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There's Fever in the Funkhouse Now
2007-09-02 11:21
by Jon Weisman

Furcal, SS
Pierre, CF
Kemp, RF
Kent, 2B
Ethier, LF
Martin, C
Loney, 1B
LaRoche, 3B
Billingsley, P

Today's game:


Retro Gameday

Comments (486)
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2007-09-02 11:23:31
1.   gpellamjr
I was a little surprised yesterday that LaRoche wasn't up. I'm very surprised now that he is.

If we had had this lineup for day 1, what would the Dodger record be?

2007-09-02 11:29:12
2.   Curtis Lowe
This is the Lineup Ive been waiting to see since 2005.

good times.

When was the last time the Dodgers had this much home grown talent starting?

2007-09-02 11:29:15
3.   Reddog
Pierre flat out stinks and I'm tired of seeing him in there EVERY day. Furcal needs some rest. The lineup I want to see is:


Maybe, just maybe if we played this lineup we could make the playoffs and feel really good about management and our prospects for next season.

2007-09-02 11:33:35
4.   underdog
3 I wonder if we will see Young in CF at some point after his call-up? Either to spell Pierre or (less likely) start for him. One can dream.

Given the Dodgers have an afternoon start in Chicago tomorrow it's definitely good they have some of the young 'uns up now.

2007-09-02 11:33:52
5.   Indiana Jon
I got a little excited when I saw the lineup. I told the wife, "These are the the guys we saw in Jacksonville (Laroche, Martin, Billingsley and Loney) and Vero Beach (Kemp) in 2005!" She looked at me like I was an alien and said, "Good, can you quit talking about them now?" I guess she didn't enjoy our 2005 Florida trip in the same way I did.
2007-09-02 11:37:48
6.   jasbo
I haven't seen anywhere that D. Young is going to be called up. Sure seems like he should, but the call-up stuff I read didn't mention it. Anybody know?
2007-09-02 11:38:20
7.   Eric Enders
5 Maybe she's peeved about wasting her fourth of July searching for some mythical Minotaur?
2007-09-02 11:39:50
8.   mountainmover
Indiana Jon,

I'm from Indy, but a couple of other Dodger Fans from other parts of the country and I are making the final trek to Mecca (Dodgertown) this year. We were there for 11 days last year, but it will only be 6 or 7 this year. We have a nice 5 bedroom condo reserved.

If you, or anyone else is intersted, e-mail me at

2007-09-02 11:41:39
9.   Eric Enders
So this is a repost from the last thread, but anyway, today marks only the 15th time that Kemp, Loney, and Ethier have started the same game. It also marks the first time Kemp, Loney, Ethier, and LaRoche have been in the same lineup since 2005 with the Phoenix Desert Dogs of the Arizona Fall League.

Here is the last game in which those four guys were on the same roster:

2007-09-02 11:42:57
10.   D4P
With LaRoche batting 8th, he should get a lot of walks...
2007-09-02 11:45:44
11.   Eric Enders
...none of which will be to his credit.
2007-09-02 11:46:35
12.   regfairfield
3 I know prospects are nice and all, but replacing Furcal and Kent and even Gonzalez? Furcal has been our fourth best player (behind Penny, Martin and Saito) in terms of WARP thanks to his D, and I really doubt that Hu, who walked six times in AAA could out hit him at this point. Kent is at worst our third best hitter at this moment and is one of our few power threats. Young strikes out way to much to convince me that he could provide more value to the team than Gonzalez's .355 on base.
2007-09-02 11:49:49
13.   Gagne55
12 Furcal and Kent are solid players and deserve to be starting. Gonzo is alright. But man am I glad to see Hillenbrand not in the line-up. He's been a goat in both games in this series.
2007-09-02 11:50:16
14.   Bob Timmermann
But I was told that the grass was always greener somewhere else.
2007-09-02 11:52:33
15.   regfairfield
13 Yeah, the Gonzo thing was pretty much just because I'm not a fan of Delwyn at all. Fourth or fifth outfielder, sure, but if we're lucky he'll turn into Craig Monroe.

Of course, I'm ecstatic that Hillenbrand is gone.

2007-09-02 11:53:45
16.   underdog
Hey does anyone know when MLBTV repeats (has archived) games? Not 'til the next morning? I may miss today's, alas. (Or hopefully "alas")
2007-09-02 11:54:16
17.   Indiana Jon
7 She actually enjoys the games. She just has no idea what I'm talking about the whole time. Now if the kids in today's lineup sat for good, she'll be hearing about that Minotaur for the next coupe years. Bell and Mattingly too.
2007-09-02 11:55:22
18.   Indiana Jon
8 I've been making preliminary plans to be down there this spring. Haven't been to a spring training since '83. May see you there.
2007-09-02 11:55:56
19.   Bob Timmermann
Hillenbrand was a bigger goat than either Pierre, Kent, or Seanez on Friday?
2007-09-02 11:56:18
20.   Indiana Jon
8 What dates will you be there?
2007-09-02 11:58:01
21.   underdog
Old friend Wilson Betemit's in to play first for the Yankees. Game tied now 1-1, with a man at 2nd for the DRays. Betemit's batting .188 with the Yankees, with 20Ks in 48 ABs (and a good number of home runs of course, so his OBP is still decent.)
2007-09-02 12:01:07
22.   fanerman
Whoa Whoa Whoa!
Happy Christmas. Except for Slappy.
2007-09-02 12:02:18
23.   Bob Timmermann
Spanning the world in old friends:
Jayson Werth has a 2-RBI double for the Phillies
Cody Ross has a 2-run homer for Marlins
Cesar Izturis has an RBI double for the Pirates
Jeff Weaver gave up 5 runs in 3 innings for the Mariners who are playing like it's 5991.
2007-09-02 12:07:45
24.   Branch Rickey
who are playing like it's 5991

I get it. I think. Bizarro 1995?

2007-09-02 12:12:20
25.   Bob Timmermann
Yes, that's it.
2007-09-02 12:14:21
26.   Bob Timmermann
And old friend Cody Ross ties it up in Florida with his second homer of the game.
2007-09-02 12:14:55
27.   dzzrtRatt
19 Three strikeouts on nine pitches, at least two of those with RISP. (Foggy memory.)

Alibis for the others:

-Anyone can lose a ball in the twilight.
-Oversliding. It happens. He had the base.
-Seanez has been spoiling us lately with his effectiveness. He's Roberto Hernandez without all the extra birthdays.

2007-09-02 12:16:44
28.   Branch Rickey
25. YES! The enjoyment of Bob's humor is only surpassed by the challenge of getting his references. Someone should turn it into a board game.
2007-09-02 12:20:55
29.   Bob Timmermann
All comes out the same in the wash as my mom would say.
2007-09-02 12:21:09
30.   mountainmover
Indiana Jon,

The second and third week of March. Probably a Wednesday through Tuesday thing. We have it reserved for 2 weeks, but can cut it back by the end of January. We also have Hotel Rooms at a good hotel (it's easy to get put up in a dump down there-been there, done that), in case we don't have enough people for the condo. I have a car and am picking up the guys at the Airport (Orlando is generally the best). Splitting costs make it very economical.

2007-09-02 12:24:38
31.   Bluebleeder87
Kemp was in last night's line-up, and LaRoche too? And no one here will defend a line-up that has Hillenbrand in it, so you are tilting at a strawman. But really, I believe it is sufficient to note that you think a game against the best pitcher in the National League -- the guy looking like a shoo-in to be the Cy Young Award winner for 2007 -- "proves" something, anything, about our offense, which is of course poppycock. Insert whatever slugger you care to name into last night's Dodger line-up -- A-Rod, Pujols, Howard, anybody -- and we still get killed last night, and likely by shutout. The superstar hitters of the game are what they are not because they clobber Cy Young candidates, but because they don't get beat by the Steve Trachsels of the game.

I thought that quote by Canuck ROCKED & felt compelled to bring it over to the new thread. I feel like we really do need to put things in prospective (I'm guilty of not doing so my self) lets see what the baseball gods have in store for us today.

2007-09-02 12:28:24
32.   Bob Timmermann
And won't the Dodgers be facing Trachsel in Chicago?
2007-09-02 12:31:28
33.   Marty
For the record:

I am not Magical Marty

2007-09-02 12:32:16
34.   Marty
And if I ever meet Bob, I'll remind him of that, but I'll probably forget it.
2007-09-02 12:34:26
35.   Bluebleeder87
double take [cleans out eyes] there is a GOD! that's pretty darn cool La Roche is in there today, YES!
2007-09-02 12:37:16
36.   trainwreck
I must say that this is the most excited I have been all year to see a game.
2007-09-02 12:39:26
37.   Bob Timmermann
It's because BOTH Michael Barrett AND Morgan Ensberg are in the lineup for the Padres, isn't it?
2007-09-02 12:39:44
38.   Louis in SF
Good news from the East, Florida goes ahead of Philadelphia 7-5, NY is still up on Atl..will our boys be able to pull it out in the West..Hopefully our new line-up and the Nomar extended visit to the DL helps.
2007-09-02 12:41:00
39.   trainwreck
And Matt Vasgersian's back.
2007-09-02 12:42:41
40.   Bob Timmermann
You can have your fill of 1980s and 1990s pop culture references that aren't very funny.
2007-09-02 12:49:09
41.   regfairfield
I look at that lineup and wonder how we're getting beat so badly by this team.
2007-09-02 12:49:14
42.   Doug N
I don't post much, but all i've thought about for the last two weeks was "can't wait to have expanded rosters." now i've got my wish. i really doubt it will make a difference in making the play-offs this year, but i'm looking forward to watching the 2008 Dodgers preview. my gigantic fear is that the Dodgers get hot, get within a game of the play-offs and management says, "Hey, we're close, better get the veterans back in there!" At any rate, as i look back on the season, the grand slam last night is the point where the season ended. wait 'til next year, yeh?
2007-09-02 12:49:32
43.   Xeifrank
Good luck with the game today. I will be heading to the beach shortly and will miss the game for the third time in a row. I would say this is a MUST win game.
Go Dodgers!
vr, Xei
2007-09-02 12:50:21
44.   Lexinthedena
I was fun watching Jon "Does this uniform make me look fat" Meloan last night...may have some mechanical issues...but what a fastball....
2007-09-02 12:52:34
45.   Bob Timmermann
If the Dodgers got close to a playoff spot with one game left to play, the team would start whichever lineup was playing well enough to get them into that spot.

I think we overplay the team's reliance on veterans sometimes.

2007-09-02 12:56:01
46.   natepurcell
I'm pretty mad that mlb thinks Tucson is Padre territory.
2007-09-02 12:58:02
47.   Doug N
46 that sucks. my brother lives 3 hours from miami, and 5 hours from tampa. if the dodgers are in florida, he's blacked out. what a crock.
2007-09-02 12:58:27
48.   Lexinthedena
45- Sometimes we do....but then I look up and see that Kemp has not been given an opportunity to start in CF, and that Loney had to hit 500 for a week just to get in the lineup, and I get that feeling again....
2007-09-02 13:00:09
49.   sanchez101
how did meloan look last night, i missed the game?
2007-09-02 13:02:24
50.   Bob Timmermann
Midseason games are one thing. But in the final stages of a pennant race, few, if any managers, will change a lineup that has been successful just to spare people's feelings.

