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2007-08-21 15:33
by Jon Weisman

Have you noticed it's been nearly a week since I wrote anything meaningful about the Dodgers?

It's not for lack of thinking about them. I'm juggling concerns and hope. I have lots of thoughts, and I hope you don't mind if I let them percolate a little longer. (Not trying to make these thoughts seem bigger than they are – just trying to give you a little update.)

* * *

Tonight's 4:05 p.m. game:


Retro Gameday

Update: What a lost year for Willy Aybar. David O'Brien of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports:

Willy Aybar had surgery Tuesday to repair a broken hamate bone in his right hand, abruptly ending the troubled Braves infielder's tumultuous season before it every really began.

Aybar spent three months in a substance-abuse rehabilitation facility in South Florida, after opening the season on the disabled list with a hand injury and being suspended April 15 for skipping injury rehab.

Aybar, 24, is expected to be out 6-8 weeks recovering from surgery on the broken hamate, an injury that usually occurs when a player is hit by a pitch or takes an awkward swing. The Braves expect he will be ready to play winter ball, and tentatively plan to bring back Aybar next season.

The injury is in the same area of his right hand he hurt playing last winter in his native Dominican Republic, which sidelined him much of spring training following his late arrival for visa issues. ...

On his blog, O'Brien adds much more, which I would strongly urge you to read. The section on Aybar begins partway down:

If you don't want to hear sympathy for the kid, if you think he should just go away and that the Braves should cut the cord, I understand. I really do. So maybe you should just skip the rest of the blog. Not a problem.

If you're still here, here goes ...

Update 2: Randy Wolf "is pain-free and is hopeful of resuming throwing on Wednesday," reports Ken Gurnick of Gurnick adds that "Wolf said he does not expect to start another game for the Dodgers this year, but is hopeful he can return in a relief role."

Also, Gurnick writes that Andy La Roche, "nursing a back disk problem, has missed two weeks of games at Triple-A Las Vegas, but is expected to return to action this week."

Update 3: The Dodgers benefit from the Phillies' misfortune: Cole Hamels (3.50 ERA) is getting an MRI because of elbow soreness and will miss his Wednesday start, reports Todd Zolecki of the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Comments (376)
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2007-08-21 15:41:29
1.   Robert Daeley
So long as it isn't Purgatory just yet, we can Limbo a while longer.
2007-08-21 15:43:43
2.   Robert Daeley
While we're on the subject:

"No boy! Stop! It's too low! Your backbone can't take it!"

2007-08-21 15:43:45
3.   underdog
Some day you'll write a post titled "Lambo" instead.
2007-08-21 15:43:49
4.   Bob Timmermann
The Catholic Church has gotten rid of Limbo.

You're either in or you're out.

Except for Purgatory, but that's more like a waiting station.

I hope someone tells Dante about this.

2007-08-21 15:44:21
5.   Sam DC
Although this does mean that your Google Ad now reads "Buy David's book 'Have Heart' with 2006 World Series update."
2007-08-21 15:44:57
6.   Bluebleeder87
from last thread → 120. Bluebleeder87
The Penny on 3 days rest baffles me now, why not pitch Tomko at Dodger Stadium instead of him pitching at home run friendly Philly? then we'd have a starting 3 (at Philly) of:


ps am I missing something here?

2007-08-21 15:45:33
7.   Xeifrank
DodgerSims gives the Dodgers a 43.3% chance of winning tonight. Things look better tomorrow night. I was shocked to see that Cole Hammels has given up 25 HRs so far. vr, Xei
2007-08-21 15:47:35
8.   bhsportsguy
6 Dodger Stadium hasn't been too friendly fan wise for Brett recently and Penny has been pretty good against Colorado.

Also, maybe thinking too much about this but Ned going to see McDonald pitching twice in a month sure seems to be a hint on what could be happening sooner rather than later.

2007-08-21 15:49:52
9.   LAT
If the Dodgers are eliminated from the post season I want to see them let Hendy start a game and go 3 innings, Tomko in relief for 3 and Hernandez to close for 3. The potential for new records is unlimited. But only after the fat lady has sung.
2007-08-21 15:50:08
10.   Jon Weisman
8 - Yes, Tomko and McDonald are in sync right now, aren't they?
2007-08-21 15:51:58
11.   Disabled List
4 That was a very Plaschke-esque post, Bob.
2007-08-21 15:53:03
12.   fanerman
11 That's a rule #2 violation.
2007-08-21 15:53:29
13.   Eric Enders
Limbo is one of my favorite recent movies.

Maybe Jon is trying to procrastinate as long as possible so he can determine whether a "this ship is sinking" post or a "we've got a pennant race here" post is more appropriate.

2007-08-21 15:54:19
14.   scooplew
108 -- Prior thread.
I seem to recall that the Dodgers were on KMPC their first couple of years in L.A., in those pre-Angels days, but I could be mistaken. I will try to research that.
2007-08-21 15:54:34
15.   bryanf
Take your time Jon, but know that I am eagerly awaiting your next big post as I myself search for my current feelings about the team.
2007-08-21 15:56:27
16.   twerp
Didn't quite get LATed/Endersed last thread, so here goes===

Last thread's comment 41- "Kemp has gone 8 for his last 20 with 5 RBI and 2 HR... let's pencil in LuGo instead!"

If a Dodger youngster gets into a game--or a groove--and does well, odds are pretty high he'll be right back on the bench, maybe the next day (maybe even in Las Vegas), or at least out of the lineup as soon as a veteran "needs" to play. It's happened several times. It will again. And if you're a young Dodger and mess up much at all, grab a bone on the way to the dogouse, and beware of fleas.

I try not to get too carried away about this stuff, since it's typical of old-school, long-established, barnacle-covered organizations like most of MLB. You know, x-number of years of tradition totally uninterrupted by that progress thing...

But this from after Sunday's game made me roll my eyes so far back in my head that they got stuck and I was temporarily blinded. (OK, maybe beware of rule 6 there.)====

"Martinez, who has struggled all season, hitting .180, stood at the plate with an entire stadium rallying behind him. The veteran did exactly what veterans do -- he took a pitch and collected his nerves before smacking a fastball into right-center field to drive in Ethier and Martin and put the Dodgers up, 4-3."


Let's see. Is losing track of both where the ball is and how many outs there are (see Sweeney) also doing "exactly what veterans do"? How about going 0-fer at cleanup Sunday (see Hillenbrand) after being put there following his four-hit game Saturday? Is doing a gas can impersonation as often as not (see Hernandez) "exactly what veterans do"? And how, pray tell, do other grizzled veterans (see Tomko, Hendrickson) come through so often? What, "exactly," is their secret?

I know Martinez has been hurt. But he got the .180 BA the old fashioned way...he earned it. At least got the "struggling" part right. It is great that Martinez came through, but still...

While I'm ranting, lately also has mentioned that when hitting third Kemp gets better pitches and more fastballs because of the rabbits ahead of him. Gee, do ya think ? At least one post on DT mentioned that might happen months ago with Kemp third.

Note to Grady: lately Ethier has been about as good a hitter as the Dodgers trot out day-to-day. Might it be a good idea to bat him fourth (being LH, even) behind Kemp's power RH bat, at least good enough to try? You know, that could have happened Sunday and not caused all that "nerve-collecting" by wily old vet Hillenbrand. Too many "nerves" for young Either to handle? Right. Ethier couldn't possbily have matched that veteran 0-fer. Not a chance.

And who will bat cleanup next? I know--Juan Pierre! It makes perfect sense. If Saenz and Hillenbrand and whoever else can hit fourth, why not JP? I mean, he's a veteran and he's in there every bloomin' day. He probably could "do what veterans do." Or, why not Martinez at cleanup next time he plays?

I will now exhale. And try not to write a short novel next time. Carry on.

2007-08-21 15:57:04
17.   Jon Weisman
13 - If Tomko wins tonight, we've got a pennant race. I can't say I'm expecting a win tonight with Tomko pitching, though I'm hoping. If Ramon Martinez can drive in three runs in a game, anything is possible.

Mostly, I know what I want to write about, but I haven't had a good chunk of time to think through what I want to say.

2007-08-21 15:57:42
18.   Bob Timmermann
Limbo indeed!
2007-08-21 15:59:12
19.   ToyCannon
I find straddling is the way to go at the moment. I'm not buying calls or puts.
2007-08-21 16:00:19
20.   ToyCannon
Just as long as it involves Juan Pierre because that is where the thread will end up anyway.
2007-08-21 16:01:12
21.   bhsportsguy
17 Wow, a must win game as proclaimed by JW.

And Jon, if I took time to actually think through what I said here, I would use the "edit" function more often.

I usually use it to correct spelling errors so I don't get ridiculed by others.

Of course, getting ridiculed for what I say is a right of passage here on DT.

2007-08-21 16:02:56
22.   Disabled List
Bob, I apologize for post 11 . That was indeed a Rule 2 offense.

