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May 29 Game Chat
2007-05-29 15:07
by Jon Weisman

Today's 4:05 p.m. game:


Retro Gameday

Comments (463)
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2007-05-29 15:57:55
1.   Xeifrank
DodgerSims has the Dodgers win probability tonight at 58.65%.
Go Dodgers!
vr, Xei
2007-05-29 15:58:25
2.   bhsportsguy
Just to finish up on Kobe, you can hear a replay of the interview at 5:00 out hear in LA or on the net at
2007-05-29 16:00:23
3.   trainwreck
Apparently he has another interview coming up on a different station around 4:40.
2007-05-29 16:00:41
4.   Uncle Miltie
Strange lineup...

I didn't realize that Jason Simontacci was still in the league; I thought he was pitching in Japan.

2007-05-29 16:00:58
5.   Jon Weisman
What's the deal with this site?

Some of it is written in first person, but clearly Kobe isn't writing all of it.

2007-05-29 16:06:24
6.   trainwreck
Kobe has someone else run it, but he will post on it from time to time.
2007-05-29 16:07:00
7.   trainwreck
Clearly, he seems to be in an all-out campaign to put pressure on the Lakers to trade him or make a big move.
2007-05-29 16:07:48
8.   Marty
I'm kinda looking forward to Jerry Buss' booking photo at The Smoking Gun. Since he kind of looks like Nick Nolte's booking photo on a good day, Buss drunk should be something.
2007-05-29 16:07:51
9.   bhsportsguy
3 There are only 2 all sports stations in the LA market, but the other one, KLAC 570, is the Laker home station so it is surprising if that is the one he is going on second.
2007-05-29 16:08:49
10.   Marty
I hope they trade Kobe to New Jersey, or Boston. Let him rot out there.
2007-05-29 16:10:08
11.   trainwreck
He has a no trade clause and wants to be a Bull.
2007-05-29 16:10:26
12.   bhsportsguy
5 If what he says about his conversations with Shaq and Jerry Buss than he has certainly kept quiet about a lot of stuff that folks have speculatated about for years.

Though, he had to know that it is harder to reload in the NBA than any other sport, so some of it is questionable to say the least.

2007-05-29 16:10:57
13.   underdog
reposting from previous thread: I think Mark Heisler's piece in the Times on the Lakers/Kobe/Buss/West summed up the surreality and the reality of it all pretty well. It's hard to know exactly what Kobe's saying or thinking, since he's getting quoted then saying something different, then backtracking, then forwardtracking, and so on.
2007-05-29 16:11:15
14.   silverwidow
Nomar comes through again with RISP.
2007-05-29 16:11:23
15.   chazmac138

You have got to be kidding. Trade the best player in the league? Please...............

2007-05-29 16:11:34
16.   bhsportsguy
Any team that gets Kobe (and no he is not going anywhere until he can opt out in 2009), will get this part of the deal no matter who the Lakers get.
2007-05-29 16:12:18
17.   Who Is Karim Garcia
the dodgers have as many hits as i have beers since the start of the game!
2007-05-29 16:12:23
18.   Joe Pierre
THE N.L. WEST The Bums, Jints, Snakes, Pods & Cauliflowers. They are like race cars jockying for position, and no one can break away.
2007-05-29 16:12:48
19.   bhsportsguy
Hey at least we scored. Statistically, that bodes well for the Dodgers.
2007-05-29 16:13:44
20.   DXMachina
Randy Winn lead off with a homer against the Mets.
2007-05-29 16:14:08
21.   Xeifrank
Thinking of where Kobe might get traded to is an interesting excercise. New York (big market) and Philadelphia (home town) would be obvious choices but they really aren't all that good and don't have much to trade. One would think he would go to the eastern conference, but there aren't too many good teams in the east. He's not going to Cleveland or Miami. Detroit? No way, Toronto. A trade to a western conference team would be suicidal by the Lakers, but so is any trade of Kobe. mmmmmmmmmmm, chips.
vr, Xei
2007-05-29 16:14:47
22.   silverwidow
Kershaw hitting 94 MPH.

1-2-3 inning with a K.

2007-05-29 16:14:47
23.   Gen3Blue
Good Penny?
2007-05-29 16:15:00
24.   Who Is Karim Garcia
The only trade rumour I have heard of is Heinrich, Ben Gordon and a number 1 for Kobe.

I'd do it, but I'm not much of a baseketball fan and I do know it's not an even trade.

2007-05-29 16:15:06
25.   trainwreck
Benjie Molina just hit another HR for the Giants, but the real funny thing is that Molina is their clean up hitter.
2007-05-29 16:15:22
26.   DXMachina
And now Bengie Molina hits one. Oliver Perez not having his best day.
2007-05-29 16:15:25
27.   underdog
5 Interesting to read that. He's smart to turn off the comments field on the blog, too...
2007-05-29 16:18:09
28.   chazmac138
Kobe is not going anywhere! We've all been through this exercise before. Have we learned nothing?
2007-05-29 16:19:14
29.   trainwreck
When did we go through this before?
2007-05-29 16:19:22
30.   Uncle Miltie
The only trade rumour I have heard of is Heinrich, Ben Gordon and a number 1 for Kobe.
The Bulls would never do that. Kirk Hinrich is one of the top 5 point guards in the league.

Penny's looking pretty good so far.

2007-05-29 16:21:04
31.   trainwreck
No way the Lakers do a trade if Hinrich or Deng are not involved.

Oh wait, Jim Buss is in charge. Nevermind.

2007-05-29 16:22:00
32.   bhsportsguy
31 Didn't you join the Golden State Warrior train with Baron leading the way?
2007-05-29 16:23:10
33.   trainwreck
Heck no. I got bashed on BRO for bashing the Warriors in fact.
2007-05-29 16:23:20
34.   underdog
Wow, how'd I miss Pierre's triple? Figure something like that would happen when I was slow to get MLBTV up and running at work today. Was it a legit triple or did he bunt and it hit a base and went into the outfield? (j/k)
2007-05-29 16:23:32
35.   chazmac138

When all the Kobe/Shaq upheaval was in full swing and the Lakers were talking about who to trade and possible trade partners and blah blah's the same old thing. An athlete is disgruntled and then there's a media frenzy beating a dead horse that didn't have much life to begin with and it peaks everyones curiosity and gives us something to talk about.

2007-05-29 16:23:59
36.   bhsportsguy
I think the last time the Laker's were superstar less was the period between Magic and Worthy leaving and Shaq coming to town.

A team with no superstar is not what Jerry Buss envisions for his team.

2007-05-29 16:25:01
37.   bhsportsguy
33 Just kidding man, though I am sure there were a lot of folks climbing on after the Dallas series.
2007-05-29 16:25:02
38.   underdog
Belliard at first base looks... awkward.
2007-05-29 16:25:56
39.   trainwreck
They had one year when Divac lead team with 14 points a game, but thankfully the next year they got Cedric Ceballos.

I still got my Ceballos jersey.

2007-05-29 16:27:19
40.   trainwreck
Pretty much the entire Bay Area jumped on the bandwagon.
2007-05-29 16:27:31
41.   Xeifrank
heard the 710 interview replayed, Kobe was furious because a Laker insider said he was responsible for the Shaq trade. Kobe said that made him so furious that he didn't have a word for it. vr, Xei
2007-05-29 16:27:50
42.   Im So Blue
34 It was a fly ball that landed in the RF corner.
2007-05-29 16:29:28
43.   DXMachina
34 Fly ball one hop to the right field wall. Kearns was playing way off the line, and Pierre was apparently able to pull it.
2007-05-29 16:30:27
44.   trainwreck
How in the world do the Nats have 21 wins?
2007-05-29 16:30:27
45.   underdog
Cool, props to Pierre then. Thanks.

Guess he won't have to do 20 pushups for that one.

2007-05-29 16:31:45
46.   underdog
44 Smoke and mirrors?
2007-05-29 16:32:33
47.   silverwidow
Kershaw update:

