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2008 vs. 1974
2007-09-14 12:30
by Jon Weisman

In 1973, the Dodgers suffered a profoundly disappointing September collapse, not completely different from the bad August stretch the 2007 team had.

The '73 Dodgers lost nine consective games and 11 of 12 from August 31 to September 12 to blow a four-game lead in the National League West. It was a year in which Davey Lopes and Ron Cey played their first full seasons as starters, and Bill Russell his second. Steve Garvey finalized his transition to first base.

In 1974, the core of the 1970s Dodgers began playing together in earnest, winning 102 games and the National League pennant. Except for center fielder Jimmy Wynn, the entire starting lineup consisted of homegrown talent.

Here's how the '74 Dodgers compare to the prospective 2008 Dodgers.

Position/Year1974 starters1974 EQA/ERA+2008 starters (?)2007 OPS+/ERA+
First baseGarvey.294Loney.295
Second baseLopes.295Kent.296
Third baseCey.282Garciaparra/LaRoche.243/.266
Left fieldBuckner.285Ethier.275
Center fieldWynn.317Pierre.253
Right fieldCrawford.298Kemp.302
Starting pitcher #1Messersmith132Billingsley143
Starting pitcher #2John132Penny160
Starting pitcher #3Sutton106Lowe118
Starting pitcher #4Downing/Zahn93/168Loaiza103
Starting pitcher #5Rau92Schmidt71
Relief pitcher #1Marshall141Saito356
Relief pitcher #2Hough91Broxton188

Statistics courtesy of Baseball Prospectus and

Catcher: Yeager and Ferguson combined for a great offensive year, but Martin certainly stands tall alongside them.

First base: Loney has been out of his mind lately, but he's certainly within the ballpark of the '74 NL MVP.

Second base: The two look even on paper, but Kent will be 11 years older than the '74 Lopes.

Shortstop: Although Furcal appears to lose this battle, there's little reason to think he won't be better in '08 than the'74 Russell.

Third base: Huge advantage for the '74 Dodgers assuming that Garciaparra gets the Opening Day call, but Ned Colletti might make a move here.

Left field: Not much potential difference here.

Center field: Another huge advantage for '74.

Right field: Kemp will need to stay on his game to keep ahead of Crawford, who was in his prime.

Pitching: The 2008 Dodger pitching looks potentially superior, but keep in mind that Dodger starters in '74 pitched a higher quantity of innings.

I could take this analysis a lot deeper, but all in all, the 2008 Dodgers really just need a toy cannon to emerge.

Comments (225)
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2007-09-14 12:38:00
1.   Dodgers49
Almost got LATed (but managed to refresh just in time :-) ).

30. I think the Yankees will offer A-Rod an extension. That way they get to keep the Rangers contribution to his contract for the next 3 years and keep him.

The Yankees can offer A-Rod all the extensions they wish. But his agent is Scott Boras. The extension will not be accepted. A-Rod is going to opt out. Bet on it. :-)

2007-09-14 12:38:39
2.   ToyCannon
You called?
2007-09-14 12:38:51
3.   Jon Weisman
2 - Indeed!
2007-09-14 12:41:07
4.   caseybarker
I can see Matt Kemp being significantly better next year.
2007-09-14 12:43:03
5.   silverwidow
Jon's point about Lowe moving to the pen is a good one in theory, but I can't see it happening during his contract year.

I say just don't re-sign Wolf. We have plenty of young arms who could fill in due to injury.

2007-09-14 12:44:04
6.   Jon Weisman
4 - The inflated batting averages that Loney and Kemp currently sport may prevent their stats from rising next year. Their batting averages are ahead of what they reasonably should be, if you know what I mean.
2007-09-14 12:44:24
7.   bhsportsguy
2 But who is our "Claude Osteen?"

Just to followup Bob's comment about Tom Hoffarth's column, I just loved this story.

"[Michelle] Tafoya's link to [Steve] Mason dates to 1993, when she auditioned to be his partner on a weeknight show at XTRA-AM (690). Tafoya sent her tape and resume to Jim Rome, who forwarded it to Mason, and that led to a tryout for a couple of nights. But all that came out of it was fellow sports-talk host Lee "Hacksaw" Hamilton (not his real name) saying on the air: "That woman's not qualified to do my dishes." "

2007-09-14 12:44:53
8.   ToyCannon
Did anyone see the ad to the right and not feel a little twinge of regret they don't live in San Diego?
2007-09-14 12:44:57
9.   Jon Weisman
5 - Again, I wasn't advocating moving Lowe to the pen - just pointing it out as an option if somehow the Dodgers became blessed with five other reliable starters.
2007-09-14 12:48:22
10.   Dodgers49
From last thread:

114. If he does come back that soon, it seems to me, that will be because he's rushing things and will likely break down all over again.

The doctors are saying they used a new "cutting edge" procedure on Schmidt. I think that is where the optimism about his being ready for Spring Training is coming from.

>> The torn labrum required the insertion of anchor sutures, a breakthrough in medical hardware used to reattach cartilage material to the bone. <<

2007-09-14 12:48:36
11.   regfairfield
6 Loney's been spraying line drives like Tony Gwynn this year, so he's actually right where he should be. Whether or not he can keep it up is another question. Kemp is due for a big time regression though.

While I'm sure you realize this Jon, you were just trying to get your point across, the massive defensive gap between Russell and Furcal might actually tilt the balance in Furcal's favor.

2007-09-14 12:49:54
12.   CanuckDodger
6 -- I don't think Loney's batting average is over-inflated (Kemp's surely is). A scout Kevin Goldstein quoted last year said Loney should hit .325 in the majors. Loney has been performing TOO well lately, sure, but that just balances out a slump he was in earlier.
2007-09-14 12:49:56
13.   sporky
5 - I'd like to see Wolf re-signed at a discount, which he seems to be on board with. Either way, though, I won't be terribly heartbroken.
2007-09-14 12:50:41
14.   caseybarker

Before I started a program like that, I'd like to know how to get from the degree to a good job in sports management.

2007-09-14 12:51:55
15.   Jon Weisman
11 - Yes, I'm hoping that was implied.

11/12 I agree with your comments on Loney's BA. I don't think it's overinflated - but at the same time, I don't think it (or his slugging average) can get too much higher, can it? Maybe his walks will go up, though.

2007-09-14 12:53:34
16.   King of the Hobos
From the KC Star:

But Sanders' career totals of 305 homers and 304 steals might not grow. He said it has to be the right situation for him to play another season.

"It has to be with a winning ballclub," he said, "and on the West Coast."

Sounds like Reggie Sanders wouldn't mind playing for the Dodgers, but can Ned resist signing a PVL like Sanders? I don't think anyone thinks Sanders is an everyday player anymore, so I'm guessing a Sanders signing would impact Young more than Kemp/Ethier.

2007-09-14 12:53:39
17.   ToyCannon
Andrew and Canuck in symmetry. It is a beautiful thing.
2007-09-14 12:56:03
18.   fanerman
Maybe Kemp's fall in batting average could be offset by some added maturity/growth as a hitter. He's still very "raw" right?

Though I'm sure he can't keep up his batting average the way he's hitting now, maybe he actually does have a re-producable ability to hit very hard ground balls (coupled with his Bison Speed) that could make him a bit of an LD%/.BA anomaly.

