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Toronto, Pronto
2007-06-08 17:38
by Jon Weisman

I said earlier this week that it would be peculiar if a bad performance in the Padres series became a watershed moment for the season. Only one win in the three games was expected given that the series was on the road against a top NL team (yes, San Diego now has the NL's best record), and the Dodgers came within an inning of that. And despite what others have written, yes, even good teams can collapse once in 162 games.

This weekend, though, against a sub-.500 Toronto Blue Jays team that can only pitch Roy Halladay once, two out of three would be nice, and another embarrasing sweep would be cause for concern.

Of course, I'm told they only play them one game at a time.

* * *

Tonight's game:


Retro Gameday

Comments (369)
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2007-06-08 17:49:03
1.   Eric Enders
The way Halladay has been pitching lately, it's really too bad they can't pitch him twice. He's given up 7 or more earned runs in three of his last four starts.

Dodger Stadium will mean the Jays play without Frank Thomas, although that might not mean so much given the mediocre year he's been having.

2007-06-08 17:51:07
2.   Jon Weisman
1 - I thought about that, but I feel the odds are good he won't give up seven to the Dodgers.
2007-06-08 17:54:48
3.   Eric Enders
Agreed. Of course, the odds are good that your basic batting practice pitcher wouldn't give up seven to the Dodgers either.
2007-06-08 17:56:44
4.   Marty
I consulted my Cesar Izturis bobble-head and he thinks the Dodgers win tonight.
2007-06-08 17:57:08
5.   Eric Enders
Don't know if this was mentioned in the last thread, but Soriano has three home runs today and it's only in the fourth inning.
2007-06-08 17:59:13
6.   Bob Timmermann
Mike Cameron Alert!
Shawn Green Alert!
Carlos Delgado Alert!
2007-06-08 18:00:42
7.   Sam DC
I came here too to report the news about ex-National Alfonso Soriano.

And I have nothing else to say.

2007-06-08 18:02:23
8.   Eric Enders
4 What a traitor, backstabbing the team that raised him from a pup.
2007-06-08 18:03:23
9.   Bob Timmermann
This week against Lance Cormier, Alfonso Soriano is 5 for 6 with 4 homers and a triple.
2007-06-08 18:04:10
10.   Bob Timmermann
Norihiro Nakamura shook his head, so I think the Dodgers are going down.
2007-06-08 18:04:43
11.   Jon Weisman
Bring me the bat of Alfonso Soriano!
2007-06-08 18:04:50
12.   Eric Enders
At least Cormier probably will get to go to the All-Star Game (as Soriano's home run derby pitcher).
2007-06-08 18:06:14
13.   Eric Enders
So do we Dodger fans want Soriano to have a five-homer game? Or do we want Shawn Green and Gil Hodges to remain in the record books?
2007-06-08 18:11:40
14.   Jon Weisman
13 - Sure, if he wants five, that'd be neat to have lived to ... hear about online.
2007-06-08 18:13:54
15.   Branch Rickey
And Soriano.... walks. Ball 4 was intentional.
2007-06-08 18:14:08
16.   trainwreck
Kelly Stinnet hit a home run.

That could have been our home run.

2007-06-08 18:14:33
17.   DXMachina
The game is on TBS.
2007-06-08 18:14:59
18.   Eric Enders
14 Bobby Cox disagrees. Soriano got intentionally walked in the top of the 5th.
2007-06-08 18:15:02
19.   Marty
Matt Kemp will hit 8 homers in a game someday.
2007-06-08 18:16:53
20.   underdog
Little known fact: "Cormier" is actually a French word meaning "hittable." Thus, as with Lance, Rheal Cormier is rheally hittable, too.
2007-06-08 18:17:08
21.   Eric Enders
Soriano will get one more plate appearance in the game. If the Cubs get four baserunners, he'll get two.
2007-06-08 18:17:18
22.   Jon Weisman
18 - Surely that broke an ... dun dun dunnnn ... unwritten rule of baseball!
2007-06-08 18:19:27
23.   underdog
What, no Griddle entry on the Tigers drafting Al Kaline's grandson today? Harumph!
2007-06-08 18:24:09
24.   Who Is Karim Garcia

I look forward to that split squad game.

2007-06-08 18:27:08
25.   Who Is Karim Garcia
TBS has some shnazzy graphics on their telecasts.
2007-06-08 18:42:15
26.   gpellamjr
22 I don't really want to talk about yesterday, but I encountered an unwritten rule of softball that I had never heard of. Apparently, if your opponents' pitcher is having a hard time throwing strikes, you're supposed to start hacking at balls even if they're way off the plate. I took a 3 pitch walk (we start with a 1-1 count) and the other team flipped.
2007-06-08 18:52:39
27.   PDH5204
Oh, and just when some report on one Julio Lugo being well south of the Mendoza line, he homers against the DBacks.
2007-06-08 18:53:03
28.   gpellamjr
Hmm... I should rename myself "thread-killer".
2007-06-08 18:53:41
29.   Bob Timmermann
When I was at Wrigley Sunday, I couldn't get the old jingle out of my head for Cormier Chevrolet.

"If you think you'd like a hand
at buying a Chevy today,
come on down to discount land
Cormier Chevrolet...

The dealership pronounces it "cor-MEER"

2007-06-08 19:03:19
30.   Bob Timmermann
So is the headline to this post part of the answer of the joke "What did the Lone Ranger say when he wanted to get to Canada fast?"
2007-06-08 19:08:14
31.   D4P
I just saw the first cockroach of the season, always a landmark event here in The South. Not coincidentally, it was very hot and humid here today.

The three months of misery have officially begun.

2007-06-08 19:19:06
32.   Bob Timmermann
Tony Jackson reports in his blog that the Dodgers are selling Mitch Jones to the Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters.
2007-06-08 19:21:18
33.   Branch Rickey
Logan White being interviewed on FSN right now.
2007-06-08 19:22:30
34.   CanuckDodger
32 -- Selling him for what? Ham? I once heard about a player -- maybe it was soccer -- who was sold to another team for 40 pounds of meat. Happened in Europe, I believe.
2007-06-08 19:23:19
35.   Bob Timmermann
I'm not sure where Jones would play on the Fighters. Their outfielders are all pretty good and their DH, Fernando Seguignol, has some pretty good power.

Can Jones play first base?

2007-06-08 19:23:53
36.   D4P
Old Friend Ja(y)son Phillips in the starting lineup for the Jays tonight, along with potential future Old Friends Troy Glaus and Royce Clayton.
2007-06-08 19:24:00
37.   CanuckDodger
33 -- Please report what he has to say, though I suspect it will be the usual post-draft cliches about how excited he is about the players we picked.
2007-06-08 19:24:05
38.   Bob Timmermann
$375,000 is the reported sale price.
2007-06-08 19:24:34
39.   D4P
Can Jones play first base?

Can Garciaparra? My case is rested.

