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News: Getting On Base Is Good
Getting Lots of Bases Also Good
2007-07-02 17:50
by Jon Weisman

"Our total approach has been different," Dodger manager Grady Little said (per Tony Jackson of the Daily News) regarding the news that Bill Mueller will remain the team's hitting coach for all of 2007. "We're seeing more pitches, our on-base percentage has been better. I don't know how much of that you can attribute to one person, because a lot of personal responsibility goes to the players."

... and to the guys who fill out the roster and make out the lineup card. I mean, why wouldn't everyone want to be on this page? Are we to believe that the Dodgers weren't getting men on base because former hitting coach Eddie Murray was telling hitters to swing early in the count?

Anyway, as long as we're winning converts, here's something else I'd like to add to the Dodger hitting philosophy. It doesn't matter how many times a hitter strikes out if he produces more overall offense than a hitter who strikes out less.

Read that carefully. I'm not saying strikeouts are good. I'm saying strikeouts should be evaluated as part of the bigger picture. They may look worse than groundouts, they may not advance the runner, but if strikeouts are the price you pay to get a hitter who is better overall, than they're worth it. It really is that simple.

As pets go, I'd rather have a happy, affectionate dog who barks from time to time than a quiet, well-behaved flea.

* * *

Tonight's game:


Retro Gameday

Comments (603)
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2007-07-02 17:56:50
1.   GoBears
Nice analogy there at the end.
2007-07-02 18:01:08
2.   Michael D
Tonights a big game for Kemp. If Smoltz makes him look silly he won't be starting for a few days. If he looks good against him it will make a great impression on the brain trust.
2007-07-02 18:03:49
3.   Greg Brock
Jon rocks. And I'm not saying that in a "make up for the Springsteen/Gray" way. Nice post.

The analogy at the end is killer.

2007-07-02 18:03:55
4.   bigcpa
2 Well we face 3 LHP's this week which should be automatic Kemp starts. So that makes tonight's start more of a surprise to me.
2007-07-02 18:04:37
5.   Daniel Zappala
Nice article by Amy K. Nelson on Percival's return to the mound:

If nothing else, it gives hope to Schmidt. He could always take a year or two off, rest his arm, and then return.

2007-07-02 18:04:46
6.   trainwreck
They are replaying the futbol match now.
2007-07-02 18:06:55
7.   Sam DC
Just trying to figure out what songs the Red Hot Chili Peppers covered?
2007-07-02 18:07:46
8.   still bevens
7 Love Rollercoaster or Rollercoaster of Love. Not sure what the title is.
2007-07-02 18:07:51
9.   Hallux Valgus
7 Higher Ground
2007-07-02 18:08:24
10.   Hallux Valgus
8 Love Rollercoaster- Ohio Players
2007-07-02 18:11:23
11.   D4P
Regarding Tom Waits covers:

1. Downtown Train: Waits destroys Rod Stewart's version
2. The Long Way Home: Norah Jones's version is pretty good.

Regarding players striking out: Players who take a lot of pitches strike out more than players who don't. They also walk more. When you swing at everything (e.g. Pierre and Nomar), you're lucky to hit .300, and lucky to OBP .330. On an off year, you're more like .270/.310 or so. That's not good. It's very difficult to consistently (or even sometimes) OBP very high when you're not a patient hitter. Juan Pierre would likely be better served to take more pitches. He'd probably get on base more. He'd also strike out more, but so what.

2007-07-02 18:11:36
12.   Sam DC
Allright, you're all too smart and informed.

It was just a pointless Flea joke, OK?

2007-07-02 18:13:32
13.   D4P
BTW: Does "Our total approach has been different...We're seeing more pitches, our on-base percentage has been better" mean we're now doing That Oakland Thing®...?
2007-07-02 18:15:01
14.   Hallux Valgus
2 other great covers:
Kate York covering Boys Don't Cry
Placebo covering Running Up That Hill
2007-07-02 18:16:52
15.   arbfuldodger
Covers I prefer over the original:

Johnny Cash - Hurt (seeing the video gets me everytime)

White Stripes - Death Letter

Stevie Ray Vaughan's version of Little Wing

2007-07-02 18:16:58
16.   Marty
It's hard for me to believe, but I saw the Chili Peppers 23 years ago. When they were in their "sock" phase.
2007-07-02 18:19:07
17.   Daniel Zappala
Never heard of Placebo, but based on the YouTube video of that cover, I'll take Kate Bush any day.
2007-07-02 18:22:20
18.   PDH5204
I spent some time growing up with Mike and Anthony. Another friend's dad called the two of them a name/word that would violate Rule #1 if I used it here. Oh, and if you ever decide to go pool diving, just make sure that you land in the water and not the cement. That is all.
2007-07-02 18:24:09
19.   underdog
The US shouldn't feel too bad about losing to Argentina, even if Messi did flop big time to get them a penalty kick earlier.
2007-07-02 18:24:09
20.   Hallux Valgus
alright, how about Oingo Boingo covering I Am The Walrus?


(wincing and ducking behind furniture...)

2007-07-02 18:25:32
21.   Hallux Valgus
19 Please choose your words wisely. I am 17 minutes into US/ Paraguay

(if you could see me, I would be glaring and shaking my fist menacingly)

2007-07-02 18:25:41
22.   ToyCannon
What was the 1st concert anyone ever saw and how long ago?
I saw a crazy show at the coliseum somewhere around 1973 that had Stevie Wonder and an assortment of other bands that I can't remember. He wasn't the headliner but he stole the show. My wife actually saw the Beatles at the wild concert at the Hollywood Bowl where you couldn't even hear them over the screaming girls. Think it was 65/66.
2007-07-02 18:26:45
23.   underdog
19 Don't worry, as I posted in the other thread, I won't reveal the other score. But, trainwreck, where is it being rerun? I came home to catch the 2nd half live, but didn't Tivo it. Would love to see the first half...
2007-07-02 18:27:37
24.   Hallux Valgus
22 Oingo Boingo, Halloween, 1985- Universal Amphitheatre. I was far too young to be at that show.

Best. Band. Ever.

I was also too young when I saw Nirvana kick off their Nevermind tour in Denver. My mother was far too permitting.

2007-07-02 18:27:54
25.   underdog
The Columbian goalie wears a baseball cap. Can you do that? I guess so. Guess it hasn't helped him much so far.
2007-07-02 18:28:01
26.   trainwreck
Actually it is the under 20 USA vs South Korea. I thought it was going to be the the earlier game.
2007-07-02 18:29:02
27.   still bevens
17 Speaking of Kate Bush, the Futureheads do a pretty amazing cover of "Hounds of Love" if you're into big riffage and three part harmonies.
2007-07-02 18:32:01
28.   Hallux Valgus
23 The US started out really strong. The announcer guy said that Paraguay is the third best side in South America, and if that's right, we're in great shape. Our mids were shredding them with pinpoint service. 23 minutes in, it's a little more even, because our back line is doing a little too much of that voodoo they do so well.
2007-07-02 18:32:08
29.   ToyCannon
I've seen Oingo Boingo probably 10 times. Who knew at the time that the lead singer would go on to compose 90% of movie scores.
2007-07-02 18:33:17
30.   Daniel Zappala
24 I believe an Oingo Boingo concert was also my first, around the same time frame. Danny Elfman is a genius.
2007-07-02 18:35:48
31.   Hallux Valgus
29 30 I saw them every Halloween at Universal from 85 through 93 (their last show). It remains the only time my step father and I were pleasant toward each other.

sometime, check youtube for their Gong Show appearance when they were still the Mystic Knights of th Oingo Boingo.
2007-07-02 18:36:42
32.   El Lay Dave
22 I was a concert latecomer and didn't attend any until my college years. My first three concerts look strange in juxtaposition, though I enjoyed them all:

Fleetwood Mac, Tusk tour, 1979
Elvis Costello / Squeeze, Trust Tour, 1980 or 1981
X / The Blasters @ UCLA, 1981

Echoing a post in the previous thread, Lindsey Buckingham is an unexpected concert presence and a quite good guitarist.

2007-07-02 18:37:38
33.   Hallux Valgus
28 and our back line just did it again- 1-0 Paraguay in the 30th. But Paraguay's goal celebration is really stupid. So take that, Paraguay!
2007-07-02 18:41:10
34.   El Lay Dave
I still have a 10" vinyl of that first eponymous Oingo Boingo EP. Excellent. A friend of mine was part of their tech crew in the mid-80s, but, unfortunately, I didn't meet him until 1991.
2007-07-02 18:42:18
35.   Linkmeister
22 Judy Collins, UA Main Auditorium, 1968.
Jefferson Airplane, San Diego arena of some sort, 1972.

Linda Ronstadt's cover of the Eagles' "Desperado" is magnitudes better than the one the group sang.

Joan Baez's cover of Jackson Browne's "Fountain of Sorrow" is hauntingly beautiful.

The Hollies did an entire album of Bob Dylan songs (I think it was the first album after Graham Nash left the band) which has a marvelous version of "I Shall Be Released."

2007-07-02 18:42:34
36.   godvls
My first concert was Peter Frampton at the Forum in 1976 at the height of the "Comes Alive" phenomenom.

My first Elvis Costello show was the English Mugs tour with Squeeze at Cal Poly, SLO in 1981.

Best shows: The Selecter @ the Whisky, May 1980; The Clash @ the Lyceum, London 1981

Worst concert: Big Country, Hollywood Palladium, 1984

2007-07-02 18:44:29
37.   Linkmeister
32 If you can find a copy of an album called "Buckingham Nicks" you'll really discover how good a guitarist Lindsey Buckingham is/was. It's just him and Stevie Nicks. A friend of mine burned a copy of it for me and I was astonished how good it was.
2007-07-02 18:45:02
38.   D4P
Peter Frampton at the Forum in 1976 at the height of the "Comes Alive" phenomenom

2007-07-02 18:46:05
39.   godvls
38 - flickr is blocked here at work. I'll have to check it out when I get home.
2007-07-02 18:46:55
40.   El Lay Dave
36 "English Mugs" - right, same tour I saw, but at the L.A. Sports Arena. We somehow got 5th row tickets from the box office, so we had a great show experience.
2007-07-02 18:47:51
41.   Hallux Valgus
32 Wow, I would've loved to see that Elvis/ Squeeze tour. I came late to the genre, by stealing my step dad's records, but My Aim Is True is still one of my favorite records, and I love Squeeze.

34 Off hand, do you know if that was an IRS Records release? I'm obsessed with old IRS. It was Miles Copeland's label (brother of Stewart Copeland, and featured Boingo, the Police, Buzzcocks, et cetera. They put out the Urgh! A Music War album (which is brilliant)

2007-07-02 18:48:10
42.   D4P
Try this one.

2007-07-02 18:48:26
43.   ToyCannon
My brother and I bought that Album after they joined Fleetwood Mac and we liked what they brought to the band. Of course the cover sold itself with Stevie looking about as good as she ever would. Buckingham is a great guitarist.
2007-07-02 18:49:17
44.   the OZ
John Mayer has done a really cool cover of Radiohead's Kid A. I don't know if it is a live or studio recording.

Radiohead did a live cover of Neil Young's Cinammon Girl that is floating around the Internet.

Both are awesome.

2007-07-02 18:49:46
45.   scareduck
It doesn't matter how many times a hitter strikes out if he produces more overall offense than a hitter who strikes out less.

But -- it is less likely that a hitter who strikes out more will produce more overall offense.

2007-07-02 18:50:58
46.   D4P
it is less likely that a hitter who strikes out more will produce more overall offense

How are you measuring "overall offense"?

2007-07-02 18:52:04
47.   El Lay Dave
37 I heard it on vinyl years - ok decades - ago. He does great guitar work on his solo albums too. As I recall, he rocked "Oh Well" at that "Tusk tour" concert.
2007-07-02 18:52:26
48.   ToyCannon
X/Blaster was a potent combo back in the early 80's. Back then it seemed no matter the club a member of the Blasters or Los Lobos would be jamming.
2007-07-02 18:52:30
49.   scareduck
35 - Linda Ronstadt's cover of the Eagles' "Desperado" is magnitudes better than the one the group sang.

I saw here about 7-8 years ago when she was playing at Glen Helen. She's off the Peruvian marching powder, and, uh, a little fluffier than she used to be. Still had one hell of a voice, but not much of a stage act at that point.

2007-07-02 18:53:04
50.   the OZ
45 That's true only if strikeouts and good things like walks and home runs aren't correlated. In fact, they're correlated at a significant level and it is observable.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2007-07-02 18:55:15
51.   scareduck
32 - X, Blasters ... great times. Man, I remember when KNAC changed formats from Rock & Rhythm Radio in 1986, and thought to myself, man, there's nothing to keep KROQ honest now. A year later, KROQ was bought out by Infinity or Clear Channel or whoever it was, and they started their downhill slide right away.
2007-07-02 18:55:55
52.   scareduck
50 - sure.
2007-07-02 18:55:59
53.   godvls
40/41 English Mugs was a great tour. I didn't jump on the Elvis bandwagon until 'Armed Forces' (1979) so I missed his first couple of US tours. I'd seen Squeeze the year before at the Whisky and had a blast. My lasting memory of the English Mugs show was some guy behind me screaming "Red Shoes" before every song. I don't think Elvis ever played it that night.

41 'My Aim Is True' is fantastic, but 'This Year's Model' is even better.

Has anyone ever started his career with five albums as great as Elvis' first five??? Every album from MAIT through Trust is just fantastic. He's made some amazing music since then, but that early run of albums will never be topped.