2007-09-14 12:56:24
19.   regfairfield
17 A rare day indeed.

16 Sanders is finished, but I was surprised when I looked him up a few days ago and found out that he pretty much locked up a place in the Hall of Very Good.

2007-09-14 12:57:08
20.   caseybarker

Reggie Sanders has 305 HR?!

2007-09-14 12:59:34
21.   regfairfield
18 I agree that the quick and dirty eBABIP method doesn't entirely account for Kemp (according to that, he should be hitting about .242), but the gap is so massive that it can't explain all of the difference.
2007-09-14 12:59:47
22.   jasonungar07
totally got LAted.

So I have a baby on the way in Nov..if it is a boy I get to choose..How does Russell Martin Ungar sound? Not bad, better than Matthew Kemp Ungar or James Loney

2007-09-14 13:01:03
23.   Eric Enders
1 "The Yankees can offer A-Rod all the extensions they wish. But his agent is Scott Boras. The extension will not be accepted. A-Rod is going to opt out. Bet on it."

The thing is, though, Boras always does whatever will make his client the most money. And in this case, there is reason to believe that signing an extension will make A-Rod significantly more money than opting out will. If he signs the extension, the Rangers will keep paying a large amount of his salary for the next three years, enabling the Yankees to up the ante. If he opts out, the Yankees will not be part of the bidding because the Rangers money won't be there.

So the question is, can A-Rod make more with only the Yankees bidding, or with everybody except the Yankees bidding? There is no middle ground.

2007-09-14 13:01:35
24.   caseybarker
How about James Russell, or Matthew James?
2007-09-14 13:01:49
25.   King of the Hobos
For the privilege of having Ray King pitch for them for a few weeks, the Brewers gave the Nationals a prospect that hit .345/.432/.525 in A ball. A 23 year old in A ball isn't worth much, but how many teams would rather have Ray King over the prospect (Andrew Lefave)?
2007-09-14 13:01:52
26.   Eric Enders
22 I know a guy who is such a Dodger fan that he named his firstborn after Zack Wheat.
2007-09-14 13:02:15
27.   LogikReader
Good thing you didn't want to name him "Paul LoDuca Ungar"

How would "Felix" sound??

2007-09-14 13:03:49
28.   Bob Timmermann
But who is our "Claude Osteen?"

From the director's cut of "Dodgerscus"

"I'm Claude Osteen!"
"I'm Claude Osteen!"
"I'm Claude Osteen!"
"I'm Claude Osteen!"
(group in unison starts chanting)
"I'm Claude Osteen!"

It didn't test well, so Stanley Kubrick changed it.

2007-09-14 13:04:31
29.   Bluebleeder87

I'm already having visions of watching him strike out on high heat, I really hop Ned keeps his PVL leanings on check this up coming off season.

2007-09-14 13:06:38
30.   LogikReader

Wait guys! Moises Alou is on the market too.

2007-09-14 13:07:38
31.   Dark Horse
22-Congratulations, most importantly! Boy or girl, you're in for some fun, and not a little drudgery. Luckily the latter ends while the former's just kicking in.

My daughter's 3, and is just coming round to baseball. Kemp is her favorite, since he & I share a first name. Whenever he comes up she says, "Like you, daddy, like you!"

2007-09-14 13:08:20
32.   fanerman
31 Wow. You get compared to Matt Kemp. That must feel good.
2007-09-14 13:09:20
33.   Dark Horse
Colletti's not going to sign a 4th outfielder. My guess is he's going to try and upgrade by punting on either LaRoche or Ethier. Our best hope is obviously A-Rod. But I don't expect another Gonzo/Sanders/Alou type signing.
2007-09-14 13:10:30
34.   fanerman
If he actually gets someone that's a clear upgrade over Ethier or LaRoche, I'd be okay with trading them. But I imagine NedCo and I have different ideas of what a "clear upgrade" is...
2007-09-14 13:10:38
35.   Dark Horse
32-A-men, brother. One of these days, my limitations are going to be painfully obvious, but for now I bestride the earth like a bison colossus. In her eyes, at least.
2007-09-14 13:11:22
36.   LogikReader
Would Lowell be a "clear upgrade"?
2007-09-14 13:11:28
37.   Dark Horse
34-Yep. That's my fear too.
2007-09-14 13:11:35
38.   Bob Timmermann
The Powers That Be took away Furcal's "sacrifice" from last night.

The box score on no longer credits him with one.

2007-09-14 13:12:20
39.   underdog
22 Congrats. Actually, how about "Coltrane Bison Ungar"? He'd be a rock star with that name.
2007-09-14 13:13:29
40.   jasonungar07
I sorta committed to my wife that if we win the WS I am going with the MVP. Hopefully its not a three way deal such as:

Pedro Ronald Steven Ungar

But....thats better than Orel "Bulldog" Ungar

2007-09-14 13:13:31
41.   King of the Hobos
30 I actually wouldn't mind Alou, but there's no room for him. He's hitting .328/.383/.533 this year, which is pretty much on pace with his last 3 seasons. However, he does have a very noticeable trend in ABs over that time (601, 427, 345, 259).
2007-09-14 13:15:15
42.   Disabled List
I could've sworn I read somewhere that Alou was planning on retiring at the end of this season
2007-09-14 13:15:41
43.   Eric Enders
You need to sneak "Jeanson" in there, just to throw poeple off.
2007-09-14 13:16:31
44.   Eric Enders
43 "Poeple," I guess, being noirish writers who compose poems about black birds.
2007-09-14 13:17:46
45.   Dodgers49
23. So the question is, can A-Rod make more with only the Yankees bidding, or with everybody except the Yankees bidding? There is no middle ground.

It won't matter to Boras whether the Rangers contribute or not. That only matters to the Yankees (and the Rangers owner, of course :-) ). I expect Boras to conclude A-Rod is going to get his money anyway. I also wonder if the Yankees claim that they will drop out is a ploy. They would be saying they will not (or worse, claiming they cannot afford to) pay market value for A-Rod on the free agent market. I'm not so sure Boras believes that.

2007-09-14 13:17:51
46.   jasonungar07
Thanks on the congrats guys. Not sure if it's a boy or girl. We will not be finding out soon enough....And of course I would have a total what do I do momment if Juan Pierre is the MVP.

I am likeing Coltrane Bison. That's good stuff. Right now, dodgers aside I am leaning towards a name that can be a nick name, so Coltrane works.

2007-09-14 13:19:06
47.   Disabled List
Just don't name him Pierre.
2007-09-14 13:19:51
48.   bhsportsguy
38 Nice going there Bob.
2007-09-14 13:20:32
49.   LogikReader
I still think it's better to keep Ethier around, if we can.

I also think it's worth keeping LaRoche. Imagine LaRoche got traded and eventually his back healed? That could be one to haunt the Dodgers for a long time.

Haven't heard much about Betemit lately...

2007-09-14 13:20:48
50.   ToyCannon
Canuck if your around, I was surprised you had no mention of Alberto Bastardo in your 30 man writeup.
I thought you were high on him, or was it strictly the name that intrigued you?
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2007-09-14 13:22:04
51.   gibsonhobbs88
29 - Explain to me what the acronym PVL means again. I missed the topic when it was first brought up.

