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Our 2008 Third Baseman's First Name Should Start With the Letter 'A'
2007-09-21 17:48
by Jon Weisman

Tonight's 6:40 p.m. game:


Retro Gameday

Comments (533)
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2007-09-21 18:16:45
2.   Jon Weisman
All comments in this thread should start with the letter A as well (until it gets old).
2007-09-21 18:17:38
3.   old dodger fan
2007-09-21 18:18:26
4.   be2ween
Another agent of change.
2007-09-21 18:18:40
5.   Gen3Blue
Man I was LATed in the worst way. I can't type it over, and it was one of my few meaningfulposts.
2007-09-21 18:19:02
6.   El Lay Dave
Akinori Iwamura, I presume?
2007-09-21 18:19:18
7.   Gen3Blue
5 make that Amen.
2007-09-21 18:21:52
8.   old dodger fan
Adrain Beltre
2007-09-21 18:22:08
9.   Eric Enders
Alrighty then, I don't know who read the Prospectus article that Jon posted in the last thread about the best players in baseball year-by-year.

For those who didn't read it yet, can you guess who is the only Dodger, going back to 1883, who can be argued to have been the best player in all of baseball at any given time?

2007-09-21 18:22:18
10.   dzzrtRatt
Abe Lincoln embodies the kind of manager I'd like to see take over the Dodgers if Little is fired.
2007-09-21 18:22:58
11.   Branch Rickey
Aramis Ramirez?
2007-09-21 18:23:14
12.   dzzrtRatt
9 Am I correct in guessing Jackie Robinson?
2007-09-21 18:24:21
13.   be2ween
2007-09-21 18:25:08
14.   Marty
Abe, Schmabe. Give me Connie Mack.
2007-09-21 18:25:10
15.   Branch Rickey
Actually 7 , you should AMEND that to say amen.
2007-09-21 18:25:42
16.   old dodger fan
9 "At any given time"? A guy named Koufax was the best player in the 1965 post season and arguably all season long.
2007-09-21 18:25:43
17.   Eric Enders
12 Absolutely, you are. That was quick.
2007-09-21 18:26:16
19.   xaphor
Armon, Nomar's new name for the '08 season.
2007-09-21 18:26:23
20.   Bluebleeder87
I don't think Gen3Blue has ever been LAT'd, impressive.
2007-09-21 18:28:52
22.   Eric Enders
19 Answer: Armon Gilliam.
Question: What do you get when you combine the 1966 and 2006 Dodgers' third basemen?
2007-09-21 18:29:29
24.   El Lay Dave
Ahem, Bluebleeder, see 2 :)
2007-09-21 18:30:17
25.   Linkmeister

(in honor of Talk Like a Pirate day on Wednesday)

2007-09-21 18:30:52
26.   LogikReader
A question for D4P: Yesterday I believe you mentioned you weren't surprised to see the Dodgers finish at around 81 wins (see Jon you jinxed it ;) ). I also remember a week ago you said that you'd be surprised if the Dodgers didn't make the playoffs. Were you being sarcastic with one of those?

Could Tony Abreu count as the A-man at 3B too?

2007-09-21 18:31:18
27.   Pedro Astacio
akinoria iwamura?
2007-09-21 18:32:42
29.   Bluebleeder87
Aramis Ramirez for 3rd base in '08?
2007-09-21 18:33:07
30.   El Lay Dave
Arizona is starting Jeff Salazar in RF. How is it that the NL's best W-L team is starting Jeff Salazar on 9/21 when their lead is 1/2 game?
2007-09-21 18:33:15
31.   LogikReader
Are we all excited at at least having the a .2187% chance of signing Baseball's Best Player? I sure am!

As I say this, I was wondering if we all were wanting to sign Zito as well, I know at least some folks were.

2007-09-21 18:33:32
32.   Bluebleeder87
always thought Aramiz Ramirez was a cool name.
2007-09-21 18:33:35
33.   LogikReader
And by that I meant "wanting to sign Zito during the 2006 offseason"
2007-09-21 18:34:26
34.   LogikReader
A reminder for those of you posting late: do try to start every post with the letter "A".
2007-09-21 18:35:09
35.   El Lay Dave
26 Abreu would actually be an E-man at 3B. E-man is probably not a good term for a fielder.
2007-09-21 18:35:57
36.   Branch Rickey
Already mentioned 29
Absolutely 28
Apropos of nothing, looks like Red Sox nation can breath for another day.
2007-09-21 18:36:06
37.   Eric Enders
All this would be much harder if it were about what letter the 2008 Dodger first baseman's first name should start with.
2007-09-21 18:36:36
38.   El Lay Dave
31 Adamantly against a Zito signing, at the time I was. (When is national talk like Yoda day?)
2007-09-21 18:37:12
39.   Bluebleeder87
Atenislau Abreu playing short stop is o.k, but I wanna see Hu play the position this year as well.
2007-09-21 18:38:40
40.   Eric Enders
All I know is we have exactly 20 in a row now, and I have no doubt that someone will screw it up before we get to 100.
2007-09-21 18:38:51
41.   Kingmans Performance
Angel's 3Bman Chone Figgins, perhaps?
2007-09-21 18:39:30
42.   Gen3Blue
20 or at least I never knew what it meant before!
2007-09-21 18:39:44
43.   old dodger fan
About how many days after the WS concludes does Mr. A-Rod have to make his decision?
2007-09-21 18:40:16
44.   El Lay Dave
39 Against Arizona, Grady is obligated by baseball etiquette to run a "credible" lineup out there, lest the Padres whine about it, but the final homestand (Rockies, soon to be eliminated too, one would think, and the Giants) could produce some starts for prospects.
2007-09-21 18:41:03
45.   PlayTwo
2007-09-21 18:41:11
46.   Branch Rickey
Although arbitration eligible, Figgins is not a free agent.
2007-09-21 18:41:16
47.   Bluebleeder87
Andre Ethier's family should be at the BOB, I imagine.

Always wondered if they make the trip to the stadium, the cameras never show them.

2007-09-21 18:41:17
48.   El Lay Dave
43 Approximately ten, plus or minus zero.
2007-09-21 18:41:54
49.   old dodger fan
44 Although he may want to avoid the embarassment of playing the prospects and having them win out.
2007-09-21 18:42:46
50.   Eric Enders
40 42 Arrrgh!
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2007-09-21 18:43:26
51.   Bluebleeder87
Arizona never gives us head aches at there stadium, that's why it's a shame we didn't have a good Rox series, oh well
2007-09-21 18:43:55
52.   Eric Enders
47 All the time they are shown on the Arizona broadcasts. FSN Arizona has had their "man in the stands" interview his wife and parents before.
2007-09-21 18:44:41
53.   old dodger fan
48 A rather interesting 10 days at DT it will be.
2007-09-21 18:45:34
54.   Prescott Pete
Andrew Short, motocross racer.
2007-09-21 18:45:59
55.   King of the Hobos
Ayala pitching in the 9th, Phils up 6-3 over the Nats. Mets game is currently delayed.
2007-09-21 18:46:10
56.   underdog
38 A Jedi's strength flows from the Force. But beware. Anger, fear, aggression. The dark side are they.

Arizona, we hope to beat.

2007-09-21 18:46:58
57.   underdog
About how many games before the Dodgers' PVL license expires?
2007-09-21 18:48:08
58.   Bluebleeder87
A. Martinez always has a colgate smile when the cameras are on him.
2007-09-21 18:48:29
59.   underdog
At least the Dodgers can still single teams to death!
2007-09-21 18:48:39
60.   Eric Enders
A PVL license should be like a driver's license. It's revoked when you get too old to do the job competently.
2007-09-21 18:48:57
61.   Bluebleeder87
A guy like Gonzalez who has something to prove to his former teams SHOULD bring in at least one run.
2007-09-21 18:50:17
63.   Johnny Nucleo
About time I left the lab and went to the Fours for beer, burgers, and baseball. Hope Loiza can hit the strike zone tonight.
2007-09-21 18:50:18
64.   Bluebleeder87
absolutely try to knock 'em in Russell, come on!
2007-09-21 18:50:30
66.   underdog
60 About three months ago, then?
2007-09-21 18:51:50
69.   old dodger fan
60 A PVL license is like a drivers license. Holders of it feel like it is a right and should never be taken from them even when everyone else knows it's time.
2007-09-21 18:52:04
70.   PlayTwo
Ahmadinejad and Kent in the same room would be interesting.
2007-09-21 18:52:29
71.   underdog
Ack. Loiaza's pitching, I forgot. Score three or eight more Dodgers.
2007-09-21 18:53:00
73.   Bluebleeder87
about an hour ago, I was hoping for a good start for the Dodgers & it happened.
2007-09-21 18:53:23
74.   Gen3Blue
Talk about humiliation. I've been waiting up for the D's -Snakes game and I don't think I get it on TV(DTV). Well it would have been a blessing if I had missed the last few games. Gameday here I come, and I hope you have the extra pitching Jazz.

Allright Nomar!

2007-09-21 18:53:33
75.   underdog
At bats when Nomar's up go really quickly.
2007-09-21 18:55:12
77.   Bluebleeder87
Art, (my buddy) invited me to go to Zona for saturdays game, I'm not to bitter I couldn't make in now.
2007-09-21 18:56:27
78.   neuroboy002
Nomar gives me a seizure. One Pitch. ONE PITCH and he flies out with the bases loaded. I am so tired of seeing that. Doesn't Bill Mueller say ANYTHING to him about the approach(?)
2007-09-21 18:57:49
79.   Bluebleeder87
apparently Gen3Blue has YET to get the memo.

About 30 munites ago, WE ALL AGREED to start every sentence with the letter A Gen3Blue, be a team player bro.

