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An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away
2007-09-15 11:49
by Jon Weisman

Countdown to 81 wins: just three more.

Today's game:


Retro Gameday

Comments (439)
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2007-09-15 11:55:43
1.   CarlosDeC
Great game yesterday! Lets keep the momentum going. Lets get D Lowe some runs early and coast!
2007-09-15 11:57:27
2.   Slikk
Was at the game yesterday, was fantastic. James Loney is just in a groove, and honestly the entire team -Furcal just looked comfortable.

Question for you Jon - what's the big deal about 81 wins?

2007-09-15 11:59:37
3.   Bob Timmermann
Apples are fruits that get the Bob Timmermann Seal of Approval.

Look for it finer stores.

2007-09-15 12:00:34
4.   D4P
So, I guess Andrew won't be finding any apples at his store of choice
2007-09-15 12:07:01
5.   Bob Timmermann
Jon likes achievable goals.
2007-09-15 12:07:39
6.   Suffering Bruin
2 This is one of those times I should let Jon speak for himself, especially because I don't know the answer but I assume the countdown was put in place to keep people looking at the positive side of things. As I recall, when the countdown started, things were looking very bleak. So if we don't make the playoffs, .500 baseball is at least something.

Then again, you might want to ask him. :)

2007-09-15 12:09:08
7.   overkill94
I was at the game last night as well and for some there was a lot of hostility (a couple fights, lots of yelling) even though there were hardly any Diamondback fans. Very lively crowd though, overall it was a lot of fun. The pavilion seemed to get into Byrnes's head, causing him to turn around frequently during the game.
2007-09-15 12:09:24
8.   Eric Enders
So, is anybody in America actually getting to watch this game?

It's Yankees-Red Sox here, of course. Because Texas is Yankee country, didn't you know. Particularly when the Longhorns are playing football at the same time on another station.

2007-09-15 12:09:25
9.   Bob Timmermann
If you worry about Little's lineup selections, he's not a lot different from Francona who is sending Crisp out to start today and sitting Ellsbury who has been one of his team's best hitters in the last two weeks.
2007-09-15 12:11:38
10.   Bob Timmermann
I believe Fox is showing the Dodgers-DBacks in Southern California and Arizona. And whatever else constitutes 13% of the national TV market.

Daron Sutton and Eric Karros behind the mike.

2007-09-15 12:12:48
11.   Eric Enders
9 That's not as bad as Little, though, since Ellsbury isn't quite the proven star Kemp is, and Crisp isn't quite the fossilized stiff Gonzalez is.

Also, in the grand scheme, it's a fairly meaningless game for the Red Sox, who don't need to win it, although I'm sure they'd like to.

2007-09-15 12:12:56
12.   Bob Timmermann
Pedro leaves for a pinch hitter in the bottom of the sixth. 3-1 Mets.
2007-09-15 12:18:23
13.   Bob Timmermann
I guess I'm not Perspective Man, the superhero who sees things from everybody's point of view is always sympathetic.
2007-09-15 12:20:33
14.   vockins
Little is really screwing my fantasy team with this Kemp on the bench garbage. Jerk.
2007-09-15 12:22:09
15.   Bob Timmermann
AZ's lineup:
2007-09-15 12:24:29
16.   CarlosDeC
I dont get to see the game in NYC, and I have the MLB package.
2007-09-15 12:30:34
17.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Anyone else have directv? I just got an HD package and am hoping to get a Vin feed of the game in HD.
2007-09-15 12:32:02
18.   Bob Timmermann
Phillies get a run on an Iguchi double and a Shawn Green error on a ball hit by Rollins to make it 3-2 Mets.
2007-09-15 12:32:36
19.   Bob Timmermann
Vin Scully should be at home today.
2007-09-15 12:32:53
20.   Eric Enders
Nobody with any package of any kind will get anything. The only way to see the game is on Big Fox if you happen to live within the fortunate 13% of the country.
2007-09-15 12:34:17
21.   Linkmeister
Eric, who knew that Texas and Hawai'i had so much in common? We're Yankee/Red Sox country too!

When I'm able to dictate terms to Rupert Murdoch, one of the things I'll have at the top of my list...

2007-09-15 12:35:55
22.   KG16
20/21 - but don't feel too bad guys, in the world according to ESPN you are seeing the only two teams that actually play major league baseball.
2007-09-15 12:37:17
23.   Bob Timmermann
I've heard rumors from ESPN that there is a team called the Mets. And there are also some sketchy bits about a guy in San Francisco that the network was stalking for a while.
2007-09-15 12:41:19
24.   Bob Timmermann
With Rollins on second as the tying run, Feliciano struck out Utley, Burrell, and Howard in succession to get out of the inning. 3-2 Mets, bottom of the 7th.
2007-09-15 12:58:30
25.   Bob Timmermann
A Rowand homer ties it up in the 8th in NY at 3-3.
2007-09-15 13:00:19
26.   D4P
The DBacks's lineup is surprisingly weak. How are they in first place?
2007-09-15 13:00:53
27.   underdog
No Dodgers game on Fox here today, either. I guess the Bay Area is also Yankees-Red Sox country. No, I can understand it in a way because there are ton of fans both teams in the area, but I'd hoped they'd defer to the NL West/geographical aspect of it. And of course it's blacked out on MLBTV, too. So I'm stuck with Charlie and Schmonday.
2007-09-15 13:01:19
28.   underdog
Byrnes vs. Lowe is scaring me here. Just plunk him Derek!
2007-09-15 13:02:03
29.   underdog
Or do that instead. That works.
2007-09-15 13:02:19
30.   Fallout
10 Bob Timmermann

What? Dish Network's menu says it's the Dodger game. I pulled up a chair and it's the o-t-h-e-r game.

2007-09-15 13:03:25
31.   xaphor
26 There is no D'Back blog on the toaster, you big suck up. :)
2007-09-15 13:03:32
32.   Fallout
HR Jeter.
2007-09-15 13:04:10
33.   King of the Hobos
Delwyn Young doesn't seem like the most excitable guy in the world.
2007-09-15 13:06:00
34.   D4P
I bet Livan doesn't last over 3 innings.
2007-09-15 13:07:24
35.   King of the Hobos
Pierre walks again? If he can keep this up, having him around might not be so bad after all.
2007-09-15 13:08:45
36.   D4P
Golfer Zach Johnson needs to birdie 18 to shoot 59.
2007-09-15 13:08:51
37.   overkill94
I hate the Mets
2007-09-15 13:08:57
38.   underdog
The Loney Zone continues unabated. Wow.
2007-09-15 13:09:16
39.   Indiana Jon
27 Alabama is also confirmed as Yankees-Red Sox country. Just checked the slingbox and Indiana is also confirmed. Only thing better is when we get Braves-Cubs on the game of the week after seeing them all year on the superstations.
2007-09-15 13:09:38
40.   overkill94
Little's a genius
2007-09-15 13:10:09
41.   underdog
Hooray! Gonzo!
2007-09-15 13:10:50
42.   D4P
Little's a genius

It was clever of him to have us face Livan Hernandez. The DBacks apparently don't realize he's terrible.

Golfer Zach Johnson will need to hole a bunker shot to make birdie on 18.

2007-09-15 13:11:30
43.   underdog
Call me crazy, but I like the way this game's started.


The Mets and Giants' bullpens are both on my hit list.

2007-09-15 13:12:04
44.   overkill94
Dodger record for most batters reaching base to lead off a game? Bob?
2007-09-15 13:12:21
45.   underdog
"Do not let up," says Swami Rick Monday.
2007-09-15 13:12:28
46.   Eric Enders
11 I now promise to go at least 48 hours without calling Gonzalez a "fossilized stiff."

Unless that motivated him.

2007-09-15 13:12:37
47.   Ricardo
Let´s go Russell, make Livan pay.
2007-09-15 13:12:57
48.   scareduck
Wow, looks like I tuned into the game at the right time.
2007-09-15 13:13:43
49.   overkill94
2007-09-15 13:13:57
50.   underdog
48 You mean, the beginning?
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2007-09-15 13:14:23
51.   JT Dutch
... Hopefully, Russ can get at least half of this game, or the next game tomorrow, off.
2007-09-15 13:14:32
52.   Eric Enders
On May 21, 1952, 19 consecutive Dodgers reached base in the first inning against Cincinnati. I think, but am not positive, that the streak led off the game.

Moot point now.

2007-09-15 13:14:50
53.   underdog
"First out of the ballgame," says Charlie Steiner. Yeah, except for the 3 the Diamondbacks made.
2007-09-15 13:14:52
54.   King of the Hobos
Livan's start is now better than Kurt Birkins' start today (6 runs, no outs).
2007-09-15 13:15:16
55.   D4P
Next time you think about how much money you make to do whatever it is you do, remember that Livan Hernandez gets paid $7,000,000 dollars each year to do what he's doing.
2007-09-15 13:15:58
56.   underdog
If the Giants can't beat Brett Tomko tonight then, well, then they really suck.
2007-09-15 13:16:24
57.   Gen3Blue
This is different. I miss ten minutes and we are the ones ahead.