2007-07-02 18:57:12
54.   godvls
39 - LOL
2007-07-02 18:58:22
55.   godvls
42-My previous post should have read "42 - LOL" Oops! Didn't mean to lol at my own post.
2007-07-02 18:58:23
56.   still bevens
41 "and featured Boingo, the Police, Buzzcocks, et cetera" - I like that you filed REM under et cetera. =)

My first legit concert (other than Raffi) was Foo Fighters / Jawbreaker / Ween. I kinda miss Jawbreaker. They were 'emo' but a great band nonetheless.

2007-07-02 18:58:35
57.   underdog
What's amazing is that X - easily one of my favorites as an impressionable youth - can still bring it live. I saw them 2 years ago, all the original members together, and they were still amazing. Also saw the Knitters at the bluegrass fest here in SF fairly recently, too, and they were fantastic.

I love Elvis, too. Elvis Costello.

Okay, time to eat dinner and then get ready to watch some of the game. (Remember the game?)

2007-07-02 18:58:50
58.   Linkmeister
49 She was never on it. She's got a thyroid condition called Hashimoto's disease, which has caused the weight gain.

Look her up on Amazon, and you'll see a video clip of her and Ann Savoy on the Bill Maher show, singing from "Adieu my Heart," a 2006 release. She's bigger but not obese.

2007-07-02 18:58:57
59.   Hallux Valgus
53 That's really interesting. I've seen Elvis 5 times, and I've never heard him play Angels Want to Wear My Red Shoes. It's also not on his double disc greatest hits album.
2007-07-02 18:58:59
60.   Jon Weisman
First concerts: My parents took me to Neil Diamond and Linda Ronstadt shows c. 1974-75
2007-07-02 18:59:36
61.   scareduck
57 - Elvis is king. Elvis is king.
2007-07-02 19:00:11
62.   D4P
I'm pretty sure my first concert was Bruce Hornsby, sometime around 1997. I'm also pretty sure I've only been to two official concerts.
2007-07-02 19:01:29
63.   godvls
32,51 - There was nothing better than seeing X in the late 70's/early 80's.

They're still fun to see live, but they don't play anything recorded after 1983. John Doe is writing and recording some great music these days. I wish X would record some of his music.

2007-07-02 19:02:39
64.   El Lay Dave
41 It is IRS. This wikipedia compares accurately to my memory.

Elvis Costello remains one of my favorites, even in the face of his now wildly varying eclecticism (is that a word?). Last show I saw was at the Wiltern in support of "The Deliveryman" - very good show.

I have a bunch of Squeeze records and CDs - they (essentially Difford and Tilbrook) are masterful pop musicians.

48 Potent is the right word for it - X/Blaster was a guaranteed good show. At UCLA it was GA and I was planted directly in front of the speakers stage left. To this day I still wonder how Billy Zoom can play the whole show in one position.

2007-07-02 19:02:45
65.   LAT
First Three Concerts:

1. Stevie Wonder--don't rember the year but it was in the '70s and I recall that Mom had to drive my buddies and I.

2. Kiss. Best concert ever. Worst concert ever. I remember being annoyed casue my girlfriend though Peter Criss was so cute and sensitive cause he sung Beth.

3. Fleetwood Mac and Linda Ronstat at UCSD in the late '70s. The only thing I remember is that Linda Ronstat wore clear plastic pants and it seemed so edgey at the time.

2007-07-02 19:03:20
66.   Hallux Valgus
56 I picked 3 of my favorite ever bands. I could also list Concrete Blonde, English Beat (and General Public, Fine Young Cannibals), the Alarm, Black Sabbath, and Squeeze among IRS bands.It was an incredible label.
2007-07-02 19:03:28
67.   scareduck
57 - my fave X albums are probably the more radio friendly "Ain't Love Grand" and most of "See How We Are". There's a lot to skip past on "Los Angeles" and "Wild Gift", which eventually got released as a combo CD because they were such short works as standalone albums. But it's all pretty subjective, and the distance from the top to the bottom is very short indeed.
2007-07-02 19:06:20
68.   Shotupthemiddle
My first show was The Cure / Love and Rockets / The Pixies @ Dodger Stadium in 1989, I believe. The Pixies did their set in alphabetical order. And I never missed them when they came into town after that.
2007-07-02 19:06:38
69.   scareduck
60 - my first concert was David Byrne when he was in his Rei Momo phase (I was well out of college by this point, so we're talking 1994 or something). I had never been to a rock concert before, and that convinced me never to go again. It was a small venue, the Wiltern, and the idiots kept cranking up the volume to ear-shattering levels. I left early.
2007-07-02 19:07:29
70.   godvls
66 - The Alarm were great sloganeers......"Come on down and meet your maker, Come on down and make the stand!" Sadly, I don't think there was a whole lot of substance behind the slogans.

Love the Beat, though they weren't nearly as good live as the Selecter in my experience.

2007-07-02 19:07:51
71.   D4P
Love and Rockets

Don't know what color your eyes are, baby,
But your hair is long and brown

2007-07-02 19:07:54
72.   scareduck
66 - I think the Go-Go's were also an IRS signee. Had exactly one album (Beauty and the Beat) and one song's (Vacation) worth of good material, but what an album and what a song.
2007-07-02 19:09:25
73.   Hallux Valgus
64 I'm envious. I also like Jools Holland (the Squeeze keyboard player). His "And Friends" albums are great, if you like rhythm and blues (NOT R&B)
2007-07-02 19:11:14
74.   D4P
I see that MLB Audio has added an advertisement prior to letting me listen to the radio broadcast. That strikes me as annoying, given that I have already paid to listen to the broadcast.
2007-07-02 19:11:20
75.   godvls
66 - Hard to pick a favorite X album. 'Los Angeles' and 'Wild Gift' have a wild energy that the other don't have. I love 'Under the Big Black Sun' and especially 'More Fun in the New World'. 'Ain't Love Grand' is a little heavy metalish, but has a couple of great songs. I like 'See How We Are' quite a bit, but I miss Billy Zoom's presense. Fourth of July is a great song.....didn't Dave Alvin write that one?
2007-07-02 19:12:12
76.   El Lay Dave
41 56 Add I.R.S. Records: The Go-Gos, who must be mentioned here for their Dodger connection, if for no other reason.

I had a big Linda Ronstadt crush in the early-to-mid 70s.

59 I've heard "...Red Shoes" live several times - the audience always sings back "oh why's that", "oh that's too bad", and "oh I'm so sad".

2007-07-02 19:12:49
77.   godvls
73 - I think I've seen Squeeze more than any artist other than Elvis, though I haven't seen them since 1987. Are you going to see them on their reunion tour?
2007-07-02 19:15:11
78.   das411
WOW our favorite Hawaiian just tried to actually fly!!

...and he missed the ball, fell onto a bunch of not-Phillie-fans trying to catch him, and the next pitch walked in a run. GRR!

2007-07-02 19:15:54
79.   D4P
I feel like I knew a song by Squeeze, like a hit single from the late 80s or something. But I don't know what it is.
2007-07-02 19:17:32
80.   godvls
77 - "Tempted"? It's probably their best known song....came out in '81.
2007-07-02 19:18:11
81.   Hallux Valgus
77 I would love to, but I'm very stingy with my concert dollars now. I worked for a concert promoter for too long, and saw everything for free. We would ask each other, "Who would you pay $100 to see?" For me, it was Boingo, Talking Heads (no more- I saw Byrne do the entire Stop Making Sense show), the Police (done), and Cheap Trick.

79 Tempted was all over. Probably Tempted, or Black Coffee in Bed.

2007-07-02 19:18:25
82.   godvls
79 - Ugh, I did it again. The Tempted/Squeeze reference should have been #79.
2007-07-02 19:18:49
83.   Eric Enders
My first concert was Willie Nelson, which I attended with my parents when I was 5. The next day at school, my kindergarten teacher was scandalized when she found out the reason I was so drowsy in class that day.

First real concert (no parents) was Queensrÿche in 1989 or so.

2007-07-02 19:20:34
84.   Hallux Valgus
83 My first sans parents concert was (cue laughing) MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice....

after that was Page/ Plant, so there!

2007-07-02 19:20:34
85.   godvls
81 - That reminds of another great show I saw....Talking Heads at the Pantages when they recorded "Stop Making Sense". Great show, but no encores which left everyone a bit disappointed after such a great show.
2007-07-02 19:20:53
86.   Sam DC
First Concert: Sparks, at the Palladium, 1982 (or 3 or 4?).
2007-07-02 19:21:55
87.   D4P
Tempted doesn't sound right, as the song I'm thinking of would have come out sometime around 1987 or so.

My first college roommate was a big Queensrÿche fan. He thought there were destined to become the next "big" band. I just liked "Silent Lucidity."

2007-07-02 19:22:02
88.   godvls
86 - I've got angst in my pants.
2007-07-02 19:22:48
89.   godvls
87 - How about "Hourglass"? It wasn't a huge hit, but it did come out in 1987.
2007-07-02 19:24:11
90.   Hallux Valgus
85 I'm really starting to hate you :-)
2007-07-02 19:24:48
91.   Bob Timmermann
Since I have to join in to play today, I will say that my first concert was to go see Bruce Springsteen at the Sports Arena in 1980 on his "The River" tour.

I've also been to nine operas.

2007-07-02 19:25:55
92.   godvls
90 - Yeah, but you're young!
2007-07-02 19:26:11
93.   Curtis Lowe
This game is no longer interesting.
2007-07-02 19:26:40
94.   still bevens
Is there any reason to speculate whether the ankle injury has affected Furcal's patience? I remember seeing a stat last year on Baseball Analysts that Furcal had taken almost as many pitches as Kevin Youkilis has. Granted, he is a leadoff hitter, but it seems like he's nowhere near as selective this year and I can't put my finger on it. Has he always been trigger happy?
2007-07-02 19:26:41
95.   D4P
How about "Hourglass"?

That doesn't sound right either. I'm gonna have to look into this...

I've also been to nine operas

Eight wasn't enough...?

2007-07-02 19:27:16
96.   King of the Hobos
This thread makes me wish I had actually lived during the 80s, as New Wave is infinitely better than most current acts.

I've been to one concert without my parents (Third Eye Blind/TI), but it was a free, closed campus affair.

2007-07-02 19:27:30
97.   Bob Timmermann
The nine operas count seeing one opera twice, albeit several years apart.
2007-07-02 19:28:46
98.   underdog
{waving arms} Hellooooo, there's a game on, remember? ;-) Just kidding, this music talk is more interesting than talking about this game so far. Especially since the game is no longer officially "interesting." {tap on microphone} Is this thing on?

First rock concert? REM, on what must have been their third national tour, early stuff. SB County Bowl. And Echo and the Bunnymen. And I went to see the Clash with my Dad(!), and English Beat. And then the Smiths. All within a 2-3 year span. Those were good times.

2007-07-02 19:28:52
99.   El Lay Dave
91 None of which were "Tommy"? ;)
2007-07-02 19:29:06
100.   Buffalo Jones
First Concert: Gin Blossoms and the Refreshments at the fox theatre in Boulder, CO in '96 or so. The Refreshments blew the Gin Blossoms off the stage. Roger Clyne from the Refreshments now fronts Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers, who are one of the best live bands out there.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2007-07-02 19:29:16
101.   godvls
91 - My first Bruce Springsteen show was in Tempe in 1980 on "The River Tour". My second Springsteen show was in 1981 at the Sports Arena when "The River" came back around again. The ASU show was friends and I took turns waiting out for a tickets for a week and wound up with 5th row floor seats. Great, great show! Bruce hung out at the Howard Johnson's in Tempe after the show....I've got the pictures to prove it.
2007-07-02 19:30:36
102.   Hallux Valgus
100 HOLY CRAP I WAS AT THAT SHOW. I love the Fox. And I hate the Gin Blossoms because of that show.
2007-07-02 19:30:51
103.   underdog
93 Darn, if I hadn't been so long-winded, I would've been first with that joke.
2007-07-02 19:30:59
104.   Bob Timmermann
We're going to talk about rock concerts until Brian McCann's at bat is over.
2007-07-02 19:30:59
105.   Andrew Shimmin
My first concert was David Lindley, I don't remember the venue, it was on my parents' dime. First real concert was the Playboy Jazz Festival.
2007-07-02 19:31:39
106.   Curtis Lowe
nice pitch.
2007-07-02 19:31:41
107.   underdog
Did Vin just say Derek Luke was pitching for the Dodgers?
2007-07-02 19:32:53
108.   JoeyP
McCann just didnt want to walk in that AB.
2007-07-02 19:33:13
109.   Buffalo Jones
102 I haven't been a big fan of the Gin Blossoms since, either. In fact I hardly remember their portion of the show. I hadn't heard of the Refreshments before the show and was completely blown away by them.
2007-07-02 19:33:17
110.   El Lay Dave
It's not news now, but I still can't believe how awful Andruw Jones' numbers are.
2007-07-02 19:33:29
111.   Hallux Valgus
I didn't like the USMNT result. The Dodgers need to help me out. C'mon, Lowe!
2007-07-02 19:33:31
112.   Greg Brock
I do believe my first concert was...wait for it...James Taylor at the Hollywood Bowl.
2007-07-02 19:34:02
113.   Bob Timmermann
I heard it as Derek "Lew" or "Loo".
2007-07-02 19:35:11
114.   Jon Weisman
113 - Is that how Ed Sullivan would call the game?
2007-07-02 19:35:20
115.   Curtis Lowe
They're trying to get to the Dodgers horrendous bullpen.
2007-07-02 19:35:33
116.   JoeyP
And neither did Francouer, although that isnt a surprise.
2007-07-02 19:35:55
117.   underdog
Actually, that reminds me, I think my first actual concert was when I was pre-teen, and was some bluegrass/folk music concert that had some famous people in it but I can't remember a darn thing about it. I probably got secondhand stoned from being there and forgot everything.
2007-07-02 19:36:54
118.   Hallux Valgus
109 I promoted a Gin Blossoms show, and the first thing I told Jesse Valenzuela was how much he sucked that night. He couldn't say much, because I hadn't handed him the check yet.
2007-07-02 19:37:13
119.   underdog
115 Thank you, Curtis Looooo.
2007-07-02 19:38:03
120.   underdog
111 Did you finish it Hallux? They sure had some chances in that second half didn't they?
2007-07-02 19:39:00
121.   El Lay Dave
44 pitches for Lowe in two innings.
2007-07-02 19:40:34
122.   scareduck
100 - "Fizzy, Fuzzy, Big And Buzzy" was one of the ten best albums to come out of the 90's.

