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So Weird: Racing for Home
2007-09-10 20:05
by Jon Weisman

For fun on an off day, here's a clip from the opening scene of an episode that I wrote for the Disney Channel series So Weird back in the late 1990s. In this scene, you'll see a fairly accurate depiction of the most unusual play I ever witnessed in person at a baseball game. (The real-life version was the final play of a 1989 high school playoff game I covered in Palo Alto.)

* * *

At U.S.S. Mariner, David Cameron assesses Seattle's Adrian Beltre signing, nearly three years later:

Obviously, that first year was rough. He couldn't have started his Mariner career any worse. His first two months in Seattle, he received 199 at-bats and hit a staggeringly terrible .236/.264/.357. Since most of baseball was already convinced that his 2004 season was a massive fluke, the early struggles simply fit into the already written narrative about a bad player who had a contract year and was now one of the worst free agent signings in baseball history. The story of the Adrian Beltre contract was written two months into a five year deal, and in general, the national perception of the contract hasn't changed much at all, as Beltre is often referred to as overpaid or disappointing. users will remember the last Rangers series in Texas for Tom Grieve's constant whipping of Beltre in particular.

Well, that story was wrong then and it's wrong now. The only better third baseman in the American League is some guy named Rodriguez who is running away with the MVP award and is already practicing his hall of fame induction speach. The only Mariner players who helps puts wins on the board with more regularity are Ichiro and J.J. Putz, and they both can lay a claim to being the best in baseball at their respective positions.

Adrian Beltre is a star, an underrated asset whose remaining two years on his contract are nothing short of a bargain. ...

Comments (142)
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2007-09-10 20:17:48
1.   Eric Enders
He looked out to me.
2007-09-10 20:18:50
2.   trainwreck
Was this Disney's version of Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Also, I agree with underdog, I do not like Mike Greenburg's voice calling football games.

2007-09-10 20:20:43
3.   natepurcell
I just want to say that rooting for the Padres is not valid because you want to root for Depo's team. How much is he involved in baseball operations? what percentage of the roster was due to his ideas and suggestions? what exactly does he do? All the answers to those questions are pretty unclear which makes rooting for "depo's team" a concept I can't get behind because He doesn't have a team.
2007-09-10 20:21:17
4.   Jon Weisman
1 - Here's the replay.

2007-09-10 20:21:28
5.   LogikReader
Mike Greenberg sounds like a mouse calling the game with some regular commentators


I didn't know you wrote TV shows too, Jon. Fun diversion to get us through tonight.


You know Amazon Super Saver Shipping really is super. The projected date for my Office S3 shipment was this Thursday, but I received it last Saturday! There's also a mini preview of the new season on

2007-09-10 20:22:49
6.   underdog
260. underdog
256 Ditka and Golic are like Rosencrantz and Gildenstern compared to listening to the lead announcer - also Mike? - who is just so incredibly dull I feel like I could be watching golf.

2 Are you not asleep yet? He sounds like this really well-meaning, dull as wood uncle of mine.

2007-09-10 20:23:02
7.   Eric Enders
3 One could say the same about pretty much any baseball executive, whether GM, assistant, scouting director, or whatever. I don't think it's all that inconceivable to like DePodesta and therefore root for the team he works for.
2007-09-10 20:23:31
8.   underdog
Neat scene, btw. Jon, do they ever rerun that show?
2007-09-10 20:23:34
9.   King of the Hobos
3 I'd say he's a large component of Baseball Operations, considering that's his title. He doesn't do everything, but I'm guessing most of the recent transactions have had his consent.
2007-09-10 20:25:47
10.   Eric Enders
4 Clearly, I should be an umpire.
2007-09-10 20:28:11
11.   King of the Hobos
2 Wikipedia describes it as "X-Files for the younger crowd."
2007-09-10 20:28:22
12.   Jon Weisman
8 - Sadly, no. I used to like getting those residuals checks.
2007-09-10 20:29:55
13.   natepurcell

how many assistant of baseball operations are there for the padres?

2007-09-10 20:30:08
14.   PlayTwo
Didn't the Dodgers take the position that they were not given a good opportunity to beat the best offer to Beltre? I'm not that clear on it. Jon, the scene holds up. Someone took good care of your work. The cloud cover is good. The girl sells her last scene, if that's what you call it. She makes you believe that she is really looking to see what the camera will show and her intonation sounds real.
2007-09-10 20:32:08
15.   Gen3Blue
It is tough not having a game tonight, but I need a rest because I basically have to watch six west coast games(or close enough) this week and I better save up my strength.
So I'm conflicted watching this Snakes/Giants game and I really should split.
2007-09-10 20:33:05
16.   Bob Timmermann
DePodesta's title is unique in the Padres front office.

