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2007-08-06 16:53
by Jon Weisman

Who can fill in these values for me?

  • v = amount of time it takes for an average grounder to reach a shortstop playing at normal depth
  • w = amount of time it takes for an average shortstop playing at normal depth to throw home
  • x = amount of time it takes for an average grounder to reach a shortstop playing with the infield in
  • y = amount of time it takes for an average shortstop playing with the infield in to throw home
  • z = v + w – x – y

    This is not a timed test. If you're able to come up with this information sometime down the road, let me know.

  • Comments (125)
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    2007-08-06 17:07:15
    1.   bigcpa
    I knew this site was all about nerdy math!
    2007-08-06 17:16:21
    2.   Bluebleeder87
    that information seems attainable if you have 4 friends & a stop watch no? By the way Jon nice rational take on your last post/thread.
    2007-08-06 17:16:22
    3.   Gen3Blue
    I know recent developements in nuetrino physics are threatening the standard model, but I have no idea how much time this will take away from the runner trying to score.
    2007-08-06 17:18:17
    4.   PDH5204

    Remember, as Ozzie Smith taught us, one must have the glove already coming when one is catching the ball, so as to save just that one second that will turn the tie goes to the runner into an out.

    2007-08-06 17:18:51
    5.   Jon Weisman
    The fun was going to be in choosing the letters to represent the values, but I lazied out of it.
    2007-08-06 17:18:59
    6.   PDH5204
    Sorry, should be "coming up" and not just "up". Now, to play on someone's pet peeve, My bad!
    2007-08-06 17:19:24
    7.   Jon Weisman
    4 - Isn't that a constant for all of the above values?
    2007-08-06 17:20:06
    8.   Bob Timmermann
    Sounds like Jon doesn't like playing the infield in.
    2007-08-06 17:22:48
    9.   Andrew Shimmin
    Vin Scully's description of Bonds made BP's quotes of the week piece, by way of Jon's SI column.

    2007-08-06 17:23:27
    10.   Bob Timmermann
    Remember that when the infield is in, the runner on third is less likely to break for home when he sees a fielder catch the ball. But with the infield back, the runner will have a longer lead and be in a better position to make a dash for home.
    2007-08-06 17:23:49
    11.   PDH5204
    Oh, for those teaching science in junior high school or middle school, you can have your students make a glove out of a paper bag, just like Ozzie did:

    2007-08-06 17:24:16
    12.   Brent is a Dodger Fan
    2 You'll need a bit more than that.

    1) You'll need pretty solid definitions of when an infield is playing in.

    2) You'll need pretty solid definitions of when an infield is playing back.

    3) You'll need to decide if double play depth is a different category.

    4) You'll need a sampling strategy so that you have a representative set of shortstops.

    5) You'll be better off cataloging the speed of the grounder and the direction (left, right, etc.) so that you can tell if that's a factor as well (since it could be that a deeper-playing shortstop gets to a ball that's wide but has less time to throw home).

    6) You'll need to record each instance and re-time it several times to make sure that the first timing isn't off.

    7) You'll need some antacid and painkillers from how tedious this would be to get a valid answer.

    2007-08-06 17:24:29
    13.   Andrew Shimmin
    World Series Hero Geoff Blum puts the Padres up 3-0.
    2007-08-06 17:26:18
    14.   Bob Timmermann
    Ted Leitner, who still worships Ken Caminiti, has an interesting view of Bonds.

    Caminiti's steroids were OK because he used them to help Leitner's favorite team. Since Bonds played for the wrong team, he is Evil Incarnate.

    2007-08-06 17:27:45
    15.   Jon Weisman
    8, 10 - I'm just wondering if the reality backs up the theory.

    12 -

    1) it's pretty obvious
    2) See 1)
    3) Yes
    4) Hey, if you've got the time, we've got the beer
    5) Did you see the part about "average"
    6) You're starting to worry me
    7) No, you'll need them :) I just want a one-shot best estimate.