1974 was the first year where I got to experience the Dodgers winning the division and league pennant, my first sweet memory.
I didn't start picking up on baseball until I was seven when the 1968 season started when I first was taken to a game. I was more into dinosaurs and astronauts before that.LOL!! So after experiencing division losses in 1971 by one game to the hated Giants and the 1973 September collapse, 1974 was welcome indeed. Thanks for the memories Jon. I was in the left field bleachers that September of 1974 when Yeager hit a grand slam to beat the Reds and keep the Reds from charging from behind again. I think the Reds won like 98 games that year.

2007-09-14 13:23:25
52.   KG16
8/14 - I looked into that program, they apparently have a pretty decent internship program, and I've read that there are quite a few organizations that are willing to hire from the program.

Instead, I chose to go to law school.

Yes, that was a bad call.

2007-09-14 13:24:38
53.   ToyCannon
Those of us who grew up during the 74-81 years were lucky indeed. Spoiled even because the pitching was as good as the hitting. And under appreciated Doug Rau was the best of the lot in 1976.
2007-09-14 13:26:03
54.   KG16
51 - PVL = proven veteran leadership

With respect to A-Rod, I simply can't imagine the wealthiest franchise, one that has a history of overpaying the best players, to not be in the running. This goes triply if they win the World Series this year.

2007-09-14 13:26:47
55.   Bob Timmermann
Scott Erickson Ungar
Shea Hillenbrand Ungar
Jody Delino Ungar
Mike Trombley Ungar

Or you can go vintage:
Stan Williams Ungar
Ralph Branca Ungar

2007-09-14 13:27:47
56.   KG16
Koufax Drysdale Ungar
Fernando Kirk Ungar
Pedro Ramon Ungar
2007-09-14 13:28:27
57.   LogikReader
ToyCannon, after 1981 you had this:

2007-09-14 13:28:39
58.   Wilbert Robinson
Strawberry Davis Ungar
2007-09-14 13:30:21
59.   Bob Timmermann
Mike Ramsey Ungar!
2007-09-14 13:31:49
60.   ryu
22 Did you and your wife make a radio commercial where she suggests Ella for the baby girl name, and you say, "Ella, like Campanella?"
2007-09-14 13:34:31
61.   ToyCannon
Ha, that is great. I wonder if Durham thinks about that play every day of his life.
2007-09-14 13:34:39
62.   gibsonhobbs88
53 - Yes. And after Crawford left we had Reggie Smith in RF for 77-81. Those were some exciting years. Sometimes, we don't appreciate how good we had it till it was gone. Those mid 70's teams made growing up in this town fun as a teenager. Of course, at that time, their most bitter rival was the Big Red machine who won 6 division flags, 4 pennants and 2 WS titles from 1970-79. Dodgers from 1974-81 won 4 division, 4 NL pennants and 1 WS championship.
2007-09-14 13:36:04
63.   Bob Timmermann
My grandmother's name was Ella. It was anglicized from Jelena.

She thought her parents did a bad job of anglicizing and wanted to be called Helen. It was pretty hard to get people to change when she was in her 60s though.

2007-09-14 13:36:38
64.   screwballin
23 , 45 Of course, A-Rod could be telling Boras that he's fed up with NY and wants out. Who could blame him for that?
2007-09-14 13:37:43
65.   blue22
22 - Careful though; Ned Colletti could really put a damper on your intentions. 3 years ago, I wanted to name my boy "Edwin". We know how that turned out...
2007-09-14 13:38:30
66.   Ghost of Carlos Perez
I've been exposed to Dodger Thoughts for a while now, but there are some acronyms that I still don't get. From context I am pretty sure that getting "LATed" means you posted something in a previous chat after a new one has started.

The use of "IMO" is harder to figure out. Again from context, I don't think it is being used to refer to Gorham's Disease. The only other thing I can think of is "in my opinion."

In my opinion, however, it is usually pretty clear whether someone is presenting a personal opinion vs. a fact or somebody else's perspective, so no need to throw in the acronym.

2007-09-14 13:40:39
67.   jasonungar07
Man you guys are funny. Strawberry Davis Ungar or Jody Delino Ungar. lol
2007-09-14 13:41:19
68.   dzzrtRatt
64 Arod's decision will be driven by what city has the best strip clubs.

We do need a toy cannon. All we've got is a toy centerfielder.

2007-09-14 13:41:34
69.   Johnny Nucleo
Buddy Carlyle Ungar?
2007-09-14 13:42:04
70.   ryu
63 If you don't mind me asking, what ethnicity/origin is the name "Jelena?"
2007-09-14 13:42:53
71.   Strike4
64 The Yankees have never not retained their league mvp the following year.
2007-09-14 13:44:06
72.   Bob Timmermann
My grandmother was Croatian, but I believe Jelena shows up in a lot of different Slavic languages.
2007-09-14 13:44:56
73.   screwballin
57 Wow, look how thin Lee Smith and Tony Gwynn are in that video.

They both obviously hit the juice after that. ;)

2007-09-14 13:46:55
74.   bhsportsguy
Of course that period was a great time, I grew up with those teams as well.

But overall, from a competitive standpoint, even with the disparity of revenues in all sports, as a general sports fan, there is wider disbursement of success in all sports than there was 30 years ago.

Now in some sports, mainly the NBA, success is generally tied in with teams filled with great players, so that changes from decade to decade.

But I don't think Padre, Braves, Astro, Expo, Mets (for the most part), Rangers, Brewers and even the Angels would call the pre-free agent era a fun time to be a fan. Not that those teams (outside the Angels) really used FA but it did break up other successful teams and help even things out.

When the NFL moved to its current system, it created more player movement which in turn spread success to different teams.

I don't know which system is better in the long run, certainly those years of franchise ball players in all teams is less and less a reality but those yonder days were great, especially if your team was winning.

2007-09-14 13:48:36
75.   screwballin
71 But how often have they not had a choice?
2007-09-14 13:51:05
76.   Bob Timmermann
The Yankees have had the AL MVP three times since free agency started:

1976 - Thurman Munson
1985 - Don Mattingly
2005 - Alex Rodriguez

2007-09-14 13:51:22
77.   gibsonhobbs88
66 - "IMO" is for In my opinion. Also some throw in IMHO for "In my humble opinion". You are right, it does seem redundant.

58 - How about Maury Howard Ungar or
Perry Osteen Ungar - paying homage to some of our 60's heroes. Perry can be used for boy and girl!!

2007-09-14 13:51:35
78.   Sushirabbit
The only way I would let go of Ethier is if Pierre went with him.
2007-09-14 13:54:19
79.   blue22
77 - My next boy is all cued up to be a "Wes" for the silky smooth first baseman. Got the wife to sign off on it and everything.
2007-09-14 14:03:24
80.   gibsonhobbs88
I'll be at the game tonight-reserved level section 6. I'll be wearing by vintage Brooklyn jersey with Robinson 42 on the back. I think I'm in row H. Go Blue!!!
2007-09-14 14:06:50
81.   Bluebleeder87
I just looked at the MLB Gameday photo of Davis & I can't believe that guy owns us, I really hope we hit him hard today.
2007-09-14 14:07:31
82.   Strike4
Also, the Yankees never traded any of the earlier ones.
2007-09-14 14:08:10
83.   Strike4
... the year after an mvp award.
2007-09-14 14:21:38
84.   Daniel Zappala
52 How is law school a bad call?
2007-09-14 14:23:02
85.   fanerman
In case nobody else has noticed, the "OPS+" in the original post next to 2008 starters should be an "EQA" right?
2007-09-14 14:23:11
86.   Dodgers49
Commentary: Dodgers' veterans, youngsters are making it work

>> "Nomar is not 100 percent," Little said. "It's very likely he won't be in condition to play every game for the rest of the season." <<

2007-09-14 14:23:22
87.   Humma Kavula
My wife and I are also expecting our first child in November.

