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May 27 Game Chat
2007-05-27 10:48
by Jon Weisman

Don't want to hear any complaining about Russell Martin being in the lineup. He rested Thursday and he'll rest again Monday.

Rafael Furcal is back at shortstop, Olmedo Saenz is at first base, Andy LaRoche is at third base and Brady Clark is on right field.

Today's 1:10 p.m. game:


Retro Gameday

Comments (403)
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2007-05-27 11:03:42
1.   StolenMonkey86
All I care is that he's in the lineup Tuesday in RFK.
2007-05-27 11:04:23
2.   MMSMikey
c'mon jon. i dont want to start an argument. but im watching the braves game and jared saltilimacchia is playing for brian mccann, and barret sat yesterday for the cubs. its just I want russell to be fresh in august and september.
2007-05-27 11:09:43
3.   gpellamjr
I've said it before and I'll say it again. I wish I knew more about baseball. But aren't there some guys who can start at catcher and an abnormal rate without tiring considerably?

I feel good about this game today. I'd much prefer to have Nomar sit than Russ, and as much as I'd prefer to see Ethier over Gonzalez, it's not as if Ethier's hitting terribly well right now.

2007-05-27 11:10:31
4.   overkill94
2 I think he made it pretty clear that having two days off in a week's span is plenty of rest for him. I'm sure he'll get a couple days off in the upcoming 16-game stretch.
2007-05-27 11:14:12
5.   MMSMikey
4. lets hope he does.

Im not saying yesterday he was. he did face a very good pitcher. but he looked a little tired.

2007-05-27 11:14:12
6.   MMSMikey
4. lets hope he does.

Im not saying yesterday he was. he did face a very good pitcher. but he looked a little tired.

2007-05-27 11:19:08
7.   Jon Weisman
2 - I don't think there's any getting around his needing to rest more in the second half, but I don't see the slightest reason to believe that three days off out of five on a mild weekend in Los Angeles will forestall that, as opposed to two days off.
2007-05-27 11:29:07
8.   kevinarno
Easy call. The Dodgers have the unusual bookend days off before and after the Cubs series.
2007-05-27 11:30:36
9.   twerp
Hasn't Ethier actually done fairly well lately after a terrible start?
2007-05-27 11:55:07
10.   StolenMonkey86

Ethier in April: .250/.282/.458
Ethier in May: .303/.353/.355

Not great, but not bad compared to

Nomar in April: .307/.351/.416
Nomar in May: .253/.311/.277

Ethier just needs to hit the ball kinda hard like he did in April, and combine that with his getting on base thing from May. Nomar needs to do what he did in April, but start hitting the ball hard.

2007-05-27 12:17:43
11.   gpellamjr
Matt Kemp is awesome. He was slugging .500 over 14 at bats on the Dodgers before he got injured. He's still slugging .500 in AAA. He would be a better 4th OF than Brady Clark. Discuss.
2007-05-27 12:21:39
12.   regfairfield
11 At this stage in his career, Matt Kemp would benefit more from playing everyday than from just getting spot starts.
2007-05-27 12:22:11
13.   Greg Brock
11 Andre Ethier should be very nervous. Gonzo isn't going anywhere this year, but Kemp could easily take Ethier's spot.
2007-05-27 12:25:57
14.   JoeyP
There's 3 OF spots.
Lets say there's 7 games each week.

Thats 21 games--divided amongst 4 OF'ers.

Kemp could still get 4-5 games a week.

2007-05-27 12:27:25
15.   Bob Timmermann
Dang, I was all set for an argument with my HMO pharmacy and they ended up helping me very quickly and nicely.

Rats! I hate when that happens. Then I was able to get a salad at Burger King and make it work on time.

Whereupon, I knocked over half the salad under my desk and then proceeded to bump my head on two different pointy edges of it as I cleaned up in an unintentional homage to Homer Simspon.

2007-05-27 12:29:40
16.   Greg Brock
14 Five games a week. And one outfielder never sits. The other one is Luis Gonzalez, who's not doing too badly.
2007-05-27 12:29:55
17.   Bob Timmermann
And the cut in my scalp appears to be just superficial.
2007-05-27 12:30:38
18.   Greg Brock
17 The library is no joke.

You have to stay on your toes.

2007-05-27 12:33:33
19.   Bob Timmermann
I now get to work the rest of the day with salad dressing on my pants and a cut scalp.

I must look Roseboro did after he got into argument with Marichal over hogging all the chickpeas at the salad bar.

2007-05-27 12:35:56
20.   Gen3Blue
20 Dote!!!!
2007-05-27 12:35:56
21.   StolenMonkey86
14 - That's not always 21 games due to scheduled off days - it probably works out to about 19, so really you're looking at 3 OFs playing 4 games a week and JP playing everyday.
2007-05-27 12:36:01
22.   JoeyP
Has Martin been in the 3-spot all year?

I kinda like Martin/Kent/Saenz in the 3/4/5 against a left hander.

2007-05-27 12:36:25
23.   Greg Brock
19 Cold water and a napkin should get that right out. Dab and rub lightly. Don't rub too hard (God that sounds terrible).

Then you only have to deal with wet pants for an hour. Which could be...awkward.

2007-05-27 12:36:35
24.   gpellamjr
Someone the other day (sorry I don't remember who you are) mentioned the fact that Drew made Stark's most overrated list. This poster mentioned that this was silly, because Drew has never made an all-star team. What I didn't realize until I read the article until just now is that that is Stark's reasoning. He says that drew is overrate because he's never been chosen for an all-star team! That is some kind of reasoning.
2007-05-27 12:37:48
25.   gpellamjr
22 The only thing better would have been Martin/Kent/Saenz/Kemp.
2007-05-27 12:43:49
26.   Bob Timmermann
Wait is that for the pants or the scalp wound?

The pants I will just live with.

Somebody doublechecked my head to make sure that I don't have brain matter seeping out of my combover spot.

I don't.

2007-05-27 12:54:48
27.   Linkmeister
26 That could be because a) the cut's not very deep or b) there's no brain matter within.

/s disgruntled Cardinals fan

2007-05-27 12:55:04
28.   trainwreck
I keep thinking of Bad Taste now.
2007-05-27 13:05:48
29.   Borchard504
Not to go off topic, but your guy Adam Dunn has hit two HR's today, but has butchered everything that has been hit his direction in left field. Pick you poison Dodger fans...
2007-05-27 13:07:24
30.   Greg Brock
29 A little from column A, a little from column B.

I could live with the occasional fielding mishap. Dude mashes.

2007-05-27 13:10:23
31.   Greg Brock
I'm sick and tired of Temple Beth-El getting overlooked when it's anthem time.
2007-05-27 13:15:00
32.   natepurcell
josh bell triples in the 2nd inning to extend his hitting streak to something like 14 games.
2007-05-27 13:18:11
33.   bhsportsguy
31 Had a nice South Bay morning before heading to the game, picked up some subs at Giullanos which was much better than going to get some Dodger Dogs.

No Pancake House this time though.

2007-05-27 13:18:50
34.   alex 7
If only we could get Nomar to play some 3B, Dunn could switch between LF and 1B to decrease the defensive miscues. But nooooo.
2007-05-27 13:21:21
35.   Greg Brock
33 Those subs are awesome. The Giuliano sub/Giulio sub is ridiculously good.
2007-05-27 13:22:08
36.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Vin dropping a Cool Hand Luke reference. Sweet.
2007-05-27 13:23:20
37.   JoeyP
Thats a tough move Hill has.
He looks towards the plate, then but can still pause and he caught Furcal leaving too early.
2007-05-27 13:25:20
38.   Pepperdine
good to see JP taking some pitches, even though he ended up flying out.
2007-05-27 13:25:25
39.   bhsportsguy
35 That's the one my friend ordered. I always wonder how some places like Giullano's gets established in the South Bay? Bayside Deli in Santa Monica is really good too for Italian meats and cheeses.
2007-05-27 13:26:03
40.   natepurcell
yes, frank mccourt!
2007-05-27 13:26:12
41.   Pepperdine
of course, marting and furcal only saw one apiece, so...
2007-05-27 13:26:13
42.   Kingmans Performance
Mr. McCourt & Vinny...
2007-05-27 13:27:21
43.   bhsportsguy
Just what folks love a Frank McCourt interview during the game but you can't be critical of Vin doing this interview though some would rather hear Ned Colletti or Logan White but that's not Vin's thing.
2007-05-27 13:28:52
44.   Gen3Blue
Oh no--is it another Vin/McCourt Te da Te.
Pardon my french spelling.
2007-05-27 13:30:48
45.   bhsportsguy
But smart PR move for McCourt to limit his public appearances to outings like this with Vin.
2007-05-27 13:31:46
46.   bhsportsguy
That's must make you feel silly to get them out on that curve ball.
2007-05-27 13:32:17
47.   Greg Brock
Frank uses Vinnie as a human shield.

