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Vs. Randy
2007-06-28 14:24
by Jon Weisman

I made up an imaginary history for myself against Randy Johnson: 6 for 39, three walks, a triple, and nine strikeouts.

He really is a tough pitcher. The imaginary numbers tell the story.

I guess that's why I'm not in today's lineup, even though I bat right-handed.

* * *

Today's 3:40 p.m. game:


Retro Gameday

Comments (543)
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2007-06-28 14:28:04
1.   Bob Timmermann
Like Jeff Reboulet, I'm a Randy Johnson specialist.
2007-06-28 14:38:51
2.   Inside Baseball
Unfortunately, your imaginary numbers against Randy are only slightly worse than our right-handed cleanup hitter's numbers against him, and he is in the lineup.

6 for 34, 1 2B, 0 3B, 0 HR 3 rbi, 5BB, 15K .481 OPS

Think good thoughts.

2007-06-28 14:44:19
3.   Eric Enders
In Little League I always had the highest on-base percentage on the team, despite not being able to hit worth a damn. So my lifetime stats against Randy Johnson would be... hmm, let's see. Something like 4 for 38 (three singles and a double), 14 walks, 12 strikeouts.

Actually, I think my team would have a better chance of winning if it was me pitching and Randy Johnson hitting.

2007-06-28 14:49:43
4.   fanerman
2 Anything can happen in 34 at-bats?
2007-06-28 14:50:18
5.   El Lay Dave
I see this topic on the sidebar, but not on the main Dodger Thoughts page. Strange.
2007-06-28 14:51:25
6.   Xeifrank
DodgerSims has the Dodgers win probability this afternoon at 43.65%, hope it's wrong.
vr, Xei
2007-06-28 14:53:39
7.   Bluebleeder87
i think i'd have pretty good #'s againt Johnson i have great patience at the plate & a quick stroke, i'm willing to take a walk for the greater good of the team etc...
2007-06-28 14:55:25
8.   Bluebleeder87

Gonzalez said Johnson will most likely be on a pitch count i really really hope the Dodger make Johnson throw a lot of pitches.

2007-06-28 14:56:28
9.   Prescott Pete
I'd get hit with a Unit slider on the left kneecap and put on the 60-day DL.
2007-06-28 14:56:30
10.   El Lay Dave
I'm 0 - 1 with a three-pitch, see-ya-meat K. That's all it took for the manager to see I wasn't big league material.
2007-06-28 14:56:56
11.   Bob Timmermann
The sidebar and main pages refresh their caches at different times.
2007-06-28 14:59:12
12.   Eric Enders
More fun with sample sizes....

Best Single-Season Batting Average in Baseball History:
(1871-present, minimum 30 PA)

Cnt Player BA PA Year Age
1 Tripp Sigman .517 32 1929 30
2 Rudy Pemberton .512 45 1996 26
3 James Loney .500 39 2007 23
4 Gil Coan .500 47 1947 25
5 Eddie Murphy .486 42 1919 27
6 Bennie Tate .481 30 1925 23
7 Craig Wilson .468 53 1998 27
8 Dick Hall .464 30 1963 32
9 Freddy Leach .464 31 1924 26
10 Gary Ward .463 46 1980 26

Best Single-Season Slugging Percentage in Baseball History:
(1871-present, minimum 30 PA)

Cnt Player SLG PA Year Age
1 J.D. Drew .972 41 1998 22
2 James Loney .947 39 2007 23
3 Shane Spencer .910 73 1998 26
4 Ted Williams .901 110 1953 34
5 Barry Bonds .863 664 2001 36
6 Babe Ruth .849 615 1920 25
7 Sam Horn .848 36 1993 29
8 Babe Ruth .846 693 1921 26
9 Jeff Baker .825 58 2006 25
10 Freddy Leach .821 31 1924 26

Best Single-Season OPS in Baseball History
(1871-present, minimum 30 PA)

Cnt Player OPS PA Year Age
1 James Loney 1.460 39 2007 23
2 J.D. Drew 1.435 41 1998 22
3 Barry Bonds 1.421 617 2004 39
4 Ted Williams 1.410 110 1953 34
5 Babe Ruth 1.382 615 1920 25
6 Barry Bonds 1.381 612 2002 37
7 Barry Bonds 1.378 664 2001 36
8 Babe Ruth 1.358 693 1921 26
9 Rudy Pemberton 1.336 45 1996 26
10 Tripp Sigman 1.322 32 1929 30

2007-06-28 14:59:22
13.   El Lay Dave
11 Sure, but a 1/2 hour apart and counting?
2007-06-28 15:02:32
14.   underdog
Fun, but, Eric, I'm worried about jinxing him!
2007-06-28 15:03:37
15.   Eric Enders
14 His numbers are going to get worse whether anyone jinxes him or not.
2007-06-28 15:04:27
16.   Sammy Maudlin
I'm quite confident I would be 0 for 34 against Mr. Johnson . I think that BlogAd babe would do better, even with that peculiar batting stance.
2007-06-28 15:04:42
17.   Gagne55
14What? You don't think Loney will maintain his .500 batting average?
2007-06-28 15:04:47
18.   trainwreck
Randy is a fellow Walnut Creek native.
2007-06-28 15:06:42
19.   underdog
1517 Yeah, I was being slightly facetious. ;-)
2007-06-28 15:07:25
20.   still bevens
I didn't know they grew mullets that big in Walnut Creek.
2007-06-28 15:10:35
21.   dzzrtRatt
17 Hey, somebody has to be better than Babe Ruth and Ted Williams, combined. Who's to say it won't be James Loney.

I'm sure during Joe Dimaggio's first few games you had people saying, yeah, looks pretty good, but, you know, small sample size.

2007-06-28 15:11:17
22.   Bluebleeder87
I think that BlogAd babe would do better

you've left the door ajar for comments but i rather not go in.

2007-06-28 15:11:31
23.   Eric Enders
Jayson Stark posted this a couple of hours ago. Although the stats are outdated.

"James Loney has been so spectacular since his latest call-up (.471 BA, .971 SLG), he has effectively ended the Dodgers' efforts to trade for a first baseman. In fact, now that Los Angeles has seven position players hitting over .300 since the firing of hitting coach Eddie Murray, clubs that have spoken with the Dodgers say they're not aggressively pursuing any kind of bat at the moment. They could still make a deal eventually for an impact third baseman, corner outfielder or starting pitcher."

On the other hand, a Dallas Morning News blogger has put up a post titled "Bring Kershaw Home."

2007-06-28 15:12:17
24.   trainwreck
He was just born in the WC and then moved to Livermore, I believe. Back when Livermore was for hicks.
2007-06-28 15:13:37
25.   Bluebleeder87
i'd love to see Kemp square off one of those Randy Johnson fastballs.
2007-06-28 15:15:38
26.   Hallux Valgus
23 At least one of the commenters got it right:

"I am a fan of TWO teams in MLB...Dodgers & Rangers

GREAT trade for the Rangers but you're NUTS if you think this is OK by the Dodger Nation. LAD fans would KILL COLLETTI if he pulled the trigger here...shoot him dead."

2007-06-28 15:16:32
27.   trainwreck
Kershaw is ours!!!
2007-06-28 15:18:15
28.   underdog
23 Argh, I wish people would stop giving credence to that Evan guy's dribblings. But whatever. I liked the comments that followed that Bring Kershaw Home piece, anyway. That guy "Tom" made some good points in answer.
2007-06-28 15:22:34
29.   natepurcell
The Minotaur should cease to exist for every team and their fans, not just us.
2007-06-28 15:24:35
30.   Gagne55
22 Some very Randy comments perhaps?
2007-06-28 15:27:24
31.   Hallux Valgus
29 He should ESPECIALLY cease to exist for other teams fans. Back off, or we will fight, Ranger fans.
2007-06-28 15:35:31
32.   Bluebleeder87
i don't wanna get to pumped up so i ain't gonna read it.
2007-06-28 15:36:16
33.   Eric Stephen
Rudy Pemberton was always a great power hitter on the first version of Baseball Mogul. And Billy McMillon was almost always guaranteed a 400 HR, 400 SB career, at least.

I loved that game. The responses to outlandish trades were always great (though they got old after a while)..."I've seen better deals at your Mom's house."

2007-06-28 15:42:51
34.   underdog
That's a good way to start. RJ's been missing his spots to start, but may just be rust and it's early.
2007-06-28 15:44:02
35.   underdog
That was a generous strike. Wow.
2007-06-28 15:44:15
36.   Bluebleeder87
Randy Johnson still sports a mini-mullet
2007-06-28 15:47:03
37.   GobiasIndustries
It can't be said enough.............I hate Juan Pierre.
2007-06-28 15:47:03
38.   Gen3Blue
That was truly unfair to JP.
2007-06-28 15:47:44
39.   Humma Kavula
2007-06-28 15:47:53
40.   Bob Timmermann
Will the Dodgers be the first team ever to face Randy Johnson and Chris Young in consecutive games?
2007-06-28 15:47:54
41.   natepurcell
the rangers aren't getting martin, thats all i know.
2007-06-28 15:48:01
42.   underdog
The Golden God strikes!!

Huzzah Russell!

2007-06-28 15:48:04
43.   Bluebleeder87
wow, Russell squared that up, what 425-430 feet.
2007-06-28 15:48:09
44.   Eric Stephen
Russ vs. LHP = greatness
2007-06-28 15:48:14
45.   Gen3Blue
Yeah thats hit to pretty deep center field, Mr annoucer.
2007-06-28 15:48:22
46.   trainwreck
Martiiiiiin. Martiiiiin.
2007-06-28 15:48:27
47.   Bob Timmermann
Not that anyone cares about my question now...

But that's OK.

2007-06-28 15:48:30
48.   Andrew Shimmin
It's difficult to stay upset about this team when Russ Martin is on it. Not impossible, but difficult.
2007-06-28 15:48:48
49.   JoeyP
Guess its a good thing Russ played today.
2007-06-28 15:49:05
50.   GobiasIndustries
It can't be said enough.............I love Russell Martin.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2007-06-28 15:49:19
51.   Gen3Blue
Thats for chinning Pierre. Think team.
2007-06-28 15:49:47
52.   bhsportsguy
48 BTW, if I ever seem upset by anything you say, I apologize.
2007-06-28 15:51:03
53.   natepurcell
i would like to see gonzo charge the mound. it would be humorous.
2007-06-28 15:51:13
54.   bryanf
Gameday sucks...
2007-06-28 15:51:55
55.   bhsportsguy
It is nice that the D-Back fans cheer for Luis Gonzalez, I wish our fans would be a little more appreciative of our old friends when they get the chance.
2007-06-28 15:52:21
56.   Lexinthedena
Lookin good people....lookin good...
2007-06-28 15:52:22
57.   confucius
They need these two runs with Wolf on the mound. He'll probably give up at least one in the bottom half.
2007-06-28 15:52:39
58.   overkill94
I have faith that Kemp could hit a 400-ft homer and still break his bat. That's why he's the Bison.
2007-06-28 15:52:43
59.   Humma Kavula
Nice piece of hitting by Kemp?

Or just a nice hit?

2007-06-28 15:53:16
60.   underdog
Bison Strength!

RJ's 0-2 pitches are really iffy so far today. Or should I say, sucky.

