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The NL West All-Stars
2007-06-25 09:22
by Jon Weisman

Over at's Fungoes, I offer my midseason National League West All-Star team:

The pandering for All-Star Game votes has gotten a little out of control in parts of the country, don't you think? Just last week on the radio, Dodger announcers Rick Monday and Jerry Reuss let us know about an official organizational bribe to get people to vote for the local boys - coupons and discounts and such, with more of it coming your way the more you stuffed the ballot box. My current apathy toward voting (the opposite of how I felt a decade ago) is on the verge of turning into a boycott.

Nevertheless, I have been curious who the best players in the division closest to home have been this year. I thought it might be fun to see what an All-Star team just from the NL West would look like. Here's what I came up with ...

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2007-06-25 09:45:49
1.   Doctor
Im still depressed.
2007-06-25 10:01:57
2.   Bob Timmermann
Have you talked to someone else who shares your job title about this depression? It shouldn't last this long.
2007-06-25 10:05:59
3.   underdog
A nice and fair, accurate all-star line-up there Jon. I may have put Holliday in over Bonds - I'm not really anti-Bonds, but Holliday really scares me more - and my heart would want Broxton over Bell, though I can't argue with that choice, overall it's a fair summary of the best of the West.

I wish Raffy's ankle weren't bothering him so much this season. He's really the key to their offense and I think that more than anything else is a major reason the offense is so erratic, imho.

2007-06-25 10:08:41
4.   bigcpa
Of the wiseguys who picked AZ preseason, I doubt they expected the offense to shake out like this (VORP):

Eric Byrnes 24.8
Orlando Hudson 20.2
Chad Tracy 11.9
Conor Jackson 7.7
Mark Reynolds 7.0
Chris Young 4.8
Augie Ojeda 3.8
Tony Clark 3.1
Chris Snyder -0.5
Stephen Drew -2.8
Carlos Quentin -4.0

2007-06-25 10:19:16
5.   bluegold
1. If your depression is over the Dodgers, you have better strap on your seat belt, because you ain't seen nothing yet. Spin it anyway you want, but there is no moral victory about losing 2 out of 3 to the Devil Rays.

Of course, if we take 4 out of the next 7, my outlook could change, but with Penny/Lowe being our only two reliable starters, the offense needs to carry some of the load. And I needn't say anything about the offense.

2007-06-25 10:20:54
6.   Bumsrap
Two allstars isn't bad. What could be bad is how many Dodgers might be ranked second at each position assuming eligible players were based on whomever played the most games at each position.
2007-06-25 10:24:40
7.   Bumsrap
6 - Kent, Furcal, and Ethier makes three so that sounds pretty good as well.
2007-06-25 10:29:29
8.   blue22
5 - Spin it anyway you want, but there is no moral victory about losing 2 out of 3 to the Devil Rays.

Mssrs. Martin, Kemp, Loney, and Ethier went a combined 20-for-44 with 4 2B's, a 3B, and a homerun over the weekend. I'll take my chances with that production every series out of that group.

2007-06-25 10:32:39
9.   kngoworld
Sorry to ask, but I am a little lazy today and it appears you have already done the research. How many walks did the young fantastic four draw this weekend? Thanks!
2007-06-25 10:37:11
10.   The Blue Legend
I think we're going to be in for a bumpy summer. The only bright side to this is that SD and AZ will not runaway with the division.

We'll have our good weeks and then the rough ones like the one we just had.

I hope that Ned doesn't get trigger happy and trade Kemp, Loney, Bills, Brox. for some rental player (i.e Dye, Dunn) I would almost rather ride this year out and have the young nucleus mature so that next year we can come stronger.

I keep hearing that we are frontrunner for Mark Texieria but I don't know that he is the answer, because he would come at a hefty price tag. I hear we can get glaus for Laroche if it's straight up I would say go for it, but more than that I would say pass. I have a sinking feeling that Ned wants to move Loney in order not to deal with a weird situation with Nomar. Sorry for the long post.

2007-06-25 10:41:46
11.   blue22
9 - 6, with 5 coming on Saturday against Kazmir and friends.
2007-06-25 10:43:49
12.   Kevin Lewis
If we trade Loney, I will tear my sack cloth, pour ashes on my head, and weep bitterly towards the sky.

Or, I will just piss and moan about it.

2007-06-25 10:44:25
13.   bigcpa
10 Ned wants to move Loney in order not to deal with a weird situation with Nomar

Wouldn't the arrival of Teixeira present an even weirder situation with Nomar?

2007-06-25 10:45:08
14.   CharlieBrown
While it seems to be a strong minority perspective on All-Star voting, I prefer Joe Sheehan's approach.

He thinks you should pick the best player at the position, rather than the guy having the best 300 AB stretch.

So by that logic...I would say most people would rather have Rafael Furcal than Troy Tulowitski at short.

Also, Jake Peavy by a mile over Penny. I don't think anybody would seriously say Penny is a better pitcher than Peavy.

I would think Broxton over Heath Bell, as well.

Other than that, the picks would line up similarly to Jon's.

2007-06-25 10:46:30
15.   The Blue Legend
Nomar would not be that big of an issue if Ned hadn't given him a 2 year contract. I hope we keep Loney because I think in the long run he will be more productive than Teixeira.
2007-06-25 10:49:12
16.   blue22
15 - Let's hope that Ned can convince Nomar to go to the Yankees, after NY refuses to give up Hughes for Teixeira. Probably a long shot, but Nomar did almost sign there before coming to LA. And he most assuredly still has an axe to grind against Boston. Stick it to 'em, Nomah!
2007-06-25 10:51:54
17.   Eric Stephen
For all-star voting, I like to look at stats from the 2nd half of the previous season in addition to 1st half stats of the current season. It seems like good 2nd halves don't get as much credit as 1st halves, at least in all-star voting.
2007-06-25 10:55:23
18.   trainwreck
Well the real All-Star Game they do not care about specific outfielder positions so Holliday would have made it.
2007-06-25 10:56:24
19.   twerp
5. "...but with Penny/Lowe being our only two reliable starters..."

K/guo in his few starts has been pretty reliable outside of being lit up once due to command problems. He's certainly not the reason for yesterday; TB was lucky to get more than one run off him.

He also turned in a real nice September last year, including two starts vs. the Mets in a pennant race. I think he's to where he can be relied upon most of the time.

If Billingsley does no more than duplicate what he did last year--he should do better after his bullpen time and more experience--then he usually also can be counted on.

Granted, Wolf hasn't been impressive lately. And with Kuo and Bills available, neither Tomko nor Luch should pitch a first inning again.

If another starter is needed, I'm for giving Houlton a shot. He's much better now than with the Dodgers two years says Dodger brass, not just me.

2007-06-25 10:56:50
20.   trainwreck
At least Jon made Mike Cameron feel good.
2007-06-25 10:58:08
21.   bigcpa
16 If Nomar really wanted to stick it to Boston, he would get himself traded to Boston. Ok low blow.
2007-06-25 11:01:44
22.   trainwreck
4+1 game is nominated for Best Finish at the ESPYs. You can vote for it if you care.
2007-06-25 11:05:35
23.   blue22
21 - Zing! :)
2007-06-25 11:11:14
24.   GobiasIndustries
Completely off topic and probably better suited for Screen Jam, but does anyone watch that show "Dexter" on Showtime? I happen to think it's one of the best shows on T.V. yet no one I know or talk to seems to watch it.
2007-06-25 11:11:52
25.   bhsportsguy
20 Brian Dohn says that Milton Knox, RB is the next commit. I am sure some will see that as an admission that Scott is not coming to Westwood.
2007-06-25 11:12:15
26.   Doctor
Today is somewhat of a watershed day IMO, in that the Nomar VS Loney decision is staring Grady right in the face.
Nomar is healthy ( I guess he was yesterday, but its easy to say he was "regaining strength" or something ). Facing a RHP who is much tougher on righties. Who starts at 1B? Clearly Loney has earned it, but with what Nomar earns- it might be tough to bench him.
2007-06-25 11:19:47
27.   regfairfield
26 I don't know if that's Grady's decision to make. Nomar was signed to be our first baseman, and the decision for him to not be the first baseman is Ned's and Ned's alone. He's the one who is truly responsible for whatever effect Nomar has on the team, so he should be the one who decides to pull the plug. To do otherwise would be the same type of insubordination that we complained about with the Jason Phillips incident.
2007-06-25 11:23:15
28.   bigcpa
"They asked me my feelings about a position change. Look, I changed positions last year. My attitude is the same: whatever they feel gives us the best opportunity to win. I'm sure I'll play some first base. Maybe there'll be times I play another position. I'm open to it, ready and willing. If they need me to catch, I'll catch."

