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Fernandomania Will Never Die
2007-08-31 16:30
by Jon Weisman

Everyone in New York is excited about the scoreless start to Joba Chamberlain's Yankee career. And the kudos are deserved.

Still, to put it in perspective, let's recall the beginning of Fernando Valenzuela's career.

Valenzuela allowed two unearned runs in his first game, ruling out any chance for him to go off on a career-starting scoreless streak. Nevertheless, he went 34 2/3 innings before he allowed his first career earned run.

Here's how he did in his first 80 2/3 career innings: 77 strikeouts, two earned runs, 0.22 ERA.

Remarkable. Has any pitcher ever had a lower career ERA at any point that was 0.01 or greater?

Valenzuela allowed two earned runs in his next game, then four on May 18, 1981, when he finally took his first career loss.

* * *

Dodger Thoughts supporter CoachJPark, the unofficial record-holder for fastest ceremonial first pitch thrown at Dodger Stadium, is offering tickets for the September 11 game against the Padres. If you're interested, don't hesitate to e-mail him.

* * *

If you have sent me an e-mail in the past day ... week ... month ... summer ... and I haven't responded, I truly apologize. (Unless you're a spammer.) My lack of reply probably indicates that I intend to write something meaningful, but I just keep falling behind. I will try to catch up.

* * *

Today's game:


Retro Gameday

Comments (298)
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2007-08-31 16:46:00
1.   ImprobableImpossible
Just wait for Esteban-mania!
2007-08-31 16:57:31
2.   Bluebleeder87
Here's how he did in his first 80 2/3 career innings: 77 strikeouts, two earned runs, 0.22 ERA.

Not to shaby, I was still fairly young to remember the whole "FernandoMania" thing.

2007-08-31 17:03:13
3.   Eric Enders
Fellow Extra Innings viewers... we get Vinny for all three games in this series, a true rarity where games against the Padres are concerned.
2007-08-31 17:09:39
4.   Eric Enders
An interesting project might be looking at the greatest Dodger pitching streaks of all time. I ran the numbers on Hershiser the other day and it came out to a 0.45 ERA over 101 innings. Drysdale was 0.64 over 85 innings in 1968. I'm sure Koufax had a similar stretch or three.
2007-08-31 17:17:26
5.   Bluebleeder87

I totally forgot Eric Enders (or is it Eric Stephen?) lives in enemy territory, I'm wondering if this will be a high scoring game considering we're in a pitcher friendly park.

David Wells 5.46 ERA (He'll be pitching with extra adrenaline tonight I'm sure)

Cassel 6.00 ERA (From what I understand it's his 1st start of the year so he'll be pretty pumped up also)

2007-08-31 17:22:41
6.   Marty
Ahh Fernandomania. I remember sitting in a bar at a Mexican restaurant watching Fernando win his 7th against the Mets. 1-0 if I recall. That was a fun time.
2007-08-31 17:23:26
7.   Marty
Enders lives in enemy territory if you are a Trojan fan.
2007-08-31 17:32:48
8.   LogikReader
Wow! It to 20 years for Fernando to get his first career loss?? No wonder he was so popular.
2007-08-31 17:33:27
9.   LogikReader
to = took
2007-08-31 17:36:09
10.   LogikReader
just teasing. I did some research on Juan Pierre last year, even though I didn't have to: he was on my fantasy team.

I also did some research on Gary Matthews Jr for 2006.

Anyway I hate to beat a dead horse, but I have to classify this as NedCo's worst signing of his career.

2007-08-31 17:37:34
11.   LogikReader
but you know, folks, I'll remind everyone that JP had almost similar numbers in 2003 and the Marlins won the WS that year.
2007-08-31 17:38:03
12.   Bluebleeder87
Takashi Saito makes Dayn Perrys "All Underrated Team" for 2007 [ ]
2007-08-31 17:38:49
13.   Eric Enders
8 , 9 Rule number one when making fun of a typo is not to make a typo yourslef.
2007-08-31 17:39:50
14.   LogikReader
That's a pretty good list... not so sure about Oswalt, since he's supposedly the ace of the 'stros.
2007-08-31 17:40:49
15.   LogikReader
Eric, yep, I blew it. How embarrassing
2007-08-31 17:47:45
16.   King of the Hobos
11 The difference is that he got on base at a rate of .035 more, which over 700 ABs, equates to about 25 extra times on base. I'm guessing that those 25 times on base (and equally important, those 25 non-outs) would mean enough runs to win 1-2 more games, at least. That extra .035 adds about 9-10 VORP over 700 PAs (rough approximation using my estimated VORP formula, and assuming no increase in power)
2007-08-31 17:53:05
18.   Woody
LogikReader-6 posts out of the first 17. You're hogging as my little sister used to say.
2007-08-31 17:55:03
19.   Robert Daeley
10 It's not so much a dead horse anymore as a residue of glue on the ground.
2007-08-31 17:56:49
20.   Jon Weisman
17 - Last warning: Stop typing in all capital letters please.
2007-08-31 17:58:53
22.   Eric Enders
No, the Dodgers are built around spelling. And lower case letters.
2007-08-31 17:59:20
23.   King of the Hobos
I'm not sure if it's indicative of who will be here tomorrow or not, but most of the young guys from Vegas are playing tonight. The only notables missing from the lineup are Hu and Moeller (Abreu, Young, Lindsey, and Laroche are all playing).
2007-08-31 18:00:10
24.   Eric Enders
Hopefully it's the last minor league game in the career of Mr. LaRoche.
2007-08-31 18:02:25
26.   Bluebleeder87

We like your enthusiasm KgiBson but you GOTTA STOP YELLING! it's disrespectful to Jon & others like my self.

