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Philday, Bloody Philday
2007-09-05 14:01
by Jon Weisman

It happens: Philadelphia blew leads of 8-2 in the eighth inning and 8-6 with two out and the bases empty in the ninth, losing to Atlanta and falling a half-game behind the Dodgers in the National League wild-card race.

A victory tonight would put Los Angeles within two games of the wild-card lead. Colorado, hosting San Francisco later this evening, could move within three games of a playoff spot.

Remember when the Dodgers' biggest problem was runners left on base? Now it is runners getting thrown out on the bases. This too shall pass ... to make way for another problem to overcome. It's baseball, folks.

* * *

Update: Russell Martin is not starting tonight. From Inside the Dodgers:

(Martin) went for a precautionary MRI on his left knee because of the way he went into home plate yesterday, but we still have no results. From what it sounds like, no one seems terribly concerned, but since Grady was planning for an off day tonight, it made sense to make sure everything is ok in there.

Without explanation, Shea Hillenbrand is batting sixth.

Update 2: I have to say, I am having nervous thoughts about Martin. I'm glad the Dodgers are having the MRI instead of just wondering about the knee, but I don't feel it's really in their history to run an MRI unless there's more reason for concern then they're letting on. Just have to hope.

Update 3: Randy Wolf did have a frayed labrum, Ken Gurnick of reports. The good news is that it wasn't detached.

Disabled pitcher Randy Wolf underwent arthroscopic surgery on his left shoulder Wednesday, and doctors debrided frayed labrum and cleaned scarring on the bursa. The bursa scarring was anticipated. The labrum issue did not show up on previous MRIs, however, it is relatively minor compared to detached or torn labrum. Frayed labrum is usually trimmed, but detached or torn labrum requires anchors or sutures and a longer recovery.

"It's good news for Randy because nothing was structurally wrong," said Conte. "It's the best scenario for what we thought. He'll start rehabilitating in a week, and it should be six to eight weeks. He should be fully competitive by the beginning of Spring Training."

Where Wolf will be in Spring Training is an unknown. The Dodgers have a $9 million option on Wolf that can be bought out for $500,000.

* * *

Tonight's 5:05 p.m. game:


Retro Gameday

Comments (456)
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2007-09-05 14:53:28
1.   bhsportsguy
As I said before, of the three, Loney, Kemp and LaRoche, Andy is the only one who showed power and patience at his last 3 stops in the minors, he wil be fine once he gets settled in.
2007-09-05 14:53:42
2.   Xeifrank
This will be the toughest game of the series to win. 5+ innings will be nice from Stults, but I was seeing alot of 4 inning performances in today's simulations. Perhaps old friend Olmedo Saenz can get a key pinch hit today. vr, Xei
2007-09-05 14:54:31
3.   Penarol1916
I love it when the Dodgers play the Cubs, especially night games. It's great this year because my 4-year old has finally decided that he will definately not follow in his older sister's footsteps and laughs at all of the Cub losses. He also loves calling his grandfather to tell him he is watching the Dodgers so they can talk about the game.
2007-09-05 14:55:51
4.   Terry A
The Dodgers' next problem? I'm betting it's The Potty Hurdle.

Hey, some of these guys are pretty old...

2007-09-05 14:56:03
5.   Summer Saint
What if the problem is something cool, though? Like hitting so many home runs that they run out of balls, or the pitching staff having to deal with all the media attention of pitching 24 straight perfect games? Or, and now I'm just being unrealistic, having a delay of game for having a bunch of baby penguins escape from a nearby zoo and waddle their into the outfield?

I guess what I'm really asking is, if any of the above happened, will Tony Jackson still find something to complain about?

2007-09-05 14:57:45
6.   Terry A
(By the way, we have an expanded roster at our house, which means we now have six kids living under our roof. Two of them have successfully cleared the aforementioned hurdle, and three others are mostly clearing it.)
2007-09-05 14:57:48
7.   Summer Saint
Continuing somewhat from last thread's topic of conversation: what is LaRoche's history with hitting the breaking ball? Does he have the bad rap about it the way Kemp used to (and perhaps still does)?
2007-09-05 14:58:34
8.   Xeifrank
1. 2007 ZIPS had LaRoche projected with better patience (walk ability) than Kemp, Lone and Ethier, and very similiar with Martin and Kent. Not drawing enough walks won't be a concern for LaRoche. I would be more watchful of contact rate and slugging percentage. vr, Xei
2007-09-05 14:58:41
9.   Summer Saint
Er, *a bad rap.
2007-09-05 14:59:02
10.   Daniel Zappala
I don't understand how the Braves are doing so badly. They traded for Mark Teixeira.
2007-09-05 14:59:08
11.   paranoidandroid
2 We just have to get to Lilly. With a lefty, we get Kemp for sure. Maybe Delwyn in left tonight? I doubt it, but you never know. I think it's Ethier's turn.

We have a fairly rested pen. I think we can suffer through a lousy Stults game as long as we can put up some runs.

We have an opportunity to game a game on the WC regardless of who wins in AZ. The Braves big win makes it even more enticing. Tonight is a big game, I hope we show up for it accordingly.

As far as baserunning goes, everyone has to remember Kemp has not cost us one win with his blunders. Zero. He has learned a lot and the price has been small.

2007-09-05 15:00:04
12.   Xeifrank
6. do you run a day care center? :)
vr, Xei
2007-09-05 15:02:54
13.   paranoidandroid
"The Dodgers' next problem? I'm betting it's The Potty Hurdle."

When asked this question, David Wells and Luis Gonzalez both replied in unison "Depends".

2007-09-05 15:04:12
14.   ToyCannon
So much for lawyers not having a sense of humor.
2007-09-05 15:05:12
15.   ToyCannon
Dodger Day Care starring Eddie Murray
2007-09-05 15:07:08
16.   Bob Timmermann
That's NL Player of the Month for August, Mark Texeira.
2007-09-05 15:08:05
17.   silverwidow
I think LaRoche has trouble with really slow breaking stuff (he couldn't figure out Bronson Arroyo earlier this year as I recall).

Fastballs are his specialty.

2007-09-05 15:08:11
18.   Terry A
12 - No. We're providing refuge for a family member and her three small children who left an an abusive situation.

But it does, at times, feel like a day care center, I must confess. The oldest of our six younglings is 7.

2007-09-05 15:09:20
19.   Lexinthedena
15- Is that a funny post?...I would have to say yes....should it be as funny to me as it is? I would venture to say it shouldn't....A I laughing because Eddie Murray has that name? very much...
2007-09-05 15:09:52
20.   xaphor
15 . I don't care how much they stink, they are not getting changed until they come and talk to me about it.
2007-09-05 15:16:59
21.   underdog
Hah hah. Y'all are cracking me up.

For some reason I thought the potty Hurdle was also something I read on Mark's Bad Altitude blog once, too.

2007-09-05 15:20:44
22.   ToyCannon
Good luck and be careful.
2007-09-05 15:21:12
23.   kngoworld
No lineup yet? Let the speculation begin...

As I write this it will probably be posted.

2007-09-05 15:26:41
24.   ToyCannon
Looking for some help for great Dodger moments this year. Any help would be appreciated.
1. Kuo's home run and bat flip
2. Repko cutting the legs out from under Furcal.
3. Kemp's DT bomb
Hopefully we can get at least 10 memorable moments.
2007-09-05 15:29:29
25.   Eric Enders
24 Martin's walk-off grand slam.
2007-09-05 15:29:29
26.   Curtis Lowe
24 - Martin walk off grand slam.
2007-09-05 15:29:47
27.   Curtis Lowe
25 - Abreu walk off first career home run :)
2007-09-05 15:30:40
28.   Eric Enders
5 The only Baby Penguin I want to see on the playing field is Andy LaRoche.
2007-09-05 15:31:00
29.   underdog
Interesting tidbit about today's Dodger SP, on
>>Stults was officially promoted for the fourth time this year on Tuesday for this start, although he never really reported back to Las Vegas. Instead, he actually went home to Indiana, gathered up some friends to assist him in throwing a simulated game, then drove to Chicago and rejoined the club Tuesday. He's never faced the Cubs.<<
2007-09-05 15:31:03
30.   Jon Weisman
Chad's complete game
2007-09-05 15:31:08
31.   still bevens
[25, 26] Please lets not vote for the game that I left early because of my dad needing to get home. I cant handle leaving the best moment of the year for 2 years in a row.
2007-09-05 15:31:30
32.   kngoworld
24 Tomko DFA
2007-09-05 15:31:52
33.   Xeifrank
24. Definitely Guo's bat flip.
vr, Xei
2007-09-05 15:31:55
34.   Eric Enders
26 [Thumbs nose at poser who was not only .0003 seconds slower, but also apostrophe delinquent.]
2007-09-05 15:31:57
35.   Summer Saint
I don't understand your inclusion of number (2). Do you want great or memorable?

In case it's just memorable:

Brad Penny calling out Shawn Green
Brad Penny's 14 k's against the Marlins

That's all I got.