Nomar 11-20-06

2007-06-25 11:24:02
29.   trainwreck
Yeah, I heard he would never make it with his grades anyways. In addition, there are reports of attitude problems. I wanted Covaughn Deboskie, but we messed that one up and it looks like he will go to Cal.
2007-06-25 11:28:28
30.   Doctor
Maybe Nomar was taking 3B gound balls at Florida State all day Saturday.
2007-06-25 11:29:23
31.   Dodgers49
More on the guy Subbing for LaRoche in Las Vegas:

>>> McDougall, who was called up by the 51s from Double-A Jacksonville on Thursday to replace injured Andy LaRoche, spent all day getting to Cashman Field and then struck out in his first at-bat for Las Vegas as an eighth-inning replacement at first base in the 51s' 10-7 win over Colorado Springs. <<<

### His seventh time up, he hit a three-run homer, his sixth in a row and an NCAA record. He finished the day with 16 RBIs, another record, as FSU routed the Terrapins, 26-2. ###

2007-06-25 11:32:05
32.   Greg Brock
24 I thought Dexter was a lot of fun. More than a few people around here watched it, I believe.

Someone (maybe one of the Andrews) suggested that the way to get Nomar to waive his no-trade would be to simply take away his playing time. I wonder if that would really make him upset enough to leave his hometown, where his wife and newborn twins (Mia had twins, if you didn't hear) live. He may very well be content to hang out and collect 18 million dollars.

2007-06-25 11:39:12
33.   Dodgers49
>>> The Dodgers now have signed eight of their first 10 picks, with first-round sandwich pick James Adkins, a lefty from the University of Tennessee, expected to sign soon. Fifth-rounder Kyle Blair, a right-hander from Los Gatos High, might choose to honor his scholarship to the University of San Diego and not sign with the Dodgers. <<<

2007-06-25 11:43:50
34.   scooplew
I am convinced that Loney is the real thing, the answer to our first base situation for a decade. He has a tremendous upside. Garciaparra has had a fine career, but is on the downside. Trading Loney to allow Garciaparra to continue to play would likely rank with the worst Dodger trades in recent history. Getting rid of Pedro Martinez and Mike Piazza come to mind. To a lesser degree, so does peddling Paul Konerko. I'd like to hear what you consider the best Dodger trades. Gino Cimoli to the Cardinals for Wally Moon after the 1958 season may be my favorite.
2007-06-25 11:48:16
35.   bluegold
I just cannot see any scenario where the Dodgers trade away Loney. And why is it so hard for fading players to recognize they are fading. Kent knows it, and that's why he is leaving after this season.
2007-06-25 11:49:52
36.   GobiasIndustries
And why is it so hard for fading players to recognize they are fading

Ego and past glory.

2007-06-25 11:50:47
37.   Eric Stephen
34 First great Dodger trade that came to mind was the trade to get Pedro Guerrero.

On April 3, 1974, the Dodgers send pitcher Bruce Ellingsen to the Indians for a 17-year-old hitter from San Pedro de Macoris. Ellinson only pitched 42 innings for Cleveland in 1974 and never played again.

2007-06-25 11:51:39
38.   Telemachos
It's not Nomar's fault he was offered a 2-year contract. Even if it was a demand made by his agent (or him), I don't have a problem with a player trying to get the best offer.

But the Dodgers are rapidly approaching a time when they're gonna need to make a decision about him and first base, and which direction they go will be quite revealing.

2007-06-25 11:51:55
39.   Disabled List
By all rights, the Dodgers should have three All-Stars: Martin, Penny and Saito. I think an argument could be made for Lowe, but that's probably a long-shot.

I've given up on stuffing All-Star ballot boxes. ESPY ballots, on the other hand...

2007-06-25 11:53:28
40.   Eric Stephen
35 Kent's not walking away from $9 million next year. If Kent gets 550 PAs in 2007, his $9m option for 2008 becomes guaranteed. Kent has 282 PA through 75 games, and is on pace for 609 PA.
2007-06-25 11:58:56
41.   Dodgers49
Third-base prospect Andy LaRoche is on the seven-day disabled list at Triple-A Las Vegas because of recurring soreness in his right shoulder, where he had a torn labrum surgically repaired last October.

LaRoche recently hurt himself making a diving catch, the same way he suffered the initial injury last June, but he isn't expected to miss much more than a week this time.

2007-06-25 11:59:20
42.   bryanf
A rare Dodger sighting on ESPN...a good Russell Martin article:

2007-06-25 12:03:05
43.   bluegold
40. I read somewhere that Kent said he would not play after turning 40. He turns 40 this year. That is the basis for my assumption that he is not coming back.
2007-06-25 12:06:38
44.   Eric Enders
I liked Dexter quite a bit, although I can't watch it now because I don't get showtime anymore.

41 That conflicts with what Kevin Pearson of the Press-Enterprise reported:
"Andy LaRoche, who made his ML debut earlier this year and is back in Class AAA Las Vegas, was placed on the disabled list last week with a sore right shoulder. Laroche had left shoulder surgery in October after sustaining an injury while diving for a ball last season."

Obviously the distinction is a huge one as far as LaRoche's prospects for the future are concerned. Anybody know the straight dope?

32 "Someone (maybe one of the Andrews) suggested that the way to get Nomar to waive his no-trade would be to simply take away his playing time. ... He may very well be content to hang out and collect 18 million dollars."

And I would be content to let him. The money's already been wasted. If we can get him to be a pinch hitter/occasional first baseman/emergency SS or 3B for the rest of his contract, that's fine with me

2007-06-25 12:07:30
45.   dzzrtRatt
I hope that Ned doesn't get trigger happy and trade Kemp, Loney, Bills, Brox. for some rental player (i.e Dye, Dunn)

Here we go again. Paranoia strikes deep.

Colletti has made some questionable decisions. But that doesn't make him a drooling idiot. Only a drooling idiot would trade players who have performed in the majors at the level of those four, who cost beans and are years away from arbitration, for older players that cost a lot and will be gone after a few months. All four of those players are performing at strikingly high levels now. Even Bill Plaschke at this point would pillory a trade such as what you're suggesting, because (as opposed to when he urged such trades a year ago), these players are no longer "prospects."

Ned might go deeper into the farm system, to the AA level where we have some great prospects, if that will get him a Troy Glaus/Jermaine Dye. Andy LaRoche could be some danger, although I doubt it. But for Loney, Kemp, Billingsley or Broxton, I don't think there is a conceivable trade involving any of those four that Ned would make, even if he was drunk. Short of getting Cabrera, or an extended A-Rod with the Yankees paying most of his contract.

2007-06-25 12:07:52
46.   Eric Enders
Very, very few players would walk away from a $9 mil contract, but Kent strikes me as enough of an oddball that he might be one of the few to actually do it.
2007-06-25 12:14:33
47.   Eric Enders
Following up on 44, a Google search reveals all kinds of conflicting reports as to whether LaRoche's torn labrum was in his left or right shoulder. I had always been under the impression that the surgery was on his left shoulder, and there are all sorts of articles confirming this. But there are also articles from June of '06 (including one by Ken Gurnick and another by Jon) saying LaRoche had a torn labrum in his right shoulder.

Now I'm all confused. Last year did LaRoche tear his left labrum, his right labrum -- or both?

2007-06-25 12:16:09
48.   bryanf
46 I don't think it's the money with Kent as much as it is the winning. He still doesn't have a ring. From the T.J. Simers article from a few weeks ago (

"'I know this,' Kent said upon his arrival in the clubhouse, 'I won't play beyond 40. That makes next year my last year. As for coming back next year, that will probably come down to how the team finishes this year.'
There's still a chance this might be Kent's final season, but the Dodgers probably will have to win the World Series. He admits, though, it's becoming increasingly difficult as a family man to dedicate himself solely to baseball as he did as a younger man."

