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August 27 Game Chat
2007-08-27 18:16
by Jon Weisman

Tonight's game:


Retro Gameday

Comments (413)
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2007-08-27 18:19:57
1.   King of the Hobos
Laroche and Abreu are finally playing. No Hu though.
2007-08-27 18:22:42
2.   Eric Enders
Okay, Andy, it's your time. Three hits tonight, Dodger Stadium tomorrow.
2007-08-27 18:24:33
3.   regfairfield
2 As much as I'd like to believe it, I don't think anyone's getting DFA'd three days before roster expansion.
2007-08-27 18:24:51
4.   El Lay Dave
220 from last thread:

You are cool to me Professor. I only have a very old B.S. degree in your field. In fact, you're beyond cool, a Golden God second only to the likes of Dijkstra and Knuth! (Rule 6?)

2007-08-27 18:26:19
5.   Eric Enders
3 As I understand it, either Hillenbrand or Hernandez could be optioned to Las Vegas without getting DFAed, since they signed minor league contracts. Perhaps that's wrong.
2007-08-27 18:27:21
6.   El Lay Dave
3 Only if you have zero desire for that player to be on your playoff roster and you want/need that spot for someone else. Tomko and Branyan were DFA from wild card contenders with one week of roster expansion.
2007-08-27 18:28:15
7.   Bluebleeder87

man, I can't wait to see Meloan pitch at Dodger Stadium, I really hope Andy La Roche is 100% now.

2007-08-27 18:28:38
8.   bhsportsguy
Not that this is particularly interesting but since I took 5 minutes to research it, I will do a rare double post from the last thread since I was LATed.

This off-season will be interesting to see how teams manage their free agents.

Will the Angels offer arbitration to Bartolo Colon, not likely since they could be on the hook for a one year deal for no less than 11.2 million and with his current 7-11 record for the last 2 years, he is not even going to rank as a Type B free agent. Other pitchers include Joe Nathan, who will have his option exercised, the Yankees will resign Rivera, I think Hoffman already guaranteed his 2008 contract. Bobby Abreu has a team option for 16 million or a buyout for 2 million.

Right now, the only 2 players I can see be given arbitration are Andruw Jones and Torii Hunter.

I think the Padres will try and sign Milton Bradley and hope Michael Barrett has a good last month. For one thing, Milton just may not have enough statistics to be worth a Type B free agent (remember it is based on his last 2 seasons and the now you have to finish in the top 40% as opposed to 50% before) and Michael Barrett, while he should be still worth some draft picks, what is worth in the open market. And frankly, if Milton is healthy, he is worth more than a draft pick.

They could be better off trying to get them to sign one-year deals since they don't have any depth in their minor league system anyway.

2007-08-27 18:28:50
9.   Eric Enders
Grady is spending longer than usual pondering over the lineup tonight.

1B, Saenz... no.
1B, Sweeney... aah, no.
1B, Hillenbrand... no, we need him at third.
1B, Martinez... that's the ticket!

2007-08-27 18:29:48
10.   regfairfield
8 I think every marginal pitcher will get arbitration offers, since they would be fools to take them. Teams are going to be tripping all over themselves to overpay Carlos Silva and Jason Jennings.
2007-08-27 18:29:59
11.   King of the Hobos
SS Furcal
CF Pierre
RF Kemp
2B Kent
LF Ethier
C Martin
1B Loney
3B Hillenbrand
P Lowe
2007-08-27 18:30:43
12.   bhsportsguy
7 Really, Jon Meloan, Chad okay, James McDonald, love the local kid makes good story, Elbert, he's going have to bounce back to get me excited but I am waiting for the Minotaur.

Don't get me wrong, Meloan should be fine but I can't see him being say better than Broxton.

2007-08-27 18:30:45
13.   King of the Hobos
11 I wrote that wrong. Batting 8th and playing 3B is Martinez
2007-08-27 18:31:40
14.   Eric Enders
6 "Only if you have zero desire for that player to be on your playoff roster and you want/need that spot for someone else."

The player can still make your playoff roster. The K-Rod loophole still exists.

2007-08-27 18:32:04
15.   Daniel Zappala
4 Thanks. :-)
2007-08-27 18:33:54
16.   Daniel Zappala
Regarding the FA sub-thread ... from what I understand, this winter is going to be brutal when it comes to FA pitchers. So I don't know how we improve on the rotation next year, other than hope Schmidt and Wolf recover. Or Colletti makes a trade.
2007-08-27 18:34:35
17.   Eric Enders
12 How could anybody expect anybody to be better than Broxton?

I think our best hope, my hope at least, is that Meloan is Broxton II or perhaps a little worse. His minor league performance shows every indication that he will dominate in the majors.

2007-08-27 18:35:55
18.   Eric Enders
16 We will have some sick midseason call-ups for the rotation next year... McDonald, Kershaw, and Elbert. The question I fear the answer to is what dead weight will fill the back of the rotation from April through June.
2007-08-27 18:36:22
19.   FirstMohican
16 - What, you're not counting on a full year of Wells for '08?
2007-08-27 18:37:12
20.   King of the Hobos
11 Of course, if Josh is to be believed, both Ethier and Kemp are playing RF. I know Pierre is fast, but he's not nearly fast enough to patrol CF and LF.
2007-08-27 18:37:29
21.   Rob M
I don't think anybody posted this, from the BP Future Shock ten-pack:

Clayton Kershaw, LHP, Double-A Jacksonville (Dodgers)

Earlier this month, the Dodgers promoted Kershaw to Double-A. After striking out 10 over seven innings on Saturday while allowing just two hits, Kershaw has limited Southern League hitters to a .153 batting average in 21.1 innings while punching out 25. Have we mentioned that he's just 19 years old? It's been a long time since we've seen a left-handed prospect this young and this good, with one scout recently comparing him to "Scott Kazmir with five more inches and 30 more pounds." That's a scary proposition, and Kershaw is the best pitching prospect in baseball, but remember it's anything but a sure thing with pitchers. How many fans have kind of forgotten about Francisco Liriano? If Kershaw needs his own reminder on how fleeting prospect greatness can be, there's always Greg Miller, who like Kershaw dominated Double-A as a teenager, and four years later is still in that Double-A rotation.

2007-08-27 18:37:32
22.   Daniel Zappala
16 Colletti is not Stoneman. I'm worried about what he may do to try to fix things over the winter.
2007-08-27 18:38:06
23.   Eric Enders
Tony Jackson has Ethier in left.
2007-08-27 18:39:50
24.   Eric Enders
21 And while we're at it, a couple of notables from the new Baseball America Hot Sheet.

"3. Clayton Kershaw, lhp, Double-A Jacksonville (Dodgers)

Kershaw skipped high Class A after going 7-5, 2.77 with a 134-50 strikeout-walk ratio in 97 innings at low Class A Great Lakes. And while the seventh overall pick in 2006 went through some predictable growing pains early on in Double-A, he's locked in now.

Last week, the 19-year-old lefty went 1-0, 0.69 with 18 strikeouts in 14 innings.

11. Justin Ruggiano, of, Triple-A Durham (Devil Rays)

Along with center fielder Jason Pridie and third baseman Evan Longoria, Ruggiano has been one of the biggest reasons for Durham's surge to the top of the IL's Southern Division standings. Over his last 10 games, the Texas A&M product has hit .429 with three homers, five doubles and 11 RBIs. Ruggiano, 25, has hit a surprising .310/.383/.508 this season with 19 homers and 26 steals. The caveat: 142 whiffs in 118 games."

2007-08-27 18:40:13
25.   Bluebleeder87
I'm impressed with no Gonzalez in the lineup.
2007-08-27 18:40:23
26.   das411
Jayson Werth = awesome.

That is all.

2007-08-27 18:41:21
27.   bhsportsguy
10 Yikes.

Josh Fogg
Jason Jennings
Freddy Garcia (I don't think the Phillies risk offering him though since he makes 10M)
Livan Hernandez
Steve Trachsel
Kip Wells
Carlos Silva
Kyle Lohse

2007-08-27 18:41:39
28.   FirstMohican
21 - I think that guy has always kinda liked Kershaw.
2007-08-27 18:42:18
29.   Eric Enders
One of these days, the Dodgers will field a lineup with no surnames ending in 'Z.' And there will be much rejoicing in Whoville.
2007-08-27 18:43:26
30.   bhsportsguy
21 We alluded to it but then I got knocked because Greg Brock said stop writing fiction on Dodger Thoughts.

Nate gets nervous when all these compliments start pouring in.

2007-08-27 18:43:29
31.   Greg Brock

Thank you.

2007-08-27 18:44:37
32.   Linkmeister
29 Ernest Thayer meets Dr. Seuss?
2007-08-27 18:44:59
33.   Eric Enders
31 Says the only man to put his name in bold AND capital letters.
2007-08-27 18:45:45
34.   trainwreck
Nice to see Kemp is not being benched for his blunders yesterday.
2007-08-27 18:45:45
35.   Eric Enders
32 Obviously you haven't read the classic "The Cat in the Hat at Bat."
2007-08-27 18:46:08
36.   bigcpa
This appears to be only the second time Gonzo has sat consecutive games all year.
2007-08-27 18:46:17
37.   Rob M
31 You mean THE Clayton Kershaw? Early favorite to win next year's Cy Young award and future first ballot Hall of Famer? OK.
2007-08-27 18:47:01
38.   Robert Daeley
Tigers are just about rangering the Yankees right now. 14-0 in the 7th.
2007-08-27 18:51:27
39.   Linkmeister
35 Ah. Off to Amazon, or maybe the American poetry website.
2007-08-27 18:52:40
40.   bhsportsguy
Right now, if I ran a ballclub, I would make sure every pitcher in my system that could conceivably pitch in the majors in 2008/2009 was protected on the 40 man roster if needed and then carefully monitored in the off-season.

