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June 29 Game Chat
2007-06-29 18:25
by Jon Weisman

Tonight's game:


Retro Gameday

Comments (325)
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2007-06-29 18:33:34
1.   Eric Enders
Ah, the stealth new post.

I'll say that although tonight's lineup is not the one I would come up with, it's one that I would be satisfied with for the second half of the season.

2007-06-29 18:47:45
2.   Jon Weisman
I can't sign in there now, but can someone please go to Tony Jackson's blog and comment that despite what he writes, Milton Bradley was a successful pickup in 2004. Tony doesn't have to like the guy, but rewriting history serves no one.

That's what I get for breaking my fast. Good tidings, everyone.

2007-06-29 18:58:04
3.   Eric Enders
I've tried to post on Tony Jackson's blog a couple of times, but every time it tells me I need to register before I can post. And then it doesn't allow me to register -- nowhere on the site is there any registration link.

I suspect my ad blocker may be blocking out the registration link, especially if the link is attached to a jpeg or gif instead of a text link. Anyway, my desire to post there has not been strong enough for me spend any time figuring out what the problem is.

2007-06-29 19:03:27
4.   Indiana Jon
From the last thread. Not sure if they have live nude dancing in Dayton, but they do have fireworks.
2007-06-29 19:08:59
5.   Daniel Zappala
Done, Jon.
2007-06-29 19:26:50
6.   Eric Enders
Over/under on Dodger stolen bases tonight: 3.
2007-06-29 19:32:54
7.   The Rabbits Rarely Loose
Man, regarding the Anderson DFA, im going to be very annoyed if Ned trades for a " Vet presence off the bench" at the deadline
. . .and, frankly I wont be surprised at all if he does . . .
2007-06-29 19:35:54
8.   fanerman
I also made a comment on the blog. I didn't have any problems registering. There wasn't a button that sad register. I clicked on "sign in" and then there was a link to also create an account.
2007-06-29 19:37:02
9.   Andrew Shimmin
Jon tricked me into opening an account over there, and then I saw Zappala had already taken care of business. I should have let that be the end of it, but, to my shame, I didn't. Letting the sportswriting illiterati get to me is a character flaw.
2007-06-29 19:37:22
10.   Bumsrap
Its Time for Dodgers Baseball
2007-06-29 19:38:55
11.   Sam in SC
I am in!! thank god we have vin for the play by play.
2007-06-29 19:40:07
12.   Indiana Jon
I got my tickets for the Dayton game. 4 tickets for $57 on Ebay, not bad. Seats are down the 3rd baseline though, opposite the Loons bullpen. Now I just hope he really pitches on the 4th.
2007-06-29 19:41:02
13.   Andrew Shimmin
12- Sounds like you'll be able to move them without taking a bath if he doesn't, though.
2007-06-29 19:43:56
14.   natepurcell
that was a total strikeout. come onnnnn.
2007-06-29 19:45:11
15.   Andrew Shimmin
Is Kuo's fastball sitting at 88?
2007-06-29 19:46:13
16.   Vaudeville Villain
I'm looking at the Padres lineup for the first time in a while. The Giles' brothers have been pretty bad this year, each posting sub-.700 OPSes.
2007-06-29 19:46:19
17.   CanuckDodger
9 -- I was just going to post that "Andrew Shimmin was SO mean to Tony Jackson." Hey, its not like he said the Dodgers should trade Loney, Billingsley, and Kershaw for Teixeira.
2007-06-29 19:47:21
18.   Indiana Jon
13 I'll probably just go whether he pitches or not. The kids need to see fireworks somewhere anyway. After he pitches in the Futures Game a few days after that, he may move on to Inland. It could be his last game for the Loons.
2007-06-29 19:49:26
19.   Andrew Shimmin
Matt Kemp: no glove.
2007-06-29 19:49:39
20.   Indiana Jon
Ethier wouldn't have gotten to that ball.
2007-06-29 19:50:44
21.   Greg Brock
Bench him.
2007-06-29 19:52:18
22.   Sam in SC
the bunting thing again.
2007-06-29 19:52:35
23.   Indiana Jon
Anyone think Loney and Kemp may be the best 7th and 8th place hitters in the National League? Or all of baseball for that matter.
2007-06-29 19:53:40
24.   natepurcell
if JP gets thrown out Im going to do something bad to him.
2007-06-29 19:53:58
25.   overkill94
Pierre getting on base vs. Young = SBs galore
2007-06-29 19:55:23
26.   Andrew Shimmin
17- If only I had a sole or had been built on a cohesive unit.
2007-06-29 19:55:28
27.   natepurcell
thanks juan, i didnt want to go jail either.
2007-06-29 19:55:38
28.   Gen3Blue
Can Pierre be the first. No. He barely makes its.
2007-06-29 19:55:42
29.   Vaudeville Villain

Yeah, probably.

BTW, The Padres are a perfect demonstration of how overrated the stolen base is.

2007-06-29 19:56:31
30.   Sam in SC
he flat stole that base on the pitcher.
2007-06-29 19:56:42
31.   Gen3Blue
This could upset Young, however.
2007-06-29 19:56:56
32.   regfairfield
That has to be worth like six runs, all by itself.
2007-06-29 19:57:28
33.   Sam in SC
I hate juan, but when he gets on base, things happen.

I just wish he got on base more often.

2007-06-29 19:57:38
34.   Gen3Blue
Martin will probably go, he seems to be better than Pierre.
2007-06-29 19:59:42
35.   JoeyP
Wow, that was almost a DP.
2007-06-29 20:01:49
36.   Greg Brock
Track meet.
2007-06-29 20:02:03
37.   Andrew Shimmin
6- Too late to take the over?
2007-06-29 20:02:08
38.   Johnny Nucleo
That was a Juan Pierre Shining Moment. Slightly more common than a solar eclipse.
2007-06-29 20:02:14
39.   Sam in SC
martin will be a 20/20 guy.
2007-06-29 20:02:26
40.   Indiana Jon
6 Was that just for the 1st inning?
2007-06-29 20:03:16
41.   Johnny Nucleo
26 Maybe he was calling Depo a fishmonger.
2007-06-29 20:04:18
42.   The Rabbits Rarely Loose
Young's Record on the road seems to be one of those things with no real explanation .... I dont see any correlation to why he is so good.
2007-06-29 20:04:26
43.   JoeyP
Gonzo is having a really good AB.
2007-06-29 20:05:10
44.   overkill94
So if Young was any good at holding on runners, they'd be out of the inning by now because Kent's liner would have been a double play. Then again, if he wasn't Chris Young he would be some other scrub pitcher.
2007-06-29 20:05:37
45.   Gen3Blue
Now that was probably a stressful inning for Young. Can we build on it? And get his pitch count up.
2007-06-29 20:05:40
46.   The Rabbits Rarely Loose
still great AB
2007-06-29 20:06:19
47.   JoeyP
Dang Gonzo ruined an otherwise great AB by check swining on some junk in the dirt.
2007-06-29 20:09:50
48.   The Rabbits Rarely Loose
Not too many chances to say this so I will . . . .