2007-06-25 12:16:24
49.   Dark Horse
45-dzzrtRatt once more speaks truth to power, here. The likelihood of Colletti trading one of those guys for next to nothing--believe me, he's had ample opportunity to make that trade before--seems to me nonexistent. I'd guess, given Loney's recent showing, that the corner position where he'd seek an upgrade would be third base. Which makes Teixera too seem unlikely.
2007-06-25 12:16:41
50.   Eric Enders
I'm disappointed that none of you people were able to figure out Bob's final interleague puzzle. (Of course, I couldn't figure it out either.)
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2007-06-25 12:18:31
51.   Bob Timmermann
In 1947, the Dodgers traded Dixie Walker, Vic Lombardi, and Hal Gregg and got back Preacher Roe, Billy Cox, and Gene Mauch.

In 1960, the Dodgers flipped Don Zimmer to the Cubs for Ron Perranoski.

In 1965, the Dodgers traded Dick Tracewski for Phil Regan.

In 1973, the Dodgers traded Willie Davis for Mike Marshall and Claude Osteen for Jimmy Wynn.

In 1975, Eddie Solomon and Geoff Zahn went to the Cubs for Burt Hooton.

In 1976, Joe Ferguson went to the Cardinals for Reggie Smith.

2007-06-25 12:20:15
52.   Bob Timmermann
But I gave you a clue!
2007-06-25 12:24:33
53.   Dodgers49
47. Now I'm all confused. Last year did LaRoche tear his left labrum, his right labrum -- or both?

I'm just as confused as you are. Because I've been under the impression that it was his non-throwing shoulder.

2007-06-25 12:25:38
54.   Disabled List
22 I went to vote for 4+1 for the "Best Finish" ESPY award, but I actually found myself conflcited. The Barton vs. Winona State game for the D2 basketball championship was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen in almost 30 years of sports viewing.

Tough call.

2007-06-25 12:29:48
55.   trainwreck
I believe LaRoche hurt his left shoulder on dive, but he had problems in both shoulders.
2007-06-25 12:30:39
56.   trainwreck
Yeah, but I went with the homer pick. It was the only chance I got to vote for any team or individual I root for.
2007-06-25 12:36:56
57.   Dodgers49
Pitching Matchups:

Germano vs Lincecum up north tonight should be interesting.

Wolf's turn should come up next on Thursday but the Dodgers haven't announced their starter. The D-Backs have announced Hernandez.

The Padres have Thursday off so it appears we may miss Wells. It looks like we'll get Young, Peavy and Germano.

So, seven straight righthanders in the big showdowns.

2007-06-25 12:41:34
58.   underdog
"The Padres have Thursday off so it appears we may miss Wells. It looks like we'll get Young, Peavy and Germano."

A big fat bummer, as my Greek-American friends would say.

2007-06-25 12:41:36
59.   Disabled List
56 It's a good thing the Boise State-OU Fiesta Bowl was nominated in about 12 categories other than that one. 4+1 might've been just the third-best finish of the past year.
2007-06-25 12:52:34
60.   bhsportsguy
BP's Kevin Goldstein just said in his chat that a certain someone or as we like to say,he who should not be named, should be the number one starter in late 2009.
2007-06-25 13:00:45
61.   xaphor
50, 52. My guess based on limited baseball knowledge and Bob's not-so-subtle clues was longest tenure?
2007-06-25 13:02:04
62.   MC Safety
James Loney NL all star. sigh, next year. or could we pull it off? ;o)
2007-06-25 13:08:44
63.   Eric Enders
62 I can tell you Matt Kemp has at least 25 write-in votes. Don't ask me how I know, I just know.

61 The presence of Eric Karros, among others, eliminates that possibility.

2007-06-25 13:09:33
64.   Bluebleeder87

don't forget this is still baseball & anything can happen.

2007-06-25 13:09:48
65.   trainwreck
Did you hear UCLA picked up Corey Harkey at TE?
2007-06-25 13:12:14
66.   ToyCannon
Nothing like a hot weekend against the worse pitching staff in baseball to get everyone all giddy about a prospect. The Buzz Lightyear process starts all over again.
2007-06-25 13:12:14
67.   underdog
Boy, the "Best Sports Movie" nominee list in the ESPY voting sure is a weak lot, though I did enjoy Talladega Nights.
2007-06-25 13:12:16
68.   scooplew
51 Adding to your list, I also like:
1969 -- Maury Wills (reacquired) and Manny Mota from Montreal for Ron Fairly and Paul Popovich
1976 -- Reggie Smith from St. Louis for Joe Ferguson (whom we reacquired in 1978), Bob Detherage and Fred Tisdale
1988 -- Eddie Murray from Baltimore for Juan Bell, Brian Holton and Ken Howell
1992 -- Tim Wallach from Montreal for Tim Barker
2001 -- Dave Roberts from Cleveland for Christian Bridenbaugh and Nial Hughes
2007-06-25 13:13:39
69.   underdog
64 Oh, I'm not writing that series off at all, Blue, just disappointed the D's don't get to face David "the hittable one" Wells, is all. ;-)
2007-06-25 13:15:05
70.   scooplew
I unconsciously repeated the Reggie Smith-Joe Ferguson trade in 1976, perhaps because I liked it so much. It set us up for pennants in the next two seasons. Why not Reggie as batting coach? He runs a clinic in Encino.
2007-06-25 13:17:03
71.   ToyCannon
Any trade list that does not include the two guys who changed the 73 team from an up an coming team to a World Series contender is light two trades.

Jimmy Wynn in exchange for Claude Osteen and
Dave Culpepper (December 6, 1973).

Mike Marshall for Willie Davis

Both Davis and Osteen had been great Dodgers but were done.

2007-06-25 13:18:12
72.   ToyCannon
And of course I can't read, so my apologies beforehand.
2007-06-25 13:19:10
73.   silverwidow
Regarding LaRoche's injuries:

Left shoulder: Complete tear surgically repaired

Right shoulder: Partial tear, rehabbed

2007-06-25 13:21:59
74.   The Blue Legend
great article on about Martin

Dexter was a great show. Wonder how they will top it this coming season.

As far as the great trades go we usually get half decent players and somehow end up losing our big stars.

2007-06-25 13:23:45
75.   underdog
Huh, promoted before Kershaw even. Interesting tidbit via Rotowire:

Cody White was promoted to Single-A Inland Empire after allowing one run in eight innings for low Single-A Great Lakes on Sunday.
White, a 22-year-old left-hander, was 8-5 with a 2.48 ERA, 68 H and 63/41 K/BB in 76 1/3 innings in the Midwest League. He has the stuff to be an asset out of the pen for the Dodgers someday

2007-06-25 13:24:23
76.   bhsportsguy
65 I saw that and another reason why ratings for prospects whether high school basketball and football players or minor leaguers have to seen with some skeptism.

Harkey is a "3 star" recruit according to the service that BRO uses while the's scouting service has Harkey on their ESPN Top 150 watchlist. Meanwhile Rahim Moore, considered to be the best recruit according to BRO, has not yet cracked that ESPN Top 150, though he is close.

2007-06-25 13:25:56
77.   Marty
My mother would spin in her grave if I didn't mention Lou Johnson for Larry Sherry in 1964.
2007-06-25 13:26:00
78.   Eric Enders
Three of the best trades in Dodger history were made within one year of each other.

In 1938, the Dodgers traded Eddie Morgan and $45,000 to the Phillies for Dolph Camilli, who would post a career 143 OPS+ in six seasons with the Dodgers and win the 1941 NL MVP.

Later in 1938, the Dodgers purchased Whit Wyatt from the Phillies for an undisclosed sum. Wyatt went 80-45 with a 2.86 ERA in four and a half seasons with the Dodgers and would have won the 1941 NL Cy Young Award had such an award existed then.

In 1939, the Dodgers traded four minor leaguers and $35,000 for Pee Wee Reese, who went on to become, well, Pee Wee Reese.

2007-06-25 13:26:32
79.   bhsportsguy
75 Its the number 22 as in age that probably as much as anything pushed that promotion.

I also wonder how important it is for Great Lakes to keep Kershaw around for a while longer, he is their best player and it is the first year they are minor league team for the Dodgers.

2007-06-25 13:27:40
80.   Eric Enders
75 22 is old for that league, so they probably wanted to promote him now and find out whether he's really a prospect.
2007-06-25 13:27:56
81.   Eric Enders
Gah. Jinx.
2007-06-25 13:32:40
82.   Hallux Valgus
Pete Reiser was traded from the Cardinals for a player to be named when Branch Rickey was trying to hide him and Larry MacPhail was trying to do his mentor a favor. But Durocher played Reiser when he wasn't supposed to, and the Cardinals got the screw job.
2007-06-25 13:33:37
83.   silverwidow
If Kershaw doesn't see Jacksonville next year, that's a problem. Billingsley was there at age 20, yet CK might be better, even much better.
2007-06-25 13:34:56
84.   Bob Timmermann
Reiser was actually declared a free agent when Commissioner Landis ruled that the Cardinals were "hiding" too many players in the minor leagues.
2007-06-25 13:40:44
85.   natepurcell
heres what i posted at in regards to James Mcdonald.

i went to his start tonight, inland empire vs san jose. Mcdonald currently leads the CAL League in strikeouts and is one of the better starting pitching prospects in the Dodgers system.