Of course its a D-less Fox saturday in the east.

2007-09-15 13:16:52
58.   scareduck
44 - interesting question, but not one B-Ref's Play Index makes it easy to find.
2007-09-15 13:16:58
59.   MollyKnight
I just turned on my computer. Is Brett Tomko pitching for the DBacks?
2007-09-15 13:17:33
60.   scareduck
50 - yeah, something like that. :-)
2007-09-15 13:17:56
61.   Linkmeister
2007-09-15 13:18:53
62.   trainwreck
Yes, they do.
2007-09-15 13:19:17
63.   Bill Crain
The DirecTV channel guide says I'm watching the Dodgers but they seem to be wearing Yankee uniforms.

Rupert Murdoch, Bud Selig, the entire United States Congress, everyone ever associated with the broadcast of MLB games through any electronic medium whatsoever, everyone behind this travesty or mutely consenting - may you all burn in eternal torment. And Ned Colletti, too, since I'm on the subject.

2007-09-15 13:20:12
64.   Gen3Blue
I haven't had time to catch up on things but I don't like the idea of having both Kent and Kemp not in the line-up one bit.
2007-09-15 13:20:22
65.   scareduck
Eric "Heart and Soul" Karros. Makes you wish you could teleport Vin Scully into your living room and have him just sit and watch the game with you.
2007-09-15 13:20:53
66.   MMSMikey
abrue hasnt done much to impress in his opportunities. he was late on that last pitch from livan.
2007-09-15 13:21:12
67.   eusmus
Is Abreu just anxious or what? His plate patience leaves a lot to be desired.
2007-09-15 13:21:28
68.   scareduck
63 - The DirecTV channel guide says I'm watching the Dodgers but they seem to be wearing Yankee uniforms.

Time Warner tells me I'm watching the Yanksox game but the Dodgers are playing the Diamondbacks, so it's all even.

Lowe makes a pair of outs in the air. This is Not Good.

2007-09-15 13:21:47
69.   gpellamjr
66 If Kemp were in the game, he would have killed that rally with a home run or a base running mistake.
2007-09-15 13:21:48
70.   Bluebleeder87
Did Gonzalez hit a dinger with the bases jacked? or how did we score 4 runs?
2007-09-15 13:22:35
71.   Bluebleeder87
Daron Sutton is NOT a good son he liked the Yanks when growing up!!
2007-09-15 13:22:45
72.   MMSMikey
RBI single from loney, 3 run jack from gonzo
2007-09-15 13:22:55
73.   Gen3Blue
I guess a lot of people all over are seeing the Yanks-Sox game.
2007-09-15 13:24:16
74.   Bluebleeder87
How can you like the Yankees when your father pitched for the Dodgers in the late '70's I don't get it™
2007-09-15 13:24:55
75.   gpellamjr
73 Yes, but 68 gave me momentary hope that TW Columbus was lying to me. But no.
2007-09-15 13:25:19
76.   Bluebleeder87

Thanks a bunch MMSMikey

2007-09-15 13:25:38
77.   King of the Hobos
68 And I think you missed the Drew out and Byrnes foul ball. Fortunately, Livan is pitching for the DBacks and their lineup isn't very good, so Lowe's fly balls shouldn't be much of a worry.
2007-09-15 13:27:33
78.   trainwreck
Notre Dame is so terrible.

I think the Chiefs could even beat them.

2007-09-15 13:29:12
79.   Daniel Zappala
Sox-Yankees announcer just said the Sox will either collapse and fail to make the playoffs or hold on and win the division. Isn't it possible they could lose their division lead and win the wild card?
2007-09-15 13:30:20
80.   Daniel Zappala
We won't have a true test of Notre Dame's terribleness until the play Utah State or Utah.
2007-09-15 13:32:28
81.   King of the Hobos
79 Depends, can Detroit make up 8 games on the Red Sox in two weeks?
2007-09-15 13:36:52
82.   Bluebleeder87
the make up game we have against Colorado is pretty concerning...
2007-09-15 13:40:20
83.   MollyKnight
Heading into the bottom of the ninth at Shea.
2007-09-15 13:41:05
84.   JT Dutch

... I think that the Dodgers would make an extra $1 million of revenue if they did a $1 raffle/sweepstakes entitled "Win a chance to watch a Dodger game with Vin Scully".

2007-09-15 13:41:10
85.   Eric Enders
Heh, heh. Steiner: "Dodger fans are hoping that Brett Tomko can do for the Padres what he did for the Dodgers."
2007-09-15 13:41:51
86.   Eric Enders
And then Steiner gives Loney's fly ball a homerus interruptus call.


2007-09-15 13:43:14
87.   gpellamjr
86 Yes, I shooshed my wife because of it. I don't think she appreciated getting shooshed over a fly ball out on the warning track.
2007-09-15 13:44:13
88.   Eric Enders
79 According to BP, there is a 4.01% chance the Red Sox win the wild card and a 0.019% chance they miss the playoffs.
2007-09-15 13:44:48
89.   underdog
Old friend Marlon Anderson K's, one out at Shea. Poopyhead.
2007-09-15 13:44:48
90.   MollyKnight
Marlon Anderson struck out looking on a ball that was clearly a foot outside. He then rightfully argued, and was tossed.
2007-09-15 13:44:49
91.   gpellamjr
I love Nomar Garciaparra. I have always loved Nomar Garciaparra.

Oceania is at war with East Asia.

2007-09-15 13:45:33
92.   Gen3Blue
Is anyone else not getting the usual detailed pitch info from game day, or do I have something turned off.
2007-09-15 13:46:08
93.   gpellamjr
90 Gameday has been disagreeing with the umpire's strike zone the whole game.
2007-09-15 13:46:48
94.   underdog
welp, off for the day. Hope the Dodgers keep up the pace here.

Hasta luego!

2007-09-15 13:46:56
95.   Eric Enders
92 I'm not getting it either. Of course, I hadn't noticed until you mentioned it, so that gives a clue as to how useful I find it.
2007-09-15 13:47:18
96.   underdog
Reyes walks. And Anderson apparently was ejected bu the ump for arguing the called third strike.
2007-09-15 13:47:29
97.   MollyKnight
Reyes walked on four pitches. He just stole second.
2007-09-15 13:48:35
98.   Gen3Blue
95 at least now I know its not functioning.
2007-09-15 13:49:13
99.   MollyKnight
Infield single for Castillo. Winning run at the plate in the form of Daviiiiiiid Wright.
2007-09-15 13:50:30
100.   Daniel Zappala
88 It seems patently obvious to me that the Sox could lose the division but there is an extremely slim chance they would fall out of the playoffs altogether. Thanks for the confirming statistics. The announcing team made it sound like it was do or die against the Yankees. They wouldn't be doing this to make us think this game is actually important, would they?
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2007-09-15 13:51:14
101.   underdog
Oops, my server is obviously slow. I'll let Molly call that game. ;-)

Hard for me to leave here before that one's over, darnit...

2007-09-15 13:51:58
102.   MollyKnight
Wright struck out swinging on a fastball down the middle. Beltran up now. Two outs. Last chance.
2007-09-15 13:52:50
103.   scareduck
92 , 95 - Gameday has been getting progressively less informative lately. Notice the strike zone rectangle has been missing for a while.
2007-09-15 13:53:32
104.   Daniel Zappala
I use the ESPN gameday instead.
2007-09-15 13:53:35
105.   MollyKnight
Flied out to Jayson Werth. Phillies win.
2007-09-15 13:53:46
106.   Eric Enders
103 Perhaps that was eliminated at the request of the umpires' union.
2007-09-15 13:54:22
107.   JT Dutch
... Phils win.
2007-09-15 13:55:13
108.   Eric Enders
The Yahoo Game Tracker kind of sucks, but it's convenient in that it allows you to keep tabs on your fantasy team in the same window.
2007-09-15 13:55:16
109.   Daniel Zappala
I was trying to figure out why everyone was watching the Mets game. Then I noticed they were playing the Phillies. I'm slow today.
2007-09-15 13:55:52
110.   Daniel Zappala
Fantasy team? Why would I want one of those?
2007-09-15 14:04:18
111.   Bob Timmermann
In response to an old thread, I have now seen Jimmy Clausen get sacked.

The Notre Dame-Michigan game was on TV where I had lunch.

