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Guest Reflections on the 2007 Dodger Draft
2007-06-12 06:30
by Jon Weisman

For those who follow such things closely, the 2007 Dodger draft had suspense and intrigue - if not a little bit of horror. But will there be a happy ending? To put last week's draft into perspective, I asked two of the most astute draft commenters on Dodger Thoughts, CanuckDodger and Nate Purcell, to give us their thoughts.

By CanuckDodger

"I'm Baseball America's worst nightmare." If you had to make a guess who said that, Baseball America darling Logan White might be the last name that comes to mind. But White did say it - in an interview, just before the 2004 amateur baseball draft - and, really, he might have been on to something. Every year, running up to the June draft, Baseball America presents its readers with the baseball scouting community's consensus opinion on the top amateur players eligible for the draft, and it tries to predict when, approximately, certain players will be selected in the draft, with the publication especially keen to predict who will be chosen in the first round. But Logan White has been defying the scouting consensus since he ran his first draft as the Dodgers' scouting director, in (what seems like an eternity ago) 2002. That said, 2007 might be the year in which White, after years of sailing by his own star, finally raised the Jolly Roger and, with a black patch covering one eye and a parrot on his shoulder, set his sword and cannon against the broader scouting community, and against the magazine that conveys the scouts' judgments to the ordinary baseball fan.

This year, with their first five picks, the Dodgers managed to take every player - Chris Withrow, James Adkins, Michael Watt, Austin Gallagher, and Andrew Lambo - earlier (sometimes much earlier) in the draft than where each of those players ranked on Baseball America's Top 200 Draft Prospects list (the three out of the five players who actually made the list at all, that is), and that list reflects the scouting community's collective wisdom, supposedly. RHP Chris Withrow - following in the footsteps of James Loney and Chad Billingsley - is a first rounder whom Baseball America did not rank in his draft class's top 40 available players. LHP James Adkins is a first supplemental rounder for a team committed to drafting "high-ceiling players" (White's phrase) despite Baseball America painting Adkins as a decidedly low-ceiling talent. In LHP Michael Watt, the Dodgers secured the signing rights to a player whom every scout Baseball America's John Manuel talked to about him did not like. Third baseman Austin Gallagher is noted by Baseball America to be a player scouts believe is unprepared to face pitchers in pro ball. And OF/1B Andrew Lambo has been drafted by an organization that when it comes to player makeup, or character, borders on obsessive, yet Baseball America reports that scouts consider Lambo's makeup to be questionable (he stole a car) and have found Lambo himself to be immature. For Logan White to be out of sync with his scouting brethren on one or two of the players above, well, that might be par for the course with White, but on every one of them? All of the Dodgers' first five picks?

White's record in the first five drafts that preceded his latest effort suggests that he might be entitled to a fair bit of trust, as it is easy to point out instances in which he has been proven right, and the scouting consensus he went against, wrong. But what White's past record really screams out is that the true measure of the Dodgers' 2007 draft class cannot even begin to be taken until we see which players White took after the first five players -- that is, which players taken after fourth-rounder Andrew Lambo - actually sign with the Dodgers. Whether it be 2002 39th-rounder Luke Hochevar, 2002 32nd-rounder Richie Robnett, or 2003 19th-rounder Matt Antonelli; whether it be 2004 15th-rounder Joe Savery, or 2004 19th-rounder David Price, Logan White is collecting an impressive list of names of non-college players whom the Dodgers did not sign because of money issues who later make themselves not only elite college players, but first-round draftees who command signing bonuses that exceed (in some cases, far exceed) the money it would have taken to sign them as high school or junior college players. Identifying players like these - whose stocks are on the rise but are not as high as they will get - and then failing to take advantage of the prices they can be bought for that are cheap relative to what their prices will be at a later date, represents a failure to exploit a market inefficiency that discounts younger amateur players as a riskier investment than more "proven" college players of equal, or sometimes inferior, talent.

Right now, what happens with this year's fifth-round pick, RHP Kyle Blair, in the weeks ahead will play a pivotal role in making the Dodgers' 2007 draft either an initial success or an initial disappointment. Blair's price to turn pro and stay out of college is rumored to be as high as $1 million. During the Logan White era, the Dodgers have given a seven-figure bonus to just one player in a slot lower than the second round, 2003 39th-rounder Andy LaRoche. Last year, large market teams like the Yankees, Red Sox, and Cubs all gave players drafted later than the 5th round $1 million or more to sign with them, for no better reason than to bring more talent into their farm systems than they would have been able to if they obeyed MLB's slotting guidelines for bonuses, and in recent years the Angels, under Arte Moreno's ownership, have engaged in similar practices. Neither a scouting director nor a GM can exceed the slotting guidelines at his own will. Ownership has to sign off on paying over slot for a player, because it is ownership that has to deal with an angry Bud Selig, as well as come up with the extra money. In the three drafts under Frank McCourt's ownership (prior to this year's draft, of course), the Dodgers have not loosened the purse strings to sign a seven-figure or even a high-six-figure talent outside of the top couple rounds. Because of this, premium players like Price, Savery, and RHP Alex White have been lost to college ball when they could have been brought into the Dodger fold. Arguably, this amounts to a refusal to make full use of Logan White's ability as an evaluator of young baseball talent. This has to change. It has to change now, beginning with Kyle Blair.

* * *

By Nate Purcell

The first look at the first day of the Dodgers' 2007 Major League Draft will probably leave plenty of devoted Dodger fans to scratch their heads and second-guess Logan White and Tim Hallgren. I too was one of many who didn't follow what the Dodgers were trying to accomplish. Looking deeper, there might be a method to their madness.

The Dodgers plucked their first pick for the second straight year out of a Texas high school. Chris Withrow is a 6-foot-3, 195-pound right-handed pitcher who is acclaimed for having an extremely clean delivery with a loose repeatable arm action. Withrow first made some noise last summer at a couple of Texas showcase events and this spring continued to turn heads with consistent performances with velocity in the low 90s. "Check back in three years" was the quote that stuck out to me the most when reading various scouting reports on Withrow. Presently, Withrow's fastball touches 94 and sits 90-91 with good command. His curveball is also an above-average pitch to go along with an average change up. In three years, this is what the Dodgers are banking on what will happen:

  • Withrow grows an inch or two and gains 20 pounds
  • Fastball velocity increase to 97 on the high end with maintained stamina to sit at 93-94
  • Professional development and strength training increases spin on curveball to give it a sharper, more harder break to become a plus plus pitch.
  • Withrow hones his command and utilizes his change up enough to become above average.

    Withrow wasn't the sexy pick compared to maybe a Mike Main, who has the present electric heat, but Withrow offers up enough projection and current polish to make him a worthwhile pick at No. 20.

    A 6-5, 220-pound left-handed pitcher who is battle-tested through SEC competition with a career K rate over 9 to go along with a plus plus slider would excite fans of most teams. Well, that is exactly who the Dodgers picked with their supplemental choice - and the groans were heard throughout various Dodger internet sites. The reason? Present velocity. James Adkins' fastball only sits between 88-92 mph with scouts not projecting much velocity increase. Watching his scouting video, I can see why the Dodgers liked him enough to nab him at No. 39. He looks the part of a reliable innings-eater, and his delivery is clean, loose and low-effort. It seems he is barely throwing and he is still sitting at 88, which leads me to believe he could possibly gain some ticks. Scouting reports state that Adkins pitches backwards and as he makes his transition into pro ball, he will need to learn to pitch off his fastball. To elaborate, if the Dodgers could get Adkins to start consistently throw his fastball, arm speed and velocity could increase. This is just one theory on why the Dodgers picked him and a more interesting one then Colletti making White take a fast-moving LOOGY.

    In the second round, the Dodgers went local for the first time selecting Capo Valley product Michael Watt. Watt is an extremely athletic 6-1, 185 baseball player. He played outfield and pitcher for the Cougars and will become a full time pitcher at the professional level. My immediate comp when watching Watt's scouting video is a left-handed Scott Shields. Present velocity on his fastball is between 87-92 with excellent movement and ability to pitch up in the zone because of a deceptive delivery. He compliments it with a curveball that when he gets over the top of it becomes a hard downer and grades out as a plus pitch. His left arm is lightning quick and he gets great extension with his lower half. He overstrides sometimes which leads to jerking his body over to the third base side but that is a correctable flaw. Interestingly, there have been mixed thoughts by scouts on Watt. At one point in the season, Watt received the highest grade for players in California from the Major League Scouting Bureau. That said, he was not rated among the top 200 players in the draft by Baseball America. Like with Withrow, "check back in three years" stood out for me. He has a heavy commitment to Long Beach St., and it seems Logan White believed it was worth paying a bit more now then to see a local product becoming a first-round selection for some other team in three years.

    Where are the power bats? Why haven't we addressed the one huge need in the system? Dodger fans, Glen Gallagher; Glenn Gallagher, Dodger fans. A 6-5, 220 behemoth of a kid, Gallagher starred in baseball and football and last week in a workout at Dodger Stadium, wowed Dodger officials with his light tower power. This third-round pick is also a test for the Dodgers' player development. Gallagher is a raw baseball player. By being a two-sport star and being from a cold state, he has not had the chance to put in the extra baseball experience you want from a player that was drafted in the third round. Analyzing the scouting reports, Gallagher is another player who after three years in college focusing on just baseball, could bust out on the scene and earn a bonus of a million or more then what he will receive with the Dodgers (between 300-500k). If Gallagher is ever going to make the majors, it will take some time. The Dodgers plan to let him stay at third base to begin his professional career but I see him as a future left fielder or first baseman - preferably left field so he can utilize that quarterback-throwing arm. You put Gallagher in that group of left-handed power hitters of Josh Bell and Kyle Orr and you hope down the line, one turns out.

    Again, the Dodgers went local with their fourth-round pick in Andrew Lambo. Character counts, but sometimes talent matters more. This is the case with Lambo. His off-the-field past garners questions but his on-thefield production does not. With a commitment to Arizona State, I see many similarities in Lambo's game to Travis Buck. Right field is Lambo's most likely destination with a sweet swinging left-handed stroke. How well he commands the strike zone will determine how good Lambo becomes. Power will never become prodigious for Lambo but he has a good chance of becoming a high quality all around player if he keeps his head on straight.