2007-08-31 18:06:40
29.   King of the Hobos
A pitcher who may or may not exist did not bring his A game for the Jacksonville game:
3.1 IP, 6 H, 6 R (3 ER), 3 BB, 4 K, 2 HR.
Because the Suns offense hasn't exactly done anything, they're down 6-0. Losing means they miss the playoffs.
2007-08-31 18:07:09
30.   Johnny Nucleo
I'll always be nostalgic for Fernandomania, as it hit just as I was becoming aware of baseball. Like one of Lorenz' ducklings, I was imprinted that summer as a Dodger fan, albeit from 2000 miles away.
I think I still have the Fernandomania book somwhere (available in drugstores at the time), half English, half Spanish. Lots of great pictures of Fernando and Tommy.
2007-08-31 18:13:21
32.   KG16
Fernandomania was a just a bit before my time (born in '78), my first solid baseball memories were '88 - particularly Gibson's catch in the NLCS and then, I think he did something later, but I can't ever remember what that was...
2007-08-31 18:13:45
33.   Bob Timmermann
This is not going to end well for one person.
2007-08-31 18:14:08
34.   Bluebleeder87

I due remember it was kind of a big fuss & back then they didn't have interpreters so I think Jaime Jarrin did all the interpreting along with Tommy.

2007-08-31 18:15:23
36.   King of the Hobos
After his first AB today, Abreu has 40 ABs in August, and 10 doubles.
2007-08-31 18:16:33
38.   Eric Enders
Final 2007 stats for the pitcher who does not exist:

8-7 W-L (probably)
2.95 ERA
122 IP
89 H
52 R
40 ER
163 K
67 BB
9 HR
1.28 WHIP
12.02 K/9

All he needs to do is improve the control. And hurry up and turn 35 so he can be trusted.

2007-08-31 18:18:19
39.   KG16
38 - "And hurry up and turn 35 so he can be trusted" - heh.
2007-08-31 18:21:51
41.   KG16
40 - is that comment directed at me? And is that a declaration or a question?

As far as what I'm talking about, well, it was a joke, I think everyone knows what I'm talking about, it involved a back door slider on a 3-2 count.

2007-08-31 18:22:02
42.   NoHoDodger
33 Its like watching the train wreck about to happen
2007-08-31 18:22:15
43.   Zak
38 That's pretty yummy.. he should crack the Top 10, maybe Top 5 on the BA Top 100 in spring.

However, based on those numbers alone, I don't think we will see him at Chavez Ravine until September 2008. But 2009 should be good if all goes well.

2007-08-31 18:22:25
44.   Lexinthedena
Furcal, SS
Pierre, CF
Kemp, RF
Kent, 2B
Ethier, LF
Martin, C
Loney, 1B
Hillenbrand, 3B
Wells, P

Not bad....

Wells has always been a big game pitcher, but Stults got a raw deal.......

2007-08-31 18:23:32
45.   Zak
41 Wait, was then when he wasn't running the bases at 100% speed and was showing up the pitcher with happy gestures?
2007-08-31 18:23:46
46.   LogikReader
Bob, we have Nick Markakis a triple away from...
2007-08-31 18:24:58
47.   PDH5204
33 Who? I wouldn't otherwise worry about any "yelling" and the man otherwise has it right since [as I am so fond of saying] pitching and defense does win games.

1 I already have Esteban mania. Added the man to some fantasy rosters and put him on the DL when Roto first reported he was near returning, then activated the man as a seventh starter, and then pitched him in his first two starts. He did well. No guarantee, but I look for him to build upon his recent success. In short sum, Este rocks!

2007-08-31 18:25:18
48.   King of the Hobos
The Padres recalled 2 former Dodgers, Oscar Robles and Ryan Ketchner (although in Ketchner's case, he was only a Vero Beach Dodger) However, they were immediately placed on the DL, all part of the playoff roster shenanigans.
2007-08-31 18:25:53
49.   Zak
42 Or for poker fans, it's like watching Phil Hellmuth race a stock car in the parking lot, just not racing against other cars.
2007-08-31 18:28:07
50.   Bluebleeder87

From my time here on DT every time Bob comes back from vacation it takes him some time to get back into the flow of things I'm sure he'll be sharp as a whistle in a few more days.

Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2007-08-31 18:28:25
51.   Zak
I am fond of saying that scoring more runs than the other team also wins games.
2007-08-31 18:29:47
52.   Bob Timmermann
Yellow alert for Markakis.
2007-08-31 18:30:48
53.   Eric Enders
If Granderson had a single, double, and homer, would that be an orange alert?
2007-08-31 18:30:56
54.   KG16
51 - in my high school weight room, someone wrote on the white board a very simple statement that was pretty much the basis of our water polo program: The key to winning is to score.
2007-08-31 18:33:47
55.   Bob Timmermann
Not according to the guys in Thief River Falls.
2007-08-31 18:34:46
56.   Eric Stephen
3 I live in San Diego, Bluebleeder. Alas, I will not be going to this evening's game. Tomorrow is a high probability though. I predict tonight will be 2-1, then tomorrow will be 9-7, just to defy the odds.
2007-08-31 18:35:07
57.   PDH5204
51 So am I, but the idea is that if your staff ERA is 0.00 and your defense is such that no unearned run scores, well, our team either plays forever in a 0-0 tie or we prevail. But again, back to what I also agree with, it otherwise doesn't hurt to have one Carl Reginald Smith on the team.
2007-08-31 18:35:19
58.   LogikReader
Very fun fact I picked up on from the Indians Broadcast today:

Loiaza was involved in a very historic game (well until last week)

Wait until you read his pitching line :)

2007-08-31 18:35:58
59.   Eric Stephen
Royal effort tonight be the partner of the butcher and the candlestick maker.
2007-08-31 18:36:56
60.   LogikReader
Me again with the typos: It's "Loaiza"
2007-08-31 18:37:05
61.   Eric Enders
Thief River Falls is only 139 miles away from Ball Club, Minnesota. I have been to the latter but not the former.
2007-08-31 18:40:14
62.   Bob Timmermann
Extremely interesting game in Minneapolis.
2007-08-31 18:42:20
63.   Bluebleeder87
Livan Hernandez is pitching on short rest (3) & looking at the ERA on short rest 5.23 it doesn't sound like a good idea from the D-Backs manager.
2007-08-31 18:42:29
64.   underdog
56 That really will defy the odds.

48 I'm always slightly confused about that - are the Padres putting those guys on active roster but injured reserve so they can use them if needed in the playoffs? How does that work again? Shenanigans indeed.

