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I Throw Myself on the Mercy of the Court
2007-08-09 11:52
by Jon Weisman

In appealing the balk call against Joe Beimel that allowed the go-ahead run to score for Cincinnati in the bottom of the seventh inning today, I cite the eighth amendment to the U.S. Constitution:

"Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted."

Comments (308)
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2007-08-09 11:57:07
1.   Curtis Lowe
2007-08-09 11:57:43
2.   Telemachos
The trilogy of DT posts over in the "Hot from the Toaster" column is rather hilarious.

(weeps quietly)

2007-08-09 11:58:23
3.   Bob Timmermann
Jon has obviously taken a class in Constitutional Law from David Wells.
2007-08-09 11:58:50
4.   Sam DC
2 That really is pretty good.
2007-08-09 11:58:52
5.   BlueCrew Bruin
What happened to Young?
2007-08-09 11:59:04
6.   Icaros
How did Delwyn get hurt?
2007-08-09 11:59:08
7.   Nagman
Ethier is faster than Young?
2007-08-09 11:59:15
8.   Jon Weisman
Okay, Grady is really burning our reserves.
2007-08-09 11:59:19
9.   underdog
You forgot to add, "and thy one 4-4 hitter shall not be hurt."
2007-08-09 11:59:25
10.   bhsportsguy
It is pretty easy to cramp up on a hot day like today in Cincy.
2007-08-09 11:59:25
11.   Greg Brock
I approve of desperate rally threads.

I'm wearing this thread inside out.

2007-08-09 11:59:33
12.   Jon Weisman
Oh, Young was hurt?
2007-08-09 11:59:37
13.   Linkmeister
A pinch-runner for the kid? Is he hurt? He can't be that slow, can he?
2007-08-09 11:59:51
14.   Telemachos
If ever we needed a Clutch Veteran Hit, now's the time.

Got it in you, Lucille II?

2007-08-09 12:00:12
15.   underdog
Young got pulled because he pulled a muscle or something in his leg heading to second. Not because he's not as fast as Ethier.
2007-08-09 12:00:21
16.   Sam DC
What this thread needs is a monkey.
2007-08-09 12:00:31
17.   underdog
Are you all following this on Gameday?
2007-08-09 12:00:48
18.   Greg Brock
Rally thread!
2007-08-09 12:01:08
19.   MMSMikey
slappy mcpopup could'nt do that
2007-08-09 12:01:11
20.   Kevin Lewis
oh yeah!!!!!
2007-08-09 12:01:14
21.   Humma Kavula
2007-08-09 12:01:21
22.   Bob Timmermann
That RBI really ruins my "all runs scoring on sac flies" meme.
2007-08-09 12:01:23
23.   Disabled List
I have never seen a hitter hit as many line drives directly at outfielders as Pierre.
2007-08-09 12:01:25
24.   Zach the Ripper
Lunch time! Woohoo!
2007-08-09 12:01:27
25.   Linkmeister
IN play, run(s)

These are the brightest of all possible words.

2007-08-09 12:01:28
26.   jasonungar07
oh thank god. and I am not a religous man.
2007-08-09 12:01:31
27.   underdog
Just when I was about to cry about the fact that Martinez was up in this situation... he comes through!! Hooray! An actual hit with RISP! {{rubs eyes in disbelief}}
2007-08-09 12:01:49
28.   Curtis Lowe
Who's up for a torch mob and heading towards Contes house?
2007-08-09 12:01:56
29.   BlueCrew Bruin
Hey, this rally thing works! I'm scotch taping a paper cup on top of this thread to add to it.
2007-08-09 12:01:57
30.   Xeifrank
is there a precedence for starting a new thread during the middle of a game? I have a feeling that a judge may overrule the use of this rally thread if we don't have one. vr, Xei
2007-08-09 12:02:33
31.   Jon Weisman
22 - I love a ruined meme. Death to memes!
2007-08-09 12:02:33
32.   underdog
Oh thank dog, you mean, Jason.
2007-08-09 12:02:38
33.   gpellamjr
22 It's OK, Bob. It was beginning to seem a little cliche. It was like you were becoming a caricature of yourself.
2007-08-09 12:03:25
34.   Xeifrank
win expectancy shoots up to 44%.
vr, Xei
2007-08-09 12:03:26
35.   Sam DC
Here we go:
2007-08-09 12:03:26
36.   D4P
An actual hit with RISP!

By my count, that was actually the second hit with RISP today.

2007-08-09 12:03:38
37.   jasonungar07
slappy mcpopup.

that's so funny.

2007-08-09 12:03:51
38.   underdog
Btw, Young doesn't look seriously hurt or anything. I don't have sound on my computer but from watching the MLBTV broadcast it looked like it could even have just been a cramp. His leg stiffened up on him. But he basically walked off on his own power. They're just being precautious.
2007-08-09 12:04:30
39.   Telemachos
27 And a 2-out RISP hit as well. Amazing! :)
2007-08-09 12:04:37
40.   D4P
Mike Stanton: the next Jesse Orosco...?
2007-08-09 12:04:44
41.   underdog
37 © underdog 2007
2007-08-09 12:05:05
42.   Curtis Lowe
Woohoo, the Bobble is back on the desk.
2007-08-09 12:05:26
43.   Bob Timmermann
I resent that! I was long ago already a caricature of myself.

