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Angell on Bonds
2007-07-13 16:24
by Jon Weisman

It takes an effort to remind myself that home runs are a sidebar of baseball but not its purpose. Once the unlovable Bonds - still perhaps the greatest and most consistent long-range hitter I have ever seen, including Ruth - has done the deed, I trust that, like other habitues of the game, I will be able to find the right place for his record in my baseball consciousness, with whatever asterisks are needed, just the way I did with Roger Maris's sixty-one homers (struck in a longer season than Babe's sixty), and with the jumped-up rabbit-ball averages of the early nineteen-thirties, and even with the rare dead-ball home runs knocked out in the sunlit, bribe-prone, alcoholic, and racist baseball times of my father.

- Roger Angell, The New Yorker

* * *

And ... Brett Tomko on Brett Tomko, via Tony Jackson:

Tomko held court with us for several minutes in the clubhouse just now, admitting that the past few weeks have been "miserable." Said he is taking Sunday's start on its own merits, hoping he can go at least five innings, but is expecting nothing beyond that. He also said he can't see himself in a long relief role next season for the Dodgers or any other club. As for his recent struggles, he said. "It's pretty obvious how it has been going and how the fans have reacted. It wears on you. It hasn't been an easy situation. I feel like I have been throwing the ball decently and just getting poor results, so it's tough. I don't have a defined role in the bullpen. I just get in when the situation warrants or to eat up an inning or a couple. It has been a tough month and a half."

* * *

Tonight's game:


Retro Gameday

Update: Randy Wolf is likely out for "weeks," according to Ken Gurnick at

Wolf, who received an injection July 5, still has some inflammation from a shoulder impingement and hasn't thrown since a July 3 start against Atlanta. He won't even begin tossing for several more days, so he's unlikely to start a Major League game for weeks.

Comments (299)
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2007-07-13 18:03:50
1.   Bob Timmermann
My last comment was LATed, but at least it makes it easier for people to see my latest Griddle post on the sidebar.

I call it a wash.

2007-07-13 18:10:52
2.   twerp
I hope this doesn't happen, because if it does it will mean Bonds has killed the Dodgers this series, but how fitting--or not--would it be for Bonds to tie or break the HR record vs. Tomko Sunday?

Talk about an unwanted place in history in an awful season...

2007-07-13 18:11:46
3.   Andrew Shimmin
The Extra Innings free preview always reminds me how much I wish I could save big money at Menards.
2007-07-13 18:20:14
4.   El Lay Dave
...home runs are a sidebar of baseball but not its purpose.
True, but on the offensive side it is the most effective means to the true end.

Roger Angell will be 87 in September. He was 14 when Babe Ruth retired during the 1935 season.

2007-07-13 18:21:25
5.   El Lay Dave
Is it irony that the current blogAd is a rule 5 violation?
2007-07-13 18:24:48
6.   El Lay Dave
From Diamond Leung's blog:
Brett Tomko ... not only reiterated his dislike of being a long reliever, but also said he would be open to a trade that would allow him to start. Grady Little picked Tomko to start in order to get him in a comfort zone at AT&T Park and away from the boos at Dodger Stadium.

Who's the most desperate for starters? The Nats?

Won't the SF crowd boo the ex-Giant strongly too? I suppose it doesn't sting on the road anything like at home.

2007-07-13 18:24:48
7.   Eric Stephen
3 This may sound elitist, but I hate the free preview weeks of Extra Innings, because of the all too frequent scrolling text that runs on the screen.
2007-07-13 18:26:53
8.   Eric Enders
2 "how fitting--or not--would it be for Bonds to tie or break the HR record vs. Tomko"

Will people even remember who it was?

Well, I guess so. They remember Al Downing. But heck, I can't even remember the three Dodger pitchers who gave up the record-breaking homers to Bonds in 2001. Chan Ho Park, Dennis Springer, and ... ?

2007-07-13 18:30:58
9.   El Lay Dave
8 Trick question! Chan Ho gave up two!
2007-07-13 18:33:05
10.   Eric Enders
9 Doh! Well, I guess I did remember all the pitchers then.
2007-07-13 18:34:21
11.   El Lay Dave
8 People remember Tracy Stallard too.

But who remembers who yielded #62 to McGwire?

2007-07-13 18:35:16
12.   Eric Enders
11 I don't think I remember McGwire's. Was it Steve Trachsel or somebody? I think #70 was off Pavano.
2007-07-13 18:39:08
13.   El Lay Dave
12 Right on both counts.

This I had to look up, but Eric Plunk is probably pretty happy that McGwire broke the record in 1998, because he gave up Sosa's #62 that year, days later.

2007-07-13 18:39:10
14.   regfairfield
12 It was Trachsel.
2007-07-13 18:43:27
15.   El Lay Dave
I just noticed - nice juxtaposition Jon. Home run kings / gopher-ball pitcher.
2007-07-13 18:52:43
16.   Jon Weisman
15 - It wasn't intentional :)
2007-07-13 19:08:32
17.   Eric Stephen
Extra Innings is frustrating sometimes. There are 14 channels set aside for EI on my Time Warner Cable system. The channel earmarked for the Dodgers-Giants game is currently showing the Phillies-Cards game, which is only in the top of the 8th.

You'd think the fine folks at Extra Innings would switch the Dodger game to one of the three channels not currently showing a game, but alas that is not to be.

Thus, I am stuck without a Dodger game, at least for a little while.

2007-07-13 19:10:43
18.   Eric Stephen
There are now 5 channels not showing a game, but I just noticed first pitch is not scheduled until 7:15, so EI has 4 minutes to redeem itself.
2007-07-13 19:14:30
19.   Eric Stephen
Kind of lonely in here tonight. D-Backs got five straight two-out hits in the first inning to take a 3-0 lead on the Padres.
2007-07-13 19:15:30
20.   Bob Timmermann
Some of us have to drive home.
2007-07-13 19:19:58
21.   Bob Timmermann
Erik Bedard is a very good pitcher.

