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Hull Recalled, But Saito Might Be Okay
2007-07-23 16:40
by Jon Weisman

Takashi Satio is not going on the disabled list - not now, anyway. His MRI revealed nothing (insert joke here), according to Tony Jackson of the Daily News, and he is on his way to join the team in Houston. Whether he can pitch Tuesday remains to be seen.

"This (injury) started with pain over a large area of his back and neck," Jackson wrote, "and it has since subsided to a small, localized area. Saito told Grady that was exactly what happened in Japan, and the localization of the pain told him then that he was almost ready to come back."

I'm still nervous, but okay.

The Dodgers made a roster move anyway. They called up Eric Hull, whose 3.18 ERA and 60 strikeouts in 51 innings with AAA Las Vegas has intrigued many, and sent down Eric Stults. Stults pitched well for the Dodgers and short of a unbelievably quick comeback by Randy Wolf, should return.

As I've said in other places, it's imperative that the Dodgers give Hull and/or Jonathan Meloan trials of at least a few games before they make a panic trade for a reliever. With the trading deadline coming in barely a week, this callup comes better late than never.

By the way, Diamond Leung of the Press-Enterprise reports that tonight's designated closer is Joe Beimel, with Jonathan Broxton scheduled to get the day off after pitching two games in a row. Broxton threw 40 pitches over the weekend. It doesn't seem to me that this is a demotion - nor, of course, should it be.

* * *

Catching me completely by surprise, Dodger PR director Josh Rawitch passed on the news that Jeff Kent has reached base in 33 consecutive games, and will have the longest such streak in the majors this season if he makes it 34 tonight.

"There are two pretty good hitters with active streaks on his tail," Rawitch wrote in the team's press notes today. "Reigning NL MVP Ryan Howard has reached safely in 29 consecutive games and Dodger rookie James Loney has been on the bases for 27 straight contests, going back to June 22. In the month of July, Kent is hitting .385 (20-for-52) and Loney stands at a .304 (21-for-69) since July 1."

This season, Loney has played in 34 games and reached base in all but two. On June 12, he appeared as a defensive replacement and did not bat. On June 17, the day of his ill-fated right-field adventure, he went 0 for 1. Every other game, he has gotten on.

* * *

Tonight's 5:05 p.m. game:


Retro Gameday

Comments (303)
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2007-07-23 16:48:53
1.   Suffering Bruin
Me very nervous re: Saito.

Very, very nervous.

2007-07-23 16:50:32
2.   blue22
It takes away some of the leverage that KC might've had otherwise, at the very least.
2007-07-23 16:57:28
3.   blue22
Also, no Hunter Pence in the lineup for the Astros today. I wanted to check him out, but I'm not disappointed that he won't be in there.
2007-07-23 16:58:43
4.   underdog
Since I was LATd, or underdogged, in previous thread:
155/153 - I'm partial to his work on 5 Easy Pieces and Easy Rider, too. What a varied career!

I blogged about it here btw:

Whew, a relief about Saito...

Okay, it's about game time, eh? Gives me something to do while stuck late at work.

2007-07-23 16:59:07
5.   underdog
PS: I hope Eric Hull actually gets into a game this time around, at least for his sake!
2007-07-23 17:02:15
6.   Jon Weisman
5 - He will, without a doubt.

I think Brett Tomko is our on-call starter-for-relief today.

2007-07-23 17:03:15
7.   underdog
Yeah, I'll be shocked if he doesn't within 3 days; possibly even tonight, even if Bills pitches pretty well.

Who's Brett Tomko again?

2007-07-23 17:06:54
8.   scareduck
3 - I saw him in the Texas League last year when he was playing the Travs. He really crouched to compensate for a strike zone about the size of Texas, which explains why this picture has more of his helmet than his face:

2007-07-23 17:08:23
9.   xaphor
7. Who's Brett Tomko again?

Currently he's our best starter. :)

2007-07-23 17:08:26
10.   still bevens
3 Wow this Astros lineup is really awful. No wonder they're in the cellar.
2007-07-23 17:09:05
11.   wronghanded
3- I won't miss Pence at all in this series. I watched him play against the Angels about a while ago and was blown away by his performance. He kind of looks a bit goofy out there but has a violent Vlad-like swing and squares up on the ball often. Barring injuries that kid should be a stud for years to come.
2007-07-23 17:09:59
12.   Marty
Looked safe to me.
2007-07-23 17:10:23
13.   underdog
Oh man, Pierre was so safe it's not even funny. Yikes.
2007-07-23 17:10:45
14.   MMSMikey
what an awful call
2007-07-23 17:11:59
15.   scareduck
11 - yes, I was going to say something like that. Hunter Pence is going to be one of those names that won't be too far down the list from Albert Pujols of players you don't want your team facing with men in scoring position.
2007-07-23 17:13:35
16.   scareduck
15 - and checking in on the lad, he's still hitting like that, .330/.355/.564 with 12 HR.

And he's only 24.

2007-07-23 17:14:21
17.   Sammy Maudlin
Greg Miller who is making his first start in months, has 6 K's and only 2 walks in 3 innings at Jacksonville.
2007-07-23 17:14:23
18.   underdog
Does Kent frequently lick his bat, or is that a new tic of his? Maybe it's psychedelic like a toad.
2007-07-23 17:14:23
19.   D4P
The Retro Gameday link isn't working.

I don't care about pFX...!

2007-07-23 17:14:55
20.   Jacob L
[18} Hilarious.
2007-07-23 17:15:12
21.   underdog
Whatever it is, the bat-licking worked! RBI.

17 Great news.

2007-07-23 17:15:23
22.   D4P
I'm predicting a Dodger sweep.

Houston has a problem.