2 IP, 1 hit, 3 Ks

2007-05-29 16:32:36
48.   Humma Kavula
44 Anything is possible with the new series of instructional videos, "Winning Baseball Games the Juan Pierre Way."
2007-05-29 16:33:59
49.   bhsportsguy
39 You can wear it on your next trip to Lake Havasu.
2007-05-29 16:35:12
50.   trainwreck
Knew that one was coming.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2007-05-29 16:36:32
51.   silverwidow
Sweet infield hit by Abreu.
2007-05-29 16:39:34
52.   silverwidow
Abreu scores from second on a leg double by Pierre.
2007-05-29 16:39:35
53.   Humma Kavula
Good game so far by Pierre.
2007-05-29 16:40:20
54.   bhsportsguy
JP with bloops and fly balls has accounted for both runs thus far.
2007-05-29 16:40:46
55.   Humma Kavula
Ya know, a double and a triple for Pierre... Bob, just out of curiosity, is Pierre's Cycle Alert the same as everyone else's?
2007-05-29 16:40:47
56.   Kevin Lewis
I can't wait for LaRoche or Abreu to finally hit one out
2007-05-29 16:40:50
57.   bhsportsguy
53 If he goes on Cycle alert, I think Bob will have to call the media.
2007-05-29 16:41:26
58.   underdog
Hee! Break up Juan Pierre!
2007-05-29 16:41:27
59.   Jimi Shelter
Pierre is looking good! Now, just don't get picked off...
2007-05-29 16:41:28
60.   Kevin Lewis
55) Normally the triple is the hardest, but we all know Pierre would have a hard time with the long ball
2007-05-29 16:41:50
61.   silverwidow
Great, Pierre gets picked off again.
2007-05-29 16:41:52
62.   Humma Kavula
Gah. Stupid.
2007-05-29 16:42:04
63.   Jimi Shelter
Oh, man! Did I jinx that??!!!
2007-05-29 16:42:27
64.   underdog
59 Um... what was that again? ;-)
2007-05-29 16:42:40
65.   Greg Brock
We're seeing some quality baseball in DC.
2007-05-29 16:42:43
66.   natepurcell
he never ceases to amaze me.
2007-05-29 16:42:47
67.   drewjensen
So the Juan Pierre Cycle-Watch is still on track.
2007-05-29 16:42:57
68.   Humma Kavula
63 I would say yes, except that I think Pierre himself is the jinx, by which I mean he has poor skills at this game.
2007-05-29 16:43:24
69.   DXMachina
And Pierre finds yet another way to blow it. Here I was hoping he might impress Nats management.
2007-05-29 16:43:44
70.   trainwreck
bhsportsguy, I figured it out. Karma has decided to take Kobe from the Lakers for Jrue going to UCLA.
2007-05-29 16:43:50
71.   bhsportsguy
Oops. Lots of guys getting picked off these days.
2007-05-29 16:44:16
72.   neuroboy002
2 for 2? That's not the Juan Pierre I know. A pick off? Theeeeeeere we go. And all is right with the Universe.
2007-05-29 16:44:22
73.   Kevin Lewis
How in the world do you get picked off at 2nd?
2007-05-29 16:45:06
74.   k0b3
and again...furcal is not running..what happened to his running game
2007-05-29 16:45:11
75.   underdog
Oh let's cut the guy a little slack, at least, I mean he's got 5 total bases so far. Um, minus one for getting picked off? A run, an RBI... Okay, he's still sucky and overpaid, but at least he's earning something today.
2007-05-29 16:46:11
76.   Uncle Miltie
Karma has decided to take Kobe from the Lakers for Jrue going to UCLA.
Jrue committed to UCLA?
2007-05-29 16:47:11
77.   trainwreck
Hopefully on his visit tomorrow.

All sources are pointing to UCLA.

2007-05-29 16:47:17
78.   bhsportsguy
70 I think that Kobe will be here, the interesting drama will be between the Buss family, Jeannie was not happy with her brother's comments about Phil and Kurt Rambis also chimed in, I think that only gender bias put Jeannie in charge of some of the business side as opposed to the basketball side (as well as her relationship with Phil). But things have not gone well for Jim and I guess after his late night adventure, Jerry Buss in the last month or so.

Jerry did rehire Phil so perhaps a reconciliaton with the Logo is not out of the question.

2007-05-29 16:47:55
79.   Jimi Shelter
73. How in the world do you get picked off at 2nd?

He makes it look easy, doesn't he?

2007-05-29 16:49:24
80.   unassisted
Come on Brad, let's not make this offensive explosion (2 runs in 3 innings) go for naught!!!
2007-05-29 16:49:50
81.   bhsportsguy
76, 77

He is also going to Washington in a couple of weeks with his brother so I am not sure it is in the cards yet for a commitment tomorrow.

2007-05-29 16:50:11
82.   Jimi Shelter
75. Okay, he's still sucky and overpaid, but at least he's earning something today

Agreed. Every game, I WANT to like the Dodger's CF, believe me!

2007-05-29 16:50:41
83.   silverwidow
Kershaw thru three:

3 IP, 1 hit, 0 BB, 4 Ks

2007-05-29 16:51:38
84.   trainwreck
Well Tracy Pierson said he would not be surprised to see Jrue commit to UCLA before he goes to Washington. He said that before we even knew when Jrue was going to have his unofficial visit.

His visit to Washington is also the day his brothers moves into campus, so he could just go there to support him.

2007-05-29 16:51:54
85.   D4P
So, suddenly, Pierre's OPS has skyrocketed to .640. I guess what he's been missing thus far was a few bloop extra-base hits.
2007-05-29 16:52:20
86.   Chiron Brown
I wonder if anyone has hit for the cycle with the HR being inside the park.
2007-05-29 16:54:46
87.   underdog
Good ol' Guzman. It's nice to see that he still sucky, too.
2007-05-29 16:55:24
88.   overkill94
That trivia question's way too easy
2007-05-29 16:56:03
89.   underdog
Good to see I am tired and can't type contractions, too.
2007-05-29 16:56:49
90.   Humma Kavula
Way to take a pitch, Luis.
2007-05-29 16:57:33
91.   neuroboy002
I know I shouldn't be criticizing a HOFer, but Jeff Kent... two pitches (?)
2007-05-29 16:57:39
92.   bhsportsguy
No one is taking pitches today, thus far.
2007-05-29 16:58:02
93.   unassisted
I wonder what Grady's logic is in flip flopping Gonzo and Russ again?
2007-05-29 16:58:23
94.   MMSMikey
nice inning.
2007-05-29 16:58:36
95.   underdog
Gonzo: "Take a pitch...? Does. Not. Compute."
Nomar: "Take a pitch...? {TILT} {explode}"
2007-05-29 16:58:54
96.   Humma Kavula
You know, I really hope that Juan does hit for the cycle tonight and that nobody else does it for 30 years.

That would be awesome.

2007-05-29 16:59:23
97.   overkill94
Dang, Russell's been making a lot of weak outs the last few games. I hope it's just a little slump and not fatigue.
2007-05-29 16:59:26
98.   bhsportsguy
I was at the game where Reuss and Johnstone dragged the infield, it was pretty funny.

Apparently its a good thing that Juan Pierre came to the ballpark.

2007-05-29 17:00:28
99.   MMSMikey

i was all for resting russell on sunday.

2007-05-29 17:01:25
100.   underdog
Yeah, I know we've talked about this here before, but doesn't that really reflect the Dodgers as a whole? As an approach to hitting, very few of them practice much patience. (Andy LaRoche excepted...)
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2007-05-29 17:01:36
101.   MMSMikey
is anyone watching lincecum pitch on espn? dude has electric stuff.
2007-05-29 17:02:41
102.   underdog
Wait, how was that 0-2 pitch not a strike? I even just rewound it to look at that again...
2007-05-29 17:03:04
103.   overkill94
I think Hanley Ramirez might have something to say about the Sophomore of the Year award
2007-05-29 17:03:42
104.   Indiana Jon
Kershaw is having a good night and will be a fine pitcher, but I can't help but think that 9 teams really missed out on Lincecum. If Kershaw becomes better than him, I will be surprised.
2007-05-29 17:05:10
105.   MMSMikey
104, doesnt that just say how overated scouting is. i mean, wasnt albert pujols drafted in like the 10th round?
2007-05-29 17:06:03
106.   bhsportsguy
97 I think Jon made a good point he has had two days off in the last 5 days but he will probably get a day off in the next 5-6 days.
2007-05-29 17:06:38
107.   overkill94
Atta boy Delgado, keep those babies comin'
2007-05-29 17:06:47
108.   silverwidow

4 IP, 1 hit, 1 BB, 4 Ks

2007-05-29 17:06:49
109.   Indiana Jon
I think the scouting was good on him. Teams were just afraid of his size and possible injury.
2007-05-29 17:07:21
110.   Humma Kavula
105 Rather than saying scouting (or stats) are overrated, I think it merely says how difficult it is to predict who will become a major league baseball player and who will not.
2007-05-29 17:07:52
111.   Bob Timmermann
If Pierre were to get a single, it would just be a yellow alert at best.
2007-05-29 17:07:58
112.   bhsportsguy
104 If they had a redraft, the order could be Lincecum, Longoria and Kershaw.

What do you the draft guys think?

2007-05-29 17:08:23
113.   bhsportsguy
111 And if the unthinkable happens?
2007-05-29 17:08:24
114.   Humma Kavula
Wow, that didn't take long.
2007-05-29 17:08:58
115.   underdog
Yep, there goes Lincecum's (early) "interesting" game and his shut out and the lead all on one hit.
2007-05-29 17:08:58
116.   Humma Kavula

Rick Monday: "In a year that has been so probable, the IMPOSSIBLE has happened!"

2007-05-29 17:09:46
117.   MMSMikey
not having good at bats.
2007-05-29 17:10:09
118.   FirstMohican
I just put the game on and saw Tim hit 99. Has he hit 100? Is the gun even reliable?
2007-05-29 17:11:27
119.   underdog
This is an incredibly exciting game so far. Filmmaker Alan Berliner could use clips from this game in his HBO documentary about insomnia, Wide Awake.


2007-05-29 17:12:20
120.   Greg Brock
Penny looked fastball and waited on a curve.