2007-06-08 19:25:24
40.   Bob Timmermann
The Fighters are the defending Japan Series champions and after a slow start are in second in the Pacific League and have won 14 straight, 12 straight in interleague play.
2007-06-08 19:26:50
41.   Bob Timmermann
Looking over the Fighters roster, I think Jones may become the DH and Seguignol will play first base. The regular first basemen are ... not good.
2007-06-08 19:26:51
42.   Andrew Shimmin
Too bad they didn't sell him yesterday morning. Maybe we wouldn't have had to draft a sandwich pick LOOGy.
2007-06-08 19:27:32
43.   D4P
I guess people will fight anything these days. Ham, Foo, you name it. Can't we just all get along?
2007-06-08 19:28:28
44.   Bob Timmermann
I refuse to explain the meaning of the name of the reigning Japan Series champion ever again.
2007-06-08 19:29:54
45.   Jon Weisman
Canuck, can you send me an e-mail?
2007-06-08 19:30:05
46.   Branch Rickey
37. Says Withrow is like a young John Smoltz. 89-94 with a plus curveball. Adkins won't turn out to be Barry Zito but left handers with good curve balls do real well in the big leagues. Gallagher- we took him because we think he has a power bat.
That's about it. Quick interview.
2007-06-08 19:32:40
47.   Sam in SC
it is amazing what vin scully's voice will do for a person's soul after a tough week.
2007-06-08 19:35:32
48.   JoeyP
JD Drew must miss the NL West.
Just hit a 3run HR for Boston.
2007-06-08 19:42:54
49.   Bob Timmermann
It took Vin three tries to get John Gibbons name right.
2007-06-08 19:45:38
50.   D4P
It took Brad eight pitches to get three outs.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2007-06-08 19:47:28
51.   D4P
Juan took the first pitch. I guess the day off really did make a difference.
2007-06-08 19:48:13
52.   Michael D
Pierre really needs to get on tonight so he can get some steals.
2007-06-08 19:48:45
53.   Michael D
Well now that I said that he needs to swipe second.
2007-06-08 19:48:52
54.   Bob Timmermann
Ahh, a nice slappy line drive the other way!
2007-06-08 19:49:03
55.   StolenMonkey86
Nice AB by Pierre
2007-06-08 19:49:30
56.   Michael D
Ok since I'm on a roll Furcal needs to get a single here and put us up early.
2007-06-08 19:49:45
57.   Sam in SC
thanks, jason!
2007-06-08 19:49:50
58.   Bob Timmermann
What's thicker? McGowan's sideburns or the font the Blue Jays use for the players' names?
2007-06-08 19:50:05
59.   Andrew Shimmin
Jason Phillips, ladies and gentlemen.
2007-06-08 19:51:14
60.   Sam in SC
if the guy gets on base, he scores A LOT.

you would think someone would talk to him about walks . . .

2007-06-08 19:53:11
61.   Andrew Shimmin
Which part of the side burns? Where they meet the hair, I'd say the font is thicker. But at their termination point, the 'burns thicker.
2007-06-08 19:53:46
62.   Bob Timmermann
Now Donnelly tries to be conservative... Urgh..
2007-06-08 19:53:59
63.   Uncle Miltie
Horrendous at bat by Nomar
2007-06-08 19:54:00
64.   D4P
Wow, no RBI-single for Nomar.
2007-06-08 19:54:41
65.   StolenMonkey86
63 - yeah, he should have walked, like twice
2007-06-08 19:54:58
66.   scooplew
Was the infield in on Garciappa's grounder to second? If not, why didn't he score? (No TV or radio here).
2007-06-08 19:55:18
67.   JoeyP
Steal home Juan.
2007-06-08 19:55:59
68.   D4P
I'm surprised we didn't score there.
2007-06-08 19:56:05
69.   StolenMonkey86
pitch counts after 1:

Penny 8
McGowan 18

2007-06-08 19:56:07
70.   Bob Timmermann
The infield was in, but Lind had to make a diving stop. I assume Donnelly didn't have Pierre going on contact.
2007-06-08 19:56:46
71.   Andrew Shimmin
The Blue Jays have four people listed as catchers on their MLB.COM roster.

And Jason Phillips is starting.

2007-06-08 19:57:29
72.   Andrew Shimmin
70- Hill.
2007-06-08 19:58:03
73.   scooplew
70 Thanks, Bob. How often do you see a team play the infield in in the 1st inning of a scoreless game?
2007-06-08 19:58:26
74.   Uncle Miltie
Pierre does something good for once and the Dodgers can't score him. If Pierre gets on base again and Phillips is still in the game, Pierre should consider stealing 2nd and 3rd.
2007-06-08 19:58:33
75.   Bob Timmermann
The Blue Jays have too many guys with short names.
2007-06-08 19:59:08
76.   Frip
Living in Upland, I get the Ford Upland dealership commercials staring Sparky Anderson. He tells us he's bought a bunch of cars there. So I wonder if he lives here in the Inland Empire.
2007-06-08 19:59:23
77.   Bob Timmermann
Vin Scully: "I can't remember a team playing the infield in during the first inning."
2007-06-08 20:00:08
78.   Bob Timmermann
Sparky lives in Thousand Oaks I believe and has for quite some time.
2007-06-08 20:00:15
79.   neuroboy002
Rats. All we needed was a sac fly from Nomar to score. He is disappointing me.
2007-06-08 20:00:48
80.   Michael D
I wonder why Nomar still bats third. I can understand not calling up Loney but how about dropping Nomar one of these days? How about something like Martin, Gonzalez, Kent, and then Nomar 3-6? How about we get a shakeup that doesn't just involve giving someone a day off?
2007-06-08 20:01:22
81.   Bob Timmermann
I do not like the number font or the letter font on the Blue Jays uniforms.
2007-06-08 20:01:29
82.   Andrew Shimmin
74- In one play!
2007-06-08 20:02:11
83.   D4P
Interesting Start for Penny thus far. I'm guessing it stays Interesting for a while.
2007-06-08 20:04:22
84.   Bob Timmermann
/start smart aleck remark/
Nomar bats third because that's where they write his name on the lineup card. If the batted somewhere else, the team would be batting out of order and it would be really messy.
/end smart aleck remark/
2007-06-08 20:05:08
85.   Branch Rickey
Wow. I really thought Gonzo wasn't hitting because he couldn't anymore. But he's starting to make me belive he can still hit.
2007-06-08 20:05:10
86.   Sam in SC
watch martin come up with the RBI here . . .
2007-06-08 20:05:21
87.   StolenMonkey86
Was Wells playing shallow on that one, or was it a shift?
2007-06-08 20:06:18
88.   D4P
That out by Martin produced something.
2007-06-08 20:06:20
89.   Bob Timmermann
Wells was at normal depth, Gonzalez crushed it. Same thing with Martin.
2007-06-08 20:06:48
90.   Bob Timmermann
The Blue Jays goal is to play the infield in every inning.
2007-06-08 20:07:03
91.   Andrew Shimmin
Matt Stairs looks like a retired shop teacher.
2007-06-08 20:07:17
92.   Michael D
McGowan is just getting lucky here, a lot of these balls are getting hit pretty good.
2007-06-08 20:07:45
93.   JoeyP
Maybe teams should play their infield in every time with a runner at 3b?
2007-06-08 20:08:29
94.   D4P
Should have 2 runs by now.
2007-06-08 20:08:39
95.   Branch Rickey
We have hit the ball awfully well so far to still have no runs. Feels like we should be able to score some tonight,
2007-06-08 20:11:32
96.   overkill94
95 They'll start finding some holes...I hope
2007-06-08 20:14:51
97.   StolenMonkey86
now the game's boring
2007-06-08 20:15:36
98.   JoeyP
Frank Thomas is a hall of famer.
2007-06-08 20:16:21
99.   JoeyP
Penny's on a complete game pace.
29 pitches in 3ip.
2007-06-08 20:17:45
100.   Branch Rickey
98. Probably is right now. I think one he passes 500 HR he is a lock.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2007-06-08 20:19:24
101.   Frip
Thanks for the Sparky / Thousand Oaks answer Bob.
2007-06-08 20:19:58
102.   SG6
Vin's Idea: The hosting team of interleague games plays by the rules of the "opposing" league.

