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Hull Sinks
2007-08-01 16:12
by Jon Weisman

He'll bob back to the surface eventually, but for now, the Dodgers have optioned Eric Hull to make room for Scott Proctor.

Oh, and Barry Bonds will be in left.

* * *

Tonight's game:


Retro Gameday

Comments (503)
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2007-08-01 16:26:54
1.   Linkmeister
Why oh why am I getting an Angels game on Fox Sports West tonight? Have they no sense of history?

It's apparently not on ESPN, either, which really surprises me.

2007-08-01 16:29:01
2.   ryu
Tonight's game is on KCAL.
2007-08-01 16:29:59
3.   ryu
And ESPN2.
2007-08-01 16:30:18
4.   Xeifrank
>> Hull Sinks
>> He'll bob back to the surface

... and who was it that said you weren't very funny. -A- for effort, atleast.
vr, Xei

2007-08-01 16:32:10
5.   silverwidow
Free Meloan!
2007-08-01 16:32:37
6.   Xeifrank
My dad is at the game tonight. I told him to bring his glove, because you never know when a Bonds home run could curve around the foul pole and end up in the 3rd deck down the third base line.
vr, Xei
2007-08-01 16:35:45
7.   Xeifrank
5. it's a no brainer unless there are some service time or 40 man roster issues (which I don't think there are). He's a relief pitcher, it's not like he needs to be kept at AAA to stretch out his arm.
vr, Xei
2007-08-01 16:36:14
8.   Linkmeister
ESPN2? Hmm. My newspaper doesn't mention that. Game time is 7:00pm PDT, right? I'll turn on the box at 4:00 HST and see what happens, then.
2007-08-01 16:38:55
9.   Humma Kavula
8 No daylight savings time in Hawaii?
2007-08-01 16:39:26
10.   scareduck
Arrgh! (Clever hed, Jon.)
2007-08-01 16:41:12
11.   scareduck
9 - no.

Arizona, either, and for the same reason: why conserve daylight? Also, I imagine being one hour "closer" to the mainland has its advantages part of the year.

2007-08-01 16:41:21
12.   underdog
Hull will be back when Hernandez is DFA'd. My Hernandez DFA Countdown Clock has it at four days remaining. Meloan will be up - well, by Sept. 1st, by gum! Maybe sooner.

I'm still more worried about their starting pitching situation at this point.

I'll be taping the game tonight and watching it on fastforward later so I'll only be here in spirit during the game. Go Lurch!

2007-08-01 16:42:03
13.   ryu
8 Yep, game time is 7pm Pacific. One reason your newspaper doesn't mention ESPN2 could be that it was a last-minute decision by ESPN2. For example, had Bonds hit two homeruns last night, they probably would not care about tonight's game.
2007-08-01 17:06:01
14.   Jon Weisman
New post at Screen Jam.
2007-08-01 17:10:05
15.   Jon Weisman
Terrible bridge collapse in Minneapolis.
2007-08-01 17:11:47
16.   mankatododger
I'm watching the Minneapolis news. That is a major traffic route, not far from the Metrodome, and runs between two sections of the U of Minnesota.
2007-08-01 17:13:01
17.   Jon Weisman
2007-08-01 17:14:08
18.   mankatododger
The local news says it collapsed right at 6 pm in the height of rush hour. It is the I-35W freeway. They are currently searching below the bridge for anyone who might be in the Mississippi River.
2007-08-01 17:14:09
19.   FirstMohican
Totally independent of the recent trade, are we sure that sending Hull to the minors to make room for Proctor is a wise move? =)
2007-08-01 17:26:24
20.   Curtis Lowe
19 - Personally? I would have DFA'd Roberto for Proctor thus genuinely improving the Bullpen from before the trade.

Horrible news that bridge collapsing, I hope everyone isn't hurt too bad.

2007-08-01 17:33:44
21.   goofus
In the lineup posted earlier, anyone else notice Martinez hitting in front of Ethier? First time I've seen that... pointless to ask what Little has on his mind.
2007-08-01 17:34:58
22.   Linkmeister
13 Ah, that explains why the local fishwrap didn't have it listed (although I'll wait and see if the game actually appears before I make a final judgment).

Yeah, we don't go on daylight savings. It means that we're six hours from the East Coast during the summer, only five in the winter.

I seem to recall that the American Society of Civil Engineers puts out a report every year on the state of the country's infrastructure, and for the past 15 years or so the Society has said it's in a sad state, so a bridge collapse isn't a surprise, unfortunately.

I hope injuries are at a minimum.

2007-08-01 17:36:54
23.   underdog
21 I noticed that too. I'm assuming it's to mix up lefties and righties. Can't see any other reason for it. They'll just pitch around Ethier. No offense to Martinez, who had a decent night last night, but, man, I do miss Kent.
2007-08-01 17:42:25
24.   Jon Weisman
21 - Makes the lineup go SLRLRLRL as opposed to bunching righties and lefties together.
2007-08-01 17:46:37
25.   goofus
Makes a heck of a lot more sense to bunch good hitters than some righty-lefty pattern. Do you think there will ever be an intelligent baseball manager?
2007-08-01 17:47:20
26.   bigcpa
24 This one would have the same effect, but would clog up the bases in the early innings.

Furcal, SS
Loney, 1B
Martin, C
Gonzo, LF
Nomar, 3B
Ethier, RF
Martinez, 2B
Pierre, CF

2007-08-01 17:48:55
27.   Jon Weisman
26 - If you're going that far, why not just start Kemp over Pierre?
2007-08-01 17:49:02
28.   mankatododger
For those of you who may be hearing some of the bridge news, Hennepin County Medical Center (the trauma center they are transporting people to) is right across the street from the Metrodome. No real news on numbers yet (saying 15 but that has to be low).
2007-08-01 17:52:38
29.   Some Guy in San Diego
Reports indicate at least 2 dead in bridge collapse.
2007-08-01 17:53:05
30.   bigcpa
27 And break his consecutive games streak? Tonight?! That would steal Bonds thunder like Nolan Ryan did to Rickey- the greatest of all time.
2007-08-01 17:55:23
31.   regfairfield
This Dodgers lineup would score 3.756 runs a game according to the Baseball Analysts lineup tool, if you naively assume the players would perform like they are now.

Flipping Martinez and Ethier brings it up to 3.877. Better, sure, but not enough to fret over, and this doesn't include the advantages that going RLRL gives you.

2007-08-01 17:58:32
32.   D4P
Being on a bridge when it collapses is one of my greatest fears. Every time I cross a bridge in a car I think about it collapsing and my car plummeting to the depths below.
2007-08-01 18:00:25
33.   mankatododger
Thunderstorms are about to hit that area which is really not what they need. I'm flipping between MSP stations and the pictures are frightening. I'm with D4P about the fear of bridge collapses but I usually thought about earthquakes being involved.
2007-08-01 18:00:41
34.   Some Guy in San Diego
I used to have a recurring dream of riding a motorcycle on a winding, cliffside road... losing control.. crashing through the guardrail and falling hundreds of feet onto wave-splashed rocks.
I never seem to remember the good dreams with bikini models, in fact I'm not sure I've had any.
2007-08-01 18:06:33
35.   natepurcell
This might be premature excitement but Lambo added 2 more XBHs today with a triple and a homerun (5). his season line is .327/.408/.558

We haven't seen that type of power debut in the GCL from a first year prep prospect in a while.

2007-08-01 18:09:17
36.   mankatododger
The Twins are playing tonight but have postponed tomorrow night's game as well as their groundbreaking for the new ballpark.
2007-08-01 18:10:56
37.   natepurcell
to add to 35

josh bell slugged .395 in his GCL debut.
matt kemp slugged .346 in his debut

jay bruce, the power hitting slugger in the reds system went 270/331/500 5hr 11bb 31k in 122AB before he was moved up to Odgen.

I'm not saying Lambo will become Jay Bruce but...just sayin'.

2007-08-01 18:11:30
38.   D4P
I also get claustrophobic on bridges. I feel like they're too narrow and that I'm going to drive over the edge.
2007-08-01 18:15:16
39.   Linkmeister
My feelings about bridges were discussed here a couple of years ago, when Bob found the bridge north of SF that scared the heck out of me the two or three times I've driven over it. I can't remember the name of it now, but it's one of those in the shape of a half-circle; you drive up at such an angle that you can't see the other side or the ground at all.

My grandmother used to call those kiinds of bridges "jumping-off places."

2007-08-01 18:16:30
40.   gpellamjr
38 Man, you used to seem so cool. Now you're just a nervous mess.
2007-08-01 18:17:48
41.   Bob Timmermann
The Richmond-San Rafael Bridge?
2007-08-01 18:18:30
42.   scareduck
Potential gift from Ned Colletti skeptics?

2007-08-01 18:19:09
43.   Linkmeister
Bob, that sounds like the right area.
2007-08-01 18:19:29
44.   we are infinite
So, uh, Andy La Roche just hit another homer.

Can we just DFA Martinez and Hernandez and call up La Roche and Meloan already?

As someone would say, broken record.

2007-08-01 18:20:42
45.   Bob Timmermann
I used to be extremely nervous driving across bridges, but I've gotten much better.

But when I tried walking across the Golden Gate Bridge, I resembled Jimmy Stewart in a certain Alfred Hitchcock film.

And it wasn't "Rear Window."

2007-08-01 18:20:52
46.   Linkmeister
But, having looked at pictures from Google, no. The one I'm thinking of hasn't got dual levels.
2007-08-01 18:21:13
47.   Eric Enders
Amazing what a couple of torn labrums can do for a guy.
2007-08-01 18:23:07
48.   Curtis Lowe
35,37 - Interesting.

Can Laroche or Nomar play 2nd in Emergency situations?

2007-08-01 18:26:13
49.   D4P
Man, you used to seem so cool. Now you're just a nervous mess

Bridges bring out the worst in me. I'll go back to being cool now.

2007-08-01 18:26:16
50.   natepurcell
Manny Parra for the brewers looks good. I like his stuff.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2007-08-01 18:26:23
51.   Eric Enders
LaRoche used to play some second base in college, I think. I assume playing him at second would be more or less the same as playing Betemit or Delwyn Young at second.
2007-08-01 18:27:10
52.   scareduck
Twins' press release on the postponement:

2007-08-01 18:27:32
53.   underdog
After being in SF for the '89 quake and seeing (not firsthand) the Bay Bridge collapse, I still get nervous crossing that one, especially if I'm driving. {{cue Bernard Herrmann music}}

Meanwhile, FWIW, Tony Jackson reports some bit of good news: "Derek Lowe was fine after his side session"

2007-08-01 18:27:33
54.   Curtis Lowe
51 - Does Laroche or Young play a good enough 2nd base to make Martinez obsolete?
2007-08-01 18:30:33
55.   D4P
Giant OPSs in tonight's lineup:

1. .711
2. .780
3. .696
4. 1.051
5. .704
6. .730
7. .662
8. .604
9. .249

I guess the Giants's owner is more impressed with Sabean's "build around Bonds" strategy than I am.