We have lots of girls' names we like, but very few boys' names.

It's also brought ito focus how much I hate my given name (which is not, in real life, Humma).

I'm thinking about calling the kid "Spawn of Kavula." Matter settled. Motion carried.

2007-09-14 14:24:09
88.   KG16
84 - it's a hindsight thing really. Turns out that being a lawyer is likely not for me. I did enjoy law school, its the stuff that came after it that I'm not too fond of.
2007-09-14 14:28:59
89.   silverwidow

Furcal, SS
Pierre, CF
Loney, 1B
Kent, 2B
Nomar, 3B
Martin, C
Kemp, RF
Ethier, LF
Penny, P

YIKES. The 5th spot looks like a black hole.

2007-09-14 14:29:10
90.   Bluebleeder87
So I was looking at our #'s against Davis & the one that jumps out at you is Juan Pierre, here are his #'s against him.

At Bats - 25
Hits - 11
ob% .640!
Batting Average - .440

mighty impressive, hopefully he can come up with men on, but I have to tell you ALL THE OTHER Dodgers have pretty bad #'s against this Davis fellow.

2007-09-14 14:29:18
91.   Daniel Zappala
88 I actually wouldn't mind hearing that perspective sometime. I considered law school once upon a time.
2007-09-14 14:34:14
92.   King of the Hobos
89 He looks horrible in the 8th spot, has a few days off, and is batting 5th, ahead of Martin, Ethier, and Kemp? At least Penny will have some RBI opportunities.
2007-09-14 14:34:35
93.   D4P
I considered it too. I decided against it because I figured I'd end up feeling like KG16 feels.
2007-09-14 14:35:32
94.   LogikReader
wow, tough odds I guess.
2007-09-14 14:36:02
95.   GoBears
Little just wanted to give Nomar maximum protection in the lineup (myth), so that he can get more of the fastballs (myth) that he hits so well (myth).
2007-09-14 14:36:38
96.   paranoidandroid
Loney is the #3 hitter against a lefty today. That is good news. That is the slot he should have for years to come.

Nomar in the fifth slot? Must be because he was so hot in the eighth slot. Let's hope that probability comes into play and some of those first pitch swings result in a bloop somewhere. Or maybe some of that lost power was found somewhere?

Prediction: Kemp goes deep twice tonight. So does Martin. Penny goes a strong seven. The Padres and Phils lose.

2007-09-14 14:36:39
97.   KG16
89 - I'll give Grady a pass since he got the rest of the line up right (or at least the right names, not necessarily the right order)

90 - and Pierre's been pretty hot lately, at least as far as collecting hits.

2007-09-14 14:37:23
98.   kinbote
89 - martin should be 5th & nomar should be 8th [or sitting]. i'm okay with pierre batting 2nd right now considering he is relatively hot. nomar has to show he can at least drive a ball. we haven't seen him hit anything with authority in a long time . . .
2007-09-14 14:37:40
99.   Jim Hitchcock
22 Good thing it's not might have had to name him Jayson Jason.
2007-09-14 14:39:01
100.   paranoidandroid
90 .640 obp? Pierre walked against a guy more than once? When?
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2007-09-14 14:40:17
101.   ToyCannon
Last time I saw Davis pitch it was Justin Upton's debut and I think we lost 1-0 on a Snyder home run off of Billingsley. On a Friday Night.
2007-09-14 14:40:34
102.   Jim Hitchcock
22 Or how 'bout call him Dodger Over Ungar.
2007-09-14 14:41:23
103.   ToyCannon
I'll be heading out tonight, looking to go 3-0 this week.
2007-09-14 14:42:10
104.   paranoidandroid
We have not won a game that Nomar has started since he came off the DL.

He must be really ripping it up in BP.

Grady's quote yesterday was something like "He's not all the way back yet."

So lets start him and bat him 5th because there is a lefty starting. Only thing I can think of is it's his one shot to get something going or Grady will go in another direction for the next 15. If Nomar is going to hit, it will be against a lefty I suppose. He does have one career hit against Davis.

2007-09-14 14:42:40
105.   Jim Hitchcock
88 An article in the LAT years ago said roughly 75% of lawyers with 5 years experience didn't want to do it anymore.
2007-09-14 14:43:14
106.   Paul Scott
I am a former lawyer with similar experience. I loved Law School. I even loved some aspects of practice and frankly the money was great. On balance, however, I did not enjoy practice and ended up leaving it after 6 years.

That said, Law School itself is a great experience and I think worth it for it's own sake. Plus, even if you ultimately decide against legal practice, my own experience informs me that a J.D. and some legal experience are valuable in many non-legal pursuits.

2007-09-14 14:43:33
107.   MJW101
There does not seem to be much difference between our current, not quite 100%, Nomar and the previous 100% Nomar. They both are terrible. I think Grady just has a man crush for Nomar (a holdover from Boston days).
2007-09-14 14:44:38
108.   KG16
91/93 - I'll give you the reader's digest version. I was a poli sci major, spent some time working for my folks' construction company, and figured I'd go to law school, if only because I always liked the idea of "the law". As I said, I enjoyed law school a great deal, but...

1. most of it is mind numbingly boring
2. a lot of the small firms (where most from schools like I went to end up) have an outdated model that involves working an insane amount of hours for little or no money
3. I did ignore the advice of a few lawyers who said don't go to law school

There's certain things within the law that I'd still like to do, but if I had it to do over again, I'd probably go a different route.

2007-09-14 14:46:54
109.   kinbote
96 - that is a nice thought, that loney is starting to look like the #3 hitter we haven't had in a while. kemp looks like he could develop into a true clean-up hitter in time, and martin shows versatility in either the #2 or #5 hole.

personally, i like martin batting 5th. i know ethier's not that fast, but i'd like to see him at least considered for the #2 hole someday based on the quality of his at-bats.

once furcal & kent leave, we could see:


it's going to be hard to bat martin or ethier #2 with pierre/abreu/hu in the lineup.

2007-09-14 14:47:24
110.   MJW101
In response to a post in the previous thread.

In 2008 the Dodgers will be paying $3,000,000 to players no longer on the roster.

