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Requiem for a TV Set
2007-06-15 17:44
by Jon Weisman

You were there for me, when no one else was
You were there for me, in my darkest hours

When my family was born, we stuck together
You have screened the kiddie shows, shown the home videos

When we got our first house, you filled the space
The space that only a certain type of TV would fit
It was meant to be

You fell ill last year; your recovery was a marathon
For so long
You defied diagnosis
You tested our faith
But we passed
We all passed

You are low definition, fat screen
You are the tortoise as the hares broadcast by

Today I come home
And it's all gone wrong
And I face the unfathomable
Pull the plug? Zounds!
How will I replace you?
What will fill that space?
What will be so cheap?
What will we do?

I would rend my garments in agony
But no new clothes for Jonny
Jonny has a mission
Jonny needs a new television

* * *

Tonight's game:


Retro Gameday

Comments (341)
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2007-06-15 18:20:02
1.   Linkmeister
To HDTV or not to HDTV
That is the question.
Whether tis noble to suffer the slings and arrows
Of Basic cable a day longer
Or buy into the limited offerings
Doled out by Time-Warner/Cablevision...
2007-06-15 18:27:34
2.   Eric Enders
HDTV, definitely.

Willie Bloomquist just hit a legitimate inside-the-park home run (that is, one on which no defensive misplays were made). You don't see that every day.

2007-06-15 18:28:42
3.   GoBears
I'm in awe. Poetry, man. Just beautiful. Sniff.

I'm also preemptively envious of you for the TV that will replace the dear departed. Sadly, my low-def, fat-butt box shows no sign of needing replacement. I'll get my first flat-screen HDTV around the same time as others get programming beamed directly into their pre-frontal cortex(es).

2007-06-15 18:43:50
4.   Jon Weisman
Playing the role of Bill Mueller is my 13-inch, 1986 Zenith. That's right, my living room TV is older than a number of my readers.
2007-06-15 18:48:30
5.   Eric Enders
At least it won a batting title once.
2007-06-15 18:51:11
6.   Linkmeister
We had a 1950s Olympic piece of furniture with a screen in it all the way till 1968. B&W, obviously.
2007-06-15 18:54:23
7.   Bob Timmermann
Oh why does this have to happen in prime time, when television's biggest stars come out to shine?
2007-06-15 18:54:56
8.   Linkmeister
I posted this last week but it got lost at the bottom of a thread. I got an entire new set of cousins a week ago and discovered it on the internet.

My post:

Other side's post (linked to in mine):

It's the most amazingly odd thing I've ever had happen on the intertubes.

2007-06-15 18:58:20
9.   CanuckDodger
My TV is about 30 years old. I inherited it from my grandmother about 15 years ago. It is a huge, wood-framed floor model that I set atop a cabinet (with help) because I prefer to look up and not down when watching TV. Never had a problem with it. Great picture, great sound. In the time I have owned my "obsolete" TV, everybody I know has had three or four TV's that last a few years before going permanently haywire. Someone I know had a really expensive plasma screen TV that turned into junk in about two years.
2007-06-15 19:00:41
10.   gpellamjr
Stupid Orioles bullpen.

We got an HDTV. We bought it with student loan money. We also have an '88 something-or-other given to us by my father-in-law. Regular channels look better on the old tv than they do on the HDTV.

2007-06-15 19:04:47
11.   screwballin
Humma, where is your blog again?
2007-06-15 19:05:03
12.   Eric Enders
Diamond Leung reports that Chris Withrow is at the game tonight and "though technically unsigned as of right now, that could change by the end of the night."
2007-06-15 19:06:45
13.   Eric Enders
Actually, it was not Diamond reporting that but Kevin Pearson, in his first post ever on the P-E Dodger blog.
2007-06-15 19:06:56
14.   Megaballs
The oddity of Nomar
May '07 97 ABs BA.268 OBP .317 SLG .289 OPS .606
June '07 37 ABs BA .189 OBP .211 SLG .216 OPS .427
This is why you drop him in the lineup, but

2007 w/ runners in scoring Position 63ab's BA .413 OBP .458 SLG .476 OPS .934 !!!!

source ESPN

2007-06-15 19:09:06
15.   scareduck
I bought my Sony HD rear projector unit in 2004 in time for the Olympics. HD is great, if you can get the feeds that way. Fortunately, Fox and the local broadcasters seem to be getting with the program more every year.

2 - I was watching that on Extra Innings. Serves the Astros right for that godawful misdesign.

Anybody else remember the last out of the eighth in this game?

2007-06-15 19:10:47
16.   Eric Enders
15 I didn't check, but I'm going to assume that's Dave Roberts climbing Tal's Hill to save Gagne's save streak.
2007-06-15 19:12:23
17.   scareduck
16 - you are correct, sir:

2007-06-15 19:12:37
18.   MollyKnight
Someone plucked Matt Kemp off the waiver wire in her fantasy baseball league and plugged him into her right field slot for tonight.

And that someone hopes she did not jinx the bison.

2007-06-15 19:13:10
19.   scareduck
16 - apparently it was the first time anyone had stolen a home run from Houston on Tal's Hill.
2007-06-15 19:14:17
20.   Eric Enders
18 Yeah, well, someone else picked him up a week ago and has already reaped the benefits!
[sticks out tongue]
2007-06-15 19:16:18
21.   Marty
I have a flat screen HD computer monitor but not an HD TV. I bought a 35" Sony Wega 6 years ago when I moved into my house. It's still going strong, but the pull of LCD is getting to me.
2007-06-15 19:21:11
22.   Eric Stephen
I still use a 1989 13-inch Daewoo as an auxiliary TV in my living room. It allows me to watch The Natural on Women's Entertainment while also watching a baseball game and the US Open.
2007-06-15 19:22:45
23.   Eric Stephen
Incidentally, the 1989 TV was my first color TV, that I got when I was 13. I still remember the joy of playing Baseball Stars on Nintendo in color for the first time.
2007-06-15 19:23:23
24.   Eric Enders
So I'm watching the A's game and much to my dismay, Nick Swisher has ditched the caveman look and gone Yankee-corporate.

May he go hitless the rest of the year.

2007-06-15 19:24:22
25.   Eric Stephen
Gagne in for the save in Cincy.
2007-06-15 19:25:20
26.   Eric Stephen
For those of you in the LA area, is there a lot of Dodger programming on Dodgers on Demand on Time Warner?

Just wondering what I am missing.

2007-06-15 19:26:40
27.   Marty
The first TV I owned on my own was in 1978. It was a 19 inch black and white. The screen display was so faint I had to put blankets over the windows in order to see anything. I think it was a Zenith (I came from a Zenith family).
2007-06-15 19:29:12
28.   Lexinthedena
Anyone watch the re run of the Juan Pierre, Chone Figgins love story?

A lot of fodder for the disgruntled....