That is all.

2007-07-13 19:20:28
22.   Eric Stephen
I'm not a big fan of fans who bring their glove to a baseball game.
2007-07-13 19:20:40
23.   bhsportsguy
Russell saving is hits for the real thing.
2007-07-13 19:23:18
24.   Bob Timmermann
What if they come wearing stirrup socks?
2007-07-13 19:23:35
25.   Sam DC
Egads. My six-year old was just impossible at bedtime tonight. Howling at the moon, jumping on his bed, waking up his brother. Finally, he was up so far past his bedtime and being so darn rude to me that I told him he had five minutes to get himself quiet and in bed or he wouldn't be able to go to his baseball game in the morning (coach pitch league, no score or anything). He thumbed his nose at that, so I dutifully followed through. When I pronounced baseball taken away, that got him quiet and into bed, though of course I hated taking away something he loves so much.

A half hour later, I hear him crying in his room. I go in and after settling him down get him to tell me what he is crying so much about: He says his team has a very tough game tomorrow and his teammates are counting on him to be there. "It's not their fault I didn't go to bed."

Oy vey. Parenting 101 certainly says you've got to stick to your guns, follow through on promised consequences, etc. But doesn't Parenting 202 say something about having compassion and rewarding good feelings? I was so proud he was worried about letting down his teammates.

So we decided he could go to the game and we switch to a punishment that only had consequences for him and not other kids.

2007-07-13 19:23:51
26.   Eric Stephen
The Cardinals are trying too hard in the bottom of the 9th, down 13-2. They need to go down quickly so I can watch the Dodger game!
2007-07-13 19:24:03
27.   fordprefect
Vin sounds like he's broadcasting from a cardboard tube. Anyone else notice this?
2007-07-13 19:25:56
28.   Eric Stephen
25 That is a great story. On one hand, you need to be firm. On another hand, the pride comes through.

Bonus points for sure for character for your son.

2007-07-13 19:27:30
29.   Bob Timmermann
I congratulate Sam on not using Catholic school style discipline.
2007-07-13 19:28:56
30.   Eric Stephen
J.D. Durbin has walked three and hit a man in the 9th in the neverending game in Philly, the game that is keeping me from seeing the Dodgers.

Spoke too soon! Double play ends the game. Bring in the Dodger game.

2007-07-13 19:29:25
31.   bhsportsguy
Nice going there Chad.
2007-07-13 19:29:29
32.   Eric Enders
Billingsley is getting squeezed big time here.
2007-07-13 19:29:32
33.   Bob Timmermann
Good idea to pitch around Durham to face Bonds.
2007-07-13 19:29:41
34.   fordprefect
you mean no rulers across the knuckles?
2007-07-13 19:31:28
35.   fordprefect
sounds like a good solution.
Parenting in some cases seems like jazz to me-
accent on the improvisation.
2007-07-13 19:34:40
36.   CanuckDodger
What is the radar gun reading on Billingsley's fastball tonight? And on Cain's?
2007-07-13 19:35:37
37.   Eric Enders
Billingsley's hitting 94. Haven't checked on Cain.
2007-07-13 19:36:02
38.   Sam DC
35 That's nicely put. It cracks me up reading parenting books. I mean, when you first have a kid it's helpful 'cause there's just so much that's unfamiliar. But pretty soon, the principled, tidy world of parenting books just has no relation to the messy dizzy world of relating to a real kid.
2007-07-13 19:37:15
39.   El Lay Dave
Ichiro's new contract averages $18 million per year for his 34 - 38 years. His career numbers (and his career so far is typical peak ages, 27 - 33)

.333 .379 .439 120 258 60 81.1

Great for a leadoff CF, and let's stipulate his fielding is more than sufficient. This is the current market value, perhaps, of $18 million. (Yes, yes, marketing, Asian jersey sales....) Is ARod worth $14 million - or more - than that?

2007-07-13 19:38:12
40.   fordprefect
too right.
Ya gotta just love 'em.
2007-07-13 19:39:09
41.   Eric Stephen
Answer to FSN Bay Area trivia question: A Padres blog
2007-07-13 19:43:36
42.   Eric Stephen
Brian Sabean in the booth this inning for the Giants.
2007-07-13 19:43:36
43.   El Lay Dave
35 I like the simile, and with 38 it extends to parenting, at best, is like learning to read sheet music, then trying jazz improvisation from the moment you first pick up the instrument.

Sometimes, as a parent, I sound like a scat singer, "buh, buh, ... wha, who, why, Tom-, Jay-, Anna ..."

2007-07-13 19:43:59
44.   Bob Timmermann

Being a kid who went to Catholic school in the 1970s, corporal punishment wasn't done. Instead, you got discipline where entire groups were punished for one person's misdeeds.

Let's say Jimmy's lunch is missing. The presumption is that Jimmy's lunch is stolen. So in order to get someone to cop to this crime, everyone else is denied lunch. Most likely Jimmy left his lunch at home.

Or let's say they find graffiti in the bathroom. The tab the oldest kids as the likeliest perpetrators. So the PE coach puts everyone through grueling exercise in order to get someone to talk. Of course, no one does. Who knows if even someone at the school did it?

What did this discipline accomplish? You punish people who deserve punishment. Anything else is pointless.

2007-07-13 19:46:35
45.   El Lay Dave
44 The LAUSD (L.A.U.S.D. for Canuck and the N.Y.T.) experience of the '70s was much the same, although I remember getting swats still in '74 or '75.
2007-07-13 19:47:55
46.   Eric Stephen
Maybe Maury Wills can work with Chad on bunting.
2007-07-13 19:47:56
47.   bhsportsguy
Might have been ball 4 there, Chad.
2007-07-13 19:48:13
48.   Bob Timmermann
Corporal punishment in California public schools was still legal through the mid 1980s I have learned recently.
2007-07-13 19:48:58
49.   Nagman
I just realized I didn't know what Brian Sabean looked like. Not what I pictured.