That is why I think they are looking at Orenduff, Wade, Wright, Kyle Wilson, etc. While I think McDonald will be in the mix in spring training and Kershaw will get invited to the major league camp, it will important to make sure no pitcher who can be of some help here or be traded for other depth has to be carefully considered.

I think there are at least 10 spots on the 40 man roster that can be filled with players in our system, though we may not need all of them.

It appears to me that any help the Dodgers get pitching wise, is going to come from who is on the team now or is in the system.

2007-08-27 19:03:39
41.   gpellamjr
I shan't watch the AZ-SD game tonight for fear lest I root for SD, which would be stupid. But I am inclined to be stupid and hope the Dodgers will win the division.
2007-08-27 19:05:38
42.   bhsportsguy
Tony Jackson reports that he saw something tonight he had never seen before, a GM bringing his girlfriend on the field before the game, yep that means are old friend Jim Bowden is in town. (Actually I heard him on KSPN this afternoon but I thought that was pretty funny)
2007-08-27 19:11:20
43.   Bluebleeder87
This is the time of year wear Derek Lowe shines I hope it holds true this year also.
2007-08-27 19:11:42
44.   Gen3Blue
Seeing Kemp, Ethier and Loney in the same line-up helps my mood.
2007-08-27 19:12:23
45.   Hallux Valgus
That was a pretty slick play for Kent. Probably best to pull him now, before he pulls something.
2007-08-27 19:12:28
46.   Gen3Blue
"Nook" I love it!
2007-08-27 19:14:05
47.   Sam DC
And yes, Bob Carpenter has already commented on how LA fans are late to show up to games.

:: goes back to hole ::

2007-08-27 19:14:41
48.   Daniel Zappala
31 Brock, if we can't talk about him, then what will keep us warm on these cold summer nights?
2007-08-27 19:14:57
49.   gpellamjr
44 Seeing Martinez, Hillenbrand, and Gonzo in the lineup makes it very hard to root for a team that already has slim playoff chances. When they play the talented kids, we get to root for a team with some playoff chance and a bright future. I'm starting to hope, with Grady benching Gonzo now pretty regularly, that we're going to see a lineup like this on a regular basis.
2007-08-27 19:15:45
50.   gpellamjr
Is Martin going to win the Gold Glove? Who is the NL's designated perennial Gold Glove at catcher?
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2007-08-27 19:16:50
51.   Greg Brock
48 The laughter of children.
2007-08-27 19:17:20
52.   D4P
Brock, if we can't talk about him, then what will keep us warm on these cold summer nights?

"If you're cold, I'll keep you warm"

- Dido

2007-08-27 19:17:32
53.   Hallux Valgus
whenever I see "Bacsik," I always think of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.
2007-08-27 19:18:34
54.   trainwreck
So is Brock cheering for the Nats or Dodgers?
2007-08-27 19:20:00
55.   Bluebleeder87
& wouldn't you know the SWUNT worked with Pierre!!
2007-08-27 19:20:05
56.   gpellamjr
Pierre's getting pretty good at that bunt over the 3B's head.
2007-08-27 19:20:15
57.   Hallux Valgus
nice one Pierre- pretend you meant to do that... actually, I think he did.
2007-08-27 19:20:33
58.   Andrew Shimmin
50- Ausmus and Matheny. Sounds like there's an opening for a new one.
2007-08-27 19:20:42
59.   Gen3Blue
I filled out some of those defensive forms Jon sent us to today and I realize that if a pitcher like Lowe induces ground balls, he is in pretty good shape with our infield (as configured now with Martinez at third. I think reactions and hands are good all around the infield, though there may be questions about range here and there. All in all, our reputation for poor defense is not in the infield.
2007-08-27 19:20:43
60.   Sam in SC
another "bloop bunt"?
2007-08-27 19:20:46
61.   imperabo
Go Roadrunner.
2007-08-27 19:20:56
62.   natepurcell
pierre should honestly practice that play.
2007-08-27 19:21:18
63.   Greg Brock
54 I root for the team with the best chance of making the playoffs.

So I'm not rooting for anybody tonight.

2007-08-27 19:21:46
64.   Sam DC
I really hope someone else heard Bob and Don Sutton on Juan Pierre. In short:

Bob: "Can't understand why this guy keeps getting traded. One of toughest offensive weapons in baseball. . . . Always leads the league in hits . . ."

Don: "Well, his defense might be considered expendable. . . . rainbow arm . . ."

:: heads back to hole : :

Don: "This is not a good start for the Nationals."

2007-08-27 19:22:27
65.   Gen3Blue
Vin pulls it Ist,Ist Last. Love it.
2007-08-27 19:23:48
66.   Gen3Blue
Sorry to be insensitive Sam, but you could come out of this very well!
2007-08-27 19:25:29
67.   imperabo
Shouldn't JP have taken 3rd there?
2007-08-27 19:26:06
68.   imperabo
Oh, I guess he wanted credit for the steal.
2007-08-27 19:26:07
69.   jtrichey
I think Furcal could have scored on Kemp's fly ball even it had been a good throw. Plus Pierre could have tagged to 3rd, and scored on Kent's fly. Why didn't Furcal tag the first time?
2007-08-27 19:26:07
70.   Daniel Zappala
The Dodgers' Weapon of Choice: the sac fly.
2007-08-27 19:27:23
71.   Hallux Valgus
that RBI should get credited to Ronnie Belliard's belly.
2007-08-27 19:27:23
72.   Gagne55
just past Belliard
2007-08-27 19:27:37
73.   King of the Hobos
In his first AB, Laroche flew out. On the bright side, Delwyn hit a double in his first AB.
2007-08-27 19:27:44
74.   D4P
Game over. Dodgers win.
2007-08-27 19:28:03
75.   Sam DC
Bob Carpenter: "This is old time Dodger baseball."
2007-08-27 19:28:59
76.   Gagne55
71 I'm pretty liberal at saying error, but Ethier definately had a base hit.
2007-08-27 19:29:04
77.   ucladodger
Another high school lefty on the hill tonight. Even thought we've already scored twice, i'd like to see some players (especially Kemp, who gets jumpy) get way up in the box. He wont throw it past you, just cut off some of his stuff.
2007-08-27 19:29:27
78.   jtrichey
You can see why Felipe Lopez is not considered a good defender on that Ethier ground hit
2007-08-27 19:29:27
79.   Hallux Valgus
BobbleRuss and I willed that hit. This has got to be the weakest 2 run, 2 on output in history.
2007-08-27 19:29:59
80.   Gen3Blue
Will we ever get a clean base hit?
2007-08-27 19:30:14
81.   jtrichey
oops, that was Belliard, not Lopez. Same difference, both bad defenders.
2007-08-27 19:30:56
82.   Hallux Valgus
76 I meant more Belliard's range. Because he's fat. Jeff Kent made a play on pretty much the same hit in his chance, and he's not exactly threatening for Gold gloves. It was definitely not an error.
2007-08-27 19:31:40
83.   trainwreck
Those were some terrible swings by Loney. Just throwing the bat out there with nothing behind it.
2007-08-27 19:33:17
84.   Hallux Valgus
for those watching Prime Ticket: every time I see that Manning family DirecTV commercial, I keep waiting for Archie to say, "Sorry Eli, you're disowned, because you stink. You're new name is Eli Marinovich."

aw crap.

2007-08-27 19:34:02
85.   overkill94
My fantasy team approves of Da Meathook's homer. The Dodger fan in me is quite conflicted.
2007-08-27 19:34:03
86.   Gagne55
I met D'mitri Young's dad at the airport once...
2007-08-27 19:34:16
87.   Gen3Blue
83 Sometimes I wonder about the way he hits lefties.

How are we doing now?

2007-08-27 19:34:23
88.   underdog
Oops, a sinker that didn't sink is now a souvenir. Don't do that again, DLowe.
2007-08-27 19:34:25
89.   natepurcell
Dmitri Young is fat.

that is all.

