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Lock the Door and Throw Away the Key - And Slip a Big Raise Underneath
2007-09-06 23:18
by Jon Weisman

The Houston Astros asked permission to interview Dodgers assistant GM of scouting Logan White for their vacant general manager position.

- Diamond Leung, Press-Enterprise

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2007-09-06 23:28:27
1.   King of the Hobos
TJax reported that this morning as well. The good news is that neither mentioned whether permission was granted, or if so, whether White accepted the interview. There are 7 other confirmed candidates, including several that interviewed yesterday or today (Ed Wade, Jim Beattie, Bob Watson, etc.)
2007-09-06 23:30:07
2.   trainwreck
I think they should interview Rick or Matt White instead. Or even Jaleel White. Just not Logan White.
2007-09-06 23:39:27
3.   King of the Hobos
1 Make that 9 other candidates. Wade, Beattie, and Muzzy Jackson (Royal AGM) interviewed yesterday. John Mozeliak (Cardinal AGM), Steve Lubratich (Cleveland Director of Player Personnel), and Ruben Amaro Jr (Philly AGM) interviewed today. Bob Watson and current Astro AGMs David Gottfried and Ricky Bennett are also being considered for the position.

At least with so many guys, there's a good chance White doesn't get the job (if the Astros were looking for the best man, Ed Wade would have never been interviewed).

2007-09-07 00:13:53
4.   bhsportsguy
I don't think the Dodgers can deny permission, its an interview for one of the 30 top jobs that exists in his field.

If it was a lateral move, that's one thing, but its not.

2007-09-07 00:21:41
5.   paranoidandroid
I hope Logan is familiar with the Peter Principle.

Stay and enjoy the success of a homegrown team.

If you must be employed by Houston, please trade Roy Oswalt to us for six tickets to the the AM/PM pavillion.

2007-09-07 00:33:18
6.   Eric Enders
5 Carlos Lee approves of the trade. And says he has dibs on the tickets.
2007-09-07 00:37:42
7.   paranoidandroid
What I learned today:

1. I would have been bunting with two on, nobody out, and down a run in the ninth. I am glad to be wrong today. In the same situation in the future, I would still be bunting. Seems getting the runner to third with one out is the play to me.

2. We won without a delayed steal attempt by an old, slow guy. Can somebody remind Grady of that? I don't want to see Shea or LuGo or Kent trying to steal. Even against the Cubs.

3. I loved the Gagne years. I wanted to match/beat the Texas offer and keep him here. Ned was right to give the job to Saito. He is a legit Cy Young candidate. Other than Russ Martin, he is our MVP. Leads the bigs in era now gents.

4. Grady hit Abreu 8th. In the not so distant future, Abreu with speed and some pop in his bat will earn his way to the top of the line-up. Grady will eventually have to realize with four more years of Pierre, that Slappy belongs in that 8th slot.

5. Matt Kemp can homer outside Dodger Stadium. Time for him to hit a few more this year in SF, AZ, and Colorado. Then in NY. Then perhaps ..... Cleveland?

6. I love three run homers in the ninth inning that give us the lead.

7. I love three run homers in the ninth inning that give us the lead.

8. I'm still waiting to pay for my postseason ticket strip until after the SD series. Payment is due Sept 14th. It took 2 months for a refund last year after only using one set of tickets. I want to pay for them, believe me.

2007-09-07 00:38:07
8.   King of the Hobos
4 Why would they ask for a team's permission if they couldn't deny it? I doubt that a team ever actually does deny it, but I would assume that they could. But there's still always the chance that White simply declines to interview, which isn't uncommon. He's only been AGM for a year, there's a chance that he doesn't feel that he's ready to be GM. Or he could simply want to show some loyalty to the Dodgers.

I'm hoping that Tal Smith just convinces McLane to hire his old Public Relations Assistant, who also happens to be an 8 year veteran GM. You can't beat that kind of experience!

2007-09-07 00:40:29
9.   paranoidandroid
Anybody know what ever happened to J.R. Richard? Last I know he was living under a freeway in Houston. I recall a network news segment on him but that was maybe ten years ago.

He threw smoke.

2007-09-07 00:48:47
10.   Eric Enders
9 Purely by accident I ended up having a beer with J.R. Richard last summer. He was a nice guy and seems to be doing well. The days of freeway underpasses are definitely behind him.

8 One would think that White is smart enough to know he should wait for a good opportunity, and that Houston is not a good opportunity. Going to work for a crazy owner rarely works out well unless your name is Cashman. And Houston, more than any other team, has gone to great lengths to destroy its farm system, which is something I suspect wouldn't help lure White over there.

2007-09-07 01:09:00
11.   paranoidandroid
Eric, you serious about beers with J.R.? Hope he is doing well.
2007-09-07 01:18:18
12.   Eric Enders
Yeah, serious. Some friends and I went out to a bar and J.R. Richard and Vida Blue happened to be there. Didn't take much convincing to get them telling stories about the old days.
2007-09-07 01:25:25
13.   overkill94
Heh, Vida Blue was at a baseball camp I attended back when I was 13 or so. He seemed like a guy that just loves life and had no problem signing autographs and taking pictures with anyone who asked him.

Johnny Bench, on the other hand, couldn't have been more unfriendly and didn't sign autographs for anyone.

2007-09-07 01:26:42
14.   Eric Enders
13 That's pretty much been my experience with each of those people too.
2007-09-07 05:23:39
15.   D4P
Matt Kemp

BABIP: .410
LD%: 16.8
Expected BABIP: (16.8 + 12.0)/100 = .288

Kemp seems to be getting a lot of groundball singles, which might be what's driving up his BABIP well above what would be expected.

2007-09-07 06:06:47
16.   dodgerfan772
I live up in WA and am not going to be able to make Sunday's (9/16) game against Arizona. I have one field level ticket I would like to make sure gets used. Please email me if anyone is interested.
2007-09-07 06:13:04
17.   Ken Noe
13 14 Nicest player I eve met was Joe Kerrigan, the longtime pitching coach. While in the minors, he used to tell my buddies and me the answers to the nightly trivia question so we could win steak dinners.
2007-09-07 06:16:25
18.   jtrichey
7 I can't imagine anyone who has watched Dodger baseball over the last 7 years being a proponent of the bunt with runners on 1st and second. If it worked 100% of the time fine, but it is so easy to just force the guy out at third. Then what are you left with? Even more so down a run. In a tie game again you might be able to justify it, but not down 1. Jim Tracy was a bunt addict in that situation and it usually worked about a third of the time.

In case you couldn't tell I absolutely despise that play.

2007-09-07 06:30:48
19.   paranoidandroid
18 I'm not exactly against "Moneyball" philosphy or your opinion, I simply think that the situation dictates what you do there. In most situations, Ethier's ball is a fly out to left, hard to advance a runner who might be the second out to third.

I doubt the third of time statistic, I suspect that it works at least 75% of the time. A lot could go wrong though. I believe Ethier has good enough bat control (or Ramon Martinez) to get the ball down the third base line.

2007-09-07 06:33:20
20.   Terry A
7 - I'm being a little snarky here, so I apologize in advance, but...

