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Brad Penny: NL MVP?
2007-07-27 14:00
by Jon Weisman

Brad Penny's hitting and pitching prowess this season is reflected in the news being circulated by the Dodgers' public relations department that Penny might become the first Dodger pitcher to have a higher batting average than ERA (if you are kind enough to ignore placement of the decimal point) since Fernando Valenzuela in 1981 (.250 batting average, 2.48 ERA).

Although Penny's ERA rose to 2.51 after he allowed three runs in the sixth inning Thursday, his batting average climbed all the way to .293 thanks to a 2-for-3 night at the plate. In fact, Penny would be batting .317 if his third-inning line drive hadn't been turned into an unassisted double play by Todd Helton.

Besides Penny being a leading Cy Young candidate, it has actually started getting to the point where he is in position to receive Most Valuable Player votes. According to Baseball Prospectus, Penny's Value Over Replacement Player as a pitcher is 46.2 (tops in the National League). As a hitter, Penny's VORP is 7.1. The combined total of 53.3 places Penny third in the NL behind only Chase Utley of Philadelphia (53.5, but Utley just broke his hand) and Hanley Ramirez of Florida (53.4). While this doesn't factor in fielding for position players, it's still some pretty serious company to be in - especially when you realize how Penny has taken on the stature of staff stopper on a pennant contender.

In any case, what the whole batting average-over-ERA thing got me wondering was how Orel Hershiser could have avoided accomplishing this. In 1993. Hershiser began the year red-hot at the plate and only got hotter when summer arrived, crossing the .400 mark by going 2 for 2 on August 1 and getting as high as .424 (25 for 59) with an RBI double August 29. On that date, his batting average was well ahead of his 3.70 ERA.

As it turns out, Hershiser had a higher batting average than ERA all the way until the final batter he faced in 1993, on October 2 – the Dodgers' 161st game that year.

He entered the game batting .366 (26 for 71) with an ERA of 3.48 (81 earned runs in 209 1/3 innings pitched).

  • First inning: Giants didn't score; Hershiser did not bat. (.366/3.47)
  • Second inning: Giants scored two runs; Hershiser popped to short. (.361/3.53)
  • Third inning: Giants didn't score; Hershiser did not bat. (.361/3.52)
  • Fourth inning: Giants didn't score; Hershiser did not bat. (.361/3.51)
  • Fifth inning: Giants scored one run; Hershiser flied to center field. (.356/3.53)
  • Sixth inning: Giants didn't score; Hershiser did not bat. (.356/3.51)
  • Seventh inning: Will Clark singles on a pop fly down the left field line. Matt Williams flies out to left field. Barry Bonds is walked (apparently intentionally, with first base occupied). Dave Martinez doubles to center field, scoring Clark and Bonds. (.356/3.59)

    Kip Gross immediately replaced Hershiser, who would have needed to either get another hit, or avoid getting an out while not allowing any more runs through at least the eighth inning, in order to get his batting average higher than his ERA again.

    So close!

    Thanks to for enabling my research.

    * * *

    Also from the Dodger press notes:

    JORIS EST ARRIVE! – Joris Bert, the Dodgers 19th-round selection in the June 2007 First-Year Player Draft will make his professional debut tonight for the Gulf Coast League Dodgers. Bert became the first player drafted out of the MLB's European Academy, and the French outfielder is drawing quite a bit of attention across the Atlantic. Arnaud Romera and Michel Goldstein of France 2, a news station in France, arrived at Dodgertown this morning to cover Bert and his debut. The news crew figures to be the first of several French electronic and print media interested in the 20-year old Bert.

    * * *

    Tonight's 6:05 p.m. game:


    Retro Gameday

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    2007-07-27 14:16:04
    1.   trainwreck
    From the previous thread, why would the Phils get Iguchi? I thought Utley was not going to be out that long.
    2007-07-27 14:18:33
    2.   Daniel Zappala
    I think the key is they didn't give up much for him. Just a low-A reliever.
    2007-07-27 14:19:50
    3.   ToyCannon
    Great stuff Jon. I remember Orel being a good hitter but I don't remember that run at all.

    Considering Utely won't be increasing his VORP anymore for a while and that Hanley has the shoulder problem if Penny continues at this pace he could win the VORP crown. Woo Hoo

    2007-07-27 14:20:27
    4.   trainwreck
    Interesting proposition Jon. I doubt people outside of LA will pay attention to Penny as a hitter and I doubt they will seriously consider him for MVP, but you make a good case he should be in the consideration at least.
    2007-07-27 14:22:02
    5.   Daniel Zappala
    Who else would you pick for an MVP or Cy Young award at this point?
    2007-07-27 14:22:33
    6.   Jon Weisman
    Hershiser ended the season 1 for 14 after starting 25 for 59.

    During that season, I remember all the talk being about whether he would be the first starting pitcher to hit .400 since, I don't know, somebody.

    2007-07-27 14:24:46
    7.   MJW101
    Why is everyone so willing to trade Hu away for dross? Since Furcal has not performed well enough to justify his $13 million a year contract Hu, in 08, can easly replace his current production at a fraction of the price.

    If someone has to be sacrificed on the altar of Ned's annual trade time panic attack it should be Abreu.

    2007-07-27 14:27:04
    8.   Jon Weisman
    Tony Jackson goes from effusive to heartfelt (with a flashback to whiny) in a single, sweet blog post.

    2007-07-27 14:27:09
    9.   Greg Brock
    7 It's which players would be coming back. Hu and Young for Snell or Greinke would be nice. I don't think everybody is down on Hu. Just keen on the idea of getting more talented young starting pitching.

    But short of that, keep him.

    2007-07-27 14:27:48
    10.   Jon Weisman
    Martin and Kemp are resting tonight.

    2007-07-27 14:28:00
    11.   trainwreck
    My guess is that Jose Reyes will get a lot of MVP votes.
    2007-07-27 14:29:54
    12.   natepurcell
    The Dodgers remain the wild card in the Teixeira sweepstakes. They proposed first baseman James Loney, outfielder Andre Ethier and Class AAA right-hander John Meloan for Teixeira and right-handed reliever Joaquin Benoit, according to one source.

    updated rosenthal....

    2007-07-27 14:30:00
    13.   Icaros
    Looks like the three hole belongs to Loney now when Martin sits...10 times a season.
    2007-07-27 14:31:14
    14.   Icaros

    Better than trading Kershaw, but I still don't like it.

