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June 30 Game Chat
2007-06-30 18:26
by Jon Weisman

Tonight's game:


Retro Gameday

Comments (502)
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2007-06-30 18:48:58
1.   Robert Daeley
From last thread:

Say hello to DJ Houlton:

2007-06-30 18:49:22
2.   Indiana Jon
There are two Third Basemen named Joshua L. Bell playing in the Great Lakes vs. Lansing game. I bet Bob can't find a situation where that has ever happened before.
2007-06-30 18:49:52
3.   natepurcell
our Josh Bell has regressed significantly with his walk rate in the last month.
2007-06-30 18:53:04
4.   Daniel Zappala
I have not been LAT'd. I have been Zapped.
2007-06-30 18:54:22
5.   ToyCannon
From previous thread, D Young has historically been a monster 2nd half hitter until last year. People may look at "monster" and think hyperbole but I'm sticking with it until proven wrong.
2007-06-30 18:57:25
6.   Bluebleeder87

yesterdays game was ours but K/Guo simply had a horrible outing hopefully DJ Houlton will be serviceable.

2007-06-30 18:59:52
7.   ToyCannon
Players that DT has championed.
Kuo - huge disapointment, maybe more to me then anyone, I was hoping for greatness.
Billingsley - as a starter it has not been memorable. He needs to turn it around for the sake of all of our prospects.
Loney - everything and more
La Roche - should have been able to do what Braun is doing, instead we got some walks and a sore shoulder
Kemp - does everything but play
DJ Houlton - ???
2007-06-30 19:08:24
8.   Bluebleeder87
i think Kemp K'd 3 times yesterday he needs more playing time to pracetice patience on those breaking balls away, DJ Houlton was serviceable when he was up here from what i remember.
2007-06-30 19:10:12
9.   natepurcell
laroche is back in the vegas lineup.
2007-06-30 19:11:06
10.   regfairfield
Kuo had two bad starts out of six, and he gets demoted. Odalis Perez was at least given three bad starts. Tomko got four bad ones, Hendrickson got five consecutive terrible outings.

If he's hurt, why not DL him instead of sending him down to inevitably get more hurt?

2007-06-30 19:11:14
11.   regfairfield
Kuo had two bad starts out of six, and he gets demoted. Odalis Perez was at least given three bad starts. Tomko got four bad ones, Hendrickson got five consecutive terrible outings.

If he's hurt, why not DL him instead of sending him down to inevitably get more hurt?

2007-06-30 19:14:01
12.   Sam in SC
SDG: Peavy (9-2, 2.14 ERA)
LAD: Penny (10-1, 2.04 ERA)

this one should be good.

2007-06-30 19:14:43
13.   Lexinthedena
I liked what I saw from Houlton the first time around, and was always rooting for him to get another shot....He has a major league curve, and I remember reading how disappointed he was to be sent back down, and him saying something about getting used to the majors real quick....happy for him....
2007-06-30 19:15:28
14.   Sam in SC
jeez. let's see if we can touch this guy.
2007-06-30 19:16:16
15.   JoeyP
Thats a good point about Hendrickson.
He did get like 5 straight bad ones.
Kuo gets two and he's gone.

Houlton did ok in 05 until latter in the year when he started giving up home runs.

2007-06-30 19:17:00
16.   Greg Brock
I want this game very much. It's just one out of 162, but I've had this one on the brain since the pitching matchups played out.
2007-06-30 19:20:52
17.   Sam in SC
16 - has anyone said that it should be a low scoring game yet?
2007-06-30 19:23:08
18.   confucius
Penny has been hammered by the Padres in the past so I am still not sure how low scoring it will be. However, I cannot discount how well Penny has pitched this year. So we'll see...
2007-06-30 19:25:04
19.   JoeyP
Is DS gun slow?
Penny's at 91-93 starting out the game.
2007-06-30 19:25:22
20.   Indiana Jon
Gagne is still a very good pitcher.
2007-06-30 19:25:33
21.   Lexinthedena
2007-06-30 19:26:00
22.   Bluebleeder87
Hey Bard hit it were Bob is sitting.
2007-06-30 19:27:53
23.   Bluebleeder87

no, that's pretty much his comfort zone although he hits 95-97 later on during the game at times.

2007-06-30 19:28:05
24.   Lexinthedena
at least he caught it...
2007-06-30 19:28:31
25.   JoeyP
Nice catch Juan.
2007-06-30 19:31:21
26.   regfairfield
23 Penny, at least according to Bill James, is the only NL starter that sits at 95 and above.
2007-06-30 19:33:15
27.   confucius
He hit 95 after he gave up the doubles.
2007-06-30 19:33:21
28.   JoeyP
Its amazing Nomar's played 3 games at third and still hasnt had a groundball hit to him.
2007-06-30 19:34:04
29.   Lexinthedena
last year Penny was up in the 95-97 range all year....this year he has toned it down, and had much better command....
2007-06-30 19:34:16
30.   Robert Daeley
If I'm not mistaken, Kuo got three starts after the NYM win and two before, so it's not like he's only gotten two chances to screw up before getting demoted. Here's his 2007 line.

6/29 at SD (L 6-7): 3.1 IP, 6 H, 6 ER, 3 BB, 3 K

6/24 at TB (L 4-9): 5.1 IP, 4 H, 3 ER, 1 BB, 8 K

6/20 TOR (L 1-12): 1.2 IP, 6 H, 8 ER, 2 BB, 1 K

6/12 NYM (W 4-1): 7.0 IP, 5 H, 1 ER, 1 BB, 4 K

6/7 at SD (L 5-6): 6.0 IP, 3 H, 1 ER, 4 BB, 8 K

6/2 at PIT (L 1-3): 4.2 IP, 5 H, 2 ER, 2 BB, 3 K

5/18 at LAA (L 1-9): 2.0 IP, 2 H, 1 ER, 0 BB, 0 SS

5/15 STL (W 9-7): 0.1 IP, 4 H, 3 ER, 1 BB, 0 K

One great game. Flashes of brilliance.

2007-06-30 19:34:36
31.   confucius
In the game against the Angels (his only loss) he was throwing 89-91. I read that he had the flu or something before that start.
2007-06-30 19:35:46
32.   Daniel Zappala
Sometimes my mind drifts a bit, and when I see Kent, Gonzalez, Garciaparra coming up next I think ... Wow! The Dodgers have all those guys! They'll be unstoppable! Then I come back and remember it's 2007, and I know what it's like to be a deluded GM.
2007-06-30 19:36:43
33.   JoeyP
I think its the DS gun that is slow, bc Peavy only at 90/91.

Peavy throws harder than that.

2007-06-30 19:39:38
34.   Lexinthedena
Been looking forward to Loney Vs. Peavy all day...
2007-06-30 19:39:41
35.   regfairfield
29 And yet his walk rate is higher than it was last year.

30 I see two bad starts in there. His other outings were in relief, and it's becoming more and more apparent the man can not pitch out of the bullpen.

2007-06-30 19:40:22
36.   Lexinthedena
oof.....for a second there....
2007-06-30 19:41:26
37.   JoeyP
I wonder if Penny will brush back Peavy? Last year Peavy hit a homer off of him.
2007-06-30 19:44:55
38.   Bluebleeder87
Gonzalez has good #'s against Peavy i hope he goes deep with a runner on.
2007-06-30 19:45:51
39.   JoeyP
Best fastball in the NL, and you throw a 3-2 curve....
2007-06-30 19:46:08
40.   Bluebleeder87

Peavy is legally blind from what i understand.

2007-06-30 19:47:35
41.   confucius
40 I wish I was legally blind so I could just date ugly chicks.
2007-06-30 19:47:56
42.   Lexinthedena
Nomar looked awkward...but I guess Brooks Robinson would have been rusty after three games of nothing...

Bad example...I know...

2007-06-30 19:55:27
43.   Bluebleeder87

as long as the chick tells me she's hot i'm all for it. "Lie to me!!!" Chris Rock quote.

2007-06-30 19:56:25
44.   Lexinthedena
Is Cameron gonna be THAT guy tonight?

God I hate the Padres....

2007-06-30 19:56:44
45.   Greg Brock
I'll guess Eric Show and Reggie Cleveland All Star La Marr Hoyt
2007-06-30 19:57:28
46.   Greg Brock
Also, that should be "John Birch Society" member Eric Show.
2007-06-30 19:58:44
47.   JoeyP
Gonzo totally deeked Cameron.
That was going to drop in easily.
2007-06-30 19:59:26
48.   Lexinthedena
45- Wow.....That is a Reggie Cleveland all-star for sure...

Any white guy named Reggie...Willits for example...

