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September 19 Game Chat
2007-09-19 17:17
by Jon Weisman

Tonight's 5:35 p.m. game:


Retro Gameday

Comments (348)
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2007-09-19 17:20:08
1.   Humma Kavula
Just 2 games to go to 81 wins!
2007-09-19 17:21:45
2.   Bob Timmermann
One of those two wins will be in Colorado and another in Arizona.
2007-09-19 17:25:20
3.   Bluebleeder87
mathematically we're still in this thing & until then I'll still cling to SOME hope, why isn't Hu playing Shortstop, I think it makes perfect sense to pencil him in today.
2007-09-19 17:26:47
4.   Bob Timmermann
Perhaps, at this point, Abreu is better. Or perceived to be better.
2007-09-19 17:32:25
5.   Bluebleeder87
I have to be honest though, I haven't seen much of Hu, I'm guessing he's plenty more discipline then Abreu at the plate, so those are major points for him.
2007-09-19 17:32:51
6.   still bevens
Abreu also had that triple last night. I would assume we don't see Hu until the last series at home with the Giants.
2007-09-19 17:33:52
7.   eusmus
5 He doesn't, but I would like to see him play anyway.
2007-09-19 17:36:10
8.   regfairfield
5 If his minor league stats are any indication, he doesn't (32 walks in 517 AB this year, similarly bad the rest of his career).
2007-09-19 17:36:23
9.   underdog
Well, when/if the Dodgers are officially out of the race, then you'll see plenty of Hu. And Hull and Meloan. So there's a bright side, I guess. For now though, I think Abreu has plenty of upside and can smack it around, and also is versatile defensively, so I'm happy seeing him get some time.

Speaking of doing time, I want to go to the gym now, but the stupid Dodgers keep me hooked in for no good reason.

2007-09-19 17:36:39
10.   scareduck
Did I mishear Vinny say "... and Bad Penny will be on the mound"?
2007-09-19 17:39:03
11.   Bob Timmermann
Mets lead the Nats 4-2. No score in the Redbirds-Phils game.
2007-09-19 17:39:26
12.   underdog
That was a nice at bat from Slappy. Even Fanerman would have to admit that. ;-)
2007-09-19 17:40:25
13.   underdog
Looked like he was out by a hair, but tough to call.
2007-09-19 17:41:58
14.   fanerman
Haha. I suppose so. Though I didn't actually see it.
2007-09-19 17:42:26
15.   bhsportsguy
11 Yankees lead 2-0, Boston down 2-1.
2007-09-19 17:42:31
16.   Bluebleeder87

His OB average was pretty good in Jax, 325 plate appearances with a 380 OB% & his career OB% is .346

2007-09-19 17:43:01
17.   Bob Timmermann
So we have a doubting fanerman?

I think this was covered in the Bible.

2007-09-19 17:44:45
18.   regfairfield
16 His isolated patience was still only .051. He had a good OBP because he hit .329.
2007-09-19 17:49:07
19.   fanerman
17 Just because I find him annoying, I'm forced to cheer for him when he's on the field. He's still a Dodger. Cheering for him adds to my annoyance with him.
2007-09-19 17:50:20
20.   sporky
10 - He indeed did.
2007-09-19 17:51:58
21.   Marty
Ugh, I've been lying around sick all day. Right now, apple juice is my best friend.
2007-09-19 17:52:52
22.   underdog
Wow, Gonzo's .995 fielding percentage is highest among NL left fielders this year.

Another deceptive fielding stat.

Though to be fair, he's been better than it appeared he'd be after the start of the season...

2007-09-19 17:55:19
23.   Bluebleeder87
I think it's safe to say I'm not a #'s guy, I'm more of your basic #'s guy.

ps I'm starting to loath, Holliday,.

2007-09-19 17:56:11
24.   sporky
Coors Field. Meh.
2007-09-19 17:57:34
25.   KG16
18 - ok, I have one of those dumb questions I've been sitting on for a while... I get that OBP is important, but how should we look at it in comparison to BA? You make it sound like it's a bad thing that Hu's OBP is driven by his BA. Since most players will get more hits than walks, isn't that a good thing? It means he's making contact when pitchers throw strikes, right? Putting the ball in play is generally better than striking out, right?

Not trying to be facetious, just trying to understand the apparent disdain for guys who get on base by getting hits. Getting a lot of hits doesn't seem to be an indication that a hitter is impatient (constantly swinging at first pitches, a la Nomar does). Nor does it mean that he is incapable of drawing walks.

2007-09-19 17:58:35
26.   KG16
22 - fielding percentage appears to only be useful in judging infield defense, always felt this way.
2007-09-19 17:59:45
27.   regfairfield
25 I'm not saying it's a bad thing, I was just countering the assertion that Hu had good patience.

Walk rate is nice because it's much more stable than batting average. If a guy is entirely batting average dependant, it's much more likely he'll be a complete drain on the lineup at one point, the walks guy is much more reliable.

2007-09-19 18:00:09
28.   JT Dutch
... I see it's the proverbial "let's go 3-2 on every hitter" Brad Penny start.
2007-09-19 18:00:35
29.   regfairfield
26 Event then, it's not all that useful. The rangy guys almost always seem to have a much worse fielding percentage than most people.
2007-09-19 18:01:07
30.   sporky
Brad =/= happy camper. Not that any Dodger would be.
2007-09-19 18:01:18
31.   underdog
Penny and Martin are quibbling on the mound now, too. Never a good sign. But hopefully that's the kick in the pants - or the break - he needed.
2007-09-19 18:01:34
32.   still bevens
Vin suggesting Penny is upset with the plate umpire. Not sure about that. Gameday is showing Penny all over the place.
2007-09-19 18:02:49
33.   underdog
Well, whatever they said to him obviously worked.
2007-09-19 18:04:23
34.   underdog
He hasn't been that all over the place, but he did miss a few times. But I do think Honeycutt and Martin saw Penny was getting distracted by it.

Then 3 straight strikes will make him feel better.

29 I agree. For outfielders I do also like to look at assists, but even then you really do just have to watch them to know who's got fielding skills and who doesn't.

2007-09-19 18:04:35
35.   sporky
Only 2 more HRs to make it 20...
2007-09-19 18:05:30
36.   Gen3Blue
I just tuned in and I saw Penny get squeezed extremely badly once.

By the way, naturally I am in contact with a lot of Red Sox fans here, and I have heard several times independently that Eric Gagne was continuosly given several bad calls before his recent disaster.

2007-09-19 18:05:31
37.   Bluebleeder87

frustration from yesterdays game, maybe.

2007-09-19 18:07:30
38.   underdog
2007-09-19 18:11:03
39.   Gen3Blue
Has Furcal been shut down for the year? It would appear so.
2007-09-19 18:11:23
40.   Gen3Blue
Has Furcal been shut down for the year? It would appear so.
2007-09-19 18:12:27
41.   Bluebleeder87
Penny knew it too...
2007-09-19 18:13:48
42.   KG16
27 - ok, that makes a little more sense. There's a few things that I still don't get about it (I should probably at some point actually read Moneyball), but that makes more sense.

I would also think that walk rate would decline over the course of a season and career. Logically, if the scouting report on a guy says he's got a good eye and won't walk much, then pitchers are more likely to throw strikes, meaning more balls put in play, no?

