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Phillies Preview
2007-08-21 11:56
by Jon Weisman

In advance of this week's big series, Joshua Worley at Dodgerama takes a close look at the Phillies.

Comments (127)
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2007-08-21 12:01:23
1.   Bob Timmermann

2007-08-21 12:09:21
2.   LogikReader
I'm proud to say that I at the game where Russell Martin got his 20th stolen base! Now he just has to get those 6 home runs to join the 20/20 club. Man I hope he gets at least one here in Philly.
2007-08-21 12:11:38
3.   LogikReader
Summary of Dodgerama preview:

The Dodgers don't have a snowball's chance in Haiti of winning this series.

That's why they play the games though.

2007-08-21 12:11:53
4.   Johnson
1 Rollins needs 5 triples, which is doable. Granderson needs one triple, 4 homers, and 6 stolen bases, which is also doable. We could double the 20-20-20-20 club in one season!
2007-08-21 12:11:55
5.   bhsportsguy
1 I realize he gets paid to make outrageous comments but when I hear someone say on national radio (Pat Forde) that UCLA will be 11-0 when they play USC, I just feel he is setting me up for a huge disappointment.
2007-08-21 12:15:28
6.   Marty
Hey Brock, Happy Birthday!
2007-08-21 12:15:49
7.   Sam DC
Hmmm . . . both Jayson Stark and Ken Gurnick have left the field clear for Jon to pick Russ Martin, or perhaps, knowing Jon, he's gone with "The Kids" en masse.
2007-08-21 12:15:59
8.   Bluebleeder87
Joshua Worley always has some nice team breakdowns, I think we have a fighting chance at taking the series (speaking in anything can happen mentality) we shall see.
2007-08-21 12:17:13
9.   Bob Timmermann
If UCLA is 11-0 going into the USC game, I will feel really bad that I'm selling the Oregon and ASU tickets for such a low price.

I can picture UCLA losing to BYU or Utah in the first two weeks.

I'm not an optimistic sort. I just want UCLA to beat Notre Dame.


2007-08-21 12:20:06
10.   Bob Timmermann
Look for the delightfully named Emiliano Fruto to come up with the DBacks soon:

2007-08-21 12:20:28
11.   Daniel Zappala
You can have Notre Dame. I'll take a BYU win over UCLA. Then we'll both be happy.
2007-08-21 12:21:06
12.   bhsportsguy
9 I thought I had ask before Jon can comment.

Does playing Stanford count since UCLA opens up the season against them on September 1st.

2007-08-21 12:21:20
13.   Bob Timmermann
So will some guy from Lindon, Utah!
2007-08-21 12:21:50
14.   Sam DC
The Yankee people at that ESPN thing have picked George Steinbrenner and Andy Pettite.

I can see George, but Pettite is just trying too hard.

2007-08-21 12:21:56
15.   Jon Weisman
9 - I believe you are overlooking your season-opening opponent.
2007-08-21 12:22:18
16.   Bob Timmermann
I can picture UCLA losing that game too.

I have become Brockian in my pessimism about the UCLA football team this year.

2007-08-21 12:23:23
17.   Bob Timmermann
I literally overlooked Stanford.


2007-08-21 12:23:51
18.   Daniel Zappala
13 Probably the entire town of Lindon, except for the one or two people who dare to hang University of Utah flags from their windows. We don't bring their type any fresh-baked goods.
2007-08-21 12:25:28
19.   regfairfield
10 So the Nationals effectively get Ryan Langerhans and Wily Mo Pena for Jose Vidro. Not a bad little exchange.
2007-08-21 12:26:26
20.   Sam DC
Langerhans has actually been DdFA.
2007-08-21 12:26:50
21.   Dodgers49
>> Fortunately for the Phillies and their cleanup batter, the Dodgers will start right-hander Brett Tomko in tonight's series opener. Howard has four hits in five at-bats against Tomko, and what makes their previous battles interesting is how quickly they were over. Through Sunday's games, Howard ranked second in the majors in the percentage of at-bats that reached two strikes. A whopping 60% of his at-bats have passed through a two-strike count. The league average is 47%. But in five plate appearances against Tomko, Howard has rarely seen a second pitch, let alone a second strike. <<

2007-08-21 12:29:29
22.   regfairfield
20 Makes the deal look even better.
2007-08-21 12:29:53
23.   Bob Timmermann
Will Tomko break his career high for home runs allowed in a game?