The Dodgers played Marlon Anderson down the stretch and started him in the playoffs because that was what was working.

Assuming that a team that was one game out of a playoff spot on the last day of the season and would trot out a lineup of guys who hadn't played much in the previous few weeks is a bit hard to fathom.

Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2007-09-02 13:03:37
51.   sanchez101
45 - I think we overplay the team's reliance on veterans sometimes.

amen. i have a hard time believing ned/grady are as enthralled with veterans as most people here think, concidering that Kemp/Ethier/Loney are regularly hitting 3rd.

2007-09-02 13:04:21
52.   Bluebleeder87
the grand slam last night is the point where the season ended. wait 'til next year, yeh?

beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I thought Pierres choke job friday night was like getting punched in the stomach by Mike Tyson. Seriously, I thought that was a mood/momentum shifter for us, of course that's just a matter of opinion.

2007-09-02 13:04:56
53.   Lexinthedena
50- Your right about the "stretch run"....but the Dodgers would not be this far back had they not been so stubborn about adhearing to the Veteran hierarchy.....
2007-09-02 13:06:26
54.   LAT
Pods wearing ugly como uniforms.
2007-09-02 13:07:20
55.   LAT
Yes they are waering Perry Como unis. Idiot, it "camo."
2007-09-02 13:08:07
56.   Bob Timmermann
That could be true. But since it did not happen, we have no way of knowing what would have transpired.

It's possible that Kemp or Loney could have slumped badly. Or gotten hurt. Or just about anything.

I personally don't believe hindsight is 20/20. Hindsight is mainly what you see in your own mind.

Personally, I have no imagination. I still can't figure out what John Lennon song is about.

2007-09-02 13:08:50
57.   Gen3Blue
Happy days I hope.
2007-09-02 13:10:51
58.   Bluebleeder87

I stated yesterday that he finishes of differently when he throws a fastball & when he throws a curve ball, & I really feel it's cause & effect, meaning he must ALSO START those pitches of differently as well (I might be wrong) maybe I'm just being paranoid but SMART HITTERS can catch stuff like that, veremos.

2007-09-02 13:12:37
59.   Curtis Lowe
56 - It's about all the people.
2007-09-02 13:13:42
60.   sanchez101
53 i disagree
I think the dodgers have handled their young talent very well. arizona just gave the keys to the kids from day one this year - and while they've had success, its not because of the prospects.

Only mark reynolds has an above average eqa. Young, Quentin, and Drew have all been dissapointments. Compare that to the immediate success that Loney, Kemp, and last year, Ethier, Broxton, and Martin have had.

Some people look at this and assume that thats proof that they should get more playing time - but I think its very likely it is because of the way management has eased them into the majors, slowly as to not overexpose or overwhelm them.

2007-09-02 13:13:51
61.   Curtis Lowe
2007-09-02 13:14:26
62.   Bluebleeder87
I little fly ball by Kent would have helped out plenty, ugh Kent!!
2007-09-02 13:14:28
63.   LAT
Just another day in the life of a Dodger Fan.
2007-09-02 13:14:30
64.   Lexinthedena
56- Its that same lack of imagination that has made this a tough season....My grandma the Socialist loved that song....
2007-09-02 13:14:54
65.   imperabo
60 Good point.
2007-09-02 13:15:11
66.   Bob Timmermann
Akinori Iwamura probably just enjoyed his 2-run homer in New York a lot.

Rays up on the Yankees 8-2 in the 8th.

2007-09-02 13:15:53
67.   Lexinthedena
60- Do you think Nomar should have batted third for so long? or that Pierre should have never been taken out of the lineup?
2007-09-02 13:16:39
68.   ucladodger
Typical Dodger inning.

One thing Kemp does need to do is lay off breaking balls early in the count. The first one was a strike, but the second was way out of the zone. There was really no reasons to swing at either pitch because he couldnt do anything with them. He'll learn, and once he lays off the early count breaking stuff for balls, he'll see a ton more fastballs.

2007-09-02 13:19:32
69.   Connector
Hi everybody,

56 I personally don't believe hindsight is 20/20. Hindsight is mainly what you see in your own mind.

Reminds me of a wonderful Talmudic proverb: "We do not see things as they are, we wee them as we are."

2007-09-02 13:19:50
70.   sanchez101
67. neither should be on the roster to begin with - that wasn't my argument, though
2007-09-02 13:20:15
71.   Bob Timmermann
The Talmud was written by Elmer Fudd I guess. ;-)
2007-09-02 13:22:19
72.   Bob Timmermann
The Phillies close to 7-6. 2 outs. 1st and 3rd with Utley at bat.
2007-09-02 13:22:22
73.   Bluebleeder87
It's a nice day for La Roche to hit his 1st major league four bagger!
2007-09-02 13:23:16
74.   still bevens
Anyone know whether LaRoche was #10 in his first callup? Seems like a low number for a rookie.
2007-09-02 13:23:31
75.   JoeyP
Canuck wrote something in the last thread about Buchholz coming out of nowhere.

Thats not true.

The Red Sox use alot of statistical analysis to draft players, with tremendous success.

Add Buchholz to Pedroia/Papelbon/Youkilis as gems they've pulled from the college ranks.

2007-09-02 13:24:20
76.   Connector
71 sheesh...if only I'd ween that twpo beforehand :-(
2007-09-02 13:25:08
77.   D4P
Cody Ross is OPSing 1.100 with 10 HRs in 115 ABs this year.
2007-09-02 13:25:19
78.   Bob Timmermann
LaRoche wore 28 at the Freeway Series game I saw with ToyCannon. The ones that didn't count.
2007-09-02 13:25:55
79.   Bob Timmermann
Bases loaded now for Rollins after Utley walked.
2007-09-02 13:28:39
80.   Bob Timmermann
Rollins flies out.

Marlins win 7-6.

2007-09-02 13:28:58
81.   Lexinthedena
70- I would assume that if Nomar and Pierre were not on the roster, most likely it would have been Kemp/Repko and Loney in their spots instead, which would have gone against your feeling that the it is a good thing the youth were not rushed...
2007-09-02 13:29:08
82.   sanchez101
75. he went to McNeese State University and Angelina College - im pretty sure that's nowhere, probably in the middle. Buchholz was ranked as the 51st best prospect by baseballamerica, and best pitcher and 2nd best prospect in the org., so i find it hard to say that he 'came out of nowhere.'
2007-09-02 13:30:34
83.   Eric Enders
Marlins just got a really bogus one-run victory over the Phils. With two outs and the bases loaded, Gregg threw five consecutive balls to Jimmy Rollins, but two of them were ludicrously called strikes by the home plate ump. Then he hit a game-ending fly ball on the sixth pitch.
2007-09-02 13:31:54
84.   D4P
Gregg threw five consecutive balls to Jimmy Rollins, but two of them were ludicrously called strikes by the home plate ump

Gameday showed two pitches over the plate.

2007-09-02 13:32:25
85.   Bluebleeder87
I wonder if the Camp Pendleton soldiers are pro-Dodgers or if there pro-Padres I guess it depends on where they grew up, I have some acquaintances that are based there & there pro-Dodgers by the way.

ps just thinking out loud don't mind me.

2007-09-02 13:32:33
86.   sanchez101
81. im saying that i like the idea of bringing in young players slowly with experienced veterans along side them - colletti just chose poorly with those veterans.

besides, colletti and mccourt have to spend the ~$18m they are now spending on nomar and pierre - if not them they would have to spend it somewhere or the press would have grilled ownership for being cheap.

2007-09-02 13:33:11
87.   Bluebleeder87
uh, very nice curve by Bills it looks like he has a sharp one today.
2007-09-02 13:33:29
88.   sanchez101
85. my friend, whose in the marines, is a dodger fan - he grew up in santa barbara, though
2007-09-02 13:33:44
89.   JoeyP
82--Canuck said Buccholz came out of nowhere. It wasnt true. The Red Sox used a 1st round pick on him (42, 2 picks
after Hochevar).

With their deep pockets, and Bill James/Epstein et al---they are going to be good for a long time. Hopefully the Dodgers can be like that, although with the current management that will not happen. It'll take new leadership.

2007-09-02 13:33:55
90.   sanchez101
gonzo wouldn't have gotten that ball
2007-09-02 13:35:01
91.   eusmus
89 Who did you have in mind?
2007-09-02 13:35:49
92.   Bob Timmermann
How do we know that Clay Buchholz won't turn into the second coming of Bud Smith?
2007-09-02 13:36:15
93.   JoeyP
besides, colletti and mccourt have to spend the ~$18m they are now spending on nomar and pierre - if not them they would have to spend it somewhere or the press would have grilled ownership for being cheap.

Thats really a poor excuse for spending money horribly.

If the Dodgers are in fact ran like that, I hope McCourt sells the team.
No business is ran like that, c'mon.

2007-09-02 13:36:39
94.   Bob Timmermann
Someone that in a couple of years, most of us will dislike anyway.
2007-09-02 13:37:26
95.   Connector
90 Ethier is a good defensive player, and so is Kemp. Both of them have great throwing abilities, too.
2007-09-02 13:37:30
96.   Lexinthedena
92- Or Jose Jiminez...
2007-09-02 13:37:36
97.   JoeyP
92--Bob using the "who's to say" defense.

I knew Plaschke posted on this blog!

2007-09-02 13:38:13
98.   Curtis Lowe
2007-09-02 13:38:20
99.   Lexinthedena
On what corner was that?
2007-09-02 13:38:22
100.   natepurcell
The Red Sox use alot of statistical analysis to draft players, with tremendous success.

Add Buchholz to Pedroia/Papelbon/Youkilis as gems they've pulled from the college ranks.

oh come on, Buccholz went to a CC, any statistical conclusions from CC competition is worthless.

Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2007-09-02 13:38:34
101.   Bluebleeder87
I'll go to my grave knowing that wasn't a strike to La Roche!!
2007-09-02 13:38:41
102.   imperabo
At least he didn't walk.
2007-09-02 13:39:09
103.   trainwreck
Alright, not the greatest of starts, but he still has at least a couple more at bats.
2007-09-02 13:39:11
104.   D4P
Andy swings twice...! In three pitches...!
2007-09-02 13:39:56
105.   still bevens
Is SD's park effects related to its size or the fact that the umpires give them the outside corner 9 times out of 10 at every home game?
2007-09-02 13:39:57
106.   Bob Timmermann
I have put up with this idiocy long enough.

I'm checking out of this thread and will not post again ever if I see the person from 97 posting in the same thread.

2007-09-02 13:40:17
107.   JoeyP
Buccholz wasnt even drafted out of high school, so I think his performance in college had to have had some credence.

Do you think if he had sucked at CC, that he would have been drafted in 1st round?

2007-09-02 13:41:43
108.   Bluebleeder87
well the rabbits seemed to be doing there part but the muscle (looking at you Kent!) can't seem to get 'er done!!
2007-09-02 13:42:23
109.   natepurcell
Do you think if he had sucked at CC, that he would have been drafted in 1st round?

of course not. But there are more players who dominant CCs that go on to do nothing in professional baseball. You can't seriously chalk up the drafting of Buccholz to statistical analysis used by the Red Sox. Yes of course they looked at his statistics but I bet they cared more about what their scouts thought of Buccholz.

