erickson
2) Danys Baez
3) Julio Lugo
4) Juan Pierre

Text your answer to ...

2007-05-25 21:23:53
320.   scareduck
285, 288 -

In the not too distant future
Next Friday night A.D.
There was a guy named Ned
Not too different from you or me
He worked for the owner, Frank McCourt
One of the worst owners in the sport
He once was the Giants' AGM
But Sabean said "Congratulations,
Now you're gonna work for them."

2007-05-25 21:24:46
321.   The Rabbits Rarely Loose
Meat is learning well from Andy
2007-05-25 21:25:02
322.   underdog
Marmol... isn't that a mountain rodent?
2007-05-25 21:25:28
323.   Hallux Valgus
Meat was doing it himself before Andy came up.
2007-05-25 21:25:57
324.   Sam in SC
2007-05-25 21:27:27
325.   Greg Brock
322 Hey, man. Nice Marmol.
2007-05-25 21:27:39
326.   Bob Timmermann
Marmol is Spanish for "marble."
2007-05-25 21:27:52
327.   underdog
Ugh. Raffy looked more like Raffi on that one.

320 Hah hah. Welcome to the Satellite of Love, everyone.

You should change your handle to Mr. B Natural.

2007-05-25 21:27:57
328.   The Rabbits Rarely Loose
Meat was doing it himself before Andy came up.

the four pitch at bat?

2007-05-25 21:28:23
329.   trainwreck
My friend and I were bored and drunk one night and tried to do MST3K, while watching "Night of the Demons".

I think we were too offensive.

2007-05-25 21:28:40
330.   underdog
Pat Sajak was just shown on the fancam, sitting next to Stu Nahan, and Pat Sajak. That was surreal.
2007-05-25 21:29:03
331.   Hallux Valgus
322 I thought it was a hairstyle. Something about business up front. Don't Beimel, Lowe and Penny all have variations of the Marmol?
2007-05-25 21:29:08
332.   trainwreck
I think you mean Scott Boras.
2007-05-25 21:29:29
333.   Sam in SC
my friend calls her "bibel"
2007-05-25 21:29:38
334.   StolenMonkey86
330 - Actually Scott Boras was sitting on Nahan's left, Sajak on his right :)
2007-05-25 21:29:50
335.   trainwreck
Unless Pat Sajak is like a character from Lost or something.
2007-05-25 21:30:03
336.   underdog
I tried doing MST to a movie they'd already done and it wasn't as good, but can do it pretty well to any made for Sci-Fi Channel movie.
2007-05-25 21:30:55
337.   The Rabbits Rarely Loose
seems Braz should have started the inning in the first place . . i dont think you play the lefy /righty % right now in the game
2007-05-25 21:31:19
338.   trainwreck
Wow, Pierre can throw it all the way to second in the air!!??
2007-05-25 21:31:21
339.   PalmdaleSteve1
Sweet sweet Lou...good thing Vin can't lip read.
2007-05-25 21:31:24
340.   underdog
I meant Boras, yes, for some reason my hands overdosed on Pat Sajak. Cut me some slack, I haven't had enough to drink tonight.

Wow, Pierre actually made an even better throw to secnd there - and the runner (gasp!) didn't advance.

2007-05-25 21:31:55
341.   Bob Timmermann
Heath Bell has just blown away the five Brewer batters he faced, although Damian Miller managed a groundout.

High 90s, 5 batters, 4 Ks, 14 strikes to 4 balls.

2007-05-25 21:32:32
342.   Hallux Valgus
328 I meant walk. I assumed you did as well. I have no idea what "four pitch at bat" refers to. apologies.
2007-05-25 21:32:49
343.   LAT
Rox just tied it up. Giant bullpen withers again.
2007-05-25 21:32:56
344.   Branch Rickey
Now that's odd.
2007-05-25 21:32:57
345.   trainwreck
I think we should call Beimel "Cape Fear".
2007-05-25 21:33:15
346.   trainwreck
And he should come out to the music and everything.
2007-05-25 21:33:36
347.   overkill94
Ahhh, one Sparks down, many more alcoholic drinks to go!
2007-05-25 21:34:06
348.   StolenMonkey86
340 - Aha! I know your true identity now:

2007-05-25 21:35:59
349.   Greg Brock
It's so weird to watch Brazoban actually pitch.

Brain dead heaver no more, I guess.

2007-05-25 21:36:12
350.   Hallux Valgus
"Murton Majored In Management..." say that 3 times fast, Vin!
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2007-05-25 21:36:17
351.   LAT
Does Braz have a curve casue he didn't use it all the other night. Heat and change up was all he threw.
2007-05-25 21:37:09
352.   trainwreck
I got a friend who loves Sparks. I never have anything with caffeine in it, so I cannot handle any energy drink.
2007-05-25 21:37:54
353.   The Rabbits Rarely Loose
I have no idea what "four pitch at bat" refers to. apologies.

agreed , he was walking at a high rate before Laroche came up . it means nothing really just seemed Laroche got a lot of quick (four strait balls in a row) at bats ..

2007-05-25 21:38:19
354.   Branch Rickey
352. Yes he did. Stuck out the first batter on a nasty breaking ball and threw several others as well.
2007-05-25 21:38:24
355.   scareduck

He sends us vetruhn players
Who still can sorta play
(La la la)
We have to sit and watch them all
With the kids in triple-A
(La la la)
Now keep in mind Ned can't control
Juan Pierre's fielding flubs
(La la la)
Because he picked that "special" team
That came without their gloves...

2007-05-25 21:38:42
356.   Branch Rickey
354 obviously for 351
2007-05-25 21:39:37
357.   LAT
352. At the stadium they showed only 2 pitches.
2007-05-25 21:40:25
358.   Hallux Valgus
Can you imagine being a fan of a team that trotted out Pierre, Jacque Jones, and Murton as the starting outfield every day? that would be maddening.
2007-05-25 21:40:32
359.   LAT
Cancel Russell's long term contract. Forget the house. Should have had Soriano at 3rd
2007-05-25 21:40:39
360.   StolenMonkey86
that's not ghood

Come on Yhency, K DeRosa

2007-05-25 21:40:40
361.   Greg Brock
Maybe Brazoban should just go back to throwing all cheddar, all the time.
2007-05-25 21:40:45
362.   trainwreck
Bob Brenly making fat jokes about Ghame Over.
2007-05-25 21:41:04
363.   scareduck
352 - I got a friend who loves Sparks

Eaten by the monster of love?

2007-05-25 21:41:42
364.   Greg Brock
Hit parade.
2007-05-25 21:41:44
365.   overkill94
It's Big Bad Jon time
2007-05-25 21:41:46
366.   Branch Rickey
357. I think those guys working the board are sometimes pretty clueless. The first batter (leftie) stuck out swinging on a very sharp curve. I think the last batter actually took a curve for strike 3 as well.
2007-05-25 21:42:01
367.   Hallux Valgus
this is ungood
2007-05-25 21:42:37
368.   underdog
Well, that wasn't very ghood was it?

Yeah, I didn't like the choice of throwing two straight breaking pitches to Soriano, after he just missed the first one.