    2007-07-27 14:31:31
    15.   natepurcell

    or Tex....

    2007-07-27 14:31:33
    16.   Jon Weisman
    12 - "according to one source"

    by the name of Evan Grant?

    2007-07-27 14:31:36
    17.   trainwreck
    I would like to see Loney permanently in the three spot.
    2007-07-27 14:32:05
    18.   natepurcell

    i forgot to add this part:

    However, the fragile state of the Dodgers' rotation could force them to focus solely on pitching, and the Rangers are insisting that they include Class A left-hander Clayton Kershaw, a Dallas native, in a Teixeira deal.

    2007-07-27 14:33:02
    19.   trainwreck
    Totally not worth it.
    2007-07-27 14:33:07
    20.   fanerman
    Matt Kemp doesn't need to rest, he recovers energy by absorbing it directly from the sun.
    2007-07-27 14:33:34
    21.   fanerman
    Didn't Ned say somewhere that he saw no need to trade for a 1st baseman when he already had Loney?
    2007-07-27 14:33:54
    22.   bryanf
    Who was last to win both MVP and Cy Young in same year? Koufax, '63?
    2007-07-27 14:35:17
    23.   Humma Kavula
    I agree it's not worth it, but maybe not for the same reasons.

    I would do Loney and Meloan for Teixeira. Getting the extra win or so over Loney is worth giving up a relief pitcher, in my opinion.

    That leaves, basically, Ethier for Benoit, which I would not do. At all. And I'm not a huge Ethier fan.

    2007-07-27 14:35:21
    24.   Greg Brock
    All sportswriters should be have comas induced on July 21st, and be woken up on August 1st.

    For the greater good.

    2007-07-27 14:35:41
    25.   Humma Kavula
    22 Clemens 86, wasn't it?
    2007-07-27 14:36:59
    26.   bryanf
    25 Probably. Sadly, my sense of baseball history is lacking a bit outside of the Dodger universe.
    2007-07-27 14:37:11
    27.   trainwreck
    I could see us doing an Ethier for Otsuka deal or something similar.

    I would not be in favor of that trade.

    2007-07-27 14:37:41
    28.   Humma Kavula
    oh and duh -- eckersley.
    2007-07-27 14:39:10
    29.   bryanf
    28 Ah, yes, of course. That one I should have remembered. I guess Sandy was the last NL pitcher then.
    2007-07-27 14:40:35
    30.   bryanf
    29 Nope, looks like it was Bob Gibson, '68.
    2007-07-27 14:41:01
    31.   blue22
    28 - Eckersley?
    2007-07-27 14:41:12
    32.   ToyCannon
    Pedro never did?
    2007-07-27 14:42:58
    33.   Humma Kavula
    32 Pedro won the CY in 1999 and was 2nd in the MVP vote to Pudge Rodriguez.
    2007-07-27 14:43:19
    34.   Humma Kavula
    31 Yes, Eckersley -- AL MVP 1992.
    2007-07-27 14:44:10
    35.   regfairfield
    23 Yes, you're getting an extra win (maybe only half of one) this year from Tex, but then you lose four years of service time from Loney, and have to pay Tex 12 million until 2008 for the privilege.

    I think Teixeira is a little over rated because he hits a lot of jacks in a hitters park. While I used to be for Loney and Lowe for Teixiera (prior to the Dodgers pitching issues), I wouldn't even give up Loney for him straight up anymore.

    This is coming from someone who is not a huge Loney fan.

    2007-07-27 14:44:27
    36.   ToyCannon
    He was jobbed.
    2007-07-27 14:44:35
    37.   blue22
    34 - Wow, I don't recall that. A reliever for MVP; how 'bout that.
    2007-07-27 14:46:39
    38.   Humma Kavula
    36 Yes, he was.
    2007-07-27 14:47:53
    39.   D4P
    51 saves...!

    BTW: How many MVP votes did Baez get during his 40+ save year...?

    2007-07-27 14:49:08
    40.   Greg Brock
    Pitchers shouldn't win the MVP. That's what everybody tells me. They have the Cy Young for that.

    I think it's a ridiculous argument. But enough people believe it to ruin chances for pitchers.

    2007-07-27 14:50:43
    41.   bryanf
    40 True. I was surprised to see how many pitchers had actually won the MVP. I would have thought it would have been a lot less.
    2007-07-27 14:52:30
    42.   bryanf
    From the ultra-reliable Wikipedia:

    "Since 1967, when the Cy Young has been awarded in both leagues, pitchers have won the MVP award 7 times, the last being Dennis Eckersley in 1992."

    2007-07-27 14:53:40
    43.   Humma Kavula
    35 All valid and lots to think about.

    Still, I wonder what the Dodgers' postseason chances would look like with Teixeira at 1B instead of Loney. PECOTA looks at that, right? If the percentages go up enough -- and I don't know how much would be enough -- I think I'd do it.

    2007-07-27 14:54:08
    44.   D4P
    The bigger problem is limiting the MVP candidates to primarily those teams with the best records. Kinda like only giving the Pac-10 POY award to a player on the first place team.
    2007-07-27 14:55:10
    45.   Icaros
    Didn't Willie (Guillermo) Hernandez win MVP and CY Young for Detroit in '84?
    2007-07-27 14:56:50
    46.   Greg Brock
    44 There needs to be a "Best Player" award if everybody can't win MVP.

    Look at the numbers, use VORP or Win Shares, and give the award to the best guy. No inane chatter. Just performance. Crazy, huh?

    2007-07-27 14:57:03
    47.   bryanf
    39 I know you were kidding, but while Baez received no MVP votes, Mariano Rivera did finish 9th with only two more saves than Baez. Of course, Rivera's ERA (1.38) was less than half of Baez's (2.86).
    2007-07-27 14:57:24
    48.   Icaros

    Yes, he did. I just impressed myself.