2007-07-23 17:16:35
23.   El Lay Dave
17 Hope that's the start/continuation of a trend.
2007-07-23 17:17:51
24.   MMSMikey
here we go with the defense
2007-07-23 17:18:30
25.   Vishal
noooo mar.
2007-07-23 17:18:48
26.   underdog
Ugh. Arrapaicrag!
2007-07-23 17:18:51
27.   Jacob L
Can we get the Yankees' schedule? I'm noticing that their recent boost in the standing coincides with a stretch where they play either Tampa or KC for something like 25 out of 30 games. Then again, I believe the Dodgers are 1 and 5 in their last 6 games against Tampa and KC.
2007-07-23 17:19:14
28.   still bevens
Ok how many games have we played this year when we don't get an error?

I guess its better to get it out of the way now than in the 10th.

2007-07-23 17:19:37
29.   joekings
Nomar has not looked good at third, every throw he makes scares me.
2007-07-23 17:19:49
30.   El Lay Dave
Bah. With pitching stretched thin, reach on errors is the last thing needed.
2007-07-23 17:20:13
31.   Jacob L
No(mar) problem.
2007-07-23 17:20:21
32.   underdog
2007-07-23 17:20:27
33.   Bob Timmermann
Go into the URL and where it says "y2007" change it to "y2006"
2007-07-23 17:20:34
34.   El Lay Dave
Ah, the GIDP - that'll help the pitch efficiency!
2007-07-23 17:20:41
35.   still bevens
Beimel is closer tonight? Please Chad, go 9.
2007-07-23 17:21:12
36.   scareduck
18 - there is a town -- or maybe, a wide spot in the road -- in Arkansas called Toad Suck Ferry. You can imagine what they do there for fun.
2007-07-23 17:21:47
37.   underdog
Those were two great pitches Billingsley threw to Berkman - one an unhittable curve, the other a high fastball he couldn't catch up to. Nice.
2007-07-23 17:22:00
38.   Marty
Nice inning for Bills.
2007-07-23 17:22:22
39.   Marty
37 Yeah, looks like Chad has the hammer tonight.
2007-07-23 17:22:48
40.   bigcpa
7 pitch inning! Dare I say Billingsley CG?
2007-07-23 17:22:59
41.   Jon Weisman
19 - Fixed.

Kent extended his streak to 34.

And Chad with a six-pitch inning!

2007-07-23 17:24:09
42.   Jon Weisman
When did D4P become a full-time wind-caution-throwerater?
2007-07-23 17:24:18
43.   trainwreck
Greatest name ever.
2007-07-23 17:24:20
44.   D4P
Go into the URL and where it says "y2007" change it to "y2006"

It already says "y2006". However, there is another "2007" that I changed to "2006", but that didn't work.

2007-07-23 17:24:59
45.   Bob Timmermann
Open up the new Gameday and then do the change.
2007-07-23 17:26:30
46.   CanuckDodger
Greg Miller is out of the game in Jacksonville. His final line:

3.2 IP, 4 H's, 1 ER, 3BB's, 7K's

I'm fairly happy with that.

2007-07-23 17:27:22
47.   D4P
Ah, so.
2007-07-23 17:29:13
48.   underdog
42 D4P's never been very superstitious/fearful of the jinx, as far as I can recall.

36 Didn't Toad Suck Ferry used to play for the Cleveland Cavaliers?

2007-07-23 17:30:51
49.   D4P
When did D4P become a full-time wind-caution-throwerater?

2007-07-23 17:32:18
50.   dkminnick
NIce play, Gonzo!
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2007-07-23 17:33:05
51.   Steve in Rochester
48b I dunno, but I think he's their GM now though.
2007-07-23 17:34:14
52.   CanuckDodger
36 -- There's a place in my province, British Columbia, called "Skunk Cabbage." It's basically just a rest stop on the highway, but it is on the map. B.C. also has a place whose name I am really fond of, "Spuzm." I think I spelled that right. It might be "Spusm." Either way, the name has a nice ring to it, and from the moment I heard it I thought it would be a good name for a bodily fluid. I've been there too. It consists of a convenience store and some residences that are closer to being shacks than houses.
2007-07-23 17:34:37
53.   El Lay Dave
28 61 errorless games of the 99 played.
2007-07-23 17:35:41
54.   dkminnick
52 - Careful now Canuck.
2007-07-23 17:35:46
55.   Connector
Billingsly - 19 pitches over 2 innings. Can he get through 6-7 innings?!? That's my hope.
2007-07-23 17:36:07
56.   TheBigGrabowski
2 innings, 20 pitches, nice start by billingsley
2007-07-23 17:36:28
57.   El Lay Dave
{with cautious optimism}
19 pitches through 2 IP for Billingsley.
2007-07-23 17:37:06
58.   D4P
I guess Billingsley reads Tony Jackson.
2007-07-23 17:37:35
59.   Jacob L
55 Certainly an improvement over the nonsense we've been seeing lately - like Lowe's 40ish through 1 inning against the Mets.
2007-07-23 17:42:52
60.   Jacob L
58 You mean he took the stairs?
2007-07-23 17:42:53
61.   Vishal
ump's zone looks a little stingy tonight.
2007-07-23 17:42:54
62.   trainwreck
It is very appropriate for a place in BC to be called Skunk Cabbage.
2007-07-23 17:45:08
63.   Jon Weisman
On Dodger Thoughts Day, I would give our elevator experience 9 out of 10.
2007-07-23 17:45:16
64.   Vishal
[52] there's a place in newfoundland which wins the name game:
2007-07-23 17:45:24
65.   Connector
Ump's strike zone is skewered. I thought the 2st and 4th balls were strikes (with Bruntlett)
2007-07-23 17:47:27
66.   El Lay Dave
64 There's even a South {name}, Newfoundland!
2007-07-23 17:47:57
67.   Vishal
nomar makes up for the first inning
2007-07-23 17:48:22
68.   Connector
Nomar makes up for his 1st inning error.
2007-07-23 17:48:26
69.   underdog
Nomar just made up for previous error, I'd say.
2007-07-23 17:48:29
70.   El Lay Dave
32 pitches through three. Good trend.....
2007-07-23 17:48:42
71.   Gen3Blue
I was wondering why there was so little post action, until I realized there was a "game thread up top" thanks to Jon.
2007-07-23 17:49:44
72.   scareduck
52 - sounds like something the medical examiner would find traces of on a blue dress.
2007-07-23 17:49:49
73.   Vishal
[66] one can only imagine what people there do.