2007-08-31 18:42:56
65.   KG16
62 - double header indoors? This a make up from the bridge collapse?
2007-08-31 18:43:24
66.   Eric Enders
The man won't give an orange alert to Granderson, but he'll issue an interesting warning after five innings!
2007-08-31 18:43:57
67.   Zak
59 Very clever.. I didn't get it until I read 62 .
2007-08-31 18:44:04
68.   Bob Timmermann
Only fitting that Loaiza is taking Stults' place in the rotation. The #5 spot in the rotation is the designated spelling trap.

I'm putting the spelling of Kuo in that category too.

2007-08-31 18:44:23
69.   KG16
66 - it's not just an interesting warning, it's a "very interesting" warning, there's a difference.
2007-08-31 18:45:07
70.   Eric Stephen
66 Six! I issued the alert after 5 in 59 . (with a typo / grammatical error)
2007-08-31 18:46:47
71.   LogikReader
Got the Twins game on PiP. woooeee!

I won't jinx it.

2007-08-31 18:47:28
72.   Bob Timmermann
Greg Brock believes that no game is interesting until it gets past the sixth.
2007-08-31 18:50:02
73.   dzzrtRatt
72 Funny. I believe that no NBA game is interesting until the fourth quarter.

But maybe you mean something else.

2007-08-31 18:50:08
74.   KG16
72 - that's a fair point. I'd call the game in Minnesota interesting in the 5th, it becomes "very" interesting in the 6th. But, that's just me. I just hope the guy's pitch count doesn't get too high (*ducks)
2007-08-31 18:51:26
75.   Eric Stephen
74 The "very" refers to quality, not quantity.
2007-08-31 18:51:42
76.   Bluebleeder87
your the best Bob, thanks for the heads up.
2007-08-31 18:52:57
77.   Bob Timmermann
I don't believe the KC-Minnesota game is on EI if you have cable.

But it's an exciting battle between the #3 and #4 teams in the AL Central!

2007-08-31 18:53:09
78.   KG16
75 - I think you miss my distinction, it has to do with "Ball 4"
2007-08-31 18:54:06
79.   Zak
This is the funniest thing I have read in a long time. Enjoy.;_ylt=AjuGDUOGabpBRMJUMOQKHZsRvLYF?slug=jp-bresnahanpotato083107&prov=yhoo&type=lgns

2007-08-31 18:55:12
80.   Bluebleeder87

I switched to Satellite a while back. I'm watching the game at the moment.

2007-08-31 18:58:31
81.   Eric Stephen
77 Bob, I'm watching the KC/Min game on EI on cable.
2007-08-31 18:59:57
82.   Benjamin Miracord
72 I'm probably wrong, but I think a game can be interesting in the third inning, especially if one player hits two grand slams against the same pitcher.

Besides, I don't think the code is actually "interesting." I think I remember it as, "The fat man walks alone."

2007-08-31 19:00:44
83.   Icaros

Me too. Comcast carries the magical channels 11-13. I only had access to channels 1-10 until hockey season ended.

2007-08-31 19:01:56
84.   Bob Timmermann
You must have a super-secret channel. Because it ain't on mine.
2007-08-31 19:02:37
85.   Sam DC
ESPN has bonus coverage.
2007-08-31 19:02:48
86.   LogikReader
I'm watching the game too: I have Cox Cable
2007-08-31 19:03:01
87.   LogikReader
and EI
2007-08-31 19:05:12
88.   Bluebleeder87
wow, & the KC batters are totally telling the tale.
2007-08-31 19:05:45
89.   underdog
This announcer doesn't know about "interesting" game rules. (Watching on MLBTV, gonna switch to Dodgers game for a half inning)
2007-08-31 19:06:07
90.   Bluebleeder87
I'm gonna ask a pretty dumb question but what does EI mean [runs in shame]
2007-08-31 19:06:22
91.   Eric Stephen
83 .{84] I have Time Warner in SD, and actually get 14 different MLB channels! the game in question tonight is on MLB 11.

But I don't have Dodgers on Demand.

2007-08-31 19:06:23
92.   Lexinthedena
Dang Raffy......didn't even give me a chance to settle in...
2007-08-31 19:06:27
93.   LogikReader
Nice start to the Dodger game. I almost forgot we had one! Furcal drag bunt to get on.
2007-08-31 19:07:01
94.   LogikReader
EI is "Extra Innings"
2007-08-31 19:07:11
95.   Eric Stephen
90 Bluebleeder, EI = "Extra Innings"
2007-08-31 19:07:14
96.   Marty
Someone please make the bunting stop.
2007-08-31 19:07:16
97.   Lexinthedena
Is the SD logo on the mound cool, or tacky?...can't decide...
2007-08-31 19:07:28
98.   Icaros

I thought you had decided to forgo your EI subscription due to all of the early-season scummery.

2007-08-31 19:07:54
99.   Eric Stephen
94 I'd like to think my personal touch was worth the 10 second wait! :)
2007-08-31 19:08:38
100.   Bob Timmermann
I'll trade you Dodgers on Demand for just about anything.

Do you have some old socks you want to get rid of?

Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2007-08-31 19:08:46
101.   Bluebleeder87
as soon as I switch to the Dodger game Pierre hits a little dud to the pitcher, ugh!.
2007-08-31 19:09:14
102.   underdog
If Pierre didn't exist at all in that at bat, Furcal would be at 2nd base with a stolen base. Instead they try hit and run, he flails, he hits into the force out, and reminds me why he still gets on my nerves.
2007-08-31 19:09:50
103.   Icaros

Actually, I have 14 as well. Miscount on my part.