My real personality was lost sometime during the middle of 1995.

2007-08-09 12:05:39
44.   MMSMikey
ball 2 to loney
2007-08-09 12:05:56
45.   Jon Weisman
30 - It's been done before.
2007-08-09 12:06:20
46.   underdog
Oh come on, ump. That pitch was both low and inside. We usually call those "balls" where I come from.
2007-08-09 12:06:25
47.   Disabled List
29 Hey, this rally thing works! I'm scotch taping a paper cup on top of this thread to add to it.

I've got one on top of my hat. Believe me, I'm getting some funny looks around the office here.

2007-08-09 12:06:47
48.   underdog
But Loney comes through with one of those hit-type things I've heard so much about.
2007-08-09 12:07:06
49.   MMSMikey
take a pitch raffy

calm down steiner

2007-08-09 12:07:25
50.   Gen3Blue
Oh man, we was robbed.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2007-08-09 12:07:26
51.   Gen3Blue
Oh man, we was robbed.
2007-08-09 12:07:32
52.   underdog
Darn those diving plays. Poor Raffy.
2007-08-09 12:07:38
53.   MMSMikey
2 1st pitch outs
2007-08-09 12:08:22
54.   bhsportsguy
That does leave Martin, Kent and Kemp (w/Ethier up after that) in the 9th.
2007-08-09 12:09:20
55.   Kevin Lewis
At least it was hit "sharply"
2007-08-09 12:09:30
56.   Icaros
For the record, my fantasy starting outfield has changed from Gonzalez-Kemp-Ethier (which never happened) to Young-Kemp-Ethier.
2007-08-09 12:09:44
57.   kngoworld
54 What about pitcher's spot?
2007-08-09 12:09:49
58.   Underbruin
43 - May 2nd, 1995 perhaps? (That was a tough day for many, I might add)
2007-08-09 12:10:31
59.   underdog
I believe the Dodgers strategy should be amended from "hit it where they ain't" to "hit where they ain't, and especially avoid 2nd".
2007-08-09 12:10:42
60.   fanerman
We seem to have effortlessly relocated to this thread.
2007-08-09 12:11:09
61.   Greg Brock
Why must every attempt to win a baseball game feel like trying to scale Everest.

Slumps are such a bummer.

2007-08-09 12:11:58
62.   Sam DC
You guys didn't like the monkey, how about a new rally cap:
2007-08-09 12:12:19
63.   blue22
54 - Martin, Gonzo (probably), Kent, Kemp...
2007-08-09 12:13:22
64.   MMSMikey
why cant anything be easy...
2007-08-09 12:13:26
65.   Icaros
Gameday shows ball 2 as strike 3.
2007-08-09 12:13:44
66.   underdog
Phillips is really starting to irritate me.
2007-08-09 12:13:56
67.   Icaros
Phillips should've been out on strikes.
2007-08-09 12:14:04
68.   underdog
65 Gameday is smarting than the ump.
2007-08-09 12:14:18
69.   ToyCannon
Brandon Philips is a testament to Krivski's intelligence.
2007-08-09 12:14:25
70.   Icaros
I've hated Phillips since last year. He's a punk.
2007-08-09 12:14:25
71.   underdog
Smarter, that is. I'm still smarting from the previous week's worth of games.
2007-08-09 12:14:28
72.   Curtis Lowe
Brandon Phillips is annoying.
2007-08-09 12:15:09
73.   underdog
This ump would be outclassed behind the plate by Ray Charles.
2007-08-09 12:15:24
74.   Icaros
Cosmic justice.
2007-08-09 12:15:37
75.   Curtis Lowe
oooh it feels like a baseball game.
2007-08-09 12:15:37
76.   Daniel Zappala
Scott Hatteberg, on the other hand ...
2007-08-09 12:15:52
77.   D4P
This is feeling like a game the Dodgers will win. The Rockies better watch their backs.
2007-08-09 12:15:58
78.   underdog
I just meant he's irritating by how good he's been. But I'll go with the punk theory, too.
2007-08-09 12:16:19
79.   Kevin Lewis
I get to ump my first slow-pitch game tonight
2007-08-09 12:16:41
80.   kngoworld
I love it when 4 commentors comment on a play and say the exact same thing without actually using the same words. So much depth.
2007-08-09 12:16:45
81.   caseybarker
Remember this:

2007-08-09 12:17:01
82.   Icaros
Any player the Dodgers can never get out or ever hit a ball past is a punk.
2007-08-09 12:17:08
83.   Kevin Lewis
Was ball 2 really right over the plate like Gameday says?
2007-08-09 12:17:34
84.   Telemachos
This ump is insane.
2007-08-09 12:18:14
85.   Icaros
Gameday says balls 2 and 4 to Valentin were strikes.
2007-08-09 12:18:31
87.   Kevin Lewis
Sometimes I wonder if the Gameday people are Dodger fans. Are some of these pitches in the strike zone?
2007-08-09 12:18:49
88.   Curtis Lowe
Gameday shows every pitch to Valentin a strike.
2007-08-09 12:19:13
89.   kngoworld
86 First inning we scored without them firing back.
2007-08-09 12:19:19
90.   Kevin Lewis
Ahhh, my lunch break happens in 10 minutes. I am tempted to leave early to watch the game.
2007-08-09 12:19:48
91.   Underbruin
You know, I'm kind of surprised nobody's looked at Hatteberg questioningly with regards to possible PEDs...