in case people are looking for it, here's a handy road sign:

2007-07-23 17:49:52
74.   dkminnick
64, 66 - I assume you can't get to Spuzm from there.
2007-07-23 17:51:13
75.   imperabo
It's nice when you have such a good team you don't feel the need to play your 2 best power hitters.
2007-07-23 17:52:51
76.   Vishal
[75] yeah no kidding.
2007-07-23 17:53:50
77.   El Lay Dave
Kent raised his OPS 32 points since the AS break before tonight. Now he's 2-2, single, double.
2007-07-23 17:54:05
78.   Gen3Blue
Wow, they just flashed active doubles leaders and it looked like at least 2 D's in the top five. Wheres Bob.
2007-07-23 17:54:57
79.   blutomania
Rumors of Kent's demise seem to have been exaggerated.
2007-07-23 17:55:19
80.   El Lay Dave
78 Kent and Gonzo.
2007-07-23 17:55:21
81.   Jon Weisman
Way to draw the WP, Nomar :)
2007-07-23 17:55:24
82.   scareduck
Sampson brings down the house. By one run.
2007-07-23 17:55:28
83.   underdog
Nomar did a really excellent job of not swinging at that wild pitch to drive in a run there. Well done!
2007-07-23 17:55:42
84.   Jacob L
I'm assuming Vin's not broadcasting, and therefore there was no check on Sampson's wild pitches.
2007-07-23 17:55:46
85.   El Lay Dave
Hey a freebie! Thank you very much.
2007-07-23 17:56:03
86.   underdog
And then he says, sarcasm this! with a legit hit anyway.
2007-07-23 17:56:43
87.   imperabo
81 You joke, but considering what he's willing to swing at I bet he does induce more than his share.
2007-07-23 17:56:55
88.   El Lay Dave
84 Nice. His second career WP, BTW.
2007-07-23 17:57:27
89.   Jacob L
Goofy inning.
2007-07-23 17:57:48
90.   Jon Weisman
Loney's streak at 28.
2007-07-23 17:58:29
91.   El Lay Dave
But his 8th career HBP. 142.3 career IP before tonight.
2007-07-23 17:59:04
92.   thinkblue0
any new Dotel rumors out there? Last I heard was Hu for Dotel.

Why we don't bring up Meloan and give him a shot is beyond me...

2007-07-23 17:59:36
93.   Gen3Blue
75,76 Who's the second one? Betemit?
2007-07-23 18:01:23
94.   El Lay Dave
92 Don't ask, Dotel.
2007-07-23 18:01:29
95.   imperabo
The Dodgers have 7 guys with an OPS over 800 in at least 115 atbats. That's actually very impressive depth, even if they are only willing to start 5 of them at a time.
2007-07-23 18:02:17
96.   Gen3Blue
Hey, they are hitting Bill's pretty hard. I'd rather see that stop, thatn see luck continue.
2007-07-23 18:02:30
97.   imperabo
93 Yeah. He blows away the field in homers per atbat.
2007-07-23 18:04:04
98.   Connector
Did Martin call that high fastball that struck out Lee?
2007-07-23 18:05:07
99.   underdog
Given Bills is averaging just a tad over 10 pitches an inning so far, I'll take it, whether balls are hit hard or soft.
2007-07-23 18:05:41
100.   Vishal
[98] yeah, he was pretty much standing straight up and sticking his glove outside and chad threw right to it.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2007-07-23 18:05:46
101.   blutomania

At this point the Dodgers just need SPs to eat up innings. In any way possible.

2007-07-23 18:06:35
102.   El Lay Dave
NL overall batting stats:
7th spot: .260 .317 .404 .721
8th spot: .243 .314 .361 .675

7th spot: .305 .364 .466 .830
8th spot: .268 .356 .378 .734

Often the Dodgers are batting hitters such as Ethier, Kemp, Loney or Betemit here.

2007-07-23 18:08:35
103.   Gen3Blue
You guys are right. We just need innings from starters. And this is a stretch where it would be sooooo nice to have some easy games.
2007-07-23 18:08:35
104.   El Lay Dave
Two things that help rest the pen:

1. Starters being efficient and getting deep into the game.

2. Building nice sized leads.

A few more runs would be nice.

2007-07-23 18:09:49
105.   El Lay Dave
Converted pitcher - wonder if he can be run on. If Furcal's ankle can take it, that is.
2007-07-23 18:09:58
106.   Gen3Blue
104 heres a chance.
2007-07-23 18:11:04
107.   El Lay Dave
Martin is 3 for his last 27, will Grady try something to stir the pot?
2007-07-23 18:11:20
108.   dkminnick
Man, Russell is getting under everything these days.
2007-07-23 18:11:52
109.   blutomania
Does Martin need some time off? I'm starting to think so.
2007-07-23 18:12:04
110.   El Lay Dave
I like to see a cycle alert after Kent's PA.
2007-07-23 18:12:21
111.   El Lay Dave
I like to see a cycle alert after Kent's PA.
2007-07-23 18:12:23
112.   El Lay Dave
I like to see a cycle alert after Kent's PA.
2007-07-23 18:12:25
113.   Andrew Shimmin
Donnelly decided not to get Furcal nailed at the plate. Curious.
2007-07-23 18:12:26
114.   MMSMikey
lets go gonzo a big 2 out hit
2007-07-23 18:12:48
115.   imperabo
Kent's really stroking it well.
2007-07-23 18:13:04
116.   blutomania
C'mon Lugo!
2007-07-23 18:13:20
117.   underdog
Kent's being a pest to his former team.

The Windmill's really slowing down lately, isn't he? Good thing, I think Furcal would have been dead meat.