    Going over slot has not been the game plan under the McCourt regime when it comes to the draft. When the Dodgers drafted a supplemental first-round talent in Kyle Blair with their fifth-round choice, it raised some eyebrows. Kyle Blair is very comparable to Chris Withrow: a little bit more filled out, a little bit better present stuff and universally lauded for his competitiveness and makeup. When teams draft players in the fifth round, the majority of the time, it is with the intent to sign the player. A fifth-round choice is too early to gamble on a signability player and that is what Blair is. His price tag is reported to be high and to round out this first day, Blair has to be signed. If allowed to attend the University of San Diego, Kyle Blair will end up in that David Price, Joe Savery, Alex White group of Dodger draftees that go one to become the jewels of another team's system.

    One thing you cannot fault the Dodgers for doing is following the crowd. They do their own thing; even it means being heavily criticized before the results prove them right. With his past drafts (especially 2002 and 2003), Logan White has earned our patience and trust. Moreover, with his past drafts, I think Logan has become increasingly frustrated when his late-round signability picks become top two round picks in the following years. That conviction and frustration gave way to what is now the 2007 Dodgers first day draft; a collection of players selected by White because of a gut instinct that they have not maxed out their abilities and valuing them at a higher position (and price) now will save them millions later. We'll see if this type of philosophy works, but right now with his given history, a proclamation against White would likely end up with egg on your face and large ration of crow. If I were to give an ultimatum though, Blair needs to be signed to give this draft the type of impact potential comparable with 2002 or 2003. Just like with past draft classes, we will all have a blast following their trials and tribulations on their quest to become the next great Dodger star.

  • Comments (308)
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    2007-06-12 07:00:59
    1.   Disabled List
    Great stuff, guys. Thanks.

    Man, to think about what our farm system would look like if we had gone over-slot and signed some of those guys like Hochevar, Savery and Price.... Frank McCourt has done a decent job keeping the Dodgers' payroll in a tier appropriate for a large market like LA. Now he needs to start opening the checkbook for the premium draft talent. Sign Blair, Mr. McCourt!

    2007-06-12 07:20:15
    2.   oldfan60
    Very good writeups, Canuck and Nate. Jon, great idea having them write them.Thanks.
    2007-06-12 07:28:35
    3.   ToyCannon
    Good stuff guys, thanks for the taking the time for the write up.
    2007-06-12 07:43:46
    4.   Humma Kavula
    Wow. This is great stuff and a fun read. Thanks to Nate and Canuck for writing it and to Jon for giving them a forum.
    2007-06-12 08:19:37
    5.   Hythloday
    Thanks for the analyses. Both were quite different and very interesting. I have to admit though I was disappointed that there was no discussion of Given Kutz and Cal Stanke. In a name draft those guys are first rounders.
    2007-06-12 08:20:29
    6.   D4P
    The Dodgers are now only one game behind the teams with the best records in the NL. That's kinda surprising.
    2007-06-12 08:25:22
    7.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
    It's been said before, but it deserves saying again, much thanks to Canuck and Nate for sharing their thoughts, and Jon for giving them the forum that helped make that sharing possible.


    2007-06-12 08:25:48
    8.   Inside Baseball
    Thank you gentlemen, fantastic information!

    What do you know about or have you seen on James Adkins' curveball? When Logan White had a very brief interview the other day on the Dodgers pregame show, he compared it to Barry Zito's. He seemed to have a genuine glint in his eye when talking about him; one that had me very relieved after reading the initial uncertainty about his high selection.

    He also compared (with qualification, of course) Withrow to John Smoltz. I found that interesting because that was the first player in the threads Nate compared him to as well, well before the interview.

    2007-06-12 08:53:21
    9.   bhsportsguy
    Great work guys, as I am a amatuer in this compared to all the work you two do, its nice to see all the analysis and objectivity displayed in spite of the bias you two have for the Dodgers.

    I guess my only disagreement is in the area of any discord in the front office when it comes to the budget. I have read Logan White say that in the past, he has used the later rounds (after 10) to go after higher ceiling guys who may be difficult to sign due to strong commitments to school. Take Alex White, while BA had him as a supplemental round/2nd round pick, he was not taken until the 14th round, due to his signability, if the Dodgers thought so highly of him, why not take him with the Morris or Mattingly pick.

    I think it was because they thought that there was no guarantee even if they offered a 7 figure bonus, he was going to sign. As I stated last week, in rounds 1-10, in the past 5 drafts (2002-2006), White has only failed to sign 2 high school players, so I think he has a pretty good idea if he is going to use a high pick whether or not he has a chance to sign that guy.

    I think the philosophy changed this year as they drafted mostly college guys in 11th and higher rounds and right now have signed or agreed to sign 7-8 of those players already.

    I believe only Blair and Cole fall into the signability area and we will probably get a read on how that plays out in the next few weeks, though Hallgren's comments in yesterday's notes were the first positive things I saw about Blair since he was drafted.

    Again, great job as always, and hopefully next year, the Dodgers have even a latter pick than No. 20.

    2007-06-12 08:58:46
    10.   Bluebleeder87
    "You know, that's kind of weird," he said. "A lot of times, I dream in Spanish. Then I wake up and realize I can't even speak it."

    i just had to share this quote from Russell Martin, The Times.

    2007-06-12 09:01:44
    11.   Marty
    Great job guys. It would be nice if Canuck and Nate could make it to the DT game. Maybe Nate will be in town, but I know it would be expensive for Canuck.
    2007-06-12 09:02:37
    12.   Marty
    Sorry I missed baking thoughts last night. I'm not jealous because I don't really bake. I like making the main courses.
    2007-06-12 09:16:59
    13.   bhsportsguy
    12 No problem. I think there is a distinct difference between someone who cooks and someone who bakes and also cooks. Cooking is very free, if you don't have an ingredient you can improvise. Measurements and time are also very fluid.

    Baking is precise, you can't really subsitute ingredients and you can easily burn something if the timing is off. If you are like me, you can get to a point where you know without looking at the clock, when something is done.

    Now back for more DodgerTalk.

    2007-06-12 09:21:22
    14.   Bluebleeder87
    just finished reading Canuck & Nates right up, really nice job. Nates right up on Withrow was very detailed with great points.
    2007-06-12 09:22:12
    15.   Greg Brock
    Wow. Great job, guys. Really great job.
    2007-06-12 09:30:48
    16.   SG6
    C'mon, that couldn't really be Nate: There were too many caps in that great analysis.
    2007-06-12 09:35:39
    17.   underdog
    Well done, guys. Hip hip.

    I hope they sign Blair, too. Though some of the other picks could be great ones - hard to know either way at this point but I trust their scouts and their instructor/coaches.

    Perfect timing for this, too, what with Logan White's chat on today at 2pm. Get your questions together!

    2007-06-12 09:38:39
    18.   Greg Brock
    When we talk about incurring the wrath of the commissioner's office (re: signing guys with over-slot money), what are we talking about here? Strongly worded letters? "I'm really upset about this" conversations?

    Because, at the end of the day, who really cares? Don't we give enough money through revenue sharing? I'd rather sign guys like Blair over slot and tell the Commissioner to go fly a kite.

    2007-06-12 09:40:32
    19.   Bob Timmermann
    I would think that unless the Commissioner's Office had some way to take away draft picks under the terms of the CBA, it can't do much to teams that overspend on bonuses.
    2007-06-12 09:41:45
    20.   blue22
    12 - baking thoughts last night

    The topics that drive comments to 600+ here... You guys are awesome.

    Excellent write-up also. You two really know your stuff. I was shocked when I read Withrow's name, especially given the players available at the time (Smoker, Alderson, Brackman and Porcello, to name a few). But, hey, it's Logan White, so what do I know?

    2007-06-12 09:45:52
    21.   Inside Baseball
    18 I think McCourt already has paid enough to the commissioner's office when he wilted under their pressure and backed off signing Vladimir Guerrero. Really we all have.
    2007-06-12 09:46:29
    22.   bhsportsguy
    18 From what I have read, the process is anytime you are going over slot recommendations, you have to call MLB and their point guy and explain what you are doing and why. Then if you still plan to pay the bonus, Bud calls the ownership and explains why MLB thinks it is a bad idea to do so.

    Everyone takes a risk during the draft, I saw where the Dodgers' 2006 10th round pick, who was a junior at Clemson, decided not to sign (probably at slot) and he was picked in the 17th round this year with no leverage and will have no choice but to take whatever is offered.

    2007-06-12 09:52:54
    23.   Jacob L
    I bet it wouldn't take much nudging to get us into BBQ Thoughts -

    The other night I made a first foray into homemade bbq sauces. It was basic (ketchup, red wine vinegar, mustard, brown sugar, cayenne, and salt) but I was extremely pleased with the results. I put the chicken on the grill with just salt and pepper and brushed the sauce on during cooking. I'm normally just a dry rub guy.

    2007-06-12 09:54:51
    24.   Bob Timmermann
    We needed you for the brief foray into urban planning after the Mets announcers derided Downtown Los Angeles!

    Urban planning smack talk!

    Live on the NPR version of Jim Rome!

    2007-06-12 09:55:46
    25.   underdog
    22 Andy D'elessio, right. And I wish he had signed with the Dodgers. I was surprised to see him go so late this year. There must be something about him that scouts soured on, despite his renown while playing at Clemson.

    How is Kyle Orr doing?

    2007-06-12 09:58:41
    26.   Greg Brock
    23 There are some unbelievable BBQ sauce recipes at

    If you're feeling experimental, there is an Asian BBQ sauce recipe that is off the charts.

    2007-06-12 09:59:24
    27.   Marty
    I would really enjoy braising thoughts. Slow cooking is my favorite. As far as BBQ goes, I'm seriously considering buying a smoker. As a Texas friend of mine says, you ain't barbecuing, you're grilling.
    2007-06-12 10:00:37
    28.   Marty
    26 I use at least once a week.
    2007-06-12 10:00:58
    29.   Jacob L
    24 I'm almost certain the Mets stay at the Century Plaza, so what do they know? I happened to stay at the same hotel as the Mets last month in downtown Phlly, which, admittedly has a more functional downtown. However, if any member of the Mets, or their broadcast team, would like to join me for lunch in Little Tokyo, I'm game.
    2007-06-12 10:03:57
    30.   Greg Brock
    28 Best. Cooking. Website. Ever.
    2007-06-12 10:04:41
    31.   underdog
    Homer: "All normal people love meat. If I went to a barbecue and there was no meat, I would say 'Yo Goober! Where's the meat!?'. I'm trying to impress people here, Lisa. You don't win friends with salad."