2007-09-21 18:57:52
80.   old dodger fan
A quick count says we got up to about 35 before post 78.
2007-09-21 18:58:46
81.   Bob Timmermann
Aaron Hill is doing his best to keep the Yankees in the game.
2007-09-21 18:59:44
83.   King of the Hobos
A chance for Giambi to win the game in New York. The Yankees started the inning down 4, and have men at the corners down by only one now.
2007-09-21 18:59:50
84.   Bluebleeder87
Aches & pains = Esteban Loaiza, when pitching.
2007-09-21 18:59:53
85.   Gen3Blue
Why does Loiaza have to look like a combination of Hendrickson and the current President of Iran. Just curious.
2007-09-21 19:00:24
86.   old dodger fan
Another start like the last one.
2007-09-21 19:00:26
87.   Branch Rickey
85. Anarchist!
2007-09-21 19:02:27
89.   Bluebleeder87
about 20 minutes from now I'm afraid I'll run out of my A's I hope not but we shall see.
2007-09-21 19:02:39
90.   Eric Enders
A question: Does anyone know which gameday-type application uses the least amount of bandwidth?
2007-09-21 19:03:27
91.   Bluebleeder87
A team player Gen3Blue us not!
2007-09-21 19:03:28
92.   old dodger fan
A short lived lead.
2007-09-21 19:03:51
93.   Bob Timmermann
Added stanzas in New York!
2007-09-21 19:03:54
94.   scooplew
Attention Gen3Blue, please see tonight's 2 .
2007-09-21 19:04:35
95.   scooplew
At 3rd base next year, the "vowel" man, Aurelio Rodriguez?
2007-09-21 19:04:54
96.   Bluebleeder87
A great catch from Gonzalez, nice.
2007-09-21 19:05:04
97.   King of the Hobos
All over in Washington, Phils win 6-3. Mets game still delayed.
2007-09-21 19:05:43
98.   Eric Enders
Aurelio Rodriguez is like Chin-Lung Hu in that they both look like the batboy.
2007-09-21 19:05:59
99.   Bob Timmermann
Another win in DC for the Phils. 6-3. The Mets and Fish are in a rain delay with the Gothamites ahead 8-4.
2007-09-21 19:06:02
100.   Eric Enders
Artificially nice play by Gonzo.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2007-09-21 19:06:22
101.   scooplew
AmAzingly consistent, estebAn loAizA...
2007-09-21 19:08:22
102.   Prescott Pete
2007-09-21 19:09:49
103.   Eric Enders
Agonizingly, is nothing but a bunch of freeze frames today. Off to the radio I go.
2007-09-21 19:09:52
104.   Bluebleeder87
Angelinos will be very happy with the youth movement I think.

Alex Rodriguez can put us over the hump if Ned decides to ink him as a Dodgers for '08 & beyond

2007-09-21 19:10:02
105.   Jimi Shelter
Annoying as this may be to some, I'm actually enjoying it.
2007-09-21 19:10:26
106.   underdog
At first I thought that Andre had hit one out, I didn't even see it bounce or anything.
2007-09-21 19:10:52
107.   scooplew
About how many times have we left the bases loaded this week?
2007-09-21 19:10:58
108.   Bluebleeder87
Andre Ethier is a great illustration of what I'm trying to say, with that ground rule double.
2007-09-21 19:11:55
109.   old dodger fan
A certain Dodger CFer is very close to a .300 BA which will make a certain GM say, "I told you so. He gets on base an awful lot".
2007-09-21 19:12:24
110.   Bluebleeder87
Albow job for Juan Pierre.
2007-09-21 19:12:30
111.   Jimi Shelter
107. A ton!
2007-09-21 19:12:43
112.   El Lay Dave
Andre Ethier hitting seventh and Nomar eighth might have put a different complexion on this game.
2007-09-21 19:13:23
113.   Bob Timmermann
AL strikeout race:
Kazmir and Santana were one behind Eric Bedard.

Santana whiffed 11 and Kazmir just 9.

2007-09-21 19:13:58
115.   Eric Stephen
A sinking feeling is what I felt when I arrived home, wanting to end my long week by resting and watching this evening's Dodger game, when I was greeted by 14 Extra Innings channels with nary a Dodger game. MLB Audio it is!

A great idea is was to begin every post with A! I feel like Yoda.

2007-09-21 19:14:03
116.   underdog
'at was close but he got it!
2007-09-21 19:15:14
117.   Eric Enders
At Yankee Stadium, the Blue Jays network just showed a lady running onto the field and getting subdued by the cops. I think that's the first time I've actually seen that shown on TV.
2007-09-21 19:15:16
118.   El Lay Dave
Astoundingly, Pierre HBP. No pitcher would hit him, just like they wouldn't walk him, since he's no power threat.


2007-09-21 19:16:28
119.   Bob Timmermann
And why is Extra Innings showing the Blue Jays broadcast instead of YES? YES has permanent residence on Extra Innings I thought.
2007-09-21 19:16:44
120.   El Lay Dave
115 A Yoda reference earlier was made. Observant, not you are.
2007-09-21 19:16:45
121.   scooplew
About how many times have we left the bases loaded this week?
2007-09-21 19:17:30
122.   underdog
Abreu gets the job done, at least.

And I wonder if Jeff Kent glares at Loney for swinging on a 3-0 pitch. "Come on, whippersnapper!"

2007-09-21 19:17:43
123.   scooplew
An error -- I double-posted...
2007-09-21 19:17:48
124.   El Lay Dave
Approving of productive out, Jeff Kent is, I imagine.
2007-09-21 19:18:08
126.   Eric Stephen
AccuTracker™ of Loney's OPS:

.890 season, .893 career

A triple next AB brings both to exactly .900.

2007-09-21 19:18:23
127.   underdog
121 About how many times you gonna ask that?

See 111

2007-09-21 19:19:14
128.   underdog
123 Ack, sorry for my mockery then.
2007-09-21 19:20:32
129.   underdog
AMC's now showing one of my least favorite Hitchcock movies, Torn Curtain.
2007-09-21 19:21:04
130.   Jimi Shelter
127. See 111

Ahem...I was wondering if anyone noticed! Actually, it seems like we almost always leave the bases loaded.

2007-09-21 19:21:27
131.   Bob Timmermann
About three times since Sunday.

OK, exactly three times since Sunday, not counting tonight.

2007-09-21 19:22:10
132.   dzzrtRatt
Alfred Hitchcock's mid-60s output left me cold.
2007-09-21 19:22:25
134.   Eric Enders
A nice string of 44 posts in a row we had, until 130 .
2007-09-21 19:22:31
135.   Bob Timmermann
Augie Ojeda MOVED to South Gate and still lives there? I think not.
2007-09-21 19:22:50
136.   Bluebleeder87
Afflac trivia questions from the 90's are pretty easy for me to answers.
2007-09-21 19:23:08
137.   Disabled List
All year long I've been aching for a gimmick thread. I'm still holding out for my favorite. Do I want to see a Make-Every-Post-Sound-Like-Jim-Tracy thread? Yes I do.
2007-09-21 19:24:00
138.   Eric Stephen
A strike or three from Loaiza would be nice.
2007-09-21 19:24:15
139.   El Lay Dave
Abraham Nunez.
2007-09-21 19:25:05
140.   Bob Timmermann
AT&T sent me a piece of paper in the mail telling me that I would no longer be receiving bills in the mail.
2007-09-21 19:25:50
141.   dzzrtRatt
137 Appropriate such a thing might be on the day Tracy's firing is announced.
2007-09-21 19:25:57
142.   Kingmans Performance
A-Rod (our 3B in '08) thrown out to
end the 10th.

Let's go to the 11th tied in NY 4-4.

2007-09-21 19:25:59
143.   Prescott Pete
Andy Ashby, where art thou?
2007-09-21 19:26:03
144.   Disabled List
Anyone remember Don Aase? He's the official sponsor of tonight's game thread.
2007-09-21 19:26:26
145.   Jimi Shelter
A ruling is needed here on 130. The "see 111" was a quote from a previous post. Who has the rule book? My post started with "Ahem..."
2007-09-21 19:26:43
146.   Bluebleeder87

Augie Ojeda must know his South Gate streets cause I worked there & I have to agree with him, theres some REALLY nice homes in some South Gate areas

2007-09-21 19:26:51
147.   dzzrtRatt
A dust storm!
2007-09-21 19:27:23
148.   Jon Weisman
All you guys are my heroes.
2007-09-21 19:28:32
149.   underdog
Angryman with his second hit of the night.

145 Allow it, I say.

2007-09-21 19:28:34
150.   El Lay Dave
Aflac Duck made another appearance at True Blue LA today. Ned seemed awfully coherant though.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2007-09-21 19:28:55
151.   tjshere
Ain't no way I can miss chiming in on this thread.
2007-09-21 19:29:23
152.   Eric Stephen
145 A suggestion: use the phrase "A quote:" preceding your non-conforming quote.

144 Awesome idea. I haven't thought about Don Aase in ages.

2007-09-21 19:30:02
153.   Jimi Shelter

Ahhh, shucks.

2007-09-21 19:30:08
154.   El Lay Dave
145 Aye vote from me.
2007-09-21 19:30:21
155.   Bluebleeder87
A glass of water, I shell go get.
2007-09-21 19:30:57
156.   Bob Timmermann
Anybody thinking about David Aardsma too?
2007-09-21 19:31:00
157.   Eric Stephen
"All year long, they looked to him to light the fire, and all year long, he delivered."

-Vin Scully, who surely would have posted that on tonight's thread if he wasn't busy being 19 years ahead of the curve.

2007-09-21 19:31:05
158.   tjshere
144 Apparently Henry Aaron didn't want the job.
2007-09-21 19:31:33
159.   dzzrtRatt
Awesome it would be if each of the next 3 posts was devoted to the rest of the letters that spell A R O D. That would show him how much we want him.
2007-09-21 19:32:57
160.   Eric Stephen
A first pitch not swung at!
2007-09-21 19:33:35
161.   Jimi Shelter
Avoiding quotes altogether might be the best approach for me.
2007-09-21 19:33:47
162.   dzzrtRatt
Assuming Loiza is still Loiza, we should keep piling up the runs. We'll need them.
2007-09-21 19:33:53
163.   Bob Timmermann
A-Rod cannot be tempted with petty acrostic tricks.
2007-09-21 19:34:15
164.   Prescott Pete
Another strange comment from Gracie on AZ TV when commenting on the LA/AZ contrast -- the "D-Backs young players all came up together."
2007-09-21 19:34:37
165.   Disabled List
152 Aase and Andy Ashby ain't appeared in ages, on account of an abundance of average arms.
2007-09-21 19:34:46
166.   Eric Enders
Aardsma, David
Aaron, Tommie
Aaron, Hank
Aase, Don

Poor Tommie Aaron. Nobody ever thinks about him.

2007-09-21 19:35:06
167.   underdog
A really odd diversion, would 159 be.

Btw, did anyone hear the DBacks announcers talking about Kent's comments just now? Mark Grace then said, "The difference between the Dodgers young players and the DBacks young players is that the DBacks guys all came up together, they all played together in the minor leagues." Huh, Grace? Guess he never heard of Jacksonville, or basically did any research at all before making that statement.

2007-09-21 19:35:13
168.   El Lay Dave
156 Aardsma considered, but Aase is an old friend.
2007-09-21 19:35:55
169.   Disabled List
165 Ahhh, I might've trying too hard with that one.
2007-09-21 19:35:56
170.   Eric Enders
Anagram of the night:
Manny Ramirez = Remain Mr. Zany
2007-09-21 19:36:06
171.   Jimi Shelter

Anachronistic, but I never get tired of hearing it.

