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Dodgers 2, Cardinals 1
2007-08-10 20:40
by Jon Weisman

First of all: Wow. And, whew.

Now ...

The story I'm about to tell is a new story, and an old story. Practically a fable, yet 100 percent true.

5:38 p.m.: I get in my car to drive home from work.

5:46 p.m.: Dodger radio announcers Rick Monday and Jerry Reuss update me on the Dodger score for the first time.

5:54 p.m.: Second score update.

Between 5:38 and 5:53 - 15 minutes - one score update.

Really, it's incredible.

New listeners turn on the radio every second. Giving them the score as quickly as possible is simply the most important function announcers have. But these guys just can't do it.

Something I noticed in particular tonight is that for at least three consecutive half-innings, play-by-play man Monday did not give the score when coming out of commercial. If failing to provide the score every minute or two is like missing a free throw, failing to do after a commercial break is like blowing a layup. Monday is laying bricks left and right.

This, of course, has been going on for years with Monday, as we all know, but I'm still honestly trying to imagine what he is thinking. He goes on and on about baseball players and fundamentals, yet he can't get a grip on the most fundamental aspect of his own job.

People have been complaining about this forever. There's nothing else to say. After all these years, how can this not have been corrected by now? I really think Monday owes it to Dodger fans to start giving the score every minute or two, or explain why in the world he won't do it. Really, explain it - it's not like you don't have all this time.

Monday, the score or your life!!!


If not, it's well past time for an intervention. Dodger brass needs to say something.

* * *

With Andy LaRoche battling injuries in Las Vegas, general manager Ned Colletti got itchy again about the team's depth. So he scratched by signing Shea Hillenbrand to a minor-league contract, who I at first ventured to concede might be a better alternative pinch-hitting in the 12th inning of a September game after rosters expand than Ramon Martinez ... but I'm not even 100 percent sure of that.

Comments (144)
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2007-08-10 20:50:04
1.   berkowit28

I had the same thing yesterday morning. The schmuck went through an entire inning, both halves, without giving the score. He even gave a (sponsored) "scoreboard" of the entire MLB active games without mentioning the current Dodgers-Reds game. Otherwise he just rabbited on about whatever passed through his little mind.

This is one issue where an email to Joel Rawitch alerting him to your post (though he most likely will read it anyway, an email should prompt a response) would be in order.


2007-08-10 20:50:52
2.   fan 4 40 plus
326 327 329 339
LAT'd Eddie Murphy Hot talk --->>
2007-08-10 20:50:57
3.   Eric Enders
I vote his life. But really, I'm a reasonable guy -- I'd be willing to settle for losing his job.
2007-08-10 20:53:08
4.   bigcpa
Ha! I was driving home today thinking "at last Grady discovers OBP, now if we can only do something about Rick Monday."
2007-08-10 20:53:11
5.   Eric Enders
"That is a nasty, NASTY, NASTY breaking ball."
-- Russ Langer on Jon Meloan

Meloan goes 1-2-3 and now has a 1.74 ERA for Vegas.

2007-08-10 20:53:28
6.   Sam DC
Tied in the seventh, two on no outs, AZ number 4 hitter Connor Jackson bunts.

Eek -- and now the IBB to 19-year old Upton. I hate the IBB to load the bases.

2007-08-10 20:55:12
7.   Bob Timmermann
I hate the single with the bases loaded even more.
2007-08-10 20:55:49
8.   Greg Brock
I don't know exactly why Monday won't give the score, but my first guess is that it's because he is a terrible announcer.

But I'm certainly open to other answers.

2007-08-10 20:56:11
9.   Icaros
And I still hate this guy I confused with Thom Brenneman last week.
2007-08-10 20:56:29
10.   fan 4 40 plus
1 send him a 3 minute sand timer (hour glass) put a note inside telling it is from Red Barber... and that if he has any questions to see Vinny
2007-08-10 20:57:45
11.   Bluebleeder87

He needs to join the big club already!

2007-08-10 20:58:57
12.   Icaros
Maybe they could bring a third guy into the booth whose only job is to give the score every two minutes.

Then they could bring in a fourth guy whose job is to shoot Rick Monday.

