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Five, Five, Five, Five, Let's Sing a Song of Five
2007-09-22 16:47
by Jon Weisman

Happy birthday to my darling girl.

* * *

Tonight's 6:40 p.m. game:


Retro Gameday

Comments (241)
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2007-09-22 16:56:16
1.   Bluebleeder87
Let's hope I'm the Dodgers lucky charm today with the 1st post.
2007-09-22 16:57:23
2.   Bob Timmermann
Let her eat cake!
2007-09-22 16:59:01
3.   Eric Stephen
2 What a revolutionary idea!
2007-09-22 17:00:40
4.   Bluebleeder87
I just stepped in the house & tunned in to channel 11, noticed the Halos didn't clinch today, oh well.
2007-09-22 17:01:57
5.   Eric Stephen
Dan Fouts as play by play man? Have I missed something?
2007-09-22 17:02:44
6.   Eric Stephen
From ItD:

Pierre, CF
Abreu, SS
Loney, 1B
Kent, 2B
Gonzo, LF
Kemp, RF
LaRoche, 3B
Lieberthal, C
Wells, P

2007-09-22 17:05:21
7.   max power
Wow, Grady's really shaking it up...
2007-09-22 17:08:31
8.   Bluebleeder87
from what I understand Nomar is still a little banged up so I'm not surprised La Roche is in there, Hillenbrand is probably in Gradys dog house.
2007-09-22 17:09:32
9.   max power
PS. Happy Birthday, Little Miss Weisman...
2007-09-22 17:11:23
12.   Dodgers49
>> LaRoche blamed his struggles at the plate on trying too hard to make an impression. He said he was going to try to simplify his approach.

"I think I was putting too much pressure on myself," he said. "I just have to get back to see the ball, hit the ball." <<

2007-09-22 17:13:50
14.   Who Is Karim Garcia

I think ARod will be looking for a contract with more years.

Trading Furcal is something I am partial to, but that means Pierre would be leading off, or Abreu or Hu if Piere got dealt. Besides, you'd be undeniably selling low on Furcal.

Trading Pierre and THAT much cash is just not fiscally feasible.

I do love D. Young, or at least his bat.

2007-09-22 17:14:12
15.   D4P
"I just have to get back to see the ball, hit the ball."

Be the ball.

2007-09-22 17:17:02
16.   D4P
I think it's neat how, when I go to ESPN to see how the Yankees did on any given day, I don't have to navigate all the way to the MLB scoreboard page. I get to see right there. On the front page. Every day.
2007-09-22 17:21:32
17.   Eric Stephen
Washington State's defensive backs are playing a "no doubles" defense against USC so far.
2007-09-22 17:21:35
18.   Bluebleeder87

He's been saying that since ST.

Ps happy birthday to the littlest Weisman..

2007-09-22 17:22:59
19.   silverwidow
Ethier has a 1.401 OPS against Webb...but he's benched.

Does this make logic???

2007-09-22 17:26:11
20.   Eric Stephen
19 Ethier only has 12 PAs against Webb.

However, Grady has made similar decisions with less head-to-head data, so I share your criticism.

2007-09-22 17:26:45
21.   Bluebleeder87
A-Rod will be bringing in A LOT of money as well, So if I were a GM I'd weigh that in as well & WANT to offer him the 2 or 3 more yrs he's gonna be asking for.
2007-09-22 17:28:16
22.   Eric Stephen
Holy crap, Nomar is 0 for 17 against Webb, but with only one strikeout.
2007-09-22 17:30:59
23.   Eric Stephen
22 Only six 1st pitch outs out of the 17 (three 2nd pitch outs).
2007-09-22 17:32:05
24.   Dodgers49
19. Ethier has a 1.401 OPS against Webb...but he's benched.

Does this make logic???

No. But Grady is a "player's manager" so I expected him to start LuGo in all three games in Arizona.

2007-09-22 17:33:15
25.   Eric Stephen
Pierre is 0 for his last 15 vs. Webb, and he is in the lineup (unlike Nomar).
2007-09-22 17:42:29
26.   Dodgers49
There appears to be at least one person who thinks Bonds will have many options:

Bonds runs out of time in San Francisco, but teams will be calling.

>> The only question is how many teams will be eager to sign a 43-year-old who brings lot of baggage along with his big bat.

Plenty, if you believe his agent, who seems to think it will merely be a matter of fielding the best offer for his client.

"Barry will look at his options and look at the team that gives him the best chance to win a World Series," Jeff Borris said. <<

2007-09-22 18:03:32
27.   Eric Stephen
From Diamond Leung: "Ramon Martinez underwent an MRI on his hyperextended right elbow today and will only play in emergency situations for the remainder of the season."

I'm guessing the Dodgers won't have any emergency situations left in 2007.

2007-09-22 18:06:36
28.   Johnny Nucleo
10 Furcal and Kent are both solid at their positions and will be important parts of our team next year. There's no evidence that Hu or Abreu are ready to start full-time or would provide comparable production at this point to justify putting either of them in the starting position.
2007-09-22 18:13:44
29.   JoeyP
Loney said the sizable generation gap in the clubhouse, and the fact there are few players in their prime to bridge the gap between young and old, probably resulted in some misunderstandings.

The "fact there are few players in their prime" is the main reason the team is in 4th place.

If pointing to bad chemistry helps get Ned fired----then great. But I maintain its a nonissue in winning games.

2007-09-22 18:14:37
30.   Bluebleeder87
Brandon Webb is a tough customer...

He HAS given up 3 or 4 runs per game (last 2 starts) so if Wells keeps the Snakes at bay we should have a descent chance.

2007-09-22 18:15:58
31.   Bob Timmermann
You are looking live from the Rose Bowl where I am sitting around drinking coffee as I got here rather quickly.