2007-08-31 19:10:21
104.   King of the Hobos
Laroche hit a homer today, so it's about time to bench Shea.
2007-08-31 19:10:43
105.   underdog
The wrong part of the wrong stadium, Bison. Darn. He crushed that one.
2007-08-31 19:11:34
106.   Icaros
Another rookie blunder for the inexperienced Jeff Kent.
2007-08-31 19:11:51
107.   Eric Stephen
What is it with players whose last names are 4 letters and start with "Ke" that leads to all these baserunning errors?
2007-08-31 19:12:21
108.   underdog
Kent however hit it to the right part of the park. And then slid to the wrong part of the bag. Oh well.
2007-08-31 19:12:53
109.   Gen3Blue
Well I guess I'm glad to see Kent make a stupidly enthusiastic play.
2007-08-31 19:13:27
110.   Eric Stephen
Icaros and I made a deal with our cable companies: we travel a great deal to DT day (Icaros much farther than me of course), and we get the extra EI channels.
2007-08-31 19:13:36
111.   D4P
The Dodgers have a good record when scoring first. I don't remember what it is, but it's good.
2007-08-31 19:15:38
112.   Zak
111 I honestly am not being snarky, but, just by law of averages, don't most, if not all, teams have a good record when scoring first? I could be wrong, but am just wondering.
2007-08-31 19:15:48
113.   Wilbert Robinson
Hey give Kent a break he did skip AAA after all. He's still learning.
2007-08-31 19:15:49
114.   Lexinthedena
111- Not tyring to be obnoxious, but is there a team that has a bad record when scoring first?

Flash Flood Warning!....get the canoes!

2007-08-31 19:16:51
115.   Bluebleeder87
how long did the Twins bat in that last inning, it seemed like forever.
2007-08-31 19:17:04
116.   Gen3Blue
I can bear it when a veteran pitcher doesn't have it and gives up a hit, but a walk is harder to take.
2007-08-31 19:17:43
117.   Lexinthedena
Mike Cameron fits the description of many Iceberg Slim appearance of course....
2007-08-31 19:18:15
118.   Eric Stephen
no longer "very"
2007-08-31 19:18:43
119.   GoBears
Please forgive the length, but per Vishal's request at the end of the previous thread, here's the next paragraph of Saito's blog entry, where he describes the 9th inning of his save against the Nats:


Today, at home in a game agaist the Nationals, I came in in the 9th inning, with a 5-4 lead. I struck out the first batter.


With these first three strikes, I think I pitched just about as perfectly as I can. On the 3rd strike, I decided where I wanted it to go, and it felt good to have it go exactly where I aimed it.


The next batter, Belliard, was able to work his way to a full count. In this battle, I knew that my opponent would be looking for the slider, so I should go fastball, but because, with a 3-2 count, both a walk and a big hit would be terrible, even though he was waiting for it, I daringly (boldly) went with the slider, win or lose. I feel like I located it well.


I refocused on the 3rd batter, Schneider. First pitch, shuuto -> foul ball. [Shuuto is that mysterious Japanese pitch – I don't know how to translate it. He only throws FB, slider, curve, right? It's not any of those. But the word he uses for FB is "massugu," which means "straight," or "direct" so maybe shuuto is a cut fastball? Or maybe there's a diff. b/w a 2-seamer and a 4-seamer? Looking back at the gamecast, the 1st and 3rd pitches were at 92, and the middle one at 93, so clearly it's some sort of FB.]

Second pitch, fastball -> foul ball, so I had him 0-2.
Third pitch, low shuuto -> double play, game over. [Literally, 'game-set' from tennis.]


The ball was hit hard, but right at the infielder. Double-play grounder to first, 3 outs, and I was able to get my 35th save with a scoreless inning of work.. I was conscious of location (actually "course") and keeping it low, and I think I was able to [throw] a "Takashi-style" pitch.

2007-08-31 19:18:53
120.   King of the Hobos
No longer "very" interesting, but still interesting in Minnesota.
2007-08-31 19:19:28
121.   underdog
Somehow I just don't see this as a 2-1 final score kinda game.
2007-08-31 19:20:43
122.   GoBears
Sorry 119 took so long - I was out doing yardwork when the request came.
2007-08-31 19:21:42
123.   King of the Hobos
The throw beat Giles, but I'm not so sure Shea tagged him.
2007-08-31 19:22:15
124.   Bluebleeder87
Sweeney kills it.
2007-08-31 19:22:19
125.   Gen3Blue
Slight exageration by Vin. Giles was safe but the throw beet him by a mile.
2007-08-31 19:22:29
126.   LogikReader
awwwwwww so close! oh well Scott Baker
2007-08-31 19:22:31
127.   Lexinthedena
123- Looked safe to me...but I will take it...Wells isn't long for this one...
2007-08-31 19:22:49
128.   Icaros
Kent looked like he broke the wrong way on that grounder, and I didn't really know that was possible.
2007-08-31 19:22:57
129.   underdog
Thanks GoBears! I was one asking for a translation on that blog. Good stuff.

I have much more range on my oven top than Jeff Kent has these days. Sigh.

2007-08-31 19:23:10
130.   Eric Stephen
Let's hope Scott Baker doesn't react to Mike Sweeney like Jeff Weaver did.
2007-08-31 19:23:13
131.   Gen3Blue
121 Indeed, and I'm afraid the 2 might not be us.
2007-08-31 19:23:15
132.   King of the Hobos
And Mr. Captain gets a bloop hit, nothing to see in Minnesota.
2007-08-31 19:23:53
133.   JoeyP
Bud Black must have flashbacked to his Angel days by running his way out of a big inning.
2007-08-31 19:24:12
134.   Vishal
119 nice, thank you!
2007-08-31 19:24:48
135.   Icaros
2007-08-31 19:24:57
136.   Lexinthedena
This board is about to get radioactive.....
2007-08-31 19:25:09
137.   Eric Stephen
2007-08-31 19:25:27
138.   JoeyP
Can we have Bradley back?

Juan Pierre lol.

2007-08-31 19:25:54
139.   Gen3Blue
2007-08-31 19:26:27
140.   underdog
Okay. I don't want to say about that that won't be said in a hundred different Dodger blogs, so I'll just say...



2007-08-31 19:26:46
141.   Eric Stephen
This is what happens with a pitcher who allows too many balls in play.
2007-08-31 19:27:42
142.   King of the Hobos
I know Pierre is partly responsible, but how much more before Stults joins the rotation?
2007-08-31 19:27:49
143.   Bluebleeder87
that's just inexcusable, but oddly I feel for Pierre.
2007-08-31 19:28:02
144.   JoeyP
In Wells defense, none of the balls have been hit hard.

Pierre's goof just cost the Dodgers 2 runs.