It makes sense. Dodger fans get to see live the DH in action (Frank Thomas), and Torontans (?) get to see their pitchers hit.

2007-06-08 20:21:31
103.   Branch Rickey
Dodgers should just tell Pierre to not try bunting for one week and just see what happens. I suspect he would do slightly better.
2007-06-08 20:22:14
104.   Bob Timmermann
I believe they are Torontonians.
2007-06-08 20:23:06
105.   Bumsrap
CAn Alex Rios play center field? He has 14 homeruns and 35 rbi and hits leadoff. Toronto needs a new leadoff hitter.
2007-06-08 20:24:46
106.   Bob Timmermann
When I was a little kid, my best friend at the time moved to Thousand Oaks. Around the same time, I got a pack of baseball cards with a Sparky Anderson in it. And his home town was listed as Thousand Oaks and then I kept hoping that I would run into Sparky when I visited over in T.O.

In a bio of Sparky I read, he mentioned that he and his wife had lived in a fairly modest home in T.O. for a long time. When Sparky was managing, his wife would work at a drug store as a cashier to keep herself busy.

2007-06-08 20:25:26
107.   Bob Timmermann
5-0 Mariners over the Padres.
2007-06-08 20:25:52
108.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Someone just text messaged me: "Juan Pierre plays as well as he raps."
2007-06-08 20:26:13
109.   Disabled List
98 Frank Thomas is a hall of famer. Yes?

First ballot. People forget how good this guy was in the early 90s. He was Bonds-ian before Barry got hold of the flaxseed oil.

2007-06-08 20:26:47
110.   Andrew Shimmin
Jay Jaffe's JAWS system had Thomas as the sixth best 1B, ever, coming into this season. I think he's a no doubt about it HOFer.
2007-06-08 20:28:24
111.   JoeyP
Kent just doesnt have the range, although that ball was hit hard.
2007-06-08 20:28:25
112.   neuroboy002
two down Brad. Shut them down.
2007-06-08 20:30:14
113.   Disabled List
I know broadcasts are often delayed a little, but's line score is ahead of the streaming feed. There was a bit of a spoiler there on that RBI single.
2007-06-08 20:34:55
114.   Andrew Shimmin
Also representing the Dodgers at the 1995 All Star game: Raul Mondesi, Jose Offerman, and Todd Worrell.

Piazza had been the only representative the previous two years.

2007-06-08 20:39:41
115.   Bob Timmermann
Christine Daniels is now running a picture of herself with her blog on the LA Times.
2007-06-08 20:42:11
116.   dkminnick
81- The Blue Jays uni's look like they come from a CBS-TV Movie of the Week which doesn't have the budget to license actual ML logos.
2007-06-08 20:51:50
117.   Vishal
that fastball to rios was clocked at 97mph. penny's dealing.
2007-06-08 20:53:55
118.   Vishal
[109] oh, totally. i think he was one of the 3 best hitters of the decade.
2007-06-08 20:55:39
119.   JoeyP
Penny's still on a complete game pace.
60 pitches 6ip.
2007-06-08 20:58:53
120.   Frip
If you ever get the urge for a truly awful hot dog, they serve them at K-Mart. Like, evil awful. And unlike most box stores, they don't even give you the option evil or all beef. Just all evil.
2007-06-08 20:59:58
121.   neuroboy002
119 A complete game loss if we don't start hitting. I just don't see this as a true pitcher's duel. Our offense doesn't have any fuel.
2007-06-08 21:11:23
122.   JoeyP
Drew's now hit 2 3-run homers tonight.
Knew I should have started him on my fantasy team. He always hits well in Arizona it seems.
2007-06-08 21:13:08
123.   JoeyP
Padres have tied the Mariners 5-5.
2007-06-08 21:13:10
124.   Gagne55
This isn't pitchers duel
because our offense has no fuel
till Betemit
will get a hit
then we'll take them to school
2007-06-08 21:14:22
125.   Gagne55
123 They're the team that never loses no matter the odds!!!! Arg. They can't keep this pace up all season can they?
2007-06-08 21:15:27
126.   Who Is Karim Garcia
hahahaha... LuGogogogogo!
2007-06-08 21:15:55
127.   Hallux Valgus
nice! That barely looked like he swung.
2007-06-08 21:15:56
128.   Branch Rickey
Okay Gonzo. I believe.
2007-06-08 21:15:59
129.   neuroboy002
Sweet fancy Moses!
2007-06-08 21:16:11
130.   JoeyP
When's the last time Gonzo hit homers in back-back games?

That was needed.

2007-06-08 21:16:16
131.   Gagne55
Take that all you DT posters who say Gonzo sucks.
2007-06-08 21:16:28
132.   Vishal
wasn't a pretty swing, but i'll take it!
2007-06-08 21:17:23
133.   Who Is Karim Garcia
So is LuGo back on the cream or the clear?
2007-06-08 21:17:31
134.   Disabled List
Man, I love 2-run HRs. Almost as much as 3-run HRs.

I sure wish I could see more of both.

2007-06-08 21:17:37
135.   StolenMonkey86
Gonzalez clearly killed the rally.

Well Brad, there's your lead.

2007-06-08 21:18:10
136.   Branch Rickey
131. When was the last time anyone said that?
2007-06-08 21:18:30
137.   neuroboy002
McGavin: Just stay out of my way or you'll pay, listen to what I say.

Gilmore: Hey, why don't I just go and eat some hay. I can lay by the bay, make things out of clay, I just may, what'd ya say?

2007-06-08 21:18:45
138.   JoeyP
132--Thats true, but the ball carrried a long way. Looked like an inside fast ball, gonzo didnt get extension, and it still carried out.

Penny needs his complete game now.

2007-06-08 21:19:27
139.   Gagne55
I hope Penny has enough left to complete this game. Hopefully that takes no more than 27 pitches. I really really do not want to see the Dodger's bullpen.
2007-06-08 21:22:23
140.   Bob Timmermann
Most people have warmed up to Gonzalez after his bad couple of weeks to start off.

I believe Nomar Garciaparra has been assigned new "burn in effigy" status behind Juan Pierre who now has a self-sustaining burning effigy.

Sort of like JFK's grave.

2007-06-08 21:22:35
141.   Frip
131 - Rule 6 violation.

