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Unlikely Heroes of Glove
2007-07-03 17:01
by Jon Weisman

It shouldn't be forgotten that Jeff Kent made a huge fielding play Monday night, reaching the absolute limit of his 39-year-old range to flag a bases-loaded, two-out grounder with the game tied, 1-1, before throwing Atlanta's Jarrod Saltalamacchia out at first. Matt Kemp's two-run homer followed in the bottom of the inning.

The Dodgers then risked Joe Beimel for a second inning of work in the seventh, and thanks in part to an error, the Braves loaded the bases again. But Atlanta was stymied again (see, it's not just the Dodgers) when Beimel induced a 1-6-3 double play. The Dodger public relations department has taken to calling Beimel "The King of the Comebacker," noting that "since last season, Beimel is averaging 3.18 assists per nine innings, more than an assist per game than his nearest challengers." Who knew?

* * *

Dodgers of the '70s Manny Mota and Lee Lacy got a nice review at The Hardball Times today from Steve Treder. Check it out.

* * *

James Loney is batting third tonight, while Mike Lieberthal gets his second start since June 17 and Wilson Betemit his second since June 20.

Tonight's game:


Retro Gameday

Comments (358)
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2007-07-03 17:15:01
1.   underdog
Bark! Woof!

I like tonight's line-up and as much as I hate seeing Martin out I think it's good to have Lieberthal in there for at least one of these Braves games. Loney at #3, good call. Let's go Wolfie.

2007-07-03 17:19:05
2.   Hallux Valgus
I like Lee Lacy and Manny Mota because I'm a fan of alliteration. That's why my favorite football player was Le-lo Lang.

1 In case you missed it, from the last thread:

309 Danny Szetela, from 10 yards, on a header. Service came from the right side, Szetela in the middle. He was facing the sideline and flicked his head to the left, knocking the ball into the very top left corner. Unstoppable. As a former center back who scored exclusively in the air on set pieces, I couldn't make that shot in my dreams. I'd be dreaming, and I'd go up, and my dream self would look at me and say, "what are you, kidding?"

And just now- Adu bent it like Beckham. Another ridiculous goal. This is a great game. Very up and down the pitch. 2-1 US

2007-07-03 17:21:58
3.   natepurcell
from rosenthal...

Trading third baseman Troy Glaus is one possibility. Another could be dealing All-Star right fielder Alex Rios.

The Jays aren't down on Rios — far from it — but what if they could trade him for say, Dodgers right-hander Chad Billingsley and outfielder Andre Ethier?

The Dodgers said no to a similar proposal involving right-hander Brad Penny last off-season, and at the moment they need pitching more than offense.

2007-07-03 17:22:13
4.   Indiana Jon
Standard Poodles are the best dogs around. Very smart, no shedding, no allergies, and very friendly. Now I know what your thinking, I thought the same of poodles before I met my wife and she had one. They can't be beat. Don't knock 'em 'til you try 'em.
2007-07-03 17:23:56
5.   regfairfield
3 I probably wouldn't mind that deal if the Jays kicked in a little bit more.
2007-07-03 17:24:06
6.   Indiana Jon
3 Rios is a fine player, but what does that get us? One less young quality starter and Kemp back in Vegas? No thanks.
2007-07-03 17:28:08
7.   underdog
2 Thanks! Damn, I wish I could have taped that game, too. :-( Oh well, I'll try to find highlights later.

6 Yeah, I think his end line there is the most important, that the Dodgers are looking for pitching more than hitting right now.

2007-07-03 17:30:02
8.   regfairfield
6 A Rios/Kemp/(sigh)Pierre outfield doesn't sound too bad from 2008 to 2010.
2007-07-03 17:31:05
9.   Marty
But, they don't need much pitching if Chad continues to improve. They need another fifth starter, but who doesn't? I think we already have the parts to make the playoffs. All we need is a healthy Furcal, modest production from third, and Ethier/Kemp in center.
2007-07-03 17:31:30
10.   Eric Stephen
Bonds due up third in the top of the 5th in the interesting Cincy game.
2007-07-03 17:34:09
11.   overkill94
Someone remind me to pack a voltage converter next time I go outside the country. Before today I was using one from the hotel that worked fine, but that one broke somehow (and I think it blew a fuse in my room). They gave me another one, but it only seems to work if you have the plug going into it tilted at an angle which creates a menacing buzzing sound. Something tells me I probably shouldn't leave my laptop charging overnight...
2007-07-03 17:35:11
12.   Hallux Valgus
11 Don't forget to pack a voltage converter next time you go outside the country.
2007-07-03 17:35:36
13.   Hallux Valgus
man that was cheap
2007-07-03 17:37:40
14.   Greg Brock
"Never trade good pitching for good hitting" is a big generalization, and often not true. But my mind always comes back to it when I hear about trading pitching. Pitchers like Chad Billingsley...especially so.
2007-07-03 17:38:01
15.   overkill94
12 Something tells me I'll forget that one when the next time comes around
2007-07-03 17:38:09
16.   Indiana Jon
As I mentioned over the weekend, I'm headed to Dayton tomorrow to see the Loons play. It looks like Kershaw will be pitching. I hope so anyway, since that's why I'm going. I also plan to get a good look at Bell and Mattingly. Who else on this team is a top prospect, anyone?
2007-07-03 17:39:45
17.   overkill94
Rios is an elite talent, so as much as it would pain me to give up Billingsley, I wouldn't hate that deal. It seems to create more holes than it fills, but at least we'd be getting a quality return.
2007-07-03 17:43:35
18.   Doctor
After Bills last start no way we can deal him. We need to see if that can happen regularly- then he becomes untouchable. His overall numbers for the year are quite good- even with the 2 bad starts. No sense in dealing a solid starter. Then youre looking for one....
2007-07-03 17:44:47
19.   silverwidow
I would consider Broxton/Ethier for Rios, largely because Jon Meloan is nearly ready and could be an incredible reliever.
2007-07-03 17:45:05
20.   Hallux Valgus
Another laser strike from Adu. Fantastic service from Zizzo, who really made the play.
3-1 US at the half.
2007-07-03 17:45:30
21.   Curtis Lowe
With Lowes impending Free Agency (after 08) it would be really short sighted to Trade Billingsley. I could see maybe Ethier and Betemit for Glaus but beyond that nothing. There are plenty of FA outfielders to pick up after this season.
2007-07-03 17:46:23
22.   Indiana Jon
19 I second that. Broxton is good, but he is just a reliever.
2007-07-03 17:48:06
23.   Hallux Valgus
19 I still wouldn't like that. Saito's old already. I'd like to see them used like Houston used Wheeler/ Lidge/ Dotel/ Wagner.
2007-07-03 17:49:41
24.   regfairfield
21 The Dodgers need a power bat in the future, and right now, the system can't provide that. Getting Rios, with a flood of starting pitching set to enter the market in 2009, could very well make the Dodgers a more balanced team in the future.

I haven't put enough thought into this to make a decision one way or the other, but I don't think trading Bills for a very good with a great glove hitter just entering arbitration is automatically a bad thing.

2007-07-03 17:53:33
25.   Hallux Valgus
Another goal from Szetela, on perfect service from Altidore. 4-1 US. underdog really needs to get ESPNU.

And as I typed that, Altidore almost scored again. The US is shredding the Poland back line.

2007-07-03 17:56:07
26.   El Lay Dave
I think Beimel got a 1-6-3 DP last night out of Chipper. Somehow, it sounds right to me that a LOOGY leads in assists/innings; he gets placed into a lot of favorable situations.

Beimel did come up big last night.

2007-07-03 17:57:42
27.   Greg Brock
25 Don't fall in love. They'll only hurt you in the end.
2007-07-03 17:58:30
28.   Greg Brock
Or..."In the end, they'll only hurt you."

The first way looks...uncomfortable.