2007-08-21 12:34:19
24.   Greg Brock
6 Thanks!

Some of those ESPN "Face of the Franchise" choices are quite baffling.

2007-08-21 12:35:41
25.   paranoidandroid
Predictions based on nothing but hope:

Look for Tomko to pitch a solid six and keep us in the game. That will set the tone for a rested pen to go after the last three.

Key match-up will be Howard/Beimel. Beimel gets him to hit into a double-play twice this series.

Proctor will start his scoreless innings streak tonight that will extend into the last week of the season. Big Ox and Saito don't give up any runs in the next 19 games.

Keys to the series:
1. Limit the need to go to Roberto and Seanez.
2. Work the counts. Get at least three walks a game. Are you listening/reading Mr. Pierre?
3. Let Kemp play all three games, Kent too. We should park the ball in the seats a few times in Philly.
4. Give Lieberthal a few at-bats to pay the Phils a little revenge. Maybe he starts the day game on Thursday?
5. Don't let Bills walk more than one and he'll have a quality start.

I smell a sweep!

2007-08-21 12:39:03
26.   Xeifrank
9. Bob, is Jimmy Claussen going to start at QB for Notre Dame this year?
vr, Xei
2007-08-21 12:39:30
27.   LogikReader

Actually, Liebers WILL be starting the Thursday game, according to a recent report.

I smell a sweep too, but I don't know by WHO yet...

is it who or whom?

2007-08-21 12:41:08
28.   trainwreck
Happy Birthday Brock!
2007-08-21 12:41:19
29.   Jon Weisman
Tony Jackson's agony continues ...

2007-08-21 12:42:19
30.   Bob Timmermann
Charlie Weis won't say, but Clausen has had (according to his father) some elbow surgery. He also got arrested for buying beer as a minor.

Weis says he plans to use three different QBs in the early going.

But Weis is a genius! He will figure something out.

Unless he's playing USC or LSU.

Then he's doomed.

2007-08-21 12:43:09
31.   trainwreck
Pat Cowan seriously hurt his hamstring, so UCLA is going to really need the o-line to protect Olson.

I think UCLA goes 9-3 with loses to Cal, WSU, and USC. Sadly, I could see us doing worse than that not better.

2007-08-21 12:43:25
32.   Dodgers49
I knew this was bound to happen sooner or later. :-)

Woman rejects ballpark marriage proposal

>> With the couple on display on the stadium's jumbotron, the male fan got down on one knee to present the ring. The woman, wearing a replica Astros jersey, appeared to dump a bag of popcorn on the man before hastily making her way up the stairs amid a chorus of boos <<

2007-08-21 12:44:29
33.   gpellamjr
27 Always "whom" unless it's the subject of the sentence or clause.
2007-08-21 12:48:12
34.   Greg Brock
32 That's gotta be a gag. I think it's been done before.

I would love to pull that gag.

2007-08-21 12:48:49
35.   Gen3Blue
25 Where have you been getting your drinking water lately, I want some of that stuff:0)
2007-08-21 12:48:59
36.   gpellamjr
No Kemp tonight, according to ItD.
2007-08-21 12:49:40
37.   LogikReader

Who knows who will be the subject of a sweep by whomever wants it more this Thursday?

2007-08-21 12:50:19
38.   LogikReader
and yet again, no Kemp in the lineup? oy vey
2007-08-21 12:52:25
39.   gpellamjr
37 You should use "whoever" there, because it is the subject of the subordinate clause.

But I am alienating everyone here with my ridiculous interest in prescriptive grammar rules, so I'll stop.

2007-08-21 12:52:57
40.   gpellamjr
38 What's more important to you? Winning, or protecting Gonzo's feelings? I, sir, have a heart.
2007-08-21 12:54:18
41.   LogikReader
Kemp has gone 8 for his last 20 with 5 RBI and 2 HR... let's pencil in LuGo instead!
2007-08-21 12:55:47
42.   LogikReader
-- lets just hope that NedCo doesn't decide to pick up any more placeholders for the outfield this offseason... I'd be even happy with Kemp, Ethier and a platoon of Pierre/Repko.
2007-08-21 12:57:49
43.   Bob Timmermann
Lolly, lolly, lolly
Get your subordinate clauses here ...

Nah, won't work.

