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Childhood Heroes
2007-08-01 12:54
by Jon Weisman

Read this piece from Joe Posnanski's The Soul of Baseball if you haven't yet.

And no, I still haven't met Vin Scully - for reasons not dissimilar to what Posnanski describes. I can't even wrap my head around what I'd say, or what I'd say first.

I did think of one question to ask Vin, though. "When you play poker, are deuces wild?"

(And by the way, what a hero.)

* * *

With regards to Alyssa Milano's latest blog post: Lucy was an outfielder. Snoopy and Linus were the double-play combination.

Comments (54)
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2007-08-01 13:03:53
1.   still bevens
My friend Chris has a great Vin story from Riviera country club. I guess he was watching this group of old ladies tee off, with Vin's group waiting for them to go ahead. Apparently one of the ladies got ahold of the ball and Vin calls out 'ITS HIGH.. ITS DEEP.. AND ITS GONE.'
2007-08-01 13:13:30
2.   Andrew Shimmin
The weird thing is that Lucy's listed as a RF in her own link.
2007-08-01 13:14:12
3.   Wilbert Robinson
sorry if this has been posted before but i just caught it.
Slugger's Aug. 2 visit coincides with team's steroid awareness plans
2007-08-01 13:18:06
4.   Jon Weisman
3 - Yeah, it's been noted.
2007-08-01 13:18:51
5.   scareduck
Continuing a thread from the prior post -- if you have not purchased the audiobook "The Glory of Their Times" you absolutely must. It incorporates the original recordings of the players, and while at times they can be difficult to understand, it's really wonderful material.
2007-08-01 13:18:52
6.   Bob Timmermann
Lucy often complained about playing right field and not seeing any action.

I believe Shermy played first, but he disappeared in the early 1960s.

Third base was always a problem. I think Pigpen saw some time there.

2007-08-01 13:20:16
7.   Sam DC
That Lucy played a hell of a kitchen window, though.
2007-08-01 13:28:37
8.   GoBears
Yeah, given 2, I'm thinking that Ms. Milano was attempting a joke.

Doesn't matter, really. Lucy's first sport was football.

2007-08-01 13:47:45
9.   ImprobableImpossible
We deserve a Joe Posnanski in this town.
2007-08-01 13:50:24
10.   xaphor
NPR interviews some fans at Chavez regarding Bonds' reception.

Dodger Fans Weigh In on Barry Bonds

2007-08-01 13:50:26
11.   scooplew
78 (From last thread) -- Insightful
5 Thanks. I think I will buy it.
2007-08-01 13:50:52
12.   Bob Timmermann
Joe Posnanski is really upset about the Indians rallying from a 6-5 deficit in the 12th to beat the Royals back on May 13, 2000.

Ruined the franchise.

Stupid David Justice.

2007-08-01 13:51:19
13.   Sospiro0
My manager at Barnes and Noble in Westlake has met Vin at the store twice. The first time was while descending the elevator. He tapped him on the shoulder and said, "I hate to bother you but I just wanted to thank you for making our lives a little better." And Vin said, "Well God bless you, sir."

The second time they apparently talked for a good ten minutes. If Vin ever comes in again, I told him to page me at once just so I could shake his hand.

2007-08-01 13:52:39
14.   Bob Timmermann
In a 1966 series of interviews in the LA Times, Vin stated that his favorite place to go on road trips was book stores.

Vin is a big James Joyce fan.

2007-08-01 14:00:34
15.   Jon Weisman
14 - I remember reading that, but not in 1966. Must have come up again somewhere.
2007-08-01 14:16:19
16.   dzzrtRatt
I took a cab once and the driver and I got to talking about the Dodgers and their announcers. This was when Jerry Doggett had just retired. The cabbie told me he had something to do with the Dodgers road staff. When there was a night off, he said, Jerry was out hitting the bars, picking up women. Meanwhile, Vin would be in his hotel room, reading.

I met Scully once, briefly, but I didn't have the nerve to say anything to him. What I wanted to tell him was I named my son after him! But then I thought...what if he finds that creepy? If he gave me a look, like he thought it was creepy, I'd have to change my son's name! I didn't want to risk it, so I kept quiet about it.

My son likes being called Vinny. But he almost never watches baseball. Pretty much the post-season only. He likes going to games, but mostly for the food and the atmosphere. The other day, he asked me if it was almost time for the World Series.


2007-08-01 14:36:00
17.   JMEnglish
That was a great piece. He went to Fordham Prep in the Bronx, my alma mater.

The New York Times has a great piece about Vin Scully as well by Lee Jenkins, you should check it out!

2007-08-01 14:38:55
18.   blue22
I hung out with Vin's daughter in college one night, and pretty much bombarded her with questions about her dad. I probably came off real slick.

But if was pretty weird to hear normal teenager stories, but with Vin Scully cast as the Dad. Like the time he came home early and she was having a party; let's just say he used some words you wouldn't heard on the telecast.