    2007-07-27 14:59:19
    49.   bryanf
    46 So, wait...the Baseball Writers Association would have nothing to do with it? Blasphemy!
    2007-07-27 15:00:03
    50.   D4P
    I'm a very strong proponents of using "Player of the Year" language instead of "MVP".
    Show/Hide Comments 51-100
    2007-07-27 15:00:57
    51.   Jacob L
    47 Yes, but without looking it up, Baez probably got a save in well over half of his team's wins. The same cannot be said for Rivera. Not that I'm seriously making a case for Baez as an MVP contender. What was my point, again?
    2007-07-27 15:02:08
    52.   Humma Kavula
    51 Your point, I think, was that Ned Colletti should find a deal with the Devil Rays.
    2007-07-27 15:03:10
    53.   bryanf
    Interesting that Jon's point about Penny being an MVP candidate takes his numbers at the plate into account. The most recent five MVP pitchers were all in the AL. As mentioned above, Clemens, Eckersley, and Hernandez as well as Rollie Fingers in '81 and Vida Blue in '71. You have to go to 1968 to find Bob Gibson as the last NL MVP pitcher. Maybe the DH's numbers were counted as the pitcher's?
    2007-07-27 15:03:17
    54.   Daniel Zappala
    50 So strong that you count more than once.
    2007-07-27 15:05:41
    55.   D4P
    I am legion.
    2007-07-27 15:07:00
    56.   Jon Weisman
    Tony Jackson says he had attended 448 consecutive Dodger games until last night. Wow.
    2007-07-27 15:07:19
    57.   fanerman
    More small sample size/ignoring stolen bases fun.

    Brad Penny batting: .293/.326/.390, 87 OPS+
    Juan Pierre batting: .284/.316/.337, 72 OPS+

    2007-07-27 15:07:50
    58.   bryanf
    51 Looking it up:

    Baez had 41 saves of the D-Rays' 67 wins (61%).

    Rivera had 43 saves of the Yanks' 95 wins (45%).

    I definitely have lost my point. Now I'm just having fun looking stuff up since I am usually the guy saying "Does anybody know...?"

    2007-07-27 15:08:57
    59.   ToyCannon
    So the Phillies just got a starting 2nd baseman for the next 6 weeks plus a number one pick next summer when he leaves via free agency for a non descript minor league pitcher or with the new CBA is he not a type A FA?
    2007-07-27 15:09:54
    60.   thinkblue0
    man, if we do that rumored deal for Tex I'll be furious...we've got a great thing going, why mess it up?

    I'm all about getting someone like Dotel, but if it's going to cost a really good prospect then why bother? I'd rather keep the prospect and just bring up Meloan.

    2007-07-27 15:10:14
    61.   D4P

    Penny: 97
    Pierre: 53

    To be fair, Penny is a lot bigger.

    2007-07-27 15:13:19
    62.   bigcpa
    Something I did not know... since 2005 Teixeira has 17 HR at home and 29 on the road.
    2007-07-27 15:14:33
    63.   ToyCannon
    He called us La La Land.
    2007-07-27 15:14:34
    64.   Humma Kavula
    62 interesting. what about doubles?
    2007-07-27 15:14:52
    65.   Disabled List
    Loney/Ethier/Meloan for Teixiera and Benoit is an awful deal for us. We'd be giving way too much for a middle reliever and an expensive first baseman who will bolt after next year. Only a desperate, panicky GM who's overly influenced by local media boobs would consider this tr--

    Uh oh.

    2007-07-27 15:14:55
    66.   thinkblue0

    Yeah. He's definitely a good hitter, but to give up Loney + a couple other prospects for him is just ridiculous. We've got our first baseman for the next several years and there's no reason to trade him for a guy that we'll have to pay 100 or so mill to. It just makes no sense.

    2007-07-27 15:15:49
    67.   ToyCannon
    I don't think Tex is a figment of playing in Texas. He has little power however from the right side. His home/road career splits are skewed by his 1st year.
    2007-07-27 15:16:12
    68.   natepurcell
    So the Phillies just got a starting 2nd baseman for the next 6 weeks plus a number one pick next summer when he leaves via free agency for a non descript minor league pitcher or with the new CBA is he not a type A FA?

    I think there is something in his contract that stipulates that he cannot be offered arbitration.

    2007-07-27 15:16:22
    69.   Humma Kavula
    63 He also calls Denver the greatest city in the world.

    Eat it, Paree!

    2007-07-27 15:16:46
    70.   fanerman
    I still don't think Ned is that crazy. I'm not gonna panic too much. Most media people are looneys this time of year.
    2007-07-27 15:17:29
    71.   natepurcell
    i saw the Simpsons Movie last night. It was funny.
    2007-07-27 15:17:41
    72.   regfairfield
    59 He was a B coming into this year, and he's had a bad year. He's probably on the very edge of compensation.
    2007-07-27 15:20:04
    73.   Underbruin
    More fun with small sample sizes:

    2007 EqA -

    Juan Pierre: .245
    Hong-Chih Kuo: .261

    2007-07-27 15:20:25
    75.   bryanf
    Just to beat a dead horse:

    Eckersley 1992 was 7-1 with 51 saves and a 1.91 ERA (196 ERA+). The A's won 96 games that year meaning he saved 53% of them.

    Gagne 2003 was 2-3 with 55 saves and a 1.20 ERA (335 ERA+). The Dodgers won 85 games that year meaning he saved 65% of them. He got the CY but was 6th in MVP voting.

    Bonds got the MVP both years, but of course he was in a different league than Eckersley. Different eras (and ERAs) I guess.

    2007-07-27 15:21:00
    76.   Marty
    56 And Betemit stunk in every one of them.
    2007-07-27 15:22:24
    77.   Greg Brock
    74 Fair deal. I say we go for it.
    2007-07-27 15:22:49
    78.   trainwreck
    How about no.
    2007-07-27 15:22:51
    79.   Disabled List
    74 Evan Grant, is that you?
    2007-07-27 15:23:03
    80.   fanerman
    74 That's not fair at all. I think we'd have to give up Meloan, Kershaw, and Ethier, too, to make it fair. What do you think?
    2007-07-27 15:23:14
    81.   regfairfield
    74 No team has dealt two top 100 prospects at the deadline in the last 14 years. You want two top 40 ones, plus arguably our best player under 25 and a guy who is probably one of the top 15 relief pitchers in baseball. That would be worse than the Steve Finley, Curt Schilling, and Pete Harnisch for someone I don't remember deal.
    2007-07-27 15:23:45
    82.   natepurcell
    The deed to Dodger Stadium should be included.
    2007-07-27 15:23:46
    83.   trainwreck
    Let's give them Kershaw and Billingsley as well.
    2007-07-27 15:24:39
    84.   trainwreck
    Actually, no Lofton, no deal!!
    2007-07-27 15:24:53
    85.   Underbruin
    I for one welcome our new Texas-based overlords.
    2007-07-27 15:25:40
    86.   bryanf
    Hey, maybe we can get Texas to throw in their statue of Nolan Ryan. I know he is not a Dodger fan, but it's a start.
    2007-07-27 15:26:05
    88.   Hallux Valgus
    81 Glenn Davis?
    2007-07-27 15:26:31
    89.   Disabled List
    LOL @ posts 77-86... I think the trade deadline has put us all on edge. The snark level in here just redlined.
    2007-07-27 15:27:36
    90.   Greg Brock
    My sarcasm detector just exploded.