2007-08-27 19:34:56
90.   Hallux Valgus
85 I just checked my lineup. The fake team owner in me also approves.
2007-08-27 19:35:16
91.   Gen3Blue
Wow. A few honest hits can make a whole string of good luck shrink pretty fast.
2007-08-27 19:35:28
92.   ToyCannon
Given the Loney and Nomar home/road splits maybe when Nomar comes off the DL he plays 1st at home and sits on the road and Loney plays 1st on the road and sits at home while La Roche plays everyday at 3b:)
2007-08-27 19:35:48
93.   underdog
Mo is short for Modesto? Seriously?
2007-08-27 19:36:21
94.   Hallux Valgus
Modesto was my favorite Stooge.
2007-08-27 19:36:38
95.   overkill94
93 Better than being named Turlock
2007-08-27 19:37:13
96.   Gagne55
89 Fat like David Ortiz!
2007-08-27 19:37:48
97.   Sam DC
77: Are you talking about 3-months-shy-of-30 Mike Bacsik?
2007-08-27 19:38:17
98.   Hallux Valgus
oh jeez- same pitch, same place.
2007-08-27 19:38:27
99.   ucladodger
and Wily mo does his Kirk Gibson impression around the bases...
2007-08-27 19:38:28
100.   Sam in SC
good heavens.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2007-08-27 19:38:42
101.   Gagne55
Hobble around like Kirk Gibson!
2007-08-27 19:38:43
102.   jtrichey
Wow! Lowe had such a good 1st inning. What happened?
2007-08-27 19:38:50
103.   trainwreck
I had a feeling Willy Mo would hit a jack.
2007-08-27 19:38:52
104.   underdog
You've got to be kidding me. Derek... um... SNAP out of it!
2007-08-27 19:39:11
105.   Gagne55
blast! 15 seconds too late
2007-08-27 19:39:18
106.   Greg Brock
Home runs are quite exciting.
2007-08-27 19:39:23
107.   LogikReader
Update from the Dbacks game: Livan Hernandez dealing so far, so too is Peavy, no score through 2
2007-08-27 19:39:37
108.   underdog
Willy Modesto Pena really Fresno'd that one.
2007-08-27 19:39:59
109.   Gagne55
74 You want to rethink what you said?
2007-08-27 19:40:10
110.   Sam in SC
I would be happy with a long out right now.
2007-08-27 19:40:17
111.   Gen3Blue
Sam, I'm glad someone is feeling fair. I know your in a tough spot.
2007-08-27 19:40:29
112.   Gen3Blue
Sam, I'm glad someone is feeling fair. I know your in a tough spot.
2007-08-27 19:41:55
113.   Hallux Valgus
Dear Derek,
please get the ball down.
every friggin' one of us
2007-08-27 19:42:00
114.   Gagne55
Why Lowe? Why?
2007-08-27 19:42:03
115.   Sam DC
Don Sutton is now ruing the loss of foul ground at Dodger Stadium.
2007-08-27 19:42:14
116.   trainwreck
Get Hendrickson up.


2007-08-27 19:42:56
117.   Hallux Valgus
PS: also in the strike zone
2007-08-27 19:43:00
118.   Sam in SC
how many baseballs do they have in an average major league game? are we in danger of running out?
2007-08-27 19:43:02
119.   Gagne55
Honeycut should come out and remind Lowe how to pitch.
2007-08-27 19:44:36
120.   ToyCannon
Those 5 innings from Wells yesterday aren't looking so pedestrian.
2007-08-27 19:46:58
121.   Gagne55
Lowe now needs to go four innings unscathed just for a quality start.
2007-08-27 19:49:00
122.   Gen3Blue
We need to tire Lowe out. And Grady went out of his way to get the fifth starter(Tomko in this case) an extra start, and Lowe a fifth day of rest. I know it is not intentional, but Lowe's location on gameday looks like batting practice.
2007-08-27 19:49:43
123.   Sam DC
Now Sutton is talking about how he needs to visit Jim Andrews after throwing out the ceremonial first pitch. Funny guy.

He also nicely talked about needing to stop and take it all in when he stepped out on the mound "where so many of the good things in my life happened to me."

2007-08-27 19:50:06
124.   Bluebleeder87
I'm going back & forth (watching Californacation & the Dodgers) seems like a jenkle & hide situation with D-Lowe he had such a great 1st inning!!?
2007-08-27 19:51:26
125.   Greg Brock
123 Sutton needs to be a Dodger broadcaster some day.

But I'll be sad when he leaves us, Sam.

2007-08-27 19:51:37
126.   Gagne55
Lowe should have been taking all the way on 3-2 imo.
2007-08-27 19:53:05
127.   Sam DC
125 Did you hear his little homage to Scully ? (With impersonation.)
2007-08-27 19:54:24
128.   Greg Brock
127 No, but if I can find it online I will.
2007-08-27 19:55:18
129.   Gen3Blue
Watch Juan lead our offense.
2007-08-27 19:56:00
130.   Nagman
Vin is mispronouncing Nook Logan, isn't he? It's not Nuke, but should rhyme with hook? That's how I've always heard it pronounced.

Of course not as bad as Joe Morgan repeatedly calling Shea Hillenbrand "Shawn". Does he really follow baseball?

2007-08-27 19:58:13
131.   Hallux Valgus
130 no, he doesn't. He only follows Derek Jeter. Next week, hear Joe's thoughts on Jeter's newest fragrance.

the Nook Logan vs. Juan Pierre battle of the speedy little Titans will decide this series. You heard it here first.

2007-08-27 19:59:24
132.   Bluebleeder87
Still a pitching dual over in Diego 0-0 in the 4th.
2007-08-27 20:02:37
133.   Sam DC
130: You're right -- Nook rhymes with book.

It just seems wrong 'cause he's a speed guy whose name should be NUKE!

2007-08-27 20:04:27
134.   natepurcell
juan pierre is so exciting!
2007-08-27 20:04:31
135.   King of the Hobos
The reason the lineup took so long was Kent. He arrived late at the park and needed to be checked by the training staff before being penciled in.
2007-08-27 20:04:39
136.   Bluebleeder87
on the Dodger Ballot Jon provided on his earlier post, I wonder how Juan Pierre did among DT'ers? not to good I imagine.
2007-08-27 20:05:00
137.   PDH5204
115 Remember when Mr. Greg Brock attributed the curse to Al Campanis' remarks on Nightline? That's not what caused the curse. The curse comes from taking all those outs away from our pitchers as a result of adding all those extra seats [that's what happens when one compromises principle (here, pitching and defense win games) in favor of convenience and comfort (from all those extra dollars the added seats bring)].
2007-08-27 20:05:47
138.   King of the Hobos
Nook should just go by Exavier so we can all pronounce it correctly.
2007-08-27 20:06:19
139.   Bluebleeder87
WOW, Kemp put a charge in that line drive.
2007-08-27 20:06:45
140.   underdog
The Nats looked like the Keystone Kops there for just a few seconds.
2007-08-27 20:07:41
141.   underdog
136 I gave him decent marks for -- catching the ball and speed. And for being accurate with his 10mph throws.
2007-08-27 20:07:52
142.   King of the Hobos
Laroche got a hit! Just a single, but it was a "sharp line drive" to left (per Gameday, not Langer).
2007-08-27 20:08:46
143.   Frip
We don't suck, it's just really hard for us to win.
2007-08-27 20:08:54
144.   imperabo
Stupid Kent. Doesn't he know bloops are the only way to drive in runs?
2007-08-27 20:08:56
145.   natepurcell
2007-08-27 20:09:01
146.   MMSMikey
maury wills school of baserunning PLEASE
2007-08-27 20:09:26
147.   underdog
Ouch. That hurt.


Basilisk looks like Babyface Nelson.

man, I'm making all the 20s and 30s references I can handle tonight.

2007-08-27 20:09:44
148.   Gen3Blue
I've never seen a league where that curve was a strike before.
2007-08-27 20:09:46
149.   D4P
Sigh. Bob's not here to tell me that "Grounded into double play" is not ironic.
2007-08-27 20:10:34
150.   confucius
Matt Kemp does all the things that are hard to do in baseball, but sucks at all the easy things.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2007-08-27 20:11:50
151.   imperabo
I don't know how you blame that on Kemp.
2007-08-27 20:11:56
152.   underdog
Darnit. If only there were still one out left to play with. Well, if Lowe can settle himself down, Basilisk looks like he can be had. Looks...
2007-08-27 20:12:03
153.   Nagman
In watching the Padres the last few days, and seeing Bradley get baited by the fans in NY and Philly, it appeared that Bradley was starting to feel like he could be himself again. Well, tonight the trend continues. After popping out to second he was very frustrated as soon as he hit it, jumping around, throwing the bat. Pretty obvious that he was just mad at himself, but as he returned to the dugout he took off each of his batting gloves and threw them behind him, onto the playing field.

Nothing terrible, but it appears he feels like he's important enough to the Padres that he can start with the antics.

2007-08-27 20:12:12
154.   jtrichey
Sometimes I think that Matt Kemp's baseball IQ is about a 65. Too bad, cause that's the kind of stuff that managers hate.
2007-08-27 20:12:14
155.   D4P
Huh. With runners at 2nd and 3rd with no outs, I would have expected us to score 2.0363 runs, not 0.0000.
2007-08-27 20:13:48
156.   jtrichey
151 You blame it on Kemp because it is fundamental baseball. You have to let the line drive get through before taking off. I was taught that at age 12. He should have known where the shortstop was, and that ball had a chance to be caught. Definitely his fault.
2007-08-27 20:14:27
157.   PDH5204
151 The ball was hit in the air and so he should have made sure that it wouldn't be caught before he wandered into that great and terrible wilderness halfway between second and third [there was otherwise no force play at third, so no real reason to rush over there].
2007-08-27 20:14:34
158.   Bluebleeder87

like I mentioned earlier I was kind of surprised at the grade I gave Loney, I gave him a marginal grade for lateral movement (first step quickness) maybe I'm wrong on that assumption, I'd love to hear what other posters gave him on that.

2007-08-27 20:15:14
159.   Greg Brock
Matt Kemp hasn't played full-time baseball very long. He's going to make mistakes.

He is also going to hit the ball nine miles.

