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The Dodgers Looked Good Saturday
2007-06-24 07:15
by Jon Weisman

While so many people cursed Saturday night's left-on-base extravaganza, I felt energized. Of course, I wanted that one more hit that would have put the Dodgers to victory, but all the garment-rending after the game missed the point.

Clutch hitting comes and goes like good fortune. The real significance of Saturday's game was the Dodgers were pounding out baserunner after baserunner. Starting five players called up from the minors since May 2006, the Dodgers got 21 men on base against a worthy opponent, Tampa Bay's Scott Kazmir. The Devil Rays needed to throw 173 pitches to get their win.

James Loney, in what could be called an emergency start, reached base three times and hit line-drive outs in his other two at-bats. For the second time this season, he had a huge extra-base hit against a name lefthander. After getting a single, a double and a walk, Andre Ethier is now OPSing .891 for the month.

If Dodger fans are fortunate enough to actually be in the position to complain about .435-hitting Matt Kemp swinging at a 2-0 pitch and hitting the ball hard, but right at the third baseman, for a double play, that's a great place to be. As Kemp showed with his eight-pitch, ninth-inning walk, it's not as if he's lacking for discipline.

Last year, the Dodgers made the playoffs despite tying a Los Angeles record for runners left on base: 1,223, or 7.5 per game. The LOB weren't a sign of some organizational failing - they were a sign that the Dodgers were getting opportunities to score. That's what matters. Of course you want to cash in every opportunity, but that's not possible. Sometimes, you're going to have games like Saturday's. But the point is for the Dodgers to get as many chances as you can - especially when they don't have much home-run power. Saturday was a good sign.

When the Dodger bullpen collapsed against the Padres in April 2006 and blew a huge lead, that was a moment of true despair. Eric Gagne was hurt; Takashi Saito hadn't emerged yet. Key members of the bullpen included Danys Baez, Lance Carter and Tim Hamulack. It was truly hard to know how the Dodgers were going to get through the season. Lucklily for the Dodgers, Saito was a gift from the gods - I still can't quite wrap my head around our good fortune when it comes to him.

So this year, when the Dodgers blew a big ninth-inning lead to San Diego, it was a different story. Saito couldn't pitch that night, but it was only temporary, and we knew he would come back soon to help. Jonathan Broxton had a bad outing, but by this time you could be confident it was an aberration. If anything, the loss raised concerns about the Dodger defense, which allowed three Padres to reach base on infield grounders, but we also knew that better defense was coming up through the minors.

Some bad losses are truly ominous. The collapse against San Diego was not. And the loss to Tampa Bay was not.

I have no trouble pointing out when the Dodgers look in bad shape. If the Dodgers weren't getting people on base and yet were stubborn about making changes that could help, that's the sign of a train going off the tracks. But Saturday night was more a case of the little engine that could - but just didn't quite happen to do so. Of course, Loney and Kemp aren't going to keep hitting .400, and when they each go 0 for 4, we can rue not getting the win Saturday. (On the other hand, we might just steal a victory that day. That's baseball.)

The offensive potential that the new blood represents remains exhilarating. I find it impossible to feel anything but excited about the Dodgers this morning.

* * *

Today's game:


Retro Gameday

Noteworthy from today's lineup: You can all exult: Russell Martin is the DH. Watch him steal five bases today. Jeff Kent is resting, which puts Wilson Betemit and Tony Abreu in the lineup. Nomar Garciaparra is still sick, according to Josh Rawitch, so Loney is back at first base, with Kemp in right field. But Ethier will shuttle out for Luis Gonzalez, because the Juan Pierre Rubicon still intimidates.

It's going to be hard for me to root against ex-Dodger Edwin Jackson, who starts for Tampa Bay today. My allegiance to the Dodgers comes first and I'll be rooting for them to get on base with each plate appearance, but it'll hurt if Jackson struggles. But you can't assume that he'll struggle, because, after all, doesn't it seem like the Dodgers would be the one team he would do well against?

Meanwhile, Hong-Chih Kuo will hopefully get back on the winning path.

Comments (373)
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2007-06-24 07:38:48
1.   bluegold
From here on, could the Dodgers have Seanez or somebody pitch the first 2 innings of a Wolfe start, then pound it into Wolfe over and over that it is now the 3rd inning, so go pitch like his 3rd inning self?
2007-06-24 07:42:51
2.   silverwidow
Loney actually tripled last night, not homered.
2007-06-24 07:46:31
3.   Gen3Blue
Amen to almost everything said above. I was wondering how I missed that homer, but as I recall it didn't miss by much.
2007-06-24 07:50:12
4.   Bumsrap
I love that Little is letting Abreu start again today. That shows me something. I just don't understand why Peirre always plays and Nomar never is considered at third.
2007-06-24 07:51:21
5.   Jon Weisman
2 - oh yeah, you're right. I'll fix.

4 - Nomar can barely field first base at this point, it appears.

2007-06-24 07:51:33
6.   Bumsrap
Subconsciously, a ball hitting at the top of the fence, registers as a homerun.
2007-06-24 07:58:47
7.   Bluebleeder87
It's going to be hard for me to root against ex-Dodger Edwin Jackson, who starts for Tampa Bay today. My allegiance to the Dodgers comes first and I'll be rooting for them to get on base with each plate appearance, but it'll hurt if Jackson struggles.

hit the nail right on the head on how it will feel, if anything he'll leave the game tide up & we'll get to the D-Rays bullpen.

2007-06-24 08:00:58
8.   Bumsrap
5 - Watching the ball jump off Loney's bat makes it more painful to watch the ball limp off Nomar's bat. I am willing to experiment with Nomar at third if it means being able to watch Loney play more.
2007-06-24 08:02:32
9.   Bumsrap
Glan to see others still wishing Jackson a good career.
2007-06-24 08:02:53
10.   Bumsrap
Glan = Glad
2007-06-24 08:11:41
11.   Bluebleeder87
Edwin Jackson can still have a good career if he can have control of his pitches. I really feel they brought him up way to early.
2007-06-24 08:15:44
12.   Gen3Blue
Does anyone have any details on LaRoche being back on the disabled list. Is it still the shoulder?
2007-06-24 08:27:02
13.   PlayTwo
I am all for the kids winning spots and giving the club the momentum to hit the post season with flags flying but I'm not going to grind on Nomar. He'll get hot. Summer is only three days in.
2007-06-24 08:35:36
14.   Doctor
Navarro gets his first HR VS Dodgers yesterday, I really hope Jackson doens't somehow eek out his 1st win.
Ex-Dodgers have always been a thorn in the side of this team. Oh, and Matt Stairs. Nghh...
2007-06-24 08:40:04
15.   goofus
Not only can't Nomar play third but watching Loney just one game should convince anyone that he can't plat first either. Don't the Yankees need a "First Baseman"? Nomar should be given the choice between pinch hitting for the Dodgers or accepting a trade.
2007-06-24 08:45:07
16.   Bumsrap
13 - Nomar has the physical tools to play third base. Abreu and Betemit are clearly better defensively at third but Nomar is a better hitter. Nomar can neither hit nor field better than Loney at first base.

It may be up to Nomar to ask to play third otherwise hs has been beat out of his position at first, just as Pierre is the fourth best outfielder now playing for the Dodgers.

2007-06-24 08:45:45
17.   silverwidow
It's sad that Nomar was given a two year deal, while Gonzo just one. It should be the other way around.
2007-06-24 08:50:14
18.   heato
Furcal, SS
Pierre, CF
Martin, DH
Gonzo, LF
Loney, 1B
Kemp, RF
Betemit, 3B
Lieberthal, C
Abreu, 2B
Kuo, P
2007-06-24 08:51:21
19.   Andrew Shimmin
If Nomar had been offered arbitration, he would have gone away and stunk for somebody else. And the Dodgers would have gotten two draft picks out of it. Not all backup plans are worth having.
2007-06-24 08:51:55
20.   Bumsrap
There is some logic that says if Kemp can lose his job hurting himself against the right field fence, Nomar can lose his job due to the flue.
2007-06-24 08:55:06
21.   Andrew Shimmin
Nomar's BABIP: .308
Nomar's expected BABIP fx(LD%): .309
2007-06-24 08:58:04
22.   GoBears
16 Nomar has the physical tools to play third base. Abreu and Betemit are clearly better defensively at third but Nomar is a better hitter.

Sadly, that's no longer true. Nomar used to be a better hitter than Betemit is now. But not any more. When a slump is this deep, and lasts for a full year (as it has, since last year's ASB), and is not obviously a result of bad luck, it's time to update our assessment of Nomar's hitting ability.

2007-06-24 08:58:41
23.   GoBears
21 Yup, so it's not bad luck.
2007-06-24 09:00:12
24.   Bumsrap
22 - Fine with me.
2007-06-24 09:02:37
25.   silverwidow
20-Money talks, unfortunately. We are stuck with Nomar, as I don't think the front office has the courage to DFA him.
2007-06-24 09:02:53
26.   GoBears
Nice post Jon. I haven't read through yesterday's post-fest (just watched the game on TiVo) so forgive me and ignore me if this is redundant, but:

Just as it's fair to say that the silver lining was that the Dodgers put all those guys on base, that they put themselves in a position to win over and over, it's also fair to point out that the team's inability to hit home runs really showed up yesterday. TB scored two runs on two swings. The Dodgers NEED clutch hitting to win, because long sequences are their only realistic chance. So yes, it comes and goes, but the team's reliance on it is a weakness.