    Anybody have a dust pan and fox tail I can borrow?

    2007-07-27 15:29:28
    92.   Daniel Zappala
    Don't poke the Dodger fan with that stick!
    2007-07-27 15:30:07
    93.   Disabled List
    91 Knock it off, Evan. You can't have my Bud Light.
    2007-07-27 15:30:15
    94.   Humma Kavula
    And somewhere, herm giggles.

    Oh, the trouble you've caused!

    2007-07-27 15:31:28
    96.   Dark Horse
    84-I say Lyndon LaRouche, Toni Braxton, Johnny Kemp & Laura Linney for Tex...I'd do that deal in a heartbeat.
    2007-07-27 15:31:28
    97.   trainwreck
    I remember that Gagne guy. Terrible starter.
    2007-07-27 15:31:51
    98.   Sushirabbit
    I just want Kent to get on tonight and Fogg to try and throw him out and then Kent to steal a base.
    2007-07-27 15:32:06
    99.   fanerman
    I LOLed at that little exchange. I hope nobody in the office noticed.
    2007-07-27 15:32:23
    100.   ToyCannon
    Seldom has a lurker caused so much consternation. Well done.
    Show/Hide Comments 101-150
    2007-07-27 15:34:10
    101.   Humma Kavula
    96 No way I give up Linney. She is one of the league leaders in AAA (acting above average).
    2007-07-27 15:35:15
    103.   Underbruin
    95 - Let's not walk down that road with the folks here... Oh, more fun with sample size:

    2007 HORP (Heart over replacement player):
    Kuo: 0 (Injured players have no heart! See Drew, J.D.)
    Pierre: -65,535 (Integer overflow - his heart is so big it wraps all the way around the value scale)

    2007-07-27 15:35:25
    104.   Disabled List
    I was LOLing too. I'm serious, the trade deadline has everybody wound up way too tight.

    This would be even more funny, except deep down inside, we all have an unsettling feeling that if Colletti was offered a bag of Doritos for Kemp and Loney, he might actually go for it if he happened to be hungry at the time.

    2007-07-27 15:36:31
    105.   MJW101
    Maybe the Dodgers should send Greg Miller to Mike Marshall's pitching school to straighten out his control issues. What can it hurt? They have tried everything else.
    2007-07-27 15:36:50
    106.   Humma Kavula
    104 Ned would hold out for Cool Ranch.
    2007-07-27 15:38:36
    107.   Underbruin
    106 - I can see the Plaschke article now: "You can't put this old-fashioned GM out to pasture. {Subheading - Colletti finds value in coolest of places.}
    2007-07-27 15:39:05
    108.   D4P
    if Colletti was offered a bag of Doritos for Kemp and Loney, he might actually go for it if he happened to be hungry at the time

    "My gut is telling me no... but my gut is also very hungry. ..."

    2007-07-27 15:40:35
    109.   underdog
    96 Oh, I'd do Laura Linney in a heartbeat, too. Sounds like a fair deal.


    2007-07-27 15:42:30
    110.   Johnson
    101 I, too, would prefer to hold on to Linney. Maybe we could complete the deal with somebody more Lindsey Lohan-y.
    2007-07-27 15:43:30
    111.   ToyCannon
    The baseball establishment would cut off their arms before admitting that an arrogant outsider like Mike Marshall knew something they don't. I wish someone would throw the screwball again. I keep hearing how it is bad for your arm and then I look at Mike and Fernando's career and how many lousy pitchers could use a trick pitch and wonder.

    Not in any way saying that Mike and Fernando would have been lousy pitchers if they didn't throw the screwball.

    2007-07-27 15:45:35
    112.   Humma Kavula
    110 Or perhaps Kate Bosworth; she's Lois Lane-y.
    2007-07-27 15:46:49
    113.   trainwreck
    Yankees are trying to trade Kei Igawa.

    Kei Igawa wishes he was Kaz Ishii.

    2007-07-27 15:49:14
    114.   Daniel Zappala
    104 The proper form of LOLing is LingOL.
    2007-07-27 15:51:05
    115.   Icaros
    Wasn't signing Igawa the centerpiece of Nate's offseason plan last winter?
    2007-07-27 15:53:17
    116.   trainwreck
    Buster Olney did mention the Padres and us. I don't think Ned would want him though.
    2007-07-27 15:53:27
    117.   Humma Kavula
    114 Why do we even need it? Can't the first L stand for laughing just as easily?

    "It had me LOL."

    2007-07-27 15:59:09
    118.   Robert Daeley
    90 "A sarcasm detector, that's a real useful invention."
    2007-07-27 15:59:58
    119.   fanerman
    117 I just treat LOL as if it were a verb of its own (pronounced as one word instead of 3 letters).
    2007-07-27 16:01:54
    120.   Jon Weisman
    117 - "You had me at LOL."
    2007-07-27 16:03:06
    121.   Underbruin
    Question - when laughing about 'LOL' jokes, does it then become inappropriate to use LOL itself in a response post?

    Recursive error, does not compute!

    2007-07-27 16:20:41
    122.   trainwreck
    The Padres just got Scott Hairston from the D-Backs for pitcher Leo Rosales.

    The balance of power in the NL West shifts again.

    2007-07-27 16:24:39
    123.   underdog
    The DBacks traded to a competitor in their own division? What the...? Sheesh. Well, whatever. Is Hairston really any better than Marcus Giles?
    2007-07-27 16:25:48
    124.   Greg Brock
    It's all LOL all the time here, so I filed the LOL.

    If I had to LOL every time I LOL'd, this place would be nothing buy LOL's. Jon Weisman's Dodger Thoughts and LOL Emporium.