91 - which operas?

2007-07-02 19:41:33
123.   Jon Weisman
Loney just missed singling in a run/lining into a triple play.
2007-07-02 19:41:43
124.   Hallux Valgus
120 I finished. They had plenty of chances, but that doesn't seem to be the problem (see- the Gold Cup Final thread on the Griddle). We can't finish, and we can't stop anyone in the back line. That's a problem. Our strikers just don't seem to have the technical skill. It's depressing (which is why I can't wait to see Altidore tomorrow).
2007-07-02 19:42:01
125.   underdog
Darnit, yeah, Loney smashed that one, could've been better, could've been worse. Let's go Bison!
2007-07-02 19:42:31
126.   Eric Stephen
121 Lowe is following the Billingsley model. Chad has 42 pitches through two yesterday, and ended up with 88 total in seven innings, retiring the final 16 batters.

My first concert was Weird Al Yankovic at the Perris County Fair in 1995.

2007-07-02 19:44:01
127.   Bob Timmermann
Porgy and Bess - twice
Tristan und Isolde
The Flying Dutchman
Gianni Schicchi (which was paired with something else I forget)
Nicholas and Alexandra
Madame Mao

Hey, it's 10!

2007-07-02 19:44:53
128.   Hallux Valgus
that's the speed of a Buffalo!
2007-07-02 19:45:05
129.   JoeyP
Kemp is really fast.
2007-07-02 19:45:08
130.   underdog
124 Depressing, yah, a bit, though not all that surprising. Again, this team at the Copa is very inexperienced internationally. They have some talent but are just getting schooled. I don't think they'll be this bad in a few years, though. But yeah, I agree. Mapp had some great moves but the boy's got to learn to dish off - he had Johnson wide open on that one play, and kept the ball too long a couple of other plays. They'll learn.
2007-07-02 19:46:52
131.   Sam DC
I doubt I'll have a chance to see it, but I'm thinking that The Transformers will be the best film of 2007.
2007-07-02 19:46:57
132.   Greg Brock
Bob's Germanness comes through in his opera!
2007-07-02 19:48:50
133.   Bob Timmermann
I also saw some initial work that Honus Wagner did on an opera, but it turned out that Honus couldn't read or write music and I was really just looking at various ways he thought people could defense bunt plays with runners on first and second.
2007-07-02 19:49:23
134.   Bluebleeder87
my first concert: La Ley (spanish rock) 2-4 years ago can't remember. But it was a great concert non the less, i've seen a hand full of underground bands from around the area.
2007-07-02 19:50:21
135.   Greg Brock
I'm pretty sure Shimmin dislikes Wagner.
2007-07-02 19:50:34
136.   Hallux Valgus
130 I agree- though Mapp should've been starting with Bradley in the U-20's. I hope they'll learn. It seems like we have talent everywhere but up front. I can handle the back line break downs, because they're young and great 1 v. 1, but I just don't see a striker who can take a good service and finish.I hate Eddie Johnson- he's fast with the ball on his foot, but that doesn't cut it on the International level. Landycakes and Clint are mids at heart. Twellman is the epitome of US strikers- not good enough.
2007-07-02 19:52:09
137.   Gen3Blue
I know I over boost Loney, but I imagine his thought process as "hhhmmmm, I can hit this guy and I should try this next".
2007-07-02 19:52:10
138.   Hallux Valgus
136 that should read "since Bradley is with the U-20's"
2007-07-02 19:52:34
139.   underdog
Yeah, Eddie Johnson drives me crazy, too. (Though I'm quite sure he would've scored on that one play had Mapp the awareness to dish it to him.) It's true, even with the veterans together, the team intact, they still lack that dangerous striker that the world's best have (one or two of).

Do you pronounce Honus Wagner "Vagner"?

2007-07-02 19:52:48
140.   Hallux Valgus
nice catch, Matty!
2007-07-02 19:52:55
141.   Greg Brock
Matt Kemp is a bit of the fast.
2007-07-02 19:53:13
142.   Bluebleeder87
nice raw talent shone there by Kemp.
2007-07-02 19:53:31
143.   JoeyP
Bison as graceful as an Elk on that play.
2007-07-02 19:54:12
144.   underdog
The Bison was free-ranging there! Go, mighty Bison, go!
2007-07-02 19:55:38
145.   underdog
Darnit, all that Bison-ness was wasted. C'mon Lowe!
2007-07-02 19:55:48
146.   Gen3Blue
Wow, Kemp does Dwight Evans. slightly less arm but even more range.
2007-07-02 19:56:08
147.   D4P
Game over. Braves got a run. Another "L" for Lowe.
2007-07-02 19:56:13
148.   Buffalo Jones
Agreed. I think "the Bottle and Fresh Horses" is a horribly underrated album as well.
2007-07-02 19:56:36
149.   Bob Timmermann
Ed Heusser's nickname was "The Wild Elk of the Wasatch"
2007-07-02 19:57:45
150.   Hallux Valgus
139 See, I told myself, "he probably wouldn't have converted." I've never seen Johnson excel on service. I swear- the US should play a 4-6-0, because the talent in the offense is beating people off the dribble. Tevez killed us doing that, and we can't do anything. We play like Luc Robataille in hockey- long shots, muck, and penalties. One one-timer (Feilhaber) total.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2007-07-02 19:58:16
151.   underdog
Argh, if we have to see Tomko tonight I'm gonna cry into my keyboard.
2007-07-02 19:58:31
152.   ToyCannon
Bluebleeder found out last week that we were at the same LaLey concert. I'm sure he was wondering what an old white boy was doing at the show until he remembered my wife is Mexican.

If I had to pick a show to go to it would still be Los Lobos. Can't get enough of them.

2007-07-02 19:58:49
153.   underdog
Maybe they would've been better off with Derek Luke pitching after all.
2007-07-02 20:00:00
154.   JoeyP
Andruw Jones with the 3-0 green light.
2007-07-02 20:00:14
155.   Curtis Lowe
152- The Drummer from Los Lobos lived behind me in Rowland heights. His Borhter in law kidnapped his wife and murdered her.
2007-07-02 20:01:23
156.   Bluebleeder87
Bands i wanna see: Zoe (huge fan of theres), LucyBell, Jaguares, Horoes Del Silencio, BabaSonicos, Volumen Cero & to many to name.
2007-07-02 20:01:51
157.   Greg Brock
We will never have a world class goal scorer in my life. This is not hyperbole. UCLA will play in the BCS championship game before then.

The cosmic powers that be look down at us and say, "No, you guys in America got too much good stuff. We even gave you The Grand Canyon and hot dogs and movies and stuff. You cannot have a striker. Not yours."

2007-07-02 20:01:57
158.   Hallux Valgus
152 Oh man, I've seen Los Lobos 3 times. Bought them some drinks afterwards at the jazz bar. It was, um, expensive.
2007-07-02 20:02:15
159.   Bob Timmermann
The Dodgers actually average 4 runs a game when Lowe starts.
2007-07-02 20:02:53
160.   Hallux Valgus
157 (imagine a very seductive whisper) Josmer Altidore...
2007-07-02 20:02:53
161.   Bluebleeder87

yeah that was pretty shocking but i put 2 & 2 together like TC mentioned.

2007-07-02 20:03:43
162.   Bob Timmermann
Diamondbacks get whacked in St. Louis 11-3 with Webb taking the loss.
2007-07-02 20:04:18
163.   Greg Brock
160 Just like Landon Donovan when she was supposed to be the future goal scoring machine of the world.

I'll believe it when I see it on the world stage.

2007-07-02 20:05:30
164.   JoeyP
Is Smoltz a Hall of Famer?

Yes or No?
1st ballot?

2007-07-02 20:05:44
165.   Andrew Shimmin
157- I'm not convinced that there's any such thing as a person who's good at scoring goals. I've watched some parts of several soccer games; nobody I saw looked like he was good at it.
2007-07-02 20:06:49
166.   Bluebleeder87
1-0 Padres in the 4th.
2007-07-02 20:07:03
167.   Greg Brock
164 Yup. First ballot.

165 Watch Cristiano Ronaldo or the Brazilian Ronaldo. You should have seen Eric Cantona.

2007-07-02 20:08:43
168.   Hallux Valgus
163 Dammit. Yeah, but Donovan was always a midfielder. We can dump Landycakes and still have legit mids. Altidore is 6'1" and fast. He's my soccer Matt Kemp right now.
2007-07-02 20:09:01
169.   MMSMikey
jeff coming up big
2007-07-02 20:10:28
170.   Hallux Valgus
167 Thierry Henry when he's not hurt. Hell- Peter Crouch is an incredible goal scorer. He's just not good at anything else related to soccer... or walking and chewing gum at the same time.
2007-07-02 20:11:53
171.   Bluebleeder87
if anything it doesn't look like Smoltz isn't fulling the Dodgers, hopefully it's just a matter of time.
2007-07-02 20:14:04
172.   underdog
My fingers are crossed for Altidore but he's in the "I'll Believe It When I See It (in international play)" Dept. Yah, Peter Crouch doesn't look like someone who was made for walking, yet alone running. He looks like a mutated albino flamingo.

Confarnit, Kent and Gonzo! {shakes fist}

2007-07-02 20:14:05
173.   Pedro Astacio
tough trivia question, I'm guessing Mike Marshall?
2007-07-02 20:15:51
174.   JoeyP
Even when there arent any runners on, Martin still gives his best effort to block balls.
2007-07-02 20:16:06
175.   Greg Brock
Derek Lowe's pants are entering Derek Bell territory. Goodness, they ain't jammies.

170 Admit it...The Robot is pretty awesome.

2007-07-02 20:17:32
176.   fordprefect
First show was a triple bill in Sacto, 1972
(geez, you young whippersnappers!)
Went to see the closer--Tull--and Yes was the second opening band
Gad, I'm old.
But don't shoot me. :D
-Lived down the street from Club 88 and saw X up close and personal (slightly injured in the moshpit) and had a smoke with Billy Zoom during one of the breaks. Loved that band.
-Also the Germs, the Gears,
-and the Residents at the Roxy (right before some junkie stole one of their eyeball tuxedos.
2007-07-02 20:17:36
177.   Gen3Blue
I'm beggin some one. Bat JP first--or if not eighth. On his own I think he might get on enough. But as a #2 hitter he truly has Three true outcomes. A bad bunt, a strikeout or a short pop-up. What it does is seperate the slightly crippled Furcal from the rest of the lineup.
2007-07-02 20:18:24
178.   JoeyP
"Derek Lowe's pants are entering Derek Bell territory."

Hmm...randon players from the 90's.

I'll raise your Derek Bell, and give you a Randy Tomlin.

2007-07-02 20:20:13
179.   still bevens
177 You forgot a weak ground out in that dubious combo. However theyre kinda like bunts. They tend to go as far.
2007-07-02 20:20:24
180.   Bluebleeder87
i'm thinking if Hendy doesn't do a good enough job on his up coming start DJ Houlton will get the ball, i kind of liked the way he pitched for us 2 years ago. It's gonna be interesting to see what unfolds there.
2007-07-02 20:21:38
181.   Greg Brock
I see your random Randy Tomlin and raise you a Tom Lampkin

This a battle you cannot win, Joey. No googling, either.

2007-07-02 20:22:07
182.   Marty
Wow, I missed most of the concert talk, though I may have started it.

My first concert: Traffic in 1974.

X at the Starwood 1980
X at the Roxy when they released "Under the Big Black Sun"
Blasters at Hong Kong Cafe 1980
Blasters at Whiskey 1981
Top Jimmy and the Rhythm Pigs (with John Doe on bass and David Lee Roth singing 6 songs) at the Cathay de Grande 1983
The Motels at Madame Wongs West 1982
Lone Justice at the Hollywood Palace 1985 (I think)
The Replacements at the Hollywood Palace 1985.
The Clash at the Palladium 1984
Elvis Costello and Squeeze (Phil Alvin did an acoustic set) 1981 at the Sports Arena

2007-07-02 20:22:38
183.   Hallux Valgus
175 sigh... admitted. I still agree with 172 more.

and I still hate him. I say that wearing my Craig Bellamy Liverpool shirt, because Bellamy is insane and fantastic.

2007-07-02 20:23:32
184.   Andrew Shimmin
Hendrickson is set to get one start before the All Star break, so it'll be a couple of weeks before his spot comes up again. I won't be surprised if somebody else is filling it, when it does.
2007-07-02 20:24:06
185.   Bob Timmermann
Did anyone remark on the fact that on Friday night the caps the Dodgers gave out had gold mesh backs and from behind it made it look like people wearing Padres colors?
2007-07-02 20:24:10
186.   Marty
176 Club 88!!

