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Elbert Out for the Season
2007-06-06 20:42
by Jon Weisman

Tony Jackson of the Daily News confirms the fears: "Left-hander Scott Elbert, arguably the Dodgers' top pitching prospect, will miss the rest of the season after undergoing exploratory arthroscopic surgery on his pitching shoulder Tuesday."

Clayton Kershaw might be the top prospect, but still, this is sad. Here's hoping for a full recovery.

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2007-06-06 21:22:34
1.   Marty
What is the maximum BHSportsguy can handle for the DT Dodger night?
2007-06-06 21:22:46
2.   LogikReader
What a drag... On the other hand, I'd like to hear a little more about our power hitting prosepects... that is if we had any.
2007-06-06 21:25:53
3.   scooplew
We are 15th in the NL in slugging...Garciaparra's double in the 9th was his third extra-base hit since April 27. He now has 12 extra-base hits this season. Gonzalez has 16, Furcal 13 and Pierre 10....Time for some roster moves because juggling the lineup with what we have isn't working.
2007-06-06 21:28:04
4.   JoeyP
The only roster moves worth making is bringing up Kemp, benching Pierre.

Thats not happening.

So the Dodgers are what they are.
Be interesting if Ned panics if team falls behind that far between now and July 31st.

2007-06-06 21:28:49
5.   Bluebleeder87
San Diego may be better, but I think Arizona has the most upside since most of their youngsters really havent played well yet and they have Upton sitting in AA. JoeP from last thread.

I don't think so, there not balanced enough & i feel like there gonna make a ton of rookie mistakes, maybe i'm biased & naive. plus i don't think they have the pitching for the long haul.

2007-06-06 21:32:13
6.   Jon Weisman
1 - I don't know of a maximum - I wasn't told to worry about one - but he can tell you.
2007-06-06 21:36:15
7.   Bluebleeder87

if your talking about the next few years then I think your more than right. It should be fun watching the Dodgers vs D-Backs in the next few years.

2007-06-06 21:38:07
8.   Michael D
I'm afraid of losing. I don't want any stupid panic trades. If we lose I don't think we get smart and call up Loney and Kemp, I'm afraid we get dumb and trade them.
2007-06-06 21:40:47
9.   JoeyP
The Dbax starting pitching really rests on Randy Johnson.

Webb's an ace.
Davis/Hernandez are average.
Owings is a rookie---could be good or bad.

RJ's been pitching pretty well this year.
47ip 61ks 8bbs.
If he and Webb hold up, they could be really good.

2007-06-06 21:43:53
10.   underdog
I'm glad I missed the game tonight, is all I can say. (Enjoyed Knocked Up a lot more than I would've the game, that's for sure.) Sorry for those who are frustrated. I'm frustrated, too, but not gonna let a series vs. the Padres panic me, so I doubt it'll panic Colletti or Little. (Doesn't mean I'm still not hoping for the call up of rhymes-with-temp, 'cause I am.) Whatever, the Padres are tough at home. D's played them well so far this year at home in kind. Peace out. I'm gonna grow a beard like Martin Starr's in Knocked Up til the Dodgers next win.

I'm not worried.

2007-06-06 21:47:33
11.   underdog
Btw, I was encouraged by the news Saito will be back this weekend. Also encouraged by Little's words about Pierre, in as much as anyone can be "encouraged." (In the notes today.)
2007-06-06 21:48:33
12.   Bob Timmermann
I'm going to grow a beard like the Niedermayer brothers.

I will need to dye it white in parts.

And those guys are younger than me.

2007-06-06 21:54:50
13.   underdog
Or a beard like Richie Tenenbaum. Looks good with a tennis sweater and headband.
2007-06-06 21:55:08
14.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Is there even room on the roster for Marlon?

Can someone please plant something on Pierre so we can void his contract, please???