2007-07-03 18:00:14
29.   Bob Timmermann
I believe El Lay Dave observed the five minute rule there as well. In fact, he observed the 55 minute rule.
2007-07-03 18:01:33
30.   Andrew Shimmin
Do soccer teams play every day? How much more soccer is there going to be (not complaining, just asking)?
2007-07-03 18:02:13
31.   Hallux Valgus
27 sigh, I know. I'm guessing Italy could start a back line of Fabio Cannavaro and three empty Italy shirts and still beat us, but it's nice to see the US dominate for once.

Hell the last U-20 team killed, with Dempsey, Johnson, and the like. They sure haven't done much for the senior team.

28 umm... (looking around nervously, hearing the crickets, walking away).

2007-07-03 18:03:23
32.   Hallux Valgus
30 We have 2 different teams going right now. sorry, I'll lay off, since this match is in the bag.
2007-07-03 18:04:11
33.   trainwreck
If we trade Billingsley, we are short on pitching now and the future.
2007-07-03 18:05:04
34.   Andrew Shimmin
30- Honestly, you don't have to lay off on my account. I think it's charming that you people care about soccer. It's like the way people care about children. I don't get it, but good on you, I say.
2007-07-03 18:05:32
35.   Andrew Shimmin
32, that should be.
2007-07-03 18:05:36
36.   Greg Brock
30 We just finished the Gold Cup, which is North and Central America. The Americans were invited (then backed out, then accepted again) an invitation to Copa America, the South American tournament. The next big one is in 2009, when all the regional champs play in the Confederations Cup. Where we will be destroyed.

The Under-20 (years old) World Cup is right now. This is where we learn everything about the next generation of American strikers that will dash our hopes and make us all very sad pandas.

Congrats. You are now a soccer expert.

2007-07-03 18:08:43
37.   GoBears
Steiner mentions Beimel's freaky assist totals (or rates, actually) seemingly every time Beimel pitches. It his favorite trivium, I think.

Gotta go home and walk the beagle. Hopefully, we won't bump into PDH, whose ray of sunshine in the last thread I found to be...unfortunate. But if we do, he'll see how ridiculously friendly she is.

2007-07-03 18:10:48
38.   Hallux Valgus
34 Fine then- Rogers to Altidore. 5-1 US. I doubt I could do much better on FIFA'07
2007-07-03 18:12:38
39.   sweepstakes
What do you think we could get for Kuo/Ethier? I would prefer to package Pierre in there instead of Ethier, but don't think Flanders will touch him this season. I really think the Dodgers need to call up Delwyn Young. His numbers are huge right now.
2007-07-03 18:16:34
40.   Bob Timmermann
In 1907, Ed Walsh averaged over 4 assists per game on the mound (227 in 56 games). He had two games that season where he had 11 assists and an extra-inning game where had 13.
2007-07-03 18:26:44
41.   Hallux Valgus
36 To be a true expert, one must know that the US owns the most boring kits (uniforms) in the entire world. I would rather our guys wear head to toe Zubaz than the white shirt with a racing stripe we currently employ.

Hat trick for Adu on a breakaway. 6-1 US is your final. Don't get used to it.

2007-07-03 18:27:46
42.   D4P
There's a good chance Kobayashi will lose the hot-dog eating contest tomorrow. I didn't think that would ever happen.
2007-07-03 18:29:41
43.   Daniel Zappala
It's like the way people care about children. I don't get it, but good on you, I say.

Oh man. You don't care about children?! And, what, you step on puppies and rip up flower gardens? I'll remember not to invite you over to my house, Andrew.

2007-07-03 18:31:34
44.   Greg Brock
41 Yeah. But I liked the striped one we wore the other day!

And the nomenclature thing is important as well. Pitch, kit, footie, touch...They're not just great material for sexual innuendo. They are real soccer terms. Andrew needs to learn them.

2007-07-03 18:32:28
45.   El Lay Dave
40 He pitched 422 1/2 innings that year and stuck out 206. So about 1/3 of his outs were Ks and comebackers? Of course, big time K pitchers ( > 1K/IP) do this too.
2007-07-03 18:33:43
46.   Bob Timmermann
It was 1907. They were bunting a lot. Also Walsh threw a mean spitter.
2007-07-03 18:34:00
47.   Indiana Jon
42 I'm not sure Joey can beat him. Last year was closer, but Kobayashi seems to rise to his competition.
2007-07-03 18:34:30
48.   D4P
I'll remember not to invite you over to my house, Andrew

Of course you won't, minion.

2007-07-03 18:34:44
49.   natepurcell
To commemorate Lieberthal's first start behind the plate since June 24, teammates Luis Gonzalez and Olmedo Saenz had about two dozen balloons, two of which had ``congratulations'' printed on them, delivered to Lieberthal's locker. The balloons were waiting there when Lieberthal arrived at the park today.


2007-07-03 18:36:09
50.   D4P
Joey beat Kobe's record by some 6 or 7 hotdogs recently, and Kobe (allegedly) has a jaw injury. I think Joey's gonna take the title.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2007-07-03 18:36:18
51.   Daniel Zappala
8 strikeouts in 3 innings for Ervin Santana. On the road, no less.
2007-07-03 18:36:44
52.   Hallux Valgus
44 The blue one? I like the blue one. The U-20's are wearing white. Bo-Ring. The red is also boring. We need something that pops, like Barca's, or Arsenal's. Hell- we have Nike on our side. Why can't we get the guys who design Oregon's football uniforms? They could put us into Harry Potter invisibility cloaks!
2007-07-03 18:38:52
53.   Bob Timmermann
The best U.S. national team uniforms ... ever ...

2007-07-03 18:40:52
54.   natepurcell

gives up a 3run bomb to wilkerson and his road woes continue.

2007-07-03 18:40:54
55.   El Lay Dave
49 Beat me to it - good thing I refreshed first!

Is this an example of that intangible clubhouse chemistry people talk about?

And when does Vin first tell this story? Setting the lineup? Lieberthal's first at-bat? While he catches the top of the first?

2007-07-03 18:40:56
56.   Hallux Valgus
53 nah, I think we need to use colors :-)
2007-07-03 18:41:01
57.   Andrew Shimmin
43- Children is overly broad, maybe. My cut-off is when a person reads Tom Sawyer. After that, maybe we have something to talk about. Before then, well, not really. Plus, having anything to do with them seems like a pretty good way of getting sued.
2007-07-03 18:42:59
58.   Daniel Zappala
54 Man. 9 strikeouts, 3.1 innings, but a 3 run homer to go down 3-2. As Joe Morgan would say, he needs to be more consistent.
2007-07-03 18:44:03
59.   D4P
As Joe Morgan would say, he needs to be more consistent

I believe that's Joe's "F1" key

2007-07-03 18:44:05
60.   Bob Timmermann
Little known fact, but all the teams in the 1950 World Cup played in black and white uniforms.

Penarol1916 is still gloating over the 1950 World Cup.

2007-07-03 18:44:11
61.   Hallux Valgus
58 It's because he doesn't hustle. and lacks grit.
2007-07-03 18:46:07
62.   Daniel Zappala
57 It makes a difference when they're your own kids, and you're the one who teaches and plays with them. Personally I think the 5-9 year range is the best. If you ever have any kids, I'd be happy to adopt them from you ... win-win all around.
2007-07-03 18:47:09
63.   Hallux Valgus
that's not true- 175 million witness fans? What about TV? I'm witnessing a Dodger game tonight.
2007-07-03 18:48:44
64.   Hallux Valgus
62 Oh man, my brother was worthless in those years. Before that, I used him to pick up girls. After 9, I taught him to throw breaking balls. I have no use for children under 9 (note: my girlfriend does not appreciate hearing that).
2007-07-03 18:49:49
65.   Greg Brock
62 My sister just had her second kid. I can't be bothered with it. I mean, it's my sister's kid, so I love it because she loves it. But it just sits there...poopin'. Sleepin'. Doin' nuthin'.

The other one is about to turn two. This one has personality and a sense of humor. Really bright kid. I like this one. But he's really not that interesting.

I like 'em when you can engage in conversations with 'em. Teach 'em how bad the world is. Hone their cynicism.

Yup...I'm a bad person. Noted.