His voice is very similar to Ned's.

2007-07-13 19:49:50
50.   bhsportsguy
So now we get to see Brad pitch on DT day at the stadium.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2007-07-13 19:50:45
51.   Marty
Almost always the punishment for me was being grounded. I was grounded a lot.
2007-07-13 19:51:21
52.   Nagman
Now we're running the bases like the Florida Marlins.
2007-07-13 19:52:12
53.   Eric Stephen
50 Why Penny now on DT day? Was something said on the Dodgers broadcast?
2007-07-13 19:52:13
54.   MMSMikey
nice throw by roberts, not so much by molina.
2007-07-13 19:52:13
55.   Bob Timmermann
And now Molina is throwing like a member of the Florida Marlins.
2007-07-13 19:52:17
56.   bhsportsguy
The man who shall not be named does a nice job there.
2007-07-13 19:52:42
57.   Eric Enders
Boy, Pierre is a terrible baseball player. Stealing third with two outs and he was going to be out by a mile.
2007-07-13 19:52:49
58.   Bob Timmermann
Lowe pitches tomorrow, Penny on Monday.
2007-07-13 19:52:52
59.   bhsportsguy
53 Yes, Derek Lowe is pitching tommorrow and Penny is pitching on Monday.
2007-07-13 19:54:18
60.   fordprefect
my wife relates tales of nuns that I'm not sure I should repeat, other than to say they were surprisingly (at least to me) hostile to women.
2007-07-13 19:55:20
61.   fordprefect
she went to Catholic school in the '70s, forgot to mention.
2007-07-13 19:55:50
62.   Andrew Shimmin
My sister wormed her way out of punishment a couple of times playing the, "I thought you didn't love me anymore," card. I was deeply resentful, and envious.
2007-07-13 19:55:56
63.   Bob Timmermann
56 57 are actually two people watching the same game and rooting for the same team.
2007-07-13 19:56:20
64.   El Lay Dave
58 59 Bob can write very compact sentences.
2007-07-13 19:57:34
65.   Bob Timmermann
No nun who taught me was as bad as my 9th grade PE coach at Chaminade Prep.

I would not shake that man's hand today if he offered. He was evil beyond redemption.

2007-07-13 19:58:08
66.   Marty
It looked like the throw was in left field before Pierre got to third base.
2007-07-13 19:59:09
67.   El Lay Dave
65 Doesn't everyone around our age have an evil P.E. coach in their past?

My daughter just graduated from Chaminade. Her experience there was much happier than yours.

2007-07-13 19:59:48
68.   Eric Enders
Why did Billingsley save his best fastballs of the night for the pitcher?

Regardless, looks like he's dealing now.

2007-07-13 20:00:39
69.   Nagman
Maddux with an very un-Maddux-like 74 pitches and not out of the 4th inning yet.

75th pitch yields the fourth run for the Dbacks.

2007-07-13 20:00:53
70.   Bob Timmermann
They've changed the administration there since I've left. They got rid of the assistant principal priest who drowned a bunch of feral cats he trapped for starters. And they've cut back on the anti-Semitism too.
2007-07-13 20:00:53
71.   El Lay Dave
63 I'm with Enders if it's true that an on-target throw would have easily nailed Pierre. Two out and with a real #3 hitter at the plate is not the right time for that.
2007-07-13 20:01:29
72.   fordprefect
Doesn't look very happy about it either.
2007-07-13 20:02:24
73.   Marty
Has Billingsley thrown a curve yet?
2007-07-13 20:03:06
74.   Andrew Shimmin
73- Threw one in the dirt to Roberts. Haven't seen a good one yet, but I'm only watching with one eye.
2007-07-13 20:03:27
75.   Marty
My ninth grade PE teacher was awful too. I think they are all bitter men who were treated badly in high school and this is their way to get even.
2007-07-13 20:04:26
76.   dkminnick
Gary Sheffield.

2007-07-13 20:05:49
77.   bhsportsguy
71 2007 Benjie Molina is not the pristine model he was in 2002-2003, he is slightly better than 25% to throw out runners.

Not saying it was a good play but it wasn't as if Benjie been throwing out runners all year. Russell is at about 36% at throwing out runners this season.

2007-07-13 20:05:55
78.   El Lay Dave
75 The only swats I rec'd were from a P.E. coach.
2007-07-13 20:06:41
79.   El Lay Dave
39 pitches for Billingsley, or 13/IP average. Good beginning.
2007-07-13 20:06:53
80.   Eric Stephen
72 Maddux is generally quite vociferous on the mound. No matter how far the nearest microphone, he seems to find it. And a lot of his unheard mound musings are fairly easy to understand for the most novice of lip readers.
2007-07-13 20:07:14
81.   bhsportsguy
77 That will probably be the only time I type model and Benjie Molina in the same post.
2007-07-13 20:07:24
82.   Bob Timmermann
My girlfriend's dad was a junior high PE coach. She said he wouldn't have done what my coach did.
2007-07-13 20:08:11
83.   Bob Timmermann
Like Will Clark?
2007-07-13 20:09:08
84.   Eric Stephen
83 Maddux is quite Thrill-like, minus the scowl.
2007-07-13 20:09:53
85.   MMSMikey
it looked like nomar go that one
2007-07-13 20:10:06
86.   MMSMikey
2007-07-13 20:11:05
87.   El Lay Dave
70 Changed the administration more than once since then. The feral cat story is infamous. The religious studies are actually fairly liberal, as such things go. I sensed no anti-Semitism, but I'm not Jewish - some students are.
2007-07-13 20:12:22
88.   Eric Stephen
The Crushin' Russian has a triple and a homer in AZ...4-2 D-Backs.
2007-07-13 20:13:35
89.   Bob Timmermann
He's actually the Mashing Macedonian.
2007-07-13 20:14:40
90.   Andrew Shimmin
Billingsley goes deep, here. Book it.
2007-07-13 20:14:51
91.   El Lay Dave
80 Probably in the locker room too. Except while stealthily "marking" a new teammate's leg.
2007-07-13 20:15:59
92.   Andrew Shimmin
2007-07-13 20:20:58
93.   Eric Stephen
89 The Serbian Slugger?
2007-07-13 20:21:22
94.   bhsportsguy
Seems like Chad is a one pitch pitcher tonight.
2007-07-13 20:22:27
95.   El Lay Dave
AP wire report:

BOSTON -- J.D. Drew left the game against the Blue Jays [tonight] because of tightness in his right hamstring.