2007-09-02 13:42:57
110.   natepurcell
Why are we even talking about Buccholz anyways?
2007-09-02 13:43:12
111.   KG16
100 - I can't agree that CC stats are worthless. A lot of players go the CC route rather than going to the draft out of high school or to a 4 year school (Piazza, I believe played some CC ball). If you are going to say that CC stats are irrelevant, then so are HS stats, and NCAA stats are suspect as well.
2007-09-02 13:43:20
112.   Lexinthedena
Pierre just took three pitches in a row....
2007-09-02 13:44:22
113.   Curtis Lowe
That was one of the ugliest swings I have ever seen.
2007-09-02 13:44:58
114.   D4P
Among people who care about such things, why doesn't Pierre get flack for his lack of "clutchness"...?
2007-09-02 13:44:58
115.   Gen3Blue
That was a smart move. Whether he made it or not. We can't count on RBIs at this point.

Darn if we are not in one of these stretches where we make every pitcher look like Greg Maddox.

2007-09-02 13:45:02
116.   nofatmike
85 They're mostly Padre fans. My brother went down to San Diego for a recruitment (sp?) thing for the Army and was wearing a Dodger shirt on at the time. One of the guys was acting high and mighty and pointed out the Padres current superiority over the Dodgers. My brother told him that he was at the 4+1 and that it was one of the greatest things he ever saw. The recruiter called him a (Rule 1) underneath his breath.
2007-09-02 13:45:53
117.   Vaudeville Villain
How many starts has Bucholtz made? It's a little early to be declaring him a "gem".
2007-09-02 13:45:58
118.   natepurcell

HS stats are irrelevant. competition at lower levels are so across the board that you can't really rely on stats to paint an accurate picture of a player.

2007-09-02 13:47:20
119.   KG16
114 - because "clutch" only counts if you are a power hitter. No one cares if a 1-2 hitter can't get a hit in the clutch, that's not their "job", their job is to get on so the power guys can get them in, and thus perform in the clutch.
2007-09-02 13:47:23
120.   MMSMikey
juan pieere, jason schmidt, randy wolf and luis gonzalez. money well spent, ned.
2007-09-02 13:48:02
121.   MMSMikey
juan pieere, jason schmidt, randy wolf and luis gonzalez. money well spent, ned.
2007-09-02 13:50:14
122.   Bluebleeder87
Russell Martin came out of his shoes to make that play, lateral baby lateral....
2007-09-02 13:52:26
123.   KG16
118 - so, how do we balance the scouting reports against the stats? Meaning, let's say the stats show a guy who is slightly above average at the HS/CC/NCAA level, but the scouting reports say he's got everything a great ballplayer needs... what do you go with?
2007-09-02 13:53:08
124.   Gen3Blue
Serpentine Schelly..Serpentine. Got that Bob?
2007-09-02 13:53:12
125.   Bluebleeder87
I don't know about you but I'm digging this Cameroan vs Bills match up, mainly cause Bills is making Cameron look pretty bad. Yes, & he strikes him out his the heat!
2007-09-02 13:53:44
126.   Andrew Shimmin
117- Blasphemer!
2007-09-02 13:53:52
127.   Vaudeville Villain


2007-09-02 13:56:09
128.   natepurcell

it depends on who is doing the scouting reports. there are bad scouts and there are good scouts.

2007-09-02 13:56:27
129.   Michael D
Looks like Gonzalez just got himself a start tomorrow.
2007-09-02 13:56:38
130.   Vaudeville Villain
Matt Kemp hit a curveball. How many does he have to hit before people stop saying he can't hit them?

And promptly runs into an out on the bases. Oy.

2007-09-02 13:56:51
131.   trainwreck
Matt needs new contacts.
2007-09-02 13:56:52
132.   Bluebleeder87
half way Kemp!!
2007-09-02 13:57:06
133.   Gen3Blue
That is not going to be helpful, is it.
2007-09-02 13:57:06
134.   JoeyP
2007-09-02 13:58:22
135.   ucladodger
Thats bad baseball on Kents part. Kemp is running and has the base stolen. Why even swing the bat on a poor pitch to hit? Nothing good can come out of that, and Kemp, not expecting the ball to be hit, never saw where it went.
2007-09-02 13:58:23
136.   Ricardo
Maybe it was the sun.Oh Kemp...
2007-09-02 13:58:59
137.   JoeyP
117--A gem in terms of being one of the top prospects in baseball, and having enough inherent value right now that he could command a nice piece in return should the Red Sox trade him.

He's a gem, just like a Matt Kemp is.

2007-09-02 13:59:19
138.   scareduck
That has to be one of the stupidest baserunning blunders I have seen this year. Kemp had no business standing on second with a catchable ball.
2007-09-02 13:59:19
139.   trainwreck
The umps strike zone is generous.
2007-09-02 13:59:40
140.   ucladodger

It was a straight steal. Matt never looked back, so it wasnt a hit and run. He wasnt expecting the ball to be put into play, and when it was, he had to find it by himself.

2007-09-02 13:59:46
141.   natepurcell
was that kemps fault? Im not watching but if he was trying to steal a base then it seems there was nothing he could do. could someone explain the play?
2007-09-02 14:00:46
142.   Bluebleeder87
Kemp is just getting his learning curve ALL out of the way in Auguts & early Sept. Seriously though, he's lagged it very badly lately.

ps I don't remember him doing this AT ALL last year or even earlier this year, what gives!

2007-09-02 14:01:20
143.   scareduck
106 - Bob Timmermann runs out of patience. Now I HAVE seen everything.
2007-09-02 14:01:32
144.   JoeyP
Kemp could have ran back to 1st base, even after Cameron caught it. He basically stopped at 2nd and took some pictures, then decided to run back to 1st base. He must have lost the ball in the sun, bc he could have made it back to 1st if he turns around and immediately starts going back after he was at 2nd. He didnt even slide into 2nd.
2007-09-02 14:01:54
145.   ucladodger

It wasnt Kemps fault. Straight steal, bad decision by Kent to go after a bad pitch. I doubt either of the coaches helped Kemp find the ball, so he was on his own and didnt find the ball in time to get back.

2007-09-02 14:02:03
146.   Bluebleeder87

I'm going with what you said it makes plenty more sense.

2007-09-02 14:02:21
147.   Vaudeville Villain

No, actually he's not just like Matt Kemp. Matt Kemp has a much larger sample of games in the major leagues. Matt Kemp is a hitter, and Buccholz is a pitcher. Since you're so statistically inclined, I'm sure you're familiar with TINSTAAP.

He has started two games.

2007-09-02 14:03:57
148.   scareduck
140 - I don't buy that explanation. Kemp was standing on second watching the Padres outfield angle as to catch a routine fly ball. Stupid, stupid, stupid.
2007-09-02 14:04:15
149.   JoeyP
Joba Chamberlain hasnt started any MLB games.
That doesnt stop people from saying he's the top pitching prospect in baseball.
2007-09-02 14:04:18
150.   JT Dutch

... You're kidding, right? Are you going to tell me that any major league player worth the title isn't going to get back to the bag on a ball hit like that, regardless of whether he was running or not? It was a routine fly ball to center.

Kemp has a lot of upside, but this is a real problem of his; to just deny it and blame it on Kent is asinine.

Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2007-09-02 14:04:18
151.   Bluebleeder87

I thought he might be joking but apparently not.

2007-09-02 14:04:30
152.   ucladodger
You know your arm is terrible when Adrian gonzalez doesnt think twice about running on you.
2007-09-02 14:04:50
153.   Gen3Blue
I'm listening to Pads announcers muse on how they need to keep Cameron, when there is no one in there system two years down the road. At the beginning of the game they were amused by the D's line-up of only young players trying to find an offense.
One just said," I hate to be one of these guys who looks two years down the road when things are going well...or something similar. Well if these guys were looking at these two lineups two years down they would have a lot of trouble keeping their cool.
2007-09-02 14:05:28
154.   Lexinthedena
That Gonzalez double represents a lot about this season....
2007-09-02 14:05:32
155.   MMSMikey
have to watch this giy for 5 years, 5 years.
2007-09-02 14:05:55
156.   MMSMikey
singles stretched into doubles for 5 years.
2007-09-02 14:06:40
157.   Vaudeville Villain

Stop changing the subject. I am adressing your point that Matt Kemp and Buccholz are exactly alike, which they are not.

Joba Chamberlain, as a reliever, is neither here nor there.

2007-09-02 14:06:41
158.   ucladodger

Do you know how hard it is to find the ball after running on a straight steal? He had no idea where it was. Even when loking at Cameron goingt o catch the ball, you still have to process things. Is he deking me? Did Kent hit the ball on the ground? Its a lot more complicated than it looks, and saying that is a routine play is false. If he WASNT going on a staight steal, then it is routine.

2007-09-02 14:06:44
159.   Bluebleeder87

Duncan directing traffic would have been nice also no?

mean while, Bills is pitching a pretty darn good game so far! ugh!!!

2007-09-02 14:06:55
160.   Ricardo
That was a single, right?
2007-09-02 14:07:05
161.   Connector
I think the Dodgers as a team are making far too many baserunning blunders of late. Don't they work on baserunning in practice?
2007-09-02 14:07:12
162.   KAYVMON
Even if Pierre hit 20 homeruns a year, I still dont think I could stand his defense. He play so far back that other teams probably aim for center field.
2007-09-02 14:07:40
163.   natepurcell
alot of 95s and 96s from billz on gameday this inning.
2007-09-02 14:08:03
164.   scareduck
161 - when you have this many vetruhns, they all know what to do so you don't ever need to practice. Ever.
2007-09-02 14:08:10
165.   LAT
Even Vin flat out acknowledges people run on JP cause of his well known weak arm.
2007-09-02 14:09:00
166.   ucladodger

That wouldnt really help, either. Out there in a big stadium with the crowd roaring, you cant hear much. Then, add it the infielders yelling at you, and it just gets all jumbled. The best help would be Donnelly at thrid, but based on his track record, i doubt he was doing anything helpful.

2007-09-02 14:09:52
167.   still bevens
Wow great recovery by C-Bills. That kid is really showing us something. Dare I say he is our most reliable pitcher going down the stretch?
2007-09-02 14:10:30
168.   Gen3Blue
Wow, Bob was serious. anyone else old enough to get 124.
2007-09-02 14:10:32
169.   LAT
Nice to see someone else leave RISP for a change
2007-09-02 14:11:04
170.   natepurcell

hes been our best starting pitcher. Sammy and Broxton have just been lights out though.

2007-09-02 14:11:21
171.   Lexinthedena
167- I feel like he is going to be a top tier pitcher for a long time....just a horse....

A lot to be excited about for '08....if they can just find a way to get rid of Pierre...

2007-09-02 14:11:33
172.   Connector
164 They're in a pennant race for goodness sakes.
2007-09-02 14:11:38
173.   Ricardo
167. I believe he is, because Penny is not pitching like in the 1st half.
2007-09-02 14:12:57
174.   Lexinthedena
Germano is one of those junkballers that will be around forever.....
2007-09-02 14:14:03
175.   Gen3Blue
Another Loney line drive. Some years many of them should leave the park.
2007-09-02 14:14:17
176.   ucladodger
Andy doing his best Shea impression. 2 hideous at bats so far.
2007-09-02 14:14:24
177.   Bluebleeder87
Even Vin flat out acknowledges people run on JP cause of his well known weak arm.