Juan Pierre 1
Padres 0

2007-06-29 20:11:15
49.   JoeyP
Kuo's command looks good so far tonight.
He's firing in strike after strike.
2007-06-29 20:12:56
50.   Indiana Jon
Is the gun right? He looks to be throwing harder than 89.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2007-06-29 20:13:16
51.   The Rabbits Rarely Loose
that outside Pitch is being called a strike.... about half the time or I guess, whenever the Home plate Ump feels like it.
2007-06-29 20:14:03
52.   scareduck
Pasta-diving Kemp.
2007-06-29 20:14:30
53.   Sam in SC


2007-06-29 20:15:05
54.   JoeyP
The Bison I think scared off Pierre from that ball.
2007-06-29 20:15:06
55.   scareduck
48 - Juan Pierre 1, Padres 1


2007-06-29 20:15:50
56.   Sam in SC
what has kuo got to do to get a strike?
2007-06-29 20:16:20
57.   Andrew Shimmin
Did he get his glove on it before losing it, or did it bounce up off his chest?
2007-06-29 20:17:04
58.   Sam in SC
I dislike the nickname "bison" for matt kemp.

it is just unimaginative.

2007-06-29 20:18:11
59.   JoeyP
Pierre slowed down on the ball, it looked to me he was more worried about avoiding a collision with Kemp than catching the ball.
I dont think Kemp had much of a chance at it. It should have been Pierre's all the way.
2007-06-29 20:18:49
60.   Indiana Jon
58 I don't care what we call him or how good our imagination is as long as he plays.
2007-06-29 20:19:04
61.   The Rabbits Rarely Loose

Umpires like this do not bode well for the Dodgers and Kuo, he really needs to throw strikes to have success. . I guess a bit of bad luck

2007-06-29 20:19:06
62.   scareduck
58 - I don't dislike it but I am curious as to its origin.
2007-06-29 20:20:27
63.   Michael D
Bench Nomar.
2007-06-29 20:20:43
64.   natepurcell
scouting report on nomar:

throw it down the middle.

2007-06-29 20:20:47
65.   Sam in SC
62 - it was an alpha-commenter that coined the name. I forget who.
2007-06-29 20:21:27
66.   JoeyP
At least bat him 8th.
He should not be hitting in front of Loney/Kemp.
2007-06-29 20:22:35
67.   Greg Brock
65 Don Sutton called him a buffalo. Either Bob or D4P (I'm inclined to say Bob) called him a Bison.
2007-06-29 20:22:55
68.   Sam in SC
perhaps he is from a school that has a bison as thier mascot?
2007-06-29 20:22:58
69.   3upn3down
58 thoughts on a creative alternative? What about Big Country due to his Oklahoma Roots.
2007-06-29 20:23:15
70.   Michael D
Bah Kemp looked terrible there.
2007-06-29 20:23:33
71.   Andrew Shimmin
67- It's tricky, because it was D4P who did the calling, on behalf of what he believed to be Bob's wishes. I'm just glad whoever tried to call him The Condor gave that up.
2007-06-29 20:23:35
72.   Nagman
Fuentes is having a very bad week.
2007-06-29 20:23:45
73.   Sam in SC
67 - I sit corrected.
2007-06-29 20:24:17
74.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Kuo's pitch have been looking like it's faster than it reads for a couple of starts now, as long as it's missing bats it really doesn't matter what the numbers read
2007-06-29 20:24:53
75.   Sam in SC

it's easy, and has no racial undertones.

2007-06-29 20:24:56
76.   JoeyP
69--Does Bryant Reeves still have a patent on "big country"?
2007-06-29 20:25:47
77.   Indiana Jon
69 Then he could use Big Country's "In a Big Country" when he came to the plate.
2007-06-29 20:26:16
78.   Greg Brock
We could call him the Confabulous Fabtraption.

It's kind of wordy.

2007-06-29 20:26:58
79.   natepurcell
it's easy, and has no racial undertones.

Bison doesn't either.

2007-06-29 20:27:28
80.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Kuo = K you all
2007-06-29 20:27:31
81.   Greg Brock
Bison has racial undertones?
2007-06-29 20:27:52
82.   Indiana Jon
Can we just call him Pierre's Replacement? Has a nice ring to it.
2007-06-29 20:32:47
83.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Now Kuo's turn to bat, hope for another bat flip!
2007-06-29 20:33:30
84.   bhsportsguy
Its as if I'm not on vacation.

Stuck in a short delay, bar playing non-stop sportscenter.

But nice to have you all to spend the delay with.

And since I'm typing this, Brock, you can see what I decided to do.

2007-06-29 20:33:53
85.   JoeyP
Kuo's at 58 pitches through 3ip.
2007-06-29 20:34:35
86.   Greg Brock
84 Sometimes we own our possessions.

Sometimes our possessions own us.

2007-06-29 20:35:17
87.   Sam in SC
79,81 - probably not.
2007-06-29 20:36:26
88.   bhsportsguy
It's come in handy since I can use it to listen to the game and visit here too.
2007-06-29 20:36:53
89.   Lexinthedena
How bout we call him The Big Tool Shed, on account of all of his tools?

Seriously...nick names arrive on their own....inspiration will arrive, and we'll be glad we waited...

2007-06-29 20:37:08
90.   natepurcell

probably not? it doesn't. what in the word bison would imply racial undertones?

2007-06-29 20:37:14
91.   overkill94
71 That was me, you got a problem widat?

I was just throwing out alternatives, I didn't start a marching and chowder society for it or anything, I just figured with us being in California and he having a long wingspan...oh forget it.