The guy's having a career year at 37. After never posting an OPS above .807 before last season, he put up .825 and is over .870 this year, with a slugging percentage far above anything he's posted in his career.

Just noting...

2007-08-09 12:19:52
92.   underdog
Honestly, Gameday's been pretty accurate. This ump has a bizarro strike zone. I guess he's been consistently bizarro for both sides, but still.
2007-08-09 12:19:57
93.   Bob Timmermann
Cincinnati has the fancy equipment so the pitches are put in their place in the strike zone by computer.
2007-08-09 12:20:15
94.   Icaros

Bob tried to get a job as a Gameday stringer and was turned down because he's a Dodgers fan.

2007-08-09 12:20:38
95.   underdog
What the... Brad Penny in the on deck circle.
2007-08-09 12:20:41
96.   Im So Blue
Penny is on deck to PH for Broxton
2007-08-09 12:20:44
97.   Jon Weisman
The Punter v. Punter trial in Colorado is over.
2007-08-09 12:20:53
98.   Kevin Lewis
Okay, I am going home now
2007-08-09 12:21:01
99.   MMSMikey
penny pinch hitting over gonzo, NICE!
2007-08-09 12:21:05
100.   gpellamjr
84 I'm blacked out because they're not televising the game in Columbus, and I'm blacked out from and EI, but I have to watch this game on when it's archived just to see this. There have been several pitches where the gameday guy has disagreed with the umpire.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2007-08-09 12:21:11
101.   Disabled List
Oh yes, a pitcher pinch-hitting performance. This is awesome.

Let's dig up those Tim Leary/Darren Dreifort box scores.

2007-08-09 12:21:29
102.   Curtis Lowe
95 - Grady is really thinking outside the box.

I like it!

Only a madman can lead the blue to the play offs!

2007-08-09 12:21:30
103.   Underbruin
I suppose you have to give Brad an opportunity to pad that batting average.
2007-08-09 12:22:15
104.   Bob Timmermann
Hatteberg used to be a catcher and had some injury problems, so he couldn't play much. The A's resurrected his career by sticking him at first and encouraging him to take a different approach at the plate.


2007-08-09 12:22:20
105.   blue22
Where's Gonzo?
2007-08-09 12:22:20
106.   Summer Saint
Can someone remind me of how Ramon Martinez got the nickname "Lucille"?
2007-08-09 12:22:26
108.   Icaros

Playing in Cincinnati is the equivalent to using PEDs.

2007-08-09 12:23:03
109.   regfairfield
We deserve to lose if Gonzalez doesn't have anything seriously wrong with him.
2007-08-09 12:23:18
110.   gpellamjr
I get the feeling Penny was to be used in a bunt situation.
2007-08-09 12:23:22
111.   underdog
Darn, I thought Russ ripped that one more than he did.

Man, I'd love to see Saito's smile today. Sad, that I'd almost rather see that than see my g/f's smile today.

2007-08-09 12:23:36
112.   regfairfield
Or we could, horror of horrors, let Lieberthal hit.
2007-08-09 12:23:42
113.   Underbruin
104 - Right, but what interests me is how his career seemed to be tailing off in his mid-30s, as one might expect, until last season and then this season, when he had a pretty significant power surge.

I mean, just because guys aren't knocking 73 out of the park doesn't mean they can't be using some form of 'help' to stay in the game...

Just ask Guillermo Mota.

2007-08-09 12:24:04
115.   JoeyP
I wonder if Gonzo will start pouting like he did last year in Arizona--if he in fact is being benched.
2007-08-09 12:24:11
116.   underdog
110 Was absolutely correct. Gonzo in there instead.
2007-08-09 12:24:29
117.   Icaros
Okay, what's up? Gameday says strike 1 to Gonzo is way outside. The whole series has been like this.
2007-08-09 12:24:43
118.   jasonungar07
Score. please. I am starving, my blood sugar is low, too much coffee. Need to do some actual work...But I can't leave my computer.
2007-08-09 12:24:44
120.   Connector
Ninth inning, 100 degree heat, a 4-4 tie...who wants the victory more, the Reds or the Dodgers?
2007-08-09 12:25:12
121.   Disabled List
Gonzo looked like an old, old man in that at-bat.
2007-08-09 12:25:21
122.   underdog
112 I would've done that, too. Then bring in Lieberthal to catch since Martin made an out this inning. Especially in hindsight since Gonzo looked futile in that AB.
2007-08-09 12:25:21
123.   scareduck
120 - Ninth inning, 100 degree heat, a 4-4 tie...who wants the victory more, the Reds or the Dodgers?

The umpires.

2007-08-09 12:25:30
124.   JoeyP
Weak inning there.
Way to work the count fellas.
2007-08-09 12:25:33
125.   Jon Weisman
Why do so many assume that Gameday is infallible at setting the strike zone and calling strikes?
2007-08-09 12:25:36
126.   MMSMikey
wow, that was pretty lame.
2007-08-09 12:26:01
127.   Underbruin
106 - It's a reference to the show Arrested Development. There are two 'Lucille's just as there have been two 'Ramon Martinez's, so DT adopted the concept for Ramon, calling him Lucille II as in the show.