2007-06-24 09:06:29
27.   Andrew Shimmin
I'm not sure he's done. BP gave him a 26% chance of collapsing this year and, given that his EQA is right around their tenth percentile projection, it looks like that's what he's done. It could be a Mike Lowell situation and he'll come around next year, or the year after. But right now, he stinks. And he's hurting the team, arguably more than Juan Pierre--Pierre's sOPS+ for CF is 72, Nomar's for 1B is 65.
2007-06-24 09:10:15
28.   Xeifrank
If you are interested in going to the Padres vs Dodgers game next sunday, drop me an email. My best friends brother is a local (Ventura County) historian and has written a baseball book, documenting all the local ball players who have made the pros, came close to doing so, or made an impact upon baseball in the local area. My friend's brother will be throwing out the first pitch. In order to get this honor, they had to buy a couple thousand tickets. Amazingly, only a few hundred are left. Before the game a few former pros will be in the stands signing his book. If you are interested in going, email me and I can get you in touch with the guy who has the tickets. My seats are Loge, down the right field line just past first base, section 40.
Go Dodgers
vr, Xei

2007-06-24 09:16:06
29.   GoBears
26. I should have added to my own post that, while the HRs are still not coming, I am thoroughly enjoying watching Loney, Kemp, and Ethier rip the ball all over the place. These guys hit the ball hard, something even Kent doesn't do very often, and something several other guys almost never do.
2007-06-24 09:21:44
30.   Ricardo
I like Nomar but when he´s in the lineup and Loney isn´t, it´s like the game is not so interesting.Does it happen with you guys?
2007-06-24 09:28:03
31.   Bob Timmermann
I found games with Jason Phillips, Brian Myrow, and Mike Edwards interesting, so I'm not the best judge.
2007-06-24 09:37:46
32.   Andrew Shimmin
Mike Edwards: killing DT threads since 2005.
2007-06-24 09:38:26
33.   Lexinthedena
Andre had such quality at bats yesterday....The double play was because of a great pitch....and Pierre is in the lineup...If he costs the team some runs today, I would imagine the streak becoming a big question....
2007-06-24 09:41:55
34.   Andrew Shimmin
33- Why is this night different from all other nights?
2007-06-24 09:43:57
35.   tethier
I agree that even though last night's loss was frustrating, there are a number of positives. There is one aspect however that I think points to a problem that is not often discussed - Furcal's inability to steal a base.

I can only watch the games on Gameday so I may be overlooking some things. However, when Furcal led off the top of the 8th with a bunt hit, how come he couldn't steal second? I think Pierre even made a bunt attempt before he lined into a double play. Martin then came up, singled and stole second on the first pitch to Kent. If he can do it, how come the lead off hitter can't?

We needed to have Furcal on second with no outs and Pierre at the plate. Then, maybe his lineout at first is down the line (no one holding Furcal on base). At the very least, Pierre can move him to third where he can score on a sac fly. If Furcal can't steal becasue of his ankle, maybe he shouldn't be hitting lead off.

2007-06-24 09:44:22
36.   overkill94
33 I only got to watch Ethier's 1st, 2nd, and 3rd at-bats, but the first two were pretty brutal. I agree that Pierre needs to be the one who gets some rest once in a while, but barring that I think today's line-up is pretty ideal.
2007-06-24 09:46:53
37.   Bob Timmermann
Why do we set a place for Pierre at the table?
2007-06-24 09:52:16
38.   Lexinthedena
34-It is different because the other three outfielders are all hot, and one has to sit because Pierre is a "gamer".....
2007-06-24 09:53:12
39.   Bob Timmermann
I believe the correct answer has to do with bitter herbs.
2007-06-24 09:54:49
40.   TheDictator
If a long term contract for too much money makes someone a "gamer" who deserves to play, then we should cart Jason Schmidt's shoulder out there.
2007-06-24 09:58:05
41.   Andrew Shimmin
40- It could bat leadoff. Shoulders have microscopic strike zones.
2007-06-24 09:59:58
42.   underdog
39 Hah hah.

In Brando voice: "The maror... the maror..."

(Okay, I know they're not pronounced exactly the same, just go with it.)

Drat, I have to play soccer at 11. Good luck Dodgers! I may wait til it's archived on MLBTV later to watch it...

2007-06-24 10:03:56
43.   TheDictator
I bet the shoulder would have a higher OPS than Nomar. :-)

It could probably cover first better on a ground ball too!

2007-06-24 10:06:41
44.   Lexinthedena
I bet the Orioles would take pierre....maybe the Pirates too...those are the only two teams I can think of that might have a huge enough hole to take him...
2007-06-24 10:07:42
45.   TheDictator
Ok, I have to admit it.

I am currently ignorant of Antonio Perez's current doings in MLB, but based on Milton Bradley's current DFA I would say the Dodgers got the better end of the trade.

I went on record here stating that Beane stole one from LA, I am currently under the persuasion that I was wrong.

That could change however. :-)

2007-06-24 10:07:59
46.   Bob Timmermann
You mean the Orioles would want BOTH Corey Patterson AND Juan Pierre?
2007-06-24 10:10:39
47.   Lexinthedena
46-That can be the trade!...Pierre for patterson....CPatt would be a fine 4th outfielder...or he could start at AAA....:)
2007-06-24 10:10:49
48.   TheDictator
Hey, supermanager Jim Tracy is still in Pittsburgh. And you know how much he likes those "underrated" players that Pierre.

You might be on to something. Maybe we could get Jason Bay, who is obviously too defensively challenged for Tracy to stand.


2007-06-24 10:11:49
49.   Bluebleeder87
there's a fair in the park i play baseball
today, so i'll be watching the full game today.
2007-06-24 10:16:50
50.   Bluebleeder87
the thing that makes this whole Pierre situation uncool is that this coming winter some big names will be available for the CF gig, guys that can actually play the position & hit with some pop!
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2007-06-24 10:21:49
51.   Lexinthedena
We will sign Ichiro, and find a way to get rid of Juan....I'm actually confident in that....

On the other hand...why didn't Ned just sign Dave Roberts!....made so much more sense....

2007-06-24 10:23:32
52.   Andrew Shimmin
Antonio Perez is doing .218/.343/.345 for Oakland's AAA affiliate.
2007-06-24 10:28:29
53.   Bluebleeder87

or Kenny Lofton as a one year bridge to a free agent or one of the kids.

2007-06-24 10:31:50
54.   Andrew Shimmin
In the future, Ned Colletti will sign every free agent, then trade them away, picking up part of their salaries.
2007-06-24 10:34:11
55.   Bob Timmermann
Dave Roberts has an OPS+ of 64, which is lower than Pierre's.

And Roberts gets hurt.

And throws about as well.

Yet, Roberts seems to bank more goodwill for the 2004 Red Sox than Pierre gets for the 2003 Marlins.

2007-06-24 10:36:25
56.   Bob Timmermann
With a second inning triple, Johan Santana has triggered a sensor along the Distant Early Warning Line for the Cycle Police.
2007-06-24 10:41:43
57.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Has never won as a member of the Devil Rays?

Raise your hand if you'd take EJack back right now for Hendrickson?

2007-06-24 10:42:07
58.   Lexinthedena
55-Roberts is a nice part time player/leadoff hitter....would make sense as a "bridge"...

I'm glad Lofton is gone...his D was just too horrible...

2007-06-24 10:42:58
59.   Lexinthedena
Jackson looks big....
2007-06-24 10:43:40
60.   Hallux Valgus
somewher in the dugout, Nomar just swung at the baseball being tossed onto the field.
2007-06-24 10:44:08
61.   Andrew Shimmin
57- Hendrickson for Jackson? Done and done. If he'll FedEx me his key, I'd be happy to crate and ship his belongings to him, so he doesn't have to come back to L.A.
2007-06-24 10:45:26
62.   Who Is Karim Garcia
I would take Lofton everyday of the week, especially over Juan-for-five.

I swear to god, if Pierre forces Furcal at second here....

2007-06-24 10:45:27
63.   Bluebleeder87
Looks like Furcal needs some Icy Hot, pronto!.
2007-06-24 10:46:38
64.   regfairfield
57 My hand is raised.
2007-06-24 10:46:50
65.   Hallux Valgus
okay, Furcal needs to sit. He can't run.
2007-06-24 10:46:55
66.   Who Is Karim Garcia

Nah, if Nomar had hit it he would have rolled weakly to SS. The 1B grabbed it.

Coincidentally, Abreu swung and missed at it.

2007-06-24 10:48:00
67.   silverwidow
Bring up Hu!
2007-06-24 10:49:05
68.   Rowley
Long time lurker, rare poster here.