    Actually, I've won friends with my salads... but it's not as sexy as ribs.

    2007-06-12 10:07:17
    32.   D4P
    Questions for Bay Area folks:

    I'll be making a trip later this summer to both UC-Berkeley and downtown San Francisco, flying into SF Intl Airport. Can you recommend the best way to:

    1. Get from the airport to UC-Berkeley
    2. Get from UC-Berkeley to downtown San Francisco
    3. (Somewhat less urgent) Get from downtown San Francisco to Redding

    2007-06-12 10:08:24
    33.   Greg Brock
    32 No, no, no. We're on BBQ Thoughts right now. Driving Thoughts is later.
    2007-06-12 10:10:59
    34.   alexx
    32 Driving or public transportation?
    2007-06-12 10:11:09
    35.   Samuel

    I can help you w/ number 2. Just take the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) or what you could call the subway, and there's a station in Downtown Berkeley. You can take it to various places in SF. I recommend, it should help you find the stops. You may also be able to take it from the SF airport to Downtown Berkeley.

    2007-06-12 10:12:03
    36.   Bob Timmermann
    There aren't many options for getting from SFO to Berkeley via car. You go out the airport, get on the freeway heading into San Francisco. Follow the traffic to the Bay Bridge and once you get off, go north on I-80. Get off at University Avenue. Drive east until you hit the University.

    If you're taking public transportation, you can take the BART now from SFO all the way to Berkeley and will likely have fewer headaches.

    2007-06-12 10:12:55
    37.   D4P
    Fine. is great: my wife gets all of our holiday and veggie recipes from there. Yummy!

    Public transpo.

    Thanks. I had been to, and it looks like you might be able to get from the airport to Berkeley with transfers, but I wasn't sure about that...

    2007-06-12 10:12:56
    38.   Samuel
    Hah, I should've asked about driving too. Oh well, if you want public transportation, BART is probably the way to go. Saves all the angst of having to find directions and all the trouble you'll have with parking in Berkeley.
    2007-06-12 10:13:16
    39.   alexx
    2007-06-12 10:13:56
    40.   alexx
    Yeah, you shouldn't even have to transfer if you take a Richmond bound train, I believe.
    2007-06-12 10:14:29
    41.   alexx
    (I'm a student at Cal.)
    2007-06-12 10:14:33
    42.   Humma Kavula
    I don't know if this has been pointed out, but Diamond Leung posts this on his blog:

    As my sports editor, Jeff Parenti, always asks me: What questions do you have? So I'm asking you the fan (or sports writer stalker) what questions you might have for me or anyone in the Dodgers organization.

    I'm sure a lot of you are lurking out there so make yourselves heard and send along your question in the comments or at I'll do my best to get it answered and post the response on the blog.

    2007-06-12 10:14:57
    43.   bhsportsguy
    25 Orr is going to be in Ogden I believe when the Pioneer League starts next week.
    2007-06-12 10:15:20
    44.   Samuel
    The Downtown Berkeley stop is about two or three blocks from the west tip of the UC campus.

    The printable map on that site should give you a good idea of the campus and how its situated relative to the BART station.

    2007-06-12 10:15:56
    45.   bhsportsguy
    42 I also post questions on Tony Jackson's blog and he does read the posts and gets back to you.
    2007-06-12 10:16:03
    46.   Samuel

    What year are you? I just graduated a month ago.

    2007-06-12 10:17:46
    47.   alexx
    46 Oh, cool. I just finished my fourth year but haven't graduated yet...
    2007-06-12 10:18:12
    48.   Inside Baseball
    Go Bears! (class of '94)
    2007-06-12 10:18:22
    49.   Bob Timmermann
    If you walk from the BART station in Berkeley, you get to see the big sign that says "University of California."

    I scoff at it, as it reflects the attitude that the other 9 UC campuses are somehow satellites of Berkeley, which hasn't been the case since about, oh, 1930.

    2007-06-12 10:22:56
    50.   D4P
    It looks to me as if I'd take the blue line from the airport, but if I stay on that, it doesn't appear to go up to Berkeley. Would I need to transfer on the red line at some point...?
    Show/Hide Comments 51-100
    2007-06-12 10:23:14
    51.   bhsportsguy
    Its hard for me to reconcile the fact that a lot of people here not only never saw the infield of Garvey, Lopes, Russell and Cey play together, they could not have any memory of Gibby's homer aside from highlights they have seen many years after that faithful ninth.

    I guess what I am saying is that you have been around for a while when you can remember the DH being a newfangled idea.

    2007-06-12 10:25:15
    52.   Samuel

    The lines are called by their destination points at the BART stations, not the colors, so from SFO to Berkeley you'd want to take Dublin/Pleasanton train and at Balboa Park transfer to the Richmond train and take that one to Downtown Berkeley.

    2007-06-12 10:26:37
    53.   alexx
    50 Oh my mistake. You're correct. Possibly you should transfer at Balboa Park?
    2007-06-12 10:27:36
    54.   Greg Brock
    51 Growing up, what I knew about the American League was that it had the DH. Therefore, according to Father Brock, the American League was stupid and irrelevant and should be ignored.

    Interleague play and the World Series make that impossible, but I still sort of feel that way.

    2007-06-12 10:27:38
    55.   alexx
    52 Congrats, though. What was your major?
    2007-06-12 10:28:44
    56.   D4P
    Thanks a lot, everyone. Looks like BART is the way to go.

    Interesting story (to me at least): I found out this past year that my paternal grandfather (who's still alive) was (1) a student at Berkeley, and (2) on his way to becoming a dentist, when (3) WWII broke out and he left school to go drop bombs on Europe.

    This was shocking to me for a number of reasons, not the least of which that my grandparents routinely bash Berkeley for being a liberal haven.

    2007-06-12 10:29:41
    57.   Samuel
    Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, otherwise known as EECS.
    2007-06-12 10:31:44
    58.   Jacob L
    51 To tie two trains of thought together, I met Ron Cey at a baseball game at Cal, just a couple of blocks from the downtown Berkeley BART station. We did not talk about cooking, or the relative merits of downtown LA. I just recounted a walk off homer I saw him hit against the Expos. Do people hear not remember the Expos?
    2007-06-12 10:32:04
    59.   Samuel

    If you're lucky, you will run into many characters at Berkeley, including one who is fondly known as the "happy happy guy".

    2007-06-12 10:33:15
    60.   alexx
    57 Ah, sounds like you have a solid future in front of you. Alas, I am a mere sociology major.
    2007-06-12 10:34:38
    61.   D4P
    I ran into my share of characters in Eugene, though Berkeley's might be even more charactery. Should be fun.
    2007-06-12 10:34:46
    62.   Marty
    51 Some of us remember the Parker, Lefebvre, Wills, Kennedy infield.
    2007-06-12 10:34:53
    63.   Jacob L
    I make some really, really stupid typos on DT. Good thing this isn't my job.
    2007-06-12 10:35:07
    64.   Greg Brock
    58 Everybody remembers Montreal. That's the place where the Dodgers went to get swept every year.
    2007-06-12 10:37:46
    65.   LAT
    Went to the game last night. Following up on Brock's comments, the thing I noticed is that LoDuca was taking a large share of the booing. It seems to me that he usally gets a pass.

    Jerry Siefield was sitting a few rows in front of us wearing a Mets cap and people were all over him. Chants of J-E-R-R-Y went up every time the Dodgers scored. At first he laughed and smiled at the crowd but then seemed to get annoyed as it went on and on.

    I cought my first foul ball in since I got one from Willie Crawford 20+ years ago. Kent hit a towering pop-up that took a big bounce off the top of the Mets dugout and came down just behind the Dugout Club.

    We got there early so my daughter could get autographs. Players just don't sign much anymore. Pedro Feliciano stayed a long time and signed for virtually everyone. Franco signed for a few and Green signed for a few. Loduca, Delgado, Wright, Mota, Beltran all ignored the legion of kids in Mets jerseys. I started heckeling LoDuca for not signing. I may be wrong, but I think where you have a fan base you should take the time to sign. No one in Atlanta or such cares about LoDuca but there are a lot of kids here that grew up with him and he should take 10 mins and sign for some of them.

    All in all a really fun game. I am going back tonight. Hopefully the result will be just as good.

    2007-06-12 10:37:52
    66.   ToyCannon
    I've got a good friend who is a pastry chef whose pastries are distributed all over LA. I expect if you've had pastries in Los Angeles you've probably eaten his work. He makes the best lemon bars in the world(Rule 6 Violation). His hours are horrendous working every night till around 7:00 AM. Strangest guy you'd ever meet and if you saw him in a dark alley you'd think your life was over until you find out all the scars are from car accidents and the knife wounds are from the kitchen. He's basically the white guy in the Barbershop movie.
    2007-06-12 10:37:59
    67.   Jacob L
    I guess we've moved from Baking Thoughts to BBQ Thoughts (alas, oh so briefly) to Berkeley Thoughts. I know Jon loves it when that happens. Anyway, speaking of characters, if anyone from the early 90s vintage remembers a guy named Crazy John Smedek, that would blow me away. Not a big name local character ala the Hate Man, but certainly the characteriest character I ever met. He was, among many other things, a Justine Bateman stalker.
    2007-06-12 10:38:37
    68.   Samuel

    Thanks. Good luck with getting done with school yourself. Take advantage of your extra year or semester to get the student tickets to the football games. The young alumni seats are a ripoff.

    2007-06-12 10:39:00
    69.   Bob Timmermann
    The average liberal today is too conservative for the tastes of the average Berkeley resident.
    2007-06-12 10:42:10
    70.   D4P
    a Justine Bateman stalker

    Mmmm...Nellie Bluth...She blows me - away...

    The average liberal today is too conservative for the tastes of the average Berkeley resident

    The average conservative today is a socialist-community-marxist-leftist-extremist-wacko compared to my grandparents.

    2007-06-12 10:46:13
    71.   Greg Brock
    70 Funny. My grandparents were leftist extremists before it was hip.
    2007-06-12 10:47:55
    72.   bhsportsguy
    65 I'll be there too, however I will a few levels higher than you will be.