    2007-08-06 17:28:24
    16.   natepurcell
    Laroche is playing in the Vegas game. He struck out in his first PA.
    2007-08-06 17:33:58
    17.   bigcpa
    Laroche got the back ache a week late. He could have been part of the July 30 Kershaw vigil.
    2007-08-06 17:35:20
    18.   Bob Timmermann
    Brother of potential 2007 World Series hero Justin Upton hits a 3-run homer to put the Rays up 4-2 on the Bengals.
    2007-08-06 17:39:10
    19.   underdog
    13 Don't worry, David Wells is pitching for the Padres.
    2007-08-06 17:39:35
    20.   Andrew Shimmin
    potential 2007 World Series hero Justin Upton

    From your lips to Ch-i's ears!

    All tied up in St. Louis. The greatest player of his generation steps to the plate with two on and nobody out.

    2007-08-06 17:41:22
    21.   Andrew Shimmin
    Juan Encarnacion, ladies and gentlemen. Peerless. Clutch.

    David Wells should think about trying to get himself thrown out of this game.

    2007-08-06 17:41:57
    22.   Gen3Blue
    13 and its tied at 3 to 3! I will feel good no matter what team loses-And its Cards 4-3!
    Notice the subtle diff. Between which team loses, and which team wins.
    And now its 7-3 Cards.
    2007-08-06 17:42:36
    23.   D4P
    When D4P was harping on about Nomar over Betemit being worse than Phillips over Choi, I asked for (and got) the 2005 PECOTA projection spreadsheet from BP

    To be fair, I was harping about (Nomar & Pierre over Betemit and Kemp/Ethier) being worse than (Some combo of Phillips, Edwards, Nakamura, Myrow, etc. over Choi & Perez).

    BTW: Did you find anything interesting in the projection spreadsheet...?

    2007-08-06 17:44:00
    24.   D4P
    David Wells doesn't belong in the big leagues.
    2007-08-06 17:44:04
    25.   natepurcell
    i think Laroche has struck out in his last 5 PAs....
    2007-08-06 17:46:02
    26.   Gen3Blue
    And it's 8-3 Cards.
    2007-08-06 17:48:10
    27.   Gen3Blue
    And its 9-3 Cards--with no one out and 2 men on.
    2007-08-06 17:48:32
    28.   Gen3Blue
    And its 10-3.
    2007-08-06 17:49:40
    29.   DXMachina
    Just to get the discussion started, if we assume normal depth is about 133' from home, and in is about 108', with a ball hit at 90 mph (132'/sec), and a shortstop who throws at 75 mph (110'/sec), then:

    Then z = 1.008 + 1.209 - 0.818 - 0.982 = 0.417 seconds

    If it takes a runner 4 seconds to get from third to home, that could make a difference, and the faster the runner is, the bigger the difference becomes. Does anyone ever play in when Piazza's on third?

    (I got the distances by measuring a stadium in Google Earth.)

    2007-08-06 17:50:02
    30.   Andrew Shimmin
    23- Not really. The projections make it looks significantly less stupid (which was a pretty fair bet to begin with), but it depends on how you weight Nomar's being worthless for most of an entire year, all together, or Betemit's being so much better than they'd projected he would be. I don't think I could ever see Phillips at 1B as anything but the ne plus ultra of stupid management; I didn't really approach it with an open mind.
    2007-08-06 17:52:17
    31.   Bluebleeder87

    Well o.k, I guess I was confused by the question. :o)

    2007-08-06 17:52:46
    32.   Andrew Shimmin
    30 continued- I probably shouldn't have submitted the original comment, given that I must not have actually gotten your point the first time through, and I evidently didn't get Humma Kavula's, either. Sorry about that, each of you.
    2007-08-06 17:55:40
    33.   Gen3Blue
    29 Almost a half second is a big diff.
    But the question is-is everything else equal? I've got a feeling the players being closer to each other, among other things will make a bigger diff. But I haven't figured out in which direction.
    2007-08-06 17:58:07
    34.   D4P
    You've been very apologetic lately. I think you're losing your edge. Pretty soon you'll be turning in your wings.
    2007-08-06 17:58:29
    35.   TellMeTheScoreRickMonday
    Ooh ooh, I love math. Could we also analyze:

    a - the average time it takes for the ball to travel from an average centerfielder, fielding the ball in from the warning track, to home plate;

    b - the average time it takes for the ball to travel from the Dodgers' current centerfielder, fielding the ball in from the warning track, to home plate.

    c = a - b. Express your answer in days.