2007-09-15 14:04:39
112.   gpellamjr
FJM complaining about getting the LA-AZ game on FOX. Also about Juan Pierre.
2007-09-15 14:05:44
113.   prestonian
Charlie Steiner is horrible at calling games on the radio. He is better suited for TV broadcasts so that he doesn't have to paint the picture. Too many times he blows the quick double plays, or gets you ALL excited when there is a warning track fly ball. He stumbles constantly on the faster plays, then when he blows it he doesn't go back and tell you what happened. Am I the only one that is fed up with his mediocre game calling.
Maybe we can trade him to the Giants for their young broadcaster Dave Fleming.
He is one of the best young broadcasters.
2007-09-15 14:06:52
114.   Gen3Blue
From what I can tell from Gameday, Lowe is pretty effective today.
2007-09-15 14:08:01
115.   Bob Timmermann
Steiner has been (although not formally announced) rehired through 2009.
2007-09-15 14:11:14
116.   Bob Timmermann
Apparently, the length of Steiner's new contract is not known.
2007-09-15 14:12:18
117.   King of the Hobos
Martin is probably not going to catch both games Tuesday according to Little.
2007-09-15 14:12:58
118.   Bluebleeder87
I've noticed I've been rolling my eyes on Furcal a lot more this year, but at least he did a nice job there.
2007-09-15 14:13:42
119.   NorCal-Dodger
113 I've made the same comments before in regardsto Dave Fleming, heck the Gnats broadcasting booth consists of 5 -6 diffrent people, Dave would be a great fit, and he does have a Scullyesque delivery on his broadcast, and he is not a Homer like the others. This will be the only time I say anything nice in reference to anything that has to do with the Gnats....but I guess I'll secretly will be rooting for them tonite!
2007-09-15 14:14:00
120.   DodgerBakers
Why did Pierre have to slap that?
2007-09-15 14:14:20
121.   scareduck
115 , 116 - if he's good enough for the Yankees, he's good enough for the Dodgers to keep him forever.

I agree he stumbles on faster plays. To me his mispronunciation of Spanish surnames ("En-kuh-nar-see-own") is his most annoying misfeature.

2007-09-15 14:14:48
122.   gpellamjr
I hate Charlie Steiner.
2007-09-15 14:15:10
123.   Bluebleeder87
Hey you guys think Loney is gonna be one of those players that gets INSANELY HOT & INSANELY COLD? the jury is still out I guess.
2007-09-15 14:15:13
124.   Eric Enders
Christ, Steiner, please quit announcing Loney homers unless they are actually happening. That's twice today.
2007-09-15 14:16:39
125.   Bob Timmermann
You're afraid of Loney turning into Eric Byrnes?

I don't see that.

2007-09-15 14:17:33
126.   Bluebleeder87
I hate Charlie Steiner.

It's not that I hate 'em but he gets me all worked up over nothing sometimes, like the supposed home run Byrnes ALMOST HIT, ugh!

2007-09-15 14:22:52
127.   Bluebleeder87

Or a guy like Finley, but I'm sure he won't, I'm just saying that cause about a month or so ago he got insanely hot as well.

2007-09-15 14:23:59
128.   Linkmeister
I hope we don't need those two runs Nomar just left out there.
2007-09-15 14:26:45
129.   Gen3Blue
Hernandez pitch count reaches 88. Of course his pitches don't take much effort so that may not be that bad.
2007-09-15 14:30:07
130.   Frip
Stiener has a knack for making interesting and very pleasant conversation. Over 2 1/2 hours this counts more than him being a bit slow on balls in play.
2007-09-15 14:30:08
131.   MMSMikey
c'mon russ lay off that garbage.
2007-09-15 14:31:45
132.   MMSMikey
Iron man: Catcher Russell Martin caught his 134th game of the year Friday night, tying him with John Roseboro for 10th place on the L.A. Dodgers list. But he won't be in the lineup Sunday afternoon, because Little said he wants to give his catcher two days off, with the off-day Monday.

"My plan is for him not to play tomorrow to give him a couple of days off," Little said. "And he's probably not going to catch both games Tuesday," when the Dodgers play a doubleheader in Colorado.

2007-09-15 14:32:53
133.   prestonian
Hey 119 where abouts in NorCal are you? I live up near Chico in Orland, 100 miles north of Sacramento on the I-5. I feel the same way as you about Fleming. I'm glad they let him do the radio and not those two knuckleheads Keiper Krukow. He would fit in just right. Maybe we can trade R Hernandez for him this winter.
2007-09-15 14:33:24
134.   Bluebleeder87
You gotta think Ethier is good for 17 - 24 homeruns next year with a full year.
2007-09-15 14:34:03
135.   Bob Timmermann
Does Professor Zappala root for UCLA when the Bruins play Utah?
2007-09-15 14:34:45
136.   gpellamjr
I hate Charlie Steiner.
2007-09-15 14:35:21
137.   Bob Timmermann
Do you have that set as a macro?
2007-09-15 14:35:37
138.   Bluebleeder87
I called it folks 17 or 24 dingers from Andre Ethier (give or take) in '08!
2007-09-15 14:36:02
139.   Frip
136 I hope you have to hate him for the next 20 years.
2007-09-15 14:36:06
140.   gpellamjr
137 Maybe I would if I knew what that means.
2007-09-15 14:37:13
141.   NorCal-Dodger
133 San Leandro, very close to Oakland. But grew up in Hollywood-Silverlake area.
2007-09-15 14:38:16
142.   Bob Timmermann
You could just set up some combination of keystrokes that would enter "I hate Charlie Steiner".

Something like CTRL+F10+S

2007-09-15 14:39:18
143.   Michael Green
I don't hate Charley Steiner, but I don't like his play-by-play. Vin likes to use the phrase that fans will look at a ball with their heart instead of their eyes. Steiner needs to use his eyes on those fly balls.

When McCourt rogered Ross Porter, I vowed not to listen to Dodger broadcasts when Vin wasn't on unless I absolutely had to. I haven't found a great need.

Also, I live in Las Vegas, where the Dodger affiliate's signal barely reaches to the station parking lot. In the car, I often can pick up 680 in SF, and I have to say, hearing Jon Miller or Dave Flemming or, yes, even Duane Kuiper is preferable to what we get on Dodger radio--not only the pbp, but the unceasing advertising.

2007-09-15 14:40:05
144.   Bob Timmermann
Steiner was remarkably calm on Clark's drive. Perhaps because there was no doubt that it was going over the fence.
2007-09-15 14:40:12
145.   Bluebleeder87
Tony Clark just hit it out of Dodger Stadium no?? WOWZERS! down CF too.
2007-09-15 14:40:27
146.   Daniel Zappala
135 I'm typically neutral. I'm not the type to root against a rival. I don't mind it when Cal wins, as long as Stanford can beat them in the Big Game. I don't mind if the Giants win, so long as they Dodgers do better. In college sports I especially root for teams in my league to do well because a strong league reaps rewards for your team, either for the BCS or seeding for the NCAA tourney.

I pick the teams I root against very carefully -- the Yankees are one of the few qualifiers for now, and the Cowboys used to be on my list in their heyday.

On the one hand, I'll be happy for Olson if he turns out to be a good QB for UCLA. On the other hand, it would be great to have a strong Utah team again because it helps BYU if the MWC is strong. Yet I'd be sad if UCLA lost because the Pac-10 never gets the respect it deserves and this would kill them.

Mostly about all I'm feeling right now is shock that Utah scored, given that their starting QB is out for 3 weeks and their starting RB is out for the season. And a little bit of excitement because I generally like underdogs.

2007-09-15 14:41:30
147.   Bob Timmermann
Did Clark's homer REALLY leave Dodger Stadium or did it just bounce around the empty area in center field? The fence back there would be really hard to clear.
2007-09-15 14:42:48
148.   eusmus
147 The latter.
2007-09-15 14:42:48
149.   Bluebleeder87
on the reply it looked like it cleared the CF fence & I'm not talking about the 400 fence I'm talking about the fence fence.
2007-09-15 14:45:36
150.   Bob Timmermann
Thanks, that's what I thought. I would think the back of the fence in center has to be well over 500 feet from home. And the fence isn't low either.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2007-09-15 14:45:46
151.   gpellamjr
I feel it. The Dodgers are going to make the playoffs.
2007-09-15 14:46:14
152.   Frip
143 I like Jon Miller alot, but he's almost too smooth. Like game show host smooth. He needs to be a little less "Broadcaster" and a little more human.
2007-09-15 14:48:14
153.   Bluebleeder87

I guess it did, but it sure came close.

2007-09-15 14:48:25
154.   Bob Timmermann
I know the UCLA diehards here consider me "soft" on USC.

UCLA, from what I can glean from the boxscore, is playing just how I thought they would be playing this year. Which is a very annoying style.