How is isolated patience determined?

2007-09-19 18:13:48
43.   Linkmeister
With all the $ talk in the previous thread, I feel compelled to say I just bought a 1*GB* SanDisk memory card for my camera for $14.99.

Back in 1982 I bought a 13.2*MB* hard drive for an IBM S/34; it was the size of a small pizza. It cost my company $5,000.00.

No further comment.

2007-09-19 18:13:58
44.   underdog

I guess Vin was right, this is Bad Penny today. It's like they're stealing the signs, so telegraphed are some of his pitches. Oh well, I think the Dodgers can match some of the power today, too. Fogg doesn't scare me.

Wow, I'm talking lke these games still matter!

2007-09-19 18:14:01
45.   Bluebleeder87
Vin "Loney giveth, Loney taketh" on the error then the consequential dinger.
2007-09-19 18:15:48
46.   sporky
44 - I have been immunized by yesterday's losses, but I can't stamp out my inner irrational optimist.
2007-09-19 18:15:49
47.   scareduck
Vin was right about Bad Penny. Ouch.
2007-09-19 18:17:01
48.   GMac In The 909
This is the first time all season I'm not upset the Dodgers are losing. I feel like a giant weight has been lifted after yesterday's Let's Lose Two!™ debacle.

Then again, it's also the first time in my life I'm rooting for the Nationals. Good thing football season is here.

2007-09-19 18:17:18
49.   underdog
Gonzo says "Fielding percentage this!" with a nice sliding grab to save Penny's butt.
2007-09-19 18:17:29
50.   Josh Wilker
36 : Some more breaking ex-Dodger Red Sox news gleaned from my XM radio: Blue Jays announcers are reporting that Lugo dogged it down the line with the bases loaded and 2 out and the Sox down by a run in the 7th and desparate for a win. If he'd run hard he'd have been safe and the game would be tied, maybe more. What this Red Sox fan is saying, Dodgers fans, is thanks so much for Drew, Gagne (via Rangers), and Lugo. They've been really, really grand.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2007-09-19 18:18:09
51.   scareduck
42 - OBP-BA, though this is actually pretty lame because the denominators are different.
2007-09-19 18:18:46
52.   Bob Timmermann
Old Friend Jayson Werth preserves the scoreless tie nailing Schumaker at the plate to end the 4th.
2007-09-19 18:18:46
53.   sporky
Holy cow, can he hit.
2007-09-19 18:19:37
54.   Bluebleeder87
Ned has to go to his "Go to contract" & sign A-Rod for 3 yrs 100+
2007-09-19 18:19:49
55.   scareduck
50 - this dual-mode Angels fan is looking forward to meeting them. I always thought Drew had a good chance of leaving the Dodgers and posting miserable numbers thereafter, and I am pleased to see I haven't been disappointed.
2007-09-19 18:20:06
56.   underdog
Babe Ruth Penny.
2007-09-19 18:22:08
57.   sporky
Josh Fogg has parallelogramy sideburns. I feel the urge to shave them off.
2007-09-19 18:22:08
58.   underdog
50 You're welcome! Some of us would enjoy the return of Eric Gagne, but that's about it. If the Red Sox had come here to DT late last season, or watched any games with Lugo in it, they would have known. And Drew's reputation precedes him, though I figured he'd be more solid than he has been. But spiritually he's like a daily disappearing act. (But does have power.)
2007-09-19 18:22:09
59.   Bluebleeder87
Go to contract™
2007-09-19 18:23:38
60.   underdog
Bison can stampede down that line, can't he?
2007-09-19 18:24:38
61.   Kingmans Performance
50 I've been watching it since the 5th.

Yep, Julio wasn't at full speed that's for sure.

2007-09-19 18:25:53
62.   Bluebleeder87

I thought he would be good if he'd stay healthy, but he's bad & healthy "who new" I remember Orel Hershiser called him & I quote "the light hitting Drew". But seriously he should be good for at least one or two years out of that contract.

2007-09-19 18:26:04
63.   Josh Wilker
55 , 58 : Drew hasn't shown much power this year. If we manage to limp into the playoffs and Manny ever returns from vacation Drew should be benched for electrifying September callup Jacoby Ellsbury. As for Lugo, maybe he should be benched for another ex-Dodger, Alex Cora, who at least cares.
2007-09-19 18:26:25
64.   Gen3Blue
Oh man, Penny didn't score? I guess thats OK for a Pitcher.

I thought I had recovered a fairly equitable mood after yesterday but I'm irratable, my cat is irritable, and I definitely want to slap one of these announcers around.

2007-09-19 18:27:39
65.   Gen3Blue
My god, we got a little luck this week, something is changing.
2007-09-19 18:27:45
66.   underdog
Well that was some good baserunning for once, on what was a wacko pop fly.
2007-09-19 18:28:05
67.   Bob Timmermann
I would agree that Cora, for all of his limitations, does at least try and wasn't nearly as disliked here in LA as Lugo was.
2007-09-19 18:28:14
68.   Vishal
nice baserunning by matt kemp!
2007-09-19 18:28:29
69.   D4P
Little said Garciaparra tops the depth chart for next year.

"As we speak, probably the truth is, Nomar would have to be the incumbent," said Little. "He's had a tough season this year. Hopefully, he'll get it turned around."

2007-09-19 18:28:38
70.   Vishal
64 penny scored.
2007-09-19 18:29:41
71.   underdog
63 Yes, Cora vs. Lugo, I know which one I'd rather have on my team. Cora has one of my favorite Dodger at bats of all time and is a nice fielder.

64 Penny didn't score on that previous infield hit because it was hit right near him. He would've been dead to right.

2007-09-19 18:29:42
72.   sporky
69 - Where's that from?
2007-09-19 18:30:11
73.   Bluebleeder87
Nice heads up running for Kemp there. I wonder why runners don't do that more often on long fly balls to left field (warning track) if a 1st base runner tags up he can easily make it to 2nd IMHO, I do that all the time on my sunday league.
2007-09-19 18:30:44
74.   underdog
Fogg's already up to about 60 pitches.
2007-09-19 18:31:12
75.   scareduck
"What ho, what ho, what men of ease
Do wear their hair like parentheses."

I have no idea if Vinny's quoting or just made it up.

2007-09-19 18:32:06
76.   scareduck
69 - If I wanted to watch reruns, I'd tune into Turner Classic Movies.
2007-09-19 18:33:03
77.   Vishal
when was the last time "fake to third, look at first" ever worked?
2007-09-19 18:33:28
78.   Bob Timmermann
It didn't come up in the poetry indexes I checked. I'm thinking it could be an Ogden Nash line.
2007-09-19 18:33:53
79.   King of the Hobos
Doesn't sound like Furcal will be out too long. Though this bit from Gurnick wouldn't have made me too happy if we were still in the race:

Conte said the latest problem could be the result of Furcal compensating for the ankle.

Also, Grady says Garciaparra is the third baseman next year, Saenz wants to play but only for a major league team, and Billingsley had this to say on his pitching:

"It's pitching," said Billingsley, charged with the 3-1 loss. "It's just something I've learned. When I want to reach back for it, I can still throw 96, 97, but my command with it isn't as good. I can throw 92 and hit the outer part of the plate. I used to be a big velocity guy. Now I see that's kind of overrated. Maybe I didn't have my best stuff, but I was really pitching. A 92 with action is more difficult to hit than 95 straight."