Although how much it differs from the Special Assistant to the General Manager is up to debate.

2007-09-10 20:33:45
17.   King of the Hobos
13 Just the one. Jeff Kingston is the only other person in the Padres front office with "Baseball Operations" in his title. He's the Director of Baseball Operations. Fred Uhlman Jr is the AGM, and Ken Bracey is the Sepcial Assistant to the GM, though neither has a specific designation like DePo does (or Logan White, who's officially the AGM, Scouting)
2007-09-10 20:34:00
18.   Jon Weisman
14 - Thanks.

From my interview with DePodesta, here's his version:

Of course, not every dream DePodesta and the Dodgers have will come true. Asked what his biggest disappointment from the 2004-05 offseason was, DePodesta didn't hesitate to say it was the loss of third baseman Adrian Beltre as a free agent.

"It's Adrian," DePodesta said. "There's no doubt. There were a lot of guys we pursued and would have loved to have had, but when it's one of your own who had a breakout year, in the prime of his career – that's an easy answer."

While DePodesta regretted the outcome, he said that there was nothing the Dodgers could have done differently to keep Beltre. Though this could not be confirmed with Beltre's agent, Scott Boras, DePodesta said that it's "very unusual in a free-agent situation to have the ability" to meet directly with the player. Everything had to go through Boras - not that DePodesta was blaming Boras in any way.

"I certainly had a lot of contact with Scott," said DePodesta, who was also interested in other Boras clients including Hernandez, Derek Lowe and Alex Cora. "Three to four face-to-face meetings, lots of phone calls. … Scott was on my speed dial throughout the winter. There certainly wasn't a lack of communication there."

Conversely, there was one meeting with DePodesta, Boras and Beltre in the same room.

"Even in that meeting with Adrian, it was forbidden to talk about financials or contract," DePodesta said. "We could just talk about the team."

The bidding on Beltre between teams was not a back-and-forth, can-you-top-this contest, according to DePodesta, but more of a blind auction. DePodesta told Boras to contact him when he was ready for their offer, and so he did. And ultimately, the Beltre camp liked Seattle's offer better.

Some thought DePodesta's offer was generous; others might argue that DePodesta should have found a way, despite all the obstacles, to make the Beltre signing happen. Whether he could have or not, what was immediately clear was that the Dodger winter was headed for rewrite.

When the offseason began, according to DePodesta, the Dodgers had the goal of improving the pitching staff, retaining Beltre, adding another piece or two like Jeff Kent, and also perhaps retaining Steve Finley. As time passed, the Dodgers lost out on Beltre while seeing the cost of starting pitching soar, forcing the front office to call an audible.

DePodesta said that while outfielder J.D. Drew was always a consideration for the Dodgers, there was never a chance they would sign both Beltre and Drew. Once Beltre turned north to ponder the philosophical question, "How does Puget Sound?" the Dodgers looked east and went directly after Atlanta free agent Drew.

"Our biggest fear was being left standing without a chair when the music stopped," DePodesta said.

2007-09-10 20:34:22
19.   natepurcell

how about regional manager? does depo have a purple belt?

2007-09-10 20:35:35
20.   Bob Timmermann
There's a potential for a suspended game in Chicago.
2007-09-10 20:35:57
21.   Jon Weisman
14 - By the way, it rained most of that entire shoot - not according to plan. Some of those scenes, you can really see it coming down, which makes you wonder why they picked that day to play softball. Those kids ...
2007-09-10 20:36:17
22.   King of the Hobos
Whereas the Padres have 3 AGMs/Special Assistants, Ned has 6, not including Mueller, who is still listed as a Special Assistant.
2007-09-10 20:40:56
23.   Bob Timmermann
This contest is opn to people not named Eric also:
2007-09-10 20:42:57
24.   Sam DC
23 I want to enter, but I worry that, unless I think really hard, I'll end up putting in something that's mathematically impossible.
2007-09-10 20:44:44
25.   PlayTwo
18- What hurts about the Beltre story is that he was a Dodger from day one of his professional career which began at a very young age. Then Ms. Ng flew to the Dominican and brought him to the States when he was in very poor health. His last year here he played with his heart, and was a leader. There was a bond there, I thought, but money trumps all, on both sides.
2007-09-10 20:45:09
26.   Eric Stephen
23 Well, I never!*

*I've always wanted to say that.