2007-06-15 19:29:28
29.   scareduck
26 - haven't watched it, but those who have say it's not worth it.
2007-06-15 19:30:10
30.   scareduck
28 - yeah. Figgins is a better CF than Pierre. At least he has an arm.
2007-06-15 19:33:37
31.   scareduck
So, Jon, do you have a TV on your Amazon wish list?
2007-06-15 19:33:38
32.   CajunDodger

First time I have actually been able to chat at DT during a game. The youngster is going to bed early and I get to watch the game AND chat while the wife is out.

She normally will only let me do one at a time...

2007-06-15 19:33:43
33.   Hallux Valgus
28 I wonder how long it would take for anyone to notice if Figgins and Pierre switched places for the game. I put the over/ under at 4 innings, or until Pierre had to make a throw from third.
2007-06-15 19:34:11
34.   Eric Stephen
Looks like the Dodger broadcast will be on EI (yay!) as the Angel telecast is KCOP tonight.
2007-06-15 19:38:50
35.   Eric Stephen
I wonder how many times Horace & Harvey Grant switched places. To quote Creed, "how could you have known?"

Kevin Kennedy just said the Angels were 2nd in "hitting". Sure, their team average is 2nd in the AL, but the team with the highest batting average doesn't necessarily win each game. They are 6th in the AL in runs/game.

I hardly ever check the Sunday paper anymore, but are the team stats still sorted by average? It wouldn't surprise me if that were still the case.

2007-06-15 19:41:10
36.   Lexinthedena
I would say that Kevin Kennedy and Steve Phillips are to slimey ex-baseball guys, what Juan Pierre and Chone Figgins are to one dimensional fast guys....
2007-06-15 19:42:53
37.   Eric Stephen
Wow, Cabrera's helmet is filthy. There seems to be a really thick layer of gunk over the logo, even dirtier than Vlad or Biggio.
2007-06-15 19:43:17
38.   Hallux Valgus
The Angels are apparently going out of their way to make their helmets look absolutely disgusting.
2007-06-15 19:44:11
39.   scareduck
38 - the team sends them to NASA for use as shuttle tiles.
2007-06-15 19:49:09
40.   Marty
Did Jon ban another iteration of BlueTahoe recently? The nutty comments over at ItD have spiked today.
2007-06-15 19:50:31
41.   Frip
36 - I don't like them either but slimey is the wrong word.
2007-06-15 19:50:46
42.   Eric Stephen
One of Vin's greatest strength is his ability to ignore his mistakes. By not drawing attention to them, he doesn't interrupt his flow. There is a certain melody and harmony to his style that is important.

Anyway, he just said Betemit has "homered in three straight, and each of the last two games."

2007-06-15 19:51:53
43.   Marty
42 He may have meant three-straight that Betemit has played in, including the last two.
2007-06-15 19:52:52
44.   Lexinthedena
41-They both have reputations for being slimey...Either way I was being flippant...what would say is the right word?
2007-06-15 19:53:53
45.   Frip
42 Yeah, he just figures guys like you will point out the mistakes for him :)
2007-06-15 19:54:20
46.   Lexinthedena
Pierre and Nomar are amazing...It's like they are on Bizarro 'roids....
2007-06-15 19:54:46
47.   Michael D
Vin didn't mention Murray at all when talking about Mueller being the interim hitting coach. Maybe there is something to that story of Vin not liking Murray...
2007-06-15 19:55:12
48.   Frip
What made/makes Kevin Kennedy slimey?
2007-06-15 19:59:26
49.   Gen3Blue
Oh boy; Nomar just looks so overmatched. I like the guy, but he is hurt or crippled or something. As BA or Hardball Times remarked today. Is it Eddie Murray's fault if the D's don't paly their best players?
2007-06-15 20:00:19
50.   Lexinthedena
48-When they were talking about hiring Kennedy in L.A, I rememer a former beat writer who had covered Kennedy's teams in I believe Texas, and maybe Boston claiming that he was a nice guy, but played clubhouse politics, and was quite the philanderer....I intuitively believed it....
Steve Phillips had his whole sexual harassment thing go down...But it's more based on how they come off.....less judgement, more observation...

Why is this so important to you?

Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2007-06-15 20:02:17
51.   Uncle Miltie
Nomar is a truly awful hitter. How much longer is Grits going to keep throwing him out there (and batting him 3rd!)
2007-06-15 20:05:19
52.   Gen3Blue
Sorry, by BA i meant Baseball Analysts, but I think it was actually Hardball Times, who wondered why Kemp and Loney didn't have the most at bats.
2007-06-15 20:05:21
53.   The Rabbits Rarely Loose
I really dont understand why Nomar is still hitting 3rd let alone playing . . . . not that its going to dramatically improve much but, Im sick of having our 3 worst hitters 1-2-3 . . . if Pierre can move down why not he?
2007-06-15 20:07:58
54.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Fantastic poem, Jon.
I can't recommend enough HDTV. First time you see a game or watch National Geographic, you'll be hooked.
2007-06-15 20:08:19
55.   Eric Stephen
Sweet! Vin Scully likes Fred Willard!

I'll pretend I didn't hear "Best of Show".

2007-06-15 20:08:38
56.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Fred Willard sighting?
2007-06-15 20:09:04
57.   scareduck
55 - if he loves Willard so much, why did he call him "Frank"?
2007-06-15 20:09:31
58.   Lexinthedena
Russ might want to take a little juice out of that's trying to kill it!
2007-06-15 20:09:45
59.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
No, Russell, your wrists broke.
2007-06-15 20:10:20
60.   Gen3Blue
If I were Vin, I would rather have Fred Willard in the booth than our owmer.
2007-06-15 20:10:20
61.   Eric Stephen
57 I had to rewind the DVR, but Vin did say "Fred"
2007-06-15 20:11:19
62.   Gen3Blue
Well, we've let Santana get established--so much for the lead-off hitter theory.
2007-06-15 20:11:28
63.   scareduck
60 - however, the checks are still signed, Frank McCourt.
2007-06-15 20:11:41
64.   Eric Stephen
57 I had to rewind the DVR, but Vin did say "Fred".
2007-06-15 20:12:00
65.   Frip
50 - Just a strong word, best reserved for true, quantifiable slime.
2007-06-15 20:12:06
66.   scareduck
62 - I'm surprised it isn't 3-0 by now.
2007-06-15 20:12:56
67.   Lexinthedena
If there is anything promising about Matt Kemp's K, is that you could tell he was thinking breaking ball, and then recognized the heat and took a cut...most get frozen....what a talent...
2007-06-15 20:13:13
68.   Gen3Blue
63,True, no matter how many times you rewind!
2007-06-15 20:13:55
69.   scareduck
64 - just checked it myself. You're right, I misheard it.
2007-06-15 20:14:06
70.   Uncle Miltie
This is just sad
Juan Pierre .239
Nomar .234
2007-06-15 20:15:00
71.   D4P
Kemp just saw 3 pitches outside the strike zone, and didn't swing at any of them. That's nice.
2007-06-15 20:15:29
72.   BlueMamma
24I know I'm a bit late for this, but do you know the reason Swisher's had his locks shorn? He grew his hair out so that he could donate it to make a wig for kids with cancer.