2007-09-19 18:34:07
80.   underdog
Welp, I gotta run. Catch the rest later. Cheers!
2007-09-19 18:34:42
81.   Bob Timmermann
It only has to work once for it to be worth your while.

I've seen it work a few times. Mike Fetters was good at it.

2007-09-19 18:35:20
82.   underdog
"Saenz wants to play but only for a major league team" - Heh.

I can't see him playing for anyone next year, but certainly hope it's not the Dodgers at least. Maybe Vegas as a player-coach.

2007-09-19 18:35:34
83.   ucladodger
Man, Holliday is a beast.
2007-09-19 18:35:41
84.   regfairfield
71 Lugo has been having a Lugo year in the second half. Maybe his finger was still bothering him.

I've pretty much forgiven the man at this point because it's really not his fault Ned traded for a guy who had just hurt his finger which can really kill you're hitting and linger for ages.

2007-09-19 18:35:46
85.   underdog
Crap. I wish I'd left before I saw that.

What's with the gopher balls, Brad?

2007-09-19 18:35:57
86.   scareduck
Matt Holliday: All your bats are belong to us.
2007-09-19 18:36:14
87.   Linkmeister
78 It's got a Gilbert and Sullivan flavor, too.
2007-09-19 18:36:45
88.   Vishal
holliday with his 10th homer in the past 11 games.
2007-09-19 18:37:32
89.   Bluebleeder87

thanks for the quotes Hobos, I'm digging the Billingsley quote, very much.

2007-09-19 18:37:40
90.   Bob Timmermann
A Burrell double cashes in Utley who reached on an HBP. 1-0 Philadelphia. The Phillies have just two hits.
2007-09-19 18:37:58
91.   regfairfield
85 Coors + regression to the mean. (The idea that Coors is a pitchers park now was only true for the first few months of 2006, it still has a rather high park factor of 107, but it used to be 120).
2007-09-19 18:38:03
92.   Kingmans Performance

Holliday is swabbin t' deck with Penny.

Should we make him walk t' plank?

(talk like a pirate day)

2007-09-19 18:38:46
93.   coachjpark,0,3887345.column?page=2&coll=la-home-sports

Anyone read Plaschke's article? Or has this been discussed already? As a caller to Dodger Talk, I tend to side with Bob Harvey on this one and for once, actually, I'm in agreement with Plaschke.

2007-09-19 18:40:10
94.   Bob Timmermann
The AFLAC question's answer has a clue that came with the graphic.
2007-09-19 18:40:51
95.   Bluebleeder87
I hope the Dodger Stadium D.J. plays Madonnas '83 song Holiday, next time the Rox play at Dodger Stadium.
2007-09-19 18:41:44
96.   Gen3Blue
I forgive Lugo because it wasn't his fault Ned traded for a worthless player, and he got us two draft picks.
2007-09-19 18:42:18
97.   scareduck
78 - Google is getting good:

2007-09-19 18:42:32
98.   El Lay Dave
95 I wonder how cheap I can get tickets for those games now.
2007-09-19 18:42:48
99.   Marty
I thought it was walk like an Egyptian day.
2007-09-19 18:43:30
100.   Bob Timmermann
I've gotten a Google news alert for something I had posted about 20 minutes earlier on the Griddle.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2007-09-19 18:43:31
101.   scareduck
93 - yes. A general yawn, though I tsk, tsk Rawitch for his criticism of fan criticism, especially considering the nature of the season.
2007-09-19 18:45:20
102.   Marty
I never listen to DodgerTalk, but I was driving home from work and switched to KFWB just in Time to hear Bob Harvey go off on Josh. I thought, hmmm...this is interesting.
2007-09-19 18:46:08
103.   SgtWyatt
Incidentally, my buddy forwarded me this article from the LA Times. Apparently Ned Colletti is standing by Grady and assures us all that Little will indeed return next year.

(requires login unfortunately)

<sigh> I guess we're in for a repeat in '08

2007-09-19 18:46:30
104.   regfairfield
101 I thought it was "guy who works for the Dodgers criticism", which seems like an entirely different beast.
2007-09-19 18:46:32
105.   Gen3Blue
Please see this through the fact that I'm in a poor mood. But Penny is awful in the second half. However the fact that this year he has dropped off much less than last year is reason for hope for a more mature future. But really, if you look at peripherals like Stike-outs, you have to ask--what is wrong with Penny.
2007-09-19 18:46:43
106.   Sam NYC
Say what you like about Nomar's performance this year, but, man, does that guy have some head of hair. Seriously, Ted Danson (circa 1986) would KILL for that hair.
2007-09-19 18:46:49
107.   Vishal
75 i'm stuck with the colorado feed; what was that referencing?
2007-09-19 18:47:29
108.   scareduck
Panic in the streets of Boston: bottom of the eighth and one out, they intentionally walk Gregg Zaun to load the bases and call in Papelbon.
2007-09-19 18:47:58
109.   scareduck
107 - something Vinny said of one of the hirsute Rockies players.
2007-09-19 18:50:08
110.   scareduck
107 - I'm assuming it's Quintanilla.
2007-09-19 18:50:45
111.   Bob Timmermann
It's Fogg with the funky hair.
2007-09-19 18:51:12
112.   Bob Timmermann
Would the owner of 103 mind if reposted his comment with a shorter link?
2007-09-19 18:51:57
113.   KG16
51 - that's incredibly lame because patience≠walk. Patience, I would define as waiting for your pitch. I think we would all agree that Nomar is the epitome of an impatient hitter, but that's more because he is automatically working from a 0-1 count.

But isn't a hitter who works a count to 2-0, 3-1, 3-0 and then gets a hit a patient hitter? Sure, he might not get as many walks, but that's because he's getting hits in "hitter's counts".

2007-09-19 18:51:57
114.   regfairfield
105 If someone told you in March this year that Penny would have a 3.20 ERA, anyone here would have taken it in a heart beat. Penny pitched so far over his head in the first half that something had to fold. (Heck, his second half ERA is still 3.59, which would have been considered a great season for him). Yes he is definitely a first half pitcher, but I don't know what solution there is to that.
2007-09-19 18:52:32
115.   Andrew Shimmin
I think the line is Vin's line was a rejiggering of an old joke (the authorship of which I can't determine):

On his way to Wyoming to visit with Grandma, Billy spotted a bowlegged cowboy. "Look at dat dare bowlegged cowboy. I ain't never seen nuttin like dat no how."

Grandma was shocked and made Billy read Shakespeare every day for a month. On the way home he saw a whole bunch of bowlegged cowboys. Says Billy, "Behold! What manner of men are these, who wear their legs in parentheses?"

Anyway, it's the most common return (in various forms) I'm getting.

2007-09-19 18:52:54
116.   GMac In The 909
1, 2, 3 ... Cancun!
2007-09-19 18:53:24
117.   Vishal
i officially despise cory sullivan.
2007-09-19 18:54:22
118.   D4P
There seems to be a pattern to the Rockies's scoring thus far.
2007-09-19 18:54:57
119.   Vishal
118 you mean, hitting the ball very hard and very far?
2007-09-19 18:55:17
120.   Bluebleeder87

I just googled an imagine of Ted Danson '86 style, to get a visual, thanks.