2007-07-03 18:49:54
66.   Andrew Shimmin
62- As long as you were the top bidder I wouldn't have any problem with that.
2007-07-03 18:50:41
67.   Hallux Valgus
60 Actually, those shirts look like River Plate's right now, only featuring more Argentines inside them.
2007-07-03 18:52:33
68.   overkill94
Man, thinks get real out of whack when you don't sleep on an international flight. During the 10 1/2 hours from LA to Amsterdam I slept maybe 2 of those hours, slept maybe another 1 hour on the flight from Amsterdam to Bologna, fell asleep when I got to my hotel for about 5 hours, woke up at 10 pm, went to sleep again at around 2 am for another 3 hours, etc

Now I've made it until the Dodger game's about to start, but I'm getting sleepy since it's almost 4 am here.

2007-07-03 18:53:16
69.   overkill94
*things, not thinks
2007-07-03 18:54:50
70.   Andrew Shimmin
Nate (or anybody else): did you see Will Carroll's note on Homer Bailey at the end of the UTK today? Any theory on what that's about?
2007-07-03 18:55:08
71.   Hallux Valgus
68 Yeah, that must suck. Weirdly, the trip from the valley to Century City and back to the valley wasn't so traumatizing.
...Don't look for sympathy here!
2007-07-03 18:55:24
72.   Daniel Zappala
The funny thing is that both Greg and Andrew were once kids themselves.
2007-07-03 18:55:45
73.   natepurcell

no i didn't. what did he say?

2007-07-03 18:55:49
74.   Out in the desert
I'm 1 in 175 million. McCort just said so.
2007-07-03 18:56:07
75.   Andrew Shimmin
"Anyone that believes that Homer Bailey and his control problems are just the result of a mechanical flaw probably hasn't read this far down. They're not. Sell now."
2007-07-03 19:00:11
76.   D4P
The funny thing is that both Greg and Andrew were once kids themselves

Yeah, what a couple'a jerks, huh? Just stick with me, DZ. You don't need those guys.

2007-07-03 19:01:33
77.   Bob Timmermann
I used a calculator to divide 1 by 175,000,000 and I got an error message that read "underflow."
2007-07-03 19:01:54
78.   trainwreck
Getting to watch the game on a television will be a lot better than a laptop.
2007-07-03 19:02:44
79.   Greg Brock
The funny thing is that both Greg and Andrew were once kids themselves

A specious and malicious claim on your part! Good day, Sir!

I said Good Day!

2007-07-03 19:03:09
80.   Icaros
I'm pretty much with Greg and Andrew, but I have to think my own kid(s) might be worth feeding.

I correctly used the f-word after spilling a glass of Coke at age two.

2007-07-03 19:04:30
81.   underdog
{{Sob}} I need ESPNU, so I can see the rare time a US men's team will dominate for a stretch in soccer.

Welp, I'm going to watch only a bit of the game, because then there's dinner, and then my girlfriend is making me watch the last few episodes of season 1 of Rome, because we have those on DVD. But go ahead, talk about the Dodgers and soccer and beagles without me, I'll catch up.

2007-07-03 19:05:21
82.   Andrew Shimmin
I have great difficulty telling Jim Watson from Rebecca De Mornay's husband.
2007-07-03 19:06:04
83.   Hallux Valgus
80 you charged someone with rape at age 2?
2007-07-03 19:07:52
84.   Bob Timmermann
Jim Watson has a much higher voice than Mr. De Mornay.
2007-07-03 19:09:00
85.   Out in the desert
77 hmmm, not sure I like being referred to as underflow.
2007-07-03 19:10:01
86.   natepurcell

its pretty hard to convince me to sell on a 21yr old with bailey's pedigree.

anyways, GCL Dodgers lost their first game of the season in the first of the double header they were playing today. They took a lead into the 7th where Eduardo Perez blew the save.

Baez 1-3 2b bb k (7 out of 16 hits have been XBHs)

Lambo 1-2 2b bb (8bb in 28AB)

Yossandy Garcia 1-2 hr(5) bb (all 6 of his hits have been for extra bases with 5 going the distance)

2007-07-03 19:11:49
87.   Bob Timmermann
5.71428571 × 10-9

Pretend the "-9" are superscript.

2007-07-03 19:12:31
88.   Sam in SC
I don't mind that betemit is starting.
2007-07-03 19:12:43
89.   trainwreck
Well that was a quick half inning. Easily Wolf's best start to a game.
2007-07-03 19:13:36
90.   Greg Brock
Randy Wolf masters the first inning.
2007-07-03 19:13:51
91.   Bob Timmermann
Marlins score a run in the top of the 1st at PETCO.
2007-07-03 19:14:10
92.   El Lay Dave
85 You shouldn't like it since it roughly means too small to be represented and therefore insignficant. (Insert cheap-shot, Juan Pierre joke here.)
2007-07-03 19:15:16
93.   Bluebleeder87
It shouldn't be forgotten that Jeff Kent made a huge fielding play Monday night, reaching the absolute limit of his 39-year-old range to flag a bases-loaded

that's funny in a Jon Weisman kind of way, i got a healthy chuckle reading that.

2007-07-03 19:15:32
94.   El Lay Dave
And now for something completely different, an easy first inning for Mr. Wolf.
2007-07-03 19:16:30
95.   D4P
Kyle Davies's first name is actually "Hiram". I wouldn't have guessed that.

In other news, he's not very good, and the Dodgers should win tonight.

2007-07-03 19:16:54
96.   El Lay Dave
How bad was the Betemit error?
2007-07-03 19:18:48
97.   Hallux Valgus
95 Good enough for me. I'm betrothed to a Transformers screening tonight at the Arclight (insert Michael Bay jokes here). G'night, guys, and go Dodgers!
2007-07-03 19:20:13
98.   Sam in SC
is loney hitting 3rd?
2007-07-03 19:20:42
99.   El Lay Dave
95 Dodgers lost Davies' start in Atlanta May 6. Of course that was BKLE, Before Kemp-Loney Era.
2007-07-03 19:20:43
100.   Gen3Blue
Completely different indeed.
I'm glad to see Martin get a rest. On the other hand I miss him. That guy seems to live to make the D's win!
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2007-07-03 19:20:54
101.   El Lay Dave
98 Yup.
2007-07-03 19:23:11
102.   Sam in SC
101 - OMG!!

do you think that they finally realize the value of the kids?

2007-07-03 19:23:25
103.   natepurcell
good bat control from loney.
2007-07-03 19:23:43
104.   trainwreck
Great at bat by Loney.
2007-07-03 19:24:32
105.   Bob Timmermann
The kids are at least as valuable as Mark Buehrle.
2007-07-03 19:24:50
106.   El Lay Dave
2007-07-03 19:25:08
107.   Icaros
Was Kent even running?
2007-07-03 19:25:22
108.   D4P
When I look at the box score in the morning, I'll assume Loney's single was a line drive.
2007-07-03 19:25:25
109.   El Lay Dave
The kids are all right.
2007-07-03 19:26:48
110.   El Lay Dave
105 That sent a chill down my spine. Evil.
2007-07-03 19:27:14
111.   Bob Timmermann
It will be interesting see if the Dodgers try to bunt or make Saltalamacchia throw the ball. When I've seen him playing first, he has looked somewhat Garvey like on his throws.
2007-07-03 19:27:25
112.   Sam in SC
105. precisely my point.

don't trade so much as a molecule of these kids.

2007-07-03 19:27:26
113.   Icaros

Just makes up for his first-AB lineout last night.

2007-07-03 19:27:48
114.   Bob Timmermann
2-0 Fish in San Diego after 1 1/2 innings.
2007-07-03 19:28:40
115.   El Lay Dave
111 Maybe that's where Pierre's bunt should have been directed.
2007-07-03 19:29:26
116.   El Lay Dave
Time to hit the road. Thank goodness for Vin on the radio for the first 3 innings.
2007-07-03 19:29:44
117.   Andrew Shimmin
2007-07-03 19:30:20
118.   Icaros
I suddenly feel ill.
2007-07-03 19:31:24
119.   MC Safety
114 - how beautiful was that mike cameron dp to get em out of the first?
2007-07-03 19:31:59
120.   Out in the desert
118 It must be McCourt in the booth with Vin
2007-07-03 19:32:10
121.   Sam in SC
that is why God invented the double play.
2007-07-03 19:32:33
122.   underdog
Frank McCourt makes a cameo appearance in the booth with Vin. This looks weird and sounds weird. Vin with somebody during the game? McCourt?