2007-08-10 20:59:33
13.   Bluebleeder87


2007-08-10 20:59:36
14.   Bob Timmermann
Daron Sutton doesn't sound much like Thom Brennaman at all. The latter's voice is what I would call "faux-stentorian." The former is far more of a wisecracker.
2007-08-10 21:00:06
15.   fan 4 40 plus
10 1 "Barber's best-known innovation for broadcasters was a simple device to remind him to repeat the score frequently for listeners who had just tuned in: He kept a three-minute egg timer, an hourglass, on his desk in the booth. Every time the sand ran down, he repeated the score and flipped his timer over. Dozens if not hundreds of later announcers adopted this prop."
2007-08-10 21:00:55
16.   Icaros

This keeps happening. Is it Brenneman or Brennaman?

2007-08-10 21:01:11
17.   Gen3Blue
One of my worst peeves in radio is catching a partial interview where the interviewer doesn't frequently identify who he is talking to. Pros, like Don Imus almost always are meticulous about doing this. BB announcers who are any good, always keep you up on the score. This is basic radio.
2007-08-10 21:02:42
18.   Bob Timmermann
It's the latter.
2007-08-10 21:04:35
19.   Icaros

Whatever. I hate him, too.

2007-08-10 21:06:17
20.   Greg Brock
It's easier to list announcers one likes than it is to list announcers one does not.

Because they all stink.

2007-08-10 21:06:24
21.   Marty
I hate it that Monday will talk through a pitch and then give you two in a row. You can hear the ball hit the mitt and he keeps talking. Then, it's "a ball and now a strike"
2007-08-10 21:07:26
22.   Eric Stephen
The only bad part about the Boise St - Oklahoma Fiesta Bowl (well, besides Chris Myers ruining the proposal surprise) was that Thom Brennaman was announcing.

Wow, Garagiola is doing the game tonight. I'd like to hear Garagiola do play by play with Ralph Kiner on color.

2007-08-10 21:08:56
23.   Icaros
No exaggeration, I often find myself tuning Monday out and listening to the crowd to figure out what's happening because he's usually not talking about the game.

He's like the new version of Gameday.

2007-08-10 21:08:57
24.   Eric Stephen
21 Good point, Marty. Plus, Monday will try to change the game speed to his announcing, adding in between the two pitches, "comes right back with..." as if the second pitch was right after the first.
2007-08-10 21:09:08
25.   Bob Timmermann
Thom Brennaman may do more to destroy the BCS than anything else in college football.

The man is an abomination of an announcer. His father should disown him.

2007-08-10 21:12:32
26.   Greg Brock
If Gus Johnson had announced the Boise St./Oklahoma game, the world would have exploded out of excess awesomeness.
2007-08-10 21:12:59
27.   Marty
I really have a tough time telling Brennaman's kid apart from Buck's kid.
2007-08-10 21:14:14
28.   Greg Brock
27 Joe Buck is the one staring at Tim McCarver's package in the pregame discussion.

It's kind of unnerving.

2007-08-10 21:14:42
29.   Eric Stephen
25 I always sort of thought naming his son Thom was Marty's way of disowning him. Thom with an "h"? Really? Outside of the Radiohead lead singer, is there anyone that adds the h to Tom?
2007-08-10 21:14:57
30.   Bob Timmermann
Joe Buck isn't as bad as Thom Brennaman. Even Chip Caray is better than Thom Brennaman.
2007-08-10 21:15:11
31.   Icaros

But have you seen that thing?

2007-08-10 21:16:00
32.   Daniel Zappala
You had me scared, Jon. I assumed the Dodgers signed Hillenbrand to a major league contract, but it is only a minor league deal. Whew.
2007-08-10 21:16:56
33.   Robert Daeley
Headline at "Lowe to Battle Dodgers at Busch Stadium"

I guess he really wants run support for once. ;) Screenshot here in case they've fixed it:

2007-08-10 21:17:42
34.   Eric Stephen
26 Chuck Norris would have had nothing on that moment. I was yelling, and I had no rooting interest in the game, and I was at home watching on TV.

Tim McCarver has basically been the lead baseball color announcer for 20+ years. I can't fathom how that has happened.