2007-08-27 20:18:19
160.   Hallux Valgus
154 This is what continues to worry me. Kemp is on record as saying that he signed with the Dodgers because he didn't want to go to school anymore (he had a basketball scholarship as well). I wonder how much he truly loves the game, and I wonder whether or not he really wants to be baseball savvy. It's probably mostly a result of my worry-loving nature, but it's there.
2007-08-27 20:19:00
161.   Andrew Shimmin
I hope Bacsik doesn't start getting that strike three call.
2007-08-27 20:20:58
162.   Gen3Blue
I can tell you we have a beautiful full moon about 40 degrees up in the sky on the east coast. We will begin the eclipse at about 4 or 4:30 am. and lose it to the dawn or setting. You guys on the west coast should see the whole thing. I can't remember when it begins for you, but it has to be close to the end of the game. Stay up and experience something very real.
2007-08-27 20:22:06
163.   Hallux Valgus
162 wouldn't it be three hours earlier than for you?
2007-08-27 20:22:10
164.   Daniel Zappala
Huh. With runners at 2nd and 3rd with no outs, I would have expected us to score 2.0363 runs, not 0.0000.

We scored 0 so someone else could score 4.0726 runs. You know this, D4P.

2007-08-27 20:22:21
165.   confucius
159 Of course. I just think it is an interesting contrast. He can do things that are amazing like hitting a ball 475 feet, going first to third probably faster than Pierre, going back on the ball and robbing homeruns. Then he seems to slip up on things that are routine more frequently than say Martin, Ethier or Loney.
2007-08-27 20:22:41
166.   bluegold
159. Respectfully disagree. Kemp has played full time baseball in the minors. The baseball fundamentals (such as base-running) are the same there as in the majors.
2007-08-27 20:24:06
167.   Hallux Valgus
that's 2 awful at bats from Loney. What a horrible swing.
2007-08-27 20:24:12
168.   Izzy
Kemps got a myspace. Baseball doesn't seem to be the main interest:) ahem But, ya, what Greg Brock said. He'll get it sooner or later. Besides, didn't Kent just get doubled off of first the other night. Hey, it happens. It just happens more with Matt.
2007-08-27 20:24:49
169.   trainwreck
Wow, what is with Loney?
2007-08-27 20:25:40
170.   Gen3Blue
This pitcher looks like Osteen.
2007-08-27 20:25:50
171.   LogikReader
Update from the Dbacks game:

Still no score after 5 innings. The umpire has a very generous strike zone tonight.

Needless to say, the Dodgers 2008 3rd starter has matched scoreless innings with Jake Peavy.

2007-08-27 20:26:05
172.   D4P
We scored 0 so someone else could score 4.0726 runs. You know this, D4P

Darnit. I was ecologically fallacious once again.

2007-08-27 20:26:36
173.   Greg Brock
166 Sure, but a lot of these guys have been playing travel ball and HS ball and Legion ball and all this stuff since they were youngsters. That's a lot more baseball experience than Kemp has.

He'll get better.

2007-08-27 20:27:15
174.   Hallux Valgus
Derek Lowe's batter song is "Every Time We Touch" by Cascada. This is pretty unacceptable.
2007-08-27 20:28:48
175.   underdog
174 Is that what that is? I thought I was just having a a breakdown of some sort.


2007-08-27 20:29:25
176.   imperabo
If Kemp continues to hit .330 no amount of fundamental errors will get him pulled.
2007-08-27 20:29:39
177.   Hallux Valgus
174 If i wasn't such a music nerd, I'd be ashamed that i knew it. Exactly. Within three notes.
2007-08-27 20:30:16
178.   Xeifrank
FYI, Friends of Dodger Thoughts fantasy football league is filling up. Here is the info, feel free to join. Go Dodgers!
vr, Xei

League ID#: 609093
League Name: Friends of Dodger Thoughts
Password: loney
Custom League URL:
Draft Type: Live Draft
Draft Time: Mon Sep 3 7:30pm PDT [ Add to My Calendar ]

2007-08-27 20:32:00
179.   ucladodger

Very true. Yes, Matt has played hundreds of games in the minors, but most guys in the majors have played 5-6 years of baseball year round even before they reach the minors. Sure, kemp should know better, but i'm guessing he didnt think lopez had a play and he wanted to get a good jump and score. Of course, with nobody out he should have frozen, and he should have known where Lopez was playing, but you do see baserunning mistakes like that by more experienced veterans, as well. Its looks easy on tv, but baserunning is not simple.

2007-08-27 20:32:37
180.   xaphor
The lunar eclipse should start around 3am on the West Coast with the total eclipse occuring around 3:30am.

2007-08-27 20:33:21
181.   King of the Hobos
1-0 Snakes off a Byrnes homer.
2007-08-27 20:33:39
182.   ucladodger
belt high sinkers are easy to hit
2007-08-27 20:33:45
183.   Hallux Valgus
aw, expletive!

the boos bug me more than the home run.

2007-08-27 20:33:50
184.   LogikReader
Update from the Dbacks game:

Home Run, Eric Byrnes, so that makes it 1-0 Dbacks.

Who would we want to win this game? I assume the snakes?

2007-08-27 20:33:56
185.   Sam DC
This Zimmerman fella is a keeper.
2007-08-27 20:34:04
186.   underdog
This has been a nice clutch pitching performance by Lowe so far.
2007-08-27 20:34:18
187.   trainwreck
New plan.

Do not allow the opposing team to hit home runs.

2007-08-27 20:34:42
188.   LogikReader
wait, I just saw it, what difference does 184 make?
2007-08-27 20:34:51
189.   Hallux Valgus
178 registered!
2007-08-27 20:35:21
190.   Gen3Blue
This pitcher is tough on lefties. If they sit Loney or Ethier against the next righty, they are tryiong to make them look bad.
2007-08-27 20:35:35
191.   Hallux Valgus
Dmitri Young was drafted as a shortstop by the Cardinals. That continues to amaze me.
2007-08-27 20:35:55
192.   LogikReader
I am disappointed in people on here defecting to the Nationals though. Its somewhat disturbing. I understand that the Nats supporters on here live in DC though?
2007-08-27 20:36:23
193.   Greg Brock
185 That's Mr. Face of the Franchise to us.
2007-08-27 20:36:54
194.   underdog
178 I'm debating. I had an awful Fantasy season last time out, but maybe this year will be different, by gum! Or not.
2007-08-27 20:37:41
195.   underdog
192 I don't think you can take those other "defecting" people seriously. Or at least, I sure don't!
2007-08-27 20:38:17
196.   Bluebleeder87
Nook is having trouble out there, maybe he can't see the ball all that well.
2007-08-27 20:38:25
197.   Hallux Valgus
194 I gave myself a soccer team name. you know you want to... otherwise, who'll compete with me for Travis Hery?
2007-08-27 20:40:04
198.   Gen3Blue
Slappy McPopup.
2007-08-27 20:40:05
199.   LogikReader
Future Dodgers Starter in a bit of a jam in the Dbacks game, top 6, two on for the Pads.
2007-08-27 20:40:57
200.   King of the Hobos
Orenduff struggled today, although nowhere near as badly as Hammes.

Orenduff: 2.1 IP, 3 H, 5 R (3 ER), 2 BB, 4 K, 0 HR
Hammes: 2.1 IP, 5 H, 8 R, 3 BB, 1 K, 0 HR

Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2007-08-27 20:41:00
201.   Bluebleeder87
if the Nats keep on pitching Kemp inside he'll make them pay dearly.
2007-08-27 20:41:13
202.   ucladodger
Is it me, or does Kemp miss an inordinate amount of "home run" pitches? Just imagine what his numbers would be like if he actually executed on those.
2007-08-27 20:41:14
203.   ucladodger
Is it me, or does Kemp miss an inordinate amount of "home run" pitches? Just imagine what his numbers would be like if he actually executed on those.
2007-08-27 20:43:57
205.   underdog
Slappy McDoublePlay, more like. Oh well, everyone else on the team is doing it, might as well join in, eh Slappy?

203 No.

202 Yes.

197 Oh man! Okay, I better sign up then.

2007-08-27 20:44:24
207.   Gen3Blue
We are going to need a Sandy Koufax if this franchise keeps fielding dying Zombies.
2007-08-27 20:45:55
208.   overkill94
199 Whoever was hooting about Bud Black's managing should know that he just had Mike Cameron bunt with runners on 1st and 2nd and nobody out
2007-08-27 20:48:07
209.   LogikReader
-- and with that, a fly ball to Byrnes and Livan Hernandez is out of a jam again.

1-0 Dbacks, to the 7th we go!

2007-08-27 20:48:54
210.   Bluebleeder87
all things even out...

But it would have been better with runners.

2007-08-27 20:49:13
211.   overkill94
Alright, let's not screw it up this time
2007-08-27 20:49:43
212.   Hallux Valgus
205 If you don't want to commit, we can co-manage a team. At the very least, we Bronco fans need to establish a beach head, if not a full invasion.
2007-08-27 20:50:15
213.   LogikReader
I'm getting myself a slice of jalepeno pizza tonight if Livan Hernandez pitches a complete game tonight...

I am watching the Dodger game, but I have the other game on plus the Angels/Mariners.