2007-06-06 21:56:44
15.   still bevens
11 To Pierre's credit he took a fair amount of pitches and kept the ball on the ground all night.
2007-06-06 22:01:38
16.   gibsonhobbs88
6- I will be out of town on vacation for the Dodger Thoughts day. I'm sorry to miss all my fellow fans of the Blue! I was at the Stadium today to pick up some group tickets for my church for the DBacks game in August. While in the office area, caught a glimpse of Ned going into his office, didn't get a chance to shout out to him as I was talking to the group sales exec at the time.
I guess I will just have to make peace with the fact we probably will get swept now, the Mo is completely with the Friars right now and the "Dodger Assassin" Peavy is pitching tomorrow!! Oh well, we got another 3 months and 3 weeks to catch up.
Time for bed!!
2007-06-06 22:21:11
17.   neuroboy002
Franklin Gutierrez, one of our former hot prospects, is up & down with the Indians this year. He is currently up with the club. Any one know if he is still considered a touted prospect or is he one of those can't miss Dodger farmhands who's star has faded (though he is only 24)? Remember our 2nd baseman of the future, Joe Thurston(?)
2007-06-06 22:21:11
18.   Jon Weisman
Marty - if you're wondering about bringing people along, please don't hesitate.

Sorry for those who can't make it - will miss you.

2007-06-06 22:24:06
19.   trainwreck
Star faded. He always had problems with plate discipline and it is holding him back.
2007-06-06 22:30:55
20.   Icaros
Cool, I get to see Marty again. Hope he can keep himself together this time.
2007-06-06 22:35:20
21.   Xeifrank
When do the NBA Finals begin? Putting on my David Stern Conspiracy Theory Hat, I am going to predict that the Cleveland Cavs win in 7 games. vr, Xei
2007-06-06 22:39:46
22.   trainwreck
Tomorrow at 6.
2007-06-06 22:56:07
23.   das411
Ok, FINALLY caught up again, sounds like a rough night for the Men In Blue but also somewhat fitting that they are the team that #500 comes against.

And now, some linkage for everybody!

Jayson Werth update:

SAL FASANO update:

and...who is Chris Young?

22 - Perhaps more importantly, will the draft be over by then?

2007-06-06 23:09:26
24.   Bob Timmermann
With the draft tomorrow, I expect little traffic my way. But someone should tell me the first time someone on ESPN refers to a team's "war room."
2007-06-06 23:10:49
25.   trainwreck
Tommy Lasorda is main Dodger representative at the draft. Who would have guessed that?
2007-06-06 23:13:21
26.   trainwreck
Keith Law predicts Porcello to the Nats.

He has us taking Beavan.

2007-06-06 23:14:16
27.   Hallux Valgus
grr- looks like I didn't miss much. Incidentally, Hot Fuzz was fantastic.
2007-06-06 23:19:57
28.   Greg Brock
My "vacation" has consisted of painting my parents' garage door, installing their surround sound system, fixing their patio door, installing a new screen door, and steam cleaning their carpets.

I'm going someplace else next Summer.

2007-06-06 23:20:36
29.   Bob Timmermann
One thing about the NBA Finals is that the better team almost always wins. It's not prone to upsets. There have only been a handful in the 60 years of the NBA.

Compare that to the World Series and the Stanley Cup Final which are far more wide open.

The NBA Finals are usually like the Super Bowl except played over a longer period of time, but without annoying halftime shows.

2007-06-06 23:26:21
30.   trainwreck
Apparently, Braves are set on taking Smoker.

There goes one wish.

2007-06-06 23:32:38
31.   Kilgore Trout
Any theories as to why?

In hockey, I think it's because a hot goalie can control a series.

2007-06-06 23:38:49
32.   Bob Timmermann
Homecourt advantage counts for a lot more in basketball than hockey mainly.

Remember that certain commenters here hate the baseball playoffs and think we're all idiots for watching them.

But the NBA playoffs are the superior entertainment format!

2007-06-06 23:44:26
33.   trainwreck
Jeff Weaver refuses to go on a minor league rehabilitation start.
2007-06-06 23:48:07
34.   Bob Timmermann
That was reported over a week ago in the Seattle papers.
2007-06-07 00:09:06
35.   bhsportsguy
28 You got my email hopefully.

1 There should not be a problem filling any ticket requests.

LA Times reports that Elbert will be out 8-10 weeks which would make his return around the end of the minor league season if the estimate is accurate.