2007-08-21 12:58:08
44.   Sam DC
Beloit College's mindset list for the class of 2011.

2007-08-21 13:00:08
45.   ToyCannon
Good for her, I always thought it was bogus for someone to put pressure like that on someone. I especially liked the popcorn on the head part.
2007-08-21 13:00:38
46.   Sam DC
44: Number 55 is my favorite.
2007-08-21 13:00:55
47.   LogikReader

man does anyone have a video of that? I'd love to see it!

2007-08-21 13:01:20
48.   ToyCannon
I fail to see how Grady is not part of our problem anymore.
2007-08-21 13:04:59
49.   regfairfield
48 At least when he does something stupid, I can see a reason for it.

Jim Tracy has made me amazingly patient with managers.

2007-08-21 13:06:44
50.   Marty
I was hearing that it looked like a rainout today.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2007-08-21 13:06:51
51.   Bob Timmermann
If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem.
2007-08-21 13:07:18
52.   Dodgers49
34. I would love to pull that gag.

You're in your prime. Go for it. :-)

2007-08-21 13:08:44
53.   dsfan
Just read the Pierre apologia on MLB's site. Basically Pierre is saying he's not going to change. And why should he? The way he's gone about it resulted in $45 million guaranteed from the Dodgers.

I suppose it is unrealistic to expect a PR writer to ask Pierre questions such as why, if he has such good bat control, is he terrified to hit with two strikes? My guess is that Pierre serves the early pitch into play so often because he is terrified of striking out. But wouldn't the risk of more strikeouts bring an increase in walks? And if his bat control is good, couldn't he at least foul off two-strike pitches or put them into play? It's not like he's driving the early pitches.

His fear of striking out is fueling a poor approach. Mechanically, he is consistently tardy. He doesn't load his swing early enough, resulting in defensive swats and passes.

I refuse to believe he is a lost cause. If he have changed his approach, he could improve his OBP. But judging by his quotes, he doesn't think he's doing anything wrong. So all of that great work ethic he is showing does nothing more than reinforce bad habits.

Sorry for being repetitive on this subject, but I just read the article and it struck a chord.

2007-08-21 13:11:33
54.   Bob Timmermann
The only chord that can be struck with me is E minor. It's the only one I ever learned on the guitar.
2007-08-21 13:16:14
55.   LogikReader has suggested I can get the beach forecast for Philly.

They have a beach?

2007-08-21 13:18:18
56.   trainwreck
Oregon little league team has the same colors as the Oregon Ducks.

I hope they lose.

2007-08-21 13:19:15
57.   bhsportsguy
53 I really cannot understand why this subject interests anyone, including the writer who wrote the article.

Despite what appears to be very limited skills, in terms of what he does well, he has had himself a nice a little career and a World Series ring to boot.

Does it mean he should play everyday, no, but again, its not as if he came in like say JD Drew in Boston and then has been very disappointing in terms of his production.
(I looked today, Drew's VORP is 5.0 while Pierre's is 10.1)

The difference is Juan Pierre gets criticized for just being Juan Pierre. And in that respect, he can't really ever win.

I think there were several other stories a writer with that access could have chosen to write about but the Pierre story has basically been told and retold and there just isn't anything new to say anymore.

2007-08-21 13:20:37
58.   underdog
I've been shocked before, but I;d be at least surprised if ex-Phillie Lieberthal doesn't get one start this series.
2007-08-21 13:21:20
59.   Lexinthedena
I thought Grady did a pretty good job last year.....this year has baffled me.....not much that Ned or Grady do seem to be come from a place of common sense....It seems like old school baseball codes of entitlement influence a large part of thier descision making...
2007-08-21 13:21:39
60.   still bevens
57 Im just shocked to hear Pierre's VORP is 10. I keep hearing he is the definition of replacement level. If thats true, shouldn't his VORP be zero?
2007-08-21 13:21:56
61.   Joshua Worley
1 ---

Aha, Willie Mays and Frank Schulte --- wait, who? I should have tried harder to look up the 20-20-20-20 club, but I was too busy typing in Jayson Werth's two middle names.

3 ---

I didn't mean to make things sound so pessimistic!

32 ---

Were they booing the dumping of popcorn on the man, or were they booing her excercising free will?