Don't worry, he's mostly there to thank the fans for giving them 175 million. Of course some of those 175 million are long dead, but those of us who are still alive appreciate the gesture.

He promised Vin he'd be out of there quickly.

2007-07-03 19:32:35
123.   Greg Brock
I enjoy these little chats with Frank McCourt. They let us know what's going on with the organization, and how the McCourt family is feeling about the current state of the Dodgers. It's nice of him to come on television and talk.

Not really. I don't like them at all.

2007-07-03 19:33:08
124.   Sam in SC
2007-07-03 19:33:10
125.   Bob Timmermann
Or else Icaros got that vial of sarin I sent him in the mail. I told him it was really just rubbing alcohol.
2007-07-03 19:34:16
126.   lab rat
I've noticed that McCourt visits the booth only when the Dodgers have won consecutive games or more.
2007-07-03 19:34:46
127.   underdog
Argh. McCourt's not a good luck charm.

And Wolf must have confused the 2nd inning with the 1st.

2007-07-03 19:34:50
128.   Icaros
120 125

A little of both.

2007-07-03 19:35:32
129.   Sam in SC
I get the TBS version tonight, guys.
2007-07-03 19:35:58
130.   trainwreck
Stop talking about Buehrle Braves announcers.
2007-07-03 19:36:17
131.   Bob Timmermann
In both L.A. and San Diego, guys named Hiram are batting.


2007-07-03 19:36:48
132.   underdog
This one doesn't strike me as likely to be a pitcher's duel, but that's just me.
2007-07-03 19:37:13
133.   Icaros
I'm glad Extra Innings doesn't get blacked out by TBS.

Except when McCourt visits the booth.

2007-07-03 19:37:37
134.   Out in the desert
Now I'm feeling ill.
2007-07-03 19:37:37
135.   Bob Timmermann
Both Hirams singled.
2007-07-03 19:37:50
136.   underdog
I'm actually impressed that Pierre held him to a single on that one - or was the runner just that slow, or not aware of who plays CF for LA?

Ah well. Inning over.

2007-07-03 19:40:32
137.   Bob Timmermann
And the Padres tie it up at 2-2.
2007-07-03 19:41:23
138.   trainwreck
I heart the Bison.
2007-07-03 19:41:33
139.   Bluebleeder87
Boom Boom!!
2007-07-03 19:41:36
140.   Icaros
Nice. I knew it.
2007-07-03 19:41:39
141.   trainwreck
2007-07-03 19:41:51
142.   Sam in SC
did I just say something nice about betemit?
2007-07-03 19:41:59
143.   Bluebleeder87

us too!

2007-07-03 19:42:14
144.   overkill94
Good thing Olsen got those two DP's or else he'd be in even more trouble. 4 hits and 3 walks through 2 IP, yikes!
2007-07-03 19:42:20
145.   Out in the desert
Feeling better already
2007-07-03 19:42:36
146.   Lexinthedena
I had a premonition that Wilson would tie it up with one swing...

I can see why he drives Ned crazy....

2007-07-03 19:42:41
147.   Gen3Blue
Power,, we aint got no power?
2007-07-03 19:42:47
148.   natepurcell
that was a fun two abs.
2007-07-03 19:42:50
149.   Sam in SC
my dad is a huge braves fan. God rest his soul.
2007-07-03 19:42:59
150.   Greg Brock
That looked like a terrible swing.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2007-07-03 19:43:04
151.   WillieD
Betemit, Betemit, Betemit Gum! Yeah!
2007-07-03 19:43:25
152.   underdog
I repeat 132. I repeat, this is not a drill. 132

Doesn't Bison and Boom Boom sound like a bad 70's cop show? Which is why I like it. This rocks.

Also, this Davies guy, not so rockin'.

2007-07-03 19:43:54
153.   Sam in SC
149 - oh, he is still alive . . .

sheepish look


2007-07-03 19:43:56
154.   Lexinthedena
Catcher on first...

Let him swing!

2007-07-03 19:46:11
155.   underdog
Nomar who?
2007-07-03 19:46:28
156.   Bob Timmermann
Is Vin pronouncing the Atlanta leftfielder's name correctly?
2007-07-03 19:48:00
157.   Sam in SC
it can't be the player!
2007-07-03 19:48:28
158.   underdog
Davies isn't gonna be long for the game at all at this rate. Yeesh.
2007-07-03 19:48:41
159.   Bob Timmermann
How long can Betemit continue his career 5.000 OPS against Davies?
2007-07-03 19:48:43
160.   Out in the desert
156 You can't ever tell. Maybe that's the way he wants it pronounced.
2007-07-03 19:48:50
161.   Sam in SC
well, only one out.
2007-07-03 19:48:56
162.   Gen3Blue
Uh-Oh, pitching coach. And I was liking the status quo. Next comes you know who.
2007-07-03 19:49:12
163.   Bluebleeder87
no bunt here Pierre, GO FOR BROKE!!
2007-07-03 19:49:29
164.   Bob Timmermann
But the Atlanta player says his last name is pronounced "DIE-az", not "DEE-az"
2007-07-03 19:49:56
165.   overkill94
156 Yeah, he swears up and down that it's pronounced DYE-az. I think he's just trying to be difficult.
2007-07-03 19:50:09
166.   Bob Timmermann
Three homers for Wilkerson in Texas tonight.
2007-07-03 19:51:13
167.   Gen3Blue
Bobby Cox does a great imatation of the antagonist from "Planet of the Apes".
Infield fly! Thats unusual.
2007-07-03 19:51:20
168.   Bob Timmermann
Somehow, I think people will be displeased with that at bat by Pierre.

Just a hunch.

2007-07-03 19:51:23
169.   underdog
Even Davies couldn't keep Slappy McPopup from fulfilling his destiny.




2007-07-03 19:51:58
170.   Sam in SC
2007-07-03 19:52:10
171.   natepurcell
that 0-1 fb was his pitch and he missed it. oh well.
2007-07-03 19:52:54
172.   Sam in SC
hang in there james!
2007-07-03 19:53:10
173.   Bluebleeder87

I have a whole theory on that but my grammar doesn't permit me to discuss it with great detail.

2007-07-03 19:54:00
174.   Sam in SC
2007-07-03 19:54:31
175.   underdog
That was a nice curveball, I will say that. Saves Davies' hide for at least one more inning.
2007-07-03 19:55:08
176.   Lexinthedena
168- "Displeased" has many more letters that the word I suspect was collectively uttered.....
2007-07-03 19:55:13
177.   Bob Timmermann
Diaz says that an ancestor had his name pronounced incorrectly when receiving his pay at some job and decided to not correct the paymaster.

Because he wanted to get paid.

2007-07-03 19:56:36
178.   overkill94
You know what I like about Italian television? The station that shows girls stripping all night with some phone number to call. I can't tell whether it's a phone sex line, escort service, or anatomy education course.
2007-07-03 19:57:15
179.   MC Safety
am i seeing things or does brad wilkerson have 3 homers tonight?
2007-07-03 19:58:31
180.   Bob Timmermann
Do you think I was lying in 166?
2007-07-03 19:59:25
181.   CanuckDodger
178 -- Does American television not have that in the wee hours?
2007-07-03 20:00:45
182.   Bluebleeder87

oh cool, that's good to know I always thought it was something different.

2007-07-03 20:00:46
183.   Lexinthedena
178- I just wish they didn't loop the same 6 snippets all day.....

When I lived in Poland, for some reason we had Italian T.V....the best part was this hip-hop show histed by an American speaking a weird hybrid of Ebonics and Italian.....a lot of Black Eyed Peas Video's....Good for them...I remember them doing a free show in Watts for a Free Mumia rally....

I digress I know...