As I walked in, my iPod cued up (at random) "Everything's coming up roses" by Ethel Merman. That was followed two songs later by one of UCLA's fight songs.

In between was "Brandy" by Looking Glass.

2007-09-22 18:18:51
32.   Dodgers49
Youth movement cost Dodgers playoffs

>> Back in the middle of August, Dodgers starter Derek Lowe offered this opinion about the team's love affair with its youngsters:

"To go with a total youth movement is not fair to the veterans, and not fair to the city. I am a firm believer that you use the minor league system to help the major league team now. You try to win today, and four years from now, you will probably have a kid just as good as the one you got rid of." <<

## It should be noted that Kent, although passionate about winning, is probably the most valuable veteran on the club, and yet he prefers to sit in the corner reading a motorcycle magazine and keep to himself. He leads by example, to be sure, but he's no Kirk Gibson, and this team could sorely use one. ##

%% The suggestion of Alex Rodriguez coming to the Dodgers is usually met with a glass of water and a couple of aspirin. The Dodgers might be the smallest-minded big-market team in the majors. %%

2007-09-22 18:21:25
33.   KG16
"smallest-minded big-market team in the majors" - I think we have our slogan for next year.
2007-09-22 18:23:31
34.   Bluebleeder87
This dark claud has a strangle hold on L.A. today, it's raining pretty heavy in my area at the moment...
2007-09-22 18:27:30
35.   Bluebleeder87


2007-09-22 18:28:24
36.   Bluebleeder87

It's stopped raining, good I have a game tomorrow...

2007-09-22 18:30:28
37.   Eric Stephen
32 Michael Ventre just might be the dumbest sportswriter in America.

"The Dodgers have been out of the NL wild card race for some time now, even though they have yet to make it official"

They were 1.5 games out last Saturday. Reading that article made my head hurt they way Plaschke and Simers usually do.

"Watching kids is hell."

2007-09-22 18:31:39
38.   Marty
Ventre is an idiot.
2007-09-22 18:32:41
39.   Ricardo
With Bonds not coming back next season, I believe the Giants will try to sign A-Rod.I hope that McCourt gives Ned the "green light" to sign A-Rod.
2007-09-22 18:35:23
40.   Eric Stephen
More bile from Ventre: "they like to garnish the roster with token veterans like Juan Pierre and Luis Gonzalez to cover up the fact that the main course consists of minor league hopefuls like James Loney, Andre Ethier and Andy LaRoche."

1) LaRoche has barely played, so I don't see how he's a main course.
2) Ethier has almost two full years in the majors now, so I think he's outgrown "minor league hopeful" status.
3) Loney's major league line: .315/.368/.528, 126 OPS+ in 451 PA. If only all "minor league hopefuls" were so good
4) No mention of Kemp or Martin, who apparently aren't grouped with Ethier even though the service time is equal

This article begs to be dissected at Fire Joe Morgan.

2007-09-22 18:36:33
41.   Eric Stephen
40 Ethier's service time is not equal to Martin or Kemp, but it is close enough where my point still stands.
2007-09-22 18:42:03
42.   Linkmeister
Happy birthday to the five-year-old.
2007-09-22 18:43:14
43.   underdog
Can you respond or post a comment to Ventre? Seems worth taking him to task a bit.
2007-09-22 18:44:06
44.   Eric Stephen
Minor league hopeful Loney singles, raising his seasonal and career OPS to .898.
2007-09-22 18:44:38
45.   underdog
I wonder if Kent will purposely make an out here just to spite Loney.
2007-09-22 18:45:26
46.   underdog
2007-09-22 18:48:42
47.   Eric Stephen
WOW, that was a bomb!
2007-09-22 18:48:51
48.   Ricardo
45.Kent is 39 and will never learn how to be a good teammate.
2007-09-22 18:49:25
49.   Linkmeister
Oh fine. Gameday loads in time for me to see HOMERUN at the top of the screen.

(Waves towel weakly from the corner. I give up.)

2007-09-22 18:49:42
50.   Sam DC
Golden Sombrero for Ryan Howard v. the Nats (Redding 3Ks, Rauch 1).

Game is tied in the 8th, so Titanium is not out of the question.

Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2007-09-22 18:49:58
51.   Bob Timmermann
The Rose Bowl turf looks soggy. Then again, it is raining now although very lightly.

I would hate to see UCLA's high-powered offense bogged down by an off track.

Who am I kidding? It won't make a difference.

2007-09-22 18:51:45
52.   Eric Stephen
50 Is titanium 6 Ks? I don't think it's been officially identified yet. Nice pull!
2007-09-22 18:52:26
53.   Sam DC
How bout them Devil Rays.

Or, should I say, them Rays?

2007-09-22 18:54:37
54.   Sam DC
Old friend Jayson Werth up in a big spot -- tied in the 8th with 2 on 2 out.

3 run homer from him sank the Nationals a couple of nights ago.

2007-09-22 18:55:21
55.   MMSMikey
is it just me or did it look like pierre jogged ater that ball.
2007-09-22 18:55:34
56.   Eric Stephen
I'm really torn. I can't stand the D-Backs, but I also can't stand the Padres. I'm not sure which team I want to lose more.

It's probably the D-Backs, though. Their uppance needs to come.