2007-05-25 21:42:44
369.   Marty
My 20-20 hindsight says maybe Beimel should have stayed in.
2007-05-25 21:43:00
370.   Branch Rickey
He doesn't get to be part of our bullpen. Our bullpen doesn't do this stuff. He can go be in someone else's bullpen.
2007-05-25 21:43:02
371.   Hallux Valgus
352 I am a big fan of Sparks. Probably too big.
2007-05-25 21:43:24
372.   MMSMikey
brazoban has had 2 good months in his entire career why did gready take out biemel?
2007-05-25 21:43:54
373.   StolenMonkey86
Murton, incidentally, has a .258 average against LHP (.666 OPS), and a .295 average vs RHP (.731 OPS).

But playing the percentages has nothing to do with numbers.

2007-05-25 21:44:09
374.   underdog
355 Hee. I'm waiting for the "dodger-bot roll call" now.

"They send him cheesy pitches, the fattest he can find. {la la la}..."

2007-05-25 21:44:11
375.   MMSMikey
now broxton has to get 5 outs.
2007-05-25 21:44:19
376.   trainwreck
I actually get that reference, only because they have worked with Faith No More.
2007-05-25 21:44:32
377.   Bob Timmermann
Perhaps I can go on WGN and make jokes about Bob Brenly being the dumbest manager ever to win a World Series.

Can anyone think of a manager who did a worse job strategically during a World Series and still win other than Brenly?

2007-05-25 21:45:42
378.   Branch Rickey
377. No.
2007-05-25 21:45:45
379.   The Rabbits Rarely Loose
Credit grady for being able to see that your best reliever can be used out of his normal situation . .i know it seems obvious but , several dont get it see: Tracy,Jim
2007-05-25 21:46:25
380.   LAT
Now Rox in trouble men on 1b and 2b and pitcher balks.

Rox get out of it. Still tied.

2007-05-25 21:46:34
381.   Greg Brock
377 It says a lot that he was let go so quickly after a championship.

Bob Brenly is not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Hit. Parade.

2007-05-25 21:46:36
382.   overkill94
That was not a good pitch
2007-05-25 21:46:48
383.   Bob Timmermann
Looks like the grounds crew is going to need to drag the warning track after this inning.
2007-05-25 21:46:52
384.   Hallux Valgus
insert rule 1 violation here.
2007-05-25 21:46:53
385.   underdog
{insert Team America lyric here}

{break rule #1 several times}

2007-05-25 21:46:55
386.   trainwreck
I remember when I had hope of signing Derek Lee.
2007-05-25 21:47:18
387.   StolenMonkey86
I had to watch.
2007-05-25 21:47:26
388.   Bob Timmermann
I'm putting Brenly on a list!
2007-05-25 21:47:50
389.   MMSMikey
taking out biemel made no sense, if it was for a healthy tsao, maybe. but for a guy who just came off tommy john surgey and hasnt been good since 2004. very questionable.
2007-05-25 21:47:56
390.   Greg Brock
When all else fails, let the Cubs do what the Cubs do.
2007-05-25 21:48:02
391.   underdog
Well, that helps a little. Nice pick off move, Ox.
2007-05-25 21:48:51
392.   MMSMikey
i can just imagine all the loud cub fans at the stadium right now. thank god im not there.
2007-05-25 21:49:20
393.   underdog
Well, Broxton's been mostly unhittable and he's been getting hit hard here, too. And Beimel was getting hit, too. I actually thought the moves were right, it's just the pitchers not executing, leaving balls up.
2007-05-25 21:49:30
394.   Hallux Valgus
377 I kept thinking, and I've got nothing. Did Buck Showalter ever manage a WS team? Because that's the only guy I can imagine being that bad but also being somewhat respected.
2007-05-25 21:49:53
395.   The Rabbits Rarely Loose
Vin, you just missed an oppertunity to use: "from the penthouse to the ground floor" after Lee got picked off
2007-05-25 21:50:45
396.   scareduck
Brox leaving his stuff up in the zone. That pitch to Lee was thigh high and middle in.
2007-05-25 21:50:48
397.   Bob Timmermann
Showalter had two teams win World Series the year AFTER he was let go.
2007-05-25 21:51:15
398.   trainwreck
I predicted a break out season for Hardy the last two years, but holy crap.
2007-05-25 21:52:11
399.   Branch Rickey
Poor D-Lowe. Can't buy a win.
2007-05-25 21:52:19
400.   MMSMikey
c'mon bull. lets go.
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2007-05-25 21:52:32
401.   underdog
Ethier just saved a run by sliding and grabbing that ball.

Sheesh, what is going on here? Did the Cubs just become murderers row?

2007-05-25 21:52:40
402.   overkill94
What the heck's up with our bullpen tonight?
2007-05-25 21:52:58
403.   StolenMonkey86
397 - I think it'll be a while before his third, though.
2007-05-25 21:53:04
404.   D4P
Can't buy a win

But he can buy $36 million worth of other stuff. I doubt he's too shaken up over it.

2007-05-25 21:53:06
405.   Michael D
Well not even Broxton is getting the job done, it will be massively frustrating if we lose this game. At least their pen sucks so we still have a good chance if this doesn't get crazy.
2007-05-25 21:53:24
406.   scareduck
410 - it seems to me that the Cubs should be hitting better than they have to date, Lee in particular.
2007-05-25 21:53:32
407.   Bob Timmermann
Rockies take the lead on the Giants 4-3 in the 9th.
2007-05-25 21:53:47
408.   scareduck
406 - er, 401.
2007-05-25 21:54:37
409.   Bob Timmermann
5-3 Rockies.
2007-05-25 21:54:47
410.   The Rabbits Rarely Loose
wow . . .
2007-05-25 21:54:51
411.   StolenMonkey86
2007-05-25 21:54:54
412.   overkill94
This is ridiculous
2007-05-25 21:54:56
413.   MMSMikey
2007-05-25 21:55:08
414.   Marty
Well, there's always the Cub bullpen. If we ever get up again.
2007-05-25 21:55:09
415.   scareduck
There goes the lead. OTOH, the Cubs bullpen has been atrocious.
2007-05-25 21:55:19
416.   Rob M
My god this is painful.
2007-05-25 21:55:19
417.   MMSMikey
nice work, yhency.
2007-05-25 21:55:28
418.   Hallux Valgus
397 Oh I know that's right! I had forgotten about that. So to (sort of) answer your question- No, I have never seen a manager do worse strategically than Brenly.

This is unacepptable.

2007-05-25 21:55:57
419.   The Rabbits Rarely Loose
this isnt supposed to happen like this
2007-05-25 21:56:06
420.   underdog
Broxton's gonna need to be pulled if he can't get this next guy, seriously this is ri-dick-a-lous.
2007-05-25 21:56:13
421.   StolenMonkey86
Why does Michael Bay get to keep on making movies?
2007-05-25 21:56:30
422.   Rob M
417 Brox is throwing BP himself, so don't blame the guy just back from TJ.
2007-05-25 21:57:03
423.   scareduck
Gonzalez didn't even look hard at that ball, like he was ignoring the umpire's "fair" call. Jeez.
2007-05-25 21:57:34
424.   The Rabbits Rarely Loose
I really didnt think we would see an inning like this all year
2007-05-25 21:57:37
425.   Hallux Valgus
421 Because people like to see explosions.
2007-05-25 21:57:41
426.   MMSMikey
what in the name of god just happened? at least the padres lost...oh wait.
2007-05-25 21:57:55
427.   underdog
409 Well that makes this slightly less painful.