2007-09-21 19:36:19
172.   Kingmans Performance
According to Billboard magazine the number 1
song in the USA 30 years ago this week:

Andy Gibb 'I Just Want To Be Yout Everything'

2007-09-21 19:36:51
173.   Eric Enders
Aase being an old friend, I had totally forgotten about.
2007-09-21 19:37:09
174.   underdog
At least Pete and I were listening!
2007-09-21 19:38:22
175.   Bluebleeder87
appalling!, seriously get a clue Gracie, he's a funny & charismatic broadcaster but seriously! don't mess with our youth movement bro!!
2007-09-21 19:38:23
176.   tjshere
172 According to me, there's no accounting for taste
2007-09-21 19:38:33
177.   Eric Enders
Andy Ashby is the only Dodger in history with the initials A.A.

[insert inappropriate Bob Welch joke here]

2007-09-21 19:42:07
178.   Bluebleeder87
Arm, Pierre has not!
2007-09-21 19:42:45
179.   overkill94
Am I wrong, or isn't Loaiza supposed to be a control pitcher? 14 BB's in 17 1/3 IP seems very uncharacteristic for him. Is he still working his way back from injury?
2007-09-21 19:43:23
180.   overkill94
177 Another option could have been current whipping boy Joe Beimel
2007-09-21 19:43:42
181.   Disabled List
A diversion: Behold! Bad boy Barry Bonds bolts Bay Area baseball. Boo-hoo, bellows Blue brigade.
2007-09-21 19:44:16
182.   Eric Enders
An amusing if disturbing story, Vin just told about Eric Byrnes.
2007-09-21 19:44:28
183.   overkill94
Anyone who casts a 1st place vote for anyone but Jake Peavy for the Cy Young needs their head examined
2007-09-21 19:44:45
184.   Bluebleeder87
Answering your question 179 yes, he is coming back from disk/back problems I believe, we're all hoping he's a better pitcher for '08.
2007-09-21 19:45:08
185.   overkill94
182 A tidbit I had already read in the latest Sports Illustrated which has a nice long story about him
2007-09-21 19:47:06
186.   Eric Stephen
All-Time Dodger "First Name A" Lineup:

C - Al Lopez
1B - Al Ferrara
2B - Andy High
3B - Adrian Beltre
SS - Arky Vaughan
LF - Andy Pafko
CF - Augie Galan
RF - Andre Ethier

SP - Andy Messersmith
SP - Al Downing
SP - Al Mamaux
SP - Aaron Sele
SP - Andy Ashby

CL - Alejandro Pena
RP - Antonio Osuna
RP - Alan Foster
RP - Art Decatur
RP - Alan Mills

2007-09-21 19:47:09
187.   El Lay Dave
Appropriately, Jeff Salazar has walked and singled since I "dissed" him before game time.
2007-09-21 19:47:36
188.   Bob Timmermann
Always be wary of foul outs that go awry.
2007-09-21 19:47:42
189.   overkill94
Another log for the fire of veterans hating rookies
2007-09-21 19:47:46
190.   Prescott Pete
A-Rod would have caught that.
2007-09-21 19:47:57
191.   Bluebleeder87
Angelinos will remember Clarks BOMB the other day, it almost left Dodger Stadium, CF job too!, wow.
2007-09-21 19:49:07
192.   overkill94
188 A prescient man you are
2007-09-21 19:49:26
193.   Disabled List
186 Ay caramba. Aaron Sele?
2007-09-21 19:49:28
194.   Bob Timmermann
Again, I'm a Cassandra. Except people probably believed me.
2007-09-21 19:49:48
195.   El Lay Dave
Abreu drop that?
2007-09-21 19:49:53
196.   Frip
We sucky sucky long time.
2007-09-21 19:50:09
197.   Eric Stephen
A backup 1B / pinch hitter that can actually hit with power. That must be nice to have.
2007-09-21 19:50:30
198.   El Lay Dave


2007-09-21 19:50:35
199.   max power
Abreu certainly didn't help make Jeff Kent look wrong, I'm sad to say.
2007-09-21 19:51:07
200.   El Lay Dave
196 Allow me. Frip, please see the memo in 2 .
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2007-09-21 19:51:47
201.   Bluebleeder87
AZ Snake pit's author is probably loving that Clark home run. ugh.
2007-09-21 19:51:52
202.   eusmus
197 Actually, I'm quite glad we don't have another fossil to take at bats away from Loney.
2007-09-21 19:52:18
203.   Kingmans Performance
At every opportunity Yankee tv is showing
Joba Chamberlain's dad's reaction to every
play. He's sitting in the stands with a toothpick in his mouth.
2007-09-21 19:52:44
204.   El Lay Dave
199 Ah, did Max get lucky, or did he actually see 2 before posting?
2007-09-21 19:53:02
205.   Disabled List
196 Achtung, Frip!
2007-09-21 19:53:20
206.   max power
Answering 195 , Abreu called off Nomar and proceeded to miss it badly.
2007-09-21 19:55:07
207.   El Lay Dave
206 Arigato.
2007-09-21 19:57:12
208.   Bluebleeder87

And to top it off, on the very next pitch Clark hit it out.

2007-09-21 19:57:24
209.   overkill94
Any chance that this thread will produce some karma in LaRoche's favor going into next year?
2007-09-21 19:58:20
210.   overkill94
A rare infield hit from Crazy Eyes
2007-09-21 19:58:21
211.   Bob Timmermann
Absolutely none.
2007-09-21 19:58:56
212.   Eric Stephen
A bit too early, but I can tell you, living in San Diego, that tonight seems interesting down here.
2007-09-21 19:59:02
213.   Eric Enders
A thirteenth inning there will be in the Bronx.
2007-09-21 19:59:38
214.   NorCal-Dodger
As, crazy eyes flashes a glimpse at mean eyes from 1st base.
2007-09-21 19:59:59
215.   max power
Andele, andele!
2007-09-21 20:00:05
216.   D4P
Apparently, Ned has replaced the $4 million Brett Tomko with one that costs twice as much.
2007-09-21 20:01:21
217.   Eric Stephen
Anyone see Diamond Leung's latest blog entry?

Leung, paraphrasing Matt Kemp:
"So basically the young guys don't want to win the game? We're busting our (behinds). We're used to winning, and we're not used to losing (in the minors). If you want to put the blame on the younger guys, I guess you have someone to put the blame on.

We're playing hurt. Our hearts are in it. We come to play every day.

It's not about age. Everyone wants to win - young or old. I haven't played with anybody that doesn't care about winning."

2007-09-21 20:01:52
218.   Bluebleeder87
according to my calculations that was expected from Luis Gonzalez.
2007-09-21 20:03:10
219.   Branch Rickey
Anti-climactic end to that inning.
2007-09-21 20:03:13
220.   jujibee
Actually, he replaced him with a nice quarterly rental and a year and a half of a soft tossing guy. I wish he would've thought about not picking up his option.
2007-09-21 20:03:13
221.   NorCal-Dodger
Astoundingly, predicatable hitting from LuGo, I think he preesses harder at AZ to impress.
2007-09-21 20:03:15
222.   Branch Rickey
Anti-climactic end to that inning.
2007-09-21 20:04:55
223.   Bluebleeder87

Anyway you slice it, Kent should have stat pat on his comments because people were gonna interpret them wrong, from management right down to the youth.

2007-09-21 20:04:55
224.   Eric Stephen
A motivational tool was all Kent's outburst was, perhaps self-motivational. Tonight's 3 for 3 moves his seasonal line to .302/.375/.501.

In the 2nd half of the season (from game 82 onward), Kent has tattooed the ball to the tune of .349/.406/.567.

2007-09-21 20:04:59
225.   KG16
Am I too late for the fun?

Are there any things of interest happening tonight?

2007-09-21 20:05:25
226.   NorCal-Dodger
Aspiring rookie seeting the record straight 217
2007-09-21 20:07:35
227.   Eric Stephen
All of us anxiously await the day when all Dodger Thoughts posts must begin with X to welcome Dodger offseason acquisition Xavier Nady.
2007-09-21 20:07:37
228.   NorCal-Dodger
Annihilating triple by an Augie.
2007-09-21 20:07:39
229.   overkill94
An interesting game was broken up in San Diego, but the other half is still interesting
2007-09-21 20:08:49
230.   Bluebleeder87
Also, why is Gracie dumping on our youth saying they didn't come up together & what not!!? that's not right, he should get his facts right, SPECIALLY because he's a PAID BROADCASTER!
2007-09-21 20:09:02
231.   El Lay Dave
220 Are you speaking of a Loaiza option? His 2008 is guaranteed. 2009 is a team option with a $375K buyout.
2007-09-21 20:09:24
232.   KG16
229 - as I understand it, it is very rare to see both sides of a game be interesting. [looks toward Bob]
2007-09-21 20:10:04
233.   dzzrtRatt
Aw nuts.
2007-09-21 20:10:11
234.   overkill94
Awesome 0-2 pitch there baldy
2007-09-21 20:10:44
235.   Eric Stephen
An early shower is needed.
2007-09-21 20:10:44
236.   Bob Timmermann
All people here know of Fred Toney and Hippo Vaughn don't they?
2007-09-21 20:10:45
237.   Bluebleeder87
Ah man, come on Loaiza, ugh!
2007-09-21 20:11:24
238.   overkill94
A web gem from the local boy!
2007-09-21 20:11:25
239.   dzzrtRatt
2007-09-21 20:11:53
240.   Eric Stephen
2007-09-21 20:11:53
241.   El Lay Dave
217 A nice Grady comment there too.

You'll see a kid make a base-running error. At the same time, you'll see a veteran make a base-running error, too.

2007-09-21 20:11:59
242.   MMSMikey

c'mon give it a rest, the season is over and loiza sucks. nice pick up by the way, ned.

2007-09-21 20:12:02
243.   NorCal-Dodger
Another dissapointing Esteban outting...we get 1 more year of this?
2007-09-21 20:12:21
244.   Gen3Blue
94 and others: see 7 although maybe it wasn't clear enough, I started with an A.
2007-09-21 20:12:59
245.   Eric Enders
Appears the Dodgers are sending a message tonight.

The message is: We really, really want to keep our first-round pick next year.

2007-09-21 20:14:03
246.   Bluebleeder87
another bad outing for Loaiza it looks like...
2007-09-21 20:14:07
247.   MMSMikey

its not worth getting all heated up over.

2007-09-21 20:14:32
248.   Gen3Blue
Oh my lord. I just got off the phone with a friend from Florida and got to pay attention to the game just in time to see arguably the worst pitching in th NL in action again.
2007-09-21 20:14:36
249.   El Lay Dave
¡Ay caramba! Esteban, the pitcher was supposed to be the escape hatch.

Grady will hit for Loaiza if someone gets on, right? Right?