His line was:

5.1IP 8H 4ER 1bb 13K 2hr

Scouting Report

Physical Characteristics:

Mcdonald is long and lanky, listed at 6'5 195lbs. From my observation, he was very bit the 6'5 and as skinny as 195lbs; maybe even a bit less. Really skinny waist and stands tall on the mound. He has a short, quick arm action throwing from the high 3 quarters angle. he breaks his hands a little later then most and sqaures up to home plate a little later then most which adds nice deception and hitters have trouble picking up the ball. If the dodgers get him on a weight training program and he can gain 15-20lbs or so, he could definitely add velocity to his pitches.

Fastball: 60-65

Fastball velocity was a tick above average for a right hander, between 89-92 on stalker guns around me with 90-91 consistently. What makes it a 65 grade at times is the control and deception he gets to it. He was getting consistent swings and misses with his fb in fb counts and the only thing i can attribute that too is that he hides the ball well before he releases it. The fb is fairly straight, no extreme movement to it.

Breaking ball: 55-60

He threw some sliders but mainly curveballs. They were inconsistent but when he snapped them off, they were above big league average. When he gave up his first homerun, he had the hitter down 0-2 on 2 great curveballs, one looking and the second one swinging. Bad location and pitch selection on the fb lead to the homerun. It seemed he wasn't feeling his curveball that much because it was his third best pitch and third most used pitch in the night behind his fb and change up. the cb was coming in around 77-80 with the slider coming in a bit harder.

Change up: 65

In my opinion, it was his best pitch of the night. Plenty of swings and misses (about 5 Ks) on it and only one from my notes that was hit for a base hit. the CU was disguised well with the same tempo and arm action as his fastball with velocity around 78mph. The pitch had some sink and dive to it but his ability to command it and throw it in any count was impressive. I distinctly remember a 3-2 count where he pulled the string and got the hitter to swing and miss.

Control and Command: 60-65

As you can tell by the one walk issued, he was around the plate the majority of the time. He seemed to spot his fastball well and had confidence in his cu. he was iffy with his cb and had command of it depending on the inning. The homers given up were fastball with bad location that the hitters just tattered.

The Bad:

from my notes, i wrote down that he was inconstent from the stretch. He rushed his delivery sometimes to compensate from being so long and lanky with some inconsistent release points. Other then some badly located fastballs, he looks really good as evidenced by the 13:1 K:bb ratio. alot of the hits were bloopers and dribbles so he was a bit unlucky with his BABIP; i only remembered 3 hard hit balls- a double down the right field line and the 2 homeruns.

The flyball tendencies might be a concern, but i think he pitches different at home then away. his GO/FO ratio away is 1.35 compared to .47 at home. The Inland Empire home park plays pretty neutral so compared to other CAL league parks, maybe he realizes he can get away with pitching up in the zone alot more at home then on the road.

2007-06-25 13:40:59
86.   underdog
79/80 - Makes sense. Still, I wouldn't be surprised to see Kershaw join him there this year. And 83, yeah, I'd be shocked if he's not at Jax next year.

78 Did they have OPS back then? ;-)

2007-06-25 13:43:01
87.   Penarol1916
83. I don't think it would be the end of the world if the Dodgers took it slow with Kershaw.
2007-06-25 13:44:29
88.   The Blue Legend
We haven't had a reliable second baseman since Steve Sax. Aside from his throwing issues he had we could count on him hitting .300 plus stealing between 40-50 bases. I'm still upset at that we didn't resign him. Furcal is the closests we've come to replacing him.
2007-06-25 13:44:45
89.   jasonungar07
Wouldn't we rather have Navarro backing up Martin for 330k as opposed to having Lieberthal and Henderickson backing up Martin and backing up mop up for 4 million?
2007-06-25 13:44:51
90.   regfairfield
62 If Loney actually deserves to be an All Star in 2008, I'll be...surprised.
2007-06-25 13:46:55
91.   Bob Timmermann
When did Jeff Kent become unreliable? Did he turn into Delino DeShields?

Was Mark Grudzielanek that bad at second?

2007-06-25 13:48:33
92.   Marty
It's also kind of hard to give a second baseman a pass on his "throwing issues". Ask Chuck Knoblach.
2007-06-25 13:49:20
93.   The Blue Legend
Kent and Grudz have always been short term solutions.

I'm excited to see Kemp and Loney develop. It will be nice to say half of our lineup is homegrown for a change. Just like it was in the 70's and early 90's

2007-06-25 13:50:56
94.   bhsportsguy
89 The question isn't whether you would like to have Dionner backing up Martin, what happens if Russell gets hurt?

Chances are, despite the current results, Lieberthal would be a better alternative than Navarro because Navarro would probably not improve much by just sitting and also his value becomes less and less (he is not Salty) in terms of trade value.

I am always a lone wolf on this aspect but the money part is not really an issue that I see being very important.

2007-06-25 13:54:08
95.   Eric Stephen
88 Number of times Steve Sax hit higher than .282 as a Dodger: One

Your point still stands, however, about not having a reliable 2nd baseman since Sax left. (Although Kent has been very good offensively as his defense has faded away)

He posted a 97 OPS+ over 7+ full seasons, and was a solid contributor. I will always remember him for backing away from Kirk Gibson as he got close to touching home plate in Game 1 of the 1988 WS, as if this was little league or something and touching Gibson would nullify the homer.

2007-06-25 13:54:19
96.   Bob Timmermann
I also don't think Lieberthal has complained at all publicly about his playing time. He knew what he was getting in to.

He likely would hit better given more playing time. Navarro would hate sitting on the bench all that time and rightfully so.

Interestingly, Kelly Stinnett has started 4 of the last 6 games for the Cardinals and it's possible that the Cardinals may keep him and get rid of Bennett when Molina comes off the DL.

2007-06-25 13:55:52
97.   dzzrtRatt
This isn't the first time I've noted this trade, but I loved Jeff Weaver and Yhency Brazoban from the Yankees for Kevin Brown. Weaver delivered precisely what we should have expected from him, Brazoban is terrific when healthy; and both players could have been half as productive and it still would have been a great trade if for no other reason than to stick the Yankees and their bratty fans with Brown, his contract and his attitude.
2007-06-25 13:57:51
98.   Penarol1916
94. Given what we got for him to begin with, what trade value exactly did he have to lose?
2007-06-25 13:58:00
99.   Eric Enders
I'm not really getting the Steve Sax thing either. He was an average offensive player and a poor defensive second baseman. In fact, we replaced him with a player who was better than Sax was.
2007-06-25 13:58:04
100.   Bob Timmermann
There is a trend here that every time a former Dodger, especially one that didn't make much, comes back and gets a big hit or pitches a good game against the Dodgers for at least three people to bemoan the player's departure.

"Oh, I miss Jose Cruz!"
"We should have kept Dioner Navarro!"
"Gagne should still be on the Dodgers!"
"Why did we get rid of Jose Lima?"
"Why didn't we re-sign Beltre?"
"It's not just LAT's daughter who likes Shawn Green!"
"We need Guillermo Mota!"

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2007-06-25 13:58:12
101.   blue22
I love Sax (my favorite Dodger growing up) but '86 was his only good-to-great year. His defensive shortcomings are well known, but he only hit .300 that one magical year of '86 (probably the only Dodger to be able to use "magical" and "'86 season" in the same sentence). His Dodger career high in BA besides that year was his rookie year at .282. His .269 EQA that year was also his non-'86 (when it was .308) high as a Dodger.

Like I said, loved the guy, but LA can do better.

2007-06-25 13:59:08
102.   bhsportsguy
100 You forgot the time Tom Goodwin homered against us.
2007-06-25 14:00:10
103.   Icaros

Don't forget Alex Cora would've fielded every grounder that gets through the infield.