    2007-08-06 18:00:07
    36.   Humma Kavula
    35 Remind me -- how fast does the earth rotate?
    2007-08-06 18:00:54
    37.   DXMachina
    33 You're right, it's not equal. 25 feet further back, a grounder has more hops to decelerate it, so it's speed goes down. It's a longer throw, so it needs more arc, which slows it down.
    2007-08-06 18:01:44
    38.   Marty
    34 He lost his edge when he started smoking again.
    2007-08-06 18:08:42
    39.   Jon Weisman
    29, 33 - Is half a second like a step?
    2007-08-06 18:13:56
    40.   DXMachina
    39 If it take four seconds to cover the distance between third and home, a half second is about ten feet.
    2007-08-06 18:14:03
    41.   PDH5204

    Sorry, can't define "z", but I can offer:

    "A right-handed pitcher typically makes the ball spin [counter-clockwise!] about an upward vertical axis, and the speed of the air over the surface of the ball on the left side vL is greater than the speed on the right side vR . According to the Bernoulli effect, air pressure on the right side PR is greater than on the left side PL, and the net force causes the ball to curve to the left---away from a right-handed batter. The magnitude of the pressure differential is

    DP = PR - PL = 1/2 rair [vL2 - vR2 ]
    and the net force to the left [for laminar flow!] is

    F = 1/6 DP A,

    where A is the area of the baseball. This sideward force is proportional to the density of air, the speed of the ball, and its angular velocity, and its surface area. Putting in a translational speed of 30 meters/sec and a rotation rate of 40 revolutions/sec, we obtain a force of about 0.1 Newtons, or about ten percent of the weight of the ball. The ball will thus curve by about ten percent of the amount that it drops under the influence of gravity, 10 - 20 cm. This estimate is consistent with the largest values measured in telemetry experiments---and somewhat at variance with estimates from hitters! Even though it may seem modest in proportion, the curve is difficult to hit because the batter must estimate the position and time of arrival of the baseball with[in] accuracies [of] 1 cm and 0.01 seconds, respectively[,] to hit it well. As with the falling induced by gravity, the uniform acceleration of a "curving" baseball has the greatest effect when the ball is closest to the batter. Also, the spinning of the baseball makes its translational speed more difficult to estimate by the batter in the fraction-of-a-second that is available. In addition, the dynamics of the collision between the ball and the bat is affected by spin, just as in ping-pong and tennis.


    And please note also the report on how to cheat in favor of your pitching staff. And so just one more use for liquid nitrogen. Since our team isn't so power inclined, maybe we should try it [they only audit the Rockies' humidor]? Earl Weaver helped his staff by putting the balls in the cooler before the game [perhaps he understood better than most that pitching and defense win games and a good staff was made better by those chilled balls]. Almost forgot, what with the chilled and deadened ball, wouldn't Juan Pierre then run amok [think of all those bunts reaching the pitcher not quite reaching the pitcher]? Mr. Pierre could go from goat to team hero if only we'd use the liquid nitrogen.