2007-09-21 20:14:48
250.   NorCal-Dodger
Astrologically speaking, the stars were just not aligned for us this year.......
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2007-09-21 20:14:54
251.   KG16
236 - all things considered, I have learned to trust you for various bits of baseball knowledge
2007-09-21 20:15:27
252.   MMSMikey
nice cut nomar.
2007-09-21 20:15:39
253.   LogikReader
Ah geez, if this week isn't a good enough reason to go after Arod, I don't know what is. I appreciate Vin's very subtle, read between the lines plea to get legitimate power hitting in the lineup.
2007-09-21 20:17:08
254.   El Lay Dave
244 "All comments" according to 2 . Not just your first. (Although calling you out on it curtails the fun.)
2007-09-21 20:17:23
255.   KG16
apparently, some of us are slipping a bit... this is where some PVL would pick us up, if, you know, we were a team
2007-09-21 20:17:33
256.   jujibee
231 Absolutely not. I was talking about Wells and Loaiza. So, I guess you were half right.
2007-09-21 20:17:54
257.   Bluebleeder87
opportunities will be had, with this Zona pitcher, BELIEVE ME!
2007-09-21 20:18:15
258.   El Lay Dave
Ah, MMSMikey, please see 2 . Although it may not last much longer.
2007-09-21 20:18:18
259.   MMSMikey

its a lost cause.

2007-09-21 20:18:29
260.   Bluebleeder87


2007-09-21 20:18:56
261.   MMSMikey
ah, damn. my fault.
2007-09-21 20:19:33
262.   KG16
As an aside: Angels (ha, 4 in a row) looking to clinch the AL West today and also get home field advantage through out the playoffs. When was the last time a town had the World Series title and the Stanley Cup?

Also, what is the official name of the World Series trophy?

2007-09-21 20:19:41
263.   El Lay Dave
And how often do you see the player who just made a fine defensive play come up to bat in the next inning and .... GIDP !?
2007-09-21 20:19:43
264.   Eric Stephen
Alas, the game in SD is no longer interesting for either side.
2007-09-21 20:19:43
265.   LAT
No longer interesting in SD
2007-09-21 20:20:09
266.   Gen3Blue
Ahh. I could have done it if our staff wasn't pitching.
2007-09-21 20:20:31
267.   Frip
Agronomists may be at odds with Nomar's numbers this year, but at least he would have had the humility, (or perhaps sportsman-like dignity) not to have blamed the young guys like Kent did.

You may say Nomar simply didn't have the numbers to bitch, but I don't think he would have, even if he had the numbers.

Just saying the guy is worth rooting for. The Kent comparison just highlights this fact.

This matters because you root for guys, as much as you root for an abstract "team".

As a Sabbath fan, you connected with Ozzy, never Iommi.

2007-09-21 20:20:57
268.   Eric Stephen
265 A new post up on top of yours!
2007-09-21 20:22:12
269.   Eric Enders
262 Abnormally, it's called the World Series trophy.
2007-09-21 20:22:12
270.   LAT
At least the Loaiza deal seems to be falling into place with Neds other acquisations. Nice work.
2007-09-21 20:23:30
271.   Bluebleeder87
all kidding aside, this game could have been had (it still can) but man, Loaiza is a bust THIS YEAR, I really hope he gets better for next season.
2007-09-21 20:23:38
272.   Eric Stephen
Almost assuredly, Nomar will be listed as the Dodger 3B on the 2007 LAD Baseball Reference page, as he passes Betemit in innings at the position next inning.
2007-09-21 20:24:36
273.   LAT
Clark and Loney standing at first look a little like father and son. Same build, similar look.
2007-09-21 20:24:44
274.   Frip
Aristotle might say, "You see now, my children, why we are not in the playoffs?"
2007-09-21 20:25:52
275.   NorCal-Dodger
Anticipation for this year to end and 2008 to start a new.
2007-09-21 20:26:50
276.   KG16
269 - all these years of baseball history and they don't have anyone to name the thing after? Lord Stanley, Larry O'Brien, Vince Lombardi...

A proposal: the World Series trophy should be named for one of: Babe Ruth, Abner Doubleday, or Kenesaw Mountain Landis.

2007-09-21 20:27:12
277.   dzzrtRatt
Any theories why Loiza pitched well and then fell apart?
2007-09-21 20:28:05
278.   Bluebleeder87
Algunas beses digo porque soy un Dodger fanatico!
2007-09-21 20:28:05
279.   dzzrtRatt
276 A quick peek at Wikipedia will show that it's called The Commissioner's Trophy.
2007-09-21 20:28:06
280.   El Lay Dave
At age 38, Rudy is 12 2/3 innings above his career high; this was his 73rd.
2007-09-21 20:28:50
281.   KG16
277 - a hypothesis: he has yet to return to 100% following his injury.
2007-09-21 20:29:29
282.   LogikReader
As I was reading online today, SF made a big announcement: Bonds will not re-sign with SF. To announce this so early, I wonder... i wonder... are the Giants going to go after A-Rod too??

ps: He said he wanted to win a WS... where the heck could Bonds even go where the team needs him and they're a player away from being the World Series favorite?

2007-09-21 20:29:35
283.   El Lay Dave
Apparently LAT did not get the 2 directive, although 270 teased us into thinking he had.
2007-09-21 20:30:14
284.   Eric Enders
279 Booo-ring.

I wonder what it was called before 1921, then?

2007-09-21 20:30:24
285.   Eric Stephen
280 Amazing is the season by Seanez. I keep waiting for the click in the roller coaster, but it just hasn't happened yet.

I think he may have transferred his impending doom to Broxton in the last few weeks!

2007-09-21 20:30:37
286.   Frip
276 Although KG16 is a lame name, he makes an excellent point.
2007-09-21 20:31:18
287.   overkill94
273 Appears someone hasn't caught on to the theme of this thread
2007-09-21 20:31:21
288.   Eric Enders
Aw, shucks, I just screwed up.

Although, the directive did say we only had to go until it got annoying.

2007-09-21 20:31:25
289.   Marty
Ay chingao Juan!
2007-09-21 20:31:44
290.   Prescott Pete
277 Another example of post-spring training dead arm? Considering he was out most of the year?
2007-09-21 20:31:49
291.   El Lay Dave
276 Are you kidding? Landis? A certain minority group might have a slight objection to that.
2007-09-21 20:32:18
292.   KG16
286 - a bit of a low blow since it is a combination of my initials and playing number.
2007-09-21 20:32:28
293.   Bob Timmermann
A walk to Cameron starts the Padres sixth. I sense a breakthrough.
2007-09-21 20:33:03
294.   Eric Enders
Abner Doubleday would be a good guy to name the trophy after. Him, or some other Civil War general who never heard of baseball.
2007-09-21 20:33:44
295.   El Lay Dave
288 Annoying? No, "old". Assuming the age arbitrator is our blog host.
2007-09-21 20:34:06
296.   Marty
A few years ago I walked on Doubleday's grave, or at least around it.
2007-09-21 20:34:06
297.   underdog
282 Absolutely think the Giants will go after A Rod. And they may have the money to do it. But yeah, would he want to go to a team that will most likely not be a pennant contender?

I was just checking in briefly, after getting a reminder of the fact that this game and this season basically suck.

2007-09-21 20:34:09
298.   KG16
291 - a suggestion only because he was the first commissioner, no other reason. should know a little more of history.
2007-09-21 20:34:25
299.   LogikReader
Adrian Beltre singles on a line drive to put the M's up 2-0..... and put the Angels' division title celebration on ice.
2007-09-21 20:34:29
300.   dzzrtRatt
Annoyed? Not me. Not yet.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2007-09-21 20:35:52
301.   Bob Timmermann
A very long wait to resume in Florida.
2007-09-21 20:36:10
302.   KG16
Anyone catch the report on ESPN that a certain left fielder will not be returning to San Fransisco?
2007-09-21 20:36:18
303.   LogikReader
Awwwww poor Hud.


Underdog, who's to say the Giants wouldn't be contenders with an Arod signing? They already have a pretty good rotation and with a few nifty trades, maybe some complements could be added. Hate to play devils advocate like that...

2007-09-21 20:36:58
304.   El Lay Dave
Apparently Wells is still slated to start tomorrow on three-days rest. Is there any reason for any Dodger to start on three days rest at this point? Since Stults is being burned off now, how about Houlton tomorrow, skip Wells, and save the money?
2007-09-21 20:37:27
305.   Bob Timmermann
A homer by Zaun in the 14th gives the Jays a 5-4 lead.
2007-09-21 20:37:27
306.   nick
As a Yankee fan, perhaps you'll allow me to aver that Alex....will abide!
2007-09-21 20:38:06
307.   LogikReader
Ah not again! Is it "who's" or "whose"?

re: 303

2007-09-21 20:38:09
308.   Bob Timmermann
After Cameron's walk, Bradley whiffed and Gonzalez and Greene made out.

A balance of goose eggs in San Diego.

2007-09-21 20:38:29
309.   overkill94
303 As bad as that line-up is, I don't know what kind of trades they could make to field a contender. They'd have to get lucky with some post-hype sleepers like Jack Cust or Brandon Phillips were to have any sort of chance and I don't think that's what A-Rod's looking for.
2007-09-21 20:39:02
310.   nick
Atholl, a mountainous region of Scotland, is not the birthplace of all Yankee fans, in spite of what some may think.....
2007-09-21 20:39:12
311.   Eric Stephen
Announcers Steiner and Monday are not enamored with the term "quality start", focusing only on the worst possible QS (6 IP, 3 ER).
2007-09-21 20:39:16
312.   Frip
After that, Vin mentions the guy's birthday...only Vin my friends...only Vin.
2007-09-21 20:39:22
313.   overkill94
307 Affirmative that your first inclination was correct (who's)
2007-09-21 20:39:33
314.   tjshere
Apache helicopter rotors are what the D'backs are circling the bases like.
2007-09-21 20:39:49
315.   nick
....and non-Athollians among us aspire to nothing higher than retaining the services of A-Rod.
2007-09-21 20:40:16
316.   Disabled List
Alliteration is on Landis' side too: Lord Stanley, Larry O'Brien, Lombardi...
2007-09-21 20:40:17
317.   Prescott Pete
Any chance Bums might look at Bonds? (incoming!)
2007-09-21 20:41:06
318.   El Lay Dave
307 After further review, the comment stands as typed.
2007-09-21 20:41:45
319.   Bob Timmermann
Albert Pujols pinch-hitting in St. Louis, bases loaded, 2 outs, 6-2 Astros in the 9th.
2007-09-21 20:42:03
320.   Eric Stephen
304 A bonus to David Wells is not guaranteed for his next start, unless the Dodgers upped the ante. His Padre contract called for a $3m bonus to be earned in equal amounts from each start 11-27 (roughly $176,500 per start). His last start was his 27th for the season, so unless the Dodgers added to his bonus structure (I only saw it reported that they matched the original contracted bonuses), he will only earn his base salary (minimum to the Dodgers) from here on out.
2007-09-21 20:42:03
321.   NorCal-Dodger
Agonizingly, Augie the Dodger Impaler
2007-09-21 20:42:11
322.   Frip
292 Assinine of me to criticize you when I only meant to compliment you. Seriously.
2007-09-21 20:42:38
323.   overkill94
317 Absolutely none
2007-09-21 20:42:49
324.   underdog
303 As much as I hate to say it, you might be right. Their pitching (starting) is certainly strong - not sure about their bullpen or their position player depth though. And I'm not sure A-Rod would find it desirable enough, either.

