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You Can't Say They're Not Trying Something: Loney Recalled
2007-06-10 11:27
by Jon Weisman

Welcome to Lineup Rotation City:

James Loney is in the starting lineup today for the Dodgers. Brady Clark has been designated for assignment, according to Tony Jackson.

Furcal, SS
Abreu, 2B
Martin, C
Gonzalez, LF
Betemit, 3B
Loney, 1B
Ethier, RF
Pierre, CF
Schmidt, P

* * *

Today's game:


Retro Gameday

Comments (362)
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2007-06-10 11:41:31
1.   Branch Rickey
For those who say the Dodgers block the youngsters, as of today 1/3 of the active roster has 2 years or less of MLB experience.
2007-06-10 11:42:04
2.   LAT
Swap Kemp for JP and this is pretty much the line-up we have been waiting two years for.
2007-06-10 11:43:04
3.   Todd
Seriously, who's that guy in the picture with Ethier?
2007-06-10 11:43:55
4.   Eric Enders
1 You can be blocked and still be on the roster. Just ask Hee Seop or, to go back to an earlier generation, Dave Hansen. It remains to be seen how much playing time Nomar will get in front of Loney.
2007-06-10 11:45:22
5.   Branch Rickey
3. He's Andre Ethier the Canadian folk singer.
2007-06-10 11:46:12
6.   Branch Rickey
4. True, but it becomes tough to block them all when they make up such a large part of the roster.
2007-06-10 11:48:28
7.   JoeyP
Put Kemp in for Pierre.
Trade Kent/Nomar/Gonzo.

Then just play out the rest of the year.
Reap the benefits in the following seasons.

I am surprised they cut Brady Clark. But that must mean that they believe Kemp can play CF everyday. Its really too bad Pierre has his horrid contract, since Brady Clark is most likely the better player both offensive/defensively.

2007-06-10 11:51:47
8.   Todd
3 Thanks Branch!
2007-06-10 11:54:31
9.   JoeyP
I will say the Dodgers roster is just about the best it can be as of right now. So they are at least maximizing their resources of available good players.

Now, either the team will be good enough to win, or wont be. I suspect that Ned's going to let these rookies play the next month. If they say in contention, there wont be a big trade at the deadline.

However, if Kemp/Loney/Abreu fall flat on their faces-- and the team falls back in the standings-could be the makings of a big trade since I suspect lots of major league clubs would want to see these guys for a while at the MLB level awhile before they'd trade for them.

2007-06-10 11:56:35
10.   LADfan in IL
4 All I can say is FINALLY!

And you are right, calling them up is one thing, and playing them is quite another. Let's just hope these kids hit when given a chance and take off from there!

There's no reason to play Nomar and Pierre anyway, so it shouldn't take much!

2007-06-10 11:59:38
11.   Prescott Pete
What does all this mean for Nomar? Is it possible he could be traded? To the Yankees?
2007-06-10 12:00:11
12.   NPB
Oooh. Me likee!
2007-06-10 12:00:21
13.   Michael D
Time to get on the when are we going to rest Martin bandwagon. Day game after a night game, shouldn't he be sitting? We won't get any offense out of him if Little wears him out.
2007-06-10 12:00:22
14.   LADfan in IL
9 But a trade makes absolutely no sense, unless it's trading Pierre or Nomar. And, if you can't get anyone to take one of those 2, then that should tell you all you need to know about their actual value, or even their percieved value.

When they figure that out, and they should have by now anyway, what's the point in getting rid of your future and keeping those guys?

2007-06-10 12:02:13
15.   LADfan in IL
11 One can only hope! And can the Dodgers be stupid like the Rangers or Blue Jays and ask for Hughes in return?
2007-06-10 12:04:59
16.   JoeyP
14--I agree it wouldnt make sense. But I can see Colletti trading some of these youngters for an "impact" veteran at the deadline if these guys fail on the big stage in the coming month.

There's no way I'd deal them unless it was for another young player in his prime (Cabrera, Texiera, etc...).

2007-06-10 12:05:46
17.   neuroboy002
7 I agree that Clark is probably more valuable to us than Pierre and wish we could have kept him. Pierre is just faster, but Lord knows his arm is weaker.

But I don't agree with just trading or DFAing LuGo, because based on performance, he has been a better bat than Nomar or Pierre.

2007-06-10 12:05:46
18.   Louis in SF
Like everyone else I am excited to see how it all plays out. However, I would caution everyone if you think Nomar and Pierre are going to lose most or all of thier playing time. Management has too much ego, money and PR invested in these players. Ironically the player who everyone thought would be an absolute bust, Gonzo has actually not been that bad. I doubt that Clarke is not picked up, he is a perfect 4th outfielder-he is just not a pinch hitter. Ironically in his final day has a Dodger he stole a base, something his more expensive and speedier center fielder couldn't do against the great jason Phillips!
Do you think Ned will come on with Vinny today?
2007-06-10 12:08:20
19.   Telemachos
I think it makes sense to have all the kids get some playing time this month.... basically, either they contribute, or they get showcased for a trade if they and the team underperform.
2007-06-10 12:13:51
20.   rockmrete
The offense could not do any worse. It's time to sell high on Gonzo, and Tomato. Get what we can for Kent, and Merlin, Tomrickson and let Nomar, and Pierre replace them on the bech.
2007-06-10 12:15:58
21.   trainwreck
Now this is what I like to see.
2007-06-10 12:16:34
22.   LADfan in IL
19 So you agree that someone like Loney should get about 3 weeks or so to show his worth, and then if he struggles or the team struggles, ship him off for a career .250 hitter like Glaus, or a 3 month rental like Texiera?

If it's to get Cabrera, and by most accounts, he isn't available, then yeah, I can see it. But, other then him, who is likely to be available that would be worth trading any youngster for?

2007-06-10 12:17:30
23.   Todd
I agree with Louis. Management has no intention of not playing the folks who they have so much money and PR invested in.
2007-06-10 12:18:07
24.   LAT
Ned is scrambling to solve the offensive blackout that he created with his off-season moves. If this does'nt work he will have to spend big, and by big I mean very big for one of three 3rd basemen: Glaus, Arod or Cebrera. So with all the money wasted on JP and other vets, will Frank give the green light for this kind of signing. I think he'll say yes to Glaus and no to the others because Glaus' contract is price fixe and will only require some minor league talent. The other two are unknowns and will require a land war in Asia. Arte and others are going to go hard after them. So IMO, Troy Glaus will be our new 3rd baseman beforethe end of the month.
2007-06-10 12:25:03
25.   Tom Meagher
Is anybody else concerned that, against a team with two good lefties in its bullpen, the Dodgers are starting five lefties in a row (ok, technically Betemit is a switch-hitter, but has a LHB's split)? I try not to make too big a deal out of Grittle's typical laziness in maximizing the platoon advantage (and lord knows it's hard to refrain from similar comment on jettisoning an actual RHB in the OF, Clark), but I think that this one deserves a red flag. Thumbs up for starting all of your lefties, but thumbs down for bunching them together.
2007-06-10 12:25:24
26.   trainwreck
I hope Loney immediately produces. Time for some major shakeups.
2007-06-10 12:25:24
27.   LADfan in IL
24 I sure hope you are wrong! He (Glaus) is exactly what the Dodgers don't need! Another player who has homered only twice in the last month, and who's average is dropping faster than Nomar's until the last couple of days or so?

If it's someone like Betemit and Houlton for Glaus then yeah, that's something that could be stomached! But ANY youngster of value only amplifies the problems already created. (See Pierre and Nomar acquisitions).

2007-06-10 12:26:07
28.   sanchez101
IMO, it's now up to Kemp and Loney to earn their playing time, even if their opportunities are going to come on a part-time basis. I wouldn't mind giving them the everyday jobs, but that's not realistic. Unfortunatley, I feel like it's more likely they take playing time away from Ethier than Pierrciaparra. Hopefully Ethier can get on a hot streak as well.