2007-08-31 19:28:23
145.   underdog
This inning should be over, Wells really hasn't pitched that badly. No defense, and then a seeing eye hit.

The only consolation is I see the Dodgers scoring some runs off Seymour Cassel or whatever his name is, too.

2007-08-31 19:28:54
146.   Lexinthedena
142-It's not like they are killing the ball, any other second baseman get's to Kent's ball...any other centerfilder(!!!!!) catches that pop up....
2007-08-31 19:29:01
147.   Eric Stephen
That inning felt like the last inning the Dodgers had in Petco.
2007-08-31 19:29:51
148.   Bluebleeder87
Cassel isn't exactly an Ace there's plenty more baseball to by played.
2007-08-31 19:30:23
149.   D4P
What did Pierre do...?
2007-08-31 19:30:34
150.   Eric Stephen
I don't feel comfortable saying any other CFer catches that popup. Pierre just lost in the lights; it happens. I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt on that one.


Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2007-08-31 19:30:39
151.   Gen3Blue
The problem was all Vets. If Kent had a foot more range. If Wells could throw strikes. If Pierre was a consistent fielder. If Pierre had an arm. If Kent was a better baserunner.
2007-08-31 19:31:15
152.   underdog
Seriously, this could be a 7-6 game - I'd put your feet up, get comfortable, it's gonna be a long night.

Even for Pierre, that was a horrible play - and mystifying, even for Pierre. I don't get exactly what happened. Did he think he was going to be called off by the imaginary centerfielder who plays behind him? Sort of like "Not Me" and "Ida Know" in Family Circus?

2007-08-31 19:31:22
153.   Lexinthedena
I miss Milton...
2007-08-31 19:31:31
154.   King of the Hobos
Cassel certainly isn't going to Scott Baker us tonight.
2007-08-31 19:32:02
155.   immouch
For what it's worth, Pierre now has 5 errors for the season vs. 1 assist.
2007-08-31 19:32:10
156.   Eric Stephen
149 Flyball to Pierre for out #3 to end a 1-run inning, only Pierre lost it, either in the lights or "in the sky" (according to Tony Gwynn), and it dropped 20 feet behind him. One run scored on that one; another scored later.
2007-08-31 19:32:29
157.   Bob Timmermann
You'd rather not know. Trust me.
2007-08-31 19:32:36
158.   Bluebleeder87

He lost an easy fly ball out & it landed back of him.

2007-08-31 19:32:36
159.   D4P
According to Gameday, the first called strike to Ethier was outside the box. Then, the first called ball to Martin was inside the box.
2007-08-31 19:32:38
160.   underdog
I agree, he lost it in the lights, but I think most other centerfielders would have had no problem with it. I'm comfortable, and depressed, saying that. Jason Repko would have had it. He also would have probably broken Raffy's foot coming down with it. But that's another story.
2007-08-31 19:33:19
161.   Lexinthedena
Pierre has an assist?
2007-08-31 19:33:26
162.   D4P
it dropped 20 feet behind him

Oh man. That's rich.

2007-08-31 19:33:48
163.   Gen3Blue
What a nice stroke.
2007-08-31 19:33:53
164.   Bob Timmermann
But center fielders don't have lights to deal with. They are looking into the dark part of the stadium.

Is it twilightish still in San Diego?

2007-08-31 19:34:25
165.   Eric Stephen
I didn't know Jack was related to Matt Cassel. Matt is one of my favorite stories. Barely every played at USC (behind Carson Palmer, then Matt Leinart), yet gets drafted anyway into the NFL.
2007-08-31 19:35:44
166.   Eric Stephen
164 I'd say somewhere between twilightish and duskish.
2007-08-31 19:35:49
167.   underdog
Can someone please tell Matt Vasgersian that the Dodgers played a 3 game series against the Nationals, not a 4 game series as he keeps repeating? Gack. They took one from the Mets, Matt, then 3 from the Nats. Look it up.
2007-08-31 19:36:00
168.   Marty
Shea Hillenbrand, professional hitter.
2007-08-31 19:36:20
169.   Lexinthedena
165- Was on the radio today talking about his fam...
2007-08-31 19:36:28
170.   immouch
161 for his career he has 30 assists and, now, 27 errors. i have no idea if any other outfielder has such a crappy ratio... maybe it's common... but i doubt that...
2007-08-31 19:36:45
171.   Gen3Blue
159 That first one to Martin did look high on DTV broadcast. I'm unsure how far to trust enhanced Gameday yet, but they are pretty close to getting it right.
2007-08-31 19:36:46
172.   Lexinthedena
By the way...I hate Geoff Blum...
2007-08-31 19:37:13
173.   Bluebleeder87
Pierre went ALL A.D.D. on us with that play, seriously if he would have concentrated 100% on that play he would have caught it, inexcusable period. I still feel bad for him but still...
2007-08-31 19:37:24
174.   Bob Timmermann
The US Naval Observatory says that civil twilight in San Diego ends at 7:40 pm, so it would still be "dusky."
2007-08-31 19:39:06
175.   Bob Timmermann
David Wells does not field his position like Greg Maddux.
2007-08-31 19:39:59
176.   immouch
175 wells fields like three greg maddux's... maybe three and a half...
2007-08-31 19:40:50
177.   Bluebleeder87
ha, Wells went 3 quarters/almost side arm in that last strike out.
2007-08-31 19:40:51
178.   D4P
Wells already has 2 Ks.
2007-08-31 19:41:12
179.   underdog
That was a nice inning from Boomer. Didn't have to depend on Juan Pierre at all that inning.
2007-08-31 19:41:15
180.   Bob Timmermann
And 85% of the moon is visible tonight.

Except you can't see it now. You have to wait until around 9:15 pm.

In case you had bets on it with your friends.