I don't know about the whole cursing his bat for that one, after all.

2007-06-15 20:15:41
73.   Eric Stephen
At least Vin Scully would never double post. :)
2007-06-15 20:16:14
74.   scareduck
Gameday says Darryl Cousins is calling a wildly variable strike zone.
2007-06-15 20:16:24
75.   Lexinthedena
65-I can dig it...they are definitely not on the level of the true slime...I will respect Rule 5, but you know...
2007-06-15 20:19:01
76.   Eric Stephen
Ahh, the stat padding of throwing a (non-Russ) catcher out trying to steal.
2007-06-15 20:19:03
77.   Gen3Blue
I like Santana. He didn't wait for the Ump, he knew he was out and left. That may be a rare quality.
2007-06-15 20:19:19
78.   Lexinthedena
That Molina slide may have been the most awkward thing ever.....
2007-06-15 20:21:15
79.   scareduck
72 - good for him.
2007-06-15 20:21:50
80.   scareduck
77 - easier to take if you only have ten at bats a year or so.
2007-06-15 20:22:27
81.   Rob M
Lowe was the first dodger to not take a strike. Perhaps the new hitting philosophy with Murray out?
2007-06-15 20:23:33
82.   Gen3Blue
I will just add that I am an old fan, lived in a town that Kennedy played through(Pittsfield Ma.) and really don't think of Kennedy as that slimey. But I would never let him manage my team, and know he is a bad choice to manage young ball players, though he is not a terrible broadcaster.
2007-06-15 20:26:04
83.   Frip
As late as a few months ago, Scully and Little had never met. Seems strange. I wonder if they've met yet. If I were Little, I'd make the effort, out of courtesy, to introduce myself to Vin.
2007-06-15 20:26:16
84.   Gen3Blue
80 Yes, but if he continues to be so inexplainably effective, I may like him much less.
2007-06-15 20:27:21
85.   Bob Timmermann
Vin Scully has just been taken off Kevin Malone's Christmas card list.
2007-06-15 20:27:57
86.   Gen3Blue
Big Mystery. Oh- good point. Not a great thing to say to Scosia or Dusty Baker!
2007-06-15 20:28:27
87.   Bob Timmermann
Wilton Guerrero was apparently in charge of pushing chickens around.
2007-06-15 20:28:33
88.   Eric Stephen
Wow, that's about as critical as you'll ever hear Vin Scully speak of someone. Harsh tone for the "Kevin Malone regime" for letting Scioscia get away, "one of the worst things that happened to the Dodger organization"
2007-06-15 20:28:46
89.   Gen3Blue
Yeah, but Abrue had to shovel behind him.
2007-06-15 20:31:10
90.   Lexinthedena
Sciosca should be a Dodger.....what a bad time to be a fan that was.....
2007-06-15 20:31:16
91.   Gen3Blue
87 Good one Bob, much better than mine.
2007-06-15 20:31:31
92.   Bob Timmermann
I would go as far as to say that I've never heard Vin speak so harshly of the Dodgers front office on the air about any topic.
2007-06-15 20:32:27
93.   Gen3Blue
Oh, Nomar
2007-06-15 20:32:35
94.   scareduck
85 - I was shocked he said that much.
2007-06-15 20:32:44
95.   Uncle Miltie
I blame Eddie Murray for Nomar's at bat.
2007-06-15 20:33:22
96.   Lexinthedena
Glad I didn't sneeze while Nomar was up....
2007-06-15 20:33:49
97.   Gen3Blue
Were making this Santana look like Sandy.
2007-06-15 20:33:52
98.   scareduck
96 - I felt the same way about Lowe.
2007-06-15 20:34:35
99.   Gen3Blue
7 pitches? If that many.
2007-06-15 20:34:52
100.   Lexinthedena
94-I remember Vin criticizing Hugo Chavez on the air once...I was disappointed, but I still love Vin....
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2007-06-15 20:35:27
101.   Marty
87 Wilton was lying under a tree, watching Vlad.
2007-06-15 20:35:32
102.   Eric Stephen
97 Or, perhaps like his first name as a prospect, Johan Santana (per Vin's earlier story).
2007-06-15 20:36:02
103.   Mark Joseph
15 16 17
I've heard a lot about this play, but have never seen it. Does anyone know where a video of it might be somewhere on the internet?

Best argument I've read for not getting it...

2007-06-15 20:36:10
104.   scareduck
97 - perhaps he sees some red in the stands:

Ervin Santana at home: 4-1, 2.41 ERA.

2007-06-15 20:37:11
105.   Eric Stephen
101 Wilton was playing with cork under said tree, when a piece suddenly got stuck in the wood. "Wait a minute," young Wilton thought...
2007-06-15 20:39:16
106.   Bob Timmermann
It could have just been a cork tree.

In college, my roommate and I were walking through the Botanical Gardens at UCLA and they had a slice of a cork tree open.

My roommate observed, "Wow, that feels just like cork!"

2007-06-15 20:39:32
107.   Rob M
I can't tell which pitcher looks more dominant.
2007-06-15 20:40:31
108.   Gen3Blue
Already this feels like a gutless team without Loney and Abrue batting. I suppose that is unfair, and could be just me.
2007-06-15 20:41:10
109.   Lexinthedena
Lowe looks more dominant.....Sorry Dodger bats making a solid Santana look awesome....
2007-06-15 20:41:15
110.   Rob M
Has either team hit the ball hard?
2007-06-15 20:42:33
111.   scareduck
110 - No.
2007-06-15 20:43:55
112.   Xeifrank
Nice pitchers duel so far. The Dodgers will probably break through first with a HR. The team that can get to 7th inning with a lead really stands a great chance of winning, with these two tough bullpens and fairly weak offenses. vr, Xei
2007-06-15 20:44:26
113.   Rob M
By the way, I'm in Texas on business doing yeoman's work posting with my crackberry watching an LA channels on satellite.
2007-06-15 20:44:40
114.   Gen3Blue
This guys got a...... on how many pitches? I hope I didn't break any rules.
2007-06-15 20:44:46
115.   Eric Stephen
Hey Rob, what are your thoughts regarding Dallas McPherson? Will he ever be the regular third sacker (or DH) in Anaheim if/when he recovers from his injuries?
2007-06-15 20:45:50
116.   Rob M
There was a solid hit ball. Finally.
2007-06-15 20:46:06
117.   scareduck
There goes the no-hitter.
2007-06-15 20:46:18
118.   Eric Stephen
I wouldn't call the Angels offense "weak" or "fairly weak". They are 6th in runs/gm and tied for 5th in team OPS+.
2007-06-15 20:46:29
119.   Gen3Blue
Great place in the line-up for someone who can actually get a hit!
2007-06-15 20:47:14
120.   Disabled List
Santana has not even broken a sweat yet. He's gonna need a bullpen session after this game's over to make sure he gets his work in.
2007-06-15 20:48:07
121.   Lexinthedena
This is Nomar's swan song in the three hole....
2007-06-15 20:48:18
122.   Rob M
The first time through the order the d's took at least 1 strike each AB. Since then they're hacking like Angels.
2007-06-15 20:48:46
123.   scareduck
115 - we'll see next year. My concern is his back will prevent his return this year but he may never get his swing back. He whiffed a lot even before his injury, but his home run rate was pretty prodigious, certainly enough to take a flyer on next year.