I would caution to jump on the whole "managment is to stupid/arrogant/egotistic" to give the young players playing time argument. They wouldn't have called up LaRoche, then Abreu, now Kemp and Loney if that were true. There is also considerations made to the players (and the impact a rash decision could make on future free agents) and the fans at large who are very familiar with Pierre and especially Nomar, but less so with Loney and Kemp. Really, considering it's only two+ months into the season, you're really just complaining about how quickly managment is making these moves rather than whether they're willing to make them.

2007-06-10 12:26:09
29.   trainwreck
Wow, UC Irvine may have gotten screwed. They reversed a call for no reason.
2007-06-10 12:26:13
30.   regfairfield
If I could believe that Nomar would actually get benched for a substantial period of time, I'd like this, but right now this just seems like Loney is going to spend most of his time twiddling his thumbs when he needs to get his stroke back.
2007-06-10 12:29:33
31.   D4P


2007-06-10 12:32:39
32.   regfairfield
It should be noted that if you don't think much of Kemp's ability to play center, Juan Pierre is the only center fielder left on the 40 man roster, and Choo Freeman is next on the depth chart.
2007-06-10 12:35:08
33.   DXMachina
I'm sorry to see Clark go, but one good thing about it is that it pretty much signals that Ned expects that Kemp is here to stay. Otherwise why not DFA Anderson? (I doubt they could do that while he's still on the DL, but if he's already rehabbing, they probably could've activated him long enough to do it.)
2007-06-10 12:35:17
34.   Eric Enders
32 Conversely, if you don't think much of Pierre's ability to play center, then Matt Kemp is the only center fielder left on the 40-man roster.
2007-06-10 12:35:59
35.   Michael D

Just means all our righties are on the bench if we need them.

2007-06-10 12:41:34
36.   D4P
Halladay's 2007 lefty-righty splits:

vs LH: .281/.306/.375/.681, 1 HR in 128 ABs
vs RH: .288/.308/.460/.769, 5 HR in 139 ABs

2007-06-10 12:43:06
37.   trainwreck
Terrible call eds up screwing over UC Irvine. I hope these umps get suspended.
2007-06-10 12:43:24
38.   trainwreck
2007-06-10 12:47:30
39.   underdog
37 What happened Train? I wasn't watching.
Poor Anteaters.

I'm so glad about the Loney call-up. Though I do feel bad for Clark, who I know is better than he's really shown, or had time to show. But I'd rather have Kemp and Loney at this point. What I would read into this is what I'd suggested or hoped for, that they're going to give Nomar much more rest since they saw - as we've seen - that he's obviously sluggish and tired right now. Maybe a break, or giving him more breaks each week, is what he needs to pick it up again. I just hope they give Loney 2-3 chances per week. At least.

I'm really happy they're on the right path here.

2007-06-10 12:49:25
40.   underdog
Martin will get a game off soon I'm sure. But it sure is great to see him in the three hole finally.
2007-06-10 12:50:52
41.   k0b3
one thing someone pointed out: kemp is not on the dodgers 40 man roster...i do think this is just a mistake but you never know... a trade might be brewing?? yes and pierre swaped with kemp then this is the lineup we've been waiting for forever

and what happened with uci??? i go there..did they get screwed with a baseball call?

2007-06-10 12:50:59
42.   Suffering Bruin
Within 40 posts, I've seen the writings of some of my favorite folk, some of whom I've never met and some whom I've had the pleasure of meeting. And people wonder why I spend my time reading blogs.

My baseball life be very, very rich.

2007-06-10 12:53:16
43.   Tom Meagher
You're missing my point. Starting all the lefties against Halladay is great. No argument against that. But having them hit consecutively is nonsensical. They could have balanced the lineup by alternating L/R. Instead, they divided the lineup into an RHB section and an LHB section, so Toronto doesn't have to sweat the bullpen decisions. If you don't alternate the handedness of your hitters, you essentially concede the platoon advantage to the Blue Jays for all the final innings. While there are certainly RHB on the bench, the pinch-hitting penalty is pretty substantial, and of course those RHB are on the bench regardless of whether or not you alternate.

C'mon, sample size. Career:
vs LHB .263/.314/.385
vs RHB .250/.293/.671

2007-06-10 12:54:12
44.   Eric Enders
Assuming 6 games a week, the Dodgers have 48 player-starts per week to distribute. Something like this would be good:

Martin C 5 games
Lieberthal C 1
Garciaparra 1B 4
Loney 1B 2 / RF 2
Kent 2B 5
Abreu 3B 4 / 2B 1
Betemit 3B 2
Furcal SS 6
Gonzalez LF 4
Pierre CF 4
Ethier RF 4
Kemp LF 2 / CF 2

I think all the math adds up there.

2007-06-10 12:54:39
45.   Tom Meagher
I was trying to link to comments 35 and 36, respectively, but I guess I'm rusty.
2007-06-10 12:57:54
46.   Eric Enders
43 "If you don't alternate the handedness of your hitters, you essentially concede the platoon advantage to the Blue Jays for all the final innings."

Betemit would certainly be pinch hit for if a lefty was brought in in a key situation. Maybe a couple of the others would be too. In fact, this lineup might be a good recipe for suckering an opposing manager into bringing in a lefty, only to have to face Saenz with the game on the line.

2007-06-10 12:59:25
47.   Johnson
I wouldn't make anything of Kemp being missing from the 40-man. Loney is missing from both the 25- and 40-man as well, and we know he's playing today (25-man currently lists 23, so it all adds up).

What's more interesting to me is that Loney is now apparently our fifth outfielder. Did he do all right in the OF in Vegas?

2007-06-10 13:01:03
48.   Eric Enders
47 I haven't heard much good or bad about Loney's outfield play in Las Vegas. One thing we know is, he automatically becomes the strongest arm out there (unless Kemp is playing).
2007-06-10 13:01:38
49.   trainwreck
UCI first baseman made a stretching catch and got the out. The Shockers coach argued and the crowd kept going crazy and they reversed the call, even though the other umpires could not possibly have seen the play.

UCI wins anyways.

2007-06-10 13:02:02
50.   Nagman
39 Home plate umpire overruled the 1b umpire on a play at first (plate ump ruled the first baseman pulled his foot on a wide throw). Replays showed the original call was a good one, WSU ends up tying the game.

UCI (my alma mater!) ends up winning in the bottom of the 9th. On to Omaha!

Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2007-06-10 13:02:24
51.   DXMachina
Is KFWB broadcasting the game? is (so far) only showing the Toronto feed for Gameday audio.
2007-06-10 13:03:36
52.   Tom Meagher
46 I don't think that's exactly suckering. When you have five LHB in the lineup, you'll face LHP eventually one way or the other. I'd rather 'sucker' a lefty into the game when they can't IBB my pinch hitter to face another lefty.
2007-06-10 13:03:50
53.   Suffering Bruin
"Mom? About that Nomar jersey..."

She got me one, you know. And if you don't know, it's only because you missed one of my forty-two posts talking about how my mom got me a Nomar jersey. I was of two minds about it when I got it and I'm of two minds about it now. On the one hand, Nomar is quality people, an Angeleno, a Mexican-American, married to one of the more popular female sports heroes and the father of twins. His he was the +1 in the 4+1 and my mom was there. Nomar is her favorite Dodger. Of course, I'll take the jersey.

On the other hand... well, you know the other hand, right? There's not a tangible reason I can think of why Nomar is worth paying mucho dolares when James Loney could do the same thing--perhaps a little better, perhaps a little worse--for a fraction of the cost.

When I wear the number 5 jersey with the name Garciaparra on the back, it's a reminder of the conflict I still have between the tangible and the intangible. One of the smartest writers I've ever had the pleasure of meeting told me at a Dodger game that Juan Pierre has the potential to be the uniter between the two warring factions of baseball analysis. I've been reflecting on that comment ever since he said it and I'd like to add an addendum if not a correction: the uniter is the name on the back of my christmas present. Nomar should be at the center of the discussion because he's right in the middle.

I'm liking my jersey more and more each day.