2007-09-22 18:55:40
57.   Sam DC
52 Yeah someone here id'd titanium a few days ago. Still a ways to go for that in fairness.
2007-09-22 18:56:00
58.   Eric Stephen
55 Just you.
2007-09-22 18:56:01
59.   Sam DC
Werth Ks.
2007-09-22 18:56:37
60.   Ricardo
It´s going to be another long nigh for the Dodgers. I hope this season ends as soon as possible.
2007-09-22 18:56:39
61.   Marty
How many times has Little promised sweeping changes in the lineup and then didn't do it? At least 5 times by my reckoning. Unless sitting Martin is considered sweeping.
2007-09-22 18:56:42
62.   MMSMikey
jack stephan?
2007-09-22 19:00:15
63.   Eric Stephen
Great relay throw from Abreu!
2007-09-22 19:01:02
64.   ucladodger
Lieby got clocked on that one. Abreu has a gun, too.
2007-09-22 19:01:27
65.   Ricardo
61. He´s defenitely trying to lose with Lieberthal catching for Wells. There are 13 teams with better records, so the Dodgers will have to lose some games to get a top 15 first-round draft pick.
2007-09-22 19:01:46
66.   Andrew Shimmin
Glad Martin is sitting today. And it's a good thing LuGo isn't; Reynolds probably wouldn't have tested Ethier.
2007-09-22 19:02:10
67.   Bluebleeder87
Really nice really by ALL, specially by Abreu, I remember him making another great throw like that during ST against Detroit, good job all around.
2007-09-22 19:02:37
68.   JoeyP
Lieberthal took a shot.
Wells night might not be long.
2007-09-22 19:06:03
69.   Eric Stephen
Daron Sutton on Matt Kemp: "Boy, you look at those numbers and you think how in the world does he ever stay out of the lineup."

See, Daron Sutton gets it!

2007-09-22 19:07:02
70.   Bluebleeder87
That's nice news, Vinnie just said Matt Kemp was gonna move to Zona because there's a great training facility out there (Martin, Loney & Ethier all belong there) I hope it brings good results for him, It sure did for the another's.
2007-09-22 19:09:03
71.   Sam DC
Philadelphia has committed three errors tonight and allowed seven hits, but given up just one run.
2007-09-22 19:09:05
72.   Eric Stephen
70 God, I hope that AZ facility doesn't get raided by the feds! :)
2007-09-22 19:09:15
73.   Bluebleeder87
man, Lieberthal & La Roche have similar swings no? I think there pretty similar.
2007-09-22 19:09:27
74.   Ricardo
70. And Kent is not welcomed there!:P
2007-09-22 19:11:01
75.   Eric Stephen
More reason to love Milton Bradley: He called Eric Byrnes' tactics "false hustle".

The AZ announcers do not agree. Let's just say I don't think anyone from the D-Backs organization will be calling in the booth during the broadcast to question the content.

2007-09-22 19:11:14
76.   Bluebleeder87

I'm not sure but I think the Dodgers payed Martin, Loney & Ethiers way (I'm sure the Dodgers did there research) so I'm SURE it's clean

2007-09-22 19:11:16
77.   Andrew Shimmin
If Martians ever invade the planet, and demand proof that the human race should be spared, they should immediately be introduced to Eric Byrnes.
2007-09-22 19:13:12
78.   Eric Stephen
77 It's a cookbook!!!!
2007-09-22 19:13:19
79.   Sam DC
Gagne v. Navarro in Tampa Bay . . .
2007-09-22 19:13:30
80.   Ricardo
Eric Byrnes, the Tennis Player. I love when Vin tell those stories.
2007-09-22 19:13:45
81.   Eric Stephen
I, for one, would like to welcome our new Martian overlords.
2007-09-22 19:15:08
82.   Eric Stephen
LaRoche looked hurt on that play.
2007-09-22 19:15:22
83.   Andrew Shimmin
Drew caught LaRoche in the knee with his cleats.
2007-09-22 19:16:17
84.   ucladodger
Drew was out on that play. He slid into LaRoche and only hit the bag after he was tagged.
2007-09-22 19:16:39
85.   JoeyP
Wells needs a double for the cycle.
2007-09-22 19:17:23
86.   ucladodger
I just wonder what kind of numbers Kemp would have put up if he was given the Chris Young treatment (you know, playing your uber-talented youngster every day)
2007-09-22 19:17:45
87.   Sam DC
79 Gagne wins.
2007-09-22 19:17:58
88.   Andrew Shimmin
The sequel to A Beautiful Mind will be called A Beautiful Everything Else. It'll be the story of Eric Byrnes. The part of Milton Bradley will be played by an envious little girl.
2007-09-22 19:21:13
89.   Gen3Blue
Just got in from babysitting--How we doing?
Don't really want to know, but how anyone could complain about anything but our pitching staff is beyond me. Many of the small market teams have 3 or 4 end of the rotation guys about like ours but they aren't paying them 5-10 mil apiece. Matter of fact they would take 4 Houltons in a split second.
2007-09-22 19:21:15
90.   Eric Stephen
88 Someone's creeping into the top 10.
2007-09-22 19:21:20
91.   Icaros

I like how you conveniently overlook Byrnes's attempted drowning of a dog in McCovey Cove during this year's All-Star game.

Or maybe you just don't think that's a big deal.

2007-09-22 19:24:21
92.   ucladodger
oh my god, i hope james is okay,
2007-09-22 19:24:28
93.   Eric Stephen
I hope the cameras don't cut to Jeff Kent right now.
2007-09-22 19:24:59
94.   JoeyP
Ouch, Loney.
I've never seen that before.
2007-09-22 19:25:03
95.   Andrew Shimmin
Baseball sucks.
2007-09-22 19:26:01
96.   Sam DC
Eek - Ryan Howard up with 2 on no outs in the top of the 10th.

Platinum for Mr. Howard?