2007-08-01 18:30:34
56.   natepurcell

tony abreu should make Martinez obsolete. But he's hurt and I think they want him playing every day.

2007-08-01 18:30:42
57.   Bob Timmermann
Dumbarton Bridge?
Hayward-San Mateo Bridge?
Benicia Bridge?
2007-08-01 18:30:44
58.   scareduck
Don't know if anyone else caught this, but old friend Jayson Werth is back in the Show, this time with the Phillies:

2007-08-01 18:31:44
59.   Sam DC
I've been trying to think of a Helsinki Accords joke based on the headline here for half an hour, but that really wasn't one of your more jocular diplomatic happenings.

It was no Diet of Worms.

2007-08-01 18:32:17
60.   Eric Enders
54 I don't know, but I very much doubt it.
2007-08-01 18:32:26
61.   Sam DC
Extra fun treaty quiz:
2007-08-01 18:34:22
62.   bigcpa
58 He's had 85 ab's already this year with them.
2007-08-01 18:35:04
63.   D4P
Martinez makes himself obsolete.
2007-08-01 18:36:57
64.   Disabled List
A woman in my office just came back to work today after being injured in that steam pipe blast in Manhattan a week or so ago.

Something is gonna need to be done about the aging infrastructure in this country.

2007-08-01 18:37:36
65.   Eric Enders
From the article Baseball America wrote when the Dodgers signed LaRoche:

"The Dodgers will keep him at shortstop for now, though his long-term ability to stay there is uncertain. His instincts and arm strengths are plusses, but his range is fringy. LaRoche could handle the offensive and defensive responsibilities at second or third base, and Dodgers scouts are intrigued by his potential as a catcher."

2007-08-01 18:39:19
66.   Bob Timmermann
That test was extraordinarily hard.

I only got 8 of them right.

We should send the test to Darren Dreifort's father. He's a professor of European diplomatic history at Wichita State. He was at the SABR convention.

2007-08-01 18:40:11
67.   natepurcell
damn, that Parra curveball is sexy. Comes back with 94mph heat. I like this guy!
2007-08-01 18:41:38
68.   D4P
He was at the SABR convention

On crutches? In a wheelchair? On a Rascal?

2007-08-01 18:42:43
69.   Bob Timmermann
He seemed fine to me. Papa Dreifort is a lefty.
2007-08-01 18:46:10
70.   Linkmeister
64 Copied from a comment I made elsewhere:

The ASCE puts out an annual report on the nation's infrastructure. The 2006 report reads as follows under the Bridges section:

Between 2000 and 2003, the percentage of the nation's 590,750 bridges rated structurally deficient or functionally obsolete decreased slightly from 28.5% to 27.1%. However, it will cost $9.4 billion a year for 20 years to eliminate all bridge deficiencies. Long-term underinvestment is compounded by the lack of a Federal transportation program.

2007-08-01 18:47:52
71.   DXMachina
45 I don't trust bridges, but I walked halfway across the Golden Gate, took some pictures, and then got my feet back on solid ground as quickly as I could. After I finished hyperventilating I discovered that I hadn't gotten the film loaded properly, and I hadn't actually taken any pictures, so I had screw up my courage again to go back out on the bridge for another try at it.
2007-08-01 18:48:28
72.   Sam DC
66: I was proud to get 5. And a couple of those were guesstimates.
2007-08-01 18:51:18
73.   Some Guy in San Diego
The bridge that collapsed was reportedly in the midst of being repaired when it went down.
2007-08-01 18:51:33
74.   D4P
The scene in "A View to a Kill" where James Bond fights Max Zorin on top of the Golden Gate just kills me. I can't fathom being up there.
2007-08-01 18:51:39
75.   Curtis Lowe
Simple fix to bridges is monorails.
2007-08-01 18:52:59
76.   Linkmeister
75 Huh? You still gotta cross bodies of water on pylons or something.
2007-08-01 18:54:04
77.   King of the Hobos
72 I also got 5 (although I only knew 3, all fill-ins, which were made much easier because the cities started with the letter of the question).
2007-08-01 18:54:11
78.   Linkmeister
57 Bob, none of those look right. I tried searching the site for "bridges" but got four pages of hits with the phrase "burning his bridges."

We're fixated on that cliché.

2007-08-01 18:54:21
79.   Eric Enders
"Marge, I wanna be a monorail conductor."
"Homer, no."
"It's my lifelong dream!"
"Your lifelong dream was to run out onto the field during a baseball game, and you did it last year, remember?"
2007-08-01 18:54:48
80.   Robert Daeley
76 Hovercraft, of course.
2007-08-01 18:54:58
81.   Sam DC
76 . . . and teleporting.
2007-08-01 18:55:22
82.   King of the Hobos
The bottom of that quiz said the average score was 10/20. Who exactly is taking that quiz?
2007-08-01 18:55:54
83.   Linkmeister
80 Would that be the one that's full of eels?
2007-08-01 18:56:43
84.   Curtis Lowe
76 - That can all be solved through physics.
2007-08-01 18:57:37
85.   Robert Daeley
83 Only in tobacconists.
2007-08-01 19:00:49
86.   Bob Timmermann
Darren Dreifort's father.
2007-08-01 19:01:47
87.   Eric Enders
The DT crew is really going to bring down the average score on the treaties quiz. I have a friggin' history degree and I only got six right.

Granted, my degree is in U.S. history so I probably would have done a lot better if they had more, say, Native American treaties and fewer Eastern European ones.

2007-08-01 19:02:29
88.   Jon Weisman
84 - So can bridges.
2007-08-01 19:05:59
89.   Curtis Lowe
88 - Bridges is Bridges Mr. Weisman but Monorails those, is "MONORAILS!"
2007-08-01 19:08:25
90.   Hallux Valgus
Is Hendrickson the guy in the Dodger lunch box commercial? I guess anything's better than the Nomar Van.
2007-08-01 19:08:46
91.   Sam DC
Barring strange doings, another 0-4 night for A-Rod.
2007-08-01 19:08:47
92.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Who gave Hendrickson the ice cream? Was it you, Weisman?
2007-08-01 19:08:58
93.   DXMachina
That's more of a Shelbyville idea.
2007-08-01 19:10:05
94.   Hallux Valgus
92 Now we'll never get him down for his nap!
2007-08-01 19:10:25
95.   bryanf
92 It has to be Olmedo.
2007-08-01 19:11:01
96.   Sam DC
94 LOL.
2007-08-01 19:11:30
97.   WellsforKemp
a quote from ned. Our young players are starting to become established. They're, in some ways, almost an equal part of the club as the veterans."

He sure does love the whole idea of what a "vet" brings to the club....guess its so much more than OBP.... and those fancy #'s

2007-08-01 19:11:47
98.   Hallux Valgus
95 Olmedo doesn't give away too much food, methinks.
2007-08-01 19:12:43
99.   we are infinite
91 Yup, and Betemit took over for A-Rod at third in the top of the ninth. Lookin' sharp in the pinstripes, old friend.
2007-08-01 19:12:57
100.   Gen3Blue
Oh dear, this is not good. I seem to have the Giants announcers tonight instead of Vin. Well it can't be as bad as Joe Morgan, can it.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2007-08-01 19:13:50
101.   trainwreck
Wow, that is a dumb quote. I am just going to assume he misspoke.
2007-08-01 19:14:06
102.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Guys, I thought we had decided- no ice cream until after the quality start.
2007-08-01 19:15:54
103.   WellsforKemp
101 ....
2007-08-01 19:16:50
104.   Some Guy in San Diego
ice cream works in getting Britney's baby to sleep, according to the latest pop-tart dirt.
I would put up a link, but I don't know how to do that "tiny url" thingy...
2007-08-01 19:17:07
105.   Sam DC
Is ESPN2 going to be showing all of Bonds' games until he makes it to the top of the mountain?
2007-08-01 19:18:00
106.   Some Guy in San Diego
Sad follow-up.. Minneapolis Mayor now says 6 dead in bridge collapse.
2007-08-01 19:18:50
107.   Hallux Valgus

Britney also calls her cigarettes "lollipops" to her kids, so I think she should let me and WIKG handle the parenting, thank you very much.

2007-08-01 19:22:54
108.   Linkmeister
Blasted broadcast on ESPN2 is blacked out in favor of ESPNNews here. Crud.
2007-08-01 19:23:23
109.   Gen3Blue
Am I right in remembering the D's picked before SF and could have had Lincecum two years ago?
2007-08-01 19:23:47
110.   Lexinthedena
Russ has been striking out a lot lately.....

Mark Grace needs to take him out on the town...

2007-08-01 19:24:57
111.   MMSMikey
all gonzo does it foul out now
2007-08-01 19:25:28
112.   Gen3Blue
Well, lets see how long manufacturing a run will support Bigfoot.
2007-08-01 19:26:12
113.   D4P
I'm not convinced that run should be "earned". Without the error, Furcal goes to 3rd on Pierre's "good piece of hitting" and the inning ends on LuGo's popup.
2007-08-01 19:26:23
114.   Dodgers49
McCourt sees ample growth in farm system

>> "The future is bright because we have a great pipeline of talent coming up now and the Dodgers are back to the point they were at many years ago when they had a first-class farm system," said McCourt <<

## Las Vegas outfielder Choo Freeman and infielder Luis Maza were activated, and infielder Michael Rivera was optioned to Class-A Inland Empire. ##

2007-08-01 19:26:36
115.   Ken Arneson
The Bay Area bridge that you can't see past its peak is the Hayward-San Mateo Bridge.
2007-08-01 19:27:24
116.   jujibee
109. We landed Kershaw instead. He's a lot younger and definately has a very high upside albeit a few years younger than Lincecum.
2007-08-01 19:27:33
117.   Some Guy in San Diego
107 Thanks
110 ouch... no slumpbusting, please.
2007-08-01 19:27:54
118.   Lexinthedena
This ump is not giving any kind of corners...
2007-08-01 19:29:16
119.   jujibee
118. Did you miss the curve ball strike during Martin's AB?
2007-08-01 19:29:26
120.   Hallux Valgus
109 yep- we took Kershaw at 6. Lincecum was 10
2007-08-01 19:29:47
121.   fanerman
107 Do you mean Britney... Spears?
2007-08-01 19:31:52
122.   D4P
With the obvious exception of Bonds, it's hard to imagine a more pitiful lineup than the one Sabean has put together.
2007-08-01 19:31:53
123.   Some Guy in San Diego
Yes, Spears. The meltdown continues.
2007-08-01 19:32:20
124.   Linkmeister
Hmm. 3 fly balls to Ethier. What portents this, O seers?
2007-08-01 19:32:55
125.   jujibee
In case you'll didn't see this in Jim Callis's chat this morning...