2007-06-10 13:05:06
54.   Johnson
48 I thought Ethier had a good arm as well. Was I wrong on that?
2007-06-10 13:05:19
55.   Suffering Bruin
I know I'm just spouting in the midst of more interesting discussions but I just realized that if we made a list of the most controversial players on DT, it would include three firstbasemen:

Karros, Choi and Nomar.

Pierre is coming on strong, from what I hear.

2007-06-10 13:06:54
56.   Eric Enders
52 If they IBB Saenz, then you pinch hit with Kent or Nomar.

Are we really that afraid of Scott Downs and Brian Tallet?

2007-06-10 13:07:02
57.   Suffering Bruin
50 I have never, ever heard of a home plate umpire overruling a call at first base made by the first base umpire. That is a first for me.

Congrats to UCI. I love it when the west coast schools win the whole thing.

2007-06-10 13:08:06
58.   Eric Enders
54 Ethier's arm isn't bad. It's probably slightly above average in strength, and very accurate. But Loney has a gun.
2007-06-10 13:09:26
59.   natepurcell
2007-06-10 13:12:05
60.   Bluebleeder87

i took a picture of Sal Fassano on friday when i went to Dodger Stadium.

2007-06-10 13:12:22
61.   Ricardo
Yes, that´s great! I´m very happy for James and what if he plays very well today? Will Nomar be benched?
2007-06-10 13:12:43
62.   D4P
i took a picture of Sal Fassano on friday when i went to Dodger Stadium

Is your camera OK...?

2007-06-10 13:12:53
63.   natepurcell

you should ahve went to the bars with him.

2007-06-10 13:13:04
64.   Bluebleeder87
It's gonna be interesting to see how Schmidt bounces back from his previous outing.
2007-06-10 13:13:44
65.   D4P
According to Gameday, the double that Rios hit to leftfielder LuGo was slightly to the left of Pierre's name on the diagram.
2007-06-10 13:13:57
66.   Eric Enders
55 You could probably include Loney in that group too.
2007-06-10 13:15:22
67.   unassisted
Looks like this is gonna get ugly fast.
2007-06-10 13:15:45
68.   Tom Meagher
56 Who's afraid? My point is that, if an LHP is coming into the game, you'd rather punish them with one of your RHB starters than with a pinch hitter. Pinch hitting isn't very effective (, and I certainly wouldn't be surprised if Kent/Nomar are expected to sit the whole game.

It's not a question of fear, it's a question of maximizing your resources. And it's not just that the southpaws will face southpaws, it's also that Furcal-Abreu-Martin will NOT face southpaws.

Beyond that, you also have a pitcher's spot right in the middle, so you're kind of forced to bring up a RHB to PH in the 9-hole, which then lets the Jays counter with an RHP who can stay in for the three RHB in a row.

The point is, this lineup systemically negates the possibility of a platoon advantage, and it only creates platoon advantages in places where it could have been created anyway.

2007-06-10 13:16:06
69.   DXMachina
Schmidt doesn't seem to have brought his A-game.
2007-06-10 13:17:31
70.   Gen3Blue
I hope Scmidt's arm isn't as dead as it looks.
2007-06-10 13:17:53
71.   overkill94
Shouldn't Schmidt have looked rusty in his first start back from the DL?
2007-06-10 13:18:05
72.   Bluebleeder87

a better CF'er would have caught it imo.

2007-06-10 13:19:00
73.   Gen3Blue
It looks like Schmidt is now afraid to throw a strike. This is not good.
2007-06-10 13:19:00
74.   Gen3Blue
It looks like Schmidt is now afraid to throw a strike. This is not good.
2007-06-10 13:19:45
75.   Bluebleeder87

Nope, the second & 3rd time around always gives you a better picture.

2007-06-10 13:19:55
76.   overkill94
72 I'd say very few center fielders would have caught it
2007-06-10 13:20:37
77.   Suffering Bruin
66 Not yet. Loney doesn't have two warring groups of people arguing loud and long like the other guys did (Nomar is just starting to enter into Karros/Choi territory).
2007-06-10 13:20:55
78.   Bluebleeder87
He's only hitting 86-88 i think, but it's only the 1st inning.
2007-06-10 13:22:04
79.   Bluebleeder87

Willy Mays would have caught it. Willy Mays Hays, not so much.

2007-06-10 13:22:11
80.   Branch Rickey
He is consistently throwing 86 right now. The SD gun had him consistently at 88. That may only be 2 MPH but when you're under 90, every MPH helps. Still, it's the first inning and getting out of it with a double play and a strikeout was a nice comeback.
2007-06-10 13:23:44
81.   overkill94
Wow, at one time or another in the last two years of my NL-only league, I've had every hitter from the Dodgers' line-up on my team except for Gonzo.
2007-06-10 13:24:34
82.   Suffering Bruin
If Jason Schmidt doesn't hit 92 on the gun with the heater then he's the right-handed version of post-peak Fernando.
2007-06-10 13:25:13
83.   Bluebleeder87
Loney came out of nowhere today, hopefully he'll bust a Lou Gerigh (sp)
2007-06-10 13:25:33
84.   Branch Rickey
82. I don't think that's gonna happen.
2007-06-10 13:26:27
85.   Bluebleeder87
That hit From Russell Martin had eyes!
2007-06-10 13:27:00
86.   Marty
I just woke up after having to work all night. All I can say is wow. Nice to see Loney up. Was nice knowin ya Brady, but it's only the Loney for me.
2007-06-10 13:27:13
87.   Suffering Bruin
Anybody catch 6-4-2's wrapup of yesterday's game? If not, do so now.
2007-06-10 13:27:51
88.   Bluebleeder87

yes sir!

2007-06-10 13:29:19
89.   natepurcell
this dude hits alot of doubles.
2007-06-10 13:29:21
90.   unassisted
well, that's one more run than i thught we'd get off halladay today!!!
2007-06-10 13:29:30
91.   Suffering Bruin
84 Fernando wasn't terrible, he just didn't have the strikeout pitch. He picked up a cutter when his fastball topped out at 88. Hershiser did the same thing. But neither man was ever a top of the line starter again.

Yeah, I know, I'm sweating for stuff that might never be. I want Schmidt to throw the hard stuff he had before.

2007-06-10 13:29:35
92.   Branch Rickey
Difference between vets and rookies: When Russ kept trying to steal 2nd in SD, Abreu kept hacking at pitches and fouling them off (even early in the count). Gonzo saw Russ get a good jump and squared to bunt (with no intention of doing anything but distracting the catcher).
2007-06-10 13:30:11
93.   Suffering Bruin
91 ... I just don't know if he'll be able to.
2007-06-10 13:30:19
94.   D4P
According to Gameday, the double that LuGo hit to leftfielder Lind was slightly to the left of Wells's name on the diagram
2007-06-10 13:30:22
95.   Bluebleeder87
Rob misspelled perdidor it should be perdedor
2007-06-10 13:32:14
96.   unassisted
92 I really doubt gonzo could see what kind of jump russ got. That steal was called from the dugout that's why gonzo did the fake bunt.
2007-06-10 13:32:26
97.   Branch Rickey
Now THAT should make some people around here smile.
2007-06-10 13:32:42
98.   Bluebleeder87
Loney makes his presence known!!
2007-06-10 13:32:58
99.   DXMachina
2007-06-10 13:33:07
100.   Branch Rickey
96. Of course he could see it. Why wouldn't he?
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2007-06-10 13:33:18
101.   trainwreck
2007-06-10 13:33:47
102.   natepurcell

whats your point? thats not where wells was standing.

