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Ethier Quietly Shines - Again
2007-07-13 22:37
by Jon Weisman

There are many heroes from tonight's game - Chad Billingsley, Russell Martin, James Loney - but since I've been kind of hard on him once or twice this season, I'd like to call out what Andre Ethier's been doing.

With his three hits tonight, Ethier moved his season OPS up to .800 and his career batting average back over .300. The outfielder still doesn't walk much, but his ratio of walks to strikeouts this season is almost one to one: to be precise, 25 to 29.

Ethier's on-base percentage for the season is now over .350 and since June 1, it's over .400. It's clear by now that Ethier's OBP is batting-average dependent; it's also clear that he's tough to strike out. Either the hits are falling for him or they're not, and right now, they're falling a lot. If tonight was any indication, it's been no accident - line drives jumped off his bat.

At age 25, Either's career OPS after 727 plate appearances is .826 - despite his bat abandoning him last September. Even if his numbers taper over the coming weeks, is it unreasonable to suggest that by 2009, he'll be a .900 OPSing player? Have I underestimated him this year?

* * *

National League Leaders

49-39 .557 San Diego
50-40 .556 Los Angeles
49-40 .551 New York
49-40 .551 Milwaukee
48-42 .533 Atlanta
48-43 .527 Arizona
45-43 .511 Chicago
45-44 .506 Colorado
45-44 .506 Philadelphia

Nine teams within 4 1/2 games of the top.

* * *

According to Bob Timmermann's research on, Barry Bonds hit into two double plays in a game for the first time in 16 years.

Comments (636)
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2007-07-13 22:56:46
1.   Suffering Bruin
Lord but I do love beating the Giants.
2007-07-13 22:58:16
2.   Suffering Bruin
And, uh, on topic...

Have I underestimated him this year?

Too soon to tell but I'm looking forward to finding out.

2007-07-13 23:02:55
3.   Suffering Bruin
What the hey, I'll go for the triple and say that I sure underestimated Ethier... I thought he should be platooned with Kemp. Now, I'm not so sure.
2007-07-13 23:02:58
4.   Eric Stephen
Billingsley is 6-0 right now. This is absurd to even think about, but the Dodger record (since 1901) for most wins in a season without a loss is four, held by Omar Daal, Tim Crews, Johnny Klippstein, and Bill Crouch.
2007-07-13 23:04:17
5.   Suffering Bruin
Home run? Why not...

Loney, Kemp, Ethier, Betemit, LaRoche... and those are just the hitters! And we got more coming. And have I mentioned the pitching?

I haven't been this excited in a long while but, again, I'm up because we beat the Giants.

2007-07-13 23:05:02
6.   Eric Stephen
Sorry, SB. If it makes it any better, I'm a Trojan fan.
2007-07-13 23:05:08
7.   oswald
i always cringe when people talk casually about trading ethier. he can be a.300/.360/.450 guy for a very long time. and he'll probably hit about 20 homers a season. most importantly, he can do this from the 7th spot in the lineup, which is probably where he'll end up once all the kids take over. i think that means a lot. so don't just underestimate his value now -- the guy's good ... and pretty cute, too (have i mentioned that here before? i think i might have)
2007-07-13 23:07:19
8.   Jon Weisman
3 - I should point out that I've felt all season that Ethier was a top-three outfielder on this team. But we've been down that road before.
2007-07-13 23:11:03
9.   jasonungar07
That's great research on Bonds. Love it.. The problem is it always leads back to you know who. I know which three I'd play. I have warmed a little towards you know who (more like acceptance) but how about vs lefties. Play our 3 best. The splits are crazy.

I am cool with you know who (acceptance again) and Kemp and Ethier to start next year.

2007-07-13 23:14:46
10.   Andrew Shimmin
One reason having a kid might not be such a bad idea:

I want to watch 1,500 HDTV channels at once!

2007-07-13 23:20:41
11.   Dodgers49
Someone asked about Kuo in the last thread:

>>> Hong-Chih Kuo, who is on the disabled list because of a sore elbow, played catch for the third day in a row Friday.... <<<

2007-07-13 23:24:35
12.   Brent is a Dodger Fan
I was at the game tonight. What fun! I think the 9th sort of let the air out of things, as I would have preferred things stayed tight and I'd get a chance to see Saito do something more than warm up. I predicted Seanez would pitch the ninth if the Dodgers created a lead of 4 or more (and he got up exactly when the lead was 3 with Martin on 3rd).

From my vantage point, it looked like the air was filled with fog in that inning, and that those bloop hits might have been lazy fly outs on another night. It seems like they just went up, got caught in the fog, and fell just in front of the fielders. Ethier's bases-clearing double was exciting, though. It was as if Randy Winn was tired of missing those bloops and played a bit shallow, and then couldn't catch up as Ethier's hit sailed over his head!

2007-07-13 23:31:22
13.   Icaros
You guys should've seen all the Giants fans exiting early. It was beautiful.

I had one of those guys sitting behind me who was describing every nuance of baseball to his company. At one point he claimed that Nomar is a sure Hall of Famer while Jeff Kent isn't quite good enough to be inducted.

Martin's hits were smoked tonight. And Loney hits everything, everywhere, hard.

2007-07-13 23:33:53
14.   dsfan
Forgive me if that has been covered, but it seems like the Dodgers have put a ton of runners on base the last few weeks. Has there been a significant spike in this area? And are the offense's pitches per PA on the rise?
2007-07-13 23:34:33
15.   Dodgers49
Did anyone else notice that Nomar kind of grabbed at his side a couple of times as he walked back to the dugout after his last at bat. He acted like he was hurting.
2007-07-13 23:35:39
16.   underdog

I'm back. Sakes alive, that was fun. Did I just say "sakes alive"? I don't care, I'm just giddy from the game, which basically erased the sour taste of having watched the last game the Dodgers lost in SF, the last game I saw in person, the infamous Baez meltdown game. Anyway, that's all gone now.

"Treadmill to Oblivion" indeed.

Brent, I hope that wasn't you I saw booted out of the game in handcuffs. ;-) Paul and I went to the game together and saw a Dodger fan taken away to much delight of the Giants fans - who were much more into that incident than any of the action on the field at that point. (This was when Loney singled and then was thrown out trying to steal, a play I barely saw because too many Giants fans were standing up to watch the thing in the crowd.) Anyway, our section was very full of Dodgers fans, which was awesome, less so for the pained Giants fans in the area.

After Barry got his last at bat - and his second double play (hooray! one of many wonderful things about tonight - the usual mass exodus of fans left. And that's when it was still 3-1. Sad, sad.

Brent, Paul and I debated whether it would be better for the Dodgers to keep adding runs in that late inning or stop so we could see Saito pitch, too. That would have been fun, but we decided routing the Giants was much more important.

Billingsley looked really good for the most part, after some early inning erraticness (and some of the called balls looked pretty close, at least from my vantage point). Also, the Giants geriatric lineup looked weak and unthreatening. I feel bad for Matt Cain, I really do - 10 losses? Are you kidding me?

Anyway, most of the Dodgers and Giants fans were well behaved, but there was definitely some rowdiness as more beer flowed through the veins of those already a bit belligerent.

Loney made two sweet plays with the glove - and one Buckneresque moment, too. I want to see the replay of the one diving grab because it happened so fast in front of me.

So my fears that I'm a jinx are at least temporarily over. Paul, myself and Icaros all survived and enjoyed the game immensely.

2007-07-13 23:38:06
17.   underdog
Oops, sorry that was so long.

13 Icaros, welcome back. We're not jinxes!

15 Yes, and for a moment I had the mean thought of - "hmm, maybe he can go on the DL for 15 days, rest up, force the Dodgers to play Betemit." Of course, then Betemit got an at bat and made a terrible out on one pitch.

Btw, I took a few pictures but don't know how well they came out yet, my zoom wasn't working too great tonight.

2007-07-13 23:40:22
18.   Icaros

Yes, I definitely noticed that from my seats looking right down into the dugout (from about 1000 feet up).

He was grabbing his rib cage. It's time for him to fess up. This is getting ridiculous.

2007-07-13 23:41:23
19.   Icaros

In fact, after our phone call, the Dodgers exploded. We're the opposite of jinxes!

2007-07-13 23:50:54
20.   underdog
19 Feel free to call me next time you're at the game! Whatever works.

Wish I could go tomorrow, too.

Well, I'm still buzzing from the game but also need to go to bed, so, night all!

2007-07-13 23:51:28
21.   Bob Timmermann
There is a skunk out in my neighborhood, very close to my home.

That is all.

2007-07-13 23:53:59
22.   Icaros

I have an alibi in place.

2007-07-14 00:05:13
23.   nofatmike
Proof that Robothal will post almost anything if thinks it's a rumor:

2007-07-14 00:08:29
24.   nofatmike
23. "Twins' Santana: The ultimate chip"

"If the Twins made Santana available, they could target elite prospects from pitching-hungry contenders such as the Mets, Dodgers and Diamondbacks, not to mention — ahem — the Red Sox and Yankees.

Imagine if the Twins could land a package that started with the Diamondbacks' Justin Upton or Dodgers' Matt Kemp, potential long-term replacements for Torii Hunter in center field."

2007-07-14 07:22:15
25.   Brent is a Dodger Fan
16 Re: Dodger fan in handcuffs? That must have been what was going on in the left field corner. Fans in my section between home and first were standing up, and I missed Loney's CS.

I, too, was disappointed that the Giant fans all left after Barry hit into that second double play with the score 3-1. It is almost as if they acknowledge that there's nothing for them to watch except Barry Bonds' home run totals. If it went to the bottom of the ninth with that score and they got a couple of runners on, wouldn't they want to be cheering their team on?

By the time Vizquel singled with two out in the ninth, I'd say about 90% of the seats around me were empty.

2007-07-14 08:27:16
26.   shamrok
This whole board has seemed to have out for Ethier for awhile, always insisting he was going to be part of a trade sometime in the not-too-distant future. I'm a huge fan of his after how he helped us last year. I love that he is doing well and on a somewhat consistent basis.

Can we please stop with the "trade Ethier" campaign?

2007-07-14 08:52:33
27.   Icaros
Broad generalizations about "this entire board" are irritating and inaccurate. Most people here have been wanting Ethier to start everyday, along with Kemp and Gonzalez.

There is no Trade Ethier campaign, but the Bench Nomar and Pierre campaigns have been marching from county to county all season.

2007-07-14 09:03:54
28.   Xeifrank
Not fair using the word "either" in an Andre Ethier post. vr, Xei
2007-07-14 09:12:44
29.   berkowit28
26 Does "have out for" mean "have it in for"? I'm not familiar with the expression.
2007-07-14 09:25:05
30.   ToyCannon
When I mention Ethier as trade bait it is not because I don't like him but because he is expendable with Kemp ready to helm RF. I'd rather trade him then La Roche if Ned goes the trading route to acquire another pitcher. He has Kemp as a ready to go replacement and he can't trade Pierre or Gonzo for obvious reasons. If were going to trade for a pitcher who can help us your going to have to give up something, most teams just don't hand over decent pitching for nothing.

I myself am crossing my fingers that Wolf or Kuo can get healthy quickly and prove something before the deadline so Ned doesn't have to do anything.

2007-07-14 09:37:33
31.   KG16
I think this is a season where the Dodgers need to stand pat at the deadline. Trading for a pitcher only clutters an already cluttered starting rotation when (ok, if) everyone gets healthy. Schmidt, Penny, Lowe, Wolf, Kuo, Billingsly, and then another starter? Especially considering the Bums will likely have an opening in left field (Ethier), at second (Abreu), and maybe even third (LaRoche, Betimet) next year, it makes little sense to me long term.

Let's not turn ourselves into the those two AL teams of which I will not speak.

2007-07-14 09:45:50
32.   Dodgers49
30. I myself am crossing my fingers that Wolf or Kuo can get healthy quickly and prove something before the deadline so Ned doesn't have to do anything.

Unfortunately, it appears unlikely that either of them will be able to prove anything before the trading deadline.

>>> Wolf healing slowly: Wolf, who received an injection July 5, still has some inflammation from a shoulder impingement and hasn't thrown since a July 3 start against Atlanta. He won't even begin tossing for several more days, so he's unlikely to start a Major League game for weeks. <<<

### Hong-Chih Kuo, disabled with a sore elbow, has resumed tossing but he's weeks away from competitive action. ###

2007-07-14 09:50:26
33.   underdog
I think the thing about the idea of trading Ethier is the assumption that Gonzo will be back next year. Despite his doing well and Ned's perceived love of veterans, I see it much more likely he's a one year thing and Ethier and Kemp are both starting next year. That said, I do understand the team's current need to add another pitcher and so if we don't want them to trade Kemp, but they have to trade someone good... well, then, that's where Ethier's name comes up. But I still hope he stays right where he is.

This could be one of those times where you have to include someone like Hu - not advocating it mind you, I enjoy the heck out of that guy - but he could be at his highest, hottest value right now, who knows.

Adding Johan Santana, now, that would be hard to turn down. Can you imagine a rotation of Santana, Penny, Lowe, Billingsley, Wolf/Kuo? And maybe someday Jason Schmidt, too..?


2007-07-14 09:53:32
34.   NPB
Ethier also seems to have a nice habit of hitting in the clutch. I've been a fan since day one. If we absolutely did have to make a trade, he'd be good bait, just because he's such a quality player, but we'd probably be better off keeping him.
2007-07-14 10:06:13
35.   GoBears
I like Ethier a lot, but I can see an argument for packaging him in a trade. At least at this point, Ethier and Loney look like the same hitter. Lots of LDs, good BA, below average power and patience for their positions. Kemp is a true power threat, but with these guys, it's only a hope that they'll develop more over time. So, we can't have it both ways. If we want the team to go get a true power hitter, that guy will have almost certainly have to play 1b or LF, AND the team will have to part with some talent to get make the deal.