2007-08-10 21:22:25
35.   Eric Stephen
I don't mind Daron Sutton all that much, but the D-Backs became dead to me earlier this year when, after Brandon Lyon struck out a Dodger to end an inning, the broadcast went to break with Sutton yelling, and a Lion roar was piped in.
2007-08-10 21:23:26
36.   Bob Timmermann
Lowe must be really angry over Mark Sweeney arriving in St. Louis and immediately hitting on Carolyn Hughes.

Happens all the time.

2007-08-10 21:23:50
37.   King of the Hobos
Hillenbrand is 3-3 thus far, all singles.

In Jacksonville, down 12-3 in the 8th, Jimmy Rohan came out to pitch, and after a scoreless 8th, gave up 7 runs in the 9th. AJ Ellis came in to get the last two outs (along with a 2 run double to drive in some of Rohan's runners). Both positions players had previously pitched, although neither appears to be the next James McDonald...
Rohan (over 4 seasons): 6.2 IP, 6 K, 7 BB, 12 R
Ellis (over 2 seasons): 8 IP, 3 K, 3 BB, 4 R

2007-08-10 21:26:23
38.   Jon Weisman
33 - I clarified - thanks.
2007-08-10 21:26:48
39.   Jon Weisman
That was for 32 actually.
2007-08-10 21:29:26
40.   fan 4 40 plus
10 it's on its way to Mr Rick Monday 1000 Elysian Park Ave...
2007-08-10 21:33:49
41.   Bob Timmermann
No decision for Russ Ortiz! The Giants have blown a 6-2 lead in the 8th! And the Pirates are aiming for more.
2007-08-10 21:45:11
42.   Xeifrank
Bob, I'm headed down your way tomorrow (Children's museum) what's the day time temps hovering at down there?
vr, Xei
2007-08-10 21:46:42
43.   Bob Timmermann
It was in the 80s Downtown today. It wasn't exactly oppressive. You won't confuse it with St. Louis or Taipei.
2007-08-10 21:53:48
44.   Greg Brock
Who are we looking at coming up when rosters expand? Meloan for sure, now it sounds like Hillenbrand will come up. Stults and Houlton?

How's about Hu?

2007-08-10 21:56:26
45.   Greg Brock
I should add that I assume LaRoche will be up by then.
2007-08-10 22:02:14
46.   Eric Enders
44 ]
LaRoche (if healthy)
Abreu (if healthy)

Stults (who got ripped tonight)

Davis or Huckaby (3rd catcher)
Freeman or Ruan (pinch runner)

2007-08-10 22:06:25
47.   Daniel Zappala
I am almost certain that this is the first game that Maicer Izturis has hit both a grand slam and been intentionally walked.
2007-08-10 22:07:24
48.   popup
Here is a potential topic for conversation: What is the biggest blunder made by the Dodgers? My vote would be when Don Drysdale died, Peter O'Malley should have made a concerted effort to bring in a young broadcaster to team with Ross and Vin, someone similiar to Dave Fleming in San Francisco. I only listen to the Dodgers on XM radio. When the Dodgers are at home and the third inning ends, I almost always turn off the broadcast. Steiner and Monday are among the worst broadcasters in the country. It is really sad because the Dodgers have always had excellence in the radio broadcast booth going back to Red Barber and Vin in Brooklyn.

I am sure others will point to Juan Pierre as the Dodgers biggest blunder. Players come and go, but broadcasters (good and bad)have a much longer stay.

Stan from Tacoma

2007-08-10 22:08:54
49.   Eric Enders
I would have a hard time picking anything to do with announcing as the greatest blunder. My top two would be Pedro for Delino and leaving Roberto Clemente unprotected in the Rule 5 draft.
2007-08-10 22:12:11
50.   Eric Stephen
48 I'd vote Delino for Pedro in a landslide. Konerko for Shaw is up there, along with the non-grilled Dodger Dogs.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2007-08-10 22:13:16
51.   Greg Brock
If you look at the swath of destruction that followed the team, Campanis on Nightline would be number one for me.

The last 25 years of futility are a result of that.