Stephen (Iraq): Who are your current can't miss prospect in the minors? One pitcher-One hitter...please?

Jim Callis: Justin Upton and Clayton Kershaw.

2007-08-01 19:33:48
126.   Hallux Valgus
{121] yeah. Her kids would be better off if they were left in the wild to be raised by wolves.
2007-08-01 19:37:10
127.   Dodgers49
Television Adjusts Coverage of Bonds

>> ESPN or ESPN2 has picked up six Bonds games, in the hope of showing his 755th and 756th home runs.

Tonight's game will be on ESPN2, no matter what happened last night. <<

2007-08-01 19:37:21
128.   Bob Timmermann
The Dodger (and NL) record for putouts by a right fielder in a 9-inning game is 10.

The AL record is 11.

2007-08-01 19:40:40
129.   Who Is Karim Garcia
How many did Marlon end with on DT night?
2007-08-01 19:41:12
130.   Linkmeister
127 Unless you live in Hawai'i, apparently. ESPN is cutting away from the Mets-Brewers game to show us Bonds's at-bats, but still...
2007-08-01 19:42:28
131.   D4P

Dodger #5 hitters:

1995 - Delino DeShields
2007 - Nomar Garciaparra

2007-08-01 19:43:20
132.   Icaros

If you were to get Extra Innings out there, would the Dodgers and Angels be blacked out? You seem to get railed on seeing games more than anyone.

2007-08-01 19:43:27
133.   Bob Timmermann
I think he had seven.
2007-08-01 19:44:08
134.   Gen3Blue
I'm with you guys. Kershaw could have a higher cieling than Lincecum. But given this unforeseeable run of pitching injury, Tim would be timely. But being a D's fan, I think that it is foreseeable that any 10mil pitcher will break sooner rather than later. The Giants never seemed to pay pitchers before Zito, and now they dumped Morris' salary.
2007-08-01 19:47:13
135.   Hallux Valgus
nice try, Gonzo.
2007-08-01 19:47:24
136.   Gen3Blue
Regarding 112. This Long!
2007-08-01 19:48:01
137.   Linkmeister
132 Haven't tried it due to budget constraints. In other words I can't justify spending money to watch baseball on a PC ;)

We get a fair number of games, but I'm really surprised that we aren't getting this one, given the potential historical event.

2007-08-01 19:49:31
138.   jujibee
134. I think we'll all be happy with Kershaw. He's got electric stuff and a good composure on the mound. As absurd as it may sound, I bet Kershaw might fare better than the guy we have on the mound right now, but I'd rather see him extremely confident when he makes his debut rather than hamper his confidence at such a young age.
2007-08-01 19:53:08
139.   D4P
given the potential historical event

Hendrickson's first hit as a Dodger...?

2007-08-01 19:56:53
140.   Bluebleeder87
I would put up a link, but I don't know how to do that "tiny url" thingy...

It's as easy as 1,2,3 all you do is 1) copy the address you want 2) go to & paste it 3) click on "make tinyurl & wah lah (sp?)

2007-08-01 19:57:03
141.   Linkmeister
2007-08-01 19:57:55
142.   Dodgers49
130. ESPN considers Hawaii to be a suburb of Los Angeles. :-)
2007-08-01 19:59:08
143.   D4P
I don't understand the "not throwing strikes to Furcal and Pierre" strategy.
2007-08-01 20:00:12
144.   Bluebleeder87

very much agree with you Jujibee, i love saying jujibee, WOO!! Pierre gets an RBI!!

2007-08-01 20:00:19
145.   we are infinite
Holy Pierre!
2007-08-01 20:00:41
146.   D4P
Pierre should have tried to score there. That might be as close as he comes all year to a round-tripper.
2007-08-01 20:00:46
147.   Gen3Blue
Boy, nice at bat by furc. About the only thing you can seem to do with this guy is make him "throw himself out of the game.
Or count on power from Pierre!
2007-08-01 20:00:50
148.   Hallux Valgus
that's gonna help the ol' SLG
2007-08-01 20:02:12
149.   natepurcell
I don't understand the "not throwing strikes to Furcal and Pierre" strategy

It's not like he is intentionally not throwing them strikes. This is lincecum, he has always been a wild stallion.

2007-08-01 20:02:37
150.   we are infinite
143 rendered even more perplexing by the fact that it's swiftly turning into a "not throwing strikes period" strategy.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2007-08-01 20:02:46
151.   Gen3Blue
Of course the D's offense is due some deviation toward the mean.
2007-08-01 20:04:18
152.   Sam DC
Run Russ Run!
2007-08-01 20:04:33
153.   kadycee
I love it when he does that.
2007-08-01 20:05:11
154.   natepurcell
just give me a single nomar.
2007-08-01 20:05:21
155.   Sam DC
My sources are telling me that the Braves have dropped Julio Franco and he may be done.

I really believed he would get to 50.

2007-08-01 20:05:29
156.   Icaros

When Gonzalez gets blown away by high heat?

2007-08-01 20:05:56
157.   Michael D
Can always count on Nomar to make a guy with control work out there.
2007-08-01 20:06:49
158.   Dodgers49
This might be of interest to someone:

Braves P Buddy Carlyle left the game with a hyper extended right elbow. (6th inning).

2007-08-01 20:06:55
159.   Gen3Blue
I'm beginning to wonder about this first pitch swinging when you seem unable to hit, though he did at least contact it pretty well.
2007-08-01 20:07:06
160.   Sam DC
Lofton up for CL against TX. 2 on, 2 out, down by 3, bottom of the 10th.
2007-08-01 20:07:37
161.   jujibee
Kind of off subject, but has anyone noticed that Greg Miller is starting again in Jacksonville. His season has not been pretty.....72BB in 52IP. He also has 60K's in that span so it's one of those wildly effective situations, especially considering he's only had 2 decisions. If this guy can find his controll again, we might be looking at 2 ace potential lefties in the near future. Miller has reported no recurring ill effects from his past injuries and is feeling healthy once again....the best news about that is we don't have Tracy and Colburn here anymore to "tweak" his delivery.
2007-08-01 20:08:15
162.   NorCal-Dodger
If this is the "Price is Right'....

"Andy LaRoche..Come on Up!..You're the next contestant on finding a 3rd baseman that can hit!"

2007-08-01 20:09:50
163.   Sam DC
160: Backwards K.
2007-08-01 20:11:46
164.   Icaros

He was batting backwards? That's really arrogant. Serves him right.

2007-08-01 20:12:53
165.   Gen3Blue
Give Bonds all he can eat like the pavillion--looks like we are too late. Sorry.
2007-08-01 20:14:24
166.   kadycee
162 We have as much luck with 3rd basemen as Spinal Tap did with drummers.
2007-08-01 20:15:01
167.   Sam DC
On Franco, my source also asked me to guess how many pitchers he had faced.

Now, I didn't really think about my answer before spitting it out.

But still. I was off by more than 1000.

2007-08-01 20:15:31
168.   Hallux Valgus
these Superbad commercials crack me up.


It's sounds good. Like a sexy hamburger.

2007-08-01 20:17:03
169.   jujibee
Up here in Nor Cal, before this game there was a special on Bonds. He brought up the Gagne at bat as the best of his career. Also in the same conversation, he mentioned, quite humbly mind you, that it was the greatest pitcher going after the greatest batter in this generation. (or something to that efect) He also made a comment about a conversation with Gagne prior to that at bat that if there was a situation like the one that night Gagne agreed to go after him with his best fastball pitch after pitch until one of them succeed. I gathered from that, that Bonds knew what was coming to him the whole time. He even mentioned that he was shocked that Gagne dished a curve ball and went against his word of nothing but fastballs. Kinda upset me hearing the Gagne agreed to this, but the curveball did strike him out, at least in my opinion. Anyway in case any of you were wondering why he never threw the guy a changeup, according to Bonds, it was an agreement of the best fastball in the game against the best bat in the game.
2007-08-01 20:17:50
170.   Bluebleeder87
Take 'em deep Ethier!
2007-08-01 20:20:24
171.   Bob Timmermann
The list is in reverse alphabetical order, but Franco's career saw him face from Barry Zito to Don Aase.

2007-08-01 20:21:40
172.   Icaros
Saying Eric Gagne is the greatest pitcher of his generation is like saying Kurt Warner is the greatest QB of his generation.

Three awesome years does not equal a generation.

2007-08-01 20:21:53
173.   Hallux Valgus
171 Either that's the wrong link, or Franco's even older than anyone thought.
2007-08-01 20:23:05
174.   Gen3Blue
Dead on contact by Loney, not that it does us any good. Loney, Kemp and Martin are all due a cold spell for varying reasons, but have earned the right to play thruogh any difficulties. It would be great if Young and Laroche had a hot stretch now in LA. I would love to see LaRoche here now, though I'm sure we will see him in September.(Do I here a song title somewhere in the air?)
2007-08-01 20:23:21
175.   NorCal-Dodger
171 Was color TV invented yet??
2007-08-01 20:24:45
176.   Bluebleeder87

Sounds pretty dumb of Gagne to agree to something like that. Man, I don't know about you guys but I really feel Hendy has been pretty solid for us this year as a starter & reliever.

2007-08-01 20:26:16
177.   Bluebleeder87
& of course as soon as i say that he gives up the tying run.
2007-08-01 20:26:18
178.   Bob Timmermann
Whoops, cut and pasted the wrong tab:

2007-08-01 20:26:24
179.   jujibee
172. I did put (or something to that effect) right after the statement. I don't try to memorize what Bonds says verbatum, but I'm sure you got the meaning. I don't even like watching anything that has Bonds in it (especially Bonds specials), but when flicking through the channels, I saw Gagne on the mound and decided to watch that at bat again. I figured I would pass along the info as I doubt SoCal stations would ever air specials on Bonds.
2007-08-01 20:27:21
181.   Bob Timmermann
Color TV existed several years before 1959. But it could only be owned by the richest princes of Europe!
2007-08-01 20:27:53
182.   Gen3Blue
166 I don't want to see Laroche called up if he is going to spontaneously combust, or drown at the bottom of a swimming pool.