I'm not sure which is the better way to go. I think they need a true power hitter, and can't really afford to play single-double guys in power spots. Remember also that Kent is no longer a power treat, and will be replaced soon by a traditional middle infielder.

OTOH, I love watching Ethier and Loney hit AND play defense. I just wish one were a SS or CFer.

Of course, like the rest of you my true fear with trading either guy is that Colletti will settle for some over-the-hill former power hitter in return.

2007-07-14 10:22:59
36.   Bob Timmermann
Curse of the All-Star Game?

The Padres are holding back Peavy until Tuesday because of forearm tenderness. Young will start today instead in Arizona.

2007-07-14 10:31:25
37.   Marty
From Bronx Banter. Sheffield says Torre not a racist, but basically calls him one:

2007-07-14 10:52:33
38.   shamrok
27. Merely an observation, not a generalization. And I disagree, being a full-time lurker, part-time poster. He is almost always the first name to come up when trade discussions are brought up.

I love the kids waiting in the wings like most, but to trade someone that has more or less proven himself in the big show over a few guys waiting in the minors is foolish. A lot of people preach to give the kids a chance, let them slump, but not Ethier. Sell high!

Again, just an observation.

2007-07-14 11:06:04
39.   Eric Stephen
from ItD:

Furcal, SS
Pierre, CF (three straight multi-hit games and five in last six games)
Martin, C (has reached base in eight straight PA and has five consecutive hits)
Kent, 2B
Gonzo, LF
Loney, 1B (eight hits in last 14 at-bats)
Betemit, 3B
Ethier, RF (five hits and six RBI in his last two games)
Lowe, P

2007-07-14 11:30:36
40.   PlayTwo
Ethier is in deeper water: Pitchers have seen him and have adjusted. Now, he's adjusting. Loney is not there yet but his challenge will come. Ethier is responding and it is fun to watch.
2007-07-14 11:31:14
41.   ToyCannon
That lineup is as good as it is going to get with Pierre in the lineup and Kemp on the bench. Glad to see Betemit instead of Abreu. Hoping to see Boom Boom put one in the Cove that isn't.
2007-07-14 11:34:58
42.   Jon Weisman
This will be the game chat thread.
2007-07-14 11:37:14
43.   Bob Timmermann
ToyCannon joins my campaign to eradicate the incorrect use of topographical names.

This has replaced my other quixotic battles:
1) the double error
2) getting my workplace to appropriately punctuate Veterans Day
3) asking Congress to declare my birthday a Federal holiday so I can always have the day off.

2007-07-14 11:41:08
44.   bhsportsguy
43 Don't forget the three inning save.
2007-07-14 11:42:37
45.   ToyCannon
I'm just trying to get on your good side in case I ever need your extensive knowledge in things important and unimportant.

Pitchers I wouldn't mind Ned making a deal for that might be available.

Jennings, Millwood, and Bush

It is a small list.

2007-07-14 12:00:45
46.   Bob Timmermann
That was just getting Jae Seo credit for a 4-inning save. I lost that battle, but I won the war so that was not quixotic.

Perhaps I can call ToyCannon something like ToySanchoPanza now.

2007-07-14 12:04:16
47.   dzzrtRatt
46 If a pitcher pitches a complete game with a score advantage of four or less, shouldn't he get credit for a save, too?
2007-07-14 12:10:21
48.   StolenMonkey86
28 - At least it wasn't also about Kyle Orr, then you'd have "either Ethier or Orr".
2007-07-14 12:23:01
49.   Michaelpop
Juan Pierre has climbed out of the cellar in the lowest-OPS-for-an-everyday-starter race. He's up to .653, with Nomar now falling into last place with .650. Next up for Pierre: Brad Penny, at .678.
2007-07-14 12:23:48
50.   overkill94
43 Shouldn't it be Veterans' Day? Or if they're still trying to go with the "Army of One" slogan, maybe they want to be considered one collective veteran? I don't think you have all the facts there Bobby.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2007-07-14 12:28:05
51.   Bob Timmermann
1. The last person who called me Bobby ended up in a casket. Sorry about that Dad.

2. November 11 is Veterans Day.

2007-07-14 12:28:57
52.   Fallout
13 Icaros
I had one of those guys sitting behind me who was describing every nuance of baseball to his company. At one point he claimed that Nomar is a sure Hall of Famer while Jeff Kent isn't quite good enough to be inducted.

Was his name Steve? :) If that doesn't bring him out, nothing will.

Martin had some good pitches to hit last night and smoked them. It also looked like
Garciaparra had a few pitches to hit but didn't.

After getting 3 hits with a HR Ethier finally has some trade value, but now everyone wants to keep him... I always felt that he needs to play a few years b4 you'll know what kind of hitter he will be. Will he flatten out and be a Hollandsworth or continue to improve? He has proven that he is a ML ballplayer.

2007-07-14 12:29:03
53.   Bob Timmermann
The Giants have the same lineup as yesterday except that Feliz is at third instead of Aurilia.
2007-07-14 12:32:09
54.   ToyCannon
Jon should be proud as Buddy Carlyle has proven to be quite adequate in the back end of the Brave rotation. Why Erickson instead of him is one of many mysteries of the 2005 season.
2007-07-14 12:33:24
55.   Bob Timmermann
Scott Erickson had thrown a no-hitter and pitched in a World Series! And appeared in an episode of "Homicide" to boot! And was married to Lisa Guerrero!

OK, I've got nothing...

2007-07-14 12:34:23
56.   overkill94
51 So which one are you lobbying for, Veterans' Day or Veteran's Day? You gotta pick a side there Roberto.
2007-07-14 12:35:38
57.   Bob Timmermann
It's Veterans Day.

There is no apostrophe.

2007-07-14 12:36:33
58.   bhsportsguy
56 First Bobby now Roberto. I think Bob is going to act like Homer Simpson when Mr. Burns keeps forgetting his name.
2007-07-14 12:37:49
59.   Sammy Maudlin
Happy 59th birthday Pepe Frias! The Dodgers should score 10 runs to celebrate the occasion.
2007-07-14 12:38:26
60.   Bob Timmermann

New York Times discovers that Barry Bonds and Jeff Kent don't like each other.

Remain calm. Remain calm.

2007-07-14 12:39:14
61.   Bob Timmermann
I'll send overkill a box of chocolates with my picture at the bottom of it, so he'll remember my name.
2007-07-14 12:44:58
62.   overkill94
61 A picture of you and Casey?

How can their be no possession of the day by the veterans? Like the Puerto Ricans said "it is...our day"

2007-07-14 12:46:14
63.   overkill94
Did Kevin Kennedy just intimate that Barry Bonds steals bases for kicks? Apparently stolen bases were only of the Dave Roberts type back in the day.
2007-07-14 12:47:34
64.   overkill94
62 My argument lost all merit when I used "their" instead of "there". I think it was a subconscious vote of confidence for the possessiveness of the holiday.
2007-07-14 12:49:17
65.   Bob Timmermann
This is from the VA website:

An Act (52 Stat. 351; 5 U. S. Code, Sec. 87a) approved May 13, 1938, made the 11th of November in each year a legal holiday - - a day to be dedicated to the cause of world peace and to be thereafter celebrated and known as "Armistice Day." Armistice Day was primarily a day set aside to honor veterans of World War I, but in 1954, after World War II had required the greatest mobilization of soldiers, sailors, Marines and airmen in the Nation's history; after American forces had fought aggression in Korea, the 83rd Congress, at the urging of the veterans service organizations, amended the Act of 1938 by striking out the word "Armistice" and inserting in its place the word "Veterans." With the approval of this legislation (Public Law 380) on June 1, 1954, November 11th became a day to honor American veterans of all wars.

2007-07-14 12:51:20
66.   Linkmeister
Fruitless amusing pastime of the day while waiting for the game to begin:

Looking for Dodger players on Facebook.

2007-07-14 12:52:11
67.   Greg Brock
Vasgersian and McCarver. Folks, it doesn't get any better than this!
2007-07-14 12:54:09
68.   Bob Timmermann
Use the SAP button.
2007-07-14 12:54:12
69.   ToyCannon
Whose the guy sitting next to Kennedy in the Fox Booth?

Never argue with a man who has the resources of the world at his fingertips. The time to get him is at DT games when he doesn't have the advantage. I have a whole slew of questions prepared in advance.

2007-07-14 12:55:20
70.   Dodgers49
I'm not surprised to see Nomar sit out today's game. I saw him grab his rib cage area twice after his last at bat as though he was feeling some kind of discomfort. However, I haven't seen any information by the team as to why he's not starting today
2007-07-14 12:56:35
71.   Bob Timmermann
I wouldn't be surprised if Nomar sits out most day games after night games the rest of the season.
2007-07-14 12:56:58
72.   trainwreck
Well Lieberthal says Ethier lives and dies with every at bat.

This was Mike's time to shine.

2007-07-14 12:58:02
73.   Bob Timmermann
My cable system doesn't provide an SAP feed for this game.


2007-07-14 13:01:48
74.   trainwreck
That yawning commercial makes me tired.
2007-07-14 13:02:05
75.   Marty
Do closed caption. It would be better to read them than hear them.
2007-07-14 13:03:59
76.   trainwreck
Loney is committing a few more errors than I expected.
2007-07-14 13:04:32
77.   Greg Brock
Come on James. You may be smooth, but you still have to try a little bit.
2007-07-14 13:05:27
78.   overkill94
That might've been the best throw I've seen Russell make this year
2007-07-14 13:05:43
79.   Greg Brock
Goodness. Quite the laser.
2007-07-14 13:06:07
80.   trainwreck
Great throw by Martin! Saves us a run.
2007-07-14 13:06:48
81.   overkill94
We need a little better infield defense with Lowe on the mound today
2007-07-14 13:07:08
82.   Greg Brock
I'm sure Derek Lowe is quite thrilled at this point.
2007-07-14 13:07:52
83.   NPB
This is awesome.
2007-07-14 13:08:08
84.   Marty
I guess we shouldn't start expecting a DP from Bonds, but it sure is nice.
2007-07-14 13:08:29
85.   fan 4 40 plus
There is a God... 3 DPs in a row for BB
2007-07-14 13:08:41
86.   NPB
Nothing like watching Barry ground into DP after DP. Is he getting close to the record?
2007-07-14 13:08:55
87.   Lexinthedena
This is Karros-esque...
2007-07-14 13:09:47
88.   Dodgers49
71. I would. He's not THAT old. :-)
2007-07-14 13:11:14
89.   Bob Timmermann
Only the 160th GIDP in Bonds' career. Teammate Omar Vizquel has hit into 181.
2007-07-14 13:12:30
90.   Bob Timmermann
If you consider Julio Franco "active", he's the leader among players still around at 311. Cal Ripken is the alltime leader at 350.
2007-07-14 13:18:39
91.   Bob Timmermann
Molina, in his 10th season, has now grounded into 120 DPs. Bonds is in his 22nd.
2007-07-14 13:25:16
92.   trainwreck
Matt Morris is the best SP out there?


2007-07-14 13:27:16
93.   Bob Timmermann
I just tried something from Trader Joe's called "Better than Peanut Butter."

That was an egregious case of false advertising. And you know, you can't spit out peanut butter.

I think I'm going to have chew on some garlic to improve the taste in my mouth.

2007-07-14 13:27:46
94.   Greg Brock
I wonder how many times Prospectus has been mentioned in the middle of a baseball game.
2007-07-14 13:29:11
95.   Bob Timmermann
The Fox announcers are acting as if the Giants have absolutely no chance of winning this game.

If I were a Giants fan, I would be very annoyed.

2007-07-14 13:35:49
96.   Lexinthedena
95- It's as if they aren't paying attention to the game...

These guys are not at thier best right now...

2007-07-14 13:38:26
97.   overkill94
96 Do they even have a "best"?
2007-07-14 13:42:12
98.   ToyCannon
Russel Martin went from being fairly unknown two months ago to the talk of the baseball world and now they won't shut up about him.
2007-07-14 13:44:52
99.   Bob Timmermann
That Trader Joe's peanut butter is still haunting me.
2007-07-14 13:46:34
100.   D4P
LuGo OPSing .618 in July.

And so it begins...?

Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2007-07-14 13:48:05
101.   D4P
I'm a fan of the crunchy almond butter from WholeFoods. It's yummy, and I think almonds are generally more nutritious than peanuts.

I'd go so far as to say that almond butter is "better than peanut butter".

2007-07-14 13:50:41
102.   D4P
How long before Giant fans start the "Barry sucks" chant...?
2007-07-14 13:52:15
103.   D4P
BTW: In the Traditionalist parlance, is it a "productive out" if a runner steals a base on your strikeout?
2007-07-14 13:53:16
104.   Bob Timmermann
The BR Play-Index times out if you try find streaks of players with at least two GDPs in one game.

So I'm breaking it down into discrete sections.

Garret Atkins had a streak of two games last year with 2 GDPs. But no one else from 1993 to today in the NL.

2007-07-14 13:54:42
105.   Bob Timmermann
Dioner Navarro and Edgar Renteria have had two consecutive games with 2 GDPs.
2007-07-14 13:56:45
106.   Bob Timmermann
2007-07-14 13:56:49
107.   Moon Shot
looks like Jackson reads this site while watching the game: "But we have since learned, by reading (which cited and through confirming it with the Giants PR staff, that last night was the first time since July 4, 1991 that his Barry-ness GIDP's twice in the same game. Sixteen years. Unbelievable. ."
2007-07-14 13:56:59
108.   ToyCannon
Give me some BOOM BOOM
2007-07-14 13:57:11
109.   Telemachos
Boom Boom!

That was one excited Dodgers fan.