2007-08-31 19:41:20
181.   Marty
What's with Wells throwing from the stretch?
2007-08-31 19:41:52
182.   Eric Stephen
Heineken has decided to exploit the untapped market of robotic porn to sell beer.
2007-08-31 19:42:33
183.   Eric Stephen
170 Vlad Guerrero has 119 career assists, to go with his 118 errors.
2007-08-31 19:42:47
184.   Bluebleeder87
David Wells is turning into a mini-Babe Ruth, he gave that ball a ride.
2007-08-31 19:43:12
185.   Marty
I just purchased from ITunes the first record I personally bought, Sticky Fingers.
2007-08-31 19:44:21
186.   Bob Timmermann
As an outfielder, Adam Dunn has 45 assists and 51 errors.
2007-08-31 19:45:08
187.   Eric Stephen
185 My first CD purchase does not hold up over time: "Poison" by Bell Biv Devoe.

Now ya know.

2007-08-31 19:45:15
188.   immouch
183... outstanding. i didn't think to look him up. but, of course...
2007-08-31 19:45:38
189.   Lexinthedena
Loaiza sporting the Robert E. lee look...
2007-08-31 19:46:12
190.   KG16
i really thought Raffy had that one. For those saying they want Milton back, remember, if we didn't trade him, we'd still be dealing with Pierre because we wouldn't have Ethier.

In re: Cassel family, those are some good genes, anyone with a single sister should be looking to make an introduction.

2007-08-31 19:46:12
191.   Bob Timmermann
The Orioles and Red Sox are still going.

And it's only the top of the 9th.

2007-08-31 19:46:47
192.   Lexinthedena
187- First tape I ever bought with my own money was Das EFX self titled debut.....
2007-08-31 19:47:01
193.   Bluebleeder87

I did a little double take when I saw that.

2007-08-31 19:47:50
194.   immouch
186, etc... it's interesting, but it sorta makes sense. really good hitters, power hitters usually, who can't field... throw... whatever, wind up in the outfield... but, still, juan pierre?... baseball reference does suggest his range is better than avg., for whatever that's worth...
2007-08-31 19:48:50
195.   Jimi Shelter

The remastered version of Sticky Fingers sure sounds great. But nothing beats the combo of the vinyl version and a pair of teenage ears.

2007-08-31 19:49:05
196.   Eric Stephen
192 "Dead Serious" by Das EFX is one of my favorite albums ever.
2007-08-31 19:50:34
197.   immouch
how many years after retirement will david wells weigh four bills?
2007-08-31 19:50:49
198.   Bluebleeder87
David Wells seems to be pitching pretty good which makes it more frustrating that Pierre & Kent couldn't make those plays.
2007-08-31 19:51:35
199.   imperabo
197 Surfing is more excercise than baseball.
2007-08-31 19:51:42
200.   Eric Stephen
197 Tony Gwynn has set that standard.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2007-08-31 19:51:47
201.   Bob Timmermann
Dave Roberts has 21 assists and 14 errors.

Lou Brock: 142 assists, 196 errors

2007-08-31 19:52:30
202.   KG16
197 - years? I think the safer unit would be months. Still, I've always kinda liked the guy, just wish he'd have been pitching for the Dodgers about 10 years ago, heck, even five years ago.
2007-08-31 19:52:50
203.   Bluebleeder87
better lucky than good says Matt Kemp.
2007-08-31 19:53:24
204.   ucladodger
line drive off of the wall in the box score...
2007-08-31 19:53:37
205.   D4P
"Matt Kemp doubles (6) on a ground ball to center fielder Mike Cameron."


2007-08-31 19:53:56
206.   immouch
what's the reason kemp doesn't start every game again? i know that was a lucky hit, but hustling to second was pretty heads up...
2007-08-31 19:54:25
207.   LogikReader
Would it kill anybody to take some pitches tonight? goes for the Pads too
2007-08-31 19:54:51
208.   underdog
197 Does that mean four times as much as Chad Billingsley? Probably a few years.

I'm officially watching the rest of the game on mute, can't take Vasgersian any more.

2007-08-31 19:55:01
209.   KG16
I think Ethier needs a nickname.
2007-08-31 19:55:27
210.   Bob Timmermann
I didn't even know that Cassel went to Kennedy.

That means there are TWO Cougars on the Padres as Terrmel Sledge is up with the big club again.

2007-08-31 19:55:47
211.   ucladodger
great AB, Andre. Man, that was terrible. This guy is a poor poor poor mans version of DLowe.
2007-08-31 19:56:04
212.   KG16
Which Kennedy are we talking about?
2007-08-31 19:56:27
213.   Lexinthedena
196- "Dead Serious"....that's what it was called...
2007-08-31 19:57:02
214.   immouch
202 et. al. ... i actually think wells, being a borderline HOF pitcher AND, uh, flabby, is a sign of him being an amazing athlete.... that's true of a bunch of pitchers over the years. they're a disappearing breed, actually. cc sabathia is the only young guy i can think of who is simultaneously great and fat...
2007-08-31 19:57:17
215.   LogikReader
2007-08-31 19:58:54
216.   Bluebleeder87
Hillenbrand needs to wait & try & take the ball to right field, like our boy Russell Martin.
2007-08-31 19:58:59
217.   Sam DC
209: 3.5!!!

That Orioles bullpen is a thing of beauty.

2007-08-31 19:59:56
218.   Bob Timmermann
John F. Kennedy High of Granada Hills, CA. It's odd that Jack would go to Kennedy and his brother Matt to Chatsworth. You would figure that if you had one kid at Chatsworth, you might as well keep the other one there. Both schools are baseball powerhouses.

Neither is ever all that special in football.

2007-08-31 20:00:12
219.   Bluebleeder87
I wanna give Hillenbrad a charley!!!
2007-08-31 20:00:24
220.   Marty
Please, can someone make the Hillenbrand stop?
2007-08-31 20:00:49
221.   ucladodger
I think Shea has swung and missed at the same pitch 6 straight times. Thats gotta be hard to do.
2007-08-31 20:01:25
222.   underdog
Those were some pretty nice offspeed pitches to Hillenbrand, but you'd think he'd learn to spot them after like 6 straight.

Andy LaRoche, we have a locker all ready for you this weekend.

2007-08-31 20:01:38
223.   Bob Timmermann
Baez gets the save in Boston as the O's win 9-8.
2007-08-31 20:01:46
224.   underdog
Hah. Or what 221 said.
2007-08-31 20:01:58
225.   KG16
214 - Ok, I got a little snarky with my comment in 202. As I said there, I've always liked the guy. Having been a big boned kid myself, I love seeing guys like him playing in the bigs. It's one of the great things about baseball, the definition of "athlete" isn't limited to guys who are 6'4", 220 lbs, and ripped.