2007-05-29 17:12:22
121.   k0b3
penny gets a hit with 2 outs...great at bat because it gets the leadoff hitter out of the way
2007-05-29 17:12:24
122.   Humma Kavula
Single by Penny! Here we go.
2007-05-29 17:12:26
123.   neuroboy002
Penny has had a more productive atbat than many of our position players. Eddie Murray... are you watching?
2007-05-29 17:12:26
124.   Indiana Jon
Lincecum reminds me of Hershiser. Hershiser with a 99 mph fastball.
2007-05-29 17:13:15
125.   MMSMikey
penny was running like a girl
2007-05-29 17:13:21
126.   Humma Kavula
Wow. Two doubles and a triple. He's going to get his OBP and SLG up to his career averages in one day!
2007-05-29 17:13:23
127.   Greg Brock
124 Sort of a Hershiser/Oswalt hybrid.

Kid is pretty good.

2007-05-29 17:13:31
128.   overkill94
Screw trading for a power hitter, this Pierre guy's an extra-base machine!
2007-05-29 17:13:56
129.   bhsportsguy
7 total bases for JP in one game.
2007-05-29 17:14:25
130.   DXMachina
Penny kept Pierre from the inside the parker. :)
2007-05-29 17:14:41
131.   underdog
And Penny and Pierre say, "insomnia THIS!"
2007-05-29 17:14:56
132.   MMSMikey
gees raffy.
2007-05-29 17:15:07
133.   neuroboy002
Some men in suits will soon escort Pierre out of the ball park. He needs to be "re-tested."
2007-05-29 17:15:07
134.   k0b3
furcal is pulling a pierre today
2007-05-29 17:15:26
135.   overkill94
What kind of bizarro game are we having where Pierre is the only guy making solid contact?
2007-05-29 17:16:12
136.   underdog
Is this like Freaky Friday, with Pierre swapping with Furcal?
2007-05-29 17:16:44
137.   Gen3Blue
Ala 23--Good Penny! Although being a big guy who can " muscle it" he also couldn't score on Pierre's second triple. No complaints yet though. A "new" Penny or "shiny copper" is mighty good to have.
2007-05-29 17:18:14
138.   underdog
136 "Juan and Raffy are not quite themselves today--in fact, they're each other!"
2007-05-29 17:19:17
139.   Humma Kavula
OK, we need five more Dodgers to reach base so that Pierre can get up twice more and try for the cycle.

Pierre's HR will count for one of those, so just four other Dodger hits/walks! Let's go!

2007-05-29 17:19:18
140.   underdog
The Pittsburgh Tracys are up on the Padres in the 4th. That's nice.
2007-05-29 17:20:28
141.   Indiana Jon
Listening to the Great Lakes game can be alot of fun. So far tonight I have heard the following.
"The bases are full of Loons."
"Loons on the corners"
"The Loons are out"
2007-05-29 17:20:45
142.   k0b3
furcal and nomar both have lost their power, furcal has lost his speed and stopped stealing bases, and russ martin is in a slump...with all this happening i'll take a 2-0 lead
2007-05-29 17:22:45
143.   Gen3Blue
Why is this Nat nicknamed Nook?
2007-05-29 17:23:37
144.   MMSMikey
ok, we need to get a couple more runs.
2007-05-29 17:24:18
145.   silverwidow
5 shutout innings for Kershaw.

1 hit, 0 BB, 4 Ks

2007-05-29 17:24:20
146.   unassisted
Is anyone else surprised, especially with all the success he's having, that no opposing teams have complained to the umps about Penny wiping his hands on his sweaty hair?
2007-05-29 17:24:27
147.   Andrew Shimmin
Looks like there hasn't been a cycle with an ITP HR in the last fifty years; checking before that period is too hard for me. Geronimo Berroa came up only a triple short of doing it, on the same day that Tony Fernandez hit for the cycle. So, that would have been something. If it had happened. Which, it didn't.

2007-05-29 17:24:29
148.   bhsportsguy
141 Combine with the Loon bird song, it makes for a fun time.
2007-05-29 17:24:32
149.   silverwidow
145-Make that 1 BB
2007-05-29 17:26:04
150.   bhsportsguy
Nate, as you read through this thread, does it appear to you that Kershaw as bounced back well from his poor outing and he may be pushing towards heading west in a few more weeks.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2007-05-29 17:26:35
151.   DXMachina
143 His twin brother is named Cranny.
2007-05-29 17:26:44
152.   Andrew Shimmin
2007-05-29 17:26:52
153.   silverwidow
Two hits for Josh Bell. Kid's on fire.
2007-05-29 17:28:08
154.   D4P
Nomar has 2 (count 'em: 2) extra-base hits in May
2007-05-29 17:29:29
155.   Indiana Jon
Kershaw should head west on exactly July 2. I know this because I have plans to go watch the Loons in Dayton July 3-6.
2007-05-29 17:29:34
156.   Jacob L
Maybe Jim Bowden is getting a bit misty picturing Juan Pierre running around CF in RFK, collecting doubles and triples. He's your kinda player, Jim!
2007-05-29 17:29:37
157.   the OZ
Regarding Lincecum, I remember reading that scouts loved his stuff but teams were afraid of the strain he put on his elbow during delivery. No one is surprised he's this good, but there was some doubt as to whether his arm would last through his pre-free agent years.

That, plus all the innings he pitched in college.

2007-05-29 17:30:14
158.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Was that Neifi on the Nationals' bench?
2007-05-29 17:30:27
159.   underdog
Yeesh. I thought Kent ripped that one out of here and it died shy of the warning track. That part of the park's like black hole out there.
2007-05-29 17:31:23
160.   Uncle Miltie
Nomar has 2 (count 'em: 2) extra-base hits in May
Exactly the scrappy kind of player that Ned is looking for more of
2007-05-29 17:31:35
161.   Gen3Blue
Who is this breathless women commenting on my DTV, and why can't someone who sounds like this be called a "Broad". I know I am a dinosaur, but sounding like that is deliberate provacation.
Of couse she's joking, but her humour confirms it all.
Back to my other theme. Penny and Pierre are OK, is anyone else going to do anything.
2007-05-29 17:31:48
162.   underdog
Can we just DL Nomar sometime soon just to give him a couple of weeks of rest? Make up something, an ingrown toenail, whatever.
2007-05-29 17:31:51
163.   unassisted
Time for a hit and run with Russ, come on Grady let's make something happen!!!
2007-05-29 17:31:56
164.   MMSMikey
need to go gap to gap at this field homeruns just dont go out.
2007-05-29 17:32:33
165.   Andrew Shimmin
Neifi's in Detroit this year.
2007-05-29 17:33:16
166.   k0b3
154 - Texiera we need u
2007-05-29 17:33:27
167.   unassisted
164, Let's be honest this team wouldn't hit home runs in mile high stadium circa 1996
2007-05-29 17:33:58
168.   bhsportsguy
Did we just decide to take pitches starting this inning?
2007-05-29 17:34:53
169.   k0b3
more likely to happen : Lakers make a big move this offseason or Dodgers make a big move before trade deadline
2007-05-29 17:35:01
170.   underdog
C'mon Russ!
2007-05-29 17:35:06
171.   MMSMikey

not just the dodgers every team in general.

2007-05-29 17:35:08
172.   Humma Kavula
His Dreaminess comes through again!
2007-05-29 17:35:14
173.   silverwidow
Russ rules quite a bit.
2007-05-29 17:35:51
174.   underdog
And there we go. Showing the rest of the team what clutch hitting is all about.
2007-05-29 17:35:51
175.   bhsportsguy
Just like our AL cousins, making things happen.
2007-05-29 17:37:12
176.   Gen3Blue
The announcers are trying to explain how Martin could do that. They obviously haven't seen much of him, or done their homework.
2007-05-29 17:37:12
177.   Bob Timmermann
Pierre's career high for total bases in a game is 8. He's reached that twice, last time with the Marlins at Coors Field on April 26, 2005.
He had a single, triple, and homer in that game.
2007-05-29 17:37:39
178.   k0b3
russ martin has a bigger lead at first than Furcal did....

question still stands what's more likely to happen : Dodgers make a big move and get a bat or Lakers bring in some legit help?

2007-05-29 17:37:58
179.   underdog
And there we go. Showing us what unclutch hitting is all about.
2007-05-29 17:38:31
180.   underdog
178 Neither.
2007-05-29 17:38:59
181.   LAT
177. Bob I think you have a typo in that post. It says JP hit a home run.
2007-05-29 17:39:19
182.   bhsportsguy
178 Both will be difficult but the Lakers probably have some options with Bynum and Kwame's expiring contract and their draft pick.

Hitters will be hard to get unless Toronto, New York Yankees decide to bag it.

2007-05-29 17:39:46
183.   scooplew
169 The Dodgers, by default. The only player that the Lakers have that would result in getting quality is Kobe, and they won't and shouldn't move him.
2007-05-29 17:39:59
184.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Kobe to the Dodgers for Hendrickson and Loney.
2007-05-29 17:40:29
185.   LAT
"Paging Brady Clark. Brady Clark to the dugout please."

That DP is going to aggrivate Grady.