2007-06-29 20:37:57
92.   Greg Brock
I'm not calling Matt Kemp a Big Tool. Sorry.
2007-06-29 20:38:50
93.   JoeyP
Chris Young's defiance against holding on runners is kinda refreshing. He basically says he doesnt care about steals, and it hasnt effected his ERA at all.
2007-06-29 20:38:55
94.   The Rabbits Rarely Loose
steal 3rd . . why wouldnt you?
2007-06-29 20:39:24
95.   natepurcell
rabbits 2

padres 1

2007-06-29 20:39:40
96.   overkill94
Are we witnessing another "glimmer of hope" game for Pierre?
2007-06-29 20:40:02
97.   JoeyP
Juan Pierre game of the year!
2007-06-29 20:40:07
98.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Wow, a single = a triple against this combo.
2007-06-29 20:40:11
99.   overkill94
93 Well, except for tonight that is
2007-06-29 20:40:12
100.   scareduck
1B + E7?
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2007-06-29 20:40:52
101.   alex 7
three straight outside fastballs to Pierre. Is Barrett worried about another stolen base? Sure seems easier to hit when you get the same pitch 3 times in a row.
2007-06-29 20:40:57
102.   Nagman
The rabbits may be getting into Young's head a bit.
2007-06-29 20:41:02
103.   twerp
FWIW, the Dodgers could have a game pitched entirely by Asian pitchers.

Kguo goes 7, Tsao pitches the 8th, Saito closes. Two Taiwanese, even.

It'd work, in theory.

2007-06-29 20:41:11
104.   Lexinthedena
92- Lol.....I guess that nick name was already taken by...(c'mon, the choices are endless)...
2007-06-29 20:41:23
105.   Andrew Shimmin
Bison isn't listed in the Racial Slur Database; Buffalo soldier is. I've never heard that used as an epithet, but maybe I wouldn't have. Plain old Buffalo isn't listed.
2007-06-29 20:41:42
106.   The Rabbits Rarely Loose
ok . . now, steal home . . right?
2007-06-29 20:42:23
107.   scareduck
"The Dodgers have lifted his wallet, now they're working on his watch."

God bless you, Vinny.

2007-06-29 20:42:30
108.   Greg Brock
en su cabeza, Chris Young.
2007-06-29 20:42:48
109.   Lexinthedena
102- for real....looks like he's on the verge of a meltdown....
2007-06-29 20:42:49
110.   bigcpa
Bison could be racial in the sense that you would not have called him Polar Bear.
2007-06-29 20:42:49
111.   JoeyP
These umpires love to be confrontational.
2007-06-29 20:42:52
112.   underdog
Maybe tonight we can give Pierre a get out of jail free card, a free pass - just for the evening.
2007-06-29 20:44:12
113.   scareduck
111 - replacement umpires, apparently.
2007-06-29 20:44:16
114.   bhsportsguy
Nate: Not sure you saw this, just reinforcing what is going on in the international signing part of the Dodger scouting department. Tony Jackson answered my query like this:

... As for the international guys, I'm sure they will be active. The Dodgers are trying to rebuild their Latin American program after it fell into decline the past few years, and Logan White is in the Dominican as we speak.

2007-06-29 20:45:05
115.   alex 7
here we sit tonight debating Kemp's nickname, while Londoners were threatened with two car bombs tonight in a crowded night-life area. Here's to life's little pleasures.
2007-06-29 20:45:16
116.   natepurcell

i would not have called him Polar Bear for the same reason i wouldn't call him wildebeest.

2007-06-29 20:45:38
117.   scareduck
114 - I was very surprised when I learned that the Dodgers were cutting their presence in the Dominican under McCourt. That seemed counterproductive.
2007-06-29 20:45:59
118.   JoeyP
Russ that was right down the middle!
2007-06-29 20:46:12
119.   natepurcell

thanks, i did not catch that.

2007-06-29 20:47:06
120.   jtrichey
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think Chris Yound should be out of the game. Bud Black came out to talk to Young after the balk, left the mound to beef with ump a little bit, then went back to the mound to talk to Young some more. Didn't this happen to Little and Penny last year and Penny was forced out of the game? Little of all people should have spotted that and gotten Young out of this game.
2007-06-29 20:47:22
121.   Andrew Shimmin
110- I'm pretty sure the Russians just laid claim to all the polar bears in the world. They lay one red finger on Kemp and there'll be a Rocky VII that's less placatory than Rocky V was, boy howdy.
2007-06-29 20:47:47
122.   jtrichey
Martin has been failing occasionally with that runner on 3rd and less than 2 out. For shame Russ.
2007-06-29 20:47:51
123.   Lexinthedena
Bison is not even close to's just not that cool of a nickname...seriously...

I'm all for old timey SPlendid Splinter, Sultan Of Swat....Oil Can even...

2007-06-29 20:48:28
124.   Jon Weisman
Bison is unimaginative, so we go with ... Kempster?

I think the word "imaginative" can feel sufficiently insulted.

2007-06-29 20:50:13
125.   bhsportsguy
124 Where do we stand on the additional tickets?
2007-06-29 20:50:41
126.   twerp
To go with 103, witness the sheer genius of Tommy Lasorda=

"For starting pitchers we have two Dominicans, one Italian, one Mexican and one Japanese. In the bullpen we have a Venezuelan, a Mexican, a guy from the United States and a guy from St. Louis." - Los Angeles Dodger / Hall of Fame Manager Tommy Lasorda (AP Wire, 08/18/1999)

2007-06-29 20:51:07
127.   Telemachos
I happen to think Bison's an awesome nickname.

Anyone remember Russelldinho? :)