(Referencing #3 on your list) Ned didn't exactly "give" the job to Saito. If you'll recall, Saito didn't even break camp with the Dodgers. Saito was a gloriously lucky discovery, and I have no problem giving Colletti credit for bringing him into camp. But I don't think even Colletti himself would claim he did so with the plan or idea that "Sammytime" was about to begin.

2007-09-07 06:34:28
21.   Gen3Blue
I'm trying to remember if I heard any predictions of just how good a player Martin was going to be a year or two before he arrived. I remember people mentioning him with the other prospects, but nothing prepared me for what he has become. Watching him pick a guy off first and score easily from third on his gimpy knee continues to amaze.
2007-09-07 06:39:41
22.   Sam DC
(In fact she got Kemp, Ethier, Martin and Bills on one ball)

Wow! (And the Sandlot 19 reference was funny too.)

On the baseball gods, I was at a game at RFK last year where Ramon Ortiz (!!) had a no hitter going through the top of the eighth. In the bottom of the eighth, he hit a home run. The fans cheered and cheered and finally he came out for a curtain call.

Then he lost the no hitter to the next batter he faced.

2007-09-07 06:43:25
23.   D4P
Ned deserves credit for (like most if not all GMs) inviting a bunch of journeymen pitchers to spring training, throwing them against the wall so to speak, and then keeping the ones that stuck.

Saito happened to be one of those who stuck. I doubt there was any grand insight on Ned's part. He got lucky, though he deserves credit for taking the right approach.

The wrong approach? Trading prospects for Danys Baezes and Lance Carters.

2007-09-07 06:47:32
24.   Terry A
By the way, my son's school is selling magazine subscriptions as a fundraiser. I need to buy something, but I have no idea what. Last year it was Shutterbug, which proved to be not my cup of tea.

Sports Illustrated is an easy call, but I'm wondering if there are others out there I should consider. What's the thought on ESPN the magazine?

2007-09-07 06:48:49
25.   Sam DC
22 If you were a good dad, LAT, of course, you'd take her back to get Loney and Laroche on there.
2007-09-07 07:07:53
26.   JoeyP
Those Ethier/autograph story from the last thread was interesting.

Last month when the Dodgers played the Cardinals, my wife, my parents and me were there. It was the Penny game that Loney hit the homer. Well anyways, we were sitting right on the field down the RF line, about as close to the RF'er as any fans could be.

I wanted to pull Ethier's chain a bit, so I tried to get my wife to yell at Andre to get his attention: She was going to say, "Andre, Andre! I'm pregnant". Then I'd get a picture of him blushing and all embarrassed. Unfortunately, we didnt end up doing it.

The only other memorable parts of that game was that Loney hit a bomb right over us that was foul earlier in the game, then struck out. But then came back in the 9th to hit the GW homer.

For all the talk about Ethier having a great arm, it doenst compare to Ankiel's. I think that was only Ankiel's 2nd major league game as an OF'er, but he threw some rockets from the warning track in warm ups. He's definitely athletic out there. Ethier looks fundamentally sound, but he's wasnt very fast and broke back on just about every ball initallly even if it was shallow.

2007-09-07 07:23:00
27.   Gen3Blue
Right now the D's lead the leaque in striking out opponents, and have the fewest K's themselves.
2007-09-07 07:24:06
28.   LAT
25, Good idea Sam, I'll take any excuse to go to a game.
2007-09-07 07:28:00
29.   LAT
Don't shoot the messenger, but driving into work just now, Simmers was saying on the radio that he was hearing "rumblings" that the Dodgers are not as high as they once were on LaRoche. Apparently 'some people' feel he has too big a swing and is too vulnerable with that swing. Simmers said he wouldn't be suprised to LaRoche moved eventually.
(LAT runs for cover now.)
2007-09-07 07:33:33
30.   Jon Weisman
26 - "I wanted to pull Ethier's chain a bit, so I tried to get my wife to yell at Andre to get his attention: She was going to say, "Andre, Andre! I'm pregnant". Then I'd get a picture of him blushing and all embarrassed."


2007-09-07 07:33:37
31.   Gen3Blue
We won't shoot the messenger..yet! not getting to listen to Simmers I have no idea what his track record on info is.
2007-09-07 07:34:28
32.   regfairfield
29 I'd be upset if:
A) It probably wasn't something Simers pretty much made up
B) I didn't expect it to happen already.
2007-09-07 07:35:35
33.   ToyCannon
JR Richard, whenever he was pitching against us, I felt we had little chance. The numbers bear out his dominance against us.

LAD/24/15/4/14/5/208/1.86/124/44/43/9/75/1/218 0

DodgerStadium /13/7/2/ 7/3/107/1.77/64/21/21/8/34/0/118/0

But he was no Larry Jaster
LAD/5/5/0/5/5/45/0.00/ 24/ 0/ 0/ 0/ 8/ 0/ 31/ 1
5 games, 5 shutouts.

2007-09-07 07:35:43
34.   Jon Weisman
29 - Whatever ... I don't trust Simers not to sensationalize the Dodgers' concerns. And either way, LaRoche still might be traded. For the Dodgers, LaRoche won't have proved himself until he hits .400 for a month.
2007-09-07 07:36:36
35.   GobiasIndustries
So it turns out Rick Ankiel is on the juice.......allegedly

2007-09-07 07:38:53
36.   GobiasIndustries
Nevermind! I should really read the old threads first before posting anything.
2007-09-07 07:41:13
37.   D4P
My gut has been telling me for some time that Management is not high on LaRoche, and I'd be more surprised if we kept him for a long time than if we traded him in the near future. I'm inclined to listen to my gut at the moment, as it is not hungry.

For the Dodgers, LaRoche won't have proved himself until he hits .400 for a month

With no walks.

2007-09-07 07:45:28
38.   ToyCannon
Tony Jackson actually did a nice job writing an article about the game this morning. I wonder if he knows Dylan wrote the song or if he's only familiar with the PPM version?

Watching the replay last night it really was just a high fly ball that caught some air. Vinny was talking in the 8th about how the wind was picking up from right to left. Then Ethier hit it up in the wind as on cue.

2007-09-07 07:45:34
39.   JoeyP
30--Its all in good fun. I'm sure Ethier would have known we were just messing with him, unless he really did have multiple gf's in different cities.
2007-09-07 07:46:39
40.   Ken Noe
Old school types still want a power hitter at third. I'm not surprised to hear that NedCo--who else would it be--remains iffy on LaRoche. Yet #10 has several things going for him too. Nomar has proven more brittle that ever, and Hillenbrand has done nothing to win the job. Abreu would be an option but he seems penciled in to replace Kent. NedCo could have moved LaRoche in July but didn't. My guess is that all Simers has heard is NedCo kvetching about LaRoche walking so much, which is akin to kvetching about Kemp on the basepaths.
2007-09-07 07:46:52
41.   ToyCannon
You guys are making BHSPORTSGUY nervous.
2007-09-07 07:47:06
42.   LAT
I should have noted for what its worth (not very much really) that Simmers was absolutly fawning over Russel Martin. He was also very high on Kemp's abilities but questioned his work ethic and maturity. In fairness he suggested that anyone's work ethic is suspect when compared to Martin's. (I'll agree with that.) Either Simmers or Rogin said Ethier is "moody"--whatever that means.
2007-09-07 07:48:35
43.   regfairfield
An example that hits closer to home about why we really shouldn't care about LaRoche's current struggles:

Paul Konerko with the Dodgers: 144 AB, .215/.272/.306

2007-09-07 07:48:52
44.   D4P
Old school types still want a power hitter at third

Actually, I think New school types have a greater demand for power hitters at third.