    70 Michael J. Fox told me a fantasy he had about Justine Bateman which could be considered strange though I recall reading that Matthew Broderick and Jennifer Grey (brother and sister in "Ferris Bueller") dated during/after that movie.

    2007-06-12 10:47:57
    73.   Marty
    My mother was practically a communist. My father was a hard-core first division Marine. There were some interesting dinner table arguments during the Viet Nam war.
    2007-06-12 11:01:41
    74.   bhsportsguy
    Totally OT but relates to the NBA Finals.

    I was watching Game 4 of the 1987 NBA Finals on ESPN Classic on Saturday. It was the Lakers at the Celtics.

    A few things I noticed:
    1. The Lakers were constantly bringing the ball up and shooting within 10-12 seconds, not a lot of ball movement in the sets.
    2. 3-pointers were definitely not a first option (aside from Danny Ainge).
    3. One instance of foul call where players on Celtic bench came onto the floor, a double technical was called but no ejections and certainly no suspensions.
    4. The Star power of Magic, Bird, Kareem, McHale, DJ, Worthy, Coop, etc.

    It was just a reminder of how expansion has diluted talent and how defense has taken over the game.

    2007-06-12 11:11:17
    75.   underdog
    D4P, you've gotten all the info you need re: getting to Berkeley from SFO (and yes, you have to transfer - doesn't have to be at Balboa Park, but that's the first place you can transfer, and the last one is at West Oakland, I believe) to the Richmond line. Then it's easy to get to SF from Berkeley, taking the Richmond line back to the city. When you pass the Glen Park stop feel free to wave just in case I'm there getting on or off the train, too. (That's my stop.)

    To get to Redding? Well, either drive - 80 to the 5 I believe - or you can take a train from Emeryville, though I think to get to Redding there's only one every day that you can take. There are more frequent trains to and from Sacramento. (

    Have fun in Bezerkely.

    2007-06-12 11:16:21
    76.   underdog
    I didn't see this mentioned earlier so...

    Larry Bigbie is now a member of the Braves.
    The Richmond Braves. (Atlanta's AAA affiliate.)

    2007-06-12 11:19:34
    77.   D4P
    When you pass the Glen Park stop feel free to wave just in case I'm there getting on or off the train, too

    Will you be wearing your Juan Pierre jersey...?

    2007-06-12 11:26:15
    78.   D4P
    Yet another enjoyable ARod-themed entry up on FJM.
    2007-06-12 11:26:33
    79.   Bluebleeder87
    "I'm not a home-run hitter," said Garciaparra, who has never hit fewer than 20 of them in any full major-league season in which he didn't miss at least two months with an injury. "I never worried about home runs. I worry about getting guys in and winning ballgames. Sometimes, I sneak (homers) in because I trick (the pitchers), but I don't want to trick them this year."

    Did you guys read this quote from the Daily News. Wha??

    2007-06-12 11:27:07
    80.   JoeyP
    Russ Martin might be in first pro-longed slump of his career:

    He's 4-24 with 1bb over the last week.
    .167/.192/.167---> along with some poor defense.

    One blessing, if Martin doenst make the All-Star team, would be him getting those three days to rest.

    2007-06-12 11:28:48
    81.   underdog
    77 In the words of Nelson from the Simpsons, "Hah. Hah!" Um, no, maybe my Champ Bailey jersey though, or I guess I could remove my Gagne shirt from mothballs.
    2007-06-12 11:32:38
    82.   D4P
    but I don't want to trick them this year

    Finally, the lies come to an end. Good for Nomar. These days, when Nomar gives the impression that he will hit one single per game and make outs in his other PAs, pitcher's can take him at his word. That's nice to see.

    2007-06-12 11:38:42
    83.   Greg Brock
    Two possible explanations for Nomar's "trickery" proclamation.

    A) He's delusional
    B) He thinks we're stupid and he's lying

    2007-06-12 11:39:14
    84.   Greg Brock
    He could also be kidding.
    2007-06-12 11:40:34
    85.   underdog
    But isn't it true to a certain extent that seeing him a "power hitter" is not quite right. I mean he's put up some good home run numbers off and on, but he's never really struck me as a slugger. I was certainly surprised he hit 20 dingers last year. But, yeah, maybe he's trying to lower our expectations, so when he does hit that 'rare' homer, it'll just tickle us to death as a pleasant surprise...
    2007-06-12 11:41:07
    86.   Jacob L
    82 Well he can't help but notice that 1 for 5 with a single can get you a pretty good multi-year deal.
    2007-06-12 11:42:23
    87.   Jacob L
    Plus, while some homers from Nomar would sure be nice, what I really miss are the gap shot doubles. The balls that were, you know, hit hard.
    2007-06-12 11:45:54
    88.   bhsportsguy
    80 I just can't imagine a workout and playing half a game in a city 1 hour away by air being that taxing on Russell Martin.

    The Dodgers play a day game at home on the Sunday before the ASB and they don't play again until Friday night in San Francsico.

    Martin may fly up Monday morning for the workout that afternoon and then all the All-Star media stuff, play the game on Tuesday night, fly back to LA that night, have all of Wednesday off, probably fly back up to SF Thursday afternoon and still have 24 hours before game time on Friday.

    2007-06-12 11:47:18
    89.   bhsportsguy
    I am going to write this everyday (okay not everyday that would be a rule violation) but I believe Nomar is hurt like Steve Finley in 2005.
    2007-06-12 11:49:40
    90.   ToyCannon
    I think it was more along the lines of this pre-all star performance
    358 .426 .578 1.004
    which seems to have been erased from DT poster's memory.

    Your all telling me that on July 1st, 2006 Nomar became a bad hitter and has no chance of rebounding? Just seems a little sudden.

    2007-06-12 11:51:26
    91.   D4P
    It seems pretty clear that either:

    1. Nomar is hurt, and/or
    2. Nomar's diet changed, and/or
    3. Nomar is distracted by his twins and such

    2007-06-12 11:52:23
    92.   regfairfield
    90 Based on the collapse that his batted ball stats have taken since then, something is certainly different about Nomar since then.
    2007-06-12 11:56:00
    93.   Ken Arneson
    Man, I can't believe I missed out on the "How do I get to UC Berkeley?" discussion. I used to be a professional answerer of that very question.

    I shall add to the discussion this piece of information: no matter where you're going on the UC Berkeley campus, the walk from the BART station to your destination is uphill. So pack lightly, or consider taking a shuttle:

    2007-06-12 11:56:04
    94.   underdog
    91 Actually, I think all of those may be true; er, at least 1 and 3. It's obvious whatever it is has worried the Dodgers enough that they called up Loney, which is fine by me. Especially since they're also playing Loney. Maybe Nomar just needs to be DL'd with phantom twin-itus or ingrown hangnail or something. Something's obviously tiring him...

    I'm perfectly happy with that plan.

    2007-06-12 11:57:36
    95.   underdog
    93 That's a good point. It's a bit of a schlep, especially if you're carrying anything, so a shuttle's a good idea. Though it's a perfectly pleasant walk if you're in the mood for it. Not as hilly as the walk from Glen Park station to my house though.
    2007-06-12 11:58:52
    96.   jasonungar07
    but I don't want to trick them this year.

    Is he talking about Coletti?

    2007-06-12 12:00:53
    97.   Bob Timmermann
    What if D4P is just going to Evans Diamond? That's not uphill or if it is, it's just marginally so.
    2007-06-12 12:03:34
    98.   ToyCannon
    I read the Nomar "trick" quote this morning and it is one of the strangest quotes I've ever read from a ballplayer.
    2007-06-12 12:04:33
    99.   Penarol1916
    71. My grandfather was too. He was a founding father of the social welfare system in Uruguay and the leader of the anti-Catholic Church party. My main memories of him are that he alway made fun of my mom for getting baptized and he always made me drink a highball of whiskey, which I couldn't drink more than half of until I was 15.
    2007-06-12 12:06:26
    100.   underdog
    I liked this quote from Grady about Nomar, that was on Diamond Leung's blog. (On that site, there are some glitchy characters around it, probably from cutting and pasting from somewhere else.) "It's like that kid that you tell not to play in the street. You're not going to wait until he gets run over."
    Show/Hide Comments 101-150
    2007-06-12 12:07:00
    101.   jasonungar07
    84 must be right, it was self decimating humor. It had to been...
    2007-06-12 12:08:49
    102.   D4P
    Thanks, Ken. It looks like my walking trip involves trekking from the downtown Berkeley BART stop to Stern Hall, in the northeast corner of campus. Since I'll probably be on the west coast for nearly 2 weeks, I might have a bit of luggage with me.
    2007-06-12 12:09:52
    103.   Vaudeville Villain

    Nomar has had a larger sample of AB's if you include this year and post all-star game last year than his sample of AB's from pre-all star game. Wouldn't you agree that the statistics seem to indicate that his pre-all star game performance was the exception rather than the rule?

    2007-06-12 12:18:55
    104.   Samuel

    You should probably try to get on one of the buses then. That walk with 2 weeks worth of luggage is going to be painful. You're pretty much going to be going uphill all the way to Stern.

    2007-06-12 12:20:00
    105.   Bob Timmermann
    You're living in Stern Hall?

    Is there something you'd like to share with us?

    2007-06-12 12:21:53
    106.   FirstMohican
    Has Nomar been hanging out with Shaq?
    2007-06-12 12:22:25
    107.   Bluebleeder87
    Two possible explanations for Nomar's "trickery" proclamation.

    A) He's delusional
    B) He thinks we're stupid and he's lying

    I'm offended by your B proposal

    2007-06-12 12:23:13
    108.   underdog
    105 Heh. Why, D4P, you sly dog. Will you be re-enacting Bosom Buddies? Sounds like it'll be a fun two weeks.
    2007-06-12 12:24:24
    109.   Greg Brock
    D4P is a dame.

    Did NOT see that one coming.

    2007-06-12 12:25:21
    110.   Samuel

    I was going to mention that...but knowing that Berkeley seems to hold a lot of conferences over the summer, I figured that they probably don't adhere to the gender restrictions over the summer.