2007-09-22 19:26:21
97.   Gen3Blue
Thats about all I have to see to make me sick.
2007-09-22 19:26:23
98.   Frip
93 Jeff is better than that, and so are you...
2007-09-22 19:26:27
99.   Eric Stephen
This HR will be legendary.
2007-09-22 19:27:01
100.   Eric Stephen
98 You are correct. That was a low blow. I apologize.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2007-09-22 19:27:03
101.   Sam DC
Meanwhile, Boston tied it in the ninth on a Varitek home run.
2007-09-22 19:28:34
102.   Daniel Zappala
Can someone tell me what happened to Loney? I didn't make the short drive to Phoenix today, so I can't watch the game.
2007-09-22 19:28:35
103.   StolenMonkey86
what happened?
2007-09-22 19:28:53
104.   Bluebleeder87
You knew he was gonna be o.k. (just really painful I bet) It's a different story when you go down & your not moving at all.
2007-09-22 19:29:09
105.   Sam DC
And Julio Lugo makes it 8-6 with a two run home run.
2007-09-22 19:30:14
106.   Bluebleeder87
Loney fouled a ball straight down on the plate, so the ball bounced right back next to his ear, it looked painful but he was alert so no biggie.
2007-09-22 19:30:34
107.   Eric Stephen
102 ,103 Loney hit a ball straight down, that immediately bounced off the plate and came up and hit him right near the ear. Loney immediately crumpled in a heap at the plate. He stayed in and grounded out on the next pitch.
2007-09-22 19:32:09
108.   JoeyP
Nice catch Juan.
Wells isnt fooling anyone.
2007-09-22 19:32:18
109.   Gen3Blue
At least they are not hitting Wells hard. Its just these darn dinkers.
2007-09-22 19:33:17
110.   Icaros
Loney has had some horrific-looking accidents this season which have thankfully turned out to be unserious.
2007-09-22 19:33:41
111.   JoeyP
Yep, darn dinkers...
2007-09-22 19:34:29
112.   Michael D
AZ is greatly helping their run differential at our expense.
2007-09-22 19:35:05
113.   Eric Stephen
I hope the Dodgers didn't expand on the bonuses Wells was due in his Padres contract. He better not be getting $175k tonight that could be thrown into the "A-Rod Jar" in the kitchen at Dodger Stadium.
2007-09-22 19:36:02
114.   Bluebleeder87
Who's the guy doing the game with Daron Sutton? I just peaked over there & it doesn't sound like Mark "get your facts straight your paid to know stuff" Grace
2007-09-22 19:36:20
115.   Gen3Blue
I'm loving these announcers.
If the D's could come up with average pitching, it seems like we would be unbeatable. I realize 4-0 is not the best example of this.
2007-09-22 19:37:06
116.   JoeyP
Kent will find a way to blame the youngsters for David Wells bad outing.

It was Russ's fault...Er um. Ok.

2007-09-22 19:38:04
117.   Eric Stephen
114 Joe Garagiola is the color guy tonight, and all I can think of is Game 1 1988.
2007-09-22 19:38:17
118.   Gen3Blue
116 For letting Lieanderthal catch?
2007-09-22 19:40:17
119.   Eric Stephen
No doubt Kemp will catch flack for not running to first there. And deservedly so. But it will be blown out of proportion.
2007-09-22 19:41:06
120.   Frip
Strange how Garagiola just disappeared so quickly, when he'd been been such a constant figure in the game.
2007-09-22 19:41:16
121.   Bluebleeder87

yeah, yeah, my brain said he sounded familiar but I couldn't quite pint point who it was.

2007-09-22 19:41:23
122.   Michael D
Grace announced for Fox today in the Mets/Marlins game. He is really annoying.
2007-09-22 19:41:57
123.   JoeyP
Webb's sinker is on tonight.
Amazing that the Dbax have won so many games with virtually nothing out of RJ.
2007-09-22 19:45:51
124.   Gen3Blue
Its not much fun looking like whipped puppies and having the announcers enjoy it so much, is it? As bad as we have been, luck can always turn around in baseball, and the broadcasters are green enough to leave themselves wide open. They probably won't have to eat crow, but there are many who would love to see that last large black feather catch on a soft spot in their throat.
2007-09-22 19:49:29
125.   Eric Stephen
Wells with SD: 5.54 ERA
Wells with LA: 5.34 ERA

Tomko with LA: 5.80 ERA
Tomko with SD: 2.65 ERA

2007-09-22 19:52:44
126.   Gen3Blue
What a play that was with King Faruk running.
2007-09-22 19:53:24
127.   Bluebleeder87
youth I wanna see hit BOMBS TONIGHT:

La Roche


Non roocks I wanna see hit a long ball:


2007-09-22 19:54:01
128.   underdog
If the Padres make the playoffs and Tomko becomes this year's version of last year's Jeff Weaver, I'm gonna kick a puppy, too. Or at least a pigeon.
2007-09-22 19:54:14
129.   Gen3Blue
Wow, I like the Pierre spits on his hands.
2007-09-22 19:54:57
130.   Eric Stephen
128 You could feed an orphan pigeon to a puppy, then kick the puppy.
2007-09-22 19:55:45
131.   underdog
126 I'm with Blue. Preferably all 6 of them. I feel for Lieberthal; the only times he gets starts it's usually with the Dodgers worst starters, and then tonight he has to face Webb.
2007-09-22 19:56:25
132.   underdog
(Oops, meant 127 above)
2007-09-22 19:57:49
133.   Bluebleeder87
Martin ain't playing today, oops.
2007-09-22 20:01:45
134.   Gen3Blue
131 132 I thought you meant 127 but I appreciate it anyway. It seems like a while since I've had anyone with me.

OK---this is getting overdone--I pray for a reversal!!!

2007-09-22 20:02:00
135.   Sam DC
Phillies win.
2007-09-22 20:02:12
136.   underdog
Oops. Obviously I'm not paying attention, either.

Well, we're gonna watch the rest of the Kiwi killer sheep movie, "Black Sheep" now. Have a screener.