About that Diamond Leung posting tonight, with Kemp's comments were also some from Grady:
>>I think he shares frustration with all of us. There's not too many of us that don't feel the same frustration.

It's been the most challenging (season) of my managing career because of that very situation (veterans mixed with kids).

You'll see a kid make a base-running error. At the same time, you'll see a veteran make a base-running error, too.

Everyone has their share of responsibility. I certainly do as the manager. I'm the one who makes the lineups. I'm the one who pushes the buttons and waits to see if it's the right or wrong button. I'm as much responsible as any player we got out there.

It's not enjoyable for us in uniform, for anyone in the organization.<<

2007-09-21 20:43:09
325.   Bluebleeder87
an absolutely bad beginning to Loaiza's Dodger career.
2007-09-21 20:43:32
326.   underdog
317 Are you referring to Mr. Burns? Exxccellent, Smithers.
2007-09-21 20:43:40
327.   NorCal-Dodger
Augie short for Augustine?
2007-09-21 20:44:08
328.   max power
10 Assassinated?
2007-09-21 20:44:45
329.   Gen3Blue
AZHP the pitching staff.
2007-09-21 20:45:19
330.   El Lay Dave
320 After reading that, my suggestion stands and now the Player's Association can't claim the Dodgers are trying to duck the bonus.
2007-09-21 20:45:31
331.   Eric Stephen
A Rockie rally in the 7th. 1st and 2nd, 1 out, 1 run in, as Colorado looks to climb Mt. Peavy. 1-0 Rox.
2007-09-21 20:45:40
332.   Prescott Pete
323 A-okay.
2007-09-21 20:45:45
333.   NorCal-Dodger
Are we gonna make Jon's goal of 81 W's??
2007-09-21 20:46:21
334.   underdog
At that, I'm reminded why I wasn't super confident in Eric Stults as a 5th starter option. Nor am I in Loiaza, nor was I in Tomko, nor Hendrickson. Not many teams have really good 5th starters, but I'd be happy with one who is consistently decent at least.
2007-09-21 20:46:23
335.   KG16
311 - a slip to mediocrity, the quality start is. Not unimportant, but sort of a watered down stat as 6 IP and 3 ER would lead to 4.50 ERA, which one would argue is not what one would call good.
2007-09-21 20:46:35
336.   Bob Timmermann
2007-09-21 20:46:47
337.   overkill94
Although I'm a little peaved that Peavy gave up that run, at least I have the Rockies closer on my fantasy team as well, so all is not lost (as long as the Padres don't give up a bunch of runs)
2007-09-21 20:47:15
338.   Bob Timmermann
Albert Pujols walks to force in a run. 6-3 Astros, 2 outs in the 9th with Lidge pitching to Molina.
2007-09-21 20:47:22
339.   SG6
A nice throw by Martin.

Any good news is worth noting.

2007-09-21 20:47:24
340.   Eric Stephen
330 Agreeing with your point I was (hmmm). There is no reason for Wells to ever start again, unless Uncle Jeff Kent wishes it so.
2007-09-21 20:47:39
341.   El Lay Dave
Ah cripes, if Houlton is in now also, are there any viable starters for tomorrow other than Wells on 3-days rest?
2007-09-21 20:47:50
342.   Frip
Astrology can't give us the answere to why we even care at this point. What a low feeling it is tonight, watching a talented team completely NOT matter.

Well, at least we have each other...that, and our ugly girlfriends.

2007-09-21 20:48:12
343.   underdog
306 A-Rod = The Dude?
2007-09-21 20:48:23
344.   dzzrtRatt
Angel talk anyone?
2007-09-21 20:48:55
345.   Eric Stephen
335 Aggregate winning percentage of all quality starts is something like 68 or 69%. I haven't seen the study in some time, but I'd venture to say that the ERA for all QS is in the low 2 range.
2007-09-21 20:49:00
346.   King of the Hobos
Assuming the Dodgers can't come back, they will move into 15th place overall. If Toronto can hold their current lead in the 14th, then they will be .5 games behind the Dodgers. Toronto is currently in 16th place by my count, which is the magical spot where the team secures their first round pick.
2007-09-21 20:49:11
347.   Bluebleeder87

again, I like Grady but awkward situations like that happen specially with a team in transition (great time to be a Dodger fan) we've all seen the youth CARRY THIS TEAM but you can also see Kent's "time is running out for me" mentality.

2007-09-21 20:49:24
348.   NorCal-Dodger
Assuredly, the gas-lamp folks are hating on us about now...
2007-09-21 20:49:59
349.   KG16
322 - apology not necessary, my creativity was lacking the day I created my account
2007-09-21 20:50:25
350.   dzzrtRatt
Alas, also a one-sided affair in Anaheim. 5-0.
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2007-09-21 20:50:31
351.   underdog
Atrocious pitching in September = Dodger Downfall.
2007-09-21 20:50:45
352.   El Lay Dave
As the game is now out of hand, will Grady empty the bench? Will we see an infield of LaRoche, Hu, Abreu, Loney at some point tonight?
2007-09-21 20:51:16
353.   NorCal-Dodger
Assuming we are sharing ugly girlfriends, I'll stick to my wife for now..
2007-09-21 20:51:56
355.   underdog
347 Absolutely.

And with that, and the game once again out of hand and depressing, I bid you all good night.

2007-09-21 20:52:17
356.   Eric Stephen
348 Always good to stick it to the Padres.
2007-09-21 20:52:24
357.   NorCal-Dodger
And my last post was for 342
2007-09-21 20:52:28
358.   Bluebleeder87
apparently, the rust on some of these pitchers is showing after Grady didn't play them for a while.
2007-09-21 20:52:54
359.   underdog
And the Padres are probably hating the Dodgers right now. But that's okay, because we hate the Padres, too.
2007-09-21 20:53:13
360.   Disabled List
April 2008 can't come soon enough.
2007-09-21 20:53:47
361.   Bluebleeder87
Ay dios mio que esta pasando!
2007-09-21 20:53:50
362.   underdog
Amen to 360.
2007-09-21 20:53:51
363.   Branch Rickey
355. Adieu is what you should bid us tonight, no?
2007-09-21 20:54:45
364.   nick
A Betemit sighting.....
2007-09-21 20:55:03
365.   NorCal-Dodger
Auld Lang Syne, to be sung in chorus after tonight's game.
2007-09-21 20:55:38
366.   KG16
Anyone else here watch Doctor Who? A brilliant show.
2007-09-21 20:55:58
367.   Kingmans Performance
attempting to put the Dodgers performance in the best possible light, our guys have outhit and outscored the Padres & Angels combined tonight. Now that is impressive ain't it?
2007-09-21 20:56:48
368.   D4P
Anyone else find it kinda weird that the media is making such a big deal about Bonds leaving San Francisco? It's especially weird how they act as if it's not physically impossible for him to stay. From what I can tell, there's nothing to prevent anyone from changing their minds about next season. This season isn't even over yet.
2007-09-21 20:57:00
369.   Bluebleeder87
At the present moment, I don't like the way the DOdgers are playing.
2007-09-21 20:57:15
370.   King of the Hobos
And Betemit strikes out, Yankees lose, and the Dodgers are a game closer to securing their first round draft pick from Boston for signing Mike Lowell.
2007-09-21 20:57:38
371.   KG16
After a quick check of the standings, is it correct that the Dodgers could be sleeping with the fishes as soon as tomorrow?
2007-09-21 20:57:41
372.   Jon Weisman
Aha, 346 . Maybe Logan White is in charge.
2007-09-21 20:57:42
373.   nick
.....aaaaaaaand he's called out on a dubious strike 3 to end the contest: the arbiter is a denizen of Atholl!! away, it was; and low as well....
2007-09-21 20:58:16
374.   D4P
A correction to 368 : should read "as if it's now", not "as if it's not"
2007-09-21 20:58:24
375.   Gen3Blue
It's been a while since this team has been a real embarassment and I haven't quite figured out whose at fault yet, but for a long stretch in the 60's though 80's our ERA hovered around 3 every year. I know times have changed in regard to that stat, but since the All Star break our pitching has been appalling.
2007-09-21 20:59:45
376.   dzzrtRatt
Amusing story from a local newspaper in Marshalltown, IA:

Butts facing three years in jail for stealing toilet paper

A woman named Suzanne Marie Butts is facing a possible three-year jail term after being arrested for trying to sneak three rolls of two-ply bathroom tissue out of a county courthouse in Marshalltown, Iowa.

Courthouse employees had suspected a serial toilet-paper thief was at work for some time. Toilet paper appeared to be used up at "unusually high rates, even for county employees," according to the Marshalltown Times-Republican newspaper.

A court worker allegedly caught Butts, 38, red-handed, walking out of a storeroom with the tissue.

Although stealing three rolls of toilet paper is a minor offense, Butts' sentence could be enhanced as a result of prior theft convictions.

"She's facing potentially three years of incarceration for three rolls of toilet paper," Marshalltown Police Chief Lon Walker told reporters, adding, "See, I can't say it with a straight face."

2007-09-21 21:00:50
377.   El Lay Dave
After he gets his last hacks here, I believe even Jeff Kent will approve of pulling out the vets for the remainder of the game.
2007-09-21 21:01:27
378.   NorCal-Dodger
Alas, Grumpy Old Man takes a seat....
2007-09-21 21:01:32
379.   Branch Rickey
375. Allergic to cooperation?
2007-09-21 21:01:39
380.   D4P
And another thing: doesn't the fact that Bonds has been with the Giants for 15 years make you feel old? Hard to believe he was with SF more than twice as long as he was with Pittsburgh.
2007-09-21 21:01:45
381.   Kingmans Performance
A stounding
R esplendent
O verdue
D ivine...victory for the Blue Jays.
2007-09-21 21:02:37
382.   Bluebleeder87
allocate your resources correctly Ned & I'm sure you'll make a seriously push for A-Rod, one hopes!
2007-09-21 21:02:58
383.   Bob Timmermann
Alas, no one reads the Griddle with its allusions to the works of Barry McGuire.