2007-06-29 20:51:55
128.   overkill94
122 Vin has jinxed him twice in a row with the whole "Russell is amazing at getting that runner home from third with less than two outs" followed by a Martin strikeout
2007-06-29 20:52:24
129.   overkill94
Are you serious Loney?
2007-06-29 20:52:56
130.   Lexinthedena
2007-06-29 20:53:02
131.   natepurcell
holy crap where was that throw going.
2007-06-29 20:53:02
132.   JoeyP
James what were you thinking?
2007-06-29 20:53:08
133.   scareduck
Loney is going to get a tonguelashing from Kent when this inning is over. Did you see him shake his head?
2007-06-29 20:53:22
134.   Andrew Shimmin
Let us all pray that whatever demon just took hold of his body will leave Loney alone from here on out.
2007-06-29 20:53:38
135.   Jon Weisman
125 - I think about four. I set a Sunday deadline.
2007-06-29 20:54:12
136.   Lexinthedena
Speaking of nicknames....are folks in San Diego down with the obvious nickname of Spricolli for Khalil Green?
2007-06-29 20:55:30
137.   regfairfield
124 Sounds too similar to "Redempster".
2007-06-29 20:55:46
138.   scareduck
136 - wasn't that already used for Jeff Weaver?
2007-06-29 20:56:11
139.   JoeyP
Holding Barrett might have been a mistake, given Kuo's penchant for getting Ks.
2007-06-29 20:56:53
140.   bigcpa
Loney will now have a reputation as a defensive liability for at least a year.
2007-06-29 20:56:54
141.   bigcpa
Loney will now have a reputation as a defensive liability for at least a year.
2007-06-29 20:57:31
142.   natepurcell
okay im gunna go to the bars.
2007-06-29 20:57:53
143.   Gagne55
Seems like all Kuo has been good at lately is giving up base hits. sigh
2007-06-29 20:58:02
144.   JoeyP
Opposite field geez.
2007-06-29 20:58:24
145.   overkill94
Between the struggles of Kuo and Billingsley since they've been inserted in the rotation, it seems almost definite that we'll make a trade for a starter
2007-06-29 20:58:46
146.   Lexinthedena
Kuo got squeezed today....mmust also be tipping his pitches...
2007-06-29 20:59:54
147.   Nagman
The San Diego announcer just referred to Kouzmanoff as the "Mashing Macedonian".
2007-06-29 21:00:12
148.   Gagne55
145 I would be nice to have a guy like Jason Schmidt in the rotation. Oh yeah, thats right :(.
2007-06-29 21:00:50
149.   Uncle Miltie
Why not bring in BJ here? At least he can eat up some innings.
2007-06-29 21:02:08
150.   Lexinthedena
147- That's what I'm talking about.....
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2007-06-29 21:03:02
151.   bhsportsguy
It will be interesting to see how patient they are with Kuo, he will not be used out of the pen, I think as long as he is healthy he will keep pitching but again, he has to get into the 6th inning with some consistency.
2007-06-29 21:03:05
152.   Lexinthedena
145- I would rather see a guy like D.J Houlton get another shot...
2007-06-29 21:04:44
153.   JoeyP
Almost a gold glove play by Kent.
2007-06-29 21:04:44
154.   Frip
Been a long time since Kent looked like an Athlete.
2007-06-29 21:05:07
155.   overkill94
2007-06-29 21:06:17
156.   overkill94
Kuo's ERA is gonna look pretty brutal after tonight's outing even if none of his inherited runners score
2007-06-29 21:07:20
157.   bhsportsguy
That's two bad starts in the last 3 for Kuo and Chad hasn't exactly lit up as a starter.

To be fair, it is still only Kuo's 5th start (unfortunately, he can't just pitch against the Mets) so I think they will be a little more patient because the upside is so good with Kuo.

2007-06-29 21:09:05
158.   jtrichey
120 why yes jtrichey, I agree, very interesting
2007-06-29 21:09:11
159.   JoeyP
Given the Dodgers anemic fly swatting offense though, you pretty much have to pitch a guy with the capability of being lights out (and Kuo/Billingsley are at least capable).

If the Dodgers trade for an innings eater like Wolf--I dont think that helps them much given the offense.

2007-06-29 21:09:34
160.   regfairfield
I hope (and assume) that Kuo and Bills will get more of a chance than Odalis did.
2007-06-29 21:09:34
161.   Uncle Miltie
No point sticking around for this game. Ned is probably anxiously waiting for an opportunity to reinsert Tomko into the rotation.
2007-06-29 21:10:01
162.   Johnny Nucleo
By the trading deadline, both Billingsley and Kuo will have enough starts under their belts for Coletti to determine if a replacement starter is needed.
2007-06-29 21:10:35
163.   regfairfield
158 I didn't see it, but I believe you have to cross the foul line for it to count as an appearance.
2007-06-29 21:11:37
164.   Frip
K, the game just entered suck mode real quick like.

When do we start giving Raffy the Nomar treatment? Getting about that time.

2007-06-29 21:14:46
165.   regfairfield
164 Furcal's OPS heading into this game: .687
Furcal on June 28th, 2006: .680
June 28th, 2005: .644

Let's give him some time.

2007-06-29 21:18:47
166.   Gagne55
157 He should be sent to Vegas. Kuo's got nothing right now. He needs to work out his mechanics where he won't be hurting the major league club.

I was looking at the Vegas pitchers and the Holten-Stultz comparison is very interesting. Stultz has slightly better K and BB rates and has given up fewer homeruns, but he's given up 30 more hits and has double the era (so much for DIPS, I guess). The best minor league pitcher right now in the systems appears to be Jacksonville's Erik Cyr, who I have never heard of before and is not on the 40-man.

I'd certainly like to see a Maddux-like rental, but it doesn't look like there is anyone like that available this year.

2007-06-29 21:19:04
167.   Nagman
I don't believe what I just saw...
2007-06-29 21:19:20
168.   Andrew Shimmin
160- That's just spooky. I left an Odalis related comment over at your place, come back here and you're talking about him.
2007-06-29 21:19:43
169.   Frip
Interesting stats, you're right.
2007-06-29 21:20:23
170.   regfairfield
166 Stults has a BABIP in the low .400s, that's due to majorly regress.

Kershaw and McDonald look far superior to Cyr right now.

2007-06-29 21:23:26
171.   Frip
Donnely should stick with the old time uniforms, they do wonders for his legs.
2007-06-29 21:24:13
172.   Nagman
Is Kemp going to be double switched out?
2007-06-29 21:24:52
173.   JoeyP
Hopefully Ned doesnt judge Kemp too harshly after this game.

Young is really good.

2007-06-29 21:25:13
174.   Gen3Blue
Although it is 12:30a back East and I may fade, one hopeful thing is Young is near 70 pitches. In the 4th. Well, its something besides looking at our minor leaguers.
2007-06-29 21:25:13
175.   Andrew Shimmin
I realize it's not important, but I wonder how he picked Ethier over Betemit. Maybe LuGo's coming out after this inning.
2007-06-29 21:25:51
176.   regfairfield
168 What can I say, I love Odalis.
2007-06-29 21:25:54
177.   bhsportsguy
Kemp is going to have learn how to recognize and lay off that pitch.

He is probably a good enough fastball hitter to survive but eventually he will make it by his pitch recognition on breaking pitches.

2007-06-29 21:25:54
178.   bhsportsguy
Kemp is going to have learn how to recognize and lay off that pitch.

He is probably a good enough fastball hitter to survive but eventually he will make it by his pitch recognition on breaking pitches.