I'm tellin' mom.

2007-06-08 21:22:36
142.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Somewhere in the world Kaz Ishii is on a recliner tossing back some cold ones and wondering how in the world he got traded for Jason Phillips.

He'll get so mad he'll throw a beer can at the TV, only to have it miss high and outside.

2007-06-08 21:25:06
143.   Bob Timmermann
Back in Japan, Kaz Ishii has 73 Ks in 72 IP with just 19 walks. He leads the Central League in Ks.
2007-06-08 21:25:25
144.   Fallout
115 Bob Timmermann
And you're single.
2007-06-08 21:26:31
145.   Vishal
hah, the jays have a catcher running for thomas.
2007-06-08 21:27:02
146.   JoeyP
I dont like taking Penny out right now.
He's only at 87 pitches.
2007-06-08 21:27:06
147.   StolenMonkey86
2007-06-08 21:27:48
148.   Vishal
why are we taking penny out now?? he's only thrown 87 pitches and is still hitting the mid-90s with his fastball...
2007-06-08 21:27:55
149.   JoeyP
Grady must want to get Broxton 'back on the horse'...but shouldnt be this game.

Penny was dealing.

2007-06-08 21:28:45
150.   Disabled List
Intentional vote of confidence in Broxton by Grady here?

Penny should be finishing this one. I can't figure out Little's bullpen patterns at all.

Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2007-06-08 21:28:47
151.   Eric Stephen
I'd let Penny pitch to at least Rios here. Only 87 pitches!

Oh well, time to boost Broxton's confidence by getting this 1 out.

2007-06-08 21:29:15
152.   overkill94
Nice vote of confidence for the Bull, but it still scares the heck out of me
2007-06-08 21:30:10
153.   StolenMonkey86
150 - It's easy. Penny is not one of Grady's favorites. Derek Lowe would still be in there if Frank Thomas got a triple.
2007-06-08 21:30:18
154.   overkill94
Slider's looking good tonight, now it's time for the high cheese!
2007-06-08 21:30:36
155.   overkill94
Or another slider, either way
2007-06-08 21:30:54
156.   Gagne55
151 Boost of confidence? What if he blows it again?
2007-06-08 21:30:57
157.   neuroboy002
Any relation of Curtis Thigpen to Bobby?
2007-06-08 21:31:10
158.   overkill94
Come on offense, we need some insurance runs here
2007-06-08 21:31:15
159.   Eric Stephen
I can see the LA Times tomorrow...

"Broxton, more comfortable in his familiar 8th inning role,..."


2007-06-08 21:31:55
160.   Gagne55
153 Thomas getting a triple is a scary thought.
2007-06-08 21:32:25
161.   JoeyP
153--You might be right. Penny's blown up at Grady Little before for getting taken out of the game.

Plus, if you use Broxton in that situation, perhaps Brox isnt available tomorrow when he might actually be needed.

2007-06-08 21:33:21
162.   Eric Stephen
The Blue Jays have 4 catchers on their active roster!!!!

I've never heard of such a thing. Four shortstops, I've heard of.

2007-06-08 21:35:15
163.   Branch Rickey
Shot of Penny talking to Murray. Vin won't do it. Shot of Gonzo talking to Murray. Vin won't do it. He will go the whole year and not say his name once.
2007-06-08 21:35:24
164.   Eric Stephen
I'd rather have Betemit up here than Clark anyway, but Vin told me Clark coming in with Broxton was a double switch!

I think Vin has enough goodwill in the bank, though; I'll let that one slide.

2007-06-08 21:36:52
165.   Fallout
I think that Little saw something in Penny's eyes when he looked at the scoreboard and realized that he was in the middle of the 8th inning.
2007-06-08 21:37:17
166.   JoeyP
Mike Hargrove just might be the worst major league manager.

Adrian Beltre, sac bunting in the 9th of a tie game---pops out.

2007-06-08 21:38:53
167.   Gagne55
Yay! More three true outcomes for Betemit.
2007-06-08 21:39:08
168.   Eric Stephen
166 Mentioning Adrian Beltre and "sac", plus yesterday's mention of a "Dominican apendectomy" brings back bad memories.
2007-06-08 21:39:13
169.   JoeyP
163--Does Vin not like Eddie Murray?
2007-06-08 21:39:13
170.   Bob Timmermann
Thigpen and Phillips can both play first and with Overbay injured, the Blue Jays are just bringing up anyone who can stay healthy.
2007-06-08 21:39:40
171.   overkill94
166 Yahoo's so disgusted by the play that they don't even have it listed in the play-by-play
2007-06-08 21:39:56
172.   Frip
163 - What do you mean Branch?
2007-06-08 21:40:04
173.   StolenMonkey86
well, so much for moving Abreu to 2nd and leaving Betemit in at third.

And we don't have Martinez to stick in at 2nd. I guess they'll leave Kent in for the 9th.

2007-06-08 21:40:49
174.   overkill94
I sat next to Thigpen's girlfriend (and her parents) at a spring training game this year. She was hot.
2007-06-08 21:41:29
175.   Hallux Valgus
So does Kemp stay in the outfield for Pierre? If it comes down to it, I'd sure rather have that arm on a play at the plate.
2007-06-08 21:41:30
176.   Eric Stephen
170 "Phillips...can play first"

Thank you, Jim Tracy!

2007-06-08 21:42:25
177.   Bob Timmermann
Coming into tonight's game, the Mariners had just six sacrifices all year.

Only Cleveland (4) has fewer.

2007-06-08 21:42:49
178.   Longhorn Bill
I took a class with Thigpen here at the University of Texas, glad to see he made the show.
2007-06-08 21:44:01
179.   Bob Timmermann
We have a nascent Curtis Thigpen Marching and Chowder Society forming here.
2007-06-08 21:44:13
180.   JoeyP
Its amazing at Saito's age, and slight build--he can still throw 95.
2007-06-08 21:44:20
181.   overkill94
Awww man, that looked foul
2007-06-08 21:44:25
182.   Branch Rickey
169. I think that is a fair assumption. Think about it. Scully has literally not mentioned his name once all year. How Scully like would it be for him to say somthing like "Kemp talking to the great Eddie Murray, sure he's learning something". Instead total silence all year long. Not one mention. I love Vin like he's my grandfather but I think it's not too cool of him to bring a clear bias to his work.
2007-06-08 21:44:25
183.   Hallux Valgus
grumble grumble grumble
2007-06-08 21:44:59
184.   JoeyP
Saito's streak is done.
That was a hanging curve.
2007-06-08 21:45:08
185.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Matt Stairs: "Domo Arigato, Mr. Sammy Saito"
2007-06-08 21:45:54
186.   Eric Stephen
Professional Hitter ties it up.
2007-06-08 21:45:57
187.   overkill94
184 It can't be that much of a hanger if it's at a guy's ankles. Even so, it wasn't one of his best sliders.
2007-06-08 21:47:02
188.   overkill94
Bocachica strikes again! Lead-off "reach on error" in the bottom of the 9th.
2007-06-08 21:47:03
189.   jasonungar07
retired? 91
2007-06-08 21:47:30
190.   JoeyP
I wonder if Penny is breaking stuff in the clubhouse?
2007-06-08 21:47:32
191.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Who are some other guys you would consider "professional hitters" ?