    A subsidiary of Globo-Chem

    2007-07-27 16:29:52
    125.   ImprobableImpossible

    Maybe you're thinking of second baseman/alleged steroid purchaser Jerry Hairston Jr.

    Scott Hairston is fourth or fifth outfielder type.

    2007-07-27 16:30:35
    126.   ImprobableImpossible
    sorry, that was for 123
    2007-07-27 16:31:16
    127.   King of the Hobos
    123 Are the Padres going to use him at 2B? That's like us using Delwyn at 2B.

    How often do two competitive teams in the same division make a deal at the deadline? That has to a pretty rare occurrence.

    2007-07-27 16:34:14
    128.   trainwreck
    Where's Pit-Pat?
    2007-07-27 16:43:18
    129.   underdog
    125 Well, sort of. But I know Scott Hairston. He's really not all that special. And I was thinking the Padres wanted another second baseman because Giles has been flatlining - I'd heard they were interested in Iguchi before the Phillies acquired him. But, yes, you're right, this Hairston is an outfielder. Huh. Odd trade.
    2007-07-27 16:44:43
    130.   underdog
    I actually heard someone speak outloud "L-O-L" to someone the other day. Instead of, you know, laughing. Made me want to c-r-y.
    2007-07-27 16:46:16
    131.   King of the Hobos
    129 To your credit, Scott was once a 2B, although that was several years ago. Horrible defensively, so he was moved to the OF, much like Delwyn. I'm guessing that playing Hairston at 2B isn't really an option, except in emergencies.
    2007-07-27 16:47:40
    132.   Hallux Valgus
    130 Occassionally I'll pronounce "ROFLMAO" phonetically in conversation, just because I think it's fun to say.
    2007-07-27 16:52:52
    133.   Bluebleeder87

    the visual of ROFLMAO is a lot more compelling then a simple LOL.IMO.

    2007-07-27 16:52:55
    134.   Humma Kavula

    But if you go sayin' things like ROFLMAO
    You ain't gonna make it with anyone anyhow

    2007-07-27 16:54:52
    135.   Vishal
    [117] that's like the question of whether the plural should be "RBI", or "RBIs"
    2007-07-27 16:55:34
    136.   Jon Weisman
    sung by Big Bird (Carroll Spinney)
    Music and Lyrics by Joe Raposo & Jon Stone

    It's the most remarkable word I've ever seen
    I wish I knew exactly what I mean
    It starts out like an "A" word as anyone can see
    But somewhere in the middle it gets awful "QR" to me
    If I ever find out just what this word can mean
    I'll be the smartest bird the world has ever seen!

    It might be kind of an elephant
    Or a funny kind of kazoo
    Or strange, exotic turtle
    You never see in a zoo
    Or maybe a kind of a doggie
    Or particular shade of blue
    Or maybe a pretty flower
    Naah, not with a name like that, Uh uh!

    It's the most remarkable word I've ever seen
    I wish I knew exactly what I mean
    It starts out like an "A" word as anyone can see
    But somewhere in the middle it gets awful "QR" to me
    If I ever find out just what this word can mean
    I'll be the smartest bird the world has ever seen!

    2007-07-27 16:55:49
    137.   Greg Brock
    135 What wrong with RsBI?
    2007-07-27 16:56:41
    138.   Vishal
    [130] omgwtfbbq
    2007-07-27 16:57:56
    139.   Vishal
    [137] i thought about including it but come on, even you have to admit it sounds preposterous.
    2007-07-27 16:58:05
    140.   Humma Kavula
    136 That was one of my favorites on the Sesame Street record I had when I was a small boy.


    2007-07-27 17:00:39
    141.   Jon Weisman
    Looks like this will be the game chat thread, unless there's late Lowe news. But all's quiet so far.
    2007-07-27 17:00:54
    142.   regfairfield
    136 Now that I think about it, how does the J-R part of the alphabet turn into "checkleferknocker".
    2007-07-27 17:01:14
    143.   confucius
    I always say RsBI.
    2007-07-27 17:01:40
    144.   Humma Kavula
    I also had the Muppet Show record.

    Let's all sing the rhyming song, the rhyming song, the rhyming song,
    Let's take turns and rhyme together
    The rhyming song

    I left my keys in your car (the rhyming song, the rhyming song)
    There's no hot water at my hotel (the rhyming song!)

    2007-07-27 17:03:08
    145.   Greg Brock
    139 My good man, preposterous is my business. And business is gooooooood.
    2007-07-27 17:05:53
    146.   trainwreck
    Season-ending surgery for Randy Johnson, possible career-ending surgery too.
    2007-07-27 17:05:54
    147.   Jon Weisman



    2007-07-27 17:09:59
    148.   underdog
    142 Sounds like a name from a Preston Sturges comedy.
    2007-07-27 17:11:40
    149.   underdog
    This is what the mlbtraderumors guy just posted about the Hairston trade, fwiw.
    "I've always wanted to see what Hairston could do with a healthy 500 ABs, but he's run into bad luck at the worst times. He was once very highly regarded; you can read a post I wrote on his history here. Hairston's only played outfield this year, but he broke in as a second baseman so he might be able to fill in for Marcus Giles if the Padres can put up with subpar defense. Otherwise he can help out at either outfield corner, especially against lefties."

    I think he's overrating this a bit, but I guess we'll see.

    2007-07-27 17:19:57
    150.   Telemachos
    132 Coming late to the party here:

    On geek boards, I've seen ROFTL pronounced (and even spelled) "roofles".

    It's also the answer of any Evan Grant-related statement:

    "The Dodgers are offering Loney, Kemp, Martin, and Broxton for Teixeira, but the Rangers want Billingsley too."


    (There's a pretty funny/stupid ROFTLMAO music video on YouTube, btw)... and yes, I should really be getting back to work.)

    Show/Hide Comments 151-200
    2007-07-27 17:21:13
    151.   still bevens
    146 This was on Rotoworld's post which seemed alarmist to me:

    It's pretty disturbing that he didn't continue to rehab given that the Diamondbacks are still in the race. They're a whole lot more likely to be sellers now.

    Why would the Diamondbacks be sellers when they're 1 1/2 games out of first place and Johnson was barely healthy getting the team to this point in the first place?