    2007-06-12 12:27:16
    111.   overkill94
    8 From watching his scouting video, Adkins' curveball really does seem to be a plus pitch. It has a little more lateral movement than Zito's does, but it looked like it had a tighter break. His arm slot makes it seem that he'll have trouble against righties (thus the LOOGy prediction), but maybe some tweaks in his mechanics or an added pitch will help combat that.
    2007-06-12 12:29:06
    112.   D4P
    The shuttle sounds like a good idea, though I'm having a tough time figuring out whether it will be running on the Saturday when I arrive.

    And no, the last time I checked (which was quite recent), I'm not a dame. Apparently, Stern hall is used for non-gender-specific housing for conferences and such. You can read about it here:

    2007-06-12 12:29:36
    113.   Bob Timmermann
    And yet D4P has mentioned a "wife."

    Like I believe that now...

    2007-06-12 12:34:02
    114.   underdog
    Which one of you Russell Martin mancrushers concocted this little video tribute?
    Josh R thinks it's one of the reasons he got an all-star vote bump.
    2007-06-12 12:36:09
    115.   underdog
    I should add a warning: That video is very cheesy. You may feel a little queasy and need to get some air after watching. Do not try this at home. Contents may settle after shipping.
    2007-06-12 12:36:34
    116.   Samuel

    There are campus buses and AC (Alameda Country) Transit buses that should be running on a Saturday. If you could jump on the 52 or 52L bus from the BART station that should get you near Stern, or right down the hill from Stern. Honestly, I never really liked taking buses because they were never there when I needed them, so I just walked everywhere.

    2007-06-12 12:37:14
    117.   screwballin
    Another part of Nomar's quote, from the Times:

    "I'm looking at it as, am I knocking in runs? That's something you have to do in the middle of the order."

    I just wish he'd ask himself, though, "Am I allowing those behind me to knock in runs? By, you know, being on base?" That's also something you have to do, Nomar.

    2007-06-12 12:37:29
    118.   Samuel
    That should say Alameda County, not Country.
    2007-06-12 12:39:07
    119.   Samuel

    I'm ashamed of myself, I guess the C stands for Contra Costa County, not just County as I originally thought.

    2007-06-12 12:39:55
    120.   Hythloday
    118 - I'd be willing to grant it country status.
    2007-06-12 12:41:35
    121.   overkill94
    114 That video didn't really inspire me to vote for him - they could have pretty much put any player in there since it's just a bunch of still farms. I do appreciate the effort by whoever made it though.
    2007-06-12 12:45:33
    122.   Bob Timmermann
    I am willing to serve as Los Angeles County's first minister plenipotentiary to the new country of Alameda.

    I believe there will be an embassy constructed in Oakland under the "Stop Casting Porosity" sign.

    2007-06-12 12:46:14
    123.   trainwreck
    Great job Canuck and Nate.

    So D4P is coming to my neck of the woods.

    2007-06-12 12:49:22
    124.   D4P
    So D4P is coming to my neck of the woods

    I keep preaching patience. Everyone around here's all like "When are you coming to my town" and "When will I finally get to meet you" and "Why haven't you visited here yet".

    I'm only one man! I'll get there eventually!

    2007-06-12 12:50:14
    125.   Bob Timmermann
    If you want to take the wife for a good cheap dinner, just stop by Chez Panisse on Shattuck.

    You don't need reservations. Just walk in.

    2007-06-12 12:50:30
    126.   Hythloday
    122 - If you need a flag, an airport, and a currency (though this isn't true any more) to be a country who will be on the newly minted coins? My vote is for Jerry Brown. Serving at the embassy you will be paid in Moonbeam Rubles.
    2007-06-12 12:53:35
    127.   D4P
    I'll be traveling alone (a source of some contention, BTW). With the exception of the day I arrive, I'll be eating at a dining hall while on campus. After that, I'll be in San Francisco and free to eat where I want.
    2007-06-12 12:55:21
    128.   Bob Timmermann
    The Alameda County $1 - Jerry Brown
    The Alameda County $5 - Samuel Merritt
    The Alameda County $10 - William Knowland
    The Alameda County $20 - Gertrude Stein
    The Alameda County $50 - Mario Savio
    2007-06-12 12:58:40
    129.   underdog
    125 "If you want to take the wife for a good cheap dinner, just stop by Chez Panisse on Shattuck. You don't need reservations. Just walk in."

    Just ask for "Alice."

    D4P, you could eat your way through SF for years, but if you need advice on some good cheap places let me know, remind me in a couple of months.

    2007-06-12 13:00:17
    130.   D4P
    All right. I'll ask again when I know for certain where I'll be staying in SF. It will be somewhere near Mission Bay, a redevelopment project I'll be studying.
    2007-06-12 13:02:25
    131.   underdog
    130 Ahh... right near where I was just recently looking at lofts to buy. Couldn't afford any of them and most were too small, but sure were nice. The whole Dogpatch/China Basin/Mission Bay area is quite new and up n' coming. Great coffee: Philz. Anyway, cool.
    2007-06-12 13:07:00
    132.   Hythloday
    Can we get Andrew Martinez on the $100?
    2007-06-12 13:13:53
    133.   Jacob L
    What's the conference, D4P? Assuming its planning related, I might be up for a Bay Area junket.
    2007-06-12 13:14:28
    134.   natepurcell
    Thanks for the nice words an thanks to Jon for letting me have the opportunity!
    2007-06-12 13:18:25
    135.   D4P
    It's a workshop on journal article writing. It's planning related, but more academic than practice.
    2007-06-12 13:19:04
    136.   Bumsrap
    129 "If you want to take the wife for a good cheap dinner...

    Maybe a better way to frame your question would be to ask: "if you are looking for a good dinner at a practical price...."

    2007-06-12 13:21:49
    137.   Bumsrap
    Nomar seemed to take much more aggressive swings than he is taking this year and at the end of last year. Maybe he trying to not hurt himself and just hitting with the power of someone his size or the average shortstop.
    2007-06-12 13:24:53
    138.   s choir
    My top 5 bay area restaurants, ranked from most expensive to least expensive:

    1. Piperade (Battery & Green)
    2. Suppenkuche (Hayes & Laguna)
    3. Sushi Zone (Pearl & Market)
    4. Joe's Cable Car (Mission & Silver)
    5. Vik's Chaat House (4th & Allston in Berkeley)

    These are also 5 of the reasons I am sad to be leaving San Francisco in less than a week. I've lived here for almost 6 years now, and a total of 10 years in Northern California. But I'm excited to be moving back to LA. That means more Dodger games!

    And I've heard LA has some great food too...

    2007-06-12 13:26:16
    139.   Jacob L
    135 So I'll start my travel request with, "How'd you guys like to send me on a trip that will help me find a new job . . ."
    2007-06-12 13:27:44
    140.   trainwreck
    Yes, Vik's Chaat House!
    2007-06-12 13:28:10
    141.   D4P
    That might work, if they really want to get rid of you...
    2007-06-12 13:29:39
    142.   Bluebleeder87
    Thanks for the nice words an thanks to Jon for letting me have the opportunity!

    Don't let it get to your head though bro!

    2007-06-12 13:29:48
    143.   Inside Baseball
    111 Thanks for the assessment of Adkin's curve.

    132 Sadly, Andrew Martinez fulfills the "No longer breathing" requirement.

    2007-06-12 13:33:07
    144.   s choir
    140 Vik's is about the closest I've ever seen a restaurant come to authentic Indian food.
    2007-06-12 13:33:10
    145.   Hythloday
    143 - Yeah I read a story about him somewhere. It sounded like an awful descent into madness IIRC.
    2007-06-12 13:36:45
    146.   trainwreck

    Are you Indian or just really like Indian food?

    2007-06-12 13:37:10
    147.   Jacob L
    I knew Andrew Martinez a little bit, having been involved myself in the alt/hippy/co-op/weirdo scene. Even at the height of his notoriety, it was a pretty sad story. A lot of misspent energy.
    2007-06-12 13:39:37
    148.   s choir
    144 I'm half Indian. Other half's Jewish.
    2007-06-12 13:40:39
    149.   trainwreck
    I'm half too.
    2007-06-12 13:42:03
    150.   Sushirabbit
    Umm, if you like that curveball, wait till you see his slider. (Adkins that is)

    He has a straight change, but doesn't use it much. I think he had a hard time repeating mechanically, so they got him working the same way and he hardly threw it. Plus sometimes when you mess with different pitches you can have a hard time locating, in his case keeping it down in the zone.

    Show/Hide Comments 151-200
    2007-06-12 13:43:42
    151.   s choir
    Nice to meet another ABCHD!
    2007-06-12 13:43:43
    152.   Ricardo
    Thanks Jon, Nate and Canuck. I hope they sign Blair and what´s the name of the guy from Puerto Rico that the Dodgers picked? He´s very young and I think he can be a good pitcher.
    2007-06-12 13:44:04
    153.   Bob Timmermann
    Since I had no money when I was in grad school in Berkeley, my meals consisted of the Blondie's Pizza specials, Top Dog, and lots of yogurt.

    And I walked a lot.

    I got down to 170 lbs on my 6'5" frame then.

    It helped to be 22.

    2007-06-12 13:45:21
    154.   trainwreck
    I have no idea what that means lol.
    2007-06-12 13:55:11
    155.   natepurcell
    i cant think of any questions to ask white.
    2007-06-12 13:56:59
    156.   alexx
    What are the chances Blair gets signed? Will you ever deal with Boras again?
    2007-06-12 13:57:32
    157.   trainwreck
    What are your expectations for Adkins?

    Did you even think of drafting Porcello?

    2007-06-12 13:57:42
    158.   bhsportsguy
    155 Logan, did you step outside the draft room between the 1st and 5th pick?
    2007-06-12 13:58:16
    159.   trainwreck
    What are your thoughts on Elbert's injury and Miller's struggles?
    2007-06-12 13:58:58
    160.   natepurcell
    okay, you guys can submit those :)
    2007-06-12 14:01:19
    161.   Dodgers49
    Martin's ascent in All-Star voting sweet music to Dodgers' ears

    >>> "It was tough because I was so comfortable at third base, so confident that I could have played there at a big-league level. <<<

    If the Dodgers continue to have problems at 3rd base the solution may already be here. :-)

    2007-06-12 14:02:57
    162.   natepurcell
    if the dodgers dont sign and top international talent im calling logan white out!
    2007-06-12 14:04:44
    163.   Curtis Lowe
    What is up with Elbert's injury I haven't been able to find anything related to it other than he is pitching in vero for some reason or another. Is he going to end up like Miller?
    2007-06-12 14:06:19
    164.   trainwreck
    He is having exploratory shoulder surgery. Out for the year.
    2007-06-12 14:07:40
    165.   bhsportsguy
    2007-06-12 14:08:24
    166.   El Lay Dave
    128 The Alameda County $100 - Jack London
    2007-06-12 14:08:45
    167.   s choir

    ABCD means American-Born Confused Desi.
    Therefore, ABCHD is... you can fill in the blank.