2007-06-25 14:00:40
104.   blue22
91 - Grudzielanek's one great year in LA was in '99, but he was a shortstop.
2007-06-25 14:00:41
105.   Eric Enders
100 I thought letting Gagne go over a difference of $1 million was a mistake at the time, and I still do.
2007-06-25 14:00:45
106.   underdog
I agree with BH in 95.
Navarro is young, a former top prospect who needs to play a good deal to improve. Lieberthal is a vet who knows his place and can be solid when needed, his goof-up yesterday, notwithstanding. Back-up catcher is among the least of the Dodgers' problems, imho.
2007-06-25 14:02:50
107.   natepurcell
Jeff Withey committed to Arizona.

top 5 08 class!

2007-06-25 14:07:18
108.   Johnny Nucleo
85 Nate, your insightful scouting analysis is always welcomed. I really enjoyed that.
2007-06-25 14:10:20
109.   natepurcell

thanks. i'll probably make one more trip out if kershaw pitches for the 66ers.

2007-06-25 14:11:40
110.   Sam DC
RIP Al Langer.

Marty, you doing OK?

2007-06-25 14:13:12
111.   ToyCannon
Come on Bob, how many asked on DT "Why did we get rid of Jose Lima?".
2007-06-25 14:14:23
112.   MC Safety
85- thanks for the post on james. nice to hear. he's had that deceptive release since little league. so from your scouting report nate, if he can add a few ticks to his fastball, you like him quite a bit i gather?
2007-06-25 14:14:31
113.   underdog
Interview (part two) with Gonzo now up on the Blue Notes blog, definitely worth a quick read:

2007-06-25 14:17:02
114.   scooplew
Also, Bob Miller from the Mets for Tim Harkness and Larry Burright in 1962.
2007-06-25 14:17:04
115.   Bob Timmermann
Just wanted to see if people were paying attention or we could draw out Bill Plaschke.
2007-06-25 14:17:25
116.   natepurcell

yep. right now he has a solid 3 pitch mix but not one outstanding pitch. Hes only been pitching full time for a couple years and has the body frame where added mass=added velocity is a real possibility. It could definitely happen and if it does, he could be a callup option late next year if one of our starters go down.

2007-06-25 14:19:41
117.   regfairfield
100 The only one of those I'd agree with is Jose Cruz Jr., since we dumped him for nothing and still haven't really replaced him.
2007-06-25 14:20:02
118.   Bumsrap
Wouldn't we rather have Navarro backing up Martin for 330k as opposed to having Lieberthal and Henderickson backing up Martin.....

When I first got to where you said Hendrickson backing up Martin I thought you were going in the direction of throws to home from the outfield and Hendrickson backing up the play

2007-06-25 14:21:45
119.   bhsportsguy
109 You will not be the only DTer on that trip.

107 Trainwreck will probably agree that UCLA is one Holli day away from being the top 2008 class.

2007-06-25 14:21:54
120.   kngoworld
Martin should run away with the all star voting due to Lo Duca's two game suspension after his best Milton Bradley impersonation.
2007-06-25 14:25:53
121.   MC Safety
116- as far as him only pitching a few years, are you just considering his time in the minors? just asking because i was pretty sure he pitched pretty extensively in high school against a pretty good league. thanks.
2007-06-25 14:26:54
122.   ToyCannon
Jeff Kent will be finishing only his 3rd year at 2nd base and he probably has hit more home runs they any other LA Dodger 2nd baseman other then Davy Lopes. Maybe Frenchy but he never came close to his career high of 24 after his 2nd season.
2007-06-25 14:28:00
123.   MC Safety
120- i thought that loduca tirade was pure gold. martin's got in the bag.
2007-06-25 14:28:16
124.   trainwreck
We may give out a 5th ride in the 08 class too.
2007-06-25 14:29:00
125.   underdog
117 You'd take Cruz over Gonzo? (And over Kemp and/or Ethier?) Or am I misreading that?
2007-06-25 14:31:03
126.   natepurcell

he doubled up in HS and his one year in CC. he started off his professional career as a positional player too. Only in the last couple years has he just focused specifically on pitching.

2007-06-25 14:31:30
127.   Bob Timmermann
99 homers for Lopes as a Dodger and 53 for Kent. I don't have them all sorted out by position. Sax had 30. Deshields is fourth with 15 tied with George Cutshaw.

Jackie Robinson and Junior Gilliam would require some untangling.

2007-06-25 14:31:51
128.   Bumsrap
One of these days we will experience the great character of Pierre, Garciaparra, Kent, and Gonzo when they become the bench strength of the Dodgers. Will they prefer to be traded or retire instead?
2007-06-25 14:33:47
129.   confucius
120 That was hilarious. At least when Milton Bradley goes on a tirade it's kind of scary. When it's a Paul Lo Duca tirade it just reminds me of a little kid not getting ice cream when they want it.
2007-06-25 14:34:11
130.   bhsportsguy
124 But if we don't, would you rate Lee, Anderson, Gordon and UCLA's version of "He who should be not named until his LOI is faxed in November" as the top class in the country.

Lots of silliness about a supposed conversation between Mitch Kupchak and Kevin McHale about a 4 team deal where the Lakers get Garnett and they deal Odom, Bynum and one of the Busses (not Jeannie) to the Wolves.

2007-06-25 14:35:20
131.   Bumsrap
There you go again throwing players to the wolves again.
2007-06-25 14:36:07
132.   overkill94
116 Maybe he just didn't have a good feel for it yesterday, but when I saw McDonald he seemed to have a very good slider (sorta slurvy, but definitely more of a slider movement than cb).
2007-06-25 14:37:28
133.   Bumsrap
131 - Department of Redundancy Department
2007-06-25 14:38:10
134.   Bob Timmermann
I forgot that there is one person heavily involved with DT who is still bemoaning the loss of Buddy Carlyle.
2007-06-25 14:38:42
135.   trainwreck
It probably still will be the top class, especially since Ohio State lost Babbitt. I guess it depends on what happens with North Carolina. They are in it with a lot of top guys, but they could miss out on a bunch of them. If they hit it could be huge though.

This will be an exciting NBA draft because a lo of teams are looking to deal. Hopefully the Lakers can make some positive moves.

2007-06-25 14:39:59
136.   Fallout
105 Eric Enders

I don't think Gagne left because of a $1,000,0000 difference. He wanted some guaranty that he would be The Closer.

2007-06-25 14:40:01
137.   MC Safety
126- thanks. thats what i thought. he just had trouble with the stick huh? he's pretty fast from what i remember.
2007-06-25 14:40:33
138.   Marty
110 The news spread like wildfire around here. He was just on TV last week as LAnger's celebrated their 60th anniversary. Fortunately, the restaurant is in good hands with his son.

I'm going to go have Number 1 (pastrami, cole slaw, russian dressing on rye) in his honor sometime this week

2007-06-25 14:40:45
139.   Bumsrap
I would like for Kobe to stay a Laker but if Kobe were traded with Bynum I would have to laugh.
2007-06-25 14:41:00
140.   Linkmeister
In that Gonzo interview (thanks, underdog!) he mentions his GW-hit in Game 7 of the WS and asks "That was the fifth time? The fourth time?"

Well, let's see. Mazeroski in 1960. Was Joe Carter's HR for Toronto in the WS or the ALCS?


2007-06-25 14:42:27
141.   Bob Timmermann
I tape "The Closer" at 6 pm PT when it's in HD.
2007-06-25 14:43:37
142.   trainwreck
It would be Odom and Bynum among others to get KG to pair with Kobe.
2007-06-25 14:44:10
143.   Bumsrap
140 - And it made no difference in celebration that Mazeroski's was a homerun and Gonzo's was less than a blooper.
2007-06-25 14:45:00
144.   Bumsrap
142 - Yeah, I know but that would not be funny.
2007-06-25 14:45:33
145.   Bob Timmermann
Game ending hits in the World Series in Game 7.

Mazeroski in 1960 - homer
Larkin in 1991 - single
Carter in 1993 - homer
Renteria in 1997 - single
Gonzalez in 2001 - single

The 1912 World Series ended on a sacrifice fly by Larry Gardner. That was Game 8 as there was a tie earlier in the series.

2007-06-25 14:46:04
146.   Fallout
141 Bob Timmermann

Which Closer do you like better?

2007-06-25 14:46:24
147.   MC Safety
141- LOL. hilarious.
2007-06-25 14:46:42
148.   confucius
145 I thought Carter's was game 6.
2007-06-25 14:46:46
149.   Marty
Series wining hits:

Earl McNeely – 1924 Washington Senators vs. New York Giants (Game 7).