2007-09-05 15:33:17
36.   bhsportsguy
1. Tomato's walk-off
2. The Heavyweight Championship, Broxton vs. Fielder.
3. Beimel striking out Bonds over the weekend by the Bay.
4. Shea's Big Day
5. Well's Drags the Dodgers to a win
2007-09-05 15:33:32
37.   kngoworld
24 Braves trading for Texeira.
2007-09-05 15:35:00
38.   bigcpa
Any 2007 moments not involving Matt Kemp are disqualified.
2007-09-05 15:35:04
39.   Eric Enders
Wells' bunt single was pretty cool. That might be a top 10 moment.

Kemp and Loney getting called up within a day of each other. That was the moment that ensured a winning record.

2007-09-05 15:38:32
40.   bhsportsguy
You have to like that Broxton/Fielder battle, that was just here is the ball big man, you try and hit it.
2007-09-05 15:39:04
41.   Curtis Lowe
Clay Bucholz throwing a no hitter his second start.(we all know he's a Dodger.)
2007-09-05 15:42:55
42.   Eric Enders
April 15, when players wearing #42 stole like 88 bases against Chris Young, was pretty entertaining.
2007-09-05 15:42:56
43.   ToyCannon
Great stuff, this isn't a vote, just pop in something you haven't seen mentioned yet.

Don't forget the Boom Boom. One of those pinch hits had to be memorable.

2007-09-05 15:44:35
44.   underdog
Man, Tomato's walk off seems like such a long time ago. Hard to imagine that happening now...
2007-09-05 15:49:55
45.   ImprobableImpossible
Lineup (via yahoo)


2007-09-05 15:50:00
46.   silverwidow
Gonzo hitting an actual D-Ray in a tank
2007-09-05 15:51:27
47.   GoBears
OT, but a buddy of mine just sent me this link. I thought people here would appreciate it. Sorry if it's been posted already by someone else:

2007-09-05 15:51:56
48.   silverwidow
45 -- Shakes head. Is Martin hurt? Is LaRoche in the doghouse already?
2007-09-05 15:54:26
49.   Xeifrank
48. They are being rested in case we are still in contention in October. vr, Xei
2007-09-05 15:56:57
50.   overkill94
47 Wow, that's a really cool story. I'm curious as to whether this was before or during the game because it would seem a bit rude to not talk to the fans before the game but a bit strange to bring a kid into the bullpen during the game.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2007-09-05 15:57:00
51.   das411 has the Praxis-style shock wave of Rule 1 violations emanating from Philadelphia hit the west coast yet?

Good luck Dodgers, we'll try to take the Rockies down with us if we can...

2007-09-05 15:57:58
52.   overkill94
Seems like an odd time to rest Martin since he hits lefties so well. Maybe that twisted knee/ankle from yesterday's slide could use a day of rest?
2007-09-05 15:58:10
53.   Gagne55
48 I think Little figures if he's gonna rest Martin, it might as well be in a game he doesn't expect to win anyway. And Stults is on the mound today.
2007-09-05 15:59:08
54.   Jon Weisman
Martin had a precautionary MRI, per ITD, but Grady already had an off day planned.
2007-09-05 16:00:01
55.   underdog
Yeah, I have NO problem with Martin resting today at all. He should've been pulled immediately after that awkward slide. I'm sure he's not badly hurt but resting him today seems smart today.

As for Hillenbrand starting today, well, whatever - I hope Andy isn't in the doghouse but I'm pretty sure he's not. As long as he gets MOST of the starts from here on out I'm happy.

2007-09-05 16:00:23
56.   ImprobableImpossible
Thanks again, Windmill
2007-09-05 16:00:39
57.   Gagne55
I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that a Dodger with a last name starting with K will go deep tonight.
2007-09-05 16:01:21
58.   underdog
Or 54/53. I think it's smart giving Martin the day off anyway. I don't think Grady goes into a game expecting to lose, though. Didn't Monday's pitching matchup favor the Cubs too?
2007-09-05 16:01:45
59.   Pedro Astacio
Jeff Kent?
2007-09-05 16:02:07
60.   underdog
57 - Or "L"!

(C'mon Lieberthal!)

2007-09-05 16:02:14
61.   Bob Timmermann
Rafael Furcal and Andre Ethier reaching on catcher's interference on back-to-back days.
2007-09-05 16:04:32
62.   Curtis Lowe
Bah! Why bench LaRoche!

He's a double play magnet.

2007-09-05 16:04:37
63.   Gagne55
59 I will not get that specific. One of the Killer Ks will go deep tonight.
2007-09-05 16:06:27
64.   underdog
62 "He's a double play magnet."
So's Hillenbrand!

Oh, you meant on defense. ;-)

2007-09-05 16:08:35
65.   BlueMamma
>>"Without explanation, Shea Hillenbrand is batting sixth."

What explanation could there be? "We didn't pick him up so that he could sit on the bench"? Or how about "We're just heading off any clubhouse-cancer-like behavior before it starts"?

2007-09-05 16:11:13
66.   still bevens
Hillenbrand is 4-10 against Lilly in his career.
2007-09-05 16:11:46
67.   Kevin Lewis
I am angry about the number 6 spot in the lineup
2007-09-05 16:22:11
68.   Jon Weisman
Sadly, Jenna Fischer is separating from her husband.

It's like she can't be lucky in love on screen and off screen at the same time.

2007-09-05 16:25:49
69.   bhsportsguy
68 That's really unfortunate. And as Forrest Gump once said, that's all I have to say about that.
2007-09-05 16:32:23
70.   GMac In The 909
68 Did Halpert strike again?
2007-09-05 16:34:15
71.   Sam DC
68 :(

Marlins pitcher Sergio Mitre gave up three runs in the bottom of the first, including walking in two. With two outs, he went to 2-0 on the pitcher and Fredi Gonzales pulled him.

2007-09-05 16:35:26
72.   Sam DC
A-Rod DHs, Boom Boom plays third.
2007-09-05 16:35:48
73.   Zak
68 I met her and talked to her for a while at the Bicycle Casino in early July. She was with another guy, who I thought was her husband. They were both really cool and talkative. The thing that stuck with me was how pretty she is. Maybe it's just me, but she is way hotter in real life than she is on TV.
2007-09-05 16:36:47
74.   Benaiah
68 - It is very sad, but since we know nothing of the story it isn't worth spending too much emotion on. They aren't getting divorced, I notice, so maybe they just need some time apart. Either way, this has been a rough summer for Jenna. Hopefully the fall* will be better.

*No pun intended.

2007-09-05 16:43:03
75.   bhsportsguy
73 That has been commented on before.
2007-09-05 16:46:59
76.   Zak
75 I'm sure.
2007-09-05 16:47:56
77.   bhsportsguy
From Diamond's blog - Bolded his comments.

In other news, Randy Wolf underwent arthroscopic surgery on his left shoulder, and they cleaned up a scarred bursa and fraying in his labrum.

So I guess, Randy was right though I am not sure how much that impacted his ability to pitch.

Tony Abreu declared his strained abdomen 90-95 percent and had this to say about the team's not believing he was injured more severely: "I would like for them to understand, but they're not inside of me."

Sounds like things are kind of okay.

2007-09-05 16:51:16
78.   Benaiah
73 - She is purposely made into a slightly more plain person for "The Office." She is an absolute knockout in other things I have seen her in.
2007-09-05 16:55:31
79.   Bob Timmermann
The Cubs lineup today is a lot different. Murton in right, Monroe in center, Cedeno at short, Soto catching.
2007-09-05 16:55:46
80.   Gagne55
ESPN just said that Lilly is 7-1 after a Cubs loss. Uh oh.
2007-09-05 16:57:11
81.   Bob Timmermann
Is that stat ever indicative of anything?
2007-09-05 16:59:23
82.   Zak
81 Means he was rooting for us to win last night.
2007-09-05 17:00:23
83.   sporky
77 All this time, I thought Diamond was of the fairer sex. [/sheepish]
2007-09-05 17:01:32
84.   sporky
Based on the comments at, they're more unhappy about their lineup than we are about ours.

Hope that amounts to something.

2007-09-05 17:03:17
85.   Eric Enders
68 That makes this interview excerpt from just four months ago all the more interesting:

What about your husband -- when did you realize he was the one for you?
We were dating, and I was taking a bath. All of sudden I realized, "I'm never going to leave him. Never going to leave him. Huh." So I knew either we'd get married, or he would break my heart.

Did you tell him about that feeling?
Yes. I said, "I'm not leaving you. So it's kind of in your hands." We didn't date for long before we got engaged, only 4 months.

2007-09-05 17:06:20
86.   Eric Enders
Those who contend that the Dodgers pamper their young players by putting them in more beneficial situations should probably take note that LaRoche started against the two right-handers while Hillenbrand gets the start against the lefty tonight.
2007-09-05 17:07:31
87.   trainwreck
There are people who think that?
2007-09-05 17:09:36
88.   bhsportsguy
85 And you left out this part.
Continuing the last answer

I get frustrated because he's a practical nightmare -- he once sat in his dark cave of an office for a month because he didn't want to fix the lights -- but none of that is a big deal when I can look at him and know he is my person. This is not a man who will let me say "I'm sad" and ignore it. He'll focus on me and say, "Why are you sad?" He's not afraid to go there, ever. I'm very lucky.

Eric, I hope you just pulled that interview from a google search otherwise I will wonder how you came across that publication.