2007-09-19 18:55:20
121.   Bob Timmermann
Cardinals tie the Phillies in the 6th.
2007-09-19 18:55:29
122.   scareduck
In Boston, Russ Adams hits a grand slam off Papelbon.

In New York, it's Yanks 2, Baltimore 1.

The AL East could get interesting in a hurry.

2007-09-19 18:55:42
123.   Sam DC
Is it 103 that killed the screen?

Nationals have melted down (or Mets have heated up for the night).

It's funny that $15 for Dodgers parking seems so high. It's $15 to park at RFK, where (i) there is easy metro, (ii) Only 2 million fans (or less) go per year, (iii) the team is and was expected to be awful, and (iv) there's plenty of street parking if you don't mind waling 15 minutes.

Jon Rauch succeeded on the fake to third throw to first a few weeks ago.

2007-09-19 18:56:32
124.   D4P
Well, that, and the "1" next to their name in the box score under the "1", "2" ,"3", and "4".
2007-09-19 18:57:11
125.   Bluebleeder87

Nomars 1st pitch hitting has worn thin with all DT'ers (including my self) judging from the comments.

2007-09-19 18:57:28
126.   Bob Timmermann
It's called the "picket fence".
2007-09-19 18:57:33
127.   Gen3Blue
Wills would have scored on that.
2007-09-19 18:57:34
128.   KG16
Pierre helping his slugging percentage with a triple.
2007-09-19 18:58:09
129.   D4P
Pierre just might reach .700 OPS by the end of the season.
2007-09-19 18:58:41
130.   Bob Timmermann
Wills would have been out by 30 feet at home.
2007-09-19 19:00:15
131.   King of the Hobos
Bases loaded, 2 outs, tie game for David Eckstein.
2007-09-19 19:01:58
132.   trainwreck
The Rockies broadcast first had some AFL QB or something on (I immediately muted it) and now they are talking to Squiggy.
2007-09-19 19:02:36
133.   KG16
Andre Kirilenko wants out of Utah, I think a trade of Kwame for AK-47 would be a good deal for the Lakers... yes, I've turned my attention to my other sports passion.
2007-09-19 19:02:53
134.   scareduck
It's over in Toronto, 6-1 Jays. The Yanks could end the day a game back of the Sox in the division.
2007-09-19 19:03:33
135.   Bluebleeder87
man, Kent stung that ball...
2007-09-19 19:04:54
136.   Sam DC
Yanks up 2-1 in the ninth. Rivera just walked Ramon Hernandez to load the bases with two outs.

Brandon Fahey at the bat!

2007-09-19 19:05:32
137.   Bob Timmermann
The O's have loaded the bases with 2 outs in the 9th in NY.
2007-09-19 19:06:03
138.   King of the Hobos
136 Now it's Scott Moore.
2007-09-19 19:06:40
139.   Sam DC
Take that back -- Scott Moore at the bat.

Apparently he used to be a Cub, at least per his gameday hat.

2007-09-19 19:07:36
140.   Eric Stephen
129 With his triple, Pierre passed Furcal in OBP, SLG, and OPS:

Pierre: .295/.33283/.358 (.691 OPS)
Furcal: .270/.33281/.355 (.687 OPS)

For comparison, "the incumbent":

Nomar: .281/.327/.370 (.697 OPS)

2007-09-19 19:07:40
141.   Sam DC
Took a ball then three straight strikes.
2007-09-19 19:07:51
142.   Gen3Blue
But it would have been a fun out.

And the D's meltdown this week has to be attributed to horrible pitching, which is not a Dodger tradition. Now Lowe is often good late and in the postseason, but I really thank dog we don't go into the postseason led by Penny and Lowe.

2007-09-19 19:07:51
143.   King of the Hobos
139 He was half of the return for Steve Trachsel!
2007-09-19 19:07:53
144.   Nagman
132 He was the CU QB from '02 to '05. I don't know who the Squiggy character was.

The Dodgers broadcast seems like the only one that does not bring guests into the booth. That's a good thing.

Speaking of which, Charles Barkley should do Monday Night Football every week.

2007-09-19 19:08:32
145.   Ken Arneson
I fixed 103 . With one just hand, I may add.
2007-09-19 19:10:29
146.   Vishal
solid play by nomar there. he's looking somewhat less gimpy.
2007-09-19 19:11:16
147.   Eric Stephen
144 Frank McCourt occasionally sneaks his way into the booth to speak with Vin, maybe once a month or so.

But I can't think of any non-owners in the Dodger booth this season.

2007-09-19 19:11:23
148.   KG16
133 - ok, playing with ESPN's trade machine, it'd have to be AK-47 for Kwame, Brian Cook, and Sasha. I could live with that.

Ok, no more basketball from me, at least for a while

2007-09-19 19:11:50
149.   Bob Timmermann
Triple and a sac fly by MCCLOUTH!! give the Bucs an early 1-0 lead.

More fish on the Griddle.

2007-09-19 19:11:52
150.   Vishal
145 hey ken, i've got a question for you. lately when i double-bracket a link, it adds a space:

[145 ] <-- see, i didn't add that space after the 145.

Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2007-09-19 19:12:05
151.   Gen3Blue
Hey Clint. Your a beaut!
2007-09-19 19:12:54
152.   Sam DC
Soriano really does have a gun out there.

Not that it was a close play, but he just made a great throw the get the third out of the top of the 8th in a tied game at the plate.

2007-09-19 19:13:21
153.   El Lay Dave
140 Gee, do you think having those three representing 150 starts at leadoff, 131 at #2 and 65 at #3 hurt a little?
2007-09-19 19:13:26
154.   Bob Timmermann
Vin Scully really hates visitors in the booth. He's allowed McCourt to do it and occassionally people who are promoting a big charity.

When Scully came out to L.A., he made it a rule that Hollywood types weren't going to come and sit in the booth with him while he tried to describe the game.

2007-09-19 19:14:22
155.   Eric Stephen
The Rockies announcers don't understand park factors.
2007-09-19 19:14:54
156.   overkill94
145 Is your other hand vengeful?
2007-09-19 19:15:33
157.   Gen3Blue
Hey Clint. Your a beaut!

You have to know that Holliday is just a creation of Coors field, I've seen a bunch of guys look like him for a year or two.