2007-09-15 14:48:51
155.   P Mac
A healthy Furcal could be huge.
2007-09-15 14:49:22
156.   MMSMikey
the return of slappy mcpopup
2007-09-15 14:49:57
157.   Icaros
Pierre does not do the "little things" well.
2007-09-15 14:50:31
158.   Eric Enders
He also does not do the "big things" well.
2007-09-15 14:51:56
159.   scareduck
157 , 158 - what does Slappy do well?
2007-09-15 14:52:48
160.   scareduck
151 - I feel it. The Dodgers are going to make the playoffs.

Probably just gas.

2007-09-15 14:53:05
161.   NorCal-Dodger
When it the situation dictates, to swing the bat, JP perfects the sac bunt without a problem, when we need him to lay one down, he lays an egg instead.
2007-09-15 14:53:12
162.   Bob Timmermann
He's supposed to be a very nice person. He talks to the media after all the games.

He doesn't screw up running the bases as much as Jeff Kent.

2007-09-15 14:53:12
163.   Eric Enders
159 He's good in the clubhouse, I hear. And while not an outstanding basestealer, he's not an awful one either.
2007-09-15 14:53:57
164.   Eric Enders
Bob wins the time tiebreaker simply by virtue of being Bob.
2007-09-15 14:54:49
165.   Bob Timmermann
That's the ninth tiebreaker to decide homefield advantage in the playoffs also.
2007-09-15 14:55:24
166.   Daniel Zappala
154 Is that kind of like being "soft" on terrorism? In other words, an unpardonable sin?
2007-09-15 14:55:32
167.   eusmus
It's Wickman time!
2007-09-15 14:56:29
168.   Eric Enders
Gonzo's caddie in to pinch run.
2007-09-15 14:56:44
169.   Daniel Zappala
Too bad Matt Kemp couldn't pinch-run for Juan Pierre.
2007-09-15 14:56:46
170.   Bob Timmermann
That's what Greg Brock would say. He would accuse me of sleeping with the enemy.

But I'm a gentleman so I won't say.

2007-09-15 14:57:40
171.   Bob Timmermann
What are the chances that the Red Sox will use Gagne in a close game today after Papelbon's and Okajima's struggles last night?

< 25%

2007-09-15 14:58:02
172.   nofatmike
It doesn't make sense to have Matt Kemp pinch run for Gonzo when Loney is on-base right in front of him. They might as well just leave Gonzo in.
2007-09-15 14:58:53
173.   Daniel Zappala
170 I get razzed for wearing red to work. I tell them it's not red, it's cardinal.
2007-09-15 14:59:56
174.   Daniel Zappala
172 shh! You're not supposed to complain when Kemp goes in for Gonzalez.
2007-09-15 15:00:26
175.   scareduck
171 - I take 1:10.

Wickman is one of the few pitchers (David Wells is also on this list) whom I would trust to block the plate without getting injured.

2007-09-15 15:00:31
176.   Bob Timmermann
Sometimes you pay the price for forgetting to bring a sweater up to the Timberline Lodge.

2007-09-15 15:00:38
177.   oswald
c'mon boys, let's give pierre some credit. he's been pretty good over the last month and a half.
2007-09-15 15:01:01
178.   scareduck
166 - you're either with us, or you're with the errorists?
2007-09-15 15:01:46
179.   nofatmike
I hate it when I'm right.
2007-09-15 15:02:59
180.   Linkmeister
Somebody explain that play, please. Force out, catcher to pitcher? Furcal scores, Loney out?


2007-09-15 15:03:24
181.   Gen3Blue
That had to be a bizarre inning, wish I could watch the game.
2007-09-15 15:03:55
182.   Bob Timmermann
Wickman made a bad throw home and Furcal scored and Loney was out trying to get in after him.
2007-09-15 15:04:39
183.   King of the Hobos
180 Comebacker, Wickman then threw it off of Montero's glove, Furcal scores. Montero got to the ball and threw it back to Wickman, who used his frame to effectively block the plate, Loney out.
2007-09-15 15:05:28
184.   Daniel Zappala
176 Oh dear. Better to suffer in the cold.
2007-09-15 15:05:31
185.   oswald
why take lowe out? it's stuff like this that makes me dislike little
2007-09-15 15:06:27
186.   Bluebleeder87
Free Jonathan Meloan today...
2007-09-15 15:07:22
187.   Gagne55
Lowe has been Greg Maddux effecient this game. He should not have been removed.
2007-09-15 15:07:22
188.   Bluebleeder87
with a 5 run lead I don't see why not.
2007-09-15 15:07:25
189.   Daniel Zappala
The description on ESPN gamecast did not make any sense. Thank you for explaining.
2007-09-15 15:08:27
190.   Gagne55
E-5. Lowe gets removed and suddenly- IMPLOSION!
2007-09-15 15:08:31
191.   Linkmeister
Ah. Comebacker. That makes more sense than Gameday's terse explanation. Thanks.
2007-09-15 15:09:20
192.   oswald
188 lowe's only thrown 74 pitches. they play next week in colorado. you save the bullpen any time you can
2007-09-15 15:10:20
193.   eusmus
What a joke
2007-09-15 15:10:22
194.   Daniel Zappala
Thankfully, Callaspo is up.
2007-09-15 15:10:44
195.   Bluebleeder87
D-Lowe is pitching hurt so maybe that has something to do with it, if he was injury free I would understand
2007-09-15 15:10:44
196.   MMSMikey
i know nomar made an error, but how bad has biemel been of late? whats his batting average against?
2007-09-15 15:11:15
197.   Daniel Zappala
That wasn't supposed to happen.
2007-09-15 15:11:42
198.   Gagne55
Broxton is coming in with men on base. Uh Oh.
2007-09-15 15:12:26
199.   Bluebleeder87
I hope R. Hernandez doesn't come in, I'd really implode...
2007-09-15 15:12:39
200.   NorCal-Dodger
Broxton in to get 5 outs??? Is Saito unavailable??
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2007-09-15 15:12:39
201.   Gen3Blue
You know, getting creative here I would use Saito here and Broxton for the ninth. I guess Grits rules preclude him from doing this.
2007-09-15 15:12:55
202.   Icaros
And then Steiner totally undersells these doubles to the wall, making it seem like they'd be flyouts.

I hate Fox's Saturday Stranglehold.

2007-09-15 15:13:01
203.   oswald
i like how little has been managing with both hands wrapped tightly around his own neck. it really inspires confidence. as soon as plascke gave little credit for this season, he should have been fired.
2007-09-15 15:13:20
204.   Bluebleeder87
these guys arent robots guys (talking about D-Lowe)
2007-09-15 15:13:38
205.   JT Dutch
... Why Beimel, who pitched yesterday? Why Broxton, who pitches nearly every day?

Are Houlton, Hull, and Meloan hurt? Are the Dodgers going to have to lead or trail by 80 before they get into the game?

2007-09-15 15:14:25
206.   MollyKnight
Can someone give me the play by play? Stat tracker isn't working. It had Russel Martin up with Kemp on third and Garciaparra on 1st. Bottom of 7, 6-1 Dodgers.
2007-09-15 15:14:31
207.   scareduck
Byrnes not having a good day.
2007-09-15 15:14:33
208.   Bluebleeder87
Broxton eases my implosion concerns...
2007-09-15 15:15:41
209.   Gen3Blue
Lowe taken out for no reason--that is the crux of the whole thing unless he is hurting from his injury.
2007-09-15 15:16:00
210.   oswald
i guess little figures lowe pitched too well to lose this game. he really deserves a no-decision.
2007-09-15 15:16:32
211.   Daniel Zappala
205 The crunch of the pennant race.
2007-09-15 15:17:58
212.   Bob Timmermann
I guess Broxton can't pitch with runners on base.
2007-09-15 15:18:09
213.   D4P
Second and third with no outs and they don't score...? If the DBacks turn around, they'll see an old guy with a bunch of right triangles catching up to them.
2007-09-15 15:18:31
214.   Linkmeister
Cheaply enough, I guess.
2007-09-15 15:18:39
215.   Gagne55
Broxton survived! Yes!
2007-09-15 15:18:50
216.   Ricardo
Nice work, Broxton!
2007-09-15 15:18:57
217.   Bluebleeder87
man you guys are brutal, THE GUY GOT HIT BY A BROXTON HEATER I'm surprised he is even pitching, & pitching well no less.
2007-09-15 15:19:00
218.   JT Dutch

... So you're telling me that Broxton doesn't blow games? That Beimel doesn't blow games?

They're up by five with six outs to go. If they can't use the back end of their bullpen in that situation, they don't deserve to BE in "the crunch of the pennant race".