2007-08-27 20:50:27
214.   Gen3Blue
Good god, the Nats have tried every thing possible to give us this game. They also have had a few bullets hit right into their gloves. Baseball is a strange game.
2007-08-27 20:51:55
216.   MMSMikey
how will we not score
2007-08-27 20:52:00
217.   underdog
212 Wait, did I know you were a Bronco fan? We can co-conspire to drive Trainwreck mad. But you're too late, as the damage is already done. I've registered. {cue sinister music{
2007-08-27 20:52:32
219.   overkill94
Atta boy Russ
2007-08-27 20:52:47
220.   Hallux Valgus
Basilisk is feeling the power of the Phoenix.
2007-08-27 20:52:50
221.   Bluebleeder87
Golden god Russell takes things into his own hands.
2007-08-27 20:52:51
222.   MMSMikey
i eat my words
2007-08-27 20:53:00
223.   LogikReader
and an RBI for "the face"!!

stupid observation: the lights at Safeco Field are so bright, even night games look like day games.

2007-08-27 20:53:31
224.   King of the Hobos
In Vegas, Brian Akin has pitched 2.2 innings in relief on only 24 pitches. However, he has somehow struck out 5 guys, despite only throwing 17 strikes! The other 2 strikes? A hit and a DP. The 8th out was a CS of a runner belonging to the previous pitcher.
2007-08-27 20:54:58
225.   Andrew Shimmin
Why is it illegal for cigarette companies to advertise on television, but perfectly fine for Carl's Jr. to?
2007-08-27 20:55:10
226.   Hallux Valgus
217 Well I know that about you (diabolical laughter). I keep a Bronco blog, and it's semi-informative and awesome. we can still torment Trainwreck.I'm drafting JaMarcus Russell in round three.
2007-08-27 20:55:38
227.   confucius
Is anyone buying this story that Owen Wilson tried to commit suicide today?
2007-08-27 20:55:55
228.   Gen3Blue
215 How did you know? This game seems destined. Uncanny( as Frued once essayed)
2007-08-27 20:56:33
230.   underdog
Heh. Apefight, eh, Hallux?

Isn't that a band, not a soccer club?


Let's go Dodgers! Let's get... Gasp! A second run! Shoot for the moon!

2007-08-27 20:57:19
231.   ucladodger
Nice swing on that one, James.
2007-08-27 20:57:26
233.   Gen3Blue
227 No, decidedly not. But I may the way this game is going.
2007-08-27 20:57:34
234.   trainwreck
Just wait till Jamarcus Russell shows you Donkey fans...

Oh, nevermind.

2007-08-27 20:58:18
235.   fanerman
2007-08-27 20:58:18
236.   overkill94
Seems like odd timing for them to take out Bacsik with Loney up considering how bad Loney had looked against him
2007-08-27 20:58:35
237.   trainwreck
I posted a link to an Australian article a couple threads ago.
2007-08-27 20:58:58
238.   underdog
Atta boy Dodgers! Single 'em to death! Nice at bat, finally, from Loney.

I was just thinking it was interesting they brought in a righty to face Loney. Not that it was necessarily a bad move, just shows that Acta was aware of Loney's #s vs. lefties. So much for that, though.

2007-08-27 20:59:22
239.   Bob Timmermann
Owen Wilson died in 1954.

2007-08-27 20:59:25
240.   Gen3Blue
The game is shifting our way, but don't worry--we have Hendricksen warming up
2007-08-27 20:59:26
241.   Greg Brock
This is a reverse Derek Lowe start.
2007-08-27 20:59:36
242.   overkill94
227 They have confirmed that an ambulance came to his house responding to a medical emergency, but I don't think anyone has confirmed that it was a suicide attempt yet.

So far the only sources for the suicide stuff are the National Enquirer and Star

2007-08-27 21:00:00
243.   Bluebleeder87
total eclipse occuring around 3:30am.

is it a total eclipse of the hart???

[crickets chirp & fruit being thrown]

2007-08-27 21:00:17
244.   underdog
234 Do you think the Raiders will trade him to the Falcons? I heard some guy on the radio today talk about that idea (not that that means anything). I actually think they'd be smart to trade Daunte Culpepper to the Falcons, though, take advantage of a desperate team.
2007-08-27 21:00:32
245.   Sam DC
Hi Bob.

::looks around for yellowed game rules::

2007-08-27 21:00:54
246.   confucius
2007-08-27 21:01:40
247.   confucius
242 Those are some reliable sources.
2007-08-27 21:01:54
248.   trainwreck
No, but we may trade Walter to them. We can't trade Russell until the off-season and then it is not very likely.
2007-08-27 21:02:46
249.   underdog
Well after all his undeserved losses this year, Derek could conceivably get an undeserved win. I'll take that.

And no, I don't quite buy the Owen Wilson story - especially since it's only tabloids that are breaking with the suicide angle. Possible, but I'm withholding opinions on it for now. Just hope he's okay.

2007-08-27 21:03:16
250.   Sam DC
View from the other side of the tracks: "We need to see Ray King strike out Gonzalez here, so Ned Colletti gets it in his head to trade for him."
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2007-08-27 21:03:50
251.   underdog
248 Yeah, I guess they'd have to sign him first. I knew that was a dumb rumor. No offense, though, but I dunno if the Falcons would want Walter. Maybe though.
2007-08-27 21:04:45
252.   LogikReader

Geoff Blum 2 run HR... Padres now up 2-1

7th inning, Pads still batting

2007-08-27 21:05:08
253.   trainwreck
Does not even matter if we sign him. Cannot trade him until off-season.

Atlanta newspapers and ESPN reported that the Falcons were interested in both McCown and Walter.

2007-08-27 21:05:45
254.   LogikReader

Trading Culpepper would be SO much smarter

2007-08-27 21:05:58
255.   underdog
Geoff Blum hits a two run home run for SD.
2007-08-27 21:08:23
256.   overkill94
Well, at least Hendrickson only has to face Schneider, PH, and F. Lopez
2007-08-27 21:08:55
257.   Sam DC
Mark Hendrickson is always at his most graceful against the Nationals.
2007-08-27 21:09:03
258.   King of the Hobos
Gigantor vs Lurch, who wins?
2007-08-27 21:09:40
259.   overkill94
If Zimmerman gets up this inning (he's 5th) they better bring in Broxton to face him
2007-08-27 21:10:23
260.   Pedro Astacio
Hendrickson? Really? Well ok then.
2007-08-27 21:12:13
261.   nofatmike
258 Cue the Godzilla vs. Mothara theme song!
2007-08-27 21:12:59
262.   LogikReader
Boy that didn't take long...

Now back in San Diego, it's litmus test time for the Bullpen, which had been struggling in late innings.

As of now, so far so good for San Diego

2007-08-27 21:13:03
263.   overkill94
Hendrickson's straight fastball is actually a decent complement to Lowe's sinker. Maybe they could form a pitching duo by night and crime-fighting duo by day?
2007-08-27 21:13:08
264.   Bluebleeder87
we need to give Hendy a more cushy lead.
2007-08-27 21:13:50
265.   underdog
Even before he got out of that inning 1-2-3 I was thinking I really liked bringing Hendrickson in there. Hadn't pitched in awhile, he's been solid out of the pen. Good move!
2007-08-27 21:14:21
266.   LogikReader
Bullpen: the reason the Dodgers are still in this thing. Not the game, I mean the season
2007-08-27 21:14:35
267.   Bluebleeder87
wow, 10 SINGLES I'll take it, what ever works man.
2007-08-27 21:15:30
268.   LogikReader
How about that exciting USC Idaho game coming up? I'm so glad FSN PT reminded me =)
2007-08-27 21:19:44
269.   King of the Hobos
Abreu picked up his first hit of the night on a double to left,and after Lindsey singled him in, Laroche had his second single of the night (both described as line drives by Gameday)
2007-08-27 21:20:18
270.   Bluebleeder87
Hopefully we'll get the good Proctor for a change.
2007-08-27 21:20:25
271.   Ghost of Carlos Perez
How are you able to watch the Las Vegas game on Gameday?
2007-08-27 21:20:34
272.   overkill94
Yikes, I'm assuming Broxton is off-limits today?
2007-08-27 21:21:19
274.   Bluebleeder87
So far so good over in Padre land 3-1 Pads.
2007-08-27 21:21:19
275.   Mark Joseph
Shouldn't Henderson have been left in for another inning?

And does anyone have any obvious reason why his ERA as a starter is 6.12, but out of the pen, before the scoreless inning he just put up, was 2.70?