2007-07-23 18:13:24
118.   MMSMikey
4 hits
2007-07-23 18:13:59
119.   El Lay Dave
Did Kent just scald that, or is that one of those you can't score in this bandbox, even with 2 out, because the LF is so close?
2007-07-23 18:13:59
120.   underdog
There we go!

And Windmill's caution pays off.

2007-07-23 18:14:02
121.   blutomania
2007-07-23 18:14:15
122.   The Mootz
I like this pitcher.
2007-07-23 18:14:22
123.   underdog
119 Both.
2007-07-23 18:14:50
124.   El Lay Dave
Four singles, two runs. Good luck and good hitting to string those together.
2007-07-23 18:15:09
125.   Gen3Blue
Just so EL Dave!
2007-07-23 18:15:36
126.   El Lay Dave
Vets carrying the offense today. Good for them.
2007-07-23 18:15:39
127.   blutomania

Sorry about that waste of bandwidth, the complete comment was to read:


This should make it easier for Bills.

As for Meloan, I just don't think it's prudent to start his "clock" yet by bringing him up.

2007-07-23 18:16:47
128.   underdog
The Houston TV broadcast said the score was 5-0. It's 4-zip right?
2007-07-23 18:17:16
129.   Gen3Blue
123 Both--I like that-so true.
2007-07-23 18:18:22
130.   sydneydodger
the Astros are a very hirsute team
2007-07-23 18:18:43
131.   Vishal
[127] he's a 23-year old relief prospect. do we really need to worry about his "clock"?
2007-07-23 18:22:09
132.   El Lay Dave
Focus Chad, focus!
2007-07-23 18:22:53
133.   Vishal
aaron harang pitching into the 10th in cincinnati...
2007-07-23 18:24:14
134.   lakerican
stat of the day:

Juan Pierre have a 82% of success stealing bases to go with his 41 steal bases.

2007-07-23 18:25:38
135.   Vishal
2007-07-23 18:25:40
136.   trainwreck
2007-07-23 18:25:47
137.   Andrew Shimmin
Good news, he was out. Bad news, we're going to keep seeing that Pudge Stuff.
2007-07-23 18:25:49
138.   imperabo
So it does work once in a while.
2007-07-23 18:26:42
139.   Vishal
[137] whatever. i don't mind seeing it.
2007-07-23 18:27:08
140.   Bob Timmermann
It was already dubbed "that Yadier Molina (euphemism)".
2007-07-23 18:27:18
141.   imperabo
137 It's dynamic and sexy. Something for the ladies.
2007-07-23 18:27:18
142.   trainwreck
Nice job Chad!
2007-07-23 18:27:27
143.   underdog
Talk about quickly getting out of a bad jam. Nice!

And just when I was thinking, "Argh, stop throwing over there with another runner on base, Russell!" he proves me wrong.

Nice pitching there, too, Chad.

2007-07-23 18:27:30
144.   El Lay Dave
137 Santiago stuff.
2007-07-23 18:27:35
145.   Andrew Shimmin
How many times does it have to work for it to be worth the times the ball ends up in RF? One in four?
2007-07-23 18:28:38
146.   El Lay Dave
59 pitches through five for Billingsley. Just what Grady ordered.
2007-07-23 18:29:08
147.   Connector
137, 140, 141 It changed the entire momentum of the inning, too.
2007-07-23 18:29:43
148.   Bob Timmermann
When Benito Santiago was Russell's age, he already looked to be 10 years older than Greg Oden looks.
2007-07-23 18:30:13
149.   El Lay Dave
Billingsley GB/FB is 3/9. Doesn't sound safe in this stadium.
2007-07-23 18:30:18
150.   Jon Weisman

Passing this along mainly to show the nickname spreads ...

Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2007-07-23 18:30:24
151.   Connector
What are the statistics of Martin's pickoff attempts? How many outs? How many wild throws?
2007-07-23 18:31:12
152.   Andrew Shimmin
That's the first out, I'm pretty sure. I think he's only thrown a couple away, but it might be three.
2007-07-23 18:31:36
153.   imperabo
145 It should be the same math as a stolen base. The value of taking second is half the cost of making the out while on first. So he would only have to succeed half as often as he throws it away, not counting extra base runners.
2007-07-23 18:31:40
154.   Jon Weisman
Does anyone know a good "My tree might be dying - can you save it" guy?
2007-07-23 18:32:16
155.   scareduck
132 - every time I hear the word "focus", I am reminded of a story related by a friend who joined an outpost of a much larger French company only a few months before I did. At some point shortly after he signed on, the parent company bigwigs had a teleconference from France in which they were outlining their corporate directives, saying they were going to "focus on transportation, focus on smart cards," and so on. Only, with their heavy French accents, it came out sounding like a word that rhymes with "ruckus".

Needless to say, all the English-speakers at the table on this end were having a hard time keeping a straight face.

2007-07-23 18:32:42
156.   Bob Timmermann
Dammit, Jon, I'm a librarian, not a tree surgeon!
2007-07-23 18:34:19
157.   El Lay Dave
155 Have you heard Ariana Huffington say it? (Maybe she's trained herself better by now.)
2007-07-23 18:34:37
158.   Marty
154 I thought my front yard tree was dying too. But the last three months, it's showing signs of life.
2007-07-23 18:34:57
159.   scareduck
154 - my sister-in-law has a master's in tree biology, but (a) most of what she knows isn't applicable locally, and (b) it's been a decade or more since she wrote her master's thesis. But I might be able to ask her a question about where to look for help. What's wrong with your tree?
2007-07-23 18:35:57
160.   Marty
Signs of life being growing leaves.
2007-07-23 18:36:18
161.   scareduck
156 -
2007-07-23 18:36:27
162.   El Lay Dave
153 Except that a high pct of the time, that throw will lead to the runner taking third.
2007-07-23 18:37:26
163.   jujibee
Looks like the Dodgers are trying Greg Miller out as a starter once again.