    2007-07-27 17:22:14
    152.   Humma Kavula
    I been browsin', inspectin' X-Men comics
    You know I collect 'em
    The pens in my pocket, I must protect them
    My ergonomic keyboard never leaves me bored
    Shoppin' online for deals on some writable media
    I edit Wikipedia
    I memorized Holy Grail really well
    I can recite it right now and have you R-O-T-F-L-O-L
    2007-07-27 17:24:30
    153.   confucius
    1-0 Astros in the first. First and third one out. Peavy pitching for the Padres.
    2007-07-27 17:25:57
    154.   Vishal
    [152] weird al lyrics? i was born in the same town as weird al, you know.
    2007-07-27 17:27:04
    155.   Humma Kavula
    Where be that?
    2007-07-27 17:27:54
    156.   confucius
    Next two hitters strike out. Peavy out of the jam.
    2007-07-27 17:30:51
    157.   Vishal
    [155] straight outta lynwood, ca
    2007-07-27 17:33:54
    158.   Humma Kavula
    157 just a short cruise down imperial highway...
    2007-07-27 17:39:53
    159.   Bluebleeder87
    Peavy just tied it up with a single 1-1
    2007-07-27 17:40:34
    160.   confucius
    Jake Peavy singles in a run.

    1-1 top 2nd.

    2007-07-27 17:42:44
    161.   confucius
    B. Giles singles in a run.

    2-1 Padres Middle of the 2nd.

    2007-07-27 17:42:57
    162.   Bluebleeder87
    maybe i'm biased but i always feel Peavy is gonna get hurt or have a short career with his non traditional delivery, or maybe it's just jealousy that he rocks as a pitcher, I don't know.
    2007-07-27 17:44:55
    163.   Jon Weisman
    Rain delay

    2007-07-27 17:49:08
    164.   confucius
    Rain delays are good when Brett Tomko is your scheduled starter.
    2007-07-27 17:49:20
    165.   Humma Kavula

    I see there that Juan Pierre: In My Own Words is coming.

    If anyone is counting on me to twist those words, that person will not be disappointed.

    2007-07-27 17:53:36
    166.   confucius
    Milton Bradley homers
    3-1 Padres.
    2007-07-27 17:54:31
    167.   underdog
    Welp, I'm gonna go do something that is even funnier than watching Brett Tomko pitch - see the Simpsons movie. So, my fingers are crossed. Maybe it'll get rained out. Check in with y'all again later.
    2007-07-27 18:00:01
    168.   NorCalDodger,1,5877885.column?page=2&coll=la-headlines-sports-mlb-dodger

    Interesting article by Bill Plashke. I actually think that booing Bonds its perfectly acceptable, even when he breaks the record, because it attacks the cheater who broke Aaron's record. But he makes a solid argument for not booing.

    2007-07-27 18:00:04
    169.   NorCalDodger,1,5877885.column?page=2&coll=la-headlines-sports-mlb-dodger

    Interesting article by Bill Plashke. I actually think that booing Bonds its perfectly acceptable, even when he breaks the record, because it attacks the cheater who broke Aaron's record. But he makes a solid argument for not booing.

    2007-07-27 18:01:52
    170.   confucius
    Peavy has retired 8 in a row.
    3IP 5K's.
    2007-07-27 18:04:50
    171.   Greg Brock
    A stretched thread/double post combo is great.

    I wish I thought of it first.

    2007-07-27 18:05:19
    172.   Eric Stephen
    Jake Peavy's is in 2nd place on the Padres' all-time K list. Peavy, at 26, should pass franchise leader Andy Benes sometime in August. The current Padres' franchise K leaders (through the 3rd inning this evening):

    Andy Benes 1,036
    Peavy 991
    Trevor Hoffman 963
    Eric Show 951
    Andy Ashby 829

    In the same period that the Padres have existed (1969-present), the Dodgers have had 8 pitchers with more Ks than Benes's 1,036.

    2007-07-27 18:06:57
    173.   natepurcell
    this doesn't make sense to me...(from diamond leungs)

    I spoke with one scout who compared Meloan's stuff to Barry Zito's.

    2007-07-27 18:08:15
    174.   Greg Brock
    173 To be fair, they are both White male humans who throw baseballs.
    2007-07-27 18:08:43
    175.   Gen3Blue
    Darn, its 9:00 pm here, and we don't want much rain delay.
    Also. MB put the Padres up. I know he's an intelligent guy but I was counting on him to mess SD up more than he helps. But if he has learned, thats a bummer.
    2007-07-27 18:10:52
    176.   Eric Enders
    174 They both pitched in the Pac-10. That's good enough for me.

    Also, neither of them have been in my kitchen.

    2007-07-27 18:14:02
    179.   Dark Horse
    Mightn't the point of comparison be simply Meloan's hammer-curve?

    That wouldn't be a bad thing, if it were.

    2007-07-27 18:17:14
    180.   Kingmans Performance
    /off topic on

    I've heard of driving, boating and even riding (a horse) while inoxicated but never Space Shuttling while drunk.

    What in heck is the matter with NASA astronauts?


    /off topic off

    2007-07-27 18:18:32
    181.   Greg Brock
    179 Stuff mean repertoire. If they both have 12 to 6 curveballs, they both have good curveballs. Meloan has a curveball like Zito's.

    He also throws 95 MPH.

    2007-07-27 18:18:47
    182.   Eric Stephen
    Peavy is up to 74 pitches through 4 IP, but it's 3-1 Padres. Peavy was at 70 pitches with 2 on and none out in the 4th, but got 3 outs in his next 4 pitches (including a 4-6-3 DP).
    2007-07-27 18:19:51
    183.   Bluebleeder87

    they also breath on have skin & hair.

    2007-07-27 18:20:22
    184.   Eric Enders
    Three of the following quotes are fake. One of them is real and was posted on Diamond Leung's blog today. Which is it?

    "Giving up a lot of home runs can be a positive thing, because when you give one up you know how not to pitch that guy in the future."
    -- Brett Tomko

    "I think the lack of power helped me get to the big leagues as quick as I did."
    -- Juan Pierre

    "I swing at pitches out of the strike zone because it's a way of letting the pitcher know he can't relax, there's no pitch location where he's safe."
    -- Nomar Garciaparra

    "How many errors you have as a second baseman is meaningless. An error's just one extra opportunity to turn a double play."
    -- Jeff Kent

    2007-07-27 18:20:39
    185.   Bluebleeder87
    as i was typing that Peavy just got another hit. I guess he wants to give Penny a run for his money
    2007-07-27 18:22:20
    186.   Eric Stephen
    184 Without looking I'd guess Pierre's quote is real, with the likelihood rankings as follows:


    2007-07-27 18:22:40
    187.   The Mootz
    I'm thinking steroids will not be in the Dodger goodie bag.