2007-08-27 21:21:21
276.   Ghost of Carlos Perez
Why not leave Hendrickson in there for another inning? only eight pitches?
2007-08-27 21:21:41
277.   King of the Hobos
Bradley homers for the Pads, 3-1.
2007-08-27 21:21:45
278.   Rob M
273 That's what I was wondering. I think maybe he just wants to maximize the degree of difficulty segment of the scoring.
2007-08-27 21:22:04
279.   Ghost of Carlos Perez
I really believe that with better bullpen management, we would not have to see Hernandez ever again.
2007-08-27 21:22:24
280.   King of the Hobos
272 provides Gameday for all AAA games.
2007-08-27 21:25:07
281.   Ghost of Carlos Perez
How long is Little under contract? Any indication that the Front Office is thinking of a change next year?
2007-08-27 21:26:09
282.   Nagman
Hoffman has made things exciting the last few times out.
2007-08-27 21:27:19
283.   King of the Hobos
281 Little is probably here for as long as Ned is here, unless he retires of his own will, or the team repeats 2005.
2007-08-27 21:28:44
284.   overkill94
Hendrickson seems like a guy that Zimmerman would eat alive, I'm glad Proctor faced him instead. Saito needs to start warming up right away though, they need to have a quick hook if D. Young gets on.
2007-08-27 21:28:49
285.   Gen3Blue
Telegram to D's offense, you may have to do something more than popping up or grounding out to secure this game.
2007-08-27 21:29:38
286.   Bluebleeder87
Proctor is so lucky that pitch to Young didn't end up half way of the bleachers.
2007-08-27 21:29:59
287.   King of the Hobos
Men on the corners, one out, for the Snakes.
2007-08-27 21:30:38
288.   Jon Weisman
275 - Because it's easier to throw one shutout inning than six.
2007-08-27 21:31:41
289.   overkill94
Whew, that one looked a little inside, but I'll take it
2007-08-27 21:31:43
290.   King of the Hobos
Salazar pops up, Montero due up as the the DBacks' last resort
2007-08-27 21:34:19
291.   LogikReader
That'll do it for the snakes... Let's see, one more offensive inning for LA then Sammy Time
2007-08-27 21:34:43
292.   underdog
Boy, even when the Dodgers are winning a game the Fire Grady Little talk heats up. Fun for the whole family!
I think as far as who to root for in the Padres -Dbacks series, if the Dodgers take care of business in this series, then those two teams can beat up on each other and the Dodgers will gain on both of them at least a bit. That works for me. Padres can win tonight, DBacks win tomorrow. Dodgers just need to win these games. (Thank you, Captain Obvious.)
2007-08-27 21:35:54
293.   underdog
Lurch-DC is in now. Wasn't he a starter earlier this year?
2007-08-27 21:35:58
294.   LogikReader
Even better, underdog, it is a 4 game series between San Diego and Arizona! So a split is in the realm of possibility.
2007-08-27 21:37:55
295.   underdog
Vin's really telling tall tales tonight.

No, but seriously, I the Robert Wadlow anecdotes.

2007-08-27 21:38:13
296.   Hallux Valgus
230 It's a Futurama reference. "I met him at the charity ape fight.." my other favorite fantasy team is dirty.
2007-08-27 21:38:20
297.   underdog
I... heart... the anecdotes, that should've read.

294 Yah. Works for me!

2007-08-27 21:39:18
298.   underdog
296 Ah. Of course. It's not a blernsball team name?

I was actually "Bender's Killbots" in another fantasy league once but the team was doing so bad I had to change the name for luck.

2007-08-27 21:39:56
299.   Ghost of Carlos Perez
Anyone else noticed how crappy the pop-up box for pitchers' stats is on Gameday?
2007-08-27 21:40:28
300.   Greg Brock
I can't get behind any fantasy names that aren't digusting and immature.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2007-08-27 21:40:29
301.   Hallux Valgus
296 also, my soccer team of the same team won league. This caused me to change my team name from something far dirtier.
2007-08-27 21:40:37
302.   Bluebleeder87
Ronnie Belliard (sp) is the only one I'm concerned about with Saito coming up, maybe I'm just being paranoid
2007-08-27 21:40:51
303.   Fallout
288 Jon Weisman
Ahh, but it is easier to throw one shutout inning in six.
2007-08-27 21:41:12
304.   King of the Hobos
Abreu and Young just had back to back doubles.
2007-08-27 21:41:54
305.   Hallux Valgus
300 I've been in a Keeper Fantasy Football league for five years. The team name is William Hung's Wang.
2007-08-27 21:42:30
306.   silverwidow
Vin just said Todd Worrell had 35 saves 30 years ago...
2007-08-27 21:45:59
307.   Gen3Blue
I hope we can count on Saito magic to finish this game. But I don't think we deserve it this time. But this has been a very strange game.
2007-08-27 21:46:12
308.   Fallout
302 Bluebleeder87

Have I ever told you that you're paranoid?

2007-08-27 21:46:40
309.   Bluebleeder87
come on Ethier you gotta make that catch, sigh.
2007-08-27 21:47:08
310.   Andrew Shimmin
Playing the role of Repko, tonight, will be Ethier. Badly, thank Ch-i.
2007-08-27 21:48:16
311.   Greg Brock
We win!
2007-08-27 21:48:17
312.   silverwidow
2007-08-27 21:48:41
313.   Gen3Blue
What a fielder that loney is!
2007-08-27 21:48:41
314.   Greg Brock
Nats lose :-(
2007-08-27 21:49:16
315.   Andrew Shimmin
I didn't know FSN let Ramon Martinez's mother pick the Player of the Game.
2007-08-27 21:49:16
316.   trainwreck
Takashi Saito has to be the happiest person on Earth after he closes out a game.
2007-08-27 21:49:43
317.   underdog

How can you not go to bed happy when you see that Sammy Smile™ ?

2007-08-27 21:49:51
318.   Bluebleeder87
but Church gets into a DP, YES!
2007-08-27 21:50:10
319.   King of the Hobos
51's lose 7-6, no thanks to all the AAAA players, but the younger guys did fine.

Abreu 2-5, 2 2Bs
Young 2-4, 2 2Bs, BB
Laroche 2-4, BB
Hull 1 IP, 2 K

2007-08-27 21:51:45
320.   underdog
305 At least no one in our league has given their team a Michael Vick reference as a moniker.
2007-08-27 21:54:40
321.   underdog
Jeez, I didn't realize quite how hot Werth was until just watching Baseball Tonight. 9 straight at bats with a hit. Man, I wish we'd been able to hang onto him. I understand why we didn't, given the constant wrist injuries, but... sigh.
2007-08-27 22:00:43
322.   Gagne55
315 The guy has an RBI in 6 straight games. I have never seen a .180 hitter drive in so many key runs.
2007-08-27 22:00:44
323.   Gen3Blue
In an unusual broadcast for DTV, I seem to be getting Kev. Kennedy and crew for their whole postgame show. So far I been taught that Ramon Martinez has the most underated .197 average ever. I think there is more to come.
2007-08-27 22:01:39
324.   dzzrtRatt
315 The latter-day Brian Doyle.
2007-08-27 22:01:42
325.   Hallux Valgus
I'm going to be out of state until 3 hours before the draft. I'm still winning.
2007-08-27 22:02:00
326.   Gagne55
322 That said, I don't think he should have been player of the game. Not that there is any obvious one.
2007-08-27 22:04:19
327.   dzzrtRatt
Kevin Kennedy and Steve Lyons bashing Matt Kemp for his baserunning goof. Aw shut up, you guys. They're right, but coming from their mouths, it sounds petty.

Now they're nodding seriously. They're acting like they're being interviewed on the MacNeil News Hour.

2007-08-27 22:06:56
328.   Frip
Where would we be without Kevin Kennedy scolding us to stop worrying how other teams are doing...WE'VE got to get it done on the field.

Well I'm not a Dodger you doofis, so I get to worry about it.

2007-08-27 22:10:15
329.   dzzrtRatt
326 I would've picked Lowe. He's gotten screwed out of so many games he should've won, he ought to get recognized tonight as a make-good, despite all the homers.

I also liked the way Hendrickson completely suffocated them after the D's took the lead. That's an important moment in any game. You just took the lead -- don't give it back. Not a big failing of this Dodger team, but it shouldn't be overlooked.

2007-08-27 22:10:24
330.   Louis in SF

This was by far not Lowe's best game, but considering how many times the Dodgers have scored ZIP for him, it was nice to see him get a bit lucky...327 While Kennedy and the boys were a bit hard on Kemp, Kennedy on Saturday called out Grady for using Kemp in the wrong place. He has also been more honest in describing Gonzo's problems.

2007-08-27 22:10:33
331.   Greg Brock
Nobody feels worse about a mistake than a veteran. Like Mark Sweeney. They feel bad.

Rooks are just stupid.

2007-08-27 22:12:29
332.   Bob Timmermann
No Dodger has had an RBI in 6 straight games since Matt Kemp did from August 14 to August 27.

The LA Dodgers record is 8 straight games: Beltre in 04, Green in 01, Smith in 80, and Tommy Davis in 64.

14 LA Dodgers have streaks of 7 straight games.

The major league record for consecutive games with an RBI is 17 by Oscar Grimes of the 1922 Cubs.

2007-08-27 22:14:50
333.   Greg Brock
332 How's the fishing going?

P.S. Enders stole your television.

2007-08-27 22:17:26
334.   Bob Timmermann
And apparently replaced it with one that is exactly the same.
2007-08-27 22:18:38
335.   Greg Brock
334 He's very sneaky.
2007-08-27 22:19:29
336.   Bob Timmermann
Why is my refrigerator full of dead opposums?
2007-08-27 22:21:06
337.   bhsportsguy
336 Its a good thing they are dead or else this thread would have been filled with references to Bitey.
2007-08-27 22:23:13
338.   Greg Brock
336 They're only playing dead.

I call the big one "Bitey"

2007-08-27 22:23:45
339.   Greg Brock

{shakes fist}

2007-08-27 22:24:23
340.   goofus
Vin is slipping. He didn't tell us Ray King has 25 brothers and sisters tonight. I don't think he's ever failed to mention that whenever King gets in the game.
2007-08-27 22:25:08
341.   ToyCannon
Bob is back
Dodgers win
Hendy has gone Beimel on us
Gonzo sits again
Shea sits

Life is good for one night.

I've got 3 free tickets available for tomorrow night if anyone is interested.