As a displaced Dodger fan in Florida, I went to last night's game. Some observations:

- The pre-game Zimmer festivities were interesting. There were taped interviews from Vin Scully and Tom Lasorda about their time with Zimmer. Vinny was his usual self, telling an old story about Zimmer from his days as a minor leaguer trying to make the team in Vero. Tommy told an odd, and probably inappropriate, story about a joke involving Zimmer's sex life. Duke Snider, Carl Erskine, Johnny Podres, and Zimmer threw out the first pitches to Zimmer's son and grandsons.
- Lots of Dodger fans in attendance, and a lot of them wearing Brooklyn stuff. It seemed like they promoted this night for quite a while - I just went because I had the night free and I don't get a chance to see the Dodgers much.
- The Turn Back the Clock theme involved everything at the stadium - the music, the announcers, the scoreboards. I don't know how much you guys got to see on TV, but the scoreboards said Brooklyn and St. Petersburg, and the announcer would say things like "now batting for Brooklyn, right fielder Matt Kemp." They had graphics for the Devil Rays players when they would come up where their faces were photoshopped into old 50's stars, like Carl Crawford as Little Richie and Carlos Pena as Ricci Riccardo. All in all it was pretty entertaining.
- I noticed a few people comment in yesterday's game thread that Tropicana seemed quiet. The Rays fans actually made a lot of noise, especially in the 9th. There were plenty of fans there that seemed genuinely passionate about the Rays.
- The Rays fans HATE their bullpen. As soon as Kazmir was taken out, the crowd let out a collective groan when Witasick came in. Lots of fans I was sitting around were saying how the game was over now that the bullpen was in.

Just want to say that this is an awesome site for a Dodger fan outside of California. I don't always have the time to read the comments, but when I do, they are always entertaining.

2007-06-24 10:49:07
69.   Lexinthedena
How many of those this series?
2007-06-24 10:49:47
70.   Disabled List
These DPs are killing me.
2007-06-24 10:50:42
71.   Bob Timmermann
Splash hit!
2007-06-24 10:50:42
72.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Luis Gonzalez, PETA is on the phone for you, line 3.
2007-06-24 10:50:54
73.   Andrew Shimmin
LuGo just made a pack of powerful, aquatic enemies.
2007-06-24 10:51:01
74.   Greg Brock
68 Very cool write-up.
2007-06-24 10:51:37
75.   Lexinthedena
I didn't know there were actual Rays in that tank....poor things......Loney is awesome BTW...
2007-06-24 10:51:44
76.   Bluebleeder87
Loney is in fuego!
2007-06-24 10:51:49
77.   silverwidow
The Great James Loney.
2007-06-24 10:52:02
78.   Bob Timmermann
It's the Touch Tank.
2007-06-24 10:52:19
79.   Lexinthedena
Glad no one made any Steve Irwin jokes...Crikey!
2007-06-24 10:52:52
80.   Bob Timmermann
I almost did!

Apparently they sent the Ray Whisperer in to get the ball.

2007-06-24 10:54:04
81.   silverwidow
Bad AB by Kemp.
2007-06-24 10:54:05
82.   Disabled List
I was working on a Steve Irwin joke, but then Loney stole my thunder.

I got nothing.

2007-06-24 10:54:06
83.   Lexinthedena
That's as bad as Kemp has looked all year....WOW...
2007-06-24 10:54:18
84.   Hallux Valgus
jeez- the Bison's last swing wasn't even close. I don't even think he saw the pitch.
2007-06-24 10:54:59
85.   Gen3Blue
I feel bad for Edwin, but wow, Loney put a charge in it the other way.

79 someone apparently couldn't resist!:0)

2007-06-24 10:56:32
86.   Lexinthedena
And people say Loney has no pop....
2007-06-24 10:58:34
87.   Bob Timmermann
These people have "pop":

2007-06-24 10:59:00
88.   Blue in the Bay
75 I like the Rays tank idea. Now if only Arizona would get rid of that pool and put a snake pit out there instead. Then they could have promotions and have fans chase after balls amongst the rattlers. Now THAT would be real cool.
2007-06-24 10:59:43
89.   Greg Brock
87 Without looking, I'm guessing Pop vs. Soda map!
2007-06-24 10:59:45
90.   silverwidow
Kuo looks pretty awesome today.
2007-06-24 10:59:46
91.   dkminnick
Unfortunately, I have had to miss every game this week until today, but before that I had noticed that Kemp has had lots of trouble with pitches low and away.

Here again, he looked terrible - trying to pull a pitch that he shouldn't even swing at.

Can anyone tell me how he has been handling that pitch during his hot streak this week?

2007-06-24 11:00:18
92.   Lexinthedena
88- And the Giants could get a bunch of Samoans from Carson and Sunnyvale......And the Indians...


2007-06-24 11:01:06
93.   Hallux Valgus
87 data like that is why All Gore invented the internet
2007-06-24 11:01:38
94.   Lexinthedena
91-He has looked very good at the plate and has shown a good eye...this last at bat was me at least...
2007-06-24 11:01:44
95.   Bob Timmermann
2007-06-24 11:02:10
96.   silverwidow
2007-06-24 11:03:45
97.   Bob Timmermann
Edwin Jackson is trying to become the first pitcher to start the season since 0-9 since ... Friday.
2007-06-24 11:03:52
98.   Greg Brock
Looks like we get "Effectively Wild" Kuo today.
2007-06-24 11:05:07
99.   Hallux Valgus
98 So far, he's wildly effective!
2007-06-24 11:06:24
100.   Gen3Blue
Kuo does look good, bu he needs to establish another pitch before he goes through the lineup again. His fastball was killing the lefties.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2007-06-24 11:10:23
101.   natepurcell

some colletti quotes on the Minotaur's performance from last night.

2007-06-24 11:12:14
102.   JoeyP
Edwin hit 97mph in the 2nd inning.
2007-06-24 11:13:14
103.   Lexinthedena
Crushed it...
2007-06-24 11:13:28
104.   Hallux Valgus
101 move him up! Also, I really really hate the Minotaur nickname. I can't help but think of a terrible movie called "The Minotaur."
2007-06-24 11:13:29
105.   Michael D
I hope that doesn't make Ned think Wigginton is what we need at third.
2007-06-24 11:13:33
106.   Greg Brock
That ball was hit a little bit.
2007-06-24 11:13:59
107.   Frip
Why doesn't Charlie just be done with it and begin EVERY sentence with "oh by the way".
2007-06-24 11:14:50
108.   Andrew Shimmin
101- Best part of that article is that Kershaw embraces my radar guns are a social construct theorem.
2007-06-24 11:15:06
109.   Hallux Valgus
Lyons- "It takes zero ability to hustle..."

(insert Pierre jokes here)

2007-06-24 11:17:07
110.   silverwidow
When Kuo strikes guys out, he sure makes them look overmatched.
2007-06-24 11:18:43
111.   PHilldodger
105 If we were to get Wigginton and be obligated to keep him only for this year and if we swapped Tomko and/or Hendrickson for him, I would be happy to see him at 3rd for this year for the Dodgers.
2007-06-24 11:21:37
112.   regfairfield
111 The Rays aren't really a franchise that would want Tomko or Hendrickson for half a season. It would probably be something like a couple of lower tier prospects.
2007-06-24 11:22:34
113.   regfairfield
111 Also, his OPS is only 25 points higher than Betemit's plus he's terrible defensively.
2007-06-24 11:23:01
114.   overkill94
Are you serious? He was so safe!
2007-06-24 11:23:14
115.   PHilldodger
112. Understood. I was just saying that Wigginton (for the right price, i.e. very little) would be a decent option at 3rd for the Dodgers that wouldn't necessitate giving up Kemp/Loney/Laroche/Billingsley, et al.
2007-06-24 11:23:43
116.   Hallux Valgus
Pierre was completely safe. The tag was lazy.
2007-06-24 11:23:58
117.   Gen3Blue
Pierre was safe, but sometimes if you don't beat the throw so it goes.
2007-06-24 11:25:25
118.   Bluebleeder87

just read the article, really encouraging but you really gotta think he's around 93-96 you think they'll promote him Nate?

2007-06-24 11:26:11
119.   silverwidow
Should be 3-1
2007-06-24 11:26:18
120.   MMSMikey
dale scott just cost the dodgers a big inning
2007-06-24 11:26:26
121.   natepurcell
dodgers need to stop wasting outs. jackson isnt the type of pitcher you need to take the extra base on. he gives up enough extra bases as it is, just sit back and hit.
2007-06-24 11:26:40
122.   Doctor
Man, that fastball has zero movement.
2007-06-24 11:26:42
123.   Hallux Valgus
Some channel labeled "STO" by DirecTV is showing minor league baseball. It's too bad the Dodgers don't have a team in the South Atlantic League.
2007-06-24 11:28:03
124.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Loney is my Homey.
2007-06-24 11:28:56
125.   Bluebleeder87

i'd take my chances with our 3rd basemen, i haven't seen much of the Wigginton guy but that's just the way i feel.

2007-06-24 11:30:02
126.   Bluebleeder87
Man, that fastball has zero movement.

It's Tomkoish.

2007-06-24 11:30:10
127.   Bob Timmermann
Delay to dry out the field in St. Louis preventing the start of the epic matchup of Cole Hamels versus Kip Wells.
2007-06-24 11:30:25
128.   Who Is Karim Garcia
123... what number is that?
2007-06-24 11:32:25
129.   Bob Timmermann
STO = Sports Time Ohio
2007-06-24 11:32:26
130.   Hallux Valgus
128- 657. I don't know what cameras they're using, but it's the exact opposite of HD. It's like they're shooting on 8mm
2007-06-24 11:32:31
131.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Charlie, Please see rule 9.
2007-06-24 11:33:22
132.   Andrew Shimmin
Psycho happens to respect Frank Thomas, he'll have you know.
2007-06-24 11:34:11
133.   JoeyP
Kuo's having quite a few 3-ball counts.
2007-06-24 11:35:01
134.   Who Is Karim Garcia
I believe it's a camera phone, like in Flight of the Conchords.
2007-06-24 11:35:54
135.   Bob Timmermann
And yet no Ball 4 counts.
2007-06-24 11:36:18
136.   Hallux Valgus
I am amazed Iwamura can be an effective major league hitter with that godawful swing
2007-06-24 11:36:35
137.   silverwidow
Kuo is a lefty killer.
2007-06-24 11:37:41
138.   Andrew Shimmin
136- Careful. Bob'll box your ears if he hears you talk that way.
2007-06-24 11:38:29
139.   silverwidow
Kemper makes up for last AB.
2007-06-24 11:38:40
140.   Bob Timmermann

Actually, I have to box the ears by proxy. Or I will have my ears boxed.