Meuller $750K
Perez $750K
Tomko $1M
Wolf $500K

2007-09-14 14:47:28
111.   Jon Weisman
Doug Davis is 3-1 with a 0.00 ERA against the Dodgers lifetime. When he got the loss, can you guess who got the win?
2007-09-14 14:48:53
112.   BlueMamma
89 He's just making Martin another leadoff hitter, and Ethier another #3 hitter.
2007-09-14 14:49:32
113.   BlueMamma
How on earth do you have a loss against a team against whom you have an 0.00 ERA?
2007-09-14 14:49:57
114.   BlueMamma
Oh, and was it Brad Penny? (hoping)
2007-09-14 14:50:12
115.   underdog
Man, the stupid SF Chronicle had to ruin my lunch by posting an article on the front page of today's sport section rehashing Brian Johnson's backbreaking (for the Dodgers) home run a few years back. Bleh. I won't even post a link, but it's on if you want to torture yourself. (Actually, it's not all uninteresting, but still...)
2007-09-14 14:50:39
116.   blue22
111 - It was earlier this year I believe (a 2-1 LA win when he gave up only one unearned run) so I'll go with Brett Tomko.
2007-09-14 14:50:41
117.   Paul Scott
It has been fairly well established by multiple well researched sources that it is impossible to predict the end of a "hot streak." A prior day's (or week's) performance is of no predictive value on the following day's performance. Regardless of any "hot streak" the most likely result for Pierre tonight is that he will play to his ability (that is to say that he will suck).
2007-09-14 14:50:58
118.   underdog
110 Mueller's still on the payroll for next year?
2007-09-14 14:51:47
119.   LogikReader
Unearned runs, BlueMamma

It was Hendrickson! I don't believe it...

2007-09-14 14:52:34
120.   blue22
118 - signed 2-year deal worth 9.5M thru 2007 season on 12/14/05- + he receives a 750K signing bonus that is paid on Janaury 15th, 2008
2007-09-14 14:53:54
121.   underdog
120 Man. I hope his hitting coach duties are strictly pro bono.
2007-09-14 14:54:31
122.   blue22
121 - minimum wage plus tips?
2007-09-14 14:54:51
123.   bhsportsguy
I was there and I did not recall Mark pitched that game.
2007-09-14 14:57:19
124.   D4P
Welcome back. I'm sure I'd like law school (I've taken a number of law classes and really liked them), but wouldn't want to practice law.

One of my professors used to say "I adore the study of law, but abhor the practice of law".

2007-09-14 14:57:22
125.   MJW101
Alex Rodriguez:

The Yankees are currently paying $17M of his salary with the Rangers picking up the balance.

If Rodriguez opts out then the Yankees would have to pay $10M to $13M MORE per year to keep him. Not very good business sense. I believe the Yankees when they say they will not be able to afford Rodriguez if he opts out.

If Rodriguez/Bora$$ opt out and the Yankees drop out of any bidding what MLB teams can actually afford to spend $30M a year on one player? Boston?

The Angels have already said they will not pay such a huge ransom.

I think it would be so appropriate for Rodriguez to opt out and have no team offer him more.

2007-09-14 14:59:16
126.   ryu
What's Boston's payroll like? They already have Daisuke. Is he not breaking their bank?
2007-09-14 15:03:12
127.   Sushirabbit
111, Odalis Perez? (the last person I'd guess)

Is Kent the only Dodger to have hit for the cycle?

2007-09-14 15:04:52
128.   jasonungar07
In Nomar's last 25 starts. The Dodger Record is 6-19.
2007-09-14 15:05:35
129.   Sushirabbit
127, Nope
Moeller and Luis Gonzalez.
2007-09-14 15:06:08
130.   blue22
126 - Daisuke is pretty cheap, relatively speaking. His posting fee doesn't count towards the team's salary, and he's only making about $8M next year.
2007-09-14 15:09:12
131.   Eric Enders
MLB Leaders in ERA
(at least 100 IP)

Cnt Player ERA IP Year Age
1 Jake Peavy 2.44 195.2 2007 26
2 Chris Young 2.72 149 2007 28
3 Brad Penny 2.81 192 2007 29
4 Brandon Webb 2.99 217 2007 28
5 John Smoltz 3.02 187.2 2007 40
6 Johan Santana 3.09 201 2007 28
7 Danny Haren 3.11 202.2 2007 26
8 Chad Billingsley 3.14 134.2 2007 22
9 C.C. Sabathia 3.15 220 2007 26
10 Erik Bedard 3.16 182 2007 28

MLB Leaders in Batting Average
(at least 250 PA)

Cnt Player BA PA Year Age
1 Magglio Ordonez .358 623 2007 33
2 Ichiro Suzuki .349 655 2007 33
3 Chone Figgins .347 443 2007 29
4 Placido Polanco .344 578 2007 31
5 Jorge Posada .338 532 2007 35
6 Matt Diaz .338 341 2007 29
7 Chase Utley .338 531 2007 28
8 Matt Kemp .333 257 2007 22
9 Matt Holliday .333 638 2007 27
10 Hanley Ramirez .332 632 2007 23
11 Chipper Jones .330 529 2007 35
12 Edgar Renteria .330 484 2007 31
13 James Loney .329 306 2007 23
14 Ryan Braun .328 424 2007 23
15 Moises Alou .328 287 2007 40

2007-09-14 15:11:15
132.   Bob Timmermann
The fact that you remembered Chad Moeller hit for the cycle makes you my new hero.
2007-09-14 15:11:21
133.   ryu
130 Ah, I see. Thanks.
2007-09-14 15:12:49
134.   ToyCannon
I think I can say that next year at this time you will not see:
Ordonez, Figgins, Polanco, Diaz, Posada, C Jones, or Kemp on that list.
2007-09-14 15:14:29
135.   fanerman
Chone has such a high batting average despite that massive slump he was in at the beginning of the season.
2007-09-14 15:16:21
136.   preacherroe
How about Snider Furillo Ungar

Or Peewee Roy Ungar

or twins Larry and Sherry Ungar

or Howard Moon Ungar

2007-09-14 15:16:36
137.   blue22
133 - Not to mention that Schilling and Lowell are off the books this year, and Manny is off next year. That's ~$40M expiring by the end of next year.

They've got the money, and the idea of taking ARod's bat from the Yankees is almost too good to pass up. Should be interesting.

2007-09-14 15:23:51
138.   BlueMamma
119 Right, duh. Not thinking.

Seems so outrageously unfair, doesn't it, to lose a game because of an unearned run?

2007-09-14 15:26:36
139.   Paul Scott
I expect A. Rod to opt out. I also expect him to get a better contract than he has today. He is much more valuable to some teams than to others (including the Yankees). Firstly, he is more valuable at SS than at 3B. Secondly, because of the Tax, the Yankees pay a great deal more than any other team for each marginal dollar spent on payroll. Lastly, there are several teams who are more able to economically benefit from ARod as compared to the Yankees (though this year that is not as true as it will be for 2008). To me this means both that it makes sense for ARod to opt out and it makes little sense for the Yankees to try and retain him once he does.
2007-09-14 15:26:40
140.   Bob Timmermann
A Yankee fan friend of mine thinks that Joba Chamberlain should still have his scoreless innings streak alive because he gave up an unearned run.

I told him to remember that the next the Yankees lose a game on an unearned run.

"No, you didn't really lose the game. It was just an error."

2007-09-14 15:29:14
141.   Paul Scott
138 - Biemel was credited a loss recently in a game where his only job was to face one batter for whom he was eventually instructed to intentionally walk. That certainly seems less "fair" than Davis' situation. The most unfair thing, of course, is that people pay any attention at all to an accounting rule.
2007-09-14 15:30:34
142.   Bob Timmermann
The most unfair thing, of course, is that people pay any attention at all to an accounting rule.