2007-08-10 22:14:29
52.   Eric Stephen
51 GB, have you doomed the Dodgers to 5-6 more years of futility!!??
2007-08-10 22:14:49
53.   Greg Brock
20 years, I should say.
2007-08-10 22:15:00
54.   Eric Enders
Problem is, if you're going to say Campanis' firing resulted in the lousy teams from 1987-present, then you also have to say it resulted in Kirk Gibson and the '88 title.
2007-08-10 22:15:26
55.   Greg Brock
52 Come on, man. You gotta give me a minute or two to fix it!
2007-08-10 22:16:08
56.   Eric Stephen
Maybe letting Scioscia get away too. That wasn't good.
2007-08-10 22:16:17
57.   Greg Brock
54 It's possible. I can't say conclusively, but it's certainly possible.
2007-08-10 22:16:21
58.   Eric Enders
I think 55 is also what DePo said when he was fired.
2007-08-10 22:18:08
59.   dzzrtRatt
There's a website dedicted to all the bad stuff about the Dodgers.

Personally, I'm ready for a break from bashing the usual suspects. Why don't we find someone new to pick on? Ralph Branca maybe.

2007-08-10 22:19:17
60.   Eric Stephen
I thought DePo said "1000011101101010101010"? :)

{That's funnier if you think of FotC)

2007-08-10 22:20:31
61.   Greg Brock
59 We could pick on Niedenfuer for awhile.

I'd like that very much. Jerkface Niedenfuer...

{punches open palm repeatedly}

2007-08-10 22:21:34
62.   Eric Enders
I'm gonna go with trading Lo Duca.
2007-08-10 22:24:51
63.   Eric Stephen
I'm waiting for the SportsCentury or Beyond the Glory feature on Niedenfuer. I haven't heard anything about his since about 1990. Maybe you couldn't fill an hour with just Niedenfuer though. The show could be "Beyond the Glory: The Gas Cans", and Niedenfuer, Mitch Williams, et al, could be featured.
2007-08-10 22:25:03
64.   Xeifrank
Why do we have to be negative? Why not ponder what is the greatest moment??
vr, Xei
2007-08-10 22:25:25
65.   Eric Stephen
I haven't expressed my hatred for Darryl Strawberry in a while.
2007-08-10 22:27:22
66.   Greg Brock
64 Gibson's homer.

Next question.

2007-08-10 22:27:42
67.   Eric Enders
Somebody should do a Boys of Summer-style nonfiction book about all the pitchers who gave up dramatic home runs and what their lives turned out to be like afterward. Ralph Branca, Ralph Terry, Dennis Eckersley, Mitch Williams, Tom Niedenfuer, Brad Lidge, Donnie Moore, etc.
2007-08-10 22:29:44
68.   Daniel Zappala
Don't pick on Niedenfuer, he was one of my favorites. I've forgiven him for anything he did wrong.
2007-08-10 22:30:30
69.   Greg Brock
67 Yeah, whatever happened to Donnie Moore?


2007-08-10 22:30:38
70.   Eric Stephen
67 ...and Billy Wagner (2007 NLCS Game 4 vs Dodgers).
2007-08-10 22:32:07
71.   Eric Stephen
64 Scioscia's 9th inning HR that tied Game 4 of the 1988 NLCS, off a cruising Dwight Gooden about to lead the Mets to a 3-1 series advantage, is an under-appreciated great moment.
2007-08-10 22:33:42
72.   popup
Eric, they should have traded Lo Duca for a broadcaster to be named later.

Scott Graham was fired by the Phillies last year. He is way better than Steiner/Monday.

The Pedro/Delino trade has to be up there in the list of biggest blunders. But after that trade, I found that I could pick up the Dodger broadcasts most nights at my home in Tacoma over KNZR Bakersfield. I listened to Vin, Ross and Don and enjoyed what I was hearing. I remember the Dodgers finished last one of those years. lost 99 games I think. I still listened. The Dodgers could win 99 games and I still would not listen to Steiner/Monday. Those two are almost as bad as the Padre and Yankee radio broadcasters.