I saw Top Jimmy, and Phast Phreddie and Thee Precisions there and had a beer with John Doe.

2007-07-02 20:26:14
187.   JoeyP
Wow, the only guy I can think of that could compete with a Tom Lampkin:

Ex-Dodger catcher Carlos Hernandez, whom somehow was off/on backup catcher for the Dodgers for 6yrs in the 90's, and yet I've forgotten he ever was on the team.

2007-07-02 20:26:16
188.   underdog
Way to make him work there guys. Sigh.
2007-07-02 20:28:35
189.   Bluebleeder87

i left mine at the Stadium but TC & my brother-in-law were sporting them proudly, they were weird caps, i wasn't expecting the give away.

2007-07-02 20:31:48
190.   Greg Brock
187 For whatever reason in the early 1990's, I decided to follow the Brewers for a little while. It may have had something to do with the uniform changes or something.

That team is a treasure trove of random 90's players. Lampkin, Pat Listach, Kevin Reimer, Chris Bosio.

2007-07-02 20:31:54
191.   ToyCannon
Marty should have known you'd be a Motels fan. I was quite fixated on Martha Davis. Don't remember the Lone Justice singer but I loved her. No love for Peter Case?
2007-07-02 20:32:03
192.   Bob Timmermann
People like Jon and I do our best to keep the names of obscure, yet memorable Dodgers in everyone's memory, but it's apparently a lost cause.

Somewhere Mike Ramsey weeps.

Both of them.

2007-07-02 20:32:30
193.   Greg Brock
You might want to mix up the timing on your stretch, there, Derek.
2007-07-02 20:34:47
194.   Hallux Valgus
"even though he was told he was too small to play in the majors, Rafael Furcal was the only one in his family to play in the big leagues."

um, that's not uncommon at all.

2007-07-02 20:35:35
195.   Gen3Blue
NO googling!

All I can do is feel sorry for Lowe. Smoltz will handle the young guys, Kent and Nomar and Gonzo will say, hey its not my job, and unless someone gets lucky or inspired, it's another great start loss for Derek. Of course at least he had a good bit to do with giving up that run.

2007-07-02 20:35:46
196.   bryanf
As pets go, I'd rather have a happy, affectionate dog who barks from time to time than a quiet, well-behaved flea.

One of the all time great metaphors/analogies/phrases.

2007-07-02 20:36:05
197.   Marty
191 I saw The Plimsouls at the Whisky on a Halloween night. But I saw Peter Case, Rosie Flores and Dave Alvin at a little church in Pasadena in 1998 0r 99. That was a nice show.
2007-07-02 20:36:24
198.   Jimi Shelter
Ahh, a Los Lobos thread! One of the biggest thrills of my life was having my band open for them way back when. I love those guys.
2007-07-02 20:37:25
199.   Marty
Toy, the Lone Justice singer was Maria McKee. Just an amazing voice.
2007-07-02 20:37:55
200.   JoeyP
Lowe's thrown quite a few pitches to be allowed to hit in the 5th.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2007-07-02 20:38:04
201.   Gen3Blue
195 continued---Ned will say, holy cow I better get someone who can hit or it might reflect on me,. Of course, thats not the solution at all.
2007-07-02 20:38:24
202.   Marty
I'm sad to say I had many opportunities but have never seen Los Lobos, one of my favorite bands.
2007-07-02 20:38:58
203.   scareduck
127 - I heard the Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves (Va, Pensiero) and immediately decided I needed to see the whole thing. What a glory that piece is.
2007-07-02 20:40:40
204.   Hallux Valgus
2007-07-02 20:40:42
205.   scareduck
The game is no longer uninteresting, yes?
2007-07-02 20:40:45
206.   Bluebleeder87
cluthness by Russell, woo!
2007-07-02 20:40:57
207.   Jimi Shelter
Another Los Lobos memory-one of many. I saw them in a bar in Santa Barbara, with Robert Cray as the opening act. A great night of music. Doesn't top Muddy Waters at the Roxy, but it comes close.

OK, now let's get some runs!

2007-07-02 20:40:58
208.   Greg Brock
This kid is awesome.
2007-07-02 20:41:11
209.   JoeyP
Martin's like---play me everyday!
All 162!
2007-07-02 20:41:13
210.   MMSMikey
why give him anything to hit with kent on deck
2007-07-02 20:41:14
211.   trainwreck
Martiiiiiiiiiiin. Martiiiiiiiiiin.
2007-07-02 20:41:22
212.   LogikReader
Martin really needs to rest more...
2007-07-02 20:41:43
213.   LogikReader
hahaha, only kidding, just in case the sarcasm meters were off
2007-07-02 20:42:30
214.   ToyCannon
Rosie Flores-saw her open for some Texas Rocker around 1988 at a club on Venice. Last time I heard of her until this thread.

My wife is watching FOTC while I'm posting and doing my on-line traffic school. She won't stop laughing. Not fair.

2007-07-02 20:43:44
216.   Hallux Valgus
Dear Vin,
I've seen Donald Sutherland's naked butt (Animal House). So no- not John Smoltz
2007-07-02 20:43:56
217.   fordprefect
Ouch! You're making my head hurt again!
Forgot about the Naughty Sweeties shows there..Still have the signed vinyl tucked away amongst the black widows in the garage.
- Along with the signed Wild Gift vinyl.

-Ebay, here I come.

2007-07-02 20:46:18
218.   underdog
I just like that Vin used skullduggery in a sentence right after Martin's double.

What I liked less: Kent's worthlessness lately. He seems late getting around on fastballs, too, which has never been a problem for him in the past. Ah well, at least we tied 'em.

2007-07-02 20:46:32
219.   Bob Timmermann

I didn't realize I was sitting in the LF pavilion.

2007-07-02 20:46:41
220.   Gen3Blue
201,195 continued. Of course I forgot about Martin who I don't really put with the young guys or the vets. If only we had 2 or three guys like him. And if we play our young players I believe we may. Not immediately---but soon--and for a long time.
So if Derek ends up sad tonight, don't despair long term.
2007-07-02 20:46:53
221.   Jon Weisman
Maria McKee on Dodger Thoughts"

2007-07-02 20:48:10
222.   MMSMikey
c'mon derek dont cough it right back up
2007-07-02 20:48:42
223.   JoeyP
Why again did Lowe bat in the 5th?
2007-07-02 20:49:19
225.   Jon Weisman
215 was deleted just for the nature of the comment being wrong.
2007-07-02 20:49:46
226.   Bob Timmermann
The Padres have three runs, none of the driven with a hit. Two scored on fielder's choices and another on a sac fly.
2007-07-02 20:51:11
227.   Marty
The Naughty Sweeties were practically the house band at Madame Wongs. I never liked them much.
2007-07-02 20:51:38
228.   scareduck
224 - the fact that Smoltz entered the game with a 2.98 ERA had nothing to do with this, of course.
2007-07-02 20:51:52
229.   JoeyP
Good play by Nomar!
2007-07-02 20:52:29
230.   JoeyP
Though, isnt McCann one of the Braves better hitters?

Having him sac bunt in the 6th inning cant be good.

2007-07-02 20:52:39
231.   Gen3Blue
Great move, the intentional walk. Makes for good stats.
2007-07-02 20:52:41
232.   Bob Timmermann

If Jon is doing the writing, can't he have his own opinions? Or does he have to be in agreement with every commenter here?

2007-07-02 20:54:28
233.   Greg Brock
Jon doesn't have to agree with every commenter here.

Trust me.
I know.

Go Cardinal!

2007-07-02 20:54:48
234.   Hallux Valgus
224 "But we're not, due to the fact that Smoltz is a good pitcher."


2007-07-02 20:55:01
235.   JoeyP
The Braves deserve to not score after McCann sac bunting.
2007-07-02 20:55:38
236.   Hallux Valgus
YOU GO KENT!!!!!!!!!!!
2007-07-02 20:55:42
237.   kadycee
2007-07-02 20:55:47
238.   Marty
That was a very nice play by Kent.
2007-07-02 20:55:48
239.   Bluebleeder87
wow, nice to see Kent can still muster out a good play!
2007-07-02 20:55:48
240.   Jon Weisman
Kent just made a huge play.
2007-07-02 20:55:53
241.   Eric Stephen
Nice play by Kent to rob "Saltalamonica"!
2007-07-02 20:56:07
242.   kadycee
He's feeling less old right about now, I imagine
2007-07-02 20:56:17
243.   scareduck
232 - I'm developing a picture of Jon, shackled to his keyboard in much the same way Farscape's Pilot was tied to Moira, symbiotically writing pieces that agree with everyone.

I guess Jeff Kent does not suck, as he takes away a hit from Saltalamonica. Or Saltalamacchia. Or whatever Vinnie says his name is.

2007-07-02 20:57:14
244.   Jon Weisman
224 was deleted for a Rule 7 violation and for the fact that it significantly misrepresents my views.
2007-07-02 20:57:32
245.   Bob Timmermann
Since May, the top search phrase to find the Griddle has been "Ashley Saltalamacchia", Jarrod's wife.

I wrote about her last year though.

2007-07-02 20:57:47
246.   Hallux Valgus
242 after that play, he can feel as old as he wants. Which I'm guessing is "very."
2007-07-02 20:58:29
247.   Jon Weisman
The rushes to my defense were nice (and I appreciate them) but disconcerting in their own way. As if I've ever said at any point this year that the Dodgers have nothing to worry about.
2007-07-02 20:58:50
248.   fordprefect
"Pray we don't have a rundown"
2007-07-02 20:58:55
249.   Hallux Valgus
"and pray we don't have a rundown..."
2007-07-02 20:59:19
250.   Greg Brock
Jarrod Saltalamacchia is the new Mark Grudzielanek.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2007-07-02 21:00:33
251.   Bob Timmermann
The good professor Zappalla will tell us that Saltalamacchia is easy to spell and pronounce.

Of course, I could have just misspelled Zappalla.

2007-07-02 21:00:37
252.   fordprefect
Which is the old VanLandingham?
2007-07-02 21:00:40
253.   Daniel Zappala
salta la macchia -- Italian for "it jumps the spot"
2007-07-02 21:00:54
254.   Lexinthedena
Lately Vin has been especially....vibrant...
2007-07-02 21:01:21
255.   Daniel Zappala
Definitely easy to spell, Mr. Timerman.
2007-07-02 21:01:39
256.   MMSMikey
wow nomar
2007-07-02 21:02:11
257.   scareduck
All I wanna do
Is have some fun
I got a feeling I'm not the only one
All I wanna do
Is have some fun
Till the sun goes down on Saltalamonica.
2007-07-02 21:03:30
258.   Bob Timmermann
You need more double letters in your name. They add flavor.
2007-07-02 21:04:04
259.   Greg Brock
I think I had an iced carmel Saltalamacchia at Starbucks yesterday.

Just kidding. I would never drink Starbucks.

2007-07-02 21:04:23
260.   scareduck
Loney outruns the wild pitch.
2007-07-02 21:04:56
261.   JoeyP
Need a homer Kemp.
2007-07-02 21:05:38
262.   Hallux Valgus
Matt Kemp's intro song is "Big Things Poppin'" by T.I., which is the clean version. Replace "things" with, um, something else.
2007-07-02 21:05:43
263.   Nagman
I still think of Bill Buckner whenever I see Loney running.
2007-07-02 21:06:00
264.   Andrew Shimmin
258- I'm with Zappala on this; one set is plenty for any decent person.

If we're really not allowed to completely misrepresent Jon's views, going forward, this may be the last time the name "Becker" appears in a comment thread.

2007-07-02 21:06:41
265.   Hallux Valgus
Matt Kemp is good.
2007-07-02 21:06:46
266.   scareduck
261 - your keyboard to God's ears, and Kemp's bat.
2007-07-02 21:06:59
267.   Bluebleeder87
WOW, Kemp took Smoltz way deep!
2007-07-02 21:07:01
268.   fordprefect
Did that clear the bullpen?
2007-07-02 21:07:03
269.   kadycee
Lovely, Kemp, lovely
2007-07-02 21:07:16
270.   ToyCannon
Some nights you guys are the best entertainment in town. Some nights not so much, but tonight, Yeah Baby.
2007-07-02 21:07:16
271.   Andrew Shimmin
Anybody want to give him the business for swinging three one?
2007-07-02 21:07:17
272.   Jon Weisman
Wow - this is so perfect. The strikeout leads to the homer!
2007-07-02 21:07:19
273.   JoeyP
Thank you Kemp.
2007-07-02 21:07:21
274.   Bob Timmermann
I'm expecting a Mickey Owen anecdote in 3 ... 2 ... 1 ....
2007-07-02 21:07:23
275.   trainwreck
2007-07-02 21:07:28
276.   LogikReader
Heck yea! Vin was right, I just saw the ball roll right up to my apartment in SB.
2007-07-02 21:07:29
277.   Eric Stephen
Over the bullpen! Right after Kemp laid off two straight outside pitches!
2007-07-02 21:07:30
278.   Greg Brock
Mein Gott. That ball was crushed.

The Bison will hit home runs and defeat you and hear the lamentation of you wimmins.

2007-07-02 21:07:30
279.   scareduck
Wow, looking at the replay, that was a good pitch that was probably inside by a good 3-4 inches. Just amazing power.
2007-07-02 21:07:38
280.   Inside Baseball
I'm in love.
2007-07-02 21:08:18
281.   jtrichey
Yeah, that's just our 8th hitter. Doesn't that scare the rest of the league?
2007-07-02 21:08:21
282.   King of the Hobos
261 I guess he listened to you.