2007-09-10 20:45:15
27.   Bob Timmermann
The Erics weren't dissuaded.
2007-09-10 20:48:30
28.   Eric Stephen
Enders and I are going to form a rival detective agency that solves crimes and bags dames quicker and more efficiently than the Timmermann/Brock duo.
2007-09-10 20:54:58
29.   PlayTwo
21- With kids, they are free to do that, even to play in the dark so it didn't cross my mind at least.
2007-09-10 20:56:51
30.   jtrichey
Hey, I recognize the camera girl from a West Wing episode. A great one too. Remember when Ainsley Hayes is called to the White House late and she was dressed for a formal occasion. Sam says something like "Wow, you could make a good dog break his leash." well, the camera girl in the scene above was the intern who took Sam to task for sexually harassing Ainsley.

The circle of life

2007-09-10 20:58:28
31.   ToyCannon
Great to see Beltre get some props. It is tough to watch your favorite player take another teams offer and leave. I've always rooted for him and wish him the best. I felt Depodesta made a fair offer at the time and that Beltre would regret signing for more money but playing in Seattle.
2007-09-10 21:05:54
32.   King of the Hobos
Bob apparently has D'Angelo Jimenez'd Emilio Bonifacio, who is now 2-4 with 2 RBI.
2007-09-10 21:07:46
33.   Bob Timmermann
Just trying to light a fire under the kid.
2007-09-10 21:12:53
34.   underdog
This is truly one of the worst MNF, or any football, games I've seen in a long time. Stupid penalties, turnovers, listless playcalling. The defense is very good, but still...

Now 3-2 Giants in the 7th. I can't even watch that one because it's painful to root for the Giants.

2007-09-10 21:16:43
35.   Gen3Blue
It is tough not having a game tonight, but I need a rest because I basically have to watch six west coast games(or close enough) this week and I better save up my strength.
So I'm conflicted watching this Snakes/Giants game and I really should split.
2007-09-10 21:18:28
36.   underdog
35 "This message will repeat every 45 minutes." ;-)
2007-09-10 21:19:02
37.   Andrew Shimmin
24- Don't let that stop you; I didn't. If people start trying hard, my chance of winning evaporates to nothing. And I really want to win. But not enough to try hard.
2007-09-10 21:22:51
38.   Jon Weisman
If it's the guy I'm thinking of, I believe J. Walter Weatherman has passed away.
2007-09-10 21:24:57
39.   Andrew Shimmin
38- Looks like it is.

2007-09-10 21:26:14
40.   Jon Weisman
30 - Yeah, that's her. She also played Mabel Buchman in the final Mad About You.
2007-09-10 21:26:38
41.   Eric Stephen
38 I'm trying to come up with a "and that's why you never...", but this is truly sad news.
2007-09-10 21:27:57
42.   Bob Timmermann
Why he sat next to me at my local Jamba Juice a few years back.
2007-09-10 21:29:23
43.   Xeifrank
Nice clip Jon, the next TV series you write, can have two players thrown out at home on the same throw.

As far as Beltre goes. His contract becomes more of a bargain due to the incredible inflation rate of salaries. Any decent player signed almost three years ago, will look like a bargain these days. The only thirdbasemen in the AL that I saw with higher OPS was Arod, Lowell, Youkilis (can play 1b or 3b) and Glaus. Beltre probably makes up ground on the latter three due to his defense and park effect.
vr, Xei

2007-09-10 21:31:00
44.   underdog
In happier news, Bob Newhart Show episodes now on TV Land.
2007-09-10 21:32:19
45.   Sam DC
I'm man enough to admit that I fell asleep for a bit on the couch and woke up to find Becker playing on my tv.

At least, I think I woke up . . .

2007-09-10 21:35:46
46.   LAT
Any decent player signed almost three years ago, will look like a bargain these days.

Does this include Furcal and will it include JP in three years?

2007-09-10 21:36:15
47.   Xeifrank
21. Where was it filmed at? Seattle??
vr, Xei
2007-09-10 21:36:43
48.   Xeifrank
46. I don't know, you tell me.
vr, Xei
2007-09-10 21:36:56
49.   Bob Timmermann
Clear the decks, we're going to the ninth in San Francisco!
2007-09-10 21:37:58
50.   underdog
Why is Leinart so good again? Someone remind me?
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2007-09-10 21:39:30
51.   Dark Horse
46-I think the way things are going, Pierre will look like a bargain next year, if not by January. Seriously.
2007-09-10 21:39:35
52.   trainwreck
He had Reggie Bush as a teammate.