I really hope Ned blushes when he see that, if for anything else so he can learn from his mistakes. I sincerely mean it in a good way not in a bad way.

2007-09-02 14:15:03
178.   imperabo
Someone tell Andy that proving yourself as big leaguer doesn't mean emulating the guy you're replacing.
2007-09-02 14:15:14
179.   JT Dutch

... Then explain to me why you never see that kind of play happening 99% of the time.

And the bashing of Donnelly is tired. It's not Donnelly's fault that the Dodgers run the bases poorly.

2007-09-02 14:15:22
180.   trainwreck
Alright, get them next time LaRoche.
2007-09-02 14:15:23
181.   Gen3Blue
This guy is killing right handers.Esp. Kent--two DPs
2007-09-02 14:15:30
182.   scareduck
158 - nonsense. If you've got a DVR (we do) you can see both the RF and CF converging on that ball. One player might decide to deke Kemp, but two?

Generously, that was a busted run and hit.

2007-09-02 14:15:39
183.   Vaudeville Villain

It's interesting, because this is probably true. In far fewer innings, Billingsley has struck out over 100 batters, which Penny and Lowe have each managed to do in 170+ innings. At this point, he is a legitimately top end pitcher, although very few people seem to talk about it.

2007-09-02 14:15:57
184.   bhsportsguy
Look, the kids will make mistakes, vets make them too. Not sure why there is this need to get defensive about it, Matt made a bad play, he'll learn and move on.

And if we are going to be judged on players who get drafted after our picks, here's my response:

Matt Kemp, Russell Martin, Andy LaRoche, Jonathan Broxton, and even Clayton Kershaw.

2007-09-02 14:16:08
185.   D4P
LaRoche with 4 swings on 6 pitches.
2007-09-02 14:17:03
186.   Lexinthedena
183- Dodger prospects get no love in the national media....I wonder if it is because everyone hated the D's so much during the 70's and 80's when they were good, and arrogant....
2007-09-02 14:17:20
187.   bhsportsguy
177 Again, as much as this bugs people, its not like its a new thing. And I doubt that we lose a lot of games because of it.
2007-09-02 14:17:32
188.   JoeyP
157--I dont think you are understanding my point.

You are arguing the due to sample size, Kemp/Buccholz are not of the same value.

I disagree, bc prospects are not valued based upon their current value, but their expected future value. At this stage of the game, Kemp/Buccholz could be expected to garner the same type of talent in a trade on the open market. That is just the way the market is.

Buccholz dominated the minor league levels, just like Kemp has. Top end pitching, is valued more highly than corner OF'ers as well.

2007-09-02 14:17:53
189.   Bluebleeder87

from what I've seen he chaises that out side pitch way to much (he did that earlier in the year) plus he stands WAY far from the plate for my taste, if I were an MLB pitcher I wouldn't throw anything else until he proves he can hit it.

2007-09-02 14:18:02
190.   scareduck
177 - I really hope Ned blushes when he see that, if for anything else so he can learn from his mistakes. I sincerely mean it in a good way not in a bad way.

After the experience with Jason Schmidt, after the experience with Randy Wolf, after the experience with Brett Tomko, after the experience with Mark Hendrickson, the Dodgers keep going back to the same old well of used up pitchers (c.f. Esteban Loaiza).

Teachability seems to be a problem for Ned.

2007-09-02 14:18:06
191.   MC Safety
174- He really is tailor made for that park.

To be quite honest, Dodger Thoughts just isnt Dodger Thoughts without Bob Timmermann's eclectic sense of humor. I really do enjoy that aspect of this blog.

2007-09-02 14:18:13
192.   still bevens
183 I think it was mostly his inconsistency and the whole good chad/bad chad seesaw of late july and early august. He seems to have been solid for his last 4 outings in a row.
2007-09-02 14:18:20
193.   ucladodger

You dont see it because most of the time on a straight steal when a guy has the bag stolen, there is no swing. Regardless on the outcomes, it was a bad play on Kents part. Obviously Kemp needs to improve his baserunning, but if you have never been in the position he was just in, you cannot comprehend how difficult it is to recover on that type of play.

2007-09-02 14:19:29
194.   Ricardo
183. Yes, it´s strange that when they talk about young NL West pitchers people always remember the names of Lincecum and Cain but almost never Chad Billingsley.
2007-09-02 14:19:29
195.   MMSMikey
right where we want pierre
2007-09-02 14:19:33
196.   trainwreck
Seems to be a good number of Dodger fans at the game.
2007-09-02 14:19:53
197.   bhsportsguy
190 Yeah but that is really a baseball issue, not just Ned.

Brian Cashman, Brian Sabean, Phillies, the list goes on.

2007-09-02 14:19:54
198.   Gen3Blue
Andy badly wants to pull one to make a good impression. Almost every pitcher ever to reach the majors knows what to do with a "badly wants".
2007-09-02 14:21:08
199.   MMSMikey
there ya go juan, clutch.
2007-09-02 14:21:21
200.   imperabo
193 What I can't comprehend is how a batter can be expect to hit while trying to accout for what a basestealer is doing.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2007-09-02 14:21:21
201.   D4P
Yet another nickname for Pierre:

Automatic Transmission.

2007-09-02 14:21:22
202.   bhsportsguy
193 I don't think it was a straight steal, he screwed up, why get all defensive about it. It was probably an hit and run play or Kemp went on his own (which is doubtful)
2007-09-02 14:22:05
203.   scareduck
197 - in which case, what you're saying is that Ned is safely mediocre.

As Dodger fans, we should demand more.

2007-09-02 14:22:17
204.   Bluebleeder87
Dodger prospects get no love in the national media....I wonder if it is because everyone hated the D's so much during the 70's and 80's when they were good, and arrogant....

I SOOO!! want those days to come back. I'm still arrogant but my team has to do there part also!

ps we have the chips & the puzzle is almost complete, patience & it will come!

2007-09-02 14:22:36
205.   Vaudeville Villain

You have no point, honestly, so it's impossible to miss it. Matt Kemp has a .489 slugging percentage in 360 at-bats. He has a larger sample of major league experience to draw from.

Buccholz, for the millionth time, has TWO STARTS in the major leagues.

They are not the same. Accept it, and move on.

2007-09-02 14:23:11
206.   MMSMikey
i was at the game friday night, seems like theres not nearly as many dodger fans as used to go down there. i think dodger fans are realizing its not worth all the trouble, money, travel, to go down there and watch your team get shutout.
2007-09-02 14:23:19
207.   imperabo
I think LaRoche is getting undermined by the way he was treated before. He would have taken some of those pitches, and had a chance at successful atbats, but he's learned from management that patience is not a virtue.
2007-09-02 14:24:49
208.   D4P
Did Scott Boras take Michael Barrett's Gameday photo...?
2007-09-02 14:25:00
209.   Vaudeville Villain

To further illustrate the point, wouldn't you agree that Billingsley is more valuable right now than Buccholz?

2007-09-02 14:25:31
210.   Ricardo
Sometimes is hard to believe that the Dodgers and not the Padres has a 109 million payroll.
2007-09-02 14:25:50
211.   Bluebleeder87
Bills is rokin today!!
2007-09-02 14:26:04
212.   Gen3Blue
187 I'm with you part way, but I know we have given a lot of runs up because of this, and they may have actually caused some losses that were unneccesary.
Anyway, I fully approve of playing prospects first for the rest of the season. We might get lucky, and they will get experience and get some mistakes out of their system.
2007-09-02 14:26:17
213.   JT Dutch

... This kind of play (run & hit, hit & run, flyball to the OF) happens dozens of times during a season to any team. 99% of the time, the runner going is able to make it back; most of the time easily, sometimes they barely get in there with a slide.

Kemp clearly blundered. He should have looked at his coach, or if he still had any doubt about where the ball was, he should have headed halfway back to first.

2007-09-02 14:28:15
214.   Ricardo
209. Imagine if Chad or Brox played for the Red Sox.
2007-09-02 14:28:20
215.   JoeyP
205--I dont think you have a point. You're basically saying that only players that play in the MLB can attain value. Its not true.

If it was, how come teams are willing to give up more for Clayton Kershaw instead of say Matt Kemp?

2007-09-02 14:29:17
216.   natepurcell
If it was, how come teams are willing to give up more for Clayton Kershaw instead of say Matt Kemp?

where is evidence of this?

2007-09-02 14:30:11
217.   JT Dutch

... Let's not get hysterical over two at-bats. LaRoche is likely just pressing -- if he gets more chances down the stretch, he'll be fine. If not, wait until next year.

2007-09-02 14:30:15
218.   scareduck
209 et al. - not that I'm particularly interested in getting into speculative tempest-in-a-teapot sorts of arguments, but it is the case that both players have minor league numbers:

So if you were going to start talking about records, that would be the place to start.

2007-09-02 14:31:01
219.   still bevens
208 I think that Barrett photo is the victim of trading photoshoppery. When someone is traded they tend not to take new photos with new hats, etc and just photoshop the new team logo onto the old gameday photo, sometimes with hilarious results. See Ronnie Belliard's photo last year.
2007-09-02 14:31:15
220.   Vaudeville Villain

Young players with upside AND established major league success are more valuable than ones without a major league sample.

This is not a difficult concept. Any team that would give more for Clayton Kershaw than Matt Kemp is a team desperate for pitching, or more probably, foolish.

2007-09-02 14:32:19
221.   imperabo
Ok, we gotta plate one of these leadoff runners.
2007-09-02 14:32:35
222.   Bluebleeder87

I just closed my eyes & imagined it, & I came to the conclusion that they'd be pimped heavily!

2007-09-02 14:32:44
223.   Ricardo
216.nate, do you believe that the player the Dodgers would receive the most if traded would be Russell Martin?
2007-09-02 14:33:52
224.   natepurcell

not necessarily. it all depends on what team is trading for him and their strengths and weaknesses.

2007-09-02 14:34:05
225.   Gen3Blue
I've got to feel good, we could have an ace here. And any time you can develop a good pitcher you are way ahead in this crazy market. I assume crazy contracts for starters may eventually cool down, as contracts like Schmidt and Zito pile up and stories like Wood and others proliferate.

Kemp is plain fast.