I will wish that fate on certain weak armed outfielders if I have to watch much more of this extra bases and scoring every time a ball is hit to the outfield.

2007-08-01 20:30:59
183.   jujibee
176. Before he made the agreement statement, he did mention that Eric would kill him for saying this, but....

I thought it was interesting and in reviewing the at bat as he was talking about it, that very well may have been the case. If you have the best changeup in the game, and can put 100ish MPH fastballs in the mix, you throw the changeup.

2007-08-01 20:31:01
184.   Bluebleeder87
Hit Wynn in the torso or there abouts Hendy!!!
2007-08-01 20:31:07
185.   Bob Timmermann
Randy Winn will soon be dubbed "The Man" by Dodgers fans.
2007-08-01 20:31:54
186.   Nagman
Brian Giles had to leave the game after injuring his ankle making a great catch climbing the chain link fence which covers the scoreboard in RF.

He looked pretty gimpy after it happened but remained in the game. He walked in his AB, but just came out.

2007-08-01 20:32:03
187.   Eric Enders
183 And so I will.
2007-08-01 20:32:26
188.   NorCal-Dodger
181 That rules me out..I'd been the poor pauper trying to sneek a peek
2007-08-01 20:34:46
189.   Nagman
Wow, and the other Chris Young just robbed Cameron of a grand slam.

I think he's now earned the right to be THE Chris Young. The Padre is now the other Chris Young.

2007-08-01 20:37:53
190.   JoeyP
Be interesting to see whether Matt Kemp or Chris Young has the better career.

I dont like batting Hendrickson in the bottom of the 5th.

2007-08-01 20:38:23
191.   Nagman
Must the umpire be so emphatic on a strikeout of the pitcher?
2007-08-01 20:39:32
192.   Gen3Blue
That last pitch was at least 2 inches below Hendys long knees. But oh well. His at bat was much better than Nomar's Loney's or Furcals.
2007-08-01 20:40:14
193.   Gen3Blue
They have invited Linc. to go deep into the game
2007-08-01 20:40:17
194.   Lexinthedena
Randy Winn is a Dodger killer...which he means he will spend his final ineffective days in Dodger blue....
2007-08-01 20:40:40
195.   Vishal
i find JP's chicken dance tic in the batter's box to be very annoying.
2007-08-01 20:41:45
196.   jujibee
190. Funny you should say that. I aske Jim Callis from that same question this morning, but he did not respond. He did respond to this question by someone else, in case you're intrigued....

rob (philly): Carlos Gomez or Matt Kemp?

Jim Callis: Kemp.

2007-08-01 20:41:51
197.   Lexinthedena
195- I find his out making tic to be most annoying....
2007-08-01 20:43:17
198.   NorCal-Dodger
194 That way, Ned will be assured he won't be beating us in his advanced years.
2007-08-01 20:44:47
199.   scareduck
181 - and certain other persons of note, such as Admirals.
2007-08-01 20:45:32
200.   Gen3Blue
A great question for the ages. Will Chris Young be remembered as a pitcher or a hitter. Almost certain it will be one or the other.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2007-08-01 20:46:10
201.   Bob Timmermann
Stupid cheap Padres ownership that doesn't pad the scoreboard!
2007-08-01 20:46:47
202.   kadycee
I find it hard to believe Bonds is having such a hard time getting a hit off Hendrickson.

Nice, Pierre

2007-08-01 20:46:50
203.   Hallux Valgus
195 that elbow thing? Yeah, I hate that, too.

I do like the diving catch tic, though!

2007-08-01 20:46:51
204.   Eric Enders
"Like a display counter in a jeweler's shop."


2007-08-01 20:46:59
205.   Lexinthedena
he has played a good centerfield as of late...
2007-08-01 20:47:01
206.   Bob Timmermann
Pierre was playing at Kirby Puckett depth on that one.
2007-08-01 20:47:59
207.   Jon Weisman
206 - Pierre got one of the better jumps I've seen him get this season. Maybe he should always play there.
2007-08-01 20:48:13
208.   Sam DC
Charlie Steiner: "The only way you could make that catch was with a Greg Louganis-type of dive."
2007-08-01 20:48:17
209.   NorCal-Dodger
200 I'll go out on a limb, and say Chris Young will be rembered as the MLB son of Mr. and Mrs. Young
2007-08-01 20:48:20
210.   JoeyP
I just realized how much slower MLB.TV is compared to the ESPN feed.
2007-08-01 20:49:33
212.   Lexinthedena
209- They will both be remembered, and but the question is who will be forced to use their middle initial?
2007-08-01 20:49:50
213.   Hallux Valgus
207 I'll take "Turning a single into a double for $300, Alex"
2007-08-01 20:49:50
214.   NorCal-Dodger
Hmmm...Marky Mark..ok...extra sessions with Dr. Melfi has panned out.
2007-08-01 20:49:52
215.   Sam DC
And the Phillies lose on a walk off wild pitch by Brett Myers.
2007-08-01 20:50:28
216.   jujibee
My game feed must have a delay on it. I read nice catch by Pierre before I saw him catch it. It is nice that Bonds is struggling against the Dodgers, whether I read it or watch it.
2007-08-01 20:51:08
217.   capdodger
208 Pity there's no diving board out in center field. That might be the only way for us to see a Gonzo-Kemp-Ethier outfield.
2007-08-01 20:51:49
218.   Hallux Valgus
211 Pierre and Martinez have the only 2 hits tonight, and +Pierre has both RBI's.
2007-08-01 20:54:26
219.   Gen3Blue
I would say take some pitches. This guy is so overthrowing, he would be out in no time.
2007-08-01 20:54:36
220.   jujibee
Is Kent's being injured a blessing in disguise that he doesn't vest his option with plate appearances and we see Abreu take over earlier. Or better yet, move nomar to 2nd and callup LaRoche
2007-08-01 20:55:21
221.   capdodger
Heh. Plaschke just told Joe Morgan that Dodger fans hate him only slightly less than Barry Bonds.

He also called San Francisco a "tourist trap" of a city.

2007-08-01 20:56:31
222.   Sam DC
221 You're up late.
2007-08-01 20:58:38
224.   Eric Enders
Kent is on pace for 553 PA, three more than he needs for his option to vest. We really need him to finish under the 550, I think.
2007-08-01 20:59:06
225.   natepurcell
Plaschke and Morgan are about to rumble in the booth.
2007-08-01 20:59:42
226.   Eric Enders
Joe probably thinks it's because of his famous home run that we hate him. Little does he know.
2007-08-01 20:59:46
227.   MSarg29
I have to say I like hearing Plaschke giving Morgan a hard time.
2007-08-01 21:00:32
228.   natepurcell
Plaschke talks too fast and his brain can't catch up.
2007-08-01 21:00:35
229.   capdodger
222 Hooray for flexible schedule.
2007-08-01 21:00:55
230.   jujibee
225. Wish I could hear that. I have to listen to Krukow and Keiper. (sp)
2007-08-01 21:01:56
231.   Greg Brock
The greatest meeting of wrongness in baseball history.

This is the Nixon goes to China of wrongness.

2007-08-01 21:02:38
232.   King of the Hobos
Gurnick says Delwyn is taking grounders at second. I guess there is some interest in having him play 2nd from time to time.
2007-08-01 21:02:44
233.   we are infinite
Proctor warmin' up in the pen, eh? This should be interesting.
2007-08-01 21:02:51
234.   Icaros
I wish Kent and Nomar could switch contracts (minus the 550 provision). Kent is still good when healthy. If and when he gets hurt, Abreu takes over. Meanwhile, LaRoche plays third.
2007-08-01 21:03:55
235.   Hallux Valgus
out of curiosity, I just switched to ESPN2 to see if the game comes in there. It does. Then I heard, "Chris Berman, Joe Morg-"

I immediately switched back. I would've liked to have heard the fight, though.

2007-08-01 21:04:53
236.   jujibee
234. Agreed! It almost seemed like Kent was on one of those 2nd half carry the team on your back terrors before he got sidelined.
2007-08-01 21:05:06
237.   Bob Timmermann
Our first chance to see EDSP!
2007-08-01 21:05:59
238.   NorCal-Dodger
Walk Vizquel, and make Bochy decide what to do with Lincecum
2007-08-01 21:06:12
239.   capdodger
235 See, even though I have MLB.TV, I'm watching the Duece because of the HD.
2007-08-01 21:07:04
240.   Bluebleeder87
So I guess we'll get to see Proctor in the 8th, I have to admit i'm curious to see him pitch.
2007-08-01 21:07:21
242.   Eric Enders
235 Sounds like you missed some quality analysis from this guy-
2007-08-01 21:07:26
243.   Lexinthedena
Interesting options next will be very interesting to see what Ned does....

Friggin' Vizquel.....escualido....

2007-08-01 21:07:57
244.   Hallux Valgus
239 I understand. But I heard Berman make a limp joke about "not to be confused with Aquos lung, sung by Jethro Tull."

Unacceptable. I can see just fine in regular definition.

2007-08-01 21:07:59
245.   NorCal-Dodger
3 doubles to Omar! Hendy keep your composure stand tall and get one more out
2007-08-01 21:09:21
246.   Bob Timmermann
In the last 50 years, only four players older than Omar Vizquel have had three doubles in a game: Tony Perez, Carlton Fisk, Bob Boone, and Bob Thurman.
2007-08-01 21:09:33
247.   natepurcell
i just knew that was going to happen. ughhhh.
2007-08-01 21:10:00
249.   capdodger
Damn. That was a good pitch.
2007-08-01 21:10:11
250.   Hallux Valgus
let's hope his arm doesn't fall off!
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2007-08-01 21:10:35
251.   Bluebleeder87

unfortunately to many to count Herm & it will go on for 4 more years, unless we get Andrew Jones & we flip Pierre to LF I see no end in sight.

ps as i was typing this the run scored on a single

2007-08-01 21:10:43
252.   Greg Brock
Berman, Morgan, and Bill Plaschke. All in one booth together.

They're doing it to us on purpose.