2007-06-28 15:53:38
61.   Eric Stephen
40,47 Bob, I looked through the gamelogs from 2004-2007 (Chris Young's career), and I couldn't find any team facing CY & RJ on consecutive days.
2007-06-28 15:53:43
62.   Gen3Blue
It's not worth starting lefties against Randy unless he is a bit wild and hitting people. But who wants to get hit by Johnson.
Please don't injure Loney.
2007-06-28 15:53:54
63.   Rob M
two on for the greatest hitter of all time...
2007-06-28 15:53:59
64.   JoeyP
Well, Kemp shattered his bat on a ball down the middle, on an 0-2 count.
2007-06-28 15:55:41
65.   JoeyP
Loney's even getting love from the umps.
2007-06-28 15:55:42
66.   Lexinthedena
55- Gonzo was the star of a WS winner...Dodger fans are not heartless....Kirk Gibson still gets a standing O when he returns to L.A as an opposing coach...
2007-06-28 15:55:52
67.   kngoworld
Take that "player," Kemp can steal too.
2007-06-28 15:56:04
68.   natepurcell
loney almost pushed himself over .500 there.
2007-06-28 15:56:21
69.   Bob Timmermann
Is 2 runs sufficient lupine insurance?
2007-06-28 15:56:31
70.   Eric Stephen
Gil Coan reclaims sole possession of 3rd place!
2007-06-28 15:56:41
71.   Gen3Blue
What a sweet swing. Concentrate guys---it's a bullpen day for the D-backs.
2007-06-28 15:56:48
72.   Andrew Shimmin
52- Right back at you. But, anyway, it's not too great an imposition to stay away from the violent imagery. I'm sure you're not the only one who doesn't dig it. ToyCannon, last year or the year before, wasn't too happy about my comparing I don't remember who to a particularly gruesome medical condition. The older I get, the better I understand that my sister isn't the only person who doesn't enjoy watching surgery on TLC.
2007-06-28 15:57:36
73.   Bluebleeder87
Pierre has absolutely horrendous #'s against Johnson i wouldn't mind playing him today but bat him 8th Grady!
2007-06-28 15:58:42
74.   Eric Stephen
55 I'm with you, BH. There's no real reason to boo LoDuca or Shawn Green. Maybe not a standing O or anything, but just fewer boos would be nice.
2007-06-28 15:58:48
75.   underdog
66 Yeah but it's true that for the most part Dodger fans do not exactly embrace former players, whoever they are. Sometimes they deserve some gentle booing, but sometimes they don't.

Now, let's see if our Randy can have a rare solid first inning.

2007-06-28 15:59:12
76.   Gen3Blue
That's the kind of out Loney makes.
I fear something like a 7 pitch second inning, which would imply a lack of awareness.
2007-06-28 15:59:43
77.   underdog
Boy, there's a woman with some really big hair in the seats behind home plate.
2007-06-28 15:59:57
78.   Bob Timmermann
The one I never understood was the booing of Steve Finley.
2007-06-28 16:01:16
79.   GobiasIndustries
What about Gary Sheffield?
2007-06-28 16:01:55
80.   Bluebleeder87
i'm just impressed we have a guy that can stretch out some at 1st base now.
2007-06-28 16:02:13
81.   underdog
That was a fantastic play by Raffy there. And boy, that was close at first.
2007-06-28 16:02:29
82.   trainwreck
Celtics deal 5th pick, Delonte West, Wally Sczerbiak to Seattle for Ray Allen.
2007-06-28 16:03:17
83.   Eric Stephen
78 Steve Finley deserves sustained applause every PA or future appearance at Dodger Stadium for his HR. Scully's call was great as usual, "wherever it lands, the Dodgers win."

There's no reason to boo Finley at all. Maybe the boo-ers are transplanted Angels fans.

2007-06-28 16:03:18
84.   Andrew Shimmin
Steve Finley is one of the three players with at least 100 PAs this year who has a lower strikeout rate than Pierre. The other two are David Eckstein and Placido Polanco.
2007-06-28 16:03:35
85.   natepurcell
82 interesting.
2007-06-28 16:03:39
86.   underdog
He looks less lupine than supine so far this inning. Typical.
2007-06-28 16:04:03
87.   GobiasIndustries
Wow! Ray Allen's on the move again.
2007-06-28 16:04:17
88.   Bob Timmermann
I will have a review of Sheffield's book tonight on the Griddle.

He really hated playing for the Dodgers, mainly Daly and Malone.

2007-06-28 16:04:42
89.   underdog
Russell's trying to give away his home run on one play. Not the smartest play I've seen him make.
2007-06-28 16:05:05
90.   Gen3Blue
What has happened to Randy. I felt he was our most reliable pitcher early on. Now he seems scared to put it over the plate, and that may be a realistic position.
2007-06-28 16:05:07
91.   Eric Stephen
82 Wow, on first glance that strikes me as a nothing deal for Boston. Do Pierce, Allen, and Jefferson make them a playoff team, even in the East? Maybe.
2007-06-28 16:06:19
92.   underdog
Thankyouverymuch, Conor.
2007-06-28 16:06:35
93.   GobiasIndustries
ETA? I'm leaving work soon.
2007-06-28 16:07:05
94.   underdog
91 In the East? Probably does.

Guess they weren't too enamored with the choices after the first two blue-chippers in the draft.

2007-06-28 16:07:52
95.   Bluebleeder87
looks like this umpire is squeezing the plate on both Randy Wolf & Randy Johnson.
2007-06-28 16:08:48
96.   GobiasIndustries
He must be feeling a little "randy" today.
2007-06-28 16:08:51
97.   Eric Stephen
79 Sheffield is boo-worthy, but the contrarian in me likes him. I always appreciated him for calling out the contracts of Dreifort, Brown, Karros, and Green.
2007-06-28 16:08:57
98.   underdog
That was much more lupine. Siddown!
2007-06-28 16:09:24
99.   confucius
I can't figure out this umpires strike zone.
2007-06-28 16:09:35
100.   bhsportsguy
Wolf said that he really needs to get 2-3 pitches going in the game and it takes time to get into a rhythm.

Earlier in the year, he was getting a lot more groundballs and of course, strikeouts.

Could have been two on that play maybe.

Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2007-06-28 16:10:11
101.   Eric Stephen
94 With Allen, Pierce and Jefferson, that just seems like an awful defensive team. That said, they should score some points and will probably make the playoffs.
2007-06-28 16:10:42
102.   bhsportsguy
82 Huh??? They need another perimeter guy to go along with Pierce.
2007-06-28 16:11:23
103.   Bob Timmermann
If you believe Sheffield's account of how he was treated by the Chernin/Carey/Claire/Daly/Malone/Lasorda, you would be inclined to be supportive of him.

Sheffield isn't big on admitting fault on his part though.

2007-06-28 16:11:26
104.   Xeifrank
Seattle gets really young and potentially pretty good. Durant and then do they select Jianlian?
vr, Xei
2007-06-28 16:12:19
105.   Eric Stephen
By the way, where is the Allen trade reported? I can't find it anywhere.
2007-06-28 16:12:22
106.   bojangles
A benign fog surrounds R. Martin on this site, and other places (after a handful of throwing errors in May, Tony Jackson wrote, after the fifth or sixth, "...and even Russell Martin made a rare throwing error.")
His defense ( his arm, most noted, his approach on balls in the dirt, especially late in games) has a long way to go. In his favor: he's young and relatively new at it; against: like most things in b-ball, it ain't rocket science.
2007-06-28 16:13:05
107.   underdog
101 Yup, true, but yup, true.

Rumors that the Lakers are trying to sign that guard from Greece considered the best guard in Europe. Which sounds unexciting, but he's actually a really good player.

2007-06-28 16:13:15
108.   trainwreck
ESPN is saying its basically a done deal.
2007-06-28 16:15:08
109.   bhsportsguy
106 I once made a comment and I recall Andrew refused to acknowledge my presence for a few days.
2007-06-28 16:15:38
110.   blutomania
Gameday is in very strange form today.
2007-06-28 16:16:01
111.   Xeifrank
108. Funny cuz ESPN dot com has a headline that Ainge is "Unlikely" to deal the #5 pick.
vr, Xei
2007-06-28 16:16:28
112.   Humma Kavula
Pierre is really, really good...



2007-06-28 16:17:16
113.   Andrew Shimmin
106- Another possible explanation is that you're wrong. Martin plays good defense. He catches more stealing runners than most. He blocks the plate well, and puts himself in front of more bad pitches than most. I'm willing to allow for the possibility that Martin is not perfect. I'm even willing to stipulate for the sake of argument that he's not the very best catcher of all time. But he doesn't have any real holes in his game. He's good, if not perfect, at everything.
2007-06-28 16:17:35
114.   Bob Timmermann
Too bad Mike Piazza never became a defensive whiz. I guess he's just forgotten.
2007-06-28 16:18:47
115.   NPB
Wow. Pierre really is the worst hitter I've ever seen. And I once saw Ivan DeJesus play live.

Meanwhile, Vin loves saying "O-Dog."

2007-06-28 16:19:05
116.   underdog
Well, they've left 4 men on base, but leading 2-0 and have RJ up to more than 40 pitches after 2, so I'll take that so far.
2007-06-28 16:19:31
117.   regfairfield
114 Apparently he is the best catcher at blocking balls of all time, so he has that going for him.
2007-06-28 16:20:10
118.   Eric Stephen
115 I love Vin saying "O-Dog".

I'd pay about $1,000 to hear Vin say "Fo shizzle my nizzle."

2007-06-28 16:20:22
119.   Retire 55
How long must we wait for Collittle to realize what they've done re: Pierre?
2007-06-28 16:20:50
120.   Andrew Shimmin
Hudson goes on notice, right under Aaron Hill. Why can't these people just knock it off till the Dodgers leave town?
2007-06-28 16:20:51
121.   bhsportsguy
116 48 pitches.
2007-06-28 16:21:34
122.   underdog
Yeah, I mean even Golden Gods can make mistakes. When I see them from Martin, like on that throw earlier, they do look like the kind of mistakes a young player who has only been playing his position for a few years will make, particularly one who sometimes feel he has to do it all. Basically, mistakes of maturity or experience, not talent. As a catcher, as a caller of games, as a plate blocker, as one with a strong arm who throws out a good % of basestealers, I'd say he's above average defensively. If he learns a few things along the way, and stops trying to do everything, he'll be way above average. Along with his bat.
2007-06-28 16:23:46
123.   Connector
118 A violation of Rule 1, I do believe.
2007-06-28 16:23:48
124.   Michaelpop
115 118

I was watching last night's game at a bar with closed captioning and the person doing the transcription kept putting "Old Dog". It was especially funny during the 8th inning when he hit a triple and the text said "Old Dog can still get around" or something to that effect.

2007-06-28 16:23:50
125.   Humma Kavula
118 Actual, honest-to-Pete spit take, which I tried to hold back and caused me to enter a choking fit. Three people asked me if I was OK.


2007-06-28 16:23:59
126.   Bluebleeder87
i don't know how you guys feel about it but Randy Wolfs breaking ball doesn't impress me much.
2007-06-28 16:24:02
127.   DodgerBakers
119. I don't know, maybe they have, but I get the feeling that they can't just up and do drastic things like DFA Pierre right out of the gate. I think it will take time and over time, it will be corrected.
2007-06-28 16:25:31
128.   regfairfield
119 Again, no team would bench a player making 45 million dollars three months into his contract. Billy Beane has Jason Kendall and his .537 OPS running out there everyday with Kurt Suzuki waiting in the wings. Epstein keeps using Coco Crisp despite having Jacob Ellsbury. Are they bad GMs too?
I actually think Juan Pierre is taking too much abuse at this point. Do you realize how wrong that is?
2007-06-28 16:26:18
129.   underdog
126 Wolf's breaking ball has impressed me on occasion, but not tonight and I wish it was more consistent overall. But he can throw up a dynamite curve.
2007-06-28 16:27:02
130.   underdog
I can't believe people would actually choose to live somewhere where it regularly hits 110 degrees.
2007-06-28 16:28:14
131.   Andrew Shimmin
At least Pierre is old enough that he probably can't play for any too much more than ten more years. So, worst case scenario, he won't be on this team by 2017. Probably.
2007-06-28 16:28:42
132.   Eric Stephen
130 I grew up in Palm Springs. I was used to the heat when I was there, but after moving to San Diego for college I found the PS heat to be unbearable when I would go back for any stretch of time.
2007-06-28 16:29:12
133.   Xeifrank
Arizona's not hitting the ball too well. :)
vr, Xei
2007-06-28 16:29:46
134.   underdog
Kent's singlehandedly adding about 10 pitches to the pitch count, well done although he shouldn't have missed the slider that was out over the plate.
2007-06-28 16:30:19
135.   Andrew Shimmin
Did Kent narc Johnson out? It looked like he was motioning to his mouth on the way back to the box.
2007-06-28 16:30:24
136.   scareduck
118 - Vinny transcends something as mundane as money.