Smart move, Frodo.

2007-05-27 13:32:21
48.   Borchard504
Vin is doing a smooth interview with his boss.
2007-05-27 13:32:29
49.   Kingmans Performance
'Traffic Experts'...?
2007-05-27 13:32:34
50.   bhsportsguy
Vin doing his best direct testimony imitation.

Objection your honor, leading the witness.

Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2007-05-27 13:32:55
51.   natepurcell
hahaha, Lou is so confused at Barrett.
2007-05-27 13:33:01
52.   Gen3Blue
Bless RM again
2007-05-27 13:33:01
53.   JoeyP
Thanks Barrett.
Some really dumb base running through the first 1.5 innings.
2007-05-27 13:33:11
54.   Andrew Shimmin
I wonder if his last words, before Russ Martin killed him, were, "Go Raiders."
2007-05-27 13:36:04
55.   natepurcell
sweet, theres a command center inside the Dodgers Stadium Lot.
2007-05-27 13:36:56
56.   Greg Brock
Now we know where Jack Bauer gets his intel.
2007-05-27 13:39:07
57.   Kingmans Performance
D. Lee.

Solid Gold Glove.

2007-05-27 13:39:29
58.   Gen3Blue
Its not like Hill is fooling many hitters.
2007-05-27 13:40:59
59.   bhsportsguy
I have to say getting out yesterday was not that bad, again, its hard to say how much the changes have impacted the parking situation but I do think they have improved, whether or not the additional costs justifies it, I don't know but after 2 months, things seem to be a lot better than they were those first few days.
2007-05-27 13:41:05
60.   natepurcell
i want to see some draft coverage!
2007-05-27 13:43:41
61.   bhsportsguy
Good hit and run by McCourt.
2007-05-27 13:44:46
62.   JoeyP
Wolf forgets how many outs there are.
2007-05-27 13:44:50
63.   natepurcell
2007-05-27 13:44:57
64.   Greg Brock
Frank is not good at math.
2007-05-27 13:45:06
65.   bhsportsguy
Wolf wanted to book some extra outs.
2007-05-27 13:45:12
66.   Gen3Blue
Great awareness out there!
2007-05-27 13:47:55
67.   trainwreck
LaRoche got under it, but he had his pitch.
2007-05-27 13:51:11
68.   ToyCannon
While Nate keeps track of his latest throb in J Bell, old throb DeWitt is 11/16 in his last 3 games with 4 doubles.
2007-05-27 13:52:55
69.   Gen3Blue
Reese? Wills?
2007-05-27 13:52:59
70.   Greg Brock
68 Sorry to hear about your beloved pet.
2007-05-27 13:53:22
71.   ToyCannon
Mitch Jones has now played 3b the last two games.
2007-05-27 13:55:39
72.   D4P
For ToyCannon:

I've always liked this clip of Jimmy Stewart on the Tonight Show reading his poem about his dog. It's sad but comforting.

2007-05-27 13:56:11
73.   jasonungar07
it's gotta be wills
2007-05-27 13:56:50
74.   natepurcell
wolf is getting more groundballs then he usually does.
2007-05-27 13:57:27
75.   Gen3Blue
That sounded a bit like a George Burns story.
2007-05-27 13:59:12
76.   Gen3Blue
73 Wills wasn't a bad fielder and you would think in all those good years.
2007-05-27 14:01:56
77.   ToyCannon
Thanks, luckily I've got almost as many pets as Daniel has children so these are things I have to deal with every year. It is quite different then those of you who have a one to one relationship with your pet, though I still miss Molokai because he was unique.

Anyway let's just talk about the game and why Kemp isn't part of a 4 man rotation. I am seriously crossing my fingers that Kuo is impressive enough in his next minor league start to get his shot at the rotation and to stick once he gets the shot.
Or does well enough to be included in a trade package for a hitter so that Billingsley gets his shot.

2007-05-27 14:02:52
78.   D4P
I just turned the game on, and wow, does Dodger Stadium sure look different behind the plate than it used to.
2007-05-27 14:03:16
79.   JoeyP
WGN closes out the inning with a Dave song.
2007-05-27 14:03:34
80.   Greg Brock
78 A disturbing lack of Panama hats?

Oh, you mean the seats. Yeah, that too.

2007-05-27 14:04:56
81.   D4P
More on Dunn: he's 7 for 7 in stolen bases this season
2007-05-27 14:08:53
82.   Kingmans Performance
50 foot curveball from Wolfy?
2007-05-27 14:10:08
83.   JoeyP
I'm so happy Izturis is on the Cubs now.
2007-05-27 14:13:14
84.   JoeyP
Gotta walk Soriano
2007-05-27 14:14:38
85.   D4P
I predict that the Dodgers will win this game.
2007-05-27 14:16:05
86.   trainwreck
Thank you Russell.
2007-05-27 14:16:17
87.   D4P
Martin is driving in runs behind the plate with his glove
2007-05-27 14:17:06
88.   Disabled List
Is Wolf pitching with his eyes closed?
2007-05-27 14:18:23
89.   bhsportsguy
With the seat additions, Dodger Stadium has really become a hitter's park with the very small foul territory.
2007-05-27 14:18:49
90.   JoeyP
Well, you cant let Soriano beat you there with first base open.

Wolf should be able to get Theriot.

2007-05-27 14:19:40
91.   Disabled List
The force was not with Randy on that one.
2007-05-27 14:20:00
92.   Borchard504
81- don't make me laugh. then why can't he run down a line drive to the left field corner? In one word, which is where good defensive comes in any sport - discipline. Give me baseball, basketball, football, good defenders have focus, have that extra effort, and are disciplined. Hint hint.
2007-05-27 14:21:33
93.   JoeyP
I dont think Dunn would be any more of a defensive liability in LF than Gonzo is, when you consider how poor Gonzo's arm is.
2007-05-27 14:22:03
94.   nick
81 so he's a better base stealer than Pierre...
2007-05-27 14:23:34
95.   bhsportsguy
Its too bad Gonzalez left off the inning he hit the HR, he's surrounded by a .230 hitter and a .207 hitter though the rookie is doing a lot better recently, he had to since he was a lot closer to .100 a few weeks ago.

Peavy is having a great season.

2007-05-27 14:24:28
96.   natepurcell
nice, Josh Bell hits a homerun.

2-2 3b, hr bb today so far.

2007-05-27 14:25:07
97.   Kingmans Performance
NL West update:

COL-1 (5th)

SD-1 (5th)

2007-05-27 14:25:26
98.   bhsportsguy
96 Overall, hitting as perked up as the weather has warmed up for the Loons.
2007-05-27 14:26:25
99.   bhsportsguy
97 Pitching is the dominant feature in the NL West.
2007-05-27 14:26:43
100.   trainwreck
Brenly has to bash everything he possibly can related to Los Angeles.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2007-05-27 14:27:28
101.   natepurcell

its nice to see all the loons young players start to hit. Van Slyke has been impressing me alot as well. When he fills out his frame, I think the power will definately come.

2007-05-27 14:28:09
102.   trainwreck
How is Josh Wall doing?
2007-05-27 14:29:35
103.   natepurcell

not very good.