2007-06-30 20:00:32
49.   confucius
I can't believe Vin knew what wikipedia was.
2007-06-30 20:01:02
50.   Lexinthedena
Just Wikipedia'd Eric Show....whoa....that is a movie that I would see......
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2007-06-30 20:01:29
51.   scareduck
41 - yet there are some chicks so ugly that they're also ugly in Braille. Explain.
2007-06-30 20:01:30
52.   Bluebleeder87
Josh Bard & Mike Cameron in the Aztec tongue means nu sense
2007-06-30 20:01:57
53.   JoeyP
What was Bud Black thinking?
2007-06-30 20:02:22
54.   scareduck
49 - likewise.

Did Vinny ever finish that story about Towers and (unidentified but predictable) Peavy?

2007-06-30 20:02:47
55.   underdog
My lord, that wasn't even close. Was that a busted sign or something? we'll take it.

41 Yikes, trying to scare off our women posters here are you?

2007-06-30 20:03:20
56.   underdog
Nice job by Penny to get out of that one. (With a little help from the Padres.)
2007-06-30 20:04:30
57.   confucius
53 He was thinking he was still with the Angels and giving outs away is OK.
2007-06-30 20:05:46
58.   underdog
Otto Maticoutt strikes again.

Of course, vs. Peavy there could be a lot of them today.

2007-06-30 20:06:13
59.   JoeyP
Black made a poor decision, but it was Cameron's base running on the flare to LF that cost them a run.
2007-06-30 20:08:34
60.   Greg Brock
The definitive history of the San Diego Padres

by Vin Scully.

2007-06-30 20:09:11
61.   JoeyP
Thats only 42 pitches in 4ip for Peavy.
2007-06-30 20:09:39
62.   Lexinthedena
Uhhh, Vin...LaSorda said a lot more than that....

2007-06-30 20:10:13
63.   Bluebleeder87
Brad Penny surprised me with his fist pumping action.
2007-06-30 20:10:21
64.   scareduck
That creepy woman with the Nomar mural on the side of her van does not make me feel better about being a Dodger fan.
2007-06-30 20:10:57
65.   underdog
Wrong part of the park, Jeff.

Sigh. I'm going to watch a DVD for awhile. Will check back here later, though I probably should do that in about 40 minutes at the rate this is going.

2007-06-30 20:12:37
66.   confucius
59 I wonder if Cameron was supposed to come home on that hit and run. It wouldn't really make sense to run the catcher for any reason but to bait Martin to throw.
2007-06-30 20:12:39
67.   scareduck
62 - that URL is broken.
2007-06-30 20:13:44
68.   scareduck
63 - If you push up on the button on his back, he also does a karate kick.
2007-06-30 20:14:45
69.   JoeyP
Its taken 64 minutes to play half the game.
2007-06-30 20:14:56
70.   Bluebleeder87

i got "The url contained a malformed video id."

2007-06-30 20:15:25
71.   Lexinthedena
67- That's weird...I copied and pasted it...

Go to youtube and type in Lasorda...then click on the one title Tommy Lasorda Audio Stew.....might be the greatest thing ever.....

2007-06-30 20:16:03
72.   Bluebleeder87


2007-06-30 20:16:26
73.   Lexinthedena
67- That's weird...I copied and pasted it...

Go to youtube and type in Lasorda...then click on the one titled "Tommy Lasorda Audio Stew".....might be the greatest thing ever.....

2007-06-30 20:20:33
74.   Greg Brock
Oh me oh my.
2007-06-30 20:20:33
75.   Bluebleeder87


2007-06-30 20:20:44
76.   confucius
Vin did some voodoo there baby
2007-06-30 20:20:49
77.   scareduck
Speaking of homerless streaks... way to go Nomar!
2007-06-30 20:21:02
78.   Lexinthedena
as soon as Vin made mention of the homerless streak, I knew the gods would make this happen...


2007-06-30 20:21:11
79.   Mark Joseph
I guess if Nomar was ever going to hit another dinger, this was a good time for it.
2007-06-30 20:21:20
80.   underdog
Hey, I think my MLBTV is broken. It just showed Nomar hitting a home run off Peavy. What really happened?
2007-06-30 20:21:45
81.   MC Safety
wow.... off peavy??
2007-06-30 20:21:48
82.   confucius
55 In hindsight, that wasn't a very intelligent thing for me to say.
2007-06-30 20:21:52
83.   underdog
Yeah, that was a classic jinx. I tried not to think of it because that counteracts the jinx. Um, assuming there's any logic behind it at all.
2007-06-30 20:22:01
84.   JoeyP
That was shocking.
2007-06-30 20:22:38
85.   Mark Joseph
Steiner adds that not only did Nomar not have a homer in 231 AB, but that Peavy had not allowed one in 84 1/3 innings.
2007-06-30 20:22:51
86.   Greg Brock
Somebody told him Jason Kendall went yard today.

Or Olmedo threatened to eat his children.

2007-06-30 20:23:21
87.   confucius
80 Popup on a pitch out of the strike zone.
2007-06-30 20:23:37
88.   JoeyP
The player most unlikely to hit a homer, hits a homer off of the pitcher most likely to not give one up.
2007-06-30 20:24:01
89.   MC Safety
nomar being nomore, nomore?
2007-06-30 20:24:35
90.   confucius
I think Bob must be Nomar's good luck charm. Forget the twins.
2007-06-30 20:24:50
91.   Lexinthedena
86- All praise due Allah!
2007-06-30 20:24:58
92.   Marty
So, Nomar should just stay home with the kids the next road trip.
2007-06-30 20:26:22
93.   Marty
Ah, it's a beautiful evening, I'm sipping a nice anejo tequila and Nomar goes yard.
2007-06-30 20:26:26
94.   underdog
I'm glad I postponed the DVD watching for awhile. My g/f's absorbed in a computer game, anyway. Wondered why I'd just shouted, "What the..!??" Great at bat by Nomar, too, given the number of pitches before the homer.

Now, can they get a second run off Peavy is the question.

2007-06-30 20:26:31
95.   Greg Brock
I remember reading about this:

And Nomar shall hit a home run. The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and the terrible day of the Lord come.

2007-06-30 20:26:37
96.   MC Safety
nomar producing at third puts us light years ahead of the pads, this could be a huge boost to our team.
2007-06-30 20:27:25
97.   imperabo
Can anyone explain to me why a low scoring game is considered good baseball while a high scoring game is considered bad baseball?
2007-06-30 20:28:00
98.   regfairfield
Amazing what regression to the mean can do for a guy like Peavy.
2007-06-30 20:28:09
99.   confucius
93 Your beautiful evening are few and far between these days.
2007-06-30 20:28:31
100.   Lexinthedena
97- I don't think that's the criteria...A well played, and suspenseful game is what is considered good baseball...
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2007-06-30 20:29:23
101.   Lexinthedena
C'mon blue!
2007-06-30 20:29:35
102.   regfairfield
Penny didn't actually just throw an eephus pitch, did he?
2007-06-30 20:29:41
103.   scareduck
Frank McCourt just cost Brad Penny a walk.
2007-06-30 20:31:20
104.   Marty
The evening was beautiful regardless of Nomar!
2007-06-30 20:31:23
105.   JoeyP
I'm surprised the Padres dont platoon Branyan with either Cruz/Kouz when a right hander is pitching.
2007-06-30 20:31:39
106.   Lexinthedena
Penny's pitch count?
2007-06-30 20:31:53
107.   Greg Brock
This game is flying by.

Brock Remedial Institute of Total Obviousness.

2007-06-30 20:32:10
108.   scareduck
106 - 82.
2007-06-30 20:32:18
109.   confucius
97 I think Vin leads people to believe that because he enjoys good pitching.
2007-06-30 20:33:01
110.   MC Safety
97- it is known universally around baseball that pitching wins championships. thats precisely why the yanks arent winning, plus they arent really hitting. this is as close to a playoff atmosphere as you can get...
2007-06-30 20:33:12
111.   confucius
104 :)
2007-06-30 20:33:54
112.   imperabo
100 You don't think announcers go out of their way to praise the wonders of a pitcher's duel? Vin just lamented how some pitchers duels "degenerate into a slugfest", as if that's a terrible thing. I've heard that a million times.
2007-06-30 20:35:47
113.   underdog
Do you think it's fair to say at this point that Khalil Greene is the Cesar Izturis of the Padres?
2007-06-30 20:36:15
114.   confucius
In my opinion, the best game I ever watched was the 4+1 game last season in which 21 runs were scored. I do however, hate watching games in Coors Field becasue no lead is safe.
2007-06-30 20:36:42
115.   underdog
107 A reference to your favorite Dodgers' scout and radar gun-holder?
2007-06-30 20:36:53
116.   JoeyP
113--Was Izturis ever on a pace for 30 homers and 100RBIs?
2007-06-30 20:36:56
117.   scareduck
113 - yes.
2007-06-30 20:37:02
118.   confucius
113 I don't know what would be meant by that.
2007-06-30 20:39:49
119.   Greg Brock
115 I was asked to add the "Remedial" to make it BRITO in honor of our Panama Hat wearing friend.