Bing Miller – 1929 Philadelphia Athletics vs. Chicago Cubs (Game 5)

Goose Goslin- 1935 Detroit Tigers vs. Chicago Cubs (Game 6)

Billy Martin – 1953 New York Yankees vs. Brooklyn Dodgers (Game 6)

Bill Mazeroski – 1960 Pittsburgh Pirates vs. New York Yankees (Game 7)

Gene Larkin – 1991 Minnesota Twins vs. Atlanta Braves (Game 7)

Joe Carter – 1993 Toronto Blue Jays vs. Philadelphia Phillies (Game 6)

Edgar Renteria – 1997 Florida Marlins vs. Cleveland Indians (Game 7)

Luis Gonzalez – 2001 Arizona Diamondbacks vs. New York Yankees (Game 7).

2007-06-25 14:46:57
150.   Bob Timmermann
Eric Gagne keeps his French-Canadian accent better than Kyra Sedgwick maintains her Georgia accent.
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2007-06-25 14:48:03
151.   Bob Timmermann
I knew there had been an earlier one than Mazeroski. Poor Earl McNeely, the forgotten hero, just like Gene Larkin.
2007-06-25 14:48:17
152.   silverwidow

Furcal, SS
Pierre, CF
Nomar, 1B
Kent, 2B
Gonzalez, LF
Martin, C
Ethier, RF
Abreu, 3B
Penny, P

Plus, "interesting" news coming shortly. I guess it's kind of scary since Loney and Kemp aren't in there.

2007-06-25 14:51:14
153.   silverwidow
Just testing
2007-06-25 14:51:15
154.   hernari

Furcal, SS

Pierre, CF

Nomar, 1B

Kent, 2B

Gonzalez, LF

Martin, C

Ethier, RF

Abreu, 3B

Penny, P

2007-06-25 14:51:30
155.   hernari
152. bah :)
2007-06-25 14:53:35
156.   JoeyP
Wouldn't we rather have Navarro backing up Martin for 330k as opposed to having Lieberthal and Henderickson backing up Martin and backing up mop up for 4 million?

I would.
The Dodgers need a guy that can step in and play everyday if Martin gets hurt---thats what you want backups to be able to do. Lieberthal I dont think is capable at his age---in fact it wouldnt surprise me if Lieberthal is the "backup catcher" for his entire time with the Dodgers---that if Martin goes on the DL---Ben Davis would be the Dodgers starting catcher.

As for Navarro getting mad about playing time or needing time to develop---the Braves dont seem to have a problem having McCann/Saltamacchia both on their team.

4 mils bucks might not be anything to Fox News Corp--but I bet it means something to the McCourts.

2007-06-25 14:54:26
157.   bhsportsguy
Short of a Miguel Cabera deal, there had better not be anything close to being "interesting" announced by the Dodgers today.
2007-06-25 14:55:16
158.   JoeyP
152--Kemp/Loney both not in the game is ridiculous.

How have Ethier/Abreu become such favorites?

2007-06-25 14:55:20
159.   Fallout
150 Bob Timmermann

So, you give the edge to Gagne. Besides he's younger.

2007-06-25 14:56:33
160.   MC Safety
interesting news im not looking forward to: any trade involving the untouchable ones.

news im looking forward to: any kind of demotion for bombdrickson. any promotion of meloan. pavement reuniting. dodgers getting cabrera for betemit houlton and brazoban. ; )

2007-06-25 14:58:34
161.   underdog
Yeah, as I posted in ItD, if the "interesting news" involves Loney or Kemp being traded for anyone, it may be a long time before I return here since I'll be hospitalized with a stomach disorder. Other than that, I'm copacetic about anything. I don't think Kemp and Loney's absence from the line-up tonight should be a sign of the impending doom, however.

160 Heh. I like all your other possibilities.

2007-06-25 14:58:39
162.   bigcpa
I'm guessing tomorrow's lineup will include Troy Glaus.
2007-06-25 14:58:55
163.   JoeyP
Tom Sizemore is a rather famous actor to have to spend over a year in prison. I cant recall a more famous actor over the last 20yrs that has had to do prison time for over a year. ---I'm sure there has been and I'm just not recollecting.

2007-06-25 14:59:35
164.   JoeyP
Tom Sizemore is a rather famous actor to have to spend over a year in prison. I cant recall a more famous actor over the last 20yrs that has had to do prison time for over a year. ---I'm sure there has been and I'm just not recollecting.

2007-06-25 14:59:36
165.   natepurcell
the Braves dont seem to have a problem having McCann/Saltamacchia both on their team.

Salty is 10x the prospect Navarro is; especially with the bat.

2007-06-25 14:59:38
166.   still bevens
Pavement reuniting would be a beautiful thing, but I would have to rank those other developments as more positive. If the Pixies have taught us anything is that reunions are a mere shadow of the glory days.
2007-06-25 15:00:10
167.   Greg Brock
Our Golden God graces the cover of ESPN's baseball web site. Article accompanies.

I don't want to hear any "interesting" news about the Dodgers. Interesting news scares the bejeezus out of me.

2007-06-25 15:00:15
168.   bhsportsguy
156 But was Navarro going to get better playing once every two weeks, look how he is doing playing on a regular basis with no pressure in Tampa Bay.

Could Lieberthal play everyday like Martin no, he couldn't. You would probably be in a situation where the catchers would be splitting time or at least 60/40.

2007-06-25 15:00:15
169.   confucius
162 yuck
2007-06-25 15:00:49
170.   trainwreck
It could be Kershaw being promoted or we activated or brought up a pitcher. I highly doubt it is a trade.
2007-06-25 15:00:50
171.   natepurcell
I think the interesting news is that we signed Kyle Blair.

okay it won't be but thats better then any other "interesting news".

2007-06-25 15:01:03
172.   Bob Timmermann
The Braves are also trying out Saltalamacchia at first base. He DHed a bit during interleague.
2007-06-25 15:01:17
173.   JoeyP
165--So doesnt that play into my point. Salty's a guy that should really be upset about playing time, and needing development time---and the Braves are making it work.

Just get the best 25 guys on the team. I dont think thats too difficult. Yeah, I'm sure there's some pride involved there with young guys wanting to play---but in the end they are still getting the same paycheck.

2007-06-25 15:02:46
174.   MC Safety
158- abreu im guessing because he isnt as lost as betemit. ethier im guessing because of the righty, which imo stinks because i think the consensus has matt kemp being the better player, bat and legs alone.
2007-06-25 15:02:56
175.   underdog
Okay, so Troy Glaus for who? LaRoche and some unneeded player? Predictions?
2007-06-25 15:03:32
176.   Marty
Meloan to the big club would be interesting.
2007-06-25 15:04:29
177.   trainwreck
LaRoche is hurt so I do not think we can deal him. I do not think there is a trade or at least a trade that is at all meaningful.
2007-06-25 15:05:16
178.   underdog
Or Buehrle? Sigh. I hope it's just a call-up or signing or something.
2007-06-25 15:05:32
179.   Bob Timmermann
You can trade players who are hurt if the other team doesn't mind.
2007-06-25 15:05:37
180.   underdog
176 That would make my day.
2007-06-25 15:05:39
181.   ToyCannon
The Grady needle takes the air out of our beachballs, once again leaving us punctured and useless as we gather bullpen dust in our beachball graveyard gasping for the understanding of our plight that never comes.
2007-06-25 15:09:14
182.   Bob Timmermann
Perhaps the interesting news is that the Pirates took John Wasdin off the DL or the Nationals sent Levale Speigner back to the Twins.
2007-06-25 15:09:51
183.   bigcpa
175 I'm going to play along with someone's speculation earlier... Loney for Glaus. This kills 2 birds with one stone for Ned.

Glaus has an $11M player option for 2009 which he'll probably opt out of. Maybe Ned figures this trade buys him a year to decide if he wants Glaus or LaRoche as his 3B for 2009-2013.

2007-06-25 15:10:01
184.   MC Safety
166- i saw stephan malkmus recently and i saw a guy with a tv camera and some roadie talking vaguely about a 08-09 pavement reunion. doubt it , but its a glimmer. glory days = 1990 to say 1997/98 ???
2007-06-25 15:10:27
185.   The Blue Legend
If we traded either Kemp and or Loney that would hurt more than when we traded Loduca. Unless Cabrera is involved I don't want anybody else.
2007-06-25 15:10:59
186.   natepurcell

why do you torture me?