Mouth-touching ball. Hee!

2007-06-28 16:30:40
137.   underdog
And that's what we call a "Wet Walk." Um, you know, a walk when the pitcher goes to his mouth and gets a ball for it.
2007-06-28 16:31:11
138.   underdog
That came out all wrong. Hope there wasn't a rule violation in there somewhere.
2007-06-28 16:31:22
139.   scareduck
130 - you would be amazed how cool 106 feels when it's 2% humidity.
2007-06-28 16:31:48
140.   Humma Kavula
128 Of course they aren't going to bench him today. They should, but they aren't going to.

That said, I don't agree that he's taking too much abuse. We have to repeat, and repeat, and repeat that he isn't any good, because the message clearly isn't getting through yet. Someday, part of the message will get through, and Pierre will sit for a day. And then a little more will get through, and the Dodgers will start a four-man rotation in the outfield.

And so the tiniest trickle will become a mighty river.

Now, I'll admit that DT may not be the forum for this. We are all here at the pleasure of the Philosopher King, and if he calls on us to knock it off, then knock it off we must. But that doesn't mean that the emotion or thought behind the complaint is wrong -- just that it doesn't belong here.

This is, I'll admit, a self-serving argument, but I don't care. Pierre is terrible, the Dodgers should bench him, and when they start taking steps in that direction, I'll be happy, happy, happy.

2007-06-28 16:32:02
141.   Gen3Blue
I kinda felt bad for Randy. Then Gonzo swung at a few balls so I feel even.
2007-06-28 16:32:14
142.   Eric Stephen
Mouth-touching walks vs. catcher's interference. You decide.
2007-06-28 16:33:14
143.   Michaelpop

I had to go to Phoenix to work an exhibition space a couple of Julys ago. Just walking from the convention center (which is right next to the ballpark) across the street to get something to eat was brutal. Seriously, I couldn't do it, so I asked my local rep how he did it and he said "you get used to it". And then it actually said "and it's a dry heat". He grew up in Alabama and said he's take 110 degrees and dry over 80 and muggy every day of the week.

2007-06-28 16:33:40
144.   Xeifrank
Wonder how far Kemp could hit a ball off of RJ? vr, Xei
2007-06-28 16:33:49
145.   overkill94
These kids are allllllright
2007-06-28 16:33:49
146.   fanerman
James Loney, hit machine.
2007-06-28 16:33:50
147.   scareduck
"Young Chris Young" makes for an interesting phrase with the addition of some commas.
2007-06-28 16:33:57
148.   underdog
And after a hard hit, and a muff, the Dodgers get a run, because of the mouth thing. Wow, Kemp really smashed that one, again.
2007-06-28 16:34:08
149.   Bob Timmermann
Mouth-touching walks are not as easliy quantifiable stat as catcher's interference.
2007-06-28 16:34:45
150.   bhsportsguy
140 As long as Matt remains in LA, hope is eternal.

Matty, all you do is get basehits, when are you going to start overthrowing cut-off men and swinging at pitches in opposite batter's box.

Loney 1-2, how boring can you be.

Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2007-06-28 16:34:46
151.   Eric Stephen
Normally, rooting for "Dodger" and ".500" tends to be mediocre. Not so, anymore!

20 for 40!

2007-06-28 16:34:53
152.   underdog
/repeat 138
2007-06-28 16:35:06
153.   Gen3Blue
Kemp is not quite ready, He only went 2 for 2 vs. Randy so we may have to bench him for 3 or 4 games.
2007-06-28 16:36:26
154.   Xeifrank
Kemp strikes out too much and swings at too many breaking balls out of the zone. Shame on him. :) Nice offensive performance so far from the boys in blue. vr, Xei
2007-06-28 16:36:27
155.   silverwidow
Greatest Hitter of All-Time comes through again.
2007-06-28 16:37:27
156.   confucius
2007-06-28 16:37:35
157.   Xeifrank
Pierre and Abreu are the only Dodgers not to have reached base so far. Shall we take odds on which one reaches base first?
vr, Xei
2007-06-28 16:37:47
158.   underdog
I think Johnson's just been distracted by the woman with big hair behind home plate.
2007-06-28 16:38:06
159.   Gen3Blue
Randy's spot coming up in the third. He isn't happy with his command, but I respect the man enough to hope he is removed. I wouldn't take him out, but I hope they do.
2007-06-28 16:38:10
160.   Eric Stephen
As bizarre as this sounds, Kemp now has the same number of hits as Betemit (24) 68 fewer ABs.

All Kemp has to do is go 6 for his next 6 to get to the Loney Line. So he should get that 6th AB sometime next Friday.

2007-06-28 16:38:11
161.   Bluebleeder87
one of my closest friends moved to "zona" i still think he's crazy. Mother nature didn't intend such harsh conditions on humans, why live there.
2007-06-28 16:38:36
162.   Andrew Shimmin
128- I think there's a sense of trying to get our licks in before Pierre goes .310/.340/.360 for a couple weeks, and people start carrying on about how he's really turned it around, and shouldn't that stat geeks beg his forgiveness, etc.
2007-06-28 16:39:01
163.   DXMachina
I had to change airplanes in Phoenix one time, and it involved switching airlines, too, which meant I had to go to a different terminal. That meant having to walk around outside, where it was 106°. I vowed to never, ever, fly through Phoenix again.
2007-06-28 16:39:01
164.   Connector
Speaking as a lurker more than a contributor here on DT, the problem with the continuous JP bashing is that it is b-o-r-i-n-g. It's like being on a date with someone who constantly complains. It's no fun.
2007-06-28 16:39:43
165.   Bluebleeder87
Kemp is not quite ready, He only went 2 for 2

it was an absolute rocket shot!

2007-06-28 16:40:41
166.   Xeifrank
164. atleast it's about baseball.
vr, Xei
2007-06-28 16:42:25
167.   Xeifrank
ok, the no-hitter is gone... can finally breath a sigh of relief. vr, Xei
2007-06-28 16:43:07
168.   regfairfield
162 It's not even complaining about Pierre that gets me, it's acting like Grady and Ned are the only people in the world who wouldn't have benched him ages ago.
2007-06-28 16:43:20
169.   Bluebleeder87
wow, Randy Wolf just touched 94mph but it was no were near the K zone.
2007-06-28 16:44:50
170.   MMSMikey
this guys zone is small.
2007-06-28 16:45:18
171.   Bob Timmermann
According to, Augie Ojeda's given first name is Augie.
2007-06-28 16:45:53
172.   underdog
163 I had that same experience, only in Dallas-FW. Ugh, that's unpleasant. Dry heat or no.

164 I'm starting to agree with you. And it's depressing to keep talking about him, too.

I actually predict that Pierre will be much more of a contributor in the 2nd half of this season than he has been - which is the "Not Saying Much" statement of the day.

Wow, Seattle took Durant. Another shocker!

2007-06-28 16:46:01
173.   Hallux Valgus
171 According to Vin, it's Octavio.
2007-06-28 16:47:38
174.   Andrew Shimmin
168- To some extent I can go along with that. Nobody was willing to pay him as much as Colletti was, so, it's not a completely unfair hit on Colletti. Little has to work with/for Colletti, so it's more problematic there. And, of course you're right, other teams make playing time decisions as stupid, for the same stupid reason. Even the mighty Beane.

None of that makes it okay to keep playing Pierre.

2007-06-28 16:49:20
175.   Bob Timmermann
It looks the DBacks asked more thoroughly about Mr. Ojeda's background.

Regardless, Ojeda is the first Augie in the majors since Augie Galan retired in 1949.

2007-06-28 16:49:47
176.   scareduck
Did anybody watching the game see Johnson limp off the field, as Steiner said?
2007-06-28 16:50:11
177.   underdog
The Dodgers sure got Randy J out of the game quickly, better than I could've hoped. Hope Randy W can hold it.
2007-06-28 16:51:06
178.   underdog
176 Hm, no I didn't see that, nor have DBacks announcers mentioned anything, but I did turn away for a minute.
2007-06-28 16:51:26
179.   scareduck
171 - I filed a bug with B-R.
2007-06-28 16:52:22
180.   Connector
174 Rules # 4 and # 8 on the last sentence.
2007-06-28 16:52:31
181.   Michaelpop
171 Didn't Vin tell a story yesterday about how Augie came to get that nickname? Something about a coach when he was younger who couldn't pronounce "Octavio"? Seriously, could his coach not talk?
2007-06-28 16:52:37
182.   blutomania
Will Juan Run?
2007-06-28 16:52:59
183.   Kevin Lewis
I scanned the thread and didn't see this topic: HAs anyone heard about comments made by Ichiro on the radio, or is this just all hype?
2007-06-28 16:53:29
184.   Hallux Valgus
181 He told the same story tonight.
2007-06-28 16:53:52
185.   Bluebleeder87
Vinnie says O-Dog like you'd expect a veteran broadcaster to say it.
2007-06-28 16:54:09
186.   scareduck
How does Juan Pierre not score from first on a double?
2007-06-28 16:54:26
187.   Eric Stephen
How close was that to a HR? Steiner cut out for me when he said "missed a HR by maybe..."
2007-06-28 16:54:32
188.   Michaelpop
184 That's what I get for being at work!
2007-06-28 16:54:37
189.   underdog
I can't believe the Hawks didn't pick Conley, they already have a ton of forwards.

Meanwhile, Coltrane strikes again!

2007-06-28 16:54:51
190.   natepurcell
wow, Young showed a pretty lousy arm right there.
2007-06-28 16:54:51
191.   blutomania
Someone needs to explain to me how Pierre doesn't score on a double. I'm only GameCasting....
2007-06-28 16:55:25
192.   Eric Stephen
186 I'm on radio, but was it a hard hit line drive off the wall?
2007-06-28 16:55:40
193.   Marty
At least Pierre scored from third on the single.
2007-06-28 16:55:47
194.   trainwreck
Atlanta will take a PG with 11th pick.

Horford was best player available in my opinion.

2007-06-28 16:55:57
195.   scareduck
187 - "by maybe a foot."
2007-06-28 16:56:04
196.   underdog
Oh my, Kent just drove in a run! It's been awhile since I remember seeing that. This is turning into a laugher (for now!). Which is good, because I have to leave to go get humiliated playing soccer.
2007-06-28 16:56:40
197.   Andrew Shimmin
180- I'm afraid you're wrong on both counts. The first I'm absolutely certain about; I was not arguing just for the sake of argument. Unless you'd like to link to where I'd made the particular point I made with the last sentence previously, you're wrong on the second charge, too.
2007-06-28 16:56:48
198.   scareduck
192 - yes, a liner just under the home run line.
2007-06-28 16:56:53
199.   Bluebleeder87

i haven't heard anything about it, does he wanna play for the Dodgers?

2007-06-28 16:57:36
200.   hernari
I don't know, it kind of looked like it was playable.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2007-06-28 16:58:20
201.   Bluebleeder87

probably half a foot, it was a line drive type shot.

2007-06-28 16:58:33
202.   bhsportsguy
198 Am I wrong or has Stoneman DFAed 3 pretty goodsized contracts in the last 3 years, Alfonzo (traded for Finley); Weaver (who he did trade for Evans) and now Shea.
2007-06-28 16:59:04
203.   Kevin Lewis
someone I know mentioned they heard it from Nick Brick on the radio...saying Ichiro was looking to be traded and that he liked LA. I am skeptical.
2007-06-28 16:59:23
204.   underdog
194 Oh he's good, don't get me wrong, (and I'd forgotten that they had another pick early), but I still would've taken Conley. Sounds like that deal with Boston and Seattle will happen, they're telling the Celts who they want with this pick.

Okay, I gotta go. Good luck!