    2007-07-27 18:23:06
    188.   Bluebleeder87

    you gotta think the Pierre quote is fake no? It's baseball talk with the others I feel.

    2007-07-27 18:23:20
    189.   Greg Brock
    184 Whichever it is, it will be mocked mercilessly.

    And those are all believable. Nice work on those. I haven't a clue which is real. I'll go with what the CF said.

    2007-07-27 18:26:45
    190.   Eric Stephen
    184 In my mind, I can hear Grady saying the Tomko quote with a wry smile on his face.
    2007-07-27 18:27:38
    191.   Humma Kavula
    184 Oooh! Ooh! I know! I know!
    2007-07-27 18:28:59
    192.   Eric Enders
    The Pierre quote is indeed the real one.
    2007-07-27 18:29:13
    193.   D4P
    Whichever it is, it will be mocked mercilessly

    When it comes to mockery, we're all Cobra Kai.

    2007-07-27 18:29:32
    194.   scooplew
    Interesting posting on Hershiser. Because of the scoreless inning streak, his great won-loss record and the magic of that season, I had forgotten about his hitting prowess.
    Here's a small quiz to pass the time during the rain delay: Who has the highest batting average in major league history of all players with at least 50 at bats? (The answer will surprise many people).
    2007-07-27 18:31:29
    195.   D4P
    Pierre is also the one who reminded us that, while hitting 50 HRs in a season is fine, you still have 550 other ABs where you're not hitting HRs.
    2007-07-27 18:32:42
    196.   Bluebleeder87


    2007-07-27 18:34:51
    197.   Eric Stephen
    194 I looked it up, and it's impressive that only four people are higher than Ty Cobb's .366 even though the 50 AB threshold is so low.

    It was a *goo*d question, and there's a fat chance anyone would guess the correct answer.

    2007-07-27 18:35:18
    198.   Eric Enders
    One of the most satisfying Dodger games I ever attended was during that year when Hershiser had a great batting average.

    Not only did the D's put a 15-1 hurting on the Giants, but Orel pitched a complete game and got two hits to raise his average to .378. This was during the period when we were still trying to figure out whether Piazza was for real or not.

    2007-07-27 18:36:46
    199.   Eric Enders
    Terry Forster, but I only got it because Eric gave it away.
    2007-07-27 18:38:45
    200.   Eric Stephen
    198 Piazza was a gift from the gods. I started following the Dodgers in 1984, and the Dodgers did not have a 30 HR, 100 RBI man in my baseball-watching life until Piazza's 35-112 in 1993. As a catcher. A rookie catcher.
    Show/Hide Comments 201-250
    2007-07-27 18:40:20
    201.   Eric Stephen
    I haven't yet received it in the mail, but I'd like to apologize to Dodger fans everywhere because I have jinxed Chad Billingsley by purchasing a Dodgers #58 road jersey.
    2007-07-27 18:44:51
    202.   Eric Stephen
    I want to state for the record that I no longer hold 30 HR + 100 RBI with the same regard that I once did. It was hard trying convince family members and friends that Eric Karros wasn't really that special with his "in the end the numbers will be there" five 30-100 seasons in six.
    2007-07-27 18:45:31
    203.   El Lay Dave
    201 Dude, before the trade deadline??!!
    2007-07-27 18:45:35
    204.   Eric Stephen
    I've never had four posts in a row, so I'll ask: has anyone heard an update on the Dodger game possible start time?
    2007-07-27 18:46:03
    205.   Eric Stephen
    4 seconds from 4.

    Hey, 5 out of 6. Just like Karros.

    2007-07-27 18:48:43
    206.   Bluebleeder87

    if you don't mind my asking, what home Jersey were you wearing on the DT get together? I remember is was a home jersey but i forget who's # you were wearing.

    2007-07-27 18:48:50
    207.   scooplew
    197 199 You are both correct. It is reliever Terry Forster, who played for the Dodgers 1978-79 and 1981-82. (He wasn't in the majors in 1980. I don't remember if he was hurt). Forster had a career batting average of .397, 31 for 78, and was 4 for 12 for the Dodgers. In 1972, he was 10 for 19 for the White Sox, a mark of .526. Also interesting is that his career batting average, .397, was far higher than his career ERA of 3.23. (That must be a very small club). Forster holds the record of the highest batting average of anyone who had either 50 at bats or 15 years of major league experience.
    2007-07-27 18:49:28
    208.   Eric Stephen
    Diamond Leung says game will start at 8:15pm at the earliest, if it all. I'm assuming that's Colorado time.
    2007-07-27 18:50:09
    209.   Bluebleeder87

    Vinnie said something like with in an hour I think.

    2007-07-27 18:51:12
    210.   Eric Stephen
    206 It was just a blank home white jersey. I was thinking about putting my name on the new jersey, but decided to get in on the ground floor with something special. If I would have had the money, I would have bought a Gagne jersey in 1999 when he came up.
    2007-07-27 18:53:22
    211.   Eric Stephen
    206 I think in one of ToyCannon's pictures I am browsing Dodger Thoughts on my phone. Sadly, not an iPhone like Branch Rickey.
    2007-07-27 18:54:57
    212.   El Lay Dave
    Nice story about Orel in 1993. He almost accomplished the feat in 1985 as well, posting a 2.03 ERA (that's a 172 ERA+ !) and a .197 BA, although he went 3-3 in his last start, so it wasn't like the horserace of 1993.
    2007-07-27 18:56:11
    213.   Daniel Zappala
    The storm hitting Denver was here in SLC last night. If they get hit the way we did, there will be no baseball. These are thunderstorms form a monsoon, and we certainly did get the monsoon style rain, along with lightning that went on for about 3 hours, one to three strikes per minute.
    2007-07-27 18:59:44
    214.   Bluebleeder87

    I met & shook your hand at the end of the game, I was wearing a DT blue shirt.