2007-05-29 17:40:49
186.   k0b3
184 - kobe has some power i think
2007-05-29 17:41:06
187.   MMSMikey
heres the real question. who cares about the lakers.
2007-05-29 17:41:12
188.   unassisted
178 Both, Lakers get Jermain O'neal, Dodgers get Teixeira
2007-05-29 17:41:17
189.   silverwidow
Kershaw hitting 96 MPH:

6 IP, 0 ER, 1 hit, 1 BB, 5 Ks

2007-05-29 17:42:00
190.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Felipe Lopez never gets any better. Just good enough to make you think he will be very good.
2007-05-29 17:42:05
191.   Marty
142 How is Martin in a slump?
2007-05-29 17:42:13
192.   Johnny Nucleo
180 Is that a pun on Andre's last name after that GIDP?
2007-05-29 17:42:47
193.   jasonungar07
Nomar has 2 (count 'em: 2) extra-base hits in May

hey that's two more than me. Sooooo, we got that going for us.

2007-05-29 17:43:21
194.   jasonungar07
And hey thats only 3 less than Gonzo, so be easy on him.
2007-05-29 17:44:46
195.   Jacob L
I don't think Grady's going to go running to Brady Clark just one game after Ethier's big game tying pinch homer.
2007-05-29 17:45:10
196.   underdog
192 Nope. Was referring to the Dodgers/Lakers question. Which isn't an ethier/or question, really.
2007-05-29 17:45:23
197.   bhsportsguy
189 How many pitches so far for Clayton.
2007-05-29 17:45:35
198.   Humma Kavula
How can Penny pitch this well without getting the Ks? I mean, he had that one game where he struck out -- what was it, 14? -- but this game is much more indicative of how he's been...
2007-05-29 17:45:38
199.   scooplew
Pierre entered tonight's game with six extra-base hits this season. He now has nine. In six prior full seasons, his high-water mark in extra-base hits was 48, last season, and his fewest, 26.
2007-05-29 17:45:45
200.   Andrew Shimmin
Peavy should start the All Star game.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2007-05-29 17:45:52
201.   k0b3
russ martin 4th in all star voting...that is simply ridiculous

he better get on by the coaches vote

2007-05-29 17:46:13
202.   silverwidow
197-He's in the 90s, I believe.
2007-05-29 17:46:36
203.   Jacob L
Is it silly to think that Penny could start the All Star Game again?
2007-05-29 17:47:07
204.   MMSMikey
jason bay goes opposite field off cla merideth
2007-05-29 17:49:17
205.   Indiana Jon
Please take Jermaine O'Neal. We're very tired of his whining and injuries here in Indiana. In return we would like Bynum, so we can add him to our growing list of young guys that haven't done much.
2007-05-29 17:49:21
206.   underdog
Hah. Brad Penny, slugger.

Be nice to not have him running the bases so much tonight but it doesn't seem to have affected him much - yet.

2007-05-29 17:49:48
207.   Greg Brock
Brad Penny is not intimidated by your weak sauce, Mr. Simontacchi.
2007-05-29 17:50:08
208.   Humma Kavula
OK, who is this and what has he done with Juan Pierre?
2007-05-29 17:50:59
209.   Marty
How does Penny not score from second on a double?
2007-05-29 17:51:38
210.   bhsportsguy
208 And yet he has not hit a groundball all night.
2007-05-29 17:51:40
211.   underdog
Heeeee. You gotta love it. Even if you don't.
2007-05-29 17:51:58
212.   bhsportsguy
209 That was my question.
2007-05-29 17:52:04
213.   Jacob L
I think DT is about to crash. Seriously, we're getting a lot of offense out of the 9 and 10 spots tonight.
2007-05-29 17:52:16
214.   k0b3
lol can't score on a double

208 - seriously.. who is that guy...there's goign to be people after the game wanting to get some urine samples

2007-05-29 17:53:01
215.   Marty
Another Abreu. This league is lousy with Abreus.
2007-05-29 17:53:25
216.   MMSMikey
c'mon nomar just split a gap
2007-05-29 17:53:41
217.   Jacob L
Attention Nomar- They'd rather pitch to you.
2007-05-29 17:54:00
218.   neuroboy002
This game reminds me of a Seinfeld episode -

Jerry: "Yeah, like Bizarro Superman, Superman's exact opposite, who lives in the backwards Bizarro world. Up is down, down is up, he says hello when he leaves, goodbye when he arrives."

Elaine: "Shouldn't he say badbye? Isn't that the opposite of goodbye?"

Jerry: "No, it's still goodbye."

Elaine: "Does he live underwater?"

Jerry: "No."

Elaine: "Is he black?"

Jerry: "Look, just forget the whole thing."

2007-05-29 17:54:06
219.   Indiana Jon
5 pitch 7th inning for Kershaw.
2007-05-29 17:54:09
220.   silverwidow
Kershaw hitting 97 MPH in the 7th inning!!!

7 IP, 0 ER, 1 hit, 1 BB, 6 Ks

This kid is unbelievable.

2007-05-29 17:54:15
221.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Can we just tell Juanito that Simontacchi is pitching everynight?
2007-05-29 17:54:21
222.   Gen3Blue
198 I think its partly luck, but one announcer keeps harping on how this week Penny is becoming a pitcher from a thrower.
Pennies problem usually is he can throw ten fastballs that a guy can't hit but can foul off and he finally makes a mistake. I hope he keeps learning. He also needs to figure out a way to get out of Pierres way. this after Juan does.
2007-05-29 17:54:52
223.   JoeyP
If the Dodgers hold on to win, they'll be 9-2 in Brad Penny starts this year
2007-05-29 17:55:31
224.   unassisted
Way to make solid contact Nomar
2007-05-29 17:55:59
225.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Man. The Nats are awful. Brutal. Can we pluck Zimmerman, though. For Pierre!
2007-05-29 17:56:31
226.   underdog
That was almost as pathetic a way to score two runs as the way they scored one run to win on Sunday. Take 'em any way you can get 'em but, gosh, a grand slam sometime this year would be nice.
2007-05-29 17:56:59
227.   Humma Kavula
Maybe after this game we can trade Pierre to Washington for Zimmerman.
2007-05-29 17:57:20
228.   bhsportsguy
226 The Jrue Karma!
2007-05-29 17:57:27
229.   underdog
Not that it was an easy play for Zimmerman, but he might have been better off going to 1st. Or, you know, not throwing it away.
2007-05-29 17:57:28
230.   Marty
Nomar seems to have killed my Gameday. What happened?
2007-05-29 17:58:25
231.   D4P
Me too. All I'm getting is an "In play, run(s)"
2007-05-29 17:59:18
232.   underdog
He hit a dribbler to third. Zimmerman threw home, but missed the catcher entirely and two runs scored on it.
2007-05-29 18:00:04
233.   D4P
Ah, yet another Magic play for the Dodgers.
2007-05-29 18:00:18
234.   Marty
Gameday is now going Rick Monday on me by calling two pitches at once.
2007-05-29 18:00:45
235.   underdog
The Dodgers will just penny and nickel you to death (not even nickel and dime). Kent hits a seeing eye single between ss and 3rd and another run comes in. At least there's been some clutch hits today.
2007-05-29 18:01:22
236.   k0b3
can we please save some of this offense
2007-05-29 18:01:23
237.   Greg Brock
A three run jack. I like those.

A lot.

2007-05-29 18:01:55
238.   Andrew Shimmin
LuGo to DT: How ya like me now?
2007-05-29 18:02:00
239.   Who Is Karim Garcia

Gonzo just went "Out of play, run(s)"

2007-05-29 18:02:17
240.   underdog
Well! There's that clutch power I was pining for. Thank you, Gonzo.
2007-05-29 18:02:36
241.   bhsportsguy
They scored on a conventional play. Luis hits it out.
2007-05-29 18:02:47
242.   JoeyP
Gonzo with a little Shawn Green right there.
2007-05-29 18:03:17
243.   Dodger Dude
Wow, that was unexpected.
2007-05-29 18:03:22
244.   underdog
My sinister reverse jinx plan worked. Buahahah! {twirl moustache menacingly}
2007-05-29 18:03:28
245.   Marty
Abreu apparently isn't the answer for the Nats.
2007-05-29 18:03:29
246.   Bob Timmermann
Pierre had three doubles in a game at Minute Maid Park back on 9/10/2002.
2007-05-29 18:03:31
247.   bhsportsguy
And that silly promotion has a chance to come true. That's a yellow alert at least.
2007-05-29 18:03:37
248.   unassisted
236 you know that's exactly what D Lowe is thinking
2007-05-29 18:04:01
249.   trainwreck
I don't know why anyone is surprised, this is the Nationals after all.
2007-05-29 18:04:15
250.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Can we have all the bench play? Abreu at 2nd, Martinez at SS, LaRoche in LF, Betty at third and Clark in right.

Hell, let Liberthal catch.

Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2007-05-29 18:04:17
251.   k0b3
now if the pirates can hold on this will be a productive day...that pitcher for pittsburg is pretty good...tom gorzelany
2007-05-29 18:04:23
252.   Dodger Dude
Well that was pleasent.
2007-05-29 18:05:07
253.   bhsportsguy
Darn, the Dodgers only scored 6 of the 7 runs they needed to win that promotion.
2007-05-29 18:05:25
254.   underdog
Wow. Lincecum, 112 pitches through 7. He's pitched well and all, but after throwing 125ish the previous game, I would worry a little if I were a Giants fan that they're leaving him in there too long. On the other hand, given their bullpen, I can sort of understand.
2007-05-29 18:05:27
255.   Dodger Dude
Let's hope this happens again.
2007-05-29 18:06:52
256.   unassisted
These are the type of situations where if I was Grady I would take Russ out of the game immediately, any opportunity to give him a little bit of a break,even if it's just a couple of innigs I'd take i.
2007-05-29 18:07:03
257.   underdog
Letting Lieberthal come in now would be a smart idea, actually. I hope they do it, even if it's for just a couple of innings.

Martinez is in for Kent.

2007-05-29 18:07:09
258.   Dodger Dude
Pierre is actually doing GOOD today!
2007-05-29 18:07:22
259.   bhsportsguy
251 Tracy had him throw 120 pitches tonight.
2007-05-29 18:08:48
260.   Dodger Dude
Is Broxton going to come in and pitch today???
2007-05-29 18:08:51
261.   Uncle Miltie
Brad Penny is a beast

Despite it not being very important, Gonzalez hit a bomb.

Pierre's OPS has gone up almost 50 points in 4 at bats today.

2007-05-29 18:09:06
262.   imperabo
You know what people, bloops and seeing eyes singles are a big part of baseball whether you find them satisfying or not. The less you strikeout the more you'll get. Only 2 teams in baseball strikeout less than the Dodgers. They were a good strikeout team last year and signed the best K/AB man the game in the off season.

THIS ISN'T LUCK. Each individual play has an element of luck in it, but in the aggregate it ISN'T LUCK. Seriously, stop complaining about it. Sorry for the caps and vehemence, but is rapidly becomming a pet peave of mine.

2007-05-29 18:09:12
263.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Is Penny still hooking up with Alyssa Milano?
2007-05-29 18:09:14
264.   Dodger Dude
2007-05-29 18:09:31
265.   scareduck
238 - LuGo to DT: How ya like me now?

About as much as I liked you before.

2007-05-29 18:09:31
266.   underdog
2007-05-29 18:10:27
267.   nick
get Penny out, let him rest--
2007-05-29 18:10:28
268.   Who Is Karim Garcia

Dude, we're winning 9-0. Have some kool-aid.

2007-05-29 18:10:28
269.   Dodger Dude
The batter looks mini compared to Penny.
2007-05-29 18:10:31
270.   Greg Brock
260 I wouldn't think so. This is Brett Tomko/Rudy Seanez time.
2007-05-29 18:11:10
271.   Sam DC
I don't have anything to say, but felt I should just show up to acknowledge the 9-0 drubbing the Dodgers are visiting upon the Nationals.
2007-05-29 18:11:37
272.   Dodger Dude
268 He's right.
2007-05-29 18:11:41
273.   underdog
Who's complaining? I was delighed to see Pierre hit like a real baseball player today. Okay, I was jonesing for some power - which did eventually come - but the clutch hits, however they've come, is a joy to see. Even if it is the Nationals. And yes some luck and poor play by the other team, that's part of the game... Whatever, I'll take it!
2007-05-29 18:12:26
274.   Gen3Blue
Man! I tried to get a bit of late supper (EC) and I can almost remember 5-0, but how did we get to 9-0! I'm not complaining though I'll have to figure out who's responsable.
2007-05-29 18:12:32
275.   underdog
270 Although I did see Yhency warming up just now. Either way, the only thing I'll complain about is if Russell is behind the plate in the next half inning.
2007-05-29 18:13:03
276.   bhsportsguy
271 How was your game experience on Sunday? Are you back in DC?
2007-05-29 18:13:16
277.   silverwidow
What a game by Kershaw:

8 IP, 0 ER, 1 hit, 1 BB, 7 Ks

2007-05-29 18:13:22
278.   underdog
274 Two runs on a wild throw home, then another on a Kent single, then 3 more on a Gonzo HR. And there you are.
2007-05-29 18:13:23
279.   imperabo
I just seems like everytime the Dodgers score a run on anything other than a smash hit people act like we should give it back out of guilt.
2007-05-29 18:13:28
280.   bhsportsguy
274 A 3-run homer.
2007-05-29 18:14:05
281.   scareduck
263 - Is Penny still hooking up with Alyssa Milano?

Is this like one of those Church of the Subgenius Short Duration Marriages?

2007-05-29 18:14:31
282.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Dominican Gagne in to pitch.

Btw, I just refer to all of our pitchers as "nationality" Gagne. You know, we have Japanese Gagne, Mexican Gagne, Taiwnese Gagne...

2007-05-29 18:14:40
283.   bhsportsguy
277 Sure its only "A" ball but they are playing the best team in the league.
2007-05-29 18:14:55
284.   underdog
Two quick outs for Brazoban is nice to see.

Martin still catching... hm. I wonder if Lieberthal is supposed to start one of the next two games.

2007-05-29 18:16:13
285.   bhsportsguy
281 He's with another actress, Eliza something or other, she is younger than Alyssa Milano but then she doesn't sell gear on
2007-05-29 18:16:20
286.   Uncle Miltie
Nice job by Brazoban. His slider looks better than it did pre-Tommy John surgery.
2007-05-29 18:16:58
287.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Every time someone mentions Kershaw, I picture Hamels and drool the drool of a happy man.
2007-05-29 18:19:12
288.   DXMachina
285 Eliza Dushku, aka Faith on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
2007-05-29 18:19:38
289.   underdog
Abreu with another nice at bat. Betemit up to do what he does best.
2007-05-29 18:20:33
290.   underdog
I just noticed that was Abreu vs. Abreu there. Which is not as cool as Spy vs. Spy, but sorta cool.
2007-05-29 18:21:03
291.   Sam DC
276 Thx for asking! Just back this evening. Game was great in the sense that (i) it was a real good game and was with a real old friend, (ii) we had great seats courtesy of my brother in law, and (iii) was happy to see the revamped stadium, new seats, etc. And I'm really just always happy to be at Dodger Stadium.

On the other hand, I'd hoped to track down Jon and shake hands or something, but apparently our kids spoke beforehand and decided that extreme measures should be taken to ensure that no such thing should occur. Also, I had the very odd experience that, when I unwrapped my Dodger Dog, someone had eaten half the dog and put it back in the bun!

2007-05-29 18:21:11
292.   Bob Timmermann
There have been only 20 players to hit four doubles in a game in the last 50 years. Albert Belle did it twice.

Matt Murton was the last one.

2007-05-29 18:21:53
293.   MMSMikey
any chance liberthal catches the next 2 innings?
2007-05-29 18:21:59
294.   underdog
Let's go Juan! Get a homer and single in this at bat! Okay, maybe that's too much to ask.
2007-05-29 18:22:14
295.   underdog
Er, or not. Never mind.
2007-05-29 18:22:41
296.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Furcal doing his best Pierre impression.
2007-05-29 18:23:25
297.   underdog
Raffy slugging it on that one. I thought for sure that was gone. Nice.
2007-05-29 18:23:35
298.   bhsportsguy
291 If that really happened, I hope you got another dog.

Raffy gets another hit to continue his hot month.

2007-05-29 18:24:05
299.   Bob Timmermann
Chad Billingsley is no longer the last pitcher to give up a straight steal of home. Aaron Hill just did it to Andy Pettitte.

Bronx Banter is displeased.

2007-05-29 18:24:38
300.   underdog
If Lieberthal is not in this next half inning, I'm gonna assume he's starting tomorrow. Otherwise, I don't get it. The Nats brought in their backup guy last inning.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2007-05-29 18:24:41
301.   bhsportsguy
290 A question I always wondered, why were birdlike creatures considered spies, was it the hats?
2007-05-29 18:25:39
302.   Sam DC
It really happened. I did get another dog. The guy who'd sold it to me in the first place (and who I took it back to) was so stunned he called over every cashier in the whole stand, which did not necessarily please the other 8 customers standing at registers trying to get their stuff!
2007-05-29 18:25:48
303.   underdog
299 So we can await nick's latest trade proposal later tonight?
2007-05-29 18:26:23
304.   Marty
301 and the trench coats.
2007-05-29 18:27:31
305.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Could we convince ANYONE that Tomko can close?
2007-05-29 18:28:36
306.   Gen3Blue
278 280 Thanks. I don't think its selfish feeling bad about missing ~ 5 runs with this team. It may take 2 or three games to see five runs, although we will still have a shot at winning.
2007-05-29 18:28:51
307.   Greg Brock
301 And the sunglasses.

MAD Magazine was a staple back in the day.

2007-05-29 18:28:57
308.   underdog
301 I think because the cartoonist preferred to draw them that way, because it was easier than drawing people. Simpler to sketch out each time.
2007-05-29 18:29:22
309.   bhsportsguy
305 Just happy if we could convince anyone that he can still pitch, though pitching in blowouts will not help the cause.
2007-05-29 18:30:11
310.   bhsportsguy
307 Did they speak at all?
2007-05-29 18:30:31
311.   Sam DC
307 So who peered intently at the back page trying to figure it out and who just folded the darn thing straight away?
2007-05-29 18:30:40
312.   DXMachina
The Pirates hang on for the win over the Padres.
2007-05-29 18:30:47
313.   Michael D
So why isn't Lieberthal catching?