For my divine penance, I will now read all of Dante's Inferno, followed by the Bill Plaschke archive at I doubt I'll be escaping purgatory anytime soon.

2007-08-21 16:06:04
23.   ToyCannon
Before the game starts anybody want to win the right to crow about picking the road trip record. I'm really going to show my straddling skills and pick 3/3.
2007-08-21 16:07:11
24.   Sam DC
20 gets a sardonic laugh from me.
2007-08-21 16:08:18
25.   dzzrtRatt
My belief that "we've got a pennant race" rests on the assumption that Arizona has been extraordinarily lucky and if they are a better team than the Dodgers, it's only by a hair. But I don't even give them that.

The team we've got now is pretty much the same team we had when we had the best record in the NL, minus Betemit and Wolf, plus Proctor, Sweeney, Hildegard and Stults. It wasn't the best team then and isn't now, but it is capable of passing bubble-burst Arizona.

This isn't the same denial vs. acceptance debate of 2005. Denial had potential consequences that some of us wanted to see avoided. This year, I'm pretty much okay with whatever happens, except I don't want another massive slump. If they get close, but fall short, hey, I got my money's worth.

Besides, I'd rather see the Mets lose to the Angels in the World Series than the Dodgers.

2007-08-21 16:10:16
26.   Jon Weisman
Folks, I just added a Willy Aybar update to this post. I urge you to follow the link to Dave O'Brien's blog.
2007-08-21 16:15:20
27.   Bluebleeder87
Really nice at bat by Ethier, not to mention all the pitches he made the Philly pitcher make.
2007-08-21 16:16:15
28.   scooplew
From the Walter O'Malley web site:
April 8, 1959 -- The Los Angeles Dodgers will televise all 11 games against the Giants from San Francisco on KTTV Channel 11, according to Walter O'Malley. "It is being done as a public service," said O'Malley. "The Dodgers will derive no revenue from the telecast of these games." Broadcasters Vin Scully and Jerry Doggett handled the 11 televised games, as well as all games on KMPC Radio AM 710.
As the Dodgers did not change stations after 1958, their first year on the West Coast, this confirms that KMPC was their first flagship station in L.A.
2007-08-21 16:17:02
29.   Eric Enders
McDonald has already allowed more runs tonight than in any of his previous AA starts, thanks to wildness, a seeing-eye single, and some defensive shenanigans by the Suns.

3-0 Mississippi, top 1st

2007-08-21 16:18:26
30.   Bluebleeder87
seeing eye hit by Gonzalez, look at us with a 2-0 lead!
2007-08-21 16:18:30
31.   ToyCannon
Nice, thanks for the link. I learned more about Wily in that link that I ever did when he was in the Dodger organization.
2007-08-21 16:18:30
32.   Xeifrank
21. Who ridicules you for spelling/grammar mistakes? vr, Xei
2007-08-21 16:18:54
33.   bhsportsguy
29 Hopefully he did not read any of my posts about him making the leap to MLB really soon.

And Gonzo drives in run number 2.

2007-08-21 16:20:09
34.   Summer Saint
The boys are taking pitches like champs tonight. This is very pleasing to me.
2007-08-21 16:20:37
35.   bhsportsguy
21 Actually, I just try to be careful, I believe the spelling correction posts are down quite a bit this season.
2007-08-21 16:22:00
36.   Andrew Shimmin
Dear Grittle,

Maybe hold off on that crap till Hillenbrand is hitting, what do you say?

Andrew Shimmin

2007-08-21 16:23:12
37.   scareduck
So the score really is 2-0? Because Monday said it was 1-0 when he left the inning.

Maybe we don't want him to give the score.

2007-08-21 16:23:29
38.   scooplew
Kendrick's first inning was so . . . Tomkoesque. Let's hope the first inning ends with us being no worse than tied.
2007-08-21 16:24:41
39.   MJW101
Maybe the Ned and Frank are looking at McDonald for an upcoming trade?
2007-08-21 16:24:59
40.   Daniel Zappala
I predict 6-0 on this trip.
2007-08-21 16:25:43
41.   scareduck
This Kendrick guy is confusing the bejesus out of me. Shouldn't he be playing second?
2007-08-21 16:26:06
42.   MJW101
Ned is a BIG Nefi fan so I guess the closest he could get to Nefi was a pale imitation - Juan Pierre.
2007-08-21 16:26:32
43.   scareduck
42 - you mean Neifi Perez?
2007-08-21 16:26:55
44.   overkill94
39 August trades including anything more than borderline prospects are quite rare
2007-08-21 16:28:23
45.   Connector
Hi everybody

Tomko got 'em out 1-2-3 this inning. Is it a good omen for the entire game?

2007-08-21 16:30:22
46.   overkill94
We're winning the pitch count battle so far 25-12
2007-08-21 16:30:44
47.   regfairfield
If Canuck can be upset about losing the Flyin' Hawaiian every time we play the Phillies, can I be similarly upset about non tendering Jayson Werth?
2007-08-21 16:30:54
48.   Connector
Russ- ellllllll
2007-08-21 16:30:59
49.   overkill94
Golden God!
2007-08-21 16:31:00
50.   Robert Daeley
Boy, way to kill that rally, Russell.

Er, yeah.

Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2007-08-21 16:31:28
51.   Eric Enders
James McDonald's night so far

seeing eye single, X. Paul throws ball into the stands


2007-08-21 16:31:48
52.   scooplew
When the bases are empty, "In play run(s)" leaves no doubt as to what has just happened.
2007-08-21 16:31:51
53.   scareduck
45 - There's a word for that, but it violates rule 1.
2007-08-21 16:32:19
54.   regfairfield
How did this guy have a sub four ERA coming into the game with numbers like this: 3.23 K/9, 1.5 K/BB, 1.08 HR/9?
2007-08-21 16:32:37
55.   overkill94
Time to go, don't want to keep my client waiting, go Blue!
2007-08-21 16:33:20
56.   scareduck
51 - go, Rustlers!
2007-08-21 16:34:09
57.   Bluebleeder87
Russell still has a fighting chance at 20/20.
2007-08-21 16:36:29
58.   bhsportsguy
I love how we just can't accept that the team scored 3 runs and we have a double and a home run. Must be some fluke pitcher we are going against.

On Willy Aybar, I certainly hope no matter what happens on the ball field, he has his life straightened out, I will be rooting for him. Thanks Jon for the link.

2007-08-21 16:39:49
59.   Robert Daeley
Did Steiner just say we were winning 2-0?

I think all of the announcers are having a hard time believing what's going on.

2007-08-21 16:40:50
60.   Connector
Another 1-2-3 inning by Tomko.
Who would have believed it?
2007-08-21 16:41:14
61.   underdog
You go Tomko!

I never thought I'd type that. But there's a first for everything. I'm liking this game so far. So far! (he adds, ominously, with a thunderclap in the background, worried about jinx)

2007-08-21 16:43:18
62.   Andrew Shimmin
The guys in the production van should know better than to take Steiner's word for it on long fly balls.
2007-08-21 16:43:38
63.   jasonungar07
Thanks very much for the Aybar link. I hope it all works out for him.
2007-08-21 16:43:39
64.   FirstMohican
I think Orel might have to worry more about Brett than Brandon.
2007-08-21 16:44:24
65.   KG16
I'm thinking of turning Dodger games with Steve Lyons into a drinking game. Take a shot every time he says something stupid, like, "That's why the delayed steal by Gonzo was a good play, it allowed Russell to hit the homerun here"; or "Hillenbrand has a chance to fill a need for the Dodgers at third" (referring to power needs as the graphic shows a .285 BA with 3 HRs and 28 RBIs).

I'm guessing I'd be passed out by the third inning.

2007-08-21 16:45:06
66.   Indiana Jon
Anyone watching this game on EI with the Phillies announcers? I don't know who this guy is, but his monotone uninterested broadcasting style may have me asleep soon.
2007-08-21 16:47:11
67.   Jim Hitchcock
66 The game is on EI? It didn't list it last night.
2007-08-21 16:47:27
68.   Gen3Blue
It took a bit to figure out I was the only one posting on the last riff.


2007-08-21 16:47:39
69.   Indiana Jon
[65},66 I'll trade you even up. Whoever this guy is for Lyons.
2007-08-21 16:47:57
70.   Bluebleeder87

if anything root for him to straighten out his personal life, nice touch to it BHSportsguy, & thanks for the link Jon.