Drew doubled ... [in]the third inning and later scored. He was replaced in the field ... in the fourth.

2007-07-13 20:24:37
96.   Robert Daeley
The home plate umpire's strike-calling move looks like he's trying to frighten away the invisible gremlins distracting him during at bats.
2007-07-13 20:24:50
97.   Eric Stephen
94 Reminds me of Koufax. In the later innings of his perfect game, Sandy told John Roseboro his arm hurt every time he threw a curve. Roseboro asked what he should do, and Koufax replied, "let's go with the heat, babe"
2007-07-13 20:25:03
98.   Eric Enders

(Another Easy Inning For Billingsley)

2007-07-13 20:25:06
99.   Bob Timmermann
I count 97 homers total by Aaron against the Dodgers (Brooklyn and L.A.)

You know, if you join SABR, you can see the whole HR log for Aaron including the years that Baseball-reference doesn't carry.

2007-07-13 20:26:04
100.   Bob Timmermann
Perhaps Kouzmanoff should be the FYROM Fighter.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2007-07-13 20:26:51
101.   bhsportsguy
99 Sign me up, should I go for the one year or the three year deal?
2007-07-13 20:28:44
102.   El Lay Dave
The speed in the middle of these lineups is, uh, interesting:

LA: Kent, Gonzo, Nomar
SF: Bonds, Klesko, Molina

2007-07-13 20:29:26
103.   Eric Enders
Safe or out? Looked safe to me but my picture quality tonight is not the best.
2007-07-13 20:30:02
104.   bhsportsguy
Pierre looked safe while Raffy appeared out.
2007-07-13 20:30:22
105.   Bob Timmermann
I'd just do it for one year because the membership expires on December 31 no matter when you sign up.
2007-07-13 20:30:45
106.   Eric Stephen
Bob, where will next year's SABR convention be held?
2007-07-13 20:31:18
107.   bhsportsguy
105 Is it pro-rated, probably not.
2007-07-13 20:31:34
108.   Bob Timmermann
2007-07-13 20:32:07
109.   Bob Timmermann
No, but if you joined in October, you would get credit for 15 months.
2007-07-13 20:32:37
110.   bhsportsguy
Nice play by Bonds, I guess.
2007-07-13 20:32:53
111.   Eric Stephen
108 I'm guessing Sam Wyche won't be a presenter then.
2007-07-13 20:33:41
112.   El Lay Dave
104 JP nearly bunted into a DP ??
2007-07-13 20:33:54
113.   Ricardo
112. Great at bat by Martin.
2007-07-13 20:33:57
114.   Jon Weisman
Wolf is out for "weeks," according to Gurnick.
2007-07-13 20:34:18
115.   El Lay Dave
Golden God.
2007-07-13 20:34:24
116.   Bob Timmermann
No. He almost beat out a sacrifice.
2007-07-13 20:34:49
117.   bhsportsguy
112 No, separate plays.
2007-07-13 20:35:09
118.   Bob Timmermann
The latest "Before the Bigs" curse victim.
2007-07-13 20:35:28
119.   MMSMikey
kent has been hitting everything right off the end of the bat
2007-07-13 20:36:17
120.   El Lay Dave
116 117 Ah, Furcal's IF hit. Thanks.
2007-07-13 20:37:09
121.   Ricardo
114. Is Jennings a possibility?
2007-07-13 20:37:40
122.   Eric Enders
The Giants announcers sound so smug and confident as they announce that it's Brett Tomko who will be pitching against Noah Lowry.
2007-07-13 20:38:00
123.   Eric Stephen
I guess Wolf's 2008 option won't vest after all.
2007-07-13 20:39:00
124.   bhsportsguy
114 I wish they would make up their mind, Diamond Leung said that Wolf would begin throwing over the weekend.
2007-07-13 20:40:17
125.   bhsportsguy
We get to the SF bullpen!!
2007-07-13 20:41:03
126.   Eric Stephen
124 Leung and Gurnick can both be right. If Wolf starts throwing this weekend, isn't it still likely that he will not be ready to start an MLB game for "weeks"? He might need a few rehab starts first.
2007-07-13 20:42:47
127.   Bob Timmermann
Unlike most Dodger fans, who are treating Sunday's game with all the excitement of going to the doctor for a colonscopy followed up a wisdom tooth extraction without anesthesia.
2007-07-13 20:44:01
128.   bhsportsguy
126 But it is not as if he is coming back from a long layoff, he just pitched a week ago.
2007-07-13 20:45:43
129.   Nagman
127 It's not the procedure that's so bad, it's the preparation for it... which is what I guess we are all going through right now.
2007-07-13 20:46:13
130.   Eric Enders
Looks like we got 2006 Billingsley in this inning. Not bad, necessarily, but exasperating and time-consuming to watch.
2007-07-13 20:46:19
131.   El Lay Dave
127 Some of those fans (not me) think that, given his decision to start Tomko, those procedures could be performed on Grady simultaneously.
2007-07-13 20:48:19
132.   Eric Enders
Wow, that was a Pierzynskiesque acting job by Roberts on the foul ball.
2007-07-13 20:50:20
133.   El Lay Dave
Roberts saw 17 pitches in his 3 PAs.
2007-07-13 20:50:48
134.   bhsportsguy
Chad works his way out of it.
2007-07-13 20:52:14
135.   El Lay Dave
81 pitches for Billingsley.
2007-07-13 20:52:22
136.   Bob Timmermann
You mean the Pierzynski Method of Baseball Acting. I heard James Lipton mention it once during an episode of "Inside the Annoying Actor's Studio."
2007-07-13 20:53:28
137.   Bob Timmermann
Old friend Jose Cruz brings the Pads within one run with a homer in the 7th.
2007-07-13 20:54:29
138.   Eric Enders
Jeez, Gonzo, take one for the team.
2007-07-13 20:55:22
139.   bhsportsguy
Wilver Stargell's mom always appreciated Vin using his proper name and not calling him Willie.
2007-07-13 20:55:33
140.   Eric Enders
136 Pierzynski followed Bill Paxton and Christian Slater on the show.
2007-07-13 20:56:32
141.   El Lay Dave
139 I always liked it when Vin referred to his broadcast partner "Jerome".
2007-07-13 20:56:34
142.   dkminnick
James destroys the outside pitch again.
2007-07-13 20:57:34
143.   Bob Timmermann
Yet Vin has never referred to Rick Monday by his true first name.
2007-07-13 20:57:36
144.   Eric Enders
This might've been a good spot to hit Kemp for Ethier against the lefty.
2007-07-13 20:59:45
145.   bhsportsguy
143 And he probably never used Sandy's given name either.
2007-07-13 20:59:50
146.   El Lay Dave
136 Keifer Sutherland's favorite word:

Mine might be "pretentious".

2007-07-13 21:00:04
147.   Andrew Shimmin
Is that mist or smoke?
2007-07-13 21:00:40
148.   dkminnick
132, 136 - Similar to the Jeter Method - featuring the "Jeter Jacknife." Umpires buy it every time.
2007-07-13 21:01:14
149.   El Lay Dave
147 Wouldn't the first guess, just based on location, be "fog"?
2007-07-13 21:01:19
150.   Robert Daeley
147 Breath from the evil dragon they keep under the outfield.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2007-07-13 21:02:44
151.   Andrew Shimmin
149- Looks like it's moving too much to be fog. I'm not a fog expert, but doesn't it mostly sit still?
2007-07-13 21:03:32
152.   Eric Enders
151 It rolls.

It's fog.

2007-07-13 21:04:12
153.   Andrew Shimmin
Whatever it is, I'm against it.
2007-07-13 21:04:30
154.   MMSMikey
2007-07-13 21:04:54
155.   Eric Enders
Wow. Loney.
2007-07-13 21:05:24
156.   jtrichey
Holy cow! Loney with a heck of a stab (or is it heckuva?)
Did you see that Nomar? That's how you get OFF the bag during the pitch when holding a runner on
2007-07-13 21:06:19
157.   Andrew Shimmin
156- It also helped that Loney's nine feet tall, and left handed.
2007-07-13 21:06:21
158.   Eric Enders
What's that, about 95 pitches or so for Chad? I guess he's done. Nice work, lad.
2007-07-13 21:06:36
159.   Ricardo
Great play! Was that the last pitch by Chad?
2007-07-13 21:07:04
160.   El Lay Dave
Why first basemen should be left-handed.
2007-07-13 21:07:27
161.   dkminnick
I love that Vin said "What a player!" after that Loney play. "Player," not "play".
2007-07-13 21:08:56
162.   El Lay Dave
158 "or so" is correct. 96. Good start for Billingsley.
2007-07-13 21:08:57
163.   Bob Timmermann
Joe Torre has begun the rationalization process, from the AP:

Roger Clemens was outpitched, and the New York Yankees fell below .500 again.

Still, manager Joe Torre was convinced Friday night that the team is headed in the right direction in its bid to climb back into playoff contention.

"I learned through my years of doing this that even though everything is judged on winning and losing, it's the tenacity of the team," Torre said after Scott Kazmir shut down the Yankees for six innings of a 6-4 loss to the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.

"You really have to let go of the final score because of a lot of times you can't control it. You can only control what you can control, and that's all based on effort," Torre added. "I have no trouble sleeping tonight, other than the final score."

2007-07-13 21:11:51
164.   El Lay Dave
Hmmm, a bunt maybe?
2007-07-13 21:12:18
165.   bhsportsguy
163 Having seen Clemens pitch his best game at Yankee Stadium, he is not the same power pitcher, he is now Greg Maddux East with a little more stamina.
2007-07-13 21:13:44
166.   bhsportsguy
D-Backs put up 3 more runs in the bottom of 7th, again with 2 out. 7-3 D-Backs, still batting in the 7th.
2007-07-13 21:13:53
167.   Bob Timmermann
DBacks tack on 3 to make it 7-3 in the 7th.
2007-07-13 21:13:59
168.   MMSMikey
2007-07-13 21:14:26
169.   Andrew Shimmin
If Russ is hurt, it's Jon's fault, right?
2007-07-13 21:14:35
170.   Bob Timmermann
I think 166 had more emotional impact.
2007-07-13 21:15:16
171.   Eric Enders
Looks like that hit Martin on the meaty part of the hand, thankfully.

Anyone know if a right-handed batter has ever hit it into the drink at the S.F. park?