2007-09-02 14:34:09
226.   MMSMikey
this is where kent swings and misses at 3 fastballs in a row after getting up in the count 3-0
2007-09-02 14:34:38
227.   natepurcell
but to answer your question, probably either billingsley or martin.
2007-09-02 14:34:40
228.   Bluebleeder87
Matt Kemp is at 3rd hopefully we can score him.
2007-09-02 14:35:06
229.   MC Safety
207- I dont know if you can go that far.
2007-09-02 14:35:45
230.   Gen3Blue
There, Kent had no way to cause a double play. And I know thats mildly unfair, but who's not frustrated.
2007-09-02 14:36:18
231.   Bluebleeder87
Ethier comes threw, very nice & we take the lead 1-0
2007-09-02 14:36:44
232.   trainwreck
Alright, we got a lead.
2007-09-02 14:36:46
233.   Vaudeville Villain
Despite his baserunning blunder earlier, Kemp has basically been the offense today.
2007-09-02 14:36:55
234.   imperabo
229 Well, one of the basic rules of management is you get what you reward.
2007-09-02 14:37:04
235.   D4P
Looks like a Dodger victory, on a Billingsley shutout.
2007-09-02 14:37:39
236.   imperabo
Man, Ethier looked fast there.
2007-09-02 14:38:42
237.   Gen3Blue
It would be nice to get into their bullpen, but thats a bit to ask right now.
2007-09-02 14:39:56
238.   ucladodger
good job by the ump to not give him the borderline 3-0 count. I hate when upires stretch their zone 3-0.
2007-09-02 14:40:00
239.   Bluebleeder87
if we lose I'm play sing partial blame on D4P 235
2007-09-02 14:40:20
240.   trainwreck
Come on LaRoche!!!
2007-09-02 14:40:53
241.   ucladodger
jeepers, Andy, settle down.
2007-09-02 14:41:08
242.   King of the Hobos
219 Maicer Izturis' initial photo when he was called up by the Expos originally was a classic. It was a photshopped version of Cesar's photo.

The Adkins/Sexton combo finally had a bad day. Or to more specific, Sexton had a bad day. In their last game of the year:
Adkins 3 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 1 BB, 2 K
Sexton 3.2 IP, 7 H, 7 R (5 ER), 2 BB, 4 K, 1 HR

Why Laroche didn't play yesterday:
"It had to do with Andy's healthy," Little said. "He missed a lot of time with his back recently and we wanted to make sure and get him another game under his belt. He made it through fine and we decided to make the move." One additional game makes him healthy? Ok

And to finish it, off, a quote from Laroche:
"I've stunk. Just look at the numbers," said LaRoche. "I've never had good springs and this spring my back started to bother me and I didn't think much of it, but when I got called up, it was bothering me and I was getting treatment. I felt it mostly fielding and running. And in airplanes and cars.
"I just didn't have any rhythm," said LaRoche, who also had to overcome a recurrence of chronic shoulder problems while at Las Vegas, shaking off a slow start. "It's just been a weird season for me. But I'm basically 100 percent physically now."

2007-09-02 14:41:38
243.   MMSMikey
swing andy, cause we gotta let bills hit.
2007-09-02 14:42:02
244.   Bluebleeder87
I really hope La Roche hits it out but I'm still gonna think he stand pretty far from the plate.
2007-09-02 14:43:01
245.   Pedro Astacio
Maybe Grady didn't want him to face Peavy?
2007-09-02 14:43:37
246.   Vaudeville Villain
Nice AB.
2007-09-02 14:43:38
247.   Bluebleeder87
Nice at bat by La Roche do let them up.
2007-09-02 14:43:40
248.   KG16
Pinch hitter for Bills?
2007-09-02 14:44:15
249.   MC Safety
234- That's understandable, but to me your jumping to conclusions.
2007-09-02 14:44:21
250.   D4P
Back to the bench for LaRoche.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2007-09-02 14:44:22
251.   eusmus
248 Absolutely not.
2007-09-02 14:44:32
252.   imperabo
245 I'll buy that. Maintain his confidence. And he doesn't say that to the press because he doesn't want Andy to look weak.
2007-09-02 14:44:33
253.   trainwreck
2007-09-02 14:44:39
254.   Johnny Nucleo
This is a tough managerial decision.
2007-09-02 14:45:10
255.   Vaudeville Villain
What's Billingsley's pitch count?
2007-09-02 14:45:11
256.   JT Dutch
... Well, LaRoche did the right thing to walk. What killed this inning is Kent going after a 3-0 pitch.
2007-09-02 14:45:28
257.   Bluebleeder87
247 = to load them up.
2007-09-02 14:46:05
258.   King of the Hobos
255 73
2007-09-02 14:50:00
259.   Gen3Blue
One of the reasons I love baseball is the streaks of Karma I have come to recognise over many years. We have had a bad run of leaving men on base but there is a certainty that at some unknowable point this will probably reverse itself. Personally I don't mind if this must wait till next year, but I am fortunate enough to take a long view.
2007-09-02 14:50:40
260.   trainwreck
Nice defense all around on that one.
2007-09-02 14:50:41
261.   JT Dutch
... Great play by Andy, and nice turn by Kent. Well done.
2007-09-02 14:50:49
262.   Vaudeville Villain
What is Tony Jackson's problem with Billingsley? His latest post just said that, "he's still missing the strike zone a lot". Really?
2007-09-02 14:52:12
263.   Curtis Lowe
Excellent Double Play.
2007-09-02 14:53:04
264.   Gen3Blue
And I have wanted to add that while Jeff Kent's range is noticebly shrinking, I think he has been very good at turning the double play. This is one of those things that my eyes tell me--don't know what the stats say( or in this case really care.)
2007-09-02 14:53:29
265.   D4P
Last time I looked, Billingsley was at 20 strikes, 20 balls.

He's now at 46 strikes, 36 balls.

2007-09-02 14:54:23
266.   Bluebleeder87

He's being very economical with his pitch count today, I don't get it.

2007-09-02 14:54:41
267.   natepurcell
TJ hates billingsley and Gurnick hates every young dodger.
2007-09-02 14:55:46
268.   Bluebleeder87
on paper this inning looks pretty promising.
2007-09-02 14:57:29
269.   Bluebleeder87
I miss Bob already
2007-09-02 14:59:23
270.   silverwidow
267 -- TJ doesn't hate Bills; it's just hard for him to admit that Billingsley can be an efficient pitcher.
2007-09-02 14:59:26
271.   Bluebleeder87
what poison Germano & Michael Barrett make, good for us though!
2007-09-02 15:00:58
272.   Bluebleeder87

that has to make you question his baseball knowledge no?

2007-09-02 15:01:35
273.   imperabo
So that was an error but Pierre's lost fly ball yesterday wasn't?
2007-09-02 15:01:48
274.   natepurcell

I think TJ is just stubborn.

2007-09-02 15:02:03
275.   Gen3Blue
Thats how speed is supposed to work, and for times during the tenures of Wills and Henderson it did. Even for a time with Lou Brock, but barely.
2007-09-02 15:02:23
276.   silverwidow
2007-09-02 15:03:11
277.   trainwreck
Kemper adds to his good day at the plate.
2007-09-02 15:03:12
278.   ucladodger
2007-09-02 15:03:18
279.   Curtis Lowe
276 - Kemper?
2007-09-02 15:03:24
280.   Bluebleeder87

Even worse, "those" are the worst kind.

2007-09-02 15:03:46
281.   trainwreck
Gurnick just hates the Dodgers.
2007-09-02 15:04:29
282.   ucladodger

I actually think thats what some of the guys call him. Sometimes when they follow a player in tot he dugout you can hear the congratulations and such, and a few times I've heard "Atta boy Kemper!"

2007-09-02 15:04:31
283.   Vaudeville Villain
I don't know how I feel about this "Kemper" business.
2007-09-02 15:05:15
284.   Marty
There's a fever in the funkhouse and the cure is more BISON!
2007-09-02 15:05:55
285.   JT Dutch
... It's time to come get your pitcher.
2007-09-02 15:06:02
286.   JoeyP
How many singles is that today?
2007-09-02 15:06:17
287.   King of the Hobos
Do the Padres tell all their pitchers to disregard base runners? As I recall, Young pays absolutely no attention whatsoever, and seems to have done fine. The Padres catchers' CS rates are quite poor as well, which seems to reinforce this notion.

If it's true, it's an interesting strategy, and definitely a worthwhile one. If the pitcher doesn't pay any attention to the runner, then the batter has no advantage, and could conceivably play against them. That, and a SB rarely adds a run anyways (like Furcal's, I'm guessing he would have scored on the Kemp/Kent hits regardless of the SB or Pierre's bunt)

2007-09-02 15:06:36
288.   Curtis Lowe
284 - HA!

Kempered Steel.

2007-09-02 15:06:48
289.   Bluebleeder87
if Germano was gonna have a bad inning you knew it was gonna be on this one.
2007-09-02 15:07:05
290.   trainwreck
That was complete coincidence I called him Kemper after silverwidow.
2007-09-02 15:07:55
291.   JoeyP
9 singles
1 double
4 bbs

= 3 runs so far.

2007-09-02 15:07:58
292.   Gen3Blue
Who is TJ.

Into the bullpen deeper deeper!!

2007-09-02 15:09:00
293.   JoeyP
289--Kevin Cameron was pitching the 7th.
2007-09-02 15:09:27
294.   Curtis Lowe
If you're going to run for Kent why Martinez over Hu? Isn't Hu fast and a defensive wizard who was getting time at 2nd in Vegas?
2007-09-02 15:09:37
295.   King of the Hobos
291 To be fair, 2 of those singles are still on base with no outs.
2007-09-02 15:09:51
296.   Vaudeville Villain

Germano came out, actually, it was Cameron who got hit.

2007-09-02 15:10:02
297.   Connector
284 288
How 'bout Kemper Fidelis, "always faithful"
2007-09-02 15:11:15
298.   Bluebleeder87


2007-09-02 15:15:21
299.   JT Dutch
... Atta boy James!!
2007-09-02 15:15:55
300.   trainwreck
Keep this lineup!!!
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2007-09-02 15:16:19
301.   natepurcell
loney went to the lumber yard before todays game.
2007-09-02 15:16:30
302.   still bevens
2007-09-02 15:16:31
303.   trainwreck
2007-09-02 15:16:42
304.   Curtis Lowe
Just another walk for LaRoche.
2007-09-02 15:16:50
305.   Bluebleeder87
I know there's still some innings to go but we could have very easily taken 2of3 from the Padres, I'm just happy we salvaging one SO FAR with one of our young studs leading/pitching today.
2007-09-02 15:16:53
306.   imperabo
Hey, LaRoche has a .500 OBA in this game.
2007-09-02 15:17:23
307.   Vaudeville Villain
I hope this doesn't re-ignite the "Laroche only walks 'cause he hits 8th" argument.
2007-09-02 15:17:27
308.   Andrew Shimmin
If Billingsley gets a hit, here, it will be because he's wearing Russ Martin's helmet.
2007-09-02 15:17:50
309.   Curtis Lowe
Sorry, I lack the ability to create or use acronyms.
2007-09-02 15:18:53
310.   King of the Hobos
308 Martin's legs may have helped somewhat.
2007-09-02 15:20:39
311.   Ken Noe
305 Barring an amazing collapse up top, the LADs won't make the post season. That probably has been a done deal since the bad streak. But a few days with this lineup would give me a heck of a lot of hope for the winter. A few good wins might even convince the powers that be.
2007-09-02 15:21:54
312.   Gen3Blue
That sweet Loney swing. That Kemp handling a pitch he can't "handle" by flicking it the other way that could end up a double. Don't senll your tickets for next year.
2007-09-02 15:23:08
313.   natepurcell
what does the tv gun have billingsleys fb at? gameday has him touching 96
2007-09-02 15:25:26
314.   Bluebleeder87

there not showing the MPH Nate but the ball is coming off his hand very very nicely today.