And hey, we have Seanez down there, ready to shut things down.

Um, we may need to go back to the sad pet conversation from earlier just to cheer us up. At least the game was going well back then.

2007-05-25 21:58:00
428.   D4P
"Jacque Jones doubles on a ground ball to shortstop Rafael Furcal"
2007-05-25 21:58:06
429.   Rob M
Grady said something that made Broxton smile - I like the fact that he isn't such a stresser like Pinella.
2007-05-25 21:58:09
430.   LAT
The tarp is killong us tonight.
2007-05-25 21:59:00
431.   overkill94
Mama said there'd be days like this, Jonny
2007-05-25 21:59:04
432.   scareduck
421 - Chicks dig it?
2007-05-25 21:59:05
433.   underdog
He doesn't make movies, he makes long, loud action music videos. And the next one is a two hour long 200 million dollar toy commercial.
2007-05-25 21:59:12
434.   Bob Timmermann
I wonder where my cat is.
2007-05-25 21:59:19
435.   Branch Rickey
Classic Grady. He actually said something to Broxton to make him smile as he was taking the ball.
2007-05-25 21:59:36
436.   underdog
Seanez... yeah, I feel confident.
2007-05-25 22:00:20
437.   The Rabbits Rarely Loose
if Izzy gets a hit im turning off the tv
2007-05-25 22:00:34
438.   scareduck
436 - He can't have a 4+1 game, though.
2007-05-25 22:00:55
439.   LAT
I would have liked to have seen Brox throw to Izzy.
2007-05-25 22:01:28
440.   capdodger
Is it over yet?
2007-05-25 22:01:46
441.   overkill94
Anybody good at lip-reading? I'd like to know what Grady said to Broxton.
2007-05-25 22:01:48
442.   underdog
Idiot fans - get out of the way for crying out loud.
2007-05-25 22:01:51
443.   Bob Timmermann
The Cubs are 5 hits short of the record for consecutive hits in a game.
2007-05-25 22:02:34
444.   MMSMikey
we seriously need a 3rd baseman
2007-05-25 22:02:37
445.   scareduck
And that throw was right at Nomar, too.
2007-05-25 22:02:38
446.   overkill94
Kill me, kill me now
2007-05-25 22:02:45
447.   Greg Brock
Ha ha ha. You've got to be kidding me.

Tag the base, MEAT.

2007-05-25 22:02:51
448.   LAT
What doesn't he tag the runner
2007-05-25 22:02:52
449.   Hallux Valgus
Loney would have had that
2007-05-25 22:03:04
450.   Bob Timmermann
And that record is safe for now.
Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2007-05-25 22:03:10
451.   underdog
It SHOULD have been over yet - Abreu reached into the stands to try to grab a foul pop up, but a fan wanted it more.

Then Abreu made a rookie play, instead of getting the runner going to third he threw the ball in the dirt to Nomar. This is such a dumb inning.

2007-05-25 22:03:11
452.   capdodger
Hey... At least the bullpen had their bad inning on the same night. Too bad it was a night that the Dodgers were winning.
2007-05-25 22:04:23
453.   underdog
I hate this inning. I'm gonna break up with this inning right now. I need some time to myself.
2007-05-25 22:04:44
454.   LAT
OK Now I'm glad I gave away my tickets for this game.
2007-05-25 22:04:49
455.   The Rabbits Rarely Loose
Loney would have had that
Olmedo would have had that
2007-05-25 22:05:06
456.   Bob Timmermann
Matt Murton with one of those at bats that will defy classification.

He's not a pinch hitter now. He's not a position player. He's a ronin.

2007-05-25 22:05:14
457.   overkill94
If Abreu had tagged the runner after the guy on 3rd crossed home plate, would the run have counted?
2007-05-25 22:05:36
458.   MMSMikey
2007-05-25 22:05:39
459.   underdog
This inning is worse than Eegah! or any movie MST had to sit through.


And Seanez comes in and outpitches the three B's completely. What sort of rabbit hole did we climb down tonight?

2007-05-25 22:05:43
460.   trainwreck
Uggggh, why does WGN have to play "Glamorous".

I hate that song!

2007-05-25 22:05:50
461.   Bob Timmermann
Well, the Giants lost, 5-3, to Colorado.
2007-05-25 22:05:56
462.   capdodger
Matt Murton with the rare two PA pinch-hitting appearance.
2007-05-25 22:06:00
463.   MMSMikey

yes, because it wasnt a force out.

2007-05-25 22:06:07
464.   Hallux Valgus
457 no
2007-05-25 22:06:25
465.   Rob M
451 I doubt Abreu would have reached that ball.
2007-05-25 22:06:27
466.   underdog
457 Normally, no, but tonight it probably would have, yes.
2007-05-25 22:06:40
467.   capdodger
457 Yes. It would have.
2007-05-25 22:06:47
468.   MMSMikey
the run would have scored.
2007-05-25 22:07:21
469.   underdog
461 Hooray! We can't mock their bullpen's suckitude tonight, however. (Normally we can, but not tonight.)
2007-05-25 22:07:27
470.   The Rabbits Rarely Loose
can anyone think of a worse inning to possibly be at DS for ? with so many Cub fans
2007-05-25 22:07:32
471.   LAT
At least Giants lost.
2007-05-25 22:08:06
472.   Greg Brock
At least we get an Angel Pagan sighting.
2007-05-25 22:08:22
473.   overkill94
So at least Abreu made the correct play by throwing to first. The execution, however, didn't turn out too well.
2007-05-25 22:08:22
474.   underdog
Or yes, it would have counted. Abreu should have made a cleaner throw, Nomar should have had the ball. All things stank in that inning. 7 runs, ugh. Never mind my cat, I just coughed up a hairball.
2007-05-25 22:08:38
475.   LAT
Sorry just saw 461
2007-05-25 22:08:39
476.   MMSMikey
i hate you, juan.
2007-05-25 22:08:45
477.   underdog
Brett Butler would have had a bunt hit.
2007-05-25 22:08:56
478.   scareduck
457 - pretty sure the answer is no.
2007-05-25 22:09:15
479.   capdodger
464 466
See rule 4.09.
2007-05-25 22:09:21
480.   LogikReader
I can't even be mad anymore, it's so bad it's just hilarious!
2007-05-25 22:09:30
481.   Bob Timmermann
The run would have counted if Barrett crossed the plate before Jones would have been tagged.

Since Jones had stopped running, I think Barrett's run would have come first.

2007-05-25 22:09:38
482.   scareduck
478 - no, I'm wrong. If it crosses BEFORE.
2007-05-25 22:10:05
483.   MMSMikey
457. the answer is absolutley yes, like when a runner gets picked off, and stays in a rundown long enough for the guy from 3rd to score.
2007-05-25 22:10:27
484.   MMSMikey
457. the answer is absolutley yes, like when a runner gets picked off, and stays in a rundown long enough for the guy from 3rd to score.
2007-05-25 22:10:58
485.   scareduck
480 - It's hilaripus. That's so funny, it's like an octopus doing standup. Or something.
2007-05-25 22:11:00
486.   underdog
479 see 474 ;-) Yep. But the runner was right there next to him - was the run already across the plate?