I suppose it's just been shortened to Lucille nowadays.

2007-08-09 12:26:13
128.   scareduck
125 - in Questec parks, there should be no question.
2007-08-09 12:26:22
129.   Xeifrank
This could very well have the makings of a long game. Is Roberto Hernandez still on the team? vr, Xei
2007-08-09 12:26:24
130.   Curtis Lowe
111 - I'd rather see Saitos smile than your g/fs smile too.
2007-08-09 12:26:25
131.   Bob Timmermann
I'm assuming it's more accurate in the parks with the new equipment.
2007-08-09 12:26:29
132.   Gen3Blue
Okay, how many innings apiece out of Brox, Proctor, and Saito.
2007-08-09 12:26:33
133.   underdog
I remember when I was excited to have Kent back in the lineup this week. That seems so long ago.
2007-08-09 12:26:55
134.   Summer Saint

Ah, ok. Thanks.

2007-08-09 12:26:59
135.   gpellamjr
125 I haven't seen anyone assume that. It seems that those of us here who are following on Gameday are asking whether it's accurate.
2007-08-09 12:27:07
136.   blue22
132 - Broxton was PH for.
2007-08-09 12:27:34
137.   regfairfield
Rick Ankiel called up. I put the over/under on his on base percentage at .260.
2007-08-09 12:28:22
138.   Bob Timmermann
2007-08-09 12:28:41
139.   Xeifrank
I think our rally thread has lost some of it's steam. Perhaps we need another injection. vr, Xei
2007-08-09 12:28:51
140.   Underbruin
So, would you rather have had Betemit to PH that last inning, or have Proctor available to pitch out of the 'pen?
2007-08-09 12:28:54
141.   ToyCannon
I used to wonder that but if the ballpark has the Q system, aren't they getting the feed from that? Or is this just some monkey in a booth making an educated guess?
2007-08-09 12:30:05
142.   Icaros

I'm telling you, Cincinnati is a ridiculous park. Look at Alex Gonzalez's SLG this year compared to his previous seasons (75 points above his career).

2007-08-09 12:30:17
144.   Jon Weisman
128 - I'm sorry - I'm just not convinced that that Gameday rectangle truly matches up to the inch with the hitter's strike zone the way people seem to think it does. Have they scanned Delwyn Young's body in already, for example?
2007-08-09 12:31:01
145.   Jon Weisman
139 - It actually wasn't a rally thread. It was a new thread in which I pointed out that it was rally cap time. See the nuance there :)
2007-08-09 12:31:09
146.   ToyCannon
Good time to find out if EDSP can live upto his name. It is one thing to pitch everyday, it is another to do it effectively.
2007-08-09 12:31:39
147.   Underbruin
141 - Or perhaps the Q system is nothing but an infinite number of monkeys with an infinite number of typewriters.
2007-08-09 12:31:54
148.   blue22
146 - So EDESP?
2007-08-09 12:31:55
149.   gpellamjr
140 I would rather have Betemit starting the game at 3rd.
2007-08-09 12:32:16
150.   underdog
Well, I do like this ump a little better now.

You're done, Dunn.

Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2007-08-09 12:32:16
151.   JoeyP
Does the plate get bigger as the weather gets hotter?
2007-08-09 12:32:21
152.   Linkmeister
"Thou shalt not argue balls and strikes."
2007-08-09 12:32:24
153.   Telemachos
Haha, Dunn agrees with us and Gameday.
2007-08-09 12:32:24
154.   Wordster
It was Fall 1966. I was 20 years old, and in my imagination, as sneaky as Maury, lippy as Leo, and gung-ho as Tommy, convinced that the world would always get better.

And for a long time, it did. The Series of the 60s, Sweep and Swept, finally ended. Our nation made it to the moon and my mind wasn't completely blown. The 70s and its horrible music passed, thank God. Yes, the world was changing, but Lopes, Cey and Garvey gave us continuity. We changed presidents more often than infields.

Then the 80s, disco and the Berlin Wall inspired hope when they disappeared into the rear view mirror of history. So did an unlikely ball slugged by ailing Kurt Harold Gibson into the right field Pavillion. Gosh, what a rush!

Bill and Hillie made the 90s both gloriously prosperous and deliciously salacious. Y2K launched a new millennium and the world didn't melt down. Even as bad as it was that George II, the Bumbling Boob, stole the election from "Mr. Right-but-Bland, You-Can-Call-Me-Al," all was not completely bleak. Upward and onward, each season I could always believe in bright Blue tomorrows. The baseball gods and me ate Dodger Dogs side by side in the nirvana of the Top Deck. Forget Iowa. Dodger Stadium was the real Field of Dreams. It was almost always true.

Then last night it happened. An ancient nightmare was reborn. A long dead "oh-fer" arose, stumbling clumsily from the offal of an awful grave, intoned in a vacuous voice, "Let old ghosts Ebbets n' flow . . ." Not since Fall 1966 had the Dodgers ever been shut out for three consecutive games. That was simply unthinkable ancient history, the impossible return of "dem Bums."

But as Vinnie said in 1988, "the impossible just happened."