2007-09-15 15:19:17
219.   Daniel Zappala
That was a good place to get Broxton some confidence back. I still hope to see a lesser-used pitcher in the ninth.
2007-09-15 15:19:33
220.   NorCal-Dodger
1st ball swinging outs by Drew and Byrnes! Maybe Grittle is considering using Lowe on a 3 day rest? Figuring our BP should be able to hold a 6-1 lead.
2007-09-15 15:19:33
221.   MollyKnight
I got Gamecast working. Bottom 8th now? 6-2 Dodgers?
2007-09-15 15:19:44
222.   D4P
There must be much wailing and gnashing of teeth in San Dimas these days.
2007-09-15 15:20:16
223.   D4P
Do the various sims give San Diego any chance of winning tonight with Tomko on the mound...?
2007-09-15 15:20:45
224.   Daniel Zappala
218 Didn't say I agreed with it, just that a manager will use the pitchers he considers his best when behind in the standings at the end of the season, even with a 5 run lead.
2007-09-15 15:21:21
225.   Bob Timmermann
Batters are now 25 for 132 against Broxton when there are runners on base.
2007-09-15 15:22:43
226.   scareduck
Amazing the official scorer called that a double and not a two-base error.
2007-09-15 15:22:49
227.   Gagne55
So Saito in a non-save situation for the ninth or try to get by with someone like Hull or Kool-Aid.
2007-09-15 15:22:57
228.   NorCal-Dodger
Guess, Saito is coming in for the 9th??
2007-09-15 15:23:07
229.   Bob Timmermann
Little is no different than any other manager in a pennant race in that situation.
2007-09-15 15:23:15
230.   Daniel Zappala
226 Explain?
2007-09-15 15:24:30
231.   JT Dutch
... And Grits doesn't even bring in Kemp as a PH. Pathetic.
2007-09-15 15:24:42
232.   Daniel Zappala
229 Bob, you and I are copacetic.
2007-09-15 15:25:24
233.   eusmus
231 Kemp is already in dude
2007-09-15 15:25:28
234.   Daniel Zappala
231 Kemp's already in for Gonzalez as a pinch runner.
2007-09-15 15:25:30
235.   Ricardo
231. Kemp is playing RF now.
2007-09-15 15:25:35
236.   Gagne55
231 Gonzo and Ethier both went deep today, so I don't mind the lack of Kemp.
2007-09-15 15:25:45
237.   NorCal-Dodger
231 That's because Kemp is already in the game batting 4th in the line-up. He came in to run for LuGo.
2007-09-15 15:26:38
238.   JT Dutch

... Apparently, you've never seen Whitey Herzog in a pennant race. Just one example.

2007-09-15 15:26:43
239.   Bluebleeder87
Guess, Saito is coming in for the 9th??

I hope not, we need him for more serious games, todays game bring in somebody like Meloan or Hull

2007-09-15 15:27:02
240.   King of the Hobos
230 Chris B Young caught the ball in his webbing, but the differing momentums or something caused it to fall out, allowing Abreu to take 2 bases.
2007-09-15 15:27:29
241.   JT Dutch
... Oh, OK. Sorry about the Kemp miss; I stepped away for a sec.
2007-09-15 15:27:44
242.   Ricardo
Who will pitch the 9th? Houlton?
2007-09-15 15:28:00
243.   NorCal-Dodger
2007-09-15 15:28:16
244.   eusmus
Proctor? ugh
2007-09-15 15:28:19
245.   King of the Hobos
242 Gameday says Proctor.
2007-09-15 15:28:33
246.   Bluebleeder87

that sounds like a good idea, we'll see who Grady will bring in.

2007-09-15 15:28:53
247.   Bluebleeder87
Procto it is..
2007-09-15 15:29:16
248.   Gagne55
Doctor Proctor takes the mound.
2007-09-15 15:30:07
249.   King of the Hobos
When was the last time that both Beimel and Proctor were used in the same game, but not the same inning?
2007-09-15 15:30:08
250.   Ricardo
247. He is really overused. EDSP
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2007-09-15 15:30:17
251.   NorCal-Dodger
248 On the mound performing some Protorolgy?
2007-09-15 15:30:24
252.   Bluebleeder87
I feel a touch of nervesnous with a splash of dought right now.
2007-09-15 15:30:37
253.   oswald
229 why? i would think that a manager in a pennant race would want to save his bullpen when his starter has thrown only 74 pitches through seven innings.
2007-09-15 15:30:57
254.   Daniel Zappala
Who did we get Proctor for again? :-)
2007-09-15 15:31:50
255.   Bob Timmermann
I'm trying to think of what untested relievers Herzog relied on in pennant races. Worrell was a rookie in 1985, but he had established himself as the closer in the final weeks, especially after other guys, such as Jeff Lahti, got hurt.

I don't see any unusual relief patterns in 1987. Worrell was healthy that year.

2007-09-15 15:31:56
256.   oswald
252 any person who was a dodger fan on august 21, 1990 knows that the sky can fall at any moment.
2007-09-15 15:32:18
257.   Gagne55
Oh snap. The announcers are criticizind the schedule makers for having a double header instead of just playing monday.
2007-09-15 15:33:45
258.   Bob Timmermann
The doubleheader was agreed to by the Dodgers and Rockies.
2007-09-15 15:34:45
259.   scareduck
Suddenly, after an August in which the Dodgers looked like the biggest and possibly most overpaid patsies in the NL, they're starting to be an interesting team again. Wow.

Eric Byrnes is really upset by his performance today.

2007-09-15 15:34:47
260.   Gagne55
251 Giving his patients some Vitamin K.
2007-09-15 15:35:08
261.   NorCal-Dodger
253 - Other than Lowe trying to get a CG, which is fading stat anyways, saving the BP with the added call ups with 14-15 games left and behind in the standings for a spot, is not wise in my opinion, got to go for a 'W' no matter how we get it. The BP can rest from Nov to April.
2007-09-15 15:35:56
262.   Bluebleeder87
My proctor concerns were all in my head apparently.
2007-09-15 15:36:13
263.   Ricardo
Proctor, just what the doctor ordered!
2007-09-15 15:36:29
264.   NorCal-Dodger
And EDSP does a fine job!!
2007-09-15 15:36:48
265.   Gagne55
261 But the strongest pitcher was the one already on the mound. Lowe was solid.
2007-09-15 15:37:03
266.   Linkmeister
Attaboy, Proctor!
2007-09-15 15:37:04
267.   Gen3Blue
I will say this for Proctor: he seems unafraid to throw strike. That is my worst peeve, when guys seem to get gunshy and won't throw strikes.

Did we win-it looks that way on gameday!

2007-09-15 15:37:41
268.   LogikReader
Woot! Another win.

Now 100% of the FOX Network is on the Yankees/Red Sox Game&trade

2007-09-15 15:37:45
269.   scareduck
257 , 258 - the last doubleheader the Dodgers played was also against Colorado, on July 22, 1999:

Can somebody explain why Baseball-Reference has box scores for 1999 games, but Retrosheet still says they don't?

2007-09-15 15:38:15
270.   Bluebleeder87
but in all seriousness, the Dodgers are playing great right now & as a fan it's great to watch, It's been a roller coaster but it's fun when your winning.
2007-09-15 15:38:24
271.   scareduck
264 - EDSP?
2007-09-15 15:38:34
272.   Gagne55
So how important is the San Diego game according to playoff odds?
2007-09-15 15:38:39
273.   Linkmeister
So do we now get an NPUT for NCAA football thoughts? :)
2007-09-15 15:38:46
274.   oswald
261 you are assuming that leaving lowe in would compromise the chances of getting a win. that's not right. he's was coasting. your argument also assumes lowe was stretched. he wasn't. he had only thrown 74 pitches. until you address those points, your argument makes no sense.
2007-09-15 15:39:15
275.   Linkmeister
Isn't EDSP "every day scott proctor?"
2007-09-15 15:39:33
276.   Bob Timmermann
Baseball-reference paid for 1999 boxscores. Retrosheet is nonprofit so they are looking for a donation from an outside source.
2007-09-15 15:39:42
277.   trainwreck
So, uh, 55 days until UCLA basketball starts.
2007-09-15 15:41:26
278.   Ricardo
Tonight Tomko will play his first game for the Dodgers this season.
2007-09-15 15:41:42
279.   Bob Timmermann
Pick the adjective to describe UCLA's first half performance in Utah:
a) desultory
b) disappointing
c) disgraceful
d) disastrous
2007-09-15 15:43:14
280.   NorCal-Dodger
265 I agree with that, but the BP minus Saito should be able to hold a 5 run lead, which they did. Now, Lowe is still fresh, hopefully Grittle will start to consider Lowe on a 3 day rest sked. Being a sinkerballer, this could be effective.
2007-09-15 15:43:16
281.   LogikReader
e) fantastic! (for me)
2007-09-15 15:43:30
282.   Gagne55
269 They played a double header in San Francisco at the end of the 2003 season, so 1999 wasn't the last Dodger double header.
2007-09-15 15:43:55
283.   trainwreck
e) Dorrellian.
2007-09-15 15:43:59
284.   Bob Timmermann
The Dodgers played a doubleheader last year in Philadelphia.
2007-09-15 15:46:45
285.   JT Dutch

... Point I was trying to make is that Herzog used his entire bullpen; didn't over-use one or two particular pitchers in it.