2007-09-22 20:02:52
137.   Gen3Blue
Martin sure as hell isn't playing.
2007-09-22 20:05:38
138.   underdog
And the movie's scary and funny but not as scary as the Dodgers' September. But more funny.
2007-09-22 20:07:22
139.   JoeyP
This could be Wells last start of his career.
2007-09-22 20:08:30
140.   scareduck
So it's been an interesting day. I got to shake Dave Winfield's hand and get a signed copy of his new book today. On the other hand: Angels lost, Dodgers losing. Must rectify this.
2007-09-22 20:14:52
141.   Gen3Blue
I want to talk to McCourt.
2007-09-22 20:19:27
142.   scareduck
141 - why?
2007-09-22 20:21:22
143.   Marty
Rob, where was the book signing?
2007-09-22 20:23:10
144.   Bluebleeder87
Come on La Roche!
2007-09-22 20:25:07
145.   Eric Stephen
Damnit, Andy!
2007-09-22 20:26:22
146.   KG16
I tuned in long enough to see Byrnes steal second and third then score on a sac fly. Gawd, this has become a depressing season.
2007-09-22 20:30:28
147.   Bluebleeder87
I really enjoy eating guavas there really tasty
2007-09-22 20:32:58
148.   Frip
130 Good one :)
2007-09-22 20:36:43
149.   scareduck
143 - in front of the team store at the second deck behind home plate at Angel Stadium. The first and only Hall of Famer I've ever met in person.

The grounds crew trying to remember how to operate a tarp in a rainstorm was pretty hilarious, too.

2007-09-22 20:38:40
150.   Dodgers49
128. If the Padres make the playoffs and Tomko becomes this year's version of last year's Jeff Weaver, I'm gonna kick a puppy, too. Or at least a pigeon.

I'm not absolutely certain of this but I don't think there is any way San Diego can place Tomko on their postseason roster. Unlike Wells with the Dodgers, I believe Tomko joined San Diego after August 31th so the K-Rod exemption does not apply to him.

Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2007-09-22 20:38:59
151.   KG16
I met Rod Carew once at the movies. Nice guy, took the time to sign a personalized autograph, didn't hurt that we weren't scream, "OMG! It's HALL OF FAMER ROD CAREW!" Other than that, can't say I've met any Hall of Famers.
2007-09-22 20:39:34
152.   Bluebleeder87
the #'s say Andre Ethier should have started, wow.
2007-09-22 20:43:17
153.   scareduck
Wow, the Dodgers plate a couple. Finally.
2007-09-22 20:43:19
154.   Eric Stephen
There's life!
2007-09-22 20:43:32
155.   Bluebleeder87
I've never met any hall of famers but I did see gold glover Alfredo Griffin near the rest room once, he roamed Dodger Stadium freely when he was hurt from what I remember.

ps Look at Atenislao Abreu having a good day at the plate, against a GREAT PITCHER NO LESS!

2007-09-22 20:44:14
156.   Eric Stephen
150 I'm sure the other playoff teams would all sign a waiver to allow the Padres such a transaction. :)
2007-09-22 20:48:30
157.   Johnny Nucleo
Abreu: 14 doubles in 170 AB.
2007-09-22 20:50:26
158.   Eric Stephen
Very nice play by Drew.
2007-09-22 20:51:39
159.   underdog
Kent just doesn't want to win, doesn't know what it takes to get that clutch hit.
2007-09-22 20:52:01
160.   Bluebleeder87


2007-09-22 20:52:26
161.   dzzrtRatt
Once again, hard-hit and/or long outs.

You fellows with the stats. Does BABIP explain some of what's happened to the Dodgers this season? It's probably already been covered. It just seems like it happens over and over that our guys have crushed the ball but gotten an out.

2007-09-22 20:54:02
162.   Bluebleeder87

He signed some autographs the time I saw him, I'm not the type to ask for an autograph but he seemed like a nice enough guy.

2007-09-22 20:54:35
163.   Bluebleeder87
damn, Procto hit 98mph on his last pitch!
2007-09-22 20:57:02
164.   Dodgers49
128. Tomko back with Friars for playoff run

>> Tomko is not eligible for the Padres postseason roster, should they qualify for the playoffs. <<

2007-09-22 20:57:57
165.   underdog
Good! He can have more time for painting and sulking.
2007-09-22 21:05:08
166.   Andrew Shimmin
Outside of Kemp, the important players are all pretty close to their expected BABIP.

Kemp +.124
Martin +.025
Loney +.020
Kent +.012
Ethier +.010

BABIP Unhappy
LuGo -.017
Pierre -.013
Nomar -.013
Furcal -.009

2007-09-22 21:06:31
167.   Johnny Nucleo
Any guesses who will pitch the 8th?
2007-09-22 21:06:53
168.   JoeyP
I dont think BABIP have been a problem for the Dodgers. Generally, their batting average has been high.
Plus, they've hit well with RISP.

The problem has been hitting it over the fence, in the gap, or down the lines.

2007-09-22 21:07:17
169.   PadreJeremy
The Dodgers need to get a plan and follow it. They have for years continued to go back and forth between wanting to develop their prospects to signing FAs to put them over the top. The end result has been to sign the wrong free agents and to not give their kids a chance to play before the pennant race heats up.

The Dodgers need to let guys like Ethier, Kemp, Loney, and LaRoche play in 2008 for a full year. I dont care if the old vets like Kent and Garciaparra leave. Bringing in Pierre nullifed Furcals value so get rid of one of them, preferably Pierre.

If you are going to sign some FAs, it should be in the pitching area and not on someone like Arod. The Dodgers will find that if they let their young guys play, they will be like the Brewers and depending on where you are, you can add some players for the stretch run rather then add them because you are playing a bunch of old guys in the field and you falesly believe you are in a pennant race when you are not further hindering the development of the team on the field and the the chemistry in the clubhouse.