Sunday's shutout by Brandon Webb capped Snaketown's sweep with chants of "Beat L.A.!" It was humiliation enough. After the game, Manager Grady Little no doubt closed the locker room door and spilled his spleen to the Boys in Blue. "Time to go get well, boys. Time to go beat up on the ghost of the Big Red Machine. Why? Because they're easy! Everyone does it. That Webbie Oh-fer Wonder? A hiccup of history, a comedy of errors, as unlikely as double snake-eyed goose eggs." Little was a veritable Knute in Blue.

Then, to the astonishment of everyone, the impossible happened — again. Cincy hadn't beaten the Dodgers in, like, forever. But Monday, the Red Guys vaulted from the field and broke out the bubbly, which in their case, wasn't champagne but over-ripe beer. It was their dismal season's Greatest Hoorah. Go ahead, Cincy, hoot! Howl! Bay at the Blue Moon! Even cellar dwellers deserve an occasional glimpse at the Sunshine of Victory.

Finally Monday passed and Tuesday dawned with a reality check at the stadium gates. Cincy stumbled back into the Great American Ball Park, bleary-eyed and hung-over from their victory binge. Monday had been glorious -- but a fluke. Everyone knew it. I'm guessing even Pete Rose was betting against 'em Tuesday night.

But when the fireworks finally faded in the Cincy sky last night, it was the Dodgers who hobbled off into the fetid darkness of having strung together a stellar showing of four measily hits — and, in the past 28 innings, no runs. The Triple Ignominy was complete. Bad things do come in Threes. Frankenstein has a new face -- Dem Bums are reborn.

From 1966 to last night -- I have lived toooooooo long.


2007-08-09 12:32:26
155.   Bob Timmermann
This describes the setup:
2007-08-09 12:32:38
156.   blue22
Did the Big Donkey just get tossed?
2007-08-09 12:32:52
157.   underdog
That was actually a pretty nice pitch from Proctor.
2007-08-09 12:33:13
158.   gpellamjr
144 I'm not convinced, either. That's why I want to know whether it's accurate.
2007-08-09 12:33:19
159.   JoeyP
If the umpires cant handle the weather, just go to an automated system of balls/strikes.

Some of these calls today and yesterday are horrendous on both sides.

Its taking the fairness out of a competitive sporting event.

2007-08-09 12:33:28
160.   MMSMikey
norris hopper is a punk
2007-08-09 12:33:42
161.   ToyCannon
2007-08-09 12:33:46
162.   underdog
156 Yep.

154 ...lives up to his handle.

2007-08-09 12:33:57
163.   scareduck
144 - I would assume it's adjustable in-game. Otherwise, it would have problems with guys who change their batting stance per-AB or even per-pitch.
2007-08-09 12:34:44
164.   underdog
All I know is from watching this game on TV, the ump's strike zone has seemed odd all game. Pitches down the middle that were called balls, pitches outside the plate called strikes, but he's been consistent. Until Broxton threw a pitch to Dunn that he checked on but looked down the middle to me.
2007-08-09 12:35:17
165.   Icaros

Beat me to it.

2007-08-09 12:35:46
166.   blue22
164 - Pitches down the middle that were called balls, pitches outside the plate called strikes, but he's been consistent.

I'm not sure I agree that's "consistent".

2007-08-09 12:35:49
167.   Jon Weisman
163 - So how does that make the representation of the strike zone infallible?
2007-08-09 12:35:52
168.   Underbruin
142 - Hmm, that's a good point. I suppose I expect it to be less the park because Cincy's park factors aren't really all that extreme (1.06 for runs - though it pushes HR heavily, it depresses singles, doubles, and triples). Looking at the last couple years, it's been 1st (2006) and 3rd (2005), so I suppose it might just be an outlier this season.

Though if you're looking for an outlier, check out 2004 - Great American was 28th in park factor for runs!

2007-08-09 12:36:07
169.   underdog
Okay, extras here we come.
2007-08-09 12:36:56
170.   underdog
166 Consistently wrong? That's what I meant. Anyway, he tossed Dunn so I already like him more than I did an inning ago.
2007-08-09 12:37:29
171.   Gagne55
Lyons: "If you hit it to right, Kemp could throw the runner out out home. If you hit it to left, Ethier might throw the runner out. But if you hit it to center, Pierre isn't going to be throwing anybody out at home."
2007-08-09 12:37:31
172.   fanerman
Or consistently inconsistent.
2007-08-09 12:38:04
173.   Curtis Lowe
154 - just keep on truckin.
2007-08-09 12:38:14
174.   Underbruin
Inconsistently consistent?
2007-08-09 12:39:34
175.   fanerman
Time for some Bison Power.
2007-08-09 12:39:45
176.   scareduck
144 - Questec claims their UIS product (what I believe they are installing in all parks) is accurate to within 1/2".