2007-06-29 21:27:50
179.   Indiana Jon
177 You're correct.
2007-06-29 21:28:05
180.   Indiana Jon
178 I disagree.
2007-06-29 21:30:32
181.   bhsportsguy
Its like crickets out here now.
2007-06-29 21:32:34
182.   Frip
174 - I understand you being sleepy out on the east coast. You may want to try something I saw on the History Channel today. The platoon lookouts used to do it to keep awake in the middle of the night.

With the tip of your finger, dab a drop of Tabasco sauce on the inside of your eyelids.

2007-06-29 21:33:09
183.   Gagne55
Does anybody here know anything about a guy named Giuseppe Norrito? I've never seen his name mentioned as a prospect before but he's been lights out in Jacksonville.
2007-06-29 21:37:08
184.   Indiana Jon
183 He's small, almost 25 years old in Double A, and his K rate is horrible. I'm going to guess he's not much of a prospect.
2007-06-29 21:37:25
185.   Gagne55
Not that I actually expect any of these guys to get called up. I'm just browsing our minor league stats and getting intrigued.
2007-06-29 21:41:06
186.   JoeyP
This might be the toughest stretch of starters the Dodgers face all year.


2007-06-29 21:41:19
187.   regfairfield
I don't get it, we have five stolen bases yet we're still losing.
2007-06-29 21:42:47
188.   regfairfield
186 If Justin Germano and his 4.67 K/9 is part of the "toughest stretch of pitchers", I'm thankful.
2007-06-29 21:43:00
189.   JoeyP
Vin must have been watching the Giants game in his booth bc he mentioned Bonds #750 literally seconds after he hit it.
2007-06-29 21:45:04
190.   Greg Brock
187 Nice.

It's almost as though they don't have as much value as we were lead to believe...I dare say "Overvalued"

2007-06-29 21:45:44
191.   JoeyP
Germano's bb/9 is excellent though.
Only 8bbs in 54ip so far this year.
And he's a groundball pitcher.
2007-06-29 21:46:40
192.   Frip
That outfit is Vin's best color combo.
2007-06-29 21:47:15
193.   regfairfield
191 Pitchers who have sustained success with K/9 under five:

I'm not worried.

2007-06-29 21:51:58
194.   Nagman
Is anybody ever going to hit the ball to Nomar? This is getting weird.
2007-06-29 21:52:47
195.   regfairfield
194 Does he even have a put out.

More of us need nothing to do on a Friday night.

2007-06-29 21:53:57
196.   Indiana Jon
193 Cy Young was pretty successful. 3.43 for his career.
2007-06-29 21:54:28
197.   Eric Enders
Those who were asking about Eric Cyr -- he's a retread who used to pitch in the Padres and Angels systems. He's also a living repudiation of the notion that a player's character is an important consideration for Colletti and the Dodgers.

The gory details can be found on his Wikipedia page.

2007-06-29 21:56:51
198.   regfairfield
196 Touche, but it was a much different game.
2007-06-29 22:02:01
199.   underdog
Nice 11 pitch at bat for Gonzo. Until he, again, didn't finish the job.

(Trying to find something positive to glom on to here.)

Sigh. So who are we gonna trade for - Buehrle? Buehrle? Something-d-o-o economics?

2007-06-29 22:02:16
200.   Nagman
Gonzo fouls off about four Ball Fours, then looks at strike 3 right down the middle.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2007-06-29 22:03:25
201.   underdog
And Nomar has two hits!

(Again, trying to find something positive here.)

Sigh. Hong-Chi, you've let us down buddy.

2007-06-29 22:04:02
202.   regfairfield
199 Ooh, a pitcher with declining strikeout rates who gives up jacks a plenty? Sign me up.
2007-06-29 22:04:33
203.   Indiana Jon
198 Joe Niekro?
2007-06-29 22:04:33
204.   JoeyP
Has their been any studies to to which is more valuble: K/9 or bb/9.

Is not walking people a more important skill than striking out people?

Even given Germano's low K rate, I doubt there are many unsucessful pitchers that have as good of bb/9 rate as he does.

Combining the two skills--German's k/bb is 3.50.
Brad Penny is at 2.50

If Germano doesnt walk people, and doenst give up home runs---then its going to take just plain luck "stringing together sequences of hits" in order to score.

If Germano keeps his bb rate and keeps his HR rate respectable--I think he'll be really effective.

2007-06-29 22:04:37
205.   overkill94
James you are slooooooow
2007-06-29 22:05:38
206.   Frip
Apparently Loney is Fred Belitnikoff slow.
2007-06-29 22:06:47
207.   Eric Enders
55 pitchers since 1950 have had a career ERA+ of 110 or better while striking out fewer than five per nine innings.

Among the key names: Dan Quisenberry, Steve Howe, Sal Maglie, John Tudor, Warren Spahn, Bob Lemon, Preacher Roe, Robin Roberts, Don Newcombe, Clem Labine

2007-06-29 22:07:06
208.   underdog
202 Oh, I don't want him, I'm just wondering if the Dodgers are still interested in acquiring him. I'm definitely not interested personally, but I'm not the GM. I'd rather give Houlton a shot.
2007-06-29 22:07:26
209.   Andrew Shimmin
A good reason not to vandalize Wikipedia. I only wish this had been the guy who called Justin Upton a clown-lover.

2007-06-29 22:09:24
210.   regfairfield
207 Well, I've been shown.

I'm still hesitant to put Germano in that tier, however.

2007-06-29 22:10:26
211.   underdog
Oh well, at least I turned on Godfather II in time to see the Cuba scenes, and "I knew it was you, Fredo." All is not lost.

Man, I hope Peavy is a little off his game tomorrow, and Penny isn't.

2007-06-29 22:11:06
212.   Andrew Shimmin
210- You may have to do an execption this time.
2007-06-29 22:11:13
213.   overkill94
Small simple size and all, but I think Nomar's a gold glove third baseman
2007-06-29 22:11:28
214.   Greg Brock
Psshaw...Typical Nomar. All glove no stick.
2007-06-29 22:11:31
215.   regfairfield
There's that put out by Nomar.