Stan from Tacoma

2007-08-10 22:33:50
73.   Eric Stephen
Eckersley is awesomely candid in his interview footage on the Beyond the Glory on Gibson's HR.
2007-08-10 22:34:15
74.   trainwreck
It seems McDonald will get a call up in September.
2007-08-10 22:38:03
75.   Greg Brock
68 I've forgiven him for anything he did wrong.

Professor Zappala...Never, in my wildest dreams, did I envision a situation where you would be put on notice. And you won't be. But knowing that you forgive Tom Niedenfuer. Well, I just don't know what to make of it.

"Forgiving Tom Niedenfuer" is a great name for a book.

2007-08-10 22:39:10
76.   Xeifrank
Next question? Using the numbers 7,6,5,1 and using each number exactly one time, come up with the value of 21 using any combination of multiplication, division, addition and or subtraction. vr, Xei
2007-08-10 22:42:16
77.   Greg Brock
68 Daniel, you do the whole Italian genealogy thing, right? I have a friend who wants to trace his family name(s). Consalvo and Martello. He has no clue where his famiglia comes from. I told him I know a guy who knows some stuff about some Italian stuff, especially some name stuff.
2007-08-10 22:47:12
78.   Gagne55
76 I think it's impossible.
2007-08-10 22:49:27
79.   Xeifrank
78. it's not. You have to think outside the Monday. vr, Xei
2007-08-10 22:53:49
80.   Bob Timmermann
I don't blame Niedenfuer as much as Lasorda for overusing him and ruining his career. Donnie Moore's arm was shot in 1986 as well.

I was at a SABR chapter meeting in Lake Elsinore and George Hendrick spoke (extremely quietly) to us about his career and he had absolutely nothing good to say about Gene Mauch. He said Mauch was a control freak who called every pitch of the season.

He still can't figure out why Gary Lucas came in.

Campanis's early departure didn't seem as deleterious as Greg Brock makes it out to be. Campanis couldn't have stayed on in the job many more years. Who would have been his logical replacement other than Fred Claire? The Dodgers weren't going to go outside the organization to hire a GM back in those days.

2007-08-10 22:54:55
81.   Bob Timmermann
7 X 6 X .5 X 1 = 21
2007-08-10 22:58:19
82.   Xeifrank
81. Sorry, .5 is not a valid choice. :)
vr, Xei
2007-08-10 22:59:33
83.   Dave G
why, that's easy. 16 + 7 - 5 = 21.
2007-08-10 22:59:35
84.   Gagne55
79 I'm a math major. I pwn at Krypto and yet I'm not seeing it.

(7*6)/(5-1) is half right. ;-)

2007-08-10 22:59:42
85.   trainwreck
FotC are on Letterman tonight, Rainn Wilson is on Leno, and Judd Apatow is on Conan.

This ends your late night report.

2007-08-10 23:02:59
86.   Gagne55
83 You can move the one to the tens place?
2007-08-10 23:03:15
87.   Bob Timmermann
1 + 6 + 5 + 7 = 21 in base 9
2007-08-10 23:04:30
88.   Gen3Blue
Could there be a lamer lead story than golf.
Yes . No.758.
2007-08-10 23:04:46
89.   Xeifrank
84. The answer is not tricky at all. Just some slight thinking outside the Steiner to solve it. vr, Xei
2007-08-10 23:04:51
90.   Dave G
that's why you have to think "outside the monday" :) it had to be a trick question. and the directions said:

Next question? Using the numbers 7,6,5,1 and using each number exactly one time, come up with the value of 21 using any combination of multiplication, division, addition and or subtraction. vr, Xei

I'm using each number exactly one time, right? so it works!

2007-08-10 23:05:23
91.   Greg Brock
85 I'll be watching late night TV for the first time in three years. Your reportage is great.