And thanks for the link, Jon. That's the most surprised I've ever been when opening up Dodgerthoughts. ;-)

2007-08-21 13:22:15
62.   trainwreck
I think most fans are oblivious to Juan Pierre's problems, but I still find it a very boring subject to write about.
2007-08-21 13:22:32
63.   ToyCannon
I guess he could ask why a player with his limited skill set has a games played streak that boggles the mind.
The idea that Juan Pierre can't sit for a game is going to rankle me all winter.
2007-08-21 13:26:27
64.   Eric Enders
58 It's already been announced that Lieberthal is starting on Thursday.

Colletti and McCourt are in Jacksonville to watch James McDonald pitch. Presumably this is why the Suns shuffled up their rotation. I can't imagine why Colletti would go out of his way to attend two McDonald starts in two weeks unless he was seriously considering calling him up.

2007-08-21 13:26:32
65.   Sam DC
Thursday is a day game at CBP. Prime Lieberthal opportunity . . .

I know this, because until an hour ago I was going to take the day off and attend said game.


2007-08-21 13:26:54
66.   Curtis Lowe
Billy Martin would bench Pierre...
2007-08-21 13:27:07
67.   underdog
Look, Kemp deserves at this point to start 9 times out of 10 if he's feeling healthy, and Ethier deserves to start, too. And Gonzo deserves to start once in awhile, but not every day as he was earlier in the year. And he's not. So the problem, of course, is the aforementioned Slappy McPierre starting every day. It would be nice to have Kemp or Ethier get a start in CF one of these days. But yeah, Gonzo should basically be a bench player at this point except for maybe one or 2 starts out of 7? So I don't think it's tragic that he starts today, but I'm assuming Kemp will play most of the games at this point.
2007-08-21 13:27:34
68.   Gagne55
51 I thought it was "if you're not part of the solution, you're part of the precipitate."
2007-08-21 13:27:44
69.   King of the Hobos
60 I was surprised as well, but Pierre plays an offensively challenged position (thus replacement level is lower) and has a ton of PAs.
2007-08-21 13:27:52
70.   trainwreck
Can't wait to hear McCourt's scouting report.
2007-08-21 13:28:23
71.   bhsportsguy
63 But that is really Grady's issue, not Juan's.

No player is going to say he should sit out and if anything, Juan Pierre has been remarkably healthy for someone who relies on his legs for his presence in the big leagues.

See Dave Roberts as just one example who always at least one nagging injury per season.

2007-08-21 13:29:33
72.   underdog
Btw, did anyone see this from the last issue of the Onion? Cracked me up no end.

"Juan Pierre's 72-Game Hitting Streak Lost Amid Recent Flurry Of Baseball Milestones
LOS ANGELES—In a weekend that saw Alex Rodriguez hit his 500th home run, Tom Glavine notch his 300th win, and Barry Bonds tie Hank Aaron's career mark of 755 homers, one small but notable accomplishment was overlooked: Dodgers centerfielder Juan Pierre collected a base hit in his 72nd consecutive game, quietly shattering the previous record of 56 games held by Joe DiMaggio. "Huh," ESPN analyst Buster Olney said of Pierre's consistent barrage of at least one hit per game for a span of nearly three months, dating all the way back to May 18 and raising Pierre's average from .265 to .423. "How do you like that?" Reporters were unable to contact Pierre before press time, as they are waiting to see if Bonds will hit No. 756 off Nationals starter Mike Bacsik, who is seeking his fourth consecutive perfect game."

2007-08-21 13:30:35
73.   bhsportsguy
64 That was my thinking too.

67 Yeah, if they had a four man rotation for the three spots, that would be better since Kemp only gets 50% of the starts in this current setup.

2007-08-21 13:33:00
74.   silverwidow
64-Lieberthal is going to catch Bills?!?!? Sounds like a problem waiting to happen.
2007-08-21 13:33:25
75.   bhsportsguy
70 I think McCourt is there to schmooze with the Jax ownership.

Jacksonville has done a pretty good job in both producing players and winning, they remain in contention for their 3rd straight playoff appearance (they could also be the 1981 Cincinatti Reds, a team with a better record than both of the other teams who qualify for the playoffs from their division)

2007-08-21 13:35:59
76.   Dodgers49
Player to watch
Luis Gonzalez went 1-for-3 with a homer against Kendrick on July 18. Gonzalez is .462 (18-for-39) with four homers, five doubles and six RBIs in his career at Citizens Bank Park.