Darn, Kent gave that a ride, but the wrong part of the park at the wrong time of night. Sigh.

2007-05-25 22:11:36
487.   Greg Brock
Ah, there was no force on that play. The run would have counted.

That inning messed me up something fierce.

2007-05-25 22:12:39
488.   underdog
I think the judges would also accept "The bullpen imploded, who cares?"
2007-05-25 22:12:43
489.   capdodger
478 He asked about a tag out. Rule 4.09 states that "...a run is not scored if the runner advances to home base during a play in which the third out is made (1) by the batter-runner before he touches first base; (2) by any runner being forced out; or (3) by a preceding runner who is declared out because he failed to touch one of the bases."

Seeing as it would have been a tag out of a non-batting runner, then there is no reason in to think it wouldn't have counted.

2007-05-25 22:13:02
490.   PDH5204
Kudos to Grady tonight, for taking Beimel out too soon and leaving in both Yhency and Broxton too long.
2007-05-25 22:13:06
491.   Bob Timmermann
One time in 2004, I remember when an opponent had the bases loaded against the Dodgers and the batter grounded to Beltre.

Beltre held on to the ball and then tagged the runner coming in to third.

No run was counted, so I assume that the "no run on a third out force out" also applies to tag plays in similar situations.

Not that the seventh inning was that situation. I just want to confuse people.

2007-05-25 22:13:48
492.   overkill94
Martin and the ump had a little Brokeback moment there. NTTAWWT
2007-05-25 22:13:51
493.   underdog
I hope this isn't like that padres game early last year where the bullpen imploded and then the Dodgers started reeling. Of course the key difference is that bullpen had some legitimately bad pitchers in it who had to go whereas this one is mostly very good but just had a bad inning.
2007-05-25 22:14:13
494.   Bob Timmermann
Go back and look at the ducks.
2007-05-25 22:14:29
495.   StolenMonkey86
did he just say the dangerous Luis Gonzalez?
2007-05-25 22:14:32
496.   Hallux Valgus
479 I see it:

"EXCEPTION: A run is not scored if the runner advances to home base during a play in which the third out is made."

During is the key word.

2007-05-25 22:14:56
497.   capdodger
Sweet name on the Cubs' center fielder: Angel Pagan.
2007-05-25 22:15:18
498.   Greg Brock
Blowing a five run lead to the Chicago Cubs was not how my weekend was supposed to begin.

Therefore, we shall come back and win.

2007-05-25 22:15:30
499.   underdog
I really don't see how this is Grady's fault. None of the pitchers executed their pitches at all. If they had, it wouldn't matter. Beimel wasn't looking too impressive, either.
2007-05-25 22:15:34
500.   scareduck
495 - Vinnie's getting old?
Show/Hide Comments 501-550
2007-05-25 22:15:39
501.   MMSMikey
seriously, grady needs to stop pitching out on 0-0 counts. it never works.
2007-05-25 22:16:22
502.   StolenMonkey86
500 - no, the WGN guys
2007-05-25 22:16:43
503.   underdog
Phew. That base would have been stolen, too.

Could the pitchers leave more balls up tonight? Can we bring Lowe back in?

2007-05-25 22:16:58
504.   underdog
And that base was definitely not stolen. Nice throw Russ.
2007-05-25 22:17:09
505.   LogikReader
Simply put, I say the bullpen players will just shrug this one off. Just one of those freak nights. It's too early in the season to make much of this implosion, don't you think?

Nice throw, Martin! sweet

2007-05-25 22:17:23
506.   StolenMonkey86
If I could actually see Vin Scully calling the game, that would make this almost enjoyable.
2007-05-25 22:17:38
507.   Hallux Valgus
YEAH! Eat that, Soriano!
2007-05-25 22:17:47
508.   capdodger
469 You're leaving out the dependant clause of the exception, which contains the cases in which the exception comes into play. If the third out is not recorded in the ennumerated ways, and the run scoreds before the third out is recorded, then it counts.
2007-05-25 22:17:54
509.   LAT
Rudy has to kick in for the Martin house.
2007-05-25 22:18:01
510.   underdog
I muted the WGN guys during the last inning. It made me less likely to turn a Hulk shade of green.
2007-05-25 22:18:52
511.   underdog
That previous pitch was totally a strike. Sheesh.
2007-05-25 22:19:01
512.   Greg Brock
505 Bullpens explode.

It happens

(hat tip, Bob)

2007-05-25 22:19:14
513.   scareduck
497 - In spring training, the Cubs' CF prospect Felix Pie was in the lineup when there was a double switch with reliever Rocky Cherry, batting directly before him. The lineup briefly read


2007-05-25 22:19:28
514.   Bob Timmermann
Bob Brenly skipped the "On Notice" list and went directly to the "Dead to Me" list because I realized that he just has to be there.

I'm not even listening to him now and I hate him.

That's how insidious he is.

2007-05-25 22:19:32
515.   underdog
Sometimes, I really hate those new field level stands. On foul pops like that.
2007-05-25 22:19:48
516.   D4P
Speaking of WGN, I just realized that the game is actually on TV here.
2007-05-25 22:19:51
517.   The Rabbits Rarely Loose
this is one of those losses that simply shoulnt happen to the dodgers bullpen . . i dont care how long the season is .....its really frustrating
2007-05-25 22:20:46
518.   trainwreck
Well I am interested to see how morbid this thread gets when I come home.

Goodnight everyone.

2007-05-25 22:20:55
519.   MMSMikey

yep. a 5-1 with 9 outs left to seal up the win. cant happen.

2007-05-25 22:21:12
520.   underdog
Wow. Seanez was Broxton tonight and Broxton was Lance Carter.
2007-05-25 22:21:34
521.   D4P
You guys have gotten spoiled with the bullpen this year. Isn't this pretty much the first late lead they've blown all season?
2007-05-25 22:22:08
522.   Greg Brock
Bullpens, even those as outstanding as the D's pen, blow leads. Two or three times a year, they blow a big lead. It shouldn't happen, but it does.
2007-05-25 22:22:34
523.   underdog
It shouldn't happen, you're right but the point is they DO happen, even to the best bullpens (I mean look at the Dodgers crazy 4+1 game against Trevor Hoffman and company last year), so if they only happen a couple of times that's not the end of the world. Frustrating, yes, but it does happen.
2007-05-25 22:22:46
524.   MMSMikey
agaisnt the braves they blew a lead, then in FLA, i believe.
2007-05-25 22:23:08
525.   underdog
Or what Greg said, 16 seconds faster.
2007-05-25 22:23:33
526.   Hallux Valgus
Yeah, I'll take this loss versus all the wins our bullpen has secured. I'd rather have a win, but still...
2007-05-25 22:23:41
527.   Greg Brock
D4P, underdog and I are agents of tolerance.
2007-05-25 22:23:42
528.   scareduck
"Brown-Eyed Girl"?

Does Yhency have brown eyes?