Edgar Martinez
Harold Baines

2007-06-08 21:48:16
192.   overkill94
The Mariners need to bring in Putz ASAP. I don't feel comfortable with a guy named Sean Green on the mound, even if the spelling's different.
2007-06-08 21:48:46
193.   Gen3Blue
The last I remember, it was about the 5th inning and I fed the cats and lay down inside the screen door. Now I get to watch as Stairs hits a home run. But what a pitching staff we have. No matter how we do right now, we will go a long way. If we can score a few runs, we will be unbeatable.
2007-06-08 21:49:08
194.   Gagne55
Looks like Saito got brought back too early.
2007-06-08 21:49:33
195.   Bob Timmermann
Hiram eases the pain...
2007-06-08 21:49:42
196.   JoeyP
188--Then he got thrown out at 3rd on a caught stealing with 1 out. Bud Black learned something from Scioscia apparently.
2007-06-08 21:49:45
197.   Eric Stephen
Edgar yes, Harold not so much.

Maybe Saenz. I've heard the term used for him. I've also heard it used for Lenny Harris, but let's not get ridiculous!

2007-06-08 21:49:51
198.   Gagne55
And Penny has got to be angry.
2007-06-08 21:50:45
199.   overkill94
I've been waiting a long time to hear Vin talk about Aaron Hill, it's nice to hear him tell stories about a guy I know.
2007-06-08 21:51:09
200.   Bob Timmermann
Dave Hansen was a professional hitter. So was Ron Coomer. Even Ricky Ledee got the moniker.

Jim Tracy would say that someone like Coomer "was always capable of coming up with a professional at bat."

Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2007-06-08 21:51:46
201.   Bob Timmermann
I dreamed I saw Aaron Hill last night, alive as he could be...
2007-06-08 21:51:58
202.   Frip
182 Why would Vin not like Murray?
2007-06-08 21:52:02
203.   Eric Stephen
I like how Michael Johnson, the "World's Fastest Man", is striking while the iron is hot.

Way to cash in on those 1996 gold medals so soon.

2007-06-08 21:52:21
204.   Gagne55
200 Too bad he hit less than .100 against right handers that year. He was at best a proffesional lefty masher.
2007-06-08 21:53:13
205.   Eric Stephen
200 I'd like the term "Professional Batter" to be used more often. Or "Professional Batsman".
2007-06-08 21:53:34
206.   Bob Timmermann
I believe Eddie Murray is widely regarded as something that would be considered a Rule 1 violation.
2007-06-08 21:54:12
207.   StolenMonkey86
yay, nomar got a hit!
2007-06-08 21:54:41
208.   Gen3Blue
Nomar almost 0 for 4. Is it a slump, or a career? We'll take this dinker.
2007-06-08 21:55:01
209.   Eric Stephen
I'm turning a blind ear to all this non praise for Edward Clarence Murray.
2007-06-08 21:55:25
210.   Gagne55
I love how proffesional hitter becomes the term for anybody who is primarily a PH or DH and can't play the field.
2007-06-08 21:55:40
211.   Bob Timmermann
Jason Frasor takes a page out of the Detroit Tigers PFP.
2007-06-08 21:56:18
212.   Who Is Karim Garcia
After losing a save opportunity to Beimel last week, Sammy is just trying to boost his fantasy team by earning the win.
2007-06-08 21:56:22
213.   Gagne55
206 But Scully speak well and often of Jackie Robinson and Maury Wills.
2007-06-08 21:56:23
214.   JoeyP
That was what D4P would call "magic".
Easy DP ball.

Thats a hit?

2007-06-08 21:56:58
215.   Eric Stephen
210 Or, in the case of Lenny Harris, can't hit.
2007-06-08 21:57:20
216.   jasonungar07
Are the Gods of baseball correct itself. It's last night in reverse trying ....hopefully
2007-06-08 21:57:43
217.   Bob Timmermann
It's not race. Eddie Murray is just not a likeable person.

Although I would be surprised if Vin actually had any animus toward him. If he did, then Murray must really have done something bad.

2007-06-08 21:58:01
218.   Hallux Valgus
214 That's a home scorer.
2007-06-08 21:58:45
219.   Branch Rickey
206. ??? He does not have that reputation inside baseball.
Have you ever heard otherwise? I think some fans may think that to be true but I've never heard coaches, teammates, etc say anything but praise.
2007-06-08 21:59:17
220.   StolenMonkey86
214 - I was at the Richmond Braves game earlier tonight and the same thing happened - messed up double play ball, ruled a hit
2007-06-08 21:59:24
221.   JoeyP
If Steve were still here, he'd call that an example of the Stupid Bunter Principle.

Thankfully, it didnt work and Russ Martin gets to hit.

2007-06-08 21:59:28
222.   jasonungar07
but then grady says whoa gods...
2007-06-08 21:59:34
223.   Branch Rickey
217. Eddie Murray is just not a likeable person.
That's just plain wrong.
2007-06-08 21:59:54
224.   Eric Stephen
Maybe Eddie Murray was a frequent guest of Sly Stallone.
2007-06-08 22:01:24
225.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Andre Ethier, FTW.
2007-06-08 22:01:26
226.   StolenMonkey86
217 - really? Is he less likeable than Kent?
2007-06-08 22:01:40
227.   Gagne55
Sacrificing with runners on first and second is hard.
2007-06-08 22:01:58
228.   Bob Timmermann
How about Eddie Murray is perceived to be an unlikeable person.
2007-06-08 22:02:07
229.   Jon Weisman
213 - Your point?
2007-06-08 22:02:23
230.   Who Is Karim Garcia
If Andre gets a hit, I will wear a "Andre, FTW" shirt to DT night at DS.
2007-06-08 22:02:28
231.   Gagne55
225 or not
2007-06-08 22:02:28
232.   T Money
God, I hate bunting.
2007-06-08 22:03:02
233.   Eric Stephen
225 That sounds like a Marv Albert call. Brings back pleasant memories...Lakers-Kings 2002, "Horry for the win..."
2007-06-08 22:03:23
234.   JoeyP
Now both the Padres and Dodgers are in extras.
2007-06-08 22:04:40
235.   Branch Rickey
228. Maybe by some fans. I think he is nearly universally liked and respected inside baseball. And I think the negative view from fans seemed to subside over the last few years of his career. And I don't know exactly what Scully's problem with him is but I'm sure it's not racial.
2007-06-08 22:05:02
236.   Eric Stephen
229 If I may speak for 213, I think he was trying to say Maury Wills was unlikeable, yet Vin speaks of him.

The Jackie Robinson mention, I don't get. Was he a jerk, or was he "fiery"?