2007-07-14 13:57:41
110.   regfairfield
I sure am glad we get to see the collective efforts of Nomar and Abreu instead of that.
2007-07-14 13:58:00
111.   NPB
Ladies and gentlemen, our starting third baseman.
2007-07-14 13:58:19
112.   Lexinthedena
"Unusual Power" ?
2007-07-14 13:58:35
113.   NPB
Once every two weeks. Nomar will be back in tomorrow, to wow us some more.
2007-07-14 13:59:53
114.   Bob Timmermann
I don't think it's all that hard to believe that Bonds hasn't hit into many DPs. He's left-handed. He gets on base a lot. He faces weird shifts.
2007-07-14 13:59:55
115.   overkill94
Who needs Adam Dunn when we have our own Three True Outcomes hitter?

Betemit now has a homer in every 13.4 at-bats this year which has to be towards the top in the majors.

2007-07-14 14:01:22
116.   overkill94
And Furcal's annual July emergence continues. It's like the African swallow's migration to Englad with a coconut in its talon.
2007-07-14 14:01:45
117.   NPB
It looks like the break did Furcal good.
2007-07-14 14:01:45
118.   Gen3Blue
What a tail of woe I tell. Four Dodgerless days due to the All Star game, a fifth from Friday night late babysitting, a sixth from Fox saturday. To top it off my IP goes down in the first inning after being perfect for at least 3 months. So for almost an hour I am cut off from Gameday and DT.
But I'm back on-line, that great paradox the is Betemit has homered, and all seems well with the world.
2007-07-14 14:01:50
119.   Who Is Karim Garcia

Anyone else see how gimpy Furcal was slowing into third?

2007-07-14 14:02:12
120.   Bob Timmermann
Prince Fielder homers once every 10.9 ABs. If Betemit had enough at bats, he'd be sixth in the NL in that stat.


2007-07-14 14:02:36
121.   NPB
And, though I hate to admit it, Pierre is hitting better.
2007-07-14 14:02:44
122.   Lexinthedena
The ankle looks like it's killin' him...
2007-07-14 14:03:33
123.   Bob Timmermann
Betemit would be third in the AL in homer frequency behind Alex Rodriguez and Carlos Pena.
2007-07-14 14:03:41
124.   NPB
Can we start the Martin MVP talk here?
2007-07-14 14:03:51
125.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Boys, all pistons are firing.
2007-07-14 14:04:03
126.   Lexinthedena
My buddy a Cubs fan told me that the difference between Pierre;s first and second half was like black and white...
2007-07-14 14:04:41
127.   NPB
Whoa, Nellie!
2007-07-14 14:04:49
128.   Telemachos
That's my boy Kent!
2007-07-14 14:04:55
129.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Jeff Kent: In play, run(s)
2007-07-14 14:05:33
130.   Lexinthedena
You know Kent is lovin' it...
2007-07-14 14:05:46
131.   Telemachos
Man, he really hammered that one.
2007-07-14 14:05:52
132.   Gen3Blue
And things like R. Martin only come along once a decade........
Who would of thunk three years ago that he was the best prospect.
2007-07-14 14:05:58
133.   ToyCannon
I guess that is why the announcers were acting like the Giants had no chance to win this game.
Is Morris still the best fire sale starting pitcher available???

So the rest for Tomko tomorrow.

2007-07-14 14:06:04
134.   NorCal-Dodger
Kent, with a 3 run inning rally killer!
2007-07-14 14:07:07
135.   Sam DC
Grumble - who outside of Texas and the Upper Midwest would rather be watching the Cubs and houston than the Dodgers and Giants?
2007-07-14 14:08:16
136.   ToyCannon
Canuck knew, I wanted to trade him for Tejada in 2005 and I was the recipient of one of his best tirades.
2007-07-14 14:08:20
137.   NPB
I want matching his and her bathtubs in MY backyard.
2007-07-14 14:08:49
138.   Sam DC
Grumble - who outside of Texas and the Upper Midwest would rather be watching the Cubs and houston than the Dodgers and Giants?
2007-07-14 14:08:53
139.   bhsportsguy
Did everyone see Mr. Mean aka Jeff Kent, give Russell the business when they were going back to the dugout, probably something like nice hit there. Doubtful there were discussing dinner plans.
2007-07-14 14:10:16
140.   Frip
McCarver stating the obvious on the Furcal error, again. Yep, you're right Timmy, that ball's gotta be caught.
2007-07-14 14:11:24
141.   Sam DC
Well, that was worth grumbling twice, I'd say.
2007-07-14 14:12:49
142.   D4P
The Giants have a remarkable collection of poor hitters. Their GM should be fired.

Or given a contract extension.

2007-07-14 14:13:29
143.   Frip
Maybe if they didn't show all three replays in FAST motion, we could figure out why Loney left the bag.
2007-07-14 14:15:15
144.   Suffering Bruin
139 I didn't see that. I did tune in just in time to a see the Dodgers score five runs. There are worse things...
2007-07-14 14:15:55
145.   Suffering Bruin
Anybody else notice Furcal noticeably limping into third last inning?
2007-07-14 14:17:21
146.   Frip
McCarver: "...and everybody expected Boche to win immediately".

Name one person in this world that thought the Giants would be winning immediately.

2007-07-14 14:17:26
147.   Gen3Blue
135 Exactly, brother!
2007-07-14 14:17:55
148.   D4P
Should walk Durham here to set up the double play
2007-07-14 14:19:00
149.   KG16
142 - I'd go with an extension, but only because it's the Giants
2007-07-14 14:21:37
150.   Gen3Blue
136 Whoa. That Canuck is good. I wouldn't have complained much on that trade, and I'm obsessive about not trading prospects, way beyond what's rational.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2007-07-14 14:21:45
151.   Suffering Bruin
Lowe owns Barry.
2007-07-14 14:22:29
152.   Gen3Blue
Canuck's also good with a tirade.
2007-07-14 14:24:46
153.   Suffering Bruin
According to ESPN News, there are reports that Mike Piazza will be traded. Others who will likely be traded, according to Kurkjian:

Gagne or Otsuka

but for the most part, it's been quiet.

2007-07-14 14:24:48
154.   NorCal-Dodger
Good clutch hitting, Lowe has been decent so far...but our fielding is atrocious. Loney is a better fielder than what he has shown. He makes great hilight plays, but needs to stay on top of fundamental fielding at 1st.
2007-07-14 14:29:57
155.   overkill94
Betemit gave that one a nice ride. Can management please just DL Nomar and let Betemit get some consistent playing time?
2007-07-14 14:32:33
156.   Suffering Bruin
Okay, so maybe Kent doesn't have the range he once did.
2007-07-14 14:33:11
157.   NorCal-Dodger
Think we need to bring in some defensive subs...Abreu to 2nd and maybe Kemp in for Gonzo. Maybe even Martinez for Furcal to rest his ankle a bit?
2007-07-14 14:34:38
158.   Suffering Bruin
We're interested in Scott Proctor?
2007-07-14 14:35:10
159.   Suffering Bruin
We're interested in Octavio Dotel?
2007-07-14 14:35:14
160.   Frip
This sideline guy Rosenthal is pretty uptight. I like my baseball people a little more laid back. He's sounds like an uptight accountant.
2007-07-14 14:36:25
161.   overkill94
I'm not interested in giving up what it would take to acquire Dotel or Proctor.
2007-07-14 14:38:20
162.   Suffering Bruin
161 Yeah, but what would it take?
2007-07-14 14:38:39
163.   overkill94
With Saito, Broxton, Tsao, and Seanez all sporting ERA's of 3.05 or below, do we really need relief help? Not to mention the inevitable Meloan call-up. I'd be more interested in finding a decent starter to get Hendrickson out of the rotation.
2007-07-14 14:39:47
164.   Andrew Shimmin
I remember 2003 when I was told over and over again that Sidney Ponson was the biggest name SP available at the deadline.

Hey! Maybe the Dodgers should go get Ponson! He's got to be a bargain by now.

2007-07-14 14:40:24
165.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Someone tell me what slot Meloan would fit into? Is he strictly a one inning guy? Tough on righties or lefties? Out pitch?
2007-07-14 14:40:26
166.   Bob Timmermann
Scott Proctor at Bronx Banter is called EDSP. Every Day Scott Proctor.

Proctor is not a Bronx Banter hero.

2007-07-14 14:41:48
167.   NorCal-Dodger
If any relief pitcher out there we should have interest in, should be Akinori Otsuka.
2007-07-14 14:42:16
168.   Suffering Bruin
166 Perhaps Grady needs to read Bronx Banter.
2007-07-14 14:43:51
169.   Suffering Bruin
That a baby, Derek!
2007-07-14 14:44:03
170.   Bob Timmermann
If the Dodgers got Otsuka, I could go on to tell people how his name should be spelled Ohtsuka.
2007-07-14 14:45:50
171.   NorCal-Dodger
I just call him A(utomatic) O(ut) for short.

But he'll be effective to give us more depth with Tsao, Saeanez, Beimel, Brox, and Saito.

2007-07-14 14:47:11
172.   CanuckDodger
136 -- I have no recollection of that tirade. I guess there have been so many.
2007-07-14 14:47:39
173.   D4P
I could go on to tell people how his name should be spelled Ohtsuka

Oh joy. BTW: did you know that Kuo should be spelled Guo...?

2007-07-14 14:49:13
174.   Suffering Bruin
What else happened on July 14th? Let's see...

Oh yeah! Seventeen years ago, I got married! :)

2007-07-14 14:49:42
175.   Gen3Blue
Thats not good. Chick threw 7 pitches at exactly the same speed and got Abrue.(according to Gameday)
2007-07-14 14:50:22
176.   Frip
Boy, gotta get me some Valspar quick! Yummy.
2007-07-14 14:50:49
177.   NorCal-Dodger
And you have been "Suffering" ever since???
2007-07-14 14:51:42
178.   overkill94
162 I would guess either trade would require someone of Hu's caliber. Considering the Yankees and Rangers both already have long-term shortstops, I'm not exactly sure what it would require. McDonald and a lesser prospect maybe?
2007-07-14 14:52:27
179.   Ricardo
Nice, that´s a different Pierre!
2007-07-14 14:53:11
180.   Bob Timmermann
Kenji Johjima insisted on the "oh" transliteration of his name.

But in the English language press in Japan uses Jojima.

2007-07-14 14:53:31
181.   Suffering Bruin
175 I just checked back on TiVo and Gameday is correct: seven pitches, all fastballs and only the last was down the middle.
2007-07-14 14:53:45
182.   NorCal-Dodger
See Juan run. Run, run, run!
2007-07-14 14:54:19
183.   Andrew Shimmin
If Visqul handles that throw Pierre's dead. Why didn't he slide? It worked out, since he might not have gotten to third if he had to get off the ground first. But it was weird.
2007-07-14 14:54:35
184.   alex 7
Pierre almost embarrassed himself there. He pulled up into 2nd base on that SB thinking it was ball 4. Fortunately the throw got away from Durham.

Why run on 3-0 though?

2007-07-14 14:54:38
185.   Suffering Bruin
177 :)

Very clever. It's been wonderful, thank you.

2007-07-14 14:55:58
186.   Suffering Bruin
Alex, great eye. Pierre certainly did slow up and had the ball been caught, he likely would've been tagged out.
2007-07-14 14:56:12
187.   Andrew Shimmin
184- Ah ha! He thought Martin had walked. That's still pretty odd--what was he basing that theory on?
2007-07-14 14:59:49
188.   The Mootz
Fox plays "American Idiot" to announce Barry Bonds is leading off this inning.

Coincidence or commentary?

2007-07-14 15:00:09
189.   Suffering Bruin
187 The only thing I can think of is that Pierre thought Durham was raising a hand telling him it was ball four and there was no reason to slide.
2007-07-14 15:01:33
190.   Bob Timmermann
Scott Proctor has walked 26 batters in 48 innings this year. Brian Bruney has 25 walks in 35 innings.

I'm not seeing the attraction here.

2007-07-14 15:04:29
191.   Suffering Bruin
I just eat this up with a spoon.
2007-07-14 15:06:22
192.   twerp
167 A Rangers beat writer recently said the team would rather trade Gagne, if only because he'll be a FA and the Rangers have O(h)tsuka under control at least one more year.

Should the Dodgers try to trade for Gagne--if he'll accept a role other than closer? If so, what's he worth now, especially since Boras is his agent and negotiating an extension with Ned might not go so well? Gagne's reportedly not dominating people but is still effective.

2007-07-14 15:06:39
193.   Suffering Bruin
Barry Bonds breaking the record on the road? God doesn't like me that much.
2007-07-14 15:07:37
194.   Mark Joseph

I was just thinking about that this morning.

If the season ended today, the NL playoff teams are the Dodgers, Padres, Mets and Brewers. MVP? I'd have to guess Fielder (OPSing 1.005), then Martin.

If the Cubs catch the Brewers (I bet you didn't think you'd be reading that phrase in a serious context after the All-Star game this year!), then maybe Soriano? or possibly Ramirez (but he has fewer PA)?

If the Braves catch the Mets, then Chipper (OPS 1.015); if the Phillies do it, then maybe Ryan Howard or Chase Utley. In fact, Utley might win it even if the Phillies get close but don't make the post-season.

If the Snakes get in, then, uh, that's too depressing to think about...

Next year it will be Martin trying to stave off a whole bunch of Marlins.

2007-07-14 15:08:40
195.   Gen3Blue
When Biemel is this effective we are in good shape.
2007-07-14 15:09:32
196.   Suffering Bruin
192 Gagne won't accept a position other than closer and his best days are behind him. To my mind, the fewer Boras clients we have the better but I really think that's beside the point--Gagne ain't coming here.
2007-07-14 15:10:16
197.   Gen3Blue
Don't blame the messenger.
2007-07-14 15:12:36
198.   Gen3Blue
196 I'm with you on this one. Sometimes at least, you can never go home.
2007-07-14 15:15:08
199.   Andrew Shimmin
Dear Fox,

I hate you.

Andrew Shimmin

2007-07-14 15:16:07
200.   Suffering Bruin
Great point by the PBP guy. When Moneyball came out and Beane was being praised by us Trekkies, the MSM sports media said again and again that the A's were good largely because of the big three: Hudson, Zito and Mulder. And now they're gone and the A's are still pretty darn good.