2007-08-21 13:38:09
77.   underdog
64 Ah, thanks, missed it.
74 Any more of a problem than Bills has had his last few outings? Doubtful. Maybe the veteran will calm him down, who knows.
2007-08-21 13:41:36
78.   Bob Timmermann
I should say "strike a chord" is correct and I was just making light of my poor musical ability.
2007-08-21 14:05:12
79.   paranoidandroid
76 Makes sense he gets a start then. I think Kemp goes yard at least twice in this series.

I imagine he'll get into the game tonight for sure anyway. Pinch hit and then take over right field with Ethier moving over to left. Or... he can pinch hit for Slappy again. That was fun to see, even if he did strike out.

2007-08-21 14:18:42
80.   overkill94
Didn't someone write that exact same Pierre article back in March?
2007-08-21 14:31:28
81.   ToyCannon
Nice to see Ethier moving up from the bottom of the lineup.
2007-08-21 14:38:15
82.   LAT
Does anyone know what Jaime Jarrin's big announcement is as mentioned in Josh's entry today?
2007-08-21 14:41:31
83.   trainwreck
Maybe he's retiring?
2007-08-21 14:42:37
84.   bigcpa
What bothers me about Pierre's strikeout-aversion strategy and the perception thereof, is that I believe most ML hitters who strikeout 30% of the time could cut that in half by choice at the expense of XBH and walks. Imagine if you told Matt Kemp to spank the first pitch near the plate between the white lines. Does anyone doubt he could succeed in that task? In fact with his home-to-first times he would likely hit .320/.350/.380 and be a $45M player too. Add the fact that the annual list of strikeout leaders includes a laundry list of superstars. Strikeouts are something very frustrating when they come from players you already don't trust/like (Betemit, Choi).
2007-08-21 14:43:59
85.   Jon Weisman
82 - According to an ITD commenter, "The big announcement was that Dodgers are moving their spanish radio station to 930 am starting next year."
2007-08-21 14:45:14
86.   Jon Weisman
Just got the press release:

LOS ANGELES – The Los Angeles Dodgers announced today that they have signed a fully-integrated marketing and broadcasting deal with Liberman Broadcasting Inc., according to Dodger Chief Operating Officer Marty Greenspun. The deal is believed to be the first-of-its kind for any sports franchise and will make KHJ/La Ranchera 930 AM the new Spanish-language broadcasting home of the Dodgers and provide the club with marketing tools on four top-rated local radio stations and one local television station.

2007-08-21 14:47:00
87.   paranoidandroid
85 I was hoping that they were moving Juan Pierre to Spain at 9:30 a.m.
2007-08-21 14:48:40
88.   LAT
Not quite what I was thinking of in terms of big. On the other hand, if I listened to the broadcasts in spanish it would matter to me.
2007-08-21 14:54:52
89.   Terry A
From Tony Jackson's blog on the big announcement:

"Finally some news to report in this dump of a town. The Dodgers have a new radio station for next year, but in typical Dodger fashion, they picked a station that broadcasts in some weird foreign language. What good is that? Ridiculous. That's why this is a second-rate franchise. And while I can't prove it, I'm sure Wilson Betemit had something to do with this. Or Chad Billingsley. Or Paul DePodesta."

2007-08-21 14:57:13
90.   Bluebleeder87

KWKW 1330 has been the flag ship station for the Dodger ever since I could remember (although I think the Dodgers left 1330 for a few years if I remember correctly?) It seems like they got a good deal with "La Ranchera" though.

2007-08-21 14:59:22
91.   LogikReader
"Nine-ty Three K-H-J! Viva los Dodgers!"

IIIIIIIIIeeeeeeeeeeee Like it!

2007-08-21 15:04:29
92.   JoeyP
Despite what appears to be very limited skills, in terms of what he does well, he has had himself a nice a little career and a World Series ring to boot.

That is the story. And that is interesting. How a player as bad as Pierre, has been able to fool the old school baseball GMs into thinking he's a useful player, when in fact he is horrid.

2007-08-21 15:05:05
93.   LogikReader
dumb idea:

It'd be really nice if 710ESPN had jingles styled like the original KMPC jingles... it'd go "E S P N radio 710". Then drop the Angels and pick up the Dodgers; they'd go together with the Trojans Coverage quite nicely!

2007-08-21 15:08:22
94.   ToyCannon
2nd rate beat writers covering a 2nd rate team. What a crank. Evidently Tony is unaware of the demographics of this city.