2007-08-21 16:48:25
71.   underdog
Another nice at bat from Ethier.
2007-08-21 16:48:30
72.   Indiana Jon
67 Yep. It's on 736 if you have DTV.
2007-08-21 16:48:54
73.   Gen3Blue
65 Possibly the second.
2007-08-21 16:49:17
74.   underdog
Bloating that pitch count with a single bound, er, at bat!
2007-08-21 16:49:25
75.   Jim Hitchcock
72 Thanks, Jon.
2007-08-21 16:49:53
76.   Bluebleeder87
Pierre got greedy, with Ethier coming up to bat I think it was a bad idea to try & stretch it to a triple.
2007-08-21 16:49:59
77.   Gen3Blue
I think I must have the same announcer. (DTV)
2007-08-21 16:50:02
78.   still bevens
Ethier is the recipient of 20 of Kendrick's 57 pitches.
2007-08-21 16:50:04
79.   FirstMohican
Fixin' to get yourself traded back to Oakland with ABs like that, Andre!
2007-08-21 16:50:08
80.   mankatododger
I have the Dodger broadcast on EI through Charter now.
2007-08-21 16:50:46
81.   imperabo
What a strange team this is. The third spot in the order is supposed to be the best hitter, and we have a right field platoon occupying that slot. So when either of those guys in playing he is the best hitter on the team, but neither is good enough to play every day.
2007-08-21 16:51:18
82.   Andrew Shimmin
If only Ethier had gotten himself thrown out at second, that would have gone out. Next inning.
2007-08-21 16:52:22
83.   KG16
76 - but how else is he suppose to improve his SLG?

Not to be a stickler, but a walk is a plate appearance, not an at bat. {ducks}

2007-08-21 16:52:53
84.   Connector
Yeah, his sedate style is more appropriate to a sport like golf
2007-08-21 16:53:05
85.   Gen3Blue
This is refreshing. Pitches Tomko:20 Opponent:60
2007-08-21 16:54:05
86.   KG16
Well, at least it was Werth who broke up the perfect game.
2007-08-21 16:54:54
87.   imperabo
I was typing that we should all break the no-hitter rule to see if the reverse mojo helped Tomko, but he gave up a hit before I could get it out.
2007-08-21 16:57:10
88.   FirstMohican
83 - Right. Ooops.
2007-08-21 16:57:27
89.   Bluebleeder87
wow, that's one of the better throws you'll see Pierre make.
2007-08-21 16:57:33
90.   Gen3Blue
I'm sorry--neither of those runs score with ballplayers in position.
2007-08-21 16:57:36
91.   Jim Hitchcock
80 Wow. I thought DTV had the exclusive rights to MLB EI.
2007-08-21 16:57:50
92.   underdog
Wow, what a play by Russell. That was a tremendously good bunt, in the dead zone.
2007-08-21 16:59:08
93.   FirstMohican
Way to take it to Iguchi, Brett.
2007-08-21 16:59:38
94.   KG16
88 - not that big of a deal, just a pet peeve of mine. For the most part, it's a distinction without much of a difference.
2007-08-21 16:59:41
95.   imperabo
Yeah, if the runner had been slower Pierre might have gotten his second assist of the year. Sigh. . .
2007-08-21 17:03:38
96.   jtrichey
66 84 That announcer is legendary Harry Kalas. He rocks usually, though he showed no emotion at all when Ethier scored on Gonzo's hit. He is a Hall of Famer.
2007-08-21 17:04:03
97.   imperabo
There are 41 players who have more assists at centers field this year than Pierre. That's pretty amazing considering he plays every inning and everyone and their grandmother runs on him.
2007-08-21 17:05:23
98.   KG16
97 - it's especially amazing considering there's only 29 other teams, that means there are 12 back up centerfielders that have more assists than Pierre, who plays every day.


2007-08-21 17:05:26
99.   jtrichey
The Phils just announced that Cole Hamels is going to miss his start tomorrow with some elbow tenderness. Bad news for the Phillies, good news for the DOdgers.
2007-08-21 17:06:31
100.   Gen3Blue
Annpoucers complaining about Martin gettinghit. Sick. And it was a ball or a wild pitch anyway.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2007-08-21 17:06:51
101.   Curtis Lowe
Loney should rush the mound, I would have if I was in Philly.
2007-08-21 17:08:28
102.   Gen3Blue
Darn that Jason Werth :0)
2007-08-21 17:08:40
103.   KG16
Ok, we need to immediately begin an expedition for the fountain of youth, if only so that Vin can call Dodger games forever, because if I have to listen to Lyons for an entire season, I will go completely crazy. I mean, the guy is Rex Huddleresque.
2007-08-21 17:08:55
104.   King of the Hobos
We need to stop testing Werth.
2007-08-21 17:08:57
105.   still bevens
Lots of awesome outs being made at third today.
2007-08-21 17:09:44
106.   Gen3Blue
What a player Werth could be if he was sturdy.
2007-08-21 17:10:08
107.   Bluebleeder87
there seems to be a theme with greedy base runners today.
2007-08-21 17:10:35
108.   King of the Hobos
103 Hopefully the Dodgers are more sensible than that and use Langer, or someone similar.
Or really, anyone else.
2007-08-21 17:12:14
109.   King of the Hobos
Even if Martin made it to third, what were the odds that Tomko would drive him in? Seems like an all-around bad idea for Martin, but I think I can forgive him.
2007-08-21 17:12:44
110.   Ghost of Carlos Perez
Good thing I don't have Tomko on my fantasy team.
2007-08-21 17:12:55
111.   imperabo
Isn't Howard hitting against Tomko against the Geneva convention?
2007-08-21 17:13:18
112.   underdog
Methinks the bullpens will be seeing some action in this game. <--- going out on a limb
2007-08-21 17:13:24
113.   KG16
107 - I don't think it's such a bad thing. The team's been struggling and some of the guys are trying to make something happen by stretching hits. Ethier almost got thrown out at second on his double, Pierre lost a triple by a step (of course, we already knew that Werth had a cannon), you win some you lose some. But I'd rather them be greedy/aggressive than go station to station, at least the way they've been playing.
2007-08-21 17:14:29
114.   KG16
Ok, new strategy, hit everything to left.
2007-08-21 17:14:44
115.   blutomania
Gameday seems to have stopped at an 0-1 count to Rowland.
2007-08-21 17:15:32
116.   King of the Hobos
Sorry if this has already been mentioned, but still no Laroche in Vegas, and Abreu is sitting out yet again.

Well, this was fun while Tomko was throwing a no-hitter. Oh well, time to comeback!

2007-08-21 17:16:02
117.   Gen3Blue
I always try to be positive. Look at the bright side. At least Tomko won't be upset that we kept our rotation in order and didn't give him the extra start.
2007-08-21 17:16:15
118.   gpellamjr
113 It seems to me that a struggling team would be better off not to waste outs.
2007-08-21 17:16:15
119.   bhsportsguy
115 Tomko has his bad inning over two innings today.
2007-08-21 17:16:37
120.   King of the Hobos
110 If Tomko were on someone's team, it better be the deepest fantasy league ever.
2007-08-21 17:17:10
121.   autumnlanding
will someone please explain to me why Tomko is still getting chances at pitching us into losses?
2007-08-21 17:17:11
122.   Curtis Lowe
Frozen Gameday makes these comments confusing.
2007-08-21 17:17:18
123.   Indiana Jon
96 Wow, remind me to miss his Hall of Fame induction speech.
2007-08-21 17:17:37
124.   blutomania
Still 0-1 to Rowland it seems....


2007-08-21 17:18:10
125.   Ghost of Carlos Perez
Can somebody give me an update? Gameday has crapped out.
2007-08-21 17:18:12
126.   King of the Hobos
113 But do you really need to stretch it out if there's 2 outs and Tomko is on deck? Generally I'd agree with you, but Martin had no business going to third in that situation.
2007-08-21 17:18:29
127.   Monterey Chris
Phillies scratched Hamels for tomorrow.
2007-08-21 17:19:33
128.   bhsportsguy
2 run homer by Rowand
Ground out to 1B
4-6-3 double play

after 4, 4-3 Phillies.

2007-08-21 17:19:37
129.   fanerman
121 Perception vs. reality.
2007-08-21 17:19:47
130.   SgtWyatt
Re: 103

I totally agree, I think many younger fans won't realize what they have in Scully 'til he's gone. Recently I had a #50 Scully jersey made up and have started wearing to every game I attend. Since the Yanks are in town I was forced to listen to Rex Hudler yesterday and I nearly fell out of my chair when he said, "And the pitch went right where he threw it."

Incdentally, I recently found a Steve Lyons baseball card in my childhood collection. Think I should try to get it signed next time I'm at the stadium? ;)

2007-08-21 17:19:54
131.   El Lay Dave
I can live with Pierre trying to stretch his one-out double to a triple so that he can potential score even on an out from Ethier, but Martin making the last out at third isn't a good gamble; even if Tomko makes out (likely), at least he's out of the way and the next inning starts at the top of the order. If Tomko gets a hit, good odds of Martin scoring from second.

For the record, I just defended Juan Pierre and criticized Russell Martin.

2007-08-21 17:20:33
132.   blutomania
Thanks 128

Was it on Rowland's second pitch?


2007-08-21 17:20:45
133.   Gen3Blue
Gameday guys Tomko gave up 2-runhomer its 4-3 Phillies. And this stadium is a banjo box.
2007-08-21 17:20:46
134.   KG16
118 - it's easier to score from third than it is from second (pretty much anything other than a strikeout or ground out). Plus by stretching hits, it increases the likelihood of an error/bad throw that would allow runs to score. Is there a risk involved, yes, but there is a risk involved in everything one does - going station to station means you need to get hits in order to score, rather than just making contact, it also increases the chances of hitting into a double play.
2007-08-21 17:20:46
135.   Eric Enders
Neither Abreu nor LaRoche are in the Vegas lineup.