2007-07-03 20:02:43
184.   Frip
I've gotta go run some errands. Back soon, I promise. No talking till I get back. Shhhhhhh
2007-07-03 20:03:17
185.   Bluebleeder87
I know Andrew Jones is struggling this season but that swing still scares the heck out of me.
2007-07-03 20:03:48
186.   overkill94
181 Not the R-rated variety

183 Seems to be a wide variety of women, but I haven't watched for more than a few minutes at a time. Seems the ad only airs late at night. Not sure if it's a pay station or not, but I must say that having something like that around in my younger years would have been key.

2007-07-03 20:05:13
187.   Bluebleeder87
Randy Wolf has nothing so far hopefully he'll do better.
2007-07-03 20:05:32
188.   trainwreck
Please stop stinking right now Wolf.
2007-07-03 20:05:44
189.   Andrew Shimmin
What could possiblie go wrong?
2007-07-03 20:06:03
190.   Jon Weisman
So, it appears we have a Wolf problem. Will we have a Houlton solution?
2007-07-03 20:06:09
191.   overkill94
Looks like we're getting the April/June version of Wolf instead of the more pleasant May version.
2007-07-03 20:06:18
192.   Eric Stephen
Shouldn't we have learned from the AZ series?...don't walk someone to get to the good-hitting young catcher!
2007-07-03 20:07:17
193.   Jon Weisman
The Hardball Times' Luck Leaders

2007-07-03 20:09:46
194.   Gagne55
Wolf has nothing tonight. Will Holten see action?
2007-07-03 20:09:50
195.   The Mootz
Wolf is almost making me miss Kaz Ishii.
2007-07-03 20:10:07
196.   Lexinthedena
I hate when we score, and the pitcher gives it back and more the next inning...Lowe should give Wolf a good shaking....
2007-07-03 20:11:12
197.   Jon Weisman
Good Alan Johnston news
2007-07-03 20:12:03
198.   Jon Weisman
195 - Wolf's second- and third-inning troubles are making me miss his typical first-inning troubles.
2007-07-03 20:12:36
199.   Jon Weisman
Davies misses a three-run homer by 10 feet.
2007-07-03 20:14:26
200.   overkill94
I don't normally have to follow along on the internet, but when you've already given up 6 runs in 3 IP and two of the outs in the last inning were "deep" flies, it might be time to get someone warmed up.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2007-07-03 20:18:08
201.   Bluebleeder87
Wolf's had 2 or 3 straight bad outings that's kind of alarming. Is he a better 2nd half performer? I kind of doubt it.
2007-07-03 20:19:27
202.   Eric Stephen
Battle of the bullpens tonight! I hope "Kump" greets the new pitcher unhospitably.
2007-07-03 20:20:10
203.   we are infinite
Houlton was warming up toward the end of the 3rd. Wouldn't be surprised to see him in there in the 4th.
2007-07-03 20:24:06
204.   we are infinite
2007-07-03 20:24:12
205.   D4P
I think Betemit has more extra-base hits in this game than Nomar has all year.
2007-07-03 20:24:16
206.   Bluebleeder87
Betemit says take that for trading me Braves!
2007-07-03 20:24:34
207.   Eric Stephen
How great is it that Dodger Stadium plays "Don't You Forget About Me" after Betemit's double?
2007-07-03 20:24:35
208.   natepurcell
i was pretty mad when betemit didnt swing at two fastballs straight down the middle but i can argue with the double.
2007-07-03 20:25:44
209.   Lexinthedena
It is so bizarre to see Atl pitching be this bad...
2007-07-03 20:25:51
210.   Eric Stephen
Possible catching controversy!
2007-07-03 20:25:56
211.   Bluebleeder87

i hope the DJ plays some soothing music when he comes in. Bad joke i know but i couldn't resist.

2007-07-03 20:26:46
212.   Gen3Blue
This is disturbing. Suddenly we have a starting pitcher problem and it looks like both Hendy and Houlton may have to start. The way Wolf has declined is ominous. I would almost bet he has arm trouble and won't mention it. So many multi million dollar pitchers have disintegrated here lately that I would be loath to let it be known I was hurt. Whats the future for pitching? I think contracts may change.
2007-07-03 20:28:34
213.   Greg Brock
This game frightens and confuses me. It's nuts.
2007-07-03 20:29:43
214.   we are infinite
Let's start taking bets on whether Bobby Cox gets ejected tonight.
2007-07-03 20:29:55
215.   trainwreck
I think our offense is fine with the youngsters.
2007-07-03 20:30:06
216.   natepurcell

this is a fun game so far.

2007-07-03 20:34:10
217.   Bob Timmermann
I survived my ride home despite almost getting hit by someone who was making a sudden U-turn on Flower Street trying to pull into the parking lot for the Standard Hotel.
2007-07-03 20:34:27
218.   Jon Weisman
Betemit still hasn't had a single since June 13 :)
2007-07-03 20:35:11
219.   Jon Weisman
217 - The Prius saved you.
2007-07-03 20:35:39
220.   overkill94
After rolling for three innings, Olsen is up to his old tricks again. 4 straight hits to start the 6th and now it's 4-2 SD with two on and no out.
2007-07-03 20:37:36
221.   Bob Timmermann
The person making the U-turn on Flower, going into the Standard Hotel, was also speaking on a cell phone the whole time.

That person committed three crimes against humanity simultaneously.

2007-07-03 20:38:40
222.   Bluebleeder87
Nice inning by DJ Houlton hopefully the Dodgers do there part.
2007-07-03 20:39:50
223.   natepurcell
andrew lambos current line...

290/429/563 2hr 8bb 2k

small sample size, GCL blah blah blah, i dont care, those are impressive Isos

2007-07-03 20:40:21
224.   Eric Stephen
221 Imagine if the driver was talking via cell phone to Frank Robinson, discussing the merits of Russ Ortiz and laughing at Jae Seo's 2006 save total!
2007-07-03 20:42:23
225.   Bob Timmermann
I suppose I should emphasize that the street the person took the U-turn on was a one-way street.
2007-07-03 20:42:34
226.   Greg Brock
221 Glad to hear you came out of it unscathed.

Cell phones...Grrr....

2007-07-03 20:45:14
227.   Lexinthedena
Having a blast watching this game....but I gotta go...

Hope it stays totally awesome!

2007-07-03 20:47:19
228.   Bluebleeder87
DJ Houlton is working the tan I guess from being in Vegas.
2007-07-03 20:49:37
229.   Bob Timmermann
2-run pinch homer by Ramirez ties things up in San Diego.
2007-07-03 20:51:31
230.   oswald
i'm watching the game while listening to steiner on the radio. the game he's describing bears some similarity to the one i'm watching, but is far more exciting
2007-07-03 20:51:31
231.   trainwreck
The Braves announcers have lost it. Just going on about the Closer and All in the Family.
2007-07-03 20:52:12
232.   Bluebleeder87
that was close. Time to work some breaking balls there Houlton.
2007-07-03 20:54:07
233.   Bob Timmermann
2nd and 3rd and one out for the Fish with Cabrera coming up.
2007-07-03 20:58:38
234.   natepurcell
Kemp just missed that.
2007-07-03 21:04:44
235.   Bluebleeder87
Nice to hear nothing happen to you Bob with that cell phone driver, close call.
2007-07-03 21:06:33
236.   oswald
truly evil game right now ...
2007-07-03 21:06:43
237.   Icaros
Too many airballs, DJ.
2007-07-03 21:07:21
238.   Bluebleeder87
Pierre makes those good plays look really bad.
2007-07-03 21:08:13
239.   Jon Weisman
D.J. got nine outs on 31 pitches.
2007-07-03 21:08:20
240.   Bluebleeder87
I can't believe Bob hasn't mentioned the fish took the lead 6-4 Marlins.
2007-07-03 21:08:32
241.   Icaros

Imagine how they'd look if he wasn't the first guy to arrive and the last guy to leave.