2007-06-28 17:00:18
205.   jasonungar07
I hope Kemp hits a breaking ball in the dirt and knocks it over the fence.
2007-06-28 17:00:55
206.   Eric Stephen
196 Yikes, I didn't realize how badly Kent was struggling. I knew it was bad, but not this bad. Coming into tonight, Kent's last 27 games produced .194/.286/.312 and only 7 RBIs.
2007-06-28 17:02:08
207.   bhsportsguy
The only negative for Loney so far, only one walk for James so far.
2007-06-28 17:02:17
208.   overkill94
202 Yeah, but weren't they all in the last year of their contracts?
2007-06-28 17:05:47
209.   bhsportsguy
208 Weaver and Shea only had one year deals, Alfonzo was in the last year.

No real comment, just an observation.

2007-06-28 17:06:44
210.   scareduck
Wow, a PSA explicitly chiding us to limit our sexual partners and wear a condom during a Dodger game. I guess in an era when Cialis and Viagra ads pay the freight on ESPN's Sunday game, I shouldn't be surprised, but the Dodgers?
2007-06-28 17:07:50
211.   scareduck
210 - that is, the ad chiding us to wear a condom during sex occurred in a Dodger game. Wearing a condom during a Dodger game seems counterproductive.
2007-06-28 17:08:38
212.   overkill94
210 They must've been listening in on our Batgirl conversation the other day
2007-06-28 17:09:31
213.   Connector
197 I could go over past postings as per your challenge but I don't care to waste my precious time (and thereby miss watching MLB.TV). All I want is for you and others of this board to understand that the player bashing tone behind many posts is boring as all heck, and could make DT an unenjoyable experience. ...and that's something, I think, that none of us want.
2007-06-28 17:10:46
214.   Bob Timmermann
Well, when the Dodger games get really exciting, I think about sex to calm down.
2007-06-28 17:10:59
215.   Eric Stephen
202 Edgardo Alfonzo, DFA'd May 2006, due $7m for the year

Jeff Weaver, DFA'd July 2006, due 8.325m for the year

Shea Hillenbrand, DFA'd yesterday, $6.5m deal

2007-06-28 17:11:20
216.   confucius
Can anyone tell me which one of Stuart Scott's eyes work?
2007-06-28 17:15:44
217.   Bob Timmermann
Newspaper stories say both of Stuart Scott's eyes are messed up, but the right one is a little better than the left.

The left one got a football thrown right at it.

2007-06-28 17:16:18
218.   Connector
214 ROFL. I'm gonna quote you :-)
2007-06-28 17:16:51
219.   Andrew Shimmin
213- I take your point. I took it in 164, too. Responding to specific arguments is allowable behavior, here, as are one sentence summations of counter arguments. I don't think I've got anything else to say about Pierre today, but, if I do, it won't be anything I remember having said before; I don't like cut and paste conversations any more than anybody else. It wasn't so much a challenge as a request that you retract your accusation. If you don't feel like doing that, so be it, but perhaps your trigger finger needn't be so itchy, in the future.
2007-06-28 17:16:57
220.   Eric Stephen
217The left one got a football thrown right at it

Probably right after a Stu Scott broadcast.

2007-06-28 17:17:07
221.   Bob Timmermann
I stole it from an old Fox Sports promo.
2007-06-28 17:17:38
222.   trainwreck
I always thought that was a joke. Maybe not.

I remember that Brewer was projected to go around the Lakers pick last year. Sigh.

2007-06-28 17:18:36
223.   Bob Timmermann
5/30/2002 - Orlando Sentinel

On April 3, Scott saw his life as a sportscaster flash before his eye.

One minute he was working out with some New York Jets. The next he was dazed, frightened and hearing the team ophthalmologist say that he needed emergency surgery.

Scott was preparing a three-part series on what it would be like to go through an NFL minicamp.

"It was no joke, not a George Plimpton thing," he said, referring to the writer who authored a daffy first-person account of playing quarterback with the Detroit Lions in the mid-'60s.

Scott, 36, is no pancaked pretty boy. He's a former prep football star and semi-pro player. He caught passes, ran a 4.6 40 and performed agility drills with the Jets. He then lined up with Laveranues Coles, Curtis Martin and other players in front of a high- powered machine that flings footballs.

Scott doesn't remember how it happened. But the point of a launched football struck him in the left eye, splitting his cornea and lens. "I couldn't see out of it. I knew it was bad. I thought, 'I just want to be able to see my wife and kids,' " said Scott, who has two young daughters.

2007-06-28 17:19:03
224.   scareduck
202 - if you want to go back to 2003, you could add Kevin Appier ($12M owed between the remaining $4m on his deal that year plus $8M for all of 2004).
2007-06-28 17:19:59
225.   confucius
217 I thought the one that is lighter in color looked like a prostetic. The other one looks like a lazy eye. Maybe the one that got hit with the football doesn't adjust to light or something.
2007-06-28 17:20:58
226.   scareduck
214 - hee!
2007-06-28 17:23:29
227.   bhsportsguy
224 Didn't they get rid of the lefty they had last year or did he last the whole year?
2007-06-28 17:24:22
228.   Michaelpop
Sometimes I wonder if the starting pitchers have friendly wagers going on. Like, do they all put $10,000 in a pot and at the end of the season the one with the most hits/highest BA/most home runs/RBIs/what-have-you takes it all?

Because our pitchers can flat out hit.

2007-06-28 17:25:35
229.   confucius
223 What a freak injury.
2007-06-28 17:28:43
230.   Bob Timmermann
No you won't laugh at Hans Moleman's injury as much.
2007-06-28 17:29:14
231.   Connector
219 You're right, perhaps it won't be needed.
2007-06-28 17:29:30
232.   trainwreck
But "Football in the Groin" has a football in the groin.
2007-06-28 17:32:29
233.   Bluebleeder87
is the drive to AZ or vise versa good?, i wonder if any Dodger players prefer driving back home.
2007-06-28 17:33:48
234.   Bob Timmermann
Why would the players want to drive from Phoenix to L.A. overnight?

Do they want to see how fast they can drive through the desert in the middle of the night?

2007-06-28 17:34:23
235.   Michaelpop
233 What's a "good" drive? It's pretty much a straight shot with little scenery; lots of desert and cactus. Kind of similar to driving to Vegas in a way.
2007-06-28 17:34:52
236.   trainwreck
Maybe they are into peyote.
2007-06-28 17:35:06
237.   Bob Timmermann
Yellow alert for Martin.

This is a yellow alert.

2007-06-28 17:35:54
238.   natepurcell
i hope nick young drops to the lakers.
2007-06-28 17:35:56
239.   bhsportsguy
237 There are those here who say, take Russ out and give him some rest.
2007-06-28 17:36:09
240.   Andrew Shimmin
233- Once you get out of the Phoenix metro area, the drive is okay. Till you hit San Bernardino, then it depends on the time of day. It's not a particularly interesting drive; there isn't much to see.
2007-06-28 17:36:21
241.   Michaelpop
If ever there was a stadium conducive to triples, it's Chase.
2007-06-28 17:36:25
242.   Icaros
Fear and Loathing in Chase Field.
2007-06-28 17:36:37
243.   bhsportsguy
238 Nate, no defense for the criticism about summers in Arizona?
2007-06-28 17:37:23
244.   blutomania
At what point do you rest Martin in this game?
2007-06-28 17:38:05
245.   natepurcell
The summers in Arizona are horrible.
2007-06-28 17:39:48
246.   trainwreck
I will take Pruitt, but Kupchak and Jim will probably take Fernandez.
2007-06-28 17:40:15
247.   xaphor
233. Only if they are big U2 fans.
2007-06-28 17:40:48
248.   scareduck
241 - and judging by the hardness of the infield, we might see an infield triple there someday.
2007-06-28 17:41:00
249.   bhsportsguy
Matt, don't give Ned's remarks any support.

Matt Kemp, show us why you should be in everyday.

240 I did that drive last year, about this time of year.

It is a nice smooth road, stopped off in San Bernardino or Indio and ate some In N' Out.

2007-06-28 17:41:13
250.   Linkmeister
I-10 is the most boring highway I've ever driven, and I've done it more frequently than I'd like.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2007-06-28 17:43:45
251.   Andrew Shimmin
CA99 is my least favorite. It's less boring than the ten because you never know when it's going to be logjammed for no reason, or completely covered in fog. Boring can have its upside.
2007-06-28 17:43:59
252.   Michaelpop
On Gameday all the pitches Kemp swung at were, like, on top of the plate. Was the pitcher's stuff really that nasty or was Kemp trying too hard?
2007-06-28 17:44:09
253.   Bluebleeder87

i have relatives in Porterville & i love the drive over there/the sceneries

2007-06-28 17:44:59
254.   fanerman
Nice walk.
2007-06-28 17:45:06
255.   Andrew Shimmin
Loney sticks his tongue out at bhsportsguy.
2007-06-28 17:45:08
256.   Buffalo Jones
Did Kemp's at bat look as bad on tv as it did on Gameday?
2007-06-28 17:45:58
257.   Marty
The drive from Porterville up through Johnsondale to Kernville is a very nice drive.
2007-06-28 17:49:22
258.   Indiana Jon
They were good sliders, but he swung at three balls for sure.
2007-06-28 17:50:22
259.   Andrew Shimmin
257- The smell of onion fields makes me nauseous. I don't know why, but it has since I was a kid. So, maybe I'm not being fair to CA99. Really, any road within fifty miles of Denver is probably my least favorite. Coloradans are the worst drivers in the northern hemisphere. Oregon drivers are their only real competition.
2007-06-28 17:50:32
260.   Bluebleeder87

Kemp with bases loaded is similar to a teenage kid on prom nite, way to excited.

2007-06-28 17:51:36
261.   bhsportsguy
255 I just said its the only thing that he hasn't done. But I suspect, he will start getting less pitches to hit pretty soon.

Even though Kemp struck out, he has gone from striking out1 out of 3 to 1 out of 4 at bats.

2007-06-28 17:52:30
262.   Buffalo Jones
I am from Denver and and now live in Spokane, Wash and can safely say that Spokanites are far worse drivers.
2007-06-28 17:52:40
263.   Humma Kavula
260 On prom night, I was far from excited, as I had very little chance with my date.

Plus, Mother Kavula chaperoned my prom.

Ah, memories. (Slams head into monitor.)

2007-06-28 17:52:42
264.   shamrok

Clearly, you haven't been to Oklahoma.

2007-06-28 17:55:58
265.   Linkmeister
264, amended. Or Tokyo.
2007-06-28 17:57:32
266.   Gen3Blue
Wolf 84 pitches. He could have one or two innings left.
2007-06-28 17:57:40
267.   Bluebleeder87
God bless Wolfy with all the run support he gets, it's almost Kazuhisa Ishii'ish.
2007-06-28 17:58:14
268.   Michaelpop
A couple of badly needed low pitch-count innings for Wolf. He might be able to go 8 at this pace.

Or, you know, we could always call Tomko in to mop this one up.

2007-06-28 17:58:20
269.   Gen3Blue
I can't say what my heart desires to yet.
2007-06-28 17:58:46
270.   Andrew Shimmin
264- I have! But only once, and, as I recall, I drove through during the middle of the night.

Haven't been to Tokyo. I guess my theory needs more work.

2007-06-28 17:59:52
271.   trainwreck
Clippers should have taken Nick Young.
2007-06-28 18:00:22
272.   Michaelpop
267 And somewhere in the dugout Lowe's thinking to himself, "the things I could do with an 7 run lead" the same way most of us would think about what we'd do with a million dollars.
2007-06-28 18:01:03
273.   Bluebleeder87
Man of the hour stepping up to the plate.
2007-06-28 18:01:14
274.   fanerman
I get confused when Juan Pierre gets a hit. It's good for the day because it increases our chances of winning that day. But in the long run, it just means it's even less likely for him to be benched.
2007-06-28 18:02:09
275.   natepurcell

no, lakers! I think the lakers are getting that euro guard with the MLE.