2007-05-27 14:31:02
104.   Greg Brock
Brady Clark is not fast.
2007-05-27 14:31:30
105.   Bob Timmermann
The Padres announing team was giving Brenly grief yesterday as it was the anniversary of the game when Ben Davis bunted for a hit to break up a perfect game by Schilling.
2007-05-27 14:33:26
106.   bhsportsguy
Is the guy in the Dos Equs commercial supposed to be Ernest Hemingway?
2007-05-27 14:34:56
107.   natepurcell
breakout pitcher James McDonald also goes today. argh, i should have drove to riverside today.
2007-05-27 14:36:15
108.   bhsportsguy
103 McDonald pitching for Inland Empire this afternoon, 3 K in two innings so far.
2007-05-27 14:36:34
109.   JoeyP
Wolf should be pinch hit for in the bottom of the 6th.
2007-05-27 14:36:56
110.   bhsportsguy
107 Just looking out for you Nate.
2007-05-27 14:37:22
111.   bhsportsguy
109 Ahhh, the debate begins.
2007-05-27 14:37:52
112.   Gagne55
109 Definately. You don't want Wolf starting an inning with over 100 pitches.
2007-05-27 14:38:37
113.   bhsportsguy
111 No debate today.
2007-05-27 14:38:53
114.   D4P
Was that woman in the crowd acting as if she was going to flash...?
2007-05-27 14:39:18
115.   Greg Brock
That start had very much good quality.

Good job, Wolf.

2007-05-27 14:39:52
116.   bhsportsguy
Wolf goes 6 again. That has been his MO all year.
2007-05-27 14:40:09
117.   JoeyP
Furcal's seen 4 pitches in 3 abs today.
2 hits, and 1 out.
2007-05-27 14:41:00
118.   natepurcell
for a second, i thought pierre hit a homerun.
2007-05-27 14:41:06
119.   bhsportsguy
115 I guess if he can get through the 1st unscored upon, he becomes a much tougher hitter.
2007-05-27 14:41:13
120.   Greg Brock
The sad thing is that our CF got absolutely all of that ball.
2007-05-27 14:41:22
121.   Gagne55
C'mon, get one for the Wolfy.
2007-05-27 14:41:42
122.   JoeyP
118--Pierre thought that also.
2007-05-27 14:41:52
123.   trainwreck
Yeah, I did too.


2007-05-27 14:41:52
124.   bhsportsguy
119 Pitcher
2007-05-27 14:42:25
125.   Michael D
I'll take 6 shutout innings from a starter this day and age any day.

Not his fault the offense hasn't showed up.

2007-05-27 14:42:43
126.   trainwreck
So what do people think about Kobe wanting Jerry West back or he is going to ask for a trade?
2007-05-27 14:42:52
127.   Gagne55
No win for Wolf. :-(
2007-05-27 14:44:22
128.   Greg Brock
126 I'm sure he wants West back, which isn't happening. And he is not going to get traded. Period.

And Odom and Brown are coming off of surgery. So, they can't get value for them. Only Bynum.

No light at then end of that tunnel.

2007-05-27 14:44:43
129.   JoeyP
Hill's only thrown 66 pitches in 6ip.
WGN's Fan Cam mysteriously seems to only show the hot chics at each game.
2007-05-27 14:44:47
130.   Gagne55
Rich Hill has thrown 66 pitches. Dodgers better get a run soon, cause they ain't winning a war of attrition.
2007-05-27 14:45:38
131.   Greg Brock
I love you, Russell Martin.
2007-05-27 14:45:45
132.   JoeyP
Martin made a nice catch then a bad tumble.
2007-05-27 14:46:17
133.   StolenMonkey86
132 - how bad a tumble?
2007-05-27 14:47:04
134.   Greg Brock
133 Tail over tea kettle into the stands, hanging on the netting by his legs.
2007-05-27 14:47:23
135.   Gagne55
The dreaded "in play no out"
2007-05-27 14:47:38
136.   JoeyP
He feel like backwards over the retaining wall into the crowd. He was hanging from his legs upside down on the wall.
2007-05-27 14:47:44
137.   Andrew Shimmin
133- Not great, he landed on concrete. But he got up right away, and doesn't seem injured.
2007-05-27 14:47:47
138.   imperabo
Pierre could use a little of that "no way this ball hits the ground" attitude.
2007-05-27 14:48:20
139.   Gagne55
Izzy + Hill = escape hatch?
2007-05-27 14:48:47
140.   JoeyP
Izzy + Ward= escape hatch.
2007-05-27 14:49:11
141.   StolenMonkey86
Pierre could use a little of that "no way this ball hits the ground" attitude.

When he's fielding, but not when batting.

2007-05-27 14:49:20
142.   capdodger
Old friend alert!!!
2007-05-27 14:49:23
143.   underdog
{mancrush, Martin, ON}
Can't believe he held on to that.

I hope we don't get Seanez'ed this inning. Only one more out to go. {say a few prayers}

2007-05-27 14:49:33
144.   Gagne55
gutsy move pulling a dominating starter so soon by Pinella
2007-05-27 14:50:22
145.   D4P
The Cubs would be much better off leaving Hill in the game.
2007-05-27 14:51:18
146.   Greg Brock
Betting on Ward and the Cubs bullpen.

Um, okay.

2007-05-27 14:51:23
147.   JoeyP
142- Friend?--Nah I'd say acquaintenance.
2007-05-27 14:51:50
148.   Disabled List
First team to score wins this game.
2007-05-27 14:51:57
149.   Gagne55
I remember Daryl Ward as being the guy who couldn't hit at all. But he hasn't been the same since leaving LA.
2007-05-27 14:51:58
150.   D4P
The Rosebush proves a thorn in Ward's side
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2007-05-27 14:52:02
151.   bhsportsguy
Nice glove work by the boys that inning.
2007-05-27 14:52:31
152.   Greg Brock
LaRoche was about ten times more pumped about Martin's catch than Martin was.
2007-05-27 14:52:32
153.   Gagne55
Ah, in play out. Good old Daryl Ward.
2007-05-27 14:52:35
154.   Kingmans Performance
nl w updates:

COL-4 (6th)

SD-3 (7th)

2007-05-27 14:52:44
155.   bhsportsguy
142 How about a freigter that passed through the night?
2007-05-27 14:52:45
156.   Andrew Shimmin
So: LoDuca sliding into the dugout, or Martin's backward tripwire?

It's a tough call, but I think I give it to LoDuca, on style points.

2007-05-27 14:52:45
157.   StolenMonkey86
also on the bench were Floyd, Jones, A-Ram, and Blanco.
2007-05-27 14:53:13
158.   bhsportsguy
154 Is Arizona out of the division?
2007-05-27 14:54:26
159.   StolenMonkey86
158 - AZ up 3-1 over Houston, bottom 5
2007-05-27 14:54:41
160.   Gagne55
158 Oh snap!
2007-05-27 14:55:01
161.   JoeyP
i'm surprised Floyd didnt get the call there. Piniella may save him for a time that might never come.
2007-05-27 14:56:17
162.   bhsportsguy
I feel bad for Vegas, anytime they get anyone decent who can guys out in the bullpen, he gets called up to the majors.

Hull and White give up 4 runs in the top of 9th to blow the lead.

2007-05-27 14:56:25
163.   Kingmans Performance

gracias amigo.

2007-05-27 14:58:29
164.   Kingmans Performance
2007-05-27 15:00:09
165.   Bob Timmermann
Stanford leads USC 6-3 in the 5th in the battle for 8th place in the Pac-10 Minus 1.
2007-05-27 15:01:19
166.   Borchard504
Why is everyone so down on Gonzo?
2007-05-27 15:01:33
167.   JoeyP
It has to be Broxton in the 8th right?
2007-05-27 15:02:52
168.   JoeyP
Wow, they are leaving Seanez in for the 8th to go against the top of the Cubs order.


2007-05-27 15:03:03
169.   Greg Brock
166 Who is everyone?
2007-05-27 15:03:08
170.   bhsportsguy
We may not know who the best the division in baseball but the NL Central might be the worst.

If Milwaukee loses today, they will have gone 4-12 since their 24-10 start. They led by 8 games back then.