Or Yeats.

One of those two.

2007-09-21 21:03:24
384.   dzzrtRatt
A lightening bolt outside my window! Gadzooks!
2007-09-21 21:04:37
385.   Marty
A cheap one for 2500. Good
2007-09-21 21:04:40
386.   D4P
A standing ovation for LuGo...?
2007-09-21 21:05:05
387.   nick
381 avast, anteater! A-Rod will ride the A train ad infinitum.....
2007-09-21 21:05:10
388.   Bluebleeder87
Awkward 2,500 hit claps from the crowd no?
2007-09-21 21:05:53
389.   Frip
Antimatter is the only theoretical explanation of why a team this talented is in 4th place. Along with our 1st and 2nd batters having only an average .330 OBP.

We really did have adequate pitching, despite the pitching injuries.

2007-09-21 21:06:22
390.   Prescott Pete
Arizona TV's Sutton and Grace REALLY downplayed LoGo's 2,500 hit.
2007-09-21 21:06:36
391.   El Lay Dave
According to Tony Jackson, Grady commenting on the youth/veteran gap before the game, "In a lot of ways, I think it's a two-way street. It's like a marriage. For those who have successful marriages, that's a two-way street, too."
2007-09-21 21:06:54
392.   SG6

A lady at the BOB was rabidly waving a sign:

"We miss you Gonzo! Do you miss us?"

2007-09-21 21:07:21
393.   Bluebleeder87
Arguably, Russell Martin is the best catcher in the NL
2007-09-21 21:07:45
394.   Bob Timmermann
An Arizona win and a San Diego loss would likely mean all three division leaders in the NL would have a 1 1/2 game lead.

Unless the Mets blow a 9-4 lead.

2007-09-21 21:08:06
395.   El Lay Dave
383 A small sample size.
2007-09-21 21:09:14
396.   Eric Stephen
Arguing is not an option for your comment in 393 .
2007-09-21 21:09:50
397.   El Lay Dave
Arizona crowd would get another applause attempt for LuGo if Grady would have pinch-run for him. (Any why not?)
2007-09-21 21:10:03
398.   Bob Timmermann
A small, yet telling, sample.
2007-09-21 21:10:25
399.   Eric Stephen
A 19th win eludes Peavy this evening. He's out of the game after 7 IP, trailing 1-0.
2007-09-21 21:11:10
400.   Bluebleeder87
Andy La Roche playing 3rd base now, I like that Grady gave Russell the rest of the day off.
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2007-09-21 21:11:12
401.   El Lay Dave
Anticipating several substitution for the Dodgers here.
2007-09-21 21:11:14
402.   Eric Stephen
Andy-Hu-Abreu-Loney infield for the first time!
2007-09-21 21:11:33
403.   King of the Hobos
Add Martin and Young, and this would be a great lineup. Too bad we only get it when down by 7 runs.
2007-09-21 21:11:43
404.   CarlosDeC
Another awful loss for the Dodgers and there Fans.
2007-09-21 21:11:47
405.   Jon Weisman
Another channel, channel 56, is showing a fiercely anti-computer episode of The Partridge Family.
2007-09-21 21:11:51
406.   LogikReader
Are you all sensing a bit of frustration in Vin's voice? It would get to all of us, I'm sure.
2007-09-21 21:12:09
407.   Prescott Pete
Another "Kick out of LA" segment now on 570 radio with Joe McDonnell ... my choice would be, tonight, William Plaschke.
2007-09-21 21:12:26
408.   El Lay Dave
402 As I hoped for in 352 !
2007-09-21 21:12:32
409.   dzzrtRatt
A-Rod fantasies will become A-Rod realities if Ned and McCourt are sufficiently frightened by fan reaction.

Mulling it over, I think they can do this.

Sign A-Rod. Pay what it takes. Don't shy away from the Boras factor.

Package three attractive (meaning it will hurt to lose them) prospects to the Twins for Santana. LaRoche, Young, Meloan. Maybe Ethier instead of Young. It's got to look like a win for the Twins' GM or he'll go elsewhere.

Then, if Schmidt can come back, we've got a ridiculous five-man rotation, decent 'pen, and a lineup that can continue hitting all those singles and wait for A-Rod, Kent and Kemp to drive them in.

It wouldn't take anything more than that to make the Dodgers truly scary.

2007-09-21 21:12:33
410.   Bob Timmermann
Another 1-2-3 inning for the Rox. 1-0 Colorado going to the 8th.

I say the Padres win on a walkoff triple by Marcus Giles.

Mainly because I don't like him.

2007-09-21 21:14:17
411.   El Lay Dave
405 Am I recalling correctly that Laurie played a synthesizer? Or was that merely an electric organ?

C'mon get happy!

2007-09-21 21:14:34
412.   dzzrtRatt
A hip flask in Danny Partridge's pocket?
2007-09-21 21:15:16
413.   Frip
Apothegm: An iffy spring, a promising summer, a sad sad fall.
2007-09-21 21:17:01
414.   Bluebleeder87
about a week ago things were much different with the Dodgers, what a difference a week makes.
2007-09-21 21:17:14
415.   El Lay Dave
412 Alternatively, is he just happy to see someone?
2007-09-21 21:18:29
416.   El Lay Dave
A bargain to be had on Craig's List for the upcoming mid-week games against the Rockies? Time to see the prospects?
2007-09-21 21:18:31
417.   Daniel Zappala
Absolution is what we need for those who have messed up tonight's thread. Abashed is what I'm feeling for missing most of the fun to attend a homecoming dinner. Abhorrent is how this season is coming to the end.
2007-09-21 21:19:00
418.   El Lay Dave
A cheap comment cycle to be attempted?
2007-09-21 21:19:37
419.   KG16
409 - a vote against trading Ethier here. As I understand it, the Twins may need a centerfielder, why not offer Pierre, LaRoche and Meloan? At least as a first offer?
2007-09-21 21:19:41
420.   El Lay Dave
Alas, thwarted by the professor!
2007-09-21 21:19:58
421.   King of the Hobos
416 Alas, if Colorado can stay competitive (such as sweeping the Padres series), Grady will feel it necessary to play the vets so the team stays "competitive."
2007-09-21 21:21:48
422.   Bluebleeder87
Alberto Bastardo.
2007-09-21 21:22:13
423.   Gen3Blue
We will have a ridiculous and scary rotation, indeed.
2007-09-21 21:22:19
424.   Eric Stephen
409 I like your thinking, and I'd even give up LaRoche, Minotaur, and one of Meloan, Young, et al to get Santana. The problem is a short term one, that the 2008 payroll would be closer to $140m (but more affordable after 2008 when Lowe, Nomar, and Loaiza come off the books, even with the youngster increases - Martin, Ethier, Broxton, and Saito will be arb eligible in 2009), because Santana is due $13.25m in 2008.
2007-09-21 21:22:28
425.   Daniel Zappala
420 Aha! You didn't think it would be that easy, did you? You have to come early, work hard, and listen to your elders. Even you have elders.
2007-09-21 21:23:18
426.   KG16
424 - a line drawn at the Minotaur.
2007-09-21 21:23:27
427.   El Lay Dave
421 Awkward that I must root for the Padres to hasten the elimination of the Rockies in order for that to happen.
2007-09-21 21:23:33
428.   Eric Stephen
424 Aw, crap. I shall wear a scarlet A, perhaps in hopes of luring Jayson Werth into a conversation.
2007-09-21 21:24:15
429.   Bob Timmermann
Anybody know why the Daily News keeps linking blogs from its homepage even though they never seem to work?
2007-09-21 21:24:15
430.   nick
A Void, the Gilbert Adair translation of George Perec's famed Oulipo novel La Disparition, came to my mind when I saw Jon's choice of constraints for tonight's thread..........a-a-a-and that's all folks! Alka-Seltzers all around, and to all a good night....
2007-09-21 21:25:19
431.   Frip
Albert Bell? I slept in his bed for 4 months...after he left Cleveland State, and I took over his dorm room for the rest of the semester.
2007-09-21 21:25:51
432.   Eric Stephen
426 A best case scenario for the Minotaur is to develop into what Johan already is.

"A BOAT'S A BOAT, but the mystery box could be anything. IT COULD EVEN BE A BOAT. You know how much we wanted one of those."

2007-09-21 21:27:36
433.   dzzrtRatt
A reason I'm considering adding the Orioles to the teams I root for. They're horrible. Orioles fans go into next year with absolutely no expectations. So anything good that happens is a surprise.

The Dodgers have done this to me for almost 20 years. They've seldom gone into spring training with a team that had no chance. They seem to spend a lot of time in first place during many seasons. But when they crumble, it all makes sense in retrospect. There was something flimsy about the team, even the pretty good ones. You had heroic performances in one dimension of the game, and huge letdowns in the other. You had big budgets, but the sense that a lot of it was wasted on a player who's injured, who's playing very badly, or who is playing for another team at our expense.

Often, it was the lack of that one dominant player -- a Bonds, a Peavy, a Maddux, a Pujols -- that kept them from breaking through.

So maybe it's time to just go for it and go get a dominating player. If what we see in Kemp and Loney is realized, then we've got a murderer's row with A-Rod. Likewise Santana added to Chad, Penny and eventually Kershaw. Would it spoil some vast eternal plan if the Dodgers were a loaded team?

2007-09-21 21:29:02
434.   Prescott Pete
A-Rod would have had that -- part two.
2007-09-21 21:29:02
435.   KG16
432 - A sage, Homer Simpson, but still, looking at physical builds of the two, one must favor the Minotaur.
2007-09-21 21:29:21
436.   Bob Timmermann
Aw Crud, Gonzalez homers off of Corpas's first pitch.
2007-09-21 21:30:00
437.   King of the Hobos
Amazing this thread is. DT can get some crazy off topic conversations, but how often do you get Aristotle, apothegms, Atholl, and astrology in the same thread? And "alas" has been used 6 times already. Can anyone integrate aardvarks into the discussion? Apothecaries? Adelaide, Australia? Abigail Adams?
2007-09-21 21:30:03
438.   KG16
433 - and it worked in 1988, if only for a year
2007-09-21 21:31:05
439.   SG6
Adrian Gonzalez cranks a HR in SD.

Leading off bottom of the 9th, down 1-0.

A team that's hot, for sure.

2007-09-21 21:31:18
440.   Eric Stephen
435 Animated quote source? Yes. Homer Simpson? No, Peter Griffin.
2007-09-21 21:31:48
441.   underdog
437 Aardvarking reminds me of a Joe Bob Briggs movie review.