2007-08-09 12:39:48
177.   fanerman
Well, close enough.
2007-08-09 12:41:32
178.   underdog
I miss Delwyn!
2007-08-09 12:41:37
179.   MMSMikey
pierre is going to line out to left or center
2007-08-09 12:42:22
180.   ToyCannon
That looked a 1/2 inch outside.
2007-08-09 12:42:26
181.   fan 4 40 plus
154 From 1966 to last night -- I have lived toooooooo long.
you and me both...
2007-08-09 12:42:37
182.   ssjames
When you start a game with Pierre and Martinez and the walking corpse of Olmedo Saenz and have Brett Tomko starting, just the fact that you make it to extra innings has to be considered a victory.
2007-08-09 12:42:55
183.   Linkmeister
Bison theft!
2007-08-09 12:42:58
184.   underdog
Kemp couldn't have picked a better pitch to steal on. Nice.
2007-08-09 12:43:12
185.   Sac Town Dodger Fan
Maybe Pierre will get one of those "alleged" 200 hits he gets every year now.
2007-08-09 12:43:27
186.   Bob Timmermann
From 1966 to last night, I have listed almost entire life! Except for the last 21 days of 1965 were added on to, but I didn't do much in those three weeks.
2007-08-09 12:43:33
187.   Gagne55
WP. Come on!
2007-08-09 12:43:37
188.   jasonungar07
see the bison can go 1 for 5 with a steal too.
2007-08-09 12:43:43
189.   Wilbert Robinson
I think i'd rather listen to a garbage truck call this game rather than Charlie Steiner.
2007-08-09 12:43:52
190.   JoeyP
Dodgers deserve to break their losing streak on the bat of Ramon Martinez.
2007-08-09 12:43:59
191.   D4P
Pierre must have a really long bat.
2007-08-09 12:44:23
193.   underdog
Does Ramon know there's two outs? Showing bunt on first pitch.
2007-08-09 12:44:24
194.   Icaros
Gameday says the pitch Pierre grounded out on would've hit a RH batter.
2007-08-09 12:44:57
195.   Underbruin
Lucille as the hero?
2007-08-09 12:45:06
196.   ToyCannon
This team really needs a wild pitch.
2007-08-09 12:45:19
197.   underdog
"_____ is a punk" is getting old.
2007-08-09 12:46:08
198.   Underbruin
underdog is not a punk
2007-08-09 12:46:43
199.   underdog
Just take a walk, Lucille, c'mon.
2007-08-09 12:47:05
200.   MMSMikey
i blame it on pierre
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2007-08-09 12:47:14
201.   Greg Brock
You know it's bad when you were begging for a wild pitch.

Begging for a wild pitch. It's come to that.

2007-08-09 12:47:46
202.   underdog
198 You obviously haven't seen pictures of me as a freshman in h.s. in the 80s.
2007-08-09 12:48:14
203.   JoeyP
Victor Santos appears to be very happy to be in the major leagues judging from his gameday picture.
2007-08-09 12:48:15
204.   ToyCannon
I've begged for worse.
2007-08-09 12:48:26
205.   fan 4 40 plus
ughh ... "tres are wild" on gameday
2007-08-09 12:48:33
206.   ssjames
Does anyone remember the last time that a Dodger hit a homerun? I honestly have no idea how long it has been, but it seems like a long time.
2007-08-09 12:48:38
207.   Underbruin
202 - I retract my statement.
2007-08-09 12:48:49
208.   jasonungar07
Sernity Now. Sernity Now. Sernity Now.
2007-08-09 12:48:57
209.   Jon Weisman
186 - But where would you be without those three weeks?

201 - The Reds needed a balk and got theirs. It's all part of my writ.

2007-08-09 12:49:00
210.   Curtis Lowe
MC Lars is more punk than you.
2007-08-09 12:49:16
211.   ToyCannon
He should share with Dodger fans what he was on when he took that photo.
2007-08-09 12:49:57
212.   fan 4 40 plus
206 Ethier hit one in the 8-7 loss to the D-Backs...
2007-08-09 12:49:59
213.   Jon Weisman
176 - That appears to refer to pitch location, not batting stance.
2007-08-09 12:50:17
214.   Jon Weisman
206 - Saturday's rally.
2007-08-09 12:50:19
215.   ToyCannon
I'm glad they got the balk. It was less depressing then watching the runner from 3rd score when Loney threw to 2nd.
2007-08-09 12:50:37
216.   Underbruin
Uh oh, we're in trouble. Griffey Jr has a lifetime 1.000 batting average against Proctor (1-1).
2007-08-09 12:51:20
217.   Underbruin
2007-08-09 12:52:05
218.   underdog
216 Make that 1 for 2. :-)

But our favorite player is up.

2007-08-09 12:53:19
219.   fan 4 40 plus
Bison scares me in the outfield ...
2007-08-09 12:53:22
220.   underdog
Hah. Proctor just called Little off. "no, no, I'm totally cool, I'm cool," and waved him away. That's... cool.
2007-08-09 12:53:55
221.   Underbruin
On a completely unrelated note, John Daly is the current clubhouse leader of the PGA Championship.
2007-08-09 12:54:03
222.   Bob Timmermann
2007-08-09 12:54:05
223.   Linkmeister
I like this young man Proctor.
2007-08-09 12:54:12
224.   Telemachos
This one goes to 11!
2007-08-09 12:54:12
225.   underdog
And I guess Proctor was right.

A nice 2 innings there.