Joe Crede has a similar injury if I'm not mistaken, and could (likely will) go into free agency on the DL.

2007-06-15 20:49:17
124.   Eric Stephen
I absolutely love Vin's mid-game on-screen stories or flashbacks.

"Let's get back to this one."

2007-06-15 20:50:13
125.   scareduck
120 - you must be new here...

Santana walked the first two in the first but he's gotten stronger.

2007-06-15 20:50:29
126.   Gen3Blue
I don't think I have ever seen anything like the D's first three hitters. I will admit that Nomar is streaky, and I think Furcal is fairly badly injured. Lowes ball is visually sinking well tonight.
2007-06-15 20:50:50
127.   Rob M
Lowe is just awesome when he's on like this.
2007-06-15 20:52:43
128.   Rob M
Brooks Robinson would have had that.
2007-06-15 20:53:20
129.   Gen3Blue
It did take Santana an inning to get warm. Maybe he didn't warm up? I used to think if a pitcher threw only strikes, when a team noticed they could hit him. Not so tonight.
2007-06-15 20:56:04
130.   Marty
Wow. It would be nice to get some runs for Lowe.
2007-06-15 20:56:09
131.   Rob M
Lowe is like a less calm Maddux tonight.
2007-06-15 20:57:50
132.   Disabled List
125 I missed the first inning. It was more of a comment on the fact that Santana had a stretch where he retired 7 straight Dodgers on like, 9 pitches. I think he got Pierre out while JP was still on deck.
2007-06-15 20:58:29
133.   scareduck
131 - sweatier, with more hair and less Cy Youngs.
2007-06-15 20:58:33
134.   Eric Stephen
Regarding Furcal's slap bunt, to quote Lou Brown, "that's a hell of an idea."
2007-06-15 20:58:39
135.   Rob M
That was pretty.
2007-06-15 21:00:05
136.   Eric Stephen
Lowe's receding hairline means he may have to pull an Agassi sooner rather than later.

Oh yeah, the rabbits are loose!

2007-06-15 21:00:07
137.   Uncle Miltie
Make Nomar bunt...
2007-06-15 21:00:07
138.   Rob M
The mighty Juan!
2007-06-15 21:00:53
139.   das411

My new, thanks to screwing up our fantasy league, means I can finally listen to Mr. Vin! And actually watch the force of nature that is Russ Martin!! Awesome!!!!!!1!

Sorry bout the TV though Jon, although I did hear in a commercial today that Fathers' Day is a terrific time to go HD...

2007-06-15 21:01:13
140.   scareduck
Dodgers, now with 50% more hits!
2007-06-15 21:01:18
141.   Lexinthedena
136-Maybe Lowe could pull off the Micheal Bolton....
2007-06-15 21:02:17
142.   Eric Stephen
When is the last time a Vlad throw to 3rd was cutoff? Nice, risky yet rewarding baserunning by Furcal.
2007-06-15 21:02:23
143.   Uncle Miltie
Pierre needs to steal here
2007-06-15 21:02:44
144.   Rob M
Furcal is beating Scoscia at his own game.
2007-06-15 21:02:52
145.   Bob Timmermann
Carolyn Hughes has access to a lot of hair stylists. She'll get Lowe's hair straightened out.

Until she sets her sights on Martin or Kemp.

2007-06-15 21:03:08
146.   Eric Stephen
Chance of a JP steal attempt this AB: 104%
2007-06-15 21:03:12
147.   blue22
Can we get an Olney ruling on that Nomar fly out?
2007-06-15 21:04:03
148.   fordprefect
ya think?
2007-06-15 21:04:07
149.   Bob Timmermann
Honus Wagner had the save for the Mets tonight.
2007-06-15 21:04:45
150.   Eric Stephen
145 I saw Carolyn Hughes in person in SF last season (the Dodgers' playoff-clinching game), and she looks A LOT better in person than on TV.

If I was wearing a cap, I'd tip it to D.Lowe right now.

Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2007-06-15 21:05:06
151.   Lexinthedena
Way to avoid that one Jeff.....
2007-06-15 21:05:30
152.   Rob M
I'm fairly happy to see Luis here.
2007-06-15 21:05:34
153.   Eric Stephen
Please no double play, please no double play, please no double play.
2007-06-15 21:05:42
154.   scareduck
The Ervin Santana Road Trip Implosion begins.
2007-06-15 21:06:34
155.   Disabled List
Whatever happened to the rule that says you had to "make an effort" to avoid being hit by a pitch? Is that rule still on the books? Is it ever called?

Kent just stood there and happily took that one. Not complaining, of course, just wondering.

2007-06-15 21:06:46
156.   spacebrother
Page taken from the Book of Bagwell
2007-06-15 21:06:47
157.   Bob Timmermann
Buster Olney would have given Nomar's fly ball an Olney.
2007-06-15 21:06:49
158.   blutomania
Didn't you have to try to avoid pitches when we grew up?
2007-06-15 21:07:21
159.   Rob M
Santana's implosion factor is strong.
2007-06-15 21:07:46
160.   blutomania
2007-06-15 21:07:49
161.   Uncle Miltie
Excellent at bat by Gonzalez
2007-06-15 21:07:51
162.   blue22
157 - Then Nomar owes Furcal a coke.

Nice hit Gonzo.

2007-06-15 21:07:51
163.   Lexinthedena
I'm sorry for being so slanderous of you Luis...
2007-06-15 21:08:32
164.   scareduck
156 - today we will be reading from the books of Michael, Luke, and duck!

2-0 and it doesn't stop here.

2007-06-15 21:09:14
165.   Lexinthedena
164-Olson Johnson is right!
2007-06-15 21:09:16
166.   scareduck
And all of a sudden Santana's command deserts him.
2007-06-15 21:09:53
167.   Eric Stephen
I'll say this about Pierre: I like the fact that he never takes his cap off. There is something strangely endearing about that.
2007-06-15 21:10:46
168.   Rob M
Lowe has the Adderal fidgits in the dugout.
2007-06-15 21:10:49
169.   blue22
Ah dang.
2007-06-15 21:10:55
170.   scareduck
Wait... where's the big five-run implosion? The inning can't be over yet!
2007-06-15 21:11:22
171.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
The Golden God looking a bit mortal.