209 This Benoit thing just gets more and more bizarre.

2007-06-29 22:11:45
216.   Nagman
Okay, but can he handle a ground ball?
2007-06-29 22:11:46
217.   underdog
Well, there was a sweet play by our new third baseman!
2007-06-29 22:12:07
218.   JoeyP
We know Nomar can field.
Now can he make the throws?
2007-06-29 22:14:06
219.   Nagman
Uh oh, if Hendrickson keeps this up he's going to find himself back in the rotation.
2007-06-29 22:16:09
220.   underdog
I think Hendrickson has proven his worth this past week as a long reliever. At least compared to Tomko, at this point it's clear which one I'd keep and which one I'd DFA. I hope the Dodgers don't consider him a suitable candidate for the rotation again, though. Argh, Kuo!
2007-06-29 22:18:32
221.   Greg Brock
We know Nomar can field?
2007-06-29 22:20:13
222.   underdog
Argh. I give up. I'm gonna do some work and watch the Godfather II. Can someone ping me if the Dodgers are pulling a 5+1 comeback, please?
2007-06-29 22:25:19
223.   Gagne55
220 I'd rather Hendrickson than Kuo.
2007-06-29 22:26:46
224.   Gagne55
Arizona won again...
2007-06-29 22:27:20
225.   Dodgers49
I'm not as high on Kuo as some here. The thing that has disappointed me is that after hearing all the talk about how hard he throws I expected to see a guy who throws in the mid 90s. Yet, I can't remember the last time one of his pitches exceeded 91 on the Dodger Stadium gun. He tends to throw a lot of 88/89. When you're in that range against major league hitters you'd better have great ball movement or pinpoint control. Frankly, I don't think he is long for this rotation.
2007-06-29 22:27:31
226.   regfairfield
223 I find your request unreasonable and not based in reality.
2007-06-29 22:28:08
227.   Greg Brock
222 Let us know who had Frank Pentangeli killed
2007-06-29 22:29:21
228.   NorCal-Dodger
224 It always seems like everytime, Barry hits one out the Gnats lose.
2007-06-29 22:32:29
229.   Nagman
Didn't the Dodgers have a 9-2 lead yesterday and we still managed to get a little nervous around here. At the very least it would be nice to have their setup guys throw some warmup pitches.
2007-06-29 22:33:04
230.   Gagne55
I was just about to go to bed when Martin doubled and then Kent singled. So now I'm grinding it out.
2007-06-29 22:33:08
231.   regfairfield
229 The Padres don't have Brett Tomko.
2007-06-29 22:34:39
232.   Eric Enders
225 Kuo has hit 95 and above many times this year, but you're right, not in his last two or three starts. But even 91 mph is well above average for a lefthander's fastball.
2007-06-29 22:34:40
233.   Gagne55
Wasn't Royce Ring the guy Kenny Williams got ripped for drafting instead of Blanton?
2007-06-29 22:36:39
234.   regfairfield
233 The very same. Then again, the Devil Rays got ripped for taking B.J. Upton early.
2007-06-29 22:37:50
235.   Gagne55
Nice hitting Nomar. Dodger stadium does you well.
2007-06-29 22:38:11
236.   JoeyP
That hit right there exemplifies Nomar's season.
2007-06-29 22:38:13
237.   Greg Brock
Nice swunt.

Nomar with the biggest "I'll take whatever I can get" face of all time.

2007-06-29 22:38:28
238.   Frip
Little nubber indeed!
2007-06-29 22:39:53
239.   kadycee
Are these teams exciting when they get together or what? You never know what's going to happen...
2007-06-29 22:40:03
240.   bluedog
A long one will tie it!
2007-06-29 22:40:08
241.   JoeyP
Everything Loney hits finds a hole. He is having an unbelievable hot streak.

Need a homer.

2007-06-29 22:40:24
242.   NorCal-Dodger
C'mon Kemp!
2007-06-29 22:41:06
243.   Andrew Shimmin
Kemp's coming up as the tying run, underdog. Unless you meant that somebody should literally find your IP address and ping it.
2007-06-29 22:41:09
244.   Gagne55
234 It was actually pretty amusing rereading Moneyball recently. The Brewers were ripped for Fielder and the Mets for Kazmir.
2007-06-29 22:42:26
245.   regfairfield
244 To be fair, they just said high school players had a lower chance of panning out.

They just picked the wrong draft to highlight.

Hell, a lot of Moneyball seems kind of foolish in hindsight.

2007-06-29 22:42:37
246.   underdog
Nomar's collecting more singles than an eHarmony free trial period.

Yep, I heard the faint sounds of a small rally calling, so I came back.

227 It was you, Brock. Er, Fredo.

2007-06-29 22:43:34
247.   JoeyP
Kemp cant possibly wear the golden sombrero tonight...
2007-06-29 22:43:34
248.   underdog
243 Heh. Thanks. Guess it worked, telepathically or something.
2007-06-29 22:43:52
249.   Greg Brock
244 It was more along the lines of players they had no interest in. Not necessarily ripping them. It just exemplified the differing philosophies.

That said...Kazmir and Fielder are pretty good.

2007-06-29 22:44:29
250.   CanuckDodger
244 -- And don't forget the stupidity of the A's drafting Jeremy Bonderman was noted in Moneyball as well.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2007-06-29 22:45:04
251.   Gagne55
Good thing there was that wild pitch. Otherwise Kemp would have hit into a DP.
2007-06-29 22:45:28
252.   JoeyP
At least Kemp made contact.
I was worried if he K'ed there, he might never start again this year.
2007-06-29 22:46:14
253.   NorCal-Dodger
Boy, Kemp took 2 wheel house fastballs there
2007-06-29 22:46:14
254.   NorCal-Dodger
Boy, Kemp took 2 wheel house fastballs there
2007-06-29 22:46:20
255.   NorCal-Dodger
Boy, Kemp took 2 wheel house fastballs there
2007-06-29 22:46:37
256.   regfairfield
It's amazing that they focus on Kemp's strikeouts, even though he had the highest batting average in the organization about a week ago.
2007-06-29 22:49:07
257.   Linkmeister
Inchworm, inchworm...they're getting closer.
2007-06-29 22:49:09
258.   Greg Brock
You fail, Betemit. I eagerly await your next start...On July 22.
2007-06-29 22:51:02
259.   Gagne55
Scully with a nice intro into the ninth.
2007-06-29 22:52:48
260.   underdog
Tsao nice to see him back.
2007-06-29 22:53:57
261.   regfairfield
259 He blew the monster truck promo. It's "You'll pay for the whole seat! But you'll only need the edge!"
2007-06-29 22:55:22
262.   Eric Enders
258 That was a heck of an at-bat by Betemit, the result notwithstanding.