2007-08-09 12:54:19
226.   ToyCannon
EDSP comes up big.
2007-08-09 12:54:24
227.   fan 4 40 plus
good start time for a 20 inning game...
2007-08-09 12:55:35
228.   Linkmeister
I missed the memo; what's the "ED" part of EDSP?
2007-08-09 12:55:50
229.   fanerman
2007-08-09 12:56:02
230.   ToyCannon
Jon said 14. My boss hopes he wrong.
2007-08-09 12:56:24
231.   ToyCannon
Every Day Scott Proctor
2007-08-09 12:57:35
232.   jasonungar07
my boss, my stomach and my nerves.
2007-08-09 12:57:39
233.   Linkmeister
231 Ah. Thanks. I so hate being out of the loop (unless it's crimes against the state I can plausibly deny).
2007-08-09 12:57:40
234.   fan 4 40 plus
230 my boss is on vacation ...
2007-08-09 12:58:24
235.   fanerman
233 Dodger Thoughts operates on a need-to-know basis.
2007-08-09 12:58:32
236.   fan 4 40 plus
my boss is on vacation...
2007-08-09 12:59:13
237.   fan 4 40 plus
236 sorry about that ... sorry about that...
2007-08-09 12:59:39
238.   jasonungar07
2007-08-09 12:59:46
239.   fan 4 40 plus
2007-08-09 12:59:48
240.   Bob Timmermann
Do you get a run for that?
2007-08-09 12:59:49
241.   JoeyP
Who knew that hitting home runs could be good?

Thanks Raffy.

2007-08-09 12:59:53
242.   Connector
G-d be praised.
2007-08-09 12:59:57
243.   bhsportsguy
Raffy put a charge into that one.
2007-08-09 13:00:06
244.   caseybarker
Whoa, Furcal!
2007-08-09 13:00:11
245.   still bevens
Rick Monday just willed that home run into existence. Babbling on about how there should be more homers in the game, and BAM.
2007-08-09 13:00:12
246.   Jon Weisman
The thought of these dirty, sweaty uniforms forces me to ask the question: What laundry detergent do you use?
2007-08-09 13:00:20
247.   underdog
I don't understand. Is that legal? Raffy just lost the ball in the outfield bleachers. Is that good?
2007-08-09 13:00:29
248.   GobiasIndustries
2007-08-09 13:00:46
249.   Jon Weisman
246 - My utter distraction from Furcal's at-bat must have helped!
2007-08-09 13:00:48
250.   Bob Timmermann
Arm and Hammer is what I have now. Because it was on sale.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2007-08-09 13:00:50
251.   Sam DC
Ah, the old thirty pitch, 2 BB, 2 H, 0R first inning for Joel Hanrahan up in SF.

Dave Roberts might be injured after a dustup at the plate.

2007-08-09 13:00:57
252.   Wilbert Robinson
wait so what happens when you hit the ball over the fence?
2007-08-09 13:00:59
253.   underdog
And to think some idiotic DT poster wanted Furcal to be put on the DL. Who was that fool?



2007-08-09 13:01:00
254.   bhsportsguy
231 Apparently Grady called up Torre and asked him, "So Proctor can pitch 3-4 days in a row?"
2007-08-09 13:01:28
255.   fan 4 40 plus
247 don't worry the fans will throw it back ...
2007-08-09 13:01:42
256.   Disabled List
Steiner was carrying on as if that was a walk-off shot.

Still gotta play the bottom of the inning, Charlie...

2007-08-09 13:01:46
257.   Xeifrank
81% win expectancy.
vr, Xei
2007-08-09 13:01:57
258.   Underbruin
Mr. Furcal, you know that's not allowed if you're on the Dodgers. I'm afraid I'm going to have to cite you.
2007-08-09 13:02:04
259.   fanerman
252 I thought balls hit into the stands were considered foul? Does not compute.
2007-08-09 13:02:42
260.   JoeyP
Martin looks too tired to swing.
2007-08-09 13:04:01
261.   fanerman
Free Mike Lieberthal.
2007-08-09 13:04:23
262.   caseybarker
When did Hanrahan go to SF? I watched him pitch two weeks ago with the Nationals. I wasn't aware of any trade.
2007-08-09 13:04:28
263.   Wilbert Robinson
256 Why does Charlie Steiner sound like someone rufied him?
2007-08-09 13:04:34
264.   Zach the Ripper
2007-08-09 13:04:49
265.   Bob Timmermann
Umm, check who the Giants are playing.
2007-08-09 13:05:40
266.   Greg Brock
Furcal hit a home run? Wow, that's nice.

Missed it. I'll take your word for it. But I'm skeptical.

2007-08-09 13:06:00
267.   caseybarker
Oh, that's right. Forgive me, it's hot, here.
2007-08-09 13:06:30
268.   Xeifrank
Dodgers current game win probability added (WPA) leaders.
1. Proctor
2. Martin
3. Young
4. Furcal
5. Martinez
6. Broxton
7. Nomar
8. Saenz
9. Seanez
positive values only.
vr, Xei
2007-08-09 13:07:21
269.   Exick
263 Because he's sitting next to Lyons?
2007-08-09 13:08:42
270.   Bob Timmermann
I see a bad moon arisin'
2007-08-09 13:08:44
271.   underdog
Argh. Sammy! Not the way to start the inning.

We want to see that smile, buddy.

2007-08-09 13:09:37
272.   GobiasIndustries
Here comes Saito Claus, here comes Saito Claus right down Saito Claus Lane.........

Sorry I know that's lame, but I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve right now about to open the present I've waited all year for.