Should we be worried Juan Pierre just had more extra base hits in one game than Nomar has had all month?

2007-05-29 18:31:11
314.   bhsportsguy
San Diego goes down in Pittsburgh.
2007-05-29 18:31:34
315.   imperabo
They spys are anti-semetic caricatures. Ok not really, but you could make the case.
2007-05-29 18:31:39
316.   DXMachina
311 I tried to figure it out.
2007-05-29 18:31:41
317.   scareduck
288 - Hottie + bad girl vibe = wicked hot. Or something.
2007-05-29 18:32:02
318.   Who Is Karim Garcia
That Kent on toast commercial was nice... I'm sure after the 500th time I see it I will hate it.
2007-05-29 18:32:34
319.   DXMachina
Martin did have yesterday off.
2007-05-29 18:32:37
320.   bhsportsguy
317 Its working out for Brad so its cool with me (and him for sure)
2007-05-29 18:32:59
321.   Who Is Karim Garcia
I went to school with Traber. He was nasty in college.
2007-05-29 18:33:13
322.   Greg Brock
I tried to figure out the picture before folding it. Awesome.

The spies never spoke. Unless I missed some special edition thing or something.

2007-05-29 18:33:46
323.   scareduck
315 - I would argue they were anti-semantic caricatures, but that's just me.
2007-05-29 18:35:16
324.   underdog
I always liked the margin cartoons by Aragones, even though you needed a microscope to read them sometimes.
2007-05-29 18:35:21
325.   MMSMikey
heres russell.
2007-05-29 18:37:02
326.   underdog
Again, if Lieberthal is getting a start this series, then it makes sense keeping Martin in. If he's not, then even though Martin got a day off yesterday, when you're up 10 zip, a blow out, you take your guy out.
2007-05-29 18:37:21
327.   Gen3Blue
Oh Gee, the D's did nothing with the top of the ninth.
2007-05-29 18:37:22
328.   Borchard504
Out at first - that Ump just wants to go home...
2007-05-29 18:38:54
329.   Gen3Blue
I think Lieberthal's got to get one of the next two.
2007-05-29 18:41:09
330.   trainwreck
Here is the appropriate role for Tomko.
2007-05-29 18:41:26
331.   underdog
Going to extras in NY (Mets-Giants) after 76 year old Julio Franco failed to drive in the winning run in the bottom of the 9th.

I'm going home. Hope the Dodgers don't blow this one in my absence.

2007-05-29 18:42:07
332.   bhsportsguy
Kershaw goes 8 and the bullpen holds on for the 3-1 win.
2007-05-29 18:42:58
333.   Greg Brock
We win!

Easily. Which is nice.

2007-05-29 18:44:01
334.   bhsportsguy
331 Talk about being a pessimist.
2007-05-29 18:44:26
335.   bigcpa
Nice to see Abreu with 2 hits, but I'm worried we just found another singles hitter to take ab's (or roster space) from potential power sources.
2007-05-29 18:44:31
336.   gpellamjr
That game was just awesome. Congrats on a great game, Juan Pierre.
2007-05-29 18:44:37
337.   Bob Timmermann
Juan Pierre is the first player in the majors to get four hits in a game and have all of them be for extra bases since....yesterday.

Adrian Beltre had two doubles and two homers for the Mariners in Anaheim last night.

2007-05-29 18:45:05
338.   dzzrtRatt
323 What's another word for spy?


Hence, the big noses.

2007-05-29 18:45:19
339.   MMSMikey
the dodgers need to take of business the next 2 games.
2007-05-29 18:48:11
340.   bhsportsguy
After two months, the stats are telling us that Penny is a different pitcher, outside is 14 K game, he has not struck out more than 4 in a start.
2007-05-29 18:51:23
341.   Gen3Blue
Fun to watch: How deep a hole will the Red Sox put the Yanks in.
What will be the eruption from the panicking Yankees? Can anything address the situation.
2007-05-29 18:53:12
342.   MMSMikey
if the scores hold up the yankees with be 14.5 games out. thats beaufiul.
2007-05-29 18:53:34
343.   Gen3Blue
ESPN news said the Dodgers beat the Pirates!
They haven't corrected it yet. That is their usual speed.
2007-05-29 18:55:08
344.   MMSMikey
yankees lose.
2007-05-29 18:55:24
345.   JoeyP
The Red Sox might win 115 games or so.
Their offense is unbelievable.
2007-05-29 19:00:05
346.   Sam DC
345 And this with JD Drew way underperforming his career numbers.

(Hey -- Jon wrote a post about Juan Pierre recently. I can make a minor factual comment about JD Drew without fear that folks will lose their cool. Right?)


2007-05-29 19:01:29
347.   Bob Timmermann
Now in the last thread when I said Sam DC had 18 fingers and a prehensile tail, I was really exaggerating.

He only has 14 fingers.

2007-05-29 19:01:40
348.   Gen3Blue
Any D's fan near my age still holds the Yanks as a mortal enemy. Living in Ma. makes the RSox my second team. Berkshire County is very tense territory, almost 50/50 Sox/Yanks. Its been a while since I have enjoyed myself this much.
2007-05-29 19:02:54
349.   bhsportsguy
346 I was going to say the same thing and adding Lugo too.

I actually think its their pitching that has made them so unbeatable this year.

2007-05-29 19:06:59
350.   Gen3Blue
Maybe Clemens will change his mind.
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2007-05-29 19:11:43
351.   Bob Timmermann
I would be very surprised if the Red Sox won 115 games this year though.

I don't see them rolling along like the 1998 Yankees or the 2001 Mariners. They would really the AL East to tank even worse than it is now.

2007-05-29 19:12:12
352.   Uncle Miltie
Looking at the "Ned numbers"

Juan Pierre .286 ba .343 slg 8 2b 0 hr 13 rbi 17 sb 32 r 62 hits .984 FPCT
JD Drew .233 ba .327 slg 6 2b 2 hr 16 rbi 1 sb 26 r 26 r 35 hits .953 FPCT

See, Ned knows what he's doing.

2007-05-29 19:15:11
353.   Dodgers49
Houlton could be called up from Triple-A Las Vegas

>>> "He's pitched awfully well," Little said of Houlton, while making no commitment for Saturday. "His command's been good with the fastball. That's the biggest difference this year to last year." >> Little said to make room for whoever is promoted to pitch Saturday's game, the Dodgers likely would go with 12 pitchers, meaning a position player would be removed. The most likely candidates would be infielders Andy LaRoche or Tony Abreu. <<<

2007-05-29 19:20:18
354.   bhsportsguy
353 That same article says that Schmidt could be activated soon based on how he does tomorrow.

My guess is Abreu goes down.

2007-05-29 19:21:01
355.   trainwreck
Houlton over Kuo and Bills?
2007-05-29 19:21:44
356.   Sam DC
347 How come when I saw that comment I knew you weren't kidding?
2007-05-29 19:22:20
357.   Gen3Blue
349 I agree that its the pitching. And its what will make the D'd a winning team.
But with the Sox Offense--oh my
2007-05-29 19:23:50
358.   Gen3Blue
347 At least 14 is an even number. Most of my relatives have 11.
2007-05-29 19:37:57
359.   Bob Timmermann
And you're always suppressing the rights of crazy people to freely assemble at Starbucks!
2007-05-29 19:42:50
360.   Gen3Blue
I'm fading. But I'm happy with a D's win. Goodnight Sam and Bob.
2007-05-29 19:49:59
361.   nick
303 wow! that Pierre, what a playa! please take two of our best pitching prospects for him so his lightnin' legs can replace the agéd Johnny Damon and patrol our spacious center field--pretty please?
2007-05-29 19:52:53
362.   Sam DC
I can't believe I forgot to suggest that guy call the City Library research line for some help.
2007-05-29 19:55:43
363.   Jon Weisman
On ESPN now: Giants 4, Mets 3, bottom of the 12th inning, one out, tying run on third.
2007-05-29 19:56:49
364.   Bob Timmermann
I got karmic payback from the man who wanted to complain about why banks no longer let him spell out the amount of his withdrawal on slips, but instead required him to use numerals.
2007-05-29 19:57:09
365.   CanuckDodger
353 -- Houlton can't possibly be starting for us on Saturday, as he has pitched 6 innings so far tonight for Vegas.
2007-05-29 19:57:40
366.   Sam DC
Now you don't see that everyday.
2007-05-29 19:57:43
367.   Jon Weisman
Benitez balks!
2007-05-29 19:58:25
368.   Bob Timmermann
Bob Davidson, I assume.
2007-05-29 19:58:52
369.   Gen3Blue
I'm revitalized. the Giants went up 4-3 in the 12th, but the Mets couldn't believe their luck as Armando Benetez, who they dumped on the Giants appears and with 2 balks scores Reyes. Ohh my.
2007-05-29 20:00:11
370.   Gen3Blue
The Mets win!!!! It follows from poor Benitez!!!
2007-05-29 20:00:22
371.   Jon Weisman
Balk-off home run by Delgado.
2007-05-29 20:00:28
372.   Bob Timmermann
In play, run(s)
2007-05-29 20:00:39
373.   Sam DC
He was balked from first to second as well.
2007-05-29 20:01:38
374.   MMSMikey
benitez looked like he wanted to cry walking off the mound.
2007-05-29 20:02:34
375.   MMSMikey
thats the same benitez that saved all 3 games when the giants swept the dodgers, unbelievable.
2007-05-29 20:03:16
376.   Sam DC
Surely there was room for a catcher's interference in that inning somewhere, dontcha think?
2007-05-29 20:03:47
377.   Gen3Blue
I think maybe that ump screwed poor AB. The first balk was really questionable, the second was touchy.
Well its good if the Giants loose and its good if the Mets burn some luck. I can't complain.
2007-05-29 20:07:53
378.   Dodgers49
365. Houlton went 6 1/3. And Kemp, who has been swinging a hot bat, did not play (whatever that means).
2007-05-29 20:19:33
379.   Who Is Karim Garcia
I love the "in play, run(s)" line. Reminds me of the Uecker side kick when he has to call the game when Uecker is drunk in Major League.