2007-06-28 18:02:40
276.   Bluebleeder87
the way we're hitting the ball you'd think he stills has one more at bat aside from this one.
2007-06-28 18:07:21
277.   trainwreck
I think we may win this game.
2007-06-28 18:07:38
278.   MMSMikey
classic vin

"boy hat have they dont in front of homeplate"

anyone think the dodgers should bring back gonzo next year?

2007-06-28 18:08:53
279.   Bluebleeder87

there's plenty of historical sites driving up there you just gonna know were to look, really enjoyable.

2007-06-28 18:08:54
280.   Connector
Back when Martin hit that ball to the left side of the infield...if the runner on first had been a less speedy runner than Pierre, what are the chances the infielder would have thrown to 2nd for the out? I think Pierre's speed got us the run
2007-06-28 18:09:20
281.   bhsportsguy
278 Watch it, this is how we got Nomar.

That said, Luis has been a pleasure to watch this year.

2007-06-28 18:11:14
282.   MMSMikey

yeah, i would'nt be so upset about the nomar thing if it wasnt 2 years though.

2007-06-28 18:12:35
283.   Linkmeister
Ok, iTunes users. Does anyone else get network connection errors when trying to search for an artist/album? Is that a frequent bug? I'm getting mail fine, and I'm able to yammer away here fine, so I don't think it's me.
2007-06-28 18:12:57
284.   Andrew Shimmin
Colletti's explanation of the LuGo signing, this morning, was that he was a bridge to Kemp.
2007-06-28 18:13:21
285.   Gen3Blue
I'm praying for Tomko1
2007-06-28 18:13:44
286.   MMSMikey
but what about using gonzo in a more limited role.
2007-06-28 18:14:34
287.   imperabo
Did Colletti explain Pierre as a long walk off a short pier?
2007-06-28 18:15:11
288.   natepurcell
blazers now have francis, roy, frye, alridge and oden.

i like that team.

2007-06-28 18:15:48
289.   scareduck
Wolf peters out.
2007-06-28 18:16:29
290.   Bluebleeder87

he's been great for us but i wouldn't sign him & i'm pretty sure Ned is in the same boat.

2007-06-28 18:17:03
291.   blutomania
Who did the Blazers trade?

How can I follow the draft from work?

2007-06-28 18:18:27
292.   MMSMikey
2007-06-28 18:18:43
293.   trainwreck
Plus Jarret Jack and maybe Travis Outlaw.
2007-06-28 18:19:06
294.   Bluebleeder87
2007-06-28 18:19:07
295.   Retire 55
bringing in bombko to face byrnes with the bases loaded is LOL
2007-06-28 18:19:28
296.   Andrew Shimmin
286- Could be a double edged sword. If he keeps hitting like this, he might not be interested in a limited role. If he stops hitting, Colletti might prefer Delwyn Young for the limited role.
2007-06-28 18:19:48
297.   scareduck
Somebody set us up the Bombko.
2007-06-28 18:19:55
298.   MMSMikey
2007-06-28 18:20:47
299.   Indiana Jon
288 With Aldridge and Frye there, Durant may have been a better pick for them/
2007-06-28 18:20:49
300.   overkill94
The quality start is officially in jeopardy
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2007-06-28 18:21:35
301.   overkill94
Looks like Nick Young might fall to the Lakers


2007-06-28 18:21:46
302.   trainwreck
Oh yeah and Martel Webster. That is a stacked team.
2007-06-28 18:23:14
303.   overkill94
Belinelli to play Nellyball? It just makes sense
2007-06-28 18:24:10
304.   MMSMikey
damn tomko just brought out the paint brush
2007-06-28 18:24:13
305.   trainwreck
Crittenton or Pruitt. Come on Mitch and Jim do not mess this one up too.
2007-06-28 18:24:44
306.   Retire 55
nice pitch
2007-06-28 18:25:07
307.   Indiana Jon
301 Nick Young went to the Wizards.
2007-06-28 18:25:24
308.   kegtron
Please dont take McRoberts.
2007-06-28 18:25:28
309.   Retire 55
wizards got young. i am hoping they take jason smith of CO state
2007-06-28 18:25:46
310.   overkill94
The quality start lives!
2007-06-28 18:26:18
311.   overkill94
309 Oops, that's what I get for flipping back and forth too much
2007-06-28 18:26:24
312.   bhsportsguy
QS for Wolf and he is still on track to hit his 180 IP for his automatic extension.
2007-06-28 18:26:56
313.   Indiana Jon
McRoberts would be good in the triangle. He's an excellent passing big man.
2007-06-28 18:29:43
314.   Bob Timmermann
If Martin gets another at bat and can hit a triple, he would be the first catcher to hit for the cycle since Jason Kendall in 2000.

Other NL catchers to hit for the cycle are:
Randy Hundley, 1966
Bill Salked, 1945
Chief Meyers, 1912

In the AL, the last catcher to do it was Rich Gedman in 1985. Carlton Fisk did it in 1984. Mickey Cochrane did it twice in 1932 and 1933.

There could be more because the list I'm using doesn't have positions listed and I'm guessing at some.

2007-06-28 18:30:04
315.   overkill94
Nice pick
2007-06-28 18:30:13
316.   Who Is Karim Garcia
I want Tiago Splitter in the second.
2007-06-28 18:30:15
317.   trainwreck
2007-06-28 18:30:40
318.   trainwreck
Crittenton is a Laker. We needed a big PG for the triangle.
2007-06-28 18:31:21
319.   kegtron
Thank you Lakers FO.
2007-06-28 18:32:29
320.   Bob Timmermann
Old friend Paul Shuey in line for the win in Baltimore.
2007-06-28 18:33:03
321.   Retire 55
yeah that seems like a decent pick
2007-06-28 18:35:06
322.   trainwreck
How nice of the Arizona cameras to focus on Nomar looking sad.
2007-06-28 18:35:39
323.   MMSMikey
wow nomar doesnt look to happy in the dugout
2007-06-28 18:36:34
324.   fanerman
That looked gone for a sec.
2007-06-28 18:38:03
325.   Lexinthedena
Good pick Lakers....

Betimit, while often looking bad, is proving to be a big threat...

It's looking like I was wrong...Betimit is probably the best option at bad...

2007-06-28 18:38:09
326.   Connector
How close was Betemit to hitting it out?
2007-06-28 18:38:23
327.   Bob Timmermann
Wouldn't it be natural for someone to look unhappy if they were struggling?
2007-06-28 18:41:21
328.   fanerman
326 It was to the warning track in dead center.
2007-06-28 18:41:22
329.   Gen3Blue
Who is pitching? We have to stay serious here. Just because I seem to have lost my thread, a ballplayer making millions can not be so carefree.
Better: two outs.
2007-06-28 18:42:00
330.   Lexinthedena
326 at the wall, deepest part of the park...would have been a home run in a lot of other stadiums...
2007-06-28 18:45:08
331.   Telemachos
Tomko is having a decent night, all things considered.
2007-06-28 18:45:28
332.   Gen3Blue
Still Tomko. I think Brox could really use the experience, he has the chance to be a great one! Are we going to Saito or is this a different pathway at this point?
2007-06-28 18:46:32
333.   Bob Timmermann
I would assume that it's time for a 3-inning save for Tomko.
2007-06-28 18:50:13
334.   Bob Timmermann
Stand down.
2007-06-28 18:50:32
335.   Humma Kavula
Pop to shortstop. Stand down.
2007-06-28 18:50:38
336.   Bluebleeder87
it's pretty crazy, AZ's player of the game was Russell Martin???
2007-06-28 18:52:31
337.   Bluebleeder87
look at Tomko batting he even poses when he swings at a pitch.
2007-06-28 18:52:40
338.   Gen3Blue
I can't believe they are batting Tomko. Time for another short walk.
2007-06-28 18:53:57
339.   Bob Timmermann
Why burn a reliever with a 6-run lead?

It's not like Tomko's been knocked around from pillar to post today.

2007-06-28 18:54:43
340.   Lexinthedena
Glad they're leaving Tomko out there....We need the the good arms to be fresh for SD....
2007-06-28 18:56:32
341.   Gen3Blue
I would bet my farm on Arizona now,( and I have bet a large amount) after we batted Tomko.
2007-06-28 18:56:36
342.   Lexinthedena
His needless dives are the guy who's way to into the softball game or something.....hope it's not an image thing....
2007-06-28 18:59:25
343.   Who Is Karim Garcia
NEVER thought I'd say this, but I take Hendrickson over Tomko easily now.

Too bad Tomko's contract is what it is.

BTW, Vin Scully O-Dog-Meter stands at 86.

2007-06-28 18:59:53
344.   confucius
No rest for Saito.
2007-06-28 19:00:25
345.   Bob Timmermann
I'd still leave Tomko in.

However, if Drew reaches, then it would be time for the hook.

2007-06-28 19:00:32
346.   scareduck
You are on the way to destruction
2007-06-28 19:00:33
347.   overkill94
343 Tomko's contract isn't much more than Hendrickson's. At this point in the year it's gotta be only like a $750,000 difference.
2007-06-28 19:01:04
348.   Who Is Karim Garcia
McRoberts, Splitter and Tucker are the players who are still good picks, I think.
2007-06-28 19:01:18
349.   overkill94
345 For the cheap "tying runner on deck" two out save?
2007-06-28 19:02:35
350.   trainwreck
Hope Jazz take Afflalo. I think they are the only team in first that would take him.

Small chance of the Spurs doing it.

Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2007-06-28 19:02:41
351.   Gen3Blue
You better put a pitcher in there now, but fate says it may be too late. Boy, that really saved our relievers you fool.
2007-06-28 19:02:46
352.   Linkmeister
Call the fire brigade.
2007-06-28 19:02:56
353.   Bluebleeder87

you jinxed Dena.

2007-06-28 19:03:04
354.   Bob Timmermann
Wilson Alvarez holds on to his distinction as "the last Dodger to get a three-inning save".

That was all the way back on April 9, 2004, although Jae Seo was cheated out of one last year.

2007-06-28 19:04:03
355.   Bluebleeder87
man, leave it to Tomko to mess it up.
2007-06-28 19:04:05
356.   confucius
DFA Tomko today. When a guy can't even mop up an eight run game he has absolutely no value and does not deserve to be on your 25 man roster.
2007-06-28 19:05:07
357.   Lexinthedena
353- Forget about my powers sometimes....sorry...

I'll stay quiet with what I hope Saito does here....

2007-06-28 19:06:36
358.   Bob Timmermann
How times have changed.

In 1974, Mike Marshall had 10 3 IP (or more) saves. He had 17 of them overall with the Dodgers.

2007-06-28 19:06:42
359.   overkill94
351 Have you no faith in Saito? It was definitely a worthwhile gamble to try and keep your best relievers rested for a big weekend series against SD. Now the worst case is that Saito has to get two outs without all that much pressure on him.
2007-06-28 19:07:04
360.   Gen3Blue
Saito or Brox didn't pitch yesterday. They only pitch an inning. They would be thankful for the work.
2007-06-28 19:07:24
361.   Eric Enders
I believe Tomko has thrown his last pitch as a Dodger.

Farewell, Brett, we hardly knew ye. (Actually, we knew ye a lot longer than we cared to, but whatever.)

2007-06-28 19:07:53
362.   JoeyP
No more Smush!

Thats all that matters.

2007-06-28 19:08:18
363.   Connector
All right, Sammy! One out away from 6 out of 10 on the roadtrip.
2007-06-28 19:09:29
364.   Bob Timmermann
So will Tomko end up in St. Louis, where pitchers go to die?
2007-06-28 19:09:51
365.   Who Is Karim Garcia
When is Tsao back? Definitely going to have to DFA Tomko...

... and what in the world happens when Ramon Martinez comes back. I'll hate to see Abreu go do down.