But the most any of their opponents gained is 3 games.

2007-05-27 15:04:36
171.   underdog
Rudy "Olmedo" Seanez is back in there. Guess Broxton is getting another day off. Soriano's hit there was a nice piece of hitting, the pitch was way down there, a really difficult pitch to pull.
2007-05-27 15:05:22
172.   Borchard504
just got that impression earlier from #93
2007-05-27 15:08:57
173.   Greg Brock
Rudy. Seanez.
2007-05-27 15:09:52
174.   D4P
Rudy. Seanez.

2007-05-27 15:10:00
175.   StolenMonkey86
after 2 pitchouts, why not just order a beanball and pull the guy?
2007-05-27 15:10:06
176.   underdog
Frap! Because they had Clark playing way over at the line, he couldn't get to that liner. And now they lead on another shot. Seanez blows. Take him out.

The Dodger boo birds are out again, too.

2007-05-27 15:10:13
177.   Bob Timmermann
Gagne gave up a 9th inning homer to Dustin Pedroia to give the Red Sox a 6-4 lead going to the bottom of the 9th.
Okajima in to close for the Red Sox.
2007-05-27 15:10:21
178.   trainwreck
2007-05-27 15:11:12
179.   Greg Brock
This is probably the second time I've ever put a game on Grady.

But this one is on Grady.

2007-05-27 15:11:49
180.   regfairfield
176 We're booing a guy because he gave up a run in two innings?
2007-05-27 15:12:07
181.   underdog
I wonder how many months it'll be before we see a Meloan up, or Tsao back, and Seanez back home fishing.
2007-05-27 15:13:24
182.   StolenMonkey86
180 - well, he did it on 3 consecutive line drives
2007-05-27 15:13:52
183.   Greg Brock
Rudy pitches one inning, he gets the job done, we breathe a sigh of relief, and somebody else comes in. That's Rudy's job. No more, no less.
2007-05-27 15:14:18
184.   underdog
Thank God they got the runner at third on the previous play.

I always think Pierre's arm's gonna come off with the ball when he throws as hard as he can back to the infield.

2007-05-27 15:15:04
185.   regfairfield
182 We're booing a guy because he gave up three singles?

Not saying I agree with leaving the man in, but booing should have some reason to it.

2007-05-27 15:15:22
186.   D4P
Saenez's motion reminds me way too much of Baez's.
2007-05-27 15:15:45
187.   underdog
No, I think Greg's right - Seanez can be fine for one inning, but asking for any more than that is really pushing it. he's looked very hittable this inning and if they get by with just giving up that one run they'll be very fortunate.
2007-05-27 15:17:13
188.   imperabo
184 I always think one of these days the ball's going to win and Pierre will fly in to second while the ball stays in center.
2007-05-27 15:17:22
189.   underdog
Okay, that ball four slider was such a strike. I don't know how that missed at all.
2007-05-27 15:17:31
190.   Bob Timmermann
DFA Capital Management would like a word with you.

2007-05-27 15:18:37
191.   underdog
Beimel in. Whew. I feel nervous, but less so.
2007-05-27 15:19:26
192.   D4P
DFA Capital Management would like a word with you

Sure, I'd be glad to serve as a reference for Rudy.

2007-05-27 15:20:05
193.   D4P
Beimel looks much taller on TV than on Gameday
2007-05-27 15:20:11
194.   ToyCannon
I wonder how Gagne likes pitching for a team that is out of the race by May 25th? In 2005 he wasn't really a part of the team so I don't think he's ever pitched for a last place team before.

Brady Clark had a nice defensive inning.

2007-05-27 15:20:33
195.   Greg Brock
I wanted Grady to burn Beimel and use Yhency to face A-Ram.

He didn't...And it worked...Barely.

2007-05-27 15:22:19
196.   bhsportsguy
195 You can't, the pitcher has to pitch to one batter unless he hurts himself.
2007-05-27 15:22:36
197.   regfairfield
Seanez prior to this outing: 8.11 K/9, 3.5 K/BB , .77 HR/9, 2.88 ERA.

Seanez got shelled in a couple of early outings and has been great ever since. Any team would be happy to get those numbers from their garbage time guy.

2007-05-27 15:24:01
198.   bhsportsguy
197 Of course, losing 1-0 does this to folks, the offense has not been kicking since that magical 8th on Friday.
2007-05-27 15:24:23
199.   Bob Timmermann
Greg Brock is a big fan of games that would never end. He's living the Tony La Russa Fantasy!
2007-05-27 15:24:35
200.   Greg Brock
196 Duh me.

-1 for the moran.

Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2007-05-27 15:25:28
201.   ToyCannon
Cust has seemed to have lost his luster.
"Cust went hitless in four at-bats on Sunday, lowering his average to .231, and has just two hits in his past 23 at-bats."
2007-05-27 15:25:54
202.   StolenMonkey86
Why is Ethier PHing for LaRoche?

Grady has lost it. Does he wear a helmet when he rides that motorcycle?

2007-05-27 15:26:15
203.   underdog
No, I think it's true, as a "garbage time" pitcher he's been above average. I just don't really have much confidence in him because he often seems so hittable. But as back of the bullpen guys go, he's been more than decent.
2007-05-27 15:26:56
204.   trainwreck
2007-05-27 15:27:17
205.   StolenMonkey86
Ok, that's why.
2007-05-27 15:27:32
206.   underdog
202 What was that you were saying Monkey? ;-)
2007-05-27 15:27:51
207.   ToyCannon
Rudy Seanez has been doing a heck of a lot better then Olmedo Saenz but two innings is to much to ask.

Nice pinch hit

Don't blow a vein Lou!!!

2007-05-27 15:27:54
208.   bhsportsguy
2007-05-27 15:28:29
209.   Bob Timmermann
I always knew that Ethier would go all Mr. Rochester on Scott Eyre sometime.
2007-05-27 15:28:40
210.   StolenMonkey86
So this Ethier fellow can hit left-handers . . .
2007-05-27 15:28:44
211.   Greg Brock
I like it. Kemp and LaRoche starting, Betemit and Ethier off the bench.
2007-05-27 15:28:50
212.   underdog
Ethier does hit lefties pretty well, for a lefty. I would have liked to see LaRoche this inning too, because I hadn't seen any of his at bats this game, but getting Ethier in certainly worked out okay.
2007-05-27 15:29:13
213.   bhsportsguy
210 When they hang a slider into his wheelhouse.
2007-05-27 15:29:15
214.   Kingmans Performance
thank you Lou Pinella!
2007-05-27 15:29:22
215.   nick
"Grady Little: From Fool to Genius?"
2007-05-27 15:29:55
216.   JoeyP
When will teams realize you cant loogy Ethier?
2007-05-27 15:31:02
217.   StolenMonkey86
216 - as soon as Little stops platooning him?
2007-05-27 15:31:22
218.   bhsportsguy
Wilson in his preferred role.
2007-05-27 15:32:22
219.   bhsportsguy
217 He actually plays against lefties enough to be consideded to be in a straight platoon.
2007-05-27 15:32:25
220.   Uncle Miltie
Has Ethier now displaced Betemit as the Dodgers top pinch hitter? I'd love to see Nomar come off the bench and hit a few bombs. Maybe it would convince the Ned & Grits that he's better suited for that role.

Why is Ethier PHing for LaRoche?Grady has lost it.
Because Grits is a genius.

2007-05-27 15:32:34
221.   ToyCannon
Um, er, a this McDonald kid is throwing an interesting game today after 6.
2007-05-27 15:32:38
222.   underdog
I don't think Ethier's been platooning, has he? I thought he just had the day off today. Maybe if they bring Kemp back up at some point that'll happen...

let's go, Meat!