2007-08-01 14:39:16
19.   Wilbert Robinson
line up via ItD:

Furcal, SS
Pierre, CF
Martin, C
Gonzo, LF
Nomar, 3B
Loney, 1B
Martinez, 2B
Ethier, RF
Hendrickson, P

2007-08-01 14:46:11
20.   underdog
Darn, Kent's still out. That hurts.
2007-08-01 14:47:42
21.   jasonungar07
I have met Vin but I was 11 (I lived in Westlake) and it was very similar to the elevator story. My mom was going crazy saying we listen to you every night. Vin looked down at me and said, padre fan? My mom jumps in and says, oh no, thats just his little league uniform, don't hold it against him, last year he was on the giants. Vin says in the way only vin can, keep on practicing, maybe next year you will be with the dodgers.

This was at the Howard Johnsons near the Oaks mall.

2007-08-01 14:47:56
22.   D4P
But Lucille II is a good backup 2B.
2007-08-01 14:50:58
23.   DodgerBakers
9. Do you think we could trade Pierre for him?
2007-08-01 14:55:15
24.   bryanf
9 Joe Posanski's blog is indeed terrific and a joy to read. However, I'm perfectly happy (and at times even ecstatic) that we have Jon Weisman in this town.
2007-08-01 15:00:19
25.   bryanf
22 So is Wilson Betemit.
2007-08-01 15:02:38
26.   still bevens
ItD also says Bonds is actually in the lineup tonight. I wonder if he'll sit out tomorrow? He didn't miss a game when we played in SF for the last series if I remember correctly.
2007-08-01 15:06:24
27.   Xeifrank
>> I wonder if he'll sit out tomorrow?
if Bud Selig heads to the airport tonight or tomorrow AM then you have your answer there.
vr, Xei
2007-08-01 15:07:28
28.   Bob Timmermann
I doubt Jon could read well in 1966.
2007-08-01 15:12:17
29.   Aug C
Johan Campaign

Question: IF (I know this is a big IF, but a guy can dream can't he?) the Twins move Santana this offseason and we have the right to negotiate an extension with Santana, I say it's obvious we offer them any prospects they want; we literally say pick three, any three.

But, if we are unable to negotiate an extension before trading for Santana, how much would people be willing to give up for one year of his rights?

2007-08-01 15:15:00
30.   Marty
I've had hot dogs and cocktails with Vin! Well, I had a cocktail at least. I've also talked to Jaime Jarrin and another Spanish brodacaster who was an actor in the 60's and 70's. In the 70's a friend's dad worked in the Spanish broadcast booth and was given 4 loge seats per home game as a perk. So I went to a lot of Dodger games and we would get to go into the booth after the game. Vin was always very nice to us and we were more than likely obnoxious kids. He would often have a hot dog with us.

The cocktail party was a Dodger party in San Diego in 1974 at the HanaLei in Hotel Circle. Steve Yeager got into a fight with the brother of Tom Paciorak. Garvey kept off to himself.

2007-08-01 15:23:49
31.   underdog
26 If Bonds sits vs. Tomko, then we'll know officially that he doesn't want to break the record 'til he returns home.
2007-08-01 15:28:00
32.   Jon Weisman
31 - If Bonds is thinking of hitting 800, he'll play.
2007-08-01 15:28:40
33.   ToyCannon
The good old Paciorek brothers, John, Jim, and Tom. I remember when Tom was one of the most ballyhooed Spokane prospects but he fizzled for us. Just checked him out at BR and he was a late bloomer. His best year was age 34 and from 31-36 he posted an OPS+ over 100. I have no recollection of Tom Paciorek ever being more then the guy who failed from the Spokane engine that brought us our 70's dynasty and the partner of Hawk Harrelson.
2007-08-01 15:32:44
34.   The Mootz
26, 31 & 32 In my humble opinion, the only way Barry sits tomorrow is due to injury or if he hits the home run tonight; I think Barry would love to tie the record here to stick it to the booing Dodger fans, but he wants to break the record in San Fran to soak up their love and adulation.

And now for something completely different, here is the funniest bran commercial you'll ever see.

2007-08-01 15:36:45
35.   underdog
Tony Jackson wrote: "Still no roster move for Proctor. Talked to Josh Rawitch a few minutes ago, and he said he hadn't heard from baseball ops yet. I'll update as soon as I know, but I'm sure it's a nervous drive to the ballpark today for both Eric Hull and D.J. Houlton."

I wish it was a nervous drive for Hernandez instead, but whatever.

2007-08-01 15:38:30
36.   Jon Weisman
34 - Nice, but I'll stick with Super Colon Blow.
2007-08-01 15:42:06
37.   GoBears
35 I wish it were a nervous drive for Jackson, and Plaschke, et al. Complacency, it seems to me, is the biggest cause of bad sports writing. It leads to lazy writing. It leads to an indifference, and even hostility toward learning new things. It leads to a sense of entitlement.