2007-07-13 21:15:32
172.   Bob Timmermann
And Ned Colletti's for not keeping Dioner Navarro as an adequate backup.
2007-07-13 21:16:28
173.   Nagman
Whoever this Jeff Salazar is, playing RF in place of Quentin, is having quite a game. 3 for 4 with two doubles (the last one which came with two outs and prolonged the inning to allow the three runs to score), and he made a spectacular catch robbing B Giles of a homerun by going way over the fence to pull it back.
2007-07-13 21:16:41
174.   El Lay Dave
A Golden God scoffs at HBPs from 26-year old, rookie LOOGYs.
2007-07-13 21:16:47
175.   Andrew Shimmin
172- That's a very adulterous point you make.
2007-07-13 21:17:40
176.   Eric Stephen
It's strangely endearing that Mike Krukow calls non-starting pitchers "reliefers". With an "f" instead of a "v".
2007-07-13 21:18:40
177.   ToyCannon
Jon Jon Jon don't ever do that again. If we can't talk about no hitters you shouldn't be talking hypothetically about our Golden God getting hurt.
2007-07-13 21:18:50
178.   Eric Enders
So is it Tsao or Seanez in the 7th?
2007-07-13 21:19:02
179.   bhsportsguy
173 Another career minor leaguer (that is, he is 27 years old with a large coffee to go with the Rockies last year).
2007-07-13 21:19:05
180.   Jon Weisman
169 - That would be like crediting me for a no-hitter for asking, "What if a no-hitter happens?"
2007-07-13 21:19:16
181.   Bob Timmermann
No righties according to the canonical list:
2007-07-13 21:20:24
182.   Bob Timmermann
Jeff Salazar was intentionally walked in his first major league game, although not his first time up. That doesn't happen too often.
2007-07-13 21:21:13
183.   Eric Enders
I hope people noticed the terrific baserunning there by the Golden God. He intentionally stayed still instead of running when the ball was hit so as to block off Vizquel's view of the ball. Didn't work, but a nice try nonetheless.
2007-07-13 21:21:45
184.   bhsportsguy
After Hudman and Phyzz give their love to Big Daddy Vladdy, he grounds into a 6-3 double play to end the inning.
2007-07-13 21:24:46
185.   Marty
Golden God seems to have caught on for Martin, but he'll always be Backstop Bacon to me.
2007-07-13 21:25:28
186.   MMSMikey
russell keeps clenching his right fist
2007-07-13 21:26:14
187.   Nagman
So "Turtle" is not gonna work? After the Fox guys showed that during the AS game, I thought McCann looked more like Turtle than Russ.
2007-07-13 21:26:21
188.   El Lay Dave
Hmmmm. I know the choices are a little iffy, but I'd take my chance with Tsao against 7, 8, PH and save Beimal in case Broxton has issues in the 8th with Durham, Bonds, Klesko. I think.
2007-07-13 21:26:40
189.   ToyCannon
Two innings before they gave their love and he hit the CF fence. Looks like a push to me.

Millwood is the guy I wanted. We could have gotten him cheap when I wanted him 3 weeks ago. Now he's dealing.

2007-07-13 21:26:43
190.   Bob Timmermann
Luis Lopez of Toronto's major league debut on April 29, 2001 was an intentional walk.

That's respect!

2007-07-13 21:27:30
191.   El Lay Dave
185 The way Alyssa took to him is more "Golden God"-like and less "Backstop Bacon"-like.
2007-07-13 21:28:02
192.   Eric Enders
I always get my Luis Lopezes confused. Was that one the ex-Dodger who went to the same high school as Sandy Koufax?
2007-07-13 21:28:45
193.   Marty
I think Nate likes Backstop Bacon too.
2007-07-13 21:28:46
194.   bhsportsguy
189 Look Vlad is great. I just happened to tune in and thought it was funny.
2007-07-13 21:28:50
195.   El Lay Dave
188 If you are an optimist, Beimal and Broxton deal 1-2-3s and Saito gets Bonds, Klesko.
2007-07-13 21:29:11
196.   Bob Timmermann
Born in Brooklyn in 1973.
2007-07-13 21:30:16
197.   Jon Weisman
Dodgers have recorded 21 outs: 15 on the ground.
2007-07-13 21:31:25
198.   Eric Enders
Turns out the Luis Lopez I'm thinking of was born in Brooklyn in 1964. He was a big Dodger prospect at one time. I think he won the Cal League batting title one year at Bakersfield.
2007-07-13 21:31:30
199.   El Lay Dave
I suppose a real optimist has the Dodgers hanging up a big number in the 8th and Stults getting an interesting two-inning workout.

Broxton vs. Bonds in the 8th? (With two outs, I hope.)

2007-07-13 21:32:17
200.   Eric Stephen
188 Beimel vs. LHB in 2007: .196/.255/.294
Broxton vs. LHB in 2007: .197/.333/.237

Broxton's done pretty darn well against all comers.

Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2007-07-13 21:32:22
201.   Jon Weisman
177 - Again, talking about no-hitters makes them not happen. I am being wrongly accused!
2007-07-13 21:32:22
202.   El Lay Dave
199 (Too fast with the clicks)

or Beimel for two-innings, thus his entry with a double-switch.

2007-07-13 21:33:05
203.   Marty
Nomar is looking really bad at the plate.
2007-07-13 21:33:24
204.   El Lay Dave
Gotta run. Time to subject myself to the radio call.
2007-07-13 21:34:08
205.   Andrew Shimmin
If Loney's hurt, I'm blaming Bob. For spite.
2007-07-13 21:35:28
206.   Marty
On one leg, Loney strokes one to left.
2007-07-13 21:35:33
207.   Eric Enders
Loney 2-for-2 against lefties tonight.
2007-07-13 21:36:02
208.   jtrichey
Boy Krukow and Kuiper really go out of there way to puff up Bonds. He got credited for 2 "good plays" tonight just for fielding a single to his left.
2007-07-13 21:36:06
209.   Eric Stephen
Loney should never try that again.
2007-07-13 21:36:13
210.   Eric Enders
And 0-for-1 against Molinas.
2007-07-13 21:36:13
211.   Andrew Shimmin
Hmm. Does Loney keep his brain in the instep of his foot?
2007-07-13 21:36:17
212.   MMSMikey
thats not annoying
2007-07-13 21:36:54
213.   Eric Stephen
Maybe Kemp can now be the first RHB to splash hit.
2007-07-13 21:38:19
214.   Eric Stephen
Does that delayed steal get called by the coaches? Or does Loney have a green light? I find it highly unlikely that Loney would ever have a green light for running.
2007-07-13 21:38:51
215.   Bob Timmermann
Vin said "Don't go wandering off!" and El Lay Dave left in strict disobedience!
2007-07-13 21:38:59
216.   Eric Stephen
210 Loney would have stolen it off a left-handed catcher.
2007-07-13 21:39:02
217.   dkminnick
Physioc and Hudler on K-Rods delivery: "You can't teach that!"