2007-09-15 15:50:33
286.   LeeLacy
After last weekend's dual meltdowns in SF, I feared the Dodgers' post-season hopes may have been dashed. So one week later, it's pleasantly surprising to see the Dodgers very much alive. The kids have been on fire. And it's nice to see vets like Nomar and Gonzo starting to pull their weight.
2007-09-15 15:52:38
287.   Daniel Zappala
Bob, I'm going for pre-dictable.
2007-09-15 15:57:42
288.   trainwreck
Ben Olson is not very good.
2007-09-15 16:01:40
289.   nofatmike
213 Why do the D'Backs have the second-best record in the NL while their pythag has them below .500?
2007-09-15 16:04:40
290.   King of the Hobos
289 By winning the close ones and losing the blowouts.
2007-09-15 16:04:48
291.   D4P
The particular Baseball Gods* that love Ned set it up that way so it looks more impressive when the Dodgers win the division title.

*The same ones that dumped Martin, Loney, Kemp, Billingsley, etc. in his lap

2007-09-15 16:18:21
292.   Bob Timmermann
And the countdown has reached two!
2007-09-15 16:33:14
293.   scareduck
289 - this was covered by Chris Jaffe at THT recently. The reason is that the bad part of their bullpen tends to give up far more runs than the good part, so games that would be simple losses become blowouts. Then non-reflexive nature of their bullpen tends to emphasize losses, so they end up outperforming their Pythag, by quite a bit.

2007-09-15 16:40:44
294.   Gen3Blue
I have no use for college football--its just A thing of mine, I understand friends who are into it. But espn news airing rambling talk by some couch about the movie industry is beyond the pale.
2007-09-15 16:51:24
295.   nofatmike
293 Darn, I was hoping Pythagoras would turn into a angry, roided-out loan-shark to the D'Backs for the rest of the season.
2007-09-15 16:51:42
296.   nofatmike
2007-09-15 16:53:55
297.   trainwreck
I thought murder was illegal.

I guess not in football.

2007-09-15 16:54:35
298.   Bob Timmermann
So do the UCLA fans all make a road trip to Eric Enders house to go see the Sun Bowl?

Or is that aiming too high?

2007-09-15 16:59:58
299.   Marty
Maybe UCLA should hire Charlie Weiss. I hear he's a genius.
2007-09-15 17:00:42
300.   trainwreck
UCLA cannot even get fans to travel to bowl games when we are good.

If we lose to Notre Dame they should just get rid of football all together.

Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2007-09-15 17:02:52
301.   Marty
Ugh, I've got to sit through Musberger.
2007-09-15 17:02:55
302.   trainwreck
It is probably a good thing that Greg Brock went into solitary confinement.
2007-09-15 17:03:57
303.   Marty
The first line in Musberger's obit should be "You are looking dead".
2007-09-15 17:04:04
304.   trainwreck
Let's see if he can make it three weeks in a row mentioning college football fans like to smoke weed.
2007-09-15 17:05:34
305.   Marty
I'm going to try to keep the snarkiness level down (except for Musberger). I have a feeling SC isn't as good as everyone thinks they are.
2007-09-15 17:11:18
306.   Vishal
ucla was NOT a top-15 level team. still, they shouldn't have been pounded so hard by the utes.
2007-09-15 17:14:58
307.   Joshua Worley

But even if you take out the stats of the Diamondbacks' bad relief pitchers they should still be at best about a 0.500 team.

I wrote about this on September 4, not that anyone saw, likely. :) Anyway, as of Sept 4 the cumulative OBP and SLG allowed by the good relievers of Slaten, Pena, Lyon, Valverde, and Cruz and the four regular starters of Webb, Owings, Hernandez and Davis were 0.324 and 0.400.

Arizona was getting OBP of 0.315 and SLG of 0.407 from their offense. So even with the bad pitchers thrown out they're 9 points worse in OBP than their opponents, and 7 points better in SLG. About a 0.500 team.

2007-09-15 17:16:50
308.   Bob Timmermann
Oh, snark away, Marty. I hadn't bought into any hype about UCLA being good this year.
2007-09-15 17:17:38
309.   nofatmike
304 Well duh, most of them are in college. What do they expect students to do, study? Please, most of them are at the game.
2007-09-15 17:22:51
310.   nofatmike
300 Can't really blame UCLA fans when their home stadium is 23 miles from the campus.
2007-09-15 17:23:38
311.   nofatmike
Ooh, I thought you were talking about games in general, my bad.
2007-09-15 17:25:52
312.   Marty
Well, that was a good start.
2007-09-15 17:26:51
313.   NorCal-Dodger
USC TD!! Yesss.....
2007-09-15 17:42:22
314.   Bluebleeder87
the Colorado doubleheader is kind of bugging me but I'm sure we'll be o.k., it's just that the Rox have such great hitting though.
2007-09-15 17:47:23
315.   Linkmeister
The UH game against UNLV starts in 45 minutes on PPV. You think the coach is saying in his pregame talk "with the UCLA loss we have to win convincingly or we'll probably be displaced from the top 25?"
2007-09-15 17:48:30
316.   JoeyP
Nebraska will win tonight because they have the better QB.
2007-09-15 17:53:20
317.   Marty
They have the better referees
2007-09-15 18:05:41
318.   bhsportsguy
Another day at the Stadium. Nice crowd, had a good feeling about Luis Gonzalez's at bat in the first inning.

I may run into Droid at the ESPN Zone tomorrow.

2007-09-15 18:15:28
319.   Sam DC
Buddy Carlyle with 2 nice innings of relief for the Braves today.

Still not Nationals complete game by the way.

2007-09-15 18:19:20
320.   Sam DC
On the Yankee/Red Sox telecast today, McCarver asked people to guess what was more likely to result in a multi-run inning: A leadoff walk, or a leadoff home run. He then professed to be shocked that a team was more likely to score multiple runs in an inning that started with a home run versus an inning that started with a walk.

I really thought the whole "rally killer" meme was a joke. How could someone as exerienced and intelligent as Tim McCarver, who I know bugs some people but is not a stupid person, believe that it is more likely to score multiple runs when you get a walk than when you get a home run which means you already have a run in the bank and your baserunner cannot be doubled off?

2007-09-15 18:23:36
321.   Sam DC
Didn't see this posted above:

Luis Gonzales: "Honestly, I don't think I'll be here [next year] unless things change dramatically. . . . They're playing young players here who are going to take over. They're going to be here for a long time. I've been around a long time. I can read the writing on the wall. I know what's going on around here."

2007-09-15 18:31:45
322.   NorCal-Dodger
321 When Gonzo was signed, it was known that he was a filler until Kemp gets going. Good thing he didn't accept the 2 year deal that was presented to him, glad he opted for the 1 year deal, instead.
2007-09-15 18:56:24
323.   Bob Timmermann
I think USC will win because they can run through Nebraska's defense at will.
2007-09-15 18:56:59
324.   Sam DC
Nationals lead 7-4.
Cordero has loaded the bases to face Chipper Jones, who is 2-3 with a walk (incl. a 3 run HR) and is 8-11 in this series.
2007-09-15 18:57:15
325.   Sam DC
That's in the ninth
2007-09-15 18:58:22
326.   Gen3Blue
We really won both series this week? And it still may not be enough? That rough spot in August was really bad and I still don't quite understand it. Partly due to injury, our pitching collapsed, but I still have a suspicion we didn't play our best players.
2007-09-15 18:58:23
327.   D4P
U.C.L.A. may not be that great at football this year, but they'll probably rack up another POY award in basketball.
2007-09-15 18:58:31
328.   Sam DC
Ground ball ends the game, 6-4-3.
2007-09-15 19:00:00
329.   NorCal-Dodger
5 - 1, Fish over the Rocks...6th inning.
2007-09-15 19:00:43
330.   Sam DC
BTW Bob, I'm sending you a D'Angelo Jimenez jersey. He was a triple short of the cycle tonight.
2007-09-15 19:03:10
331.   D4P
Make sure it's a yellow jersey
2007-09-15 19:03:52
332.   Gen3Blue
Nats won? Allreet.
2007-09-15 19:12:10
333.   D4P
3 up 3 down for Tomko
2007-09-15 19:12:26
334.   Bob Timmermann
Make sure it's XL.
2007-09-15 19:17:42
335.   D4P
Cain's number of downs was also equal to his number of ups
2007-09-15 19:19:34
336.   Bluebleeder87
my SF @ SP feed has no sound, should I be happy about that?
2007-09-15 19:22:48
337.   Bluebleeder87
by the way I have a feeling Tomko is gonna get torched today.
2007-09-15 19:25:20
338.   oswald
tomko's pitching really well. what a jerk.
2007-09-15 19:27:09
339.   D4P
Padre fans: "Wells has pitched really well. What a jerk."
2007-09-15 19:28:11
340.   D4P
And don't forget: the Giants are dead last in the MLB in team OPS, so they make a lot of pitchers look good.
2007-09-15 19:33:06
341.   D4P
Is Bonds hurt?
2007-09-15 19:41:52
342.   Bluebleeder87
shoot, how did they score that run! with our luck Tomko is gonna pitch a gem! (the JINX!)
2007-09-15 19:47:32
343.   MMSMikey
nice job by the giants in the 1st 3 innings.
2007-09-15 19:50:29
344.   NorCal-Dodger
Now Barroids decides to come out of the game, I hate Gnats.
2007-09-15 19:51:55
345.   Jon Weisman
Just popping in to say that Brent Musberger has developed an uncanny resemblance to Fred Gwynne.
2007-09-15 19:59:10
346.   Bluebleeder87
Brent Musberger & Fred Gwynne look like William Griffith Wilson, but more so Fred Gwynne specially in the movie "My cousin Vinny"
2007-09-15 20:09:02
347.   Bluebleeder87
It should be Robert Holbrook Smith, oopsie.
2007-09-15 20:12:58
348.   LogikReader
"I have a feeling SC isn't as good as everyone thinks they are. "