2007-09-19 19:15:40
158.   Eric Stephen
153 Nomar's single raises his OPS to .70003!
2007-09-19 19:15:58
159.   Andrew Shimmin
The late (apparently) Bob Criswell takes credit for the poem, but I can't find anything about him. Or any way to date the other versions. But I've now exhausted my interest in it. (scroll to the bottom)

2007-09-19 19:16:20
160.   Gen3Blue
Wills would have.............
2007-09-19 19:16:28
161.   Nagman
Why is a pitcher (righty) even allowed to do a 3rd to first move anyway? Is there a simple technical explanation? I assume a righty can't do a first to third move. What can a lefty do? First to third?
2007-09-19 19:16:41
162.   D4P
Penny's Quality Start still alive...!
2007-09-19 19:16:57
163.   Bluebleeder87
Hurdle doesn't bounce a baseball like he use too, he still does it, but not like he use too.
2007-09-19 19:17:25
164.   El Lay Dave
2007-09-19 19:17:35
165.   bhsportsguy
Willie Randolph is squeezing a bit, 5 run lead in the 9th, they have lost 5 games in a row, he brings Billy Wagner.
2007-09-19 19:18:08
166.   Bluebleeder87
like somebody else said, Brad Penny is Ruth-ian.
2007-09-19 19:18:15
167.   Vishal
GRRR WHY are we having penny bat??
2007-09-19 19:18:37
168.   Vishal
well... good result, but bad decision-making.
2007-09-19 19:18:40
169.   Frip
154 Are you looking back and assuming he made it a rule, or do you know if he actually said something against it.
2007-09-19 19:18:57
170.   bhsportsguy
Its fascinating to watch how these races will come out, teams accusing teams of not pitching their best guys, you have teams bringing in closers when they are behind, etc.
2007-09-19 19:19:07
171.   Eric Stephen
161 A pitcher (either hand) cannot fake a throw to first.
2007-09-19 19:19:34
172.   KG16
168 - better to be lucky than good?

Here's hoping for another Pierre triple after the pitching change. But with the pitcher in front of him, I'm guessing it'll just be a double.

2007-09-19 19:19:37
173.   Bob Timmermann
Pitchers are allowed to fake pickoff throws to third and second without stepping off.

It's explained in a note in Rule 8.05
A pitcher is to step directly toward a base before throwing to that base but does not require him to throw (except to first base only) because he steps. It is possible, with runners on first and third, for the pitcher to step toward third and not throw, merely to bluff the runner back to third; then seeing the runner on first start for second, turn and step toward and throw to first base. This is legal. However, if, with runners on first and third, the pitcher, while in contact with the rubber, steps toward third and then immediately and in practically the same motion "wheels" and throws to first base, it is obviously an attempt to deceive the runner at first base, and in such a move it is practically impossible to step directly toward first base before the throw to first base, and such a move shall be called a balk. Of course, if the pitcher steps off the rubber and then makes such a move, it is not a balk.

2007-09-19 19:19:54
174.   Sam DC
So, Billy Wagner is closing out the Mets 8-3 game v. the Mets.

Now 8-4, with two outs in the ninth.

Wily Mo Pena at the plate -- fastball hitter.

2007-09-19 19:20:11
175.   Sam DC
2007-09-19 19:20:56
176.   El Lay Dave
Did the kid kick a DP ball?
2007-09-19 19:21:00
177.   Eric Stephen
167 I know he's given up 3 dingers, but Penny is only at 72 pitches through 5. I'm sure Little is trying to get 7 out of him.
2007-09-19 19:21:08
178.   JoeyP
Penny's a good hitter for a pitcher, but that was stupid.

If that grounder is to the left or right, its a DP.

2007-09-19 19:21:09
179.   overkill94
168 Only at 72 pitches, bullpen overworked lately. While most of us have given up, I doubt that Grady feels that way, so I'm sure he'll be leaning on the usual suspects for the later innings tonight.
2007-09-19 19:21:18
180.   Ken Arneson
150 The space is now there to fix these: 145 150 from running into each other, which used to happen quite often. The only known downside to this fix is that it annoys Vishal and his crazy double brackets.
2007-09-19 19:21:54
181.   Nagman
171, 173, Thanks.
2007-09-19 19:22:08
182.   KG16
that was a trap at home, he didn't have control until Nomar was across.
2007-09-19 19:22:38
183.   Bob Timmermann
I recall Vin saying that in an interview many years ago.
2007-09-19 19:22:43
184.   Bluebleeder87
oh man, everytime I see Nomar now I think of that picture of Ted Danson, not cool, man!!
2007-09-19 19:23:39
185.   Linkmeister
180 Ken, did the asterisks for bold stop working? I used them earlier in this thread and they didn't take.
2007-09-19 19:24:02
186.   Eric Stephen
182 I agree with that. It looked like Nomar should have been called safe. Oh well.
2007-09-19 19:24:36
187.   D4P
Padres put up a couple markers.
2007-09-19 19:25:00
188.   KG16
productive out for Kemp... man, I wish he would have gotten some good lumber on that pitch
2007-09-19 19:25:07
189.   Sam DC
Cubs tied.
Milwaukee tied.
Phillies tied.

(OK - Dodgers tied.)

My head is going to explode.

There's only one September!

2007-09-19 19:25:24
190.   scareduck
The Dodgers get the game's first two-runs-in-one-inning trick.
2007-09-19 19:25:24
191.   bhsportsguy
183 Pat Cowan is probably starting on Saturday.
2007-09-19 19:26:23
192.   El Lay Dave
Now its a Penny IF single, not reach on error.
2007-09-19 19:26:31
193.   Sam DC
And Bloodsport appears to be on Versus!
2007-09-19 19:27:33
194.   Frip
I swear Vin just said Jeff C**nt.
2007-09-19 19:27:39
195.   Bluebleeder87
Let's go Kent, earn your pay check...
2007-09-19 19:28:04
196.   Bluebleeder87


2007-09-19 19:28:21
197.   Andrew Shimmin
185- You have to leave a space between the intended bolded characters and unbolded ones, or the asterisks appear. 1 GB works. 1*GB* doesn't.
2007-09-19 19:28:46
198.   El Lay Dave
Hurdle let the LHP pitch to Kemp?
Will he let him pitch to Kent too?
2007-09-19 19:29:47
199.   Eric Stephen
Nomar's next game at 3B will most likely end Wilson Betemit's reign as the listed Dodger 3B on Baseball Reference.
2007-09-19 19:29:47
200.   Sam DC
It seems like an unnaturally long time has gone by since the last Catcher's Interference.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2007-09-19 19:30:17
201.   Andrew Shimmin
194- He's going to be relieved when Kemp and Kent aren't on the same team. There was an unfortunate Matt "Kump" incident, earlier this year (or maybe it was last year?).
2007-09-19 19:30:53
202.   Bluebleeder87

How come the asterisks don't work on the little trademarks & copyrights & such...

2007-09-19 19:32:17
203.   King of the Hobos
Corey Hart, who has an OPS of .900, just bunted Fielder to second.
2007-09-19 19:32:41
204.   KG16
Wow, "We've had ten grandchildren born in that hospital"... that's really the most I've ever heard Vin say about himself. At least that I remember.
2007-09-19 19:33:20
205.   Gen3Blue
Don't worry. Grits will pull Penny before 110 pitches, but after his next at bat.
2007-09-19 19:33:58
206.   Bluebleeder87

My bad they do.

2007-09-19 19:35:36
207.   El Lay Dave
Hurdle playing for one (tying) run here. Hmmmm, this is Coors Field still?
2007-09-19 19:35:47
208.   Gen3Blue
Gee, this annoucer is also an expert on pitching mound geometry. I want to ring his neck in the worst way.
2007-09-19 19:36:09
209.   Bluebleeder87
pretty big moment in the game for Brad Penny here.
2007-09-19 19:36:57
210.   Frip
Looking at the fans I'm reminded that it's always seemed strange to me to see women drinking beer. You'd think they wouldn't like it. Bitter is not typically one of their favorite flavours. It's like a girl telling you her favorite colour is grey.
2007-09-19 19:37:46
211.   Eric Stephen
201 It was July 2 this year, starting with your own post 328.