2007-06-10 13:33:50
103.   Vishal
welcome back loney!!
2007-06-10 13:33:50
104.   D4P
Loney with a Nomar
2007-06-10 13:34:00
105.   Gen3Blue
Yes, I'm smiling. Though I was worried Gonzo might not be chugging home fast enough.
2007-06-10 13:34:25
106.   overkill94
Dang, I thought Gonzo would be hung out to dry, but I don't believe Lind has a very good arm
2007-06-10 13:34:40
107.   bluegold
Forget Kemp, Loney is our savior!
2007-06-10 13:35:37
108.   overkill94
Oof, that's gotta hurt
2007-06-10 13:35:52
109.   Branch Rickey
Too bad that hit him or it would have been a wild pitch and another run.
2007-06-10 13:36:32
110.   trainwreck
I am following the game on GameDay, but I sensed Ethier was going to get hit by a pitch.
2007-06-10 13:36:51
111.   Branch Rickey
Runner on 3rd! 67% chance he'll get a hit!!!

Or tap back to the pitcher.

2007-06-10 13:36:55
112.   overkill94
We need to move Pierre down to the 10th spot in the line-up
2007-06-10 13:37:18
113.   trainwreck
Of course.
2007-06-10 13:38:44
114.   Gen3Blue
That looked like it hit that very painful projection just below the knee on the outside of the leg.
2007-06-10 13:39:40
115.   Fallout
Wow. These moves really surprise me. Any hope (slim and none) of trading Pierre went out the window with the DFA of Clark. The question is who will get most of the playing time at 1st? Garciaparra's lack of hitting with any kind of power has really pulled this team down. Loney's doubles will be an improvement over what we have seen from Nomar lately.
If Loney doesn't cut it, maybe we'll see Kent at 1st, Abreu at 2nd and Glaus at 3rd.
2007-06-10 13:39:52
116.   underdog
112 I've been saying that for weeks! ;-)

jeez Louise, I miss one inning and all heck breaks loose.

2007-06-10 13:40:05
117.   trainwreck
I hope Bills is ready to go long tonight.
2007-06-10 13:40:18
118.   3upn3down
Loney looks like he's added some size since last Sept. Anyone else think so?

He's not gangly anymore.

2007-06-10 13:40:46
119.   Johnson
112 Technically, we could do that on the road. We could have a starter (say Lowe) lead off as the CF, then put Pierre in for defensive purposes in the bottom of the first. He wouldn't hit until #10 - or even later if we have a great top of the inning.

That strategy would probably put a serious dent in his trade value, though.

2007-06-10 13:41:39
120.   underdog
Sal Fasano?

Sal Fasano!


2007-06-10 13:41:44
121.   D4P
I used to know a guy named John McDonald. His father was Irish and his mother was Japanese. He looked mostly Japanese, which was kinda funny given his last name.
2007-06-10 13:42:38
122.   trainwreck
Pierre has no trade value. Brian Sabean won't be around long enough to save us.

Our best hope is Ichiro leaves and we can take advantage of Bill Bavasi.

2007-06-10 13:43:54
123.   overkill94
Quite the heads-up play there by McDonald, though it looked like he was out
2007-06-10 13:44:27
124.   KG16
I'm wondering, what does everyone thing of doing the pitcher in the 8th spot thing with Pierre in the line up?

Granted, I'd like to see Kemp in center or left in lieu of Pierre or Gonzales, but since I doubt that will happen, what's everyone think?

2007-06-10 13:44:37
125.   Branch Rickey
Something wrong with Schmidt's delivery. Everything is low. Perhaps late release point.
2007-06-10 13:44:54
126.   Gen3Blue
Schmidt is not showing that he can pitch tonight. In fact I'm surprised they are letting him try.
2007-06-10 13:44:55
127.   underdog
Hoo boy, that was a close play at third. I guess it was a head's up baserunning play though it seemed kind of unnecessary. Nice throw by Loney.
2007-06-10 13:45:08
128.   overkill94
121 Not as strange as the Asian guy in my fraternity named Enrique Sanchez
2007-06-10 13:45:39
129.   natepurcell

shot shoulder?

2007-06-10 13:45:52
130.   underdog
Schmidt looked great in his return this past week, so I don't know why he'd suddenly go south today, but he definitely looks more "off." If he can't get Halladay out that'd be a particularly bad sign.
2007-06-10 13:45:56
131.   overkill94
I guess the batting cage in his basement payed off after all
2007-06-10 13:46:08
132.   unassisted
Schmidt has NOTHING on his fastball
2007-06-10 13:46:34
133.   underdog
What did I just say?

{violate first rule of DT}

2007-06-10 13:46:36
134.   Gen3Blue
That was un surprising. What does Gardy want, to make sure we lose.
2007-06-10 13:46:36
135.   JoeyP
Schmidt'd velocity is gone.
This is not good.
2007-06-10 13:47:10
136.   trainwreck
Take him out please.
2007-06-10 13:48:36
137.   overkill94
This version of Schmidt reminds me of the one we saw at the beginning of the year - diminished velocity and not much sharpness on his pitches. I have a feeling there's something in his shoulder that's gonna require some surgery.
2007-06-10 13:48:44
138.   JoeyP
Schmidt is throwing slower today, than before he was hurt.
2007-06-10 13:49:00
139.   3upn3down
Loney looks like he's added some size since last Sept. Anyone else think so?

He's not gangly anymore.

2007-06-10 13:49:05
140.   underdog
Doesn't Schmidt usually take a few innings to find full velocity? Not saying today isn't disappointing so far but it seems a little early to be pressing panic buttons.
2007-06-10 13:49:43
141.   Gen3Blue
Couldn't throwing like this worsen his injury, or is something he can work through?
2007-06-10 13:50:43
142.   Branch Rickey
Again, his velocity hasn't completely disappeared. He is off 2 mph from his first start. Before going on the DL he was throwing 81. He looks terrible but not as bad as before. Almost more rusty than injured.
2007-06-10 13:50:52
143.   Gen3Blue
Well he sort of got through that inning.
2007-06-10 13:52:44
144.   trainwreck
Pinch hit for him.

He clearly does not have it today.

2007-06-10 13:53:15
145.   JoeyP
142--Are you watching the Dodger feed? He's sitting at around 83 on all his pitches. His fastest pitch was 87, and it was way out of the zone. The Blue Jays are basically taking batting practice. The only way Schmidt gets thru this game is if the Jays swing at his sliders in the dirt, or they hit some 'attem balls'.
2007-06-10 13:53:49
146.   3upn3down
Loney looks like he's added some size since last Sept. Anyone else think so?

He's not gangly anymore.

2007-06-10 13:54:00
147.   Bluebleeder87
the alarmist need to take a chill pill & let the game on fold.
2007-06-10 13:54:23
148.   Branch Rickey
145. Every pitch at 83 was a breaking ball. His fastballs have all been 86 with the overthown pitch at 87.
2007-06-10 13:54:36
149.   natepurcell

his change up is the 81-83 pitch. his fastball has mostly been 86-87.

2007-06-10 13:54:52
150.   3upn3down
I'm going to keep asking until someone responds.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2007-06-10 13:55:02
151.   natepurcell

third times a charm. yes.

2007-06-10 13:55:42
152.   D4P
For Choi's sake: someone acknowledge that Loney doesn't look gangly anymore...!
2007-06-10 13:58:24
153.   3upn3down
151 and 152I know this is a board where we tend to post and not read/respond during game time, but it can be maddening when you are trying to get some feedback.

I'll take what I can get and direct my comments to my overly opinionated father-in-law who watches 3 dodgers games a year (all at my house) and insists he knows everything there is to know about how to fix the team.

2007-06-10 13:58:51
154.   underdog
No, he doesn't look gangly, he looks much more Kong-like. Happy? ;-)

Let's see if Schmidt can add a little velocity here each inning. I have a feeling we'll be seeing Chad B today.

2007-06-10 13:59:46
155.   underdog
That was WEAK. Gonzo, Pierre, go stand in the corner.
2007-06-10 14:00:41
156.   trainwreck
You see what happens Larry?!!
2007-06-10 14:00:50
157.   Nagman
I think any booing at Dodger Stadium in the last few minutes is justified.
2007-06-10 14:01:05
158.   Terry A
Here on Gameday, Loney looks far ganglier than in years past. In fact, I thought he looked a little drawn, that perhaps he needed to stop running so much.