    2007-08-06 18:16:30
    42.   Gen3Blue
    35I hope you realize the way you have set up your equation, the answer is going to be a negative number. But days is probably the proper unit. I'm afraid for 2/3 of our outfield, imaginary numbers also are appropriate.
    2007-08-06 18:21:14
    43.   scareduck
    35 - I prefer furlongs per fortnight.
    2007-08-06 18:25:30
    44.   natepurcell
    i cant believe percival is still throwing 95mph
    2007-08-06 18:27:05
    45.   dkminnick
    34 - Speaking of our current centerfielder and distances and such, how about this:

    In a game a couple of weeks ago, I'm pretty sure I saw a ball hit up the middle come to a complete stop in the grass right behind 2nd base before a fielder (the shortstop) arrived. I don't think I have ever seen this in the major leagues before. Anyone else?

    My question: How weakly must a ball (not a bunt) be hit for it to stop rolling before it reaches an outfielder?

    2007-08-06 18:27:22
    46.   Sam DC
    Danica Danica Danica.

    I can't believe it fell to me.

    2007-08-06 18:32:38
    47.   dkminnick
    45 - Referred to 35. Loosely.
    2007-08-06 18:32:40
    48.   Jon Weisman
    46 - Goodness. You're right.
    2007-08-06 18:46:04
    49.   Gen3Blue
    The Padres lose.. THEEAE Padres lose!
    2007-08-06 18:54:49
    50.   still bevens
    I guess that big inning for the Cards tied a major league record for consecutive hits. LaRussa's batting Looper 8th also doesn't look as insane considering he had 2 of those hits.
    Show/Hide Comments 51-100
    2007-08-06 18:56:23
    51.   scareduck
    41 - liquid helium would be really fun. Then the ball would either freeze on the pitcher's hands or shatter on contact with the bat. Field that!
    2007-08-06 19:01:33
    52.   heato
    Am I late to the party, or was Kershaw just promoted to Jacksonville?

    2007-08-06 19:02:44
    53.   Bob Timmermann
    The Cardinals have had 10 straight hits in an inning 3 times now.

    I believe the Dodgers hold the record for consecutive hits over two innings with 12.

    2007-08-06 19:05:10
    54.   underdog
    52 Just saw that too. You're the first to arrive! Was looking for confirmation, but that sounds pretty accurate. Good news!

    But never mind that, Parker Brooks retired to go to law school!

    2007-08-06 19:11:45
    55.   Jon Weisman
    Parker Brooks Can't Lose!

    I'll alert my Georgetown Law School graduate friends.

    2007-08-06 19:13:41
    56.   still bevens
    Alot of love coming out of that Single A affiliate.
    2007-08-06 19:13:43
    57.   underdog
    55 Probably not the first loon to go to school there.
    2007-08-06 19:19:38
    58.   natepurcell

    holy crap.

    2007-08-06 19:21:40
    59.   trainwreck
    The Minotaur continues its mythological ride.
    2007-08-06 19:24:22
    60.   natepurcell
    I think Kershaw has passed the Minotaur stage and has now entered into Bigfoot/Yetti category.
    2007-08-06 19:27:36
    61.   Bob Timmermann
    June 23, 1930 was the date the Dodgers got 12 straight hits against the Pirates in the 6th and 7th innings. The Dodgers had 10 straight in the 6th had a guy thrown out on the bases and then got two more in the 7th.

    The Dodgers won 19-6 and had 28 hits overall.

    The 1930 Dodgers batted .304 as a team. That was only FIFTH best in the NL. The league batted .303.

    2007-08-06 19:33:19
    62.   Brent is a Dodger Fan
    15 Sorry... My professional life was creeping in. I understand measurement systems a bit too well for my own good.

    Averages are fine, but if you don't have solid definitions, you have a high probability of seeing an average that is different depending upon who does the measurement.

    Or, more simply, z=just a bit longer than you think.

    2007-08-06 19:51:47
    63.   silverwidow
    That is some incredible news about Kershaw. I wonder if they might call him up if Lowe is done for the year...?
    2007-08-06 19:52:42
    64.   silverwidow
    BTW, LaRoche had to come out again. His back must still hurt.
    2007-08-06 19:52:54
    65.   Bob Timmermann
    According to Peter Morris's "Game of Inches" infielders started out playing in, mainly because they wanted to make shorter throws. Also the infields weren't very good so if you played further back, your chance of a bad hop went up greatly.