    2007-07-27 19:01:49
    215.   we are infinite
    Game is postponed, per Diamond Leung.
    2007-07-27 19:02:42
    216.   Bluebleeder87
    wow, this will be a make up game. That's not cool.
    2007-07-27 19:03:04
    217.   MMSMikey
    2007-07-27 19:04:44
    218.   scooplew
    Having a batting average greater than ERA is rare indeed. I did a little research. Among Dodger pitchers, Don Drysdale did it once, hitting .300 in 1965 with an ERA of 2.77. Don Newcombe also did it once, hitting .359 in 1955 and compiling a 3.20 ERA. In each of the three seasons that his ERA was below 2.00 -- 1963, 1964 and 1966 -- Sandy Koufax' batting average was below .100. In 1965, when his ERA was 2.04, he came close, batting .177, his career high. Koufax' career ERA was 2.76. and his lifetime batting average was .097.
    2007-07-27 19:05:07
    219.   El Lay Dave
    Well, that's one way to save the bullpen and rest Russell Martin without actually losing his bat.
    2007-07-27 19:05:19
    220.   NorCalDodger
    Hey, the team gets an extra day of rest. Hopefully it doesn't result in a doubleheader. I don't think the Dodgers have all that great a record in those.
    2007-07-27 19:05:40
    221.   scareduck
    Jon, I can't find any of this in the current Press Pass area at Is Josh Rawitch faxing you his notes?
    2007-07-27 19:05:47
    222.   Eric Stephen
    Speaking of Eric Karros, here's a fun little comparison of Dodger 1B:

    Karros's 6 seasons encompassing his five 30-100 years: .278/.341/.492, 120 OPS+
    The year right after that (2002; age 33): .235/.303/.388, 85 OPS+

    Nomar, 2001-2006: .303/.352/.506, 120 OPS+
    Nomar, 2007 (age 33): .282/.327/.353, 79 OPS+

    No word on whether or not Nomar will be banished to the Kevin Kennedy Zone in 2013.

    2007-07-27 19:07:17
    223.   Sam in SC
    it doesn't look good in colorado, weather-wise.

    2007-07-27 19:08:00
    224.   Sam in SC
    222 - now there is a hot button issue.
    2007-07-27 19:08:40
    225.   MMSMikey
    the question is, does martin rest again tomorrow? then monday. giving him 3 days off in a 4 day span?
    2007-07-27 19:09:36
    226.   MMSMikey
    and does billingsley start tomorrow?
    2007-07-27 19:11:36
    227.   El Lay Dave
    218 The first name that spring to mind is Babe Ruth, and he did it every year from 1915-1919 for the Red Sox. Slightly different era, of course.
    2007-07-27 19:12:23
    228.   Icaros
    It seems very likely that the game will be made up on Monday afternoon.
    2007-07-27 19:12:50
    229.   Icaros
    Although I didn't check the Rockies schedule.
    2007-07-27 19:13:08
    230.   Eric Stephen
    I'd bet a sizable sum of money that Martin starts tomorrow. He was given the day off, not necessarily the game off.

    Why don't they just make up the games this weekend? To soon to sell tickets?

    2007-07-27 19:14:57
    231.   Icaros
    Yep, Rockies are off Monday also, but they play in Florida Tuesday, so that might be tough.
    2007-07-27 19:16:14
    232.   max power
    228 When KCAL showed the Rockies' scoreboard it said the game would be made up in September.
    2007-07-27 19:17:45
    233.   El Lay Dave
    Both teams are off 9/17 (Monday) prior to a three-game series in Denver. That's a home off-day for the Rockies with the Dodgers traveling in from LA.
    2007-07-27 19:17:45
    234.   Eric Stephen
    From the AP:

    "It will be made up when the Dodgers return to Coors Field in September. The exact date is still to be determined.

    The two teams play a three-game series Sept. 18-20. Both teams have an off day on Sept. 17."

    2007-07-27 19:18:48
    235.   El Lay Dave
    234 Phooey! Who needs the AP???
    2007-07-27 19:20:53
    236.   Icaros
    Whatever. They should listen to me. Doesn't everyone in baseball read DT now?
    2007-07-27 19:21:33
    237.   natepurcell
    Tony Jackson comforts DT with a response to the Rosenthal proposed offer for Tex...

    There is NO WAY the Dodgers proposed that deal. NO WAY.

    2007-07-27 19:23:32
    238.   confucius
    Run scoring catchers interference in Anaheim.
    2007-07-27 19:25:40
    239.   Eric Stephen
    D-Backs have exploded for six runs in the 2nd. 6-0 over the Braves early.

    And 8-1 Padres, top 8th.

    Likely standings starting Saturday:

    Dodgers --
    D-Backs 1 GB
    Padres 1½

    2007-07-27 19:25:52
    240.   natepurcell
    crazy, Matthews just robbed a grand slam.
    2007-07-27 19:26:06
    241.   Andrew Shimmin
    D'backs are up six in the second inning. Also, I love Eric Byrnes.
    2007-07-27 19:29:02
    242.   natepurcell
    Bonds goes yard...
    2007-07-27 19:33:10
    243.   MMSMikey
    it will be a madhouse at the ravine for that giants series
    2007-07-27 19:42:46
    244.   Icaros
    Would love to see Bonds break the record in Dodger Stadium on the losing end of a 10-1 game.
    2007-07-27 19:49:02
    245.   Bluebleeder87

    That goofy smile he has just got a little more annoying

    2007-07-27 19:50:42
    246.   Greg Brock
    Retire tonight, Barry. If you have one ounce of decency in your soul, retire tonight.

    I know...

    2007-07-27 19:52:21
    247.   Bluebleeder87

    It's pretty weird but i don't think i'd be one of the crazies booing, i'd probably just sit there & watch as he breaks a glamorous record with no feelings what so ever.

    2007-07-27 19:52:31
    248.   Eric Stephen
    From Tony Jackson:

    "Tomko and Billingsley were pushed back a day, which might push Hendrickson, who has been the scheduled Sunday starter, out of the rotation. Rockies are skipping Fogg, who would have been tonight's starter, and staying with their scheduled Sat (Jeff Francis) and Sun (Ubaldo Jimenez) starters."

    244 I would like to see #756 come on an inside-the-park HR.

    2007-07-27 19:56:59
    249.   Jon Weisman
    You folks can migrate up to the rainout thread up top, if'n that's cool.
    2007-07-27 19:59:53
    250.   Eric Stephen
    It ain't no use to sit [in this thread] and wonder why, babe. If'n you don't know [another thread has opened] by now.
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