Gangly, that's what James Loney is.

2007-06-10 14:01:05
159.   underdog
Sigh, I know we should be thankful for the lineup as it is but can't we have Pierre or Gonzo now sit once in awhile so we can have 3 actual outfielders out there.

And THAT was weak, too. Was that Abreu? Sheesh. C'mon.

2007-06-10 14:01:20
160.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Been doing chores so I've just now seen the lineup.
I like it very much.
2007-06-10 14:01:29
161.   Vishal
"it's really tough when you have an outfielder like pierre who can't throw" -vin scully, just a moment ago.
2007-06-10 14:01:37
162.   underdog
Yes, I'll allow for booing here. I'm booing and I'm at home.
2007-06-10 14:02:05
163.   underdog
I love Vin.
2007-06-10 14:02:15
164.   D4P
Gameday is frozen on Glaus's In play, run(s)
2007-06-10 14:02:15
165.   Marty
Just beer me one more wish and let Kemp ytake over for Pierre.
2007-06-10 14:02:25
166.   underdog
Loney at least is a real fielder.
2007-06-10 14:02:33
167.   Sammy Maudlin
2007-06-10 14:02:44
168.   Bluebleeder87
It's not fun watching Pierre
2007-06-10 14:03:14
169.   Nagman
Wow, maybe the Padres really are terrible hitters.
2007-06-10 14:03:31
170.   scareduck
161 - or, apparently, run down routine fly balls.
2007-06-10 14:03:39
171.   DXMachina
161 Yeah, Vin also mentioned that the ball that dropped is Pierre's unless Gonzo calls him off.
2007-06-10 14:03:43
172.   underdog
Gameday was confused by the Dodgers' defense, as was everyone.

Defense aside, this on Schmidt here for the most part, though that first ball really should have been caught. He's just not on today at all. I guess Hendy is next in line though I'd prefer Bills come in early.

2007-06-10 14:03:48
173.   Gen3Blue
What the---?
2007-06-10 14:04:53
174.   underdog
Muttonchops from "Gangs of New York" is now up for the Jays. C'mon Schmidt, at least get HIM out.
2007-06-10 14:05:54
175.   JoeyP
The pitch out was 82 MPH.
2007-06-10 14:05:55
176.   underdog
I think Schmidt just didn't eat his Wheaties today.
2007-06-10 14:06:36
177.   underdog
Pitch out speeds shouldn't be counted. The "fastball" was 88, though.
2007-06-10 14:06:55
178.   Bluebleeder87
Schmidt did touch 88 in this inning.
2007-06-10 14:07:20
179.   Branch Rickey
Watching the replay, Pierre probably could/should have caught Glauss' double as well. He was kind of jogging and watching it instead of running to the spot.
2007-06-10 14:07:23
180.   trainwreck
I think the Blue Jays need to move their 8 hitter down in the order too.
2007-06-10 14:07:41
181.   JoeyP
88 and 86 on those last two.
2007-06-10 14:08:01
182.   underdog
Thank you, Bill the Butcher.

I wish 5 runs (or 3-4 more runs) didn't seem like climbing K2 with this team but it does.

2007-06-10 14:11:12
183.   Bluebleeder87
Watching the replay, Pierre probably could/should have caught Glauss' double as well. He was kind of jogging and watching it instead of running to the spot.

a ton of things go threw my mind when professions athletes do there job half way.

2007-06-10 14:11:54
184.   Bluebleeder87

should be professional athletes. sorry.

2007-06-10 14:14:25
185.   underdog
Hmm, the Afflac question is a toughie. Or not. Q: Who is the only player to win a World Series with both the Dodgers and the Blue Jays?
2007-06-10 14:15:10
186.   Ricardo
A friend of mine is a Giant fan and requested a fan pack. They promissed it and said that it would arrive in 5 or 6 weeks, but instead of receiving it they sent an e-mail saying that was his fan pack! Unbelievable, if you want to see it: .
2007-06-10 14:15:10
187.   underdog
Okay, he really is still throwing batting practice. I was patient but now I've had enough.
2007-06-10 14:15:39
188.   Bluebleeder87
the Aflac trivia question, who was the only Dodger to win a world series with the Blue Jays & the Dodgers?
2007-06-10 14:16:18
189.   k0b3
just turned off the tv becuase it was starting to become unbearable. Not saying this becuase Schmdit is getting raked but even in his first 5 pitches he looked like the crappy schmidt with the shoulder bursitis. Not a good sign...not going to pronounce a loss just yet but it's looking likely with the putrid offense...(pierre again gets the last out with bases loaded..wonder what the record is for leaving the bases loaded? dodgers have to be on pace to get near or beat it)
2007-06-10 14:17:21
190.   underdog
One step ahead of ya, Blue. ;-)
2007-06-10 14:17:35
191.   DXMachina
185 I thought I had it, but when I looked it up I was wrong.
2007-06-10 14:17:53
192.   Bluebleeder87

it's an easy one (i think i know the answer) did he also play with the A's??

2007-06-10 14:18:36
193.   DXMachina
192 Yes.
2007-06-10 14:19:44
194.   trainwreck
Time for a Loney Bomb.
2007-06-10 14:20:03
195.   Eric L
192 I looked it up, and he did play with the A's.
2007-06-10 14:20:03
196.   JoeyP
4th inning: 84,79,84,86,85,85,84,80,87,87
2007-06-10 14:21:09
197.   alexx
One more scoreless inning and Schmidt can get his ERA below 6.00.
2007-06-10 14:22:01
198.   alexx
Is Schmidt done as a baseball player? What else can the Dodgers do to resolve the velocity issue?
2007-06-10 14:22:05
199.   underdog
The only one I'm gonna guess is Alfred Griffin.

Oops, they just announced the answer. Just take my word for it, I guessed it!

2007-06-10 14:23:25
200.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
This season, up to today's game, the Dodgers have left the bases loaded 29 times.
No points for guessing the leader in doing so.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2007-06-10 14:23:27
201.   Disabled List
I was guessing either Alfredo Griffin or Tim Belcher. I remember them both kicking around the AL after leaving the Dodgers.
2007-06-10 14:23:55
202.   trainwreck
Pierre got out so fast that GameDay could not keep up with it.
2007-06-10 14:24:04
203.   underdog
Or a Loney dribbler. Sigh.

Schmidt didn't look at all done last week. So I don't know.

Okay, I'm a jinx for the Dodgers offense. I missed the first inning. I watched all of yesterday's game. I should skip the rest of the game and maybe they'll have more luck. At the worst, I'll be less frustrated.

2007-06-10 14:24:10
204.   trainwreck
Ethier I mean.
2007-06-10 14:25:25
205.   ory
Multiyear deals with Pierre and Shmidt might be a problem for the Dodgers.
2007-06-10 14:25:41
206.   underdog
10 in a row.

I'm gonna take a break to register; be back later. ;-)

2007-06-10 14:26:15
207.   underdog
204 No, you were still correct. (Heh.)
2007-06-10 14:26:41
208.   overkill94
199 Alfredo was my first guess as well, but for some reason I thought he was with the Blue Jays before he came to the Dodgers
2007-06-10 14:28:11
209.   Bluebleeder87
the more i think about it the more i think it's a psychological thing with Pierre, That's what i'm hopping anyway.
2007-06-10 14:28:39
210.   scareduck
That was awful.
2007-06-10 14:28:56
211.   overkill94
Woo hoo, Kemp in for Pierre!
2007-06-10 14:28:57
212.   JoeyP
Glaus turned around that 86 mph fastball.
2007-06-10 14:29:13
213.   natepurcell
whoa, loney, kemp, abreu, ethier and betemit all in the lineup.
2007-06-10 14:29:17
214.   underdog
Bye bye, Schmidt.

Sigh. I'm gonna go shoot some hoops or something. This is yukky. Someone page me when their offense wakes up.