2007-09-05 17:11:14
89.   Nagman
I have a 2005 Jax Suns souvenir program in my desk here at work that my sister had sent to me when she used to live in Jacksonville and attend Suns games. I flipped through it for the first time in a while and counted how many players that are in the program are on the big club today - Billingsley, Broxton, Hull, Kemp, LaRoche, Loney, Martin, Stults, and Young.

Not too shabby. Brian Pilkington and Joel Guzman are featured in articles.

2007-09-05 17:12:18
90.   Sam DC
Bob Carpenter has told me five times that Nomar Garciaparra has the highest batting average with RISP in the league. (Josh Willingham of the Marlins is apparently #2.)

That is all.

2007-09-05 17:13:01
91.   Eric Enders
87 Frip. Maybe others, I don't know.
2007-09-05 17:13:56
92.   Eric Enders
88 I found the link about a month ago on an Office fansite.
2007-09-05 17:14:32
93.   Gen3Blue
Make Lilly throw, Make Lilly throw!

What a scare. I thought I wasn't getting the game until I remembered ESPN. Whew.

2007-09-05 17:17:18
94.   Gen3Blue
Thats it.
2007-09-05 17:17:42
95.   ToyCannon
Yes, the Jacksonville 5 have arrived with Kemp taking the place of Joel Guzman.
Who knew the kid at Vero Beach would be the best of the bunch.
Okay, that is hyperbole since we are talking Martin, but Kemp is mighty good.
2007-09-05 17:18:29
96.   Who Is Karim Garcia
you KNOW some cub fan is saying "Man, I wish we had Pierre."
2007-09-05 17:21:14
97.   still bevens
Well at least we made Lilly work. Ideally we will keep this up.
2007-09-05 17:22:15
98.   MMSMikey
go figure
2007-09-05 17:23:19
99.   Gen3Blue
Wow, this announcer knows more than anyone I've heard about batting. I'm surprised he's not a batting coach. Still, Lilly's pitch count is something to keep in mind.
I remember when Lilly was among our prospects, who were all dealt by Lasorda in a hopeless bid during the nineties.
2007-09-05 17:23:39
100.   trainwreck
I hate how ESPN has no concept of how this team has been playing lately. Keep talking about manufacturing runs.

Yes, we have bunted our way to all those runs in the last couple of games.

Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2007-09-05 17:24:42
101.   natepurcell
Hillenbrand has a crappy arm.
2007-09-05 17:25:51
102.   Gen3Blue
Ohh, I see Sheas in there.

Well, that is some redemption.

2007-09-05 17:26:36
103.   sporky
Is anyone keeping count on the # of GIDPs this series?
2007-09-05 17:27:48
104.   trainwreck
I think they said 11.
2007-09-05 17:28:38
105.   trainwreck
Actually, that has to be too high.

9 or 10, I am guessing.

2007-09-05 17:28:39
106.   FirstMohican
Wow GameDay says Stults didn't come close after his first pitch strike to DLee.

Good thing Aramis swings at the first pitch.

2007-09-05 17:28:53
107.   Gen3Blue
Kent may have soiled his uniform, but nice play!
2007-09-05 17:29:43
108.   Jon Weisman
105 - Three Dodger DPs Monday, five on Tuesday
2007-09-05 17:30:48
109.   sporky
105 Either way, it's mildly obscene. At least the Dodgers are, for the most part, on the beneficial side of things.
2007-09-05 17:32:52
110.   scareduck
A Hillenbloop!
2007-09-05 17:33:19
111.   scareduck
108 - Ground Into Dodger Play.
2007-09-05 17:33:57
112.   Bluebleeder87
24 I'd definitely have to go with 25 Martin's blast was very memorable.
2007-09-05 17:34:04
113.   sporky
It might be this particular picture on GameDay, but Lilly has an awfully beefy neck.
2007-09-05 17:34:09
114.   natepurcell
what the hell!
2007-09-05 17:34:15
115.   Bluebleeder87
what the?? Hillenbrand? ugh!
2007-09-05 17:34:18
116.   trainwreck
What the...
2007-09-05 17:34:29
117.   Andrew Shimmin
Then put your little hand in mine. . .
2007-09-05 17:34:40
118.   MMSMikey
thats twice hillenbrand has done that
2007-09-05 17:34:40
119.   bigcpa
Did that just happen?
2007-09-05 17:34:42
120.   bigcpa
Did that just happen?
2007-09-05 17:35:03
121.   FirstMohican
What? Why?
2007-09-05 17:35:32
122.   Lexinthedena
"delayed steal"...I would have called it something else....
2007-09-05 17:35:41
123.   Benaiah
Ugh, Grady Little is playing chess with the checker pieces. Stop trying to Castle, all you can do is move one space ahead.
2007-09-05 17:35:55
124.   Gen3Blue
What was that?
2007-09-05 17:35:57
125.   bigcpa
114 -116 I enjoyed the back-to-back-to-back "What the..." posts more than my double post.
2007-09-05 17:36:14
126.   Andrew Shimmin
Some day that delayed steal malarkey is going to work, and you people are going to feel like idiots for ever doubting it. The fifteen times this year it hasn't worked notwithstanding.
2007-09-05 17:36:16
127.   Gagne55
What was Hillenbrand thinking?!
2007-09-05 17:36:54
128.   Bob Timmermann
The Cubs last grounded into at least 3 DPs in 3 consecutive games on May 5-7, 1976 in a 3-game series at Montreal. They grounded into 10 in the three days.
2007-09-05 17:37:38
129.   Gen3Blue
Four Whats, two dids and an Uhg.
2007-09-05 17:37:39
130.   sporky
If Shea were 8 years younger, he'd be yanked in 3.. 2..
2007-09-05 17:38:17
131.   Curtis Lowe
What Little did right there was concede an out so he could get an accurate reading on Sotos move behind the plate. Loney was supposed to get on base for Stults to knock him in.
2007-09-05 17:41:16
132.   Gen3Blue
128 I was going to say when Laroche and Loney get comfortable around Furc. and Kent, of course you are going to see a lot of DP's

Then I see who is playing third.

Oh this announcer can be annoying. Who he?

2007-09-05 17:41:27
133.   Gagne55
126 The delayed steal works about as often as the fake to third throw to first pickoff! I don't think any manager would be dumb enough to actually try it, so I'll assume Hillenbrand went on his own. This coaching staff is horrible. Little should just tell his players if there is even the slightest of doubts, don't go! These guys clearly have no idea what they're doing on the base paths. Kemp, Kent, and Hillenbrand have been the worst, but Gonzo, Martin and Nomar haven't been smart baserunners either. Terrible!
2007-09-05 17:42:12
134.   MMSMikey
where was ethier playing on that? in the LF corner?
2007-09-05 17:43:31
135.   Gen3Blue
These announcers...never mind.
2007-09-05 17:44:37
136.   trainwreck
If it is ESPN, it is Orel and Steve Phillips along with Dan Shulman.
2007-09-05 17:44:40
137.   scooplew
Do the announcers on ESPN ever stop talking?
2007-09-05 17:46:33
138.   Gagne55
Stults got a generous strikezone in Lilly's AB.
2007-09-05 17:46:54
139.   Bluebleeder87
What was Hillenbrand thinking?!

He wasn't thinking that's the problem, & to top it off he makes that weird face when he does something bone headed.

2007-09-05 17:47:52
140.   JoeyP
Its kinda nuts that the Cubs give at bats to Cedeno, when they have Theriot and Fontenot that can each play SS.

They deserve to lose for doing that, although one could say the same re the Dodgers with Hillenbrand/LaRoche.

2007-09-05 17:49:05
141.   Gen3Blue
Thank you TW.

In line with their "rap". if you act and sound like an a- , how long will you be an announcer?

2007-09-05 17:50:43
142.   Jon Weisman
140 - The comments over the past couple of years that keep assigning who deserves to win or lose based on a decision continue to vex me. If a team is good enough to overcome a bad decision, then they deserve to win.
2007-09-05 17:51:22
143.   Bluebleeder87
it just looks really horrible (bad base running) I really hope the Dodger orginazation addresses the issue
2007-09-05 17:51:36
144.   natepurcell

cedeno hit 359/422/537 in AAA this year. He deserves some more major league ABs.

2007-09-05 17:51:50
145.   bhsportsguy
Brewers now lead 6-0. 2 innings, 2 3-run homers, 1 for Fielder, 1 for Braun.
2007-09-05 17:52:34
146.   Bluebleeder87
I was just gonna say Stultsy can hit!
2007-09-05 17:52:34
147.   Curtis Lowe
145 - Going into this year wasn't LaRoche ranked above Braun and Pence?
2007-09-05 17:53:01
148.   trainwreck
We really need to move our pitchers up in the order.
2007-09-05 17:53:25
149.   natepurcell
Balls are really finding their way towards Monroe tonight.
2007-09-05 17:53:41
150.   scareduck
Bat Stults seventh!
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2007-09-05 17:54:06
151.   Jon Weisman
For those who feel they don't get to see my paranoid side enough, see Update 2 to this post above.
2007-09-05 17:54:42
152.   Jon Weisman
Eric Stults: Career OPS of .933
2007-09-05 17:55:52
153.   Gen3Blue
Well someone can hit Lilly. We could help ourselves by making him throw some pitches. His command is not great tonight.
2007-09-05 17:55:57
154.   natepurcell
2007-09-05 17:55:57
155.   Jimi Shelter
146. Bluebleeder87
I was just gonna say Stultsy can hit!