259 Wasn't that the same exactly the same clip package and Scully spiel they used at the beginning of the broadcast?

2007-06-29 22:55:43
263.   Eric Enders
the same exactly the same exactly the same exactly the
2007-06-29 22:56:04
264.   Andrew Shimmin
That's one big dude, catching the foul ball after a bounce.
2007-06-29 22:56:26
265.   Dodgers49
232. Was the 95 at Dodger Stadium? The reason I ask is because the speed guns tend to vary around the league and I have a hard time remembering him doing it at home. And I agree 91 is good. But he reaches that level infrequently as best I can tell.
2007-06-29 22:57:36
266.   Nagman
Too bad, except for that fourth inning the Padres have been, well, the Padres.
2007-06-29 22:57:49
267.   Linkmeister
Furcal, Pierre and Martin.

"Two bunts and a bomb!"

2007-06-29 22:58:41
268.   Eric Enders
265 I seem to remember him hitting 94-95 a lot in the game at San Diego (the Broxton-Nomar game) and also against the Mets (the bat flip game). Also, I'm pretty sure today's the first time his fastball has been consistently under 90.
2007-06-29 22:59:17
269.   Greg Brock
That was a heck of an at-bat by Betemit, the result notwithstanding.

Come on, Eric. That's not how we do things around here.

1) Name recognition
2) Service time
3) Batting Average
4) Proven Veteran Leadership
5) Steals
6) OBP

100) EqA
101) VORP

2007-06-29 23:00:43
270.   JoeyP
I'd put
6) Not Striking Out

on that list too.

2007-06-29 23:01:54
271.   Nagman
If JP can manage to not make an out here, I promise I won't criticize him til after the all star break.
2007-06-29 23:02:10
272.   Eric Enders
Sweet. Martin and Gonzo get to bat against Hoffman as the tying run.

(Notice how I'm just assuming Slappy will make an out.)

2007-06-29 23:03:09
273.   JoeyP
Dodgers have 29 hits over the last two games.
2007-06-29 23:03:09
274.   alex 7
I don't remember too many successful bunts for hits by Pierre this season.
2007-06-29 23:03:19
275.   Eric Enders
Oops, Martin and Kent. Whatever.
2007-06-29 23:04:06
276.   LAT
Forgive me Father for I have sinned. I don't know whether its because I am dead on my feet tired or this was an excrutiatingly slow game but I left in the top of the 7th and now the tying run is at the plate for the second time in two innings.
2007-06-29 23:04:08
277.   underdog
C'mon Slappy, outrun those!

Oh well, at least they made this game interesting. Subtract that 4th inning and they'd have won easily. In fact, if you build a time machine, go back, and whack Kevin Kouzmanoff's dad, they'd definitely win this game.

Let's go, Russ!

2007-06-29 23:04:52
278.   Eric Enders
Now is the time when you really wish Seanez hadn't let all those inherited runners score.
2007-06-29 23:05:18
279.   JoeyP
Grizzled veteran vs Grizzled Veteran.
In a battle to see whom is more Grizzled.
2007-06-29 23:05:18
280.   Greg Brock
276 What's the equivalent of getting LAT'd at an actual game?

It just happened!

2007-06-29 23:05:20
281.   Eric Enders
Pinch run Wolf?
2007-06-29 23:05:23
282.   Gagne55
272 Wrong! Gonzo is the winning run!
2007-06-29 23:05:29
283.   kadycee
I feel somewhat tense right now
2007-06-29 23:05:34
284.   Nagman
This is setting up perfectly for Nomar.
2007-06-29 23:06:17
285.   LAT
I wish Loney was up.
2007-06-29 23:06:18
286.   underdog
Hmm. Why do you torture us so, oh Dodgers?
2007-06-29 23:06:26
287.   Eric Enders
If Gonzo walks, Grady, please send up Olmedo to hit for Nomar.
2007-06-29 23:06:28
288.   alex 7
gameday teases us with a double whose dot is located over the wall.
2007-06-29 23:06:37
289.   kadycee
2007-06-29 23:06:39
290.   Lexinthedena
I had a feeling they were just prolonging the pain...
2007-06-29 23:06:42
291.   alex 7
no pinch runner?
2007-06-29 23:06:42
292.   JoeyP
Gonzo trying not get his own Golden Sombrero.
2007-06-29 23:06:44
293.   Gagne55
figures that that happened
2007-06-29 23:06:56
294.   Eric Enders
Well that was antifrigginclimactic.
2007-06-29 23:07:17
295.   Greg Brock
276 Say ten "Hail Loney's" and five "Our Kemp's"
2007-06-29 23:07:21
296.   Linkmeister
Well, rats. Close but no cigar.
2007-06-29 23:07:22
297.   Andrew Shimmin
Get me re-write on the phone. This ending ain't gonna play in Peoria.
2007-06-29 23:07:59
298.   underdog
That was... weak.

Well, nice character-revealing comeback, lots of scrappiness, and... they just couldn't overcome the stinky pitching in the first few innings. Feh.

2007-06-29 23:08:17
299.   JoeyP
Tomorrow night's game has to be a sell out right?
2007-06-29 23:09:00
300.   Eric Enders
Maybe Nomar could play in Peoria.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2007-06-29 23:09:32
301.   Lexinthedena least this team can score runs now....Loney and Kemp have changed everything....I expect Billingsly to turn things around....don't know what to think of Kuo at this point....
2007-06-29 23:10:44
302.   underdog
297 Yeah, bring in Tarantino to do some script doctoring, maybe spice up that last scene a bit. There should be a long monologue from Gonzo about his favorite clubhouse moments, and then it lulls Hoffman into a false sense of security. And then Gonzo shoots him. It would be terrific. Throw in some wrestling. Go with that Barton!


2007-06-29 23:10:57
303.   Eric Enders
299 You mean the two best pitchers in the league facing each other, the two best teams in the league facing each other, on a Saturday night in the biggest media market on the West Coast, with first place at stake?

I say nobody shows up.

2007-06-29 23:11:18
304.   alex 7
at least hoffman likely lacks confidence now when he faces L.A.
2007-06-29 23:11:57
305.   underdog
Bye all. I'm gonna go clean the cat's litter box, to do something both more pleasant and a bit representative of the game I just watched.
2007-06-29 23:11:58
306.   Greg Brock
All I want is for Brad Penny to absolutely shove tomorrow. Just go out there and deal.

If Penny shoves against Peavy, I don't care if we lose the series. I just want this game tomorrow.

And I want Mariano Duncan to punch Peavy in the mouth. But that isn't happening.