2007-06-10 14:29:21
215.   Gen3Blue
Hey, the point is to get at least six innings out of your starter--not to win!
2007-06-10 14:29:29
216.   Marty
When Glaus hit that, I think I saw a little red button pop out of Schmidt.
2007-06-10 14:29:31
217.   Louis in SF
So we have Troy Glaus to thank for getting Pierre out!
2007-06-10 14:29:49
218.   scareduck
209 - That's what i'm hopping anyway.

I'm hopping, too. Hopping mad. Or something.

At least Pierre's out of centerfield. Clearly his defense on Glaus's homer to center was lacking.

2007-06-10 14:29:53
219.   k0b3
ok now it's final:

the dodgers lose!!! thhhhhhhheeeeeee dodgers lose!!!!

find some velocity and some offense or this is going to be a long year...

2007-06-10 14:30:12
220.   ory
Grady taking out Pierre for Kemp. At least he's thinking different.
2007-06-10 14:30:17
221.   underdog
213 Yeah, all we needed today was Billingsley instead of Schmidt and it would be a nice Jax reunion all around. For more reasons than just that one.
2007-06-10 14:30:19
222.   boco
Jason Schmidt 07=Hideo Nomo 04?

Nomo got 18 starts in 04 before management accepted that he was done. O/U on starts for Schmidt?

2007-06-10 14:30:38
223.   Branch Rickey
206. Yes, yes. By all means. Must be Murray's fault. Dodgers scored more runs than any team in LA history last year but clearly he forgot everything he knows this year. Has nothing to do with Juan Pierre or Nomar's aging.
2007-06-10 14:31:00
224.   Nagman
205 They might make the Dreifort deal look good. Wasn't there some kind of insurance compensation for Dreifort?
2007-06-10 14:31:06
225.   Disabled List
DT nirvana: Kemp replacing Pierre.

Too bad it's happening in such an ugly game.

2007-06-10 14:31:17
226.   underdog
219 That's really annoying, k0. It's annoying enough when they when the game is officially over. But now?
2007-06-10 14:31:19
227.   regfairfield
219 Dude, Jon asks you to do one thing. Could you please do it.
2007-06-10 14:31:24
228.   JoeyP
If Schmidt goes back on the DL, I think Billingsley might get the call.

They cant go back to Hendrickson as a starter can they?

2007-06-10 14:32:00
229.   trainwreck
It was nice knowing you haha
2007-06-10 14:32:46
230.   Branch Rickey
206. And why can't he teach Schmidt to thow harder?
2007-06-10 14:33:14
231.   jasbo
Kershaw last pitched for the Loons last Sunday. Seems like he should have gone again Friday, Saturday or at least today, but didn't. Anybody know what's up with that?
2007-06-10 14:33:19
232.   Branch Rickey
219. At least he's probably as out of here as Schmidt is.
2007-06-10 14:33:50
233.   underdog
223 I was actually being facetious (mostly) Branch, but that's cool. People are pretty quick to launch fire(fill in name) in the sports blogosphere so I was kinda playing off that impatience. Not that I would be shocked if he was fired. But right now they also have defense problems and somethings that are just players not playing as well as they should, which is their fault.
2007-06-10 14:33:58
234.   Disabled List
Follow-up to 225: Now all we need is for Billingsley to come in and replace Hendrickson.
2007-06-10 14:34:29
235.   Bluebleeder87

i'm hoping there's an insurance thing with Schmidt.

2007-06-10 14:34:50
236.   Marty
I doubt Murray can be credited for last year or blamed particularly for this year. He won't say anything so how would we know.
2007-06-10 14:35:18
237.   JoeyP
Maybe Schmidt can file for workers comp insurance? After all, he did get hurt at work.
2007-06-10 14:35:26
238.   overkill94
I say they put in Saenz to pitch, that would be hilarious
2007-06-10 14:35:49
239.   Marty
Schmidt: AFLAC!
2007-06-10 14:35:55
240.   D4P
Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't Murray a "patient" hitter? Didn't he do that Oakland Thing? If so, I'm not so sure his philosophy gels with Grittle's...
2007-06-10 14:36:03
241.   trainwreck
We may have our best group of position players out there. First time I have said that this year.
2007-06-10 14:36:18
242.   underdog
231 I think somebody here mentioned this yesterday. The Dodgers had decided to give an extra day to a lot of their pitching prospects but I don't know the details.

Boy, Hendrickson looks really... not good.

2007-06-10 14:36:27
243.   scareduck
235 - for Toronto, it's called insurance runs. Off Henwreckson.
2007-06-10 14:36:34
244.   JoeyP
236--Thats true. People blamed Jack Clark for the 2003 offense, but in reality it was just having bad players that made it happen. I dont think gettin a new hitting coach would do much.
2007-06-10 14:37:03
245.   overkill94
Hendrickson, your mom called. She said "you suck"
2007-06-10 14:37:42
246.   scareduck
237 - doesn't he have that insurance? That insurance you have to get it?
2007-06-10 14:37:48
247.   natepurcell
If so, I'm not so sure his philosophy gels with Grittle's...

since you know what Little's philosophy is. When he moves pierre to the 8th spot because he wasnt taking enough pitches and not getting on base, that should tell you littles philopshy. of course you dont care, you just have to meet your quota of 50 smart alec comments per day.

2007-06-10 14:37:54
248.   Ricardo
Like in the beginning of the season, Schmidt had a good game in the road and at Dodger Stadium he was awful and was replaced for Mark Hendrickson.
2007-06-10 14:38:19
249.   underdog
Fasano?? Okay, this is awful. Almost hilariously awful. I'm shutting the game off and gonna get on with the rest of my day. I was happy about Loney being up and Kemp and all but this game kinda soured that happiness quickly. Let's hope they wake up for the Mets.

Hasta luego.

2007-06-10 14:39:05
250.   Gen3Blue
Did they pull Pierre? Good for them. I was afraid they couldn't make an obvious move. I think Colletti and Little begin to see that certain players will eventually reflect on them and nobody else. I am not totally down on Pierre but he is going through something and unfit to play much. The whole team is beginning to be affected.
With this team and the often good pitching, I fear we may have some of the win 12, lose 12 streakiness from last year. The pitcher he just brought in was the other player I had in mind for this post, interestingly enough.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2007-06-10 14:39:22
251.   k0b3
my apologies, I did not know

just frustrated like everyone else :(

2007-06-10 14:39:56
252.   Branch Rickey
I doubt Murray can be credited for last year or blamed particularly for this year
I actually agree with that. Unfortunately when you do set records for runs, nobody credits the coach. When you don't score, he get's fired.
2007-06-10 14:39:59
253.   Bluebleeder87
i just hope Ned Colletti doesn't make a panic move. if he does trade i hope he's smart about it.
2007-06-10 14:41:11
254.   JoeyP
247- Little moved Pierre to the 8th spot bc he wasnt hitting .300. Pierre has never walked much in his entire career. Little knew that at the beginning of the year, and still put Pierre at leadoff.

I dont think Little put Pierre in the 8th spot bc he wasnt walking enough. He put him down there because Pierre isnt hitting his normal .300BA, with .330 OBP (which still isnt good anyways to be leadoff batter anyways).

2007-06-10 14:41:26
255.   trainwreck
We got Halladay out!!
2007-06-10 14:41:47
256.   Nagman
Vin is painting a very gloomy picture for this week, and even the beginning of next.
2007-06-10 14:42:02
257.   Disabled List
Boy, that was a sobering point that Vin just made. If it wasn't for Olmedo's HR on Friday, we'd probably be looking at a 6-game losing streak going into back-to-back series with the Mets and Angels.

This stretch is reminding me of the Dodgers' post-All Star break swoon last season.

2007-06-10 14:42:38
258.   trainwreck
I am more optimistic then I have been all season.
2007-06-10 14:42:48
259.   JoeyP
End of this inning might be a good time to put Lieberthal in, so Martin can be rested for the Mets/Angels series this upcoming week.
2007-06-10 14:42:58
260.   scareduck
247 - see rules 2 and 3.

What is it about losses that bring out the cranky in everyone, anyway?