2007-07-03 21:11:33
242.   overkill94
Track the rest of the game or get some sleep? I need the Dodgers to have a big inning here to put my mind at ease.
2007-07-03 21:15:28
243.   Bob Timmermann
The game got so weird in San Diego, it got a Griddle post.
2007-07-03 21:18:05
244.   Frip
I said no talking.
2007-07-03 21:21:45
245.   Daniel Zappala
That person committed three crimes against humanity simultaneously.

But thanks to you, Bob, that person can only be charged with one crime on the play.

2007-07-03 21:22:58
246.   overkill94
Solid effort by the bullpen tonight so far. Now we just need to push across a run or two so that we can hand it over to the dynamic duo.
2007-07-03 21:28:54
247.   Gen3Blue
The Braves middle relief looks disconcertainly good. OK Jeff.
2007-07-03 21:29:11
248.   Andrew Shimmin
Kent's slow, but his slowness is still pretty raw. He's going to need to polish it up before it's a real detriment.
2007-07-03 21:29:19
249.   Frip
The old man KNEW he had to go for second. Good strive.
2007-07-03 21:29:22
250.   Greg Brock
Wow. Kent almost got hosed. From a warning track throw.

That was close!

Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2007-07-03 21:29:56
251.   trainwreck
Real nice play by Escobar.
2007-07-03 21:30:06
252.   MC Safety
2007-07-03 21:30:22
253.   Andrew Shimmin
First time tonight I'm sorry Kelly Johnson isn't playing.
2007-07-03 21:30:50
254.   Greg Brock
If that ball gets through, the windmill sends Kent, and he's out from you to me.

So no biggie.

2007-07-03 21:31:58
255.   Gen3Blue
If disconcertainly is a word. If not, you know what I mean.
Escobar!? We need Jack and quick.
2007-07-03 21:32:08
256.   Bluebleeder87

I'm still wondering how Bob handles those situations, does he:

A)Curse the driver & drives off.
B)Rationalizes the situation & moves on.
C)Gets off the car punches the other motorist & speeds away.
D)None of the above.

2007-07-03 21:33:16
257.   Bob Timmermann
In tonight's situation:
E) check to see if need to change my underwear
2007-07-03 21:34:52
258.   Inside Baseball
I love me some Kemp.
2007-07-03 21:35:05
259.   Gen3Blue
He just hung ten from the mound.
2007-07-03 21:35:15
260.   Bluebleeder87
Kemp comes threw really nice.
2007-07-03 21:36:26
261.   MC Safety
my first child shall be named Mathew Kemp ( my last name ).
2007-07-03 21:36:37
262.   overkill94
Now that Kemp has surpassed Loney's also impressive batting average, has he become the new Official Poster Boy for the Youth Movement?
2007-07-03 21:37:03
263.   Daniel Zappala
261 Just don't let Andrew near him.
2007-07-03 21:37:19
264.   Bob Timmermann
Yellow alert for Betemit.
2007-07-03 21:38:07
265.   Bob Timmermann
It's a little known fact that Andrew has a big poster of Herod the Great up in his home.
2007-07-03 21:38:14
266.   bigcpa
Finally a 'little' boom boom.
2007-07-03 21:39:30
267.   MC Safety
263- LOL...
2007-07-03 21:40:33
268.   MC Safety
2007-07-03 21:41:07
269.   Andrew Shimmin
Look, I don't hate kids. I'm just indifferent to them. For example, in the story about the brick kiln in Shanxi, I'd be the guy who cheated the kids out of their money, not the one who sold them to the kiln owner.
2007-07-03 21:41:08
270.   overkill94
Betemit's OPS after tonight's effort is a very respectable .792
2007-07-03 21:41:38
271.   Frip
When the Most Intersting Man in the World frees the bear, the small print flashes, "do not attempt".

Not sure if that's the lawyers, or just another funny aspect of a truly great commercial.

2007-07-03 21:42:52
272.   Gen3Blue
That Loney is a vacuum cleaner at first. One doesn't even notice when there are bad throws.
2007-07-03 21:43:46
273.   Gagne55
Post 136 of last thread:
How many times has long relief decided anything?

Tonight is has!!

2007-07-03 21:44:31
274.   Bluebleeder87

laundry chores today Bob.

2007-07-03 21:45:17
275.   Gagne55
Double play to bring Saito time. Game Over!!!
2007-07-03 21:45:23
276.   das411
273 - Philadelphia and Houston say hello.

And Enders, your swipe at the Vet in the last thread has not gone unnoticed...

2007-07-03 21:46:02
277.   xaphor
I like watching the big man play D.
2007-07-03 21:50:32
278.   Andrew Shimmin
I was kind of hoping Nomar would get tossed there.
2007-07-03 21:51:42
279.   Bob Timmermann
Actually, I was doing fine until I just spilled some Diet Pepsi on me.
2007-07-03 21:52:52
280.   Gagne55
276 I was reffering to Holten being a big reason as to why te Dodgers are going to mark up a W tonight. Just imagine if Tomko or Kuo was the long reliever. On second thought, don't- just good thoughts of Holten.
2007-07-03 21:53:19
281.   Daniel Zappala
269 You're digging yourself deeper. Stealing money from kids is a little bit more than being indifferent to them.
2007-07-03 21:56:09
282.   jtrichey
Vin: "Pierre called out but he isn't about to argue"

As they show Pierre arguing the call (Admittedly calmly)

2007-07-03 21:56:18
283.   overkill94
Maybe my prediction that Furcal would start heating up on July 1st wasn't so goofy after all:

.462/.533/.769 with 2 SB' 15 plate appearances :)

2007-07-03 21:57:19
284.   Gagne55
FSN shows a commercial declaring Kent toast. lol
2007-07-03 21:58:08
285.   trainwreck
Haha why is Martin in?
2007-07-03 21:59:04
286.   Gagne55
If Saltalamacchia has lost its Saltalamacchianess, how can its Saltalamacchianess be restored.
2007-07-03 21:59:30
287.   Andrew Shimmin
281- No, no, not stealing. Stealing is wrong. I'd never steal from a child. Cheating is different. If they didn't want to get cheated out of their bus fare home, they should have been smart enough not to be. Like arcades, or sno-cones; these are unambiguously ways of cheating children out of money, but they're okay, right?
2007-07-03 22:00:50
288.   Xeifrank
Does Saito or Martin get the save?
vr, Xei
2007-07-03 22:01:06
289.   Greg Brock
We win!
2007-07-03 22:01:33
290.   Gagne55
No, no, not stealing. Stealing is wrong.

I guess this explains the Pierre hate.

2007-07-03 22:01:46
291.   Gen3Blue
A Sammy smile!
2007-07-03 22:02:21
292.   overkill94
Ahhh, time to finally get some 7 a.m.
2007-07-03 22:02:23
293.   Nagman
The last six innings must've been played at a pretty fast pace because the first three seemed to take 2 hours.
2007-07-03 22:02:25
294.   Bluebleeder87

watching him earlier on the tube he seemed a bit restless. Are we tide up for 1st place or up by half a game?

2007-07-03 22:02:27
295.   shamrok
Saito is so fun to watch.
2007-07-03 22:02:42
296.   Gagne55
A new high water mark in games over .500 I believe...
2007-07-03 22:02:55
297.   Andrew Shimmin
290- Watching him tonight, it's possible he's come around to my way of thinking on the subject. The CS was penance.
2007-07-03 22:03:42
298.   Frip
Wow that's called machine gun Spanish.
2007-07-03 22:03:42
299.   xaphor
290. Stealing is only wrong if you get caught. :)
2007-07-03 22:04:37
300.   Andrew Shimmin
294- Tied for first.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2007-07-03 22:07:45
301.   Andrew Shimmin
Psycho's ready to send Nomar back to first. Because Loney's slumped himself back down to a .383 BA.
2007-07-03 22:10:18
302.   Gen3Blue
Oh my God! I think OK94 is watching MLB TV in Italy in the early morning. And I thought being an East coast D's fan was wierd. I still can't blame him.
2007-07-03 22:12:24
303.   Xeifrank
Nice data/graphs from on tonight's game. Shows the heros as Houlton, Kemp and Betemit, with goats of Pierre, Davies, Yates, C.Jones and Salty. Nice comeback too, after the Francouer double early in the game, the Dodgers win expectancy was hovering at just over 20%
vr, Xei

2007-07-03 22:13:35
304.   Humma Kavula
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that Pierre was responsible for 6 Dodger outs tonight... is that right?