2007-06-25 15:13:46
187.   Jon Weisman
I'm pretty sure that Josh wouldn't be so cavalier as to call a trade of a beloved prospect like Loney or Kemp "interesting news."
2007-06-25 15:13:57
188.   ToyCannon
Big news = trade
Interesting news = Meloan is coming up and Marlon Anderson is bye bye.

Why would Toronto want Loney? They have Overbay, they would need a 3b not a 1b. They aren't going to trade for a guy just because Overbay is on the DL.

2007-06-25 15:14:00
189.   The Blue Legend
any word as to when this "intersting" news is going to be released?
2007-06-25 15:14:21
190.   overkill94
182 Well, they technically sent him back to the Twins...only to immediately get him back in a trade
2007-06-25 15:15:04
191.   Bumminglory
I'm thinking the news involves a former Dodger, ala Milton Bradley or Jayson Werth
2007-06-25 15:16:11
192.   Bob Timmermann
Now you know the rest of the story...
2007-06-25 15:16:21
193.   Bluebleeder87
it will probably be minor news, i really doubt Josh would even mention it if it were major news, Major news always seems to come out of no where. it will probably be something nice like Meloan called up or something to that effect.
2007-06-25 15:16:49
194.   natepurcell
well i was gunna go to the gym but this "interesting news" has taken me under its spell. I cant leave the computer now.
2007-06-25 15:17:34
195.   underdog
When I see "interesting news" in quotes like that, I at first think the person is talking about a no-no in progress. Maybe Josh has seen the future and one of tonight's pitchers will pitch a no-hitter but he can't tell us until afterwards.

Did I mention I'm writing a time travel script?

2007-06-25 15:17:54
196.   The Blue Legend
bradley almost got trade to KC but the deal felt through because bradley has an oblique injury
2007-06-25 15:18:55
197.   underdog
188 I think Toy is right, or if not right on the nose, that it is something more along these lines. Guess we'll see soon. I wonder if the Dodgers could trade Marlon for anyone? Anyway, I think they are worried about their tired bullpen so my guess is a call-up of a pitcher.
2007-06-25 15:19:40
198.   bhsportsguy
194 Nate, you should go to the gym, game time isn't for a few hours and by then we should know something. If you have one of those player alerts things for your phone, just add Matty, James and Chad to your list so you will be alerted if something happens with them.

Besides if something does happen, will you want to go out or just sit home and stare at your computer muttering.

2007-06-25 15:19:54
199.   bigcpa
188 Agreed re: Overbay. Glaus to LA just makes way too much sense. Betemit's dip below .200 seems to mark the end of the line for him as a starter. Abreu is not an impact guy in 2007. RF seems fixed at the moment. 3B is the only position that can be feasibly upgraded. Glaus is a local boy, WS hero, still only 30. Maybe we can get Glaus for Luke Prokopec.
2007-06-25 15:20:44
200.   Marty
195 Of course I knew you were writing a time travel script because I can, well, time travel.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2007-06-25 15:21:44
201.   Nagman
Everybody is forgetting about Brady Clark.
2007-06-25 15:22:44
202.   Bob Timmermann
They never expect Brady Clark...
2007-06-25 15:23:41
203.   bigcpa
OK I think the interesting news is that Nagman is Josh Rawitch.
2007-06-25 15:24:23
204.   underdog
200 Cool. Tell me... How does it end? And does anyone buy it?

202 No one expects Brady Clark! His chief elements are fear, an almost fanatical devotion to...

2007-06-25 15:24:47
205.   ToyCannon
As much as it looks like a fit, I don't think Frank will spring for either Glaus's or Tex's contracts and that these are media stories. I expect he's already feeling a bit burned on the Schmidt/Pierre/Nomar deals and may not be feeling generous enough to Ned to okay those kinds of contracts. Just a feeling with nothing to back it up.
2007-06-25 15:26:24
206.   ToyCannon
If the "interesting news" is that Brady cleared waivers and is now a free agent, Josh should never be allowed to use such term again.
2007-06-25 15:26:32
207.   Bob Timmermann
The interesting news is that Ned Colletti granted Jon one wish to have any personnel move done for him and he wasted it on reacquiring Buddy Carlyle.
2007-06-25 15:26:46
208.   Nagman
No, if I were to write an "Inside The Dodgers" blog it would be more like the ridiculousness that Tony Jackson throws up there.

I am all over Nomar and his one HR but for some reason I take offense when TJ joins in on the party (see today's entry).

2007-06-25 15:27:40
209.   Prescott Pete
I would find this "Interesting News" -- T.J. Simers has left his wife and will marry The Tipper Gore Lady.
2007-06-25 15:28:30
210.   bigcpa
End of rampant Glaus speculation- he is in the lineup tonight at Minnesota.
2007-06-25 15:28:40
211.   bhsportsguy
206 He posted that news a few days ago so I don't think that is it.
2007-06-25 15:29:49
212.   natepurcell
TJ is pretty lucky, Pi Phi's are hot.
2007-06-25 15:30:12
213.   Nagman
But they can still trade him, right?
2007-06-25 15:32:27
214.   Jon Weisman
Old post at Screen Jam.

(with new comments)

2007-06-25 15:39:23
215.   confucius
I bet its Alyssa to the Spurs for Eva
2007-06-25 15:40:43
216.   underdog
215 ...and a ad to be named later?
2007-06-25 15:42:04
217.   dkminnick
85- Nate, that is one heck of a scouting report. I love the detail on his mechanics. Excellent stuff, just excellent. Thanks for posting it.
2007-06-25 15:48:55
218.   kngoworld
The DH is gone and so is Loney and Kemp from the starting line up. I am sad.
2007-06-25 16:03:24
219.   Dodgers49
While we're all guessing I'll guess that it may have something to do with why the Dodgers haven't announced their pitching rotation beyond Wednesday. Either that or the Dodgers signing one of their two remaining top ten draft picks.
2007-06-25 16:07:44
220.   Jon Weisman
219 - Wolf is listed as Thursday's starter according to today's game notes.
2007-06-25 16:10:32
221.   Kevin Lewis
Doesn't it seem like the Nomar to third base idea should be given another look, especially if we are not going to go out and deal for someone to take the hot corner? That would immediately improve our offense with Loney and Nomar in the batting order.
2007-06-25 16:13:27
222.   Eric Enders
Drunk dialing for Lo Duca? From the AP story on his suspension:

"Obviously, I overreacted," he said. "I called my ex-wife."

2007-06-25 16:14:34
223.   JoeyP
If Mitch Kupchak can pull off his Bynum/Odom for Garnett deal----he'll have totally redeemed himself.

However, I'll be shocked if it happens.

2007-06-25 16:15:13
224.   regfairfield
221 Nomar pushing Betemit or even Abreu out of the lineup would probably be an offensive downgrade. Combine that with the defensive hit the team would take and it just doesn't seem like a good idea to even expirement with.
2007-06-25 16:16:14
225.   Eric Stephen
221 Nomar to 3rd would improve the offense if Nomar is healthy. I'd certainly be willing to try it out to at least open a spot for Loney.

However, even with Betemit's Andruwian batting average, his slugging percentage (.408) and on-base percentage (.329) are both higher than Nomar (.338/.321).

2007-06-25 16:19:08
226.   MC Safety
2007-06-25 16:20:47
227.   bhsportsguy
If you have access via your radio in LA or on the net, our GM will be on the radio in about 7-8 minutes on 710AM KSPN Los Angeles.

I believe interviews are usually scheduled in advance so it may not have anything to do with the "interesting" news and there hasn't been any announcements yet but just giving everyone a heads up.

2007-06-25 16:23:59
228.   blue22
Bob, have you disclosed what those Interleague Roundup players have in common yet at the Griddle?
2007-06-25 16:25:26
229.   Eric Stephen
228 It was franchise SF leaders in their current cities.
2007-06-25 16:27:17
230.   blue22
229 - That really was the answer? Meh.
2007-06-25 16:28:05
231.   Kevin Lewis
Parking is now free? Is that the big news?
2007-06-25 16:28:17
232.   Bob Timmermann
Were you expecting the Da Vinci Code or something like that?
2007-06-25 16:29:10
233.   Bluebleeder87
you know thinking about it, Josh leaving us hanging like that isn't cool!!
2007-06-25 16:30:02
234.   Eric Stephen
232 So hot the burn of The Griddle.
2007-06-25 16:30:22
235.   blue22
Just didn't know that was really the answer. Anywho...
2007-06-25 16:32:50
236.   bigcpa
I think Ned just said "we aren't looking for a power bat right now, but we are looking for a starting pitcher or a reliever."
2007-06-25 16:33:54
237.   Eric Stephen
236 I thought it was "we aren't only looking for a power bat..."
2007-06-25 16:34:09
238.   still bevens
Why do we need another starter? We have 7 of them.
2007-06-25 16:34:17
239.   kngoworld
Why are they discussing basketball?
2007-06-25 16:34:30
240.   Dodgers49
224. 221 Nomar pushing Betemit or even Abreu out of the lineup would probably be an offensive downgrade.