But I will never make say Mitch Jones is a bad fielder again.

2007-06-24 11:38:57
141.   Gen3Blue
Jackson over fifty pitches in 3rd.It would be good to get into the bullpen.
2007-06-24 11:39:57
142.   Bluebleeder87
nice to see Kemp lash one up the middle.
2007-06-24 11:39:57
143.   dkminnick
91 - Now THAT's what you do with the outside strike! Way to go, James.
2007-06-24 11:41:31
144.   dkminnick
91- Now THAT'S what you do with the outside strike! Way to go, Matt.
2007-06-24 11:42:05
145.   Gen3Blue
I could tell Kemp was going to go.
2007-06-24 11:42:05
146.   dkminnick
143 - See 144.
2007-06-24 11:43:48
147.   Greg Brock
Dale Scott has money on this game.
2007-06-24 11:43:55
148.   JoeyP
Dodger are playing some Angels ball today.
Giving up outs left and right.
2007-06-24 11:44:05
149.   natepurcell
this is what i mean, stop running please!
2007-06-24 11:44:14
150.   Andrew Shimmin
That's a mighty ugly slide the Bison's got.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2007-06-24 11:44:20
151.   JoeyP
Kemp might need to work on his sliding.
2007-06-24 11:44:45
152.   Doctor
Safe twice now.
2007-06-24 11:45:03
153.   Andrew Shimmin
Next runner to try stealing second ought to spike the ump. Make it look unintentional.
2007-06-24 11:45:19
154.   Gen3Blue
Kemp was likely safe.
2007-06-24 11:45:29
155.   Bluebleeder87
after reviewing all the replays the D-rays SS never tagged Kemp, the ump is 0-2.
2007-06-24 11:45:51
156.   Greg Brock
It's hard to slide perfectly when some dude with a mitt is running right at you.

He probably got a little spooked. Bisons spook easily.

2007-06-24 11:46:44
157.   JoeyP
At Kemp's size, he should always be the hunter.
2007-06-24 11:46:59
158.   overkill94
Dang, I thought the answer was going to be Benito's 25 in 1987
2007-06-24 11:47:16
159.   Gen3Blue
Whats most interesting is the angles I saw made it look like there was no way the ump could see the tag.
2007-06-24 11:48:14
160.   Hallux Valgus
According to commercials featuring the Hollywood stars game, Juan Pierre has the exact same swing as Kareem Abdul-Jabar.
2007-06-24 11:49:02
161.   Frip
Lyon's blown call explanation isn't nearly solid enough for him to be so emphatic about it.
2007-06-24 11:49:29
162.   Greg Brock
Tell your old man to try and drag Walton and Lanier up and down the court for 40 minutes.
2007-06-24 11:50:03
163.   Andrew Shimmin
I believe the plural of Bison is Beeson, not Bisons.
2007-06-24 11:51:02
164.   Doctor
I never actually watched Kemp AAA at bats, but could Mueller have him going the other way a little more? I dont recall so many balls to right last year.
2007-06-24 11:51:31
165.   Who Is Karim Garcia
The plural of Bison is.... Bison.
2007-06-24 11:52:17
166.   Frip
162 - Strange how the funniest movie of all time (at the time) could seem so lame now. Relativity is kinda scary that way.
2007-06-24 11:52:53
167.   Bob Timmermann
If the Dodgers were playing Angels Ball, they would have a much better record and hit better.
2007-06-24 11:52:56
168.   Greg Brock
166 Blasphemy!
2007-06-24 11:55:33
169.   Andrew Shimmin
165- You're probably one of those people who insist the plural of Moose is Moose, instead of Meese.
2007-06-24 11:55:53
170.   Bluebleeder87

i saw him go up the middle & to right field quit a few times in the dominican, he (imo) only needs to lay of the breaking stuff away.

2007-06-24 11:56:55
171.   Lexinthedena
166- You obviously don't speak jive...
2007-06-24 11:57:05
172.   Bluebleeder87
let's get out of this inning & score some more runs.
2007-06-24 11:58:51
173.   silverwidow
Kuo is ANGRY.
2007-06-24 11:58:57
174.   Hallux Valgus
sigh. And no the sports programming gods give me the business again, scheduling the Gold Cup final opposite the Dodgers.
2007-06-24 11:59:12
175.   Lexinthedena
I agree that this has been a promising series...a lot of bad breaks, but the offense definitly seems to have perked up....
2007-06-24 11:59:30
176.   Hallux Valgus
"and now"
2007-06-24 11:59:40
177.   Bluebleeder87
it wasn't that bad of an inning but i'd have a quick hook if he falters in the 5th. We need to score more runs.
2007-06-24 12:00:24
178.   The Rabbits Rarely Loose
I love hits but, We have 8 with two runs and one walk, to their two runs 3 hits.. . at what point does this end?
2007-06-24 12:00:25
179.   overkill94
166 I saw it for the first time maybe 7 years ago and I find it quite hilarious
2007-06-24 12:00:44
180.   JoeyP
Dustin McGowan has pitched one fine ball game today.
2007-06-24 12:03:22
181.   The Rabbits Rarely Loose
my sympathy for Jackson is over. . . . lets score like ten
2007-06-24 12:04:33
182.   JoeyP
The Dodgers havent been retired in order since Friday night.

Thats at least 14 straight innings of having a runner on every inning.

2007-06-24 12:07:18
183.   Lexinthedena
LOL.....Steiner thinking about lunch....
2007-06-24 12:07:23
184.   Gen3Blue
Unfortunately, we let Jackson out of his pitch-count problem.
2007-06-24 12:07:26
185.   Bluebleeder87
my Dodger Mojo is pretty filthy lately i called it here {7} 181
2007-06-24 12:07:28
186.   Frip
You're right, anything as funny as Airplane was can never be truly lame, no matter how many years pass by.
2007-06-24 12:09:19
187.   Disabled List
The Dodgers have erased a lot of their own baserunners in this series. We have 35 hits in 23 innings so far against TB this weekend, but only 11 runs to show for it.
2007-06-24 12:09:21
188.   Andrew Shimmin
Aaron Hill is officially On Notice. Ground out already would you?
2007-06-24 12:12:07
189.   Bluebleeder87
we're making Edwin Look better than we should, we need to score more runs!
2007-06-24 12:12:50
190.   JoeyP
McGowan loses it in the 9th.
2007-06-24 12:13:03
191.   overkill94
There goes the no-no
2007-06-24 12:13:45
192.   natepurcell
gonzo wouldnt GIDP right? he wouldnt do that to me right now right?
2007-06-24 12:14:05
193.   Lexinthedena
Does Russel run here....Dioner can't go 3 for imaginary 3 can he?
2007-06-24 12:14:25
194.   JoeyP
The Dodgers BABIP the last two games has to be off the charts.
2007-06-24 12:15:46
195.   natepurcell

dont give away anymore outs, please!

2007-06-24 12:17:07
196.   overkill94
Time to take the lead back with the kids leading the way
2007-06-24 12:18:05
197.   JoeyP
Dodgers havent been retired in order since the 7th inning of friday nite.

Thats 17 straight innings of a runner reaching base. I wonder what the record is?

2007-06-24 12:19:11
198.   Lexinthedena
2007-06-24 12:19:12
199.   overkill94
2007-06-24 12:19:21
200.   natepurcell
we're going to lose. all these DPs and CSs are omens.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2007-06-24 12:19:48
201.   dkminnick
Whoa. Was James not running that ball out?
2007-06-24 12:19:50
202.   JoeyP
Thats 4 DPs.
Gonzo swinging 3-0 was a killer that inning.
2007-06-24 12:20:13
203.   Lexinthedena
This inning is going to say a lot about Kuo...
2007-06-24 12:20:58
204.   trainwreck
I looked through comments, but I did not see it mentioned (sorry if I missed it), but Rod Beck died. I have not been able to find out how.


2007-06-24 12:22:01
205.   Lexinthedena old was he?
2007-06-24 12:22:36
206.   Who Is Karim Garcia
OMG, Shooter died? What?
2007-06-24 12:23:17
207.   trainwreck
2007-06-24 12:23:18
208.   JoeyP
Crawford should be Kuo's last hitter.
2007-06-24 12:23:33
209.   Lexinthedena
He was born in '68..damn....
2007-06-24 12:26:46
210.   Bluebleeder87

wow, my heart sank reading your post, i can't believe there hasn't been anything about his death.