2007-06-15 21:11:27
172.   Lexinthedena
Pierre was on Furcal's heels....that's speed...sadly there is no designated runner rule...
2007-06-15 21:12:11
173.   Frip
82 Disagree. Kevin Kennedy is a poor broadcaster. He inserts himself, (a la, I-Want-You-To-Know-This-Is-MY-Unique-Idea) into every commentary.

Also, he gets lost in his own monologues and forgets the very point the was trying to make (especially on his XM radio show). Seriously, he confuses himself.

As far as style, he has a way of making otherwise exciting things sound flat dead boring. I can't look at him without thinking of the captain's story in Jaws.

"And, you know, the thing about a shark... he's got lifeless eyes. Black eyes. Like a doll's eyes. When he comes at ya, doesn't seem to be living..."

2007-06-15 21:12:36
174.   Lexinthedena
2007-06-15 21:12:51
175.   blue22
Kemp and his odd routes again.
2007-06-15 21:12:52
176.   Rob M
Kemp ain't a wizard out there.
2007-06-15 21:12:55
177.   fordprefect
2007-06-15 21:13:32
178.   Bob Timmermann
Rule 6.08
The batter becomes a runner and is entitled to first base without liability to be put out (provided he advances to and touches first base) when --

(b) He is touched by a pitched ball which he is not attempting to hit unless (1) The ball is in the strike zone when it touches the batter, or (2) The batter makes no attempt to avoid being touched by the ball;
If the ball is in the strike zone when it touches the batter, it shall be called a strike, whether or not the batter tries to avoid the ball. If the ball is outside the strike zone when it touches the batter, it shall be called a ball if he makes no attempt to avoid being touched.
APPROVED RULING: When the batter is touched by a pitched ball which does not entitle him to first base, the ball is dead and no runner may advance.

2007-06-15 21:13:46
179.   scareduck
Matt Kemp should be warned about pushing balls into the stands. (Is there a reverse rule for players who eject balls in play?) He should really have had that ball.
2007-06-15 21:13:47
180.   scareduck
Matt Kemp should be warned about pushing balls into the stands. (Is there a reverse rule for players who eject balls in play?) He should really have had that ball.
2007-06-15 21:14:10
181.   scareduck
180 - weird. I didn't hit Submit twice.
2007-06-15 21:14:22
182.   Gen3Blue
I am glad to see Lowe get a chance. He has pitched well this year compared to the support he has gotten. But that doesn't mean he can blow it now!
2007-06-15 21:14:39
183.   Lexinthedena
Lowe is beginning to look like a Perez brother out there....
2007-06-15 21:15:07
184.   scareduck
183 - Odalis?
2007-06-15 21:16:16
185.   Bob Timmermann
Matches Lowe's career high for Ks.
2007-06-15 21:16:32
186.   Lexinthedena
184-Carlos, Melido....etc...
2007-06-15 21:16:37
187.   scareduck
GMJ on his way to a golden sombrero.
2007-06-15 21:17:00
188.   Rob M
Derek has been a true no. 1 this year, and tonight he's just special.
2007-06-15 21:17:11
189.   Eric Stephen
Pascual and Melido.

He just needs another bottle of Soul Glo.

2007-06-15 21:17:47
190.   fordprefect
maybe he needs a drink to calm down a bit..
2007-06-15 21:18:14
191.   Lexinthedena
I know I am not the only one who felt that Lowe would give up a run in this inning...
2007-06-15 21:18:20
192.   scareduck
188 - reminds me of his Jackie Robinson Day performance 2-3 years ago, only better.
2007-06-15 21:18:46
193.   Rob M
Whoops - I jinxed.
2007-06-15 21:18:55
194.   Lexinthedena
Jus' let your sooooooooul Glo!
2007-06-15 21:18:56
195.   Gen3Blue
173 I can live with that critique very well, I probably said that just in relief of not letting him touch the young players.
UH-OH Lowe has been great except when he has to win--now is the time to pull him Grits!!!!!
2007-06-15 21:20:08
196.   fordprefect
CF looks almost like he knows what he's doing out there.
2007-06-15 21:20:12
197.   scareduck
192 - well, not so much anymore. That game was a shutout:

2007-06-15 21:20:23
198.   Gen3Blue
Bills-Brox Saito --right now!
2007-06-15 21:20:25
199.   Eric Stephen
192 Was that with the "Brooklyn" jerseys?
2007-06-15 21:22:22
200.   scareduck
Kendrick getting himself out chasing that same pitch he flailed at on strike two. Great sequence by Lowe: a win-win for him. If Kendrick swings at it, the inning's over, and if not, he's 1-2.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2007-06-15 21:22:45
201.   Rob M
If Lowe had the concentration to match his stuff, we'd see this all the time.
2007-06-15 21:23:01
202.   Eric Stephen
Harvey Keitel thinks the major league leader in wins is a "Schmendrick". (I have no idea how to spell that)
2007-06-15 21:24:01
203.   Eric Stephen
Loney coming out on deck.

Nice game, Lowe.

2007-06-15 21:24:22
204.   Lexinthedena
202-Wonder how many Dodger fans will be up on calling Lackey "Shmendrick" this series...
2007-06-15 21:25:04
205.   scareduck
Santana has still thrown fewer pitches than Lowe. Amazing.
2007-06-15 21:26:00
206.   scareduck
199 - yes it was.
2007-06-15 21:26:15
207.   fanerman
That's a nice swing from Mr. Loney.
2007-06-15 21:26:15
208.   Hallux Valgus
way to go, J-Lo!
2007-06-15 21:26:29
209.   Bob Timmermann
Since that commercial features two guys who require a big paycheck in Derek Jeter and Harvey Keitel, I think John Lackey probably got a nice pay day too.
2007-06-15 21:26:32
210.   Rob M
I like loney's stroke.
2007-06-15 21:26:42
211.   Eric Stephen
Starting pitchers are a weird breed. I've always been (irrationally) troubled by the fact that most starters leave the dugout for the clubhouse once their role in the game is over. They generally stay in the dugout to see if inherited runners score and whatnot, but it's always been weird to me that they don't stay in the dugout "with the team" until the game is over.
2007-06-15 21:27:31
212.   scareduck
209 - and yet no speaking part.
2007-06-15 21:27:49
213.   Bob Timmermann
Not if Lou Piniella is your manager. He makes the starters hang around in the dugout.
2007-06-15 21:28:16
214.   Bob Timmermann
Derek Jeter doesn't say anything either.
2007-06-15 21:28:19
215.   Eric Stephen
Heck of a game from Santana as well. Nice pitchers duel.
2007-06-15 21:29:05
216.   Rob M
I'll take one serving of Tuesday's Brox please.
2007-06-15 21:29:26
217.   Bob Timmermann
Attendance of 56,000. The City of LA's Conditional Use Permit for Dodger Stadium thanks you for your attendance.
2007-06-15 21:29:57
218.   Jon Weisman
88 -

Dodger Thoughts, March 29, 2003:

Vin Scully, usually the definition of cheerfulness, has hardly ever sounded more disgusted on the air than he did during Friday's Dodger-Angel broadcast.