2007-05-25 22:25:16
529.   Branch Rickey
519. Sure you can't still make this game?
2007-05-25 22:25:18
530.   MMSMikey
yhency was crap in 05 and crap when he was healthy in 06 we should'nt expect much from him.
2007-05-25 22:25:21
531.   capdodger
522 Meh... That's why they play the game.
2007-05-25 22:25:46
532.   Bob Timmermann
The Dead to Me and On Notice lists have been updated in a fit of catharsis.
2007-05-25 22:26:47
533.   capdodger
How will gonzo make out this time? I'm betting he'll hit the ball into himself outside of the box.
2007-05-25 22:27:00
534.   Bob Timmermann
Lance Carter got his first win in Japan this week. Orix moved him out of the closer role because he was awful. They turned him into a starter.
2007-05-25 22:27:07
535.   Greg Brock
532 Verizon Mobile gets a reprieve.
2007-05-25 22:27:19
536.   The Rabbits Rarely Loose
there is no doubt they DO happen. even to the best ... but, I dont think this is one of those losses that you can say it was bound to happen over the course of a long season.... as far as our bp including our best RP giving up 7 runs
2007-05-25 22:27:20
537.   scareduck
My father-in-law calls the TV "terriblevision". Looks like that's the case today, though he and my (Cub fan) wife are enjoying the current results.
2007-05-25 22:27:26
538.   LAT
528 They play it every game and show good looking brown eyed girls on the jumbotron. Really just an excuse to show hot women in the crowd
2007-05-25 22:28:26
539.   MMSMikey
a great time for tonys 1st major league HR, or triple.
2007-05-25 22:28:46
540.   LAT
I wonder what Lou is mumbling to himself.
2007-05-25 22:29:04
541.   Hallux Valgus
alright. All I ask is a home run.

from a guy who doesn't hit those.

2007-05-25 22:29:17
542.   Greg Brock
536 I've already told you that the Dodgers will not lose this game because it's a bad start to my three day weekend. Don't worry.
2007-05-25 22:29:32
543.   Branch Rickey
2-1? And now possibly 23-2 (or not)? Pathetic. Should never happen. Unaccetable. Rule 1 violations.
2007-05-25 22:29:32
544.   Hallux Valgus
2007-05-25 22:29:42
545.   D4P
Fastballs right down the middle are relatively easy to hit. Not sure the Cubs know that.
2007-05-25 22:29:50
546.   MMSMikey
only if that ball would have been hit to a gap. arg.
2007-05-25 22:29:51
547.   Bob Timmermann
The Dodgers have fallen into the Cubs' carefully plotted trap.

Well played, Mr. Howry.

Well played.

2007-05-25 22:29:52
548.   PDH5204
499 Beimel wasn't executing? He came in to start the 7th, gave up a single, and then retired Izturis. His reward was to be taken out. Yhency then comes and walks his first batter and gives up a double to the batter following. If the "Beimel logic" were followed, i.e., one hit and one out and you're out, then why does Yhency stay in to give up another double after giving up the walk and the double and retiring no one? Then Broxton comes in and gives up 5 consecutive hits. Do you think that we ought to allow our relievers to stay in to give up 5 consecutive hits in game like today's?

Sorry, friend, but the man has never been able to manage a pitching staff. His down home charm and friendliness have always prevented some from seeing the rather gross defect in his management of a pitching staff. And it isn't just tonight and it isn't just tonight and Pedro. It's also having Kuo and Brazoban available for call up, and he calls up Kuo, who pitches three innings only to be sent down to "stretch out" so he can start. Why not simply call up Brazoban so that Kuo would be just that much farther ahead in "stretching out" and just that much closer to recall as a starter? We wasted a week or so with Kuo.

2007-05-25 22:30:24
549.   LAT
I'm not used to seeing the runner stop at third on a base hit to CF.

Then again I'm a Dodger fan.

2007-05-25 22:30:41
550.   D4P
Singles make the game so exciting!
Show/Hide Comments 551-600
2007-05-25 22:30:56
551.   capdodger
530 Yhency played in five games in 2006, but he was quite good in 2004.
2007-05-25 22:31:07
552.   underdog
Yeah, I hope no one gave up on this game... 'taint over til it's over.
2007-05-25 22:31:08
553.   Andrew Shimmin
542- Should we book it?
2007-05-25 22:31:12
554.   The Rabbits Rarely Loose
so I suggest everyone go to WGN even if you have FSW i switched to it for this inning and 3 strait hits . coincidence ...? i think not
2007-05-25 22:32:06
555.   Greg Brock
553 Ha ha. Not a freaking chance.

I learned my lesson long ago.

2007-05-25 22:32:08
556.   Gagne55
just got back, checked ugg.
2007-05-25 22:32:09
557.   Gagne55
just got back, checked ugg.
2007-05-25 22:32:17
558.   StolenMonkey86
548 - I wouldn't say never. My theory is that Grady makes poorer decisions when Derek Lowe starts.
2007-05-25 22:32:44
559.   Branch Rickey
536- It would fall squarely in that cateogry. Absolutely perfect fit.
2007-05-25 22:33:03
560.   MMSMikey
who hits for the pitchers spot?
2007-05-25 22:33:03
561.   D4P
Oh, man. Ohman's Gameday photo is great.
2007-05-25 22:33:51
562.   capdodger
Dear Cubs:
Please throw a fastball.
Capital Dodger
2007-05-25 22:34:06
563.   MMSMikey
c'mon tomato, we just need a basehit
2007-05-25 22:35:20
564.   underdog
548 I don't really feel like arguing about this, and I agree in hindsight I think he left Brazoban in there too long. I also thought Beimel had walked a batter, too, which he hadn't. That said, Brazoban had looked really good in his previous outing, so I think the team had confidence in him, and Broxton has been great this year, and both of them left pitches up and fat all inning. My point is, whether it's one batter too late or too early, both those guys didn't get the job done either. I just didn't see how that was Grady's fault. But yes, you may be right that Beimel should have been given another batter at least.

For now, I'm just gonna hope the Cubs bullpen implodes the same way so Cubbies fans can also debate it. :)

2007-05-25 22:35:26
565.   MMSMikey
oh my god, i've been watching this game for 15 minutes thinking it was the 9th!
2007-05-25 22:36:04
566.   Andrew Shimmin
Is LaRoche in the on deck circle? I can't tell.
2007-05-25 22:36:45
567.   D4P
Olmedo le gusta la pelota rapida
2007-05-25 22:37:50
568.   The Rabbits Rarely Loose

im still here.

PS. your welcome Dodger Thoughts:)

2007-05-25 22:38:01
569.   MMSMikey
thats what im talking about! whoo!
2007-05-25 22:38:01
570.   D4P

Olmedo le gusta la pelota rapida

2007-05-25 22:38:10
571.   Greg Brock
Trying to get a steak by a dog.
2007-05-25 22:38:41
572.   MMSMikey
if we are playing the brewers ricky weeks is standing behind 2nd and thats a double play.
2007-05-25 22:39:17
573.   Bob Timmermann
Now Chicago has two Angels in the lineup. So they are Los Angeles now.

Olmedo did not add to this list of notable L.A. Dodger feats.