2007-05-27 15:32:44
223.   bhsportsguy
219 I mean not in a straight platoon.
2007-05-27 15:33:38
224.   bhsportsguy
221 Nate's going to be mad he didn't go to Riverside.
2007-05-27 15:33:54
225.   D4P
If you're pitching to Betemit with Furcal and Pierre behind him, it's probably not a great idea to give him much to hit.
2007-05-27 15:33:57
226.   JoeyP
Maybe Betemit is the 07 version of Robin Ventura.
2007-05-27 15:35:29
227.   underdog
Sheesh, I thought Betemit had ripped that one into the gap and instead it was just an easy fly ball. I either need to check my prescription, or the balls are dying out there. Except for Ethier's.
2007-05-27 15:35:58
228.   StolenMonkey86
206 anyway, I'll be saving my reverse jinx for other such special occasions
2007-05-27 15:36:11
229.   D4P
The Dodgers will likely win this game. The Cubs blew it by only scoring one run earlier.
2007-05-27 15:36:31
230.   JoeyP
Seems like the Dodgers have hit a lot of just shy of the warning track fly balls today.
2007-05-27 15:36:43
231.   Kingmans Performance
Are we going extra innings today?
2007-05-27 15:37:06
232.   Bob Timmermann
I doubt the Dodgers are going to threaten the alltime record for consecutive pinch hitters used. That's six.

Florida was the last team with two pinch-hit homers in the same inning. The Marlins did it last year against Baltimore with Joe Borchard and Wes Helms doing the honors.

2007-05-27 15:38:57
233.   bhsportsguy
The Ox is back.
2007-05-27 15:39:02
234.   JoeyP
Hmmmm...Broxton before Saito in sudden death?


2007-05-27 15:39:10
235.   underdog
229 but meanwhile D4P continues to ignore any concept of The Jinx.
2007-05-27 15:40:40
236.   Borchard504
232 - that's right Big B
2007-05-27 15:40:45
237.   JoeyP
You absolutely cannot walk Izturis.
Izzy swings a fly swatter, you gotta just throw it down the middle.
2007-05-27 15:41:08
238.   Kingmans Performance
on the LA Times front page Monday May 27th:

KOBE: What's The Deal? (Breshanan)

Sports section includes:

It's Time To Trade Bryant (Plaschke)

and a ripping from T.J. Simers:

'Bryant's Whine Is More Like Sour Grapes'

2007-05-27 15:41:08
239.   bhsportsguy
221 Less interesting after the first batter in the 7th.
2007-05-27 15:45:16
240.   Greg Brock
Nice work by
2007-05-27 15:45:32
241.   D4P
We could easily have been swept in this series, but there's a good chance we'll win 2 of 3 instead.
2007-05-27 15:45:54
242.   StolenMonkey86
and a nice clean 13 ending for the biggest man alive
2007-05-27 15:45:56
243.   Uncle Miltie
Walkoff hr by Juan Pierre?
2007-05-27 15:46:11
244.   StolenMonkey86
13 pitch
2007-05-27 15:46:11
245.   trainwreck
Plaschke writing a stupid article just so people will pay attention to him...

I am shocked.

2007-05-27 15:46:21
246.   JoeyP
The Cubs are like 2-10 in 1-run games.
Dodgers Bullpen>>>>>>Cubs Bullpen
2007-05-27 15:47:20
247.   Gen3Blue
Suspicion can be good. As Vin said, Broxton did not look like himself Friday night (or whenever). Broxton said don't worry about it. Looks like Broxton was right!
2007-05-27 15:47:49
248.   JoeyP
How about a Pierre walk, steal, bloop single by Martin wins the game.
2007-05-27 15:48:10
249.   bhsportsguy
Writers, either they get mad when players just say the safe things and then they get upset when Kobe says something that makes absolute sense.
2007-05-27 15:49:10
250.   Greg Brock
Two balls crushed. Nary a warning track shot.

Ha. Dude is a joke.

Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2007-05-27 15:49:12
251.   bhsportsguy
Wow, he hits that ball as hard as he can but its an out.
2007-05-27 15:49:29
252.   Gen3Blue
Another inning for Brox if we don't get the lead?
2007-05-27 15:49:43
253.   JoeyP
Maybe a Russ Martin walk, steal, and blooper.
2007-05-27 15:50:34
254.   underdog
How about another 20 pushups for Pierre. Does he have to do a few less pushups if he almost hits it out? Either way, he's gotta drop and give the team a lot of 'em after the game today.

The Ox looked like his old self in that previous half inning.

2007-05-27 15:50:45
255.   JoeyP
Forget all that--Jeff Kent home run.
2007-05-27 15:51:32
256.   Greg Brock
255 Keep trying.
2007-05-27 15:51:38
257.   StolenMonkey86
255 - We're gonna have to call something like rule 9b or something on that
2007-05-27 15:52:02
258.   Kingmans Performance
Let's play another 9 innings...
2007-05-27 15:52:17
259.   JoeyP
Free baseball in LA--
252--I think it has to be Saito. There can be no save situation anyways, Saito's been the best relieve down there--its sudden death. I'd go with Saito and not press Broxton another inning.
2007-05-27 15:52:21
260.   Bob Timmermann
Added stanzas!
2007-05-27 15:52:50
261.   Uncle Miltie
At least Pierre gave his best effort. He's the little engine that couldn't.
2007-05-27 15:53:15
262.   underdog
Argh. Extra innings. I don't have time for this. Baseball is so inconvenient sometimes.
2007-05-27 15:54:37
263.   bhsportsguy
Sorry I was distracted by a rain-soaked Ashley Judd at Indy.
2007-05-27 15:55:04
264.   Kingmans Performance
SF-4 (b 9th)
2007-05-27 15:56:43
265.   Greg Brock
Wow. Theriot was absolutely embarrassed.
2007-05-27 15:57:27
266.   Andrew Shimmin
Broxton's looking like he can hold on to this game for ten more innings.
2007-05-27 15:57:47
267.   Bob Timmermann
Eyre is the second pitcher to face the Dodgers this year and come in to face one batter and give up a homer. The other was Shawn Chacon who came in to give up a slam to Martin.
2007-05-27 16:00:26
268.   Daniel Zappala
I know we're in extra innings and all, but ... my wife just watched Danica McKellar in Path of Destruction.
2007-05-27 16:01:59
269.   bhsportsguy
268 Speaking of Danica, Danica Patrick finished 8th in the rain-shortened Indy 500.
2007-05-27 16:02:57
270.   bhsportsguy
Broxton did throw about 2-3 mph faster today than he did on Friday. Maybe he shouldn't play golf on his off days. :)
2007-05-27 16:04:15
271.   natepurcell
i bet broxton could drive a golf ball like 400 yards.
2007-05-27 16:04:44
272.   JoeyP
I wonder if Saenz is getting tired.
He's not used to playing this much in one day.
2007-05-27 16:04:44
273.   Connector
Saenz and Gonzo are due for hits. Gonzalez, especially, has hit the ball hard.
2007-05-27 16:05:41
274.   natepurcell
billingsley!?!? he just went 3 innings yesterday/
2007-05-27 16:07:41
275.   bhsportsguy
274 He made 40 pitches yesterday.
2007-05-27 16:08:31
276.   natepurcell

point taken.

2007-05-27 16:09:27
277.   natepurcell
so i really wished i went to riverside today.
2007-05-27 16:11:11
278.   bhsportsguy
276 My hunch is that he is trying to get one inning out of Bills and then he will still have Saito, Beimel and finally Brazoban.
2007-05-27 16:12:01
279.   JoeyP
Is Saito hurt?
2007-05-27 16:12:43
280.   Connector
He's already used Beimel
2007-05-27 16:14:29
281.   natepurcell
thanks juan!
2007-05-27 16:14:41
282.   bhsportsguy
Wow, he made one of those catches.
2007-05-27 16:15:47
283.   bhsportsguy
280 My bad, I blocked out the Ramirez at-bat.
2007-05-27 16:16:11
284.   bhsportsguy
Chad getting up to 94, nice.
2007-05-27 16:17:23
285.   natepurcell
great inning from chad.
2007-05-27 16:17:57
286.   bhsportsguy
No problem for Chad, please let Vin's statement about Chad being a starter come true sooner rather than later.
2007-05-27 16:18:36
287.   D4P
I wouldn't be surprised if the Dodgers hit a walk-off HR.
2007-05-27 16:18:56
288.   JoeyP
Now they'll pinch hit for Billingsley, and Saito can go 1-3 ip if need be should the Dodgers not score.
2007-05-27 16:19:02
289.   bhsportsguy
285 I was there yesterday and he looked great, I think the decisions to change the starting rotation will become so apparent and a lot easier over this next stretch of games.
2007-05-27 16:20:52
290.   bhsportsguy
Martinez hit a walk-off against the Reds last year in extra-innings.
2007-05-27 16:21:45
291.   Gen3Blue
Bills is a kid--he can be stretched out. Who will we throw if we don't get the lead---Tomko?
2007-05-27 16:21:51
292.   JoeyP
Lucille walking is about as bad as Izzy getting walked.