Scully talked about how the Dodgers, under the Kevin Malone regime, told Mike Scioscia that he had no future with the organization.

"Unbelievable," said Scully, the distaste in his voice unmistakable.

Scully went on to press the point - making it seemingly apparent where he thought the blame lay - noting that Scioscia is now a World Champion, and Malone is "gone."

2007-06-15 21:30:11
219.   Eric Stephen
213 Chalk that up, along with wearing cleats in the dugout (a la Leyland and Cox), as managerial traits that may not contribute to winning, but that I love.
2007-06-15 21:30:32
220.   scooplew
How deep were the balls just hit by Kemp and Furcal?
2007-06-15 21:31:19
221.   Bob Timmermann
Nothing special. You can find them under "Corn, Cans of"
2007-06-15 21:32:11
222.   Eric Stephen
218 Vin had the same distaste tonight when speaking of Scioscia's dismissal. He said something like "Right" with a disgusted tone.

Thanks for that trip down recent memory lane.

2007-06-15 21:32:21
223.   Bob Timmermann
Piniella reportedly makes the starters stick around because he doesn't want them to trash the clubhouse if they've had a bad game.
2007-06-15 21:32:43
224.   Rob M
The slider is working.
2007-06-15 21:34:39
225.   Lexinthedena
Where did this pitch come from? Nasty....
2007-06-15 21:34:54
226.   Bob Timmermann
Against the 12th and 13th lowest scoring teams in the AL the last two nights, the Cardinals have given up 28 runs.

And counting.

2007-06-15 21:35:45
227.   Eric Stephen
Wowie, wow, wow. Furcal!
2007-06-15 21:35:52
228.   Rob M
Nice rifle Raffy!
2007-06-15 21:36:07
229.   Hallux Valgus
Rafael Santana?

Vinny's staring to worry me. It's reminding me of when Harry Caray pronounced Mondesi's name as ray-ool mon-DEE-zy. Who doesn't know how to pronounce Raul? (note- I don't know how to type pronunciations, but the emphasis was on the second syllable in the last name.

2007-06-15 21:36:24
230.   scareduck
Well, that was the game. Thanks for showing up, all.
2007-06-15 21:36:26
231.   Lexinthedena
2007-06-15 21:36:50
232.   Disabled List
Loney should've stayed in the game as a replacement for Nomar.
2007-06-15 21:37:26
233.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Raffy's had a great game--that nice slap bunt to start the rally, and an amazing throw to get Figgins.


2007-06-15 21:38:00
234.   Gen3Blue
The Angels must not have much middle relief. They left Santana in to face Loney and Furcal after he messed up. Loney got a hit and Furcal hit it hard. I hope we can hold them.
2007-06-15 21:38:01
235.   Rob M
I hate to see Broxton come out on nights like this.
2007-06-15 21:38:34
236.   Gen3Blue
Loney didn't stay?
2007-06-15 21:38:46
237.   Hallux Valgus
232 I assume it's because Nomar is batting this inning. Not that I agree with the decision...
2007-06-15 21:39:26
238.   fordprefect
Is it just me, or did the site GUI just radically change?
2007-06-15 21:39:44
239.   fordprefect
Just me, I guess.
2007-06-15 21:40:41
240.   Rob M
Kent's due.
2007-06-15 21:40:50
241.   scareduck
Moseley brings a lot to the table ... much of it hittable.
2007-06-15 21:40:59
242.   Eric Stephen
Furcal didn't really hit it hard. See 221. I'm guessing they left Santana in because he was very effective this evening.
2007-06-15 21:41:15
243.   scareduck
240 - cookie up. Right field bleachers.
2007-06-15 21:41:31
244.   Jon Weisman
12 - In case it wasn't made clear, the signing is official: $1.35 million bonus.

"Scouting director Tim Hallgren said the club has signed all of its picks in the first 17 rounds except supplemental first-round pick James Adkins, a left-handed pitcher from the University of Tennessee; fifth-rounder Kyle Blair, a right-handed pitcher from Los Gatos (Calif.) High School; and 14th-rounder Devin Fuller, a right-handed pitcher from Gilbert (Ariz.) High School."


2007-06-15 21:41:39
245.   scareduck
238 - it's just you.
2007-06-15 21:42:15
246.   das411
Woah how long have the Dodgers used that worm-cam? And why do we not see it during EVERY at-bat of Pierre and/or Furcal??
2007-06-15 21:42:34
247.   Rob M
Vlad makes me nervous.
2007-06-15 21:42:57
248.   scareduck
243 - okay, so it was down and a GIDP.
2007-06-15 21:43:17
249.   scareduck
247 - you shouldn't be. He's been cold lately.
2007-06-15 21:43:26
250.   Hallux Valgus
241 He also appears to bring a sweet white guy 'fro.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2007-06-15 21:43:44
251.   scareduck
246 - 2-4 years now.
2007-06-15 21:43:58
252.   Bob Timmermann
They started using it a lot last year. There's a young, slacker-like guy who always wears black who sits by the field and he adjusts it. He dresses in stylish bicycle messenger gear.
2007-06-15 21:45:47
253.   Lexinthedena
Kent would rather be skeet shooting in Laredo or something....looks so bored....
2007-06-15 21:46:36
254.   Bob Timmermann
The Cardinals have now given up 31 runs in their last two games.
2007-06-15 21:46:49
255.   scareduck
253 - I think he's the only player who actively hates the game.
2007-06-15 21:46:53
256.   fordprefect
He dresses in stylish bicycle messenger gear.
2007-06-15 21:47:19
257.   Rob M
"if you are keeping score..."

I wonder how many people are keeping score at home? Surely less than 10, right?

2007-06-15 21:47:37
258.   Sam in SC
I am dying
2007-06-15 21:47:55
259.   Daniel Zappala
256 Don't panic.
2007-06-15 21:48:00
260.   fordprefect
or riding ATVs in hell--I mean, Texas.
2007-06-15 21:48:01
261.   fanerman
Dos mas.
2007-06-15 21:48:14
262.   Lexinthedena
This ump has called a weird game....
2007-06-15 21:48:25
263.   scareduck
Gameday is ahead of the HD feed.
2007-06-15 21:48:32
264.   Sam in SC
so, I could not live without you guys!
2007-06-15 21:49:26
265.   Disabled List
Vin has to go to the bathroom, apparently.
2007-06-15 21:49:35
266.   underdog
I guess Cabrera thought pitch was low... Sure looked like a strike to me.

14Ks for Dodgers.

I love Vin here, with Guerrero vs Saito. "I'm just gonna shut up here." Awesome.