Miller 3.2 4 1 1 3 7 0 3.92

Outside of the 3 walks, not a bad line. I really hope this kid finds his control again.

154. What kind of tree?

2007-07-23 18:40:07
164.   Bob Timmermann
So would you like to see more of the Houston Astros?

Well, you can. I have four free tickets available for the Monday 8/13 and two for the Thursday 8/16 game.

They're in corner of the reserved section (aka Uecker seats), but they're free. First come, first served if you send me an email. bhsportsguy will be there for one of the games.

Dodgers-Astros, Hot August Nights!

2007-07-23 18:40:47
165.   imperabo
162 I doubt that. The runner will almost always be diving back to first.
2007-07-23 18:41:59
166.   underdog
Don't want to jinx it because there's still some game left here, but... Chad's just rocked, at exactly the time they needed it most.
2007-07-23 18:42:33
167.   sydneydodger
I think he means the runner on two
2007-07-23 18:43:27
168.   NorCal-Dodger
Very kind of the Asro's to be 1st pitch swinging..Is Bills filthy tonite or just looking good and the Astros being the Astro's?
2007-07-23 18:43:58
169.   Connector
166 only 69 pitches through 6 IP
2007-07-23 18:44:59
170.   Charenton
Hello everyone in the southland, this is a big night night for me!
Over here in France I just purchased a computer (macbook)with enough punch to order the mosaic player - so I'm watching my first Dodger game in over three years, and able to follow your comments as the game proceeds!

Thanks for hanging out with me while I'm watching the game, considering that I don't know anyone over here that I could watch a game with (other than friends to whom I'd have to explain the difference between a strike and a ball…)

And what a play by R. Coltrane in the previous inning !
(sorry for all the exclamation marks…)

2007-07-23 18:46:24
171.   underdog
Hooray! Russell's off the schneid, as it were.
Even if he almost got nailed there. Quite a throw by Lee.
2007-07-23 18:46:25
172.   Gen3Blue
Speaking of Whooo! And clocks. I usually don't float big ideas for consideration.
Never mind. I'm afraid Russ Martin is getting warn down already, and we maybe need a more nearly equal back-up.
Despite the DOUBLE!!
2007-07-23 18:46:38
173.   NorCal-Dodger
Oui, Oui, Oui!! Martin
2007-07-23 18:47:08
174.   Gen3Blue
Speaking of Whooo! And clocks. I usually don't float big ideas for consideration.
Never mind. I'm afraid Russ Martin is getting warn down already, and we maybe need a more nearly equal back-up.
Despite the DOUBLE!!
2007-07-23 18:48:38
175.   trainwreck
Kent is on fire.
2007-07-23 18:48:59
176.   underdog
Well, I suppose if hitting for the cycle is a royal flush, Kent's got a nice two pair going so far.
2007-07-23 18:49:30
177.   NorCal-Dodger
1st the kids carried us, now looks like the elders are picking up the load.
2007-07-23 18:50:00
178.   scareduck
170 - did you grow up in SoCal? How long are you going to be (live) baseball-less in France?
2007-07-23 18:50:03
179.   nofatmike
2007-07-23 18:50:07
180.   Gen3Blue
Sorry about the Double double post. Not sorry about the score which is exactly what El Lay Dave and I agree is good right now!
2007-07-23 18:52:33
181.   underdog
As the Swedish Chef would say, "Bork, Bork, Bork!"
2007-07-23 18:52:45
182.   scareduck
Louie Louay, ohh, ohhh, I say now we gotta go.
2007-07-23 18:53:07
183.   lakerican
What time is it?


2007-07-23 18:54:08
184.   Charenton
I grew up in SoCal but I have been living over here for 23 years - now a French citizen. But Baseball and Jazz keeps the American blood flowing.
2007-07-23 18:54:23
185.   Robert Daeley
A pinch runner gets credit for a subsequent run, right?
2007-07-23 18:54:35
186.   Suffering Bruin
Yesterday seems like so long ago, no?
2007-07-23 18:55:02
187.   NorCal-Dodger
Nomar, with only a single..sheesssh..;-))
2007-07-23 18:55:18
188.   sydneydodger
This is quite the international site

I am in Sydney, Australia watching on gameday at work and keeping up with the game on DT, too

2007-07-23 18:56:08
189.   Hallux Valgus
Good: score
Bad: Charley Steiner sounds like a drunk Larry Merchant. It takes him 10 minutes to make absolutely no point.
2007-07-23 18:56:31
190.   NorCal-Dodger
Will Grady let Bills go for a CG?
2007-07-23 18:57:05
191.   Suffering Bruin
188 What time is it down there, mate? And what do you do? And welcome...
2007-07-23 18:58:31
192.   NorCal-Dodger
If it's SYD, shuld be noon on the 24th...
2007-07-23 18:59:51
193.   Marty
Charley Steiner sounds like a drunk Larry Merchant.

Very good.

2007-07-23 19:00:37
194.   Gen3Blue
To me this is a tough situation. No Lead is too big, but you don't want to rub it in.
And Bills at 69 pitches may have a few more innings, which would be marvelous fot the D's bullpen and staff, for that matter.
2007-07-23 19:00:48
195.   Vishal
bob, can i have them?? i will just be getting back to socal around then, and it'll be my first chance this year to see the dodgers.
2007-07-23 19:00:57
196.   Marty
I noticed Lyons lamenting a few innings ago that the Dodgers needed to "string 4 hits together to get a run". It sounded like he was wishing for a rally-killer.
2007-07-23 19:01:05
197.   Jack Dawkins
170 Bon matin. I tried watching games on the regular (non-mosaic) feed while I was staying at hotel in Paris last month, and I could never get a smooth feed. I was supposed to have enough bandwidth coming into the room to handle the 400K feed, but it was inconsistent. Maybe it was my laptop.

Anyway, there were like, other things to do while I was in Paris.