I'm just sayin'...

Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2007-07-14 15:16:23
201.   NorCal-Dodger
I would say the only reason we are in need of another Rlf Pitcher, is because our backend of our rotation normally goes only goes 6 innings. Besides Lowe and Penny who can normally go 7+, Bills is questionable with his control, Wolf if he survives the first few innings, normally gets to 100 ptich count by the 6th...then we have Hndy? and dare i mention our starter for tomorrow Tomko?

Finding another effective starter may be costly in terms of our youngsters. Save the kids and keep the money to go after Zambrano in the off-season, and work on extensions for Martin, Lowe, and Penny.

2007-07-14 15:17:00
202.   Andrew Shimmin
If Selig could throw ESPN out of the All Star game, can't he put Fox's Pointless Graphic team on time out?
2007-07-14 15:17:15
203.   Bob Timmermann
For the record, I don't care how people spell the Rangers Japanese relief pitcher's last name.
2007-07-14 15:17:51
204.   Suffering Bruin
McCarver talking about how the Dodger spray hitters are difficult to defend against? Furcal, Pierre and he also mentioned Abreu... it may sound silly but I guarantee you that baseball people talk the same way.
2007-07-14 15:17:54
205.   Vishal
betemit needs to be handed a starting job. nomar no more!
2007-07-14 15:18:07
206.   Chiron Brown
193 In my dreams, Bonds hits #756 on the road and everyone in the stadium silently stands and turns their backs to the field.
2007-07-14 15:19:58
207.   Suffering Bruin
205 Look, I don't know if you've been paying attention but I have a jersey and showing up on 7/21 (Dodger Thoughts Commenters Show Up To Praise Jon, Boo Mets and Cheer Dodgers Day) with the Nomar jersey would be... well awkward.

Seriously, I give it two weeks if not sooner before a change is made.

2007-07-14 15:20:38
208.   overkill94
201 Tsao, Seanez, and Beimel aren't good enough to pitch the 7th?

I'd like to know what Houston's asking for in exchange for Jennings who is a pretty solid innings-eater.

2007-07-14 15:20:59
209.   bhsportsguy
203 So Bob, will I be able to go to my neighborhood branch of the L.A. Public Library next Saturday, assuming its open, and check out the Harry Potter book?
2007-07-14 15:22:28
210.   overkill94
Betemit's OPS has jumped over the .800 mark after today's game, meaning that all of our starters today except for Furcal and Pierre have OPS's of .800 or higher.
2007-07-14 15:22:55
211.   Suffering Bruin
If it's Fox and it's Saturday and there's a game in San Francisco, it must be time to talk about the Mets.
2007-07-14 15:24:55
212.   Bob Timmermann
Each branch is getting six copies on a first come, first served basis. You can have the book for seven days. The libraries all open at 10 am on Saturday.

So read quickly.

Or you can reserve a copy. The waiting list is around 1400. I believe there is a pool of 800 books to fill those.

2007-07-14 15:25:30
213.   Andrew Shimmin
He's the first base coach, McCarver. You think Rickey's too self-centered to shout, "Back!" once in a while?
2007-07-14 15:27:18
214.   NorCal-Dodger
208 No those 3 are excellent, trying to say the problem is 3 of our starters, Bills, Wolf, Hendy/Tomko, on the average are good for 5-6 prevent taxing our relief pitchers, adding another effective relief guy would be helpful.

If we could find another starter for cheap, would be better. But don't see too many out there without costing us a bundle.

2007-07-14 15:28:59
215.   bhsportsguy
212 What a wealth of information, thanks.
2007-07-14 15:29:29
216.   Xeifrank
are you Japanese, and does he have the same last name as you?
vr, Xei
2007-07-14 15:31:44
217.   NorCal-Dodger
208 Jennings would be good, also, might inquire with Beane for J. Kennedy in OAK?
2007-07-14 15:33:15
218.   Xeifrank
ok, might be a good time to bring one of our GOOD pitchers in now. Ya think so?
vr, Xei
2007-07-14 15:33:17
219.   Andrew Shimmin
Son of a motherless goat.
2007-07-14 15:33:25
220.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Kirk Gibson moment?
2007-07-14 15:33:25
221.   overkill94
Okay, maybe we need to trade for a reliever after all
2007-07-14 15:33:41
222.   alex 7
that was a fun sports moment.
2007-07-14 15:34:56
223.   overkill94
If only Furcal had handled that double-play ball...
2007-07-14 15:34:56
224.   oswald
when boston fans complained of little leaving pitchers in too long, this is the kind of stuff they were talking about.
2007-07-14 15:35:06
225.   NorCal-Dodger
[220} Felt more like a Tom Nidenfeur experience.
2007-07-14 15:35:07
226.   NorCal-Dodger
[220} Felt more like a Tom Nidenfeur experience.
2007-07-14 15:36:33
227.   MMSMikey
tsao has not been very effective since that weird shoulder injury that came out of nowhere.
2007-07-14 15:36:43
228.   Suffering Bruin
220 In that he can barely make it around the basepaths.

The fastall was supposed to be a lot lower than that. A horrific pitch.

2007-07-14 15:37:08
229.   Bob Timmermann
Randy Winn has hit two more grand slams in his career than Kirk Gibson did.
2007-07-14 15:38:11
230.   Gen3Blue
I don't get it, but apparently Grits considered this such a laugher he didn't want to commit our regular relievers. Of course now he's on the hook for facing Bonds in a critical situation.
2007-07-14 15:38:17
231.   overkill94
Well, for those of you clamoring to see Saito, today should be your chance!
2007-07-14 15:38:20
232.   bhsportsguy
224 Yeah but he had two out and a runner on, he should be able to get out of that without this much damage.
2007-07-14 15:38:42
233.   Xeifrank
Dodgers win expectancy now only at 84.8%
vr, Xei
2007-07-14 15:39:15
234.   Gagne55
Well Broxton got out of it. Looks like that grand slam shouldn't hurt the Dodgers. (other than forcing Broxton into the game)
2007-07-14 15:39:38
235.   overkill94
230 Tsao's not a regular reliever? 3rd best ERA of anyone in the bullpen...

well, before today started at least

2007-07-14 15:40:11
236.   thinkingblue

I think the broadcaster just earned himself a mute button for that.

2007-07-14 15:40:16
237.   bhsportsguy
230 Five run lead with two out and one runner on, it should be a game where you don't have to roll out your top two guys.

Also he knows he's using the pen tomorrow and Tuesday so he has to be mindful of that too.

2007-07-14 15:40:19
238.   Xeifrank
Taiwanese pitchers are not having much luck for the Dodgers lately. vr, Xei
2007-07-14 15:40:35
239.   oswald
232 when he hits a batter then walks roberts (a guy who should be challenged to hit the ball) it was clear that he out of whack. but, still, you're right.
2007-07-14 15:40:46
240.   Suffering Bruin
230 I think it was a good move to bring in Tsao. He pitched very well before the injury but how is he now? The only to find out is to get him in there and the time to do it is with a five-run lead.
2007-07-14 15:41:10
241.   NorCal-Dodger
230 Tsao, needed one more out, one more strike! But didn't come through. I'm sure we would have second guessed Grady, if he brought in Brox in with a 5 run lead, and finsih it with Saito? But such is baseball.
2007-07-14 15:41:14
242.   Xeifrank
235. Wasn't much of Tsao/Cao's effectiveness in the early part of the season when he had that amazing scoreless streak??
vr, Xei
2007-07-14 15:41:33
243.   Gagne55
233 I'd hope Saito's save percentage is better than 84.8%.
2007-07-14 15:42:01
244.   Greg Brock
238 Taiwanese pitchers are doing a great job getting Saito in save situations.

It's that kind of selflessness that can bring a team together.

2007-07-14 15:43:19
245.   Suffering Bruin
Speaking of guys who should get more playing time...
2007-07-14 15:43:21
246.   Eric Enders
That Kemp, he stinks. Good thing we never play him.
2007-07-14 15:43:34
247.   dsfan
By giving away so many outs, the Dodgers defense took several pitches out of Lowe's arm and jumpstarted SF's first scoring sequence. Otherwise I think Lowe could have gone eight today.

Furcal is a terrific athlete, but his mediocre fundamentals on defense continue to be a problem.

2007-07-14 15:43:51
248.   Gen3Blue
235 "That a priceless Steinway"
"not anymore"
2007-07-14 15:43:57
249.   Eric Enders
Time to steal second, Bison.
2007-07-14 15:45:22
250.   Suffering Bruin
244 You enjoying summer break? I am enjoying summer break. I am enjoying summer break very, very much. I enjoy doing nothing on summer break or something on summer break... I like summer break. :)
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2007-07-14 15:47:09
251.   overkill94
is it a given that Lucille II will be DFAed when the Dodgers go to 12 pitchers?
2007-07-14 15:47:21
252.   Eric Enders
Bonds is going to get the hat trick today. Just watch.
2007-07-14 15:47:31
253.   Gen3Blue
Kemp did OK. But could we have a bit of offense. How often can Sammy or (Eric Gange,for that matter save our bacon) Much greater than 90% is unrealistic, so regression should not be unexpected.
2007-07-14 15:47:43
254.   Suffering Bruin
Of all things I hate about Barry Bonds, I think I hate his elbow pad most.
2007-07-14 15:48:47
255.   Greg Brock
250 I am enjoying the Summer quite a bit.

What day is it today?

2007-07-14 15:48:49
256.   Eric Enders
I hate his rolling bald scalp.
2007-07-14 15:49:14
257.   Gagne55
Saito got squeezed.
2007-07-14 15:49:18
258.   Suffering Bruin
That first pitch was a strike!
2007-07-14 15:49:59
259.   Suffering Bruin
255 :)
2007-07-14 15:50:26
260.   Gagne55
And now gets a generous zone on Klesco.
2007-07-14 15:51:22
261.   Gagne55
Hit and run to get out of the DP. :(
2007-07-14 15:51:43
262.   Eric Enders
Baseball Prospectus did a study last week which concluded that Saito gets the benefit of more undeserved called strikes than any pitcher in MLB.
2007-07-14 15:52:54
263.   Eric Enders
And Ethier takes the Jim Edmonds Diving Catch concept to its extreme.
2007-07-14 15:53:05
264.   Suffering Bruin
McCarver is exactly right... that pitch should've been crushed.
2007-07-14 15:53:25
265.   MMSMikey
2 more sliders please
2007-07-14 15:53:55
266.   oswald
think i heard derek lowe just scream ...
2007-07-14 15:54:13
267.   Who Is Karim Garcia
[Insert rule one violation here]
2007-07-14 15:54:20
268.   Greg Brock
2007-07-14 15:54:21
269.   Gagne55
That is what happens when you walk the leadoff man.
2007-07-14 15:54:25
270.   Eric Enders
Dammit, Furcal. Another win down the drain for Lowe. This is bad news for my fantasy team. (Not to mention my real team.)
2007-07-14 15:54:26
271.   Suffering Bruin
You've got to be kidding me!
2007-07-14 15:54:27
272.   Uncle Miltie
Why the heck do you throw Pedro Feliz a fastball?

3 in the dirt and the game is most likely over.

2007-07-14 15:54:34
273.   Vishal
2007-07-14 15:54:44
274.   MMSMikey
is that 2 blown saves in a row for saito?

poor lowe. dammit.

2007-07-14 15:55:14
275.   Bob Timmermann
It sounds like a "Pistons-Lakers game"?

What the ...?

2007-07-14 15:55:41
276.   overkill94
Is that two blown saves in a row for Saito?
2007-07-14 15:55:50
277.   Bob Timmermann
Saito has a half-Fuentes.
2007-07-14 15:55:56
278.   Gen3Blue
Grady really saved are bullpen here. He might have worn out our pitchers if he pitched Lowe, or Broxton more.
2007-07-14 15:56:12
279.   MMSMikey
gonna have to blame this one on tsao
2007-07-14 15:56:54
280.   Who Is Karim Garcia
McCarver and Vasgergian might just be the worst 'anything' ever.
2007-07-14 15:57:50
281.   nofatmike
...and Monday and Steiner were gloating in the 7th on the radio about how good are bullpen is protecting leads...
2007-07-14 15:57:58
282.   Bob Timmermann
On the bright side, we know Tomko won't pitch in extra innings.
2007-07-14 15:58:04
283.   overkill94
Time for the young 'uns to put us back ahead. Loney, Betemit, and Ethier to lead it off in the 10th.
2007-07-14 15:58:21
285.   Greg Brock
Oh well, at least we get a little free baseball.

That's good, I guess. I dunno. I got nuthin'.

2007-07-14 15:58:41
286.   gpellamjr
262 I wouldn't argue the point. But how does one investigate such a thing?
2007-07-14 15:58:46
287.   Eric Enders
Well, at least we know Tomko won't be able to blow this one.