I'd love to see the rating numbers comparing the Spanish language broadcasts with the KFWB numbers.

2007-08-21 15:10:24
95.   jasonungar07
92 you can't teach speed.
89 is there something in the cheesteak out there that as soon as you eat you become irritable and abrasive?
2007-08-21 15:11:02
96.   bhsportsguy
86 When the Dodgers signed with KWKW in 2002, it was seen to be last straw in dealing with Clear Channel, who wanted both the English and Spanish language rights. However, as it stands right now, Clear Channel does not own a Spanish Language station in Los Angeles so this deal should not influence the sale of the English radio rights.

I do wonder, with the rise of XM and internet radio, how much that has impacted the value of over-the-air broadcasts?

2007-08-21 15:11:35
97.   Bob Timmermann
Are you sure he wrote that?
2007-08-21 15:12:06
98.   Terry A
(For the record, 89 is completely fake.)
2007-08-21 15:12:22
99.   ToyCannon
In 2003, he had a 360 OBP and was not a horrid player. He was a nice component of the World Champion team.
2007-08-21 15:13:14
100.   ToyCannon
You can't do that without warning. That looked like something he'd write given how unhappy he was in Philly.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2007-08-21 15:13:18
101.   Terry A
Or, to answer 97 , I am sure he did not write that.
2007-08-21 15:13:36
102.   Bob Timmermann
I had thought as much since:
1) it wasn't on the Daily News site.
2) it doesn't even sound very much like Jackson's style.
2007-08-21 15:15:14
103.   ToyCannon
I was told by a KFWB guy last night at the game that the Dodgers are a revenue loser and that when the contract was up, no one bid on them and that is why KFWB has them for another year. Have no idea if this is true or not.
2007-08-21 15:15:42
104.   Bob Timmermann
Milton Bradley to make his triumphal return to the Padres lineup tonight in San Diego.

Where's Philip Michaels injury chart?

2007-08-21 15:15:50
105.   scooplew
Here on the Monterey Peninsula I used to be able to pick up the Dodgers at night on 720 out of Las Vegas, but that station no longer carries them. Locally, we have a station at 980 that blocks the flagship station in L.A. In the old days, I could pick up the flagship station when it was elsewhere on the dial; I can't remember what it was.
2007-08-21 15:16:20
106.   bhsportsguy
92 How does he fool them if he continues to do the same things over and over.

I don't think they are fooled, no one who gets him thinks he is going to become Willie Mays or even Steve Finley.

Maybe that is irksome to many of you but I have never felt that Ned believed Pierre was going to be anything but what he is today, a player who plays everyday, works hard, does steal bases and scores some runs. Can he throw or hit for power, nope. But he couldn't do those things when he was drafted, played in minors, played in the majors for 6 years either.

Perhaps that gnaws at you but I don't think it causes anyone in baseball who signed him, traded for him or coached him to have a sleepless night.

2007-08-21 15:18:40
107.   bhsportsguy
103 I have read that too, but then those ads that ran during the games for California State Attorney General should have been a sign.

Obviously they need a sponsor like "Living Spaces." I can imagine Grady picking up the phone and saying "Grovy grove", that alone would take about 10 seconds of the commercial.

2007-08-21 15:19:12
108.   Bob Timmermann
Probably KFI 640 AM. That is a 50,000 watt station and it can be heard a long distance away, especially at night.

But the Dodgers moved to KABC in the mid 1970s.

I believe KLAC was the Dodgers first station, but as history tells us, the Dodgers switched to KFI because O'Malley couldn't get the radio broadcasts at his home in Lake Arrowhead.

Gene Autry wanted to get another team to broadcast on KLAC and he went to the baseball owner's meetings to see if he could negotiate with the new AL team in Los Angeles, which was supposed to be lead by Hank Greenberg.

Instead, Autry ended up leaving with the Angels.

I may have left out a few steps. I pieced this together mainly from sugar packets.

2007-08-21 15:19:34
109.   Marty
95 And speed never slumps! Oh wait, yes it does. It's called caught stealing.
2007-08-21 15:24:15
110.   bhsportsguy
89 Nice bit of satire.

105 Have you tried these stations?

KCBL 1340 Fresno
KXTY 99.7 San Luis Obispo
KEZL 1400 Visalia

2007-08-21 15:24:32
111.   Dodgers49
91. "Nine-ty Three K-H-J! Viva los Dodgers!"