2007-07-23 19:01:09
198.   underdog
Darn, I have to leave work soon. Well, that's a good thing in most respects. And I'm no longer worried about this game. But I wouldn't mind seeing the conclusion. Either Bills CG or Eric Hull's debut. ;-)
2007-07-23 19:01:11
199.   Vishal
oh i'll send an email.
2007-07-23 19:01:35
200.   Charenton
There have been a few Australian MLBers: Are there many average Aussies who understand/follow the game?
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2007-07-23 19:01:41
201.   Greg Brock
Nobody should be compared to Larry Merchant.

It's about the worst insult you can hurl.

2007-07-23 19:02:04
202.   underdog
Amazing. 71 pitches, into the 7th inning. He certainly could be in line for a CG if this rate continues.
2007-07-23 19:02:48
203.   blutomania
Seven to nil.

Lieberthal time?

2007-07-23 19:03:04
204.   Marty
Wow, Billingsley is just dealing.
2007-07-23 19:03:09
205.   natepurcell
bills just threw a changeup for a called 3rd strike!


2007-07-23 19:03:34
206.   Suffering Bruin
CG, baby. CG.
2007-07-23 19:03:37
207.   scareduck
CG? The bullpen could sure use the rest...
2007-07-23 19:03:45
208.   Greg Brock
That changeup was wicked.
2007-07-23 19:03:55
209.   Suffering Bruin
203 Yes.
2007-07-23 19:04:08
210.   underdog
Forget Russell - {mancrush, Chad}
2007-07-23 19:04:49
211.   Michael D
Billingsley is just dealing out there. I hope this is something he can continue and isn't just feasting on a terrible lineup.
2007-07-23 19:05:02
212.   scareduck
200 - I sort of doubt it, but the game seems to have more of a following there than anywhere else in the English-speaking world outside of North America.
2007-07-23 19:05:28
213.   gpellamjr
Is anybody else following the Houston broadcast? Did we just witness the change of focus from Avg. to OPS?
2007-07-23 19:05:52
214.   scareduck
170 - how did you find Dodger Thoughts, Clarendon?
2007-07-23 19:07:03
215.   Ricardo
211. Me too, it I´d be very interesting to watch him against the Phillies another time.
2007-07-23 19:07:43
216.   Gen3Blue
190 Interesting to see-- through 7, 78 pitches, and he is fairly well stretched out.
2007-07-23 19:08:26
217.   Charenton
In comparison with 2004 (the last time I had a computer that was able to pick up games on the quality has improved enormously. I have only had problems when I try to switch between the 6 game mosaic screen and the full screen with just the Dodger game.
But I can't get the audio only feed(KFWB) - hopefully i 'll be able to figure that out before the next homestand so that I can listen to Vin.
2007-07-23 19:08:26
218.   Marty
Last night on the ESPN radio broadcast an announcer mentioned OPS. He had to say "on base plus slugging" but it's a start.
2007-07-23 19:08:31
219.   underdog
213 I noticed that, too. Showed that Furcal was slightly below the league average in OPS. Nice to see the stat there in general, even if it's not nice to see Furcal's.
2007-07-23 19:10:34
220.   sydneydodger
191, 192 is right.

I am a social researcher, mostly public affairs attitude stuff.

Baseball is a big participation sport, especially with kids now. Unlike cricket, where you get one turn at bat, baseball gives you three or four, and lots of chances to field, and its shorter for parents!

At the serious level, there is a pretty good competition in each major city, but no national league (there used to be; Paul LoDuca played here once).

The comp I play in, the Sydney competition, has ex minor league players going around, so its pretty good. (I K'd three times on saturday to a guy who is rehabbing back here who is with Oakland!) But we only get to play once or twice a week.

Lots of kids go off to play college ball, and a few get drafted. One of my 'mates' is a AAA catcher with the Tigers organisation.

2007-07-23 19:12:42
221.   kachang
213. Astros Announcer commenting the drawbacks of OPS

''s just an addition ... there's nothing mathematical about it.'

Great to see such a diverse crowd here tonight.

2007-07-23 19:13:53
222.   Indiana Jon
Good to see them put Kemp back in there today.
2007-07-23 19:14:31
223.   NorCal-Dodger
In Texas, they don't count adding as being mathematical
2007-07-23 19:14:34
224.   Connector
197 Next time that happens click on "options" then "performance" and click on "connection speed" and manually adjust it to the speed of your laptop connection. Often I have to switch back on forth between the options, and I have a PC. I think the quality of the connection is dependent upon the time of day / night, and the amount of internet traffic.

BTW I agree with 188 about the international flavor of this site. I'm posting from Israel.

2007-07-23 19:15:29
225.   Suffering Bruin
2007-07-23 19:15:42
226.   CanuckDodger
In the last thread a certain commenter said that Ian Snell is what we HOPE Billingsley becomes. I wonder if I was the only person who laughed at that. Billingsley is already better than Snell, and he is three years younger than Snell. At age 25, Billingsley has a good chance to be what Jake Peavy is now. Billingsley and Peavy were comparable prospects. Snell has been a nice surprise for Pittsburgh after being a nothing special as a prospect.
2007-07-23 19:16:11
227.   underdog
Wicked, wicked curve.

I'm posting from an office above a Vietnamese restaurant in San Francisco. Does that count as international?

2007-07-23 19:17:20
228.   bluegold
Billingsley is doing what Schmidt was supposed to do. Hats off to those of you more patient than I. A rotation of Penny/Lowe/Billingsley(tonight's version)/Wolf(on a good day)/Stults might carry the team into the playoffs. One more night of Hendrickson to endure, yuck.
2007-07-23 19:18:57
229.   NorCalDodger
227. San Fran often has its own foreign policy, so probably. I should know, I live in Berkeley. Only one place more liberal than Berkeley.

Can anyone find out whether Billz's strike to ball ratio tonight is due to the Stros swinging early in the count, or because he just has control tonight?