2007-06-10 14:43:03
261.   natepurcell

i dont understand why you guys are trying to insinuate why you think little moved pierre down to fit your view of how the dodgers think when there are quotes by little on why specifically was moved down.

2007-06-10 14:43:32
262.   Bluebleeder87
if anything the Pads have a really tuff schedule but we really gotta start playing better.
2007-06-10 14:44:03
263.   CanuckDodger
244 -- When Clark was fired in 2003, the offense almost instantly started doing better. A whole lot of players were under-performing their established levels. What we see happening now bears some similarity, but it is most noticeable with Nomar and Pierre.
2007-06-10 14:45:37
264.   trainwreck
We got Loney and Kemp up and Grady seems to be getting tired of Pierre's acts and he is resting Nomar and Kent a lot more. The only time I was this excited was when LaRoche was called up.

These are good signs people.

2007-06-10 14:45:45
265.   Disabled List
260 What is it about losses that bring out the cranky in everyone, anyway?

Because losing sucks. It's normal for things to get a little trenchant during a brutal game like this.

2007-06-10 14:45:48
266.   JoeyP
261--Because actions speak louder than words. And Pierre was the leadoff hitter for two months, and Little knew he was a guy that didnt walk but still put him up there anyways.
2007-06-10 14:47:07
267.   Gen3Blue
Martin should be exhausted. Nothing like slow awful pitching to drag a game. I'm liking this game, because it has so far highlighted exactly where the trouble is.
2007-06-10 14:47:22
268.   kadycee
All that's missing from this game is Walter Matthau and Tatum O'Neal.
2007-06-10 14:48:16
269.   Bluebleeder87

that's a good point.

2007-06-10 14:48:56
270.   Ricardo
257. Me too, I was remembering those game against Cardinals last year. It´s never a good time to face teams like Mets and Angels, but at this moment is even worse.

259.Good idea

2007-06-10 14:49:06
271.   trainwreck
Oh man, Jason Kendall almost hit a home run.
2007-06-10 14:49:08
272.   kadycee
I detect sarcasm in the crowd's applause.
2007-06-10 14:50:16
273.   natepurcell
moving pierre down to the 8th spot is an action! Pierre had a .350 career OBA coming into this season which is perfectly acceptable at the top of the order. Add into the fact, Littles boss just signed the guy for 44 million, i dont see how you can fault him when the larger sample size says he can get on at a .350 clip.

whatever, the dodgers are crapping out this guy and its time to complain. ill just let it happen and go finish my draft summary for jon.

2007-06-10 14:51:24
274.   trainwreck
Why is everyone so down? So we are getting killed, whatever. We are finally getting the moves we want. This will payoff over time.
2007-06-10 14:52:24
275.   underdog
Kady, can Tatum come in and pitch? She couldn't be worse than Hendrickson. And maybe Jackie Earle Haley can come in for Gonzo.

Honestly, I still had some hope they could come back when it was 5 or 6 to 2 but then it just imploded.

2007-06-10 14:52:26
276.   D4P
I mean this somewhat seriously: isn't it at a time like this when our stockpile of "character" should have some significance?
2007-06-10 14:53:17
277.   JoeyP
273--Nate, Pierre got that OBP through batting average mostly. It wasnt from walking. Therefore, when Little says in the press "We need Pierre to be more selective at the plate"--its really bunk. He moved him down bc he want hitting .300. Had nothing to do with taking pitches, no matter what Little says. Pierre's never been a guy thats taken pitches. And if Little/Colletti were expecting him to change his stripes, then it was a mis-evaluation on their part.
2007-06-10 14:53:26
278.   regfairfield
274 I'll get more excited when Loney and Kemp are starting on a regular basis.
2007-06-10 14:53:26
279.   trainwreck
Well, hopefully no fights will break out this time.
2007-06-10 14:53:44
280.   underdog
Stop being rational and optimistic, Train! don'tcha know people want to stew in their own juices over this one? ;-)

Okay, I smell as bad as the Dodgers' defense lately so I'm sending myself to the showers. No, really, this time I mean it, I'm leaving. Here's hoping for a 7+1 miracle.

2007-06-10 14:56:14
281.   ory
I wish the kids would at least play good so Grady would keep this line up for a few days.
2007-06-10 14:59:04
282.   kadycee
275. maybe a little vaseline under the cap is all it takes...oh, maybe not.
2007-06-10 14:59:10
283.   Marty
I wonder if Ned is drooling over Glaus now.
2007-06-10 14:59:16
284.   Branch Rickey
Somebody showing the'd like to play here if we'll have him.
2007-06-10 15:00:10
285.   kadycee
On the bright side, Loney is finally in the line up. Now he'll probably fall apart of! I shall remain hopeful. He'll rock our world.
2007-06-10 15:00:41
286.   Johnson
So I imagine that Grady Little's mid-inning talk went something like this: "Hendrickson, rope. Rope, Hendrickson. I'll leave you two alone for a while."
2007-06-10 15:01:11
287.   scareduck
263 - 2003 team lines by month:

Apr .249/.319/.367
May .256/.314/.372
Jun .227/.283/.334
Jul .227/.273/.353
Aug .245/.318/.371
Sep .254/.307/.409

August and September/October were good, but not appreciably better than their levels established in the first months of the year. I really don't believe in hitting coaches as causing good hitting.

2007-06-10 15:01:25
288.   trainwreck
No, we won't have him.
2007-06-10 15:02:03
289.   scareduck
276 - sure. That and $30 will get you a Reserved level ticket.
2007-06-10 15:02:19
290.   Bluebleeder87
as soon as the game finishes i'm gonna let my frustration out on the rubber balls at the batting cages.
2007-06-10 15:02:35
291.   kadycee
Is Schmidt now officially history??
2007-06-10 15:03:10
292.   nofatmike
It's think it's about time Hendrickson gets DFA'ed...
2007-06-10 15:03:11
293.   kadycee
286. LOL
2007-06-10 15:03:12
294.   trainwreck
Has Kemp looked better in center so far this year?
2007-06-10 15:03:44
295.   Nagman
On the bright side, Ichiro just singled with the bases loaded to tie the game.
2007-06-10 15:03:50
296.   scareduck
270 - what goes around, comes around. Last year the Angels were in this exact spot.

Good news: the Halos' bullpen is depleted and their starting rotation is starting to look iffy. Jered Weaver got yanked after three with back tightness, and Bartolo Colon may not make his next start, either.

2007-06-10 15:03:52
297.   ory
This is eerily similar to what happened to the Lakers Last season. Good start followed by a collapse. I hope I'm just imagining this and our talent is not a fluke.
2007-06-10 15:04:00
298.   Jon Weisman
I didn't see this earlier in the comments: Diamond Leung wrote about Loney, "He's not only in the starting lineup, but Grady Little is saying he will see to it that he gets playing time so Nomar Garciaparra can get more time off."
2007-06-10 15:04:44
299.   nofatmike
292. I*
2007-06-10 15:05:21
300.   Ricardo
291 I don´t know, I hope he learns how to pitch without an overpowering fastball like he did in San Diego. But maybe that game was influenced by the "Petco factor".
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2007-06-10 15:05:48
301.   kadycee
Martin, Ethier, Penny, Lowe, Wolf, Broxton, Saito, Loney, Furcal (maybe): in the Dodgers line up.

Everyone else: on a rocket ship to the cold outer reaches of space.

I'm sure I've forgotten someone deserving, but I can't think who - maybe Billingsly.

2007-06-10 15:06:56
302.   kadycee
276. Well, they're definitely a bunch of characters, that's for sure.
2007-06-10 15:07:10
303.   Nagman
300 That, along with the "Padre factor".

Jon, is your car still running smoothly? Had to ask.

2007-06-10 15:08:13
304.   Marty
LaRoche must be feeling very lonely in Vegas.

It may be still too early, but I've got to say I'm happy that Ned is showing some flexible thinking by bringing up the kids. Maybe he's just showcasing for a big trade, but right now I like him much better than I used to.