Old schoolers are content with high PVL at third (e.g. Nomar, Hillenbrand, Mueller, etc.).

2007-09-07 07:49:23
45.   regfairfield
40 But LaRoche has 20-25 home run power.
2007-09-07 07:50:46
46.   ToyCannon
Actually all he probably heard was Tommy bemoaning the fact that La Roche didn't bow properly when he passed by, and thus Tommy is not high on La Roche.

I doubt if Ned ever talks to any media off the record about any of the players.

Tommy will talk to anyone who pays him attention as long as your somebody.

2007-09-07 07:55:28
47.   JoeyP
Ankiel's at .358/.409/.765 after 81 MLB at bats.

Averaging 1 homer per 9abs.

I dont think he can get in trouble since he took it before it was banned. But I'm sure the "feel good" story will now change. Its too bad, bc what he's doing is something unseen in baseball.

Last guy to dominate in pitching (of course Ankiel only had 1 good MLB season), and then also be a hitter was I guess Babe Ruth?

If the Cards put Ankiel's in CF, he might be the best CF'er in the game if he OPS's 900 or so.

2007-09-07 07:56:39
48.   ToyCannon
That is a bit strange. La Roche will hit more home runs then Nomar/Shea/Abreu combined.

Really the only question is health not ability. If they feel his back will hold him back from hitting his ceiling then I can understand them not being comfortable headed into 2008 with him as the 3b.

2007-09-07 07:57:21
49.   Penarol1916
24. ESPN is much worse than Sports Illustrated. The only magazine subscription that I've found to be worth the money I spent on it is The Economist.
2007-09-07 07:59:00
50.   Sam DC
Incredible libraries.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2007-09-07 08:00:31
51.   ToyCannon
I love the story but how did a guy who's MLE show a sub 300 OB% all of the sudden morph into Jim Edmunds Prime?

Jeff Francouer had the same kind of start but eventually his plate discipline caught up to him. The same should happen for Ankiel but it is a great ride at the moment.

2007-09-07 08:00:53
52.   CanuckDodger
LaRoche doesn't have a long swing. His swing is actually quick. But he does let the ball get deep into the zone before he swings, and if he is doing that and trying to pull the ball, well, that AB is going to end up in a strike out. LaRoche just needs to relax a little, but easier said than done when there is so much pressure on him right now.
2007-09-07 08:11:28
53.   Ken Noe
[44, 45, 48] Potential aside, NedCo's still going to make him produce more than good AAA numbers before he let's him settle in. I have no doubt he'll have to battle someone for the job next spring.

ToyCannon's right though about noting the injury concerns, as well as Simer's source maybe being Tommy.

2007-09-07 08:14:59
54.   GobiasIndustries
This story at Bleed Cubbie Blue says Andre Ethier is a jerkface to people wanting autographs.

I don't buy it.

2007-09-07 08:18:56
55.   Bob Timmermann
This just isn't your day I guess.
2007-09-07 08:23:09
56.   D4P
Did you see that Ned signed Juan Pierre to a 5-year contract? It was mentioned in a previous thread.
2007-09-07 08:23:17
57.   LogikReader
If you look at this "Who would you like to see at 3B poll" on

This proves once and for all that the average Dodger fan is, how should I put it....?

2007-09-07 08:26:54
58.   JoeyP
51--I think the thing with Ankiel is that he hasnt been a hitter very long (career wise), and that he could learn discipline along the way.

His situation IMO is different from a guy thats been a hitter his entire career and has never walked.

With all of Ankiel's power, I doubt he'll get much to hit and it'll be interesting to see if he can not chase balls. He has 10 walks in 81 ABs so far. Not great, not terrible.

2007-09-07 08:28:33
59.   LAT
57. The amazing part of htat is not that 43% voted for Nomar but that 7% actually voted for Hillenbrand. That 7% must Padre fans or people joking around.
2007-09-07 08:30:35
60.   GobiasIndustries
No I guess it isn't.......I'm done for the day.

Lame attempt at comedy. You can do better than that I'm sure.

2007-09-07 08:34:10
61.   D4P
Lame attempt at comedy. You can do better than that I'm sure

I assure you, that was no laughing matter.

2007-09-07 08:38:38
62.   Disabled List
Between the Logan White news and the LaRoche rumblings, this thread is giving me indigestion.
2007-09-07 08:39:02
63.   GobiasIndustries
See. Now that's funny.
2007-09-07 08:39:09
64.   Gen3Blue
50 Amazing pictures Sam.

The Lenox Ma. library, run by a private group, just spent millions restoring some domed cielings covered with artwork. At your cite, I found a cite about "Librarys We Love" , by the Berkshire Publishing group, based two towns away. It didn't mention the Lenox Library! Gives me something to snoop into.

2007-09-07 08:49:06
65.   madmac
56 LOL
2007-09-07 08:52:08
66.   ToyCannon
It wouldn't bother me if Logan White get the gig. If his dream is to be a GM then I hope he gets it. He won't be our GM so he might as well be someone else's. It is not like they have very many openings every year.

It is interesting that they are interviewing so many and Kim is not even on the list. I think she has a better chance of outlasting Ned and getting our gig then she does of someone hiring her from the outside.

2007-09-07 08:56:42
67.   old dodger fan
57 LaRoche has 59% of the votes and Nomar has 31%. What were you expecting?
2007-09-07 09:03:23
68.   ToyCannon
That is because about 10 of us just voted for La Roche. Before he posted the link the link, Nomar was ahead.
2007-09-07 09:08:15
69.   old dodger fan
68 Make it 11.
2007-09-07 09:10:53
70.   ToyCannon
From Baseball HQ:
"Market Ticker... Rick Ankiel (OF, STL) continued his fairy tale story on Thursday with two home runs and seven RBI against PIT. Ankiel now has nine homers and 29 RBI in only 81 AB. How long can this continue? With a PX over 200 and a ground ball rate of only 29%, with 22% line drives and 49% fly balls, the power seems real. However, a 39% hit rate and a batting eye of 0.38 in the majors and 0.27 at AAA Memphis say Ankiel's .358 BA is headed down soon. His xBA is .291."
2007-09-07 09:11:37
71.   Gen3Blue
68 There is a lesson about something here. Maybe the age of the net.
2007-09-07 09:12:34
72.   ToyCannon
Logan White seems a better fit for the Pirate job then Houston.
2007-09-07 09:20:59
73.   Peanuts in My Shoes
I was reading through one of Logan's old chats just a couple of days ago and wondering if he had GM aspirations, and more so, if he'd be qualified. What's the general feeling here on whether he'd make a good GM (contracts, deals, etc)?