2007-06-28 19:10:11
366.   Bluebleeder87

Cory Schwartz of fantasy411 considers those true saves

2007-06-28 19:10:43
367.   Eric Enders
364 I thought that was where pitchers who are already dead go to revive themselves.
2007-06-28 19:11:17
368.   Connector
We win!
2007-06-28 19:12:18
369.   Bob Timmermann
True saviors:

Frank Lankford is not my savior.

2007-06-28 19:12:27
370.   scareduck
364 - no, he will end up at CalArts.
2007-06-28 19:12:28
371.   Linkmeister
Gameday was pokey as the devil there at the end.
2007-06-28 19:13:04
372.   trainwreck
Aaron Brooks to the Rockets.
2007-06-28 19:13:28
373.   overkill94
360 It's one thing if they hadn't pitched in 3 or 4 days, but Saito just pitched two days ago. What if he's needed in all three SD games? Then we'd be bitching about how he was used in a needless blow-out against AZ.
2007-06-28 19:14:29
374.   Linkmeister
Bob, I know you're an iTunes user. Please see 283 and tell me what you know.
2007-06-28 19:14:49
375.   Who Is Karim Garcia
If he couldn't help the Raiders this year, I don't see how he will help the Rockets backcourt.
2007-06-28 19:14:57
376.   Who Is Karim Garcia
If he couldn't help the Raiders this year, I don't see how he will help the Rockets backcourt.
2007-06-28 19:15:11
377.   Gen3Blue
My problen was never with Saito, but just that batting Tomko was the worst insult you could give to the D-Backs. Just put in a pinch hitter and then throw Bigfoot, Seanez, or anyone. But batting Tomko says" we don't need anymore runs, or any other pitchers because you are so lame. And this will get anyone's juices flowing, which if you are trying to win a game, you don't want to do.
2007-06-28 19:15:29
378.   Linkmeister
Hey, Toaster! How come that doesn't take me to post #283? I put the brackets in!
2007-06-28 19:15:34
379.   JoeyP
So for the Dodgers:

14 singles + 1 double + 1HR + 4 bbs + 4 Dbax errors = 9 runs

2007-06-28 19:16:28
380.   Eric Enders
I think letting Tomko hit there was defensible. But so would have been using Saenz, then Hendrickson.
2007-06-28 19:17:13
381.   Gen3Blue
373 OK, you know I love you--but he only throws one inning.
2007-06-28 19:17:16
382.   confucius
365 I'm guessing since Nomar is now the starting 3rd baseman Abreu will go down.
2007-06-28 19:17:58
383.   Eric Enders
378 The bracket thing only works if you have that section of comments expanded. Which basically means the bracket thing never works.
2007-06-28 19:18:45
384.   Bob Timmermann
If the comment you're referring to isn't visible on the screen, then it won't go there.
2007-06-28 19:19:09
385.   confucius
283 I've never had that problem.
2007-06-28 19:19:39
386.   Eric Enders
382 I refuse to condone the further presence of Brett Tomko on the roster. He's the one who should make way for Tsao. If they insist on having 12 pitchers, then send down Abreu and call up Tsao and Meloan both.
2007-06-28 19:19:46
387.   Icaros
But the brackets are good in theory and at least turn blue!
2007-06-28 19:19:51
388.   trainwreck
Afflalo to the Pistons!
2007-06-28 19:21:22
389.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Great value pick right here. Congrats to AA.
2007-06-28 19:22:01
390.   Lexinthedena
The Vets are killing us....

D.J Houlton, and Meloan deserve to be on the Dodgers more than Tomdrickson.....

2007-06-28 19:22:29
391.   Linkmeister
Thanks for the explanation about the brackets.

Now can someone answer my question about iTunes in comment #283, when we were leading 9-1 and it didn't look so off topic? ;)

2007-06-28 19:23:21
392.   Gen3Blue
What I alluded to a while back and really want to say, is that mole from the D-backs who was tweaking DT, was probably feeling great last night, but now is probably crying in his beer. That is good enough.
2007-06-28 19:23:58
393.   Eric Enders
My answer to any question about iTunes is that you should be using eMusic instead.
2007-06-28 19:25:27
394.   Eric Enders
389 Who picked Afflalo? Whoever it is, I hope they don't play any games that are, you know, important.
2007-06-28 19:25:43
395.   Linkmeister
393 Oh, really? ;) Well, with 653 songs in my library, I'm unlikely to switch, so...
2007-06-28 19:26:22
396.   xaphor
374. It might be a firewall problem. Check itunes to see which open ports they require and ensure they are forwarded to your machine.
2007-06-28 19:26:43
397.   Greg Brock
In another game that matters to few, the kids are playing well, but getting schooled by one of the best teams in the world.
2007-06-28 19:26:53
398.   fanerman
394 Afflalo went to Detroit. Seems like a good fit.
2007-06-28 19:28:00
399.   kegtron
Did anyone watch Biggio's #3k? Was he gunned down trying to stretch it to a double?

Has that ever happened to anyone else when they hit #3k?

2007-06-28 19:28:22
400.   Ryan Jerz
396 Pretty sure it is a firewall issue. I always had that happen at work, but never at home.
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2007-06-28 19:28:29
401.   Linkmeister
396 That's why I'm puzzled. I've been able to search and even downloaded the only thing I've ever bought there over the weekend with no trouble. I haven't upgraded MacAfee or iTunes since then.
2007-06-28 19:29:21
402.   kegtron
NM, just saw the Griddle post.
2007-06-28 19:30:26
403.   Gen3Blue
397 where is this?
2007-06-28 19:30:34
404.   still bevens
Too bad for Biggio the NBA draft is today. ESPN kept cutting away all week for Frank Thomas' 500 HR. I guess chicks really do dig the longball (and the NBA).
2007-06-28 19:32:02
405.   Andrew Shimmin
Emusic has the SufferingBruin stamp of approval, too. Hasn't iTunes started selling unDRMed music? I've only used it a couple times, because it's a pain in the neck to reformat files, but never had trouble connecting.
2007-06-28 19:32:49
406.   Andrew Shimmin
403- Maracaibo, if memory serves.
2007-06-28 19:33:00
407.   Greg Brock
403 Maricaibo, Venezuela. But it's being broadcast here on something called GOL TV.

Ugh. Don't turn it on.

2007-06-28 19:33:04
408.   Eric Stephen
347 Hendrickson's salary is $2.925m, and Tomko's is $4.1m. To release Tomko rather than Hendrickson would be roughly a $600k difference.

But, Tomko is also due a $1m buyout for his 2008 option ($4.5m if exercised).

So the bottom line is cut Tomko, and eat roughly $3.05m. Cut Hendrickson, and eat $1.45m.

The money is spent either way, so I have no problem with letting Tomko go. They probably would keep Hendrickson around as the long man though.

2007-06-28 19:34:39
409.   Linkmeister
I don't have an mp3 player, so file conversion hasn't been an issue. I just want to find albums to fill out holes in my collection and burn CDs of those albums. iTunes $9.99 for most albums is cheaper than Amazon usually is.
2007-06-28 19:37:53
410.   Linkmeister
Hmm. Maybe it's happening when it can't find anything by the artists. I wonder if Dave Frishberg and Rebecca Kilgore aren't represented in iTunes for some reason.

I can find Jackson Browne and Linda Ronstadt with no problems.

2007-06-28 19:38:53
411.   Gen3Blue
407 Can I even get it on DTV? If so what no. But I will probably follow your advice.
2007-06-28 19:40:14
412.   Eric Stephen
Fitting with Die Hard 7 coming out tomorrow that a player from Helsinki was just drafted in the NBA.

"Well, Gail, by this time the hostages will be going through the early stages of the Helsinki Syndrome."

"As in Helsinki, Sweden."


2007-06-28 19:41:04
413.   Nagman
San Diego U-T ( reporting that the Padres have acquired Milton Bradley for a minor leaguer. Should join the team on Sunday.
2007-06-28 19:42:45
414.   Gen3Blue
408 didn't I read currency has a lot of anti-oxidant value if you chew it for a long time. We want a healthy Colletti if he manages not to get excited and trade our better prospects away.
2007-06-28 19:42:53
415.   regfairfield
413 Hmmmm. Padres give Rob Bowen, Kyler Burke and minor leaguer. Get Milton Bradley, Michael Barrett and 2-4 draft picks.

Kevin Towers is really starting to get on my nerves.

2007-06-28 19:42:53
416.   Nagman
Here is a link to the Bradley story.

2007-06-28 19:47:53
417.   natepurcell
oh come on, San Diego needs to stop getting players on the cheap.
2007-06-28 19:50:52
418.   Gen3Blue
416 Thank you.

Well this could make up for the Pads getting Maddox differential from us.
We were really looking down, but this helps.

2007-06-28 19:55:28
419.   overkill94
412 I can't tell if you're being clever or don't realize that it's Stockholm in the movie.

I'll give someone three gold stars if they know where my favorite Helsinki quote comes from:

"I say Helsinki and you hear Geneva?"

2007-06-28 19:55:45
420.   CanuckDodger
Milton and DePo reunited at last. The first time somebody steals Milton's stapler, look out.
2007-06-28 19:57:57
421.   trainwreck
Just imagine what will happen when Brian Giles tries to play a practical joke on Milton.
2007-06-28 19:59:28
422.   regfairfield
416 Somehow I don't think getting Termel Sledge's .224/.321/.392 out of the lineup is going to help the Dodgers. I suppose Milt-Dawg could go ballistic and shank Peavy and Young, but other than that, not seeing how this hurts them.
2007-06-28 20:00:00
423.   JoeyP
Alderson/Depodesta are turning the team into Oakland South--in the way they evaluate players and get productive players on the cheap.

It also speaks to Kevin Towers willingness to change from his old school approach.

Bringing in two 'cancers' in Barrett/Bradley goes against conventional baseball wisdom. And thats good.

2007-06-28 20:02:16
424.   Nagman
It might be a little interesting. The Padres are a bunch of nice guys who like each other. Nobody causes problems, and if you do (see Doug Mirabelli), they ship you out.
2007-06-28 20:02:31
425.   Eric Stephen
419 It's Helsinki in the movie. Guaranteed. It even says so on IMDB in the quotes area.
2007-06-28 20:03:47
426.   natepurcell
It also speaks to Kevin Towers willingness to change from his old school approach.


2007-06-28 20:04:15
427.   Eric Stephen
Towers went to Maddux before the Barrett trade to ask him if Barrett would fit in the clubhouse. Maddux's response was "Anyone can fit in this clubhouse."
2007-06-28 20:05:19
428.   trainwreck
The Trailblazers depth is insane.

They are stashing away foreign players too, like the Spurs.

2007-06-28 20:05:27
429.   ToyCannon
Has MB played enough over the last two years to give SD a draft pick when he leaves?
I'm not to worried about a guy who can't stay healthy but it is an excellent gamble by SD since they have no LF and the great Cruz that D4P was so hot on has 3 EBH in his last 100 at bats.
2007-06-28 20:05:44
430.   Eric Stephen
Imagine if the Padres hadn't gone cheap in 2004 by picking Matt Bush 1st overall. They could have picked Verlander, Jered Weaver, or even Stephen Drew.
2007-06-28 20:07:07
431.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Hey guys... anyone ever visited Houston. I'm planning a trip there for the Dodger series in late July...

.... any tips?

2007-06-28 20:09:57
432.   overkill94
425 Well whaddya know, you're right. I even watched that the other day. I guess my mind hears what it wants to hear.

Still waiting for someone to guess which crappy movie I quoted.

2007-06-28 20:10:23
433.   ToyCannon
One thing I find interesting is that this site is so sabre friendly for baseball but when it comes to basketball they for the most part don't believe in the numbers.
Hollister put out an interesting study putting together all the numbers for college players and a ranking system and found that players like Nick Young, Pruitt, Affalo rarely turn into usefull NBA players. No one wanted McRoberts but in his system he would have been a top 10 players. This is the 1st year he published this so it will be interesting to see how his ranking look in a few compared to how the draft went.
I'm glad Al Thorton fell to the Clips and that they didn't take Nick Young but I would have taken Stuckey.
2007-06-28 20:10:24
434.   Eric Stephen
Bradley is a good pickup for the Padres, but I agree with 429 in that he might not warrant a draft pick compensation. He only has 795 PAs, 108 runs, and 97 RBI since the beginning of 2005. Not sure he will get the counting stats to warrant Type A status (1st-3rd rounder plus a supplemental pick) or Type B (supplemental pick only).
2007-06-28 20:13:35
435.   JoeyP
Lakers take a Chinese player.
2007-06-28 20:13:53
436.   overkill94
I hope either Shakur or Radenovic gets drafted today, gotta have Zona represent more than just an early second rounder.