I obliged.

2007-06-30 20:39:52
120.   Lexinthedena
If Cesar hit home runs like Khalil, he would still be a Dodger...
2007-06-30 20:40:07
121.   underdog
Eek, yeah, my bad, didn't realize Greene had 13 homers (despite the low BA). Never mind. Though I still see him as someone who doesn't scare me with the bat. But obviously I haven't been watching him much this year.
2007-06-30 20:41:06
122.   JoeyP
Pierre finally gets a bunt single.
2007-06-30 20:41:34
123.   Marty
on a lousy bunt.
2007-06-30 20:41:56
124.   underdog
There we go Otto, that's the way for you to get on vs. Peavy. Well done, lad.
2007-06-30 20:43:18
125.   Bluebleeder87
Watching the Padres catchers last night & tonight there really horrible at throwing out runners. but to be fair Pierres had pretty good jumps of of the pitchers.
2007-06-30 20:43:43
126.   Lexinthedena
what a pitch....
2007-06-30 20:43:47
127.   Greg Brock
This Peavy guy is pretty good.
2007-06-30 20:44:58
128.   underdog
Bench this Martin kid, he's hopeless!

Well, anyway.

2007-06-30 20:45:04
129.   JoeyP
Martin's "clutchiness" has been trending downward the last month.
2007-06-30 20:47:04
130.   Bluebleeder87
i think that's Nomar 1st catch & throw to 1st base right?
2007-06-30 20:47:25
131.   D4P
Pierre hits 2nd, while Cruz Jr. hits 8th.

Just shoot me.

2007-06-30 20:47:27
132.   underdog
A homer and a put0out all in the same game! This is Nomar's night.
2007-06-30 20:48:18
133.   Bluebleeder87

what have you done for me lately syndrome.

2007-06-30 20:48:19
134.   Lexinthedena
129- Like many, he's at his worst when swinging for the fences....
2007-06-30 20:48:43
135.   underdog
Put-out, that is. Not sure whether I want to know what a put0out is.
2007-06-30 20:48:59
136.   Marty
If the gun is still slow, Penny just came close to 100
2007-06-30 20:49:07
137.   fanerman
Well, Martin could use a day off, right?
2007-06-30 20:50:04
138.   scareduck
116 - Eh, I stand corrected.
2007-06-30 20:50:34
139.   confucius
He should hit Peavy on the hands with one of those 100 mph fastball.
2007-06-30 20:50:44
140.   kadycee
Pitchers duels are so darn exciting.
2007-06-30 20:50:57
141.   JoeyP
Penny's nearing 100 pitches.
Does he pitch the 8th if the Dodgers dont score in the 7th?
2007-06-30 20:52:02
142.   3upn3down
Pretty sure Vin needs to update his notes on Jose Cruz Jr.

His older brother went missing last year and was presumed dead. He was involved in drugs. And his younger brother who was the good high school baseball player, has already finished his college career at Rice (winning a NC in 2003) and is in the minors some where (too lazy to look, but its enrique if you are so inclined).

2007-06-30 20:52:14
143.   kadycee
I assume from looking at the score that Penny has been his usual bad a** self. I love him.
2007-06-30 20:53:52
144.   confucius
141 I would say no because B Giles has been on base twice already and he's leading off. Of course Gonzalez is up third and we know what he did in his last at bat against Brox.
2007-06-30 20:54:51
145.   Bluebleeder87
Didn't realize Kent had such hefty #'s against the Pads 33 dingerS & 125 RBI.
2007-06-30 20:55:37
146.   JoeyP
Penny's season high pitch count according to Vin is 110---he's at 101 right now.
2007-06-30 20:55:43
147.   underdog
Kent looked utterly foolish in that at bat.

143 Yep, except for a few mistakes. Both pitchers have been mostly terrific.

2007-06-30 20:56:12
148.   fanerman
Peavy needs to get out of this game.
2007-06-30 20:59:23
149.   Bluebleeder87
Taking 'em deep Loney!
2007-06-30 20:59:25
150.   3upn3down
What is the pitching matchup tomorrow?
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2007-06-30 21:00:30
151.   Lexinthedena
Green light Crazy Eyes!
2007-06-30 21:02:12
152.   kadycee
I wonder what Peavy's like after the 7th inning? Maybe it would be better to face him.
2007-06-30 21:02:26
153.   JoeyP
Good eye Loney.
2007-06-30 21:02:41
154.   confucius
150 Billz and Germano
2007-06-30 21:03:37
155.   Lexinthedena
Germano was born in The 'Dena...
2007-06-30 21:03:43
156.   Bluebleeder87
I'm thinking Billingsley Vs. Germano but i'm not quite sure though 150
2007-06-30 21:04:24
157.   kadycee
kouzmanoff we love you.
2007-06-30 21:04:45
158.   confucius
Why not Betemit?
2007-06-30 21:05:08
159.   underdog
Let's go Tomato!
2007-06-30 21:05:14
160.   JoeyP
Kouz has missed quite a few balls this year.
2007-06-30 21:05:28
161.   Lexinthedena
Man...close pitches...
2007-06-30 21:05:57
162.   kadycee
I hope to someday see the killer tomato hit a homerun in the World Series.
2007-06-30 21:06:14
163.   confucius
Peavy is going to pay for it with that slider.
2007-06-30 21:06:31
164.   Daniel Zappala
I'd rather have Mitch Jones up than Saenz against a RHP.
2007-06-30 21:06:31
165.   JoeyP
That was Saenz pitch---hanging slider.
2007-06-30 21:06:31
166.   underdog
Why not Saenz?
2007-06-30 21:06:39
167.   kadycee
Peavy's working hard
2007-06-30 21:06:45
168.   scareduck
142 - appears to be in the Rangers' org now:

2007-06-30 21:07:31
169.   kadycee
NO. I refuse to accept it.
2007-06-30 21:07:40
170.   Greg Brock
Peavy is an absolute stud.
2007-06-30 21:07:48
171.   3upn3down
And boom goes the dynamite!

2007-06-30 21:07:55
172.   Lexinthedena
HATE this commercial....
2007-06-30 21:08:00
173.   scareduck
Saenz' ability to hit the fastball appears to be a legacy this year, and not a reality.
2007-06-30 21:08:07
174.   D4P
Loney is only OPSing .887 at home.
2007-06-30 21:08:19
175.   underdog
Or, Why, Saenz, why?

Oh well, credit to Peavy for rearing back to end that.

2007-06-30 21:08:19
176.   confucius
166 Becasue he sucks against RHP.
2007-06-30 21:08:26
177.   kadycee
Both teams have identical numbers - even men left on base. I smell extra innings...
2007-06-30 21:08:43
178.   JoeyP
IF Betemit's not the guy in that situation, then whats his use on the team?

Saenz vs righthanders is not a favorable matchup.

2007-06-30 21:08:46
179.   LAT
Olmado, that was not very sexy. Not one bit.
2007-06-30 21:09:05
180.   underdog
That near-double sure was close. Oh well. Sigh.
2007-06-30 21:09:18
181.   fanerman
Again, is Olmedo really our best pinch-hitting option against a right-handed pitcher?
2007-06-30 21:09:29
182.   regfairfield
How do you turn to Beimel instead of Broxton in this situation?
2007-06-30 21:10:10
183.   JoeyP
I guess they are taking the looginess of Beimel vs Giles/Gonzalez over Broxton's talent.
2007-06-30 21:10:31
184.   Greg Brock
Did we get an answer to the AFLAC Trivia Question?
2007-06-30 21:10:59
185.   confucius
182 Tie game. Not that I agree with it, but that's why.
2007-06-30 21:11:15
186.   LAT
Why not Broxton here?
2007-06-30 21:11:17
187.   kadycee
This is discomfiting. Unless I'm using that word incorrectly.
2007-06-30 21:11:51
188.   confucius
Back to back bone head decisions by little. Seanz then Biemel.
2007-06-30 21:11:57
189.   underdog
Bah, Beimel, that was a fat pitch.
2007-06-30 21:12:01
190.   Greg Brock
Nevermind. Randy Jones and La Marr Hoyt. Looked it up.

Carry on.