Yeah, but if wants to be one of the guys, he's going to have to try and steal home!

2007-09-05 17:56:07
156.   Bluebleeder87
I wonder how you score that?
2007-09-05 17:56:26
157.   Lexinthedena
Man.....that was unlucky....way to go Juan...
2007-09-05 17:57:15
158.   Johnson
Just your average L5-6.
2007-09-05 17:57:30
159.   Curtis Lowe
What happen? Ball bounce off Ramirez into Cedeno's glove?
2007-09-05 17:57:47
160.   Jon Weisman
A 5-6 lineout?
2007-09-05 17:58:05
161.   natepurcell


2007-09-05 17:58:05
162.   Linkmeister
Pierre lines out 3rd to short, Gameday says.

Huh? Please explain.

2007-09-05 17:58:46
163.   Andrew Shimmin
151- You can still do better. How often do MRIs catch what's wrong with Dodgers? I suspect Moneybags McCourt won't shell out for a real MRI, and they're just passing these guys through a movie set MRI, making buzzing noises with their mouths to enhance the illusion.
2007-09-05 17:59:25
164.   Lexinthedena
A nice 1, 2, 3 might kill some of the good Juju garnered by that weird lineout...
2007-09-05 17:59:33
165.   Gagne55
159 Yes. Yes it did.
2007-09-05 18:00:47
166.   Bluebleeder87
am I a bad person for not wanting Rich Donnelly coaching 3rd base next year? The thing that makes me feel bad is that I know his back story but I still feel like I don't want him as our 3rd base coach for '08.
2007-09-05 18:00:59
167.   Johnson
162 Ramirez was playing up, hot line drive came off his glove and redirected to the SS who was shading towards third.
2007-09-05 18:01:14
168.   Gagne55
162 Bounced off the tip of Ramierez glove and went right into Cendeno's.
2007-09-05 18:02:34
169.   Linkmeister
Thanks, folks.

"If it wasn't for bad luck,
wouldn't have no luck at all..."

2007-09-05 18:02:56
170.   trainwreck
2007-09-05 18:03:19
171.   Linkmeister
Oh, and I'm blocked from ESPN's broadcast of this game. In Hawai'i.

Why, he asks rhetorically?

2007-09-05 18:04:09
172.   Bluebleeder87
Russell Martin would have made that play...
2007-09-05 18:04:33
173.   trainwreck
Do you get WGN?
2007-09-05 18:04:41
174.   scareduck
163 - I'm envisioning a couple overweight, slightly older Star Trek fans, one of them making tricorder sounds.
2007-09-05 18:04:58
175.   natepurcell

i think its on WGN too.

2007-09-05 18:05:53
176.   scareduck
Welp, that wasn't much fun.
2007-09-05 18:06:40
177.   MMSMikey
how about a dodger homerun?
2007-09-05 18:07:27
178.   natepurcell
we can come back from 3 runs.
2007-09-05 18:08:34
179.   trainwreck
Steve Phillips seems to think differently.
2007-09-05 18:08:45
180.   Gen3Blue
Darn. Whoever was worried about Martin after he scored on a sac-fly was right. That's all a catcher needs is a damaged knee. And Wolf also has labrum trouble. He is toast, as is Schmidt.

Now I have to cushion this with the hope of new medical technigues. It is now thought that labrum damage can be repaired, even in pitchers. Wolfs report was obfuscated in as much optimism as possible.

We can hope.

2007-09-05 18:10:31
181.   Sam DC
Uh oh, Marlins homer, Cubs homer.
2007-09-05 18:10:35
182.   Linkmeister
No to WGN.
2007-09-05 18:11:41
183.   Sam DC
A-Rod with a very unclutch two strike gametying home run.

Now Boom boom up with two on in an tie game.

2007-09-05 18:12:55
184.   Bluebleeder87
On Jons #3 update, I wouldn't mind keeping Wolf.
2007-09-05 18:13:24
185.   Benaiah
If being behind prevents a team from running then I am surprised the Dodgers have such a bad record playing from behind. If anything, I imagine that the Dodgers tend to risk it even more than usual when they are behind.
2007-09-05 18:14:01
186.   Gen3Blue
Theres your darn instinct.
2007-09-05 18:14:20
187.   MMSMikey
c'mon jeff, nice approach up there.
2007-09-05 18:14:30
188.   Sam DC
Betemit walks em loaded.
2007-09-05 18:15:09
189.   MMSMikey
jesus, kent and ethier 2 for 2 right there.
2007-09-05 18:15:15
190.   still bevens
Kent likes all of Lilly's pitches tonight. Unfortunately he can't do anything with them.
2007-09-05 18:16:42
191.   trainwreck
LaRoche could have done that.

Only much cooler.

2007-09-05 18:16:51
192.   MMSMikey
after a lead off single, 3 worst back to back to back at bats of the season.
2007-09-05 18:17:16
193.   Gen3Blue
Please play Laroche. please>
2007-09-05 18:17:18
194.   Curtis Lowe
Those were 3 horrible at bats after that lead off single. Do they realize they could have worked the count and Kemp could have had 2nd?
2007-09-05 18:18:13
195.   King of the Hobos
Rob Bell's last 5 appearances for the Orioles:

5 G, 8 IP, 24 H, 19 R (18 ER), 6 BB, 3 K, 4 HR

2007-09-05 18:18:29
196.   Ghost of Carlos Perez
It really baffles me that everyone hates on Shea while wishing for A-Rod.
2007-09-05 18:19:16
197.   Bluebleeder87
all we need is a 3 wrong dinger & we're right back in this thing...
2007-09-05 18:19:33
198.   D4P
Don't get me wrong, but Kemp sure hits a lot of singles.
2007-09-05 18:20:06
199.   Sam DC
Sean Green is pitching for Seattle?
2007-09-05 18:20:27
200.   MMSMikey
classic pierre
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2007-09-05 18:21:21
201.   Curtis Lowe
What happened?
2007-09-05 18:21:38
202.   D4P
Geovany Soto doubles (1) on a line drive to left fielder Andre Ethier, deflected by center fielder Juan Pierre.
2007-09-05 18:21:41
203.   trainwreck
2007-09-05 18:21:53
204.   Ghost of Carlos Perez
I've done some provocative research which I think will change some people's minds about Hillenbrand

A-Rod gets paid 25mm/year, and hits only 50 homers (roughly). Our 3b makes only 1mm (I'm guessing), yet has already slammed out 4 home runs. Based on my analysis, Shea is twice the value A-Rod is.

Unfortunately, a similar analysis on our CF is less encouraging.

2007-09-05 18:23:23
205.   D4P

Geovany Soto singles on a line drive to left fielder Andre Ethier, deflected by center fielder Juan Pierre. Geovany Soto advances to 2nd, on missed catch error by center fielder Juan Pierre.

2007-09-05 18:23:25
206.   MMSMikey
shea has slammed 4 homeruns?
2007-09-05 18:24:04
207.   Andrew Shimmin
Hillenbrand pulled down $6.5M this year plus the half million dollar buy out he already got when first released.
2007-09-05 18:24:21
208.   Gen3Blue
A week or two ago I filled out a defensive survey from a fans visual view point. I forget where it was, but does anyone know if results have been tabulated yet? I think I said that on defense, Pierre was fast, but he was totally "hamfisted"
2007-09-05 18:24:57
209.   trainwreck
There is more to baseball than HRs.

See Pedro Feliz.

2007-09-05 18:25:22
210.   Curtis Lowe
205 - Thanks, the women at my office took over the TV.
2007-09-05 18:26:48
211.   scareduck
Here's where the Stults factor comes into play.
2007-09-05 18:28:02
212.   MMSMikey
only if loneys line drive would have fell
2007-09-05 18:28:16
213.   scareduck
Runs like a catcher.
2007-09-05 18:28:29
214.   D4P
Stults's career OPS is 1.000
2007-09-05 18:29:22
215.   Bluebleeder87

I think Jon just did the survey for fun.

2007-09-05 18:30:00
216.   Gen3Blue
Well Stultz looks like the only guy who can hit tonight. But if someone can't score from second on that play--it has to be a crippled old catcher with a senile third base coach.
2007-09-05 18:30:21
217.   Bluebleeder87
Furcal is thinking 3 rund JACK!
2007-09-05 18:30:32
218.   Ghost of Carlos Perez
Whoa--In light of that, I guess old Hillie really is awful.

Even so, while performing my research I came across this quote from Dave Bismo: "(Hillenbrand) is a heck of a ballplayer."