69. Make it 12.

2007-09-07 09:23:15
74.   fanerman
I voted for Andy.
2007-09-07 09:26:08
75.   old dodger fan
68 They wouldn't let me vote for A-Rod.
2007-09-07 09:26:14
76.   das411
Of course!! The whole interviewing with Houston thing was just cover, but it's so obvious...PITTSBURGH is going to hire Ed Wade now!!

(seriously, Dodger fans, your team has made the playoffs 4 times since the Pirates even had a winning season. Things could be a lot worse than having to watch Juan Pierre in CF for four more years, would you prefer it be Adam Hyzdu and Chris Duffy instead?)

2007-09-07 09:40:53
77.   Icaros

I don't know...if we had Duffy, I could fantasize about signing one of the 2,000 free agent CFs on the market this winter who are better than Juan Pierre.

2007-09-07 09:52:40
78.   D4P
Speaking of fantasizing, have you been "bowling" a lot lately...?
2007-09-07 09:53:34
79.   Icaros

No, that ball has apparently gone into the gutter.

2007-09-07 09:56:55
80.   regfairfield
76 Speaking of Hydzu, my friend and I were trying to make a list of the guys that have pretty much bounced through every stat heavy organization. We came up with Hydzu, Jack Cust, Carlos Pena, and Mark Bellhorn. Are there others?
2007-09-07 09:58:43
81.   D4P
Spare me the details...

Just kidding. That's too bad. It seemed to get off to such a great start.

2007-09-07 09:59:17
82.   D4P
Hee Seop Choi!
Hee Seop Choi!
Hee Seop Choi!
2007-09-07 10:00:55
83.   regfairfield
Das hinted at this, but Pittsburgh just fired Dave Littlefield.

Did not see that one coming.

2007-09-07 10:01:04
84.   bhsportsguy
I was wondering why I would be nervous and then I remembered.
2007-09-07 10:04:19
85.   Icaros

Yeah, keeps happening that way. I've stopped trying to understand.

2007-09-07 10:04:31
86.   Megaballs
Sat in the RF bleachers at Wrigley yesterday for that glorious game.
Was singing the praises of our 5 sub 25 year old position players.
These fans were knowledgable and seemingly geniune when Ethier came up. I spoke highly of him(the knew and respected the Bison,fyi)to no one in particular when they insisted b4 the game Ethier was surly and rude talking with the bleacher bums. They said he ended it by throwing the ball as is custom, but OVER the bleachers to spite them after some verbalbanter.
Doesn't sound right or necessary. Might want to address this.
The Windy City fans do have a bit of a drinking problem and a growing fondness for booing and hecklin' however.
2007-09-07 10:04:46
87.   rockmrete
Perhaps the only way to have a shot at AROD is to shed some long term salary. And the only way to move Pierre would be to include a prospect. If LaRoache were that prospect it clears that position, rids us of Pierre and we keep the rest of the kids. Wishfull thinking I know, but I can dream can't I.
2007-09-07 10:11:00
88.   underdog
Everytime I heard something about Hydzu I thought they were talking about an invasive plant.
2007-09-07 10:11:00
89.   Icaros

More wishfully, I'd trade Furcal with Pierre. A-Rod at SS. Andy at 3B.

I don't want to hear that A-Rod can't play SS anymore. He can.

2007-09-07 10:14:04
90.   underdog
86 As mused about in previous thread... it seems Ethier deserves more of the benefit of the doubt than Cubs fans would want to give him yesterday, and even if he did do a couple of obnoxious things it's possible given the history of Cubs fans vs. the history of Ethier that it was at least in part spurned by their own obnoxiousness in the first place. Maybe he was tired of their "verbal banter." Maybe they didn't deserve a ball.

Like I said in previous thread, the autograph story also sounds like one that has some truth to it but which gets exaggerated and distorted to tilt to one side.

2007-09-07 10:14:55
91.   D4P
Weird. Guess you'll have to revert to DGs.
2007-09-07 10:17:46
92.   regfairfield
Now that Littlefield is gone, who takes over as worst GM? Bowden? Bavasi? Flannagan?
2007-09-07 10:18:18
93.   rockmrete
Even better.
2007-09-07 10:20:49
94.   rockmrete
Those two for 2008 are around 22 Million if I'm right.
2007-09-07 10:21:37
95.   JoeyP
Wrigley Field doesnt have a typical baseball crowd. Its not far from Loyola or DePaul (Lincoln Park), and Wrigleyville is filled with recent college grads.

The Cubs games are more about being seen as social event than actually being interested in the team.

The way the ballpark is nestled into a regular neighborhood is nice though. Doesnt surprise me that Ethier got yelled at bc the Cubs do sell beer in the bleachers.

2007-09-07 10:22:08
96.   KG16
LaRoche up to 70% in the KFWB poll, I wish they would include the number of votes.

89 - I heard that if A-Rod goes somewhere else, he will want to play shortstop again. I'm not a big fan of trading Furcal, we do need a lead off hitter that has some ability to get on base. Can Hu play second? And of course, if we move Pierre (please) what do we do about center? Bring up Young?

2007-09-07 10:22:10
97.   rockmrete
In a perfect world in which that could happen, who would bat leadoff?
2007-09-07 10:24:09
98.   rockmrete
Both Kemp, and Ethier have to be better than Pierre has been. What about Furcal to CF.
2007-09-07 10:25:38
99.   Icaros
I don't buy into the idea that a leadoff hitter needs to be a powerless entity. I'd let Kemp bat leadoff. He's faster than Pierre and Furcal anyway.
2007-09-07 10:26:25
100.   bhsportsguy
So Pittsburgh joins Houston in their hunt for a GM.

I know I thought Pittsburgh was a likely candidate to replace their GM a week or so ago when Houston dumped their manager and GM.

Of all the divisions in baseball, you have to think that given enough resources and time, a GM could take a team like Pittsburgh and make them competitive.

Other possible but not likely teams to replace their GM.
1. Washington Nationals
2. Cincinnati Reds

I think that is it, the other bottom teams have recently replaced their GMs and I think Toronto and Texas are going to stick it out.

Its really more likely that Pittsburgh will be the last club to make this move.

Now, hiring a new manager, let's see.

Maybe the White Sox only because of Williams and Guillen's relationship and the White Sox fade in 2006 and their collapse this year.

Other than that, only Houston and probably Pittsburgh, depending on the new GM, are going to be having a press conference announcing that change.

Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2007-09-07 10:27:38
101.   D4P
Realistically, Pierre's future with the Dodgers is probably secure.

That being said, one thing that will likely have some influence on his future is how the team finishes the season. If they finish first in the division and/or win the wildcard and/or do well in the playoffs, it'll be easier for Management to dismiss his performance and keep him on the team than if they don't make the playoffs and people start pointing fingers.

2007-09-07 10:28:13
102.   Megaballs
Ethier shouldn't interact with road team crowds,period.
Pull him aside...
2007-09-07 10:28:34
103.   Icaros
2008 lineup I'll never see:


2007-09-07 10:29:47
104.   LogikReader

Yea, but if they start pointing fingers, that will motivate them to grab more placeholders and ship out the kids.

Pierre plus youngsters > No pierre plus the SF Giants

know what I mean, Vern?

2007-09-07 10:30:42
105.   Icaros

Kemp in CF, Ethier in RF.