2007-08-09 13:10:40
273.   underdog
272 Careful. Some of us believe in the Jinx as much as we do in Santa.
2007-08-09 13:10:48
274.   underdog
Or more, I should say.
2007-08-09 13:10:59
275.   fanerman
Martin is still catching?
2007-08-09 13:11:38
276.   Bob Timmermann
One year, I really wanted socks for Christmas. I was running low on them.

Nobody got me any.

2007-08-09 13:12:07
277.   gpellamjr
Rick Monday: "Here's Gonzalez. Besides the home run, he's 0-3... so, technically 1-4."
2007-08-09 13:12:22
278.   Sam in SC
just cranking up gameday (a guy has gotta work sometime). is there a problem with the dodgers' score? it looks funny.
2007-08-09 13:12:38
279.   dzzrtRatt
our long Angeleno nightmare is over.
2007-08-09 13:12:46
280.   fan 4 40 plus
dodgers win!!!
2007-08-09 13:13:00
281.   fanerman
So, what happens when the game ends and we have more runs than the other team?
2007-08-09 13:13:04
282.   trainwreck
Well this is new.
2007-08-09 13:13:05
283.   Linkmeister
2007-08-09 13:13:08
284.   Hythloday
Where is Greg when you need him?
2007-08-09 13:13:14
285.   Exick
Why is the game over? The Dodgers have more runs and the game is over? I don't get it.
2007-08-09 13:13:16
286.   Xeifrank
Bob, how many runs did I say the Dodgers would score today? vr, Xei
2007-08-09 13:13:20
287.   Sam DC
2007-08-09 13:13:26
288.   underdog
Whoop! There it is!

Ah, I'd almost forgotten what that feels like. Runs and a win, both.

2007-08-09 13:13:41
289.   Connector
2007-08-09 13:13:57
290.   Linkmeister
Hey, 14 hits, too!
2007-08-09 13:14:05
291.   JoeyP
So now the Proctor for Betemit trade was all worth it!
2007-08-09 13:14:07
292.   Bob Timmermann
Ooh, the man is a prophet!

Stone him!

2007-08-09 13:14:15
293.   underdog
I love all our facetiousness here - well earned all of it. Cracks me up.
2007-08-09 13:14:16
294.   Underbruin
Win? What a funny concept.
2007-08-09 13:14:21
295.   Sushirabbit
I hope this marks a streak like last year. Didn't that start in Cincinatti, too?
2007-08-09 13:14:24
296.   ToyCannon
Now that is how you end a losing streak. Watch out Saint Lou, we are coming in hard.
2007-08-09 13:14:31
297.   fanerman
I love Dodger wins more than Homer Simpson loves ice cold beer on a hot Christmas morning.
2007-08-09 13:14:45
298.   dzzrtRatt
Can we get Carl's to stop running those damn ads with idiots licking the outside of plastic cups? If this is what they think I, as a Dodger fan, want to see, they're sadly mistaken.
2007-08-09 13:14:54
299.   underdog
292 Even if he does say "Jehovah"?
2007-08-09 13:14:58
300.   GobiasIndustries
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2007-08-09 13:15:05
301.   fan 4 40 plus
i guess the stock market preferred it when we lost ...
2007-08-09 13:15:13
302.   Curtis Lowe
Ohh sweet nectar.
2007-08-09 13:15:33
303.   Daniel Zappala
I tuned in just now and got to see the last pitch of the game, for a DP. Nice! Brock, do you like Proctor yet?
2007-08-09 13:16:15
304.   Sam in SC
the first game I miss in weeks, and the dodgers actually win it :(

uh, oh. do you think it's me?

2007-08-09 13:16:20
305.   bhsportsguy
Scored first - good
Tomko has Quality Start - good
Dodgers trail after 6 - bad
Dodgers give up more than 3 runs - bad

As long as Delwyn Young just went down with a cramp, a nice team win for the boys.

2007-08-09 13:16:44
306.   Greg Brock
WE. WIN!!!!

Sorry. Had a phone call.

2007-08-09 13:17:38
307.   bhsportsguy
295 It started at home against the Nats but as Sam would say, who remembers playing the Nationals.
2007-08-09 13:18:54
308.   Jon Weisman
2007-08-09 13:19:20
309.   underdog
Yeah, Young should be okay, I'd assume. From Diamond Leung:
>>Delwyn Young left the game in the eighth inning with cramps in both his calves.<<

He had a really nice game today, too.

2007-08-09 13:23:13
310.   Fallout
Now, maybe the Dodgers won't want to trade Kent and Gonzalez for the future. :)
2007-08-09 13:24:40
311.   Fallout
298 dzzrtRatt
I agree. I hate all those commercials where they have guys licking drips off their clothing.
2007-08-09 13:25:20
312.   gibsonhobbs88
294 - just checked in at lunch followed on MLB Gameday. I share your shock! Maybe news of our little quake reached the boys and sent a message:). The way our boys were going, I'll change a sleepless morning after the quake for a win. Hope it's the start of a breakout of runs. Poor Chad, one day too late for the run support. Sammy gave up a hit to the first batter because he had to get his bearings again :"What, a Save situation? I forgot what that was, it's been so long!!
2007-08-09 13:44:50
313.   capdodger
They size up the batters and teir stances during BP.
2007-08-09 13:55:12
314.   WillieD
Yeah! I think it was Jon's rally thread that did it.... Enjoyed you DTers comments, as usual. At last, it was so good to head off for a late lunch, with a smile on my face.

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