2007-08-10 23:06:06
92.   Xeifrank
Base 10, add, sub, mult, divide, only those four numbers. No wierd stuff. vr, Xei
2007-08-10 23:07:04
93.   Bob Timmermann
I've given TWO answers and I'm declaring victory and getting out.
2007-08-10 23:11:45
94.   Gen3Blue
80 I can't remember for sure, but I think Mike Marshalls HR numbers were even more misleading than Greg Brocks, and Home-run Niedenfuer's at triple A Albaquerque.
2007-08-10 23:12:13
95.   Gagne55
Just give us the answer so I'm not up all night thinking about it.
2007-08-10 23:13:40
96.   Xeifrank
95. If nobody gets it by next tuesday, I will give you a hint. :)
vr, Xei
2007-08-10 23:19:56
97.   Bob Timmermann
6 / (1 - 5/7) = 21
2007-08-10 23:21:46
98.   trainwreck
Nice one.
2007-08-10 23:25:59
99.   Bob Timmermann
I think my Base 9 answer was more elegant.
2007-08-10 23:26:24
100.   Gagne55
Ok, I'm thinking now that Dave had the right idea, but his math was off. 16 + 7 - 5 = 18. Still don't see it though...
Arg! I had best just go to bed.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2007-08-10 23:27:37
101.   Gagne55
97 I should have refreshed the page. Thanks Bob. Now I can rest easy.
2007-08-10 23:30:17
102.   Gagne55
And now I feel silly for not realizing it. Kept thinking, "is there a way to get 7*3" and there it was 7 *6/2 right in front of me and I missed it.
2007-08-10 23:37:34
103.   Greg Brock
Hey Bob, there are a few teaching positions in Pasadena Unified. My enthusiasm in applying is tempered by the fact that I'd never be able to buy a house. Ever. In a million, brazillion years.

Maybe I could stay with Marty in Altadena.

2007-08-10 23:40:18
104.   Bob Timmermann
We'll buy a big Craftsman in South Pasadena and share the mortgage costs.
2007-08-10 23:42:30
105.   Greg Brock
104 Timmerman and Brock...Teacher/Librarian by day, detectives by night. Using a combination of encyclopedic historical knowledge and an uncanny understanding of the Dewey Decimal system, they make the world a safer place.

This fall, on CBS.

2007-08-10 23:49:33
106.   Bob Timmermann
I want to be the "street smart" one, but Brock can be the one who gets all the women, even though he spends most of his time using a wide array of high tech gadgetry to find the bad guys.

I just have a network of informants with colorful nicknames.

2007-08-10 23:50:33
107.   trainwreck
Yep, CBS is the perfect place for that.
2007-08-10 23:50:44
108.   dodgerkramer1
I'm a big Dodger fan living in Iowa, and I hate the Cardinals something fierce. Especially La Russa.

I just got done watching the 9th inning on (I was at the state fair tonight and missed the game). I noticed that Saito came very close to balking on almost every pitch tonight. (He had jelly legs after he came set).

I know those weasels La Russa and Duncan notice crap like that and will talk to the umps about it before Saturday's game. I hope Honeycutt mentions it to Sammy so he can cut it out.

But nevertheless, what a great win. I'm going to bed a happy man b/c of Loney and company.

God, I hate those Cardinals.

2007-08-10 23:51:38
109.   trainwreck
You guys think you hate Tony LaRussa. Wait till ARF calls the cops on you, then you really have a reason to hate Tony.
2007-08-10 23:55:46
110.   Greg Brock
106 You can be the street smart one. I want to be the world-weary, cynical guy who doesn't believe in the system anymore, but wages a personal war to make the world a better place.

I'll be the jaded guy who fights the good fight, but doesn't care anymore. Actually, I'll be whatever it takes to grab the hot broads. Whatever archetype it takes to be that guy, that's what I'll be.

I just want the women. Write my character around getting hot women.

2007-08-10 23:56:48
111.   Bob Timmermann
The Iowa State Fair "Sounds Like Fun!"

Friday night featured Alice Cooper and ABBAMANIA!

But it looks a guy from Minnesota took home first place in the Super Bull competition.

Probably because Jonathan Broxton was in St. Louis.

2007-08-10 23:56:53
112.   trainwreck
Brock is trying to say that he wants to be Charlie Sheen.
2007-08-10 23:59:15
113.   Greg Brock
112 Charlie Sheen with depth. So, like some guy who has depth and pulls hot broads.

Charlie Sheen, with hot broads, and depth. Is such a thing possible?

The depth is really important. But the hot chicks thing is more important.