2007-09-07 10:31:29
106.   Dark Horse
103-Even with two leftfielders, that is a sweet lineup. I lament the fact we'll never see it as well.
2007-09-07 10:31:59
107.   Terry A
Dan Evans is a perfect fit for that Pittsburgh job. I'll bet Jim Tracy, who's desperately clinging to his own job, has already made that point with somebody in the Pirates management team.
2007-09-07 10:33:12
108.   fanerman
103 I'd bat Martin lead-off over Kemp. If Kemp hits home runs, might as well hope someone's on-base, right?

Martin is fast, gets on-base, has some power, too.

2007-09-07 10:34:28
109.   Eric Enders
"We came up with Hydzu, Jack Cust, Carlos Pena, and Mark Bellhorn. Are there others?"

Jeremy Giambi played for Beane, Epstein, and DePodesta.
Mike Rose played for the DePo-era Dodgers, plus Boston, Oakland, Arizona, and Cleveland.
Tom Wilson has played for the Dodgers, Cleveland, Oakland twice, and Arizona.

2007-09-07 10:34:40
110.   underdog
105 Works for me!

though we might see a little Craig Monroe-ishness from Kemp at first until he settled into center. But I'd be willing to take that on.

Btw, Soriano's a leadoff hitter with power. I think we saw that this week. Of course he seems to have more power right now than anyone else in their lineup, and I'm not sure I'd want that to be the way the lineup went.

2007-09-07 10:34:57
111.   Icaros

You can bat Martin leadoff if you want. I don't think lineup is nearly as important as just having the best people getting 4 at-bats a game.

2007-09-07 10:35:56
112.   KG16
99 - of course the lead off man doesn't have to be a powerless entity, but too much power at the lead off spot (even the #2 hole) is counter productive.

Hypothetically, let's say Kemp becomes a 30 HR power hitter. As the lead off hitter, he'll have about 20-25% of his PA with no one on base (leading off in the first inning), assuming an equal (random) distribution of HRs, that would be 4-8 HRs of the solo variety. Then consider that he will be hitting after the 8th spot and pitcher's spot for the other 75-80% of his PA, meaning we're looking at a good chuck of those where no one is on base.

I'd rather have a guy with decent power (15 HRs or so) and a good to very good OBP leading off. Lots of doubles and a few triples from my lead off guy would be the ideal.

2007-09-07 10:36:57
113.   fanerman
111 Yeah I know line-ups don't really matter so much. But yesterday we were complaining/making fun of the Cubs for leading off with Soriano. Seems like leading off with Kemp is kind of the same idea.
2007-09-07 10:37:56
114.   underdog
Btw, if Gonzo plays tonight in Ethier's or Kemp's place, I'm gonna turn a Hulk shade of green, especially since we're gonna be there in person.
2007-09-07 10:38:17
115.   Megaballs
Literally everyone in Chicago media and fandom want Soriano NOT leading off.

Only Alfonzie and Swet Lou dissent.

2007-09-07 10:38:25
116.   fanerman
114 I will have my camera ready.
2007-09-07 10:38:30
117.   Icaros
I have no problem with Soriano batting leadoff. He's one of their top hitters. Good that he gets the most at-bats.
2007-09-07 10:39:25
118.   dzzrtRatt
30. Jon Weisman
26 - "I wanted to pull Ethier's chain a bit, so I tried to get my wife to yell at Andre to get his attention: She was going to say, "Andre, Andre! I'm pregnant". Then I'd get a picture of him blushing and all embarrassed."

Because JoeyP is secretly Ashton Kutcher.

2007-09-07 10:39:38
119.   Megaballs
Swet Lou?

Try Sweet Lou.

2007-09-07 10:40:43
120.   Icaros

I think you're overblowing it. The leadoff batter bats first in inning one. How many times will he leadoff any inning the rest of the game?

2007-09-07 10:41:22
121.   Eric Enders
By the way, has the shiny new toy at Baseball-Reference been pointed out yet? Minor league stats, finally!

2007-09-07 10:42:11
122.   Icaros


2007-09-07 10:42:24
123.   Eric Enders
119 Did you see him yesterday? I think the original name was appropriate.
2007-09-07 10:43:40
124.   Jacob L
107 I was about to make the requisite DePodesta to Pittsburgh crack, but, yeah, Evans makes a lot of sense. I just wonder if he's learned anything about assembling an offense while he's been in exile.
2007-09-07 10:44:44
125.   Eric Enders
122 What is this "Griddle" of which you speak?
2007-09-07 10:46:40
126.   blue22
Soriano has only 49 RBI this year, despite 22 HR's and a .528 SLG% in 500+ plate appearances this year, mostly in the leadoff spot. He also has a .337 OBP. Probably a decent comparison to what you'd get from Kemp in the leadoff slot.
2007-09-07 10:48:00
127.   Jon Weisman
Adam Melhuse.
Phil Hiatt.
2007-09-07 10:48:23
128.   kinbote
114 - at this point in the season, we simply must field the best eight we have. i agree that starting ethier & kemp over gonzo is a no-brainer.

on a somewhat related note, i wonder if we're likely to see nomar starting at 3b anytime soon. the quotes have made it sound like they're in no rush to get him in the lineup, but knowing our management, every time laroche gets an o-fer (regardless of many double plays he helps turn) makes me worry for his future.

2007-09-07 10:48:46
129.   D4P
What is this "Griddle" of which you speak?

It's a location where a fella can retard to a saunter and abide his existence in totality, provided he maintain his timepiece on West Coast time.

2007-09-07 10:49:33
130.   Bob Timmermann
I even put up the initial post about Dave Littlefield this morning from a moving vehicle.

I was not driving however.

2007-09-07 10:49:49
131.   Icaros

That's still way better than what we've gotten from Furcal/Pierre.

2007-09-07 10:50:07
132.   fanerman
120 I'm sure the difference between Martin-Kemp going 1-2 versus 2-1 is not huge. But, given 2 approximately equally good hitters (Both have ~.300 EQA's at the moment), I'd have the guy with more power batting after the guy with more walks. Purely based on sense and not evidence.
2007-09-07 10:51:44
133.   Megaballs
Soriano likely bats behind a pitcher, not to mention the 8th place hitter.
Unless you pinch hit, how often are runners on before him?
What about a slow runner clogging the bases directly in front of him (thinking Zambrano here)?
To top it off, Sweet Lou claimed he didn't hit and run with Soriano as a lead runner earlier that series because he was still a bit gimpy, i.e. not a baserunning threat. The result of that happened to be DP.

Have you seen Soriano's line?Something like 22 hrs and 48 RBIs...

2007-09-07 10:52:16
134.   Icaros
You guys can bat Loney leadoff for all I care. I just want lousy hitters like Pierre and 2007 Furcal out of the lineup.
2007-09-07 10:52:29
135.   fanerman
131 Wasn't Furcal a Repko-less spring training away from being one of the best everyday players in the NL West? If Furcal gets healthy or whatever and reverts to his 2005-2006 self, I wouldn't complain if he led-off.
2007-09-07 10:53:10
136.   fanerman
135 Or played everyday.
2007-09-07 10:53:11
137.   D4P
You guys can bat Loney leadoff for all I care

I'll give it some thought.