Are we referring to Rule 10 of the Official Rules of Baseball or the GAAP?

2007-09-14 15:31:25
143.   underdog
Speaking of Daisuke, how can we fit Fukudome in next year's line-up?

{pipe-dreaming, ON}

2007-09-14 15:32:22
144.   Wilbert Robinson
143 By trading Juan Pierre to the Padres
2007-09-14 15:32:35
145.   Paul Scott
142 The former.
2007-09-14 15:34:23
146.   Bob Timmermann
That's good. I would really hate for this place to turn into Sarbanes-Oxley Thoughts.
2007-09-14 15:36:47
147.   blue22
139 - The Yankees also may feel compelled to resign Posada in the same way that the Red Sox sprung for Varitek a few offseasons ago. He won't come cheap.

Abreu and Pettitte are free agents this year too, but if they aren't resigned, they'll need to be replaced. And there's still a lot more expensive dead weight on that roster that isn't really contributing anymore (Pavano, Giambi, Damon, Mussina).

2007-09-14 15:46:26
148.   King of the Hobos
144 I have a feeling that trying to send Pierre to a team run by Alderson, and employs DePo, could be a bit tricky.
2007-09-14 15:49:47
149.   LogikReader
We'll need to attach another player as bait... I know! Nomar!
2007-09-14 15:52:37
150.   regfairfield
148 The Giants might need a left fielder next year. And a third baseman!
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2007-09-14 15:55:08
151.   screwballin
I think we've buried the lead today: Two DT wives now have agreed to allow their children to be named after baseball players?

I really need to rethink my marital screening process.

2007-09-14 15:59:09
152.   regfairfield
I'd be upset if my wife didn't object to me wanting to name our child after a Dodger.
2007-09-14 15:59:50
153.   King of the Hobos
I know there's no way it happens, but if Ned was ever going to deal Pierre, this offseason would be the prime time to do it. As many as 10-15 teams could actively be looking for a CF, although that means that there will be a lot of CF free agents. However, none really fit the profile of a leadoff man, and several teams that need a CF could also use a leadoff man (the White Sox, Houston, Texas, Minnesota, St. Louis).
2007-09-14 16:03:31
154.   MJW101
[139} What teams will sign Rodriguez if he opts out?
2007-09-14 16:03:55
155.   paranoidandroid
I will preface this by saying with all seriousness and total respect that Vin is the best of the best. I grew up with Jack Brickhouse and Harry Carey in Chicago and Vin is by far the best baseball broadcaster ever.

Things we'll hear from the master Vin tonight that I'm tired of hearing:

1. "Now here's Nomar, one of the toughest men to strikeout in baseball"
2. "Nomar coming up with a runner at second. Nomar is among the league leaders with a .400 average with men in scoring position"
3. "Nomar's average is over .330 when he swings at the first pitch"

My eyes must deceive me because I simply see the man striking out and getting himself out on the first pitch more often than the numbers reflect. I also cannot remember the last RBI he had. Must have been one of those ground outs to second with a runner at third or something. He's had one hit since coming off the DL. And he's had at least four strikeouts that I can remember. Oh yeah, he's not had any RBIs, we haven't won a game he's started, and he still won't work a count regardless of the situation.

Let's hope that he's in the lineup tonight to move a runner over for Martin to drive in. Get them on, get them over, get them in. Could be a low scoring game and we need to get a couple runs in early.

2007-09-14 16:08:43
156.   goofus
150 If there is a team anywhere we might be able to send Pierre and Nomar to, it just might be the Giants. They like old crappy players and don't forget the Colletti-Sabean connection...
2007-09-14 16:12:38
157.   trainwreck
I think I already made a pledge to name my son Darren Mbah a Moute.
2007-09-14 16:13:26
158.   fracule
155 I'm glad Vin doesn't get his player sidebars from Dodger Thoughts, although that would be side splitting to hear Vin call Nomar 'An old crappy player'.
2007-09-14 16:14:28
159.   Robert Fiore
Just think, if they could sign Andruw Jones as a free agent, they could get an outfield of Ethier, Jones and Kemp . . .

Oh, wait a minute.

2007-09-14 16:16:58
160.   ImprobableImpossible
1. I usually hear Vin referring to Pierre with this stat, but I believe it.
2. I think we've all heard this one all season.
3. I haven't heard that one. Actually I've noticed Vin appearing to get a bit frustrated by Nomar's swinging at every first pitch.
2007-09-14 16:18:56
161.   fracule
160 It's true, and during Nomar's last appearance Vin kept hammering home the fact he could not catch up to the fast ball.
2007-09-14 16:30:54
162.   Gen3Blue
I just got in and I haven't had time to even scan all the posts but I can't resist the comparison. As I mentioned a week or two ago, It hasn't felt like this since the forever infield. You have hit it Jon--we have a core of home grown talent that can make 2008 similar to 1974.
Of course there are differences, the 1974 team was slightly farther along and the tradition of the D's superior pitching was unbroken. But the important thing is the core of young players from the system that supported and complemented each other.
Great view! I do feel uncomfortable that there are people from outside the org. in the important FO spots, but they are motivated to win and should get with the trend. And I can't say the "from within" juggernaut alway grew under Lasorda, for example.
There is great potential here-Yessss!
2007-09-14 16:32:13
163.   bhsportsguy
I am going to write this and go back to work, if you don't like the best of Juan (August/September 2007) than I feel bad for Juan.

Since August 1st, .335/.363/.415.

2007-09-14 16:32:15
164.   jasonungar07
I was mostly joking about Names. Although she did agree with my World Series MVP stance by crushing me...

Well then, no worries. You can name him Santa Claus if they win. =)

2007-09-14 16:40:44
165.   Strike4
164 I never got to the baseball-name-the-offspring stage with my wife. When we were setting up our honeymoon, I suggested driving cross country and stopping at all the major league ballgames as we could. She said perfect idea, and we'll stop at all the shopping malls as we could too. One's own medicine can taste pretty bad.
2007-09-14 16:41:58
166.   underdog
It's true, Pierre's really not been the Dodgers biggest problem the last 2 months or so. As useless as he was the first few months, he really heated up. He's still useless as far as throwing from CF and always will be, but the inconsistent starting pitching, injuries, lineup rollercoasters, bad field and baserunning and so on are bigger culprits for why the Dodgers are hanging on instead of already wrapping up a division title. I would guess that Pierre's hotter 2nd half would make him even less likely to be traded this off season. Not that I'd root for him to continue to do poorly because that would hurt the team's chances even more, but if he'd slumped all season a) Colletti would've been more interested in dumping him, and yet b) less likely to find a suitable trading partner.
2007-09-14 16:42:45
167.   underdog
Fielding, not field, that should be. The bad field had nothing to do with it!
2007-09-14 16:43:02
168.   LAT
So can LuGo turn it up against his former team the way Wells did? (I don't think so but I hope so).

All this is for nought because I just forked over my play-off ticket money. That virtually ensures the Dodgers don't make the post season. I have the same effect on horses, stocks and home prices.

2007-09-14 16:44:47
169.   bhsportsguy
On Nomar.

Sure, he is beat up and not at 100% and perhaps he should make adjustments but as one of the more successful hitters until his body began to wear out in 2004, he is going to do what made him the player he has been.