2007-09-05 18:30:57
219.   MMSMikey
nice at bat from furcal
2007-09-05 18:32:06
220.   Johnson
216 To be fair to Lieberthal there, although I thought Stults' shot was a clear base hit, I thought Loney's liner was a clear single, too, but it hung up there. And with the Furcal sac fly, it's all the same now.
2007-09-05 18:32:06
221.   D4P
Pierre may very well hit .300 this year
2007-09-05 18:32:09
222.   Gen3Blue
215 you're right. But it was done at an independent sight that was collecting a lot of info. Jon had nothing to do with the analysis.
2007-09-05 18:32:15
223.   Lexinthedena
Great at bat from Raffy...couldn't put up a zero with Lilly this shaky....
2007-09-05 18:34:33
224.   Gen3Blue
Lilly has thrown over 70 pitches in the 5th.
It should have been more. But we really need to get into that "soft underbelly", and we know it is soft.
2007-09-05 18:35:19
225.   Bluebleeder87
my paranoid side is coming out, because I don't think Stultsy can keep the Cubs at bay with only 3 runs, veremos.
2007-09-05 18:35:55
226.   Bob Timmermann
If you're a Mariners fan and following their game on Yahoo, you're in for a rude surprise. It's reported as a 2-2 game.

Actually, it's 9-2 Yankees now.

2007-09-05 18:37:10
227.   Ghost of Carlos Perez
209 For you new-age statheads, I've done some more analysis (using revised salary data for Hillenbrand).

A-rod is payed nearly 23K for every point of OPS, while Hillenbrand is compensated only a paltry 11K for each point of OPS.

It appears that Hillenbrand really is the poor man's A-Rod.

2007-09-05 18:38:02
228.   NorCal-Dodger
225 Agree. hope the bullpen is warming up.
2007-09-05 18:40:11
229.   MMSMikey
get him out of there grady, cant afford to fall back more.
2007-09-05 18:40:50
230.   Bob Timmermann
Shea Hillenbrand is the poor man's Russell Branyan.
2007-09-05 18:40:52
231.   scareduck
226 - not anymore.
2007-09-05 18:40:53
232.   MMSMikey
young matt kemp, get hom OUT of there grady!
2007-09-05 18:40:58
233.   Sam in SC
good heavens.
2007-09-05 18:41:44
234.   MMSMikey
could that have taken any worse a bounce off the bricks? why honeycutt? where is the hook?
2007-09-05 18:41:46
235.   Ken Noe
This game needs to be taped, labeled "Why Not to Sign Pierre," and taken back in time by Journeyman to the NedCo of 2006. And Journeyman needs to take his buddy Pullo from "Rome" with him, just in case Ned isn't totally convinced.

By the way, Kemp at least has a heck of a gun.

2007-09-05 18:41:48
236.   Ricardo
230. Great quote!
2007-09-05 18:41:56
237.   still bevens
Is anyone teaching anyone anything on this team?
2007-09-05 18:42:16
238.   NorCal-Dodger
C'mon !?!? Geez...
2007-09-05 18:42:52
239.   scareduck
Rick Monday is running out of patience with Kemp.
2007-09-05 18:43:34
240.   Xeifrank
2. Looks like a possible 4+ inning performance from Stults. vr, Xei
2007-09-05 18:43:46
241.   Longhorn Bill
230 LOL... I could not have said it better.
2007-09-05 18:43:50
242.   scareduck
230 - Russell Branyan is the poor man's Rob Deer.
2007-09-05 18:44:22
243.   ucladodger
For those not watching, what did Kemp do?
2007-09-05 18:44:46
244.   scareduck
243 - WAY overthrew the cutoff man.
2007-09-05 18:44:57
245.   bhsportsguy
243 Apparently he threw the ball out of the ballpark.
2007-09-05 18:45:14
246.   Xeifrank
243. Threw the ball to home 20 feet over the catchers head, the runner at 3rd WAS holding. Ball carromed off the brick wall and down the first base line.
vr, Xei
2007-09-05 18:45:31
247.   bhsportsguy
Matty being Matty
2007-09-05 18:45:48
248.   gpellamjr
Proctor in! Just the face I wanted to see. He's a veteran. Veteran pitchers don't give up runs, whereas rookie pitchers give up many runs.
2007-09-05 18:45:48
249.   Bluebleeder87
that play/throw by Matt Kemp is a classic rookie mistake, I GUARANTEE YOU he won't do that in the future.
2007-09-05 18:45:50
250.   Gen3Blue
I once heard a radio guy say he could whip his enemies with one arm tied behind his back

Beautiful play, and the announcers are going on about youthful mistakes!!

Playing this game with Shea and certain others in the line-up is like playing with both arms tied behind your back.

Listening to these announcers, and Orel is being rather quiet, is like playing with both feet tied behind your back.

Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2007-09-05 18:46:04
251.   Disabled List
That was just Matty being Matty.
2007-09-05 18:46:29
252.   Sam in SC
243 - missed his cutoff man, missed the catcher, missed the pitcher backing up the plate, and came fairly close to missing wrigley with a throw from right.
2007-09-05 18:46:39
253.   Johnson
244 And by "WAY" you mean that the cutoff man was at the edge of the grass and Kemp hit the base of the bricks behind home plate.
2007-09-05 18:48:02
254.   Bob Timmermann
Anybody know how to keep the bar I click on my Mac PowerBook from getting stuck in the down position.

It's making my life very uncomfortable.

2007-09-05 18:48:17
255.   Gen3Blue
Kemp and Laroche obviously need to be played as much as possuble.
2007-09-05 18:48:31
256.   bhsportsguy
250 So Shea Hillebrand gets the blame for this loss, to be fair, did he come up with one out and a runner on third and strike out, did he just overthrow the cut-off man.

And I am not blaming Matt Kemp but I think we are quick to blame some and more easily forgive others.

2007-09-05 18:48:52
257.   Bluebleeder87

He hit the net.

2007-09-05 18:49:44
258.   Bluebleeder87

Are you getting back pain because of it Bob?

2007-09-05 18:49:59
259.   Sam DC
Venus wins.
2007-09-05 18:50:33
260.   scareduck
254 - have you tried calling AppleCare?
2007-09-05 18:51:11
261.   gpellamjr
256 You are precisely right. And I think it is a reasonable attitude to take. Kemp is a far better player than Hillenbrand, and is only going to get better. I don't blam Hillenbrand for the Dodgers' being down 4-1, but I have much less patience for his mistakes.
2007-09-05 18:51:46
262.   trainwreck
Of course we are. Tend to forgive better players for their faults.
2007-09-05 18:51:47
263.   regfairfield
256 It's true, I'm for more forgiving of 22 year olds who have a .912 OPS than our fifth best third baseman who contributes absolutely nothing.
2007-09-05 18:51:54
264.   Bob Timmermann
I don't have AppleCare.
2007-09-05 18:52:43
265.   gpellamjr
261 The end should read: "...but I have much less patience for his suckitude than for Matt Kemp's mistakes."
2007-09-05 18:53:03
266.   Ricardo
261. Me too, I´m much more pacient with players that played only for the Dodgers.
2007-09-05 18:53:28
267.   NorCal-Dodger
Nice pitching by DJ
2007-09-05 18:53:30
268.   gpellamjr
HD is awesome.
2007-09-05 18:53:40
269.   Gen3Blue
256 I'm just venting.
2007-09-05 18:53:58
270.   D4P
Venus wins

I was hoping she would, as she's my only hope for beating the evil Justine.

2007-09-05 18:54:15
271.   Curtis Lowe
Proctor the 2 on 1 out doctor.
2007-09-05 18:54:46
272.   scareduck
260 - hardware problems of that sort tend to be fixable only that way. I'm not into voiding my warranty.
2007-09-05 18:56:46
273.   scareduck
Kemp needs to homer to make up for that airmailed ball.
2007-09-05 18:56:51
274.   bhsportsguy
269 I figured.

Unlike Juan Pierre, who apparently has a clause in his contract that he has to start all but one game a year, I don't think Shea held a gun to Grady's head and demanded to play nor did he give an interview to a reporter saying that he should play ahead of some kids.

I just think Grady was going to play some guys today and some guys tomorrow and that Shea will play today and LaRoche will play tomorrow.

2007-09-05 18:57:16
275.   scareduck
Easy as Pie.
2007-09-05 18:58:32
276.   Xeifrank
win probability is down to 12%
vr, Xei
2007-09-05 18:58:43
277.   MMSMikey
kent needs a day off
2007-09-05 18:59:17
278.   trainwreck
I liked it much better when their CF couldn't move.
2007-09-05 18:59:39
279.   Bob Timmermann
I guess it's time to buy a mouse for this thing.
2007-09-05 19:00:07
280.   regfairfield
274 Problem is that I can honestly say that Ramon Martinez should be starting in front of him, let alone LaRoche.
2007-09-05 19:01:11
281.   Lexinthedena
Wish we had Lily....i like his style....
2007-09-05 19:01:11
282.   scareduck
279 - is it under warranty still?
2007-09-05 19:03:26
283.   bhsportsguy
Peavy on 3 days = 2 run HR for Jackson in the 1st, 2-0 D-Backs.
2007-09-05 19:05:52
284.   Gen3Blue
To me, the story of the game is that Lilly has dominated the D's hitters(except for Stultz). I guess I can live with that.
2007-09-05 19:05:53
285.   Bob Timmermann
No. This computer is about three years old. It's done some good work in its day. It may become time for it to become the second string computer. I've turned the sensitivity of the trackpad down all the way.
2007-09-05 19:06:51
286.   Gen3Blue
How did the Cubbies get Lilly, anyway?
2007-09-05 19:07:22
287.   StolenMonkey86
Did Kemp's airmail go as far as that one Repko threw last year that hit the top of the backstop?
2007-09-05 19:07:27
288.   old dodger fan
Nice work by Proctor
2007-09-05 19:07:27
289.   Bluebleeder87
Peavy on 3 days = 2 run HR for Jackson in the 1st, 2-0 D-Backs.