2007-06-15 21:50:06
267.   scareduck
262 - he really seemed to be wobbly early on, and wasn't giving Santana the same calls he gave Lowe, but his strike zone coalesced in the second.
2007-06-15 21:50:35
268.   Eric Stephen
Another great example there of Vin letting the crowd tell the story.
2007-06-15 21:50:41
269.   Rob M
Saito is so sweet. This is a fun team to follow - lots of likeable dudes.
2007-06-15 21:50:47
270.   fordprefect
I'm not panicking, this is just the culture shock.
2007-06-15 21:50:49
271.   Lexinthedena
2007-06-15 21:50:53
272.   scareduck
Movement on Saito's fastball was amazing.
2007-06-15 21:50:58
273.   Bob Timmermann
If Vin says something like, "When Mark Hendrickson pitches to Mike Napoli, the best thing I can do is shut up..." then we'll know for sure that he has to go.
2007-06-15 21:51:08
274.   underdog
Saito loves his slider tonight.
2007-06-15 21:51:19
275.   scareduck
C'mon, Gary, go for the gold(en sombrero).
2007-06-15 21:51:26
276.   spacebrother
Can't tell by gameday, bur that first one to Mattherws looked like one of those slow overhand cirves. Does Saito thow those?
2007-06-15 21:51:36
277.   Bob Timmermann
Scott Spiezio toeing the slab for the Redbirds in the 8th.
2007-06-15 21:52:00
278.   scareduck
275 - we can't all be perfect.
2007-06-15 21:52:08
279.   Eric Stephen
Nomar tried to "Karros" that throw from Furcal, by running away from the bag after the catch to give the ump the appearance of a more sure out.
2007-06-15 21:52:21
280.   Daniel Zappala
Nice bit of tension here with Casey at the bat.
2007-06-15 21:52:23
281.   underdog
273 Or maybe he'd just be too nauseous to speak.

Darn those infield hits. C'mon Sammy!

2007-06-15 21:53:02
282.   scareduck
277 - no way.


2007-06-15 21:53:45
283.   Bob Timmermann
My cat Casey is soaking up the atmosphere by sleeping under the coffee table.
2007-06-15 21:53:49
284.   scareduck
276 - Vinny says sliders.
2007-06-15 21:54:52
285.   Rob M
Haven't most big leaguers had some big little league games?
2007-06-15 21:54:55
286.   fanerman
2007-06-15 21:55:02
287.   Hallux Valgus
aw, jeez
2007-06-15 21:55:10
288.   Lexinthedena
What kind of ish is this!.....Angels deserve nothing!
2007-06-15 21:55:15
289.   fordprefect
Oh, I see why.
2007-06-15 21:55:27
290.   Eric Stephen
2 grounders to basically the same spot in the infield.

Up comes the silent assassin.

2007-06-15 21:55:27
291.   Frip
2007-06-15 21:55:43
292.   underdog
Argh. This wasn't in the script!
2007-06-15 21:55:46
293.   Daniel Zappala
Spiezo could prolong his career if he keeps this up.
2007-06-15 21:56:18
294.   scooplew
What happened on those two infield singles?
2007-06-15 21:56:29
295.   scareduck
290 - you mean, the silent grounder-in-to-double-plays?
2007-06-15 21:56:48
296.   CajunDodger
2007-06-15 21:56:51
297.   Rob M
2007-06-15 21:56:56
298.   scareduck
294 - tough plays to short.
2007-06-15 21:57:32
299.   underdog
You may now commence breathing.
2007-06-15 21:57:33
300.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Whew. Sammy comes through.


Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2007-06-15 21:57:35
301.   Eric Stephen
295 I was referring to the old Baseball Prospectus article on GA of that title.
2007-06-15 21:57:58
302.   fordprefect
Wonder if a youtube search with "Spezio" & "pitching" would yield anything.
2007-06-15 21:58:24
303.   scooplew
294 Thanks. And we now have the best record in the National League.
2007-06-15 21:58:25
304.   underdog
The second infield single hit off of Saito before then changing direction to Furcal who couldn't pick it up.

Ah well, doesn't matter now!

2007-06-15 21:58:33
305.   das411
Wait a minute, how was the first pitch "curveball' to Anderson different from the first pitch "slider" to Matthews?

Ahhhh and as soon as I bring up DT to post I miss the last out and that famous Saito smile!! Grr, guess I'll just have to watch the LAD/LAA game tomorrow too...

2007-06-15 21:58:37
306.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
This was the sort of thing elite closers are for--one run lead, heart of the order up, and some bad luck on infield hits. Definitely not a cheap 3 run save.


2007-06-15 21:59:04
307.   Lexinthedena
G'night folks....

Lowe was the man tonight...

2007-06-15 21:59:11
308.   Eric Stephen
Found the article, from June 29, 2000.

2007-06-15 21:59:52
309.   fordprefect
Well, that's about it for Spezio's career on th mound.
2007-06-15 22:00:03
310.   Gen3Blue
I was afraid they weren't going to hit Saito hard enough to make an out! At least I had the nerve to watch the final inning this time. I couldn't believe ths Angels left Santana in, but it may say something about how I've come to depend on our bull-pen.
2007-06-15 22:00:13
311.   fordprefect
2007-06-15 22:02:16
312.   underdog
I posted this in previous thread re: post about Slappy McPopup:

I believe I did coin the phrase "Slappy McPop" for Pierre - but didn't call in ESPN Radio, no. And someone else here may have practically come up with it too, and/or it was probably inspired by another similar idea, so I think I should get credit but shared with the rest of the class. Do I win that t-shirt?

2007-06-15 22:05:03
313.   scooplew
298 304 Thanks. . . . Lowe is remarkable. I like our starting pitching a great deal now. And the bullpen, too. Still not sure where Tomko and Hendrickson fit in, but, at the moment, that is not a concern . . . Kemp needs to be in the lineup on a regular basis; Loney, too.
2007-06-15 22:13:08
314.   Gen3Blue
312,313 I will always credit Udawg with Slappy McPop although I can't provide absolute proof.
I've been amazed by the lack of tangible evidence on how good Lowe has been, but I guess that stuff happens and besides he usually gets better at the end of the season. I think manag. has realized how often they lose if they use Bigfoot or TomTom. Even a statue can point the right way if you find something big enough to smack it with.
2007-06-15 22:14:09
315.   Bob Timmermann
Mitch Jones signed a contract for 60 million yen with the Nippon Ham Fighters. About $488,000.

News reports in Japan list Jones as an infielder, who "can play outfield."

2007-06-15 22:14:24
316.   Eric Stephen
I thought it was Slappy McPutout.
2007-06-15 22:15:40
317.   underdog
Slappy McPutout may have been another suggestion, not sure it was mine. I worried that it sounded... unseemly.
2007-06-15 22:18:46
318.   Gen3Blue
Damn. Mitch is a good buy for Japan. Every time I check LV he has a home run! But the 51's are in awful shape in regards to winning. Every time I get too euphoric about our pitching depth, I only have to look at 51's record!
2007-06-15 22:20:28
319.   underdog
So this may have been mentioned before, but what is Derek Lowe's run support number after tonight? Has to be among the worst in the league.
2007-06-15 22:20:40
320.   Hallux Valgus
I laughed out loud at "Slappy McPopout" the first time I read it. I still use "Deep Fly to Second," which my buddy and I coined when Pierre was a rookie.
2007-06-15 22:21:03
321.   Hallux Valgus
or "Popup"
2007-06-15 22:48:13
322.   Dodgers49
Mueller will do what he can, for now

>>> Little said he is juggling the Dodgers' rotation their next series against the Blue Jays to give Derek Lowe an extra two days' rest.