And now that I know Kemp comes into T.I., I have to root for him slightly less. As mentioned earlier, I've had the honor of seeing him in concert, possibly the worst "musical" display I've ever seen.

2007-07-02 21:08:29
283.   Jon Weisman
268 - Over the back wall of the bullpen, but not quite out of the stadium.
2007-07-02 21:08:44
284.   Marty
If Kemp is traded I will never watch the Dodgers again.
2007-07-02 21:09:13
285.   Eric Stephen
Seeing Saenz try to do a HR celebration is awesome.

Actually, seeing any Dodger do a HR celebration is great, since it means a Dodger homered!

2007-07-02 21:09:18
286.   JoeyP
The McCann sac bunt had tremendous karmic effects.
2007-07-02 21:09:27
287.   Bob Timmermann
Nomar kept Smoltz from having a 4 K inning.
2007-07-02 21:09:29
288.   Mark Joseph


I hope everyone had the chance to hear Charlie Steiner's call of that home run.

Estimated distance: 465 feet(!).

2007-07-02 21:09:51
289.   still bevens
283 Right into Tsao's glove.
2007-07-02 21:10:52
290.   Mark Joseph
Since I can't follow the list during every game, much as I'd like to, can someone tell me where the nickname "Bison" comes from? Thanks!
2007-07-02 21:11:29
291.   NorCal-Dodger
Guess we just found our power hitter that we knew we had all along!
2007-07-02 21:12:15
292.   Frip
I am The Bison, I am the egg man, koo koo kachoo
2007-07-02 21:12:21
293.   Sam in SC
now they are saying 435'?
2007-07-02 21:12:58
294.   scareduck
Karma appears to be flipping.
2007-07-02 21:13:19
295.   kadycee
Raffy- come on. Really.
2007-07-02 21:13:20
296.   Jon Weisman
That was just sloppy all around. Furcal and Loney.
2007-07-02 21:13:54
297.   Mark Joseph

So, uh, maybe Broxton could be the Walrus? Actually, my vote for Broxton's nickname would be "Beeblebrox".

2007-07-02 21:14:02
298.   Bob Timmermann
Back in the day, there used to be bison on nickels. People would say "Give me five bison for a quarter." So I was walking down the street, with an onion on my belt, which was the style at the time, and I thought to myself, "Hey, this outfielder for the Dodgers is worth at least a nickel?"

And what was on the nickel, a bison? So I started calling Kemp "Bison" and I also gave him the onion on my belt, which was the style at the time.

2007-07-02 21:14:05
299.   Gen3Blue
I HAD TO LEAVE FOR A MINUTE!! what happened , I take it Kemp homered. Somewhere between Nomar, Kent ,Gonzo and Loney some one did something. My bets on Loney and Kemp.
2007-07-02 21:14:47
300.   Greg Brock
I'm with Marty. If the Dodgers trade Kemp, I'm going to have to take a trip down to the effigy district.

I'll become a Cubs fan, I swear to Christ. Or maybe a Nationals fan. But not Oakland. White cleats are an abomination.

Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2007-07-02 21:15:41
301.   Bluebleeder87
It's even more impressive knowing how thick the air is at Dodger Stadium at night, just a monster shot.
2007-07-02 21:16:44
302.   scareduck
299 - batter ahead of Kemp struck out but reached on the wild pitch, Kemp ripped one to the end of the LF bullpen.
2007-07-02 21:16:46
303.   Gen3Blue
We are throwing Biemel against righties so I know we are going to be tied at best. So it will be a long night on the East Coast.
I had hoped to get some sleep.
2007-07-02 21:17:08
304.   Jon Weisman
300 - If Kemp got traded, I would seriously contemplate ending Dodger Thoughts.
2007-07-02 21:17:15
305.   ToyCannon
I think that question gets asked every night. Jon needs to put in on the FAQ for new readers.

Here I am at home doing an on-line traffic school instead of feeling the breeze of Kemp's home run across my cheek.

2007-07-02 21:17:16
306.   Greg Brock
298 Is not an accurate representation of how the Bison name came about.
2007-07-02 21:17:36
307.   JoeyP
Chipper wont go 4-4.
2007-07-02 21:17:59
308.   scareduck
297 - would that make the Stadium Club the Restaurant at the End of the Universe?
2007-07-02 21:18:02
309.   LogikReader
2007-07-02 21:18:04
310.   kadycee
300. Yes. White cleats make the As the nerds of baseball.
2007-07-02 21:19:07
311.   scareduck
304 - Now? How about in 10 years?
2007-07-02 21:19:13
312.   kadycee
304. I hope Ned reads - and enjoys - Dodger Thoughts.
2007-07-02 21:19:45
313.   still bevens
Grady living dangerously there. Honeycutt also must have said something worthwhile to Beimel. Lets win this game.
2007-07-02 21:19:55
314.   bigcpa
304 Maybe that would put Vinny over the top too.

Did I see correctly... it looked like Kemp popped the jersey at the plate a la Bradley.

2007-07-02 21:20:05
315.   JoeyP
294--Nope, still strongly with the Dodgers. Sacrificing McCann I dont think can be topped.--At least, I've yet to see anything like that in baseball this year. However, whether it lasts for more than 1 game will be interesting.
2007-07-02 21:20:23
316.   kadycee
306. But it was entertaining. Especially the part about the onion.
2007-07-02 21:20:48
317.   Jon Weisman
311 - Now.
2007-07-02 21:20:56
318.   Inside Baseball
304 You'd have to. All comments would be replaced by Rule 1 violations anyway.
2007-07-02 21:20:58
319.   scareduck
300 et al. -- If Kemp is traded I will apply my thumb to my nose and let my fingers wave like so many stalks of wheat in the wind, in the general direction of Frank McCourt.
2007-07-02 21:21:07
320.   NorCal-Dodger
Kemp is the power hitter we need and have in our line-up, if anything Ned should work on getting a backend rotation pitcher..without giving up Loney, Kemp, Bills, or Brox and Eithier.
2007-07-02 21:21:12
321.   Gen3Blue
303 Sometimes I love it when I'm wrong.
2007-07-02 21:21:23
322.   kadycee
I'm going to Hawaii tomorrow - do they have baseball in Hawaii? I mean Dodger baseball? What will I do? They need me. I'm the tenth man.
2007-07-02 21:21:40
323.   Jon Weisman
But Ned's not trading Kemp. Ned's the one who pushed Kemp to the bigs last year. Ned likes Kemp.
2007-07-02 21:21:50
324.   Eric Stephen
Kemp getting traded would be worse than Konerko (Kemp has much more potential), Piazza (in the sense that it seemed Piazza might leave soon as a free agent anyway), and Pedro (I was 17 when he was traded and not as emotionally invested; my lamentation of that trade is more retroactive than anything).

I feel the same about Billingsley, TNSTAAPP be damned.

2007-07-02 21:22:28
325.   Jon Weisman
322 - Linkmeister is your guide to following Dodger baseball off the mainland.
2007-07-02 21:22:37
326.   Gen3Blue
319 I will do much worse than that in his general direction!
2007-07-02 21:22:54
327.   fordprefect
Not in MY universe.
2007-07-02 21:23:14
328.   Greg Brock
Charlie Finley had many great ideas. White cleats, however, cannot be considered a great idea. White cleats are the Star Wars Christmas special of baseball.

322 Linkmeister is your POC on Dodger baseball in Hawaii. I'm sure he's out there...lurkin'.

2007-07-02 21:23:16
329.   Andrew Shimmin
Whoa. Matt what?
2007-07-02 21:23:39
330.   kadycee
325. Where is the Linkmeister? Do I need to do some kind of incantation to call him forth?
2007-07-02 21:24:01
331.   Lexinthedena
M Bison!...that's it!...genius...

My connection went dead right when Kemp hit it out...I had to scream silently....

2007-07-02 21:24:15
332.   Eric Stephen
Did Vin Scully just inadvertently violate Rule 1???!!!
2007-07-02 21:24:23
333.   JoeyP
I think the only way Kemp gets traded is if he totally slumps in July. Ned never trades anyone with a high value--he always trades low.
2007-07-02 21:24:34
334.   Bob Timmermann
Shades of Mariano Duncan there!
2007-07-02 21:24:40
335.   scareduck
OMG, that was the funniest screwed up bunt I've ever seen.
2007-07-02 21:24:42
336.   Inside Baseball
Practice that everyday JP!
2007-07-02 21:24:52
337.   Jon Weisman
328 - I have to say, I miss the fact that you can't find white cleats any more for softball. I won't try to argue their merits - I just liked wearing 'em.

329 - I'm going with "Kump."

2007-07-02 21:24:58
338.   Sam in SC
I would feel better if I felt like pierre had planned it that way.
2007-07-02 21:25:06
339.   El Lay Dave
There's an unusual way to raise the SLG%
2007-07-02 21:25:06
340.   trainwreck
What a lucky break.
2007-07-02 21:25:07
341.   Hallux Valgus
While talking to my mother just now, I heard her curse for the first time ever when Loney missed the throw from Furcal.
2007-07-02 21:25:16
342.   fordprefect
and I thought it was just me.
2007-07-02 21:25:31
343.   NorCal-Dodger
322 Sign-up for, bring a laptop, hook up at thehotels' hi-speed Internect connection in the room watch the game at 0410 Hawaii time, Then go out drink and be merry the rest of the night!
2007-07-02 21:25:56
344.   das411
Ok so if he could do THAT every time up, would that contract be worth it??
2007-07-02 21:26:00
345.   kadycee
328. thank ye.
2007-07-02 21:26:49
346.   Lexinthedena
Pierre's double was like a banked in three pointer...

He has been hell on the bases lately....I give him that....

2007-07-02 21:26:59
347.   Andrew Shimmin
337- Maybe it was Matt "Beloved Aunt".
2007-07-02 21:27:44
348.   Jon Weisman
DT does need a FAQ page. Then I look at the sidebar and see that it hasn't been updated since April 10, and I sigh.


2007-07-02 21:27:45
349.   El Lay Dave
Golden God!
2007-07-02 21:27:55
350.   Sam in SC
Martin with his 55th RBI. (I think)
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2007-07-02 21:28:12
351.   scareduck
Woot! 4-4, 2 RBI!
2007-07-02 21:28:20
352.   Greg Brock
I have to say, I miss the fact that you can't find white cleats any more for softball.

I give up. It's become apparent to me that the Philosopher King is the Abagail Freemantle to my Randall Flagg.

And you know which side you should all be on. I'm losing this one...badly.

2007-07-02 21:28:29
353.   Eric Stephen
General question. Pierre just stole 3rd during Martin's AB. Does this AB count in Martin's splits as batting with a runner on 2nd base or a runner on 3rd?

My hunch is the baserunner locations at the time of the final pitch of the AB define the situation. Does anyone know for sure?

2007-07-02 21:28:37
354.   Bluebleeder87
mean while Russell is quietly having a great game 4for4 with a 12-13(?) game hitting streak.
2007-07-02 21:28:38
355.   NorCal-Dodger
Why rest Martin?
2007-07-02 21:28:56
356.   Lexinthedena
When the kids get it done, I sometimes forget that Kent is on the team....he will make me pay at some point this season....
2007-07-02 21:29:14
357.   Bob Timmermann
The Griddle has FAQs now.
2007-07-02 21:29:40
358.   kadycee
343. I was going to leave the laptop at home--I feel like it's just something I need to do, just to see if I can. It's like an appendage. Though a friend of mine who's going has a laptop...

Drinking and merry-making, no prob.

2007-07-02 21:29:40
359.   Eric Stephen
347 Very nice!

Does anyone know if Curb Your Enthusiasm will be back for another season?

2007-07-02 21:29:56
360.   Hallux Valgus
352 Even though I'm from Boulder, I'm sticking in Vegas.
2007-07-02 21:29:58
361.   Sam in SC
353. it would make more sense for the location of the runner to count at the conclusion of the AB, but I don't know, either.
2007-07-02 21:30:28
362.   JoeyP
My fantasy team could use some more Russ Martin steals.
2007-07-02 21:30:31
363.   dzzrtRatt
324 I don't think you're going to see Colletti break up the K&L Boys.

A lot of luck going into tonight's success so far, but based on this game and yesterday's you have to feel like the Dodgers really have a bright future, that the excitement over the prospects was justified.

If Pierre can keep bunting for doubles, he can stay.

2007-07-02 21:30:33
364.   Gen3Blue
What planet did this Martin come from!
2007-07-02 21:30:37
365.   Sam in SC
16th stolen base for martin.

the man is a machine.

2007-07-02 21:30:39
366.   kadycee
I'm calling Martin Big Daddy from now on.
2007-07-02 21:30:56
367.   scareduck
347 - Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but not their own FAQs. Wait...

Martin! SB!!

2007-07-02 21:31:06
368.   JoeyP
Russ, thank you.
2007-07-02 21:31:28
369.   Nagman
Padres are going to win with 3 hits. I know they've won three games this season with 2 hits. That's being efficient.
2007-07-02 21:31:46
370.   ToyCannon
I'd say that Martin is coming out a head in the battle of the great young NL catchers.
Their's is forced to bunt, ours is allowed to drive in runs. I thought Cox hated the bunt?
2007-07-02 21:31:50
371.   underdog
I have to say, I think my mom is Kemp's good luck charm. That's the second time she's called me during a Dodgers game when Kemp then hit a home run while I was on with her and I had to silently cheer so she wouldn't know I was being rude. I mouthed "Bison, wow!"