2007-06-30 21:12:01
191.   JoeyP
Is Bud Black going to invoke the Stupid Bunter Principle?
2007-06-30 21:13:14
192.   Lexinthedena
Vin just dropped more voodoo...walk him...
2007-06-30 21:13:52
193.   kadycee
What's so wrong with wearing a uniform that fits you, Beimel?
2007-06-30 21:13:57
194.   3upn3down
168 that site on enrique cruz can't be right. Must be the worng guy. I thought the Cruz's were from PR, not DR.

also, he was definitely at Rice in '03 as a junior, so this can't be him.

Check this out:

2007-06-30 21:14:21
195.   LAT
Don't like the Beimen/Gonzolaz match-up here.
2007-06-30 21:15:11
196.   fanerman
An extra-base height to Brian Giles? Who gives those up anymore? B. Giles has a Juan Pierre-esque .347 slugging percentage (though that's higher than JP's .325).
2007-06-30 21:15:18
197.   kadycee
The Giants won! Yay! Ooo, it's like bizarro world.
2007-06-30 21:15:27
198.   confucius
I'm buying Welke a beer.
2007-06-30 21:15:38
199.   LAT
195. That guy doesn't know anything.
2007-06-30 21:15:49
200.   Greg Brock
Bring on The Bull.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2007-06-30 21:15:58
201.   Bluebleeder87

it looks even worse live Kady, they look like jammies.

2007-06-30 21:16:07
202.   JoeyP
Adrian Gonzales has had a terrible season against the Dodgers, and particularly this series.
2007-06-30 21:16:12
203.   kadycee
Big John is definitely getting bigger. That's troubling.
2007-06-30 21:16:48
204.   underdog
Beimel came in to face 2 lefties and a righty. Now they bring in Broxton. I didn't like the result to start the inning but I don't think the decision was that mysterious.
2007-06-30 21:17:49
205.   D4P
This looks like a game the Dodgers will go on to win.
2007-06-30 21:18:39
206.   Lexinthedena
C'mon Mongo!

Strike this chump out!

2007-06-30 21:18:40
207.   confucius
203 He's a manatee.
2007-06-30 21:18:44
208.   kadycee
Remember Sid Fernandez? When they showed Broxton from the back I thought of him.
2007-06-30 21:19:31
209.   JoeyP
Nope, the gun aint slow.
Broxton at 99mph.
2007-06-30 21:21:34
210.   kadycee
Nice, manatee.
2007-06-30 21:21:47
211.   Greg Brock
Atta boy, Bull. Go eat a small village.
2007-06-30 21:22:07
212.   underdog
Wicked, wicked pitch.
2007-06-30 21:22:09
213.   Bluebleeder87
Nice work by Broxton hopefully we can score some runs here.
2007-06-30 21:22:23
214.   JoeyP
Its kinda funny seeing a guy as big as Broxton do a twirl.
2007-06-30 21:22:59
215.   LAT
Hopefully that took some wind out of the S.D. sails.
2007-06-30 21:23:33
216.   underdog
206 Mongo, er Broxton, only pawn... in game of life.
2007-06-30 21:23:57
217.   confucius
I don't know if that was a great pitch by Broxton or a bad at bat by Cameron.
2007-06-30 21:24:46
218.   JoeyP
217--Cameron pulled a Beltre with chasing the garbage sliders---but Brox did have some great velocity with his fastball tonight.
2007-06-30 21:26:34
219.   JoeyP
Heath Bell a little squeezage.
I'll take that.
2007-06-30 21:27:15
220.   underdog
Yeah, the ump's not giving him much room to wiggle there. Fine by me.

C'mon Otto!

2007-06-30 21:27:29
221.   confucius
218 For sure, and he got him out the way you are supposed to get Mike Cameron out instead of just blowing him down.
2007-06-30 21:27:50
222.   confucius
218 For sure, and he got him out the way you are supposed to get Mike Cameron out instead of just trying to blow him down.
2007-06-30 21:28:41
223.   JoeyP
Would you walk Martin to get to Kent?
Or pitch to Russ with 1st base open?
2007-06-30 21:30:16
224.   confucius
I hope the clean up hitter cleans up.
2007-06-30 21:30:36
225.   underdog
Russell's been struggling a bit so I guess they did the right thing.
2007-06-30 21:31:16
226.   underdog
On the other hand, Kent's looked feeble tonight. So maybe it didn't matter.
2007-06-30 21:31:44
227.   JoeyP
Thats 3ks for Kent tonight.
2007-06-30 21:31:50
228.   confucius
Wow, forget what I said about Cameron. He's a god compared to Kent.
2007-06-30 21:32:04
229.   underdog
Our clean up hitter's more of a garbage man right now, alas.
2007-06-30 21:32:46
230.   JoeyP
1 more inning for Broxton I assume, then Saito in the 10th if it gets that far.
2007-06-30 21:36:21
231.   Bluebleeder87
Both teams have identical numbers - even men left on base. I smell extra innings...

so far it looks like your olfactory receptor neurons were correct Kady.

2007-06-30 21:36:59
232.   kadycee
2007-06-30 21:37:18
233.   confucius
Big play, Russ.
2007-06-30 21:37:20
234.   Greg Brock
Martin threw an absolute seed. That was a big jump, even for a pitchout.
2007-06-30 21:37:24
235.   Bluebleeder87
Bud Black taken to school by Grady, NICE!.
2007-06-30 21:37:31
236.   Lexinthedena
Bad Boys on the PA...


2007-06-30 21:37:56
237.   underdog
Your move, Mr. Black.

Pitch-out. Neener, neener.

2007-06-30 21:39:04
238.   JoeyP
Bud Black's having a tough night, or Angel flashbacks.

Maybe both.

2007-06-30 21:41:08
239.   Bluebleeder87

it's his birthday non the less, Vinnie mentioned it earlier

2007-06-30 21:41:08
240.   LAT
If he looks like this on a mild night inJune can you imagine how Brox will be sweating in an Aug day game. They will have to put drainage around the mound.
2007-06-30 21:43:06
241.   JoeyP
Dodgers need to pull this one out in order to be 15-2 in Brad Penny starts.
2007-06-30 21:43:24
242.   LAT
So heres the dilema: If Norar hits a WOHR we win but the legend of Nomar is solidified for the rest of the season no matter what.

I opt for the Nomar WOHR cause Nomaris already solidifed as far as Ned/Grady are concerned.

2007-06-30 21:44:22
243.   dzzrtRatt
So now who starts the All-Star game?

Maybe ben Sheets comes up from the rear to take it away from both of them.

2007-06-30 21:44:28
244.   Greg Brock
240 I'm imagining Ted Stryker from Airplane! Part II.
2007-06-30 21:44:32
245.   Lexinthedena
what a play...
2007-06-30 21:44:44
246.   LAT
Any slower and Gonzo would be moving backwards.
2007-06-30 21:46:16
247.   scareduck
246 - no, any slower and he'd have to change his name to Luis Molina.
2007-06-30 21:46:34
248.   LAT
244. Good call or Albert Brooks in Braoscast News.
2007-06-30 21:48:33
249.   scareduck
235 - Black fails to understand he has a lineup not as (generally) fast as the Angels'.
2007-06-30 21:49:18
250.   LAT
Jeez James you let your average fall below .450. Let's pick it up Rook!
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2007-06-30 21:49:57
251.   MMSMikey
getting pretty annoying all these relivers the padres keep finding. surpised alan mills and terry mulholland arent over there dominating.
2007-06-30 21:50:43
252.   underdog
248 Heh. That's what I was thinking of. "This is more than Nixon ever sweated."
2007-06-30 21:52:30
253.   Bluebleeder87
make quick work of them Saito!
2007-06-30 21:53:37
254.   kadycee
Not a good feeling seeing Saito flat on the ground...
2007-06-30 21:53:56
255.   Lexinthedena
Saito looks like he has been workin' on the goat for almost a week...if it takes that long and your in your in your 30's, then you should re-consider...and he just almost gets impaled....sorry....
2007-06-30 21:54:04
256.   Greg Brock
Wow. Watch your lips, Saito.

Little too close.

2007-06-30 21:54:19
257.   scareduck
Man, that was a scary moment or five from Saito.
2007-06-30 21:54:54
258.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Hey guys, I can't believe I've missed such a good game tonight. WORK!

If anyone is in the Venice/Fairfax area of LA and wants two free tickets to tomorrow's game, let me know. I won't be able to make it and rather have a DT'er have them then have let them rot.

(LF pavillion, third row up in 307)

2007-06-30 21:54:56
259.   scareduck
255 - a close shave for a guy with a not close shave.
2007-06-30 21:55:04
260.   Greg Brock
Goodness. Sawing lumber like Mariano Rivera.
2007-06-30 21:55:06
261.   underdog
Yikes, Sammy, be careful.

I get a little irritated with fans who don't let their own team's fielder make a try at a foul ball (referring to previous batter), but whatever, it all worked out.