Wow, I need that second cup of coffee that just finished brewin'.

2007-08-01 15:42:07
38.   Jon Weisman
Eric Hull was optioned today, per the press notes.
2007-08-01 15:43:31
39.   D4P
How do you get down from that huge mound of cereal bowls...?
2007-08-01 15:48:51
40.   silverwidow
Dayn Perry sez:

"The Dodgers parted ways with Wilson Betemit — who's far and away their best option at third base — to get reliever Scott Proctor. Proctor's durable, and he's got a sub-4.00 ERA; however, he's also a reliever with home run issues and control problems. L.A. had better hope that Andy LaRoche, who's crushing the ball at AAA Las Vegas, is ready to handle major-league pitching. The last thing they need to do is rely on the drain-circling Nomar Garciaparra."

2007-08-01 15:54:35
41.   Bluebleeder87

It's pretty disappointing specially knowing R. Hernandez will blow one or two games for us (he's already messed one up if i remember correctly) decisions like that can cost us the division, hopefully come crunch time he no longer will be wearing Dodger blue.

2007-08-01 15:54:38
42.   bhsportsguy
Not that you needed his OK

Frank McCourt is making the local talk show rounds to talk about the Dodger's "Think Cure" campaign, most recently on Mason and Ireland.

They got into a discussion about booing the Giants and Bonds when Frank volunteered that he believes fans have the right and should boo their team and the owner to express their point of view. Okay maybe not should boo but he respects the age old tradition of booing.

2007-08-01 15:57:23
43.   Humma Kavula
42 That seems about right to me. Encourage the fans to do show dignity and class, trot out an old chestnut -- "show the world why the Dodgers have the best fans in the world" -- but also stress that everyone has the right to express himself as he will at the ballpark.
2007-08-01 16:01:05
44.   GMac In The 909
36 Roberto Hernandez should be on the front of that box.
2007-08-01 16:02:12
45.   Daniel Zappala
40 If drain-circling is having a .913 OPS after the All Star break ...
2007-08-01 16:03:27
46.   GMac In The 909
44 Or maybe on the side of a Shell truck.
2007-08-01 16:11:37
47.   regfairfield
45 If we weren't going to instantly call him garbage when he started to slump after last year's All Star Break, I don't think we can reasonably say he's not a useless hunk of flesh yet.
2007-08-01 16:17:01
48.   Michael Green
30--The announcer you're thinking of was Rudy Hoyos, who worked with Jaime Jarrin for about 10 years.

I have a friend whose brother really liked Vin's daughter. He expressed that a little too bluntly for Vin's taste at a party at Vin's house and Vin, shall we say, ejected him. But he was being a good dad.

I don't know about the story about Jerry. He and Vin were awfully close--in those more innocent times, Vin said they should get married--and my guess is that they did a lot of good in their younger days for anyone with stock in breweries!

Now, to sound like Vin ...

On this day in 1974, my parents and grandfather took me to my first major league game--Dodgers vs. Padres at the stadium. I wore my Dodger helmet and carried my Dodger glove. I wanted to be a Dodger announcer when I grew up and I didn't know that my parents had written to Vin to ask if I could meet him. He wrote back and said to bring me to the booth. We were sitting on that level, because my grandfather had been head of security at Union Bank, the O'Malleys were involved with the board, the bank was a sponsor, and so we got tickets on the press box level. They brought me over by the booth. When Vin arrived with his wife--she was pregnant at the time--my grandfather walked up to him. When my grandfather said he used to direct traffic by Ebbets Field, Vin was nice enough to say that he remembered him. Anyway, he went in, then the guard came out and got me. And when I came in, Vin looked down at me and said, "So you're the guy who wants my job!" Jon, I know what you mean. I just stood there with my jaw hanging.

Vin then introduced me to Jerry, opened the pre-game show, cued the commercial, and scooted me out. But it was, until I got married, the greatest moment of my life. And we got a foul ball that night! And if anyone asks about Al Downing throwing the ball that Henry Aaron hit for #715, I can say he threw one that Cito Gaston hit into the third deck at Dodger Stadium that I think is far more important.

2007-08-01 16:27:51
49.   Daniel Zappala
48 Cool story.
2007-08-01 16:29:01
50.   bigcpa
48 The third deck as in the club level? Didn't know that had been done.
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2007-08-01 16:36:03
51.   Jon Weisman
48 - Very cool.

New post up top.

2007-08-01 16:38:18
52.   scareduck
38 - what is wrong with the Dodgers press notes on their website, by the way? They haven't been updated since the Saturday game of the Rockies' series:

2007-08-01 17:23:26
53.   Jon Weisman
Michael Green, if you are reading this, are you the Michael Green that I know?
2007-08-01 17:29:08
54.   Michael Green
I live in Las Vegas, so I don't THINK so. I wish I was, though. We have a lot to talk about!

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