Betemit should not be bunting.

2007-05-27 16:21:55
293.   bhsportsguy
No bunting for Betemit. Please. I don't think he can bunt anyway.
2007-05-27 16:22:54
294.   bhsportsguy
Swinging away, that's good.
2007-05-27 16:23:03
295.   D4P
Retro Gameday doesn't seem to allow me to follow the pitch-by-pitch beyond the 10th inning.
2007-05-27 16:23:20
296.   bhsportsguy
How about sending the runner?
2007-05-27 16:24:15
297.   bhsportsguy
Bob was right, a lot of Cubs fans come to these games.
2007-05-27 16:24:15
298.   bhsportsguy
Bob was right, a lot of Cubs fans come to these games.
2007-05-27 16:24:15
299.   JoeyP
I dont think Lucille is very fast and Betemit does swing and miss alot.
2007-05-27 16:25:03
300.   JoeyP
If Betemit can just work a walk, the Dodgers should be able to pull this one out.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2007-05-27 16:25:42
301.   Bob Timmermann
When I'm right, it bears repeating.
2007-05-27 16:25:51
302.   natepurcell
if betemit works a walk, do you bunt with next batter?
2007-05-27 16:26:00
303.   JoeyP
Dodgers got this.
2007-05-27 16:26:30
304.   bhsportsguy
Do you bunt with Raffy, if you do, do they walk JP to load the bases for Martin.
2007-05-27 16:26:32
305.   D4P
If Furcal works a walk, do you bunt with next batter?
2007-05-27 16:26:46
306.   JoeyP
302--No way, Furcal's batting like .500 the last month. Let him get a hit or draw another walk.
2007-05-27 16:27:28
307.   JoeyP
It is the Dodger year.

Why did Barrett throw behind him?

2007-05-27 16:27:32
308.   trainwreck
Dodged a bullet on that one.
2007-05-27 16:27:46
309.   bhsportsguy
301 You are CORRECT sir.

I miss Phil Hartman.

Ummmm, okay.

2007-05-27 16:28:25
310.   nick
man, Lou should talk to Lasorda about Nutri System...
2007-05-27 16:28:38
311.   Connector
Good baserunning, Martinez!
2007-05-27 16:28:44
312.   JoeyP
Martinez was picked off, all Barrett has to do is run right at him. Barrett also got caught stealing 3rd base with 2 outs earlier in the game. Strange catcher.
2007-05-27 16:29:26
313.   spacebrother

The Brooklyn Bullet Dodgers

2007-05-27 16:29:27
314.   Uncle Miltie
Unbelievable. Lucille's baserunning "mistake" may have saved us from a Furcal bunt. I can't see Grits having Furcal bunt here.
2007-05-27 16:30:51
315.   JoeyP
Dodgers might win this game with 0 hits in the 11th. 3 walks so far.
2007-05-27 16:31:10
316.   Uncle Miltie
Why didn't Lou just have Guzman walk Furcal?

Please hit another flyball, Juan.

2007-05-27 16:31:27
317.   D4P
And, suddenly, everyone will love Pierre and think he was a great acquisition
2007-05-27 16:31:49
318.   JoeyP
Maybe Juan should bunt.
2007-05-27 16:32:05
319.   bhsportsguy
There is only one thing JP can do here that would be wrong.
2007-05-27 16:32:22
320.   nick
Pierre needs one more of those medium deep flies here...
2007-05-27 16:33:19
321.   JoeyP
LOL...Dodgers win on a HBP.
2007-05-27 16:33:51
322.   bhsportsguy
CLASSIC way to end the game.
2007-05-27 16:33:58
323.   D4P
It is the Dodger year

Yep. Magic.

2007-05-27 16:34:25
324.   JoeyP
Now its called a WP.
Well, same difference.

Dodgers have won games in some really strange fashion.

Cubs are 2-12 in 1-run games this year, and 0-6 on the road.

2007-05-27 16:34:27
325.   Uncle Miltie
heh, I guess Pierre did his job
2007-05-27 16:34:31
326.   Chiron Brown
JP gets hit to win the game! That's really taking one for the team. Juan is my hero!
2007-05-27 16:34:52
327.   Andrew Shimmin
Yeah it hit him, but didn't he swing?
2007-05-27 16:35:14
328.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
2007-05-27 16:35:16
329.   spacebrother
Gameday's stuck. I had to learn about it from DT.
2007-05-27 16:35:22
330.   Borchard504
I must be getting old - forgot about Randy Newman and I Love LA! "I luv it".
2007-05-27 16:35:53
331.   Connector
What a strange victory. One run, three walks, a hit batter, NO hits.
2007-05-27 16:36:13
332.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
327 - Looked close, but I think he held up.
Still, the ball got away. If not the HBP then it's a K-WP.
2007-05-27 16:36:27
333.   Gen3Blue
I would take second here with no intention of sending a man home.
Never mind, we are getting an IBB.\
Even JP had trouble keeping a run from scoring in this situation.
2007-05-27 16:36:57
334.   spacebrother
Weird win. I'm still glad I was at Friday's game.
2007-05-27 16:37:27
335.   JoeyP
Barrett had a terrible game, although that last pitch was probably hard to stop.
2007-05-27 16:37:54
336.   Bob Timmermann
Woo hoo! Juan Pierre comes back to haunt his old mates!
2007-05-27 16:38:58
337.   Fallout
323 D4P
It is the Dodger year

Yep. Magic

Or, it shows how many ways a bad team can lose.

2007-05-27 16:39:16
338.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
333- Trapped in time, are you?
2007-05-27 16:39:45
339.   neuroboy002
If your the pitcher, what do you day to the guys in the locker room who play all 11 innings and you don't even play one and lose the game for them? 8 pitches. "uggghh. sorry guys." Horrible.
2007-05-27 16:41:08
340.   spacebrother
If Pinella had been ejected, this would have been perfect.
2007-05-27 16:41:56
341.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
339 - I'd point the accusatory finger(s) at the guy I relieved and Barrett. It's those two got the bases loaded.
2007-05-27 16:42:38
342.   D4P
We walk an awful lot for a team that (1) doesn't have power, and (2) doesn't seem to have patience
2007-05-27 16:43:52
343.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
342 - Ned's Paradox.
2007-05-27 16:44:20
344.   Gen3Blue
Trapped in time indeed! But ecstatic just the same. And ESPN make JP the hero of the game. I'm getting slower in my Bizarro world!
2007-05-27 16:45:16
345.   neuroboy002
341 Good point. But still, the guy on the mound, standing front and center, has the smoking gun. The accomplices have either fled out of public view or are wearing guises to protect their identity.
2007-05-27 16:47:53
346.   Gen3Blue
Honest. ESPN showed highlite of JP making catch and "driving in" winning run with "a kneeling motion".
2007-05-27 16:52:16
347.   Bob Timmermann
Stanford wins the battle for 8th, 10-5, over USC.
2007-05-27 16:53:02
348.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
347 - NCAA bracket is announced live on ESPN tomorrow, right?
2007-05-27 17:03:28
349.   Eric Enders
So Gagne gave up a run today for the first time in nearly 2 years. His scoreless streak ends at 15.3 innings.
2007-05-27 17:04:40
350.   Jon Weisman
347 - Awesome. I particularly enjoyed our 13-run inning Saturday.
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2007-05-27 17:05:16
351.   Andrew Shimmin
Martin was the number five web gem.
2007-05-27 17:15:56
352.   trainwreck
Joe Morgan said Mike Maroth's fastball(82 mph) is a little below average.
2007-05-27 17:48:31
353.   natepurcell
Josh Bell in May...