2007-08-01 21:10:44
253.   trainwreck
Woo hoo! Proctor's debut.
2007-08-01 21:10:50
254.   Lexinthedena
Why is Grady pulling him here.....he can get one more out....
2007-08-01 21:11:46
256.   Lexinthedena
Scrap heap Giant wash ups and stiffs hurt us again....
2007-08-01 21:12:21
257.   Bluebleeder87
keep your chin up Hendy you pitches well!
2007-08-01 21:12:28
258.   capdodger
253 Proctor will get to 1/3 of an inning. Bad managing.

NIce throw Russ!

2007-08-01 21:12:42
259.   Hallux Valgus
252 And I'm the one who's yelled at for trying to bring in a sniper rifle. Stupid stadium rules.

nice throw, Russ!

What a great debut by Proctor.

2007-08-01 21:12:49
260.   Nagman
Impressive debut...
2007-08-01 21:12:50
261.   Bob Timmermann
This game is now crying out for a Dodger rally and Proctor to pick up the win!
2007-08-01 21:12:54
262.   we are infinite
Haha! Awesome!
2007-08-01 21:13:06
263.   Andrew Shimmin
Scott Proctor is the most efficient pitcher of all time!
2007-08-01 21:13:11
264.   Eric Enders
Scott Proctor is dominating so far!
2007-08-01 21:13:15
265.   Bluebleeder87
what the hell just happend? I just saw 2 bullets, bam bam & the inning was over!
2007-08-01 21:13:25
266.   Lexinthedena
258- Agreed....

I'm hoping we get a Delwyn sighting here....

2007-08-01 21:13:28
267.   Icaros
If he was going to bring him in to face this righty, why didn't Grady bring in Proctor to face Frandsen?
2007-08-01 21:13:39
268.   NorCal-Dodger
Hey one out!!
2007-08-01 21:15:14
269.   Gen3Blue
I still think this was a magnificent outing for Hendy. The D's approach to Lincecum was wrong (IMO). But no fault to Hendy here for what happened tonight.
2007-08-01 21:15:28
270.   natepurcell
2007-08-01 21:15:34
271.   Nagman
Dumb, dumb, dumb. Dumb.
2007-08-01 21:15:37
272.   Hallux Valgus
wow. That wasn't even close.
2007-08-01 21:15:53
273.   Lexinthedena
sigh....saw that coming....
2007-08-01 21:15:55
274.   Bob Timmermann
You could see in Martinez's face that he realized that he was going to be out by 20 feet.
2007-08-01 21:15:55
275.   Xeifrank
holy cow, did Martinez think Juan Pierre was throwing in CF? vr, Xei
2007-08-01 21:15:57
276.   trainwreck
That was a dumb decision to say the least.
2007-08-01 21:16:09
277.   Sam DC
Yes, I have a response.


2007-08-01 21:16:20
278.   Eric Enders
Can't blame that one on Donnelly.
2007-08-01 21:16:23
279.   Greg Brock
That isn't a "sure double" anywhere. But the kid threw an absolute laser.
2007-08-01 21:16:29
280.   Bluebleeder87
RM2 shame on you
2007-08-01 21:16:47
281.   Hallux Valgus
ha! that really will be the glorious first outing of Scott Proctor. Awesome.
2007-08-01 21:17:47
282.   Hallux Valgus
279 It is in this stadium, if hit in the top of the inning.
2007-08-01 21:17:48
283.   Lexinthedena
Broxton?....Haven't seen him pitch in ages...
2007-08-01 21:18:00
284.   natepurcell
that looked so fair!
2007-08-01 21:18:13
285.   capdodger
The worst part of that play is that it's in front of Martinez. He ought to be able to see that the CF is at the ball and hold at first.
2007-08-01 21:18:21
286.   Greg Brock
Fastballs and Matt Kemp. Not smart.
2007-08-01 21:18:52
287.   natepurcell
this game has been rigged.
2007-08-01 21:19:25
288.   Greg Brock
282 Touché
2007-08-01 21:19:37
289.   capdodger
Fair Ball. Hosed.
2007-08-01 21:19:42
290.   Xeifrank
umps are point shaving?
vr, Xei
2007-08-01 21:19:57
291.   Sam DC
Well that was unsatisfying on many different levels.
2007-08-01 21:20:12
292.   bhsportsguy
Matt is now going through his adjustments.
2007-08-01 21:20:13
293.   Xeifrank
it looked fair, but the instant replay I saw wasn't exactly the best angle.
vr, Xei
2007-08-01 21:20:18
294.   natepurcell
Rookies aren't allowed to use the lines.
2007-08-01 21:20:19
295.   MSarg29
That play is right in front of the 3b ump. He's got to make that call correctly.
2007-08-01 21:20:28
296.   Bob Timmermann
Check with Bob Miezerski for more info.
2007-08-01 21:20:33
297.   Gen3Blue
Amazing! that ball was fair! But justice won't rescue you when you have lost through stupidity. That is some kind of axiom.
2007-08-01 21:20:49
298.   Bluebleeder87
the fix is in
2007-08-01 21:21:43
299.   Lexinthedena
292- Even in his slump he hasn't looked that bad...he is vastly improved hitter from last year....he will be fine...
2007-08-01 21:21:58
300.   gpellamjr
Kemp will now be benched for several more games.

There have been several times in Kemp's recent slump when I've been frustrated that the umpires just aren't giving him a chance.

Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2007-08-01 21:23:08
301.   Xeifrank
I am not impressed with that bunt single... Pierre can bunt for doubles.
vr, Xei
2007-08-01 21:23:34
302.   Bob Timmermann
Broxton has given up seven home runs in his career and already two of the guys are retired: Vinny Castilla and Carl Everett.
2007-08-01 21:24:18
303.   Eric Enders
Kemp does seem to be getting a very high number of borderline strike calls against him in the last two weeks. The foul ball call was just rubbing salt in.
2007-08-01 21:24:34
304.   Frip
None of us had a good angle on that ball, since the replay was a blur, as I'm sure it was for the ump. So just how are you all so certain?
2007-08-01 21:25:30
305.   Bob Timmermann
Most people's hearts have 20/20 vision.
2007-08-01 21:26:01
306.   ucladodger
Kemp has been pretty much taken out of some AB's by the umpires in the last 2 games. Francis got every call against him and Lowry the same. Hard to give a good AB when down 0-2 and those pitches arent close to the zone.
2007-08-01 21:26:04
307.   trainwreck
That was a bad throw.
2007-08-01 21:26:44
308.   Greg Brock
Russ has a sweet two-seamer.
2007-08-01 21:27:24
309.   Xeifrank
infield in!
vr, Xei
2007-08-01 21:27:56
310.   capdodger
304 ESPN had a very good shot of the play as well a French Open-style shot of the mark in the dirt. Clearly the mark There was a big chunk of the line that had been mussed by a quickly moving object.

The ump is right on the line.

2007-08-01 21:28:23
311.   Hallux Valgus
I think there's a wind blowing from left to right. The catchers need to adjust for that, because they keep slicing.
2007-08-01 21:31:33
312.   Hallux Valgus
nice pitch. walk him?
2007-08-01 21:31:40
313.   Bob Timmermann
Unfortunately, Ed Hickcox is looking at baseball traveling well over 100 mph.

Besides, once the ball was called foul, what could the umpires do? Do they correct themselves and arbitrarily place Kemp on base somewhere?

If that's the worst mistake an umpire will make, I think he's doing pretty well.

2007-08-01 21:31:43
314.   Greg Brock
Put four fingers up Grady.
2007-08-01 21:31:50
315.   bryanf
Four fingers.
2007-08-01 21:32:14
316.   Gen3Blue
The Crux of this game is not good for the D's. I can't express it now, and I hope I don't have to later
2007-08-01 21:32:25
317.   Bluebleeder87
I don't want Broxton to be remembered by giving up "the dinger"
2007-08-01 21:32:57
318.   Bluebleeder87
Good call Grady
2007-08-01 21:33:24
319.   Hallux Valgus
313 And it's traveling over 100 MPH right at him.
2007-08-01 21:33:29
320.   capdodger

Why waste pitches? Stick it in his ear.

2007-08-01 21:33:44
321.   Xeifrank
crowd can leave now.
vr, Xei
2007-08-01 21:34:25
322.   Lexinthedena
317- In general, I don't think the tying home run usually get's remembered...

Who gave up Hank Aaron's 714th?.....McGuire's 61st?

2007-08-01 21:34:39
323.   capdodger
I'm not saying it's an easy call. Just that it was the wrong one. Bad calls come and bad calls go.
2007-08-01 21:35:07
324.   Xeifrank
oh well.
vr, Xei
2007-08-01 21:36:03
325.   Bluebleeder87
2007-08-01 21:36:19
326.   capdodger
Joe Morgan just called the Dodgers firstbaseman Maloney. Apparently we've traded for an Irishman.
2007-08-01 21:36:33
327.   bhsportsguy
This is what happens when your pitching is inconsistent, Broxton had not pitched in several days, appeared rusty.
2007-08-01 21:36:51
328.   Jon Weisman
322 - Jack Billingham?
2007-08-01 21:36:57
329.   Hallux Valgus
guh. This series has been less than fulfilling thus far.
2007-08-01 21:36:59
330.   Xeifrank
322. Or #868 to Sadaharu Oh?
vr, Xei
2007-08-01 21:37:13
331.   Bob Timmermann
Jack Billingham
Mike Morgan
2007-08-01 21:37:19
332.   Lexinthedena
The Giants have quite the pitching staff....I'm really curious to what their starting 8 looks like next year...
2007-08-01 21:37:25
333.   Jon Weisman
326 - My Loney, your Loney, he's everyone's Loney.
2007-08-01 21:38:21
334.   bhsportsguy
I still don't understand all the negativity about Jeff Kent. All he does is produce.
2007-08-01 21:38:30
335.   Lexinthedena
331- My point exactly:)
2007-08-01 21:38:54
336.   WellsforKemp
Regarding the Kemp foul ball and does anyone else get annoyed by the fact they didnt show the replay on the Dodger broadcast?
It seems likely due the way Vin calls his games, which is really the only thing I don't like about him. He is too impartial regarding bad calls
2007-08-01 21:38:56
337.   Eric Enders
Bonds is now batting .118 against the Dodgers this year and .295 against everybody else.
2007-08-01 21:39:54
338.   Bluebleeder87

I'm pretty frustrated with this series so far, we need some victories.