    2007-06-12 14:09:22
    168.   trainwreck
    Know anything about the prospects he mentioned that we signed from Latin America?
    2007-06-12 14:09:57
    169.   natepurcell
    Logan White just stole my Sleeper.
    2007-06-12 14:10:33
    170.   trainwreck
    2007-06-12 14:10:38
    171.   natepurcell

    nope. if they arent big bonus babies, they are not going to get any pub until they start playing in the states.

    2007-06-12 14:11:18
    172.   Hythloday
    166 - Well sure go for lasting literary impact over fleeting pop culture icon. That's such an easy out. We might as well say that the Beatles were better than the Yardbirds.
    2007-06-12 14:13:14
    173.   natepurcell
    Hes dodgin' bullets, he hasnt taken any of my tough questions yet.
    2007-06-12 14:14:20
    174.   trainwreck
    All these questions could be answered by Nate or Canuck. Where's the meat?
    2007-06-12 14:15:10
    175.   trainwreck
    Withrow has a higher ceiling than Porcello? I highly doubt it.
    2007-06-12 14:16:55
    176.   trainwreck
    There you go Nate.
    2007-06-12 14:17:04
    177.   El Lay Dave
    Somewhat belated kudos to CanuckDodger and Nate Purcell for the excellent commentaries on the draft, not only for the fine summaries that are the topic of this thread but also for the comments that appeared throughout this blog as the draft approached. As an interested fan, but without the time and energy to invest in the research, I truly appreciate your efforts and insights. (With thanks to Jon for opening his blog to these two commenters.)
    2007-06-12 14:20:19
    178.   natepurcell
    i hate these chats, every answer is politically correct although i dont know why i would expect otherwise.
    2007-06-12 14:20:37
    179.   bhsportsguy
    I cannot get into the chat, all I see is the log for the Rick Monday chat that took place last month.
    2007-06-12 14:20:40
    180.   Curtis Lowe
    Thank you for the update on Elbert.
    2007-06-12 14:28:21
    181.   underdog
    Same here. Or I can get into the live chat but I can't see the log of anything asked before - the log is out of date. Oh well, I asked a few questions anyway.
    2007-06-12 14:29:19
    182.   El Lay Dave
    172 Well, to tie things back to the main topic of this blog, haven't many ballplayers come out of Oakland? Surely some great slugger or hurler should be honored as well? The Joe Morgan $500? The Rickey Henderson $1000? The Ernie Lombardi $10,000?
    2007-06-12 14:31:40
    183.   Bob Timmermann
    My Hero, Frank Robinson, came from Oakland. So did Curt Flood and Vada Pinson.

    They all came from the same high school, McLymonds (sp?).

    Willie Stargell and Dontrelle Willis are notable players from the city of Alameda. Alameda is also the home of Ken Arneson, who as far as Baseball Toaster is concerned, is our Founding Father and Supreme Potentate.

    2007-06-12 14:31:40
    184.   trainwreck
    I want the Isiah Rider $10.
    2007-06-12 14:32:23
    185.   Bob Timmermann
    Checking my spelling, it's McClymonds High.
    2007-06-12 14:35:38
    186.   nofatmike
    Logan White answered my question!

    Me: I've noticed Andy LaRoche hasn't been hitting with a lot of power lately, do you think he is still lingering from his labrum injuries or do you believe this is something he'll be able to work out of?

    Logan: Good question, I think it is a little of both, but Andy has always been a slow starter, and I expect him to really heat up the second half.

    Logan: I think you'll see his power numbers go up once he becomes a major leaguer.

    2007-06-12 14:36:28
    187.   Hythloday
    I think $1000 is too small for the King of the Third Person I would support the Rickey Henderson $1,000,000,000,000. I would like to see the battle between him and Montgomery Burns.
    2007-06-12 14:37:36
    188.   underdog
    Ooh, was that your question about Mike Watt, Nate? Or another Nate. His answer included, "..with all due respect to Baseball America..."
    2007-06-12 14:39:41
    189.   natepurcell

    no that was me. one thing though, Martin was drafted in the 17th round or something, they made Watt a second round choice. theres a difference.

    2007-06-12 14:41:48
    190.   underdog
    Says some non-40man players possible for call up on 9/1 would include Meloan (I should hope!), possibly Hu, even Xavier Paul...
    2007-06-12 14:42:49
    191.   underdog
    189 True, though I think his point is more that where BA ranks someone doesn't always reflect where they rank someone. Martin was another "sleeper" that wasn't ranked very high, though, yeah, 17th round is less of a reach no matter who you're drafting.
    2007-06-12 14:43:42
    192.   Xeifrank
    Pretty excited about Guo pitching tonight. Hopefully, he can keep his walk total fairly low tonight. I'd settle for a 2 walk performance, but the over/uder is probably closer to 3 in a six inning outing. Guo has been pretty unlucky on his BABIP against, most of it from the outing where he gave up all the bloop singles. Maine on the otherhand has been pretty lucky on his BABIP against, but has been regressing back to the mean of late. I have a gut feeling that this will be Guo's best start of the season and that the Dodgers will hold his four run 9th inning lead this time. vr, Xei
    2007-06-12 14:47:32
    193.   Xeifrank
    Lived in Berkeley for a short time (many years ago) on University Avenue between the Thai restaraunt and the Fosters Freeze, about a block or two from the small library. I have a few books that are many years overdue, but don't tell Bob. If you are going to give food handouts to the homeless, make sure you don't give them any organic fruits, they don't like that stuff. vr, Xei
    2007-06-12 14:49:13
    194.   StolenMonkey86
    I thought of my question too late. I wanted to ask if he would have drafted himself.
    2007-06-12 14:56:44
    195.   Berkeley Doug
    For the ABCDs - What do you think of Naan n' Curry? One of my favorite cheap eats in Berkeley. Another good place for cheap food is Cafe Intermezzo (salads), which is a few blocks from campus, and Manu Puka (Japanese), which is a bit further away towards Oakland.
    2007-06-12 14:58:16
    196.   Berkeley Doug
    D4P - As much as I love Berkeley, the one thing we will notice is the abundance of homeless people. I typically pass at least 5 people on my four block walk to the BART station every day.
    2007-06-12 15:00:09
    197.   overkill94
    150 Well, you could call the pitch I'm talking about either a slider or a curve, thus it should more accurately be called a slurve. It doesn't quite have the sweeping action of a Randy Johnson slider nor the looping action of a Zito curve, but it resides somewhere in between with pretty much diagonal movement. Either way, it's a heck of a pitch.
    2007-06-12 15:02:34
    198.   D4P
    I'm relatively used to seeing homeless people, as both Eugene and Durham have their share. What makes Durham so special is that people (some of whom are presumably homeless) actually knock on the door of your residence asking for money, either as a gift or in exchange for washing your car, mowing your lawn, etc.
    2007-06-12 15:02:47
    199.   trainwreck
    Haven't had it, but isn't it a chain?
    2007-06-12 15:04:55
    200.   underdog
    I really do like the Adkins pick, even if it was surprising or this or that, I just like the guy's stuff and think he still could potentially get a bit better with some pro coaching. I predict he'll be up in the Dodgers' bullpen in late '08.
    Show/Hide Comments 201-250
    2007-06-12 15:05:34
    201.   Berkeley Doug
    198 The ones here tend to be relatively harmless, except for the occasional guy who will urinate in public - on a busy street - on a car - that is a convetible - with the roof down (true story - I think the guy was blind).
    2007-06-12 15:06:20
    202.   underdog
    198 I work near where seemingly most of the Bay Area's mentally ill homeless people like to congregate. (Not being critical as much as just saying it makes me sad. And it's hard to deal with sometimes.) in SF's Civic Center. Be prepared if you come here... because, hey, on 6h street is Tu Lan vietnamese food.
    2007-06-12 15:07:13
    203.   underdog
    201 Sorry, that was me. I really had to go.
    2007-06-12 15:12:04
    204.   Berkeley Doug
    203 And that was my car! Just kidding.
    2007-06-12 15:12:53
    205.   D4P
    Is "SF's Civic Center" near "Civic Center Plaza"...? I see the latter on Mapquest, as it's very near a few spots I'll be visiting.
    2007-06-12 15:14:54
    206.   underdog
    205 Yup! The plaza is mostly fine and especially as you walk west toward City Hall. There's a nice farmer's market on Wednesdays. Just be prepared to see some depressing aspects of humanity along that part of Market St. The BART station drops you right off across from the library, which is real nice.
    2007-06-12 15:16:02
    207.   Berkeley Doug

    Very close. That stretch of Market Street can be very interesting sometimes. Where are visiting?

    2007-06-12 15:17:06
    208.   D4P
    I will be visiting a spot on Van Ness, and a spot on Market, which Mapquest tells me are roughly .5 miles away from each other by car, though it looks closer as the crow flies. I also need to visit Mission Bay, which is over 2 miles from there.

    So, is it possible to stay in a hotel in that area and get to all 3 spots without having a car?

    2007-06-12 15:27:12
    209.   underdog
    208 Yup! The new MUNI T-line goes to Mission Bay/China Basin, along Third Street, from Van Ness. There are some decent hotels on Van Ness, and the Ramada at Civic Center is okay (not great), and there are some nice new, cheap places on 7th Street (just brace yourself for ickiness around mission/market and 7th.)