    By 1905, playing the infield in was considered "old-fashioned" and in 1910, the strategy was referred to only as a late-inning desperation move.

    2007-08-06 19:55:40
    66.   Jon Weisman
    62 - I was laughing the whole time :)
    2007-08-06 19:57:34
    67.   Wilbert Robinson
    Hu is on a tear in Vegas. If Kent's hammy acts up again and if aliens abduct Ramon Martinez...maybe he's the answer at 2nd?
    2007-08-06 19:59:31
    68.   natepurcell
    I find it curious that the Dodgers are promoting Kershaw now, in the midst of struggling through a rough patch.
    2007-08-06 20:07:04
    69.   Dodgers49
    Meloan finally gave up another run. But he had a five run lead.

    Las Vegas
    Player IP H R ER BB SO HR ERA
    Lundberg 5.0 9 3 3 3 3 0 5.36
    Wright (W, 1-2) 1.0 3 1 1 2 0 0 8.10
    Hull (H, 5) 2.0 0 0 0 1 0 0 3.00
    Meloan 1.0 2 1 1 1 1 0 1.93

    2007-08-06 20:13:39
    70.   Wilbert Robinson
    1st rounder James Adkins pitched again tonight for the Loons. 1 run in three innings, 3 Ks. He has 13 Ks in 12 innings this year, 2.25 ERA. It'll be interesting what he does next year.
    2007-08-06 20:14:03
    71.   Sam DC
    Bonds coming up . . .
    2007-08-06 20:15:42
    72.   Sam DC
    Bonds trotting over to first.
    2007-08-06 20:18:48
    73.   MC Safety
    great to hear kershaw is headed to jacksonville to team up with my boy james mcdonald. bad to hear andy had to come out of the game again.
    2007-08-06 20:23:30
    74.   preacherroe
    Has anybody here seen my old friend Xavier Paul
    Can you tell where he's gone?
    2007-08-06 20:25:00
    75.   King of the Hobos
    It's nice that Kershaw was promoted, although it's too bad that he's bypassing the California teams, I would really have liked to see him.
    2007-08-06 20:26:57
    76.   Wilbert Robinson
    74 Paul is in Jacksonville. 772 ops 17 steals.
    2007-08-06 20:27:44
    77.   natepurcell

    Paul hasn't played in a long long time.

    2007-08-06 20:30:47
    78.   Wilbert Robinson
    he played tonight. 0/1
    2007-08-06 20:34:53
    79.   Wilbert Robinson
    Yikes. Paul has 100 Ks in 381 ABs.
    2007-08-06 20:41:10
    80.   Bob Timmermann
    Sutcliffe on ESPN! Frank Robinson on the Giants broadcast!

    There's no safe harbor!

    2007-08-06 20:46:18
    81.   underdog
    80 I hear Russ Ortiz will be by later to do some commentary, too.
    2007-08-06 20:47:30
    82.   preacherroe
    I spoke to Paul while my kid was getting autographs after a Suns game in May. He's a real personable kid. He strikes out too much ,but also is streaky . When he's hot he can get it going. He's only about 21 so he may get some plate discipline. Baseball America picked him as the Dodger farmhand with the best batting average potential three years ago.
    2007-08-06 20:47:38
    83.   Bob Timmermann
    I believe Ortiz is moving back into the rotation to take Morris's spot.
    2007-08-06 20:50:10
    84.   Bob Timmermann
    Ahh, the old 6-5-3 DP for Bonds!
    2007-08-06 20:50:15
    85.   underdog
    Nice double play there, Barry!
    2007-08-06 20:51:34
    86.   underdog
    83 Sarah Morris, you mean?

    I'm sorry, I'll make myself stand in the corner now.


    Damn, Colorado won today. I shouldn't even have to care what Colorado does or doesn't do!