2007-08-01 21:41:19
339.   Hallux Valgus
336 On KCAL? They did show the replay. In slow motion.
2007-08-01 21:41:34
340.   Nagman
Giant announcers are saying Furcal was trying to bunt it over the third baseman's head. Do you think that's the case? Doesn't seem like a very high percentage play.
2007-08-01 21:42:13
341.   bhsportsguy
336 The man has seen a lot more ballgames than me, he probably believes things even out and I think he tends to be impartial about most things related to his broadcast.
2007-08-01 21:42:55
342.   Bluebleeder87
woo, we're bunting our way to a come back.
2007-08-01 21:42:59
343.   bhsportsguy
Rabbits on the loose
2007-08-01 21:43:01
344.   bhsportsguy
Rabbits on the loose
2007-08-01 21:43:07
345.   Hallux Valgus
I've got to say- small ball has been our offense tonight.
2007-08-01 21:43:10
346.   capdodger
Small ball? Or is that Smart ball? I never was able to tell.
2007-08-01 21:43:11
347.   WellsforKemp
they showed a horrible shot once and Vin made no mention
2007-08-01 21:43:24
348.   Eric Enders
334 Well, that's not ALL he does. This week, for example, he's sitting on the bench with an injury. Those things need to be factored into the equation, too.

If Kent misses his AB's, we still have an option and can choose to exercise it. If he reaches the ABs we have no choice. You'd always rather have the freedom of making that decision rather than being forced into it.

2007-08-01 21:43:35
349.   Lexinthedena
340- Behind the back, off the scorebored, over the catwalk....nothin' but net....
2007-08-01 21:43:45
350.   Gen3Blue
The game was rigged. But unfortunately the D's played a stategy doomed to defeat. Later.
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2007-08-01 21:43:57
351.   underdog
Hah hah. Back to back!... bunt hits.

The Giants announcers are actually talking about how good those two bunts were. And now Bochy with yet another pitching change.

Hey, whatever it takes. Russell should make it three bunts in a row.

2007-08-01 21:44:52
352.   bhsportsguy
342 You seemed so calm and nice at DT day.

Seriously, its baseball, you got to ride the tide, up and down.

Just don't get seasick.

2007-08-01 21:44:54
353.   Lexinthedena
Do you send Pierre?
2007-08-01 21:45:10
354.   Eric Enders
Good thing Cowboy Joe is here to keep the peace during this series. Otherwise things might, you know, get out of hand.
2007-08-01 21:45:18
355.   Bob Timmermann
I can't make out the pitcher's name who gave up #868 in this montage of Oh's home runs.

He was a righthander wearing #11 for Yakult.

2007-08-01 21:45:39
356.   Jon Weisman
Gameday has Pierre's as error all the way. I thought it should be single + error.
2007-08-01 21:45:42
357.   Bluebleeder87
my magic ball tells me Pierre we'll be stealing 2nd base, I will believe it.
2007-08-01 21:46:14
358.   bhsportsguy
348 If that's your reasoning, fine. I just thought it was more of Jeff Kent stinks talk.
2007-08-01 21:46:31
359.   bryanf
How often does the fake to third move work? Anyone? Bob?
2007-08-01 21:46:37
360.   Eric Enders
353 Yes. Where, I'm not saying.
2007-08-01 21:46:56
361.   bhsportsguy
Why, you have a 2 run lead, Pierre is the run you need to worry about. Dumb.
2007-08-01 21:47:09
362.   underdog
Argh, Russell. That was a waste.
2007-08-01 21:47:19
363.   das411
Can it still be called Tracyball if the main man is no longer with the team?

Clutch groundout by the Dodger catcher there...apparently he is human after all...

2007-08-01 21:47:30
364.   Lexinthedena
Russ will going Carlos Perez any day now...
2007-08-01 21:47:34
365.   trainwreck


2007-08-01 21:47:47
366.   Hallux Valgus
347 But you said "they didnt show the replay on the Dodger broadcast"

They did. I don't see how the shot itself has anything to do with Vin. I also doubt they have a better shot at their disposal.

Vin's words during the replay:
"Maybe we can see it better. Right over the bag."

So he did mention it.

2007-08-01 21:48:00
367.   underdog
Martin's mistake was not bunting.
2007-08-01 21:48:24
368.   underdog
Woo hoo! Gonzo comes through!
2007-08-01 21:48:25
369.   bryanf
2007-08-01 21:48:33
370.   Lexinthedena
Thank you Gonzo....we all really, really needed that...
2007-08-01 21:48:36
371.   Bluebleeder87
woot, we're all tide up, YESSSS!!
2007-08-01 21:48:37
372.   bhsportsguy
Gonzo, Yes.
2007-08-01 21:48:38
373.   trainwreck
I hope Alyssa is not destroying Martin.
2007-08-01 21:48:42
374.   kadycee
2007-08-01 21:49:29
375.   natepurcell
holy crap!
2007-08-01 21:49:30
376.   we are infinite
Bet Bochy wishes he had his bullpen from last year right about now.
2007-08-01 21:49:32
377.   Daniel Zappala
Wow, all kinds of craziness today. The Angels and Dodgers both tied the game.
2007-08-01 21:49:37
378.   Hallux Valgus
2007-08-01 21:49:45
380.   kadycee
an homerun??? really?? Yay!
2007-08-01 21:49:45
381.   bryanf
2007-08-01 21:49:45
382.   underdog
My TV's broken. It just showed Nomar hitting a two run homer. What happened?
2007-08-01 21:49:50
383.   capdodger
363 It's not Tracyball because there haven't been any hit-and-run plays with a slow middle infielder and a TTO batter.

Way to go NOMAH!!

2007-08-01 21:49:50
384.   trainwreck
It is like old times...

As in last year. Nooommmmaaaahhhh!!!

2007-08-01 21:49:56
385.   we are infinite
2007-08-01 21:49:56
386.   Michael D
Woo hoo justify that trade Nomar!
2007-08-01 21:50:05
387.   kadycee
Hello, Nomar. Welcome to Dodger Stadium.
2007-08-01 21:50:10
388.   Nagman
One of my favorite things (when the Dodgers do it) -- the bottom of the 8th comeback.
2007-08-01 21:50:18
389.   Greg Brock
Two bunt hits, Martin hits a turd, some guy steals second, double by Luis.

And Nomar hits a home run. Cuh-razy.

2007-08-01 21:50:27
390.   Bluebleeder87
I can't compute! Nomar?
2007-08-01 21:50:31
391.   Lexinthedena
Nomar......that's what I'm talking about!......liberated from the boredom baby!
2007-08-01 21:50:42
392.   Daniel Zappala
I take full credit for backing Nomar the past two days.
2007-08-01 21:50:54
393.   underdog
I bet Giants fans feel like shooting the Messenger... ah, sorry, I couldn't help myself, I'm giddy.

I had a feeling they might come back tonight, I don't know why.

2007-08-01 21:50:57
394.   bryanf
Wow...another "old guys" game.
2007-08-01 21:51:40
395.   bhsportsguy
ToyCannon: Nomar did something good tonight.
2007-08-01 21:52:25
396.   Robert Daeley
That was a really good-looking hit, never mind the result. A beautiful swing.
2007-08-01 21:52:37
397.   Greg Brock
Nomar just bought himself some time.

Andy LaRoche, however, isn't thrilled.

2007-08-01 21:53:10
398.   bhsportsguy
I am sure it was posted that Andy his another homer today, he still is busting at the door but it would be nice if Nomar can have a great last two months.
2007-08-01 21:53:22
399.   Jon Weisman
Seeing Takashi Saito warming up in the bullpen was like seeing a long-lost friend at a reunion. It seems like forever.
2007-08-01 21:54:44
400.   underdog
La Roche will be up soon enough, methinks. Not to start, but he'll be up soon.

I'm glad I caught up with this game via Tivo and started watching it live an inning ago, in time for Bonds' walk. Hey, what's with all the fans leaving after Bonds left? What is this, AT&T Park?

Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2007-08-01 21:54:49
401.   bhsportsguy
399 Let's hope we see that smile to complete the reunion. :)
2007-08-01 21:55:30
402.   capdodger
400 Gotta beat the traffic.
2007-08-01 21:55:47
403.   Lexinthedena
If Kent is not a Dodger next year....I would be happy with Nomar at 2nd, LaRoche at 3rd, and Abreu being the utility guy....Remember, before Ned gave Nomar the second year, the Pads were close to signing him to be their 2nd baseman...
2007-08-01 21:56:37
404.   Nagman
Hitting 93-94 mph with apparent ease. Four fastballs to Sweeney.
2007-08-01 21:57:08
405.   bhsportsguy
402 Right now, I might be standing near the exit if I was there.

I'll be there tomorrow, I know ToyCannon, KadyCee will be there too.

2007-08-01 21:57:11
406.   das411
Did EA really just call your team the "Doggers"??
2007-08-01 21:58:24
407.   underdog
399 I had the exact same reaction. I almost feel like hugging him.

What's the scoop on Kent - any chance he'll play tomorrow?

2007-08-01 21:58:54
408.   Bob Timmermann
Padres make it 5-2 with none out in the 9th.
2007-08-01 21:59:04
409.   Bluebleeder87
well it looks like Kadycee will be witnessing history tomorrow.
2007-08-01 21:59:46
410.   Hallux Valgus
407 It was reported that he took grounders today, and should be ready tomorrow or Friday.
2007-08-01 22:00:05
411.   capdodger
Booing Dave Roberts? Or are they Booing DePo beacuse Dave Roberts reminded them of that era?

Eh, doesn't matter. Dodgers Win!

2007-08-01 22:00:19
412.   Jon Weisman
Smiles, everyone, smiles!
2007-08-01 22:00:30
413.   Bluebleeder87

I was just gonna ask if any other DT'ers were gonna be there, it should be a done deal tomorrow with "BOMBKO" pitching.

2007-08-01 22:00:48
414.   Jon Weisman
So, what ugly loss does this rally cancel out?
2007-08-01 22:00:49
415.   Lexinthedena
Lurch is the unsung hero tonight....
2007-08-01 22:01:14
416.   Greg Brock
We win!

Sammy is back, smilin' like a fool. Love it. One more game and this dirtbag can hit his homers someplace else.

But it's Tomko...

2007-08-01 22:01:32
417.   kadycee
Dodger games are sometimes slightly neurotic. But fun! We won!
2007-08-01 22:02:05
418.   Gen3Blue
I appreciate winning tonight.
But when I thought we were going to lose it was for one reason.