2007-07-14 15:58:48
288.   Suffering Bruin
280 In their defense, this might be the first time they've worked together. I actually like Vasgergian's potential.
2007-07-14 15:59:31
289.   Bob Timmermann
You're on notice, SB. You're on notice.
2007-07-14 16:00:18
290.   Uncle Miltie
At least the Dodgers have 3 of their best hitters coming up.
2007-07-14 16:00:19
291.   Greg Brock
284 Whoa, lay off the Asians, Lou.
2007-07-14 16:00:19
292.   Gagne55
282 So, I guess it would then be Seanez for an inning then Stultz for as long as it lasts. Who else is left?
2007-07-14 16:00:28
293.   gpellamjr
288 In the same way everyone likes Tomko's potential because "he has great stuff"?
2007-07-14 16:00:33
294.   MMSMikey
ugh, pedro freakin feliz.
2007-07-14 16:01:40
295.   MMSMikey
c'mon james basehit or ball 4
2007-07-14 16:01:45
296.   Bob Timmermann
Someone needs to tell Fox that most teams hold on to 6-run leads so if it's been a while, that's pretty much par for the course.
2007-07-14 16:01:45
297.   Dodgers49
246. The Dodgers face lefthanded starters the next two days so we should be seeing a lot of Kemp.
2007-07-14 16:03:05
298.   Eric Enders
Attaboy, Loney.
2007-07-14 16:03:33
299.   Borchard504
Kevin Kennedy has bashed the 'Dodgers' (read Grady Little) twice in the last 15 minutes, back on the studio show being seen by the rest of the country - for pulling Derek Lowe early. Ah the comfortable confines of FOX studios, where spurned managerial candidates second guess at will. Too bad he cannot be subtle about it.
2007-07-14 16:03:37
300.   Gagne55
I hope this lead off walk scores.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2007-07-14 16:03:39
301.   Andrew Shimmin
291- I would have bought 10,000 comic books produced by LensCrafters, too.
2007-07-14 16:03:58
302.   overkill94
Dang, I thought Wilson did it again
2007-07-14 16:03:58
303.   alex 7
2007-07-14 16:04:02
304.   Eric Enders
Nomar, you are a bench player from now on.
2007-07-14 16:04:20
305.   Vishal
2007-07-14 16:04:25
306.   Uncle Miltie
Just missed. Betemit is such a beast!
2007-07-14 16:04:27
307.   MMSMikey
well thats a start
2007-07-14 16:04:29
308.   overkill94
Hit that one about 395 feet
2007-07-14 16:04:42
309.   Eric Enders
Bob, is it a yellow alert for Betemit, or only if the Dodgers fail to score?
2007-07-14 16:05:05
310.   NorCal-Dodger
Ok, if he keeps this up, our 3rd base situation is resolved.
2007-07-14 16:05:07
311.   Bob Timmermann
Actually, Randy Winn hits Houston the best. He has an OPS+ of 190 against them. But he's played them just 18 times.
2007-07-14 16:05:33
312.   MMSMikey
c'mon tomato
2007-07-14 16:05:53
313.   Gagne55
I have a bad feeling gthat there will be very unclutch hitting.
2007-07-14 16:05:58
314.   gpellamjr
I do not understand this. Betemit is a good bench player. He hits for power off the bench. He doesn't hit well when he starts. This just doesn't make sense. It's like the time when the radar gun said that one of Bobby Jenks' sliders was 91 mph. Clearly, the radar gun was off.
2007-07-14 16:05:58
315.   NorCal-Dodger
Tomato Time
2007-07-14 16:06:04
316.   alex 7
useful stat that should be available in Saenz at bat: ratio of groundballs to flyballs hit.
2007-07-14 16:06:17
317.   Bob Timmermann
It's a yellow alert only if there's an 11th inning.

The Cycle Alert Working Group issued a white paper on this topic a few years back.

2007-07-14 16:06:18
318.   Uncle Miltie
I would not use Old Maid here. Don't they have anyone else on the bench?
2007-07-14 16:06:46
319.   MMSMikey
how jacked up on roids was billy ashley?
2007-07-14 16:06:48
320.   Frip
Wow, I figure the game's over, go take a shower, douse myself in sexy cologne, come back and the scores 7-7.
2007-07-14 16:06:50
321.   Bob Timmermann
Lieberthal? Nomar?
2007-07-14 16:06:53
322.   Eric Enders
318 Nomar. So, no.
2007-07-14 16:07:05
323.   Greg Brock
The Giants are in more hot water than a Japanese teabag.
2007-07-14 16:07:26
324.   alex 7
I let him swing 3-0
2007-07-14 16:08:04
325.   Bob Timmermann
English tea is brewed with hotter water.
2007-07-14 16:08:09
326.   Suffering Bruin
I take the dogs out and we load the bases. What am I doing back?
2007-07-14 16:08:20
327.   MMSMikey
oh my how did he miss that
2007-07-14 16:08:36
328.   nofatmike
324. Uh, ball four brings in the go-ahead run.
2007-07-14 16:08:49
329.   twerp
For us clueless folks, was the walk to Bonds intentional?
2007-07-14 16:08:55
330.   overkill94
Olmedo seems to have worn out his welcome as our top pinch-hitter
2007-07-14 16:08:59
331.   Uncle Miltie
I'm holding it in.....
2007-07-14 16:09:00
332.   Eric Enders
Jesus, Saenz, you gotta run faster than that.
2007-07-14 16:09:04
333.   Gagne55
Incredibly predictable.
2007-07-14 16:09:26
334.   King of the Hobos
Loney's slide was a little off there...
2007-07-14 16:09:33
335.   MMSMikey
olmedo got about 4 fastballs right down the middle that at bat
2007-07-14 16:09:45
336.   Vishal
the tomato just went splat :/
2007-07-14 16:09:45
337.   Suffering Bruin
Okay... I'm going back outside.
2007-07-14 16:09:55
338.   Greg Brock
This has been a glorious day for euphemisms.
2007-07-14 16:10:09
339.   Bob Timmermann
Is Mark Guthrie warming up? Is Brian Johnson due up the next inning?
2007-07-14 16:10:23
340.   Vishal
[329] it was on a 3-2 pitch
2007-07-14 16:10:25
341.   Ricardo
It would be better to let Saito take a strikeout.
2007-07-14 16:10:31
342.   Who Is Karim Garcia
How many pianos is Olmedo carrying?
2007-07-14 16:10:42
343.   Eric Enders
Strike 2 was a BS call.
2007-07-14 16:10:48
344.   SFRefugee
Looked like Saenz was already slowing down as he approached first base...
2007-07-14 16:10:48
345.   Suffering Bruin
335 That's what I was thinking, too.
2007-07-14 16:10:54
346.   NorCal-Dodger
Is Nomar hurt..?? With bases jacked...might've been a better choice to PH, especially with his BA with RISP?
2007-07-14 16:11:02
347.   Vishal
[325] japanese was apparently the appropriate point of reference.
2007-07-14 16:11:27
348.   overkill94
That is not a good omen for the rest of the game
2007-07-14 16:11:43
349.   Who Is Karim Garcia
What have we done to anger the baseball gods, WHAT???
2007-07-14 16:11:53
350.   Suffering Bruin
343 Looked real good to me.
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2007-07-14 16:12:03
351.   MMSMikey
great job raffy, thats what you do? take 2 strikes then swing and a spinner in the dirt, thats clutch.
2007-07-14 16:12:56
352.   gpellamjr
346 Nomar is not a very good hitter.

Momentum ebbs and flows so much, so quickly, and so dramatically, it's almost like it doesn't exist.

2007-07-14 16:12:59
353.   Vishal
[350] fwiw, gameday had it outside the strike zone.
2007-07-14 16:13:19
354.   Vishal
strike 1 as well, for that matter.
2007-07-14 16:13:22
355.   Jon Weisman
So instead of trusting Stults with a 0-0 game in the first inning Sunday, we're trusting him with a 7-7 game in the 10th inning today? Or will it be Seanez.

Lowe did not look good in his final two innings today. It wouldn't have made sense to leave him in.

Given that one wouldn't assume Tsao would give up a grand slam, Little managed this one right. The only question might be only getting five pitches out of Broxton - maybe Little should have gone straight to Saito to get the final four outs.

2007-07-14 16:13:31
356.   Sam DC
Gameday does not think Mr. Gorman has a very accurate strike zone.
2007-07-14 16:13:55
357.   overkill94
2007-07-14 16:14:09
358.   Gagne55
Hendrickson? Who starts Tuesday?
2007-07-14 16:14:26
359.   Eric Enders
So does this move change the starting rotation?
2007-07-14 16:14:37
360.   Suffering Bruin
353 I took another look... Furcal didn't argue, didn't even flinch. It looked like a good pitch.

Of course, there are other issues we have in this game...

2007-07-14 16:14:38
361.   MMSMikey
i've pretty much lost all confidence in olmedo
2007-07-14 16:14:54
362.   regfairfield
I don't think Hendrickson needs any handicaps in his future starts.
2007-07-14 16:14:58
363.   Sam DC
Or what Vishal said.
2007-07-14 16:15:10
364.   Eric Enders
Furcal really stinks today.
2007-07-14 16:15:16
365.   Uncle Miltie
I would have used anybody, but Saenz against a right handed pitcher - yes, even Nomar.

Against RHP
Nomar .291/.326/.349 .675
Saenz .213/.278..340 .618

Both are awful, but Saenz is Pierre-like against RHP.

2007-07-14 16:15:17
366.   Gagne55
Furcal really dropped the ball on that one.
2007-07-14 16:15:20
367.   Suffering Bruin
Oh. My. God.
2007-07-14 16:15:20
368.   Bob Timmermann
I really think Mark Guthrie would have been a better choice.
2007-07-14 16:15:24
369.   Jon Weisman
359 - If Hendrickson gets no one out, probably not.
2007-07-14 16:15:32
370.   overkill94
Okay, who paid Furcal to blow this game?
2007-07-14 16:15:34
371.   alex 7
How much did Rafael wager on the Giants today?
2007-07-14 16:15:37
372.   MMSMikey
another great job raffy, take your at bat out onto the field with you
2007-07-14 16:16:42
373.   overkill94
Doesn't he mean "the blurst of times"?
2007-07-14 16:18:17
374.   Bob Timmermann
to right; Karros singled to left [Piazza to second]; Mondesi
singled to right [Piazza to third, Karros to second]; Zeile was
called out on strikes; MURRAY BATTED FOR OSUNA; Murray grounded
into a double play (second to catcher to first) [Piazza out at
home]; 0 R, 3 H, 0 E, 2 LOB. Dodgers 5, Giants 5.
2007-07-14 16:19:13
375.   Bob Timmermann
I am faster than the Fox Sports producers!
2007-07-14 16:19:20
376.   overkill94
339 They at least made a cameo
2007-07-14 16:19:23
377.   Jon Weisman
Can we see highlights of that Opening Day comeback by the Dodgers against the Giants a couple years back instead?
2007-07-14 16:20:12
378.   overkill94
Oh Loney you saucy little minx
2007-07-14 16:20:19
379.   dkminnick
Now there's something you don't hear everyday. The crowd is actually rooting for the Giants rather than against the Dodgers.
2007-07-14 16:20:22
380.   nofatmike
374. Why didn't we use Konerko?
2007-07-14 16:20:34
381.   Suffering Bruin
James Loney, ladies and gentlemen.
2007-07-14 16:20:35
382.   Greg Brock
I'm assuming that we're still hitting around .220 with the bases loaded this year.
2007-07-14 16:20:43
383.   Bob Timmermann
grounded out (shortstop to first); LEDEE BATTED FOR CARRARA;
Ledee doubled to center; Izturis singled to left [Ledee to
third]; VALENTIN BATTED FOR REPKO; Valentin popped to first;
Izturis advanced to second because of defensive indifference
[Izturis to second]; Drew walked; Kent walked [Ledee scored,
Izturis to third, Drew to second]; Bradley singled to left
[Izturis scored, Drew scored, Kent scored (error by Ellison)
(unearned) (no RBI)]; 4 R (3 ER), 3 H, 1 E, 1 LOB. Giants 8,
Dodgers 9.
2007-07-14 16:20:44
384.   Gagne55
Only two 6-2-3 DPs this year. The Dodgers also had a 5-2-3 earlier this year (in a 1-run loss no less)
2007-07-14 16:20:50
385.   Uncle Miltie
Loney temporarily saves the game.
2007-07-14 16:21:10
386.   dkminnick
Not "what a play," Tim. What a player.
2007-07-14 16:21:30
387.   Eric Enders
Really, the defense is going to have to take the blame for this loss. Off the top of my head, I can think of at least six free outs the defense gave away -- three errors, the dropped popup by Betemit, the dropped popup by Furcal, and a grounder by Kent that any competent 2B would have fielded.
2007-07-14 16:22:18
388.   Suffering Bruin
380 You don't want Konerko to get hurt before we trade him for Jeff Shaw, do you?
2007-07-14 16:22:20
389.   Andrew Shimmin
Loney saves Hendrickson. If Hendrickson and Eric Byrens' dog were drowning in the Cove, and you could only save one. . .
2007-07-14 16:22:29
390.   Bob Timmermann
Yellow alert for Betemit. Yellow alert.
2007-07-14 16:22:39
391.   Uncle Miltie
Nice job by BJ. The Giants shouldn't even have had a guy on base to leadoff the inning.
2007-07-14 16:22:40
392.   Greg Brock
At least Martin and Kemp come up this inning.
2007-07-14 16:23:41
393.   Gagne55
387 And if Furcal had just been playing one more step towards the middle against Feliz...
2007-07-14 16:23:45
394.   Suffering Bruin
383 I remember that as being my absolute favorite thread of DT, ever. So much fun...
2007-07-14 16:23:57
395.   Bob Timmermann
Murray was signed expressly for his veteran presence in such situations.

The problem in 1997 is that the three singles were hit by players in ascending order of speed. If Mondesi had hit the first one, he would have come around to score on the third.