2007-06-08 22:05:04
237.   Hallux Valgus
this needs to end soon. Extra innings reek of a Tomrickson sighting.
2007-06-08 22:05:57
238.   regfairfield
236 I think he was thinking of a different rule one violation.
2007-06-08 22:06:34
239.   Eric Stephen
Murray had some problems in Cleveland, a few run-ins with some players (Brandon Phillips, for example), and was generally blamed for their offensive woes. I don't think that was a clean break up.
2007-06-08 22:08:00
240.   Bob Timmermann
The Padres have used up all their position players in the 10th inning.
2007-06-08 22:08:50
241.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Extra innings and mop up time is the natural breeding ground for the Hendrickson, a large and lanky mammal capable of exceeding 86mph on land.

Careful-- when the Hendrickson is frightened he will off lose command of his stuff.

Part of the Tomko, Erickson, Mel Rojas, Alan Mills, Terry Mulholland family of beasts.

2007-06-08 22:08:58
242.   JoeyP
Meredith gives up homers in back-back games.
2007-06-08 22:09:23
243.   NPB
Way to waste Matt Kemp, we have Clark AND Pierre for the rest of the night.
2007-06-08 22:09:50
244.   Jon Weisman
I've had two encounters with Murray, neither of them pleasant. I would say he was disrespectful, which is saying something, since I don't command a lot of respect. I assume that's because I was working as a reporter at the time. But it was interesting because neither time was I dealing with him. His antipathy for reporters extends to interfering with interviews with players who don't have antipathy toward reporters.

Now, how he deals with non-reporters, I have no idea.

2007-06-08 22:10:12
245.   NPB
The Dodgers are one girl pitcher away from being the Bad News Bears.
2007-06-08 22:10:22
246.   StolenMonkey86
242 - and I benched Ibanez tonight. Blast.
2007-06-08 22:10:23
247.   Eric Stephen
Kent got a little dizzy on that. Apparently, that was a double.

I'd be more hard line as an official scorer. Errors right and left!

2007-06-08 22:11:31
248.   Who Is Karim Garcia
I met Murray once as a kid at the batting cages on Crenshaw and Imperial in Inglewood. I bought 10 packs of baseball cards until I got his card.

He gladly signed it.

2007-06-08 22:11:40
249.   Hallux Valgus
this is not what I meant.
2007-06-08 22:12:15
250.   JoeyP
Things just arent going the Dodgers way the last two nites.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2007-06-08 22:12:25
251.   Michael D
You have gotta be several rule 1 violations kidding me. Is this going to like last year when we lost a bunch and looked done, and then suddenly start winning again? We are going to start winning again right?
2007-06-08 22:12:30
252.   Uncle Miltie
A repeat of last night. This team is like the Bad News Bears.
2007-06-08 22:12:39
253.   overkill94
247 Those plays are tough, but even so, Kent should have made the play
2007-06-08 22:12:45
254.   NPB
Dodger Blues will be funny tomorrow. I wish we'd stop giving that guy material.
2007-06-08 22:13:53
255.   Jon Weisman
It was a lot easier for the Dodgers to score in the ninth than for Kent to make that catch in the 10th - although I kept wondering whether Ethier should have caught it.
2007-06-08 22:13:54
256.   Hallux Valgus
253 He looked pretty nonchalant trying to catch it at his hip with his head turned the other way.
2007-06-08 22:14:02
257.   overkill94
At least we have the murderers row of Abreu, (Saenz/Lieberthal), and Pierre coming up to bat!
2007-06-08 22:14:34
258.   Eric Stephen
244 That's unfortunate, and a bit crushing to me. Kind of like finding out Santa isn't real.

I knew Murray had a rocky relationship with reporters, but from afar I chalked it up to not liking to deal with the Simers types. But, for Murray to act was you described, Jon, is not cool.

I need to do some soul searching and see if Murray is still my favorite player of all-time now.

241 James Baldwin is also of this family of mammal, as well as being classified as Midseasonus Floppus

2007-06-08 22:14:47
259.   Frip
Branch I think you are just misperceiving Vin. Seems to me he HAS mentioned Murray's name. Anyway, Vin would consider it beneath Vin to play some catty mental game.
2007-06-08 22:14:54
260.   regfairfield
251 Four game losing streaks do not mean we should start feasting on head goo.
2007-06-08 22:14:59
261.   Bob Timmermann
Jeff Weaver is the scheduled starter for the Mariners tomorrow in San Diego! Woo hoo!

David Wells, who is starting for the Padres, was featured in a very strange dream of mine last week. It was quite disturbing. Wells was wearing his Padres uniform in the dream.

2007-06-08 22:15:12
262.   StolenMonkey86
257 - Juan Pierre is innocent until proven guilty.
2007-06-08 22:15:20
263.   jasonungar07
At what level of offense does Kent need to provide to offset this defense he plays?
2007-06-08 22:15:33
264.   Who Is Karim Garcia

May we also include Kevin Tapani?

2007-06-08 22:16:03
265.   Eric Stephen
251 I like the idea of using "Rule 1 violation" as a Rule 1 violation. Well played.
2007-06-08 22:16:05
266.   StolenMonkey86
260 - But I like head goo. It's yummy! It's really good on toast.
2007-06-08 22:17:34
267.   Jon Weisman
258 - Still a great hitter, though.
2007-06-08 22:17:56
268.   Eric Stephen
261 The camouflage jersey?

260 Dang it, will my thirst for head goo remain forever unquenched?

2007-06-08 22:18:48
269.   Bob Timmermann
Is it possible that Cla Meridith has been figured out by hitters and is nothing special anymore?
2007-06-08 22:19:09
270.   underdog
Two straight nights of defense and bullpen blowing it.
I still have faith though. Baseball's a streaky game and the Dodgers are a streaky team, that's for sure.

Kent needs either a bigger glove or to not be so quick to close it up.

2007-06-08 22:19:25
271.   StolenMonkey86
268 - I've always been more of a jelly head goo type.
2007-06-08 22:20:20
272.   Eric Stephen
Maybe the plaque makers at Cooperstown can hold off on the Cla Meredith headshot.
2007-06-08 22:20:42
273.   capdodger
Oh, forget it.
The four days have driven me to go hide in the mountains for a week or so. Maybe the Blue's fortune will have turned around by then...
2007-06-08 22:21:15
274.   regfairfield
269 I think he's being pressed by the usual whims of fate that middle relievers are subject do.
2007-06-08 22:21:41
275.   jasonungar07
The guy in the aflac ad (with the goat,naaaah),the boss on the left looks so familar.

I wonder if there is a place to go to find out who is on commercials?

2007-06-08 22:21:44
276.   Branch Rickey
Jon, I saw so many of his interactions with reporters that just sounds so unlikely. But I trust you. He certainly would never help one out but I never once saw him be rude about it or interfere. Not once.
Scully, in the end, is a reporter and I assume that Murray didn't make his job easy and that is likely his problem.
He is intensely private and incredibly friendly and good to those he trusts. He doesn't trust reporters (with darn good reason) and doesn't want any part of what they do. You can argue that that's his job. That's fine. But to assume that he is an "unlikeable person" is way off base.

258- There are a hundred examples of reasons for him to be one of your favorites. Listen to Ripken's induction speech and I'm sure you will be reassured.

2007-06-08 22:21:48
277.   StolenMonkey86
I remember this guy. The Giants traded him for Hillenbrand.

Shortly before that trade, Nomar went big fly off of him.