2007-09-22 21:12:05
170.   ucladodger
matt looks extremely uninterested. I dont blame him. Doesnt look like hese guys are having too much fun.
2007-09-22 21:16:52
171.   underdog
169 I think you'll find basically everyone here agrees with you on all of that, but it's well stated.
2007-09-22 21:18:09
172.   Marty
Good for you Rob. I've only met one hall of famer, Reggie Jackson. I didn't leave impressed, he was probably the biggest {rule one violation} I've ever met.
2007-09-22 21:18:42
173.   Marty
I should say, I've met another hall of famer, Vin Scully.
2007-09-22 21:20:49
174.   KG16
172 - as a kid, I tried getting his autograph at Angel stadium when he was with the A's (the second time, I believe). I had the same impression.

My mom says to my little sister (maybe 8 years old at the time), "Here, stand in front of him so he'll sign your flag." Jackson looks up at her and says, "And if I don't?" My mom's response would violate Rule 1, but I'm sure you get the idea.

What made it worse was my mom grew up with one of the pitchers for the A's that year (journeyman by the name of Dennis Lamp).

2007-09-22 21:23:03
175.   Marty
174 I was standing next to Reggie at a crap table at the Mirage. He was brutal with the dealers as he was losing large amounts of money. I have no respect for people who take their gambling losses out on the dealers.
2007-09-22 21:23:10
176.   Eric Stephen
I met Bob Feller before a Palm Springs Angels game when I was in high school. He wasn't as crotchety as you would think.

I've also met Tommy Lasorda, and I shared an elevator with Cal Ripken once but I'm not sure if that counts because he was still active at the time.

2007-09-22 21:25:13
177.   Marty
correction, that's craps table.
2007-09-22 21:26:25
178.   Frip
172 Marty, how do you mean? How was he to you?
2007-09-22 21:26:53
179.   Eric Stephen
I also met Rickey Henderson a couple years ago after a game he played for the San Diego Surf Dawgs. Rickey signed a hat that I gave to my nephew. Rickey wore a lot of cologne.
2007-09-22 21:27:36
180.   Frip
I see 175, thanks.
2007-09-22 21:28:48
181.   Eric Stephen
How cute. The D-Backs announcers match.
2007-09-22 21:30:07
182.   Frip
I don't believe in "tailspins". You lose seven in a row and it's just reason really.
2007-09-22 21:30:49
183.   Frip
I mean, I don't think a team can be "sent" into a tailspin.
2007-09-22 21:31:01
184.   Icaros

Pay Rickey?

2007-09-22 21:32:35
185.   Marty
178 He ignored me but was incredibly abusive to the craps dealers. He was throwing huge amounts of money around, but was making basically the same bets. He kept telling the dealers to make sure about his bets, he was very specific. It was easy to pick up his betting pattern, then all of a sudden he switched, but didn't mention it to the dealers. When he lost the last series, he gave them hell even though they were doing EXACTLY what they were told.
2007-09-22 21:33:01
186.   Gagne55
Sleeping with the fishes?
2007-09-22 21:34:41
187.   Eric Stephen
186 Not until tomorrow at the earliest.
2007-09-22 21:34:44
188.   Johnny Nucleo
When David Wells was a Blue Jay, he came to the golf course I worked at as a teenager for a celebrity tournament. He was gruff. But when he met Alex Lifeson of Rush, he was like a little kid he was so excited - "hey man, you guys playing any gigs soon!?". They were both so excited to meet each other.
2007-09-22 21:34:54
189.   Frip
185 He sounds like an unstable man.
2007-09-22 21:35:04
190.   Andrew Shimmin
The reserves have been pretty BABIP unlucky, but many of these are tiny little samples.

Young +.074
Abreu +.041

BABIP Unhappy
Betemit -.008
Saenz -.020
Clark -.017
Lieberthal -.040
Hillenbrand -.056
Valdez -.063
Sweeney -.065
LaRoche -.067

2007-09-22 21:37:01
191.   Frip
Bill Lambier hit a golf ball into my cart at Inverness.
2007-09-22 21:38:35
192.   Eric Stephen
191 I still remember a sign at the Lakers' championship parade in 1988 that read "Champagne tastes better than Lame Beer".
2007-09-22 21:42:24
193.   Jon Weisman
Score by quarters:

Oregon....21 3 21 - 45
Stanford... 3 28 0 - 31

20:30 remaining.

2007-09-22 21:52:39
194.   Dodgers49
And with this loss the Dodgers are eliminated from the NL West race. However, unless the Padres rally their Magic Number for the Wild Card will only drop to 2. The way the Rockies are playing the Dodgers could actually last several more days. :-)
2007-09-22 22:14:40
195.   dzzrtRatt
The way the Rockies are playing the Dodgers could actually last several more days.

Unfortunately, they only have one more game til they come to LA.

But y'know, I think I'll be rooting for them to , uh, continue winning next week. I like the Rockies. Why should the Padres go to the playoffs and not the Rocks? Or the Phils? I am all for being a spoiler, but not a spoiler to benefit San Diego.

2007-09-22 22:25:07
196.   Eric Stephen
Oregon looks quite formidable. USC's trip to Oregon on October 27 looks like a good matchup.
2007-09-22 22:29:31
197.   Eric Stephen
3 TDs in 2 minutes in Pasadena.
2007-09-22 22:49:50
198.   silverwidow
Simers just put out a crappy column with the usual "deal kids, this isn't Kansas City" spiel.
2007-09-22 22:57:17
199.   Dodgers49
195. Unfortunately, they only have one more game til they come to LA.

I know. But if the Dodgers could end their losing streak tomorrow and the Rockies also win the Dodgers could hang around beyond mid-week. Of course, for that to happen they would have to return the favor to the Rockies by sweeping them at Dodgers Stadium while the Padres and Phillies lose. Unfortunately, the Dodgers don't appear capable of winning another game.

2007-09-22 23:24:06
200.   LAT
Now that I finished atoning, I can start anew speaking ill of others:

I am glad the team is spinning out of control and mired in controversy. If we just finshed a game or two out everyone would shrug their shoulders and say we'll get em next year. This way the defective philisophy of Ned is exposed by both the team record and the disharmony. I am I the only one who thinks his absence/solence is conspicious.