2007-07-14 16:24:00
396.   overkill94
Time for some Golden Boy heroics
2007-07-14 16:24:15
397.   Eric Enders
I am going on the record to say that Kemp will be the first right-handed batter to hit it into S.F. Bay. Maybe not today, but eventually.
2007-07-14 16:26:12
398.   Bob Timmermann
How can you have "bereavement leave" if no one dies?
2007-07-14 16:27:24
399.   Eric Enders
I just noticed that the Brian Johnson game and the 4+1 game happened on the same day. What kooky event will take place this year on Sept. 18?
2007-07-14 16:28:23
400.   NorCal-Dodger
The Bison is on the roam!
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2007-07-14 16:28:25
401.   Suffering Bruin
Okay, that was on a breaking ball and I say again... let's play him. Often.
2007-07-14 16:28:31
402.   Greg Brock
Bench him.
2007-07-14 16:28:36
403.   Eric Enders
Good thing this guy never plays. Sheesh.
2007-07-14 16:28:44
404.   overkill94
Did that triple happen to be on a breaking ball? I believe so
2007-07-14 16:29:04
405.   Vishal
come on lucille!!!
2007-07-14 16:29:06
406.   Uncle Miltie
How can you not pinch hit with Nomar here? Betemit can move to 2B.
2007-07-14 16:29:32
407.   overkill94
Oh please walk Lucille II to get to Loney
2007-07-14 16:29:50
408.   Andrew Shimmin
Kemp should have tried stealing home.
2007-07-14 16:29:51
409.   MMSMikey
because nomar would hit a chopper to 3rd
2007-07-14 16:29:56
410.   Vishal
[383] i was at that game. there was high-fiving of strangers aplenty. :)
2007-07-14 16:30:00
411.   Eric Enders
We will leave a runner on third every inning until the game ends.
2007-07-14 16:30:38
412.   Gagne55
383 Nice, but not as good as:

Bottom of the 9th, Dodgers Batting, Behind 0-3, Dustin Hermanson facing 5-6-7
Cody Ransom replaces Deivi Cruz playing SS batting 6th
--- 5 S Green Single to LF (Fly Ball)
1-- 6 R Ventura Walk; Green to 2B
O 12- 5 A Cora Strikeout Looking
Jose Hernandez pinch hits for Dave Ross batting 8th
12- 6 J Hernandez Walk; Green to 3B; Ventura to 2B
Hee Seop Choi pinch hits for Yhency Brazoban batting 9th
R 123 7 H Choi Walk; Green Scores; Ventura to 3B; Hernandez to 2B
Jason Christiansen replaces Dustin Hermanson pitching and batting 7th; Antonio Perez pinch runs for Hee Seop Choi batting 9th
R 123 3 C Izturis Reached on E6 (Ground Ball); Ventura Scores; Hernandez to 3B; Perez to 2B
Matt Herges replaces Jason Christiansen pitching and batting 7th
R 123 8 J Werth Single to RF (Line Drive); Hernandez Scores; Perez to 3B; Izturis to 2B
Wayne Franklin replaces Matt Herges pitching and batting 7th
RRRR 123 2 S Finley Home Run (Fly Ball to CF-RF); Perez Scores; Izturis Scores/unER; Werth Scores
7 runs, 3 hits, 1 error, 0 LOB. Giants 3, Dodgers 7.

2007-07-14 16:30:56
413.   Suffering Bruin
Now pitching??
2007-07-14 16:31:04
414.   Uncle Miltie
Shocking. The guy who was hitting .156 makes an out.
2007-07-14 16:31:12
415.   Vishal
[408] i thought the same thing.
2007-07-14 16:31:45
416.   King of the Hobos
If we're going to bat Lucille, why not attempt a squeeze, or better yet, tell him not to swing under any circumstances so Loney gets a shot. Just one more inning, and we have the "heart" of our order coming up.
2007-07-14 16:32:21
417.   alex 7
bonds just needs to get this over with already.
2007-07-14 16:32:40
418.   Bob Timmermann
On 9/18/2005, the Dodgers lost to the Giants 5-3, but Oscar Robles hit a home run!

On 9/18/2002, the Dodgers lost to the Giants 7-4 and Russ Ortiz hit a home run in the game.

2007-07-14 16:33:15
419.   Suffering Bruin
Mark is, uh, not afraid to challenge him.
2007-07-14 16:33:37
420.   overkill94
Blow that 85 MPH heat by him one more time Lurch!
2007-07-14 16:34:30
421.   Suffering Bruin
"rover"... good line.
2007-07-14 16:34:57
422.   Sam DC
2007-07-14 16:35:05
423.   Greg Brock
If the Dodgers lose the division by a game, they should look out at centerfield, and then look in a mirror, before they think about a single bad game.
2007-07-14 16:35:10
424.   Suffering Bruin
87mph? Is that a record for him as a Dodger?
2007-07-14 16:36:24
425.   Sam DC
So, the Yankees best pitcher just gave up three in the first to the DRays.

I fear Bronx Banter.

2007-07-14 16:36:28
426.   overkill94
Someone tell Vasgerian that Klesko's been raking lefties this year
2007-07-14 16:36:31
427.   Suffering Bruin
Lurch hit 87mph on the first two pitches. Is that a record for him in a Dodger uniform?
2007-07-14 16:37:08
428.   NorCal-Dodger
Was Hendy sked to pitch on Monday?
2007-07-14 16:37:20
429.   Suffering Bruin
Oops... posted the same thing twice.
2007-07-14 16:37:39
430.   Eric Enders
Vasgersian just noted that if the Dodgers win, they can move into "a share of first place by themselves."
2007-07-14 16:37:50
431.   Greg Brock
Great job Lurch!
2007-07-14 16:37:51
432.   Suffering Bruin
428 Tuesday.
2007-07-14 16:38:23
433.   Gagne55
Thats right Hendrickson. Don't throw strikes. Let 'em swing at pitches in the dirt.
2007-07-14 16:38:29
434.   Eric Enders
So who gets stranded on third this inning? Ethier?
2007-07-14 16:39:15
435.   overkill94
Let's get this game over with, I've got a friend's uncle's 50th birthday to go to. In other words, free booze and BBQ.
2007-07-14 16:39:40
436.   NorCal-Dodger
He's been effective so far. Need to get a run now!
2007-07-14 16:40:19
437.   NorCal-Dodger
435 Where and what time...we'll be over


2007-07-14 16:40:47
438.   Suffering Bruin
Hey overkill... you need a designated driver? :)
2007-07-14 16:40:54
439.   Gagne55
434 Lead off triple by Loney. Then two pop ups followed by a warning track flyout.
2007-07-14 16:41:48
440.   Vishal
loney's last couple of at-bats have been great.
2007-07-14 16:42:11
441.   Suffering Bruin
439 You're off by a base.
2007-07-14 16:42:18
442.   overkill94
Time to light the fuse on this Betemit
2007-07-14 16:42:25
443.   dkminnick
James Loney. W.A.P.
2007-07-14 16:42:31
444.   Nagman
So I guess Nomar (if available) and Lieberthal are left, as well as Seanez.

Hendrickson may hit.

2007-07-14 16:42:55
445.   Gagne55
Jack one Wilson.
2007-07-14 16:42:55
446.   overkill94
438 Couldn't hurt
2007-07-14 16:43:20
447.   King of the Hobos
Whatever works
2007-07-14 16:43:24
448.   overkill94
Betemit can do no wrong
2007-07-14 16:43:32
449.   NorCal-Dodger
Alright we got a runner at 3rd!
2007-07-14 16:43:38
450.   Andrew Shimmin
I had my doubts, but I think that hit makes Betemit a True Dodger.
Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2007-07-14 16:44:06
451.   Gagne55
This is one time when a 6-4-3 DP is a good thing.
2007-07-14 16:44:50
452.   Vishal
wilson hits a lefty for good measure! nice.
2007-07-14 16:46:10
453.   Andrew Shimmin
Loney's Italian?
2007-07-14 16:46:11
454.   alex 7
seems Ethier is an off-speed hitter. just kinda weird to see an MLB hitter consistently be late on fastballs.
2007-07-14 16:46:24
455.   Eric Enders
His double was off a lefty too, right?
2007-07-14 16:46:55
456.   King of the Hobos
At least Nomar can't ground into a DP now.
2007-07-14 16:47:07
457.   overkill94
Ethier never looked comfortable in that at-bat
2007-07-14 16:47:39
458.   Suffering Bruin
They're going to walk him?


2007-07-14 16:47:44
459.   Eric Enders
Wow. Thank you, Bochy.
2007-07-14 16:47:44
460.   dkminnick
Raffy's chance for redemption.
2007-07-14 16:47:48
461.   Andrew Shimmin
No! Don't throw us into the briar patch! Please, please pitch to Nomar!
2007-07-14 16:47:58
462.   Vishal
arrrgh, how can this be so agonizing?? and why can't we get a sac fly or something for crying out loud.
2007-07-14 16:48:09
463.   MMSMikey
1-2-3 DP?
2007-07-14 16:48:14
464.   overkill94
455 No, but he did line one deep into the gap off Kline earlier in the game
2007-07-14 16:48:28
465.   alex 7
all will be forgiven here Furcal.
2007-07-14 16:48:39
466.   NorCal-Dodger
2007-07-14 16:50:13
467.   Suffering Bruin
Excruciating... I've got the wife and kid begging for the tv, we're thisclose... c'mon!
2007-07-14 16:50:33
468.   overkill94
That'll do pig
2007-07-14 16:50:45
469.   NorCal-Dodger
just as good!
2007-07-14 16:50:54
470.   Vishal
yessss finally
2007-07-14 16:50:54
471.   Eric Enders
Loney is slow. But, thankfully, not that slow.
2007-07-14 16:51:11
472.   Suffering Bruin
Loney seems like he has a tight hammy.
2007-07-14 16:51:50
473.   Ricardo
471. Not Olmedo Saenz slow! :P
2007-07-14 16:51:51
474.   Eric Enders
472 That's just the way he runs, isn't it?
2007-07-14 16:52:27
475.   Andrew Shimmin
That's a whole lotta watch around Lowe's wrist. I wish I had me one of them five pound watches.
2007-07-14 16:52:57
476.   overkill94
Well, we still stranded someone at third like you guys were hoping
2007-07-14 16:53:02
477.   King of the Hobos
And we still stranded a runner at third!
2007-07-14 16:53:04
478.   Suffering Bruin
474 I think you're right.
2007-07-14 16:53:17
479.   alex 7
I had completely forgotten that Lowe got robbed of yet another W.
2007-07-14 16:54:43
480.   Marty
475 They're expensive too. I don't know why anyone would wear one of those anchors.
2007-07-14 16:55:06
481.   Gagne55
Seanez FTS. Do it right this time.
2007-07-14 16:55:25
482.   Vishal
throwing it straight down the middle is the best way to get juan pierre out.
2007-07-14 16:55:55
483.   dkminnick
No walks, Rudy.
2007-07-14 16:56:13
484.   Gagne55
In dodger Stadium that flyball would have been a blown save. Instead, one pitch one out. :)
2007-07-14 16:56:40
485.   overkill94
I hope Stults's arm is nice and rested for tomorrow
2007-07-14 16:57:00
486.   LA Native
I'm surprised we have gone this long in the season w/o being burned by Seanez. Lets hope we go a little longer. It would hurt too much to lose this one.
2007-07-14 16:57:10
487.   Suffering Bruin
One... more... out... please...
2007-07-14 16:57:59
488.   NPB
Not with a bang, but with a whimper. I will say this here one time, for this place is far too sophisticated for such quotidian sentiments, but here goes:

Giants Suck.

2007-07-14 16:58:12
489.   NorCal-Dodger
YESSS!! Never a doubt!!!
2007-07-14 16:58:15
490.   Andrew Shimmin
And. . . scene.
2007-07-14 16:58:19
491.   Nagman
My unsung hero today is Mark Hendrickson.
2007-07-14 16:58:21
492.   Greg Brock
We win!

Thank God

2007-07-14 16:58:25
493.   Eric Enders
Well, at least it was a win.
2007-07-14 16:58:42
494.   Sam DC
2007-07-14 16:58:55
495.   dkminnick
485 - This game actually didn't destroy our bullpen. Beimel, Broxton and Saito pitched as they would in a normal 9 inning win. Tsao - different story.
2007-07-14 16:59:00
496.   alex 7
I'm almost feeling sorry for Visquel. Must be very draining to go from being an average / good hitter to an automatic out. I had that happen one year while playing college ball, but I can't imagine how much harder it is to deal with when there are 40,000 fans and the games matter.

of course those weekly paychecks probably remove some of the sting...

2007-07-14 16:59:04
497.   Gagne55
Hendrickson ftw as he continues to prove that he is useful.
2007-07-14 16:59:16
498.   Blue in the Bay
That was a game we used to lose. But the kids don't know about the heartbreaks to the giants.
2007-07-14 16:59:21
499.   Greg Brock
I need a nap.
2007-07-14 16:59:26
500.   Suffering Bruin
A win is a win is a win.
Show/Hide Comments 501-550
2007-07-14 16:59:57
501.   LA Native
Not a conventional win, but I'll take it. 10 in a row in SF. How sweet it is.
2007-07-14 16:59:57
502.   Vishal
what a relief.
2007-07-14 17:00:20
503.   Ricardo
That was a great game, nice win.Good job, Seanez!
2007-07-14 17:00:23
504.   Sam in SC
a punishing win . . . or at least I feel punished.
2007-07-14 17:01:24
505.   Gagne55
495 The bullpen is fine. I just don't know who will start Tuesday.
2007-07-14 17:01:46
506.   Suffering Bruin
504 Ditto. Like Greg, I'm going for the siesta.
2007-07-14 17:06:24
507.   Reddog
I can't believe the Dodgers won that game.
I think this has to be the killer tomato's last season.
I also think Wilson Betemit deserves to be the regular third baseman. Nomar is useless.
2007-07-14 17:08:02
508.   hernari
Not sure if this has been posted yet.

Q & A with Clayton Kershaw

2007-07-14 17:08:17
509.   ToyCannon
Everytime I see Loney running full speed I think he's going to fall down. Since we won it was a great game for such a sloppy game.
2007-07-14 17:10:36
510.   Andrew Shimmin
Menards has a website. But it just wouldn't feel the same way to save big money at
2007-07-14 17:14:33
511.   Robert Daeley
What's fun is reading the profanity-infused down-and-up-and-down roller coaster ride in today's gameday thread at McCovey Chronicles.

The Giant fatalism is so very gratifying. ;)

2007-07-14 17:14:37
512.   Dodgers49
Hu's got 51s excited about him

>>> He hit over .300 in his first three minor league seasons before slumping to .254 at Jacksonville last year, when a "tired eye" obscured his vision at the plate.