2007-06-08 22:22:02
278.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Abreu.... takes a walk?
2007-06-08 22:22:08
279.   Bob Timmermann
Times like this remind me of something my mom said to me:

"You really need a better haircut."

2007-06-08 22:22:14
280.   Jon Weisman
Wow - disciplined Abreu.
2007-06-08 22:22:28
281.   StolenMonkey86
is that Abreu's first walk?
2007-06-08 22:22:37
282.   JoeyP
You really need poor control to walk Abreu. The guy swings at everything.

Nice AB Abreu.

2007-06-08 22:23:27
283.   regfairfield
281 Second. First one that he actually worked though.
2007-06-08 22:23:38
284.   Who Is Karim Garcia
2007-06-08 22:23:41
285.   Jon Weisman
Bless my heart - I can go to sleep with the site at peace.
2007-06-08 22:23:49
286.   Hallux Valgus
2007-06-08 22:24:03
287.   capdodger
2007-06-08 22:24:03
288.   Bob Timmermann
Times like this remind me of something my dad said to me:

"Did you make sure we had enough quarters for the store?"

2007-06-08 22:24:04
289.   Eric Stephen
The positives of this 4-game stretch are that the starters have given up just 7 runs in 24.2 IP.

Oh yeah, and the Saenz walk-off. Professional Hitter, indeed.

2007-06-08 22:24:07
290.   Branch Rickey
Thank Goodness!
2007-06-08 22:24:11
291.   JoeyP
That was like a line drive over the wall.
2007-06-08 22:24:16
292.   StolenMonkey86


2007-06-08 22:24:27
293.   Michael D
Professional hitter!
2007-06-08 22:24:31
294.   capdodger
I'm still going on vacation.
2007-06-08 22:24:36
295.   regfairfield
That's why Olmedo is my boy for life.
2007-06-08 22:25:16
296.   Frip
That man is just...strong.
2007-06-08 22:25:17
297.   StolenMonkey86
91 MPH with 3" BRK and 10" PFX is just what Olmedo likes
2007-06-08 22:25:23
298.   JoeyP
Dodgers need to hit more home runs.
Makes the game so much easier.
2007-06-08 22:25:47
299.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Like clockwork, Vin expresses surprise a pitcher threw Tomato a fastball.
2007-06-08 22:26:18
300.   underdog

Too awesome for words.

And funny to think that just a few moments ago I almost typed - but then refrained out of respect for the jinx - "I seem to recall this Accardo guy stinking on ice when with the Giants" and felt a little more confident at seeing him in there.

Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2007-06-08 22:26:18
301.   capdodger
He looked at the first fastball and you could see him thinking, "I can hit that."

Then he did.

2007-06-08 22:26:20
302.   T Money
As much as I hate bunting, that's how much I love Tomato.
2007-06-08 22:26:23
303.   Bob Timmermann
This reminds me of something my grandmother would say to me:

"I just baked a bunch of cookies. Do you want some?"

2007-06-08 22:26:49
304.   jtrichey
In the year of the improbable...the impossible has happened!

Nobody should forget Tony Abreu's very Mike Davis like walk. (Even if it wasn't exactly Eckersley out there)

2007-06-08 22:26:56
305.   PDH5204
Good also to see that the Rose Bush understood his failing and so went out of his way to thank Olmedo for taking him off the hook.
2007-06-08 22:27:01
306.   jasonungar07
sweet, that was davis -esqe (first walk by abreu?) and gibby like for the regular season
2007-06-08 22:27:16
307.   NPB
I love the Tomato.

Let's not overlook Abreu's excellent at-bat to get the tying run on base.

2007-06-08 22:27:27
308.   Jon Weisman
Tony Abreu, in the role of Mike Davis. Good night, everyone!
2007-06-08 22:27:59
309.   nofatmike
Cool, Pierre didn't have to bat!!!
2007-06-08 22:29:32
310.   alex 7
why did they throw Saenz two straight fastballs?

And yeah, good AB by Abreu.

2007-06-08 22:30:34
311.   underdog
310 I was just thinking the same thing. Guess they don't have very detailed scouting reports for these interleague games. "Saenz: Throw him whatever."

And the Padres and DBacks both lose. Suddenly this evening went from sour to sweet.

Night all!

2007-06-08 22:31:51
312.   Frip
Kevin Kennedy has a way of making any happening sound like it must have been boring.
2007-06-08 22:31:55
313.   jtrichey
306, 308 I am so far ahead of you guys it isn't even funny. Almost a full minute
2007-06-08 22:32:20
314.   LogikReader
Olmedo Saenz: He's much more than a .208 hitter. That was pretty sweet.

meanwhile in SF...

A's in the top of the 10th and you can hear the fans chanting "Let's Go Oakland."


2007-06-08 22:33:39
315.   LogikReader
A's batting, I should say, in the top of the 10th... not for long though
2007-06-08 22:35:41
316.   DeucesAreWild
Giants might lose their catcher to injury and they are out of position players. Very interesting game if you have Extra Innings.
2007-06-08 22:35:48
317.   StolenMonkey86
there's an injury delay, and Kendall's up with 2 outs and a man on first
2007-06-08 22:36:05
318.   jasonungar07
313 along with dodger thoughts i was utilizing my tivo....

312 yeah although i enjoy the detail after a win like this lets hold off on the landing leg stuff

2007-06-08 22:36:32
319.   StolenMonkey86
316 - Toronto was planning on that and is willing to trade
2007-06-08 22:38:14
320.   JoeyP
Feliz is catching, and Noah Lowry's playing LF, Randy Winn at 3b.

This game is crazy.

2007-06-08 22:38:40
321.   Eric Enders
Looks like maybe Pedro Feliz is going to catch, Noah Lowry's going to play the outfield, and Ryan Klesko is going to be a left-handed throwing third baseman.

Who was the last one, Bob? Mattingly?

2007-06-08 22:38:45
322.   Bob Timmermann
Pedro Feliz going in to catch. Noah Lowry playing RF, I think Randy Winn is playing third.
2007-06-08 22:38:51
323.   JoeyP
Make that RF.
2007-06-08 22:39:01
324.   DeucesAreWild
Pitcher Noah Lowry is playing right field.

Klesko is going behind the plate.

Double-switching with your catcher: probably a bad idea.

2007-06-08 22:39:09
325.   StolenMonkey86
yeah, so who do the Giants trade for Jason Phillips?
2007-06-08 22:39:33
326.   JoeyP
I can honestly say I've never seen a team run out of players and their catcher get hurt.
2007-06-08 22:40:36
327.   Eric Enders
324 Unless you're the Blue Jays, who have four catchers.
2007-06-08 22:41:26
328.   regfairfield
324 Eh, it's a once every few years occurance. I don't think it's the wrong decision.
2007-06-08 22:41:33
329.   Who Is Karim Garcia
so THATS why you never use your second catcher.

So who is behind the plate, Klesko or Feliz?

Keep us updated!

2007-06-08 22:41:36
330.   Bob Timmermann
The Dodgers had it happen although the catcher was ejected. Trenidad Hubbard finished the game.

The Rockies lost their last catcher to an injury in a game against the Angels and Don Baylor had Neifi Perez catch and the game ended on a wild pitch.