I thought Furcal's deal was the best thing Ned did.

2007-09-10 21:39:49
53.   Bob Timmermann
Leadoff double for Drew in the ninth.
2007-09-10 21:41:22
54.   Andrew Shimmin
Stephen Drew is so clutch, he might be adopted.
2007-09-10 21:41:28
55.   Jon Weisman
47 - Vancouver.
2007-09-10 21:42:18
56.   King of the Hobos
46 Depends, do you consider JP a decent player?

Even with the inflation over the last few years, it did go down before that so it's just bouncing back to the early 2000 levels. Mike Hampton is due to make $15 mil next year.

2007-09-10 21:42:30
57.   Bob Timmermann
Clark whiffs for the first out.
2007-09-10 21:42:55
58.   LAT
I too thought Furcal was a great deal but now, not so much. I think JP's offense will improve next year but his defense is what it is and it will be the source of frustration for a long time to come.
2007-09-10 21:43:21
59.   Bob Timmermann
Montero pops out for the second out.
2007-09-10 21:44:15
60.   LAT
I keep forgetting that I'm rooting for the Giants.
2007-09-10 21:45:01
61.   Xeifrank
55. Vancouver? A beautiful city, what time of year. I may have been there at that time. I remember opening the curtain at my house and seeing these kids playing softball in the park across the street. vr, Xei
2007-09-10 21:46:26
62.   Andrew Shimmin
Clark PVLs it up. Fire Bob Melvin!

Even without the box, GameDay impugns Tim Timmons' eyesight on strike two.

2007-09-10 21:46:32
63.   LAT
This game is getting awfully tense.
2007-09-10 21:47:38
64.   underdog
Molina just saved a run with a block at home plate.
2007-09-10 21:47:41
65.   Bob Timmermann
Upton walks. Drew had moved up to third earlier on a wild pitch.
2007-09-10 21:47:45
66.   LAT
62. You should have heard Grace's view of that strike
2007-09-10 21:48:20
67.   underdog
(Block on a ball in the dirt, that is.) Ugh, I hate rooting for the Giants. But it's either watch this or watch the putrid Niners Cards game.
2007-09-10 21:48:34
68.   Xeifrank
I have no problem rooting for the Giants or Padres if need be. I am not really into the "hate" the Giants thing. To me, that's always felt like stooping down to their level. When I lived in the bay area, I was really thrown back by the hatred that bay area residents have for LA and even sometimes the people from LA in general. They just couldn't stand the Lakers, Dodgers etc..., and expected me to hate them and their teams. I couldn't have cared less, and would tell them that the LA teams had bigger rivals in other cities. vr, Xei
2007-09-10 21:50:12
69.   LAT
Brian Hennesy looks alot like Armondo Bayes Benito
2007-09-10 21:50:14
70.   Bob Timmermann
Three-run pinch homer for Salazar.
2007-09-10 21:50:23
71.   trainwreck
I hate the Giants.
2007-09-10 21:50:26
72.   underdog
Now I really really hate the Giants.
2007-09-10 21:51:16
73.   LAT
Hennesy doing his best Broxton impersonation.
2007-09-10 21:52:44
74.   underdog
All Alex Smith has to do is throw for 40 more yards, or run or throw for a touchdown and my fantasy team wins this week. (Unless he throws it to Darrell Jackson.) But he seems purely incapable of doing any of those things right now, especially since they'll probably run Gore the rest of the night.
2007-09-10 21:52:50
75.   Bob Timmermann
Everybody knows that Hennessey can't pitch with runners on base.

And I hear he that he has psychological failings too.

I blame Shea Hillenbrand.

2007-09-10 21:53:27
76.   Bob Timmermann
Clear the decks again, we're going to the bottom of the ninth!
2007-09-10 21:54:08
77.   Andrew Shimmin
Mercy, mercy, mercy. Bob was right, September baseball can be fun!
2007-09-10 21:55:07
78.   Bob Timmermann
They've started playing again in Chicago!
2007-09-10 21:55:13
79.   underdog
Especially when you root for more than one playoff contender! I should try this edgy thing, too. Milwaukee Brewers, here I come!
2007-09-10 21:56:13
80.   Bob Timmermann
Rooting for the Brewers will give you a case of GERD that will likely send you to the ER.
2007-09-10 21:56:37
81.   Bob Timmermann
Tony Pena in to close it out instead of Valverde who threw a ton of pitches Sunday.
2007-09-10 21:57:54
82.   LogikReader
One touchdown pass from Leinart can go a long way towards helping my fantasy team. I mean a lonnnnng way.