2007-09-02 15:25:31
315.   imperabo
311 Don't give up yet. Today is shaping up to be a perfect day with the right people losing. The bigger the mountain the greater the glory.
2007-09-02 15:25:57
316.   trainwreck
Bills is dominating.
2007-09-02 15:26:14
317.   King of the Hobos
Billingsley's third straight 7 innings game.
2007-09-02 15:29:52
318.   Curtis Lowe
Billingsley gets 7 innings closer to Orel's record.
2007-09-02 15:30:38
319.   King of the Hobos
Why are the Dodgers playing a double header on the 18th at Colorado? Both teams have the 17th off, and the Dodgers' game on the 16th is in LA, and Rockies game is in Denver, so travel shouldn't be a factor. Anyone know?
2007-09-02 15:30:51
320.   JT Dutch
... Couldn't the Dodgers use someone other than Broxton for the 8th and 9th? Seems silly to add workload for John in a 5-run game.
2007-09-02 15:31:48
321.   Ken Noe
315 I've been rooting for these guys since the '65 series (I was six) so I'm not bailing now, just trying to be realistic. I think we needed two out of three this weekend, maybe all three. But you're right, stranger things have happened. I'd love to eat crow!
2007-09-02 15:33:40
322.   Bluebleeder87

there using Proctor for the 8th JT Dutch.

2007-09-02 15:34:16
323.   JT Dutch
... I like this move; putting in Proctor. No sense in using Broxton today, unless there's serious trouble brewing.
2007-09-02 15:35:05
324.   bhsportsguy
319 Rockies control the schedule, I guess they wanted to have both games the same day. Also, the Rockies would have had only one day off in a stretch of 24 days.
2007-09-02 15:36:25
325.   bhsportsguy
313 Nate, how shaky is Stoops now at Arizona?
2007-09-02 15:36:33
326.   silverwidow
Here we go again. I hate this!
2007-09-02 15:36:38
327.   ToyCannon
No matter how the season ends it will be nice heading into next year with Billingsley, Penny, and Lowe as our top 3 pitchers.

Canuck and Nate never wavered in their support of Chad even when his control left much to be desired last year. I certainly had my doubts and it is nice to see Chad develop as they said he would.

Ned takes alot of heat, but I expect he could have dumped Chad last winter for a hitter and he didn't. That is the kind of non-action I give him credit for.

2007-09-02 15:37:37
328.   bhsportsguy
316 If you ever want me to ask a question at the weekly breakfast before UCLA home games, let me know. My guess is that either Jay Norvell or Walker will be the coach at the next breakfast.
2007-09-02 15:37:55
329.   Louis in SF
Why isn't Billingsly still pitching..pitch counts (ech)
2007-09-02 15:38:04
330.   JT Dutch
... Wow, that's some seriously hysterical managing right there. A single and a walk in a 5-run game, and that's that for Proctor? How ridiculous.
2007-09-02 15:38:17
331.   Johnny Nucleo
Bills' game score = 77, second only to his 7 inning, 3 hit performance against SD on July 1.
2007-09-02 15:38:31
332.   Bluebleeder87
unless there's serious trouble brewing.

you rang?

I think there bringing in Beimel hopefully he can induce a DP.

2007-09-02 15:38:41
333.   trainwreck
It won't help Stoops either, when UCLA takes Golden (their top recruit) from him.
2007-09-02 15:38:42
334.   dzzrtRatt
OT: From

But before powering off the phone, Buchholz had one of the most satisfying conversations of his life. That, of course, was with his parents -- Skip and Robin Buchholz of Lumberton, Texas.

"[My dad] was sort of lost for words," Buchholz said of his dad. "One thing he had been waiting for was for me to just give him the call that I was coming up here to get a start, but I don't think he ever thought of me calling and saying that I had thrown a no-hitter. He was real excited about that. It's what all of them dreamed about as I made my way through the organization and coming up here. I don't think they ever thought they'd see a no-hitter on the second start. It is what it is, and they were glad for it to happen."


What'd you call your Dad for? You couldn't send him a telegram?

Listen, kid, you got the big bonus. Buy your dad Extra Innings or MLB-TV!

The 21st century.

2007-09-02 15:39:09
335.   trainwreck
Will do, thanks.
2007-09-02 15:39:57
336.   King of the Hobos
Has anyone noticed Brain Bannister this year?

23 G, 148.1 IP, 3.16 ERA, 9 HR, 36 BB, 72 K

The 4.5 K/9 rate means he's probably been lucky and is due to regress, but I'm sure the Royals have enjoyed it this year.

2007-09-02 15:40:25
337.   bhsportsguy
Proctor gets a pass from me after his 3 inning outing on Wednesday otherwise known as keeping Hernandez out of the game.
2007-09-02 15:41:13
338.   MSarg29
Watching the Padres telecast its really stunning how many commercials feature Padre players or announcers.
2007-09-02 15:41:56
339.   Connector
Proctor on the mound is like Dr. Jeckyl and Mr Hyde. De Jeckyl with no runners on base, and Mr. Hyde with runners on base.
2007-09-02 15:45:29
340.   ToyCannon
I'm taking particular glee in seeing Yankee castoff Carlos Pena destroy them today.

Pena must be having the best season ever by a walk on positional player in my lifetime unless Fielder would be considered a walk on. He was signed from the Japanese league as a free agent while Pena was a non roster invite who made the team by the luckiest of margins.

2007-09-02 15:46:10
341.   trainwreck
Maybe we should have gone with Broxton.
2007-09-02 15:46:11
342.   Andrew Shimmin
334- Plaschkeite!
2007-09-02 15:46:34
343.   Bluebleeder87
Hopefully Broxton can undue this mess.
2007-09-02 15:47:23
344.   dzzrtRatt
342 Pistols at dawn!
2007-09-02 15:48:54
345.   ToyCannon
With Seattle losing Eight in a row the season makes so much more sense now.
2007-09-02 15:49:06
346.   Reddog
If memory serves me correctly, wasn't our worst loss of this season a game where we were leading the Padres 5-0 going to the 9th, and they scored 6 to beat us?

If we lose this one, I am officially throwing in the towel.

However, now that Broxton is coming in, I think we're OK.

2007-09-02 15:49:53
347.   Bluebleeder87
throw Cameron pure heat Broxton!
2007-09-02 15:49:59
348.   still bevens
I think the gameday 'gun' is juiced. They had Beimel throwing in the low 90s and Broxton's first pitch was 101. Broxton can hit 101, but he doesnt usually do it a lot.
2007-09-02 15:51:06
349.   Bluebleeder87
HIGH HEAT! to take care of Cameron, very impressive.
2007-09-02 15:52:01
350.   King of the Hobos
345 That should be 9 losses in a row
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2007-09-02 15:53:05
351.   JT Dutch

... Wasn't Broxton the pitcher who blew the 5-run lead that day?

Regardless of how this turns out, this was a hysterical display of over-managing. They're going to need Broxton in the close games, so there's no reason whatsoever to burn him in the blowouts.

2007-09-02 15:54:11
352.   Curtis Lowe
351 - Mainly horrible defense.
2007-09-02 15:55:38
353.   Curtis Lowe
Da Bull!
2007-09-02 15:55:43
354.   imperabo
Ethier was didn't go around that far yesterday and had a strike called.
2007-09-02 15:56:03
355.   Bluebleeder87
Broxton cleans up the mess...
2007-09-02 15:56:10
356.   King of the Hobos
348 Vin said that Broxton's 5th pitch was 98 (I don't think PrimeTicket is showing any speeds), whereas Gameday said it was 100.
2007-09-02 15:56:18
357.   Jimi Shelter
There's Fever in the Funkhouse Now

Good one, Jon. Tumbling the dice, indeed.

Oh, and way to go, Broxton!!!!!!

2007-09-02 15:56:23
358.   still bevens
351 Fixed:

Wasn't Nomar the 1B who blew the 5-run lead that day?

2007-09-02 15:56:53
359.   natepurcell
Nate, how shaky is Stoops now at Arizona?

I wouldn't know, i don't pay attention to Arizona all.

2007-09-02 15:57:20
360.   Bluebleeder87

yeah, I don't like this umpiring crew either.

2007-09-02 15:57:30
361.   King of the Hobos
And if anyone's curious, Gameday agrees with Martin on that 5th pitch, although it really doesn't matter after the K on the next pitch.
2007-09-02 15:57:46
362.   dzzrtRatt
Broxton and Meloan are going to be quite a tandem. Sheez, I thought for sure they'd get a run out of that.
2007-09-02 15:58:09
363.   MSarg29
Grady could of brought in Broxton after Proctor and Beimel gave up 3 runs. I preferred bringing in Broxton before any runs scored.
2007-09-02 15:59:08
364.   ucladodger
why Hernandez That just means that Grady will be ussing Saito, anyways.
2007-09-02 15:59:24
365.   King of the Hobos
Roberto's warming in the pen. I guess Saito will have to pitch today after all.
2007-09-02 16:00:33
366.   imperabo
That would have been a double against JP.
2007-09-02 16:00:59
367.   JT Dutch

... I agree.


... Nomar was certainly a big part of that loss; no denying that.

2007-09-02 16:01:33
368.   dzzrtRatt
This discussion of whether/when Broxton should've been called in reminds me of driving thru San Francisco years ago in a rental car, and hitting one of those really steep hills. We were straining the engine to climb the hill.

My wife asks, "What gear are you in?"


"So, what are you saving first gear for?"

If Grady let this game get away because he was trying to "save" Broxton, he'd be fired.

2007-09-02 16:01:35
369.   still bevens
361 Well also according to Gameday hardly any pitcher has been getting strikes low in the zone all day long. That pitch wasn't as flagrant as the others but this ump is consistent in his wrong-ness, if that makes sense.
2007-09-02 16:02:27
370.   Gagne55
Saito has not pitched any of the last three days. If anything they should give him an inning to keep him sharp.
2007-09-02 16:03:43
371.   JT Dutch
... Check that, 363 ; Little in fact SHOULD have waited until Proctor gave up a pair before making a move at all.

You're going to need Broxton in situations where the bases are loaded and the Dodgers have a ONE-run lead -- it's silly to burn him when the Dodgers are up by 5.

2007-09-02 16:04:02
372.   Gen3Blue
Broxton has too much rest. But that is not usually a huge problem.
2007-09-02 16:05:45
373.   Marty
fasten your seatbelts
2007-09-02 16:05:51
374.   tjshere
2007-09-02 16:05:56
375.   Gagne55
371 You can't anticipate that there will be a lot of high leverage situations coming up this week. We do know that there is a lead to protect today. And he hadn't pitched since Wednesday.
2007-09-02 16:06:27
376.   Reddog
Why is Roberto Hernandez on this team?
2007-09-02 16:06:40
377.   ucladodger

Why is that silly to use him in that situation? Proctor obviously stunk today and Little has him on a short leash. Beimel wasnt going to face Cameron with the bases loaded. You use your best reliever in that circumstance to keep the game a 5 run lead, you dont wait until the game gets closer. Brox hasnt pitched in 3 days, and stopping that rally was the most important part of the game. no reason not to use him there. I'd rather have Brox come in in that spot rather than have Beimel give up a bses clearing double to Cameron and have Brox come in with a 2 run lead and a man on second.

2007-09-02 16:06:56
378.   Gagne55
I disapprove of the use of Kool Aid in this situation. Trying to get Saito a save?
2007-09-02 16:07:02
379.   Gen3Blue
Would you Brox a batter or two here. Probably not. But if I recall, Saito is not as rested as Brox.