2007-09-15 20:18:43
349.   NorCal-Dodger
{348} I believe SC is better!
2007-09-15 20:21:07
350.   GMac In The 909
So can someone pinch Tomko please?
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2007-09-15 20:26:55
351.   scareduck
The Pads and Dodgers trade junk pitchers and of a sudden both are good? This is weird. It reminds me of one of my uncles, who traded girlfriends with his best friend; both couples ended up marrying, and both couples ended up divorced. Weird.
2007-09-15 20:28:59
352.   Nagman
Cain must be thinking this is deja vu all over again. In April at Petco he gave up one hit and one run over 7 innings and got the L. Padres won 1-0.
2007-09-15 20:30:55
353.   GMac In The 909
So is your uncle Mike Kekich or Fritz Peterson?
2007-09-15 20:32:29
354.   NorCal-Dodger
So, is Bomko gonna pitch the 7th? Barry probably got his feelings hurt when his 756 HR ball sold for only 756K, that's why he came out.
2007-09-15 20:34:36
355.   Bob Timmermann
Brocail is pitching for San Diego.
2007-09-15 20:34:46
356.   NorCal-Dodger
Nope, Doug Broccoli is now pitching...and Bombko is in line for a 'W'
2007-09-15 20:36:06
357.   NorCal-Dodger
Who is faster Bengie Molina or Olmedo?
2007-09-15 20:37:43
358.   Nagman
Glad they got that Tomko guy outta there, now the Giants are getting some hits.
2007-09-15 20:38:04
359.   scareduck
357 - molasses in January on Lake Superior.
2007-09-15 20:39:03
360.   Jon Weisman
The pride of the Pac-10 leads San Jose State heading into halftime, 9-0.
2007-09-15 20:39:56
361.   Jon Weisman
Bases about to be loaded for the Giants with one out.
2007-09-15 20:41:30
362.   Sam DC
Bochy not interesting in squeezing one more inning out of his excellent pitcher.
2007-09-15 20:41:55
363.   NorCal-Dodger
BTW, those SC guys will probably cover the point spread.
2007-09-15 20:44:15
364.   Bob Timmermann
Despite having an inferior quarterback to Sam Keller, USC still wins.

I can't imagine how that could happen!

2007-09-15 20:46:02
365.   MMSMikey
taylor made 4-6-3 DP.
2007-09-15 20:46:45
366.   Sam DC
2007-09-15 20:47:26
367.   NorCal-Dodger
Bob, Pete Carroll, is how that can happen.

And I swear the Gnats only existance in my life is to cause my team nothing but heartache and grief, as Feliz GIDP with bases loaded!

2007-09-15 20:49:12
368.   Bob Timmermann
Oh, I'm well aware of that. I was referring to an earlier comment where someone remarked that Nebraska would win because of Keller was so much better than Booty.

Even a dopey coach like Dirk Koetter knew to get rid of Sam Keller.

2007-09-15 20:49:40
369.   scareduck
So much for gaining on the Pads.
2007-09-15 20:49:42
370.   Bob Timmermann
For the record, Guillermo Rodriguez hit into the DP.
2007-09-15 20:49:44
371.   NorCal-Dodger
And now, Mike Cameron hits a 2R homer
2007-09-15 20:51:24
372.   Bob Timmermann
The Mess of Randy Listenger.
2007-09-15 20:53:11
373.   NorCal-Dodger
Pedro or Guillermo, same difference, they're Gnats and very annoying.
2007-09-15 20:57:13
374.   NorCal-Dodger
Now Pods have the bases loaded, and will show the other San team, how to get a run or two in.
2007-09-15 20:58:58
375.   overkill94
It has become clear that the Giants are doing whatever they can to keep us out of the playoffs. Looks like our only chance is to win every game from here on out and join the Padres in October.
2007-09-15 21:08:20
376.   Bluebleeder87
with our luck Tomko is gonna pitch a gem! (the JINX!)

I guess fresh starts really do work (I know he'll implode but WHEN), man, I was really hoping Bombko would pitch like his old self too, I even tried jixing him but to no avail.

2007-09-15 21:10:51
377.   Bluebleeder87

We've been playing Zona great & even better in there home turf, I'm still clinging SOME hope that we can win the NL West, but realistically I guess the wild card is our only hope.

2007-09-15 21:31:01
378.   Exick
Anybody else hear Arbogast during the SC broadcast talk about the "stinkin' Giants"? He said he knew they were going to tank both their series with the Padres just to mess with the Dodgers.
2007-09-15 21:32:59
379.   underdog
In case you missed it, I give you my 56 .


Glad about the Dodgers today, though, of course.

2007-09-15 21:46:05
380.   Bob Timmermann
They're going to tear down the goalposts on the Farm tonight.
2007-09-15 21:58:15
381.   BlueCrew Bruin
Argh...the Giants are completely useless. Great game by the Dodgers today though.
2007-09-15 22:29:16
382.   Linkmeister
For Bob and Brock, UH beat UNLV 49-14.

2007-09-15 22:56:31
383.   underdog
Rudy Seanez has decided he wants to come back and pitch again next year rather than retire, according to Diamond Leung. Well, God bless him, I wish him luck. Just hope it's not with the Dodgers again.

But certainly he's been much better than I expected him to be - at the beginning of the season I thought he'd be like Roberto Hernandez has been for us, but instead he's been mostly effective, even if he scares me sometimes. But all told, I'd hope the Dodgers wouldn't resign him. They can toss Meloan and Hull out there much more cheaply and get the same to much better results.

2007-09-15 23:14:30
384.   Xeifrank
The Dodgers odds of making the playoffs climbed to 24.2% with today's win over the Diamondbacks. The slight improvement came from the very slight increase in probablity that the Dodgers could win the NL West and that the Rockies lost. Kind of hard to pick up ground when the Giants are tanking games.
vr, Xei
2007-09-15 23:16:44
385.   Dodgers49
And with that loss San Francisco becomes the first team in the NL West to be eliminated from postseason play. The Rockies magic number is now 8. And since the Dodgers play 7 of their remaining 14 games against the Rockies it will be up to us to eliminate them. Goodbye Colorado. :-)
2007-09-15 23:30:28
386.   NorCal-Dodger
Well here's to Loazia having a better game than last,
2007-09-15 23:32:40
387.   Linkmeister
385 "Goodbye Colorado."

Ahem. See Bill Terry's sarcastic query "Is Brooklyn still in the league?" back in the 1930s. The NY Giants were eliminated from the pennant by the Dodgers that year.

The fates should not be tempted.

2007-09-15 23:42:38
388.   Bob Timmermann
D4P has been tempting the fates all year. He's a fate tease.
2007-09-16 05:51:42
389.   D4P
It reminds me of one of my uncles, who traded girlfriends with his best friend; both couples ended up marrying, and both couples ended up divorced

My first step-dad's parents got divorced, and married another couple who had divorced. In other words, his father married the female from the second couple and his mother married the male from the second couple.

D4P has been tempting the fates all year

I ain't 'fraida no ghost

2007-09-16 06:06:34
390.   Sammy Maudlin
Happy 49th birthday Orel Hershiser!
2007-09-16 07:41:27
391.   Bluebleeder87
encouraging read from the Daily News → [ ]
2007-09-16 07:46:38
392.   Bluebleeder87

I was going back & forth with the Gints vs Pads game(watching some other programming) & I swear the Gnats were playing half ass.