Everyday this team hits a new low, largley with the players he brought in and he is no where to be seen. This guy cannot point to a single deal where he bought low and sold high. His entire portfolio is technology stocks and the year is 2001.

Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2007-09-22 23:26:14
201.   LAT
"I am I the only one who thinks his absence/solence is conspicious." == "Am I the only one . . ."
2007-09-23 00:20:53
202.   scareduck
200 , 201 -- Not just Ned, but Frank N Jamie, too. Aside from the ever-fading glow from Tommy's 80th birthday celebration that seems to go on endlessly (Vin Scully mentioned it yet again today), where is the team ownership? I'm sure we'll hear something both elliptic and forgettable presently.
2007-09-23 01:01:34
203.   StolenMonkey86
not counting tonight's game, here's how the Dodger youth movement (position players 25 & under still with the club) has hit this year:

.301/.365/.474, 56 HR in 1763 AB

Most of those AB were from Martin (521), Ethier (429) and Loney (311), but wouldn't this be a cool lineup (these are the players included in the count)

2 Martin
3 Loney
4 Abreu
5 LaRoche
6 Hu
7 Young
8 Kemp
9 Ethier

2007-09-23 01:09:39
204.   trainwreck
Happy birthday to Jon's daughter.

Even though it is technically tomorrow.

2007-09-23 01:18:20
205.   StolenMonkey86
not in Hawaii. A Happy 5th to her.
2007-09-23 01:19:37
206.   bhsportsguy
204 And a QB controversy is avoided with Cowan's injury.
2007-09-23 01:33:47
207.   preacherroe
Went to the game tonight in Phoenix.One thing there were a large contingent of rowdy Dodger fans.Doesn't say much for a 1st place squad that they don't have a solid fan base at home.
#170- I agree i noticed at the game Kemp was pretty lethargic and looked bad on his first two at bats.Their kids played with a lot more enthusiasm than ours.I guess winning will do that.
Wells was in trouble his whole time on the mound and never got a visit from Honeycutt.Why Little had him bat the second time was astonishing.He hit a chop in the hole that Christopher Reeve could have beat out.When Wells walked off the mound he looked like a chubby middle aged guy who suddenly realized that the game was up.
The scoreboard gun said Proctor hit 102 on one pitch.Probably not but he was throwing gas.
Gonzo and Byrnes had the same ball hit at them.Gonzo let it go over his head for a run scoring double while Byrnes flagged it.Yeah lets play those crafty vets.Speaking of which how about the tandem of Sweeney and Saenz in the ninth.Valverde made them look like beer leaguers. Grady needs to go!
2007-09-23 02:16:00
208.   trainwreck
2007-09-23 02:48:53
209.   Eric Enders
Simers. Ouch.

"There's talk Grady Little lost the clubhouse, but in truth it's the Dodgers who have lost a grip on their kids.

The kids know they're not going to be traded. They know they're something special, management telling them so over and over again. They have no respect for players like Jeff Kent, Luis Gonzalez and Nomar Garciaparra, who are on their way out, although they should hope to have as good a go of it as those guys.

They have been brought along as a pampered group in the minors, which is going to make it quite the challenge for the next veteran acquired to crack the clique.

And just wait until you really get to know your heroes: Matt Kemp, offering as much promise as any prospect in baseball, but also a jerk in the making and one of those gifted athletes who doesn't necessarily have to work hard to get by.

James Loney, hardworking and solid in performance, is also packing an attitude that suggests he needs no more help to prosper.

You're just going to love cheering for a group of arrogant pro athletes."

2007-09-23 04:30:35
210.   Suffering Bruin
Has Simers ever been more odious than in today's column?
2007-09-23 05:31:27
211.   JT Dutch
... You guys are taking Simers seriously??? Wow, I thought a lot of you were smarter than that. The man is a professional troll -- he wouldn't know a baseball from a jelly doughnut, and he will do anything he can to stir up those who would be gullible enough to pay attention to him.

Of COURSE he wants the Dodgers to deal the kids; that way, the team will continue to suck, and he'll get plenty of space and chances to continue bashing them. It's not much fun for a guy like Simers when the L.A. teams are successful. The fact that he gets any attention out here at all shows that the fans in SoCal still have a lot to learn.

Now, that being said, I think that Colletti (assuming he still has a job) will in fact deal a few of the kids away during the off-season; it obviously fits Ned's approach since he's come here, and Little will certainly welcome more veterans.

It's a shame for me to say this, but I hope the Dodgers just lose out and finish 79-83. A sub-.500 record, coupled with a thirteen-game losing streak to end the season, just might be enough of a slap in the face of McCourt to shame him into cleaning house. I've stopped watching the team, anyway; it's been such a frustrating and unhappy season ... enough is enough. I haven't been this embarrassed to be a Dodger fan in almost a decade, perhaps ever. The current management group, with what they had to work with after the end of 2006, has been so inept and inefficient -- they have been the laughingstock of the Major Leagues. The GM and Manager are more responsible than anyone else for this debacle, and they deserve to pay the price.

2007-09-23 05:31:48
212.   Marty
RIP Marcel Marceau
2007-09-23 06:33:21
213.   Sam DC
I don't Marty, it doesn't seem right written out like that . . .


2007-09-23 06:37:02
214.   Sam DC
Off soon to the final baseball game at RFK, also known as "Game Four of the Phillies Playoff Hopes Reclamation Project."

Joel Hanrahan gets the start, presumably to stretch the last game out as much as possible.

Although Cole Hamels will need to do his part.

Am I bad father because breakfast table discussion with my 6 year old this morning ended up parked on Sirhan Sirhan for about 10 minutes?

Happy Birthday Girl Weisman!