I say we make it a keeper.

2007-05-29 20:20:13
380.   Dodgers49
Saturday's starter is still to be decided

>>> The Dodgers are officially undecided on who will start Saturday's game in Pittsburgh but are pretty sure it won't be Chad Billingsley. <<<

2007-05-29 20:21:42
381.   capdodger
Penny didn't score on the double because he wasn't sure that the ball was going to go through. That, plus he's slow and Rich Donnely probably didn't want to get his pitcher hurt.
2007-05-29 20:24:06
382.   MMSMikey
is hendrickson starting thursday? ugh.
2007-05-29 20:25:28
383.   Greg Brock
Grady called Billingsley "A quality innings eater."

In other news, I want to punch Grady Little. Innings eater?

Innings eater?

2007-05-29 20:26:20
384.   Gen3Blue
Come on, I don't think Rich Donelly has the ability to affect a play. Leave it at Penny being slow or cautious,
2007-05-29 20:26:21
385.   Greg Brock
Just to be clear, I like Grady.

If Chad isn't stretched out enough to start, well, stretch him out!

2007-05-29 20:31:21
386.   Greg Brock
Nomar is fourth in the all-star balloting at 1st base. That was probably mentioned before, but I just found out.

Um, wow.

2007-05-29 20:32:55
387.   trainwreck
Chad Billingsley is too good to start.
2007-05-29 20:35:34
388.   natepurcell
seriously, i dont understand why the dodgers are reluctant to let chad start. its almost june, theyve kept his innings down. Now let him loose.
2007-05-29 20:36:48
389.   Bob Timmermann
The status of my prescription from HMO reads like this:

"Your prescription refill was mailed on 5/30/07."

Umm.... So just what does that mean?

2007-05-29 20:36:55
390.   natepurcell
Nate, as you read through this thread, does it appear to you that Kershaw as bounced back well from his poor outing and he may be pushing towards heading west in a few more weeks.

I want 2-3 more starts like today and then I would move him up. He really needs to be more consistent with his fastball command and mechanics. But today was a great start in the right direction.

2007-05-29 20:39:27
391.   Sam DC
389 Your pharmacy by mail has been outsourced to Mumbai?
2007-05-29 20:41:26
392.   Bob Timmermann
I put this refill in three weeks ago. It's the same medication I've been using for the last 25 years.
2007-05-29 20:41:45
393.   trainwreck
It is a flash forward.
2007-05-29 20:51:41
394.   capdodger
384 Donnely threw up a quick stop sign after Penny got a late break. Credit Penny for not running through it, but the play was behind him, so he was acting on what Donnely saw.

I, on the other hand, was in section 416, and was looking right down the line at Donnely, Penny, and the ball. A guy a few rows behind me was screaming his head off for not scoring, but I don't think he noticed Penny's late break.

2007-05-29 20:52:34
395.   Bob Timmermann
Fortunately, I have enough of my prescription to tide me over for another week
2007-05-29 20:55:16
396.   CanuckDodger
If neither Billingsley nor Houlton will be starting Saturday, its obviously going to be Kuo. They probably just don't want to make an anouncement to that effect before they actually make a roster move, as that would invite questions about who goes down, LaRoche or Abreu, and that might still be up in the air. And like I said before, as long as it's Kuo I don't mind that Billingsley isn't getting the assignment. Had it been Houlton who was chosen, then that would get me throwing things.
2007-05-29 20:57:34
397.   underdog
334 Was a joke, son, a joke! {he says, in a Foghorn Leghorn voice}

I must be in a cartoon frame of mind, because as I watched the bizarro end of the Giants game, I actually said, "Balk! For Super Chicken." Well, I laughed anyway, even if no one else was in the room to hear it.

I sort of felt sorry for the Giants at the end of that game, and almost hate the Mets as much as I hate the Giants, but still, I had to laugh.

2007-05-29 20:59:07
398.   underdog
396 I agree - I think they're waiting on purpose, and maybe haven't decided yet. But there's no point in announcing it to the world. It has to be Bills or Kuo though, right? It has to be. I don't mind Houlton getting his shot on the team either - he should be the long reliever, not Bills. Tomko and Hendrickson are both fine in the pen, too. But there's no reason to keep Bills down there much longer unless Kuo's getting a shot first.
2007-05-29 21:01:17
399.   underdog
383 "Innings Eater?... Innings eater?" Is that sort of like the phrase "Cleaning woman" in the Steve Martin movie "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid"? Enough to set you off into a homicidal rage...
2007-05-29 21:02:20
400.   Jon Weisman
In the conventional baseball universe, "innings eater" is a compliment. But a thousand kudos for the Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid reference.
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2007-05-29 21:07:29
401.   bhsportsguy
400 A very good movie and Rachel Ward looked great in B&W.
2007-05-29 21:07:39
402.   Greg Brock
An innings eater is a 30 year old starter with a 4.60 ERA who is consistently mediocre. Steve Trachsel is an innings eater. Jeff Suppan, through most of his career, was an innings eater.

Your highest rated prospect is not an innings eater.

2007-05-29 21:08:01
403.   underdog
400 Glad at least someone gets it here! And yeah, it was just the way Greg said (er, typed) it that sounded like it triggered something dark and painful.

Join me tomorrow as I weave in a reference to The Man With Two Brains.

2007-05-29 21:10:46
404.   underdog
And, yeah, what Greg said in 402.

"If you need me, just call. You know how to dial, don't you? You just put your finger in the hole and make tiny little circles." - DMDWP

2007-05-29 21:20:00
405.   Dodgers49
382. is hendrickson starting thursday? ugh.

Yes, it's Hendrickson on Thursday and Wolf on Friday.

2007-05-29 21:21:40
406.   Disabled List
I just got back from the Giants-Mets epic at Shea tonight. My thoughts: Jose Reyes is the best player in baseball, pound-for-pound. Armando Benitez is vice versa, pound-for-pound. The Mets fans boo Bonds even more ferociously than Dodger fans. Bonds and Julio Franco are over 90 years old, combined. They badly need express service late nights on the 7 train back to Manhattan. And Dodger fans are going to be having a lot of nightmares in the years ahead courtesy of Tim Lincecum. That kid is really, really good.
2007-05-29 22:28:15
407.   Greg Brock
It's interesting to watch the Banterers go through the stages of grief. I don't wish that on any fans...Even Yankees fans.

It seems to be vacillating between anger and bargaining.

2007-05-29 22:56:54
408.   Andrew Shimmin
Yankee fans give up to easily. They're one good pitcher away (plus Clemens) from being a perfectly good contender. They're probably not going to win the East, this year, but why are they so scared of the Tigers? Or the Twins? Their Pythagorean record is one and a half games worse than the would-be Pythagorean wild card.
2007-05-29 22:59:11
409.   still bevens
I just did my part for Russ in the All Star Game voting, all 25 mind numbing times. Does anyone know why the amount of times you can vote on the web is 25 as opposed to you know, one? Is it because you can go to the stadium and punch out 1000 ballots if you feel like it and they're trying to make it up to people who don't have that luxury?
2007-05-29 22:59:20
410.   Greg Brock
408 I think you should head over there and reassure them. You know, put a nice light on things.

Go for it.

2007-05-29 23:10:36
411.   das411
Has Lieberthal caught a game started by his old friend Randy Wolf yet this season?
2007-05-29 23:10:39
412.   Andrew Shimmin
I read through one of the threads the other day (when the toaster code of conduct returned to the top of the charts), but I don't want to play interloper.
2007-05-29 23:10:55
413.   das411
er, and if not when would his next chance to do so be?
2007-05-29 23:12:19
414.   Andrew Shimmin
411- He's caught Wolf twice. 4/30 and 5/06.
2007-05-29 23:23:25
415.   Lexinthedena
Hendrickson is so excruciating to watch...even when he's good....

I like the idea of Houlton being called up...always liked his stuff...excelent if he does well, guys like Hendrickson could be traded to desperate for pitching contenders....

2007-05-29 23:34:36
416.   underdog
I can't believe no one's talking about the trade the Dodgers made, announced today(?), but made three days earlier. The D's traded journeyman infielder Tomas Perez to the Chicago White Sox for pitcher Dwayne Pollok.