But next week, I'll have Brees starting, there's no doubt about it.

2007-09-10 21:58:07
83.   Andrew Shimmin
79- I'm rooting for the Brewers too!
2007-09-10 21:58:26
84.   Bob Timmermann
Schierholtz was caught looking.
2007-09-10 21:59:06
85.   Bob Timmermann
Bonifacio commits highway robbery on Roberts!
2007-09-10 21:59:09
86.   underdog
80 As opposed to the Dodgers, you mean?

I think I already have quite a bit of reflux, but maybe adding another heartbreaking team would indeed put me into the danger zone.

2007-09-10 22:00:47
87.   underdog
82 At this point, I'll take that, too, just to punish the Niners, and force them to throw.
2007-09-10 22:00:52
88.   Bob Timmermann
Aurilia grounds out.

DBacks win 5-3.

2007-09-10 22:02:05
89.   trainwreck
Seriously, I need some points for Vernon Davis.
2007-09-10 22:02:59
90.   underdog
Taunting? Hey Niners and Cardinals, this is not a preseason game...
2007-09-10 22:03:47
91.   underdog
82 There you go Logik. ;-)
2007-09-10 22:03:53
92.   LogikReader

A touchdown pass. Is this the first one of the whole game?

2007-09-10 22:04:52
93.   blue22
I'm a Niners fan, but that TD pass just won my week in two leagues. So yippee.

Now let's see if Smith can mount a drive.

2007-09-10 22:11:01
94.   blue22
And of course he can't.
2007-09-10 22:12:05
95.   underdog
Did the 49ers forget to bring an offensive line to the game today?
2007-09-10 22:13:04
96.   LogikReader
I must be out of my mind. Drew Brees plays for NO now, I have Phillip Rivers on fantasy not Brees. Oops
2007-09-10 22:14:05
97.   jujibee
What does PVL mean?
2007-09-10 22:14:08
98.   underdog
I was wondering why you benched Brees. (Although he ended up not doing diddly squat anyway.)
2007-09-10 22:15:28
99.   King of the Hobos
97 Proven Veteran Leader, among other things
2007-09-10 22:15:49
100.   blue22
95 - The line looked pretty good early, but Smith hasn't been very inspiring at all.

I can't go through another year of these 6-of-17-for-87-yards-and-2-picks games.

But Mike Nolan looks damn good.

Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2007-09-10 22:17:46
101.   jujibee
99. Are you kidding me.....we have come up with an acronym for that! (sounds like the Dodgers' season) I find that quite amusing, but thanks for the tip.
2007-09-10 22:19:06
102.   underdog
Smith hasn't been inspiring but he also hasn't had time to throw (and he's misfired the few times he has, admittedly). But he hasn't had much help at all. Some credit to both teams' secondaries, too.

Wow, could both Arizona teams sneak away with one here in San Francisco?

2007-09-10 22:19:47
103.   underdog
I think I'd rather watch Bob Newhart Show than the end of this game...
2007-09-10 22:25:43
104.   blue22
Gah! Catch it Gore!
2007-09-10 22:26:42
105.   blue22
Gah! Catch it Jackson!
2007-09-10 22:26:44
106.   LogikReader
If Jackson caught that TD, that would have been big trouble for the LogikReaders.
2007-09-10 22:27:02
107.   underdog
Catch it Jackson! while we're at it. (Of course, I would've lost FF if he'd caught that, since he's on my opponent's team.)
2007-09-10 22:27:17
108.   LogikReader
If Gore caught a TD pass, that would have been alll right :)
2007-09-10 22:27:38
109.   LogikReader
underdog and I have something in common
2007-09-10 22:30:04
110.   KG16
This Cardinals-49ers game has been fairly weird. These are supposedly both playoff caliber teams, and both offenses have struggled. Maybe it's good defense, or bad offensive lines.

More coaches should wear suits in football.

2007-09-10 22:31:09
111.   blue22
110 - The NFC really just stinks in general.
2007-09-10 22:31:57
112.   ToyCannon
Take that Pythagoras.