2007-05-25 22:39:23
574.   Xeifrank
570. You got something going there with your French. vr, Xei
2007-05-25 22:39:44
575.   Branch Rickey
564. Of course. It was no bid deal either way and if anybody had done anything decent it would have been a non issue. Grady has done a terrific job with the staff this year. Always going to be somebody with a complaint but there have been very very few this year.
2007-05-25 22:39:48
576.   capdodger
Dog, meet lamb chop. Lamb chop, dog.

I'll leave you two alone now....

2007-05-25 22:40:26
577.   Bob Timmermann
Bola rapida
2007-05-25 22:40:48
578.   MMSMikey
didnt this guy already pitch tonight?
2007-05-25 22:40:53
579.   Gagne55
558 Yeah. Hindsight being 20/20 and all, but why would somebody remove an effective starter after 83 pitches. Maybe to pinch hit in need of runs, but surely not with a 4 run lead.
2007-05-25 22:41:02
580.   D4P
Bola rapida

Esa tambien

2007-05-25 22:41:31
581.   D4P
Hilarious. Dodgers win.
2007-05-25 22:41:35
582.   Bob Timmermann
Lowe was not pitching all that well in the last two innings.
2007-05-25 22:41:57
583.   Andrew Shimmin
Time for back to back suicide squeeze plays.
2007-05-25 22:41:59
584.   Branch Rickey
This could end up being one of the more fun games to watch this year.
2007-05-25 22:42:38
585.   D4P
Guzman is terrible. Three pitches not even close.
2007-05-25 22:42:42
586.   Bob Timmermann
I wouldn't want to try to squeeze with the way Guzman is pitching.
2007-05-25 22:42:42
587.   Branch Rickey
582. Right. And it was mentioned here multiple times before he was pulled.
2007-05-25 22:42:55
588.   Andrew Shimmin
Mariano Duncan, feel free to charge the mound.
2007-05-25 22:43:02
589.   D4P
Make that four pitches.
2007-05-25 22:43:11
590.   StolenMonkey86
LaRoche walked with first base open? Who woulda thunkit?
2007-05-25 22:43:17
591.   Greg Brock
Bill Cosby used to talk about the perpetually confused look that fathers have on their faces.

Lou Pinella has that look.

2007-05-25 22:43:31
592.   MMSMikey
lou needs to walk over and go sit in the dodgers dugout. hes going to lose his mind over there.
2007-05-25 22:43:47
593.   MMSMikey
raffy take till u get a strike
2007-05-25 22:43:52
594.   capdodger
Lou looks like he's about to start throwing things.
2007-05-25 22:44:15
595.   Xeifrank
Furcal up and the pitchers spot on deck.
vr, Xei
2007-05-25 22:44:54
596.   D4P
Singles are awesome.
2007-05-25 22:45:00
597.   Greg Brock
I told you guys not to worry.

Oh, ye of little faith.

2007-05-25 22:45:12
598.   Xeifrank
bring the outfield way in.
vr, Xei
2007-05-25 22:45:16
599.   MMSMikey
595 LOL
2007-05-25 22:45:21
600.   underdog
This is a hilarious game. Or delirious.
Show/Hide Comments 601-650
2007-05-25 22:45:35
601.   LAT
I can't believe I gave up my tickets to tonights game.

(Disregard any previous post which stated otherwise.)

2007-05-25 22:45:41
602.   Hallux Valgus
tied up! with Deep Fly To Second coming up (boo). C'mon, just don't mess up.
2007-05-25 22:45:44
603.   The Rabbits Rarely Loose
this is what it feels like cubs! this is what it feels like when you .....
2007-05-25 22:45:50
604.   scareduck
The Cubs' bullpen comes through for the Dodgers!

Lou Piniella looks like he wants to quit now. His mouth is open like he expects a fly to enter it.

2007-05-25 22:46:06
605.   dzzrtRatt
I guess if the Cubs are thinking triple play, Pierre is probably too fast for that.
2007-05-25 22:46:24
606.   MMSMikey
that just killed the inning
2007-05-25 22:46:33
607.   underdog
Hey, a fly ball from Pierre actually did something good!
2007-05-25 22:46:33
608.   Bob Timmermann
Productive Out!
2007-05-25 22:46:37
609.   Hallux Valgus
there we go! Bring on the Rundgren!
2007-05-25 22:46:41
610.   Andrew Shimmin
That's why batting Pierre second is a winning strategy.
2007-05-25 22:46:49
611.   LAT
We love you JP!

(Ok just for a second)

2007-05-25 22:46:49
612.   Branch Rickey
A Pierre sac fly? This IS a bizzare game.
2007-05-25 22:47:06
613.   scareduck
594 - Lou looks like he's about to start throwing things.

Maybe he could join the 25-man roster and start making some outs.

2007-05-25 22:47:25
614.   StolenMonkey86
606 - Don't be silly; he didn't hit a home run or something. Those are the rally killers.
2007-05-25 22:47:34
615.   underdog
I have to say, I was a little worried you guys were jinxing any comeback possibility with all your talk of how much the Cubs bullpen sucks, but I forgot how powerful their suckitude is. It overrided the jinx.
2007-05-25 22:47:50
616.   The Rabbits Rarely Loose
BTW Hallux Valgus .... Laroche just showed you one of those four pitch at bats I was talking about
2007-05-25 22:48:05
617.   Xeifrank
Nomar has a bus to catch.
vr, Xei
2007-05-25 22:48:08
618.   Bob Timmermann
Pierre has two sacrifice flies on the season now.
2007-05-25 22:48:17
619.   underdog
On the other hand, they could have had more. The double play hurts a little. Not a lot, but a little.
2007-05-25 22:48:38
620.   Rob M
601 I've been waiting for that!
2007-05-25 22:48:42
621.   LAT
Dear Nomar, Lou thanks you for putting him out of his misery.
2007-05-25 22:48:59
622.   StolenMonkey86
But it's Saito time.
2007-05-25 22:49:08
623.   Linkmeister
So there I was, eating dinner, and the trailer on my local sports news said the Dodgers led 5-1 in the 6th. "Fine," I thought, and went on to watch the News Hour. Imagine my disbelief when I went out to clean up the kitchen, turned the game back on and discovered the Cubs were up 8-5.

Since they scored four runs when I turned the game back on, I claim credit.

What happened? Lowe blow up, or Beimel, or who?

2007-05-25 22:49:18
624.   underdog
LaRoche couldn't have swung at any of those pitches if he tried. That was like Nook LaLoosh throwing there.
2007-05-25 22:49:19
625.   Gagne55
Nice how the Cubs relievers had to one up the Dodgers relievers. ;-)
2007-05-25 22:49:31
626.   capdodger
604 How are the spouse and father-in-law taking it?
2007-05-25 22:49:47
627.   Andrew Shimmin
If Saito blows the save, I'm giving up show business.
2007-05-25 22:49:57
628.   Bob Timmermann
As they say on "Lost", "It's complicated."
2007-05-25 22:50:22
629.   Hallux Valgus
616 Yep! and it was a walk, so we're both right!
2007-05-25 22:50:30
630.   Rob M
623 Beimel, Yhency and Broxton.
2007-05-25 22:50:34
631.   capdodger
623 Um... pretty much everyone who came through the gate in the 7th.
2007-05-25 22:50:37
632.   LAT
Great! they show the Nomar van commercial right after he kills the inning.