Abreu continues to start only about 50% of the time in AA. Is it punishment? Evidence that the lingering injury was real? The desperate need to get at-bats for Marshall McDougall?

2007-08-21 17:22:05
136.   Jon Weisman
Randy Wolf update above.
2007-08-21 17:22:44
137.   blutomania
Very odd.

Yahoo's Gamecast has similarly stalled.

Curiouser and curiouser.


2007-08-21 17:22:51
138.   KG16
although, I'll agree that Martin's move was not what one would call "good".
2007-08-21 17:23:19
139.   underdog
Mets 4-1 over Padres so far. That's nice.

121 He sucks but their options are pretty limited. I wouldn't mind them giving someone in the minors a chance - though they're already doing that with Stults. Maybe McDonald or someone. But there aren't many choices, with Wolf (probably) and Schmidt gone for the year especially.

2007-08-21 17:23:48
140.   fracule
I don't believe they sell 'Cracker Jack' in Houston.
2007-08-21 17:24:49
141.   KG16
130 - yeah, it wasn't until a few years ago, as more playoff games ended up on national telecasts, that I realized how incredibly lucky I was to grow up with Vin Scully and Chick Hearn. Those two mean, along with my dad made me a baseball and basketball fan.
2007-08-21 17:25:08
142.   SgtWyatt
I never pull for the Mets, but in this case I'll just say I'm pulling against the Padres. Of course it's relatively meaningless if the Dodgers can get out of this one.
2007-08-21 17:26:23
143.   underdog
Funny I typed that right before Jon's update. Well, good news, sort of. Would be good to have him back but we really need someone who isn't Tomko to start.
2007-08-21 17:26:25
144.   El Lay Dave
141 We used to have Vin at all the Dodger games, Chick for the Lakers and Dick Enberg for the Rams. We are spoiled.
2007-08-21 17:26:34
145.   KG16
140 - more evidence that if you are going to propose in public, you'd better know that she'll say yes.
2007-08-21 17:28:04
146.   underdog
Oh well. Good Tomko always gives away to Bad Tomko eventually. A Jekyll and Hyde kind of thing.

Makes me want to hyde, too.

2007-08-21 17:28:19
147.   imperabo
Frying Pan -----> Fire
2007-08-21 17:28:23
148.   King of the Hobos
McDonald settled down to give a decent, albeit short, start:

5 IP, 5 H, 3 R, 2 ER, 3 BB, 7 K

Miller in to pitch now, and walked a man in his first inning (although he struck out 2 guys in an otherwise uneventful inning).

2007-08-21 17:29:18
149.   underdog
I hope the Dodgers brought their magic bats to the game today. They're gonna need 'em.
2007-08-21 17:29:18
150.   KG16
147 - I was thinking the same thing, just didn't want to say it.

So, was that Veteran play by Hillenbrand or Kent?

Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2007-08-21 17:29:58
151.   El Lay Dave
Cincinnati leads Atlanta 5-3 after four, with Braves already going to the pen. Braves ahead of the Dodgers in the wild card.
2007-08-21 17:30:08
152.   scooplew
It is absurd that Tomko is still a starting pitcher on this team. He is like a can of soda that is continually being shaken. At some point, when the lid comes off, he explodes. I know our choices are limited, but for Pete's sake, bring up somebody, anybody, from Triple-A or Double-A and give him a shot. It would be far less annoying to have a rookie or near-rookie lose than to witness the Tomko show with numbing regularity. Whether he pitches from behind, while he is ahead, or if the game is tied, he cannot do the job.
2007-08-21 17:30:08
153.   scareduck
If Brett Tomko goes on the DL, is this a good thing or a bad thing? Discuss.
2007-08-21 17:30:40
154.   Gen3Blue
139 Lowe has four days rest. Check it out, Udawg you seem rational.
2007-08-21 17:31:11
155.   scooplew
In a matter of minutes, this game will slip away once and for all...
2007-08-21 17:31:13
156.   imperabo
Let's predict the number of runs given up this inning. I'll be wildly optimistic and say 2.
2007-08-21 17:31:38
157.   underdog
Howard up with bases loaded. Funny how my appetite just went away.
2007-08-21 17:31:51
158.   Lexinthedena
Any team that has Tomko pitching this way, and continues to run him out there when there are other options doesn't deserve to be in the playoffs....

I'm sure this has been stated already....

Ned, Ned, Ned....

2007-08-21 17:31:53
159.   Marty
Get him out of there.
2007-08-21 17:31:59
160.   King of the Hobos
153 As long as it's just a minor injury, it's pretty much a universally good thing.
2007-08-21 17:32:23
161.   Gen3Blue
This game was a throw away to make Tomko feel good.
2007-08-21 17:32:27
162.   underdog
That ball 4 to Burrell sure looked like a strike to me, but I guess Tomko can't buy a break.
2007-08-21 17:32:40
163.   GMac In The 909
Is it too early to think aboot going to a two-man rotation?
2007-08-21 17:32:41
164.   scareduck
153 - if Tomko is ejected for arguing balls and strikes, is this a good thing or a bad thing? Discuss.
2007-08-21 17:32:42
165.   Bluebleeder87
Russell & Tomko are right in my opinion, what does gameday think though?
2007-08-21 17:33:08
166.   LAT
Why not go to Broxton here. You need your best K pitcher. If Tomko blows uo you won't need the Bull in the 8th anyway.
2007-08-21 17:33:54
167.   underdog
158 Not disagreeing with you but just curious - what other options would you go to? Like who would you rank as the top 3 other options? I can't think of too many, but again, I'd rather watch a minor leaguer pitch at this point than Tomko. Not sure I'd rather David Wells pitch but... well, maybe.
2007-08-21 17:34:01
168.   JoeyP
Tomko is just a horrid pitcher.
Never should have been signed in the first place.
2007-08-21 17:34:31
169.   underdog
163 "Is it too early to think aboot going to a two-man rotation?"

Are you Canadian?


2007-08-21 17:34:33
170.   Bluebleeder87
Steiner makes a point in that Russell wasn't set up right, but a strike is a strike....
2007-08-21 17:34:50
171.   King of the Hobos
Withrow finally pitched for the first time since Aug 1st and pitched one inning, striking out one and hitting a batter.
2007-08-21 17:34:54
172.   scareduck
165 - Gameday is a drunken intern.
2007-08-21 17:34:57
173.   KG16
163 - not if those two are Cy Young and Christie Mathewson
2007-08-21 17:35:04
174.   ssjames
Can anyone explain any sort of coherent strategy as to what we are doing with Greg Miller? He was dominating as a starter in AAA at the start of the year, we put him in some relief appearances and he just lost his control completely, and he has never regained it, even though he has moved back forth from starter to reliever.

Now, Miller goes out last time at AA as a starter on Friday night, pitches 5 innings, giving up two runs, striking out seven and most importantly not walking anyone. Now here we are five days later and instead of building on that we have pitch in relief again. It is completely infuriating.

Also Tomko should go on the 60 day DL for the rest of the season, with "general suckiness."

2007-08-21 17:35:21
175.   JoeyP

#1. Orenduff
#1A. McDonald
#2. Houlton

2007-08-21 17:35:24
176.   screwballin
Seems like a good time to sigh. Heavily.
2007-08-21 17:35:37
177.   underdog
Also, I know we need long relief, but even though he's erratic, too, wouldn't Hendrickson be better than Tomko? And then Houlton or somebody else as a long reliever?
{This is a recording{ {beep!}
2007-08-21 17:36:39
178.   underdog
175 Orenduff? Really? Huh. Well, yeah, he'd probably be better than Tomko - whatever that's saying - is he even close to ready for majors though?
2007-08-21 17:36:52
179.   King of the Hobos
165 Philly Gameday is just some guy inputting each pitch, so it won't provide anything worthwhile.
2007-08-21 17:37:06
180.   Gen3Blue
I keep going back and counting days rest and keep finding its going to throw three pitchers onto 6 days rest, which is a very slight detriment I'll admit--but why. I know I've been howling like an obsessive for about twelve hours--Sorry.
2007-08-21 17:37:35
181.   GMac In The 909
169 No, but it would be cool though. I've just been saying aboot ever since I watched "Strange Brew" for the first time several years ago.