2007-06-24 12:27:19
211.   overkill94
I wonder if all of Rod's partying finally caught up with him
2007-06-24 12:27:44
212.   JoeyP
Good move Grady.
2007-06-24 12:31:18
213.   Lexinthedena
Bad, bad mojo...must be the haunted hotel....
2007-06-24 12:31:24
214.   overkill94
Ugh, we had him dead in the water
2007-06-24 12:31:28
215.   Bluebleeder87
Lieberthal, come one!

two hands!!!

2007-06-24 12:32:11
216.   JoeyP
Gotta hang onto that ball.

The one good throw Gonzo makes all year, and still cant get him.

2007-06-24 12:32:29
217.   Icaros
This game sucks.
2007-06-24 12:32:49
218.   overkill94
Rookie mistake by Lieberthal
2007-06-24 12:33:11
219.   Bluebleeder87
you hold the ball with your hand Lieberthal, lack of playing time i guess.
2007-06-24 12:34:57
220.   Bluebleeder87
if we loose this game i'm gonna hurle!
2007-06-24 12:35:00
221.   JoeyP
Delmon Young didnt look like a #1 pick in that at bat.
2007-06-24 12:36:03
222.   overkill94
The D-Rays score on the flukiest plays, but with all our base hits we can't score squat
2007-06-24 12:36:26
223.   JoeyP
Dioner should be our backup catcher.

Nice block Lieberthal.

2007-06-24 12:36:53
224.   The Rabbits Rarely Loose
I am going to hate to loose back to back games like this, this sucks
2007-06-24 12:40:06
225.   overkill94
We need another crack at Witasick, that guy's a freakin' gas can and a half
2007-06-24 12:40:18
226.   Bluebleeder87
i feel like we gotta get out of tampa bay that city isn't good to us.
2007-06-24 12:41:26
227.   Sammy Maudlin
Drinking brew for breakfast ...
2007-06-24 12:41:28
228.   overkill94
Man, the official scorer changed the go-ahead run from scoring on Lieberthal's error to scoring on the hit, giving Kuo an extra earned run
2007-06-24 12:41:52
229.   The Rabbits Rarely Loose
i feel like this should have been an easy sweep now, jackson is in line for his first win . . . im not happy about it at all
2007-06-24 12:43:50
230.   Lexinthedena
2007-06-24 12:44:41
231.   overkill94
Sounds like The Heckler is giving Lieberthal hell for his blunder
2007-06-24 12:44:45
232.   Lexinthedena
The heckler's getting on Lieberthal...serves him right...
2007-06-24 12:45:11
233.   Gagne55
Betemit running up the line like Jason Phillips.
2007-06-24 12:45:45
234.   Gagne55
231 He deserves it.
2007-06-24 12:46:34
235.   TheDictator
Just read this on

He [Nomar] wasn't in the starting lineup, but Little didn't rule out using him as an offensive weapon should the situation arise.

My question: Is there a situation in which Nomar would be considered an "offensive weapon"? Just wondering . . .

2007-06-24 12:47:39
236.   Bluebleeder87

then despair...

2007-06-24 12:47:54
237.   overkill94
235 What if there's a gopher terrorizing the infield grass? I think Nomar's endless grounders would be a pretty effective weapon.
2007-06-24 12:47:56
238.   Bob Timmermann
Sometimes the instantaneous judgment and condemnation of players here is reminiscent of a Stalin era show trial.


This is one tough crowd.

2007-06-24 12:50:39
239.   TheDictator
Or another gem from

Garciaparra isn't the only one affected by the illness, his teammates may unknowingly be suffering as well.

That ranks right up there with the stat I once read about 2,000,000 people being affected with a certain disease but unaware of it. If they are unaware then how do we know there are two million of them?

I love getting a good laugh.

2007-06-24 12:50:47
240.   overkill94
238 He's a commie!
2007-06-24 12:55:07
241.   Doctor
How can a team look this bad?
2007-06-24 12:58:03
242.   overkill94
2007-06-24 12:58:44
243.   Lexinthedena
Sometimes it's just good to let all of your mistakes blow up in your face like this....
2007-06-24 13:00:33
244.   TheDictator

I missed the best quote of all:
"I prefer to try to win the game," Little said. "If he [Nomar] feels like doing something to help us win the game, then we can use him."

Gophers Beware!!!!

Sometimes the only way to cope is to find the humor in things.

2007-06-24 13:01:26
245.   Bluebleeder87

nice call dena.

all we can hope for is a BoSox victory so we can be o.k. in the standings.

2007-06-24 13:04:18
246.   JoeyP
At least Broxton will be well rested for the Arizona series.
2007-06-24 13:05:42
247.   The Rabbits Rarely Loose
maybe the worst part is we totally wasted two strait games with Kemp and Loney in together, I expect Nomar to be in there tomorrow and four or five times a week for that matter
2007-06-24 13:06:50
248.   TheDictator

Gophers beware!!

2007-06-24 13:15:15
249.   dzzrtRatt
Shorter Steve Lyons: Pierre fails good.
2007-06-24 13:15:32
250.   JoeyP
245--Beckett vs Peavy could be a preview of the All-Star game.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2007-06-24 13:22:46
251.   Gen3Blue
Being that superstitious fan, when Tampa caught up to 2-2 and the D's weren't looking so hot, I ran an errand, thinking it might change the D's luck. I had no idea.
What happened. Never mind, I can see Biemel really poured the gas for one thing.
At least it wasn't that bad a start for Kuo.
2007-06-24 13:30:53
252.   Bluebleeder87
Man, these blues are are pathetic!!!
2007-06-24 13:32:00
253.   Bluebleeder87
o.k. at least they huddled up & got it right. :o)
2007-06-24 13:32:17
254.   Icaros
Took Loney a lot of at bats to double the HRs of the incumbent 1B.
2007-06-24 13:32:22
255.   TheDictator
James Looooooooooooney!!!

Loney's home run is good news for the gophers.

2007-06-24 13:32:53
256.   Gen3Blue
Oh Loney, you of no power.

The guy just said Scott has a 50% chance of getting a call right.

2007-06-24 13:33:04
257.   underdog
Yay Loney!

So glad they didn't job him on that.

2007-06-24 13:33:37
258.   natepurcell
seems like loney and kemp have switched roles with loney being the power hitter and kemp doing the singles work.
2007-06-24 13:35:01
259.   Icaros

Kemp is just trying to show he can play like Juan Pierre if needed.

2007-06-24 13:37:39
260.   natepurcell

i hope he doesn't "run base like juan pierre" cause that might put him in dukes territory.

2007-06-24 13:37:58
261.   TheDictator

That approach should score him points with Flanders and Little. :-)

After all, Pierre is a "gamer" . . .

2007-06-24 13:38:44
262.   Retire 55
Ned Colletti should be ashamed of himself.
2007-06-24 13:40:02
263.   TheDictator
Why not pinch hit Nomar in that spot? It seemed like a good time for an "offensive weapon".
2007-06-24 13:43:30
264.   Bob Timmermann
Why should the GM be ashamed?
2007-06-24 13:45:33
265.   TheDictator
Love the headline on

Littlle to shout about besides Gonzo's homer

Not only does it demonstrate poor spelling, it tells us that Gonzo's homers are worth shouting about but not Loney's.

I think there is a deeper message here. :-)

2007-06-24 13:45:37
266.   Dodgers49
Here's what I expect to happen. The Dodgers are not going to bench Normar Garciaparra. As long as he continues to get the occasional single with RISP he will continue to play. When Nomar returns from his bout with the flu the Dodgers will find playing time for James Loney. In right field. At the expense of Andre Ethier.
2007-06-24 13:47:10
267.   natepurcell
so i called the 66ers and they confirmed that james mcdonald is pitching tonight. games at 605, i hope i can make it.
2007-06-24 13:49:11
268.   TheDictator

Bad news for the gophers. 237

2007-06-24 13:49:17
269.   scooplew
If this has been asked and answered today, I apologize. Before Kuo, does anyone know who was the last starting pitcher for the Dodgers to lose two games in five days?
2007-06-24 13:57:29
270.   Bluebleeder87
how much are the tickets i've to 20 bucks??
2007-06-24 13:58:21
271.   Bluebleeder87
by the way Peavy is having some trouble 2-0 BoSox in the 3rd.
2007-06-24 14:00:53
272.   bluedog
Hey even though we lost, the kids continue to shine.Loney is looking so good.Do you think Grady will consider putting Nomar at third and making Loney our everyday first baseman.We are getting nothing from Betemit and Abreu is really a second basean.Just a thought.Go blue!
2007-06-24 14:04:02
273.   Bob Timmermann
Takashi Saito was the loser on 5/2 and 5/4 last year.
2007-06-24 14:07:07
274.   Bob Timmermann
Kuo lost last year on 4/12 and 4/14.
2007-06-24 14:07:32
275.   Dodgers49
12. Does anyone have any details on LaRoche being back on the disabled list. Is it still the shoulder?

LaRoache is on Las Vegas' 7-day disabled list. It was reported last week that he has a sore shoulder.