2007-06-30 21:55:33
262.   Bluebleeder87
2 for 1 from Saito. Makes quick work & destroys bats at the same time.
2007-06-30 21:55:35
263.   LAT
Assuming Sammy only goes one (which he will cause he is up this inning) who does Grady go to? Tsao?
2007-06-30 21:56:22
264.   confucius
The Dodgers need to get one here and save the bullpen. No off days in the near future.
2007-06-30 21:57:25
265.   Mark Joseph
I guess it's reasonably safe to guess that Bob's prediction a few days ago that this game would end 10-9 is incorrect. Of course, if it does, it will be exciting!
2007-06-30 21:57:39
266.   Greg Brock
263 I would hope so. But maybe Tomko (Dun Dun DUNNNNNNNNN).
2007-06-30 21:58:15
267.   underdog
255 Wait, I missed something. Saito has a goat? And then there was some sawed off wood? I think I'm losing it...
2007-06-30 21:58:29
268.   scareduck
261 - lately Dodger fans have been doing a lot to annoy me. That was one instance, cheering when Casey Kotchman got beaned by Martin's throw was another.
2007-06-30 21:59:05
269.   scareduck
266 - I would hope Tsao.


2007-06-30 21:59:55
270.   Greg Brock
269 Nice.
2007-06-30 22:00:36
271.   LAT
266. That would make Pedro look like a small mistake.
2007-06-30 22:00:50
272.   Lexinthedena
Pads have such a great 'pen....
2007-06-30 22:01:29
273.   LAT
269. Very good
2007-06-30 22:01:33
274.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Wilson Betemit = Pedro Serrano

I would pay a pretty penny to hear him say "hats for bats"

2007-06-30 22:01:54
275.   Hallux Valgus
261 I often wonder how the dumbest fans in the building are always in the seats most likely to affect the game. If I'm in that position, not only am I trying to help my ancient left fielder, but I'm finding the ball and cramming it into his glove, hoping to fool the ump.
2007-06-30 22:03:08
276.   underdog
266 When that happens, I shut the game off officially. Do the Padres have the equivalent of a Tomko in their pen that would give us some hope?
2007-06-30 22:03:54
277.   kadycee
266. When I see Tomko I assume Grady is conceding the game.
2007-06-30 22:04:46
278.   Lexinthedena
Padre uni's are little-league esque....
2007-06-30 22:05:10
279.   underdog
277 When I see Tomko I assume the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, but whatever works.
2007-06-30 22:06:39
280.   Greg Brock
Come on Tsao. I'm a big fan...Don't make me destroy you.

Nice. Comes back from 3-0

2007-06-30 22:08:03
281.   confucius
No matter what the bullpen does from this point on they have already given the team ample oppurtunity to win this game. Your offense has to come up with a run.
2007-06-30 22:08:20
282.   LAT
If this game goes long enough is there any chance we see pinch hitter Milton Bradley tonight.
2007-06-30 22:09:07
283.   LAT
281. I think the Pods are saying the same thing.
2007-06-30 22:10:11
284.   confucius
276 Hensley
2007-06-30 22:10:12
285.   confucius
276 Hensley
2007-06-30 22:10:35
286.   Lexinthedena
I'm fine with that don't give into the teams best hitter in this situation....
2007-06-30 22:10:40
287.   scareduck
Talk about turning a silk purse into a Tsao's ear.
2007-06-30 22:10:44
288.   Greg Brock
279 I think Brett Tomko's new nickname should be Pestilence.

It can't be Famine, because the entire leagues feeds on him.

2007-06-30 22:11:12
289.   Greg Brock
Rob is on a roll.
2007-06-30 22:11:23
290.   Hallux Valgus
288 rim shot!
2007-06-30 22:11:38
291.   underdog
287 Heh.

Sherman Hensely would definitely give me some hope.

2007-06-30 22:13:43
292.   Xeifrank
I will be at the game tomorrow afternoon, if this game ever ends! It will be Ventura County history day and my neighbors brother will be throwing out the first pitch. He wrote a book about the history of baseball in Ventura County, spotlighting all the local players who have made the pros. There will be a book signing in our section, and a few former pros like Ken McMullen will be signing autographs. I will be in section 48 of the loge in row D, if you want to stop by and say "hi", borrow some sunscreen or have me sign your 4+1 sports illustrated magazine. Pre-game meal will consist of beef noodles and jaozi (dumplings) in Chinatown. vr, Xei
2007-06-30 22:15:38
293.   Bluebleeder87
Let's send the crowd happy Dodgers!
2007-06-30 22:17:05
294.   LAT
293. Via FedEx or UPS :-)
2007-06-30 22:17:43
295.   Greg Brock
I'm calling Russell Martin walkoff homer.
2007-06-30 22:18:19
296.   Greg Brock
I'm calling Russell Martin base hit.

Book it.

2007-06-30 22:18:22
297.   kadycee
Love you Russell...
2007-06-30 22:18:50
298.   Lexinthedena
Kent has negative mojo working...

Someone needs to sacrifice a chicken...

2007-06-30 22:20:18
299.   kadycee
288. I would hope if I had a job I wasn't very good at, I would stop doing that job. It's unfortunate baseball doesn't seem to work that way.
2007-06-30 22:21:16
300.   Xeifrank
how about a walk off steal. :)
vr, Xei
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2007-06-30 22:21:25
301.   scareduck
Lord, there is nothing funnier in the world than a catcher stealing second. Unless it's a catcher stealing second off a left-handed pitcher.
2007-06-30 22:21:45
302.   Xeifrank
do you think Little will rest Martin tomorrow? vr, Xei
2007-06-30 22:22:19
303.   Bluebleeder87
judging from that camera shot of Bud Black he isn't to proud of there catchers.
2007-06-30 22:22:22
304.   imperabo
301 In a critical situation no less.
2007-06-30 22:22:45
305.   kadycee
Not happy right now...
2007-06-30 22:22:46
306.   Xeifrank
why would you do that?
vr, Xei
2007-06-30 22:22:51
307.   Greg Brock
2007-06-30 22:22:52
308.   Lexinthedena
WHat was that Russel!?
2007-06-30 22:23:14
309.   Lexinthedena
oh....he was safe....
2007-06-30 22:23:20
310.   Xeifrank
slow motion, showed Martin was safe, easily!
vr, Xei
2007-06-30 22:23:21
311.   Bluebleeder87
uh, Russell.
2007-06-30 22:23:29
312.   dzzrtRatt
Russ wuz robbed!
2007-06-30 22:23:30
313.   scareduck
Sigh. The line between tragedy and farce is a narrow one.
2007-06-30 22:23:33
314.   LAT
310. Catcher caught stealing third not so fun.
2007-06-30 22:23:57
315.   Bluebleeder87
slo mo!
2007-06-30 22:24:09
316.   Greg Brock
309 Still a big time dumb move.


2007-06-30 22:24:12
317.   JT Dutch
... Nice call, blue.
2007-06-30 22:24:23
318.   T Money
Sometimes I have troubled differentiating "scrappy" from "stupid." This is one of those times.
2007-06-30 22:24:24
319.   Lexinthedena
Safe or was a bad call....
2007-06-30 22:24:30
320.   Hallux Valgus
Even though he was safe, Grady must have zero faith in the team's ability to get a hit to make that call.
2007-06-30 22:24:53
321.   imperabo
He got a big lead it was a perfect throw and he still really beat it. I don't see how you can fault Russ. If he's on third with 1 out he can score on a sacrifice.
2007-06-30 22:24:53
322.   MMSMikey
ball beat him. that was too much of a risk.
2007-06-30 22:25:04
323.   dzzrtRatt
Matt Kemp as a ... pinch-runner?

Eight guys have to bat before Kemp can come to the plate, assuming he even stays in the game?

This is an extra inning home game, Grady. Go get some coffee, you're losing it.

2007-06-30 22:25:06
324.   underdog
Wait, what just happened? I was away for a few seconds. Kent walked and Russell was out at 3rd - for attempted stealing, I take it? Rats.
2007-06-30 22:25:56
325.   scareduck
Damn, I hate it when the Angels run themselves out of an inning.
2007-06-30 22:26:03
326.   MMSMikey
this one is really gonna hurt if we dont come out on top.
2007-06-30 22:26:03
327.   Greg Brock
Now we waste Kemp as a pinch runner.

This game is being decided by morons. Nobody should win.

2007-06-30 22:26:38
328.   scareduck
323 - this was a bad time for Grady to go off crack.
2007-06-30 22:26:50
329.   kadycee
Sometimes I just don't want to know everything little thing about opposing players, Vin. Can't we just have quiet time?
2007-06-30 22:26:54
330.   underdog
Oh, never mind, I just read the comments after my 'net server decided to wake up from a nap.
2007-06-30 22:26:56
331.   Hallux Valgus
323 I'm not sure why Kemp wasn't pinch hitting the way Kent's been going.