Nor would you want to.

2007-07-13 21:41:28
218.   Robert Daeley
Dontrelle's trade value seems to be falling, according to some:

2007-07-13 21:45:05
219.   Andrew Shimmin
Maybe it's an acupressure thing. That particular part of his foot is hard wired to the silkiness center of his frontal lobe. . .
2007-07-13 21:45:23
220.   dkminnick
James pulled up like a Little Leaguer on that grounder. Glove in the dirt, James!
2007-07-13 21:45:59
221.   Marty
Great to see Loney get the very next chance and turn the double play.
2007-07-13 21:46:22
222.   Eric Stephen
Nice little mini fist pump by Loney after that DP.
2007-07-13 21:47:37
223.   Bob Timmermann
This is the first time in 16 years Barry Bonds has grounded into DPs in one game.

2007-07-13 21:48:20
224.   Bob Timmermann
That is grounded into "two" DPs.
2007-07-13 21:48:33
225.   Marty
It would be nice to get another couple runs.
2007-07-13 21:49:06
226.   Nagman
The Mashing Macedonian ended up a single short of the cycle.
2007-07-13 21:49:37
227.   Eric Stephen
223 Bonds was all over the place in that game...3 hits, 2B, HR as well.
2007-07-13 21:50:26
228.   Bob Timmermann
He also got hit by a batted ball.
2007-07-13 21:52:02
229.   ToyCannon
Casey wins it in the 9th. Fireworks to follow in Mudville.
2007-07-13 21:54:39
230.   dkminnick
Hit one out, Russell. Show us your wrist is all right.
2007-07-13 21:55:37
231.   Eric Stephen
226 No Padre has ever hit for the cycle. Kouz is the 8th Padre to go 2B-3B-HR, including an older Dave Roberts.

2007-07-13 21:56:06
232.   Bob Timmermann
Mike Scioscia and Shawn Green had seven games each as Dodgers when they grounded into 2 or more DPs. Eric Karros and Adrian Beltre had six of them.
2007-07-13 21:56:39
233.   Eric Stephen
Martin really turned on that ball.
2007-07-13 21:57:34
234.   ToyCannon
D Young has a homer/double tonight and now has 54 EBH. Is he knocking down a door?
2007-07-13 21:57:54
235.   Eric Stephen
I once won $3 at a Dodger game betting a friend of mine Karros would hit into a DP. I got 3-1 odds on a $1 bet.
2007-07-13 21:58:23
236.   dkminnick
234 - Can he pitch?
2007-07-13 21:58:46
237.   Bob Timmermann
Does he have a search warrant?
2007-07-13 21:59:43
238.   ToyCannon
Orenduff's streak of good starts comes to an end as he only goes 4.1 innings.
2007-07-13 22:00:00
239.   Eric Stephen
234 What is Delwyn's future with the big club? He has really hit the ball well, but he's already 25. My guess is he's either a utility OF or trade bait, but I think he will certainly help in September.
2007-07-13 22:00:56
240.   jasonungar07
For 30 years this hasn't gotten old and I doubt beating the Giants in the next 30 (hopefully!) years will get old either. Let's go blow it open here.
2007-07-13 22:02:02
241.   ToyCannon
Adkins made his debut in Low A and pitched one shutout inning with 2 k's.

Mattingsly stole two bases(10) and made two more errors(23).

2007-07-13 22:02:33
242.   jasonungar07
I love when our closer stops throwing.
2007-07-13 22:02:50
243.   Eric Stephen
Stults in the 9th with a 5-1 lead? Or does Saito come in since he he's pitched only exhibitionally since Sunday?
2007-07-13 22:03:10
244.   dkminnick
240- It's not over, but wouldn't this be nine in a row at PhoneCo Park?

I love the sound of San Fran silence.

2007-07-13 22:03:12
245.   MSarg29
Now here is the luck Tony Jackson was talking about.
2007-07-13 22:03:17
246.   ToyCannon
Winthrow makes his debut for the GCL Dodgers and duplicates what Adkins did.
2007-07-13 22:03:26
247.   Marty
Dodger power on display.
2007-07-13 22:03:51
248.   Bob Timmermann
This is not a D4P-approved rally. Too much luck.
2007-07-13 22:03:57
249.   Eric Stephen
3 straight dunk hits. Awesome. The Dodgers are trying to draw the outfielders in so they can turn on the power!
2007-07-13 22:04:39
250.   Uncle Miltie
What an odd series of events.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2007-07-13 22:05:51
251.   Marty
I got my couple runs wish granted though. plus one.
2007-07-13 22:06:19
252.   ToyCannon
I think he's trade bait or he makes Ethier expendable with Kemp taking over RF with D Young being the extra outfielder. Either way he's increasing his value with this awesome run he's had.

Loney's last 3 at bats have been impressive.

2007-07-13 22:06:54
253.   xaphor
We need to save some of this luck for Tomko's start.
2007-07-13 22:07:11
254.   dkminnick
Again, Loney smokes the pitch away. What a player.
2007-07-13 22:07:25
255.   ToyCannon
Now that we have an update on Wolf do we have one on Kuo?
2007-07-13 22:07:31
256.   jasonungar07
244 Living in the momment. Watching the bloops fall in, it's not even about the final score really (things can change on a dime). Just watching us totally frustrate them etc is great. Of course they can beat us tommorrow and it will also sting a little more. I just love beating them, it's great. Maybe Bochy will sub Bonds in the middle of the inning if 3.5 gets a knock here.
2007-07-13 22:07:34
257.   Eric Stephen
252 I agree with that, but you should have said "Ethier way..." :)
2007-07-13 22:08:06
258.   ToyCannon
Now were talking. Sit down Saenz and let Loney finish the game.
2007-07-13 22:08:19
259.   Bob Timmermann
It is now a D4P-approved rally.
2007-07-13 22:08:23
260.   Andrew Shimmin
249- Prophet or witch. You make the call.
2007-07-13 22:08:29
261.   Robert Daeley
Ahem. (Clears throat.)