2007-06-29 23:13:00
307.   Eric Enders
Given their respective personalities, there is probably at least a 23% chance that Penny and Peavy literally shove each other.
2007-06-29 23:14:15
308.   PDH5204
In Kuo's defense, well, as bad as he pitched, if only Seanez would have closed the door there and/or had Furcal not made that throwing error that allowed that last unearned to score...
2007-06-29 23:23:55
309.   Gagne55
308 I don't know. Hoffman has a way of teasing us. If it were a one run game, he'd prolly get Furcal.
2007-06-29 23:26:09
310.   LAT
Kuo looked totally gassed by 75 pitches. I question if he is in shape to be a starter.

I'm guessing Vin was all over the height issue when Young and Hendrickson were pitching. Was this the tallest matchup in history.

Too bad about Marin Anderson. He was a great pick up last year. Someone will no doubt pick him up.

2007-06-29 23:29:27
311.   Bob Timmermann
Well, it was a very nice concert at the Greek Theater, but man is that some awful parking. I keep remembering how much I loathe it.

I'm looking forward to the bliss of Dodger Stadium parking tomorrow night.

Presumably, there will be fewer runs.

2007-06-29 23:29:33
312.   LAT
295 Those are the only deities that can hit.
2007-06-29 23:30:02
313.   Greg Brock
310 Be very careful. This is a pro-Kuo zone. Two arm surgeries, zero sustained success, no windup, and zero command is to be ignored. He had a nice September last year.

I like Kuo, but I'm willing to go against my beloved DT peeps and say that he is not what we'd like him to be. I would sell high.

2007-06-29 23:34:42
314.   JoeyP
I have a feeling either Buerhle or Dontrelle Willis will be wearing Dodger Blue by July 31st.
2007-06-29 23:36:02
315.   LAT
Does JP ever catch a ball moving forward instead of on his heels? He always seems to be moving backwards. When you watch someone like Ichiro on a deep fly ball they race back and then run forward using their momentum to help their throw. Why doesn't JP whose arm is like dental floss do this. . . ever.
2007-06-29 23:51:20
316.   GoBears
Just got back from the game. Boy, it was pretty awful until the 8th. Not just the score, either. I was in the Loge, near the LF corner, and the crowd behavior was terrible. I saw 7 people (not together) booted out by security, and the "Padres/Angels/Yankees? Suck" chants were incessant. Beach balls everywhere.

The game was also excruciatingly slow. Kuo, Young, and Hendrickson are all very slow workers.

Finally, I moved behind the plate (same level) in the 7th, by which time lots of seats were empty. The crowd was a little better (no beachballs under the low overhang, and more older fans), and the game perked up too.

My wife gave me a hard time every time Pierre or Nomar got a hit (or made a play, however routine). That was weird, but welcome.

On my way out, some guy saw my DodgerThoughts t-shirt and said "hey, I like that blog!" I just agreed - odd to be complimented on someone else's creation. So Jon - I'm pretty sure that was meant for you. Kudos. I was too dazed to ask him if he is a regular commenter. If so, howdy again!

I trust everyone had a good time here in cyberland?

2007-06-30 00:02:05
317.   Dodgers49
I wonder how much longer Grady will leave Loney near the bottom of the batting order. I realize he is a rookie and I don't really expect him to hit near .500 all season. But I would at least bat him higher until he shows signs of cooling off.
2007-06-30 00:08:46
318.   Greg Brock
Loney will move up in the order when he is designated as a veteran. Plus, he has to be more consistent. And he's really lacking leadership.

Experience. Leadership. Consistency. As it stands, Loney has only one thing going for him...He doesn't suck. And not sucking never helped a team go anywhere. He needs to get older.

2007-06-30 06:27:36
319.   Daniel Zappala
I'm wondering why DT believes in Kuo so much, other than that he's not Tomko or Hendrickson.
2007-06-30 07:08:34
320.   D4P
Grittle on Nomar:

"Offensively, he's had a little bad spell..."

Yeah. It has only lasted a year.

2007-06-30 07:17:22
321.   Greg Brock
Grady, on the Great Influenza Pandemic:

"Yeah, the world has been a tad under the weather"

2007-06-30 07:17:57
322.   twerp
319. Probably mostly because of September last year, when Kguo's #s (sss warning) were pretty special.

Also, when he's on he can make ML hitters look overmatched, high K rate, etc.

All kinds of potential. But he has to find more consistency and put this rough patch behind him or he won't keep starting.

Someone posted the other day that apart from his other meltdown, his ERA was 2.7ish as a starter. Obviously it's a bit higher now.

I'm concerned that at crunch time, even if Bills and Kguo are starting and pitching well, Ned won't be able to trust them in a pennant fight and will have to acquire a "proven veteran" starter...who probably won't do as well and who will cost too much. But Ned must have his backups.

Also, given the youth of Kuo and Bills, I doubt Houlton or other pitchers in the Dodger system have much of a chance right now with the Dodgers. Even if, say, Houlton did well, that'd be THREE young pichers in a pennant race. I doubt Ned/Grady could handle that.

I'm not as on top of the Edwin Jackson story as many here, but management probably is greatly influenced by what happened with him--whatever that might have been. Outpitch Randy Johnson in your first start, read the press clippings, put yourself in a mental box expecting that kind of results every time out, whatever.

An outcome like Jackson's probably influences GM decision-making as far as giving young players a chance more than it should.

But it's understandable to a degree if Ned fears for his job if the Dodgers don't make the playoffs.

2007-06-30 07:42:12
323.   Sammy Maudlin
If Kuo continues to falter, they should give Orenduff a chance before Stults or Houlton. He has only given up one earned run in his last 3 starts combined at Jacksonville.
2007-06-30 08:01:45
324.   berkowit28
319 Unremarked by anyone is that Hendrickson did very well in his two innings of relief, as he's been doing generally since he moved back to the bullpen. He seems pretty reliable over the 2 innings or so he's called on to do.
2007-06-30 08:11:50
325.   Bumsrap
Nomar's hits are still weak. Nothing is jumping off his bat. But if ground balls that squeeze through the infield and soft lobs into the short outfield are what gets him going, that is fine with me for now.

I would still rotate Abreu into the infield at 3rd, ss, and 2b. Give Furcal a five day All Star break.

I had to leave the game early due to its slowness. I would send Kuo back to Vegas until he gets it together again.

I don't understand how Little decides when to play Kemp and Ethier. Is it a coin flip? With three weak hits will Nomar hit third again?

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