Oh, and I wouldn't mind moving to Vancouver. :)

2007-08-21 17:37:49
182.   bhsportsguy
174 But it really shouldn't matter where Miller pitches, if he knows he is going to pitch, he needs to prepare for it and execute.
2007-08-21 17:38:26
183.   Zak
Tomko has won one game since May 9th... over three months ago. Anyone at this point is a better option... Piniero would have been better.. heck, Jeff Weaver would have been better.
2007-08-21 17:39:05
184.   scooplew
Wild thought: Little continues to parade Tomko out there to show Colletti what a horrible decision he made by signing him. Naw, that's too big a stretch.
2007-08-21 17:39:22
185.   Indiana Jon
{174] We're just getting him ready to be called up. He'll start for the big team and pitch well, so his next start he'll be replaced by Tomko, then pitch in middle relief for three weeks, then start again and pitch well just to be replaced the next time out by Hendrickson. We call it the Matt Kemp plan for pitchers.
2007-08-21 17:39:41
186.   Bluebleeder87
We need a double play here.
2007-08-21 17:39:47
187.   KG16
183 - I wouldn't mind having Jeff Weaver back at this point.
2007-08-21 17:39:48
188.   bhsportsguy
JoeyP's contention has always been the Dodgers should always go for the unknown possilbility of suceeding rather than the known probability of mediocrity.

Of course you can go from unknown possibility of suceeding to known quanity of mediocrity really quick.

2007-08-21 17:40:38
189.   GMac In The 909
Tomko AND Hendrickson in the same game? My life is now complete.
2007-08-21 17:41:42
190.   bhsportsguy
184 I think Grady has done everything to avoid starting Tomko since his first stretch in April and May.

3 injuries to his starters have made it difficult to not start him right now.

2007-08-21 17:41:51
191.   Connector
Last month I wrote Vin Scully my first fan letter, to anybody, ever. Here it is for your enjoyment:

Dear Mr. Scully,

On a career-counseling questionnaire I took a long time ago, one of the questions was to name the four most influential people in my life. Your name appeared as #4 on my list, behind JR Richards, my summer camp mentor, Danny Kaye, and Deb Johnson, my best friend.

"What could possibly be in common between a summer camp director, an actor, your best friend and a sports announcer?" the counselor asked me.

"They're all great storytellers." I answered, realizing only at that moment that I wanted to pursue a career in writing and storytelling.

Mr. Scully, I don't know how much longer you're intending to broadcast the Dodgers' games. I do know that I've always wanted to tell you how much I've learned from you.

I grew up in Santa Barbara, you see. I remember weekend gardening with my dad, the radio tuned in to the Dodgers' game. I remember secretly listening to you, buried under my blankets, when I was supposed to be asleep. I remember attending the Sandy Koufax no-hitter in '65, wondering how on earth my Dad could hear you on his radio's earplug over the deafening roar of the crowd. I remember wanting to try Farmer John pork, even though I'm Jewish, because you made it sound so tasty. ('The Easternmost in Quality and the Westernmost in Flavor"). Most of all I remember loving your anecdotes so much that I didn't care what happened on the next play, so long as you'd return to the story.

Please know I am listening to you, still, way over here in Israel, thanks to the wonders of Internet and MLB.TV.

With gratitude,

Channa Coggan

2007-08-21 17:42:57
192.   Bob Timmermann
I'll just back away and let the chips fall where they may after reading that.
2007-08-21 17:43:48
193.   Jon Weisman
188 - That's more or less how I feel - with your added caveat.
2007-08-21 17:44:07
194.   Lexinthedena
175- Not in any order, but I would rather see....


2007-08-21 17:45:14
195.   scooplew
191 Great letter. You write for millions of us. And let me wish you Shabbat Shalom a few days early.
2007-08-21 17:45:50
196.   Bluebleeder87
if anything Hendy is showing some resolve here.
2007-08-21 17:45:54
197.   imperabo
191 Vin not only can sell ice cubes to eskimos he can sell pork to jews? Nice.
2007-08-21 17:46:30
198.   Suffering Bruin
Ladies and gentlemen, meet Mark Hendrickson, pretty damn good middle reliever.
2007-08-21 17:46:44
199.   El Lay Dave
Charlie Manuel going for the throat with the platoon PH switch in the 5th.

But when you get Tomko and Hendrickson in the same inning, you should go for the throat.

2007-08-21 17:46:50
200.   KG16
Hendy gets us out of a jam, wow.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2007-08-21 17:46:55
201.   Bluebleeder87
5-3 doesn't seem all that bad right now.
2007-08-21 17:46:59
202.   King of the Hobos
So, will Hendrickson be replacing Tomko?
2007-08-21 17:47:32
203.   underdog
194 Hull's not a starter, but I agree about the other two.

Now that was an amazing, clutch pitching performance from Hendrickson. You have to give him credit. WOW.

2007-08-21 17:47:53
204.   Suffering Bruin
202 Lord, I hope not. I've always felt Lurch is more effective coming out of the pen.
2007-08-21 17:47:57
205.   El Lay Dave
191 Fan-tastic. Excellent letter. And the internet is a wonderful thing.
2007-08-21 17:47:59
206.   JoeyP
Phillies should feel embarrassed after that chance slipping by.
2007-08-21 17:48:16
207.   scooplew
Good news/bad news. Little will say after the game that Hendrickson just earned another start, and we will be back on that merry-go-round again.
2007-08-21 17:48:23
208.   underdog
Maybe the Phillies did us a favor anyway - knocking out Tomko, game still in reach, plus allowing us to see their vaunted bullpen. The game's not over yet.
2007-08-21 17:50:20
209.   Suffering Bruin
Nothing like making the pitcher work.
2007-08-21 17:50:31
210.   El Lay Dave
203 Agreed - that was one tough situation and Hendrickson came through. That's a little bit of a mood-brightener.
2007-08-21 17:51:19
211.   Connector
195 Since it's Wednesday morning, 3:52 AM over here Shabat is closer than you think.
2007-08-21 17:51:34
212.   KG16
209 - Ethier's out was a double if it was three inches higher. Kent's ground out, well, yeah...
2007-08-21 17:52:33
213.   Suffering Bruin
212 Agreed. My comment was a little too flip by half. Ethier got great wood on it.
2007-08-21 17:53:59
214.   KG16
213 - no worries, I'd still be willing to give Ethier a break since he saw 19 pitches in his first two PAs. Kent, who's seen maybe 4 pitches tonight, gets no slack, though.
2007-08-21 17:54:38
215.   King of the Hobos
203 He was a starter, and was pretty good at it. I'm not really sure why they moved him to the pen, anyone know? He, Stults, and Billingsley were a pretty good 1-2-3 punch for the early part of the Suns' 2005 championship series (before Stults was promoted to Vegas with disastrous results)
2007-08-21 17:54:42
216.   Lexinthedena
I feel bad for D.J Houlton....Dodgers have never given him a fair shot....not that his roof is all that high, but with the back of the rotation being bad all year, he should have been given a chance to start....
2007-08-21 17:55:43
217.   trainwreck
It is the 21st of August and we still have Tomko in the rotation, yet we still have a chance to make the playoffs.
2007-08-21 17:56:48
218.   GMac In The 909
217 How did he ever get two wins?
2007-08-21 18:00:15
219.   still bevens
217 He had like one good game where he struck out 13. Seems like an eternity ago.
2007-08-21 18:04:31
220.   King of the Hobos
I know it's CBP, but hopefully that will help him get hot again.
2007-08-21 18:04:31
221.   Bluebleeder87
that was a pretty swing by Loney.
2007-08-21 18:04:34
222.   GMac In The 909
Or a miracle ...
2007-08-21 18:04:43
223.   underdog
Loney! Hurrah!
2007-08-21 18:04:44
224.   Suffering Bruin
Didn't Tomko get the win against Houston in the middle of July? I keep reading where he hasn't won since May 9th.


I checked. Tomko beat SF on July 15th to go with his May 9th victory. He never struck out 13 in a game.

2007-08-21 18:05:13
225.   scareduck
Yet, the Dodgers cannot win with that hit a-Loney.
2007-08-21 18:05:14
226.   GMac In The 909
222 Tomko's one good game; not Loney's dinger
2007-08-21 18:05:54
227.   trainwreck
Have not gotten a chance to say this a lot lately...

Loney Bomb!!!!

2007-08-21 18:07:01
228.   scareduck
I'm really annoyed with Gameday. It's just now getting to Loney's AB.
2007-08-21 18:07:07
229.   Jon Weisman
C'mon, Jimmy. We need this.
2007-08-21 18:07:25
230.   Bluebleeder87
every time I see Hillenbrand it reminds me that if La Roche wasn't hurt he'd be playing 3rd base.
2007-08-21 18:07:34
231.   Jon Weisman
I swear, I was typing 229 just before I checked to see what Loney was going to do at the plate!
2007-08-21 18:07:53
232.   Suffering Bruin
Gameday has been s-l-o-w lately and I don't know why. I'm having fun watching a game live, a rarity with the school year closing in.
2007-08-21 18:10:37
233.   Bob Timmermann
The Padres have tied it up in New York.

I wonder if Keith Hernandez is upset that a lowly NL West team is battling a macho NL East team.