2007-09-23 06:37:33
215.   Sam DC
[213 Apparently I mimed the word "know".
2007-09-23 06:38:11
216.   Marty
Marceau actually meets a box he can't get out of.
2007-09-23 06:55:09
217.   D4P
I have seen no evidence that Kemp and Loney are jerks or have bad attitudes.
2007-09-23 07:01:19
218.   Ricardo
Matt Kemp´s page on Baseball Reference: "In honor of Ned Colletti and Grady Little, the men who sabotaged the Dodgers' 2007 season by propping up the decrepit carcasses of Juan Pierre and Luis Gonzalez so Bison Kemp and his 125 OPS+ could rot on the bench."
2007-09-23 07:05:03
219.   Marty
218 That is courtesy of one of our own who's first and last name share the same initial.
2007-09-23 07:08:57
220.   Izzy
217, I would not say that. However, some "bad press" might not be such a bad thing for the kids, mainly Kemp. It might have a positive effect if he cares, and it won't matter if he doesn't. At this point, I think the whole team needs to shut up and play baseball with everything they have left in them.
2007-09-23 07:19:58
221.   D4P
I can see Kemp being somewhat lackadaisical and not the hardest worker. His baserunning gaffes kinda give me that impression. But I have no reason to think he's a jerk.
2007-09-23 08:04:30
222.   Bluebleeder87
T.J. Simers is spinning the youth movement saga to his own liking.
2007-09-23 08:15:52
223.   Bluebleeder87
& even if Kemp is a "Jerk" (I can almost guarantee you he's a jerk TO MEDIA TYPES exclusively) who cares! when ever you get a bunch of people together your gonna have your good guys (the Russell Martins of the world) & your gonna have the not so good, it's just the way life is! T.J. Simers is SO unfair in his resent article it's almost laughable!
2007-09-23 08:25:44
224.   Howard Fox
maybe Simers is right and maybe not, but Kemp doesn't seem to learn from his mistakes...

I don't know if that is poor coaching, or an I am better than you attitude...

2007-09-23 08:27:16
225.   Bumsrap
From here on out I would like to watch Hu and Abreu play the middle infield. For me a good finish to the year would be for the Dodgers to win most of the remaining games playing the kids.
2007-09-23 08:28:31
226.   Howard Fox
209 211 and being a business owner myself, there is something to be said for firing someone to shake up an office when things are going right, even if the employee isn't a bad one...

and I am not talking about Little or Coletti, neither of whom I like, but if one, just one of the untouchable youngsters were traded away, it might wake up the others and remind them that when their bosses speak, they really ought to pay attention

2007-09-23 08:29:19
227.   Howard Fox
226 I meant to say "aren't going right"
2007-09-23 08:29:42
228.   Bumsrap
Comparatively speaking, if Kemp is a jerk what is Kent?
2007-09-23 08:31:00
229.   Howard Fox
everyone knows Kent is a jerk, but he has a history and a great career to stand on...what has Kemp done yet?
2007-09-23 08:35:09
230.   Howard Fox
don't get me wrong, I think Kemp has great potential...

but baseball history has more guys with potential who never made it than those who did...

2007-09-23 08:35:41
231.   Bluebleeder87

from what I remember (don't take my word for it) baseball was Kemps 2nd best sport & being from oklahoma were the weather isn't as cooperative as it is in other places you can see he isn't as well schooled as some of our other youth BUT that's why we have paid professionals to teach him how it's done, I'm pretty sure the coaching staff will work with him this up coming ST. Another thing is, remember he was brought up very early in his development (looking at you Ned!) so we're seeing manifestations of that right now, by his poor base running & so forth.

2007-09-23 08:36:03
232.   Gen3Blue
I would like to think this Simers freak wouldn't be be granted a forum for his nonsense on the east coast, but I'm old enough to know better. The only positive I can find is that he may be a real fan. That would explain enough hurt to throw this kind of tantrum.
2007-09-23 08:37:05
233.   Bluebleeder87

great point Bumsrap.

2007-09-23 08:37:53
234.   Howard Fox
224 that is funny to see in writing...everyone on this site clamored for his callup early and often, now you note Coletti perhaps calling him up too early in his development...
2007-09-23 08:40:09
235.   Howard Fox
sorry, but perhaps I have a heightened sense of humor, or I appreciate sarcasm more than most, or maybe I am just a jerk too, but I find Simers very entertaining and for the most part I agree with a lot of what he says...

and I suspect I am not alone in this assessment of his opinions

2007-09-23 08:50:50
236.   Humma Kavula
being a business owner myself, there is something to be said for firing someone to shake up an office when things are going right, even if the employee isn't a bad one

I don't know how to respond to that, other than to say I don't think life has to be this way. Maybe I am naive.

2007-09-23 08:51:38
237.   D4P
Why didn't we hear anything about jerks and bad chemistry when the team was in first place?
2007-09-23 08:52:35
238.   Bluebleeder87
well I don't know if it was here on DT or on another site but I definitely wanted Kemp to stay down in the minors for more seasoning, I can still somewhat remember what I said & it was to the affect of the whole Edwin Jackson debacle I'm almost positive I said that here.
2007-09-23 08:57:26
239.   Pedro Astacio
237. Because no one wanted to break it out there to cause more stir. Now that we're losing, there is no more chemistry to break.
2007-09-23 08:58:56
240.   Jon Weisman
New post up top.
2007-09-23 08:58:58
241.   Humma Kavula
Not to steal Jon's thunder, but...

very good NPUT

2007-09-23 09:11:36
242.   Howard Fox
life shouldn't be that way, but often it is
2007-09-23 09:13:30
243.   Howard Fox
237 Kent has always been a jerk, even when he was younger
2007-09-23 09:18:03
244.   Gen3Blue
223 I don't know if you meant to spell recent as resent, but it works either way.

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