2007-09-19 19:38:54
212.   Johnny Nucleo
Avast! The Yanks send the Jays down to Davey Jones' Locker. Them scurvy dogs!

Sept. 19 is International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

2007-09-19 19:39:29
213.   Andrew Shimmin
211- Ah yes, I remember it well.
2007-09-19 19:39:34
214.   sporky
210 - Some of us do!
2007-09-19 19:42:59
215.   overkill94
212 Stupid Kevin and Bean are on vacation this week. Their "Talk Like a Pirate Day" broadcasts are my favorite each year.
2007-09-19 19:43:57
216.   Kingmans Performance
Well blow me down!

Feel free to drop anchor here 'n' stay awhile now.

2007-09-19 19:44:40
217.   fanerman
Arrr! I completely forgot! I don't know what I'm doing...
2007-09-19 19:45:52
218.   El Lay Dave
The other Buchholz is in to pitch for the Rocks.
2007-09-19 19:46:08
219.   Eric Stephen
A Pirate walks into a bar.

The bartender says "Hey buddy, do you realize you have a steering wheel on your belt buckle?"

The Pirate replies, "Aye. It's driving me nuts."

2007-09-19 19:48:08
220.   bhsportsguy
There is joy in Wrigleyville as the Astros take an 8th inning lead against the Brewers.
2007-09-19 19:49:43
221.   Frip
212 You've created a very corny situation here. All wannabe pirates please cease and desist before we dork each other to death.
2007-09-19 19:50:09
222.   El Lay Dave
Grady faces this decision TWO INNINGS IN A ROW????? Hilarious.
2007-09-19 19:50:11
223.   nick
210 cue female lurkers to kick your ass (in a sweet way, of course)
2007-09-19 19:50:40
224.   StolenMonkey86
Shiver me timbers - Sweeney? Little's got Ethier, LaRoche, Hu, Young, and he goes with Sweeney
2007-09-19 19:51:32
225.   bhsportsguy
224 In his defense, this is why Sweeney is on the team.
2007-09-19 19:53:03
226.   Bob Timmermann
I've broken out the hypochondriac's worst weapon: the thermometer.

I checked in at 99.5

I'm drawing an ice bath for myself right now. Maybe I'll get some of those rapid cooling blankets.

Or I guess I'll take some Advil.

2007-09-19 19:53:07
227.   El Lay Dave
224 Hey, this is job they hired Sweeney for, isn't it? This is what the boss, Colletti would want, isn't it? ;)

It should be a lefty and I wouldn't mind Ethier here, but this is ok.

2007-09-19 19:53:13
228.   fanerman
Mark Sweeney is the yarrest profesional pinch-hitter there be...
2007-09-19 19:54:04
229.   El Lay Dave
227 But it doesn't work out.
2007-09-19 19:54:29
230.   KG16
Going back to Nomar's lack of patience (yeah, I'm bored), according to baseball reference, Nomar has only had 141 PAs in his career where he has gone 3-0, and 48 of those were IBB (if I'm reading the splits right). I like the guy, but if you're going to be a free swinger, I'd prefer you put up numbers like Vlad
2007-09-19 19:54:33
231.   MJW101
How in the world can an 11 man bullpen be overworked?
2007-09-19 19:55:24
232.   Bluebleeder87
we better get use too Grady Little using (over using?) Proctor for '08 as well, I guess...
2007-09-19 19:56:00
233.   KG16
232 - if it was good enough for Joe Torre...
2007-09-19 19:56:37
234.   El Lay Dave
5 runs, 14 hits is not making the most of it.
2007-09-19 19:58:30
235.   Eric Stephen
230 The 141 PAs were only pitches that he put the ball in play or walked on a 3-0 count. The splits reflect events (hits, walks, etc) on the final count of the PA.

I'm sure some of Nomar's 245 PAs at 3-1 or 388 full count PAs were 3-0 at some point.

2007-09-19 19:59:31
236.   Bluebleeder87
I like Proctor style...
2007-09-19 20:00:35
237.   Kingmans Performance
the Milwaukee Rum Runners have tied it up in The Gulf!

Aye matey!

2007-09-19 20:00:44
238.   Gen3Blue
It could take 12-15 runs to win this one. If we keep playing inning to inning with poor pitching we could lose.
2007-09-19 20:01:01
239.   Bob Timmermann
Brewers tie in the 9th on a 2-run homer by Weeks.
2007-09-19 20:01:50
240.   Bob Timmermann
Free Baseball in the Unnamed City on the Mississippi River where my family came from.
2007-09-19 20:01:50
241.   Nagman
The Phillies dodged some big bullets in the bottom of the ninth.
2007-09-19 20:03:38
242.   Gen3Blue
That was a lucky call.
2007-09-19 20:03:54
243.   Bluebleeder87
Beimel induces the ground ball, good job.
2007-09-19 20:04:42
244.   KG16
235 - ah, misread the splits, but still, looking at the "After 3-0" splits, it's still 290 PAs.

Still, he's either hit the first pitch or gone 0-1 in 3335 PAs out of 5757 PAs for his career (57.9%). That would be a lot.

Ok, I'm goign to stop beating the dead horse

2007-09-19 20:05:02
245.   old dodger fan
That move to 1st looked like a balk.
2007-09-19 20:05:23
246.   Bluebleeder87

when you here stuff like that you can't help & think it's "there year" I doubt they'll anywhere with there pitching though.

2007-09-19 20:06:25
247.   Frip
Do Marines ever scrub toilets? Or are they all super sonic androids like the commercials suggest?
2007-09-19 20:08:25
248.   bhsportsguy
244 And yet as of yesterday, his career numbers are .315/.364/.526

Yes, he's not performed well this year and yes, either he should have been not signed at all or been sent to 3B earlier.

But, you just can't disparage his career, All-Star, Batting Titles, and one of the few players known by one name.

2007-09-19 20:08:39
249.   Bluebleeder87
I like it that Brox & Saito get another shot today, I hope to see Saito vs. Holliday® part deuce.
2007-09-19 20:08:52
250.   Gen3Blue
240 St.Loius? Mini-haha? ?
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2007-09-19 20:09:31
251.   eusmus
Broxton? Really? I hate you Grady
2007-09-19 20:11:01
252.   Eric Stephen
Kemp's groundout lowers his seasonal OPS to .8997.
2007-09-19 20:12:41
253.   Bluebleeder87
I don't know about Broxton (to be honest) but I'm sure Saito will get his chance today.

ps I just saw Broxton in the pen, so yeah, he's coming in.

2007-09-19 20:13:13
254.   trainwreck
Pat Cowan was named UCLA's quarterback for Saturday.
2007-09-19 20:13:19
255.   Gen3Blue
240 Hannibal? Memphis?
2007-09-19 20:14:02
256.   KG16
248 - I'm not disparaging his career. If it wasn't for injuries, he was likely a lock for the Hall of Fame. My only point is that he is a first pitch hitter. I just wonder if his numbers would have been better if he had a little more patience.

Just something I found interesting in looking around the numbers.

2007-09-19 20:14:14
257.   Bob Timmermann
I better check my temperature again.