2007-09-07 10:53:20
138.   jasonungar07
Soriano career numbers..

Batting 1st .294 .341 .545 .886
Batting 2nd .161 .161 .258 .419
Batting 3rd .260 .310 .452 .762
Batting 4th .195 .227 .390 .618
Batting 5th .268 .312 .513 .824

most of his ABs are in leadoff but has basically a full season worth of AB's at 3rd/5th.

2007-09-07 10:54:43
139.   Icaros
Why are people here acting like a middle-of-the-order-batter always has men on base?

Our 1-2 are never on base, so I think the pointing out of Soriano's RBI and talking about 8 and 9 hitters (who will often be quality pinch-hitters) is a little misguided.

2007-09-07 10:55:14
140.   Eric Enders
All I can tell you is I'm drafting Furcal in my fantasy league next year, because he's probably the prime candidate in baseball for a much-improved 2008.
2007-09-07 10:55:50
141.   KG16
120 - By hitting behind two batters that are, by definition, not good, the lead off hitter has fewer chances to come to the plate with runners on base, thus fewer chances to generate runs. Whether he's leading off an inning or coming up with two outs and nobody on base, what difference does it make? Those are the likely scenarios that a lead off hitter will see, at least in the National League, which partially explains the stats in 126.
2007-09-07 10:57:04
142.   blue22
131 - So Soriano is better than Pierre. Glad we cleared that up. :)

Still doesn't mean Soriano should bat leadoff. With his power, he should be driving in guys like DeRosa and Theriot from lower in the lineup.

2007-09-07 10:57:22
143.   Icaros

In another comment I specified 2007 Furcal as being lousy. And this whole discussion was based on trading him to make room for A-Rod at SS.

Obviously, if Furcal is on the team, I wouldn't bat Kemp leadoff.

2007-09-07 10:57:50
144.   Jon Weisman
140 - I almost wrote a Furcal-Izturis comparison post this week. But Izturis has just gone too far off a cliff offensively (with OPS+ at least). What offense he did have just disappeared.
2007-09-07 10:58:10
145.   fanerman
139 Wouldn't you also theoretically get more at-bats/game as a team if people with higher OBP's batted before people with lower OBP's?
2007-09-07 10:59:38
146.   Icaros
141 142

All I can say in response is that I have witnessed many situations this season where Furcal and Pierre have batted with runners on base, and when they do, I'm usually wishing someone else was batting in their places.

2007-09-07 11:00:45
147.   Icaros

Perhaps. The Dodgers should try it sometime.

2007-09-07 11:01:03
148.   KG16
139 - It's about probabilities. It is more probable that the 3-4-5 hitters will come to the plate with runners on base (better hitters in front of them), than it is that the 1-2 hitters will come to the plate with runners on (1st inning, hitting behind 8-9 hitters).

With respect to Soriano's RBI totals, it makes sense. There may be a cause and effect issue, but if you look at most lineups, the guys with the highest RBI totals tend to bat 3-4-5.

2007-09-07 11:01:21
149.   jasonungar07
Pierre and Furcal are among the lowest in rc/27 on the team and get the most ABs.
2007-09-07 11:03:13
150.   jasonungar07
In Soriano's case I think they are doing the right thing because of his past performance at leadoff, the fact that he is a threat to steal 40 bases and because the Cubs have Armis and Lee in the 3/4 hole.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2007-09-07 11:04:17
151.   fanerman
The Dodgers could try batting Pierre 9th. At least when Penny is pitching. (yes they'd be better off not playing him at all but we all know that's not going to happen)
2007-09-07 11:04:42
152.   Icaros

What if Soriano only hits well when he hits leadoff? The numbers in 138 prove that just as much as your RBI count and un-backed-up probabilities.

2007-09-07 11:06:09
153.   Xeifrank
If Juan Pierre is going to be a starter on our team for the foreseeable future, I believe he would have the most value hitting in the #9 slot. Many of the lineup generator tools show that batting your pitcher 8th produces the most runs per game. It is a slight increase in runs per game to do so, but an increase nonetheless. Pierre's low OBP, SLG and OPS doesn't do us much good hitting in the #2 hole where he would get ~126 more plate appearances to stink than in the #9 hole. Batting Pierre 8th, in front of the pitcher spot would hamper the one skillset that he does bring to the table and that is stealing bases once he does get on base. If he were to hit 9th, he would basically be the table setter for the top of the order, with 126 less plate appearances and he would have more freedom to reek havoc once he does get on base. Martin, Ethier, Loney (take your pick) should be hitting in the #2 hole. vr, Xei
2007-09-07 11:06:35
154.   ToyCannon
Merry go round version of DT.

From BP Goldstein before his chat. NL players who made big moves up the prospect charts based on the 2007 season:
"Six-foot-five right-hander James McDonald came out of nowhere, suddenly throwing in the low 90s with a plus curveball and decent change, which propelled up to Double-A while striking out 168 in 134 2/3 innings.

Honorable Mention: Shortstop Chin-Lung Hu stepped up his offensive game in a major way, as one of the minors' best defenders hit .325/.364/.507 between Double- and Triple-A while continuing to astound scouts with his glovework. A solid hitter with little in the way of tools, outfielder Delwyn Young stepped up his game by hitting .337/.384/.571 at Triple-A Las Vegas; he might now project has having some career beyond that of a Quadruple-A hitter."

2007-09-07 11:08:49
155.   Eric Enders
150 I doubt Soriano will be much of a basestealing threat from this point forward. It would be a huge shock if he ever stole 40 again. Power hitters who steal bases, their steals tend to drop very dramatically as they age. This has already started happening to Soriano. Look at the SB records of guys like Canseco, Strawberry, Mays, and Bonds for comparison. Or A-Rod, who has never stolen more than 28 since going 40-40 nine years ago.
2007-09-07 11:09:22
156.   blue22
150 - Lee, Aramis, Soriano at 3,4,5.

Soriano is their 3rd best hitter. He's a power hitter that has a ~.335 OBP. He should hit 5th for them.

2007-09-07 11:15:51
157.   KG16
152 - just checked baseball reference (though I'm not a subscriber, so I don't have full access). According to the splits, the two Dodgers with the most ABs with no runners on base are Furcal and Pierre ( , each with 344 ABs. Martin is third with 266. Pierre, Kent, and Martin have the most AB/PAs with runners on base.

With respect to Soriano batting better when he leads off, I have no problem with that argument. My point is that the lower RBI numbers, and thus fewer runs potentially scored are due to the fact that he has more at bats without runners on base than the other hitters in his line up. It would seem to me, that if you have a guy who can hit 40 HRs a season, as Soriano certainly can, then you'd want him coming to the plate with runners on base, because that would mean more runs scored.

2007-09-07 11:17:06
158.   Sam DC
Rest in peace, Madeleine L'engle.
2007-09-07 11:18:50
159.   D4P
Three straight breaks of serve to start the Kuznetsova-Chakvetadze semi-final.

When my friend and I first started playing tennis years ago, we used the term "holding break" rather than "holding serve".