If so, that's terrible.

2007-07-03 22:15:21
305.   shamrok

I'm just glad he caught the ball when he did.

2007-07-03 22:17:59
306.   Andrew Shimmin
304- Wasn't it five? 0/4 with a CS. No GIDP.
2007-07-03 22:20:54
307.   Humma Kavula
306 And a sacrifice. Six outs.
2007-07-03 22:23:28
308.   Gagne55
307 A sacrifice that lead to a run.
2007-07-03 22:25:28
309.   Gagne55
303 Oh come on. If Pierre can be a goat on the winning team, then where is Wolf. 6 runs in three innings. Turning a 1-0 lead to a 3-1 deficit, then a 3-3 tie into a 6-3 deficit has to be brutal for WPA.
2007-07-03 22:27:23
310.   Humma Kavula
308 Well, a sacrifice that came in between a runner getting to second base and an RBI single. I think Furcal would have scored from second on Loney's single anyway...

...but that's moot. An out is an out is an out. There's no there there.

2007-07-03 22:27:29
311.   Andrew Shimmin
Grittle says Wolff had "a little tenderness" in his shoulder at the start of the game, and couldn't work though it.
2007-07-03 22:29:48
312.   Greg Brock
Sometimes I am amazed by the things these Fox post-game people say.
2007-07-03 22:30:28
313.   Xeifrank
309. Sorry, I left Wolf off the list, please forgive me. Both Pierre AND Wolf had poor games. Wolf's more difficult to overcome. vr, Xei
2007-07-03 22:30:47
314.   Humma Kavula
309 The fangraphs page does clearly label Wolf as a goat. I believe that Xei's omission of him was an oversight.
2007-07-03 22:32:08
315.   Andrew Shimmin
Count down to Marty saying the Rod Stewart version of Try a Little Tenderness was better than Otis Redding's. . .
2007-07-03 22:38:48
316.   xaphor
315. I imagine Wolf's warm up pitches were akin to the title sequence of Dr. Strangelove.
2007-07-03 22:39:02
317.   Greg Brock
I understand that being a sideline reporter is utterly meaningless. I do not challenge this assertion one bit.

That said, this character on FSN asks the most inane questions I've ever heard.
For a sideline reporter.

Think about that.

2007-07-03 22:40:40
318.   xaphor
...or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Boom
2007-07-03 22:42:19
319.   bigcpa
Betemit since May 1 .256/.365/.634... a cool .999 OPS.
2007-07-03 22:49:16
320.   das411

Who gets to host Hot Dog Eating Contest Thoughts tomorrow?

2007-07-03 22:52:45
321.   Bob Timmermann
Definitely not me.
2007-07-03 23:00:37
322.   Greg Brock
I think that if I ever had the chance to play in the Hollywood Stars game with Frank Sinatra and Kareem Abdul Jabar, my head would explode.

I didn't even know those levels of awesome could occupy the same space at the same time. And called by Gary Owens? We are reaching critical levels of wonderfulness.

2007-07-03 23:21:32
323.   still bevens
Just got back from the game tonight and it was extra special for a couple reasons.

1. Before the game the players in the dugout threw out autographed balls out to the fans. A ball took a bounce off the scoreboard and was caught in front of me and someone got to take home a ball signed by Grady.

2. Nice power display by Betemit and Kemp.

3. DJ Houlton saving our bacon.


5. Broxton getting three outs on 10 pitches - 8 balls, 2 strikes.

Also took friends of mine, both of whom had never been to the stadium and one of which who had never been to a major league game before. Good night to go out to the ballpark.

2007-07-03 23:46:24
324.   Uncle Miltie
That was an impressive performance by DJ Houlton. Houlton's command was fairly solid and he saved Grady Little from having to overextend the team's relievers. It will be interesting to see whether Houlton is given an opportunity to start. Some of that will depend on how Mark Hendrickson performs in his next few starts.

Even though it was somewhat expected, I was pleased to see that Jrue Holiday committed to UCLA. I think this cements UCLA's position as having the best recruiting class in 2008. I think it's fair to say that if UCLA does not win a title in the next three years, the team will be considered a disappointment.

My favorite sporting event will be on tomorrow morning on ESPN; the hot dog eating contest. I just read that Kobayashi will be competing for his 7th straight title despite his recent jaw injury. What a grinder.

2007-07-03 23:53:53
325.   Brendan
Tony Jackson reporting Wolf has shoulder soreness and will likely go on the DL.
2007-07-03 23:53:54
326.   MSarg29
According to Tony Jackson's blog, Randy Wolf is likely to go onto the DL with shoulder soreness. He is having an MRI on Thursday.

Houlton may get his shot at the rotation. This may accelerate Ned's pursuit of Mark Buehrle.

2007-07-03 23:54:56
327.   Brendan
326 wow I actually feel bad beating you by one second at nearly midnight
2007-07-03 23:55:47
328.   Brendan
and by bad I mean glorious
2007-07-04 00:19:07
329.   das411
324, see 321, I have a feeling we will have to hang out with the Banterers starting right around noon ET, somehow I get the impression they will be paying much more attention to the contest than the DTers will...
2007-07-04 00:44:29
330.   Eric Enders
If Randy Wolf's shoulder problems mean Matt Kemp gets traded, then I will personally hunt down a few people and treat them with extreme prejudice.

If Randy Wolf's shoulder problems mean Andre Ethier gets traded, well, c'est la vie, I guess.

2007-07-04 00:45:42
331.   Eric Enders
On the other hand, maybe they just mean Kuo gets called back up. Which is fine.
2007-07-04 00:49:03
332.   Hallux Valgus
Just got back from the movies (note: the Arclight had the Autobot vehicles on display- awesome), and am watching the replay. How does Nomar get back on the field right now? He legitimately lost first base to Loney, and now Betemit is raking. He wants whatever is best for the team, right? No first, no third, no right, no left. Unless he platoons with Pierre, I just don't see a spot for him. That's not out of distaste for Nomar, it's a simple matter of productivity- who is he outplaying right now?

I feel very satisfied watching the kids play, and I didn't think they had a chance of reaching my expectations in total. They have and then some.

Also, if you're thinking of buying a new car, Transformers will let you know that you should buy a GM. Or a Mountain Dew machine. The new Camaro's are pretty nice, though.

2007-07-04 00:50:57
333.   Eric Enders
The Times reports that Wolf's affliction is bursitis, i.e., exactly what Jason Schmidt was diagnosed with before they figured out he tore his labrum.
2007-07-04 00:54:50
334.   Eric Enders
Also, everyone should read the Plashcke piece in tomorrow's paper. He proves once again that he's terrific when he writes about human interest subjects rather than actual baseball.
2007-07-04 00:55:10
335.   Hallux Valgus
333 aw, crap! I'm really worried about our pitching depth right now. Meloan had better be ready. And Houlton needs to get down on the 5th spot.
2007-07-04 01:04:19
336.   ToyCannon
I'm betting on Millwood before Buehrle.

Fun game at the ballpark tonight. First time I've parked inside the lot this year and had no problem leaving. With all the flack the parking got in the beginning, some kudo's should be sent McCourts way now that they've had time to tweak the system.

I see Pierre getting more flack but he caught two balls tonight I don't think he catches in April but I didn't have the benefit of replay.

I love my Boom Boom.

Everyone have a safe 4th and if you see someone trying to blow up an animal be sure to stick the firecracker up the idiots whatnots.

2007-07-04 01:13:25
337.   Eric Enders
Man, Delwyn Young is on the hot streak of his life right now. He has a 13-game hitting streak, five of which are three-hit games or better. He's batting .458 over that span, .337/.383/.594 for the year. Tonight he was 3 for 5 with his 33rd and 34th doubles. He leads all of minor league baseball in doubles, and is tied with Magglio Ordonez for the lead in pro baseball as a whole.
2007-07-04 01:23:01
338.   Greg Brock
334 That columnist is good at finding interesting human interest stories. he is not, however, a good writer.