72AB 319/410/639 5hr 11bb 18k

the strikeouts are still a little high but they are down alot from last year. The plus power is definately showing and hes learning to work walks as well.

2007-05-27 17:48:53
354.   neuroboy002
352 Smart man. Also worth noting: Ron Artest is a slightly volatile person. Jonathan Broxton is a little big for his age. Rickie Williams could have had better priorities.
2007-05-27 17:49:11
355.   underdog
Joe Morgan is a little below average.
2007-05-27 17:49:41
356.   overkill94
Hello DT brethren, just got finished reading all the comments after coming back from the game. Had to leave the game after the 10th due to my company (female), but the game was pretty exciting anyway.

Ball didn't seem to be carrying very well, but guys like Pierre shouldn't be swinging for the fences anyway. Broxton's heat was hitting 97 on the stadium gun which is usually pretty accurate, so it's nice to see that Friday was an anomaly.

2007-05-27 18:03:01
357.   MMSMikey
i had the most annoying cub fans sitting behind me at the game they kept saying "i cant wait till we take 2 out of 3 from the crappy dodgers, it feels like we are at wrigley field" blah blah blah. then they got real quite when ethier hit that bomb.

they also kept yelling at me about jason schmidt. Im like what about wood and prior?
calm down.

2007-05-27 18:22:27
358.   goofus
You realize of course that Ramon Martinez has job security for the rest of the year, possibly a year's extension.
2007-05-27 21:01:00
359.   The Rabbits Rarely Loose
Much has been made of AL teams being better than NL clubs of late and it seems to be true but, is it me or does no one bring up the fact that there is much more money in the AL.
7 of the top 10 payrolls are AL
6 of the bottom 10 payrolls are NL

...just a thought... seems if the AL wasnt better there should be something wrong ..

2007-05-27 21:08:05
360.   gpellamjr
359 That's an interesting points. But are those big payrolls paying off this year? Are any of those 7 NYY, Sea, Tex, Tor, Bal? I'm thinking that the really good teams in the AL (with the exception of Boston) have mid-range payrolls. Maybe I'm wrong. What about Cle, Det, Min? I think the AL teams have generally been managed better by their respective FOs, with the exception, maybe, of those 5 teams I mentioned at the top.
2007-05-27 22:18:39
361.   The Rabbits Rarely Loose

Yes it is true Bal and Sea arnt even good top ten teams ( BTW wow Sea has roughly the payroll of LA) and give credit to Cle and Min . . but the Al still does have more $ in their rosters and of the best teams like Bos and LAOA only Cle is especially low in payroll with Det having ( if I remember) 95 mil +

2007-05-27 22:26:30
362.   natepurcell

i want participation!

2007-05-27 22:36:12
363.   overkill94
362 I'll just tell you what Michael told Dwight - "don't screw the pooch"

Seriously though, I have no idea how good these kids are (most of us probably don't), so go with your gut whenever possible.

2007-05-27 22:39:31
364.   overkill94
To add some insight though, I voted for Alderson since I like when guys get underrated because they might end up being a reliever. This tells me that he has some damn good stuff and that teams might be too lazy to work out the kinks to make him an elite starter. I would hope that the Dodgers' minor league brass is better than that though...
2007-05-27 22:49:48
365.   bhsportsguy
The Dodgers are 14-10 thus far in May and despite their being swept by the Angels, finished their 15 game "home" stand at 9-6, going 9-3 at Dodger Stadium.

However, as they enter their second third of their season, the charade of Tomdrekson starting 2/5 of the games is beginning to show itself.

Certainly Tomko had to go, he started 4 games and he had given up 20 ER in 19 IP in his 4 starts during the month. Hendrickson, though not as bad as the team did go 2-3 in his 5 starts, still was not pitching effectively, with a 5.14 ERA and giving up 6 HR in 28 IP.

In fact, Tomko and Hendrickson have given up 10 of the 13 HR that the staff has given up in May.

And while the staff ERA for May is 3.83, with out Tomko and Hendrickson's starts, it goes down to 2.78.

I suppose if there is silver lining to Chad starting the season in the bullpen, his control has improved (17k/4 BB in 13.1 IP in May) and for the season, he has 33K in 27 IP and batters are hitting .250 BAA, with righthanders hitting .190 against him.

Also, despite going back to back, he has only pitched 27 innings this year and with about 22-23 starts left this year for each starter, he should be able to go for the rest of the year without facing any fatigue issues.

So it should be interesting to see when they make the changes to the rotation, one is down, that being Tomko but will we have to wait for another 2-3 weeks for Schmidt before Mark returns to bullpen.

2007-05-27 22:49:52
366.   overkill94
And to complete the trifecta, I must go out to drink for the 4th night in a row. Oy.
2007-05-27 22:53:13
367.   StolenMonkey86
362 - I voted, but only based on the info you gave me.
2007-05-27 23:04:35
368.   bhsportsguy
Its time for Dodger Baseball, the late edition.
2007-05-27 23:07:23
369.   natepurcell
To add some insight though, I voted for Alderson since I like when guys get underrated because they might end up being a reliever. This tells me that he has some damn good stuff and that teams might be too lazy to work out the kinks to make him an elite starter. I would hope that the Dodgers' minor league brass is better than that though...

Have you seen his delivery yet? just curious..

my first reaction when watching his scouting video..."good God that is scary."

and then it kept growing on to the point where i dont mind it now and look past it and focus on all his positives.

2007-05-27 23:07:51
370.   LAT
365. Unfortunatly, I think Bills' success is going to be used against him. He has done so well out of the pen, I'm afraid, Ned/Grady will use the "if it ain't broke" theroy and go with Kuo. If Kuo can't cut it then they can go to Bills even though he deserves the chance now. Just my take.
2007-05-27 23:15:32
371.   bhsportsguy
370 Probably, especially with their concern about Yhency (who is going to be rusty anyway) but I think Chad will be starting before the All-Star break and if that means Kuo continues to work on his stamina in Vegas, that's is okay.

But no matter, just happy to see those guys in there.

Again, the fact that they are tied for first and playing .580 ball without Schmidt is a good sign for the rest of the season.

2007-05-27 23:26:14
372.   bhsportsguy
Wow, we went from the first inning to the eighth inning of this game. Nice games by Hill and Wolf.
2007-05-27 23:29:47
373.   Bob Timmermann
RIP, Charles Nelson Reilly
2007-05-27 23:32:56
374.   bhsportsguy
373 You can find Alec Baldwin's imitation of him (along with Will Ferrell doing James Lipton) on the SNL website.
2007-05-27 23:34:25
375.   bhsportsguy
You know who made the play of the game, Seanez throwing out the runner at third on the busted sacrifice.
2007-05-27 23:38:33
376.   bhsportsguy
362 Tommorrow, Baseball America will turn its attention to So Cal, I will take a look and see what they have to say about our local guys.
2007-05-27 23:40:16
377.   LAT
If its possible, Jim Hill is worse than ever. Its like,. . . awe heck, I don't know what its like but its bad.
2007-05-27 23:42:26
378.   bhsportsguy
362 I made my pick and gave my thoughts to our Virtual Director of Scouting.

I wonder who ToyCannon will pick.

2007-05-27 23:47:52
379.   LAT
Charles Nelson Reilly. Bummer. Brett Somers and Betty White are pretty much all thats left of Match Game.
2007-05-27 23:54:23
380.   natepurcell

my money is on dominguez!

2007-05-27 23:54:59
381.   LAT
Match Game facts I never knew:

Burt Convy was the host on the Match Game pilot;

Radar O'Reily substituted whenever Charles Nelson Reilly couldn't be there.

2007-05-27 23:57:08
382.   LAT
Being this is a baseball site I guess I should add the following to 381: Mickey Mantle was early panelest on Match game.
2007-05-28 00:33:44
383.   Greg Brock
We win!

Sorry. I had a prior engagement before the game ended. Had to get that in.