324 yes.

2007-06-30 22:27:07
332.   scareduck
327 - Randy Wolf, instead?
2007-06-30 22:27:26
333.   JT Dutch

... I don't care if the ball beat him. Why have umpires out there, then? For aesthetic reasons?

2007-06-30 22:27:31
334.   LAT
Ratt is right why pinch run your last real hitter.
2007-06-30 22:27:45
335.   Xeifrank
327. haha!
vr, Xei
2007-06-30 22:27:56
336.   regfairfield
332 Abreu.
2007-06-30 22:28:22
337.   MMSMikey
c'mon nomar, end this thing.
2007-06-30 22:28:41
338.   Greg Brock
332 Times like these, I wish we had Jeff Weaver back.

Not Really.

2007-06-30 22:28:47
339.   imperabo
Seriously, if trying to steal third there is bad move then it's never a good move. It's a one run move in the ultimate one run situation. One out is the ideal time. No outs and you'll probably score anyway, 2 outs and you're not improving your chances much if you make it because you still need a hit.
2007-06-30 22:28:51
340.   kadycee
328. Oh so it's crack that gives him all that crazy energy he exudes...
2007-06-30 22:28:59
341.   LAT
Bases would be loaded with one out.
2007-06-30 22:29:15
342.   NorCal-Dodger
Nomar, c'mon 2 RBI's for the!
2007-06-30 22:29:47
343.   silverwidow
Tomko is in the pen, so this game is over if we don't score now.
2007-06-30 22:30:10
344.   kadycee
338. I often miss the dreamweaver.
2007-06-30 22:30:11
345.   MMSMikey
they should just put 0-2 counts on the board before nomar kent and furcal even get up.
2007-06-30 22:30:17
346.   LAT
Is there any pitch Nomar wont swing at?
2007-06-30 22:30:33
347.   Greg Brock
Seriously, if trying to steal third there is bad move then it's never a good move.

Pretty much

2007-06-30 22:30:47
348.   MMSMikey
2007-06-30 22:30:54
349.   kadycee
No more Nomar please.
2007-06-30 22:30:57
350.   Xeifrank
Nomar should try batting left-handed.
vr, Xei
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2007-06-30 22:31:15
351.   NorCal-Dodger
2007-06-30 22:31:20
352.   Lexinthedena
What a crap at bat...
2007-06-30 22:31:21
353.   scareduck
327 - who sent Martin?
2007-06-30 22:31:22
354.   LAT
344. Words that should not be spoken (or written.)
2007-06-30 22:31:30
355.   Greg Brock
Feeble hacks from Nomar. That's odd.
2007-06-30 22:31:53
356.   underdog
This is a bad time for me to quit sniffing glue.

Can Martin stay in as a DH and have Lieberthal catch? Can't the Dodgers call "temporary AL rules"?

2007-06-30 22:33:00
357.   MMSMikey
oh no
2007-06-30 22:33:07
358.   Bluebleeder87
we're doomed!
2007-06-30 22:33:25
359.   Greg Brock
353 If Martin thought he could swipe that and went, he should be fined a brazillion dollars in Kangaroo Court.

Grady isn't a moron. Black isn't a moron. Russ isn't a moron. But there is some baffling stuff going on here.

2007-06-30 22:33:32
360.   Lexinthedena
Tomko's last stand?
2007-06-30 22:33:51
361.   MMSMikey
here comes the batting practice
2007-06-30 22:33:52
362.   underdog

Okay, night everyone! (Heh.)

2007-06-30 22:34:00
363.   Xeifrank
over/under on runs given up by Tomko this inning 2.4
vr, Xei
2007-06-30 22:34:09
364.   LAT
Right on schedule Brett.
2007-06-30 22:35:00
365.   scareduck
363 - under. This is a Bud Black managed team, after all.
2007-06-30 22:35:40
366.   NorCal-Dodger
Will be happy to send Tomko back to the pads.
2007-06-30 22:36:26
367.   scareduck
359 - brazillion - an undergarment worn by women with extra breasts.
2007-06-30 22:36:52
368.   JT Dutch
... No catch??!?!?!!
2007-06-30 22:37:04
369.   ddger
Grady must be getting tired and wants to go home and get his rest for tomorrow.
2007-06-30 22:37:16
370.   kadycee
354. Yet he's actually been to a World Series--and won a game.

But, hey, we have Tomko. Clearly we're better off.

2007-06-30 22:37:17
371.   MMSMikey
did ethier get a horrendoues jump on that. this one is going to hurt. very bad.
2007-06-30 22:37:28
372.   JT Dutch
... No catch.
2007-06-30 22:37:30
373.   scareduck
368 - yup, no catch on the replay.
2007-06-30 22:37:40
374.   LAT
That was a BS little flare.
2007-06-30 22:37:44
375.   kadycee
Does anyone know where Tomko lives?
2007-06-30 22:37:46
376.   MMSMikey
way to put the tag down tony
2007-06-30 22:37:51
377.   Xeifrank
that's two so far, not sure if they will get the 0.4
vr, Xei
2007-06-30 22:38:05
378.   kadycee
Tomko: "the weaker area"
2007-06-30 22:38:08
379.   underdog
I hate Tomko.

Nice try by Ethier at least.

2007-06-30 22:38:12
380.   JT Dutch
... Let the record show that the only out that Tomko got was given away by Bud Black.
2007-06-30 22:38:12
381.   scareduck
365 - Okay, so I lied. Pads up two and nobody out.
2007-06-30 22:38:16
382.   MMSMikey
i hate you blum
2007-06-30 22:38:16
383.   Lexinthedena
Tomko is done as a Dodger...Ned is topping off with a double....
2007-06-30 22:38:17
384.   Bluebleeder87
2007-06-30 22:38:26
385.   MC Safety
honestly who can at this point say they are surprised. thanks for the memories tomko.
2007-06-30 22:38:40
386.   Hallux Valgus
Based on his moves, I think Grady was trying to win this one on Degree of Difficulty.

The sad thing is, everyone KNEW that this would happen with Tomko.

2007-06-30 22:38:43
387.   LAT
365. Never underestimate Tomko's suckiness.
2007-06-30 22:38:44
388.   scareduck
381 - er, one out. Gameday was slow.
2007-06-30 22:38:50
389.   Greg Brock
DFA Tomko.

The last 15 minutes are the most negative I've ever been on DT. I'm going to go look at some lolcats or something for awhile. Sorry, folks.

2007-06-30 22:39:04
390.   Xeifrank
maybe they will sac bunt again, so Tomko can get another out!
vr, Xei
2007-06-30 22:39:20
391.   scareduck
386 - So, he's trying to get a win from Tomko on a TKO?
2007-06-30 22:39:49
392.   ddger
We send Kuo down but we're stuck with Tomko how much longer?
2007-06-30 22:39:52
393.   Xeifrank
who gets called up if Tomko gets DFA'd or does it really matter? vr, Xei
2007-06-30 22:40:08
394.   jtrichey
SO Kuo gets sent down, but Tomko gets to stick around. We couldn't use Marlon Anderson more than Tomko?
2007-06-30 22:40:36
395.   Lexinthedena
With Blum's average always around the Mendoza line, does that mean his only hits are against the Dodgers?
2007-06-30 22:40:44
396.   MMSMikey
we had plenty of opportunities to win this game tonight, all kent needs is a lousy single with a runner on 3rd and hes swinging for the fence.
2007-06-30 22:40:48
397.   scareduck
Tomko's artistry does not extend to the mound.
2007-06-30 22:40:49
398.   Greg Brock
2007-06-30 22:42:00
399.   Hallux Valgus
391 I was thinking he was trying to get a favorable ruling from the Russian judge. The Russian judge was unimpressed.
2007-06-30 22:42:07
400.   MC Safety
one run maybe, but tomko put it out of reach. and of course cruz jr with the bloop.
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2007-06-30 22:42:14
401.   ddger
Maybe Tomko's ERA has to go above 7 before Ned decides to cut his losses.
2007-06-30 22:42:59
402.   Bluebleeder87
Hoffman ain't so tuff!!!
2007-06-30 22:43:13
403.   Lexinthedena
So does Meloan get called up?
2007-06-30 22:43:18
404.   LAT
So if Ned follows his usual m.o. Brett should be getting a two year extension this week. (See: Kent, Jeff and Nomar, Howeveryouspellit)
2007-06-30 22:43:28
405.   kadycee
DFA - designated for assignment? Or death from above?
2007-06-30 22:43:29
406.   JT Dutch
... Well, here's an education for the kids.
2007-06-30 22:43:34
407.   dzzrtRatt
Tomko, like Pierre, conceals his sub-mediocrity behind a charming personality.