2007-09-05 19:07:48
290.   regfairfield
286 By paying him a hilarious amount of money.
2007-09-05 19:08:57
291.   MMSMikey
there havent been that many pathetic dodger pop ups tonight
2007-09-05 19:10:05
292.   bhsportsguy
290 Torrance's Ted Lilly, who is 31 years old, signed a 4-year 40 million dollar deal with the Cubs in December 2006.
2007-09-05 19:10:12
293.   capdodger
While Kemp shouldn't have overthrown the ball, Stults was in the wrong place to back up the throw.

When the throw came in, he was standing a few feet in foul ground halfway between home and third. That's not the right place for him to be in this case. With a runner on second and a single into the outfield, the pitcher is to backup home plate in a direct line from the outfielder. Not to play the "who's to say" game, but if Stults is standing in the right spot, who's to say the runner on third tries to score or the batter-runner goes to second?

2007-09-05 19:12:50
294.   Andrew Shimmin
293- Really? I was only watching out of the corner of my eye, but it looked like Spiderman would have had trouble backing up that throw properly.
2007-09-05 19:13:07
295.   capdodger
Oh boy. The rotten tomato.
2007-09-05 19:13:10
296.   trainwreck
Please walk Saenz.
2007-09-05 19:13:11
297.   Bluebleeder87
Come on Saenz this is your time to shine.
2007-09-05 19:13:22
298.   Pedro Astacio
I don't understand why we all love Eric Stults, he seems like a career minor leaguer.
2007-09-05 19:13:25
299.   D4P
Gameday showed 3 of the "balls" to Lieberthal as being pretty much right down the middle, though in the upper half of the strike zone.
2007-09-05 19:14:19
300.   old dodger fan
Glad to see Lilly leave.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2007-09-05 19:16:16
301.   trainwreck
Wow, Marmol's numbers are great.
2007-09-05 19:16:19
302.   Bluebleeder87

they were actually kind of really high.

2007-09-05 19:16:28
303.   bhsportsguy
I'm just happy I get to see Chad pitch next week against the Padres.
2007-09-05 19:17:05
304.   capdodger
294 Judging by the force that the throw bounced away with, it looked to me like it kicked off the brick at the bottom or the backstop. Unless the netting is taut as a trampoline, it wouldn't have bounced off of the net like that. If you go back and look at it, you'll notice that Stults falls down running to try and catch up with the ball. The reason he was running was because he was up the line.
2007-09-05 19:17:14
305.   Eric Stephen
I love me some Pie!
2007-09-05 19:17:34
306.   sporky
Look Hu's here!
2007-09-05 19:18:12
307.   D4P
An outfield of Juan, Jacque, and Felix would be something.
2007-09-05 19:18:23
308.   Bluebleeder87
nice to see Sanez come up big, It's been a while.
2007-09-05 19:18:47
309.   bhsportsguy
We used to love to type Tomato. The Killer Tomato strikes.
2007-09-05 19:18:55
310.   Gen3Blue
306 Hu's on second.
2007-09-05 19:19:31
311.   capdodger
309 It's cause I dissed him.
2007-09-05 19:19:55
312.   Gen3Blue
Darn; I wished they messed up that foul
2007-09-05 19:19:56
313.   Curtis Lowe
Good job by Tomato, nice hustle by Liebs and stupid swing by Furcal.
2007-09-05 19:19:57
314.   Bluebleeder87
Furcal can really disappoint a person some times.
2007-09-05 19:20:09
315.   MMSMikey
thats a bad at bat right there raffy
2007-09-05 19:20:30
316.   capdodger
311 And yes, for those of you scoring at home, that means I got served.
2007-09-05 19:21:03
317.   Indiana Jon
298 Unless he takes the Ankiel route. The guy can hit.
2007-09-05 19:21:23
318.   old dodger fan
Look at comment #2!
2007-09-05 19:22:49
319.   Curtis Lowe
Where be the young guy who is good?

Meroom or something.

2007-09-05 19:23:31
320.   D4P
Andy Roddick just hit serves of 146, 142, and 140 MPH.
2007-09-05 19:23:39
321.   Izzy
47. Whoa. I am way behind, but thanks for that story. It was the best thing I've read today.
2007-09-05 19:24:18
322.   trainwreck
The all-knowing Xeifrank.
2007-09-05 19:25:21
323.   regfairfield
319 His psyche would explode in a high pressure situation like this one.
2007-09-05 19:25:32
324.   sporky
Roddick is a beast. And he could also be called A-rod, actually.
2007-09-05 19:26:35
325.   sporky
And Meloan's warming up.
2007-09-05 19:27:08
326.   Curtis Lowe
323 - Saenez seems to be imploding.
2007-09-05 19:28:46
327.   Bluebleeder87
we got some good batters coming up in the 8th (Pierre, Kemp & Kent) hopefully Seanez can hold them & bay.
2007-09-05 19:31:59
328.   Bob Timmermann
Even better, you could say "Ironically, Seanez is imploding." That would get a lot of us grammar/syntax/vocabulary mavens ticked off.
2007-09-05 19:32:57
329.   old dodger fan
Out with Rudy; In with Joe
2007-09-05 19:33:00
330.   Bluebleeder87
looks like Beimel will take over with 2 outs & 2 on.
2007-09-05 19:35:30
331.   old dodger fan
Jason Kendall's first PH this year.
2007-09-05 19:36:43
332.   old dodger fan
331 By that I meant first PH appearance this year. He did not get a hit.
2007-09-05 19:37:44
333.   Curtis Lowe
And Joe explodes with implosive neutralisers.
2007-09-05 19:39:23
334.   NorCal-Dodger
Next inside pitch..JP needs to step into one for the team.
2007-09-05 19:40:04
335.   capdodger
Pierre = Weak.
2007-09-05 19:40:37
336.   MMSMikey
another pathetic pop up
2007-09-05 19:40:40
337.   Ghost of Carlos Perez
It seems like Beimel does a pretty good job of not allowing inherited runners to score. Does anybody keep track of who the best pitchers are for not allowing inherited runners to score?
2007-09-05 19:41:26
338.   NorCal-Dodger
335 Such a weak foul pop up that D. Lee had to make a great play. Lil more pop he could've moved over to his left for the out.
2007-09-05 19:41:34
339.   regfairfield
337 ESPN keeps that stat if you want to look it up.
2007-09-05 19:42:19
340.   Sam DC
Life at USS Mariner: "2007 - a successful season that is now over."

From the comments: "Very considerate of the Mariners to get out of the way and not distract anyone from Seahawks games."

2007-09-05 19:44:37
341.   Bluebleeder87
336 ,338

it sure is frustrating watching him do that.

2007-09-05 19:44:44
342.   old dodger fan
Very close play on Kemp at 1B
2007-09-05 19:49:50
343.   Curtis Lowe
Where was that at bat earlier in the game.
2007-09-05 19:50:59
344.   Sam DC
Roddick in a first set tiebreak with Lord High Federer.

Don't tell me if this match was actually played this afternoon.

2007-09-05 19:51:16
345.   King of the Hobos
Gurnick appears to have mixed up the guys named Howell on the 1988 team, unless Jay Howell recently took Ken Howell's spot as pitching coach for the 51's.
2007-09-05 19:51:18
346.   Xeifrank
2. Olmedo with the pinch hit. Nice call on that one. vr, Xei
2007-09-05 19:51:42
347.   D4P
Don't tell me if this match was actually played this afternoon

It wasn't. It's live.

2007-09-05 19:53:48
348.   Samhain
I am sharing Jon's paranoia about Russell Martin.
The Dodgers seem to intentionally withholding the MRI results until the game is over. Which makes me paranoid that they have a DL announcement ready. I sure hope I'm wrong...
2007-09-05 19:54:04
349.   Indiana Jon
344 is that on TV somewhere?
2007-09-05 19:56:17
350.   Bluebleeder87
wow, thank you baseball gods!!
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2007-09-05 19:56:37
351.   Sam DC
349: I have it on USA Network.

Federer just won the tie break. (Of course.)

2007-09-05 19:56:49
352.   Disabled List
I do not approve of Meloan's jersey number. #63 is for a spring training camp invitee. Get yourself a real number, rook.
2007-09-05 19:57:06
353.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Did Monroe just point to his eye as if to gesture that Soto missed a sign?
2007-09-05 19:57:22
354.   MMSMikey
meloans stuff isnt very impressive
2007-09-05 19:57:35
355.   Curtis Lowe
What happened to the strike zone?
2007-09-05 19:57:52
356.   Ghost of Carlos Perez
I like this strategy--walk guys and then throw them out on the bases.
2007-09-05 19:58:26
357.   capdodger
Sound the Lurch alarm!!
2007-09-05 19:58:32
358.   trainwreck
Aww, wanted to see more Meloan.
2007-09-05 19:58:36
359.   Curtis Lowe
That ump pinched him off the mound.
2007-09-05 19:59:00
360.   old dodger fan
Let's try a new strategy.
2007-09-05 19:59:17
361.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Federer is magical.
2007-09-05 19:59:58
362.   Bluebleeder87

It's Wrigley Field the kid probably was a little nervous, I'm glad Grady pulled him out, you don't want the rookies confidence shattered in a big game, nice call by Grady.