"I see the ball better now and I'm more comfortable because last year I couldn't see," Hu said. "Last year my eye was not healthy, but this year it's working so it's better." <<<

2007-07-14 17:15:43
513.   NorCal-Dodger
495But to destroy the fun here..remember Bombko goes for us tomorrow...will need the bullpen ready again.
2007-07-14 17:21:45
514.   Andrew Shimmin
If Loney can save Hendrickson, he can save Tomko. I think the pitching is going to hold up in the second half, simply because having Loney on the field makes every stadium PetCo. James Loney is the human Park Factorator.
2007-07-14 17:37:44
515.   Gen3Blue
Of course, people who are used to me know I don't have enough stomach to watch that game after the tie and had to take a walk. But we seem to have won one the hard way! We used more arm-innings than the obvious way.

I just can't figure how Grits can use a guy recently nursing a bad arm and watch him load the bases, then pitch to him knowing a disaster would give the much frustrated Bonds a chance to save the game in the next inning. This when all the pitchers had a weeks rest. Is it me, or was it kind of stupid.

2007-07-14 17:48:06
516.   Woody blacked this gmae out for me with local FOX showing the Cubs. Had to listen to the srubs do the radio broadcast, and as far as they were concerned it seemed, it was over by the 7th. Wrong!

Many pitches on Gameday didn't jive with the broadcast (don't know who is examining that little strike-zone box on each pitch). It's games like this that make my wife think I'm a psycho. Perhaps she's right. Glad to win, obviously. Only real concern is Saito's 2d consecutive blown save. Hope he's not starting a trend. Heard Gagne's for sale.

2007-07-14 17:51:42
517.   LA Native

I like Loney's defense as well, but can you believe he already has 6 errors as a first baseman. It isn't perfect.

2007-07-14 17:57:34
518.   twerp
513 Wonder what the chances are Ned's showcasing Tomko as a starter tomorrow...

However unlikely, some team desperate for starters might be willing to take a chance on him. If so, let's hope Ned's a great salesman---"...Tomko has GREAT STUFF, just needs a fresh start with a new team... not pitching too badly, just down on his luck..." C'mon, Ned!

We can hope. I'd love to see Tomko do well, but now no one has any confidence in him... including him.

2007-07-14 18:01:18
519.   Andrew Shimmin
517- It's better than perfect. It's like how true genius appears to be insanity to normal people.
2007-07-14 18:03:06
520.   Sam in SC
should we be worried about Sammy yet?

or is it just another fluke that baseball throws at us from time to time?

2007-07-14 18:17:18
521.   Pedro Astacio
Probably rust. When Saito gets hit he leaves the ball up which was what happened with that pitch to Feliz.
2007-07-14 18:43:10
522.   CanuckDodger
517 -- Loney botches the occasional routine play because he turns up his nose in disdain at routine plays for being well beneath his infinite talent. It's easy to lose track of a ball when your busy turning up your nose.
2007-07-14 18:45:11
523.   ToyCannon
Homers worry me, ground balls worry me not.

I still don't understand the talk about needing a setup man. Until you try Meloan why would you trade for one? Seems to me we need someone in the rotation much more then we need a setup man.

2007-07-14 19:13:00
524.   NorCal-Dodger
I agree on trying to get someone for the backend of our rotation...but not if it will cost us. There is no way Ned should listen to any offers that would include Loney, Kemp, Brox, or Bills.

I would agree on giving Meloan a callup to strengthen the pen if an available starter is not available.

2007-07-14 19:17:04
525.   NorCal-Dodger
There are talks here in the Bay Area, that the Giants might look to part with Matt Morris..but after he got bombed by us, not sure about him, and would hate to give the Gnats some of our prospects that would haunt us later. Still, I think Joe Kennedy with the A's might be a thought.
2007-07-14 19:36:52
526.   Andrew Shimmin
Morris makes $9.5 million next year, plus a buyout (or team option), and a back end bonus.
2007-07-14 19:45:11
527.   Andrew Shimmin
Anybody know who's doing the color on the D'backs game? It's not Grace, right? I can't place the voice.
2007-07-14 19:48:04
528.   CanuckDodger
525 -- We already have Joe Kennedy, except we call him "Mark Hendrickson."

Not only do we not need to make a trade, we really need to NOT make a trade. Wolf is going to return before the trade deadline, and whether he is good or bad, he IS going to pitch. Kuo will probably be ready by then too, and Hendrickson is doing well of late. I guarantee that if we trade for another starter, it is just because Little and Colletti are hankering to stick Billingsley back in the bullpen.

And what the heck do we need another reliever for? To pitch the seventh inning? Seanez isn't good enough for that? Notwithstanding what happened today, Tsao is good enough for that too, and Meloan is hanging around Jacksonville waiting for a call to the show.

I reiterate what I have said before about Colletti: the man makes trades because he clearly has a deep-rooted psychological need to make "busy work" for himself. Ned needs to "do" something, to feel like he is contributing. And I will say again that I want a conservative GM, and again I will quote John Stuart Mill, who said that for conservative purposes it is sufficient to sit and think, and usually just to sit.

2007-07-14 19:48:43
529.   heato
Hu hit another home run in Vegas tonight. Laroche also started and doubled.
2007-07-14 19:52:03
530.   Andrew Shimmin
3HRs in 4 1/3 IP for Livan tonight. Not helpful. But the snakes are only down 4-0, so, there you go.
2007-07-14 19:58:59
531.   Nagman
530 and the game is interesting in the 5th.

Pads look like they are swinging for the fences. Gonzales almost hit it out to dead center.

2007-07-14 19:59:20
532.   Brent is a Dodger Fan

After watching this game, I come back to one moment:

Winn drives the ball off his foot, and then takes a heck of a long time to get back into the box. I'm thinking this whole time: I wonder if he's taking longer than he has to in order to get Tsao to think about his next pitch more, and to cool off enough to make a mistake. I'm thinking: maybe Russell should have Tsao throw a couple while waiting out this delay, just to keep Tsao's arm sharp.

Next thing we see, Winn blasts a mistake pitch for a granny, and Broxton is in too late.


Also, Bonds sent it to extras with his stolen base. Man.

2007-07-14 19:59:45
533.   Gen3Blue
526 So you know the Giants are trying to lose him. The Giants never seem to pay near market for pitching until Barry, and I have admire them for this(and only this). I think this experience(Zito) will send them back to giving no money for pitching.
2007-07-14 20:01:45
534.   Nagman
531 no longer interesting. No longer a shutout.
2007-07-14 20:06:29
535.   Gen3Blue
532 This horror was very foreseeable. If you were managing the game you would have seen this coming about a mile away. Maybe not the cleverness, but who would be in what spot.
2007-07-14 20:10:41
536.   Andrew Shimmin
Joe Garagiola is doing the color.
2007-07-14 20:10:43
537.   Marty
Xei Frank was eliciting some scintillating comments over at the McCovey Chronicles game thread. Bravo.
2007-07-14 20:11:01
538.   Andrew Shimmin
536- He should think about retiring full time.
2007-07-14 20:12:53
539.   Gen3Blue
530,531 You guys have made me realize that though it is after 11p on the E coast, I can watch the Padres and Snakes beat each other up on DTV. How great is that!
2007-07-14 20:13:07
540.   ToyCannon
I don't think it is so much busy work but as BHSportsguy likes to say he wants a plan B and a plan C.
2007-07-14 20:25:14
541.   Gen3Blue
So this Chris Young looks a bit like a young Hendy. 6'10" and throws in the mid to high eighties?
2007-07-14 20:26:12
542.   Andrew Shimmin
Sutton's kid should retire, too.
2007-07-14 20:27:17
543.   Marty
There was another poster over there using the name Loney Is God who got banned for taunting.
2007-07-14 20:28:58
544.   dsfan
Nice to see OF Jamie Hoffman having another good game in the Cal League. Not much power from him and he is a tad old for the league, but relative to his competition, he is very inexperienced. He is a former hockey player who grew up in Minnesota and was drafted by the NHL's Carolina franchise. For him to be having this much success is impressive.
2007-07-14 20:29:09
545.   Andrew Shimmin
Do the fans of other NL West teams get as snippy with Xei as the Giants fans do?
2007-07-14 20:30:56
546.   Gen3Blue
529 BoooYahh. Who knows, this could be the left side of our infield

Boras is going to get A-Rod to do something embarrassing. Even beyond the present situation!

2007-07-14 20:35:06
547.   Gen3Blue
544 I've always liked Hoffman. Didn't know he was a hockey player. Hope he breaks out and makes it. I hear he is a good fielder too.
2007-07-14 20:40:59
548.   Nagman
Not sure if it's been mentioned, nice article on Saito at
2007-07-14 20:45:19
549.   Bob Timmermann
Joe Garagiola only works on Saturday night home games. I think Joe owns most of the Phoenix area and his son used to be the GM of the DBacks.

And he can tell us stories about Yogi Berra!

2007-07-14 20:48:03
550.   Andrew Shimmin
Heath Bell Odalises the Padres. 4-4 tie in the desert.
Show/Hide Comments 551-600
2007-07-14 20:49:07
551.   Andrew Shimmin
Oh! I'm wrong. I would have sworn that was the fourth run. 4-3 Padres, still. One out, bases loaded.
2007-07-14 20:49:36
552.   Bob Timmermann
I suggest you hold a recount.
2007-07-14 20:50:52
553.   Andrew Shimmin
I'm so sick of counting all the time. It feels like a tie. Can't we call it close enough?
2007-07-14 20:52:08
554.   Bob Timmermann
"It's like a video game out there. Every body goes station to station and picks up a full tank of gas and moves on!"
2007-07-14 20:52:10
555.   jasonungar07
How about Ethier to CF and Kemp to RF vs the lefty tommorrow? Tomko is throwing for petes sake.

.405.439.898 MK
.232.245.508 JP
.333.405.936 LG
.322.365.840 AE

2007-07-14 20:53:03
556.   Andrew Shimmin
554- To his credit, there really is such a thing as a side-wheeler.

2007-07-14 20:53:28
557.   Icaros
Betemit is hitting .225 with an OPS of .846. Nice.
2007-07-14 20:57:11
558.   Bob Timmermann
This does not remind me of Cla Meredith.

2007-07-14 20:58:02
559.   King of the Hobos
529 Hu's now at 3-3 with the homer and Laroche is 2-2 with a pair of doubles and a walk. Good to see our our future left side of the infield continue to do well, even if it is Vegas.

And I too like Hoffman, even if he never has a chance as a Dodger, because I don't see why he would ever play over Pierre if Kemp can't.

2007-07-14 21:08:49
560.   Andrew Shimmin
C'mon Byrnes. You gotta take out the first baseman on that play. He was standing in the baseline. You could have had a productive out.
2007-07-14 21:11:48
561.   Andrew Shimmin
Chad Tracy just got his Mensa membership suspended.
2007-07-14 21:15:08
562.   dsfan

The way I look at it, the more prospects, the better. Still very early for Hoffman. spent a lot of the time on the ice and HS baseball in Minnesota is nothing like the amateur apprenticeship that most of these pro baseball players had. Is figuring out some things as a hitter. And is a big kid who runs pretty well.

2007-07-14 21:15:21
563.   Bob Timmermann
The two best bullpens in the NL have had bad days.
2007-07-14 21:18:10
564.   StolenMonkey86
559 - LaRoche doesn't have a walk, but actually a sac fly.
2007-07-14 21:22:22
565.   Bob Timmermann
And the Dodgers have Tomko Insurance for tomorrow's game!
2007-07-14 21:27:12
566.   StolenMonkey86
Boom goes the LaRoche.
2007-07-14 21:28:58
567.   berkowit28
It looks like Arizona just beat San Diego 5-4. Dodgers alone in first place for a day or so. Somehow that win today today felt anticlimatic after all the nailbiting in the extra innings - maybe undeserved, even. It was more fun when it was 7-2. Ah well, maybe this game will make the difference at the end of the season.
2007-07-14 21:29:10
568.   StolenMonkey86
Marshall McDougall just launched one too. Thats 3 in the inning, including one to Young two batters before LaRoche, given up by Steven Shell.

Perhaps Steven Shell and Josh Sharpless can be teammates.

2007-07-14 21:30:21
569.   King of the Hobos
564 Ah, yes. I must have mistaken his RBI as a BB or something.

Nonetheless, he now has a second RBI off his solo homer. Young also homered in the inning, and also has a double in the game. The balls are jumping out of the park, as the 51's have 5 total (Lindsey and McDougall also have one).

2007-07-14 21:31:50
570.   Andrew Shimmin
I noticed it during the All Star game, but figured Buck and McCarver didn't know any better. Does J.J. Putz really pronounce his last name "puts" (as in, it "puts the lotion in the basket")? That's disappointing.
2007-07-14 21:34:54
571.   StolenMonkey86
570 - doesn't say how to pronounce it.

For the Cardinals' first baseman, ESPN lists:
Pronounced: POO-holes

2007-07-14 21:41:34
572.   Bob Timmermann
It's like "puts" except the u is slightly longer. That's how the Seattle guys have been saying it all year.
2007-07-14 21:46:49
573.   Andrew Shimmin
There's some rough looking women in the stands of Comerica Park tonight.
2007-07-14 21:48:01
574.   Bob Timmermann
I guess they would be rough looking since they are sitting in a stadium where no game is taking place. They must be squatters.
2007-07-14 21:49:03
575.   Andrew Shimmin
Bob is ruining my Extra Innings free preview weekend.
2007-07-14 21:50:11
576.   Bob Timmermann
Hey, if I want someone who doesn't know the score or where the game is being played, I'll just listen to Rick Monday.
2007-07-14 21:54:44
577.   Andrew Shimmin
In my defense, I wasn't wrong, so much as prescient on the score.
2007-07-14 21:55:41
578.   Bob Timmermann
The LA Times website morphed in front of my eyes.

The new layout seems to be in place.