Colletti mistakes charm for character.

2007-06-30 22:43:48
408.   MMSMikey
we play really well against the local rivals angels and padres (it sucks to be a dodger fan)
2007-06-30 22:44:03
409.   Linkmeister
389 You want lolcatz? Try this thread:

2007-06-30 22:44:03
410.   scareduck
403 - when does Mark Alexander get called up?
2007-06-30 22:45:17
411.   kadycee
I love when Vin tells us how bad our team is doing...he's still the best, though!
2007-06-30 22:45:39
412.   silverwidow
410-Never. Alexander can't get anybody out past Double-A.
2007-06-30 22:46:13
413.   PDH5204
Don't blame Tomko, not his fault, he is what he is. Black pitched Bell for 2 innings. We used Beimel and Broxton for those same two. And so that back end that Vin spoke of came up sooner for us, and we won't see Mr. Hampson tonight, but it is Trevor Time.
2007-06-30 22:46:21
414.   kadycee
I could never do Vin's job. I'd have an ulcer.
2007-06-30 22:46:24
415.   scareduck
412 - Neither can Tomko. Your point?
2007-06-30 22:46:45
416.   Lexinthedena
Ned's "bridge to the youth" has killed this team so far...
2007-06-30 22:47:03
417.   Bluebleeder87
the apposing team i play against tomorrow is gonna feel my wrath!!
2007-06-30 22:47:04
418.   MMSMikey
cant wait to get swept by the padres again tomorrow. fun times.
2007-06-30 22:47:13
419.   kadycee
413. I will Blame Tomko everyday forever, thank you very much.
2007-06-30 22:47:54
420.   JT Dutch
... I can't blame this on Tomko. When the Dodgers can't get any run production outside of Garciaparra, they deserve to lose.

One of these years, the Dodgers are actually going to win a big game once again. I hope I'm alive to see it.

2007-06-30 22:47:56
421.   NorCal-Dodger
Tomko completely blows, hope his career in paintinig works out, but can't get a hit when needed, Saenz, Kent, Nomar...and that's the game.
2007-06-30 22:48:00
422.   silverwidow
415-My point is that Alexander is not a prospect worst considering, having been bombed repeatedly in Triple-A.
2007-06-30 22:48:00
423.   Lexinthedena
It's a good thing I don't have a dog....
2007-06-30 22:48:16
424.   kadycee
It's so fun being humiliated
2007-06-30 22:48:26
425.   ddger
ANYONE we call up can at least do what Tomko does.
2007-06-30 22:48:50
426.   Bluebleeder87
let's face it the Padres have our # but let's not forget that theres still plenty of baseball left.
2007-06-30 22:48:51
427.   kadycee
416. The youth is ok. It's the oldth that's not so good.
2007-06-30 22:49:12
428.   MMSMikey
how many times do we have to watch hoffman close games at dodger stadium. i despise whatever the padre colors are more than orange and black now.
2007-06-30 22:49:25
429.   LAT
It will be interesting to see whether Grady has that easy going southern charm working tonight.

Actually this loss is all on Ned. Kent and Tomko. Please.

2007-06-30 22:50:10
430.   kadycee
Padres have great pitching. We have Brett Tomko. That's how they won it.
2007-06-30 22:50:50
431.   Lexinthedena
427- That's my point....Ned's love for oldies has kept the kids on the bench....
2007-06-30 22:50:52
432.   regfairfield
429 Eh, can't blame him for taking Kent. I doubt Adam Kennedy or Ronnie Belliard would be doing any better for us.
2007-06-30 22:51:04
433.   scareduck
We have a couple friends down in San Diego who, until this year when they were forced by a parent's slow-motion death-by-Alzheimers, had season tickets.

Plus Milton Bradley, if he can stay healthy, this team could be a World Series contender. The Dodgers are a second place team.

2007-06-30 22:51:27
434.   Greg Brock
409 Those are wonderful. Thanks for the link, linkmeister!
2007-06-30 22:51:47
435.   NorCal-Dodger
1st half of the season is over..we are at 45-36...mirror that in the second half we'll be 90-72...enough to get a division or WC, or plan an early fall golf outting?
2007-06-30 22:52:24
436.   scareduck
422 - I was joking, of course, figuring people here would know he hasn't been good past AA.
2007-06-30 22:53:10
437.   JoeyP
Tough game, tough loss.
Not to be overly dramatic, but tomorrow's game is huge. 3 games back/1 game back seems to be a big distinction.
2007-06-30 22:53:41
438.   LAT
THe only potential good news is can Nomar, Furcal, and Kent really be this bad through the second half?
2007-06-30 22:53:49
439.   Bluebleeder87

i'm gonna choose seeing it threw your eyes JT Dutch it somewhat makes sense except the bottom part, they had plenty of opportunities but failed & they loosed because of it.

2007-06-30 22:53:55
440.   underdog
I want to see Tomko go as much as any of you, but the assumption that there's no chance that will happen seems misguided, at least based on what's happened to this team the past month or so. Yes, the more renowned veterans are safe (Kent, Nomar) but I think they're more willing to get rid of players who are clearly not contributing than they were before. Our patience with Tomko obviously wore out much faster than it did with management but I would not be surprised to see him gone soon.

And yes, Kent needs to rest. The Dodgers need him to start contributing again. At least Nomar did something productive tonight, which is more than Kent could say.

2007-06-30 22:54:04
441.   kadycee
431. Yeah. But we only have 4 old guys. You have to have some veterans around. Maybe just not Kent or Nomar or Furcal or Gonzalez, I guess.
2007-06-30 22:55:37
442.   silverwidow
I don't think Houlton was brought in to start. Hendrickson will probably be given another chance on Weds.

Houlton is the new long man and hopefully Bombko gets DFA'd to make room for Jon "Mailman" Meloan.

2007-06-30 22:55:52
443.   Greg Brock
I want to see what Meloan can do up here. I mean striking out two batters every inning is cool and all, but it's time to move up to the big club.

Being Eric Gagne in the minors doesn't really help.

2007-06-30 22:56:24
444.   kadycee
439. It's hard to make the most of opportunities when Peavy and the Padre bullpen are pitching. I don't feel that bad about our offense tonight. It's understandable.
2007-06-30 22:58:08
445.   LAT
So would Marlon Anderson have made a diffrence tonight?
2007-06-30 22:58:50
446.   underdog
Well, since we're calling up Houlton, the only other guys I'd be willing to give a chance to are Meloan and Hull, in that order. But I'd be okay with Hull, who seems to have pretty good stuff. If that doesn't work out, and they're gonna reach down to AA, it should be Meloan, not Alexander.

Either way.

Yah, tomorrow's game is fairly big, considering the All-Star break then follows. Would be nice to at least be close and leave with a win before the break.

Okay, hope tomorrow's better. Night all.

2007-06-30 22:59:16
447.   MMSMikey
was ethier standing in the left field bullpen when cruz hit that ball?
2007-06-30 22:59:19
448.   kadycee
If he could pitch, yes.
2007-06-30 22:59:57
449.   kadycee
448. was for 445....
2007-06-30 23:00:32
450.   Gagne55
Tomko very well could have thrown his last pitch in a Dodger uniform. When he came in, I just knew the Dodgers were going to lose. The last time I felt that in a tie game was when Penny cam out of the pen in the NLDS.

I doubt Little even had any confidence in him. I imagine him being like "oh no, Tomko is the only guy we have left."

Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2007-06-30 23:01:05
451.   ddger
Does anyone know why Seanez wasn't in instead of Tomko?
2007-06-30 23:03:19
452.   NorCal-Dodger
Rudy pitched 2/3 of an inning yesterday, probably with Bills, pitching tomorrow, the bullpen will be needed.
2007-06-30 23:03:21
453.   MMSMikey
grady not happy about tomko
2007-06-30 23:03:57
454.   Greg Brock

"He [Tomko] didn't get the job done tonight. Maybe he will next time."

If there is a next time, I won't blame Tomko.

2007-06-30 23:04:10
455.   JoeyP
Is Tomko going to get the Jae Seo treatment?
2007-06-30 23:04:30
456.   Gagne55
442 If the Dodgers wanted a reliever, it would have been Hull. Holten can't pitch relief at all. Claim small sample size all you want, but in addition to terrible relief numbers, he has huge first inning splits indicating that he takes an inning in order to get ready. Certainly not somebody who you'd want out of the pen. I think dodgers management is now pretty set on Hendrickson in long relief.
2007-06-30 23:05:10
457.   Lexinthedena
Well.....It's still early....Tomko should be done....and that's my silver lining...