2007-08-21 18:10:53
234.   Connector
217 219
I think Tomko's got a fear of success. Tonight, for example, he got the side out 1-2-3 in the first two IP, then he self-destructed. His last outing was similar.
His self-destruction is fascinating to me, though I hate what he's doing to the Dodgers.
2007-08-21 18:12:00
235.   King of the Hobos
232 Have the pF/X games been slow? It's been my impression that whenever it's a drunk intern game, Gameday moves much slower.
2007-08-21 18:15:01
236.   King of the Hobos
I know Kendrick had made a lot of pitches, and had given up a homer a few batters ago, but why the need for the reliever? Or more specifically, why the need fro Jose Mesa? He is still Jose Mesa after all.
2007-08-21 18:15:53
237.   GMac In The 909
234 Maybe he should reinvent himself as a power-hitting outfielder?
2007-08-21 18:17:25
238.   Bluebleeder87
that at bat by Furcal was pretty good (laid off some close pitches) hopefully he can steal a bag or maybe Pierre can hit a double or something.
2007-08-21 18:17:30
239.   scooplew
Haiku for Brett:

When Tomko pitches
There is never any doubt
As to what happens

2007-08-21 18:17:45
240.   Jon Weisman
Atlanta is losing 8-7 in the 7th; San Diego is winning 5-4 in the 7th.
2007-08-21 18:17:47
241.   Ken Noe
237 He at least could become a unreliable pinch hitter, the Tomkomato
2007-08-21 18:18:35
242.   KG16
so, could they call the game now, and nothing from the 7th count, or do they have to finish the inning (or at least the top half, if the Bums don't score)?
2007-08-21 18:18:43
243.   JoeyP
Rain delay anyone?
2007-08-21 18:18:49
244.   Hallux Valgus
for the half dozen or so who care: Tomorrow's US/ Sweden soccer match will be broadcast live at 11:30 AM Pacific time on FSC. Set your Tivo's accordingly. The US is stacked with Euro players- see the debut of Sal Zizzo!
2007-08-21 18:19:00
245.   Bluebleeder87
I'm surprised the umpires haven't called in the players it's really poring out in Philly.
2007-08-21 18:19:29
246.   King of the Hobos
Elmer Dessens loaded the bases in Colorado, but got out of it unscathed.
2007-08-21 18:19:38
247.   KG16
Game over?
2007-08-21 18:20:02
248.   GMac In The 909
241 Or maybe he should stick to painting.
2007-08-21 18:20:04
249.   Gen3Blue
What was that. HR Loney. eh?
2007-08-21 18:21:02
250.   El Lay Dave
PH Kemp for Pierre against the LOOGY?
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2007-08-21 18:22:01
251.   Lexinthedena
I was thinking..."This is a perfect time to pich hit Kemp for Pierre"....
2007-08-21 18:26:17
252.   das411
206 - Welcome to our season.

And yes, it has been raining this hard here all weekend, why do you ask?

2007-08-21 18:26:55
253.   twerp
224. IIRC, Tomko struck out 9 in 6 IP in his first start. That may be what folks are thinking about.
2007-08-21 18:27:07
254.   Bluebleeder87
Gonzalez made a clumsy catch but at least he cought (catched?) it.
2007-08-21 18:27:44
255.   still bevens
253 A-ha. I think I remember wondering to myself if that was his career high, but I think the announcers said his career high k number was 13.
2007-08-21 18:27:57
256.   trainwreck
Is it really necessary for teams to have three guys in the booth to call a local game?
2007-08-21 18:29:38
257.   King of the Hobos
254 caught
2007-08-21 18:30:15
258.   KG16
256 - it's not even necessary to have two guys in the booth to call a game.
2007-08-21 18:30:16
259.   Andrew Shimmin
255- The Dodgers were involved in that game, but on the unhappy side of it.

2007-08-21 18:30:47
260.   twerp
234 Tomko's mental game betrays him, for whatever reason.

I've thought for a while that if you could take Tomko's stuff and pair it with Hendy's improved mental game, you'd have a top shelf pitcher. Too bad "if" can't happen sometimes.

Hendrickson gets about all out of his ability that could be expected, IMO. He just doesn't have a whole lot of ability, sad to say.

2007-08-21 18:30:54
261.   trainwreck
Did we just give up a steal to Ryan Howard?
2007-08-21 18:33:04
262.   Andrew Shimmin
If you could take Tomko's brain, and transplant it into a chicken, at least he'd taste good fried.
2007-08-21 18:34:01
263.   El Lay Dave
Good inning for Rudy. Holding that part of the Philly lineup to one single is A-OK with me.
2007-08-21 18:34:41
264.   Andrew Shimmin
261- Not just "a," "the." It's his only career SB. He did have six in the minor leagues.
2007-08-21 18:34:42
265.   Ken Noe
If you could take Tomko's body, and transplant it back to the Giants, I'd be a happier man.
2007-08-21 18:34:46
266.   StolenMonkey86
261 - more fuel for the Rest Martin campaign
2007-08-21 18:36:45
267.   trainwreck
The Phillies do not deserve to make the playoffs for moving Myers to closer.
2007-08-21 18:37:19
268.   StolenMonkey86
265 - what's with painters and bad pitching?

2007-08-21 18:37:31
269.   Frip
Jon: "I'm juggling concerns and hope. I have lots of thoughts, and I hope you don't mind if I let them percolate a little longer. (Not trying to make these thoughts seem bigger than they are)."

You're even more complicated than I'd assumed. As long as you're sexy I guess that makes it OK for people.

2007-08-21 18:41:58
270.   Gen3Blue
I like Tomko's stuff, and I kind of like the guy. But when it comes to his bad results, its all too easy to explain. Early in the game, he may do well or he may do horribly, but come the 4th and 5th inning, he always manages to load the bases with 0, or 1 out. At least he's consistant. He does this with BB or sometimes in more original ways. Its a guarantee.
2007-08-21 18:43:22
271.   scooplew
Gardy Little's Haiku prayer:

Brett Tomko is one
Hendrickson is another
Dear God, please help me

2007-08-21 18:43:32
272.   Bob Timmermann
The Mets have tied it up against the Padres. The typographical nightmare of the playoff scenarios looms.
2007-08-21 18:44:44
273.   scareduck
269 - You're even more complicated than I'd assumed. As long as you're sexy I guess that makes it OK for people.

Note this generally works much better if the object of the sentence is a woman.

2007-08-21 18:46:07
274.   Ken Noe
271 Tomko, Martinzez
Hendrickson, Olmedo
Does Ned want me fired?
2007-08-21 18:46:36
275.   King of the Hobos
Did Lyons just describe Werth as "gellin' like a foo'"?
2007-08-21 18:48:02
276.   Jon Weisman
266 - How does Martin's homer factor in?
2007-08-21 18:51:07
277.   Bluebleeder87
el uuultimo chance de la noche (Jaime Jarrin tribute) last chance of the night.
2007-08-21 18:51:25
278.   King of the Hobos
The Braves had a small 2 out rally, but come up short and lose 8-7.
2007-08-21 18:51:39
279.   Zak
276 He only hit that so he wouldn't have to steal a base in case he got on.

j/k I'm not on the Rest Martin bus.

2007-08-21 18:52:12
280.   das411
236 - KoTH, as scary as it may sound, Mesa has been our second-most-reliable reliever since he was picked up. Plus Kendrick is rapidly nearing that "more innings than he has ever thrown before" area, so why leave him in with this weather?

267 -

2007-08-21 18:56:19
281.   CanuckDodger
I haven't checked the numbers, but it seems like a strangely high percentage of the hits Broxton gives up are doubles. Maybe that is the price he pays for never giving up home runs. And I wonder, at this point, if he will ever give up a home run again.
2007-08-21 18:57:43
282.   El Lay Dave
I think I hit Sweeney for Hillenbrand and Kemp for Broxton.
2007-08-21 18:57:47
283.   Bob Timmermann
Bases loaded for the Mashing Macedonian in New York.
2007-08-21 18:58:08
284.   Bob Timmermann
Who delivers a sac fly to put the Padres ahead 6-5.
2007-08-21 18:59:34
286.   Bob Timmermann
Broxton has given up 54 hits, including 10 doubles.
2007-08-21 18:59:46
287.   Bluebleeder87
ugh, Hillenbrand! sigh.
2007-08-21 19:00:10
288.   Lexinthedena
I'm no longer rational...

Fire Ned!