    Back to baseball... sort of. Since one of you mentioned you'd seen Jerry Seinfeld at the game last night, check this out:

    2007-06-12 15:28:36
    210.   El Lay Dave
    This is the (Los Angeles) Dodger Thoughts blog and the conversation topic is currently non-automotive transportation in San Francisco! Does this qualify as irony?
    2007-06-12 15:30:48
    211.   D4P
    Thanks, Dog.
    2007-06-12 15:31:09
    212.   underdog
    210 Yep.
    The funny thing about that Seinfeld piece is I can't tell if it's him or a satire of him.
    2007-06-12 15:35:08
    213.   Bob Timmermann
    Who is a worse National League DH tonight:
    Gabe Gross of Milwaukee who is batting 9th and batting .200 or Geoff Blum of the Padres batting 8th and also batting .200.
    2007-06-12 15:37:20
    214.   trainwreck
    Definitely Blum.
    2007-06-12 15:37:48
    215.   bhsportsguy
    213 I would say Gross only because Blum got some key hits last week against the Dodgers.
    2007-06-12 15:39:24
    216.   Bob Timmermann
    The Devil Rays DH tonight is Greg Norton. He's batting .189.

    And he's hitting cleanup for some reason.

    2007-06-12 15:40:29
    217.   Bob Timmermann
    Tomorrow in Tampa Bay: Jake Peavy faces Edwin Jackson!
    2007-06-12 15:40:35
    218.   underdog
    I wonder if the Dodgers will find a trading partner for poor ol' Brady Clark? I'm assuming he won't accept a minor league assignment...
    2007-06-12 15:41:24
    219.   regfairfield
    213 Gross is hitting .200/.338/.400 and isn't Geoff Blum.
    2007-06-12 15:41:47
    220.   trainwreck
    Gross has better numbers than Juan Pierre.

    Granted, in fewer plate appearances.

    2007-06-12 15:41:51
    221.   Bob Timmermann
    Nomar returns!

    Furcal, SS
    Pierre, CF
    Nomar, 1B
    Kent, 2B
    Gonzo, LF
    Martin, C
    Betemit, 3B
    Kemp, RF
    Kuo, P

    2007-06-12 15:42:17
    222.   regfairfield
    218 I'm sure we could get a very minor prospect for him. He has a little bit of value left.
    2007-06-12 15:43:22
    223.   Bob Timmermann
    I could picture Brady Clark roaming the outfield for the Cardinals.

    I think St. Louis is where washed up outfielders go to die.

    2007-06-12 15:44:20
    224.   alexx
    I've had Indian friends tell me Naan n' Curry is the most authentic Indian food they've had in the US and I've also had Indian friends tell me it is nowhere near authentic. I think it's quite tasty.
    2007-06-12 15:44:43
    225.   trainwreck
    I wish Martin and Kemp were moved up in the lineup.
    2007-06-12 15:45:23
    226.   bigcpa
    I just noticed Ned Colleti has a chat scheduled for August 7th. It might be fun to prepare some questions now.

    Ned- Congrats on your acquisition of Cliff Floyd! What ultimately led to the decision to part with Billingsley?

    2007-06-12 15:48:14
    227.   underdog
    226 Oh man, the thought of that even as a joke made me choke on my apple.

    Darn, no Loney, but I'm glad to see Kemp. But darn, he's at the bottom of the line-up where he'll see nothing to hit. Yeah, Martin needs to stay #3 but... whatever. I'll take it one small victory at a time.

    2007-06-12 15:48:30
    228.   D4P
    If you're a really bad #3 hitter, but take a few days off, you generally return as a much better #3 hitter. Don't ask me why: it just is.
    2007-06-12 15:54:19
    229.   Eric Enders
    I think it's going to take a while before Grady has the courage to play Loney and Kemp at the same time. It looks like we'll see either Loney or Kemp in the lineup every day, but never Loney and Kemp.
    2007-06-12 15:56:05
    230.   El Lay Dave
    One veteran 3B Ned won't be acquiring: Joe Crede.
    PHILADELPHIA (AP) -- Chicago White Sox third baseman Joe Crede had back surgery Tuesday and could miss the rest of the season.
    2007-06-12 15:56:58
    231.   D4P
    In addition to courage, there's also the fact that Loney and Kemp are opposite-handed batters, meaning that there is a certain logic to Kemp/Nomar and Ethier/Loney combos.
    2007-06-12 15:58:43
    232.   Jon Weisman
    Dodger Thoughts Day has 21 signed up at this point. Room still remains on the 30-person roster.
    2007-06-12 15:59:13
    233.   Joshua Worley
    No Abreu in that lineup ...

    I wonder how poorly he'd have to hit to be sent back down. The problem is he's about the only backup SS and 2B left on the team.

    2007-06-12 16:00:03
    234.   bigcpa
    Kemp in the 8 hole is giving me visions of .211/.436/.263.
    2007-06-12 16:01:11
    235.   bhsportsguy
    233 I think they want to give Betemit some at bats, especially with Loney and Abreu (and today Ethier) available as lefthanded hitters on the bench.
    2007-06-12 16:01:15
    236.   bigcpa
    231 Except that we're facing a RHP tonite.
    2007-06-12 16:02:56
    237.   Humma Kavula
    229 Agreed.

    But why is Nomar still batting third?

    Given those eight starters, I want to see:


    2007-06-12 16:03:45
    238.   Humma Kavula
    237 Whoops. Abreu's not starting tonight.
    2007-06-12 16:05:30
    239.   Joshua Worley
    232 ---

    Is that a 30 person maximum, a 30 person minimum, or both?

    2007-06-12 16:07:17
    240.   El Lay Dave
    51 62 I must be between youse guys, for the first infield I remember is Parker, Sizemore, Wills, Sudakis. The first sports poster to be hung in my room was a Wes Parker.
    2007-06-12 16:07:33
    241.   das411
    Toby Hall alert in Phila, hopefully he will add to that league-leading strikeout total for one COLE HAMELS...

    oh and for anyone interested (did i post this already? i honestly don't remember), plenty of pix from last night's game here, including quite a few of a certain flyin' Hawaiian...

    2007-06-12 16:08:25
    242.   El Lay Dave
    237, see 228
    2007-06-12 16:09:01
    243.   neuroboy002
    Nomar is back! Nomar is back! That's Grrrea......oh wait, we have the Nomar of 2007, not the 1999 model.

    Shopkeeper: Take this object, but beware it carries a terrible curse!
    Homer: Ooh, that's bad.
    Shopkeeper: But it comes with a free frogurt!
    Homer: That's good.
    Shopkeeper: The frogurt is also cursed.
    Homer: That's bad.
    Shopkeeper: But you get your choice of toppings.
    Homer: That's good!
    Shopkeeper: The toppings contain potassium benzoate.
    [Homer looks puzzled]
    Shopkeeper: ...That's bad.
    Homer: Can I go now?

    2007-06-12 16:09:23
    244.   Jon Weisman
    239 - It's a minimum in the sense that if we don't make 30 people, I'll have to ask for more money, and I'm not sure people will want to pay more.
    2007-06-12 16:13:41
    245.   bhsportsguy
    234 Kemp isn't that patient. I was mentioning this to Greg Brock on Sunday, Andy LaRoche had 16 plate appearances where he reached, 3-0, 3-1, and 3-2. He was 0-1 with 15 walks.

    While that does mean that he may have great plate discipline, and without examination, I cannot say for sure that he ever had a ball to hit, are we saying that everytime he never got a pitch to hit.

    But even when you look at LaRoche after he got ahead (1-0, 2-0), sure he walked but he also was never able to take those opportunities and drive the ball.

    Again, it is only a small sample but Andy needs to start slugging in Vegas, so next time, the pitchers actually have a reason to be so careful with him.

    2007-06-12 16:14:00
    246.   Jon Weisman
    244 - Or, I suppose it's possible we'll just end up with worse seats.
    2007-06-12 16:15:54
    247.   mankatododger
    Anyone watching the Padres broadcast on EI? Why are the commercials blacked out?
    2007-06-12 16:21:36
    248.   Marty
    244 You and my cable company :)
    2007-06-12 16:21:37
    249.   Greg Brock
    246 I'll sign up/pay/whatever tonight. Combination of running around like a chicken with his head cut off and being a terrible procrastinator. For that, I apologize.
    2007-06-12 16:22:21
    250.   underdog
    Do you think maybe Abreu is sitting, tonight, too because he's struggled a little defensively when at 3rd? Just a thought.
    Show/Hide Comments 251-300
    2007-06-12 16:23:03
    251.   xaphor
    I just bought two tickets for DT day although I have a prior engagement I'll have to wrangle out of. If I prove unsuccessful the tickets are free to whoever can make use of them or at worst an empty seat to rest your nachos. :)
    2007-06-12 16:23:06
    252.   Greg Brock
    his head, its head. Whatever. I've been decapitated, is what I'm saying.

    Back off, pronoun police.

    2007-06-12 16:24:17
    253.   Marty
    What you really mean to say is your capa has been detated.
    2007-06-12 16:26:53
    254.   bhsportsguy
    249 I still say my favorite Simpson's lines is:
    "I hate every ape I see. From chimpan-AAA to chimpan-Zee"
    2007-06-12 16:28:31
    255.   Jon Weisman
    253 - I watched that rerun last week and burst out laughing all over again at that line. There was another particularly huge laugh in that episode as well (among many good moments), but I can't think of it.
    2007-06-12 16:31:01
    256.   bhsportsguy
    R.I.P. Mr. Wizard (and no I am not talking anyone in the Baseball Hall of Fame)
    2007-06-12 16:33:39
    257.   jasonungar07
    It's going to take a while before Grady has the courage to play Loney and Kemp at the same time.


    How about Kemp, Loney and Ethier - tell me that won't take 5 years. Please!!

    2007-06-12 16:35:29
    258.   Greg Brock
    254 Oh, yeah, what are you gonna do? Release the dogs? Or the bees? Or the dogs with bees in their mouth and when they bark, they shoot bees at you?


    Weaseling out of things is important to learn. It's what separates us from the animals...except the weasel.

    A little Simpson quotage in a soon-to-be dead thread never killed anybody.