All I know is that he was the bridge between the "no name" 2005 Dodgers and this team and last year, they don't win without his contributions.

Should he be playing now, probably not but if his name is in the line up, I will root for him.

And I hope we can send in somewhere next year where he can make a contribution as DH and part time player.

2007-09-14 16:46:21
170.   bhsportsguy
168 I hear ya on the playoff money but I am 1 for 1 in making the deposit so there is hope.
2007-09-14 16:48:22
171.   GoBears
163 the best of Juan (August/September 2007)
Since August 1st, .335/.363/.415.

I think you kind of provided the counterargument yourself. If the best the man can do on a super hot streak (and it since it's all batting average, it's anomalous) is a .778 OPS, then he's a terrible hitter. Now, if that were his season-long average, I wouldn't complain too much.

2007-09-14 16:50:44
172.   Bluebleeder87
You know, with Pierres SICK #'s against Davis I wouldn't mind Grady Little putting Pierre on an RBI opportunity spot, I mean seriously he puts Nomar (singles machine) Garciaparra there why not Pierre!!
2007-09-14 16:52:49
173.   MJW101
163 Juan BEFORE Aug 1, 2007
2007-09-14 16:53:02
174.   Bluebleeder87

Nice thoughtful post on Nomar BHSportsguy he still sucks, but I'll secretly root for him as well, I see it this way, if he does well the Dodgers do well, end of story.

2007-09-14 16:54:30
175.   GoBears
169. I like Nomar too, I really do. He was one of my favorite players in the league, and probably my favorite non-Dodger for his first several years in Boston. But after his hot start last season (LAST season), he has been one of the very worst hitters in all of baseball. And he can't play decent defense to make up for it. So, actually I think the Dodgers DO win without his "contributions." This year especially, but last year as well.

And yes, I recognize that I caveated away those 3 months in 2006. Those were outstanding. But I don't think you can argue that those were worth what amounted to a 3-yr commitment, AND all the outs he created after the magic dust wore off.

2007-09-14 16:56:17
176.   GoBears
Let's compromise. I'll happily root for Nomar (1) when he's in the lineup, because there's no reason to cut off my nose to spite my face, and (2) when he's on another team, because then I can hope for the best for him and not care that the best is unlikely to occur.
2007-09-14 16:56:30
177.   Eric Stephen
90 Pierre has a .640 SLG against Davis (3 doubles and a triple in 25 AB). JP is hitting .440/.464/.640 vs. DD, and that is OK with M-E.
2007-09-14 16:59:37
178.   Eric Stephen
It's a tough spot when a non-good (I talk smart) player is in the lineup. I never ever want to root against a Dodger, even if them doing poorly will result in the greater good of them leaving the lineup (in theory). I hate being in that position!

It's just so much easier and healthier to root FOR something than against it. So congratulations to Nomar for his 3-hit comeback special tonight!

2007-09-14 17:02:27
179.   LAT
Oops. I guess LuGo won't have the chance to do to his old team what Wells did. Credit Grady with sitting LuGo over what must be LuGo's loud objection. Always glad to see Kemp and Ethier in the OF.
2007-09-14 17:02:34
180.   Bluebleeder87

I looked at those #'s too ERIC & That is why I'm advocating, a put Juan Pierre in a power position, IF ONLY FOR ONE GAME ERIC!

2007-09-14 17:05:56
181.   bhsportsguy
179 This must mean that I will see the Lugo/Ethier combo tomorrow against Livan Hernandez.

But Abreu will be in against the right-hander.

2007-09-14 17:06:50
182.   bhsportsguy
176 That's all I want, root for him when he's in the game and hope he plays well for someone else next year.
2007-09-14 17:20:32
183.   Jon Weisman
Mets 2-0 over Philly in the fifth.
2007-09-14 17:22:14
184.   Linkmeister
Frustrated, I am. I'd be furious, but what good would that do?

On my local television schedule there is not a single Dodgers game until Sunday. Today, nothing. Tomorrow, big Fox is showing me the Yankees - Red Sox (get over it - the Sox have won the division!).

Why me, O FSNPT and Fox?

2007-09-14 17:23:55
185.   paranoidandroid
I was backing up Nomar earlier in the year, convinced he'd hit because he is a proven hitter. Now I cringe when he comes up. I expect very little.

However, he is a very decent human being and I'd like nothing more than to see him do very well this year and next.

I don't see anyone else taking him, even if we pay half his salary. He's ours. So is Juan. And Juan has been having some very good at bats and has been quite good on base. He's even looked good in the field. Better routes, good plays like going up the wall yesterday. He's still a liability wit his arm and I don't want to see him up in RBI situations over most other hitters on our team.

BH, I'm also one for one on the playoff deposit. But my last deposit got me a beautiful looking set of NLCS and WS tickets that went unused. It hurts to have them. I just hope we go on a tear and make this a really fun six weeks of baseball.

2007-09-14 17:23:59
186.   Bluebleeder87
It's pretty nice Brad Penny didn't implode like he did last year, I think that's been a big reason why we're still even in this thing.
2007-09-14 17:24:11
187.   Bob Timmermann
The Reds scored four in the first against Ben Sheets in Milwaukee.

The Nats are 21 outs from elimination.

2007-09-14 17:26:40
188.   paranoidandroid
184 I don't think the Red Sox have the division wrapped up just yet. The Yankees could still make some noise, just like the Dodgers could against the Snakes.

NYY and Boston are both playoff teams. It is not unlikely that they'll do battle in October.

2007-09-14 17:29:30
189.   Bob Timmermann
Scott Spiezio starting at third base for the Cardinals tonight.
2007-09-14 17:32:51
190.   Bob Timmermann
"Spiezio, who plays in the heavy metal band SandFrog, has cultivated a hard-rocking image through 12 major league seasons. He said lifestyle changes are in order, although he found time to briefly appear on stage with REO Speedwagon last weekend in St. Louis."

Appearing with REO Speedwagon is a sign of some other deep-seated psychological problem.

2007-09-14 17:41:37
191.   GoBears
190. Hey, if that's the way you want it baby, then I don't want you at all.
2007-09-14 17:44:15
192.   Strike4
190 Saw REO at the Ventura County Fair a month ago. Great show, lots of unfeigned enthusiasm. Forgot how many big hits they had until belting one after the next. Dodgers lost to the Dbacks that night, hope for better tonight.
2007-09-14 17:51:05
193.   Jon Weisman
Phillies now tied with the Mets, 2-2 in the seventh.
2007-09-14 17:52:01
194.   Bob Timmermann
The Nats are no longer any outs away from elimination.
2007-09-14 17:53:50
195.   LogikReader
Antonio Alfonseca from the Phillies suspended for four games after throwing at Todd Helton yesterday (wow).

Good news?

2007-09-14 17:55:47
196.   MollyKnight
This is completely unrelated to anything in this thread, but definitely related to things we were discussing last night and today.

1. Scott Boras is at Shea right now. He talked with a few of us media about Kyle Lohse of all people. I got the impression from Boras that he feel Lohse has never been in a pitcher's park, giving him the benefit of "390 foot outs." Does this mean he's looking to get him into more friendly confines so he can rack up better stats and make more money? I don't know. Probably.