At least it's not a guy with three last names.

2007-09-19 20:14:46
258.   Bluebleeder87
if I were Saito facing Holliday, I'd throw him nothing but HIGH (belt high or higher) & in & if I hit him so be it.
2007-09-19 20:15:07
259.   bhsportsguy
Old Friend Jayson Werth strikes out looking with 2 on, 2 out in the top of the 10th.
2007-09-19 20:15:13
260.   Eric Stephen
If Broxton is healthy, I have no problem with him pitching the 8th tonight. This is, however, his 6th appearance in 8 days.
2007-09-19 20:15:25
261.   Bob Timmermann
With the winning run on second and two outs, Ned Yost turns to rookie Mitch Stetter.
2007-09-19 20:16:41
262.   Vishal
180 ahh! thanks for the explanation. i guess i'll just have to conform.
2007-09-19 20:16:41
263.   bhsportsguy
261 And he wild pitches the runner to third.

260 Is this Broxton hurt stuff, just us talking or has something been actually disclosed?

2007-09-19 20:16:55
264.   overkill94
Can we please just get eliminated from the playoffs so that Broxton can rest his arm?
2007-09-19 20:17:18
265.   bhsportsguy
261 Extra Inning baseball for the Brewers and Astros.
2007-09-19 20:17:27
266.   Gen3Blue
New Oleans? Baton Rouge? Cairo?
2007-09-19 20:17:31
267.   Bluebleeder87
Broxton has to establish the inside pitch, AT LEAST, let's get 2 Brox.
2007-09-19 20:18:05
268.   Eric Stephen
263 Just us talking. I probably shouldn't even have included the qualifier.
2007-09-19 20:18:48
269.   Eric Stephen
Would Matsui have been out at 2nd if Abreu caught the ball? I think so.
2007-09-19 20:19:12
270.   Bob Timmermann
Sorry, I'm not allowed to speak that city's name here again.
2007-09-19 20:19:18
271.   Bluebleeder87
I think Russell Martin had him (if Abreu would have caught the ball), Vinnie thinks otherwise.
2007-09-19 20:19:56
272.   Eric Stephen
And, regardless of tonight's performance, I'd give Broxton tomorrow off after pitching 6 times in 8 days.
2007-09-19 20:20:17
273.   overkill94
Broxton's velocity seems just fine, but one of the symptoms of having a dead arm is just not being able to put the ball where you want it, which seems to be the case lately
2007-09-19 20:20:18
274.   Kingmans Performance
2007-09-19 20:20:19
275.   eusmus
How completely unexpected. Grady Little is a joke.
2007-09-19 20:20:23
276.   Bluebleeder87
2007-09-19 20:20:30
277.   Eric Stephen
This is a nightmare stretch for The Bull®
2007-09-19 20:21:05
278.   ucladodger
Brox must be tipping his pitches or something. This is rediculous.
2007-09-19 20:21:05
279.   Andrew Shimmin
I can't stop laughing.
2007-09-19 20:21:26
280.   Sam NYC
Words fail me. Or is it Grady Little?
2007-09-19 20:21:27
281.   Bluebleeder87
Thin air in Colorado & curves just don't mix, specially for a guy that barely came in, ugh!!

& Grady Little too...

2007-09-19 20:21:29
282.   still bevens
Im glad we're providing all these amazing moments for the people of Denver. You owe us.
2007-09-19 20:21:38
283.   Lexinthedena
This is Lidge-ian....

Bob Harvey is gonna really embarrass himself tonight....

2007-09-19 20:21:59
284.   Eric Stephen
I can't wait for the story to come out next week where Rick Honeycutt tells us that Broxton has been tipping his pitches or something to that effect.
2007-09-19 20:22:02
285.   Sam NYC
He's not tipping his pitches. He's been run out there almost every day.
2007-09-19 20:22:11
286.   El Lay Dave
273 ... and not getting the sharp break on your slider ....

Shiver me timbers.

2007-09-19 20:22:13
287.   ucladodger

Its a power slider, not a curve ball.

2007-09-19 20:22:32
288.   fanerman
2007-09-19 20:22:38
289.   overkill94
Colorado's asking for an exorbitant amount of curtain calls for a team that's basically out of the playoffs
2007-09-19 20:22:50
290.   Frip
Vin: "It has happened again!"

Well you know, pitchers do give up home runs.

Sheer physics.

2007-09-19 20:22:59
291.   Bluebleeder87
Grady Little is on notice™ in my book...
2007-09-19 20:23:11
292.   fanerman
That's an "upset" yar.
2007-09-19 20:23:13
293.   Kingmans Performance
Ye mutinous dog Grady Little!

Yule walk t' plank for this!

2007-09-19 20:23:15
294.   Bob Timmermann
Actually, Greenspan's line was "irrational exuberance."
2007-09-19 20:23:18
295.   Pedro Astacio
287. In broxton's case, it's a hanging slider.
2007-09-19 20:23:19
296.   Johnny Nucleo
Brad Hawpe always kills us.
2007-09-19 20:23:54
297.   ucladodger

He's probably not, but you never know. It just seems like hitters are absolutely on every pitch he throws. Nobody is whiffing on the fastball or sitting dead read and looking silly on a slider. I mean, that was a 3-2 slider (obviously not a good one) and Hawpe was just waiting on it.

2007-09-19 20:24:11
298.   El Lay Dave
While an IBB to put the go-ahead run on is unconventional, I do tend to think that you have to pitch around Hawpe, make him chase a ball. That's not ARod and Vlad on deck and in the hole, and the PHs aren't that scary.
2007-09-19 20:24:13
299.   regfairfield
Approved relievers: Saito

Am I missing anyone?

2007-09-19 20:24:30
300.   bhsportsguy
I really don't know what you do though, you throw Rudy Seanez or Roberto Hernandez out there. You cannot pitch Hull or Houlton or Meloan, first what does that tell the rest of your team.

So you roll with the guy who brought you here. And unless you want to crush a 23 year old guy's confidence, you have to bring him in the game.

Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2007-09-19 20:24:43
301.   Pedro Astacio
man, how many games have Broxton blown this last few weeks, this is getting really ridiculous. It feels like his season's been terrible even though it's just this month.
2007-09-19 20:25:35
302.   Bluebleeder87
You gotta wonder if a young kid like Broxton (23 yrs) is doubting him self right now, I sure he'll be o.k. but you just can't help & wonder.
2007-09-19 20:26:00
303.   Bob Timmermann
Cardinals win in the 10th on a Molina single.
2007-09-19 20:26:47
304.   Bluebleeder87

it's a ball that CURVES same thing IN MY BOOK, sorry I'm kind of mad...

2007-09-19 20:26:49
305.   Sam NYC
300 -- WHAT?! I hope that was sarcastic.
2007-09-19 20:27:23
306.   Pedro Astacio
6 HR's this month? You've got to be kidding me.
2007-09-19 20:27:27
307.   Eric Stephen
And George Frazier tops off the inning by saying "a little snatch grab there by Broxton."


2007-09-19 20:27:32
308.   overkill94
That's 5 home runs allowed in 9 IP for Broxton in September after allowing 1 homer in 70 IP from April through August
2007-09-19 20:27:41
309.   bhsportsguy
I think we tend to forget that he and Russell are still only kids, and sometimes they stuck in patterns too.