For Kemp's last two home runs. My mom should call more often, but that's the last thing I'm gonna say.

2007-07-02 21:32:28
372.   Greg Brock
358 One of DT's best posters is in New York right now, with his laptop. We discussed whether he would leave it at home or not. He took it with him.

You belong to your laptop. I belong to my laptop. We are all slaves to our technology. Skynet is self-aware.

2007-07-02 21:32:28
373.   scareduck
Yates is not a happy man. I have to believe he is the only active Braves player to give up a bunt double.
2007-07-02 21:32:53
374.   Bluebleeder87

yup, it sure is i can't wait.

2007-07-02 21:33:14
375.   Marty
The Bison abides.
2007-07-02 21:33:30
376.   Bob Timmermann
You would have to count Martin's at bat as "Runner at 3rd". Martin was pitched to by Yates with a runner on third when he hit the ball. The pitching sequence was predicated on their being a runner at third once Pierre stole the base.
2007-07-02 21:33:52
377.   scareduck
364 - Planet Canuckia. They have a substance like kryptonite, called "Moosehead".
2007-07-02 21:34:37
378.   bigcpa
Pursuant to an earlier discussion- you'd think Kemp would earn the start tomorrow vs. RH Davies. With 3 lefties the rest of the week Ethier might only see 1 start for the week. All 3 Kemp HR's came vs. RHP's. Just make the guy an everyday player already.
2007-07-02 21:34:46
379.   Jon Weisman
352 - No, I'm not putting any stigma on disliking white cleats. That one's on me.
2007-07-02 21:34:46
380.   Gen3Blue
Keep in mind that the Braves had a lot of luck while leading the first half of this game, starting with this. The D's had back to back singles in I think it was second, and Loney hit a wicked liner right at their SS. A yard either way and it was at least a run.
2007-07-02 21:34:48
381.   Greg Brock
Curb will be back in September. Cringe-inducing hilarity to follow.


2007-07-02 21:34:54
382.   Bob Timmermann
I'm ready for that eventuality.
2007-07-02 21:35:21
383.   Bob Timmermann
That's Adelaide, Vin. Adelaide.
2007-07-02 21:36:01
384.   NorCal-Dodger
377 So when Martin come up to bat it's a LaBatts?
2007-07-02 21:37:15
385.   Bluebleeder87
Save some for tomorrow boys!
2007-07-02 21:37:35
386.   scareduck
384 - I think thats like green kryptonite. Or something.
2007-07-02 21:37:39
387.   Nagman
379 you can always paint them to be white, as I did way back when.
2007-07-02 21:38:57
388.   kadycee
372. Oh dear...I just had a vision of myself without a laptop for a week. It sort of felt like falling down a hole. I'll be amongst people, yet so alone. How did this happen?!
2007-07-02 21:39:46
389.   Hallux Valgus
this game is turning awesome
2007-07-02 21:40:41
390.   Lexinthedena
I'm not used to seeing the Braves fall apart...almost like when you are a kid and you see a grownup fall....

Walking Loney to get to Kump...I love it...

2007-07-02 21:40:45
391.   scareduck
IBBing Loney to get to Kemp.

Write this day down on your calendar. It may be the last time we ever see it.

2007-07-02 21:40:48
392.   trainwreck
Go ahead and load the bases for the Bison.
2007-07-02 21:40:57
393.   Jon Weisman
Seven Dodger starters have hits, and the only position player who doesn't gets walked intentionally to set up Matt Kemp with the bases loaded.
2007-07-02 21:41:17
394.   kadycee
What was the point of walking Loney?
2007-07-02 21:41:27
395.   scareduck
389 - it's getting hilaripus.
2007-07-02 21:42:04
396.   bryanf
394 I guess set up the force play athome, but it seems stupid to me. They just got beat by Kemp!
2007-07-02 21:42:05
397.   scareduck
Let's go, Hooters!

Why don't we hear that as a fan chant more often?

2007-07-02 21:42:07
398.   Sam in SC
this is deranged. walking the bases loaded to get to the guy that hit the last one half way to the moon?
2007-07-02 21:42:32
399.   bigcpa
2007-07-02 21:42:53
400.   kadycee
I love the Jaws music.
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2007-07-02 21:42:54
401.   Sam in SC
RBI the hard way.
2007-07-02 21:42:55
402.   Andrew Shimmin
Maybe Bobby Cox is losing his passion for this game.
2007-07-02 21:42:59
403.   bryanf
Hahahaha. I love when IBBs backfire.
2007-07-02 21:42:59
404.   Greg Brock
He strikes out too much.
2007-07-02 21:43:01
405.   scareduck
Clearly that was better than a jonron.
2007-07-02 21:43:02
406.   Jon Weisman
Why do I get the feeling that "Kump" is going to replace "Bison?"

Since it catches Vin in a bad moment, I hope it doesn't.

2007-07-02 21:43:24
407.   Inside Baseball
I'd walk Kemp too, I wouldn't want to get hurt.
2007-07-02 21:43:33
408.   Hallux Valgus
395- toe-may-toe, toe-mah-toe.

yes, give Ethier fives- he did a lot.

2007-07-02 21:43:38
409.   scareduck
402 - nah, that's just mental incontinence.
2007-07-02 21:44:32
410.   scareduck
406 - no fracking way.
2007-07-02 21:44:32
411.   NorCal-Dodger
Looking ahead...Tomko Time??
2007-07-02 21:45:00
412.   Bob Timmermann
I think Saltalamacchia threw Vin off his game for the rest of the night. He still hasn't gotten the pronunciation of Matt Diaz's name right.
2007-07-02 21:45:11
413.   Hallux Valgus
411 stop trying to ruin our fun!
2007-07-02 21:45:53
414.   Lexinthedena
I have a feeling that if anyone is traded this year, it will be Ethier...
2007-07-02 21:46:02
415.   kadycee
Aw, Loney. Poor fella.
2007-07-02 21:46:19
416.   Greg Brock
411 Biggest. Buzzkill. Ever.
2007-07-02 21:46:21
417.   bryanf
414 What about LaRoche?
2007-07-02 21:46:24
418.   Sam in SC
sigh. a centerfielder with an arm.
2007-07-02 21:46:49
419.   scareduck
Loney was out halfway down the line.
2007-07-02 21:47:10
420.   Andrew Shimmin
I'm going to take this opportunity to congratulate the windmill. Sure, he got a runner nailed at the plate, but it's been a while since he did last, and nobody mentioned all the times he didn't.
2007-07-02 21:47:15
421.   das411
The preceding Big Inning has been brought to you by the clutch bunting and blazing speed of...
2007-07-02 21:47:57
422.   still bevens
Anyone else notice that Big Game James' batting helmet doesn't seem to fit right?
2007-07-02 21:48:13
423.   kadycee
411. That's a poopy thing to think about.
2007-07-02 21:48:16
424.   NorCal-Dodger
McCourt's would want this so everyone would stay in the stadium a little longer and spend more at the stands,
2007-07-02 21:49:00
425.   El Lay Dave
So the Dodgers' finally score a bunch of runs in a Lowe start, but he can't get the win.
2007-07-02 21:49:06
426.   kadycee
414. Why trade anyone?? Under 25, I mean?
2007-07-02 21:49:55
427.   Hallux Valgus
420 sigh, and our runners are forever Don Quixote
2007-07-02 21:50:22
428.   El Lay Dave
Boy, Loney really is a plodder. Note to "the Windmill" (great nick), when in doubt, hold Loney, esp. against the likes of Andruw Jones.
2007-07-02 21:50:44
429.   kadycee
425. Lowe seems to have Odalis Perez karma.
2007-07-02 21:51:56
430.   Jon Weisman
420 - I wrote that I perceived improvement in Donnelly not long ago. And I absolve him of this one, with Pierre on deck. Loney had enough of a chance to score.
2007-07-02 21:53:23
431.   Sam in SC
429 - he is almost ismael valdesesque.
2007-07-02 21:53:44
432.   scareduck
428 - the Cubs used to have "Wavin'" Wendall Kim at third. It helped that his first name started with a W, but he really did send a lot of runners to their doom at the plate.
2007-07-02 21:53:51
433.   bryanf
Is it time for us to finally give some credit to Seanez? I mean, this guy's been pretty good all year long, hasn't he? Maybe I just had low expectations from the beginning of the season...
2007-07-02 21:54:37
434.   Greg Brock
So, to sum up. Things that are fast:

Space Shuttle: Fast
Light: Fast
Kemp: Fast

James Loney: NOT fast

2007-07-02 21:54:39
435.   still bevens
I had no idea Seanez would still be on this team by the break, let alone with such a decent K/BB ratio. Pleasant surprise, that.
2007-07-02 21:55:26
436.   Connector
Question: What does TB mean in the "Batting" section on Gameday?
2007-07-02 21:55:38
437.   still bevens
433 Apparently we are charter members of the Seanez Marching and Chowder Society. I don't know how I feel about that.
2007-07-02 21:56:01
438.   Bob Timmermann
TB = total bases
2007-07-02 21:56:10
439.   bryanf
Loney is still not as fun to watch run as Karros was. It was always a thrill for me to see him round the bases...
2007-07-02 21:56:27
440.   scareduck
Mongo II on the mound for the Braves.
2007-07-02 21:56:27
441.   El Lay Dave
430 When the ball was hit, my instinctive response was that the runner should be sent: two outs, ball hit just enough to the right of Jones. But I was still surprised how slow Loney looked approaching the plate.
2007-07-02 21:56:42
442.   underdog
436 I hope it doesn't mean "Injury delay - Tuberculosis"...

Man, poor Derek Lowe. One more inning and he'd actually be the pitcher of record.

2007-07-02 21:56:54
443.   Lexinthedena
That story Vin just told about this Braves pitcher is yet another reason I love baseball...That kind of thing does not happen in the other major sports....
2007-07-02 21:56:55
444.   Bob Timmermann
The more surprising thing about Seanez is that he hasn't gotten hurt yet. That guy is usually camped out on the DL.
2007-07-02 21:56:58
445.   Connector
Thanks, Bob.
2007-07-02 21:57:36
446.   kadycee
434. In the tradition of Eric Karros, the man with a piano on his back.
2007-07-02 21:57:43
447.   scareduck
436 - Total Babes. This is the number of female groupies whose phone numbers the player has acquired during the course of the game.
2007-07-02 21:57:50
448.   Hallux Valgus
Kemp: Fast
Hippo: Fast (in water)
Boulder: Fast (falling off cliff)

Loney: um... nope... nuh uh... no... uh: Not fast.

2007-07-02 21:58:03
449.   Bob Timmermann
You're welcome.

But I was going to try the joke in 442 also.

2007-07-02 21:58:06
450.   El Lay Dave
435 My sentiments exactly.

"Rudy thought that all good things comes to those that wait"

Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2007-07-02 21:58:59
451.   underdog
Mongo just pawn in game of life.
2007-07-02 21:59:33
452.   Bob Timmermann
Don't get a fifth hit, Russell, you'll be doomed!!!
2007-07-02 22:00:44
453.   El Lay Dave
447 ARod is a leader in that category too.
2007-07-02 22:00:51
454.   Greg Brock
I also had a tuberculosis joke locked and loaded. I held off.

If there is one thing in this world that makes for great humor, it's tuberculosis

2007-07-02 22:01:13
455.   scareduck
452 - to be pronounced,


while gesticulating wildly.


2007-07-02 22:01:15
456.   Bob Timmermann
Tyler Yates should pronounce his last name as "Yeets" just to make things even.
2007-07-02 22:01:52
457.   das411
Aww well at least he did not call him "Old Friend Marlon Anderson" yet...

NOW can we get Lieberthal into this game??

2007-07-02 22:02:28
458.   fordprefect
"But recently,
He could see,"
2007-07-02 22:02:30
459.   ToyCannon
"Patience is for those who die waiting for something to happen"
2007-07-02 22:03:08
460.   kadycee
He's wearing Garvey's number. The mystical #6.
2007-07-02 22:03:21
461.   kadycee
2007-07-02 22:03:38
462.   underdog
The Golden God is mortal.

Weird, I just found out that a restaurant I recently went to here in SF is owned by Kevin Youklis' brother, of all people. Really good place called Maverick. He must then be doubly bummed to not have made the All-Star game this year, given its location.

2007-07-02 22:03:56
463.   Bob Timmermann
You mean Brent Mayne's number don't you?
2007-07-02 22:04:28
464.   Connector
447 think twice about making a girlie joke to someone you don't know, Duck. You may just be talking with a female contributor.
2007-07-02 22:04:41
465.   Hallux Valgus
Dear Vin,
With Gonzo playing left, and Kemp coming up in right, there is still one very real place for Ethier to play...
2007-07-02 22:04:42
466.   underdog
454 There's no need to fear, underdog is here... to make a tasteless, only marginally amusing joke.
2007-07-02 22:05:55
467.   Bluebleeder87

i was thinking that exact same thing when Vinnie mentioned earlier that Liebethal has great #'s against the Braves, can he play 3rd??

2007-07-02 22:06:03
468.   scareduck
464 - ... and ... ?
2007-07-02 22:06:23
469.   kadycee
463. When I see 6 I think only of Steve.
2007-07-02 22:06:36
470.   Hallux Valgus
466 that's the least inspiring motto ever for a guy in a cape. Including the guy who plays Batman in front of Grauman's Chinese Theater.
2007-07-02 22:06:50
471.   scareduck
Wow, so the Tomko moment hits.

Grittle is feeling generous.