2007-06-24 14:11:20
276.   Bob Timmermann
The last Dodger starter to lose two games in fewer than five days was James Baldwin on 9/4/2001 and 9/8/2001.
2007-06-24 14:13:46
277.   Doctor
It looks like were may need another arm for this roat trip, and I would think Anderson is the player who will make room for him. Sending Arbeu down seems to leave the D's short infielders. I can't see Loney going anywhere (he really better be starting daily now) and Kemp- I think they will keep up. Interesting....
2007-06-24 14:14:12
278.   Dodgers49
275. For some reason whenever I try to type LaRoche it always seems to come out LaRoache. :-)
2007-06-24 14:16:51
279.   scooplew
273, 274 and 276 Thanks, Bob. I wonder, during his brilliant years of the 1960s, how often Koufax lost consecutive starts.
2007-06-24 14:16:56
280.   StolenMonkey86
I missed this game, went over to see the Braves AAA club host Durham.

Old friend Joel Guzman was the DH and went 1 for 3 with a sac fly, though he also struck out with the bases loaded.

The Bulls' position players all wear high socks.

2007-06-24 14:20:48
281.   twerp
From the Tennesseean, advice from Gaylord Perry on doctoring a ball & his support for Bonds HR quest, stealing signs, corking bats, etc. Funny how he'd feel that way==

"Don't put it on your glove; that's the first thing the umpires are going to want," he said. "And don't put it on your hat, because that's the next thing. And by the time they look at your glove and your hat, you should have it wiped off."

2007-06-24 14:26:56
282.   Bob Timmermann
Koufax's consecutive losses in starts.

His high was 5 (1960) and he lost 3 straight in 1965 at the end of August and beginning of September.

2007-06-24 14:30:42
283.   Dodgers49
Rosenthel is at it again. :-)

For Troy Glaus ...

>>> The Jays could ask the Padres for Chase Headley, the Dodgers for Andy LaRoche, the Angels for Brandon Wood. <<<

2007-06-24 14:32:34
284.   Bob Timmermann
Excuse me, the five straight losses for Koufax were in 1958. He had two four-game losing streaks in 1960 though.
2007-06-24 14:33:02
285.   Dodgers49
283. Ops! Make that Rosenthal.
2007-06-24 14:37:55
286.   Hallux Valgus
283 Make it happen. I'd move LaRoche for Glaus straight up immediately.
2007-06-24 14:40:34
287.   bojangles
"...and put the Dodgers to victory." Please put that with the unforgettable, "he smiled me" and never take either from that dark and fetid place again.
As for your delight on LOB. Yes and no.
Some guys (and some very good teams with very good runs have been blessed with a few at a time) have the gift (the steely guys)
to stay calm, increase focus and maintain or increase production when more is on the line. Dodgers have some nice work by Luis (unfortunate Saturday rest may have cost a game) a limited-by-singles Nomar, and an occasional late-game good stroke by Juan; otherwise, for things to change, the mantra remains the same for me: the young guys (minus Wilson, who still has not earned everyday play) will have to get the at-bats, and perform at a surprisingly consistent and productive level for this team to be a playoff contender (unless both Pads and D-backs implode - not impossible).
Thought this org at least a year away this time 'round, so the best time to learn what y'may have for years to come.
Parallel universe witness: some guy here the other day wrote: "..and like to see Lieberthal get more time; he's still a good hitter." I've had dubious pleasure of watching him for years, and short of occasional burst for three or four games
(nice run last September a while - must be when Dodger [oxymoron] scouts saw him), he's been a shadow of his pre-injury self.
Not generally well-thought of where he played!
'Nother guy, 'nother site, says, "..if only Nomar and Jeff and Juan were producing at the levels WE ALL EXPECTED." Don't know about the magic spectacles' "WE" - but their production is exactly what dozens of us spoke of in the dead of winter. And under-the-radar Jeff continues to underperform (Dodger fans have been without decent, consistent offensive clubs so long their standards have taken a beating) at key times in key part of order, while marching relentlessly toward necessary at-bats for huge contract renewal. Good initial work by Paulie almost entirely undone now by too-nervous (or too much pressure to perform the tightrope task of rebuilding-while-contending from meddlesome owners), bridge-building Ned.
2007-06-24 14:45:22
288.   Greg Brock
I wonder if underdog has seen the Gold Cup result.
2007-06-24 14:55:14
289.   bluegold
Colletti: "Pitching is not the problem." Except for Penny/Penny/Saito I have no faith in anyone one else on the pitching staff.
2007-06-24 15:45:02
290.   dsfan

I agree. The Dodgers need another good pitcher more than they need another good pitcher. Even a pretty good pitcher. The Padres got five wins and a sub-3.00 ERA from Germano, a waiver claim. Rather than paying through the nose in a sellers market, Ned needs to find someone who can plug a hole. Houlton?

2007-06-24 15:45:50
291.   dsfan
Sorry if I missed this one, but did the Dodgers insure Schmidt's contract?
2007-06-24 15:46:24
292.   natepurcell
Awesome, i got a buddy to go to the 66ers game with me. Ill post a scouting report by tomorrow maybe.
2007-06-24 15:46:45
293.   dsfan

should have said the Dodgers need another good pitcher more than they need another good hitter.

2007-06-24 15:50:23
294.   JoeyP
Looks like the D-bax are going to be in sole possession of 1st place when the Dodgers come into town.
2007-06-24 15:52:46
295.   Gen3Blue
Thanks 49. I was rescued from a foul mood going into the work week by Loney and Kemp showing well dispite the disaster. But this is the kind of thing where things just pile on, with call and fluke going against you all the way. Better to collect them all in one place, believe me.

I have learned to rarely or never try to blame a loss on bad calls. But I think this is seperate. I personally like the running game, perhaps growing up with M. Wills did it to me. But if as I have noticed in this game and on other occasions in the past two years, the tendency continues that if a good defensive play is made, the actual tag is not the decider, running could die out. Stealing or taking the extra base is such a close 50/50 thing that any slant either way makes a huge difference. And one of the only advantages the runner has is that the defender often has to actually tag him, which a good runner can make difficult. But I have noticed the beginning of a tendency toward a play where the ball arrives before the runner, no matter how close, if the ump has no view ---its an out. This could be enough to kill this intricate and fascinating game.

2007-06-24 15:53:19
296.   JoeyP
290--What pitching hole should the Dodgers try to plug?

I dont think any of the 5 starters are coming out of the rotation. That leaves getting rid of Tomko/Hendrickson and replacing them with Meloan or Tsao as the next move to make.

Acquiring another starter seems redundant, unless the Dodgers would seriously consider replacing Randy Wolf.

2007-06-24 16:03:40
297.   das411
Ron Villone, livin' the dream!

(now 7-1, the 2007 Giants)

2007-06-24 16:16:15
298.   dsfan

I am not sold on Kuo's ability to stay healthy or throw enough strikes. Tomko and Hendrickson are liabilities. Will Penny hold up in the second half? I'd feel better if the Dodgers added a pretty good starting pitcher. I don't want them to overpay. Look what San Diego is getting out of Germano.

I think the young hitters can help this offense. As Jon notes, the Dodgers are getting guys on base.

2007-06-24 16:16:59
299.   goofus
I know they pay no attention to what we think, but I say the very least the Hick can do is put Nomar at third. I know he's not hitting and his defense will be terrible, but at least he's not blocking a good player there like he is at first. We flat out don't have a third baseman, neither in the minors nor on the big club. LaRoche is not likely to ever reach the heights we once expected of him, Abreu is back up or eventually Kent's replacement; Betemitt should be sent as far as we can send him. Troy Glaus? If we can get him at a reasonable price, I'm all for it. I'd even prefer Wigginton to any of our in-house choices.
2007-06-24 16:21:19
300.   dsfan

I also think it's kind of scary stretch here, because Ned might panic and do something rash. He needs to bear in mind that this a brutal stretch of schedule, something like 20 games in 20 days. Arizona and SD will be fresher when the Dodgers face them. I figure if the Dodgers can win 3 of the 7 games, that's a pretty good result.

Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2007-06-24 16:35:33
301.   Gen3Blue
296 I think there is a lot of truth in what you say, but I also see some in 290.

I just think it is time for caution.If we can find another starter in the minors or off the wires OK. But it is not something to throw resources in the form of large money or prospects at. The horrible drain of resourses in contracts like Schmidts should be instructive here.

2007-06-24 16:51:19
302.   JoeyP
I think one thing--as far as the pitching staff goes-- that should be done is the DFA'ing of either Tomko/Hendrickson or both.

The team really needs only 1 of them to be the garbage time long reliever. The other one should be gone and replaced by a real relief pitcher---hopefully Meloan or Tsao.

2007-06-24 16:59:36
303.   goofus
302 They have value, we should be able to get a better third-baseman than we now have for either of them...
2007-06-24 17:22:21
304.   Marty
Andrew Miller throwing for Detroit. If your a Tigers fan you have to be excited about this team. And now they may have another young fireballer? Wow.
2007-06-24 17:44:02
305.   PlayTwo
What the Dodgers seem to be lacking is a leader. A real core. It might fall to Russell Martin, in addition to everything else he does, to take the reins and get this club focused every game on the race at hand.
2007-06-24 17:50:09
306.   regfairfield
303 What team would trade a third baseman better than Betemit or LaRoche for Brett Tomko?
2007-06-24 18:02:53
307.   underdog
288 Thanks Greg :-) I hadn't but was avoiding the 'net until I came back home and watched the TiVo'd game just now. Amazing game. I commented on the Griddle thread.

Wow. Much more exciting than the Dodger game, apparently - of which I only watched about 5 minutes and saw Loney's home run.

Sigh. I knew Jackson would beat us, just knew it. Oh well. On to Arizona.