We get blinded by their successes and forget that really this is a game of inches or even smaller and yes they can make a mistake.

2007-09-19 20:28:32
310.   Frip
Has there ever been a broken bat play where the play-by-play announcer hasn't mentioned it. Really, it's not necessary. A super cool announcer would just ignore it.
2007-09-19 20:28:39
311.   bhsportsguy
302 That slider has become his out pitch. Right now it is just going out.
2007-09-19 20:29:36
312.   Gen3Blue
We got to get us a few more guys who can pitch. I mean in the old days we didn't always have a Drysdale or Koufax. But we had guys like Sutton and Singer and Rau and Hooten. These guys wouldn't leave you down 2-0 after the first inning, or have to leave in the sixth to get there beauty rest.
We have very few real pitchers, and you sure won't find them among old vets. I'm surprised we don't use Houlton, because he has looked good to me the last few times he was out there.
2007-09-19 20:29:52
313.   Bluebleeder87
Yesterday I did 400 push ups in less than an hour, I think the loss had something to do with it, I had already worked out earlier. sigh.
2007-09-19 20:30:08
314.   MMSMikey
i feel bad for those random dodger fans u can see in the stands, "we came here for this?"
2007-09-19 20:30:19
315.   ucladodger

I understand, but Broxton doesnt have a curveball. Its a completely different pitch, even though they might look similar. But, when they both hang, there isnt a prettier sight to a big leaguer.

2007-09-19 20:30:23
316.   Sam DC
I do wonder about not bringing in a lefty for Hawpe. I seem to recall discussing here recently that he has a huge split and brutal numbers v. lefties.
2007-09-19 20:30:53
317.   LeeLacy
15 days ago, Broxton had a 2.13 ERA. It now stands at 2.96.

No commentary necessary.

2007-09-19 20:30:55
318.   Andrew Shimmin
310- I'm starting to see why you think Vin talks too much.
2007-09-19 20:30:58
319.   eusmus
300 What are you even talking about? All I'm asking for is a little rest for Broxton. Letting Broxton rest isn't going to "crush" his confidence. Being massively overworked to the point of ineffectiveness will.
2007-09-19 20:31:04
320.   Eric Stephen
Kent comes out of the game 3 PA shy of $9m for 2008.
2007-09-19 20:31:19
321.   Bluebleeder87

really good point BHSportsguy, but Grady has to realize that Broxton is a little OVER WORKED ALSO, you can't just put it all in that basket.

2007-09-19 20:31:57
322.   MMSMikey
tulowitski is a rookie?
2007-09-19 20:32:23
323.   El Lay Dave
289 Not as out as the Dodger appear to be headed after tonight.
2007-09-19 20:32:37
324.   Nagman
I was about to say that the Pirates CF Morgan is a dead ringer for Pierre... then he threw out Hairston trying to stretch a single into a double.
2007-09-19 20:34:03
325.   bhsportsguy
Pitchers have slumps, go ask Scot Sheilds.
2007-09-19 20:34:22
326.   be2ween
With apologies to Walt Disney...
Yo HO, yo HO - a Tracy-ian life for me.

Aaaarggghh and AVAST ye mateys, we'll be a' plunderin' the
afore mast and the mainsail with this one now.


2007-09-19 20:34:28
327.   Bluebleeder87

you know it's funny, I always call it a curve (to my catcher) when I throw it, I'm still gonna call it like that, but I'm a little embarrassed about it know.

2007-09-19 20:34:55
328.   El Lay Dave
I don't approve of PR for one of the best hitter when he is only the tying run, esp on the road.
2007-09-19 20:35:07
329.   Eric Stephen
322 He only had 96 AB in 2006 (his only MLB season before 2007), short of the 130 AB minimum required by MLB to leave "rookie" status.
2007-09-19 20:35:13
330.   Sam DC
Hawpe this season v. LHP (115 ABs) -- .254 OBP, .313 SLG, .183 BA.

v. RHP (353 ABs) -- .409 OBP, .569 SLG, .306 BA

2007-09-19 20:35:46
331.   GMac In The 909
Hello fourth place!
2007-09-19 20:36:01
332.   MMSMikey
dodger hell.
2007-09-19 20:36:14
333.   Nagman
Rox go to San Diego this weekend where they haven't fared too badly, I don't think. This could get interesting.
2007-09-19 20:36:29
334.   Jon Weisman
New post up top.
2007-09-19 20:36:39
335.   Frip
A bitter ale.
2007-09-19 20:36:47
336.   jtrichey
Big Bad Jon has now appeared in 26 out of 46 games since August 1. Now that our season is truly over, let's just give Broxton the rest of the year off.
2007-09-19 20:37:15
337.   bhsportsguy
330 But then you take out Broxton after one batter.
2007-09-19 20:37:20
338.   El Lay Dave
316 Did you want Stults or Hendrickson?
2007-09-19 20:37:23
339.   Andrew Shimmin
Michael Eaves is just wrong. It is funny.
2007-09-19 20:37:31
340.   Vishal
well, i would feel worse about this loss, but our season was already unofficially officially over as of yesterday.
2007-09-19 20:40:09
341.   be2ween
With apologies to Kurt Cobain:
Smells like Jim Tracy.

I am processing people. Thank you for allowing me to process my woe.

2007-09-19 20:41:02
342.   LeeLacy
After getting kicked in the teeth too many times by blown saves over the past couple of weeks, it's hard to find too many positives. But if Kemp and Loney can continue to scorch the ball and finish strong, I'll feel a little bit better about things.
2007-09-19 20:41:11
343.   sweepstakes
It feels like the Rox are the new Padres, as in the team that owns us.
2007-09-19 20:41:29
344.   be2ween
With apologies to the comma:
Comma between processing and people.
2007-09-19 20:44:03
345.   Dark Horse
I gotta say, 4th place sounds OK to me. If we're not winning the division this season should wind up looking like the disaster it was. I don't want McColletti to look at this season and think we "almost" got there. Plus it's closer to a protected pick.
2007-09-19 20:44:40
346.   CarlosDeC
I dont want to pile on the kid. But he really has let us down this month. Trust me I like to take shots at the old guys as much as the next. But when a young guy isnt producing he needs to be called out.
2007-09-19 21:39:33
347.   Duranimal
It's a crime how much Broxton has been worked this year. I bet he hasn't has a couple days off in the past 2
2007-09-20 01:00:22
348.   ralfthewiseandpowerful
First off, as a Rockies fan, I think Dodger Thoughts is the one of the best baseball blogs out there and the I love reading the game chat, especially when they are playing the Rox.

Secondly, if I have to read one more idiot rant on about Matt Holliday being a "Coors Field Product" I'm going to throw up in my mouth. So let me get this straight: if the Rockies win a game with their offense, it's a fraud because of the altitude. If the Rockies win a pitching duel, it's a fraud because of the humidor.

Yeah and Ryan Howard would hit 55 home runs if he didn't play in that shrunken band box. And games at Chavez Ravine don't favor the pitcher in the slightest...

You know, you play where you play, end of story. And I desperately hope the Rockies fight their way into the postseason so that the media and other fans are forced to acknowledge their existence.

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