    2007-08-06 20:52:16
    87.   Bob Timmermann
    But the Cubs lost. The Dodgers, Phillies, and Cubs all have the same record now.
    2007-08-06 20:53:49
    88.   MC Safety
    83- that is some of the best news ive heard today. i thought they were promoting that lefty? i forgot his name but i saw it on rotowire.
    2007-08-06 20:54:31
    89.   Wilbert Robinson
    according to Baseball Cube Gonzo had a sub par year on the mound in the minors...I'd still take him over Tomko aka Old Boot.

    2007-08-06 20:59:26
    90.   Bob Timmermann
    The Giants called up a guy named Atchison to help out in the bullpen because they used so many pitchers in San Diego. Fred Lewis got sent down.
    2007-08-06 21:02:45
    91.   underdog
    Man, as if this game wasn't boring enough, the Giants broadcasters just showed a replay of a kid in the audience yawning widely, several times. And then commented on yawning.

    I'm falling asleep here. Time to watch the Flight of the Conchords episode from last tonight via TiVo.

    2007-08-06 21:08:56
    92.   Indiana Jon
    91 One more rhino yawn and then I'll be falling asleep too.
    2007-08-06 21:08:57
    93.   Sam DC
    Runs are so overrated. Nice thinking Manny Acta!

    Bob Carpenter just said that thursday night was likely to be Russ Ortiz v. Joel Hanrahan.

    2007-08-06 21:15:08
    94.   Bob Timmermann
    I read somewhere that one of the Giants said they were "missing having Ortiz's arm in the rotation."
    2007-08-06 21:26:21
    95.   trainwreck
    This is why teams should question putting ex-ballplayers in important positions.
    2007-08-06 21:28:19
    96.   trainwreck
    Or just anyone from the Giants organization.
    2007-08-06 21:28:40
    97.   Eric Stephen
    I couldn't have Imagined the Nationals' starting pitcher tonight could have pitched so well. If he gives Bonds a pitch to hit here, Instant Karma is going to get him.

    I saw 755 in person, sitting in the RF stands, but I was a Jealous Guy because Nobody Told Me Bonds was going to hit the HR to left.

    2007-08-06 21:30:12
    98.   Bob Timmermann
    For all the talk of the edge that Bonds elbow guard gets him, he certainly had some bad swings in that at bat.
    2007-08-06 21:30:54
    99.   Daniel Zappala
    Interesting play in Anaheim: the left fielder juggles he ball as he goes to catch it. Runner tags from third as soon as he touches the ball. Left fielder eventually catches the ball and throws home too late. The fielders relay the ball to third and argue the runner left early.

    They lost the ruling. The rule is the runner can leave as soon as the ball is touched.

    2007-08-06 21:33:55
    100.   Bob Timmermann
    That's been the rule for over 100 years too.
    Show/Hide Comments 101-150
    2007-08-06 21:34:47
    101.   Sam DC
    99 Thank you -- I need that sort of stuff for breakfast table fodder. My kid has dreams of being the Rain Man of weird baseball plays.

    Thank Choi Bob is quick with the return email.

    2007-08-06 21:34:50
    102.   trainwreck
    I just wanna say that the French song in this weeks FotC was possibly the best thing they have done.
    2007-08-06 21:39:00
    103.   JoeyP
    So Kershaw and McDonald are both in the AA rotation?


    2007-08-06 21:41:42
    104.   das411
    GIGANTOR sighting in SF!!

    off topic but can anybody explain how i was able to get away with "TROOZ" in online Scrabble just now? if anybody else is interested...

    2007-08-06 21:47:15
    105.   Daniel Zappala
    100, 101 It was a pretty cool play because when I say he juggled the ball, he took about 2-3 seconds to catch it. He must have knocked it up and around 5 or 6 times.

    I'm not a rulebook nerd like Bob, so I didn't know that rule. I apparently have 100 years to catch up on.