    2007-06-12 16:38:04
    259.   Jon Weisman
    I don't think it takes much more courage to play Kemp+Loney than it takes to play Ethier+Loney at all.
    2007-06-12 16:42:15
    260.   Humma Kavula
    I'm an amendment to be, yes an amendment to be
    and I'm hopin' that they'll ratify me
    There's a lot of flag burners who have got too much freedom
    I wanna tell police it's okay to beat 'em
    'Cause there's limits to our liberty
    At least I hope and pray that there are
    'Cause this freedom thing's gone too far
    2007-06-12 16:44:36
    261.   mankatododger
    Kazmir has 6 strikeouts in three innings against SD. It's tied up at 1.
    2007-06-12 16:49:26
    262.   bhsportsguy
    254 What makes that line so great is how Phil Hartman just sells it so well. On the DVD commentary, they all say how they think of all the plays performed on the show, "Planet of the Apes" (the musical not the planet) is the one that they thought would really be funny and they wish the remake was a musical instead of just another movie.
    2007-06-12 16:57:22
    263.   Eric Enders
    Well, I just found out from Josh's latest post that not a single one of my 25 votes for Russell Martin will be counted. Oh well.
    2007-06-12 16:57:34
    264.   Marty
    So many good lines.

    Michael: I don't understand. We have a day honoring Martin Luther King, but he didn't even work here.

    2007-06-12 16:58:06
    265.   trainwreck
    Nooooo! Not Mr. Wizard.
    2007-06-12 16:58:11
    266.   Humma Kavula
    What I love about the successful Simpsons parodies is that they aren't mean-spirited; they clearly come from a place where they are aping (pun intended!) something they love.

    My personal favorite is the Sherry Bobbins episode. Around the house I never lift a finger / As a husband and a father, I'm subpar / I'd rather drink a beer than win father of the year / I'm happy with things the way they are."

    2007-06-12 16:58:12
    267.   Marty
    Creed: It's a real shame about Ed, huh?
    Michael: Yeah. Must really have you thinking.
    Creed: About what?
    Michael: The older you get, the bigger the chances you're going to die. You knew that.
    Creed: Ed was decapitated.
    Michael: What?
    Dwight: Really?
    Creed: He was drunk as a skunk, he was flying down Route 6, he slides under an 18-wheeler, pop, it snaps right off.
    Michael: Oh my god.
    Dwight: That is the way to go. Instant death. Very smart.
    Creed: You know a human can go on living for several hours after being decapitated.
    Dwight: You're thinking of a chicken.
    Creed: What did I say?
    2007-06-12 16:59:44
    268.   trainwreck
    As long as you use a different computer it works.
    2007-06-12 17:01:32
    269.   s choir
    195 Naan & Curry, Pakwan, and Shalimar are all decent Pakistani holes-in-walls. But they don't compare to Vik's. Not even close. For good one-star Indian dining, I prefer exploring Little India on Pioneer Blvd in Artesia. There are some great little gems there.

    Other interesting Indian/South Asian places in SF to try:

    Taste of the Himalayas on Lombard and Divisadero, claims to serve "Himalayan cuisine," as if there is such a thing. Whatever, the Saag Paneer is legendary.

    Dosa opened a year ago on well-traveled Valencia St, based on South Indian cuisine, but they are not authentic. It's still really good. And it's overrun with beautiful women. In addition to the Dosas, try the marvelous Chennai Chicken.

    Burma Super Star On hellish-to-find-parking Clement St. While you're looking for a spot, send one of your party out to put your name down. Then be prepared to wait an hour or two to get seated. It's worth it. The pea shoots are a must. I loved the egg curry with okra.

    I'd stay away from Aslam's Rasoi, Maharani, and any place that claims to serve "Indian Pizza."

    2007-06-12 17:01:43
    270.   Eric Enders
    268 Not if you use a fake e-mail address, which I did to avoid the flood of spam.
    2007-06-12 17:03:16
    271.   Eric Enders
    My two favorite lines have only three words each.

    "Which one's Pam?"

    "Michael said what?"

    2007-06-12 17:10:30
    272.   El Lay Dave
    Chan Ho Park gainfully employed once again.

    Might be perversely entertaining to see him pitch in the Houston Bandbox, or whatever corporate entity name their stadium carries.

    2007-06-12 17:17:22
    273.   bhsportsguy
    I wonder how many groundballs will get tonight in NY. With Wang and Webb pitching, the outfield should not be too busy tonight.
    2007-06-12 17:23:45
    274.   Marty
    Society teaches us that having feelings and crying is bad and wrong. Well, that's baloney. Because grief isn't wrong. There's such a thing as good grief. Just ask Charlie Brown.
    2007-06-12 17:24:49
    275.   gpellamjr
    "Do you know what I blame this on the breakdown of? Society!"
    2007-06-12 17:26:51
    276.   StolenMonkey86
    The Nats announcers respected rule 9 when mentioning the Tigers-Brewers game.
    2007-06-12 17:27:01
    277.   bhsportsguy
    David Ross just suicide squeezed successfully and the Reds take the lead over Kelvim Escobar, 3-2.
    2007-06-12 17:28:11
    278.   D4P
    Because grief isn't wrong. There's such a thing as good grief. Just ask Charlie Brown

    2007-06-12 17:29:02
    279.   Jon Weisman
    I guess this one was my fault ...
    2007-06-12 17:32:16
    280.   trainwreck
    I can't provide the link because of the swearing, but there is an extra from the movie Knocked Up, where Michael Cera plays Seth Rogen's character. It is awesome! He is such a good actor.
    2007-06-12 17:32:54
    281.   Uncle Miltie
    D4P- definitely take BART. It takes you pretty close to the campus. There are some really crazy people in Berkeley. One guy jumped on the back of my friend's car when he was stopped at a stoplight. There is no shortage of panhandlers in town. I drove to visit my friend at Cal and parking was horrendous. The city is overcrowded and not very safe (especially at night). The funny thing about Berkeley is that despite being overrun by homeless people, it's a very expensive town filled with yuppies.

    Berkeley makes Eugene look semi-normal.

    The average liberal today is too conservative for the tastes of the average Berkeley resident.
    Haha, seriously.

    2007-06-12 17:38:05
    282.   trainwreck
    Berkeley is safe, just not North Berkeley near the bad part of Oakland.
    2007-06-12 17:40:59
    283.   Eric Enders
    281 "The funny thing about Berkeley is that despite being overrun by homeless people, it's a very expensive town filled with yuppies."

    Well, if you were a homeless person, where better place to panhandle than a well-to-do community with a liberal population that feels empathy for you?

    2007-06-12 17:43:11
    284.   alexx
    283 Exactly. They're there because the city provides more services to them than in many other cities. And because hippies and bums are almost synonymous. Just kidding.
    2007-06-12 17:46:27
    285.   D4P
    And because hippies and bums are almost synonymous

    It's a little known fact that the Dodgers' nickname was originally going to be "Dem hippies".

    2007-06-12 17:46:37
    286.   trainwreck
    Shaq is coming out with a reality show where he gets fat kids to lose weight.
    2007-06-12 17:47:26
    287.   trainwreck
    The Joke Man is the greatest homeless guy in history. He is hilarious. I usually see him outside of Fat Slice.
    2007-06-12 17:47:54
    288.   Doctor
    Sorry, Im way late on this- what day is DT day?
    2007-06-12 17:47:55
    289.   El Lay Dave
    283 Witness Santa Monica.
    282 Isn't Berkeley north of Oakland?
    2007-06-12 17:48:38
    290.   Bumsrap
    I don't think it takes much more courage to play Kemp+Loney than it takes to play Ethier+Loney at all

    I don't think it takes much more courage to play Kemp+Loney than it takes to play Pierre+Betemit.

    I am a big Abreu fan but sitting him tonight may help to reinforce that he swings at just about every pitch and the pitchers seem to now realize this.

    Little seems to be crying wolf and soon his threats will be ignored. Big changes! Big changes! But only a one day line-up shuffle is the end result of that threat.

    2007-06-12 17:48:56
    291.   alexx
    287 You mean Jokemon?
    2007-06-12 17:48:59
    292.   El Lay Dave
    2007-06-12 17:50:21
    293.   D4P
    Sounds like I shouldn't walk around too much in Berkeley at night. I probably won't be anyway, other than around campus and perhaps slightly off campus to get dinner the first night I'm there.
    2007-06-12 17:51:04
    294.   trainwreck
    Sorry, I meant North Oakland.
    2007-06-12 17:51:43
    295.   trainwreck
    Yeah, I guess.
    2007-06-12 17:52:05
    296.   Greg Brock
    270 I learned it by watching you, Philosopher King.

    I learned it by watching you.

    2007-06-12 17:53:28
    297.   Bob Timmermann
    I lived in North Berkeley when I went to school there. I lived off Solano Avenue on The Alameda. The most dangerous thing you might run into that part of town is a drive-by throwing of brie.
    2007-06-12 17:54:06
    298.   El Lay Dave
    The Dodgers don't have much of a history with John Maine (who does?), but one of Nomar's last six HRs was against him. Strangely enough, K/Guo started against Maine in that game also.

    2007-06-12 17:55:04
    299.   mgd
    Anything walkable from campus is relatively safe.
    Watch for the patchouli smelling punks from Marin posing as homeless kids on Telegraph, if only cause they smell bad.
    2007-06-12 17:56:44
    300.   Samuel

    Agreed, I never really had a problem with safety in Berkeley. Just make sure you're not walking around by yourself at odd hours of the night.

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    2007-06-12 17:57:18
    301.   Ken Arneson
    297 Is The Alameda part of Alameda Country?
    2007-06-12 17:58:02
    302.   trainwreck
    Yeah, the only problem I have had in Berkeley is when my friend drove the wrong way on the road.
    2007-06-12 17:58:47
    303.   trainwreck
    There's a The Alameda in Santa Clara too.
    2007-06-12 17:59:51
    304.   Ken Arneson
    303 And there's a Santa Clara Avenue in Alameda.
    2007-06-12 18:01:38
    305.   Sam DC
    ESPN in bonus coverage mode.

    Sorry if this is a repeat.

    2007-06-12 18:03:18
    306.   Jon Weisman
    2007-06-12 18:03:44
    307.   Bob Timmermann
    The Alameda is listed in map indexes in the Ts I learned. There is also a street in Berkeley called "The Shortcut."

    The Alameda eventually becomes a smaller street and then you end up in Contra Costa County. I would like to walk up the street until I hit the county line, just because it made it seemed like I walked a long way.

    Back in 1988, there were signs coming into Berkeley at the city limits telling you that you were entering a nuclear-free zone. So I would leave all of my plutonium in Kensington.

    If anyone is going by there, could you mail it back to me?

    2007-06-12 18:16:54
    308.   StolenMonkey86
    and we have a no hitter.

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