2007-07-23 19:19:17
230.   Charenton
It wasn't too difficult to find DT - I believe I found it in a google search well over a year ago and i've been a regular reader and very sporadic contributor ever since. It was great to see the photos of so many of you at the DT game last Saturday
2007-07-23 19:19:31
231.   Curtis Lowe
I would have let him finish.
2007-07-23 19:19:34
232.   underdog
Well, I might as well stick around for the end of this one now that it's almost here. Get some more work done, see Kemp bat, see Chad go for the CG. About as close to an "interesting" game as we'll likely get this year.
2007-07-23 19:19:49
233.   sydneydodger
224 have you seen any of the Israel baseball league yet?

a couple of young guys from my club here went over to play.

2007-07-23 19:20:08
234.   Steve in Rochester
226 I really like Bills, but I really doubt he'll ever be as dominating as Peavy.
2007-07-23 19:21:15
235.   Curtis Lowe
errr. I turned away at work real quick after the walk and saw a commercial and figured a pitching change.

please ignore me.

2007-07-23 19:21:40
236.   NorCal-Dodger
Ok..Bills for a 3H, SO and CG...
2007-07-23 19:22:07
237.   Hallux Valgus
nice vertical leap, Carlos!
2007-07-23 19:22:11
238.   imperabo
Productive second basemen tonight.
2007-07-23 19:22:15
239.   Jack Dawkins
217 If you don't get the audio only sorted out you can always listen to the video stream. That way you get Vin for the entire game on homestands and West Coast roadies

220 Sydneydodger, I presume you're not from the States, so I'm curious how did you become a Dodger fan?

Holy cow, looks like CG for Chad.

2007-07-23 19:22:34
240.   Robert Daeley
233 What team(s) do they play for? There's an IBL player from SoCal playing there and blogging about it.
2007-07-23 19:23:09
241.   Gen3Blue
223 Thats great. and just right. For sure, every processor Texas Instruments has built is based on an adder. But no need to tag Texas with Texas instruments.
2007-07-23 19:23:20
242.   Steve in Rochester
The Astros broadcast team was comparing Bills to Tom Seaver in terms of their body types. I never saw Seaver pitch, any thoughts from the rest of you?
2007-07-23 19:25:08
243.   sydneydodger
240 One is with the Express (Tel Aviv?), Dane Wigg, and the other, Michael Olson, is with a team whose name I forget.
2007-07-23 19:25:09
244.   underdog
229 I dunno exactly, but just from watching the game I'd say Billingsley's control has been mostly outstanding. The Astros may be generally feeble anyway, but they haven't had much of a chance with most of his pitches. They hit a few balls hard, too, of course, but overall, I think this is more Bills than the Astros' being week.
2007-07-23 19:25:09
245.   Connector
233 I took my son to see the Opening Day game. There were 3,000 fans in attendance, mostly American immigrants, like me.
Israel sports TV televises live games every Sunday. They've got a great Israeli commentator by the name of Ofer Shelach.
I believe if baseball ever catches on over here it will be to the credit of Shelach as much or more than the teams/players.
2007-07-23 19:25:29
246.   Hallux Valgus
242 I've never seen a picture of Seaver with such an, um, low center of gravity.
2007-07-23 19:25:36
247.   Greg Brock
Yay kids!
2007-07-23 19:25:39
248.   natepurcell
welcome home! Loney Bomb!
2007-07-23 19:25:43
249.   underdog
C'mon guys, stop hitting! I want to see the end and go home.
2007-07-23 19:25:46
250.   Indiana Jon
243 I can see the comparison. They have sort of similar deliveries too. I hope they have similar careers.
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2007-07-23 19:25:54
251.   Hallux Valgus
holy crap.
2007-07-23 19:26:00
252.   NorCalDodger
Meanwhile, Congrats to Jon Lester for coming back from lymphoma and getting the win in Clevland.
2007-07-23 19:26:18
253.   underdog
But I'll take THAT, for sure.

Sweet swing by J-Lo.

Boy, Moehler, he's... not very good is he?

2007-07-23 19:26:23
254.   Connector
All right, James!
2007-07-23 19:27:27
255.   Bob Timmermann
Seaver was known for his incredible leg strength and during his delivery, his knee would scrape the ground sometime.

Seaver in his prime was scary good.

2007-07-23 19:27:31
256.   Gen3Blue
I don't know. After seeing Donnelly's arm wave many home to their death, was he being circumspect? I don't know and It doesn't matter now. I have never seen a sweeter looking swing, I'm trying to access many years!
2007-07-23 19:27:37
257.   NorCal-Dodger some of this for tomorrow now..
2007-07-23 19:27:37
258.   bluegold
If only they had one of these hits yesterday in the bottom of the 10th.
2007-07-23 19:27:48
259.   underdog
C'mon ump, call him out - I have to go home. {whine}
2007-07-23 19:27:54
260.   Curtis Lowe
2007-07-23 19:28:01
261.   underdog
Ah, thanks Chad.
2007-07-23 19:28:19
262.   scareduck
224 - there used to be a Dodger blog run as a sideshow of a personal blog by a guy who has since run off to Israel; unfortunately, I can't recall the blog for the life of me now.
2007-07-23 19:28:47
263.   Bob Timmermann
Why the last Dodgers pitcher to go 0 for 5 was Odalis Perez in 2002?

2007-07-23 19:29:52
264.   Gagne55
I <3 Chad Billingsley.
2007-07-23 19:29:53
265.   underdog
262 I dunno either, though I always thought (I'm Jewish so I hope this comes off the right way) that a good name for a Dodger blog from Israel would be "HeBlue". Um... {crickets}

So! CG anyone?

2007-07-23 19:29:58
266.   Robert Daeley
240 The Express are in Ra'anana (Tel Aviv is about 20km south of there), and the guy I mentioned is a catcher for them. Small world. :) You should drop in and say hey at his site -- he's a big Dodger fan too.