2007-08-11 00:00:17
114.   trainwreck
Charlie Sheen with depth is Emilio Estevez. I do not know if you want women like Paul Abdul.
2007-08-11 00:00:48
115.   Greg Brock
You know what, depth is overrated. Hemingway had depth. And he's dead. Oscar Wilde had depth, and he liked other dudes.

I'll just take the hot broads. Write me shallow. Just let me pull hot broads.

2007-08-11 00:03:34
116.   Greg Brock
You know what I haven't addressed...Dodger Thoughts: The Movie. Now that I've met so many of you people, I really have to recast DT: The Movie.

I have a really good idea who should play who now. My casting eye is far more acute now. I have a really good sense about the cast.

2007-08-11 00:07:12
117.   trainwreck
You probably do not watch Adult Swim, but the first thing I thought when I saw you was that you reminded me of Tim Heidecker from "Tom Goes to the Mayor" and "Time and Eric's Awesome Show."

He works with Bob Odenkirk, so that is something to be proud of.

2007-08-11 00:17:16
118.   Dave G
aw man, and I thought I was being so clever. nicely done.
2007-08-11 00:18:05
119.   Greg Brock
Just a taste:

Jon: Dustin Hoffman
Marty: Richard Dreyfuss
Icaros: Josh Lucas
Scareduck: Paul Giamatti
bhsportsguy Ken Watanabe
Eric Stephen: John Candy
ToyCannon: Denis Leary (with a goatee)

Again, this is just a taste. Sam, Bob, and others have to be recast.

2007-08-11 00:19:30
120.   trainwreck
Ken Watanabe is awesome. BH is so lucky.
2007-08-11 00:30:50
121.   Greg Brock
Oh, and LAT would be played by a young Harrison Ford.

And Suffering Bruin would be played by Aaron Eckhart.

2007-08-11 00:38:29
122.   Eric Enders
Who plays Greg Brock?
2007-08-11 00:41:32
123.   Greg Brock
122 Steve Zahn.

If he was 25 pounds overweight.

2007-08-11 00:49:19
124.   bhsportsguy
120 In a lot of ways aside from being dead, J.T. Walsh would be a better choice since anyone knowing me would spit up if it was Brock's kind casting choice.

Maybe Patton Oswalt instead.

2007-08-11 00:54:33
125.   Greg Brock
124 We've hung out too much for you to be JT Walsh. Your friendliness and good nature precludes you from being JT Walsh.

I'm pretty convinced that Canuck is JT Walsh.

2007-08-11 01:04:35
126.   trainwreck
JT Walsh and Patton Oswalt are great, but Ken Watanbe was in Tampopo and Tampopo is awesome. I only wish I was cool enough to be in Tampopo.
2007-08-11 07:34:21
127.   Eric Stephen
I'll accept John Candy. I'm working on the weight thing, but that dude was damn funny. kaydcee should be played by Jennie Garth My first thought for Blubleeder87 is Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite, but he deserves better. Branch Rickey should be played by Dave Thomas (Strange Brew, not Wendy's).
2007-08-11 07:35:52
128.   Eric Stephen
Please excuse the Treo induced poor spacing of 127 .
2007-08-11 07:38:47
129.   Daniel Zappala
The results of living in another time zone -- I went to bed in the midst of a conversation:

Professor Zappala...Never, in my wildest dreams, did I envision a situation where you would be put on notice. And you won't be. But knowing that you forgive Tom Niedenfuer. Well, I just don't know what to make of it.

I'm the forgiving sort. After what happened to Donnie Moore, I can forgive any baseball player who blows a game while trying his best . Especially after the Dodgers won it all 3 years later and I got to see the clinching game in person. I do appreciate not being put on notice, but I would have forgiven you if you had.

Daniel, you do the whole Italian genealogy thing, right? I have a friend who wants to trace his family name(s). Consalvo and Martello. He has no clue where his famiglia comes from. I told him I know a guy who knows some stuff about some Italian stuff, especially some name stuff.

Now that you want something we're on familiar terms, eh? :-) Have your friend go to and read the first post (not too hard since I've only had time for 3). Basically, I'll get him started for free and show him how to go on from there. Have him send me email.