2007-08-21 19:00:16
289.   das411
and THAT is why Myers is closing...and the Chevrolet Player of the Game: Jayson Werth!!
2007-08-21 19:00:24
290.   Andrew Shimmin
Nice cut, Shea.
2007-08-21 19:02:07
291.   scooplew
Well, let's look at the good points from tonight's game . . . . Never mind. Good night.
2007-08-21 19:02:41
292.   Gen3Blue
I felt Grits conceded this game as he often does, because he thinks he will do better over a four or five game stretch. From what I can see he always loses "this game" and therefore does worse over the 4 or 5 game stretch. Not at all surprised.
2007-08-21 19:03:23
293.   Bob Timmermann
herm meet Rule 7
Rule 7 say hello to herm
2007-08-21 19:04:38
294.   El Lay Dave
Um, so why is Hillenbrand at the plate ending the game with profession left-handed pinch-hitter Mark Sweeney, acquired just for this purpose, sitting on the bench? Myers L/R splits don't show big differences, this year or career, but still.
2007-08-21 19:04:53
295.   Bob Timmermann
Old Friend Marlon ties it up in New York.
2007-08-21 19:05:37
296.   Eric Enders
And Hoffman blows the save against Marlon Anderson again. Mets 6, Padres 6, bottom 9.
2007-08-21 19:05:39
297.   Bluebleeder87
Ned signing Tomko (I was never on board with that) & hearing RUMORS of him wanting to sign David Wells disturbs me, I'm still a Ned supporter but I guess I'm a little frustrated at the moment.
2007-08-21 19:05:40
298.   twerp
268 234 Maybe Tomko the artist gets in the way of Tomko the pitcher.

He's "painting" this beautiful game (even a no-hitter for a few innings a couple times), and all of a sudden one rude batter after another comes along and messes up his masterpiece. Then the "artist" falls apart.

To complete my long-distance, rank-amateur Tomko personality analysis, I wouldn't be surprised to find he's a perfectionist who gets rattled when he loses his (relative) perfection--which also means he has lost control of the situation. Usually, a perfectionist's losing the control he thought he had is about the worst thing that can happen to him mentally. So the problems build and get worse.

I won't be hanging out my shingle anytime soon. Still, I wonder...

2007-08-21 19:07:30
299.   Indiana Jon
295 and scores the winning run.
2007-08-21 19:08:49
300.   Bob Timmermann
Tie for the NL wild card now.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2007-08-21 19:12:37
301.   Lexinthedena
297- I hung in there with Ned and Grits most of the year....but common sense has been defied far too much....Loyalty to Veterans has been made a priority over winning games.....And our worst fear about Ned might actually be true since he seems to have brought the San Fransisco scrap heap philosiphy to L.A....

Arizona and Colorado have given thier young players a chance through thick and thin...I believe that the Dodgers have equally talented youth....but they ride the pine...and remember that if it wasn't for a hand injury, Russel Martin would not be this far along....

2007-08-21 19:18:08
302.   King of the Hobos
Bob, what's the word on Zimmerman?
2007-08-21 19:21:13
303.   nofatmike
You know, I wouldn't mind having Bret Myers as a starter. It seems to be a serious misallocation of pitching resources to put him in the bullpen after two bad starts. Anybody think we could trade Young and Orenduff for him?
2007-08-21 19:22:08
304.   Bob Timmermann
I'm sorry, but what am I supposed to know about Ryan Zimmerman?
2007-08-21 19:22:54
305.   Bob Timmermann
Oh, I see know.

Orange Alert! Orange Alert!

2007-08-21 19:23:38
306.   King of the Hobos
303 The Phillies may not realize they're misallocating their resources, but they still value Myers very highly, and certainly a lot more than Young/Orenduff. I'm guessing they value him more along the lines of Laroche/McDonald/Hull.
2007-08-21 19:24:32
307.   trainwreck
It would take a lot more from us to get him.

We actually talked about this last year and most of us seemed against it, because of what he did to his wife.

2007-08-21 19:27:01
308.   twerp
Only seeing Gameday doesn't give the whole picture, but an unearned run (E-Hillenbrand, throw) in a one-run loss combined with Hillenbrand's K to end the game--on a pitch up around his eyes, if Gameday can be believed--isn't a pretty picture.

Hillenbrand didn't lose the game by himself. But he didn't help. Tomko needed all the help he could get,as usual.

2007-08-21 19:28:02
309.   Gen3Blue
I wouldn't give more than Young/Orenduff and maybe Alexander. And thats it.
2007-08-21 19:28:06
310.   Linkmeister
It would appear the Dodgers aren't very good mudders, and since the weather may remain like this for several more days, I think we're in trouble.

Good thing I don't live near any cliffs.

2007-08-21 19:29:54
311.   Bob Timmermann
So Hillenbrand striking out to end the game is worse than Martin or Loney making outs before he got up to bat?
2007-08-21 19:30:31
312.   Gen3Blue
306 And boy, is that an overvaluation.
2007-08-21 19:30:51
313.   regfairfield
309 Myers was a top 30 pitcher in 2005 and 2006 and he's not on the hook for all that much until 2009 (8.5, 12.5). I'd give up legitimate talent for him.
2007-08-21 19:31:34
314.   regfairfield
311 When you strike out on a pitch that looks like it's going to hit you in the face, yes.
2007-08-21 19:31:54
315.   El Lay Dave
308 Hillenbrand's E is a blessing in disguise. Without it, the run-scoring BB that resulted in Tomko's removal, becomes a bases-loading walk. And then maybe Grady doesn't lift Tomko and he pitches to Howard instead of Hendrickson.
2007-08-21 19:33:02
316.   El Lay Dave
311 Yes, because Sweeney should have been hitting.
2007-08-21 19:33:28
317.   Hallux Valgus
Brian McBride needs surgery for a dislocated patella. I've never heard of that before. How do you dislocate a tendon?
2007-08-21 19:34:34
318.   nofatmike
307 Well the only way we're going to be able to acquire good pitchers for next year, without giving the up usual suspects, is to go after pitchers who aren't exactly "character" guys. Scott Olsen wouldn't be bad either.
2007-08-21 19:34:46
319.   Bob Timmermann
Was the start of the Angels game delayed or is it more Gameday shenanigans?
2007-08-21 19:36:00
320.   Gen3Blue
317 I think maybe the Patella is the bone you would call your Kneecap.
2007-08-21 19:36:01
321.   Bob Timmermann
The story I read said the docs in England hadn't seen it happen before in a soccer match. And it wasn't because of contact. McBride hurt his knee right after scoring.
2007-08-21 19:36:27
322.   El Lay Dave
317 The patella is the kneecap, a bone, isn't it?
2007-08-21 19:36:41
323.   Lexinthedena
316- Hillenbrand was 2 for 3 against Myers coming into that at bat....

318- Brett Myers is FAR from a character guy...

2007-08-21 19:37:03
324.   Linkmeister
317 The patella is the bone; it has a tendon which runs across it called the patellar tendon. I'm nauseatingly familiar with the latter, having severed it via plate glass once.

Definition of patella dislocation:

2007-08-21 19:38:03
325.   Gen3Blue
317,322 and they often get knocked around to either side in Hockey or Football.
2007-08-21 19:38:20
326.   Bob Timmermann
We like Mark Sweeney that much already?

Last week, we were going to string up him up from a yardarm that may or may not have been the highest available.

2007-08-21 19:38:41
327.   Hallux Valgus
322 okay- that makes sense. I've only heard "Patella tendon," which connects the kneecap to the tibia.
2007-08-21 19:39:47
328.   Bob Timmermann
Like the hatch in Gus Grissom's capsule, McBride's patella just blew!

It just blew!

It was a glitch!

2007-08-21 19:39:51
329.   Hallux Valgus
and 320 ,324 : thanks!
2007-08-21 19:42:37
330.   Gen3Blue
How bout this. Myers for Sweeney, Hillenbrand,Procter, and what the heck JP.
Or aren't we building up quality people? We insist on character, you know.
2007-08-21 19:42:51
331.   Hallux Valgus
328 maybe McB can get a carbon rod inserted...
2007-08-21 19:46:00
332.   El Lay Dave
326 After Sweeney gets aboard, Martinez, who would play 3B if LA tied it up, pinch-runs. It's Sweeney the baserunner we don't like, not Sweeney the batter. ;)
2007-08-21 19:46:19
333.   Gen3Blue
where? Sorry; Good night.
2007-08-21 19:47:49
334.   Linkmeister
331 Not a good plan. ;)

I still have wire floating around my kneecap. It was a single piece once but has since broken into four parts (kinda like Gaul). One of these days I'll have to have it removed.

2007-08-21 19:50:19
335.   El Lay Dave
328 When I was a kid, I always used to shudder when reading the story about Gus Grissom, Ed White and Roger Chaffee in Apollo I. The water didn't get Grissom, but the fire did.
2007-08-21 19:53:27
336.   Hallux Valgus
333 334 I was referencing a Simpsons episode. I actually tore my patellar tendon and quadriceps tendon when I was a kid, and I still can't ski moguls because of it. I'm amazed I didn't know the proper name of the kneecap, considering mine was faced the wrong way.
2007-08-21 19:55:49
337.   Bob Timmermann
I still can't ski moguls because of it.

Unsolicited tip: don't try to get sympathy from people using that line ever again.