2007-09-07 11:19:24
160.   blue22
157 - And if his personality is so flighty that he doesn't know how to hit in any non-leadoff spots, probably wasn't wise to hand him an 8-year deal.
2007-09-07 11:22:20
161.   Eric Enders
160 It seems rather careless to attribute the differences in performance to "flighty personality" without an exploring whether the leadoff hitter and cleanup hitter may be pitched to differently.
2007-09-07 11:22:40
162.   D4P
His deal was not wise in any sense of the word.
2007-09-07 11:24:54
163.   Eric Enders
161 I like the word "an" as much as the next guy, but I'm still trying to figure out what it was doing in that post.
2007-09-07 11:26:33
164.   King of the Hobos
66 This is from the Houston Chronicle a few days ago:

Asked specifically if the Los Angeles Dodgers' Kim Ng was scheduled to interview, McLane acknowledged that he knew who she was but that her name didn't appear to be one he's been discussing with Smith.

2007-09-07 11:28:32
165.   blue22
161 - Handing an 8-year deal to a 31-year old who, for reasons unknown, can't or doesn't want to hit anywhere besides leadoff seems...unwise.
2007-09-07 11:29:01
166.   Icaros
I'm fantasizing about a future Kim Ng powerplay to steal Colletti's job. Perhaps Toy Cannon can write the treatment.
2007-09-07 11:32:12
167.   fanerman
I'm all for more Dodgers Fan Fiction.
2007-09-07 11:32:22
168.   trainwreck
Who would think that gender bias is helping out the Dodgers?
2007-09-07 11:33:07
169.   blue22
Where does the news that Jenna Fischer is now single go - here or Screen Jam?
2007-09-07 11:33:50
170.   trainwreck
Reported a couple days ago.
2007-09-07 11:34:42
171.   blue22
170 - Dang, I looked and looked and looked. Didn't see any mention of it.
2007-09-07 11:35:28
172.   Icaros
Is Jenna's back still broken?
2007-09-07 11:37:09
173.   D4P
You gotta look four times, minimum.
2007-09-07 11:39:42
174.   trainwreck
Got to be real early in these parts when it comes to Jenna Fischer.
2007-09-07 11:40:53
175.   Icaros
I'll still be okay with Rashida Jones.
2007-09-07 11:41:18
176.   blue22
172 - It's supposed to have healed. But could her sitting on the couch for the last few months been a root of the separation?

Would it be ironic if a broken back was the proverbial "straw that broke the camel's back" within the marriage? Can I get a ruling here? Was this joke already made 4 days ago too?

2007-09-07 11:43:40
177.   underdog
169 My girlfriend better watch out - she's got new competition!

{skulks back into his hefty fantasy world}

2007-09-07 11:43:51
178.   Robert Daeley
165 Except Soriano offered publicly to bat wherever they wanted him.
2007-09-07 11:50:30
179.   Sam DC
So who would win this poll:

2007 Dodger Thoughts Icon:

(A) Alyssa Milano
(b) Jenna Fischer
(c) Kim Ng
(d) Danica McKellar
(e) Andre Ethier (figure he'll get at least one vote!)

Maybe I'll repost it after dark.

2007-09-07 11:50:32
180.   Kevin Lewis

That's too bad

2007-09-07 11:50:42
181.   JoeyP
Many of the lineup generator tools show that batting your pitcher 8th produces the most runs per game.

And I just thought LaRussa was crazy.

Batting Pierre 8th, in front of the pitcher spot would hamper the one skillset that he does bring to the table and that is stealing bases once he does get on base.

Why would it hamper Pierre's ability to steal 2nd in front of the pitcher? If anything, I'd think it enhance it. For one, if Pierre gets caught stealing its not as big of deal bc the middle of the order isnt coming up next. Second, if he does steal 2nd, the pitcher can then bunt him to 3b.

IMO, Pierre would/should have more freedom to steal bases at the bottom of the order bc if he gets caught he's likely not ruining a big inning, and you'd likely need stolen bases at the bottom of the order since the pitcher/leadoff batters likely wont have much power to drive you in from 1st.

2007-09-07 11:52:41
182.   Icaros

I know a season-ticket-holding longtime commenter who is wondering why you didn't include Briana Banks.

2007-09-07 11:56:03
183.   blue22
181 - What about Pierre 7th, with someone like LaRoche 8th (who will take some pitches and let Pierre run)?
2007-09-07 11:58:40
184.   trainwreck
You forget to tell others again that it may not be safe to Google.
2007-09-07 12:02:26
185.   trainwreck
ESPN has breaking news that Troy Glaus received steroids for a couple years.

Yes!! Don't have to worry about him coming here.

2007-09-07 12:03:59
186.   King of the Hobos
The results of the tie breaker coin flips today (the coin flips determine where the games will be played):

• Padres @ D-backs
• Dodgers @ D-backs
• Rockies @ D-backs
• Padres @ Dodgers
• Rockies @ Padres
• Dodgers @ Rockies

2007-09-07 12:04:27
187.   D4P
See: Gonzalez, Luis.
2007-09-07 12:07:43
188.   Sam DC
From Tom Boswell's chat up right now at

McKinney, Tex: Tulowitski... Saltalamacchia...Pedroia...Ryan Braun (who at 3rd base reminds me of an early Richie Allen)...Delmon Young...Chris Young... I don't remember a stronger Rookie class since '84 with Clemens, Puckett, Dwight Gooden, Mark Langston, etc. Am I overlooking a better year (before or since '84)?

Add the potential of these youngsters to the 2nd year players like Zimmerman, James Shields, etc., and I am excited about the future of baseball talent-wise.

What say you?

Tom Boswell: I say that's a great list and a valid point. Don't forget B.J. Upton. A GM told me he tought Upton looked better than Griffey at the same age. OK, that's hyperventilating. But...

2007-09-07 12:10:45
189.   blue22
188 - Uh, 2006 had Verlander, Liriano, Hanley Ramirez, Prince Fielder, Ryan Zimmerman, Matt Cain, Russell Martin, Jon Papelbon, Jered Weaver...
2007-09-07 12:10:49
190.   Disabled List
186 What about a wild-card tie with the Phillies or Mets?
2007-09-07 12:12:56
191.   Zak
[185} Do you have a link please? Or is it on TV?
2007-09-07 12:13:27
192.   Jon Weisman
179 - Danica for DT, Jenna for Screen Jam
2007-09-07 12:15:04
193.   Samuel

2007-09-07 12:16:29
194.   Eric Enders
188 , 189 Yeah, 2006 was miles better. It will probably end up being the best class of all time. Don't forget that was technically Matt Kemp's rookie year, too.
2007-09-07 12:20:29
195.   Bob Timmermann
DBacks pick up Bob Wickman for the stretch run:
2007-09-07 12:20:56
196.   katysdad
I didn't see this anywhere, but forgive me if it was already posted.
2007-09-07 12:27:17
197.   D4P
I dub thee forgiven.
2007-09-07 12:32:28
198.   Bob Timmermann
Who gave you the power to forgive sins?

I think we need a Dodger Thoughts confessional.

"Go my child and sin no more, for your penance, read aloud Delino Deshields OPS+ marks with the Dodgers six times and meditate on them."