This is a reckless move IMO. Good lick Grits. You may need it.

2007-09-02 16:07:12
380.   imperabo
Little must have Saito on his fantasy team. Trying to set up the save op.
2007-09-02 16:07:30
381.   Marty
Meloan can't go two games straight? Grady seems to trust Hernandez more. That's laughable.
2007-09-02 16:07:46
382.   JT Dutch

... How does Proctor giving up a couple runs constitute "letting the game get away"? He gave up a single and a walk and got pulled. I can understand sending the pitching coach to the mound, but to pull Proctor was over-reacting.

Broxton will get enough use in the CLOSE games; it makes no sense to burn him in a blowout. None at all.

2007-09-02 16:07:48
383.   silverwidow
Billingsley and Broxton are the best young pitching tandem in the bigs, regardless of what BA thinks...
2007-09-02 16:08:01
384.   dzzrtRatt
Grady looks like he's getting ready to barf.

A manager using Roberto Hernandez is like having an eating disorder.

2007-09-02 16:08:33
385.   still bevens
Wow Ensberg took a fat pitch right over the plate and rolled over it into a DP. A greater man would have crushed that thing.
2007-09-02 16:08:44
386.   Marty
Well, it worked.
2007-09-02 16:08:46
387.   Gagne55
Kool Aid did it!
2007-09-02 16:09:18
388.   Bluebleeder87
very nice win today.
2007-09-02 16:09:31
389.   trainwreck
Great game all around for us. Hopefully a start of things to come.
2007-09-02 16:10:20
390.   natepurcell
Billingsley and Broxton are the best young pitching tandem in the bigs, regardless of what BA thinks...

Id probably take cain/lincecum over them.

2007-09-02 16:10:23
391.   King of the Hobos
381 Meloan threw 37 pitches yesterday, he wasn't available today (although, pitching Hernandez yesterday and pitching Meloan today was a viable alternative).
2007-09-02 16:10:29
392.   imperabo
382 What's the difference between a 5 run lead with the bases loaded and a 2 run lead with the bases empty? I assume you would have brought in Brox in the second situation.
2007-09-02 16:10:45
393.   JT Dutch

... I'm not going to break rule 8; my point's been made a few times already.

But I will say this ... stating that Proctor "stunk" after facing a grand total of TWO BATTERS, with a five-run lead in hand, is a ridiculous statement.

2007-09-02 16:10:59
394.   Bluebleeder87
the greedy Bluebleeder thinks we could have taken 2 of 3 from the Pads.

but I'm just have we salvaged one.

2007-09-02 16:11:38
395.   dzzrtRatt
382 During normal times, you're right. But put yourself in Grady's head. The Dodgers don't have any margin for error anymore. They can't afford to lose more than a few more games the whole rest of the season.

I might think the Dodgers are already out of it, but it's been pretty well documented that managers and players don't give up on getting into the post-season until their situation is much worse than this. As Vin Scully said, they've got 9 games left against AZ and SD after today, so they've still got a chance.

2007-09-02 16:11:56
396.   Jon Weisman
357 - Finally! :)

I completely support taking Proctor out there. He has worked harder than Broxton lately. The San Diego game is not one you want to fool around with. Overwork was not a consideration.

2007-09-02 16:12:51
397.   bhsportsguy
All I can say is that if Saito comes in, gives up a hit, double play and pop up, everyone would say great job, Hernandez gives up a fly ball single, an easy double play and a foul out and some think we escaped disaster.
2007-09-02 16:13:59
398.   ToyCannon
Take the poll. Not much support for the West.

2007-09-02 16:14:05
399.   Bluebleeder87
I'm gonna go treat my self to some ice cream, late!
2007-09-02 16:14:38
400.   Curtis Lowe
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2007-09-02 16:14:42
401.   ToyCannon
Expectations based on historical information.
2007-09-02 16:15:25
402.   Gen3Blue
Why do I get the feeling Ned and Grits wanted to show that putting the young talent in would fall short, and help make their case. Just a natural paranoid conspiracy guy I am guess.
But the reinforcement could be real. If they keep winning, Collitus and Grits will rapidly be conditioned to whatever wins for them. I pray for some luck here.
2007-09-02 16:16:16
403.   Johnny Nucleo
382 Using Broxton to help nail down an all-important win against the Padres is more crucial than "saving" him for the series against the Cubs. That can't be hard to understand.

Awesome win today. Lots to be happy about. Good contributions from the kids, and Furcal had a great game. Billingsley was superb when it counted.

2007-09-02 16:16:42
404.   bhsportsguy
401 I doubt Hernandez has given up a lot of 5 run leads but I understand the sentiment but the guy has pitched for a long time and despite their record, it was San Diego batting not the Yankees.
2007-09-02 16:19:04
405.   JT Dutch

... The difference is that I don't automatically assume that every pitcher I bring in who isn't named Broxton or Saito or Meloan is going to automatically get lit up or give up a HR every at-bat.

If you can't trust Proctor or Beimel with a five-run lead in Petco Park, then why even have them on your roster?

2007-09-02 16:19:32
406.   ToyCannon
Lets see who plays tomorrow before we think Grady has learned anything. For all we know LaRoche only played because Shea was tired. When the same lineup is used tomorrow, then I'll believe that Grady has seen all he needs to of Shea.
2007-09-02 16:19:57
407.   Reddog
This was a must win game if there ever was one. We lost one earlier to the Pads leading 5-0 in the 9th. Grady acted correctly in my opinion. You don't want to let Beimel give up a 3-run double there.

Now we are still alive. We need to go 19-7 in our remaining games. And I think on this road trip we need to take at least 5 of the remaining 7 vs the Cubs and Giants.

2007-09-02 16:21:42
408.   JT Dutch

... It was a FIVE RUN LEAD. That can't be hard to understand.

Remember this game if Broxton begins to fade later this month. "Wow, guess we really didn't need to use him in that blowout in San Diego, did we?"

2007-09-02 16:21:51
409.   silverwidow
LaRoche's OBP: .441
2007-09-02 16:21:52
410.   imperabo
Beimel has pitched to way to many righties this year. If there ever was an excuse for it there certainly isn't now that rosters have expanded.
2007-09-02 16:22:38
411.   bhsportsguy
402 Wow, "The X-Files" lives.

Only 1 regular player from the 2005 team has been dealt out of the system, Martin, Billingsley, Broxton have been here since June 2006, Loney now regular at 1B, LaRoche hopefully will get a shot at 3B this month, maybe Young can solidify a 4th OF spot and the younger guys at Vero Beach in 2005, Kemp, Abreu, Hu are all here.

That's a lot of guys to come up from AA/High A in 2 years and to think that somehow there is some plan to showcase to prove that this team can't win just can't be taken seriously.

2007-09-02 16:24:11
412.   ToyCannon
No doubt, but it was just one inning earlier that they loaded the bases. I give Roberto the shot but he would have been on a very short leash.

Tough game for Loaiza's 1st start tomorrow. Zambrano has been winless since he signed his big contract.

Loney's hit was the play of the game for me. Tough lefthander and he hit it 400 feet after Ethier and Martin failed in their jobs.

Atlanta will feel the pain of the trade for rest of this decade with Tex doing nothing while they got swept by the Met's.

2007-09-02 16:27:58
413.   ucladodger

How is a game a blowout when in the 8th inning the tying run is in the on deck circle? Sorry, but thats not a blowout, especially when the two batters are the 3 and 4 hitters in the lineup. You put your best player on the field in that spot, and its a guy who hasnt pitched in 3 days! How is that overusing him? If Beimel gives up a hit to Cameron, do you then put in Broxton? Why not just use him there and get out of the inning comfortably. The goal is to win the game, and this late in the season, you take no chances and play your best guys.

2007-09-02 16:28:25
414.   Jimi Shelter
357 - Finally! :)

Hey, I had company today, so I was an exile from Dodger Thoughts. Otherwise, I would have commented sooner.

2007-09-02 16:30:21
415.   Eric Enders
Az loses!
2007-09-02 16:30:40
416.   imperabo
Zona loses.
2007-09-02 16:31:22
417.   Marty
With a handle like Jimi Shelter, how could he miss a Stones reference.
2007-09-02 16:33:56
418.   Jon Weisman
You have two situations to consider with using Broxton today.

1) The imminent threat of the Dodgers' most important rival sending the tying run to the plate.

2) The possibility that a similar threat might happen on two more consecutive days against a team that the Dodgers are not in direct competition with.

Given that Broxton is completely rested, I don't know how you can make a case that the Dodgers should have held him out until today's game got more in jeopardy.

All that being said, guys, the Dodgers won. Might want to enjoy it.

2007-09-02 16:35:13
419.   Ricardo
Maybe that´s why the Dodgers didn´t draft Buchholz:
"Clay Buchholz, a righthander from Angelina Junior College in Texas, was taken last summer with a first-round sandwich pick by the Sox, as other teams passed because Buchholz had been arrested for stealing 29 laptops from his high school and selling them."
2007-09-02 16:38:16
420.   Jimi Shelter
418. All that being said, guys, the Dodgers won. Might want to enjoy it.

Words to live by!

2007-09-02 16:38:23
421.   underdog
Whew. Nice game today. Just catching up now. I had a good feeling about this one, based on pitching match up and that the Dodgers absolutely had to have, but that could have meant nothing.

Btw, I kinda support not using Meloan today. He just made his MLB debut yesterday and pitched 2 innings - which is totally not outta the question for him, given he's pitched 2 a few times for Vegas and so on, but I think saving him for another day was the right move. Bringing in Hernandez is never a good move on the other hand but it worked.

Whew. So I didn't see any of his ABs, did Andy settle down a bit more after his first two clunky ones? Sounds like it... I hope he's in there again tomorrow or at least one of the next two.

PS: "Kemper"?

2007-09-02 16:39:40
422.   Eric Enders
419 Yeah, the Dodgers only sign players of high character. Like Eric Cyr.
2007-09-02 16:40:51
423.   ToyCannon
I didn't even think Meloan was an option after two innings yesterday.
The Dodgers had refused to even bring him up, why all the sudden do you think they will make him a goto guy?
2007-09-02 16:41:16
424.   Reddog
OK, we gained a game today against the Pads, Ariz, Phillies and Atl.

We're not out of it yet. Let's hope we keep scoring 5 runs a game. If we can do that, we can win 19 or 20 of our remaining 26 and make the playoffs.

2007-09-02 16:42:09
425.   MSarg29
amen to that Jon
2007-09-02 16:44:52
426.   ToyCannon
Good thing Lambo passed the high character test. Maybe in a few years we will be talking about Lambo the way we are talking about Kemp being a steal.
I'm still curious how he fell so far, he was quite the HS player even with the dubious character issues and College didn't seem to be an option for him. In my neck of the woods he was quite the legend.
2007-09-02 16:47:35
427.   underdog
Sounds like LaRoche's defense helped today too - two DP's turned.

Did anyone send a search party out for Bob, btw?

Well, I'm gonna enjoy the win, that's for sure! Not much turnaround time before they play the next one.