I stumbled across the story the other day.

It was fascinating.

There was a person, and this person had a very interesting story. A story about overcoming adversity, and living life to the fullest, and doing things that other people didn't think I could do.

But I did them.

And Bill Plaschke wrote about them.

Doesn't make him a good writer.

Well placed paragraph breaks do NOT a writer make.

I can do this all day long.

2007-07-04 01:29:45
339.   Eric Enders
You really expect me to respect the opinion of a Springsteen hater as to who's a good writer and who isn't?
2007-07-04 01:33:14
340.   Eric Enders
Mr. Meloan, your future is calling.

Tony Jackson: "Houlton has to be replaced in the bullpen, and there isn't an obvious candidate at Triple-A Las Vegas to do that, which is the reason general manager Ned Colletti, manager Grady Little, assistant GM Kim Ng and player development director DeJon Watson met behind Little's closed office door immediately after Little finished his postgame media session. "

2007-07-04 01:34:41
341.   Hallux Valgus
Springsteen is not a good writer. He's a good performer. Because of his band. Otherwise, he's just enthusiastic.
2007-07-04 01:35:57
342.   Greg Brock
339 Not at all. I expect you to listen to a member of the human race.

I'll never forget the first time I argued with Eric Enders about quality writing.

There he was, this Eric Enders person. He didn't ask to be treated differently. He didn't ask to be looked up to.

He just had an opinion.

This person named Eric Enders.

I can't say that I blame him. The Boss is popular, and has a very solid body of work. He is the Dylan of a new generation, and is beloved.

Bruce Springsteen has a message.

And people are listening.

Paragraph break hyperbole paragraph break sob story.

2007-07-04 01:47:07
343.   Greg Brock
My overall point was that Bill Plaschke is a lazy writer. And I really hope Eric Enders doesn't kill me, because he is a really smart dude and a fantastic fan and a very good writer. He is one of my favorite DT posters, and his "proven" post yesterday was a thing of brilliance.

In short. Don't squash me, Eric.

2007-07-04 01:50:18
344.   Eric Enders
341 Wow, tell me you did not just say that.

It's really too late for me to get into it right now. I'll just post a few urls for your perusal.

2007-07-04 01:51:23
345.   Eric Enders
343 I would never want to squash Greg Brock. He was the first ballplayer who ever gave me an autograph!
2007-07-04 01:54:29
346.   Hallux Valgus
344 I was hoping for "too late." :-)

I know the songs. I'm unimpressed. Always have been, always will be. Great performer, average songs.

2007-07-04 02:03:56
347.   CanuckDodger
337 -- Delwyn Young is practically the poster boy for the kind of Dodger "young player" that Colletti is probably actively looking to trade: he is neither helping us now, nor is he really in our plans for the future. Of course, Colletti knows that Young alone gets us nothing, but I'll bet that Colletti is floating a package of players that includes Young and other prospects like him. No team is biting at that offer NOW, but there is a reason why mid-season deals don't get done until the trade deadline: sellers lower their prices only when faced with the imminent possibility of getting nothing at all for vets they want to move.

It's odd, I have traditionally been at the forefront of people worrying about our top prospects getting dealt, but now, with people shaking with fear at the prospect of Kemp, Loney and Billingsley and others of their ilk getting sent away, I wonder what all the fuss is about. Those guys simply aren't going anywhere. Young players playing extremely well on their teams' 25-man rosters just don't get dealt in trade deadline deals. And neither do "A" prospects still in the minors. Colletti traded away about a dozen prospects last year, and not one of them was somebody who wasn't in some sense a "broken toy."

So who, in addition to Delwyn, are somewhat-shiny-but-broken toys in our organization now? Frankly, I could see LaRoche being one, but it all depends on what the Dodgers think are LaRoche's chances of fully recovering from the labrum injuries to both shoulders. It is not just pitching prospects whose careers can be derailed by injuries, so the Dodgers might think they have to move LaRoche before his value declines more. Kuo could be another broken toy. Xavier Paul might be one, as he still strikes out an awful lot and might not be able to stay in center field long term, and he hits too little to be a corner guy. I also wonder if the Dodgers might see James McDonald as a guy whose stats are way better than his stuff, and therefore is likely to be over-valued by another team.

2007-07-04 02:37:43
348.   Andrew Shimmin
Some day Lisa is going to trick Plaschke into writing one of his Bart's People columns on DePo, who will have his revenge when Plaschke ventures into his garbage dump to interview him.

And, it's to be hoped, I'll get a helper monkey.

2007-07-04 03:28:48
349.   Benjamin Miracord
Thank you, Eric, for pointing out an article I otherwise would have missed. I commend Bill Plaschke for an incredibly moving and well-written piece.

Happy Birthday, America.

vr, Ben

2007-07-04 04:41:23
350.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Re: 347

I agree that we shouldn't worry about our high level prospects getting traded, especially Kemp. The higher-ups in the org. love Kemp; Grady positively gushed about him two spring trainings ago, and Ned at least consented to the extraordinary measure of calling Kemp up from AA. He's also been mentioned in previous trade rumors, all of which have led to nothing. When we thought Kemp wouldn't make the team out of ST, we were pleasantly surprised to see him on the squad, although not in a starting position. He got hurt, but now he's back, and there's even talk of him making starting RF (most recent LAT Dodgers report).

If there's a trade, I actually wonder if Betemit might be the useful piece to move, now that he's gotten hot, and Nomar, whether we like it or not, is at 3B. White I think had a good relationship with LaRoche, so I'm guessing the organization isn't willing to give up on him yet.


Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2007-07-04 04:44:32
351.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Oh, and on a more important note, for all our soldiers, marines, sailors, and airmen in uniform throughout the world, Happy 4th of July!, and thank you for your service.


2007-07-04 06:01:40
352.   Daniel Zappala
I would have suggested they call up Matt White, but they released him so he could go to Japan. Eric Hull? Or of course Meloan.
2007-07-04 06:48:16
353.   D4P
Wasn't the "Bart's People" episode relatively recent...?
2007-07-04 06:53:01
354.   D4P
So I've been thinking about last night's game, and which individual player deserves credit for the team victory. Some might give it to Betemit, who singled, doubles, homered, and drove in 4 runs. Some might give it to Houlton, who pitched three scoreless innings, surrendering only a single hit with no walks.

But not me. I give credit for the victory to Rudy Seanez, who pitched a scoreless seventh inning. If he had given up some runs, there's a good chance the Dodgers might have lost the game. But since he pitched a scoreless seventh inning, he pretty much won the game all by himself.

Cheers, Rudy.

2007-07-04 07:14:07
355.   overkill94
302 I wish I was watching it on Sadly enough, I stayed up that late to simply track the game on Yahoo and chat with you fine fellows. I can't be called too hardcore though, I had previously slept from about 5:30 to 11 pm so I wasn't all that tired.

Unfortunately, I just woke up so my sightseeing for today is pretty much shot. I think I'm gonna take a mulligan on Bologna this time around and hope to have better luck with Florence tomorrow.

2007-07-04 07:59:46
356.   Indiana Jon
I'll be headed to Dayton in a little while to watch the Loons play tonight in what may be Kershaw's final game with the team. Seems to me that after the Future's Game on the 8th, he will probably move up to Inland. The Loons lost yesterday 18-2. Hope they come out better today.
2007-07-04 08:01:25
357.   Andrew Shimmin
353- In geological time it was very recent. In TV time, nine years is fairly distant.

2007-07-04 08:41:22
358.   Bumsrap
The top of the rotation, Lowe, Penny, Bills, is good enough to win a world series. Not necessrily the best top three on a team, but just the same, good enough to win it all. The same could be said about their bull pen, especially if Tsao stays healthy and MeLoan comes up and does well. The Dodgers do not have to panic yet with their 4 & 5 starters.

Young, Pierre, Kuo, LaRoche, and Hendrickson are players that I would consider moving in a trade if it appears the 4 & 5 starters are not good enough to get into the playoffs.

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