2007-08-11 07:39:56
130.   Daniel Zappala
Alas, I'll never be casted if I don't get out to a DT game some year.
2007-08-11 08:26:01
131.   MC Safety
is it just me or does jon look like zach braff in his photo?
2007-08-11 08:28:50
132.   kingbb99
The dismissal of Ross Porter by the McCourt regime and Lon Rosen was criminal and a slap in the face to Dodger fans everywhere.

Maybe the guy made too much money, but the company line was that the broadcast needed to be more entertaining. It is the opposite.

Monday is typically awful, and Charley Steiner is brutal (say it with me, EN-CAR-NA-SEE-OWN.)

I can't help but look at the Porter situation as a metaphor for what the McCourts really think about Dodger fans.

It's PR 101 Frank - know your audience.

No rational person can think that the broadcast has improved under the McCourts, and certainly no Dodger fan I've spoken to.

If you are going in a different direction in an effort to improve the product - THAN THE PRODUCT HAS TO IMPROVE.

2007-08-11 08:34:30
133.   Dodger Jack
What is the nature of LaRoche's latest injury?
2007-08-11 09:05:28
134.   Greg Brock
The LA Times describes Loney as "often scorned by the Dodgers for his lack of power."

Yeah, because we're a regular bunch of Babe Ruths here with the Dodgers. Too power-depended, all home runs, I often say.


2007-08-11 09:15:48
135.   Marty
A waitress at a cafe I used to frequent always said I looked like Richard Dreyfus. I stopped going because I don't like being served by crazy people.
2007-08-11 09:41:32
136.   Icaros
I didn't know who Josh Lucas was by name, so I had to look him up. I've only seen one film of his, Wonderland, which I really liked. I approve of his appointment.

He hasn't done much acting since the 80s, but I also get a lot of Sting comparisons (the singer, not the wrestler).

My favorite, though, was when some people started referring to me as a "better-looking Jeffery Dahmer."

2007-08-11 09:42:37
137.   Andrew Shimmin
There ought to be a law that, any time an economist appears on t.v. (even on CSPAN2), somebody else has to pick his tie. And comb his hair.
2007-08-11 10:31:33
138.   underdog
My ex-g/f once described me as a lost member of the Beastie Boys, for that's worth. I think I'm a more Jewishy looking Ron Livingston, but that's worth even less. Still waiting to hear who Greg Brock is in the movie. Icaros, you need to dye and primp yer hair a bit more to be Sting but I see where that comes from. Josh Lucas works.

And now we're off to hike with a friend who reminds me of Pete Puma. (Jutting chin, big dumb grin, elongated laugh, squinty eyes. "I'm the little critter's mother, and I've been so woooooooooooooooried about him.")

Have a day!

2007-08-11 10:57:18
139.   underdog
Argh. I set my tivo to tape the game on Fox today, only to check just now to see they have the Pirates-Giants game scheduled here in SF. That game obviously was booked when Bonds was still chasing the record. That has to be the most meaningless game of the week (even if mostly local) I've ever seen. Sigh. Guess I'll watch it tonight in condensed fashion online. Cheers.
2007-08-11 11:05:25
140.   Bob Timmermann
San Diego and Cincinnati were moved in to the Fox slot and it's not even being shown.
2007-08-11 11:08:08
141.   Gen3Blue
I don't even have to check--I know its Gameday for me today! Maybe I should sponsor a Fox hunt.
2007-08-11 11:10:20
142.   Bob Timmermann
The three Fox games are Boston at Baltimore, LA at St. Louis, and Pittsburgh at San Francisco.

The Padres put Michael Barrett on the DL with a concussion. They sent down Jack Cassel also and called up Pete LaForest and Mike Thompson. I have lost track of how many times Thomspon has gone back and forth between San Diego and Portland in the last two years, but I'm sure it's over 10.

2007-08-11 11:17:26
143.   Linkmeister
130 You and me both. OTOH, we get to select the actor who should portray us, and who's to say we're crazy?
2007-08-11 20:35:57
144.   TellMeTheScoreRickMonday
Thank you, Jon, for explaining my handle here at DT. It's infuriating. Even a simple chess-match-style clock or egg timer could be a simple device to help Rick tell the score of a game. It's so easy, yet somehow, so difficult!

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