How does replacing Abreu or Betemit's bat with Loney's become an offensive downgrade?

2007-06-25 16:34:35
241.   Greg Brock
This interview is a big bowl of nothing so far.

But Ned doesn't know much about Kobe Bryant!

2007-06-25 16:34:39
242.   regfairfield
236 Sometimes, I think Ned wants to fail.
2007-06-25 16:35:21
243.   regfairfield
240 Because the team would be better off with Loney and Betemit rather than Loney and Nomar.
2007-06-25 16:35:42
244.   Kevin Lewis
this is driving me insane!!!
2007-06-25 16:35:46
245.   bigcpa
237 I'll go with you- I have major static.
2007-06-25 16:36:38
246.   Eric Stephen
240 The offensive downgrade is because the Dodgers can just insert Loney for Garciaparra without moving Nomar to 3rd, and achieve an offensive upgrade without any downgrade by having Nomar at 3rd.
2007-06-25 16:39:41
247.   blue22
246 - It's debatable that Nomar is an offensive upgrade over a Betemit/Abreu platoon (you're hoping Nomar reverts to his '06 line), but defensively it would have to be viewed as a downgrade. Nomar is a bad firstbaseman, not sure why he'd improve if put at third.
2007-06-25 16:39:47
248.   trainwreck
Why do we need a reliever? We got Meloan in the minors and Tsao coming back! And another starter?
2007-06-25 16:41:52
249.   arbfuldodger
I'm new here ..but just read on another board that the wreslter Chris Benoit, his wife and child were found dead in their home. Police suspect foul play
2007-06-25 16:41:59
250.   kngoworld
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2007-06-25 16:42:08
251.   Kevin Lewis

But it does seem that third base should be our primary focus for an upgrade, correct?

2007-06-25 16:42:52
252.   Eric Stephen
247 I think there was a misplaced or missing comma in my comment, but we are saying the same thing here.
2007-06-25 16:43:16
253.   Bluebleeder87
236 please see {327}
2007-06-25 16:45:12
254.   blue22
252 - Ok, I did kinda get lost in the 2nd part of your statement.

Nomar at 3rd = bad news.

2007-06-25 16:46:03
255.   Bluebleeder87
hearing Ned, i really feel the "interesting" news today is of the reliever called up category
2007-06-25 16:46:17
256.   Eric Stephen
From ItD"

"UPDATE: As promised, here's a little more info. Grady just let the beat writers and other media know that Nomar is going to start taking some ground balls and working out at third base in the next few days, as there's a chance he'll start playing there. And as you can imagine, Nomar seems totally fine with it. He played there with the Cubs briefly and a little in high school and I truly believe him when he says "whatever's best for the team.""

2007-06-25 16:46:34
257.   Nagman
I can't believe they asked Ned if he would've made the Schmidt deal knowing what he knows about Schmidt today.
2007-06-25 16:48:06
258.   underdog
256 (Just saw that too) Why do I feel like Sally in Peanuts after she stays up all night waiting for the Great Pumpkin? "That's it??"

Well, that's cool. I'm happy they're gonna try it out. Why not? I'm skeptical but think it's possible, and better than hearing about a trade of top prospects for somebody old and pointless.

2007-06-25 16:48:38
259.   Eric Stephen
257 That was kind of a dumb question. Ned seemed disgusted by it, answering with a "what do you think?"

Ned's demeanor during the interview seemed cranky, kind of putting a voice to how I imagine Bill James is during his chats on back in the day.

2007-06-25 16:49:13
260.   bigcpa
I call foreshadowing in 28! This won't be all bad if Abreu goes back down and Betemit gets the spot starts vs. certain RHP's.
2007-06-25 16:49:45
261.   Dodgers49
243,246. I understand that. :-) However, since I assumed we had accepted as fact that Nomar isn't going to be benched I didn't think that was part of the equation in 221's question.
2007-06-25 16:50:12
262.   trainwreck
Oh man, that is terrible news. His I used to be a huge wrestling fan.

RIP Crippler and family

2007-06-25 16:50:32
263.   trainwreck
*I used to...
2007-06-25 16:51:00
264.   blue22
So who is this worse news for - Abreu or Betemit?

It would appear this would make sending Abreu back a lot easier, when Ramon Martinez is ready to come back. I get the feeling that Betemit sees his playing time drastically reduced though.

2007-06-25 16:51:31
265.   BlueCrew Bruin
256 While I agree that it's questionable whether Nomar will be better offensively than Betemit/Abreu, at least this news shows that Ned & Grady have embraced the idea that they need to get Loney into the lineup more regularly.

I think this is the only way it's going to happen this year, unless Nomar completely falls off the planet.

2007-06-25 16:51:39
266.   Doctor
So Kemp and Loney are what 12 for 25-ish over the weekend, yea- better get them out of there. Maybe its a movement to reduce runners left on base.....
2007-06-25 16:52:06
267.   Eric Stephen
3rd base is certainly the position that could use the most help, and it's the right move to at least try Nomar at 3rd to see if it works. It opens up a spot for Loney, which is great. Obviously, if Nomar continues to (not) hit as he has thus far this season, then it's not going to work. But it's a move they have to at least attempt.
2007-06-25 16:52:10
268.   Bluebleeder87

i got that feeling also, i'd probably feel the same if they asked me a stupid question about Kobe.

2007-06-25 16:53:25
269.   Johnny Nucleo
This would almost certainly mean the end for Ramon Martinez, just in case anyone still cares.
2007-06-25 16:53:56
270.   Nagman
Sounds to me more like maybe Nomar is going to begin to lose starts at 1b, so lets make him more useful as a bench player.
2007-06-25 16:54:48
271.   Jon Weisman
New post up top.
2007-06-25 16:54:53
272.   bigcpa
264 Right. Unfortunately the upgrade from Betemit to Loney is probably not a difference maker, especially vs. RHP's.
2007-06-25 16:55:38
273.   blue22
269 - It would more come down to Ramon Martinez vs. Tony Abreu as back-up shortstop. Abreu is no longer guaranteed playing time at 3rd if Nomar is going to get some starts, so he's just a glorified utility guy. And Ned might prefer the veteran Martinez for that job. He seems to have indicated that in the past by Ramon keeping his job for so long.
2007-06-25 16:56:53
274.   Bluebleeder87

shows you what i know i thought they called up Meloan.

2007-06-25 16:59:21
275.   blue22
274 - It's ok, I got this little nugget in a cool 65 seconds before the news came in:

Nomar at 3rd = bad news.

I guess we'll see, but way to go Loney!

2007-06-25 17:00:12
276.   MC Safety
wow was chris benoit gonna blow the lid off performance enhancing drugs in wrestling? hmm.
2007-06-25 17:03:56
277.   willhite
I think moving Nomar to third is a win-win situation. If he does well, we improve upon Abreu and Betemit who really aren't doing all that much.

If he can't do better than those two, then Grady has every right to sit him. If Nomar hits badly at third, that certainly wouldn't justify moving him back to first.

In the meanwhile we get Loney at first.

2007-06-25 17:14:26
278.   El Lay Dave
Late to the "good trade" discussion, but I wanted to add these:

pre-1973 season: Andy Messersmith and Ken McMullen acquired for Frank Robinson, Bill Singer, Mike Strahler, Billy Grabarkewitz, and Bobby Valentine. Messersmith was the ace in 1974 and in his three Dodger season - as long as anyone in this trade lasted with his new team - his ERA+s were 128, 132, 149. Robby had one good comeback year for California and Valentine became the tragic "what if" story; I can still see the newspaper photo of his broken leg in my mind to this day.

pre 1976 season: Dusty Baker and Ed Goodson for Jimmy Wynn, Tom Paciorek, Lee Lacy, and Jerry Royster. Wynn was a season away from done and Lacy was reacquired in mid-June with Elias Sosa for Mike Marshall whose best days were behind him.

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