Sun Yue?

2007-06-28 20:14:19
437.   Eric Stephen
431 Don't by a map of Houston from James Worthy.

433 Part of the statistical analysis that lends itself to baseball is that there are a series of mostly individual matchups, whereas in basketball only one person can have the ball at a time, and so many aspects are intertwined that it's hard to filter out individual performance. Kind of like how it's hard to evaluate individual defense in baseball because of all the elements involved.

2007-06-28 20:14:41
438.   ToyCannon
Portland and Seattle are having killer drafts. Love both their 2nd round picks. Not a good day to be a Clipper or Laker fan. On the other hand since Oden and Durant are in the West we will get to watch them kick our butts quite a bit over the next 5 years.
2007-06-28 20:15:14
439.   Andrew Shimmin
419- Liking that movie is the true love that dare not speak its name.
2007-06-28 20:16:05
440.   Andrew Shimmin
432- I didn't guess it, so I didn't want to spoil the game, but Google returns exactly one hit for that phrase.
2007-06-28 20:16:12
441.   ToyCannon
Well that is the theory but I if you work at it hard enough you can find a corrallary between certain numbers and I think some of the brighter minds are doing just that.
2007-06-28 20:16:28
442.   natepurcell
Sun Yue looks like he weighs 160lbs.
2007-06-28 20:16:48
443.   overkill94
433 Nick Young reminds me a lot of Gilbert Arenas in how well they can score and how smooth they look doing it. When Arenas slipped as far as he did in 2002 I was really shocked because he looked like one of the most NBA-ready players I'd ever watched from Arizona.
2007-06-28 20:17:34
444.   trainwreck
Great, a foreign player who can't shoot.
2007-06-28 20:18:39
445.   overkill94
439 It's truly a bad movie, but there are a handful of scenes that are flat out laugh-out-loud funny which is extremely rare (for me at least).
2007-06-28 20:18:46
446.   trainwreck
Seattle's idea to build a team full of 6'9" guys is interesting to say the least.
2007-06-28 20:18:58
447.   JoeyP
The NBA draft definitely isnt an entertaining since they put in the age limit.
2007-06-28 20:21:29
448.   ToyCannon
Sun Yue
Chad Ford's Analysis: A 6-foot-9 point guard who wowed scouts with his ability to handle the ball. In the NBA, he'll be a forward who plays a little like Luke Walton.

Draft Projection: Second round to undrafted

Notes: Played in the ABA averaging 13.5 ppg, 10.5 apg and 6 rpg for Beijing Aoshen. Early entry to the 2006 NBA Draft but withdrew when he didn't get interest from NBA teams.

Positives: Smooth point forward with excellent handle and court vision. Good slashing to the basket. Good midrange game.

Negatives: Needs to add strength. Not a consistent perimeter shooter, especially from deep range. Lacks experience.

Summary: Impressed scouts at the Orlando pre-draft camp. He'll intrigue someone in the second round.

2007-06-28 20:22:00
449.   ToyCannon
My bad, Glen Baby Davis is headed to Boston in the Ray Allen deal.
2007-06-28 20:22:33
450.   Dodgers49
Milton Bradley may report on Sunday but I wouldn't expect to see him in San Diego's lineup so soon. Didn't he just tell Kansas City he injured himself on his last plate appearance for Oakland? Would he lie?
Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2007-06-28 20:22:42
451.   ToyCannon
Kind of like what Charlotte did but I'm a huge Jason Richardson fan. When healthy I think he's a top flight talent.
2007-06-28 20:22:57
452.   trainwreck
Huh? It is way better. The players all get better getting a college experience.
2007-06-28 20:23:13
453.   Indiana Jon
433 Are his rankings on the net somewhere?
2007-06-28 20:24:53
454.   Eric Enders
452 Not to mention more name recognition.
2007-06-28 20:25:27
455.   Eric Stephen
450 Bradley may not have lied, but there will have been almost a week between when he told KC he was hurt and reporting to SD, so there is plenty of time to "heal". :)
2007-06-28 20:26:18
456.   Andrew Shimmin
445- I remember it overly fondly every time I see a convertible Chrysler LeBaron.
2007-06-28 20:26:20
457.   Eric Enders
If anyone's not familiar with Ken Pomeroy's sabermetric work on basketball, you should be. He's sort of the Bill James of college hoops.

2007-06-28 20:26:51
458.   JoeyP
I think putting in the age limit decreased the amount of available talent though. And it really hurts those teams like the Lakers, whom arent that great to begin with, but are also still picking low.
2007-06-28 20:27:06
459.   Bob Timmermann
I subscribe to the theory that no sports draft is interesting no matter what the circumstances are.

It does not nearly as compelling as a good catcher's interference call.

2007-06-28 20:27:57
460.   trainwreck
It totally increased the talent. This is actually a meaningful draft unlike the last three.
2007-06-28 20:28:04
461.   Eric Stephen
The age limit is great for both the NBA and NCAA, as the NBA gets players with more experience and more name recognition, and the NCAA gets the top players for at least one year of college, rather than them jumping early to the NBA.
2007-06-28 20:28:43
462.   JoeyP
If Mayo, Gordon, Love, Rose, Patterson were all available for this year's draft--that might have pushed some of the other talent down to the Lakers.

But I think Crittendon was still a really good pick considering what was there.

2007-06-28 20:28:48
463.   trainwreck
And most of the lottery picks are not just potential with no production.
2007-06-28 20:30:09
464.   trainwreck
Well Oden, Durant, Hawes, Crittenton, and Thaddeus Young probably would have been in last year's draft and three of them probably would be nowhere near as good.
2007-06-28 20:30:43
465.   trainwreck
Love and Patterson would have been terrible lottery picks if teams took them without any college experience.
2007-06-28 20:30:44
466.   Eric Enders
458 I am not understanding that at all.

There are X number of good basketball players in the world. All of them will be drafted and play in the NBA sooner or later. Thus, the number of good players in the average NBA draft stays constant. Unless there is some serial killer hunting down and killing college freshman basketball players, I don't see how the one year in college changes things.

2007-06-28 20:32:52
467.   Eric Enders
462 "If Mayo, Gordon, Love, Rose, Patterson were all available for this year's draft--that might have pushed some of the other talent down to the Lakers."

No. Because Oden, Durant, Conley, etc., would have been drafted last year and the other players would move up accordingly.

2007-06-28 20:33:45
468.   JoeyP
465--Thats the thing though. Teams would have bc they always draft on potential.

Which would have pushed down some of the other good talent to a team like the Lakers whom seemingly are stuck in the abyss of drafting 19th-23rd every year. Thats how you get Farmar, Cook, Rush, etc. Of course, when HS players were available the Lakers still ended up with those guys, so maybe it wouldnt have helped much.

2007-06-28 20:34:42
469.   overkill94
464 Not to mention Budinger, who would have gotten his hat handed to him in the NBA with the way he plays defense. Who knows if he'll ever tighten up his defense enough to be an impact player, but I'm sure some team would have looked at his scoring potential and made him a lottery pick last year.
2007-06-28 20:34:58
470.   trainwreck
Nice pick by Lakers with Marc Gasol.
2007-06-28 20:35:35
471.   Eric Enders
Wow, Tulowitzki's game-winner should have had a stewardess on it.
2007-06-28 20:37:18
472.   Bob Timmermann
No faith in the Astros coming back, eh?
2007-06-28 20:38:36
473.   natepurcell
If i didnt know who Chris Mullen was and only heard his voice, i would have bet my life that he is black.
2007-06-28 20:39:35
474.   Eric Enders
472 They're the Astros.
473 Well, he was in Run TMC.
2007-06-28 20:40:37
475.   overkill94
Who unfroze Brian Moehler's corpse for tonight's game?
2007-06-28 20:40:50
476.   Eric Stephen
Mullin is up there with Johnny Unitas with the greatest sports flattop ever.
2007-06-28 20:42:34
477.   JoeyP
467--Oden/Durant likely would have gone. But Conley wasnt going to go out for the draft last year.

I think it still lowers the overall talent pool bc before--when all hs players were available--quite a few would get drafted based on potential. Players that, if they had played a year in college and done poorly--wouldnt have gone out for the draft the next year.

Basically, you are correct there is a finite amount of talented basketball players on the planet. And teams drafting in the low 20s have to rely on teams above them making mistakes, in order for the better players to fall to them. If you are able to draft whomever you want---more than likely there will be mistakes made--and thus the better players will drop.

One of the reasons the Spurs were able to get Parker, Ginobilli was bc those players were passed over by teams that drafted HS'ers. Or a Josh Howard another example.

I think not having HS'ers helps the lottery teams not make as many mistakes---but it doesnt help the teams in the lower half of the draft.

2007-06-28 20:44:51
478.   trainwreck
True, but that is the point of the draft. Help the teams that stink.
2007-06-28 20:46:04
479.   trainwreck
How many frigging picks do the Blazers have?
2007-06-28 20:46:38
480.   ToyCannon
Thanks for the info.
2007-06-28 20:48:59
481.   Eric Enders
Biggio gets the second five-hit game of his career on the night he gets 3,000.
2007-06-28 20:49:25
482.   overkill94
Geez, how can Portland fit 8 new players on their roster?
2007-06-28 20:51:44
483.   trainwreck
I am guessing they will let the two European players stay over there for awhile.

But man, their depth is insane. Their backups could probably beat the TWolves.

2007-06-28 20:52:08
484.   Bob Timmermann
El Caballo one ups Troy Tulowitzki.
2007-06-28 20:52:27
485.   Eric Enders
Holy ####.
2007-06-28 20:53:45
486.   Eric Enders
I guess that's my comeuppance for 474.
2007-06-28 20:55:29
487.   overkill94
Yay, another loss for the Rockies! Fuentes will be traded in no time opening up the closer role for my boy Corpas. I sho' need me some saves.
2007-06-28 20:56:12
488.   Eric Enders
That has to be the most satisfying game for Astros fans in the history of the franchise. Biggio gets 5 hits including #3,000, then starts a rally in the bottom of the 11th that ends in a come-from-behind, walk-off grand slam.
2007-06-28 21:03:45
489.   ToyCannon
That is beyond cool for Biggio. He should retire tomorrow. I'm going to miss the B & B boys.
2007-06-28 21:06:58
490.   Fallout
423 JoeyP
Bringing in two 'cancers' in Barrett/Bradley goes against conventional baseball wisdom. And thats good.

In the long run it will kill you...

2007-06-28 21:07:09
491.   overkill94
That guy's 7'? He looks like Joey Fatone.
2007-06-28 21:09:20
492.   Nagman
Did the link to the Bradley story say "tentatively" before? Because that's what it says now.
I couldn't remember, it seemed more definite before.
2007-06-28 21:11:58
493.   Eric Stephen
492 There are 2 stories on the U-T regarding the is the main story (says "tentative"), and the other is a blog entry ("agreed in principle").
2007-06-28 21:24:23
494.   still bevens
487 Ugh. Im a not so proud owner of Fuentes and I got jacked tonight. I think out of all the walk off grand slams that have gone down this season, my fantasy team has paid for it. Chris Ray a couple times now Fuentes. Sweet.
2007-06-28 21:32:57
495.   confucius
I'm rooting for an Old Friend outfield at some point this weekend. Cruz-Bradley-Bocachica. It seems doubtful.
2007-06-28 21:34:47
496.   Bluebleeder87
it was poetic/beautiful watching Biggio run. One of the true good guys of the game from what i've read.
2007-06-28 21:36:33
497.   Bluebleeder87

looks like Home Depo is running the show over there.