2007-06-08 22:41:43
331.   JoeyP
Kotsay has to steal 2nd with Feliz behind the plate.
2007-06-08 22:42:01
332.   Bob Timmermann
Feliz - C
Winn - 3B
Lowry - RF
2007-06-08 22:42:03
333.   Eric Enders
By the way, just reading through the thread I missed, 182 is totally untrue. I've heard Vin mention Murray's name several times this year.
2007-06-08 22:43:11
334.   Eric Enders
Major league managers are awfully hesitant to use their backup catchers considering this kind of situation happens probably once every five years in all of baseball.
2007-06-08 22:43:48
335.   JoeyP
Kendall hit it into Right Center, but Lowry sort of let the CF take it.
2007-06-08 22:44:30
336.   jtrichey
Padres and Giants both run out of players in the 10th inning??? Isn't that supposed to happen in the 17th inning? Stupid 12 man pitching staffs.
2007-06-08 22:44:51
337.   Eric Enders
I'd like to commend 186 for being prescient, if a little too conservative.
2007-06-08 22:45:42
338.   JoeyP
Feliz hasnt had to block any pitches yet, but he doesnt look bad back there so far.
2007-06-08 22:45:58
339.   regfairfield
Feliz made a decent backhand at a ball in the dirt.
2007-06-08 22:47:24
340.   JoeyP
Ok that was a nice pick by Feliz.
2007-06-08 22:48:10
341.   StolenMonkey86
in play Run(s) for Stewart!
2007-06-08 22:48:57
342.   JoeyP
I kinda wanted to see how long the Giants could play with that type of defense, but looks like the A's are gonna win.

Lowry's due up 3rd in the bottom of the inning.

2007-06-08 22:50:18
343.   StolenMonkey86
342 - it was a liner in front of Bonds.

This is excellent. The Dodgers could easily be the only team in the NL West that wins today. Gain on everyone!

2007-06-08 22:50:47
344.   DeucesAreWild
Who is the Dodgers' emergency catcher?
2007-06-08 22:52:06
345.   Eric Enders
344 I think it used to be Ramon Martinez. So now I have no idea. Clark?
2007-06-08 22:52:27
346.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Juan Pierre.
2007-06-08 22:52:36
347.   regfairfield
344 Now that Ramon Martinez is gone, I have no clue.

I personally don't think it really makes a difference.

2007-06-08 22:54:11
348.   DeucesAreWild
Vizquel's gotta get on so Lowry can have his Rick Camp moment.
2007-06-08 22:54:20
349.   StolenMonkey86
346 - Frank Thomas might run on him.
2007-06-08 22:58:19
350.   Who Is Karim Garcia

picture this. fly ball. thomas at third. throw to the plate. pierre catching.

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2007-06-08 22:58:30
351.   Bob Timmermann
Bruce Bochy should have been able to pull a Lester Patrick and go behind the dish himself.
2007-06-08 22:59:04
352.   StolenMonkey86
strike 3. ballgame.

We gained on everyone!

2007-06-08 23:00:08
353.   StolenMonkey86
350 - Ok, that sounds more like "The Waterboy."
2007-06-08 23:18:36
354.   k0b3
the dodgers win!!! thhhhhheeeee dodgers win!!!

great win tonight but the fact that grittle can't get half a clue and understand that this pathetic offense needs a change in order worries me. Why does he keep trotting pierre leadoff and nomar third? Furcal seems to not hit when he's in the two spot which makes this lineup even weaker than it is...anyone think there is ANY chance of a significant lineup change? (Pierre to 8th, Nomar down, Martin 3rd, etc etc)

2007-06-08 23:23:43
355.   Bluebleeder87
That was like a line drive over the wall.

I saw that thing live & i still can't believe it. It was a lacer shot!.

2007-06-08 23:39:07
356.   Linkmeister
This is gonna get lost at the bottom of this thread, but you guys have to read it to believe it. It's a very small world.

2007-06-09 00:28:16
357.   bhsportsguy
What a game, my first of four games during this homestand:

1. Brad Penny was dealing, 7K and no walks and not a lot of foul balls. Never really had a rough inning at all.
2. That was so strange to see the infield in after Pierre reached third in the first inning. It worked out (twice though Ethier smoked a liner in the second inning.)
3. Again, both pitchers were in a good rhythm so it wasn't surprising to see both offenses struggle.
4. Gonzo hit two balls well tonight, his double in the second was low liner that flew over Wells head.
5. Glad to see Broxton go to the slider, he really needs to use that pitch more.
6. Saito probably just needed a game to get back in the swing.
7. Two things I never would have thought happen in the bottom of the 10th did, Abreu's walk after being down 1-2 and then the pitcher throwing a second fastball, he hit so hard, I thought it was going off the wall and not over it.
8. Parking situation, worked out fine and got out really fast even though we were still in our seats when the Tomato juiced that ball over the wall.

Nice to get back on the winning side, hope it sparks a nice homestand.

2007-06-09 01:05:42
358.   trainwreck
The A's and Giants game was amazing. I could not stop laughing. That had to be the oddest thing I have ever see in a baseball game.
2007-06-09 02:00:26
359.   trainwreck
The fans booed the Bull? That is just unacceptable.
2007-06-09 02:15:36
360.   Eric Enders
Yeah, that's really terrible. I think Dodger fans have reached the point where they would probably boo Kirk Gibson or Fernando.

As a fan of the team, it's frankly embarrassing.

2007-06-09 02:20:51
361.   Eric Enders
Canadian Catcher Charms Scully
(Toronto Globe and Mail) which Vin says "phooey" to Jon by expressing concerns that Martin may be overworked.

2007-06-09 02:25:56
362.   Eric Enders
Catching the fast train to L.A.: Montreal resident Martin solid behind plate for Dodgers
(Toronto Star)

"How can I say this? I don't want to sound egotistical when I say this, but I don't really have any, like, weaknesses."

2007-06-09 06:09:11
363.   D4P
Meanwhile, LuGo has now caught Martin in OPS. Who knew the old guy still had it in'im?

Ned, that's who.

2007-06-09 06:13:13
364.   gpellamjr
363 Go Midas!!! Go Dodgers!!! I love this team!!!
2007-06-09 06:19:14
365.   D4P
You and me both, brother!!! We're goin' all the way!!! Go Blue!!!
2007-06-09 06:58:23
366.   Vishal
good (and needed) win last night.

one thing from the yahoo game notes though: "Dodgers RHP Jonathan Broxton, booed by the home crowd of 52,173 for blowing a four-run lead in the ninth inning Thursday night and walking home the winning run, relieved Penny and retired his only batter."

the dodger stadium crowed booed broxton? was that really called for?

2007-06-09 07:10:17
367.   gpellamjr
366 From my position on my couch, I didn't hear any booing. But I'd be surprised if half the DS crowd was even aware that the Dodgers had played a game the night before, let alone how Broxton performed.
2007-06-09 07:27:22
368.   Marty
I'm guessing that meant he was booed the night before not last night.
2007-06-09 07:41:55
369.   Jon Weisman
New post up top.

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