'night people....

2007-06-30 23:05:25
458.   kadycee
454. Next time?!
2007-06-30 23:05:38
459.   Linkmeister
434 Aren't they? That's a bright group over there.
2007-06-30 23:06:05
460.   fanerman
(Brett Tomko's arm falls off. Fake blood spews everywhere)

Brett Tomko: And that's why, I should never pitch again.

2007-06-30 23:06:42
461.   MMSMikey
we need to get used to furcal bring very mediocre all year. that ankle has been holding him down.
2007-06-30 23:08:03
462.   Dodgers49
327. Now we waste Kemp as a pinch runner.

This game is being decided by morons. Nobody should win.

This has to be the dumbest move I've seen in quite some time. Since Abreu is going to have to replace Kent if we don't score why not have Abreu pinch run for Kent. You can still have the pitcher go in LuGo's spot and Kemp bat 9th (and up third in the next inning). Now the Dodgers will have to almost bat around before Kemp comes up. What in the world is Grady thinking.

2007-06-30 23:08:52
463.   Greg Brock
460 Between linkmeister's lolpoems and a J. Walter Weatherman reference, I feel much better now.


2007-06-30 23:11:03
464.   JoeyP
The only thing to take the sting out of this Dodger game is to watch:

The Big Lebowski

2007-06-30 23:11:47
465.   MMSMikey
this unbalanced schedule thing is getting a little old. 19 games against the padres c'mon.
2007-06-30 23:19:26
466.   kadycee
409. Thank you. I hate poets. And I'm a writer.

Knitting and eating light.
I'll go to sleep laughing tonight.

2007-06-30 23:19:40
467.   LAT
Clark $1.7M
Valdez $ 380K
Andersen $525K
Tomko $4.1M

That's a lot of DFA money down the toilet. I think the 4.1 price tag will keep Ned from releasing him.

2007-06-30 23:20:18
468.   kadycee
Ron Cey and Steve Garvey are on my T.V. I'm no longer in my dark place.
2007-06-30 23:21:28
469.   kadycee
Don Drysdale on the Brady Bunch. COOL.
2007-06-30 23:28:45
470.   underdog
Wait, kady, what channel are you watching?

Futurama cured what was ailing me.

Too brain dead to finish editing script, must... resist...more...TV... most... not... dream of... Tomko. {unhh}

2007-06-30 23:31:50
471.   kadycee
470. Dodger's Insider on Fox. It came on after the game. Now I see what I've been missing all these years at the Hollywood stars game.
2007-06-30 23:33:33
472.   Greg Brock
470 I recently watched the episode where Frye's dog waits for him outside the pizza stand.

No stupid cartoon should be so moving. Saddest. Episode. Ever.

I had to re-watch the Henry Aaron episode twice to wash the sad out.

2007-06-30 23:34:15
473.   kadycee
472. Actually, I've found editing is the best way to drive something like a Brett Tomko from one's mind. Until I just mentioned him of course. Has the Hollywood game already happened this year? I feel I need to go now.
2007-06-30 23:35:34
474.   kadycee
I meant 470 for 473...

472. I could never get into that show. don't know why.

2007-06-30 23:35:41
475.   silverwidow
Tony Jackson just confirmed that Houlton isn't starting. It will be Hendrickson.
2007-06-30 23:35:42
476.   Bob Timmermann
I had a nice time at the game. Good seats, good friends, well-played game.

Well, you can't get everything.

2007-06-30 23:36:24
477.   ddger
If Tomko gets DFA, at least FSN won't show Before the Bigs on Tomko anymore.
2007-06-30 23:37:57
478.   kadycee
475. Oh my.
2007-06-30 23:38:16
479.   Greg Brock
Somebody in the right field seats with a white shirt took a nasty header going for a ball.

I was worried. Wear Team Tablecloth next time, so we can make sure you are OK.

2007-06-30 23:41:24
480.   Greg Brock
Of course, my cunning plan is rendered moot if a ruthless gang of Croatians shows up.

And they do. They always do.

2007-06-30 23:46:12
481.   MMSMikey
hey croatians are cool
2007-06-30 23:46:19
482.   underdog
472 That really was the saddest episode of that show, or about any show. Man, I wanted that dog to live. The ending kills me. Curse you, Matt Groening! This was the one where Fry, Leela and Bender become superheroes. Great Hanna-Barbera parody within.

474 Oh well, we still like you, forgiving souls that we are.

475 Oh well, Jackson's wrong sometimes, right? Though, frankly, Hendrickson actually gives me more confidence than Kuo right now, which is scary.

Okay, officially outta here.

2007-06-30 23:47:34
483.   underdog
It's time for bed when you type "oh well" twice in a row.

And I meant Justice League above, not Hanna Barbera. I quit. Night.

2007-06-30 23:51:18
484.   kadycee
482. I'm relieved. Thanks and bon soir.
2007-07-01 00:15:28
485.   Andrew Shimmin
What this day really needed was for the FO to have a Hendrickson relapse.
2007-07-01 00:26:56
486.   Greg Brock
Andrew, D4P, Bob, Steve, toycannon and bhsportsguy were all missing from this frustrating game thread.

Some real comedy was lost tonight, boys.

2007-07-01 00:41:07
487.   Bob Timmermann
The 3-1 loss now makes the score:
Opponents 29
Dodgers 9

in my four trips to Dodger Stadium this year.

It was the first extra-inning game for my scorebook. I had to use the AB column.

My most prescient moment was when I turned to my girlfriend after Tomko entered and said, "This will be the last inning."

2007-07-01 06:16:08
488.   D4P
Colletti mistakes charm for character

And mistakes character for value.

I recently watched the episode where Frye's dog waits for him outside the pizza stand

My wife and I were appalled by the ending. We hold out hope that Seymour will be brought back to life in one of the new episodes.

The 3-1 loss now makes the score:
Opponents 29
Dodgers 9

IIRC, you've been to 4 games. Pythagoras tells me the Dodgers's record in those games should have been roughly 0.35-3.65. Is that correct...?

2007-07-01 08:52:40
489.   imperabo
My wife starts to cry whenever she sees that dog. I can make her tear up by singing "if it takes forever, I'll wait forever. . ." I had to laugh at the ending, but it was really a cover to keep myself from choking up.
2007-07-01 09:27:15
490.   Greg Brock
489 I'm tellin' you, man. No cartoon should drive grown men to tears. It's brutal.
2007-07-01 09:28:05
491.   Xeifrank
Leaving shortly for today's game. Stop by and say "hi", section 48 Loge, row D. Grey Northwestern Univ t-shirt. Gonna be a hot one. Pre-game lunch will be Guo's House O Noodles in Chinatown, unless it's been relocated to Las Vegas. vr, Xei
2007-07-01 09:31:24
492.   Bob Timmermann
I cried at the end of the Simpsons episode where Homer finds out that his mom isn't dead.
2007-07-01 09:32:15
493.   Bob Timmermann
I also linked a Dodger-related story on the Griddle since Jon is on auto pilot.
2007-07-01 09:36:05
494.   Greg Brock
492 That is a fantastic episode.
2007-07-01 09:53:34
495.   Andrew Shimmin
Some day I'll be the guy who picks when to hang up on CSPAN callers. I anticipate this day with great longing.
2007-07-01 09:55:18
496.   blue22
Did I read correctly that Kuo was sent down for Houlton?
2007-07-01 09:56:21
497.   Who Is Karim Garcia
If anyone is in the Venice/Fairfax area of LA and wants two free tickets to today's game, let me know. I won't be able to make it and rather have a DT'er have them then have let them rot.

(LF pavillion, third row up in 307)

2007-07-01 09:59:34
498.   Andrew Shimmin
496- Yes, but don't panic! Houlton's just going to the pen. Hendrickson gets the rotation spot. Again. For some reason.
2007-07-01 10:06:04
499.   blue22
So Hendrickson teasing Colletti again with some solid relief work:

Last 5 relief appearances: 9.2 IP, 7 hits, 1 run, 9:3 K:BB

Who are you to resist this?

2007-07-01 10:09:36
500.   blue22
Bob, get the Griddle ready. Mariners called a press conference at 11:30 with big news. Only an outside chance it involves Kevin Durant though.
Show/Hide Comments 501-550
2007-07-01 10:13:25
501.   Bob Timmermann
Bigger news than Jose Capellan's trade?
2007-07-01 10:23:35
502.   Noel
Perhaps the Mariners will announce that they are trading Ichiro to the Dodgers. A friend of mine who was in California last week mentioned that he had heard the Dodgers were pursuing Ichiro and/or Torii Hunter.

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