Man, I am really old. :-) Due to a severe hearing loss I don't listen to radio anymore. But back when I did KHJ played top 40 hits and was one of my favorite stations. That was more than 30 years ago. Before Greg Brock was even born. WOW!

2007-08-21 15:26:43
112.   scooplew
25 Look for Tomko to pitch a solid six and keep us in the game. That will set the tone for a rested pen to go after the last three.

I hope you are right. In his last four starts, Tomko has allowed 16 earned runs in 22 innings, an ERA of 6.55. In that span, over the first two innings he has allowed 11 earned runs in 8 innings, an ERA of 12.38. Over the next four innings -- he has not reached the 7th in any of those games -- he has allowed 5 earned runs 14 innings, an ERA of 3.21. However, all 5 of those runs came in the 6th inning in his most recent start. He did not retire anyone in that inning . . . If he can reach the 3rd inning without having been hammered, we have a chance.

2007-08-21 15:28:49
113.   LogikReader

Before I was born too. By the time I came into this world, KHJ was country full time. I read up and listened to some KHJ history, so I knew the essentials. In a way I did get a taste of it through KRTH 101 back in the early 90's.

For some of us, it's easier to get the Padres on radio than the Dodgers. THAT's why its such a money loser for KFWB, their signal is pitiful.

2007-08-21 15:31:13
114.   Bob Timmermann
93 KHJ, Boss Radio!
2007-08-21 15:33:07
115.   Dodgers49
108. Probably KFI 640 AM. That is a 50,000 watt station and it can be heard a long distance away, especially at night.

During the late 60's I lived in San Jose for four years and could pick up the Dodgers on KFI pretty easily after around 7 or 8 pm.

2007-08-21 15:34:23
116.   fanerman
They know what to expect from him. They know the type of player he is.
They're fooled because they think the type of player he is is actually "good."
2007-08-21 15:34:47
117.   Bluebleeder87
I'd love to see the rating numbers comparing the Spanish language broadcasts with the KFWB numbers.

I'd be shocked if KFWB has better ratings than KWKW as far as Dodger programming is concerned.

2007-08-21 15:35:35
118.   jasonungar07
If he can reach the 3rd inning without having been hammered, we have a chance.

Lloyd: Hit me with it! I've come a long way to Philly to see you, Brett. The least you can do is level with me. What are my chances?

Mary: Not good.

Lloyd: You mean, not good like one out of a hundred?

Mary: I'd say more like one out of a million.

Lloyd: So you're telling me there's a chance.

2007-08-21 15:35:51
119.   Jon Weisman
Game thread is open.
2007-08-21 15:42:58
120.   Bluebleeder87
The Penny on 3 days rest baffles me now, why not pitch Tomko at Dodger Stadium instead of him pitching at home run friendly Philly? then we'd have a starting 3 (at Philly) of:


ps am I missing something here?

2007-08-21 15:44:31
121.   Andrew Shimmin
Pierre's been nearly useful over the last month, .290/.350/.346 over 120 PAs. He was a 0 VORP player at the midway point (I remember he was -0.0 when Jon wrote his big roundup, and that Jon, just like any dissembling MSM-type dropped the minus sign!).

It also helps that he's gotten more PAs than all but seven other players, this year. Of the eleven people who have at least 550 PAs this year, Pierre is the least VORPy. You have to go down to Felipe Lopez at 27th most PAs before you find someone less VOPRy than Juan. Twelve of the top 100 PA-getters are less VORPy than Juan.

2007-08-21 15:59:23
122.   Jim Hitchcock
54 Bob, an Em only uses two fingers!
2007-08-21 16:16:51
123.   Gen3Blue
I don't think I have D's announcers on DTV.
How come we haven't used Ethier at 3rd much--seems like anyone rational would. Of course they would pitch Lowe also.
2007-08-21 16:25:30
124.   regfairfield
If Canuck can be upset about losing the Flyin' Hawaiian everytime we play the Phillies, can I be similarly upset about non tendering Jayson Werth?
2007-08-21 16:30:45
125.   Gen3Blue
Oh Russ!
2007-08-21 16:31:33
126.   Gen3Blue
123 refers to third in the batting order.
2007-08-21 16:41:55
127.   Gen3Blue

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