And yes, I was the one who asked Tony Jackson about Elbert and reminded him today but it sounds like they were going to announce this anyway.

2007-06-07 00:12:39
36.   trainwreck
Well thank you very much "Insider" Buster Olney. That was in his blog from today.
2007-06-07 00:16:52
37.   Greg Brock
35 I did. And in case it didn't convey my gratitude enough...well...Here I am, conveying tons of gratitude. I'm really looking forward to the game.

Sunday you get to kill me for casting Richard Benjamin as BH. I'll call you tomorrow.

2007-06-07 00:25:16
38.   Greg Brock
37 By "it" I meant my previous email. That's probably some nominative pronoun abuse right there.
2007-06-07 01:00:33
39.   bhsportsguy
37 I just saw your cast choice in Pleasantvile and while I think I am usually more "pleasant" and have more hair, it is not a bad choice at all.
2007-06-07 01:17:59
40.   Greg Brock
39 I wish I'd never done the whole "Dodger Thoughts: The Movie" casting at all. Everybody hates their on-screen personae. Especially Bob.

Bob did not like Mort Sahl. Not one bit.

2007-06-07 01:21:24
41.   bhsportsguy
Tony Jackson sounds like some of the commentators on this board in his blog.

Jackson has been on them about being more patient and implied in his blog that Eddie Murray is not the most popular guy in the clubhouse and reminded folks how Murray was fired in the middle of the season when he was the batting coach in Cleveland.

Jackson further adds that Mike Easler, batting coach for Vegas is popular and Bill Robinson, the organization's hitting instructor was Pierre's coach in Florida when he had one of his "good" years.

Jackson also added in his Daily News story that Matt Kemp is doing well and could be a replacement for the underperforming Pierre.

I will say this, though Grady is more patient with veterans, he also does seem willing to make changes if he has the personnel to make them with.

2007-06-07 05:47:25
42.   D4P
Meanwhile, Maria Sharapova is getting destroyed by Ana Ivanovic. I like it.
2007-06-07 06:05:57
43.   Penarol1916
Is Ana Ivanovic good looking? I haven't followed tennis since Amanda Coetzer retired.
2007-06-07 06:13:06
44.   D4P
Is Ana Ivanovic good looking?

She is generally considered good looking. Here's a glamour shot:

2007-06-07 06:47:53
45.   Penarol1916
44. She looks like she's 12.
2007-06-07 06:50:08
46.   Sam DC
Dodger Throughts the Movie?
2007-06-07 06:50:28
47.   D4P
I don't know how old she is in that photo, but she's 19 now. Here's a photo that gives a pretty good idea of how she looks today:

2007-06-07 06:56:36
48.   Penarol1916
47. Yeah, that just makes me feel old.
2007-06-07 07:03:01
49.   D4P
Arm angles, bat angles...

The Dodgers haven't figured a way to correct it, but they are convinced Juan Pierre's offensive problems are primarily the angle of his bat during the swing, which leads to far too many fly balls for a player whose primary skill is running speed.

Little was asked if he was disturbed by Pierre's 0-for-4 on seven pitches Tuesday night, if he had spoken to Pierre about it and if Pierre was receptive to suggestions. Little answered "yes" three times.

"He knows he's got to be better," Little said. "He wasn't seeing many pitches the other day when he had four extra-base hits. The angle of his bat isn't right. Anyone's job at the top of the lineup is to get on base and score runs. He knows he's been better in the past and needs to be better now. He was out here early trying to make it better and that's all we can do."

2007-06-07 07:03:45
50.   Jon Weisman
New post up top.
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2007-06-07 07:05:27
51.   Jon Weisman
49 - I have to say, when I see Pierre's at bats, I am amazed at just how few line drives come. It's like watching his routes to the ball defensively - they just doesn't seem true. Forget about how hard they are or how far they go. He just hits the ball square so rarely.
2007-06-07 07:10:04
52.   Marty
No new post yet.
2007-06-07 07:11:13
53.   Jon Weisman
There it is. I don't know why it was hiding.

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