2007-07-14 21:56:48
579.   Bob Timmermann
And then it disappeared.
2007-07-14 21:58:59
580.   Andrew Shimmin
578- Really? Looks the same to me.
2007-07-14 21:59:58
581.   Andrew Shimmin
579- Ha! How does it feel?
2007-07-14 22:01:25
582.   Bob Timmermann
2007-07-14 22:03:39
583.   Andrew Shimmin
Can't. Watching My Super Ex-Girlfriend. Riveted. Maybe later.
2007-07-14 23:41:51
584.   Benaiah
How many one run games can the Dodgers win in a row. I believe in the voodoo science of Beane, but I don't know the rain dance to keep this up. As horrible as you might think our luck has been (Kent, Schmidt), we could still be losing 50% of our 1 run games. We are the lucky team at this point in the year. Put us on your back Loney and Kemp.
2007-07-14 23:51:06
585.   Bob Timmermann
The 1984 Blue Jays won 19 straight games that were decided by one run.

That didn't get them much at the end of the year.

2007-07-15 07:22:45
586.   Xeifrank
DodgerSims 2,000 game simulator has the Dodgers win expectancy at 46% for today's Tomko game. vr, Xei
2007-07-15 07:59:36
587.   berkowit28
Why does it say 54% Dodgers there, Xei? (I kept waiting to see if yesterday's %-age would change with Lowe instead of Penny, but Penny remained.) Many thanks for the detailed explanations there a few days ago.
2007-07-15 08:04:11
588.   Andrew Shimmin
586- Maybe the McCoveyists will be happier with this prediction.
2007-07-15 08:09:39
589.   Jon Weisman
Meloan didn't pitch Saturday. He's rested and ready for a callup. Who's with me?
2007-07-15 08:19:43
590.   underdog
589 Who isn't!

I could also see a scenario wherein he replaces Tsao and Houlton replaces Tomko.

I've got to go play a ridiculously early soccer game in ridiculously foggy conditions (less visibility than there is a chance of Tomko winning today), but when I come back I expect to hear that Meloan's coming.

make it happen Ned!

2007-07-15 09:19:34
591.   Suffering Bruin
That was a nice article on Takashi Saito this morning in the LAT. He's making a million dollars this season? Such a deal...
2007-07-15 09:23:15
592.   Icaros

I liked the part where he dressed up as a samurai after a team meeting to show his dedication, and everyone thought he was joking.

2007-07-15 09:29:37
593.   Sammy Maudlin
My father used to say you don't need meloan as long as you have a penny. This may sound absurd but Hull could provide the needed buoyancy. I'll spare you the horrific Hu puns.
2007-07-15 09:31:17
594.   Marty
The new Times beat reporter speaks Japanese. I'm sure that helped with the story.
2007-07-15 09:37:33
595.   Dodgers49
Commentary: James has an eternal place in baseball

>>> All James does in the New Abstract is review the first 130 years of the game, decade by decade, and rank the top 100 players, all-time, at every position. While being a hoot to read. For 998 pages. <<<

### For years, the baseball establishment dismissed him as a stat geek and crank. In the introduction of the New Abstract, James notes Sparky Anderson once described him as "a little fat guy with a beard who knows nothing about nothing." ###

2007-07-15 09:38:48
596.   Andrew Shimmin
I've often thought to myself: You know what Baseball Tonight needs? Stephan A. Smith scoring the arguments.
2007-07-15 09:41:51
597.   Bob Timmermann
And the story doesn't indicate that a translator was used either. That's a pretty good job done by Dylan Hernandez.
2007-07-15 09:44:40
598.   Andrew Shimmin
Phillips and Kruk think Seattle should get an impactful player. Time to shut off the t.v.
2007-07-15 10:06:37
599.   bhsportsguy
595 The first edition was published 22 years ago.

I don't think I would take the Baseball Encyclopedia as one of the two books from my baseball library and I am pretty sure that baseball books would not be the first thing I would grab if I was leaving a burning room.

The 2001 Historical Abstract is known for introducing James' Win Shares, which he would go in more detail in his next book and also for his updates to his player rankings from the earlier edition. Craig Biggio is one of the poster children of that book, as James ranked Biggio the 5th best second baseman and the 35th best player of all time. The other four are Joe Morgan, Eddie Collins, Rogers Hornsby and Jackie Robinson.

The 1985 edition has a great example of how unfair it is to compare Koufax's best seasons to fellow HOF teammate Don Drysdale.

2007-07-15 10:11:04
600.   silverwidow
Dream scenario: Meloan coming up, Martinez DFA.

Realistic scenario: Hull called up, Abreu optioned.

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2007-07-15 10:15:55
601.   bhsportsguy
599 Craig Biggio's .282 career batting average is the third lowest among his fellow members of 3000 hits club.

Can you name the two batters that have lower batting averages.

Hint, one has been in the news very recently while the other will be front in center very shortly.

2007-07-15 10:16:29
602.   Bob Timmermann
Do I watch East Coast baseball on Extra Innings or do I attempt to watch "Joe versus the Volcano" on HDNet Movies.
2007-07-15 10:17:18
603.   Dodgers49
Commentary: The Price of Chasing Records

>>> Aaron acknowledged he barely survived his chase with his sanity and love of baseball intact. He smoked and fretted during semi-sleepless nights in lonely hotels under fake names, and he occasionally couldn't help thinking about everything that could go wrong in a stadium full of people each night - especially after receiving the death threats that eventually sparked a wellspring of public support for his quest. <<<

2007-07-15 10:18:48
604.   Bob Timmermann
Cal and Rickey.
2007-07-15 10:22:42
605.   Bob Timmermann
Dave Williams was DFA'd by the Mets! Time for pitching help!
2007-07-15 10:31:43
606.   Bob Timmermann
The Yankees and Devil Rays are the EI HDTV game today. Time to watch Edwin Jackson in HD! It makes the experience all the better I hear.

And Buddy is on the hill for the Braves today.

2007-07-15 10:35:31
607.   Gen3Blue
Impossible!! It looks like DTV is not carrying the GAME at this point.How can this be. I don't think I've seen a Prime cast game that wasn't carried. Is it to be a full week without a D's game? Anyone know anything about this.
2007-07-15 10:42:34
608.   mankatododger
ESPN has a blackout starting earlier today because the Sunday night game is earlier. No games that start after noon Pacific time can be shown.
2007-07-15 10:44:11
609.   Bob Timmermann
None of the West Coast games are on Extra Innings today. I think it has something to do with the fact that ESPN's game starts earlier tonight so they can show the ESPYs.
2007-07-15 10:45:04
610.   Bob Timmermann
But Gen3Blue will get to see the ESPYs!
2007-07-15 10:51:35
611.   bhsportsguy
604 Nice job.

Suzyn Waldman has said variations of the thought, you'd better sure if you are going get rid of a 23 year old arm re Edwin Jackson, at least four times in the top of the first inning.

2007-07-15 10:52:40
612.   underdog
Welp, I'll be either going to see a movie this afternoon and Tivoing the Copa final, or watching the latter, because I can't bear to watch Tomko today. Hope he surprises all of us, pitches well, showcases himself for a trade, and if not, well, c'est la vie and adieu.

Btw, it's extremely foggy here today - will probably clear up a bit this afternoon down at the stadium but expect the possibility of more weirdness with pop flies and so forth. Maybe the fog will help keep in the park deep balls hit off Tomko.

2007-07-15 10:53:38
613.   underdog
I love the Cecil ESPY awards, always a good time.
2007-07-15 10:54:31
614.   Bob Timmermann
Dioner Navarro is 1 for 23 in July. Too bad he's not backing up Martin.
2007-07-15 10:58:08
615.   underdog
Interesting story on "East Coast bias":

It sums up how I feel, for the most part. Anyway, worth a read. What do you think?

2007-07-15 11:05:11
616.   Bob Timmermann
ESPN's ombudsman Le Ann Schrieber has gotten the Worldwide Leader's case about showing Yankees, Mets, and Red Sox games all the time. But ESPN says that is what gets ratings and they have no intention of changing.

I do think that if the Cubs ever made a World Series, the ratings would be quite strong.

I believe the Angels-Giants World Series got poor ratings despite being a very exciting series.
When I filled in for Jon on "Fungoes", a friend of mine who grew up in New York told me, "I'd read the whole thing, but it's got too much stuff about the NL West in it. Who can read all that?"

2007-07-15 11:05:17
617.   Sam in SC
614 - paul depodesta literally lusted after that guy at the trading deadline a few years ago . .

if he was still the dodger's GM, I would imagine martin would have been traded for hee seop choi's second cousin.

2007-07-15 11:06:39
618.   Dodgers49
July 15, 2007 (per ItD):
Sunday in San Francisco
Unfortunately, Chin-hui Tsao had to go back on the DL with a shoulder issue, but D.J. Houlton is here today after arriving late last night from Las Vegas.

Hoping Tomko can get back on track and finish off the sweep and 11 in a row in SF.

Furcal, SS
Martin, C
Kent, 2B
Gonzo, LF
Nomar, 3B
Loney, 1B
Kemp, RF
Tomko, P

2007-07-15 11:20:01
619.   bhsportsguy
After one month of Mueller as the hitting coach and we still don't know what that means but here are the stats.

Murray's team:
In a little over 2400 plate appearances:
0.261/0.329/0.383, 4.4 runs per game.

Mueller's team:
In a little over 1000 plate appearances:
0.306/0.370/0.437, 5.2 runs per game

2007-07-15 11:20:20
620.   Jon Weisman
617 - So we have a) an example of DePodesta liking a young catcher, and b) DePodesta having the opportunity to trade Martin and not doing so, and you conclude that DePodesta would have traded Martin. That is not logical.
2007-07-15 11:22:44
621.   Bob Timmermann
Dioner Navarro got a bunt single!

Wil Nieves is starting for the Yankees in the game.

Navarro has an OPS+ that is 50 points higher than Nievers (26 to -24).

2007-07-15 11:22:48
622.   D4P
Moreover, the luxury of Martin waiting in the wings undoubtedly gave Depo comfort in trading Lo Duca.
2007-07-15 11:24:38
623.   dkminnick
620- DePo didn't trade Russell, but he clearly preferred Navarro. I remember reading quotes from anonymous Dodger scouts at the time Dioner was given the job that the better catcher was still in the minors.
2007-07-15 11:24:51
624.   Sam in SC
620. or it is simply a matter of (c) making a whimsical statement.

the place overflows with whimsy some days, why jump that one comment?

2007-07-15 11:25:08
625.   Dodgers49
Lofton backs up Sheffield's Yankee comments

>>> "All I can say is Sheffield knows what he's talking about. That's all I'm going to say," Lofton said. <<<

2007-07-15 11:26:15
626.   Jon Weisman
Game thread is open.
2007-07-15 11:27:20
627.   Jon Weisman
624 - I didn't see the whimsy.
2007-07-15 11:27:37
628.   Bob Timmermann
We tend to worry about whimsy when the names "DePodesta" or "Choi" or mentioned because it can quickly disintegrate into a lot of name calling and recriminations.

Remember, never yell "Choi" on a busy blog! Your 1st Amendment rights don't apply!

2007-07-15 11:30:18
629.   Sam in SC
627 - obviously not.
2007-07-15 11:38:24
630.   Sam in SC
628 - of all the "hot button issues" having to do with the dodgers, I think the depodesta "controversy" makes the least sense.

who cares? he lasted a year and a half. if people's heads are going to explode, they should probably pick something that is more than a blip on the radar screen.

2007-07-15 11:44:15
631.   Jon Weisman
630 - I don't know how long you've been coming here, but I don't sense that it's been long enough to understand how hard it has been to counter all the misinformation about DePodesta that spread. 617 was an example of this, joking or not.

"Who cares?" You're the one who brought him up, out of nowhere.

2007-07-15 11:54:57
632.   Sam in SC
631 - it's all a big conspiracy. poor paul. first kennedy, now this.

and it has been my observation that a lot of comments on DT are somewhat "out of nowhere" in nature.

but trust me, I won't bring him up again.

2007-07-15 12:09:10
633.   Jon Weisman
I didn't say you couldn't bring him up. I didn't say that you couldn't bring up topics out of nowhere. All I'm doing is responding to your comments. You seem to be taking just as much offense with my responses as I have to yours. Don't make yourself a martyr.

You might read or re-read the guidelines at the lower right part of the sidebar. "It's all a big conspiracy" violated #6 on the list. The guidelines are there so that we can talk about subjects that can lead to trouble. I'm trying to respond very carefully, and even with #632 you're mocking

2007-07-15 12:19:00
634.   Jon Weisman
Or, Rule 7, if you prefer.
2007-07-15 12:28:36
635.   Sam in SC
I have no idea how I have managed to blunder into this minefield, but with my generally sarcastic nature and especially odd sense of humor, I seem to be making it nothing but worse.

Sorry, Jon. it really wasn't my intention to slam depodesta. I was actually a pretty big advocate of his. choi too, for that matter.

I am going to take a nap, and try the whole DT thing a little later.

2007-07-15 13:22:31
636.   Fallout
617 Sam in SC

I smiled when I read your comment and then cringed at the thought. Just like many others on this board think that Colletti will trade Kemp for some rental and cringe.

623 dkminnick
I remember reading an article when Navarro was on the big club, that White said that Martin would be an All Star.

2007-07-16 09:38:16
637.   JoeyP
617--Why make up stuff to ridicule someone?

DePodesta didnt "lust" after Navarro at the trading deadline. If you recall, he acquired Navarro in the winter of 2004. It was a deal made to get Shawn Green's contract off the books--and the team needed a catcher in 2005 until Russ Martin was ready. Navarro was a good risk to take. Get Green's bad deal off the books, and get a solid prospect.

It worked. Navarro played well in 2005, and Martin was ready by 2006.

If Ned and the scouts thought Martin was ready and didnt like Navarro--how come Martin wasnt given the job out of spring training in 2006?

If anything is "out of nowhere" thinking, it was your false statements and generalization.

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