Okay, debate away! {Ahem. Cough. Crickets chirping.}

2007-05-29 23:38:07
417.   underdog
Hmm, interesting actually. Saw this - although it was written two years ago: "Dwayne Pollok recorded 38 saves, a Winston-Salem franchise record last season. The six-foot-four righty possesses a great slider, which was chosen the best in the organization by Baseball America."
2007-05-29 23:43:33
418.   Greg Brock
Pollock had 52 strikeouts and 88 hits in 82 innings pitched last year. As a 25 year old in AA.
2007-05-29 23:44:11
419.   Greg Brock
I also decided to add a C to his name.

You know...for kids.

2007-05-29 23:47:58
420.   underdog
Ugh, I just saw that. Never mind.

Call him Jackson Pollack for all I care.

2007-05-29 23:52:07
421.   underdog
Hm, although no home runs in 24 ip for Charlotte this year isn't too shabby, nor is 6 BBs (only 12 Ks, not a strikeout pitcher obviously). Still, he'll give Vegas' bullpen some pitching depth.
2007-05-29 23:53:59
422.   Greg Brock
421 It's not like Tomas Perez was going to do anything for us. Ever.

Heck, why not. Good trade.

2007-05-30 00:19:29
423.   gpellamjr
422 Go Ned!

Ned's are the measure of all trades, of those that are, that they are; of those that are not, that they are not.

2007-05-30 00:55:48
424.   gpellamjr

Scroll down to the second articly. I'm in love with Manny Acta and I'm not afraid to admit it. He actually said that a run is more likely to score with a runner on 1st with 0 out than with a runner at 2nd and 2 outs. He actually said that! How do I get him to fall in love with me? Follow him home? Kidnap his dog? Pick his children up from school uninvited?

2007-05-30 00:56:09
425.   gpellamjr
424 Don't ask me what an "articly" is.
2007-05-30 00:57:02
426.   gpellamjr
424 And again, a mistake, it should read: ...than with a runner at 2nd and 1 out.
2007-05-30 01:00:46
427.   overkill94
FWIW, one of my fantasy baseball league sites has Kuo as the starter for 6/2. If only I could have activated him for a start against Pittsburgh...
2007-05-30 01:28:31
428.   bhsportsguy
So after two months, I decided to examine Mr. Penny's fine start and compare it to last year.

BTW, a year ago, Penny had his blowup with Grady when he was taken out of a blowout game that the Dodgers won 12-5 and he did not pitch the required 5 innings for the win.

2006: Brad Penny's April and May
11 starts.
W/L: 5-1 (Team Record: 7-4)
IP/H/K/BB/HR: 62.2/61/17/46/2
GB/FB: 82/74
ERA: 2.87
# of Pitches/Batter: 3.95
Support per game: 5 runs

2007: Brad Penny's April and May
11 starts.
W/L: 7-1 (Team Record: 9-2)
IP/H/K/BB/HR: 70.0/60/23/43/0
GB/FB: 114/56
ERA: 2.06
# of Pitches/Batter: 4.2
Support per game: 4.7 runs

The biggest change so far has been his groundball to flyball ratio from about 1.1 to over 2 groundball outs to flyball outs.

Other than that and his zero home runs allowed versus the two he gave up at this point last year, its hard to spot any big changes but he does appear to be easily getting into the sixth inning and he does not appear to labor like he did last year.

But the numbers are not remarkably different that I thought they would be so in Penny's case, seeing is believing.

2007-05-30 02:46:47
429.   gpellamjr
I've graded 70 10 page papers tonight. Why can't I bring myself to grade the last 6?
2007-05-30 05:11:35
430.   gpellamjr
Now I can go to bed... oh wait. Nevermind. Now I have to go to school and return these papers to the students so that they may yell and scream and threaten. What I won't do for $1100 a month.
2007-05-30 05:22:59
431.   D4P
The best way for a teacher to avoid having to grade a bunch of 10-page papers is to avoid assigning 10-page papers in the first place. If/when I ever become a full-time instructor, I will make a concerted effort to avoid assigning papers. I hate grading them.
2007-05-30 06:04:41
432.   gpellamjr
431 Unfortunately for me, I'm just the grader. I have no control over what is assigned. However, if I were the instructor, I would still have great difficulty justifying not assigning a paper for an upper-division ancient history course.
2007-05-30 06:43:29
433.   Doctor
Im guessing Kemp up, Laroche down today
2007-05-30 06:44:25
434.   gpellamjr
433 Why?
2007-05-30 06:48:32
435.   Doctor

D's face mostly left handed pitchers in the next week- we have an all left handed OF right now (ex Clark). I think Grady will want to get Kemps bat in the line up. Loroche is wasting time on the bench. And MK didnt play for the 51s yesterday. Its all a guess though....

2007-05-30 06:55:40
436.   Greg Brock
432 What course is it?
2007-05-30 07:05:08
437.   gpellamjr
435 I hope you're right. I'd love to see Kemp back on the team.

436 It's Late Antiquity. This is always a depressing course for me, anyway, because western civilization dies somewhere in the middle of it, but it's all the more so with 80 assignments to grade three times per quarter. Oh to have my Republic back! or my early empire!

2007-05-30 07:11:12
438.   Greg Brock
437 Hey, there is good stuff in there. Diocletian, Constantine, Odoacer (best. name. ever).
2007-05-30 07:19:18
439.   Doctor
Anyone have the link to Schmidt's gameday?
2007-05-30 07:21:05
440.   Doctor
Kershaw- wow!
2007-05-30 07:25:30
441.   Bob Timmermann
Odoacer is better than Joey Joe Shabadoo?
2007-05-30 07:45:35
442.   Sam DC
438: Have you already forgotten Conceptualization Gibbs?
2007-05-30 07:50:40
443.   Sam DC
And this -- -- is very funny.
2007-05-30 08:22:57
444.   Bumsrap
442 - No, he was a major part of the Big Red Machine and a pretty good shortstop, wasn't he?
2007-05-30 08:30:44
445.   Bumsrap
437 This is always a depressing course for me, anyway, because western civilization dies somewhere in the middle of it No death, no Crusades
2007-05-30 08:46:18
446.   Sam DC
A little love for Dodgersims.

2007-05-30 08:47:01
447.   gpellamjr
438 If you include Constantine among the "good", then you don't understand what I mean about the death of western civilization.

The best part about late antiquity courses is the disproportionate amount of time (1 or 2 lectures always) spent on Julian.

2007-05-30 08:52:46
448.   Greg Brock
447 By "good" I mean fascinating. I like the reorganization and fall of the empire and the rise of Latin Christendom.

Sorry I wasn't around to stop it. Still interesting.

2007-05-30 09:00:33
449.   gpellamjr
448 Don't be sorry. The Gods are punishing you by making you root for a team that calls Juan Pierre a leadoff hitter and Chad Billingsley an innings-eater.
2007-05-30 09:04:26
450.   Greg Brock
Ned Delenda Est
Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2007-05-30 09:10:46
451.   gpellamjr
450 Ned Delend*us* est.
2007-05-30 09:18:27
452.   Bob Timmermann
450 451
If anything, we'll learn Latin here.

I think we need a lesson on the ablative case.

2007-05-30 09:19:34
453.   Doctor
Kemp out of the 51's lineup again today. He is either hurt or on a plane to DC.
2007-05-30 09:21:22
454.   jasonungar07
I was thinking that last year Tomko was pretty good out of the pen. Last year after the all star break numbers below. Last night he looked good. Can't he replace Bills role and have Bills start? Or do you guys think it's a case that Chad has been thrwoing well over the last month so don't mess with it?

28hit (seems like a lot?)
3.64 1.25 .246

2007-05-30 09:26:40
455.   Doctor

I think its very tough to call b/c of the Schmidt situation. Also, I think there's a chance pitching out of the pen is actually helping Billingsly develop. He has become much more aggressive and less of a nibbler. He is dealing like he did back in 2005 in AA after really not attacking hitters in 2006. He will start at some point, but it maybe a case of don't fix whats not broken... Hendrickson maybe 1 or 2 bad starts from being outsed also.

2007-05-30 09:31:23
456.   Bumsrap
448 - I consider Constantine and the Mafia equally fasinating.
2007-05-30 09:36:36
457.   Bumsrap
The best way to improve is to learn a little, do a little. Bills has learned and now it time for him to take what he has learned as a reliever and do it as a starter.
2007-05-30 09:37:17
458.   Xeifrank
Breaking Kobe news:
He's going live on Steven A Smith's radio show in NY and 710AM will cover it live in 5 minutes or so. Supposedly a big announcement, but who knows with this soap opera. vr, Xei
2007-05-30 09:42:55
459.   ryu
Oh, geez. At some point this Laker soap opera stuff has to get old and tiresome. It has already for me.

Go Clippers!

2007-05-30 09:48:04
460.   berkowit28
453 (Kemp) Or maybe already in DC, having been absent from 51s last night because that's when he was on his way to the airport and DC?
2007-05-30 09:52:06
461.   Sam DC
Kemp's mlb debut was last May here in DC v. the Nationals.
2007-05-30 09:55:38
462.   capdodger
461 I was at that game. As I recall, it was a rough one for Kemp.
2007-05-30 09:58:56
463.   Jon Weisman
New post up top.

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