2007-06-10 15:09:20
305.   kadycee
I imagine steam coming out of Ned's ears. When I think of Ned, that is.
2007-06-10 15:10:32
306.   JoeyP
298--I hope so. Nomar's been in there pretty much every game this year. Of course, it'd be nice if Nomar could go on the DL, and the team could get a Loney/Saenz platoon working.
2007-06-10 15:12:09
307.   nofatmike
301. Don't you want to spare Saenz from that rocket ship?
2007-06-10 15:12:47
308.   nofatmike
And why is Hendrickson pitching yet another inning?
2007-06-10 15:13:16
309.   natepurcell
whoa betemit at SS.
2007-06-10 15:13:23
310.   regfairfield
308 Because the game is over.
2007-06-10 15:13:59
311.   trainwreck
Because we are conceding this game and saving the bullpen.
2007-06-10 15:15:11
312.   underdog
298 That's great to hear. It's what I've been hoping for for weeks now.

Perspective check for y'all: The Giants haven't scored a run in 20 straight innings now.

2007-06-10 15:15:18
313.   nofatmike
Well at least Hendrickson has a lower ERA than Schmidt at the present moment.
2007-06-10 15:18:36
314.   kadycee
307. How could I forget Saenz??? My apologies. And Betemit - off the bench only.
2007-06-10 15:19:34
315.   Bluebleeder87
Perspective check for y'all: The Giants haven't scored a run in 20 straight innings now.

the NL West is going thru a collective slump

2007-06-10 15:20:05
316.   Ricardo
I don´t believe this team will win the World Series, so I ask: do you believe that the Ned Colletti can build a WS team with the Dodgers?
2007-06-10 15:20:16
317.   King of the Hobos
304 He still has Delwyn to keep him company, who can hit .306/.361/.518 all season, and the best he can hope for is numerous injuries or a September call-up.
2007-06-10 15:23:22
318.   kadycee
316. And can he do it with Grady Little managing?
2007-06-10 15:23:32
319.   scareduck
315 - I believe it is called "the American League".
2007-06-10 15:23:33
320.   D4P
Maybe Nomar is tired from swinging at so many pitches.
2007-06-10 15:25:13
321.   JoeyP
Randy Johnson seems to be much much better in the NL than in the AL.
2007-06-10 15:25:25
322.   nofatmike
Well at least Nomar didn't pop up this time, and he took a pitch.
2007-06-10 15:26:44
323.   Bluebleeder87
well at least we managed to make Holliday feel some discomfort by Kemp hitting him on his feet with that bullet base hit.
2007-06-10 15:27:15
324.   underdog
316 Yes, I do. Especially if he learns from his mistakes and doesn't do those any more. You know, mistakes. Bringing up all our favorite kids is a good start (and not trading them in a panic is another). So yeah, I do. I don't think this year, though.
2007-06-10 15:28:00
325.   nofatmike
The words "infield single" seems to be a theme for the Dodgers of late.
2007-06-10 15:29:11
326.   underdog
Another slightly sarcastic cheer from the crowd for that run?
2007-06-10 15:29:58
327.   underdog
That Kemp hit was a bullet up the middle, it doesn't seem right to call it an infield hit.
2007-06-10 15:32:46
328.   nofatmike
327. That's what FOX's Game Tracker is calling it. I'd normally use Gameday, but it freezes my computer.
2007-06-10 15:33:59
329.   scareduck
The Pad people have a leadoff double in the bottom of the 8th off Jose Cruz, Jr. Score tied, 3-3.
2007-06-10 15:34:40
330.   scareduck
328 - have you tried the more recent versions? They've corrected a lot of the problems with the early revs.
2007-06-10 15:34:53
331.   JoeyP
Giants are swept by the A's again.
2007-06-10 15:35:19
332.   underdog
Make that 21 straight scoreless innings for the Giants' offense. They're not too happy with their team up here, either.
2007-06-10 15:38:36
333.   scareduck
And the Padres waste it. 3-3 going into the top of the ninth with Guillen-Ibanez-Sexson coming up.
2007-06-10 15:38:44
334.   JoeyP
The Mariners brought in Batista from the bullpen, and Batista just started on friday nite and through over 100 pitches. They got out of it and its 3-3 going into the 9th.
2007-06-10 15:40:41
335.   scareduck
333 - Oops, make that 8-9-1 hitters up for the Mariners.
2007-06-10 15:41:46
336.   Bluebleeder87

it's still all tide up in Zona

2007-06-10 15:45:14
337.   King of the Hobos
Vidro bunts with Ichiro on deck. How are the Mariners over .500?
2007-06-10 15:46:36
338.   scareduck
4-3 M's on a Jose Lopez groundout.
2007-06-10 15:47:03
339.   Bluebleeder87


2007-06-10 15:47:04
340.   scareduck
337 - ~.300 with RISP.
2007-06-10 15:47:17
341.   JoeyP
Padres are going to get swept this weekend on three straight 1-run games.

Their bullpen taking all 3 losses likely.

2007-06-10 15:48:29
342.   Gen3Blue
I keep thinking MLB has to get rid of the ridiculous guaranteed contract as Football and Hockey have sort of found a way around.

But then I realize we can afford it much more than the middle and small market clubs, so it probably works to our benefit.
We wrote off things like Drieffort and Perez and go right on giving players huge contracts. Go figure.

2007-06-10 15:49:09
343.   ory
Betemit 2 walks, a hit and a hard line out today.
2007-06-10 15:49:10
344.   Jon Weisman
Tallet looks a bit like Bruce Sutter, doesn't he?
2007-06-10 15:49:41
345.   Bluebleeder87
That's why i think we can still win the west, Hoffman is gonna have games like that how old is he now, 40?. But we really gotta start playing better
2007-06-10 15:50:17
346.   underdog
This Loney guy's a dud - bench him! (j/k)

344 He does, or like one of the Darryl brothers from Newhart.

2007-06-10 15:53:22
347.   scareduck
Putz K's Kouzmanoff on three pitches, and gets Greene on a called strike three.
2007-06-10 15:53:32
348.   Bluebleeder87
Randy Johnson & Matzusaka are still battling it out at the O.K. corral, 1-1 in the 6th.
2007-06-10 15:53:55
349.   JoeyP
Padres swept by Mariners
Giants swept by A's.
Dbax possibly swept by Red Sox.
Dodgers lose 2 of 3 vs Blue Jays.

Pretty bad weekend for the NL West.

2007-06-10 15:54:23
350.   scareduck
Termel Sledge pops out and the M's sweep the series.
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2007-06-10 15:56:02
351.   kadycee
Termel Sledge: most godawful name in baseball?
2007-06-10 15:58:23
352.   Bluebleeder87

with any luck yesterdays game could have been had.

2007-06-10 15:58:45
353.   JoeyP
Padres are only 10-14 in 1-run games this year.
2007-06-10 15:59:00
354.   scareduck
349 - and the Rockies have to face the Red Sox coming up next.
2007-06-10 16:01:54
355.   Gen3Blue
349 Hey, we're gaining ground!
2007-06-10 16:05:42
356.   Jon Weisman
New post up top.
2007-06-10 16:09:36
357.   Eric Enders
Today was such a bad day for the Dodgers that the boys in the truck couldn't even get the AFLAC question right.


2007-06-10 16:10:28
358.   Eric Enders
See! It never fails. I am going to petition for at least partial custody of the LAT title.
2007-06-10 16:14:51
359.   scareduck
Biggest humiliation in baseball: the Royals took their series from the Phillies.
2007-06-10 16:15:39
360.   kadycee
Gonzo seems to play well only when everyone else isn't.
2007-06-12 14:57:57
361.   Joe Pierre
That's right, you can't. The team is trying every which way to come up with a solution. The biggest problem is getting POWER into the lineup. There definately is a homer drough. But I think everything will come out in the wash. The pitching is sound. A great bull pen, especially, set-up & closer. Don't worry guys we'll make it.
2007-06-15 19:52:44
362.   Sam in SC
jeez. the player could have taken one more pitch.

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