2007-05-28 00:41:22
384.   Sammy Maudlin
{381} Burt Convy actually played minor league ball for the Phillies back in the 1950's.
2007-05-28 00:48:16
385.   bhsportsguy
Platoon Alert.

In a rare occurence, the Dodgers will face 5 lefties in their next 7 games. I would expect to see the Olmedo Saenz play some games at PNC Park, with 30 plate appearances, he has 5 HR, driven in 18 with a mammoth OPS of 1.719.

My hunch is that Tony Abreu's visit will include a nice trip to DC but he will be returning to Vegas prior to Pittsburgh. Andy should get some time in the lineup with all the lefties as I think Grady likes the lefthanded power off the bench that Betemit possesses.

2007-05-28 00:49:08
386.   bhsportsguy
383 We respected your signature line and no one stepped on it.
2007-05-28 00:51:17
387.   Greg Brock
386 One of many reasons why you guys are all the cat's pajamas.

Nothing but class. Thanks.

2007-05-28 08:44:15
388.   Bumsrap
Texas apparently believes they have a trading chip in Lofton and if they are right, wouldn't the Dodgers have a trading chip in Pierre? There are at least five teams wanting a closer. Could that be the best way to get the most value from a Tomko trade?

I remain hopeful that June 1 brings changes that allow Kemp, Billingsley, and Loney to start with the Dodgers.

2007-05-28 09:00:04
389.   gpellamjr
388 I think you're wrong, hope you're right.

369 I know very little about scouting, but that sure looks like a max effort delivery-- what are the negatives of that? Are we worried about injuries? He looks from that video like he has some control issues.

2007-05-28 09:23:04
390.   BruceR
Change of subject -- some very interesting info on the Ds' moving to LA...

If not for Pearl Harbor, this might be Oriole Thoughts. Or not.

2007-05-28 09:37:15
391.   overkill94
369 It may look scary, but his arm action's actually pretty solid. I wouldn't worry about injury from him, but repeating that delivery might be a problem. If the Dodgers are the ones who have to develop him, I'd try to eliminate some of the arm movement early in the motion.
2007-05-28 10:15:26
392.   Dodger Dude
383 Way to take one for the team Pierre.
2007-05-28 10:19:24
393.   Dodger Dude
The game got exciting when the bases were filled up and loaded.
2007-05-28 10:29:02
394.   berkowit28
I was at the game yesterday. No big deal for most of you, but this was actually my first live baseball game. Dodger Stadium is magnificent. I was amazed at my first glimpse of the field from the very top (don't ask - signs from the parking lot and entrance to guide you to different sections are non-existent, and I was misdirected by someone waiting in line) - even from there, the whole infield seemed so close.

I had great seats - the loge level above home base, just a few feet on 3rd base side - and the feeling was terrific, real theater. Nothing like TV. I'm hooked. I have to come all the way in from Santa Barbara, so I don't know how ofen I can repeat it, but I'll try to do so as often as I can. I came this time with a friend who's a Cubbie, and his son.

Martin's amazing save head-under-heels was right below me and a bit left. Ethier's home run was so far away I couldn't see whether he'd made it or not - I had to depend on the roar of the crowd. Juan Pierre was as ridiculous as ever at bat.

It's so perfectly obvious Pierre's never, ever going to hit a home run that it's ludicrous that he keeps swinging to hit it high. Why in the world does he do it? Since it's clear that his continuous-game streak matters to him, why doesn't Little just tell him that if he hits the ball up in the air once more he's going to sit him down the next game? That should do it. Even better, since he won't be able to stop himself, he'd have to sit down the next game(s).

The umpire never indicated the hit-batter end to the game, and I couldn't see what exactly had happened from where I was above home base. Nor did anything appear on the scoreboard or other boards. They just all left the field. I had to wait until I got back to Santa Barbara and watch the DVR recording to be sure, though logically that appeared to be the case. What a strange end to the game.

My Cubbie friend had seen the Cubs lose in every other way, but never that one. He seemed used to swallowing yet another loss, though.

As a Dodger fan, it was great to see the home run even up the score right away, and to see all the great pitching, especially Broxton's form after his last appearance. Billingsley looked good too after his 3 innings yesterday.

Leaving the parking lot wasn't too bad, but the parking attendants weren't doing their job. Several different lanes had to merge, including our right turn from Parking Lot 1 merging into the stream of cars from other lots just before the exit from the park. Instead of holding up one stream of traffic to let the other in, and then switching to the other like any proper traffic cops would (and in fact as the cops were doing just outside the park), all of them were just waving all cars to advance! They might as well have not been there at all - a messy free-for-all. Dumb. We managed to get out within about 10 minutes anyway, but we were closest to the park exit.

A great day at the ballpark.

2007-05-28 10:46:06
395.   twerp
If Martin is not named to the All-Star team it will be a serious injustice, barring some unlikley collapse.

The tumble he took into the stands Sunday making that catch is the kind of video highlight that sticks with people...aka all-star voters, maybe even LaRussa.

2007-05-28 10:46:25
396.   underdog
Lenny Dykstra's using big words:

"In contradistinction, four of the five teams in the NL West are above .500, with the Dodgers enjoying a scant 1/2-game lead over the Padres."

Happy Memorial Day!

2007-05-28 10:54:52
397.   underdog
395 He'll be on the team. But, even though the odds are he won't capture first in the fan vote, don't forget to keep voting for him. We can each vote a bunch of times.
2007-05-28 11:06:52
398.   twerp
365 From bhsportsguy==

"In fact, Tomko and Hendrickson have given up 10 of the 13 HR that the staff has given up in May.

"And while the staff ERA for May is 3.83, without Tomko and Hendrickson's starts, it goes down to 2.78."

Actual facts like this are 100 times better than the "I hate whoever, whatever" stuff some folks occasionally post, with few to no facts to back up what they say. Good work bh; good, relevant info which if considered by Dodger brass might help them make the right moves.

Of the two, I think lefty Hendrickson may be better suited for the pen. Hitters talk about how tough it is to face guys that tall. The ball seems to get on them quicker, harder to pick up release point, unusual in other ways. Without dominant stuff, the more hitters see him, the better they may do--true of any pitcher, but Lurch types might be even more vulnerable 2nd and 3rd time thru a lineup.

Since he doesn't have overpowering stuff, seems like he'd be best used right before a power reliever, or maybe sandwiched between two to give batters even more trouble adjusting.

Gets relatively high SO totals for no better stuff than he has. Maybe could be a LOOGY or LOOGY plus another few batters some key situations, or lefty long man as he's been before. (Lefty long man=LLM?)

Started his run of improved pitching out of the pen late last year. In one appearance then he struck out 8 in 4 innings. His much improved mental game probably would serve him well facing the pressure of relieving.

I think Tomko might be of greatest value to the Dodgers somewhere else. As part of a package or whatever, he might bring back more--given his "stuff"-- than he would be able to contribute pitching. Hard to see him in any pen role except long relief, and the Dodgers have plenty of RH power guys.

But trade-value wise, Hendrickson might bring more since he's a lefty who can start or relieve.

2007-05-28 11:16:37
399.   PlayTwo
394: Thanks for sharing your experience. It is remarkable to think that the Stadium --open in '62-- is the third-oldest ML park in the country. Somebody knew what they were doing back then.
2007-05-28 11:29:47
400.   natepurcell
SAN BERNARDINO - James McDonald might not have been trying to make an impression on Dodgers' general manager Ned Colletti, but the results probably did that anyway.

With Colletti in attendance, McDonald took a no-hitter into the seventh before tiring and the 66ers survived yet another adventure by their bullpen for a 3-2 win over the Quakes on Sunday at Arrowhead Credit Union Park.


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2007-05-28 11:41:13
401.   Pepperdine
Maybe this has already been answered, but is there any reason why Furcal is listed on the DL on the sidebar?
2007-05-28 11:50:25
402.   Bob Timmermann
Because Jon hasn't had time to update it.
2007-05-28 11:50:56
403.   Jon Weisman
394 - Congrats.

401 - The sidebar is only accurate through April 10. Sorry about that.

New post up top.

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