2007-07-13 22:08:40
262.   MMSMikey
that ball was lathered
2007-07-13 22:09:29
263.   ToyCannon
Anyone think Underdog and Icaros are having a good time? I hope they come home unscathed, I expect Giant fans are less forgiving of Dodger fans when things are going bad.
2007-07-13 22:09:58
264.   Eric Stephen
Too bad you can't search for consecutive hits by a team using the Play Index on
2007-07-13 22:10:04
265.   dkminnick
249, 260 - It matters not. I will follow him anywhere.
2007-07-13 22:11:05
266.   Eric Stephen
260 I'm not a big fan of fire.
2007-07-13 22:11:17
267.   dkminnick
263 - Not too many of them left, though.
2007-07-13 22:12:17
268.   Eric Stephen
265 To paraphrase one of Charley Steiner's finest moments, "Follow me. Follow me to freedom!"
2007-07-13 22:13:42
269.   Bob Timmermann
The Dodgers are one of two teams with 12 consecutive hits.

They had 12 straight against the Cardinals in the 6th and 7th innings on June 23, 1930.

2007-07-13 22:13:51
270.   Marty
I'm guessing it's Seanez Time.
2007-07-13 22:15:06
271.   Eric Stephen
269 The fact that it was spread over two innings only adds to the luster of that story!
2007-07-13 22:15:28
272.   Bob Timmermann
The Dodgers 12 straight hits were against Pittsburgh.

St. Louis is the other team with 12 straight hits and the Cards did it on 9/17/1920 against Boston in the 4th and 5th innings.

2007-07-13 22:15:43
273.   Marty
It should be Tomko Time.
2007-07-13 22:15:46
274.   Eric Stephen
270 Will Gameday even change the photo?
2007-07-13 22:16:07
275.   Nagman
270 Too bad, it should be Tomko Time.
2007-07-13 22:16:53
276.   dkminnick
268 - Isn't that also what Kent said to JD in the playoffs last year?
2007-07-13 22:17:36
277.   Robert Daeley
264 Not what you're looking for, but the Dodger media guide says most Dodger (franchise) hits in an inning was 12 on May 21, 1952, vs Cincy.

That game they also set their franchise "most runs in an inning" record with 15. In the 1st inning. Not a bad start to the game.

2007-07-13 22:21:56
278.   Xeifrank
I guess someone forgot to tell the Giants that the All-Star break was over.
vr, Xei
2007-07-13 22:21:57
279.   Eric Stephen
After looking up the Padre 2B-3B-HR games, I looked up the Dodgers 2B-3B-HR games as well. On of the Dodgers with such a game was Marquis Grissom in 2001. I always thought his 2001 season was the worst ever for a 20-HR hitter (.221/.250/.404). Using the Play Index, Grissom's in 2001 had the lowest OPS+ for any 20-HR season (73), just worse than Juan Uribe's 2006 season (74).

2007-07-13 22:22:02
280.   Bob Timmermann
The Reds had the best start since 1900 in this 1989 game.

2007-07-13 22:23:08
281.   Daniel Zappala
The Giants announcers sound truly depressed.
2007-07-13 22:23:16
282.   Nagman
279 Didn't Cameron have a 2b-3b-hr game against the Dodgers last season? I think he came to the plate in the ninth and walked.
2007-07-13 22:23:27
283.   Eric Stephen
Back in first place!
2007-07-13 22:24:01
284.   Bob Timmermann
In the May 21, 1952 game, 19 consecutive Dodgers reached first safely in one inning. That's the major league record.
2007-07-13 22:24:21
285.   xaphor
I hope other teams took note of how the baseball gods take vengeance on those who strike at their physical manifestations.
2007-07-13 22:24:40
286.   Eric Stephen
282 Yes, he did. Full list is in 231
2007-07-13 22:25:09
287.   Andrew Shimmin
Motion to rename Two Cups and a String Park the Treadmill to Nowhere.
2007-07-13 22:25:42
288.   dkminnick
Vinny: The Giants are on a "treadmill to oblivion."

The title of my next album.

2007-07-13 22:25:46
289.   Robert Daeley
287 "Treadmill to Oblivion" I believe.
2007-07-13 22:27:31
290.   Eric Stephen
287 I'm partial to Kevin Elster Field.
2007-07-13 22:28:16
291.   Andrew Shimmin
289- D'oh, again.
2007-07-13 22:31:26
292.   Eric Stephen
Dodgers have now won 9 straight in SF, the 4th longest streak since moving west.

A win tomorrow will tie the 10-game streaks of 1974-75 and 1971-72. Longest streak is 13, in 1976-77.

2007-07-13 22:33:08
293.   Greg Brock
"Treadmill to Oblivion" was Led Zeppelin's unreleased album.

Bonham played lead guitar. Plant relied on the triangle. Page played the flute. Total madness.

2007-07-13 22:34:43
294.   dkminnick
288, 293 - It's still the title of my next album. Sue me.
2007-07-13 22:39:02
295.   Dodgers49
Very good game by Billz. Before the game I thought he was going to have a great night and give us seven shutout innings. But I'll gladly accept the six.
2007-07-13 22:39:36
296.   Greg Brock
There's a team that is lost
All contention is gone
And they're buying a treadmill
To oblivion.

Ooooh, and it makes me wonder....
Yeah, and it makes me wonder....

2007-07-13 22:43:36
297.   Dodgers49
After a three game All Star break LaRoche wasn't in the Las Vegas lineup for the second straight night. I have no idea why yet.
2007-07-13 22:44:16
298.   Eric Stephen
293 There's a lady who's sure
That these Giants are old
She's a fan and her name is Vivian
And her team, it blows
Against the Dodgers it shows
Another loss leaves them stuck in the basement
And she's riding a treadmill to oblivion.

God that was dumb.

2007-07-13 22:52:00
299.   Jon Weisman
New post up top.

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