Now it's time for some Hu Fu, because the Dodgers have been mulitply aardvarked in this game.

2007-09-21 21:31:57
442.   Bluebleeder87

Anger & jealousy happens!

2007-09-21 21:32:12
443.   dzzrtRatt
Absolutely awful.
2007-09-21 21:32:41
444.   Eric Stephen
A final game for Roberto Hernandez?
2007-09-21 21:32:56
445.   King of the Hobos
Attaboy Roberto!
2007-09-21 21:33:05
446.   Bluebleeder87
all you can say is, maybe the baseball gods are doing this for a reason, maybe they wanna push McCourt over the edge to SIGN A-Rod with all this going on.
2007-09-21 21:33:39
447.   dzzrtRatt
A Padre year it seems to be. Perhaps they will avenge the Yankees' sweep of '98. Or perhaps we'll have a Camp Pendleton series.
2007-09-21 21:33:47
448.   Bob Timmermann
Added stanzas in San Diego!
2007-09-21 21:33:47
449.   underdog
A question I asked, oh, two months ago: Why is Roberto Hernandez on this team, yet alone in first place.

Argh. He's horrible.

2007-09-21 21:34:02
450.   Eric Stephen
A twin killing ends the Padre 9th. To extras we go in SD!
Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2007-09-21 21:35:14
451.   KG16
440 - amusing animations, both. Unfortunately, I am unable to keep them straight.
2007-09-21 21:36:10
452.   underdog
As PVL goes, Hernandez has the least L, and the most, uh... P.
2007-09-21 21:36:39
453.   Eric Stephen
A headline if the Dodgers trade for Johan: "A Twin Killing."

Later, when Santana resigns with LA after 2008: "Johan Coming Bach!"

2007-09-21 21:37:39
454.   Frip
Asexual es Jeff Kent, however Nomar es muy MUY sexualis.
2007-09-21 21:38:01
455.   underdog
And I'll stick around just to see the Chad Moeller. And Huever comes up after him.
2007-09-21 21:38:18
456.   dzzrtRatt
A substantial chunk of the D-backs negative run differential has been offset tonight.
2007-09-21 21:39:30
457.   KG16
A flash flood warning for Los Angeles County? Do we have the first thunderstorm of the year?
2007-09-21 21:39:58
458.   underdog
Anyone else sense a 9+1 miracle coming here? Huh? huh?

And an 8+1 finish to the season!

2007-09-21 21:40:26
459.   underdog
Andy really gave that a ride. Darnit.
2007-09-21 21:40:52
460.   KG16
an animated Vin with respect to Hu, disappointed that Hu hit a homerun before a single...
2007-09-21 21:41:12
461.   Prescott Pete
Aloha means goodbye. Goodbye my beloved Dodgers, let us meet at sweet spring.
2007-09-21 21:42:15
462.   Eric Stephen
Arizona 12, Los Angeles 3.
2007-09-21 21:42:26
463.   KG16
any suggestions for a good film to have on the background while I work on my novel?
2007-09-21 21:42:27
464.   underdog
A woman who looked like a barbie doll caricature from Reno 911 wearing a Beat LA shirt, yelling "Beat LA" as Hu struck out was one of the more depressing sights of the season.
2007-09-21 21:43:50
465.   Eric Stephen
So when the Dodgers win their final 8 coupled with Arizona losing their final 8, where is the 1-game playoff between LA and Ari for the NL West held?
2007-09-21 21:44:56
466.   underdog
463 American Splendor?

Annie Hall?

Or something less distracting?
Alexander Nevsky?
All Quiet on the Western Front?
An American in Paris?

2007-09-21 21:45:33
467.   underdog
Adios, amigos.
2007-09-21 21:46:28
468.   Bluebleeder87
all of a sudden the game ends, good night peepz. better times will come, who's off the books this year? Gonzalez, OP, Seanez, Saenz
2007-09-21 21:46:43
469.   KG16
466 - as my DVD collection is not very impressive, none of those titles appear.

Although, I do see Almost Famous on the rack

2007-09-21 21:48:30
470.   KG16
additionally, a contemporary classic (yes, very much a contradiction) is on TNT in the form of Forrest Gump
2007-09-21 21:48:31
471.   dzzrtRatt
A sweet music video to take your mind off the Dodgers:


2007-09-21 21:49:25
472.   LogikReader
Ay, caramaba! (out of ideas)

KG16, 1988's Dodger team is hardly one I'd call "loaded"

2007-09-21 21:49:35
473.   Bluebleeder87
starting 5




if Ned makes the right moves/& or signs A-Rod we should be very competitive for '08

2007-09-21 21:50:31
474.   Gen3Blue
At least the D's didn't just happen to end up with a record that didn't quite get them into the play-offs. They were slapped around and humiliated by the teams that surpassed them. This might rouse their ownership into action, although i am not sure they get it!
2007-09-21 21:52:17
475.   KG16
472 - a nod to signing an impact player, only. Otherwise, much like Arizona this year, no explanation.
2007-09-21 22:02:33
476.   Gen3Blue
A "loaded" team rarely makes it through the playoffs. In the D's case it has been the emergense of a surprising great pitcher ala Fernando (1981) or the Bulldog(1988).
2007-09-21 22:10:02
477.   Bob Timmermann
An old friend, Brian Myrow, pinch hits for another old friend, Milton Bradley, in San Diego.
2007-09-21 22:10:20
478.   Gen3Blue
I Thought it was old by 20; Honest.
2007-09-21 22:15:55
479.   BlueCrew Bruin
Amazing! I just got home and skipped down to the end of the thread and I see that the "A" posts are still going strong, 479 posts later. Well done.
2007-09-21 22:17:03
480.   Bob Timmermann
Another old friend, Brady Clark, comes in to play the outfield in Bradley's spot.
2007-09-21 22:18:49
481.   Bob Timmermann
Alice Ghostley, RIP.
2007-09-21 22:19:24
482.   KG16
476 - a long standing point of conventional wisdom is that small ball is more effective in the playoffs. When you typically are playing against the better pitching staffs, and the better pitchers on those staffs (usually only 3 or 4 starters, with 1 or 2 going to the pen), homeruns become less frequent (at least in theory) and therefore the need to manufacture runs becomes more important.

it's been one of the knocks against the A's run of late.

My theory is that the best way to construct an offense is to gather as many line drive hitters as possible. While I'm not opposed to the home run, I think getting as many balls in play as possible is the best way to get runners on base, which is the best way to score runs. It would be effective in both the regular season and the playoffs, at least in theory.

2007-09-21 22:22:16
483.   Bob Timmermann
And why didn't all those line drive hitters help the Dodgers win one playoff game last year?
2007-09-21 22:24:56
484.   KG16
483 - abhorrent base running?
2007-09-21 22:26:52
485.   Bob Timmermann
Abhorrent base running by Brad Hawpe kills Colorado's rally as old friend Oscar Robles nails him too far off third after moving up on an infield single.
2007-09-21 22:27:57
486.   Kevin Lewis
A sad man I was, when I read all the comments and saw the fun I missed.
2007-09-21 22:28:02
487.   Bob Timmermann
Added stanzas in San Francisco!
2007-09-21 22:31:48
488.   KG16
additionally, looking at the numbers from Baseball Reference shows that Lofton was not hitting, Anderson was not hitting, Nomar was not hitting, Furcal was not hitting, and Drew was not hitting. That left the heavy lifting to Kent, Martin, and Betimet. Tough to win when only three guys are getting anything that resembles hits.
2007-09-21 22:33:28
489.   KG16
488 - a correction, Anderson was hitting, the others mentioned however, not so much.
2007-09-21 22:34:47
490.   Eric Stephen
Old Friend Oscar Robles batting with a man in scoring position and 1 out in the bottom of the 12th. Tie game.
2007-09-21 22:38:24
491.   Eric Stephen
Looking it up, Robles is 0 for 8 in his career in SB attempts, all in the glorious 2005 Dodger season.

Robles has the distinction of having the most SB attempts without a successful SB in MLB history.

2007-09-21 22:39:37
492.   Eric Stephen
1st and 3rd, 2 outs with Brian Giles batting. LHP Affeldt in to face Giles. Second base is open for Robles to attempt another steal!
2007-09-21 22:40:14
493.   Eric Stephen
A horrible run of 3 straight posts, none of which starting with A.

All apologies.

2007-09-21 22:40:47
494.   Eric Stephen
Alone in a thread is a great way to rack up consecutive posts.
2007-09-21 22:41:43
495.   Gen3Blue
482 Sounds like with your theory a bunch of players llke Loney would be a good thing. I'd have to think about it for a while. But I like it better than a bunch of flying "A"s.
2007-09-21 22:41:47
496.   Eric Stephen
Another rally thwarted in SD. Giles lines out...on to the 13th!
2007-09-21 22:47:03
497.   Kevin Lewis
all apologies from me, I was still reading all of the posts
2007-09-21 22:47:55
498.   Kevin Lewis
although I love going to the stadium, I just don't feel like going this coming Thursday for Fleece Blanket night
2007-09-21 22:50:03
499.   Dodgers49
371. After a quick check of the standings, is it correct that the Dodgers could be sleeping with the fishes as soon as tomorrow?

As of right now the Dodgers Magic Number for the NL West is 1. Their Magic Number for the Wild Card is 3 pending the outcome of the San Diego game. So they could be eliminated from both races tomorrow should San Diego win tonight.

2007-09-21 22:52:33
500.   MollyKnight
A terrible, terrible game recap to come home to.
Show/Hide Comments 501-550
2007-09-21 22:54:20
501.   Linkmeister
Ack! 12-3? Let it not be said the Dodgers went down fighting; rather they sank ingloriously into a morass of their own making.
2007-09-21 22:54:37
502.   Eric Stephen
499 Absolutely correct. When in doubt, check The Griddle.

2007-09-21 23:01:54
503.   Bob Timmermann
Another homer from Hawpe!

Well, it's just his first today.

2007-09-21 23:09:37
504.   Eric Stephen
Another out to go for Colorado.
2007-09-21 23:13:25
505.   sporky
500 - Agreed. I hope some of the vets got some time off.

This Kent-astrophe isn't going to go away any time soon:


L.A.'s clubhouse rift appears to grow as young players fire back at Kent, with Loney saying, 'Who said he was a leader?'

2007-09-21 23:17:29
506.   King of the Hobos
A Boras quote:
"Eric Gagne is a lifetime closer, that's all he knows. Also, Eric Gagne is one of the most competitive and conscientious players I've known. Now Eric Gagne is in a different role. You can go back and look at closers who are in a different role than a closer's role. Closers have difficulties in non-closer situations. This is not only true of Eric Gagne, but this is true of everyone involved. You can go down the list. I can name a lot of my clients who have had this problem.. . . But that did not stop Gagne from being in a winning environment. It did not stop him from maybe learning something new about himself and his career. And I admire him for that."