2007-09-05 20:00:17
363.   regfairfield
And that's the last they ever saw of Jonathan Meloan...
2007-09-05 20:01:03
364.   Indiana Jon
351 Thanks. No wonder I couldn't find it, the guide said "Law and Order."
2007-09-05 20:02:27
365.   trainwreck
I wish more outfielders would realize that diving at a ball you won't get to is a bad thing.
2007-09-05 20:02:39
366.   capdodger
Hmm. Ok. What else is on?
2007-09-05 20:03:51
367.   MMSMikey
there ya go lurch
2007-09-05 20:04:44
368.   old dodger fan
Time to try someone else.
2007-09-05 20:04:54
369.   MMSMikey

i understand that and i agree with grady pulling him, i just dont think meloands stuff looks all that good as its been hyped up to be.

2007-09-05 20:07:17
370.   Andrew Shimmin
Hernandez in for Hendrickson. Out of the frying pan, into the fiery depths of hell, I always say.
2007-09-05 20:07:57
371.   Bob Timmermann
I think I have fixed my sticky trackpad on my computer by sliding a toothpick underneath and it removing some foreign material.
2007-09-05 20:09:33
372.   Reddog
When the Dodgers win, they seem like a good team. When they lose, they can seem pitifully bad.
2007-09-05 20:09:34
373.   Indiana Jon
371 Nice job.
2007-09-05 20:11:17
374.   Icaros

What brand of chewing gum are you using to hold that thing together?

2007-09-05 20:11:33
375.   MMSMikey
derosa was a nice pickup
2007-09-05 20:11:41
376.   old dodger fan
372 Philly fans can relate to that this week.
2007-09-05 20:12:06
377.   Bob Timmermann
Victory was just a mirage. But I think there is a substance in there that makes it sticky.

I'm assuming that spraying WD-40 on a computer keyboard is contraindicated.

2007-09-05 20:13:06
378.   SgtWyatt
Ugh, just retire already. He has to squint just to get his sign.
2007-09-05 20:13:50
379.   old dodger fan
373 WD-40 is like duct tape. It works great in a lot of applications but there are times you need to leave it on the shelf.
2007-09-05 20:14:44
380.   trainwreck
Kent trying to one-up Kemp.
2007-09-05 20:15:04
381.   GMac In The 909
The game isn't on here in the office. Is Hernandez using a blowtorch or a series of molotov cocktails?
2007-09-05 20:15:16
382.   old dodger fan
The never ending inning.
2007-09-05 20:16:00
383.   Johnny Nucleo
According to Gameday, Hernandez did not land a single pitch in the strike zone, even though the count ran to 3-2 with two foul balls.
2007-09-05 20:16:32
384.   SgtWyatt
I don't know why, but I can't look away.
2007-09-05 20:16:34
385.   trainwreck
Oh great, now someone is going to get beaned tomorrow.
2007-09-05 20:16:49
386.   Nagman
Jake Peavy is having a Hernandez-like inning. Okay, I'm exaggerating slightly.
2007-09-05 20:17:08
387.   Icaros

They've moved from the baserunning challenge (Kemp won) to the erratic throwing competition.

2007-09-05 20:18:04
388.   MMSMikey
why did hillenbrand pick that ball up?
2007-09-05 20:18:31
389.   SgtWyatt
Because he's HIllenbrand. Now we know why nobody else wanted him on their team.
2007-09-05 20:19:14
390.   SgtWyatt
The only way this inning will end is by the Cubs invoking the mercy rule.
2007-09-05 20:19:28
391.   MMSMikey
complete jerk move
2007-09-05 20:19:42
392.   trainwreck
Well that was brutal.
2007-09-05 20:20:18
393.   Bob Timmermann
I think I will just go and buy a new computer this weekend.

The computer keeps deleting what I'm typing without any prompting by me. It's like it's taken over.

2007-09-05 20:20:39
394.   Nagman
Peavy is done, not recording an out in the fifth. Bases loaded, no outs, 1 run in. 5-5.
2007-09-05 20:22:34
395.   trainwreck
My keyboard has the same problem. It also goes back a few spaces, so I look up and I am missing half a sentence all of a sudden.
2007-09-05 20:23:25
396.   LeeLacy
Wow. When I stepped away from the TV a few minutes ago, it was still a competitive ballgame. And I now come back to see things have gone straight down the crapper. It can never be a good sign when both Hendrickson and Hernandez make appearances in the same inning.

Well, if the Dodgers can come back and win tomorrow to take 3 of 4 from the Cubbies, tonight's loss will be a very short-lived memory.

2007-09-05 20:23:35
397.   Bluebleeder87
I rather lose bad than lose a nail biter, so I'm o.k. with it, Ted Lilly pitched a hell of a game.
2007-09-05 20:25:16
398.   SgtWyatt
At least with the way things are going we might not have to deal with Grady again next season.
2007-09-05 20:25:31
399.   Nagman
The Cubs must not know that today is a bad day to have a 8-2 lead.
2007-09-05 20:25:57
400.   nofatmike
In related news, the University of South Carolina-Aiken has it's stadium named after Roberto Hernandez. I know this because I know a person from High School who went there for college. Go figure.
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2007-09-05 20:26:25
401.   Bluebleeder87
I wasn't born to like Hillenbrand, I swear everything he does annoys the heck out of me.

ps I'm kind of ashame to admit that.

2007-09-05 20:26:39
402.   trainwreck
I want a Loney Bomb.
2007-09-05 20:27:24
403.   trainwreck
Same for me. I felt the same way about Tomko too.
2007-09-05 20:29:10
404.   SgtWyatt
Ugh, at least the game is over early for us west coasters. That's about all I can say positive. The Dodgers lose when they need to win, and win everyone else does as well. Dem Bums!
2007-09-05 20:30:11
405.   King of the Hobos
Inland Empire won their first playoff game 3-2. Bastardo went 6 innings, gave up both runs, and struck out 6 without walking anyone. Josh Bell went deep, and Lucas May drove in another run with a double.
2007-09-05 20:32:03
406.   GMac In The 909
401 ,403 So then it's OK to blame this loss on Hillenbrand?
2007-09-05 20:42:05
407.   GMac In The 909
At least the Phillies, Rockies and Padres/Diamondbacks all lost.
2007-09-05 20:43:37
408.   King of the Hobos
Good news, the Astros have decided that they would prefer an incompetent GM over a competent one, such as White or Ng. Today's interviews included Muzzy Jackson, Jim Beattie, and Ed Wade, with Ruben Amaro Jr, Bob Watson, Ricky Bennett, and David Gottfried to be interviewed tomorrow or later.

McLane has said that Ng will not be considered, but he's willing to interview Ed Wade?

2007-09-05 20:43:37
409.   Pedro Astacio
Would've been a whole lot better to win this one, could've been only 2 back,
2007-09-05 20:48:34
410.   scooplew
The "H" factor killed us tonight -- Hillenbrand, Hendrickson, Hernandez and, in the booth, Hershiser, who continued to call us "mediocre" tonight.
2007-09-05 20:56:40
411.   MMSMikey
hershisher really comes off as a know it all on the air.
2007-09-05 21:06:54
412.   Nagman
Tomko takes the mound for the Pads. K's Byrnes.
2007-09-05 21:09:54
413.   Nagman
Tomko doesn't disappoint. Gives up a bomb to Montero.
2007-09-05 21:25:00
414.   still bevens
So Liberthal was involved in both runs? Good for him. The man really has nothing much to show for this season so games like this must be huge for him.
2007-09-05 21:52:43
415.   underdog
Ya know, I was just thinking that, too (I just watched the game on tape delay via Tivo). I generally didn't mind the ESPN announcers tonight - heck, even Steve Phillips(!) made a couple of astute comments I thought - and have liked Orel as a commentator in the past but he was a little irksome tonight. And whatever the Dodgers' weaknesses I think it's unfair to call them a mediocre team. They're a better than mediocre team that's played poorly at times. I liked Landon Donovan sort of teasing him in the booth though.

Anyway, this loss doesn't bug me all that much because it was hard not to feel they'd probably lose it with the matchup, the Cubs extremely hungry and so on. Bummer to see Meloan struggle a little bit though I was glad to see Grady call on him.

Ah well. I'll be thrilled with 3 out of 4.


Good that Tomko is true to form, too.

2007-09-05 21:54:49
416.   dzzrtRatt
28,000 tickets sold in Phoenix tonight. With Jake Peavey on the mound for the visitors (I wonder if that name rang a bell), not to mention first place on the line.

Move 'em to Portland!

2007-09-05 21:59:44
417.   underdog
You'd think people in Phoenix would want to go somewhere air conditioned for a few hours and watch an important baseball game while they're at it, but I guess not. But hey, at least they "don't leave early"!
2007-09-05 22:00:36
418.   Andrew Shimmin
416- Plaschkeite!
2007-09-05 22:05:11
419.   underdog
You can now exhale. From Diamond Leung's blog:

"Martin OK

Russell Martin has what was revealed to be a mild knee sprain. He is day-to-day."