2007-07-02 22:07:25
472.   scareduck
470 - imagine trying to put it on a uniform.
2007-07-02 22:07:33
473.   El Lay Dave
I think "tasteless and marginally amusing" were faux reviewer comments on a Tom Lehrer album cover.

Now on the mound, talentless and marginally amusing.

2007-07-02 22:08:34
474.   Lexinthedena
"Salty"...LOL!....very slick Vin...
2007-07-02 22:08:45
475.   scareduck
If you can't pitch a blowout game, you can't pitch.

Okay, Tomko can't pitch.

2007-07-02 22:09:01
476.   Bluebleeder87
Tomko is doomed to give up 2or3 runs, give or take.
2007-07-02 22:09:30
477.   underdog
Kudos to those few, hearty Dodger fans who have stuck around for the ninth to see Tomko pitch. Or maybe those are Braves fans, knowing there's still a chance.

God, he sucks.

Tsao, can we get someone up in the bullpen?

2007-07-02 22:09:30
478.   Hallux Valgus
aw crap. 411 is coming true. NOOOOOOOOOOO!
2007-07-02 22:09:32
479.   scareduck
473 - No, he can draw in charcoal pretty well.
2007-07-02 22:09:49
480.   Greg Brock
I'm sticking with Pestilence.
2007-07-02 22:10:39
481.   El Lay Dave
The infield single was bad luck, ball not hit too sharply. The second single legitimate. And Honeycutt on the phone.
2007-07-02 22:10:41
482.   Sam in SC
it would be hard to end this evening on a somewhat sour note, but bombko could probably pull it off.

I wonder if grady will wait for this game to become a save opportunity before he does anything with tomko.

2007-07-02 22:10:45
483.   Connector
468 ...?
must I spell it out?
2007-07-02 22:10:57
484.   Hallux Valgus
472 I just tried to write a theme song. It sounds a lot like Ween. Don't even ask about the logo
2007-07-02 22:11:06
485.   kadycee
477. He'll probably only give up 3 or 4 runs.
2007-07-02 22:11:42
486.   Bob Timmermann
2007-07-02 22:11:50
487.   Sam in SC
what was up with that underhand toss halfway across the infield?!?!?
2007-07-02 22:11:51
488.   arbfuldodger
Hello Jacksonville, can you check on flights from Jax to L.A. one way?
2007-07-02 22:12:01
489.   kadycee
480. I think you've nailed it, Greg Brock
2007-07-02 22:12:15
490.   Greg Brock
Nomar is a buffoon.
2007-07-02 22:12:21
491.   Eric Stephen
433 I'm shocked as well that Seanez has done so well. Is it pronounced SEE-Ah-Nez or See-AHN-yez? Have we ever gotten an official ruling on this?

I thought Seanez was done because I could only picture him as the losing pitcher in the 4+1 game with his grooved fastball to Nomar.

2007-07-02 22:12:26
492.   El Lay Dave
Good breaking ball from Tomko, but what's with the underhand from Nomar? Forgot he was at 3rd , not SS?
2007-07-02 22:12:28
493.   NorCal-Dodger
Underhand from 3rd to 2nd???
2007-07-02 22:12:34
494.   scareduck
This is the Schroedinger's Cat inning. We can't tell if Tomko is alive or dead.
2007-07-02 22:12:37
495.   Lexinthedena
Is he really this bad?
2007-07-02 22:12:42
496.   Nagman
That does not give me confidence in our new third baseman.
2007-07-02 22:12:58
497.   Bluebleeder87
that's an excusable play by Nomar knowing he hasn't played 3rd in quite some time, weird non the less but excusable.
2007-07-02 22:12:59
498.   das411
Hmm that 3B might need to practice that particular play a few more times during infield tomorrow...
2007-07-02 22:13:13
499.   Bob Timmermann
It's the former, according to Rudy.
2007-07-02 22:13:24
500.   Nagman
Maybe Grady put Tomko in figuring Kemp needs some work on hitting the cutoff man.
Show/Hide Comments 501-550
2007-07-02 22:13:25
501.   underdog
Wait, "In play, out(s)"? Doesn't GameDay know Tomko's pitching and it should be ...

Ah, there it is, was just on the next batter is all.

"In play, run(s)." That's Tomko's middle name.

2007-07-02 22:13:40
502.   kadycee
How low must Tomko's self-esteem be to stand out there and make a fool of himself over and over again? What's up with that?
2007-07-02 22:13:53
503.   Sam in SC
an out! an out! my kingdom for an out!!
2007-07-02 22:14:16
504.   NorCal-Dodger
497 Excusable only if this was the 'Pony League'
2007-07-02 22:14:31
505.   Hallux Valgus
494 That cat is dead.

g'night, all.

2007-07-02 22:14:35
506.   El Lay Dave
I thought Nomar should have turned two there and Tomko would have escaped unscored upon.
2007-07-02 22:15:25
507.   Greg Brock
489 T'was underdog that conjured images of the apocalypse. I just picked the horseman with the coolest name.
2007-07-02 22:15:28
508.   das411
467 - BB, in 12 years of watching Lieby play ball for my Phightins, I do not remember once seeing him play 3rd. And it seems Bbref agrees with me...

Go team! Nice solid win, and that #55 looks like a keeper ;)

2007-07-02 22:15:40
509.   Lexinthedena
500- Now that was a good one....
2007-07-02 22:15:51
510.   Bluebleeder87
Tomko only gave up 1 run so that's pretty good, nice win against a tuff competitor
2007-07-02 22:15:55
511.   MMSMikey
please dont trade kemp ;(
2007-07-02 22:16:03
512.   scareduck
502 - he's been doing it for eleven years, so it doesn't seem to have any effect.
2007-07-02 22:16:24
513.   bryanf
This interviewer makes me angry at Derek Lowe...
2007-07-02 22:16:25
514.   Eric Stephen
I don't know if this was Tomko's final game in a Dodger uni, but I'd bet a sizable amount that this was the last time we see Tomko getting congratulated on the field after the final out of the game.
2007-07-02 22:16:29
515.   underdog
So, we'll cut Tomko some slack tonight, seems like. Let's not talk about him. Let's talk about the WIN! 8 runs! Kemp buffaloes one into outer space. Good things happened. Tomko's merely a figment of our imagination.
2007-07-02 22:16:52
516.   Gagne55
501 I have a feeling that Tomko will be gone as soon as a live arm is found. But he did do his job tonight- get three out before Saito had to warm up.
2007-07-02 22:17:28
517.   Louis in SF
Doesn't tonight in many ways represent the best of what the Dodger offense is about, lots of hits steals and the very occasional home run? Also isn't this a great illustration of what a team which has no real power, (maybe down the line Kemp hits 30, but this current team has at best 3 people who fiish with 20 homers this year)has to do in order to win games, obviously pitch well, but also use the stolen instead of waiting for the home run.
2007-07-02 22:17:57
518.   Eric Stephen
513 I'm in SD with Extra Innings and didn't see the postgame interview. What was said?
2007-07-02 22:18:33
519.   kadycee
All right. I'm off to do some hula dancing. I assume when I come home, they'll be in first place and Kemp will still be a Dodger and Tomko will be sketching tourists for money on Venice Beach.
2007-07-02 22:18:45
520.   Sam in SC
I wonder how long martin wold have languished in the minors or as the backup catcher if navarro hadn't gone on the DL . . . .
2007-07-02 22:19:02
521.   bryanf
He's just asking Kemp about if he wants to stay in L.A. blah blah...he's just awkward, and also not as [good] as Carolyn Hughes...
2007-07-02 22:19:47
522.   underdog
Greg Brock, owner of the Dodger Thoughts Idea Archives. ™

Darn, the stupid Padres won. Stupid Padres playing the stupid Marlins. Stupid all around.

2007-07-02 22:20:17
523.   Greg Brock
Asking Kemp about trade rumors is a bit weird.

And I'm telling you. If the Dodgers trade Matt Kemp, I will absolutely go berzerk. I will throw a tirade of profanities on this site that would make Sam Kinison blush. And I will be banned, or suspended for a month at the very least. And it will be worth it.

2007-07-02 22:20:42
524.   scareduck
519 - and lots of little tropical drinks with parasols for everyone!
2007-07-02 22:20:52
525.   underdog
519 Wait, how long are you going hula dancing? I'm afraid this may take awhile.
2007-07-02 22:21:52
526.   Greg Brock
522 There are a panoply of brilliant remarks and funny comments made on this site every day. I make it a point to always remember who did what.
2007-07-02 22:22:44
527.   kadycee
524. I'll be on Waikiki beach if anyone wants to stop by and share. Aloha!
2007-07-02 22:23:52
528.   fordprefect
Tomko will be sketching tourists for money on Venice Beach.

In charcoal?

2007-07-02 22:24:21
529.   trainwreck
No trade rumors with Kent!! Fire that guy for asking such dumb questions.

Dodger management, please call up John Meloan and DFA Tomko.

2007-07-02 22:24:32
530.   kadycee
I'll be home just in time for the All-Star Game. Tomko surely will be gone by then. Please. Ok, really. Mahalo. Aloha. Hang loose.
2007-07-02 22:25:04
531.   trainwreck
I meant Kemp. Go ahead and trade Kent.
2007-07-02 22:25:25
532.   underdog
Welp, I gotta finish cleaning now that the game is over. Gonna empty the litter box for one; those Schrodinger's cats can really superpose some subatomic particles, I tell ya.

526 Well, bless your heart!

And please, no more Kemp trade talk, even as conjecture. The thought of it will make me lose sleep, and possibly my dinner.

2007-07-02 22:26:37
533.   underdog
Aloha, Kady! Bring us back some chocolate covered macadamias, and we'll give you a Tomko-free world when you return.
2007-07-02 22:27:58
534.   Greg Brock
There are a panoply

Why do I consistently suck at subject-verb agreement?

2007-07-02 22:28:40
535.   Greg Brock
Don't answer that.
2007-07-02 22:29:27
536.   bryanf
So I read that Manny Mota is back in the dugout. Wasn't there a limit on number of coaches in the dugout that forced the Dodgers to keep him out. Does anyone know what changed?
2007-07-02 22:38:20
537.   MMSMikey
damn the skipper is just talking about hitting getting me fired up
2007-07-02 22:38:20
538.   MMSMikey
damn the skipper is just talking about hitting getting me fired up
2007-07-02 22:42:05
539.   MMSMikey
grady does not like that garcia guy
2007-07-02 22:42:09
540.   Xeifrank
Nice win. The Braves looked a little tired, the Jipper Chones double play ball helped preserve the win. DodgerSims was 2 for 2 tonight. I posted photos from sunday's game at DodgerSims. There is one of Nomar and one of Gonzo in the batters box.
vr, Xei
2007-07-02 22:45:05
541.   Greg Brock
Kevin Kennedy says that Matt Kemp isn't going anywhere, and is pretty emphatic about it.

That brings me no solace, but I'm surprised a company shill would be so open about that kind of thing. It's an opinion.

2007-07-02 22:49:29
542.   trainwreck
538 539
Who is Garcia and what is Grady saying?
2007-07-02 22:53:20
543.   MMSMikey
Adrian Garcia the FSN reporter who asks horrible questions. grady always seems pretty smug with him.
2007-07-02 23:04:58
544.   sweepstakes
Has anyone noticed De Young is tearing it up in Vegas?

2007-07-02 23:05:17
545.   Linkmeister
I wasn't lurking, I was cooking, serving and eating dinner.

To answer the question, most of the time we get FSNPT games out here. They're just on three hours earlier, so for example tonight's game began at 4:00pm HST. We don't get the ones that are on local LA channels.

No radio, though. Very few baseball games are on radio out here, and when they are it's the Giants. On weekends, mostly.

2007-07-02 23:05:58
546.   underdog
Blernsball episode of Futurama Alert. On Cartoon Network now.


2007-07-02 23:20:22
547.   Eric Enders
I was in Hawai'i for the all the Dodgers playoff games last year and was lucky that they were all on ESPN Radio. Although that only works if you're near Honolulu. In Waimeia all I got was a bunch of static.
2007-07-02 23:27:41
548.   underdog
Also caught Brad Penny on Best Damned Sports Show. Best anecdote was one I wasn't aware of - game in Florida in May where Penny pitched the first inning with his fly unzipped. Said his teammates didn't notice or say anything until after inning, and it was his girlfriend who first told him (she was in seat above the dugout). So they showed pictures.
2007-07-02 23:37:51
549.   Gen3Blue
541 Awake, having fallen asleep in the ninth at 2:00 on the E coast. No, please, if KK says something the opposite could happen! If we finally develop some one w/power, don't trade him for an old guy with power.
2007-07-02 23:38:33
550.   Linkmeister
547 Right, Eric, but the important thing there is they were playoff games. Regular season games aren't on the radio, except as noted above (and the Sunday night game).
Show/Hide Comments 551-600
2007-07-03 02:03:06
551.   natepurcell
laroche went 1-4 with his 4th homerun tonight.

since hes been back from his DL stint..

6-11 4xbh 2BB 1K

crossing my fingers that his shoulder is healthy. Him coming up and mashing alongside martin, kemp and loney would make grown men cry tears of joy.