They way this game has gone Sammy's no sure thing.

2007-05-25 22:51:10
633.   underdog
The Dodgers offense is like Speed Dating night at the local coffee house - strictly for singles.
2007-05-25 22:51:22
634.   The Rabbits Rarely Loose
it seems thats how a lot of his at bats tend to be . for one reason or another
2007-05-25 22:51:39
635.   Greg Brock
623 The bullpen blew up. Specifically Brazoban and Broxton. Beimel wasn't exactly Trevor Hoffman either.
2007-05-25 22:52:11
636.   MMSMikey
that hook saito throws is ridiculous.
2007-05-25 22:52:25
637.   scareduck
626 - they just went back to the hotel before the Dodgers took the lead.
2007-05-25 22:52:54
638.   scareduck
635 - Trevor Hoffman isn't Trevor Hoffman anymore, either.
2007-05-25 22:52:58
639.   Linkmeister
628 Ha!
2007-05-25 22:52:59
640.   hooter
I claim conspiracy to deny hot wings.
2007-05-25 22:53:09
641.   Branch Rickey
I think Erickson sitting 60 ft 6 inches from the plate was the cause of the Dodgers pitching woes tonight.
2007-05-25 22:53:25
642.   Bob Timmermann
The Dodgers have four extra base hits tonight.
2007-05-25 22:53:45
643.   D4P
This is a Magical year. We give up 7 runs in the 7th inning and still win. I'm picking this team to win it all, against some odds.
2007-05-25 22:53:51
644.   Greg Brock
638 Good point.
2007-05-25 22:53:54
645.   Linkmeister
635 Our version of the Killer B's died, huh?
2007-05-25 22:54:14
646.   LAT
The irony is Rudy is in line for the win. Poor Derick can't catch a break.
2007-05-25 22:54:23
647.   underdog
Saito says, "I'll show you what real pitches look like."
2007-05-25 22:54:33
648.   The Rabbits Rarely Loose
so . . anyone . . best/worst game of the year so far?
2007-05-25 22:54:39
649.   MMSMikey
sammy can put a pitch on a dime. i love this guy.
2007-05-25 22:55:05
650.   Greg Brock
Never a doubt.

We win!

Show/Hide Comments 651-700
2007-05-25 22:55:10
651.   Hallux Valgus
It doesn't matter. Dodgers win. eat it, National League. Spectacular.
2007-05-25 22:55:54
652.   Bob Timmermann
But Rudy wasn't bad tonight.

Relatively speaking.

2007-05-25 22:55:56
653.   Gagne55
Three pitchers appeared in this game who failed to get an out- Howry, Ohman, and the Braz. So, what is the record for most combined 0 out appearences in one game? I'm looking at you, Mr. Timmerman
2007-05-25 22:56:01
654.   Greg Brock
645 They don't allow you to have bees.


2007-05-25 22:57:14
655.   underdog
Yep, Link - Lowe suddenly lost it, and his body language was bad, then the next inning Beimel, Brazoban and especially Broxton couldn't get anyone out. When Seanez saves your hide you know things are upside down. Whatever, the Cubs ' bullpen consistently implodes whereas ours just does it once in awhile. And we win.
2007-05-25 22:57:18
656.   Rob M
Have we started saying "Gaime" Over yet
2007-05-25 22:57:25
657.   Branch Rickey
Raffy speaks Engligh tonight! Good for him. His English is fine.
2007-05-25 22:57:41
658.   LAT
652. Rudy was fine. I just thought it was funny that four better pitchers didn't wind up with the win.
2007-05-25 22:58:00
659.   Greg Brock
Very little Spanish from Adrian tonight.
2007-05-25 22:58:17
660.   MMSMikey
lets face it. the cubs sucktitude saved grady tonight. he gave bielmel the hook after giving up a hit and recording an out. he needs to thank his lucky stars. imagine if this was against san diego.
2007-05-25 22:58:22
661.   underdog
648 "so . . anyone . . best/worst game of the year so far?" This one was both?
2007-05-25 22:59:37
662.   LAT
imagine if this was against san diego.

Yeah we'd have hit 4 HRs :-)

2007-05-25 22:59:50
663.   The Rabbits Rarely Loose


2007-05-25 23:00:08
664.   Greg Brock
660 If this was the Padres, Peavy would have shoved 8 scoreless innings and we'd have lost 3-0.

It's a nice win. I'll take it.

2007-05-25 23:00:43
665.   MMSMikey
the skipper agrees!
2007-05-25 23:01:50
666.   LAT
I have tix to tomorrows game right near Cubs dugout. I'm going to have to heckle Lou. See if I can get a rise out of him.
2007-05-25 23:02:18
667.   Bob Timmermann
Dodgers 19, Rockies 11
2007-05-25 23:03:27
668.   Bob Timmermann
I should say, I don't know the record and it couldn't be definitively known beyond 1957.

But it didn't take long to find three. I would assume the record would be 4 or possibly 5.

2007-05-25 23:03:36
669.   underdog
661 I should have been more emphatic - subtract the "?" there.

Okay, I'm gonna feign productivity for a half hour and then dream of imploding bullpens. Night all!

2007-05-25 23:05:22
670.   Gagne55
667 So three then? A record tying performence tonight then.
2007-05-25 23:06:29
671.   Gagne55
Woops. Posted that before I saw 668
2007-05-25 23:07:42
672.   LAT
Cub managment is so stupid. So would you rather have $5m to spend on a quality relief pitcher or two or would you rather spend it on you manager? Forget JP. Forget Gary Matthews Jr. Forget Soriano. The Pinella contrat is by far the worst of the year.
2007-05-25 23:10:03
673.   Greg Brock
Abreu will play second base tomorrow. So sayeth Grady.
2007-05-25 23:10:12
674.   Andrew Shimmin
Grittle says Abreu will probably start at 2B tomorrow.
2007-05-25 23:11:10
675.   Greg Brock
674 Don't lollygag next time.
2007-05-25 23:15:09
676.   Gagne55
Shimmin got pwned.
2007-05-25 23:19:03
677.   Bob Timmermann
The question that interests me is how often a team scores seven runs in one inning in a game and still loses.
2007-05-25 23:20:43
678.   LAT
Wow I just discovered tomorrow is a day game. I would have shown up at the stadium at 7 tomorrow night.
2007-05-25 23:21:17
679.   Bob Timmermann
And a quick check of records for runs in an inning would lead me to believe that a team may lose despite a 7-run inning once or twice per year for the entire majors.

In 2004, the Tigers scored 8 in one inning against Texas and lost. Mainly because the Tigers went and gave up 10 in the bottom half of the inning.

2007-05-25 23:21:20
680.   MMSMikey
maybe russell gets a day off tomorrow? im fearing grady may run him into the ground.
2007-05-25 23:23:29
681.   StolenMonkey86
678 - Yeah, and it's the FOX Game too.
2007-05-25 23:24:56
682.   Greg Brock
680 I would imagine that Russell sits on Sunday. Kent and Martin sitting on the same day would be...not good.

So far, they're the only two real hitters on the team. They can't sit together.