2007-09-05 22:07:20
420.   dzzrtRatt
(Opens desk drawer, checks for pistol. Stares painfully into space, as if wondering how things could have come to this. Picks up pistol, places in mouth. Cute kitten's sudden appearance from behind door interrupts his plans. He smiles ruefully, removes gun from mouth, shoots kitten instead.)
2007-09-05 22:12:40
421.   Andrew Shimmin
420- People are always kissing up to you, telling you how insightful you are, and how well written your comments are. I've long thought you needed a heckler.
2007-09-05 22:14:49
422.   trainwreck
Now the cat lovers on this site are going to heckle you too.
2007-09-05 22:26:12
423.   Icaros
Tony Abreu declared his strained abdomen 90-95 percent and had this to say about the team's not believing he was injured more severely: "I would like for them to understand, but they're not inside of me."

My nomination for Dodgers quote of the year.

2007-09-05 22:28:08
424.   Eric Stephen
423 Carolyn Hughes had the same comment last year when asked what Derrek Lowe's teammates thought of her relationship with him.
2007-09-05 22:34:53
425.   dzzrtRatt
I have many trolls. But with enough Atavan, they turn into crickets and I'm fine.
2007-09-05 23:00:44
426.   paranoidandroid
If Kuo's elbow allows him to come off the DL before the end of the month, we need to make a 40 man roster move to add him. Will that FINALLY mean that Roberto is officially retired? What more needs to happen for this to occur?

Also, isn't there another left-handed reliever in the minors to call up? I can't see Hendrickson being put into a close game during the late innings with runners on base.

If the other team promised not to bunt, I'd be tempted to paint a number on the pitching machine and roll it out to the mound rather than have to put Roberto into another game.

Grady! Ned! It's time. Please put him out of our misery. And if anybody still thinks that we won't non-tender Big Bird, you need to ponder the meaning of life a bit more. Big Bird will be lofting "pitches" for some other sucker next year.

All in all though, if we can't score more than two runs, we weren't going to win tonight. However, if we had a 4-2 game going into the ninth and Ethier led off with a hit like he did, I think Shea doesn't get his last at-bat, we'd see Sweeney or LuGo or even LaRoche.

Get well SOON Russell. And be optomistic Jon, we don't know anything yet.

2007-09-05 23:07:57
427.   Xeifrank
426. I believe Guo was put on the 60 Day DL and that Martin's MRI showed only a minor strain and he is day to day. vr, Xei
2007-09-05 23:17:01
428.   King of the Hobos
426 If Kuo came back, he'd take Hamulack's roster spot (he's out for the year anyways). Miller and Megrew are both around if Ned wants a lefty, but I doubt he has any interest in bringing them up. Aside from experience, Megrew has no righty/lefty split, and while lefties can't hit Miller, he still walks them as often as he walks righties.
2007-09-05 23:24:56
429.   paranoidandroid
427 Kuo was put on the 60 day to make a roster spot available for Valdez. Since he's been out at least 60 days, he could still be activated.

428 I forgot about Hamulack being on the roster, I thought he was hurt. If not, why isn't he up with us again? We used Beimel early and then were forced to use Big Bird. I liked that Meloan got a call in a clutch situation, but you can't walk two guys in a row. He walked the bases full in his first appearance after getting the side out in order in his first inning of work. He has good stuff, he just needs to find a way to pitch and not think about it being the big leagues. Easy for me to say...

2007-09-05 23:33:06
430.   King of the Hobos
429 Hamulack had TJ back in May
2007-09-05 23:52:54
431.   paranoidandroid
Actually, I think Kuo was moved to the 60 day for Nomar. Tsao was 60 day for Valdez, if it matters.

How is Hamulack not on the DL? Because he was at AAA?

2007-09-05 23:58:02
432.   Dodgers49
>>Rotation adjusted: Little said Chad Billingsley, David Wells and Brad Penny will pitch in San Francisco, meaning Esteban Loaiza will be held over until Tuesday night against San Diego. Little said he wanted Penny to remain on a five-day rotation. This also allows extra rest for Loaiza, who has made only three starts this year because of a protruding disc in his neck and knee surgery. <<

2007-09-06 04:29:49
433.   D4P
"for there's a man inside me, and only when he's finally out, can I walk free of pain."
2007-09-06 07:25:42
434.   ToyCannon
What a snarky bunch. Would be curious how many of you who make fun of the Diamondback attendance go to at least 5 games a year on your own dime?
2007-09-06 07:31:59
435.   Bob Timmermann
But the DBacks are 12th in attendance in the NL. There are obviously a lot of Dodger fans who go to 5 or more games on their own dime.

I am not one of them.

2007-09-06 07:38:36
436.   D4P
I've been to 7 MLB games in my life, none on my own dime.
2007-09-06 07:43:10
437.   Bob Timmermann
But you stole all the dimes in my apartment.
2007-09-06 07:47:31
438.   D4P
I buried them near Mac Court. Let me know if you want the treasure map.
2007-09-06 08:04:04
439.   Jon Weisman
It's the first week of school for my kids. Don't know about Arizona, but I don't know if this period is the best time to judge attendance.
2007-09-06 08:06:57
440.   capdodger
Would be curious how many of you who make fun of the Diamondback attendance go to at least 5 games a year on your own dime?

Er. Yes.

It's the first week of school for my kids. Don't know about Arizona, but I don't know if this period is the best time to judge attendance.

Twenty-eight thousand for a first-place battle royale (with cheese) isn't very good no matter when it is.

2007-09-06 08:08:47
441.   Daniel Zappala
I bought a mini-season plan when I lived in LA. That gives me the right to be snarky about the Diamondbacks: I'm guessing the reason why attendance is so low is that they are not running any promotions for the team in Salt Lake City, which is in their MLB territory. If they simply put out a package deal -- plane flight, hotel room, tickets to the game -- some of us just might go more often. Making all those travel arrangements on my own is just too much bother.

I've never once been to Dodger Stadium on someone else's dime. I'd be happy to be treated to seats next time I'm in town, but more likely I'll buy seats for Bob and his girlfriend. Bob works for a library, and his girlfriend never gets paid by the school district, so I can see why they don't go unless someone treats them.

2007-09-06 08:09:50
442.   D4P
Bob works for a library, and his girlfriend never gets paid by the school district, so I can see why they don't go unless someone treats them

Bob also paid cash for his Prius.

2007-09-06 08:12:25
443.   Daniel Zappala
Bob also paid cash for his Prius.

That was from all the pennies, dimes, and nickels he saved up from library fines.

2007-09-06 08:16:39
444.   LogikReader
Uh oh. It looks like we might not play today. There are weather reports of showers from 11am on in Chicago, IL.

2007-09-06 08:26:39
445.   JoeyP
The radar is clear right now, although there is a 60% chance of thundershowers this afternoon.

I have to believe they do everything in their power to get this game in. They wont want to make it up at the end of the season.

2007-09-06 08:28:20
446.   berkowit28
From ItD:

Furcal, SS

Pierre, CF

Kemp, RF

Gonzo, LF

Martin, C

Loney, 1B

LaRoche, 3B

Abreu, 2B

Lowe, P

Abreu up for Kent. Gonzo's turn to be designated old vet instead of Ethier.

2007-09-06 08:29:53
447.   regfairfield
U.S.S. Mariner uses the Dodgers as an example of a team that finds playtime for its young players.

2007-09-06 08:29:56
448.   capdodger
Silly me. I thought that the fines were used to keep the lights on. I never knew that librarians worked on commission.
2007-09-06 08:33:50
449.   LogikReader
Gonzo's career stats vs. Marquis:

.263 (5 for 19)/1 HR/.300 OBP/.474 SLG

2007-09-06 08:34:59
450.   capdodger
It's good to see Martin back in the lineup.

(If he isn't hiding an injury.)

Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2007-09-06 08:36:40
451.   LogikReader
Jeff Kent's career stats vs Marquis:

.421 (8 for 19)/0 HR/.450 OBP/.579 SLG

Abreu will play in his place, probably a scheduled rest day anyhow for Kent.

2007-09-06 08:53:20
452.   kinbote
good lineup. this game is all about lowe. we need him to pitch like a top-of-the-rotation guy.
2007-09-06 08:57:13
453.   Bluebleeder87

great observation Scooplowe

2007-09-06 09:01:19
454.   underdog
Whew, about Martin.

Will be fun to see Abreu in there. (I agree, he's partially in there for some added defense behind Lowe.)

Marquis' one of those pitchers who always seems so hittable and yet the Dodgers seem to have had some struggles against him, at least in my own memory they do...

2007-09-06 09:03:46
455.   Jon Weisman
Game thread is open.
2007-09-06 09:07:17
456.   silverwidow
Actually, I think Kuo was moved to the 60 day for Nomar. Tsao was 60 day for Valdez, if it matters.

Not the case. There didn't need to be a roster move for Nomar because the roster was already expanded to 40.

Kuo was for Valdez. Tsao, Brazoban, and Wolf were for Meloan, Hu, and Moeller.

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