Time out for those smiles from Nomar and Saito.

Oh never mind, I will have to express it tomorrow or at a future time.

2007-08-01 22:02:49
419.   underdog

Boy, we needed that one. Seriously. Thank you Nomar.

410 Thanks. Cool.

2007-08-01 22:03:00
420.   kadycee
409 The continuing inability of Bonds to hit Dodger pitchers. I like that kind of history.
Can it continue???
2007-08-01 22:03:11
421.   Jon Weisman
Saito has now pitched five innings and thrown 76 pitches since July 6.
2007-08-01 22:03:27
422.   mikethinksblue
I have to admit Juan P had a good game.
2007-08-01 22:04:07
423.   Nagman
I've been rooting against the Padres for so long, it's strange to root for them to win.

Ugly AB's by their new guys, Mackowiak, Ensberg, and Hairston. All three strikout swinging.

2007-08-01 22:04:33
424.   Bob Timmermann
Bonds longest 0-fer streak against the Dodgers was 0 for 23 in 1986 and 1987.
2007-08-01 22:04:55
425.   kadycee
Tomko v. Zito...hmm....well, I'll enjoy the Dodger Dog.
2007-08-01 22:05:09
426.   Bluebleeder87
it was a pretty frustrating game today but it all turned out fine, History awaits Tomko tomorrow it should be very interesting.
2007-08-01 22:06:08
427.   underdog
414 Yesterday's. That gets my vote. Actually, yesterday wasn't so much ugly as it was sort of like Chinese water torture.

Well, those of you who are going tomorrow, enjoy!

I'm not sure I have the courage to watch it even on TV, so Godspeed to you all.

2007-08-01 22:06:40
428.   kadycee
I wish Lowe was pitching tomorrow. That would rock. Maybe Tomko will have bad allergies or something. Or a hangnail.
2007-08-01 22:07:42
429.   kadycee
427 Chinese water torture - exactly. Well said.
2007-08-01 22:07:47
430.   mikethinksblue
Game tying home run by Milton Bradley 2 outs bottom of the 9th
2007-08-01 22:07:50
431.   Icaros
Milton Bradley.
2007-08-01 22:07:50
432.   Eric Enders
Milton Bradley up as the tying run with two outs in the bottom of the 9th.
2007-08-01 22:07:53
433.   Nagman
Wow. Bradley hits one into the RF porch to tie it.
2007-08-01 22:08:04
434.   Brent is a Dodger Fan
I was surprised to see Hendrickson almost hold his own against Lincecum. Nice to watch Lincecum pitch, given all the attention he gets up here (and on BP, actually).

Hoping tomorrow is one of those ERA-inflators for Zito...

And wow, four runs in the eighth and a great inning for Sammy... Nice way to end the evening...

2007-08-01 22:08:26
435.   Eric Enders
... And Bradley ties it with a three-run homer.
2007-08-01 22:09:44
436.   mikethinksblue
turned out to be a rally killer, we go to the top of the 10th
2007-08-01 22:11:21
437.   Xeifrank
Colletti can smoke a cigar on this one.
vr, Xei
2007-08-01 22:11:33
438.   Bob Timmermann
A three-run homer with one on?
2007-08-01 22:11:39
439.   SG6
Proctor had to have the shortest inaugueration ever in MLB history.

One Pitch. One out.


2007-08-01 22:12:07
440.   underdog
{In same voice as Homer speaks of Ned Flanders:} "Stupid Bradley."

Oh wait, I'm supposed to be rooting for the Padres. Um, I'm finding that hard. Maybe they'll both lose.

2007-08-01 22:12:36
441.   Eric Enders
438 If anyone can do that, it's Bradley.
2007-08-01 22:12:38
442.   Gen3Blue
427 Yesterday gets my vote too. There was something horrific about it that I was seeing also in a loss tonight. To reverse it is wonderful.Oh, well. Tonight!!!
2007-08-01 22:12:51
443.   bhsportsguy
Just a hint for those going tomorrow, I always bring a bag to put the giveaway item in, its keep safe from spills and its less of an hassle to carry.
2007-08-01 22:13:54
444.   Bob Timmermann
Art Reinhart of the 1919 Cardinals made his major league debut by hitting a batter with the first pitch he threw.

He was immediately pulled by manager Branch Rickey and didn't come back to the majors until 1925.

2007-08-01 22:14:19
445.   Eric Enders
440 Are we really supposed to be rooting for the Padres? I mean, I know the Padres are in third place, but does anyone really believe Arizona is as good as San Diego?
2007-08-01 22:15:48
446.   Icaros

I'm like my dog when you take her for a walk. She always needs to be leading the way.

2007-08-01 22:15:59
447.   underdog
440 I just look at it as the glass is half full - one of those teams will lose tonight, the Dodgers gain on one of them. But if it's Arizona losing the Dodgers are back in first, for what that's worth.

Welp, 'night all.

2007-08-01 22:16:53
448.   kadycee
443 If I hadn't actually met you, I'd suspect you of being Martha Stewart -- she's a Dodger fan, right?

Seriously, good advice. Though I might just like to hold BobbleRussell in my lap.

2007-08-01 22:16:59
449.   Eric Enders
444 Reinhart and Adam Greenberg will have a lot to talk about if they ever meet up in the afterlife.
2007-08-01 22:17:31
450.   bluegold
Where is the love for Pierre?
Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2007-08-01 22:17:42
451.   kadycee
445 No
2007-08-01 22:18:48
452.   kadycee
450 I heart Juan
2007-08-01 22:19:30
453.   underdog
450 Lovely sliding catch tonight and a nice bunt hit. Plus he helped on the basepaths. A good night for Slappy.
2007-08-01 22:20:50
454.   bluegold
452. Much maligned, much abused, I'm sure Pierre appreciates the heart.
2007-08-01 22:21:38
455.   Icaros
Pierre hit a nice triple. I'm now ecstatic that he'll be here for four more seasons.
2007-08-01 22:24:47
456.   Icaros
Be nice to see SD and Arizona destroy one another in a 30-inning marathon.
2007-08-01 22:26:22
457.   kadycee
It's cool that Pierre is named for Juan Marichal.
2007-08-01 22:34:00
458.   Eric Enders
Major league players named after other major league players

Juan Pierre
Willie Mays Aikens
Mickey Mantle

(not counting Ken Griffey Jr., Gary Matthews Jr., etc.)

2007-08-01 22:36:36
459.   Icaros
Thom Brenneman is an annoying homer.
2007-08-01 22:38:20
460.   mikethinksblue
woops, 3r hr for Chad Tracy. 9-5 Arizona
2007-08-01 22:42:17
461.   Bob Timmermann
Why are you watching a Reds game? Brennaman works in Cincinnati now.
2007-08-01 22:47:27
462.   gpellamjr
461 And Brennaman serves as the #2 guy on radio. Though with George Grande out lately, Thom has been doing the TV. But I agree, he is an annoying homer, and he sounds always as if he has a cold.
2007-08-01 22:50:07
463.   WellsforKemp
They did. I don't see how the shot itself has anything to do with Vin. I also doubt they have a better shot at their disposal.

The Dodger broadcast is edited around Vin and he wont comment on a bad call so, they tend to not show many replays on certain plays. .... I dont think not having a better shot was the issue

2007-08-01 22:53:11
464.   Bob Timmermann
Vin has mentioned umpire's missing calls quite frequently. He's usually good-natured about it, but if a call is blatantly wrong, he will say so.
2007-08-01 22:55:20
465.   Eric Enders
Baseball America has posted its annual poll of MLB players regarding the "Best Tools."

>>Juan Pierre is in a similar boat as Maddux, in that his calling card isn't what it used to be. While he can still get down a bunt with anybody, he didn't earn votes this year in Fastest Baserunner for the first time since his first full season, in 2001. One scout said Pierre's speed grade has dropped from top-of-the-scale 80 to merely above-average at 60. "It's just not outrageous speed anymore," one AL scout said, "and it's not as useful in the outfield."<<

Pierre did get voted the best bunter in the league, which at least proves that the voters have a sense of humor.

Other Dodgers mentioned:

1. Jose Reyes, Mets
2. Hanley Ramirez, Marlins
3. Juan Pierre, Dodgers

1. Jose Reyes, Mets
2. Willy Taveras, Rockies
3. Rafael Furcal, Dodgers

1. Jake Peavy, Padres
2. Brad Penny, Dodgers

1. Billy Wagner, Mets
2. Brad Penny, Dodgers

1. Trevor Hoffman, Padres
2. Takashi Saito, Dodgers

1. Russell Martin, Dodgers

1. Jose Reyes, Mets
2. Rafael Furcal, Dodgers

2007-08-01 22:56:57
466.   Eric Enders
464 I would disagree with that. He tends to ignore the elephant in the room most of the time. Once in a while he'll go so far as making a noncommittal comment like "well, it could have gone either way."
2007-08-01 22:57:13
467.   WellsforKemp

He will hint that a call is wrong on occasion but, generally he wont call out an ump on an obvious miss-call. Dodger fans wont get an ESPN-like array of replays b/c Vin isnt going to break it down

2007-08-01 23:02:04
468.   Bob Timmermann
I would disagree with Eric's disagreement.

I think it's all a matter of degree. If you want Vin to turn into Ken Harrelson about every call that goes against the Dodgers, then you can have that.

If you want someone who's seen just about everything at least twice in the majors who doesn't feel that every bad call by an umpire is part of a vast conspiracy, then you can settle for listening to Vin.

2007-08-01 23:03:08
469.   JoeyP
If the NL West was decided by XWL-- the D-bax would be in last place.
2007-08-01 23:11:13
470.   WellsforKemp

I agree that vin's attitude could be so much worse, I appreciate his class. My only gripe is that b/c the broadcast is taylored around Vin we wont see important plays again.

In the case of Kemp's foul I want to see a better replay of a call that has Grady and the 3rd base coach up in arms, regardless of if it's not going to be changed

2007-08-01 23:11:28
471.   Eric Enders
468 is an overreaction. Acknowledging that a call has been missed is generally considered a basic part of the announcer's job function -- telling people the facts of the game. Vin usually does not do this. I'm not saying he needs to change. I'm just saying that the assertion that he will point out umpires' mistakes is wrong -- he won't. Or only very rarely.

The Hawk Harrelson bit is rather hyperbolic. Nobody said they wanted anything like that. Nobody's talking about conspiracies or any of that nonsense. Or, we weren't until Bob started talking about them.