When, again, do rosters expand?

2007-08-31 20:02:41
226.   underdog
Baez. Save. Those words like funny together. Are you sure that's correct?
2007-08-31 20:02:59
227.   underdog
(Unless the word "blown" is also in the sentence.)
2007-08-31 20:03:39
228.   KG16
218 - ah, ok, being an Orange County kid, I hear Kennedy, and I think of the one in Anaheim, which I don't think has produced any pro athletes, though I could be wrong.
2007-08-31 20:04:41
229.   LogikReader
Andy LaRoche Tomorrow, it's only a day away
2007-08-31 20:04:52
230.   underdog
The Padres camera crew thought that ball in the first at bat was a home run - the camera literally followed an imaginary path into the stands, going above Ethier's head even as he was catching the ball.
2007-08-31 20:05:00
231.   Bob Timmermann
The lesser Kennedy High is in La Palma.
2007-08-31 20:05:02
232.   imperabo
Wells is getting drilled.
2007-08-31 20:05:13
233.   Bluebleeder87
well at least he's playing good D.
2007-08-31 20:05:42
234.   LogikReader
Meanwhile in Arizona, Future Dodgers Starter has the bases loaded, not convincing anybody on the Rockies with his "fastball". Update coming...
2007-08-31 20:06:30
235.   LogikReader
Brad Hawpe pops it up... 1 out, bases still loaded

No score, Dbacks/Rox, still Top 6th

2007-08-31 20:06:41
236.   JoeyP
Rick Ankiel hit a grand slam tonight.
2007-08-31 20:08:35
237.   LogikReader
Spilborghs, liner right to the third baseman. Still no score, still bases loaded, 2 outs now. Dbacks/Rox
2007-08-31 20:08:52
238.   KG16
"arthroscopic exploration", yeah, those are words that you want to hear when you go to the doctor.
2007-08-31 20:09:26
239.   LogikReader
Ground ball to 3rd, put out to 1st...

Livan is out of the inning

It's magic I tell you!

2007-08-31 20:12:26
240.   Bluebleeder87
I just looked up David Wells #"s & I'm a little surprised he doesn't have any four baggers.
2007-08-31 20:16:31
241.   Bob Timmermann
Jack Cassel pitched for Kennedy against his brother Matt at Chatsworth in the 1998 LA City semifinal. Matt's team won 5-2.
2007-08-31 20:17:33
242.   underdog
Only one hit for the DBacks in that game so far?

Man, Kemp had a good pitch #1 to hit, and swung instead at pitch #2 to ground out. Oh well. 8 hits and 2 runs is a bit frustrating.

2007-08-31 20:18:14
243.   Frip
RE: Commercial. Rule of Thumb: Any movie trailer that shows some dude firing a machine gun while flying through the air, is a dumb movie.
2007-08-31 20:19:50
244.   Bluebleeder87
If I remember correctly the 1st tape I ever owned was Candyman - Knockin` Boots you could by cassette singles back then for a buck if I remember correctly.
2007-08-31 20:20:44
245.   Lexinthedena
244- My older cuzin loved that jam....
2007-08-31 20:21:53
246.   LogikReader
talk about defying the odds... Stephen, Errrrrrrrric Stephen might be right after all!
2007-08-31 20:23:19
247.   Frip
Knockin Boots, '93 I beleive.
2007-08-31 20:23:33
248.   Bluebleeder87

I went threw a little hip hop faze (I like rock more) but it was pretty fun.

2007-08-31 20:25:05
249.   Xeifrank
Great job by Wells so far. I'd watch him closely in the next inning.
vr, Xei
2007-08-31 20:26:41
250.   BlueCrew Bruin
So I flip on the game to a shot of R. Hernandez warming up in the pen. Nice way to ruin one's day.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2007-08-31 20:27:10
251.   Bluebleeder87
Cassel should be had in this inning if we're gonna get to him.
2007-08-31 20:27:39
252.   Frip
What's the point of a Tommy Lasorda bobble head if it's not fat?
2007-08-31 20:27:58
253.   Marty
243 I actually think it might be a hoot. Giamatti is probably good at playing the heavy.
2007-08-31 20:28:19
254.   BlueCrew Bruin
252 My thoughts exactly. A bobble belly would be cool.
2007-08-31 20:28:34
255.   Bluebleeder87
It seems like the Dodger batters aren't communicating with each other cause there swinging away & striking out with the same pitches.
2007-08-31 20:29:44
256.   LAT
Music to any Dadger fans ears:

"Hernandez has stopped throwing in the Dodger bullpen."

2007-08-31 20:32:13
257.   Jon Weisman
165 - Proving once again you don't read Fungoes :)
2007-08-31 20:32:32
258.   Bluebleeder87
2007-08-31 20:32:59
259.   Lexinthedena
I can't believe they sent Kent.....
2007-08-31 20:33:18
260.   Jon Weisman
I believe Jeff Kent has now taken the same amount of risks on the bases in the past week as Matt Kemp.
2007-08-31 20:33:23
261.   Xeifrank
any kind of throw nails Kent. From the replay it looked as if Donnelly was just standing there. Wonder if he sent him??
vr, Xei
2007-08-31 20:33:24
262.   Frip
Sometimes I just love the Dodgers. They really seem to be fighting for it these last few days.
2007-08-31 20:33:31
263.   BlueCrew Bruin
If that throw is more accurate, Kent is toast.
2007-08-31 20:33:36
264.   LAT
Not sure I would have sent Kent but it worked out so who cares.
2007-08-31 20:33:57
265.   underdog
Excellent bit of hitting from Martin there. I would not have sent Kent vs. Mike Cameron, but hey, The Windmill was rotating and we got a run.
2007-08-31 20:35:11
266.   Bluebleeder87
With Peavy going for the Padres tomorrow we really need to win this game if for anything the psychological edge.
2007-08-31 20:35:12
267.   Lexinthedena
Loney is the first to lay off the sinker....
2007-08-31 20:36:21
268.   LAT

Fast Young Black Guy: 0-2
Slow Old White Guy 2-0

Go figure.