2007-08-21 19:57:08
338.   Bob Timmermann
Half of the batters for the Angels so far have hits (7 of 14). 5 of them are doubles.
2007-08-21 19:57:10
339.   Hallux Valgus
for the basketball fans: Eddie Griffin was killed when he ran his SUV into a freight train. If you told me that someone crashed a car ino a train, Eddie Griffin would have been among my top three guesses.
2007-08-21 19:58:22
340.   trainwreck
Very sad story.
2007-08-21 19:58:37
341.   Hallux Valgus
337 oh, I don't want sympathy. If anything, I use the injury as an excuse to get off the mountain early and get into an Irish coffee and a hot tub.
2007-08-21 20:00:27
342.   El Lay Dave
338 4 of those doubles in the second inning. Nice alignment.
2007-08-21 20:10:25
343.   Suffering Bruin
339 I thought the same thing you did, HV. When I saw the headline "Former NBA player dead in car crash" I figured it was Griffin.

When he was sober, Eddie Griffin was described as a beautiful human being by those who knew him--coaches, teammates, family members. Echoing the piece Jon linked to above, the degree of sympathy you have for Griffin probably depends on your view of alcoholism as a choice or a disease. I hold the latter view. Eddie Griffin, 25 years of age... rest in peace.

2007-08-21 20:25:06
344.   Hallux Valgus
343 after reading the article, I was struck at just how much we, as a sports deifying socitey, fail our athletes time after time. Griffin was a guy who had issues from the time he was in high school, but he had talent, so we overlooked those issues, and gave him a bunch of money. When he struggled personally, he was discarded.

To me, it's the same thing as letting football players skate through college. These athletic abilities should give these kids ample opportunity to break free from their circumstances and become better people, but we generally only care about how many points they can score, or how many yards they can gain. It's a real shame. Wherever he is, I hope he finds more peace than he ever did here on earth.So many of these athletes are like an open nerve- too much gets to them too quickly, with no insulation from the very people who should be able to insulate them. It might not help them as athletes, but it for sure could help them as people.

2007-08-21 20:33:38
345.   Dodgers49
135. Abreu continues to start only about 50% of the time in AA. Is it punishment? Evidence that the lingering injury was real?

On Sunday Abreu was lifted for a pinch hitter in the 6th inning and hasn't played since. I haven't seen any announcement by Las Vegas or the Dodgers concerning what happened with him. I'm just assuming he's hurt again until I hear otherwise.

2007-08-21 20:43:11
346.   trainwreck
Yeah, here is a guy who clearly drank as a form of medication because of his depression and I just wonder how much effort his teams put in to get him some real help. Not just their dumb idea that putting his locker next to Garnett's will change everything.
2007-08-21 20:48:28
347.   Hallux Valgus
346 I don't think I've ever agreed with a Raider fan before. Warren Sapp hates Gerard Warren, and JaMarcus the Hutt still hasn't signed... discuss.
2007-08-21 20:49:08
348.   jtrichey
You know, the guy in Jon's SI Fungoes piece was exactly right. The Dodgers just haven't made winning their #1 priority this year. Tomko still starting games at this late date is just more proof. At least the Twins finally righted their wrongs last year in July. Maddening. Or saddening?
2007-08-21 20:51:53
349.   Daniel Zappala
This Angels-Yankees game is fun. 13-5 in the 4th, no outs. Did you know this will be the first time in history the Angels have finished above .500 for four consecutive years?
2007-08-21 20:52:45
350.   trainwreck
Well today Sapp told Warren to just come in and work and he can prove himself, so he backed off his comments a bit. Warren said the first thing you are told when you go to Broncos headquarters is that the game with the Silver and Black has extra meaning.

I did not want us to draft Jamarcus, so this just makes me more irritated. I think he will eventually sign when they realize he won't get as much money if he enters the draft next year.

Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2007-08-21 20:56:15
351.   Bob Timmermann
Not so fast. This would only be win #74 for the Angels.

Until I see an '82' in the win column, I'm not giving the Angels credit for anything.

The Bronx Banterers really hate the Angels.

2007-08-21 20:59:18
352.   Daniel Zappala
351 Ha. You can't bring me down, Bob.

Ummm, yeah, lots of hate there. I tried reasoning with them on a thread earlier today, but they weren't amenable to reason.

2007-08-21 21:00:58
353.   Hallux Valgus
350 agreed. Neither Fatty nor Davis can afford to not get the deal done. But right now, Culpepper is the best chance you have (and I said they should get Culpepper as soon as they picked up Russell). Michael Huff is really not good. That's a problem.
2007-08-21 21:03:38
354.   trainwreck
Kiffin called him out this week saying he needs to play like the number 7 overall pick.
2007-08-21 21:08:14
355.   Hallux Valgus
354 good. I consider myself to be like Canuck or Nate when it comes to football, and I thought Huff was going to be really good. Did the Raiders screw him up by trying him at corner? Huff should be a monster.

On a side note- Chad Johnson just sent me an email on yahoo, telling me to draft him, and to play fantasy on yahoo. Can we get a dozen DTers to throw down a fantasy league (this goes out to everyone, duh)?

2007-08-21 21:11:48
356.   trainwreck
Raiders don't really use him at corner. He played more corner at Texas. Huff's biggest problem is that he is a bad tackler and when he screws up, he seems to screw up big time. Rob Ryan still thinks Huff will be really good, so I have faith.

I was wondering if we were going to have a fantasy football league.

2007-08-21 21:12:35
357.   trainwreck
While we were watching the Texas/USC game, I was telling all my friends how Huff was going to be a Raider.
2007-08-21 21:18:56
358.   Hallux Valgus
well I'm more than happy to run one, or to participate.

Huff in college was a ballhawk, and a big hitter. Now he's not either of those, and he was never a great tackler. I read, going up to the draft, that he was a corner/ safety, which is crap. Whitner and Jason Allen were also called that coming out the same year, as were Michael Griffin and Brandon Merriwether this year. It's never a good idea to move a college safety to corner. Ever. (note- Michael Griffin is not good).

2007-08-21 21:20:23
359.   Hallux Valgus
my roommate just brought home the Deion Sanders CD. That's gonna be fun.
2007-08-21 21:22:37
360.   trainwreck
Obviously those guys were made safeties for a reason, but I think Huff and Merriwether can be cover guys on occasion, just not permanently.

Are you a Longhorns fan?

2007-08-21 21:22:38
361.   JoeyP
Lincecum threw a gem, but couldnt finish it off in the 9th.

Cubs are going to win.

2007-08-21 21:35:21
362.   Hallux Valgus
360 not at all. I'm a Colorado alumnus (I've already planned trips to ASU this year, Cal in 2 years, and a trip to see 2 CU recruit Juco games in Torrance this year). I just watch a lot of college football, and I'm a huge fan of the draft.
2007-08-21 21:38:09
363.   trainwreck
Not only will we battle in the AFC West, but when Colorado moves to the Pac-10 we will have it in college too.
2007-08-21 21:38:31
364.   Bob Timmermann
I believe Garret Anderson has set the Kennedy High Alumni single game RBI record.

Jim Bottomley/Mark Whiten Alert for Anderson!!

2007-08-21 21:49:14
365.   Bob Timmermann
Old Friend Betemit pinch-hitting in Anaheim now.

The game is not on the line.

2007-08-21 21:50:23
366.   El Lay Dave
On the other side of the batting spectrum, Mark Reynolds of the D-backs tied the non-pitcher strikeout record by whiffing in his first two PAs, to total nine straight over four different games. He then was hit by a pitch and walked.

D-backs, Braves, Pads all lost, so Dodgers lose an opportunity to gain on all; and the Rockies won pull back into a tie with LA.

2007-08-21 21:51:14
367.   El Lay Dave
Bronx Banter must either be seriously atwitter, or they have punched themselves unconcious. The boxscore says carnage.
2007-08-21 21:52:20
368.   jasonungar07
So "Beerfest" the movie is on HBO right now. I have never watched it before but was a fan of Supertroopers. I know it shouldn't be funny, but I am laughing my ass off. I am not even saying it's in the top 500 all time funny films and it's quiet possible that without me knowing it is how I am dealing psychologically with the Los Angeles Dodgers...
2007-08-21 21:55:21
369.   Hallux Valgus
363 I look forward to CU being in the Pac 10.

that's it- I'll setup a fantasy league tomorrow.

368 Anything from Broken Lizard is stupid funny.

2007-08-21 21:55:24
370.   trainwreck
I liked Supertroopers and Club Dread more, but I think it is a solid comedy.
2007-08-21 21:59:05
371.   trainwreck
Apparently they are making Super Troopers 2.
2007-08-21 22:00:08
372.   Hallux Valgus
371 but the characters are the fathers of the original guys. I'm not encouraged.
2007-08-21 22:15:27
373.   Bob Timmermann
Anderson bats in the 8th with a chance to tie the AL or NL single game RBI records or possibly break it with a home run.
2007-08-21 22:16:20
374.   Bob Timmermann
Anderson grounds out to Betemit at short.
2007-08-21 22:16:58
375.   das411
...and Anderson grounds up the middle to Wilson Betemit, ends the night with 10 RsBI. Oh well :(
2007-08-21 22:20:05
376.   Jon Weisman
New post up top.
2007-08-21 22:26:00
377.   LAT
Wilson B. 3 run HR.

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