2007-05-25 23:30:33
683.   StolenMonkey86
680 - any day but Tuesday. I wanna see Russ play.
2007-05-25 23:34:54
684.   Linkmeister
655 Thanks. I think I'm just as happy I saw the Dodgers' rally and not the Cubs'.
2007-05-25 23:36:41
685.   StolenMonkey86
Gurnick reports Little considering LaRoche in right field
2007-05-25 23:37:27
686.   StolenMonkey86
"Little continues his quest to find the right lineup mix by rotating his young players. On Friday night, Tony Abreu started at third base. For Saturday's day game, Abreu is expected to start at second base while Jeff Kent rests, and Wilson Betemit is set to man third. On Sunday, Little is considering experimenting with Andy LaRoche in right field. LaRoche played some outfield at Triple-A Las Vegas this year."
2007-05-25 23:40:11
687.   Greg Brock
I find it hilarious that LaRoche is our highest rated position player, Billingsley is our highest rated pitcher, and both of them are just thrown around like dolls. No rhyme nor reason, no stability.

I fully expect Billingsley to play third base on Sunday and LaRoche handling tickets at the gate.

2007-05-25 23:43:05
688.   StolenMonkey86
687 - That's preposterous. You know very well that the Dodgers are going to use LaRoche as a situational lefty.
2007-05-25 23:46:36
689.   Gen3Blue
Damn, I fell asleep when it was 8-5 Cubs. We won? Must have been almost as good as the 4+1 game.
2007-05-25 23:53:12
690.   LAT
Toy Cannon, I sent you an email.
2007-05-26 00:03:28
691.   underdog
This part in that Gurnick piece is of interest too: "Manager Grady Little is clearly leaning toward starting Kuo next Saturday in Pittsburgh, the next time Tomko's spot comes around, but that's contingent on Kuo's scheduled start on Monday for Triple-A Las Vegas. If not Kuo, Little indicated long reliever Chad Billingsley was next in line."
2007-05-26 00:06:35
692.   Michael D
It's good to know the list of candidates to take Brett Tomko's spot in the rotation does not include Brett Tomko.
2007-05-26 00:20:15
693.   Andrew Shimmin
I found a, um, cartoon blog? Web cartoon? I'm not really sure what to call it. But it's very good. I spent a couple of hours, during the game, reading through them all. Some naughty words (not in the one I'm linking to, but in some others), so, be advised.

Oh, the title calls itself a webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language. So. A few of my favorite things! These are good, too (all of them are safe for work, or anywhere else).

2007-05-26 01:43:49
694.   Brian Y
Here's my projected line-up for tomorrow. If I'm right I want a prize

SS Rafael Furcal
CF Juan Pierre
1B Nomar Garciaparra
3B Wilson Betemit
C Russell Martin
LF Luis Gonzalez
2B Tony Abreu
RF Andre Ethier

2007-05-26 06:30:54
695.   Sammy Maudlin
Cool! We actually won the game. I got mad and turned off my radio in the 7th inning. Guess I'm guilty of premature exasperation. They shouldn't rest Kent, he has been blazing hot at the plate lately.
2007-05-26 08:35:24
696.   Greg Brock
Question (Schrute).

When you guys look at win expectancy, do you use the Bill James Pythagorean expectation, Davenport's, or Smyth's.

Just curious. Silly mental exercise on a lazy Saturday.


2007-05-26 09:03:41
697.   gpellamjr
Every freaking week FOX shows whatever freaking Cubs game is on. But when they play the freaking Dodgers? Freaking nooooo! I get Cleveland and Detroit. I'd move back to California right now if I didn't have freaking ferrets.
2007-05-26 09:08:45
698.   Greg Brock
Keeping wildlife, an amphibious rodent, for uh, domestic, you know, within the city - that ain't legal either.
2007-05-26 09:48:19
699.   Brian Y
694. Well there went my line-up prediction. No prize for me. Thanks Grittle (courtesy ItD):

Pierre, CF
Furcal, SS
Nomar, 1B
Martin, C
Gonzo, LF
Betemit, 3B
Ethier, RF
Abreu, 2B
Hendrickson, P

OK, now someone explain how the kid with the most power (Betemit) and is struggling but is a good hitter from what we've seen in his PH appearances isn't hitting in front of our best hitter (Martin) to possibly get him jump started? And why the heck is Pierre batting in front of Furcal????

2007-05-26 09:48:55
700.   Andrew Shimmin
Is it worth one dollar to get my name on the Californians for Ferret Legalization website's sponsor roll? Would it be worth a dollar if only Mellymoo the clown hadn't gotten there first?

Show/Hide Comments 701-750
2007-05-26 09:54:12
701.   Andrew Shimmin
699- Pierre's batting lead-off because Zambrano is right handed. But don't ask me to explain why.
2007-05-26 09:55:43
702.   Brian Y
701. LOL ok
2007-05-26 09:59:02
703.   underdog
So what's it called if there are three players involved in a platoon, instead of two? A tryptoon? A carousel?
2007-05-26 10:01:04
704.   gpellamjr
701 I hear he has some serious control problems and decreased velocity when he pitches lefty.
2007-05-26 10:01:43
705.   Bob Timmermann
Actually I believe the Dodgers are employing a Hyrda at third base.

Betemit's head was cut off and LaRoche and Abreu spawned in its place.

2007-05-26 10:05:27
706.   Brian Y
704. LOL, even if he tried to pitch lefty I bet Pierre and Nomar swing at the 1st Pitch.
2007-05-26 10:06:20
707.   gpellamjr
Am I right that the minimum salary in MLB is $350,000? Does that mean that a guy when he's called up gets $2160 per game? Geez, now I can really sympathize with Loney's being upset at being sent back down. How awesome would it be to get paid $2000 to play a baseball game?
2007-05-26 10:07:54
708.   gpellamjr
How much do AAA players make?
2007-05-26 10:11:21
709.   Andrew Shimmin
Minimum salary is $380,000, this year, $390,00, next year, and $400,000 in 2009. In 2011, it goes to $400,000 plus a COLA.
2007-05-26 10:20:44
710.   underdog
705 I'll go with that (you meant hydra, right?) Third base does seem like a myth at this point anyway. Although, if we add Ramon Martinez to the mix, they can play bridge.
2007-05-26 10:29:26
711.   Jon Weisman
New game thread up top.
2007-05-26 10:32:17
712.   Disabled List
710 Stick with the military structure. The next step up from a platoon is a battalion. If Martinez is added in, we have a company. If you include Saenz, it's a regiment. And if we call Valdez back up, the Dodgers will be fielding an entire brigade of third basemen.
2007-05-26 10:33:55
713.   Andrew Shimmin has the salary for minor leaguers as $1100 a month (plus $20 a game, food money) maximum, for the first year, and open to negotiation after that. Which may be technically true, but I can't guess there's much wiggle room in the negotiations.

This answer is out of date, since it gives the maximum first year salary as $850 a month, but may be worth reading, anyway. Looks like AAA players should be making at least $2150 a month in their first season, and more than that every year after. And, since the bottom number went up, I'd be surprised if that figure isn't higher, now.

2007-05-26 12:12:53
714.   Andrew Shimmin
714. Because.

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