2. I had to wait to speak to Ryan Howard until after BP, and, with two hours to kill, I pulled out my copy of the Scarlet Letter and read a few chapters in the Phillies' dugout. A man came and sat next to me and asked me what I was reading and we had a discussion about the book. The man was Jayson Werth. I wanted to kick him in the shin, but I resisted temptation.

3. I tried my best to jinx the Philles by bringing up how very important this game/series is. Hopefully it will work.

That is all.

2007-09-14 17:56:01
197.   paranoidandroid
REO is not one of my past concerts that I'd laugh at now.

The concerts I saw on purpose as a younger person that make me laugh or cringe now:

6. Journey
5. Kansas with Survivor opening "Eye of the Tiger" gents
4. Foreigner
3. Christopher Cross
2. Judas Priest
1. Ted Nugent

I also saw Ozzie and Def Leppard, but I had fun at that show when I was sixteen. Def Leppard opened for Ozzy when they were like fifteen or something.

Good shows that I couldn't appreciate enough at my young age in the 80s:

5. Paul McCartney
4. Dylan with the guy from SNL band (G.E. Smith)
3. R.E.M. in the mid 80s at a small club in Northern Illinois
2. Dylan and Tom Petty
1. Roger Waters with Eric Clapton and David Sanborn "Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking" tour.

2007-09-14 17:56:32
198.   GoBears
Oops. I'm actually kind of happy that I got that REO lyric wrong.

I don't want you around.

2007-09-14 17:57:28
199.   MollyKnight
190-REO Speedwagon sand the national anthem on Opening Day in Kansas City. (Insert joke here).
2007-09-14 17:58:06
200.   MollyKnight
^sang the national anthem.
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2007-09-14 18:00:13
201.   paranoidandroid
195 Suspended? That man always has his fingers into something.

Good news? I dunno. I wouldn't mind seeing him pitching to the Mets in the late innings of a tie game. Where's Armando Benitez when you need him.

I respect Utley a lot as a player, but I don't like him much this month.

Prediction: An old Dodger (Green, LoDuca, Anderson) will bail us out and win it with a big hit in the bottom of the ninth.

2007-09-14 18:02:13
202.   scooplew
Nomar in the No. 5 hole? No way. He should be batting no higher than 8th, if at all. Shaikin's piece in the Times a couple of days ago had it right -- we should have a set lineup at this point in the season.
2007-09-14 18:02:35
203.   paranoidandroid
This just in from

REO Speedwagon is making a return to the big stage with their new CD "You Can Tune a Piano, but You Can't Walk Juan Pierre"

2007-09-14 18:03:25
204.   Bob Timmermann
Ahh, you're one of those people bucking for a #10 or #11 slot in the batting order.
2007-09-14 18:06:17
205.   scooplew
204 Yeah, like in grade school, when everybody got to bat. (And I was sometimes No. 11).
2007-09-14 18:10:13
206.   Jon Weisman
Molly Knight reading The Scarlet Letter in the Phillies dugout is by far the coolest image of 2007.
2007-09-14 18:10:39
207.   scooplew
S.F.-S.D. matchups this weekend (pardon me if this was previously covered):

Tonight -- Zito vs. Young
Saturday -- Cain vs. Tomko!
Sunday -- Lincecum vs. Peavy

2007-09-14 18:10:44
208.   Bluebleeder87
Brad Pennys last 2 starts he gave us 7 innings he only won 1 of those starts though (looking at his splits) his ERA has been pretty steady all year long too, very nice.
2007-09-14 18:13:09
209.   Bluebleeder87

Tonights game will most likely be a high scoring affair with Zito & Young going, from what I understand Chris Young is pitching hurt the last couple of starts, hopefully Zito brings his "A" game today.

2007-09-14 18:15:36
210.   hernari
209 Speaking of Zito:


2007-09-14 18:15:48
211.   Linkmeister
Hmm. Hester Prynne or Arthur Dimmesdale.

Who hits 8th and who hits cleanup?

2007-09-14 18:16:59
212.   LogikReader
Jose Reyes: All the things Juan Pierre should be... and more
2007-09-14 18:37:29
213.   fanerman
I have a great deal of respect for Jose Reyes for deciding to improve and actually improving his patience at the big league level.
2007-09-14 18:40:19
214.   Bluebleeder87
Were there's a surprise Paul Lo Duca just got kicked out of the game for arguing balls & strikes, still tied up 2-2, man Wagner pitched a beautiful top of the 9th striking out the side he hit the corners beautifully with both the fastball & curveball.
2007-09-14 18:43:21
215.   MollyKnight
206- Reading classic literature in front of baseball players is a great ice breaker. Werth couldn't remembered how it ended, but he said he'd think about it during BP and get back to me.
2007-09-14 18:46:09
216.   King of the Hobos
213 To Reyes' credit, he has Rickey Henderson coaching him, whereas Pierre has Maury Wills. Wills has been quoted saying that Pierre has no business trying to walk, because only crazy pitchers would do that apparently. I have no assume Rickey has some idea of the merit of patience and has tried to teach it to Reyes.
2007-09-14 18:51:56
217.   Gen3Blue
Hoping I haven't been LAT'ed, so to speak.

Got in a bit early for the D's start. I went to the Sox-Yankees game, but my presense immediately seemed to stimulate the Yanks so I flew to "How it's Made" on the Science channel. I've got to admit I like this show, though it would be better if I directed the background music.

2007-09-14 18:54:48
218.   King of the Hobos
Mike Hargrove has accepted the manager's position of the semi-pro team the Liberal BeeJays.

Apparently they're named after Ban Johnson.

2007-09-14 18:58:13
219.   fanerman
Daisuke leads the AL in pitcher abuse points and according to ESPN, pitches much more effectively when he gets 5 or 6 days of rest. Granted it's not too many starts, but, it seems only logical to not have him throw 110-120+ pitches a start so he doesn't need 5 or 6 days of rest to be his most effective. Of course I have no idea how a pitcher rests/recovers after a start, but, things don't add up.

Just noting that because the only baseball I can get right now is on ESPN.

2007-09-14 18:59:41
220.   Bob Timmermann
Molly Knight, Ms. 80,000!
2007-09-14 19:01:42
221.   Bob Timmermann
Phillies lead 3-2 on a pinch sac fly by Dobbs in the 10th.
2007-09-14 19:02:42
222.   Bob Timmermann
Actually the game is over in New York as Yahoo was behind.

Phillies temporarily second in wild card.

2007-09-14 19:07:02
223.   Bluebleeder87
apparently Bob wants to be LAT'ed badly, just playing Bob. :o)
2007-09-14 19:10:05
224.   Jon Weisman
220 - I think you mean 800,000. Not that she'll have any idea what you mean.

New post up top.

2007-09-14 19:21:18
225.   Gen3Blue
219 It is a fascinating tradeoff but the broadcasters confuse me awfully. And I'm watching the Science Channel and this ad comes on with all these kids asking their parents "tell me about sex". This makes me nervous.
Friday is the night D's games don't start till almost 11:00p eastern, presumably to pile fans into parking lots and D's Stadium. People here on the east coast think Calif. and particularly LA are one story paradises where cars have easy passage and there is unlimited open parking. Because I have family and ex in-laws in the bay area and Ventura, I have spent time out there including plenty of forays into LA and the freeway system. So I know better.
We must be getting close to game time.

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