2007-09-07 12:33:52
199.   katysdad
So I'm not forgiven?
2007-09-07 12:36:19
200.   Eric Enders
The confessional booth will be discarded in favor of both parties simply wearing a catcher's mask.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2007-09-07 12:39:38
201.   GoBears
From Will Carroll's latest at BP:

# Speaking of catchers, one of the biggest questions at the start of the season was who was the best of the great young catching crop. Joe Mauer was coming off a batting title, with Brian McCann and Russell Martin not far behind him. With two of those, injuries and workload become the defining variable. Mauer's leg problems have started up the talk of moving him to third base or DH, but I'm more worried about Martin's workload. Even when injured, as Martin is after being diagnosed with a sprained knee, the Dodgers keep loading up Martin. At some point we're going to figure out either that Martin is a freak of nature, or that he couldn't hold up under this workload; I'm not sure I like that binary outcome. Only the knowledge that Stan Conte is watching all the Dodgers' players gives me any reason for optimism.

2007-09-07 12:40:11
202.   underdog
First Tomko to the Padres, then Wickman to the DBacks. The Dodgers should just call it a season and go home.
2007-09-07 12:41:09
203.   D4P
Only the knowledge that Stan Conte is watching all the Dodgers' players gives me any reason for optimism


2007-09-07 12:41:38
204.   Izzy
54. Ethier is not at a jerk at all. I know a guy at spring training that is even going with Andre and his wife to Disneyland. How many players do that??? He talked to my son all the time, too. Actually, Kemp is about the same. I think he even knows my sons name to this day. He's seems kinda wild though.
2007-09-07 12:41:43
205.   Bob Timmermann
You may be forgiven, but D4P does not have the authority to grant absolution.
2007-09-07 12:44:46
206.   trainwreck
Come on, freak of nature.
2007-09-07 12:46:54
207.   katysdad
Maybe I should talk to one of these guys:

Or better yet:

2007-09-07 12:50:24
208.   D4P
D4P does not have the authority to grant absolution

Respect my authoritah!

2007-09-07 12:51:49
209.   Bob Timmermann
Go for the third guy. Don't waste your time with middle management!
2007-09-07 12:51:51
210.   Terry A
179 - There are no diaper-wearing astronauts on that list, Sam.
2007-09-07 12:55:26
211.   fanerman
198 85, 99, 61
2007-09-07 12:59:34
212.   Bob Timmermann
Go and sin no more.
2007-09-07 13:05:37
213.   fanerman
2007-09-07 13:08:16
214.   D4P
This isn't meant to violate Rule 5. It's just a guessing game.

Guess who said the following:

One should pause, think and reflect. Why have the Democrats failed to stop this war, despite them being the majority? (The answer to that question is) the same reasons which led to the failure of former President Kennedy to stop the Vietnam War. Those with with real power and influence are those with the most capital. And since the democratic system permits major corporations to back candidates, be they presidential or congressional, there shouldn't be any cause for astonishment -- and there isn't any -- in the Democrats' failure to stop the war.

S/he also had this to say:

The life of all mankind is in danger because of the global warming resulting to a large degree from the emissions of the factories the major corporations.

2007-09-07 13:11:30
215.   Bill Crain
Emma Goldman?
2007-09-07 13:12:08
216.   LogikReader
I know nothing about politics, so I'll guess Mrs. Clinton
2007-09-07 13:12:21
217.   underdog
214 Alyssa Milano?
2007-09-07 13:12:34
218.   Summer Saint
Jenna Fischer!
2007-09-07 13:12:56
219.   Sam DC
210: (hangs head).

A foolish dreamer from Bucs Dugout: "Now there's a new game we can play: who's going to be the next GM? I'm holding out hope for Paul DePodesta, but with our current manager that likely is not a possibility. Then again, maybe this signals the deathknell of Tracy as well."

2007-09-07 13:13:13
220.   trainwreck
Al Gore or Juan Pierre.
2007-09-07 13:13:23
221.   fanerman
Kim Ng!
2007-09-07 13:13:24
222.   D4P
Great guesses thus far, but keep trying!
2007-09-07 13:13:35
223.   Terry A
Nancy Bea Hefley?
2007-09-07 13:13:57
224.   LogikReader
boy I blew that one... thanks for the answer, google!
2007-09-07 13:14:24
225.   trainwreck
Danica or Shea Hillenbrand.
2007-09-07 13:14:29
226.   Eric Enders
209 But that guy is a middle manager!

You need to go here:

2007-09-07 13:14:34
227.   Summer Saint
Also, this is an interesting article about HGH and its effects on athletic performance, which was referenced in FJM's latest post:

2007-09-07 13:14:52
228.   LogikReader
By the way, when you find the answer, it is extremely surprising, but also weird... and unexpected, interesting, maybe prophetic, intelligent...?
2007-09-07 13:14:56
229.   Bob Timmermann
2007-09-07 13:15:43
230.   King of the Hobos
I'm be somewhat impressed if someone guess the individual from 214 without cheating, though it could be obvious and I'm just stupid (I had to cheat to find the answer).
2007-09-07 13:15:54
231.   Eric Enders
214 Hugo Chavez.
2007-09-07 13:15:57
232.   LogikReader
strike the last two words of 228 from the record please :)
2007-09-07 13:16:10
233.   D4P
Correct! Let's not tell Eric Enders what the acronym stands for.
2007-09-07 13:16:13
234.   Summer Saint
Looking it up on Google, I see that I wasn't even close!

The person who actually said this is much taller than Jenna Fischer.

2007-09-07 13:17:24
235.   underdog
I think I'll go to Jamba Juice in the SF Centre. See if I can meet up with Andre and Russell and the boys.
2007-09-07 13:17:46
236.   Eric Enders
233 I will not be baited by a man whose very handle is an acronym. Call me when you have a real name!
2007-09-07 13:17:53
237.   trainwreck
I think he stole it from Shea Hillenbrand.
2007-09-07 13:17:54
238.   underdog
It wasn't Generalissimo Francisco Franco?
2007-09-07 13:18:49
239.   underdog
229 I thought that was a new baseball statistic we were supposed to be tracking now.

Yes, the real answer is surprising.

2007-09-07 13:19:12
240.   Eric Enders
I'm going to go ahead and lay claim to the closest guess so far. Not that that's saying much.
2007-09-07 13:20:00
241.   Disabled List
Actually, I think he stole it from Alyssa Milano.
2007-09-07 13:20:52
242.   fanerman
Wow I never would have guessed that.
2007-09-07 13:21:54
243.   Terry A
You think Hugo Chavez was a closer guess than Nancy Bea?

Whatever, dude.

2007-09-07 13:26:46
244.   LogikReader
man that really got me going... I'm ready for a New Post Up Top
2007-09-07 13:28:21
245.   Jon Weisman
244 - New post up top.
2007-09-07 13:35:43
246.   Linkmeister
229 He reads Paul Krugman? He pays for TimesSelect?

(Note that I agree with Krugman roughly 95% of the time.)

2007-09-07 14:22:05
247.   capdodger
246 The better question is how he gets internet in that REDACTED of his.
2007-09-07 16:11:07
248.   dzzrtRatt
On Base Lercentage?

(Just kidding.)

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