2007-08-27 22:26:15
342.   Frip
Watching Brad Penny "Before the Bigs". Should be intriguing. Mean guys are mysterious.
2007-08-27 22:26:58
343.   bhsportsguy
341 And its a Chad game too.
2007-08-27 22:38:39
344.   Eric Stephen
I've been busy with work and haven't had time to post lately. New job, still in San Diego. Glad to see the Dodgers win tonight. Last full game I saw was last Thursday's Billingsley start, so it's fitting that I will be able to watch tomorrow night's Chad outing again, resplendent in my #58 jersey (no longer jinxed).

I have a bet with my brother from before the season: I bet a case of beer that Billingsley would have a better ERA this year than Lowe. After tonight's game, Billingsley has a slim lead, 3.48 to 3.56.

2007-08-27 22:46:43
345.   Frip
Penny must have beat up the interviewer because I've never seen a Before the Bigs that was about everything else BUT the player.
2007-08-27 22:46:49
346.   underdog
I guess Gonzo didn't read my comment earlier about how I wouldn't be averse to the team resigning him if it was to be a backup outfielder/PH and if he understood that.
>>The 39-year-old Gonzalez hasn't started in five of the Dodgers' last eight games, but he isn't becoming accustomed to sitting. And he has no intention of doing so, meaning his time with the Dodgers could be up when his contract expires at the end of the season.

Asked whether he saw himself coming back to play under similar circumstances, Gonzalez replied, "No, no, not here. . . . Anything can happen in the last month, but they've got a good nucleus of young kids here and that's their future. I don't know where I'll end up next year. I'll go with an open mind into the off-season and see what happens."<<

2007-08-27 22:50:19
347.   Greg Brock
344 Nice to see you around.

346 I'm glad that he's relatively ambivalent about it, which he was not when leaving Arizona...Under the exact same circumstances.

Maybe he's come to grips with the fact that he's not very good anymore.

2007-08-27 22:58:06
348.   underdog
347 Sort of - except it sounds like he's slightly deluded into thinking he should still be a full time player. But at least he's being understanding about it.

Okay, I'm going to bed. I was going to set my alarm for 3AM to watch a few minutes of the lunar eclipse, until I realized how flippin' foggy it is here right now. Sigh.

2007-08-27 23:02:24
349.   Eric Enders
347 On the other hand, it's slighty disconcerting that he refers to his current team as "they."
2007-08-27 23:02:26
350.   still bevens
286. Bluebleeder87
Proctor is so lucky that pitch to Young didn't end up half way of the bleachers.

I was sitting right by the visiting dugout and Dmitri strung together a potent string of rule 1 violations after his AB.

Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2007-08-27 23:02:56
351.   Eric Stephen
The Gonzo situation is one of the fascinating subplots to the offseason. Do the Dodgers paraphrase Gene Hackman while shopping the OF aisle at the winter market: "My outfield (Ethier-Pierre-Kemp) is on the floor"?

For that matter, will they sign or trade for any starting offensive players? Will (probably) missing the playoffs in 2007 leave a sour taste in Colletti's mouth enough to not stomach handing over the car keys to the kids?

This will never happen, but if this is the 2008 lineup and bench:

C Martin
1B Loney
2B Kent
3B LaRoche
SS Furcal
LF Ethier
CF Pierre
RF Kemp
Bench Nomar
Bench Abreu
Bench D.Young
Bench Lucille II
Bench Sweeney or some facsimile
Bench Lieberthal

How many runs would that lineup score? Is that a lineup that could win a division?

2007-08-27 23:09:13
352.   bhsportsguy
351 Actually, I could see that lineup very easily.
2007-08-27 23:12:59
353.   Greg Brock
351 With Penny, Lowe, Billingsley, Wolfe, and McDonald it could. Or inevitable Livan Hernandez.

Plus Meloan, Beimel, Broxton, Proctor, and another lefty. And maybe Saito (but I doubt it). I'm always more worried about pitching than hitting. But the pitching should be okay.

2007-08-27 23:13:22
354.   trainwreck
That seems to be the best case scenario for our lineup.

Well, unless we sign A-Rod and move LaRoche to the outfield or second.

2007-08-27 23:15:11
355.   silverwidow
I think Ned will go after Torii Hunter. Just a gut feeling.

LF Pierre
CF Hunter
RF Kemp/Ethier

Obviously, I prefer Pierre gone but that is unlikely.

2007-08-27 23:16:10
356.   Greg Brock
Oh yeah, we have Jason Schmidt too. Perhaps.
2007-08-27 23:25:12
357.   Xeifrank
Top 3 Dodger stars of the night, per WPA:
1. Saito
2. Ethier
3. Martin
vr, Xei
2007-08-27 23:27:26
358.   natepurcell
Pierre's stolen base % is shockingly pretty good this year.
2007-08-27 23:27:47
359.   Xeifrank
351. Would we need some more outfielder(s)?
vr, Xei
2007-08-27 23:29:24
360.   Xeifrank
358. I read something where the sb rate in all of major league baseball is up quite a bit this year. Enough to warrant a change in defensive strategy to cut down on the success rate. ie - more pitchouts.
vr, Xei
2007-08-27 23:32:34
361.   silverwidow
I'm curious to see if Kershaw will break BA's 2008 Top 5 overall.
2007-08-27 23:38:03
362.   Greg Brock
359 Repko instead of Ramon Martinez, I assume.
2007-08-27 23:38:11
363.   Eric Enders
361 They had him at #6 at the all-star break, and two of the guys ahead of him (Upton and Maybin) may exhaust their eligibility.

This is all assuming he actually exists, which, of course, he does not.

2007-08-27 23:40:20
364.   Eric Stephen
361 Who?

359 I think another OF is needed, to take either Sweeney's or Lucille 2's spot. Maybe a Bobby Kielty type.

2007-08-27 23:41:31
365.   Greg Brock
Felipe Jordan will be the #1 prospect on BA.

Book it.

2007-08-27 23:42:33
366.   Eric Stephen
362 Forgot about Repko. He will be arb-eligible in 2008 so he might get the Werth treatment.
2007-08-27 23:46:59
367.   Gen3Blue
Are we doubly blessed?
2007-08-27 23:52:52
368.   Greg Brock
367 Not really. Felipe Jordan is a fictional pitcher that I made up, ala Sidd Finch. Because if all these people can invent some brilliant pitcher like Clayton Kershaw out of thin air, well, so can I.
2007-08-28 00:00:24
369.   bhsportsguy
363 Upton will probably reach the 130 ABs by the end of the year but I think we will have a Dodger prospect in the top 5 next year.
2007-08-28 00:02:02
370.   natepurcell
how many top 100 prospects?


2007-08-28 00:04:48
371.   Greg Brock
370 I'll be that Lambo will be top 100 in 2009.
2007-08-28 00:07:04
372.   Eric Enders
Here is the new Baseball America top 10 prospects list. Compiled by using the BB-Ref random page generator and rendomly combining names. None of these people exist. But they should.

1. Sergio Sheets, cf
2. Ban Butland, 1b
3. Tot Kilroy, lhp
4. Manny DeMars, ss
5. Nikco Brush, cf
6. Tub Leathers, c
7. Cito Rosario, rhp
8. Pedro Rightnowar, rhp
9. Whammy Parkinson, DL
10. Hughie DeMerit, 2b

2007-08-28 00:09:11
373.   Greg Brock
Tub Leathers is the name of my Beatles cover band.
2007-08-28 00:09:24
374.   Eric Enders
370 Kershaw, LaRoche, McDonald, and Hu for sure, probably in that order. Meloan, borderline, probably not. Abreu is two plate appearances away from exhausting his eligibility.
2007-08-28 00:11:45
375.   das411
332 , I think 321 has a question for you, while 321 may also be an answer to 364 ...

372 - For the longest time, I thought that the A's AAA catcher in MVP 2K5 was one of their randomly combined names. Then I saw the real life Kurt Suzuki watching Kazmir highlights last night...who knew? Besides Ken, of course...

...and is anybody else on the East Coast staying up to watch the eclipse?

2007-08-28 00:17:04
376.   LAT
Brock, check your email from last night.
2007-08-28 00:18:49
377.   natepurcell
Elbert is a dark horse to be in the back end of the top 100. they did the same thing with greg miller when he missed a season with injury.
2007-08-28 00:25:54
378.   Greg Brock
367 Received and answered, good sir.
2007-08-28 00:31:13
379.   overkill94
I'm not so sure McDonald is a lock for the top 100 since a lot of the experts will write off his high-A success to him being older than the league. He'll probably make some lists, just not all. The rest I think are pretty certain.

I'm not sure how Kershaw doesn't make the top 5 considering he's the fairly unanimous top pitching prospect in the game by now. That is as long as Homer Bailey and Yovani Gallardo have exhausted their eligibility by the end of the year (even so, both have shown to be less than the sure things they were before the year started).

2007-08-28 00:32:01
380.   bhsportsguy
378 I see who is number one on the pecking order now.

Well he does have better seats.

(just joking with you GB)

2007-08-28 00:34:31
381.   imperabo
Seem to be more than usual late birds tonight. Anyone else trying to stay up for the eclipse?
2007-08-28 00:36:23
382.   natepurcell
I'm not so sure McDonald is a lock for the top 100 since a lot of the experts will write off his high-A success to him being older than the league. He'll probably make some lists, just not all. The rest I think are pretty certain.

then how will they write off his success in AA? He is a strike out machine who will only improve as he keeps pitching full time.