2007-09-02 16:48:47
428.   underdog
What were Lambo's character issues? Was he the one who got into some disciplinary trouble, partied too hard, that sort of thing? Sounds like he cleaned up his act a bit, if I recall correctly.
2007-09-02 16:49:05
429.   Eric Enders
For those not familiar with Meloan's history: like Kuo, he's got a rather grotesque injury track record, which is (a) why he was made a reliever, and (b) why he has never been allowed to pitch on consecutive days in the past. This year, for the first time, he's pitched on consecutive days a few times, but not as often as a normal reliever would.

The good part is he frequently pitches multiple innings at a time, so he'd probably be the ideal "smokejumper" to pitch the 7th and 8th innings of tie games and so forth.

His injury history, by the way, I think only further indicts Colletti for not calling him up sooner. If a guy is that dominating but is likely to go down at any time, you'd rather have him waste his bullets in the majors instead of AAA.

2007-09-02 16:49:12
430.   Andrew Shimmin
422- Is there anything that can't be related to a public restroom sex story?
2007-09-02 16:49:29
431.   Marty
I'll confess to not paying too much attention to last night's game and didn't realize Meloan went 2.
2007-09-02 16:50:24
432.   Gagne55
424 17-9 is needed to match last year's record and I think it would be good enough is we beat these teams head to head.

426 I went to high school with him. I saw him play live many times. From what I saw of him, I think he's gonna be a major leaguer. He was a flat out beast!

2007-09-02 16:51:12
433.   Eric Enders
428 His (most recent) high school coach was quoted as saying he "fell in with the wrong crowd," which could be code for any number of things, I guess.
2007-09-02 16:53:39
434.   Eric Enders
Speaking of problem child players, whatever happened to Elijah Dukes? The Devil Rays suspended him indefinitely and I haven't heard anything since. I'm surprised his agent hasn't started squawking.
2007-09-02 16:56:20
435.   natepurcell

Kemp also got in a bit of trouble in high school.

I think Lambo fell because of power concerns... although looking at what he has done so far in professional baseball, the reason(s) why he fell really confuse me and don't make sense.

2007-09-02 16:56:29
436.   Eric Enders
426 "I'm still curious how he fell so far, he was quite the HS player even with the dubious character issues and College didn't seem to be an option for him."

He was offered (and accepted) a scholarship from Arizona State.

2007-09-02 16:57:19
437.   Gagne55
428 Before coming to Newbury Park, he had gotten into some trouble @ Grover Cleveland High, like trying to steal a car. And that was the main reason he moved to Newbury Park in the first place. But he didn't have problems at NP that I'm aware of. He wasn't a guy who'd get good grades and he was somewhat of a party animal into drinking beer and womanizing that sort of stuff, which really isn't that uncommon among baseball players.
2007-09-02 16:59:46
438.   underdog
434 Guess not many teams can put up (with) their Dukes.

Sorry, the heat's getting to me. I'll skulk away now.

2007-09-02 17:03:35
439.   Gagne55
I think Lambo fell because of power concerns

This proves you never saw him play. Though he'd hit well over .400, it was his power that was Lambo's specialty. He lead the Marmonte League in homeruns as a junior. And that is a division 1 league that produced the #2 overall pick this year.

2007-09-02 17:06:37
440.   underdog
What's Lambo's potential ETA? 2009 likely?
2007-09-02 17:07:01
441.   natepurcell

you're right, i never saw him play. From scouting reports I read, they all questioned his future power output.

2007-09-02 17:08:40
442.   Bluebleeder87
There was some dude that sounded Like Jon talking right now on Dodger talk (made some pretty good points) although the Dodger talk dude said & I quote "La Roche can pick 'em with the BEST OF THEM" wow, he's adequate at best Dodger talk host.
2007-09-02 17:12:32
443.   ToyCannon
Yeah I know, but I heard he didn't want to go to college, but that was 2nd hand information and the scholarship was his negotiating chip.

The trouble he got into HS was not unlike the trouble that most high spirited kids get into. It was quite unlike the Kemp incident.

2007-09-02 17:14:50
444.   Jon Weisman
wasn't me
2007-09-02 17:16:37
445.   ToyCannon
If Camerons's ball was two inches higher we'd all be complaining about LaRoche's short stature.
2007-09-02 17:16:58
446.   Curtis Lowe
443 - Waht did kemp do?
2007-09-02 17:20:14
447.   Eric Enders
Dodgers escape in San Diego, 5-0

By Tony Jackson
Los Angeles Daily News*

Ask most Dodger players, and they'll tell you that the team still has a shot at making the 2007 playoffs. But don't tell that to manager Grady Little, who sent a second-year failed reliever to the mound Sunday against the San Diego Padres in perhaps the most important game of the season to date.

In a must-win situation, Chad Billingsley walked yet another batter and threw 40 balls, failing to pitch into the eighth inning for the sixth consecutive start. But his teammates bailed him out yet again, scoring one run in the fifth and three in the seventh despite Billingsley making a rally-killing out in each inning.

Billingsley failed to strike out 16 of the 25 batters he faced, struggling through seven grueling innings and piling up 95 pitches before Little finally removed him.

Also, Billingsley has a gigantic ass.

2007-09-02 17:20:20
448.   Eric Enders
* = completely false
2007-09-02 17:22:46
449.   ToyCannon
Funny, see over the top can be funny depending on whose doing the writing.
2007-09-02 17:24:49
450.   underdog
Question: Has Diamond Leung ever approved anyone's comment? (No matter how innocuous or genuine?) I've decided to give up.
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2007-09-02 17:26:59
451.   still bevens
Eric wins post of the day, if not week.
2007-09-02 17:28:22
452.   trainwreck
Tony Jackson is just making himself look like a complete moron.
2007-09-02 17:28:36
453.   Eric Enders
450 I posted a comment there once and it did show up. I was under the impression that the reason he never gets any comments is because nobody tries to leave any. Maybe it's just that nobody can get through.

I have, however, tried multiple times to post on Tony Jackson's blog and been unable to. Otherwise I probably would have posted 447 there.

2007-09-02 17:29:09
454.   trainwreck
Dang, if I waited a few seconds I would have seen 448.
2007-09-02 17:31:19
455.   Bluebleeder87
oh I totally forgot, did any of you feel the earthquake today?

I was kicking it watching the Cubbie game when it all unfolded.

2007-09-02 17:35:07
456.   Bluebleeder87
Zambrano is gonna be one tough customer tomorrow.
2007-09-02 17:42:54
457.   still bevens
456 We had a mini convo about it earlier in the morning in the comments of the previous post. Had I not been working all day long on a three day weekend I would have missed it. (both the earthquake and said earthquake discussion).
2007-09-02 17:45:14
458.   ToyCannon
He was one of 5 high schoool basketball players involved in rape charges when he was 17. Sheldon Williams the star Duke player was the main person accused. Of the other 4, two were indicted on participating and two as witnesses. After several weeks she dropped the charges.
Here is a small link to the incident.
2007-09-02 17:48:17
459.   Curtis Lowe
458 - Thanks for the update, I thought it might have been about something serious.
2007-09-02 17:51:33
460.   trainwreck
Woah, that is quite disturbing.
2007-09-02 18:04:17
461.   Indiana Jon
There's always a reason when someone just drops the charges like that and I doubt it was because it would interfere with her schoolwork.
2007-09-02 18:11:20
462.   Dodgers49
453. I have, however, tried multiple times to post on Tony Jackson's blog and been unable to. Otherwise I probably would have posted 447 there.

I tried posting there just once. But got so fed up after jumping through some hoops that I gave up and never tried again.

2007-09-02 18:13:03
463.   Gen3Blue
411 That sounds very rational and has got to be true. But I get to enjoy being a paranoid fool now and then.
If this whole reality has been made on purpose, I don't see how we can help having a very good run of many years.
2007-09-02 18:51:22
464.   Disabled List
458 TC, who are you referring to? I can't quite tell reading back through the comments.
2007-09-02 19:15:21
465.   underdog
To post on Jackson's blog you just have to register with Typekey, which isn't that big a deal, or at least, it takes a little time but then it's easy after that. But on the other hand, maybe it ain't worth it.
2007-09-02 19:20:57
466.   Bluebleeder87
man, I wish I had DVR or Tivo to watch Jonathan Meloans mechanics more closely/slow mow.
2007-09-02 19:25:35
467.   natepurcell
eric enders' comment made me lol. so did curtis in 459.
2007-09-02 19:26:33
468.   Bluebleeder87

common sense tells me you gotta make it very easy for a new recruit. at least that's the way I see it.

2007-09-02 19:31:04
469.   Sam DC
Hank Blalock hits a GS off Shields to put Texas up 8-5 in the 8th.

What does he think this is, the All Star game?

2007-09-02 19:33:07
470.   Andrew Shimmin
464- Matt Kemp. Not the original article (since it doesn't seem to still be up), but a copy of it:

2007-09-02 19:35:16
471.   natepurcell
at least Kemp doesn't kill dogs.
2007-09-02 19:49:52
472.   Disabled List
I had no idea about that. That's disturbing.
2007-09-02 19:53:25
473.   Sam DC
Wow -- is it really King Felix v. Roger Clemens at 1:05 tomorrow with basically the AL Wildcard on the line?

Those schedulemakers should do manage to get it right.

My own personal scheduler hasn't really matched their performance, however.

2007-09-02 19:59:23
474.   Sam DC
Now 8-6 at the Big Ed, with one out in the bottom of the ninth. Runner on first and Jeff Mathis at the plate.
2007-09-02 20:00:27
475.   Sam DC
Monkeys are flying! Mathis singles -- runners at second and third with Reggie Willits coming up.
2007-09-02 20:08:21
476.   underdog
468 True, true - though on the other hand, as one who also moderates a blog, I say that anything you can do to cut down on massive spam attacks has to be considered. (But there are indeed some other things you can do, that are a little easier on legit posters.)
2007-09-02 20:09:27
477.   Sam DC
Er, still 8-6, bases now loaded for Guerrero.
2007-09-02 20:09:32
478.   Bluebleeder87
bases are juiced with Ranger killer Vlad up at the plate, pretty crazy.
2007-09-02 20:12:10
479.   Sam DC
Joe Morgan: "It's not the worst thing in the world if you walk Vladimir Guerrero."

Well, sure, for example, dropping a vial of Ebola at LAX would definitely be worse. And lots of other things too.

Full count . . .

2007-09-02 20:12:12
480.   Sam DC
Joe Morgan: "It's not the worst thing in the world if you walk Vladimir Guerrero."

Well, sure, for example, dropping a vial of Ebola at LAX would definitely be worse. And lots of other things too.

Full count . . .

2007-09-02 20:13:07
481.   Andrew Shimmin
How much does the Daily News want to host a user forum where great numbers of people call their idiot writer an idiot? They have to pretend to care what people think, but they don't have to encourage it.
2007-09-02 20:14:18
482.   Sam DC
I did nothing!!
2007-09-02 20:16:10
483.   Bluebleeder87
Looking at the replay Anderson got hosed, oh well.
2007-09-02 20:16:25
484.   Sam DC
Joe Morgan:Baseball::Sun Tzu:War
2007-09-02 20:16:31
485.   Jon Weisman
New post up top.
2007-09-02 21:55:47
486.   Gen3Blue
447 I am trying to catch up and just read 447. This is a very funny post and I surely hope it is a marvelous satire.
I will keep trying to catch up snd see.

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