2007-07-03 04:03:24
552.   Dodger Jack
We keep waiting for LaRoche to be healthy and start hitting. Meanwhile, DeWitt went five for five last night for Inland Empire. He is now hitting .306. I still consider LaRoche to be trade bait, along with Ethier and Kuo, among the youngsters. Biggest problem with trading LaRoche is that we still must solve the long-term third base problem. That is where DeWitt comes in.
2007-07-03 04:45:46
553.   D4P
Juan Pierre doubles (11) on a bunt pop to shortstop Edgar Renteria ...?
2007-07-03 05:18:40
554.   Andrew Shimmin
Jones was playing the bunt in, the bunt popped up over his head, down the third base line; by the time Renteria got to it, Pierre was on second.
2007-07-03 05:24:58
555.   D4P
Ah, of course.
2007-07-03 05:30:32
556.   D4P
BTW: "Hourglass" is in fact the Squeeze song I knew in 1987. I'm listening to it now, which I probably haven't done in 20 years.
2007-07-03 06:29:22
557.   Sammy Maudlin
Happy 85th birthday to former Brooklyn Dodger First baseman Howard Schultz. Happy 76th to Ed Roebuck who was a key member of the 1955 Brooklyn bullpen, and happy 50th birthday to Danny Heep, who had some important hits during the 1988 championship season.
2007-07-03 06:31:21
558.   Sam DC
Great game, great thread, I'm sorry I had to sleep.

But SC picked up for me and most folks probably don't even realize which one of is yakking anyhow.

2007-07-03 06:39:45
559.   Daniel Zappala
556 Did we have Squeeze Thoughts? I missed that ... huge Squeeze fans, have a couple of their albums on LP. Unfortunately, I am without an LP player these days. Can anyone recommend a good way to rip all my LPs to a really big hard drive?
2007-07-03 08:00:08
560.   regfairfield
552 So LaRoche, who has excelled at every level he's played at, has shown great plate discipline and the ability to mash line drive after line drive isn't viewed as a long term solution at third base, but DeWitt, who has pretty much had two good months the last two seasons (June 2006: .235/.383/.506, and this previous month .390/.435/.650. Even then, this month was pretty much a balls in play related fluke. DeWitt had by far his worst line drive percentage this month, 11.6% yet his BABIP was .427. Now, his batted ball luck was terrible in April and May, so part of this was just regression, but Blake DeWitt has not suddenly saw the light.

In essence, you're willing to throw away the entire track record of performance from LaRoche because of a fluky month from DeWitt. This would be, shall we say, not wise.

2007-07-03 08:07:36
561.   overkill94
560 I think his point is more that LaRoche has a ton of trade value while DeWitt has none, so if we could pawn LaRoche for a key component that it would be nice for someone else to become heir to the throne.
2007-07-03 08:08:42
562.   overkill94
Ugh, it's so frustrating that it's 5 pm here, but the Dodger game won't start for another 11 hours. Nonetheless, greetings from Bologna!
2007-07-03 08:10:54
563.   Hythloday
LaRoche clearly has a ton of trade value, but do we think that we get actually leverage that value into a worthwhile player? Every trade I hear about involving LaRoche looks like pennies on the dollar to me. DeWitt may not be as good, but he still has some value and I'd rather see him included in a trade of lesser value than a high value trade where we get jobbed.
2007-07-03 08:14:35
564.   regfairfield
561 He called DeWitt the third baseman of the future. I would prefer that my third baseman of the future be able to walk and hit home runs.

DeWitt has great bat control, but he needs to start leveraging that into results outside of a fluky month.

2007-07-03 08:18:14
565.   Jon Weisman
562 - Yes, such a shame to be in Italy!
2007-07-03 08:18:19
566.   overkill94
564 He said it would be nice if DeWitt could step into that role, and I'd have to assume he has the tools to do it if we made him a 1st round pick. I doubt anyone is inscribing his HOF plaque yet, I think we're just excited that a former blue-chipper is starting to show some signs of success.
2007-07-03 08:18:46
567.   JoeyP
DeWitt's also still in A ball, so whatever he does whether it is really good should be taken with a grain of salt.

Players that repeat league levels should be expected to perform well.

2007-07-03 08:19:19
568.   regfairfield
Bad research on that last comment, Dewitt has shown decent home run power the last two years, albeit in quite possibly the biggest launching pad in professional baseball.
2007-07-03 08:19:39
569.   overkill94
565 I know, woe is me :)

On the same note, I'm willing to accept any and all recommendations for places to go and things to see in Bologna and/or Florence.

2007-07-03 08:21:38
570.   Sushirabbit
559, DZ, Like photos, it would be worth it to pay some kid to do the digitizing. Or if yours are old enough and you trust them with your vinyl, you can make THEM do it. Think of the educational experience: organizing, learning about encoding (Math&Science), music, culture (or to them History), etc, :-)

I'm in the same boat as my turntable died about a year ago. So all my Supertramp just sits gathering dust. From floods and moving, I've paired them down to about 250 from about 500, lots of good stuff that I can't afford to pay $50 a CD for (if I can even get it).

2007-07-03 08:26:25
571.   Sushirabbit
overkill, if you like poetry, you should be reading James Wright's This Journey.
2007-07-03 08:39:22
572.   Hythloday
Speaking of poetry; my mp3 player just jumped from Bukowski by Modest Mouse to Warmth of the Sun by the Beach Boys. I love it when it does that.
2007-07-03 08:59:06
573.   LogikReader
overkill, your rent is due
2007-07-03 09:06:34
574.   overkill94
573 That's for my roommates to worry about
2007-07-03 09:08:45
575.   LogikReader
fair enough; Enjoy the rest of your trip! Do they have Bologna in Bologna? ps: you really missed a MONSTER shot by Kemp last night
2007-07-03 09:09:57
576.   underdog
I assume y'all saw the LA Times piece this morning on Logan White, feeling proud of his kids... but I thought this piece was interesting:
"White said Jonathan Meloan, a 22-year-old right-hander with 16 saves for double-A Jacksonville, is putting himself in position for a possible September call-up. And the best pitching prospect of all, 19-year-old left-hander Clayton Kershaw, is dominating at Class-A Great Lakes while moving up the farm ladder. The big question is how to decide when a player is ready to make the jump to the major leagues. "You have to know if the player is mentally ready to handle all the stuff...the road trips, the night life, what to do if you get booed," White said.
He said pitcher Bryan Morris, the 31st player selected in last year's draft, is making good progress after having Tommy John surgery."
2007-07-03 09:11:41
577.   underdog
September call-up?! Me not want wait!
2007-07-03 09:18:12
578.   godvls
559 - Yep, you missed Squeeze thoughts earlier. I can't help you with ripping LP's, but if you send me a message at I might be able to help provide you with a Squeeze fix.
2007-07-03 09:29:30
579.   Hallux Valgus
578 I assume you're an Arizona State grad? I'm going to be down there in September, any thoughts on a good place to stay (from anyone, actually) close to campus?
2007-07-03 09:31:51
580.   Kevin Lewis

I was at the game last night, so I didn't catch the game comments, but in response to your point on striking out: When Nomar came up last night with runners on, I was pretty much hoping he would strike out. It is not that I was rooting against him, but I knew the chance of a double play ball was possible, and with Loney on deck, I would have been just fine with a K. Of course, Chipper Jones took care of that with a throwing error. The only problem is Nomar doesn't have the power any more to make up for a K, but Kemp sure does...he is fun to watch (man that Bison can move)!

2007-07-03 09:36:33
581.   Tangled Up in Blue
559 I bought a ION USB turntable that digitizes my vinyl. However it is very time consuming. It is similar to putting your vinyl on tape except you also have to separate and label the songs.

Sushirabbit is right, it is best to find someone to do it for you. I have heard that there are people out there that actually will do it for a fee.

2007-07-03 09:37:12
582.   Greg Brock
RIP, Beverly Sills
2007-07-03 09:44:55
583.   Jon Weisman
580 - Well, I don't want to give the impression that I'm rooting for people to strike out.
2007-07-03 09:48:43
584.   blue22
583 - But with Nomar hitting grounders like he's Juan Pierre, it's not a bad way to hedge your bets with him. Nomar has been "hot" as of late, with 6 hits in 16 ab's on the homestand. But as far as I can remember, 5 of those hits have been weakly hit grounders that found holes (the 6th being his homer).
2007-07-03 09:49:08
585.   Bob Timmermann
I would root for a weak-hitting pitcher to strike out with the bases loaded and less than two outs to prevent a double play.
2007-07-03 09:50:13
586.   rockmrete
Could Mark Tehan of KC become availiable?

I know he is still young, and relatively inexpensive. But it is KC and his clock has been on for almost three years now.

2007-07-03 09:50:50
587.   Humma Kavula
582 My favorite Beverly Sills recording: all three female roles in "Les Contes d'Hoffmann." It's my favorite opera and she plays all three roles beautifully.
2007-07-03 09:54:13
588.   das411
585 - But Bob!! What better time to root for a CI??
2007-07-03 09:57:23
589.   Bob Timmermann
If you root for one, it will never happen.
2007-07-03 10:00:55
590.   SG6
What does BABIP have to say about strikeouts from the batters perspective? If "Ks" are a desired quantity for pitchers, shouldn't they be equally ill-desired among batters? Who controls the strike-out: pitcher or batter?

Looking at MLB team stat rankings, I see little correlation to Ks and Runs. Maybe that's just it, they don't matter.

2007-07-03 10:01:17
591.   Humma Kavula
569 When you are in Bologna, you will eat Spaghetti Bolognese. You'll feel like a tourist and an idiot for ordering spaghetti with meat sauce, but trust me: you will be eating the very very best spaghetti bolognese you ever had in your life. I don't know what it is -- maybe there's something in the air in Bologna -- but it tastes different and it's great.
2007-07-03 10:04:20
592.   D4P
I would root for a weak-hitting pitcher to strike out with the bases loaded and less than two outs to prevent a double play

In that situation, I root for the pitcher to not swing at all. Just stand there, and hope for a BB/HBP/WP/PB/ETC.

If you root for one, it will never happen

The watched catcher never interferes.

2007-07-03 10:05:17
593.   D4P
I see little correlation to Ks and Runs

Exactly. Once you control for OBP and SLG, K has no significant influence on R.

2007-07-03 10:15:07
594.   bigcpa
I would like to start a new rumor effective immediately. The Dodgers are 29th in CF OPS. It just so happens team #30 is the White Sox. And so it shall be...

Pierre + prospects for Buerhle.

Now spread it like WILDFIRE!

2007-07-03 10:17:52
595.   CajunDodger
I have never heard it mentioned much, but does the availability of players on the FA market dictate what a team will and won't trade for? I think that the Juan Pierre signing was bad based on the fact that Torii Hunter, Andruw Jones, and Ichiro will all be available this offseason for more, but not prohibitively more, money.

By the same token, is a LaRoche trade bad if we can get a key, pennant-winning piece now and a third baseman of similar ability is available in the offseason?

Speaking like a Laker fan, I want to win now if the opportunity is there.

2007-07-03 10:19:00
596.   godvls
579 - Yep, I'm an ASU grad. I usually travel to Tempe a couple times a year for football or baseball games. What are you going to be doing in Tempe?

The best place to stay near campus is the Tempe Mission Palms, but it can be pricy. There's a Best Western not too far from campus that some people like, though I've never stayed there. If I'm not staying with friends, I usually stay at the Mission Palms or, on the other extreme, a Motel 6 a couple miles from campus. The Sheraton is ok and sometimes has good rates, but it's a few miles from campus.

2007-07-03 10:23:28
597.   godvls
579 - Hallux....Do you live in Boulder? We visited Boulder last year when ASU played CU and fell in love with the place. What a great town and an incredibly beautiful area. Great restaurants too!
2007-07-03 10:32:03
598.   Hallux Valgus
596 I'll be there for a football game (ASU/ Colorado). It looks like the Mission Palms is already sold out, but there's a Courtyard right there as well. I know a lot of CU people are staying at a Doubletree, but it's like 6 miles from campus. Any tips on a way to spend a Saturday (it's a night game)?
2007-07-03 10:33:42
599.   Hallux Valgus
597 I live in LA now, but I loved Boulder. The traffic can be crappy, but I pretty much rode my bike everywhere, so it didn't matter. Unfortunately, most of Boulder likes the beautiful surroundings more than they like the football team.
2007-07-03 10:43:27
600.   Jon Weisman
New post up top.
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2007-07-03 10:47:28
601.   WillieD
First concert in person: Charlie Daniels Band, about 1975

Best concert in person: UB40, 1983(?)...
Close second, Don Carlos & the Itals, backed by the Roots Radics, 1984.

2007-07-03 10:47:30
602.   Daniel Zappala
578 Thanks for the offer, but what I really want is my vinyl digitized. I have tons of great stuff I want to hear.

581 I'll have to get myself one of those!

2007-07-03 10:47:42
603.   godvls
598 - Be very thankful that it's a night game. Day games in September are brutal. It'll still be 100+ degrees at kickoff (7:00). My daytime recommendations would be limited to the swimming pool or staying inside the hotel. If you want to venture outside, Papago Park is pretty nice and has an excellent desert botanical garden.

BTW, who's going to be your QB this year? Does Hawkins have a shot at the job. Is Bernard Jackson still playing QB? That guy can't throw a lick, but he's got good feet. I won't be at the CU game this year; my first game will be Oregon St. a couple weeks later.

2007-07-03 10:52:52
604.   Hythloday
I was at the CU-Nebraska game in '01. I think people like the team plenty. That is until recent events. I gave up my season tickets after Barnett's comments about Katie Hnida. That being said I think people here (Denver) are excited about Hawkins and things are improving.
2007-07-03 15:53:55
605.   Frip
8 Love Rollercoaster is one of the dorkiest songs ever written. This was disco at it's commercial worst. It is to music what Bob Saget is to comedy. I can't believe the song is still around. Just shows you that blacks can, if they try hard enough, reach a level of corniness typically reserved for whites only.

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