2007-09-16 08:10:17
393.   MollyKnight
360-I just found the box score, and I can't believe Stanford won. I believe that's the first time they won since Tyrone Willingham left right before my senior year, in 2003.
2007-09-16 08:54:39
394.   GoBears
393. Go Bears!
2007-09-16 08:57:24
395.   D4P
GOB ears!

2007-09-16 09:30:10
396.   Marty
Glad to see I'm not the only Trojan fan here. I was feeling a bit lonely.
2007-09-16 09:32:44
397.   Andrew Shimmin
Poking around Baseball Prospectus's stats, Chad Billingsley now ranks as the 32nd VORPiest pitcher in MLB this year.
2007-09-16 09:39:12
398.   Bob Timmermann
Marty can, as the song by Argent says:
Hold his head up (yeah)
Hold his head up (yeah)
Hold his head high!!!

Despite his team not having a quarterback as good as Sam Keller.

2007-09-16 09:39:25
399.   Andrew Shimmin
With Juan Pierre's second half surge, the Dodgers are now only fifteen OPS points away from claiming the place of 27th OPSiest CF split. So, lets all pull for him. And for Amezaga and De Aza to fall apart. Further apart.
2007-09-16 09:40:51
400.   Bluebleeder87
Looking at Edgar Gonzalez splits, he's coming off a well pitched game in which he went 6 innings & only allowed 1 run, his prior start was against Colorado & he only went 3 innings there, if I remember correctly we knocked him around pretty good, but I'm thinking this will be a high scoring affair. Edgar Gonzalez vs Esteban Loaiza, veremos. Another thing is that our bats are pretty hot right now so hopefully Loaiza gives us 6,7 innings & only allows 2 or 3 runs we should be in pretty good shape if that's the case.

Bring out the BROOM!

Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2007-09-16 09:43:35
401.   D4P
VORPiest Centerfielders

10. Cody Ross
11. Kenny Lofton
21. Juan Pierre

2007-09-16 09:45:16
402.   Andrew Shimmin
The Dodgers have faced Gonzalez twice this year, scoring five runs each time. But both games were at BOB.
2007-09-16 10:12:16
403.   berkowit28
From ItD:

Furcal, SS

Pierre, CF

Loney, 1B

Kent, 2B

Gonzo, LF

LaRoche, 3B

Ethier, RF

Lieberthal, C

Loaiza, P

Josh also adds:

"Matt Kemp is batting .337 this season, the seventh-highest average in baseball and second-best in the National League behind Cincinnati's Norris Hopper (.340) among players with at least 250 plate appearances."

No doubt that's why he's sitting yet again - to preserve his average or something....

2007-09-16 10:13:09
404.   Jon Weisman
Lineup from ITD:

Furcal, SS
Pierre, CF
Loney, 1B
Kent, 2B
Gonzalez, LF
LaRoche, 3B
Ethier, RF
Lieberthal, C
Loaiza, P

2007-09-16 10:14:11
405.   Marty
At least LaRoche is in there.
2007-09-16 10:15:02
406.   D4P
But Kemp is only hitting .317 vs. Righties, whereas LuGo and Ethier are hitting a more start-worthy .273 and .286, respectively.
2007-09-16 10:31:39
407.   Bob Timmermann
With LaRoche and Ethier in there, the Dodgers start three players of Mexican descent today. Two of them have French surnames however.

Again, I think this is all coincidence as I doubt Bob Melvin or Grady Little have the slightest idea what holiday today is unless they have a calendar that happens to note it.

Did Martin start on July 1?

2007-09-16 10:35:17
408.   Bob Timmermann
Martin did start on Canada Day. As well as Victoria Day and the Civic Holiday.
2007-09-16 10:37:28
409.   D4P
With LaRoche and Ethier in there, the Dodgers start three players of Mexican descent today. Two of them have French surnames however

Where does Juan Pierre fit in all of this?

2007-09-16 10:39:29
410.   Bob Timmermann
Jose Reyes booted an easy grounder off the bat off of Rollins and made the dreaded double error to let two runs score.

Phillies 2, Mets 0 in the top of the second.

2007-09-16 10:41:36
411.   Bob Timmermann
And Juan Pierre, I'm pretty sure does not speak Spanish or French. I believe Martin speaks French.
2007-09-16 10:43:01
412.   Bluebleeder87
the Mets play horrible against the Phills!
2007-09-16 10:43:01
413.   Bob Timmermann
Reyes was just given one error according to the Yahoo boxscore, but the SNY broadcasters say there were two.
2007-09-16 10:45:14
414.   Bob Timmermann's boxscore gave Reyes two errors.
2007-09-16 10:45:14
415.   max power
Is this really the lineup that gives us the best chance at a W today?
2007-09-16 10:52:41
416.   Bob Timmermann
IF the Dodgers make the playoffs AND play a Game 4, Martin will get a chance to start on the Canadian Thanksgiving Day, which this year is October 8.
2007-09-16 11:04:44
417.   Bob Timmermann
3-0 Phillies now.
2007-09-16 11:05:42
418.   oswald
415 um, no. especially since it makes no sense to rest martin now when (1) they have an off day tomorrow and an off day next monday as well (2) and you have to rest martin for one of the two games on tuesday. i'm really starting to get the feeling that little doesn't want to make the playoffs.
2007-09-16 11:07:34
419.   Bob Timmermann
Although Martin may not START both games of the doubleheader Tuesday, I bet he will play in both ends barring a rout by either team in the game Martin doesn't start.
2007-09-16 11:09:46
420.   Bluebleeder87
My Zona friend just called me up & asked me if I wanted to join him at the Dodger @ Zona series this saturday but I had to say no, I have a couple of things going on that day, but it would have been fun.
2007-09-16 11:10:38
421.   Bluebleeder87
Bases juiced for the Metropolitans with only 1 out
2007-09-16 11:14:34
422.   Bob Timmermann
Brad Hennessey has lost his job as the Giants closer.

Instead it will be either Tyler Walker or Brian Wilson.

2007-09-16 11:15:53
423.   Bluebleeder87
The Mets are frustrating to watch if your a Dodger fan, I'll tell you that. At least they scored one though.
2007-09-16 11:18:28
424.   Bob Timmermann
Moises Alou dropped a fly ball off the bat of Rollins and it ended up as 3-base error.
It's 3-1 Phillies.
2007-09-16 11:19:25
425.   Bob Timmermann
4-1 Phillies after Utley doubled home Rollins.
2007-09-16 11:20:01
426.   Jon Weisman
"I don't think the average fan understands how hard it is to play, take a couple days off, play and still feel comfortable," pitcher Derek Lowe said, "especially if you're used to playing every day.

This is from a story about Nomar. Don't know if Lowe endorses applying this to other players or not.

2007-09-16 11:25:33
427.   MollyKnight
2007-09-16 11:28:16
428.   Bob Timmermann
I'm working today, Monday, and Tuesday and then taking two days off. I hope I'm mentally ready for Friday.

On the off days, I'll be answering reference questions off a tee as well as well as setting up mock schedules for the rest of the staff.

2007-09-16 11:29:02
429.   Icaros
I knew there'd be a negative side to Gonzalez and Ethier both homering yesterday.
2007-09-16 11:29:35
430.   Jon Weisman
428 - Do you have to schedule yourself for a mocking, or just your employees?
2007-09-16 11:31:08
431.   Bob Timmermann
I can't make a real schedule at home because that would be a violation of the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act.

And that is actually not a joke.

Sam DC has power to enforce that I hear.

2007-09-16 11:32:38
432.   Louis in SF
Today would have been the perfect day to rest Juan, and let Kemp, Ethier and Gonzo play today. Of course that isn't happening, wondering how much of Kemp not starting is Grady's/Ned's belief that Ethier nor Kemp is a fully competent Center Fielder?..Will see what happens today
2007-09-16 11:33:12
433.   Bob Timmermann
The Astros want to live to fight another day. They've put up five in the first against the Pirates including a three run homer by Ironic Old Friend Cody Ransom.
2007-09-16 11:34:04
434.   Bob Timmermann
UCLA is no longer in the Top 25. And it could be a long time before they get back into it.
2007-09-16 11:34:52
435.   Bob Timmermann
4-2 Phillies after a sac fly by Lo Duca.
2007-09-16 11:37:30
436.   Jon Weisman
Game thread opening up top.
2007-09-16 11:39:08
437.   Bob Timmermann
If you are posting after this, consider yourself LATed.
2007-09-16 11:41:14
438.   Eric Enders
Josh Rawitch, while of course steadfastly refusing to criticize anything, has often noted that "as a fan" he doesn't always agree with all of the team's moves. It seems like he let a little bit of the "fan" come out today by making a point of noting Kemp's awesomeness right next to a lineup which was conspicuous for Kemp's absence.
2007-09-16 11:42:01
439.   Eric Enders
Hah. Well, of course.

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