2007-07-23 19:30:41
267.   NorCalDodger
263. Funny, when I first read that last pitcher to go 0-5 was in '02, I thought that was a bad thing. Took me a second to realize that its really a good thing.
2007-07-23 19:30:46
268.   underdog
Still throwing mid-90s.
2007-07-23 19:31:01
269.   Marty
I saw Seaver. He was amazing. He scraped his knee on the ground he got so low and pushed off so hard. The game I saw him pitch I was behind the dugout in the ninth. It certainly seemed to me he was throwing just as hard, if not harder than the first inning. I wish Bills could end up like Seaver.
2007-07-23 19:31:14
270.   Curtis Lowe
Wicked banana curve.
2007-07-23 19:31:25
271.   Hallux Valgus
jeez, that was the best curve of the night.
2007-07-23 19:32:35
272.   Gagne55
One more out.
2007-07-23 19:33:19
273.   Connector
265 Nice...
though I'm most proud of my Hebrew language Los Angeles Dodgers T-shirt.
I wore it to Opening Day.
2007-07-23 19:33:38
274.   Bluebleeder87
I'm gonna have to watch this game on the re-play, i can't believe i missed Bills 1st complete game!! it's been a busy busy day for me.
2007-07-23 19:33:56
275.   Steve in Rochester

sorry for the excitement, but I don't make it to many Dodger games, and I still hold a big grudge against Corey Patterson for beating out that infield single (by like less than half-a-step).

that was the best game I've ever been to, and I had it coming after witnessing a 20-1 beatdown of the Dodgers at Wrigley Field the year before.

2007-07-23 19:33:59
276.   Gagne55
Loney has not looked good in the field lately.
2007-07-23 19:34:17
277.   CanuckDodger
242 -- On the day that the Dodgers drafted Billingsley, back in June 2003, Logan White told the media that Billingsley reminded him of Tom Seaver, but without the drop-and-drive delivery.
2007-07-23 19:34:21
278.   Curtis Lowe
dang it
2007-07-23 19:34:24
279.   underdog
And a Lamb shall futilely attempt to lead them.

Party pooper.

2007-07-23 19:34:26
280.   Hallux Valgus
274 not yet...
2007-07-23 19:34:27
281.   Greg Brock
2007-07-23 19:34:31
282.   natepurcell
Loney owes Chad.
2007-07-23 19:34:35
283.   Steve in Rochester
oh no, so close.
2007-07-23 19:34:57
284.   Who Is Karim Garcia
2007-07-23 19:35:10
285.   Gagne55
Well that certainly sucked.
2007-07-23 19:35:28
286.   Curtis Lowe
Loney no good in 9th inning.
2007-07-23 19:35:35
287.   underdog
Feh. Just one more out, Chad. One more.
2007-07-23 19:35:51
288.   sydneydodger
have any of you seen Chris Snelling play (Seattle, Nationals, now Oakland)?

I play ball with his brother, and have met and gone on a university baseball trip with Chris, and he's a great guy. I feel so bad for him with all his injuries. People who know seem to think he is a real talent, but gets hurt every time he makes it to the show.

2007-07-23 19:36:11
289.   Hallux Valgus
woo hoo!
2007-07-23 19:36:16
290.   sweepstakes
This was pulled from

Remember this deal? The answer to a Dodgers trivia question is working in the Astros' Spanish-language broadcast booth.

That would be Alex Trevino, a former catcher who was involved in the last trade between the Dodgers and their rivals, the San Francisco Giants. Trevino was acquired at the 1985 Winter Meetings for Candy Maldonado and backup catcher Mike Scioscia.

2007-07-23 19:36:46
291.   underdog
He got it! Who cares about the shutout? A CG is fantastic.
2007-07-23 19:37:16
292.   Jon Weisman
New post up top.
2007-07-23 19:37:17
293.   Robert Daeley
Congrats to Chad. Forget the shutout -- giving the entire bullpen a day's complete rest is a marvelous substitute. :)
2007-07-23 19:37:31
294.   Gagne55
Buster Olney says Dodgers are most likely to aquire Dotel.
2007-07-23 19:37:49
295.   Charenton
The only problem with home games and other west coast games is that they often don't end until after 6 am in the morning - Paris time. Fortunately, I often don't work until noon…
Then again how does anyone watch MLB games in Israel which is in a time zone 2 hours to the east of here (11 hours from the West coast…)where an east coast game starts at 3am and a west coast game at 6am…
2007-07-23 19:38:01
296.   Connector
266 "playing for shekels"...funny. I think the players earn a pittance, something like $1 K - $ 2 K for the entire 8 week season.
2007-07-23 19:38:11
297.   Steve in Rochester
Buster Olney just stated that the Dodgers are the clear front-runner for Dotel on Baseball Tonight. Probably not news, but I thought it might be noteworthy.
2007-07-23 19:39:06
298.   Steve in Rochester
sorry for the double-up
2007-07-23 19:39:32
299.   Gen3Blue
276 But compared to who? Nomar or Tomato?
Actually,I appreciate your humor. Great game,friend.
2007-07-23 19:40:33
300.   scareduck
265 - how about, Dodger Jew?
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2007-07-23 19:41:57
301.   Gen3Blue
Bills gave us exactly what we needed right now.
Imagine if we had traded Loney and our best pitching prospect for one-D Texiera!!!
2007-07-23 19:55:38
302.   LADfan in IL
297 If it's for someone like Houlton, then fine. Otherwise pass! Let Hull and Meloan have a shot. That's a better option then trading anyone of merit for Dotel. No?
2007-07-23 20:29:53
303.   Louis in SF
If this has been covered......Colorado takes a two run lead in the 8th with a homer from apologies, but part of today's move makes no sense to me.

Bringing up Hull makes total sense, if he fails we find out about it, but he can pitch more than one inning. Stultz may not be the next Koufax but he does seem to know how to pitch and can be used for more than one inning. He is far more valuable to the Dodgers than Roberto Hernandez who at best can only pitch one inning at a time. Can somebody give me a good reason for not sending Roberto back to the minors to at least get sharper.

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