    2007-08-06 21:49:01
    106.   Sam DC
    Extra Innings are not compatible with my need to be asleep.
    2007-08-06 21:55:05
    107.   Bob Timmermann
    Good fielders used to juggle fly balls to the outfield as they ran in an effort to keep runners from tagging up.

    Eventually, the rule was changed to what it is now because watching such plays is really lame.

    2007-08-06 21:57:44
    108.   Bob Timmermann
    Actually, the rule is not 100 years old, but only between 90 and 85 years old. The rule was adopted sometime around WWI, but no one has been able to identify the first year it became official.
    2007-08-06 21:58:41
    109.   CanuckDodger
    Once he joins the Suns, Kershaw can say hi to fellow hard-throwing southpaw Greg Miller, who thoroughly dominated after being promoted to Jacksonville late in his first full pro season-- four years ago.
    2007-08-06 22:02:08
    110.   Bob Timmermann
    2007-08-06 22:03:35
    111.   was it tims mitt i saw
    i've revised the equation to make it much easier to calculate.

    (x/y)(15/22) + (x/z)(15/22) = time in seconds

    x = the difference of an infielder's position between when playing normally and playing in. (ft)

    y = how fast the infielder can throw the ball (mph)

    x = how fast the ball is hit (mph)

    example -
    if the difference of position is 25 ft
    and the ss can throw 80 mph
    and the ball is hit at 100 mph

    it'd be
    (25/80)(15/22) + (25/100)(15/22) =
    .213 + .170 = .383 seconds.

    the ss would save .383 seconds by moving in.

    2007-08-06 22:03:37
    112.   Sam DC

    Now what havoc can Chad Cordero wreak?

    2007-08-06 22:07:53
    113.   Bob Timmermann
    I sense something very cute coming up.
    2007-08-06 22:08:45
    114.   alexx
    Steve Kline is pitching for the seventh time in seven days. 8th time in eight games.
    2007-08-06 22:09:37
    115.   Jon Weisman
    111 - Thanks! That still doesn't seem like a lot of savings to me, but it's interesting.

    Keep adding to this thread if there's more to talk about on that subject. Otherwise, even more meaningless new post up top.

    2007-08-06 22:12:26
    116.   Benjamin Miracord
    While awaiting tomorrow's Reds-Dodgers game, I wondered, "Why is there no collegiate auto racing?"
    2007-08-06 22:12:44
    117.   was it tims mitt i saw
    how fast the ball is hit is Z not X.
    2007-08-06 22:12:53
    118.   Some Guy in San Diego
    That comment is so perfectly wrong. I love it. But, c'mon there's still hope for Miller... right?
    2007-08-06 22:22:04
    119.   King of the Hobos
    16 Sure there is. Some people died at my school racing a few months ago. Of course, it wasn't school sanctioned, but it was still collegiate auto racing...
    2007-08-06 22:23:28
    120.   Daniel Zappala
    I remember when Greg Miller was a hot prospect. It was four years ago?! I'm getting old.
    2007-08-06 22:29:39
    121.   El Lay Dave
    115 That time difference still sounds like 9 or 10 feet difference in baserunner position, which seems significant.
    2007-08-06 22:30:04
    122.   Suffering Bruin
    Who can fill in these values for me?

    (blank stare)

    2007-08-06 22:47:22
    123.   SoSG Orel
    104 Nice site - thanks for the tip.
    2007-08-06 22:50:26
    124.   was it tims mitt i saw
    121 - assuming that the runner can reach a top speed of about approximately 22 mph, .383 seconds would be just under 6 feet.

    just a point of reference, according to, donovan bailey at his fastest can barely touch 27 mph.

    2007-08-06 23:21:55
    125.   El Lay Dave
    124 22 mph is 32.267 feet/second. Very fast baseball players are home to first in just under 4 seconds. 90 feet in 3.8 seconds is 23.684 ft/s. At that rate, 0.383 s is just over 9 feet.

    (Runners at third do travel less than 90 feet, but they salso tart at or near zero ft/s and accelerate when they recognize the ball will be on the ground.)

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