2007-06-24 18:24:41
308.   Bumsrap
Miller is throwing strikes again and Houlton can be brought up whenever needed. Either put Nomar on third or the bench. If the bench then it would be nice to trade Pierre and Betemit for Glaus--nice for somebody.
2007-06-24 18:26:23
309.   Sam DC
If you were wondering how strange things have gotten in Natsland, today Cristian Guzman went on the DL and the MLBAM beat writer called the news "potentially devastating" for the team.

And no one reading it chortled.

espn ticker just said something about "trade Mark Buehrle."

2007-06-24 18:27:00
310.   gpellamjr
Greg Pellam softball update:

Today I went 5-5 in our 26-19 victory.

HR, 3B, 2B, 1B, 1B in that order.

I'm glad I ate my Total today.

2007-06-24 18:32:02
311.   Dodgers49
307. The Jackson start was the one game I placed in the "W" column a week ago. :-) And to also get beat by a .170 hitting catcher who hasn't done anything all year. Just not my weekend. :-) I'm with you. On to Arizona.
2007-06-24 18:32:39
312.   Icaros

You could get like a million times the fiber of Total in one bowl of Colon Blow.

2007-06-24 18:38:28
313.   Sam DC
Sigh. I hate when I finally have time to sit down and watch a baseball game and the second I do it goes from an 0-0 tie to a 4-0 with the bases loaded and no outs train wreck.

Andrew Miller looks like a guy who could go 500 at bats without making contact with the ball.

2007-06-24 18:46:25
314.   das411
Joe Morgan's thoughts on Andrew Miller's batting skillz:
2007-06-24 18:53:15
315.   Sam DC
I have sound off. Are you saying that he didn't think much of them, or that he didn't comment on them?

And I'd like to point out that I wrote my comment when Miller was on deck!

2007-06-24 18:54:30
316.   Dodgers49
291. Sorry if I missed this one, but did the Dodgers insure Schmidt's contract?

Ned announced a few days ago that the Dodgers policy is not to comment about contract insurance.

2007-06-24 19:10:54
317.   Sam DC
I don't know if folks get the Nationals local channel MASN on extra innings or whatnot. But they are showing Orioles/Phillies in the 80something World Series.

Howard Cosell is working the game.

2007-06-24 19:20:30
318.   goofus
306 Any thirdbaseman is better than Betemitt, he's below the Mendoza line and sinking fast. LaRoche is DLed-again and he wasn't hitting much better. And I'd better stop there...
2007-06-24 19:21:43
319.   regfairfield
318 Batting average isn't the best way to evaluate a hitter. Who would you recommend that the Dodgers get in exchange for Tomdrickson?
2007-06-24 19:25:18
320.   Sam DC
Could we land Pellam, do ya think.

That guy's been tearing it up lately.

2007-06-24 19:26:57
321.   underdog
So now that we've successfully beaten the drum to get Loney and Kemp in the mix, how long will we have to beat the drum for Jonathan Meloan? The Dodgers should send him a Get Out of Vegas Free card ("go directly to LA.")
2007-06-24 19:27:02
322.   regfairfield
320 If Mark Hendrickson can't keep the ball in the park throwing as hard as he can, I can't even fathom what would happen in slow pitch softball.
2007-06-24 19:27:24
323.   underdog
320 We could take Pellam, 1-2-3.
2007-06-24 19:28:33
324.   PlayTwo
I saw the news note on Rod Beck passing away. He was a "local product" as they say, out of Grant H.S. in the Valley. As obstinate as U.S. Grant to be sure. He did himself and his school proud when he took the ball--and that's from a Dodger fan.
2007-06-24 19:42:29
325.   gpellamjr
Alright, alright. I'll play, but Boras is my agent.

The secret is that I don't just play 1B. I am also the only player in my league who can throw 3 strikes in a row.

But tonight's 5-5 was my first good game since last summer. I was mired in a season long slump until then.

2007-06-24 19:43:01
326.   gpellamjr
The other team says the power came from my beard. "Big beard, big power" was the chant. I still say it was the fiber.
2007-06-24 19:43:57
327.   bluegold
At this stage of the season, are the 2007 Dodgers better than the 2006's? Or more specifically, will they go deeper into the playoff this year, if they get there at all?
2007-06-24 19:46:35
328.   Andrew Shimmin
Third basemen with at least 100PA who are less VORPy than Betemit: Atkins, Feliz, Gordon, Counsell, Ensberg, Maicer Izturis, Nunez, Kouzmanoff, Graffanino, Helms, Punto, Crede, Callaspo.

There were ten 3B, before the season, that PECOTA predicted would out VORP LaRoche. If 1B and CF were taken care of and the offense still stunk, it'd be easier to worry about 3B.

2007-06-24 19:46:40
329.   ToyCannon
Sad news about Beck. Even though he was a Giant I loved his persona. His mother was a nice lady who even after her son was making millions continued to work in the cafeteria where my wife 1st started teaching.
2007-06-24 19:50:50
330.   ToyCannon
Other then the fact we lost 2/3 I thought it was a great weekend. Loney hit, Kemp hit, Kuo bounced back. We are going to rip right through Arizona.
2007-06-24 19:51:27
331.   Bob Timmermann
In high school, Beck pitched all 28 innings for Grant in their four playoff wins in 1986.

In part because of Beck's workhorse performance, inning limits were put into effect for pitchers in high school baseball in L.A. and it was dubbed "the Rodney Rule."

Beck already had the Fu Manchu mustache in college. He was skinnier, but still very imposing on the mound and he threw very hard.

2007-06-24 19:53:39
332.   underdog


Hm, I didn't realize Ben Davis was now catching for the 51s.

2007-06-24 19:54:42
333.   dsfan


2007-06-24 19:55:31
334.   bhsportsguy
I am sure this happened before but it looks like some strange things went on in San Bernardino tonight.

James McDonald strikes out 13 and walks only one, but he also allowed a whopping .800 BABIP due to 8 hits in the 10 at bats where San Jose actually hit a fair ball.

Nate will have alot to say I'm sure but McDonald went 5.1 innings tonight allowed 4 earned runs on 2 two-run homers along with 6 other hits but only had two other putouts via balls put in play (2 fly outs). He struck out 13 and walked only 1.

When he left the game, Inland Empire was trailing 4-0.

2007-06-24 19:56:25
335.   CanuckDodger
Based on what Nate wrote earlier, he is at the Inland Empire 66'ers game right now. He went to see James McDonald pitch. McDonald is done for the night and this is final line:

5.1 IP, 8 H's, 4 ER's, 1 BB, 13 K's, 2 HR's

McDonald didn't induce a single ground ball -- not one -- in five and a third innings. All of the opposing team's hits were in the air, and McDonald got 13 K's, one fly out, one pop out, and one guy was called out for interference. That is pretty amazing.

McDonald's line for the season is now as follows:

74 IP, 66 H's, 6 HR's, 18 BB's, 97 K's, 3.77 ERA

2007-06-24 20:01:27
336.   Sam DC
That's scary.
2007-06-24 20:02:29
337.   bhsportsguy
335 Is the HR rate, hits allowed and ERA good since he is pitching in the Cal League. Also, should I consider that he is slighly older than the prospects he is competing against?
2007-06-24 20:03:12
338.   regfairfield
335 Right now McDonald has the most strikeouts and the least walks and the organization. Where do you put him in the grand scheme of Dodger prospects?
2007-06-24 20:13:40
339.   Nagman
Wow, I find Tony Jackson's blog entry regarding today's game to be overly harsh. To me this is far from the low point of the season.

Obviously I haven't been paying attention, Kenny Lofton has five homeruns? Oh, of course if Nomar played in Texas he'd have at least that many. Maybe.

2007-06-24 20:24:13
340.   CanuckDodger
337 -- McDonald is pitching in a very hitter-friendly league as a whole, but his home park is a pitcher-friendly park. I am pretty happy with his stats this year, but his pronounced fly ball tendencies are a concern, and may limit his ceiling. He is going to have to maintain a very high K rate and low walk rate to stay successful as he rises to higher levels. Vegas could be a real nightmare for him. And at age 22, McDonald is probably at the average age for his league, and maybe just a wee bit below. Top college draftees are usually 22 when they play in high A. We Dodger fans are just used to seeing our top prospects in high A at 20 or 21 because of all the high school players we draft.
2007-06-24 20:28:07
341.   Andrew Shimmin
Tony Jackson can usually be trusted to transcribe the lineup accurately. Expecting more out of him than that is like expecting D4P to stop randomly and senselessly quotation-marking words.
2007-06-24 20:49:37
342.   Bob Timmermann
Dan Wheeler is keeping everybody from a whole bunch of interleague trivia.
2007-06-24 20:50:18
343.   CanuckDodger
338 -- After last season, I ranked McDonald #16 on my Dodger top 30 prospects list, and I was certain McDonald would rank in the same neighborhood when Bseball America's 2007 Prospect Handbook came out. So imagine my surprise when McDonald didn't even make BA's Top 30 for the Dodgers. When the BA writer who wrote the Dodgers'chapter for the prospect book, Alan Matthews, did his Dodger farm system chat at BA, he answered my question about why he excluded McDonald. He said McDonald "has nice numbers and a great body, but the stuff and arm speed aren't there, and his command is below average."