2007-06-28 21:37:52
498.   still bevens
431 If you're still looking for some Houston info I can be somewhat of a help. I lived there for 6 months on business, but didn't see much of anything else but downtown, which is certainly a place you wouldn't want to spend a vacation. The ballpark is lovely, however. I got to see Nomar's grand slam against Lidge last season to win the only game of the series (I was also there for the less memorable games including one that featured Odalis as a pinch hitter in the 13th). Theres also lots of great food in Houston as well. Just don't dress warm. Im sure it'll be 100 degrees/100 humidity when you visit.
2007-06-28 21:44:11
499.   Gagne55
489 But he's only four HBP away from the record.
2007-06-28 21:46:54
500.   Who Is Karim Garcia

Thank you man... I'm throwing this trip together and am pretty geeked about it. Anything else worth seeing? Where'd you stay?

(you can email me at if it's more appropriate.)

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2007-06-28 21:54:56
501.   Who Is Karim Garcia

Thank you man... I'm throwing this trip together and am pretty geeked about it. Anything else worth seeing? Where'd you stay?

(you can email me at if it's more appropriate.)

2007-06-28 22:11:55
502.   underdog
Well, hello. Catching up here... Watched the Copa game on TiVo, mostly on fast forward after it became apparent after the half that the US' early lead was all a mirage. Not surprised, given how many newbies they threw out there to the more experienced and talented Argentinians, but, yeah, Greg was right, they were schooled. I'm sure they'll do better in the next game.

The Lakers had a good draft I thought. Not sure about the Chinese player but Gasol is a steal and Crittendon is worth a gamble, because he could pay off big time. They obviously still need to bring in a good veteran, but it's a start. Portland had about 28 picks it seems. They should be, uh, better.

Hasta la vista J-Rich.

Glad the Dodgers held on to win - when I left it was 6-0 but I knew not to count my chickens before they hatched - or before Tomko comes in. But great to see the bats come alive. I'm quite happy with 3 out of 4.

It'll be interesting to see Milton Bradley so soon, and a little nervewracking, too. Nothing he'd like better than to show up the Dodgers. I'd love to see Ethier have a good series.

Also: My Thursday soccer team sucks.


2007-06-28 22:15:58
503.   underdog
Also, I don't think Grady's happy with Tomko, either.

"When you're in the seventh inning and you've got a 9-1 lead you're not looking forward to using your closer," Little said. "But we had to and he did a great job and got us off the field."

2007-06-28 22:19:23
504.   Greg Brock
Nobody is happy with Tomko. The guy has got to go.
2007-06-28 22:20:38
505.   underdog
Can't he just go paint somewhere, sell to some galleries, go relax on a beach? That would be nice. I'd wish him well. Just, please stop pitching for my team.
2007-06-28 22:24:18
506.   Eric Stephen
505 Maybe Tomko can paint vans around LA instead of playing baseball. And hey, who better to model for Tomko's van paintings than Nomar?
2007-06-28 22:27:07
507.   Greg Brock
I thought artists were supposed to be tortured. They're not supposed to torture everybody else.
2007-06-28 22:30:11
508.   underdog
Maybe we can trade Tomko to the Louvre for a sculpture to be named later.
2007-06-28 22:31:09
509.   Greg Brock
We should try to get the Venus De Milo. Better arm.
2007-06-28 22:49:13
510.   berkowit28
422 At least it will put an end to Vin telling us for the 97th time how "Terrmel"s name came about. That's really getting on my nerves.
2007-06-28 22:54:30
511.   trainwreck
So how many years before the Lakers are good again?

Kobe is pretty much gone.

2007-06-28 23:02:22
512.   Greg Brock
511 Where? To which team? Keep him, make him opt out, and make him the bad guy.

I liked it when Jerry West ran the show and Dr. Buss just sat back. The Buss family having an opinion is the worst thing ever. Be quiet, hire good people, and cash the checks.

2007-06-28 23:08:38
513.   trainwreck
I have said it before and I will say it again. Jerry Buss is the new Al Davis.

Lakers should just tank and collect lottery picks. Might as well let Kobe sit for two years, since we won't get a deal that makes us any closer to be a championship team.

2007-06-28 23:18:18
514.   Greg Brock
I have said it before and I will say it again. Jerry Buss is the new Al Davis.

Jerry Buss died five years ago and is a zombie?

2007-06-28 23:19:01
515.   bhsportsguy
Not sure if this will calm anyone down about the Bradley deal but two things:
1. They changed how the free agent compensation works, now you have to be in the top 20% of first basemen/outfielders to be a Type A free agent or be in the top 21-40% to be a compensation pick. Previously, it was 30% Type A, 20% Type B, and there was even a Type C free agent which was eliminated last season. Last year, there were 115 players rated so you would have to be in the top 46 in the ratings to even qualify for a compensation pick.

And given that his rating would be based on his work in the last 2 years, I don't know if he makes the top 46 anyway, he barely made it last year.

2. He could accept arbitration.

The Padres will know what pick, if any, they could get before it comes time for arbitration but again that period is pretty short, you wouldn't expect Bradley to sign a deal prior to the arbitration period so it will be interesting game to play.

Then again, they could just keep him.

2007-06-28 23:36:20
516.   trainwreck

Anyone else think that Justin Upton injects steroids straight into his forearms?

2007-06-28 23:36:40
517.   Eric Enders
507 "I thought artists were supposed to be tortured."

Now that you mention it, that's not a half bad idea.

2007-06-28 23:44:16
518.   das411
Shhh...has anybody shown this to Brock yet?

and is anybody else worried that this incredible season by one Jimmy Rollins may have caused irreparable damage to Steve?

2007-06-28 23:51:33
519.   Greg Brock
518 Cabrera pushing McDonald's is the best pairing since Fred met Ginger.

I'd still trade Billingsley and LaRoche for him. Fatty or not.

2007-06-29 00:03:17
520.   Uncle Miltie
The Clippers had an excellent draft. Al Thornton lit up the ACC and is a tremendous athlete. He will be able to step in right away and produce. In the 2nd round, the Clippers picked Jared Jordan a point guard from Marist. I've never seen him play, but I read about him in predraft articles and he was describes as a "sleeper" who could be taken early in the 2nd round. I don't think he'll make the roster.

The Lakers did pretty well in the draft, but still have the Kobe issue looming over their head. Javaris Crittenton has excellent potential, but will take 2-3 years to develop (by then, Kobe will be out the door). He's not a true point guard so he might be able to play alongside Jordan Farmar. In the 2nd round, the Lakers took two reaches. Neither will make the Lakers roster and it's anybody's guess whether they will ever make the NBA. The Lakers took Pau Gasol's brother, Mark who is known more for his relation to the NBA all star than his actual skillset.

2007-06-29 00:19:31
521.   Bob Timmermann
The Griddle is officially angry at people who didn't know what the suspended game rule was before tonight.
2007-06-29 00:20:36
522.   trainwreck
The good thing for the Clips is that next year's draft should be loaded with point guards. Maybe Collison will get to stay home.
2007-06-29 00:30:40
523.   Greg Brock
521 Well, certain Griddle enthusiasts are angry at certain people that chose Godfather II over The Godfather.

I don't wanna talk about it. It just hurts. A lot.

2007-06-29 00:32:19
524.   Uncle Miltie
522- yea next year's draft is going to be amazing in the PG department. I'm hoping that the Clippers make the playoffs as an 8th seed.

The upper echelon point guards
OJ Mayo- USC
Darren Collison- UCLA
Ty Lawson- UNC
Jerryd Bayless- UA

Still solid, but not top tier
Chris Lofton- UT-K
Kyle Weaver- WSU
Sean Singletary- UVA
Dominic James- WF (big time breakout candidate)

Collison is my personal favorite and I'm not just saying that because he's a local kid.

2007-06-29 00:35:37
525.   trainwreck
You forgot about Derrick Rose, possibly the first pick in the draft. DJ Augustine is another name and Gordon's a combo guard that might play some point. Maybe if Calathes blows up he comes out too.
2007-06-29 00:40:36
526.   trainwreck
Oh yeah plus Russell Robinson, Sheron Collins, Neitzel, it just keeps going.
2007-06-29 00:53:32
527.   Eric Enders
524 You forgot D.J. Augustin in the "upper echelon" list.
2007-06-29 00:54:21
528.   Andrew Shimmin
515- He was tied for 34th among the 113 1B/OF/DHs, so, 30.1% in last years class. I don't know if this year's free agent class is going to be much better, but, assuming (never safe) he stays somewhat healthy, he should be able to repeat his 2005 season numbers, since he only had 283 ABs that year. If he gets hurt again, all bets are off, but I'd be surprised if he wasn't worth a supplemental pick.

He could easily accept arbitration, given the way he's poisoned the market for his services. It must say something that nobody between the Royals and the Padres made a claim. Or did he not go through waivers?

2007-06-29 01:07:15
529.   natepurcell
Bayless is more of a combo guard anddd hes staying two years to play with brandon jennings :)
2007-06-29 01:27:34
530.   Uncle Miltie
525- yup completely forgot about Rose. Eric Gordon's future is at SG in the NBA, he won't make the transition to PG. In some ways, he reminds me of Ben Gordon.

525, 527- Augustin completely slipped my mind. He will definitely be a top tier pg in the NBA. He'd be a great fit for the Clippers.

529- Bayless is definitely coming out next year as is Chase Budinger. sorry :)

I'm kind of surprised that Marcus Williams fell so far in the steal. A real steal for San Antonio. Mustafa Shakur and Ivan Radenovic weren't even drafted.

I was pleased to see Arron Afflalo and Aaron Brooks get drafted in the first round. These guys deserved to get guaranteed contracts.

2007-06-29 02:31:44
531.   overkill94
I was sad to see Radenovic go undrafted since it seems like he would be a very good role player on an NBA team. At 6'10" he can shoot threes, guard the post well enough, has decent low-post moves, always hits his free throws, and hustles.

Shakur I wasn't really surprised about since he doesn't really do any one thing well, but I was still sad that he didn't get drafted. He seems like a great guy.

2007-06-29 02:34:06
532.   Eric Enders
The problem is that Radenovic couldn't guard a telephone pole. He certainly appears to have the offensive skills for the NBA.
2007-06-29 05:30:52
533.   D4P
So, how did the Lakers end up with two second round picks...?
2007-06-29 05:46:21
534.   D4P
Hah! They just showed a ballboy at Wimbledon run, slip, and fall right on his bum.
2007-06-29 06:21:40
535.   StolenMonkey86
From Gurnick:
Johnson's former Arizona teammate, Luis Gonzalez, pretty well laid out the strategy for beating Johnson the night before -- work deep into counts and get his pitch total up.

I wonder if they'll realize that this one works for a lot of other starting pitchers, like, nearly any starting pitcher.

2007-06-29 06:32:48
536.   D4P
We don't do that Oakland Thing.
2007-06-29 07:34:07
537.   Marty
I'm afraid I'm with Bob on this one. Godfather II is better than Godfather.
2007-06-29 07:37:13
538.   D4P
Meanwhile, Godfather III was worse than Friday the 13th III.

Well, not really, but still.

2007-06-29 07:41:57
539.   Bob Timmermann
I knew it was you Brock.

You broke my heart.

2007-06-29 07:49:46
540.   D4P
You broke my heart

What heart? I thought you were a SABR member...

2007-06-29 07:55:40
541.   Greg Brock
This wouldn't happen if I had a wartime Griddler...A Sicilian.

Ugh. Not Marty as well.

2007-06-29 08:11:36
542.   Marty
Sorry Greg. This is the business we chose.
2007-06-29 09:26:51
543.   underdog
Brock sleeps with the fishes.

Say, can't one like both Godfather I and Godfather II equally? I mean, I love 'em the way I would love two children if I had two children - different but equal. Godfather III, on the other hand, I'd sell for scientific experiments.

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