2007-08-28 00:44:40
383.   overkill94
Hmmm, actually, looking back at last year's top 100, Buchholz might jump ahead of Kershaw since he's a bit older and has dominated at higher levels. Then again, considering he was 27 spots lower and both have been outstanding this year, I'm not sure he could make that big of a jump.

Then again, what great hitting prospects are left in the minors? It seems that an unusual amount of hitting prospects graduated to the majors this year. Out of the top 20, only Evan Longoria (holding steady) Brandon Wood (slipping), Andrew McCutchen (slipping even more), Jay Bruce (moving on up), Reid Brignac (slipping a bit), Carlos Gonzalez (slipping), and LaRoche (holding steady but seemingly injury-prone) still remain.

It wouldn't surprise me if next year's top 5 went:

1. Bruce
2. Longoria
3. Kershaw
4. Buchholz
5. Rasmus

assuming guys like Maybin, Bailey, Gallardo, and Adam Jones aren't considered rookies anymore.

2007-08-28 00:45:24
384.   Greg Brock
380 You should probably check your text messages and emails before making such assertions. I am indignant. Outraged.
2007-08-28 00:45:37
385.   overkill94
381 Nah, I always go to sleep between 12:30 and 2, depending on how early I have to wake up the next morning (tomorrow's about 9 am)
2007-08-28 00:55:29
386.   PDH5204
"208. overkill94
199 Whoever was hooting about Bud Black's managing should know that he just had Mike Cameron bunt with runners on 1st and 2nd and nobody out"

Might I now ask the obvious question, to wit, how many strikeouts does Mike Cameron have this year? 127? How many ABs did Mike Cameron have at the time? 483? So does that mean that there was a 26.29% chance that Mike Cameron strikes out in that AB? And what was the score at the time? 1-0? And the Pads have Peavy pitching? And if Cameron strikes out, someone then need get a hit since Peavy on 2nd can't score on sac fly by Bradley, or a slow roller to 2nd? So maybe the thought was, and as much as some despise Joe Morgan, he rightly called us on it on Sunday, and so Bud's thinking was simply that to avoid the K with Cameron and all that such would entail, move Peavy and the other fellow to 3rd and 2nd, respectively, with the bunt, and then let Milton Bradley put the ball in play, with Adrian Gonzalez coming up next. Last lesson for today is that general rules are general rules and one ought never to apply the general rule without looking at the specific circumstance. Not otherwise Bud's fault that Milton decided to play Dodger for an AB and K swinging with a runner on 3rd with less than 2 out.

2007-08-28 00:57:31
387.   LAT
BH, Check your text message from Brock. I tried to email you at the address he provided and it was returned as undeliverable. (Maybe he really doesn't want you to get them :-))
2007-08-28 01:15:52
388.   Greg Brock
387 Trust me, bhsporstguy got the message. He just chooses to ignore it. Despite all of his middle ground, sensible rhetoric, bhsportsguy rejects the Dodgers and all that they stand for. I've met him many times, and he's privately told me how much he hates our boys in blue.

bhsportsguy just hates the Dodgers. And America.

2007-08-28 01:17:32
389.   overkill94
386 Cameron's one of their best hitters, you take the good with the bad and allow him to hit away. That late in the game the infield will be playing in with a runner on 3rd so only a decently-long fly ball (pitcher running) will render the bunt an advantageous play.

Plus, while Milton is an overall good hitter, he seemed to have a horrible approach with runners in scoring position and less than two out from the years I watched him. Combine that with Cameron's speed (lessening the chance of a double play) and it still seems pretty clear that you let Cameron hit away.

2007-08-28 01:27:56
390.   bhsportsguy
388 The truth is told, finally, I can wear my Reds cap in peace.

Got the message, I will accept said offer and resend GBrock my email address.

Thanks LAT. (And GB)

2007-08-28 01:29:21
391.   PDH5204
389 Cameron has a .254 AVG and a .334 OBP. He otherwise led the AL in Ks in 2002 while with the Mariners with a 176. Bradley was otherwise hitting .379 with RISP for the Pads.
2007-08-28 01:33:02
392.   Frip
I gave her everything. She threw it all away.
2007-08-28 01:35:46
393.   Greg Brock
392 Is that Tom Petty?
2007-08-28 01:49:56
394.   das411
Ok, those shadows were definitely not visible on the Moon an hour ago. Let the party begin peepz!!
2007-08-28 02:01:55
395.   das411
Hmm maybe the full moon has something to do with Jayson Werth's going insane this week...

(are you Westies really all not staying up to watch this thing??)

2007-08-28 02:15:57
396.   das411
About 1/3 shadowed now, starting at the top of the Moon working downwards, perhaps you DTers are all outside looking for it already? (except hopefully not Link, who is always quite a few hours behind or ahead of these things!)
2007-08-28 02:17:29
397.   xaphor
We'll show up once the eclipse reaches the third inning.
2007-08-28 02:17:34
398.   Eric Enders
Linkmeister is likely the only one here who will both see the eclipse and get a good night's sleep.
2007-08-28 02:18:39
399.   Eric Enders
397 Don't wait too long. Grady will probably lift the eclipse as part of a double switch in the fifth inning.
2007-08-28 02:36:51
400.   das411
Oh THAT is awesome! About 2/3 shadowed now and the red glare is coming through beautifully...if I had a better camera than my Canon Sharapova Powershot, I'd be throwing down some awesome pix right now...

398 - But EE, what if he is already asleep and misses all of Eclipse Thoughts??

Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2007-08-28 02:37:49
401.   xaphor
Should start in earnest in about 10 mins. I'm off outside to watch this bad boy light up.
2007-08-28 02:51:33
402.   das411
Wow...just as the sky starts to blue, the Moon is a nice angry red. Definitely something you do not see every day. Xaphor and others who go out to watch, make sure you bring something time-consuming but easy to stop at intervals while you watch.

My successful method? Game Boy Dr. Mario.

Enjoy all, now it's time to sleep over here!

2007-08-28 07:38:05
403.   Sam DC
A good game.

Have fun tonight LAT.

The Nationals were supposed to run out 22 yr old John Lannan but he's been shut down for innings count reasons. Instead, they are pitching Jason Bergmann (Bob swoons!) who is making his first start back after a long DL stint (his second of the year). He's a hard throwing young pitcher whose has suffered from poor command over the years. He was awful in Spring Training and wasn't supposed to be in the rotation this year (or ever, really) but Jason Simontacchi injured himself early and Bergmann was called up. After a horrible start, Jim Bowden gave him a big chewing outm=, and after that, he pitched a long string of dominating starts until he went the DL. On May 14, he took a no-no v. the Braves into the 8th inning. Nats Nation is muy interested to see what he's got tonight.

Here's a good post from Cap Punishment on Bergmann --

2007-08-28 08:27:32
404.   JoeyP
Which Dodger will get sent down to make room for Nomar? He's eligible to come off the DL tomorrow.

Maybe they'll just wait till Sept 1st to activate him.

2007-08-28 08:30:48
405.   Gen3Blue
Sam, this is tough, I can't help but pull for this Bergmann not to have lost it. The best I can do is hope he gets beat 1-0!
2007-08-28 08:45:07
406.   LogikReader
Phil Garner for 2009 Dodgers Manager (?)
2007-08-28 08:53:26
407.   overkill94
404 He hasn't started running yet so I doubt he'll come back before the 1st
2007-08-28 08:56:46
408.   LogikReader
before we get to the NPUT, I need to give a major thumbs up to Lou Pinella. Say what you will about him, but let's face it, he took a team in disarray back in April and turned them into a solid Central Division contender.

Granted, leading the Central Division is like being the tallest midget in the circus...

2007-08-28 09:05:57
409.   JoeyP
What exactly did Piniella do?
2007-08-28 09:09:21
410.   JoeyP
Well, if it included shaking some magic fairy dust over the corpse of Jason Kendall, then I guess he does deserve some credit.

Kendall's OBP is .392 over his 1st 104 abs as a Cub.


2007-08-28 09:13:48
411.   Robert Daeley
Nothing like a good pitcher rumor to start your day: reportedly we are interested in Esteban Loaiza.

2007-08-28 09:15:56
412.   Bob Timmermann
The team needs a new Mexican star pitcher.
2007-08-28 09:18:47
413.   LogikReader
Why not? Loiaza and Livan Hernandez, the ultimate NedCo combo...
2007-08-28 09:21:07
414.   LogikReader
oh hang on here, this is for THIS year?
2007-08-28 09:21:40
415.   ToyCannon
Is the NL that much weaker now then the AL?

I would have no problem with Loaiza replacing Wolf in the 2008 rotation. He has one year left, and then he's gone. Sounds like a nice match to me but I'm saying this without knowing what it would take to get him.

2007-08-28 09:21:54
416.   LogikReader
(reads linked article from 411 )


2007-08-28 09:25:31
417.   Greg Brock
David Wells, Derek Lowe, Joe Beimel, Esteban Loiza...

Is Sidney Ponson available?

2007-08-28 09:28:25
418.   Jon Weisman
2007-08-28 09:28:41
419.   ToyCannon
Did Beimel get a DUI or are all of those practicing AA members?
2007-08-28 09:42:55
420.   Wilbert Robinson
417 "Former Twins pitcher Sidney Ponson was in attendance at Friday night's game against the Orioles. Ponson visited with some of his old teammates and told them he plans on pitching in winter ball to see if any teams might be interested in him."

Can't wait til next year!

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