2007-08-01 23:18:01
472.   Bob Timmermann
The conspiracy talk was motivated by some of the comments from 287 through 298.
2007-08-01 23:27:43
473.   Eric Enders
Fair enough. I was assuming those comments were tongue in cheek.
2007-08-01 23:36:07
474.   Eric Enders
In regards to 470, I think we all would have liked to see a better replay, but because of where the cameras are located, hard smashes down the 1B or 3B line are one of the big blind spots in any baseball broadcast. If it's hit faster than the cameraman can react, then the only replay you'll get is from the High Home camera, which is the view we got. The lack of a good replay was not an editorial decision on the part of the broadcast director, but a technical issue.
2007-08-01 23:36:08
475.   Bob Timmermann
I just wonder why anyone would expect Vin Scully's style and personality is going to change after 57 years or so on the job.
2007-08-02 00:38:21
476.   Paul B
474 Except, perhaps, at AT&T. They installed a camera for the All-Star game that gives coverage to just that angle. I think it was Nomar who hit a foul ball that was initially ruled fair. The umps ultimately got the call right, and the Giants broadcast booth went on at some length about the awesome views afforded by the new camera. And it was pretty definitive.
2007-08-02 00:42:26
477.   Eric Enders
476 Yeah, I remember that. It did seem like a good idea to put a camera there. Wonder if that will become an industry standard.
2007-08-02 00:51:16
478.   Icaros
I'm still waiting for umpires to be replaced by a fleet of flawless robots with names like the Doug Harveytron 4500 and Eric Greggtech v2.7.
2007-08-02 01:12:54
479.   NorCalDodger
You know what I would love? Barry never hitting another homer again. And on top of that, he sticks around for several years trying to do so, as his knees break down to mush. The Giants franchise would self-destruct. How sweet would that be?
2007-08-02 01:27:57
480.   overkill94
I'll be there for tomorrow's game as well. Is it safe to assume leaving from Westwood at around 5 will get me my bobblehead? For Nomar's I didn't leave until about 6 and didn't get there until the 6th inning once all the bobbleheads were gone. It didn't help that we had to pick up someone in Century City on the way and took surface streets the rest of the way.
2007-08-02 01:58:41
481.   overkill94
Dumbest. Article. Ever.

2007-08-02 02:27:44
482.   Dodger Jack
Anybody else believe that Abreu, rather than Martinez, should be playing second while Kent is out?
2007-08-02 03:01:51
483.   xaphor
481. I'm surprise he didn't lambaste the ThinkCure campaign as cheating while he was at it.
2007-08-02 03:03:14
484.   xaphor
482. I believe Abreu is injured and has yet to play since being sent down.
2007-08-02 03:16:24
485.   bhsportsguy
480 Hopefully, I might still go for surface streets, Olympic, 6th Street. I have the same deal from a different part of town, Tuesday night, got to Sunset and Beverly and it still took almost an hour to get in.
2007-08-02 04:02:41
486.   bhsportsguy
Who is this guy and what did he do with Bill Plaschke?

In the past in this space, Dodgers general managers have been scolded for not making deadline moves while their division rivals loaded up.

But not since that 1997 team contained five rookies of the year have the Dodgers had such a foundation.

Not since the days of Piazza and Karros have the fans felt such a connection to so many kids.

And, who knows, in such a flawed division, they could still figure out a way to survive.

Their pitching is thin. Their kids are inconsistent. Their old guys are one hamstring from irrelevance.

But isn't this uncertainty a small price to pay for a chance at several years of solidity? And, with no postseason series wins in 20 years, isn't it about time the Dodgers paid it?

When asked if they could still win, the Dodgers are keeping a stiff upper opinion.

Said Colletti: "I believe we can. I truly believe there's more to see with this club."

Said Manager Grady Little: "If our players do what they're supposed to do -- no more, no less -- then I think we have a chance."

Two years from now, if both men are still around, they will be far more certain.

Two years from now, writers could be beginning Dodgers trading stories with names of seven different players.

Russell Martin. James Loney. Tony Abreu. Chin-Lung Hu. Andy LaRoche. Matt Kemp. Andre Ethier.

2007-08-02 04:49:11
487.   Who Is Karim Garcia
sitting n terminal at lax and kicking myself for missing the conclusion of th game. im off for houston. might ven be there long enoughto catch a game.

and could it be.... a plaschke article worth reading?

2007-08-02 04:50:16
488.   Who Is Karim Garcia
sitting n terminal at lax and kicking myself for missing the conclusion of th game. im off for houston. might ven be there long enoughto catch a game.

and could it be.... a plaschke article worth reading?

2007-08-02 05:03:03
489.   Andrew Shimmin
486- Where do you rank Broxton of the two hundred or so relief pitchers in baseball this year? Top thirty? Top quarter? Top half?
2007-08-02 05:17:54
490.   D4P
Their kids are inconsistent

I'm getting sick of this.

April OPS 767
May 606
June 567
July 805
Average monthly variation: 146

April 850
May 816
June 732
July 1.237
Average monthly variation: 208

April 836
May 832
June 946
July 604
Average monthly variation: 153

April 863
May 843
June 807
July 858
Average monthly variation: 36

June 1.252
July 750
Average monthly variation: 502

April 938
June 888
July 912
Average monthly variation: 37

April 740
May 711
June 848
July 1021
Average monthly variation: 113

"Consistency" Ranking by Average monthly variation:

1. Martin 36
2. Kemp 37
3. Ethier 113
4. Nomar 146
5. Kent 153
6. Loney 502

2007-08-02 05:23:36
491.   D4P
Oops. I messed up my "Consistency" rankings. They should go like this:

1. Martin 36
2. Kemp 37
3. Ethier 113
4. Nomar 146
5. LuGo 153
6. Kent 208
7. Loney 502

2007-08-02 05:32:06
492.   D4P
BTW: If Nomar's apparent turn around is real, and if it is due primarily to watching tapes with Mueller, then Murray's coaching performance is completely inexcusable.

As far as I'm concerned, trying to figure out what's wrong with struggling hitters is intrinsic to a hitting coach's job, not just something you do if you're asked.

2007-08-02 07:07:10
493.   Jon Weisman
481 - I disagree. I don't know that the analogy is completely valid, but there's no doubt that people in the city's biggest industry, entertainment, are pressured to do things to their body to improve their chances of working, that they wouldn't otherwise do. If any of those people are booing Bonds, I can see the argument as hypocritical. I suppose that no one frets over the sanctity of Hollywood, and there are also legal issues involved, but there's still a kernel of truth to the argument.

For some booers, it wouldn't be hypocritical, but for some it would. It depends what your specific beef with Bonds is.

2007-08-02 07:16:51
494.   weatherman
493 - My beef with Bonds is that he is a Giant. I don't like the Giants. I don't like Bonds.
2007-08-02 07:47:41
495.   caseybarker
481-Have you ever read a good "page 2" piece?
2007-08-02 07:53:25
496.   capdodger
493 How many people in the left field pavillion and corner do you think have had botox or nosejobs? That author equates hair dye to steroids, and therefore is full of it. It's hyperbole.
2007-08-02 07:53:34
497.   Daniel Zappala
486 Maybe Colletti has taken Plaschke under his wing and explained to him his vision for the team and the greatness of the young players. Maybe if you're buddy-buddy with him he writes good stories about you.
2007-08-02 07:56:01
498.   Bumsrap
An interesting makeup call on Kemp's hit would have been to have called a ball Bonds wrapped around the left field foul pole for an apparant homerun to be called foul.

If Mueller is helping Nomar what is he doing to Kemp?

2007-08-02 07:59:10
499.   ToyCannon
This weekend could prove more exciting then the Bonds watch as Arizona is expected to activate Justin Upton due to the injury suffered by Quentin last night. I'm much more excited about seeing the 19 year old in action then watching Bonds hit a home run that was going to happen eventually.
2007-08-02 07:59:37
500.   ToyCannon
Bluebleeder, read your email. I need a reply ASAP.
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2007-08-02 08:01:39
501.   Terry A
497 - I'm not ready to end my Plaschke embargo yet, but I'm guessing he wrote something about the great job Colletti has done in keeping the prospects?

Has he admitted that he lambasted past Dodger GMs for doing exactly that?

2007-08-02 08:02:50
502.   Bumsrap
If Tommy John makes the Hall of Fame should he get an asterik by his name for having a surgically enhanced elbow? If was a legal operation and it didn't cause health problems but it was surgery that was not available to pitchers that played before him. He started the Tommy John era.

Not making excuses for steroid use but the record book is changing names partly due to advanced surgeries, better strengthening and conditioning equipment, diets, and roids.

2007-08-02 08:04:31
503.   Paul B
478 Don't forget "Cowboy" Joe Westworld.

Kidding aside, I do wonder when, and to what degree, baseball will start integrating some degree of technology in an effort to improve the accuracy of calls. It'd be nice to at least have some review for fair/foul and home run/not home run.

2007-08-02 08:14:07
504.   Jon Weisman
501 - He does admit it, but I don't feel satisfied. He doesn't make the connection that if he had followed his own advice, we wouldn't have this foundation that he's now keen on keeping.

496 - I agree there was hyperbole, but it's not as if only the pavilion was booing Bonds.

2007-08-02 08:15:47
505.   caseybarker
Wow, Upton already? This kid is good! And he seems to be a nice guy, too. Unfortunately, I didn't get to see him while he was in Visalia.
2007-08-02 08:29:37
506.   overkill94
496 That's my problem with it as well. Painting the LA area with that large of a brushstroke is just plain irresponsible. What's next, calling Brewers fans hypocrites because everyone in Milwaukee is a farmer that uses steroids to make their beef taste better? There's more plastic surgery per capita in the Phoenix area, why didn't he write this article about Diamondback fans?

I'd say at any given Dodger game there's probably about 0.5% of the crowd that has had any sort of cosmetic surgery. Don't even get me started on the hair dying thing because women do that EVERYWHERE.

2007-08-02 08:36:13
507.   delias man
My friend in SF heard on the Giants broadcast last night Barry will not be playing tonight. Let's see.
2007-08-02 08:38:38
508.   Jon Weisman
506 - I hate the L.A. stereotypes too.

New post up top.

2007-08-02 08:38:38
509.   Bob Timmermann
Wisconsin has more dairy cows than beef cattle. Completely different kind of hormones used there.

Along with years of selective breeding.

2007-08-02 08:48:15
510.   SG6
497 - I thought Plaschke was the one that put Colletti's name in McCourt's ear?

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