Brad Penny, Hong-Chih Kuo and Jason Schmidt will pitch at Toronto. Lowe will pitch in the team's first game against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, giving him a full week off between starts.

Coming into Friday's game, Lowe was seventh in the league with 95 1/3 innings pitched.

"Any break for his arm at this time of year will be nothing but good for him," Little said. <<<

NOTE: Tiny URL appears to be down for maintenance. The above excerpt is from the Los Angeles Times online sports page

2007-06-15 22:49:39
323.   Gen3Blue
I have to say goodnoght from the east coast. The fear I had of the Mets-Angels series is already negated and I have to credit our roster shifts even if the best players aren't playing quite enough.
2007-06-15 22:50:27
324.   Dodgers49
>>> Reliever Yhency Brazoban experienced pain in his throwing shoulder during a bullpen session and is scheduled to have it reexamined Monday.... Chin-hui Tsao, out because of a strained right shoulder, threw from the mound and reported no pain. <<<

NOTE: Tiny URL appears to be down for maintenance. The above excerpt is from the Los Angeles Times online sports page.

2007-06-15 22:54:14
325.   Gen3Blue
Re 322 Sounds good, except I feel if Schmidt has given up any runs by the second inning I feel that would justify pulling him and also sticking Bill's into the rotation. Its so obvious only a manager could miss it.
2007-06-15 22:59:03
326.   Bluebleeder87
I laughed out loud at "Slappy McPopout" the first time I read it.

I saw some guy wearing a shirt that said those exact words tonight, i chuckled & took a few pictures of the shirt.

2007-06-15 23:03:55
327.   Dodgers49
>>> Mota reinstated: The hitting coach shakeup also ended the semi-exile of longtime coach Manny Mota.

The popular Mota was taken off the road this year, reassigned to community service work when the team was gone while continuing to assist hitters while the team was home. Now he's back on the travel squad to assist Mueller.

According to club officials, Mota's absence on the road was a result of Major League Baseball's crackdown on teams dressing more than six coaches in uniform. <<<

So what changed? Mueller took Murray's place on the coaching staff. So who is Mota replacing? Or did Major League Baseball change the rule?

2007-06-15 23:04:25
328.   Bluebleeder87

i'm pretty sure Grady is gonna have a quick hook tomorrow if Schmidt doesn't perform, Bills had a bullpen session today he thew 20-30 pitches.

2007-06-15 23:11:03
329.   Eric Enders
327 Nothing changed. The Dodgers decided it wasn't worth the money to send Mota on the road if he couldn't be in the dugout during the game. Now they have apparently changed their minds.
2007-06-15 23:13:51
330.   Eric Enders
328 I hope that's true. The reason we lost Schmidt's last start is not because Schmidt pitched poorly, but because Grady waited too long to pull him. I am very much hoping for the quick hook tomorrow.
2007-06-15 23:20:10
331.   Bluebleeder87

tomorrows start from Schmidt is gonna be "interesting" to say the least.

2007-06-15 23:21:11
332.   Xeifrank
Another perfect night for DodgerSims. DodgerSims has the Dodgers win probability for saturdays' game at 59.40%. Hope the non-injured Jason Schmidt shows up.
vr, Xei
2007-06-15 23:22:37
333.   Hallux Valgus
Gennaro Filice's latest article on si.comhas some truly spectacular Ichiro quotes:

On Tiger Woods' athleticism:
"Tiger is a great golfer, but ... when you say athlete, I think of Carl Lewis. When you talk about (golfers or race-car drivers), I don't want to see them run. It's the same if you were to meet a beautiful girl and go bowling. If she's an ugly bowler, you are going to be disappointed."

2007-06-15 23:22:49
334.   bhsportsguy
Hello all. Another nice game at the old ballpark.

On the Slappy McPopup comment on the radio, I heard it and minutes later spoke to the man who made the call.

That's all I will say for now.

2007-06-15 23:44:57
335.   Benjamin Miracord
Are his initials T.I.G.B. (The Imitation Greg Brock)? No, that can't be right. Brock would not bother to even mention The Player. He sees him as invisible.
2007-06-16 00:30:00
336.   paranoidandroid

I wasn't aware of who coined Slappy McPop-up but I've laughed and loved it ever since. I had a shirt made last week with the number nine and that name. I called into ESPN today, Mason and Ireland, on the way to the game.

I want to give credit where credit is due. I didn't and don't claim to have coined the name, I've simply been inspired. I'm also happy to see that Slappy scored our second run after a solid single to left. I would LOVE to be wrong about him and see him lead us to the promised land.

Slappy made me happy. Underdog, I will not dry up all the water in Los Angeles. I will free Sweet Polly and you may get some rest.

Go first place Dodgers!

2007-06-16 00:41:33
337.   paranoidandroid
That would be me. On the loge level? I sat in section 138 tonight with three Angels fans. They went home talking about Lowe and Broxton and Garrett Anderson starting and Willits on the bench.

Sorry I couldn't catch up with you Craig. I hope to on the 21st of July, if the wife lets me go to the game on our wedding anniversary. She's quite supportive, not sure if she'll go for it with out of state relatives in town.

Good game tonight. Great pitching. LuGo continues to confuse me in a good way. Let's ride him for now and get at least one more from the LAA. Schmidt tomorrow does not inspire confidence in me...

2007-06-16 05:47:37
338.   Andrew Shimmin
Looks like underdog was the first to use the construction Slappy McPopup (5/15/07):

Slappy McPutout looks to have been Brock's, way back, before the deal was even official (11/20/06).

Most egregious use of the name Slappy goes to Nate Purcell and his 4/18/06 calumny against Andy LaRoche. For shame.

2007-06-16 06:54:47
339.   underdog

Oh, no worries, Android. I'm just glad you got some mileage out of it. Maybe some day you can get me a t shirt. ;-) On the other hand, part of me just wants to forget he exists. And part of me hopes he can continue to slowly stop hitting like the nickname.


2007-06-16 08:35:32
340.   PlayTwo
Jon, I hope it's not too late! Wait! Make a fist and solidly strike the top of your set three times. Take three steps back and make a loud clap. If that doesn't work, you are entitled --and have earned-- a new unit. Remember, the first thing viewed on the new set must be a Dodgers game with your kid or kids or the karma will be all screwed-up.
2007-06-16 09:49:32
341.   Jon Weisman
340 - Silly me, I only banged the side of the TV.

New post coming up top.

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