Lifetime closer? What about those 5 seasons when he started? Do those not count?

2007-09-21 23:22:52
507.   sporky
Add-on to the LA times article:

"The younger guys, we work hard, we play hard," Kemp said. "We're trying to make a name in the game for ourselves. The older guys, they've already made their names for themselves. We don't want to get that bad rap, that we don't want to win or we don't want to play hard, because you won't make it far in this game."

Loney said Kent has never spoken to him about any of his points of criticism.

Asked if Little had adequately managed the personalities on the team, Loney replied, "I don't really have anything to say on that."

506 - This is the Boras that described Kyle Lohse as the second coming, no?

2007-09-21 23:27:08
508.   Eric Enders
A little more from 505 :

Said Kemp: "If you take the younger guys away, do you have a team?"

2007-09-21 23:29:05
509.   Eric Stephen
Is this Return of the Jedi in response to Kent's Empire Strikes Back?

And is Juan Pierre an Ewok?

2007-09-21 23:31:48
510.   still bevens
This is starting to get embarrassing.
2007-09-21 23:32:18
511.   still bevens
Maybe I'm too late on the 'starting to' but this doesn't help.
2007-09-21 23:40:04
512.   Eric Enders
Simers actually flew to Phoenix so he could pile on. Some choice nuggets:

"It appears the Dodgers have a whole bunch of gutless players short on accountability, showing no desire to take the blame for falling short of expectations, while instead pointing to Forrest Gump over there in the dugout...
He's a very easy target, all right, but what an embarrassment, what a disgrace. What losers to point to their own manager as the failed leader while failing individually to produce with everything on the line."

"But was this horrible letdown season Little's fault?

He was given one-armed pitchers in Jason Schmidt and Randy Wolf, Juan Pierre to make the jump from Little League to the majors in center, Wilson Betemit to start at third and his choice of Brett Tomko or Mark Hendrickson to round out the rotation. Then, when things got really tough, he was given Shea Hillenbrand."

2007-09-21 23:47:29
513.   das411
Am I too late to join in the A-party?

...and is this really a clever way for Jon to purge commenters again?

Ach, but who will get to count all of the streaks in this thread up? (coughcough, Ken, cough)

Aww but nobody else noticed Justin Ruggiano's first major league at-bat was a strikeout by...Eric Gagne?

Alas, I would post pix but I am on dialup (and will likely be several thousand comments behind anyways) for the next few I going to miss R, O, and D -only threads too??

512 - Abbott, Jim would likely glare evilly at the tone of that "one-armed pitchers" remark, no?

2007-09-21 23:48:08
514.   fanerman
Well, can we really expect the young guys to be media-savvy when the veterans (well, just Kent) haven't been so careful with their words?
2007-09-21 23:49:52
515.   sporky
512 - Ack. TJ Simers leaves me fuming. He's an opportunistic vulture who will not only kick someone when they're down, but stomp on their testicles with glee.

He does, however, have a point re: A Martinez and his sources. I hope those unnamed players own up to their responsibilities in the clubhouse, and not just anonymously vent to the press.

2007-09-21 23:53:54
516.   bhsportsguy
So do Loney and Kemp get the same treatment as Kent or are they excused because they are young.

It seems like there was some areas where better communication could have helped out.

Again, all of this may not affect wins or losses but it doesn't help the perception of a divided clubhouse.

2007-09-22 00:00:13
517.   bhsportsguy
According to Diamond Leung, the players held a team meeting after the game.
2007-09-22 00:02:14
518.   Bob Timmermann
Did they discuss how messed up the parking is going to be at the Rose Bowl if it rains this hard all night?
2007-09-22 00:03:15
519.   Eric Enders
Apparently during the meeting Little announced some lineup changes that will be happening over the final week of the season. So, at least there's that.
2007-09-22 00:05:27
520.   Bob Timmermann
Changing the lineup now will be about as effective as trying to keep the Andrea Doria afloat by having all the passengers run to the other side.
2007-09-22 00:06:41
521.   Eric Enders
516 "So do Loney and Kemp get the same treatment as Kent or are they excused because they are young."

They'd get the same treatment if they did the same thing as Kent. But they didn't. Kent lashed out at his own teammates unprovoked. Loney and Kemp were defending themselves from what they perceived to be unfair personal attacks. Two very different things.

Personally, I'm glad someone stood up to Kent. And the fact that Loney and Kemp won't take any [rule 1] from anyone is good, in my book.

2007-09-22 00:07:46
522.   Eric Enders
520 My assumption is that it's more in the nature of trying things out to see what will work when the Andrea Dorea sets sail again next year.
2007-09-22 00:08:40
523.   Eric Stephen
516 None of this chirping in the media will not help anything. But maybe its just good to get this all out in the open now, so the team can put it behind them as soon as possible.
2007-09-22 00:09:37
524.   eusmus
516 They are excused because they have been carrying this team on their backs and what is their reward? They get called out in the media for being "unproffesional". What did you expect them to do? Be quiet while someone questions their desire to win? Give me a break.
2007-09-22 00:09:43
525.   Eric Stephen
523 I willfully surrender to the double negative police.
2007-09-22 00:10:35
526.   sporky
"Friday's defeat was followed by a closed-door meeting during which Manager Grady Little and veteran players Jeff Kent and Nomar Garciaparra spoke to the team."

Doesn't that give you the warm and fuzzies?

2007-09-22 00:11:11
527.   Eric Stephen
So far, the Dodgers' top 3 hitters (ranked by OPS) have spoken out.

Russell Martin, you're up!

2007-09-22 00:14:22
528.   Eric Stephen
526 Jeff Kent's speech was productive, and lasted reasonably long, whereas Nomar's address ended abruptly after a first sentence (the sound of which didn't actually reach the back of the clubhouse).
2007-09-22 00:15:16
529.   KG16
Any time you hear the words "Team Meeting" or "Players Only Meeting", it is not a good thing. The run up to this particular team meeting is even less encouraging than normal.

To borrow a line, there are going to be "consequences and repercussions" from this meeting, I can't imagine what they will be, but I know they're coming.

2007-09-22 00:18:15
530.   Bob Timmermann
There are eight games left. And it's possible that six of them could be meaningless.

I just don't see what difference any of this makes.

2007-09-22 00:19:02
531.   Eric Enders
The Dodgers will now win their last nine games in a row and finish only a game and a half out of the wild card.
2007-09-22 00:20:50
532.   Eric Enders
Bob's not one of those guys who thinks long-term.
2007-09-22 00:21:15
533.   Bob Timmermann
Nine games in a row would be quite a feat.
2007-09-22 00:21:52
534.   Bob Timmermann
I don't even think it will make a difference in the long-term.
2007-09-22 00:22:17
535.   Eric Enders
I'm not one of those guys who checks the schedule before throwing out sarcastic comments.
2007-09-22 00:23:48
536.   das411
Ok, so I will try again at entertaining you left coasters who are still awake this late...

Does anybody else really really really want to see this lineup next year?

Iwamura 2B
Crawford LF
Upton CF
Pena 1B
Young RF
Bonds DH
Guzman 3B
Longoria SS
Navarro C


2007-09-22 00:26:04
537.   Eric Enders
Longoria's not a shortstop, though. And come to think of it, Iwamura's not really a second baseman. Nor Guzman a third baseman. Nor Upton a center fielder.

They could probably hit, however.

2007-09-22 00:26:04
538.   KG16
it's more long term that I'm worried about. Colleti and McCourt tend to strike me as the type who would panic over something like this and make a crazy move, reasoning that the youth movement didn't work because they brought in too many bash kids without enough PVL to go around. What worries me is waking up one cold December morning to find out that Matt Kemp will be patrolling left field in Fenway, Loney will be manning first base in New York, Ethier playing right in San Diego, and we'll be stuck with Coco Crisp in left, Giambi at first, and Blum in right... or worse.
2007-09-22 00:29:23
539.   Eric Stephen
530 Bob, you are probably right, that all this won't amount to a hill of beans, but this is our hill, and these are our beans.

I get kind of irked because I don't like all the disharmony. It reminds me of 2005 all over again. Maybe it's nothing. Hell, maybe this can be some sort of unifying force for next season.

2007-09-22 00:30:07
540.   Eric Enders
You know what we need right now? A little Greg Brock. It's one twenty-eight in the A-M and I'm sure he would have something Yoda-ish to say to put the situation in perspective.

You know it's been a bad year when your main concern regarding the rest of the season is wondering what species of fish Bob will portray the Dodgers as.

2007-09-22 00:32:35
541.   Bob Timmermann
That's highly classified information.

Well, not all that highly classified as I already have the page ready to go in case I had to activate it Saturday night, but that won't happen.

2007-09-22 00:32:48
542.   Eric Stephen
540 It's one twenty-eight in the A-M

A fan of "Perspectives"?

I'm anxious to see what the endgame is in the Fish Fiasco™ over on The Griddle, to see what replaced Abe Vigoda!

2007-09-22 00:37:16
543.   bhsportsguy
Did Jeff Kent say something like boy James has been hitting great but he picked a poor time to drop a foul ball or Matt has to pick up his coaches better on the bases?

No, he just expressed some frustration and did not specifically identify anyone, to me it seemed more of a general comment.

Again, communication is a two way street and 15-16 years is a pretty big gap.

I don't post this stuff because I am taking sides, I just think there are always two sides to each issue.

2007-09-22 00:37:18
544.   Linkmeister
540 Given the media back and forth-ing between the players, any fish other than a carp would be wrong.
2007-09-22 00:38:46
545.   Eric Enders
Tonight's fish picture was particularly inspired. It even makes up for using a picture of a Marlin the day before the Marlins got eliminated and then using some other fish when Florida bit it.

Any truth to the rumor that the contest winner will get this book?

2007-09-22 01:15:48
546.   El Lay Dave
Absurdly, it is still scheduled to be David Wells on three-days rest vs. Brandon Webb. Sigh.
2007-09-22 03:16:30
547.   joejoejoe
Aurelio Rodriguez would have been a good choice in 1968.
2007-09-22 06:40:38
548.   Ricardo
Because of the great success of the Loaiza experiment, Ned must be already planning to trade for Eric Chavez!:P
2007-09-22 07:38:01
549.   Jon Weisman
A NPUT. Thanks for playing, everyone!
2007-09-22 07:51:47
550.   Duranimal
It's ridiculous to blame Grady for the 2007 season. Expectations were way too high this year, and to some extent, I consider the year a success because Colletti didn't make a stupid trade trying to go for it all. The big albatross for next year is Pierre. You can't win with a CF who can't walk and can't throw the ball to 2B on a fly.
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