Mr. Shimminn and I are of like minds on this playoff business stuff. Almost makes me want to call him Andy.

Dodgers, Brewers, and Zona. Now were talking.

2007-09-10 22:32:01
113.   underdog
How do you call that one??
2007-09-10 22:32:11
114.   blue22
Is that a perfect ending or what? How lucky can you get!
2007-09-10 22:32:56
115.   blue22
1st and goal on the one?
2007-09-10 22:33:10
116.   KG16
wow, strange ending in this football game.
2007-09-10 22:33:20
117.   underdog
Perfect ending for me is Alex Smith running in for a touch down.
2007-09-10 22:34:11
118.   Bob Timmermann
The ball goes to the spot where it was fumbled.
2007-09-10 22:34:18
119.   underdog
Didn't he only start fumbling once he was in the end zone? I don't quite get it... And now the Niners call a time out when the clock's already stopped? Sheez.
2007-09-10 22:35:09
120.   KG16
nice play call there for the touch. wonder if Lienart has some magic in his arm tonight.
2007-09-10 22:35:19
121.   underdog
And now they score on a hand off so I've probably just barely lost my FF matchup. Ah well.
2007-09-10 22:35:25
122.   blue22
2007-09-10 22:35:48
123.   underdog
A tie to send it to OT would make me happy. ;-)
2007-09-10 22:36:03
124.   Bob Timmermann
The ball was fumbled before the player was in the end zone. In the last two minute, only the player who fumbled the ball can advance it. So the ball goes back to the spot of the fumble.

It's to prevent another "Holy Roller" play.

2007-09-10 22:36:07
125.   KG16
121 - there's still hope for an Arizona field goal and overtime
2007-09-10 22:36:46
126.   blue22
An end around from the one-yard line? It's a great play call because it worked, I guess.
2007-09-10 22:37:22
127.   KG16
126 - much like the Statue of Liberty on a two point conversion was a great play call
2007-09-10 22:37:25
128.   blue22
125 - No! No hope!
2007-09-10 22:38:50
129.   underdog
Weird. I just did a quick calculation and I may actually be tied with my FF opponent(!) - either that or I'm gonna lose by one freakin' point. Sigh.
2007-09-10 22:39:31
130.   LogikReader
If I lose my fantasy matchup by one point I'm going to go swearing like Qbert tomorrow ;)
2007-09-10 22:40:22
131.   underdog
If Smith had run for 4 more yards... or basically if that touchdown had been caught rather than fumbled, I would've won. Why did I sign up for fantasy football again?
2007-09-10 22:40:37
132.   KG16
130 - swearing like Qbert? HA! I think I'm going to have to borrow that in the future.
2007-09-10 22:41:09
133.   underdog
Stupid Arnaz Battle... {mumble}

Okay, time to play "Hi Bob!" and watch more TV Land.

2007-09-10 22:42:12
134.   Andrew Shimmin
I haven't been Andy since the fifth grade (and only was then because I was too big a chicken to tell the teacher I didn't care for it). But you can call me T-bone. I've always wanted to be called T-bone.
2007-09-10 22:43:13
135.   underdog
Go ahead and play Q-Bert now, it could be cathartic.

2007-09-10 22:44:00
136.   LogikReader
I have it on Mame... good night everybody!
2007-09-10 22:47:37
137.   trainwreck
Interesting ending to a terrible game.
2007-09-10 22:56:30
138.   underdog
That about sums it up.

So when do the Raiders trade Culpepper to Atlanta? (Or the Giants.)

2007-09-10 22:57:50
139.   trainwreck
I have no idea what we are going to do.
2007-09-10 22:58:05
140.   trainwreck
Maybe we just cut him.
2007-09-10 23:40:10
141.   jelmendorf
Sorry to be late to the party on the Beltre conversation, but I think David Cameron overstates his case a bit. He's right that Beltre hasn't been a bust, which is the main point.

That said, if you go by Win Shares Above Baseline, he's 4th, not 2nd in the AL, behind A-Rod, Lowell and Figgins. More to the point, he's 11th in the majors, after being 15th last year. In other words, he's in the top 1/3 to 1/2 of 3B. That strikes me as about right.

Beltre was never as good as he looked his last year here, but not as bad as he seemed his first few months in Seattle. His time since is right in line with his career with the Dodgers.

2007-09-11 01:01:39
142.   Andrew Shimmin
A clubfooted, but fun, article in the NYRB.

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