2007-08-31 20:36:45
269.   Xeifrank
266. Tonights game has the highest win probability of the three for us. Just slightly ahead of sunday's game.
vr, Xei
2007-08-31 20:36:53
270.   KG16
I can't see how Kent plays for the Dodgers next year, if he's playing, he's got to be a DH...
2007-08-31 20:37:38
271.   Bob Timmermann
Granada Hills High is not Kennedy High, Vin!

That's like saying USC is UCLA.

That's it. I've had it with this Scully guy. Give me Vasgersian or give me death!

2007-08-31 20:37:39
272.   underdog
This is Hillenbrand's chance to quiet those of us in the Andy LaRoche Marching and Chowder Society. (For at least today.)
2007-08-31 20:37:43
273.   Xeifrank
pinch hit for Wells here? I would.
vr, Xei
2007-08-31 20:38:22
274.   Xeifrank
Hillenbrand looks awful tonight.
vr, Xei
2007-08-31 20:38:33
275.   Lexinthedena
Shea has got me shaking my head....
2007-08-31 20:38:47
276.   KG16
Hillenbrand aiming for the golden sombereo.
2007-08-31 20:38:54
277.   Xeifrank
Sweeney it is. New pitcher too.
vr, Xei
2007-08-31 20:39:05
278.   JoeyP
Shea Hillenbrand should retire.
2007-08-31 20:39:15
279.   imperabo
Yeah, but we're not losing so he's not really hurting us.
2007-08-31 20:39:17
280.   underdog
Wow. Shea isn't this bad. But he sure couldn't solve the "Mystery" Cassel at all tonight.
2007-08-31 20:39:23
281.   Disabled List
Shea Hillenbrand 2007 |= Marlon Anderson 2006
2007-08-31 20:39:58
282.   Jon Weisman

I don't think I saw this in earlier comments:

SAN DIEGO - Los Angeles Dodgers left-hander Randy Wolf will have diagnostic arthroscopic surgery on his sore left shoulder on Wednesday.

Wolf, on the disabled list since July 4, felt pain in his shoulder while throwing last weekend.

"It's not that bad. It's just not right," Wolf said about the pain. "It's hard to explain."

2007-08-31 20:40:17
283.   Bob Timmermann
Miguel Montero makes Mark Donohue rue the deposit he put down for Rockies playoff tickets.
2007-08-31 20:40:29
284.   Bluebleeder87
I'm thinking very mean things about Hillenbrand at the moment.
2007-08-31 20:41:07
285.   underdog
271 You're really missing a great many bon mots from Vasgersian tonight, Bob, you really should switch over. It's literally either dead air, when neither he nor Gwynn have anything to say, or Vasgersian saying something either wrong or unfunny. It's quite a show.
2007-08-31 20:41:09
286.   LAT
Bob do you give alerts when someone is closing in on the sombrero?
2007-08-31 20:41:33
287.   Bob Timmermann
Add one more error to Vladimir Guerrero's career totals.
2007-08-31 20:42:04
288.   underdog
282 So he's done for '07, I take it?

Bummer. I actually do feel for the guy a bit, but also for us for not getting our 4th starter for most of the year.

2007-08-31 20:42:41
289.   LAT
Wells could have done that.
2007-08-31 20:42:46
290.   imperabo
Is there a record for a batter striking out 4 times on 12 pitches?
2007-08-31 20:43:00
291.   Frip
271 Funny.

The thing about Vin is that though we think he's slowing down, or not as sharp, he still had more presence of mind than us youngsters. Don't know about ya'll, but I could never mentally multi-task like he does.

2007-08-31 20:43:47
292.   Bluebleeder87
at least we tide it up, but you can't help & get frustrated at all those swing & misses the Dodgers are having.
2007-08-31 20:43:48
293.   Disabled List
Impressive performance there by Hillenbrand and Sweeney. Gotta love those vets.
2007-08-31 20:44:18
294.   Jon Weisman
New thread open up top. Go ahead and move the game chatter up there. Thanks.

This is not a rally thread. This is procedural. Thanks.

2007-08-31 20:44:31
295.   LAT
279 I guess that's right if you ignore the 5 LOB
2007-08-31 20:45:59
296.   underdog
I'll post here just so LAT doesn't feel LATed.
2007-08-31 20:46:15
297.   Disabled List
Bluebleeder, I hate being the guy who corrects spelling errors, but this one is getting to me. The past tense of tie is "tied". "At least we tied it up."

Sorry to be that guy.

2007-08-31 20:52:32
298.   Eric Enders
Batting with two outs in the ninth inning, LaRoche doubles in what will hopefully be the final minor league at-bat of his career. Bees 9, 51s 8.
2007-08-31 20:53:15
299.   Eric Enders
Three hits tonight for Andy.
2007-08-31 20:53:55
300.   Who Is Karim Garcia
I dont believe what I just saw.... Pierre.. threw a guy out.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2007-08-31 20:54:54
301.   Eric Enders
The 51s tie it up, 9-9. Yellow alert for LaRoche, by the way.
2007-08-31 20:56:44
302.   Jon Weisman
301 - See 294.
2007-08-31 21:20:27
303.   TellMeTheScoreRickMonday
281 DL, Sons of Steve Garvey posted the Anderson/Hillenbgrand link too. Except Shea went ahead and ruined it by K'ing in the sixth.
2007-08-31 21:43:41
304.   Xeifrank
i missed the early part of the game, what happened on the fly ball to Pierre? Lost in the sun? vr, Xei
2007-08-31 21:45:41
305.   TellMeTheScoreRickMonday
Xei Frank, Pierre looked like a lost puppy on that popup. He ran in, then kept running, then held his two hands out like he was singing "food, glorious food" in the Oliver Twist musical, and the ball dropped 20 feet behind him. Nice.
2007-08-31 21:46:06
306.   TellMeTheScoreRickMonday
vr, Tell
2007-08-31 21:53:46
307.   Xeifrank
305. Thanks... funny handle... vr to you too.
vr, Xei

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