Now, despite what Matthews said about McDonald's stuff, I had read at that McDonald's stuff was pretty good in 2006: low 90's fastball that reached 95 and a curve that could be slurvy or sharp. If Matthews heard something different than that, I can't account for it. As for McDonald having a "slow" arm, well, scouts prefer a pitcher to have a quick arm, but really, there are certainly successful major league pitchers with arms that are slow. And as for below-average command, this could be right. Keep in mind that command and control are different things entirely. Control is about throwing strikes, and McDonald's walk rate suggests he does that, but command is about placing the ball well WITHIN the strike zone, to keep hitters from getting good wood on the ball. McDonald's not getting many grounders, so that could mean he is working high in the strike zone, which means he gets a lot of K's, but also means that when contract is made, it is going to be really hard contact.

As for where I put McDonald right now among all our prospects, I put him in the Top 10 somewhere. Given that Elbert and Morris are injured, McDonald is probably our second best active starting pitching prospect, behind Kershaw. If Colletti is hell bent on making a trade this season, I think McDonald might just be a guy he throws to the wolves, as I have no doubt Kershaw is untouchable.

2007-06-24 20:51:46
344.   Indiana Jon
Anyone know when Kershaw will pitch next? I'll be in the Ft. Wayne area 3 days this week and would love to get over there and see him. If not, I may go over to Dayton and see him over the holiday. Can a person call the Loons and find out when he will pitch?
2007-06-24 20:56:48
345.   Marty
323 I got it if no one else did. Well done. That is a very fun movie.
2007-06-24 21:01:48
346.   Andrew Shimmin
How was the baby shower?
2007-06-24 21:04:29
347.   Marty
Pretty much what I expected. No games, lots of food, but I couldn't eat because of the dinner I was going to. Ruth's Chris was great as always.
2007-06-24 21:04:45
348.   Bob Timmermann
The movie featured Earl Hindman (of Home Improvement) as one of the bad guys.
2007-06-24 21:08:46
349.   Marty
French Connection, Taking of Pelham 123, The Seven-ups, Charley Varrick and The Hot Rock are some of my favorite 70's movies.
2007-06-24 21:21:15
350.   underdog
348 Wowsa, hadn't remembered that at all.

349 All classics. Ever see The Laughing Policeman? Not a classic but underrated; I finally saw it on DVD recently. Gotta love any 70s Walter Matthau cop flick.

Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2007-06-24 21:23:25
351.   underdog
Just saw this note in Chicago Tribune:
"Mark Buehrle is poised to be the first out the door (the Mets, Braves, Dodgers and Red Sox appear very interested) but if Williams wants to really move forward he'll find a way to deal Javier Vazquez and sign Buehrle for the long haul."
2007-06-24 21:34:58
352.   Marty
350 I know it, but haven't seen it. I should also add The Outfit and Thunderbolt and Lightfoot.
2007-06-24 21:50:35
353.   gpellamjr
350 I'm very disappointed that this has drifted away from being a discussion of the fact that I'm mashing in softball.
2007-06-24 22:25:20
354.   natepurcell
back from the game. 66ers were basically shut down by a soft tossing finesse righty.
2007-06-24 22:36:50
355.   Xeifrank
I missed the game today for the most part. We hosted a 3-year old birthday party for my daughter and had lots of little ones over. The last I saw it was 2-2 and well..., I guess it went downhill from there. I checked out the boxscore, curious to see who Guo did, thinking he must've gotten rocked again. His boxscore numbers look pretty good. Lots of strike outs, one walk and not too many hits. I then figured to give up 3 earned runs with those numbers he must've gave up a 2 or 3-run home run. Nope, just a solo shot. All I saw was a wild pitch and a throwing error, so that must've helped to push across another run or two.
vr, Xei
2007-06-24 22:39:26
356.   natepurcell
Mcdonald, the quick and dirty

extremely lanky, if he gains weight, fb velocity will increase. arm slot between 3 quarters and over the top. quick, short arm action, allows him to hide the ball to hitters and have sneaky fast velocity. fb was 60-65, 89-92mph 65 on the high end because of deception. curveball was inconsistent but when he dropped it in, it buckled knees and got swings and misses. CU was his best pitch actually. a really nice plus pitch that had good change of velocity (around 78) and excellent dive and fade. He got about 5 or so swing and miss Ks on those. Command and control was 65, well above average. there were about 3 really hard hit balls; two homeruns and a double. the homeruns were off of fastballs up in the zone that he left up. last homerun was on a below average fb with minimal life on the inner half of the plate to a lefty hitter, he was clearly tiring. heard some scouts behind me throw out a Lucille I comp, so take it for what its worth.

bottom line, fb velocity a little above average, short arm action and hiding the ball well allows it to be sneaky fast and gets up on hitters quicker then they think. solid 3 pitch mix. if he gets stronger and gains more mass, he could definitely gain velocity.

2007-06-24 22:40:46
357.   Xeifrank
Time is running out if you want to be a part of Ventura County baseball history night at Dodger stadium this coming sunday as the Dodgers take on the Padres. My friend's brother wrote a nice pictorial book on the history of baseball in Ventura county and the players it has sent to the major leagues. There are some nice stories about when some of the great teams came out to Ventura county in the 1920s to play exhibition games. At this game my friend's brother will be throwing out the first pitch and some of the former ex-big leaguers will be in the stands signing autographs. I think they are trying to get Paul McNulty(sp?) to sign before the game, but not sure how that would work. Anyways, email me if you'd like to purchase tickets and come sit in our section. I've already hooked two DTers up. Should be a great game to go to. THe tix I got are in Sec 40, loge.
vr, Xei
2007-06-24 22:47:29
358.   das411
314 - Nope DC, the exchange went something like:

Miller - "So what do you think about Miller's hitting Joe?"
Morgan --minute or so of silence--
~Andrew Miller strikes out~
Morgan - "That's what I think about his hitting Jon!"

2007-06-24 23:11:12
359.   Andrew Shimmin
Is the scouting scale out of 80?
2007-06-24 23:31:46
360.   regfairfield
359 Yep, 20-80.
2007-06-24 23:47:53
361.   overkill94
356 Heh, Lucille I was the comparison I had when I saw him as well. He has the same body type and arm action.

I'm a little surprised by the fb speed since it seemed like he was throwing more like 90-94 when I saw him. I wasn't going off any gun readings, that was just my perception.

2007-06-25 01:01:11
362.   Dodgers49
332. Hm, I didn't realize Ben Davis was now catching for the 51s.

Davis could add depth at catcher

>>> The Dodgers have addressed their lack of catching depth by signing free agent Ben Davis to a minor-league contract and assigning him to triple-A Las Vegas, where he will share time behind the plate with Ken Huckaby and compete for the right to become the major-league backup if either Russell Martin or Mike Lieberthal gets hurt.

Davis, whom San Diego made the second overall pick in the 1995 amateur draft, last played in the majors in 2004. <<<

2007-06-25 01:31:40
363.   Michael D
My mom lives in Ventura and I just got home from visiting this weekend. Too bad I'm too poor to go to a game.
2007-06-25 06:46:02
364.   JoeyP
Davis had been playing in the Independent Atlantic league.

IIRC, the last player the Dodgers signed from that league was Rickey Henderson in 2003.

2007-06-25 08:24:44
365.   Bumsrap
Did Lieberthal get an error on the play at home plate. Gonzo made a good catchable throw in plenty of time and Lieberthal caught it, made the tag in time before letting the ball geet loose. If it were an error wouldn't the run be unearned?
2007-06-25 08:34:54
366.   Bumsrap
If Rich Hardin were available due to his risk of injury what might it take to get him from the A's?
James McDonald, Houlton, Tomko.....
2007-06-25 08:42:32
367.   underdog
Kind of amusing little bit on the supposedly haunted hotel in St. Pete, where the Dodgers stayed this weekend, from the LA Times... I liked this part:

>>But at least two Dodgers aren't so sure. After listening to teammates talk endlessly about the haunted hotel, young pitchers Chad Billingsley and Jonathan Broxton said they experienced weird occurrences in their rooms that couldn't be explained. However, neither would discuss the episodes Sunday.

"It's stupid," said Billingsley, who reportedly heard his toilet flush numerous times while he was in another room. "It's not worth talking about." <<

2007-06-25 08:44:53
368.   Marty
If you haven't seen it, I can't recommend "The Soul of Baseball" blog highly enough. Check out his updated post on Bo Jackson for a reminder of how extraordinary Bo was.

2007-06-25 08:44:59
369.   fiddlestick
Ben Davis will always be alright with me drawing the ire of Curt Schilling.
2007-06-25 09:10:59
370.   JoeyP
366--I doubt Beane has any interest in trading Harden, since he makes near the league minimum.

If he did, it'd probably take LaRoche, McDonald,Denker as a starting point.

There's no team that would want Brett Tomko or DJ Houlton. Certainly not the A's---whose pitching staff is about as good as can be as is.

2007-06-25 09:23:07
371.   underdog
Yeah, I agree with Joey above. It'll take more than castoffs and one real young unknown quantity to pry Harden away - though I actually don't think Beane would be averse to trading him, given their pitching depth. But it would take quite a bit and probably need to involve hitters.

I still think, if we're worried about the Dodgers bullpen depth right now, that they have some more in-house options, like Meloan and Houlton, et al.

2007-06-25 09:24:56
372.   Suffering Bruin
368 Thanks for that.
2007-06-25 09:29:49
373.   Jon Weisman
New post up top.

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