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October 6 Open Chat
2007-10-06 05:38
by Jon Weisman

Comments (107)
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2007-10-06 06:24:59
1.   Ricardo
From Rotoworld: "Crawford and Al Reyes for Billingsley, Jonathan Meloan and Tony Abreu would be fair."

Yes, it´d be fair to the Rays fans.

2007-10-06 06:35:40
2.   Sam DC
Fascinating WWII story.

Please no one go all Rule 5.

2007-10-06 06:38:40
3.   Ricardo
2001 - D´Backs/ NL West
2002 - Angels/ AL West
2003 - Marlins/ NL East
2004 - Red Sox/ AL East
2005 - White Sox/ AL Central
2006- Cardinals/ NL Central
2007- D´Backs or Rockies/ NL West
2007-10-06 07:33:28
4.   D4P
Last night's game thread at Bronx Banter has 1,633 posts.
2007-10-06 07:47:54
5.   Bumsrap
4 - I thought they were knats, turns out to be posts.

AROD might be Mr. October once he gets past the first playoff series. He might want to think about that before resigning with the Yanks or signing with the Dodgers.

Franklin Gutierez gets key rbi base hit in a Division Series for Cleveland and goes one ahead of Bradley and Ethier.

2007-10-06 07:52:02
6.   D4P
As much as I've rooted for ARod this year because of all the irrational hatred thrown his way, I don't mind seeing him struggle once again in the playoffs.

It'll be fun to hear Boras talk about how his postseason performance is just a small sample size issue, and not indicative of his true value. Course, Boras doesn't shy away from small sample sizes when they support his case (e.g. BA w/RISP).

2007-10-06 07:57:59
7.   Bumsrap
One of the best reasons to pay AROD $35 million a year would be to reduce the payroll available to Colletti to collect higher salaried non-essentials.
2007-10-06 08:05:21
8.   Bluebleeder87
for those who like boxing, today is a great day for it, Barrera versus Paquiao. Barrera will try to avenge his humiliating defeat against Paquiao, for those of you who don't know who Barrera is he's one of the most composed/smartest boxers in the game today, I for one am looking SO forward to this boxing match cause I witnessed the Barrera humiliation & I am hoping Barrera at least has an honorable match against an incredibly gifted Paquiao.
2007-10-06 08:12:53
9.   RIYank
Yeah, for Alex's sake, I feel terrible, but when I think about Boras that does make me feel better.

But A-Rod is going to take Jake Westbrook deep twice today, so Boras will be happy.

Vlad is also invisible this month, in case nobody else noticed.

I wonder whether the firejoemorgan boys just love post-seasons like this, because it guarantees them idiot material for months to come, or whether it drives them nuts.

2007-10-06 08:24:55
10.   D4P
Vlad is also invisible this month, in case nobody else noticed

Bill Plaschke noticed...!

2007-10-06 08:36:17
11.   bhsportsguy
In reading the terms of A-Rod's contract again (see, I cannot see a scenario where he does not opt out. If he doesn't leave now, he is going to be a Yankee until the end of the 2010 season since he is not allowed to opt out in 2008-2009 if he is still the highest paid player baseball.
2007-10-06 08:45:12
12.   Bluebleeder87
From MLB.Com >>>>Those three games averaged 4.54 million viewers and a 3.6 HH rating, according to live plus same-day data from Nielsen Media Research. That was a tick up from the 2006 opening tripleheader on two networks, which averaged 4.48 million viewers. Making the numbers particularly striking was that baseball's best-known team, the Yankees, didn't open their postseason until Thursday.

And when New York did debut on Thursday, the ratings kept right on pouring in. The Day 2 tripleheader on TBS racked up another big day of numbers, averaging 4.6 million viewers over three games -- Game 2 of each National League series, plus the opener between the Yanks and Indians. Colorado and Philadelphia drew 3.3 million viewers, the Chicago-Arizona game drew 3.7 million, and the Yankees and Indians contest was played before 6.7 million television viewers. <<<<<<

Good news for MLB, you can't help but be happy for baseball when you read stuff like that.

2007-10-06 08:46:05
13.   Bob Timmermann
I think A-Rod won't take Jake Westerbrook deep twice today.

Sunday is another matter. ;-)

You have to watch the NL today! I'll be at the Rose Bowl most of the day.

2007-10-06 08:49:07
14.   Andrew Shimmin
13- My sister's going to the game, and sitting in the ND section. I told her she had to welcome each and every visiting Indianian to California, and wish them a pleasant stay. She told me to shut up.
2007-10-06 09:13:37
15.   LAT
9 A Rhode Island Yankee fan? Now there is something you don't see everyday. You must be from Cranston. ;-)
2007-10-06 09:27:31
16.   The Mootz
13- "Sometime, when the team is up against it, and the breaks are beating the boys, tell them to go out there with all they got and win just one for the Timmer."
2007-10-06 09:36:33
17.   KG16
16 - Bob Timmermann, All American?
2007-10-06 09:46:44
18.   Bob Timmermann
I hear Rudy is suiting up today.
2007-10-06 09:48:23
19.   KG16
So, if all three DLS end up as sweeps, is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Have we gotten through the 48 hours of doom, otherwise known as the rumored window for the Santana trade to go through?

2007-10-06 09:51:32
20.   KG16
Also, what is the rationale behind not having the division winner with the best record play a wild card winner from its own division?

Why not just seed them according to most wins?

2007-10-06 09:54:55
21.   Bob Timmermann
The rationale, not that I agree with it, is that MLB wants to make it harder for teams in the same division to play in the LCS.

Because nobody liked to watch the Yankee-Red Sox LCS. Although I don't the Astros-Cardinals Series were overly popular.

2007-10-06 09:55:26
22.   Andrew Shimmin
Unlike Juan Pierre, the appendix is apparently not useless.

2007-10-06 09:57:11
23.   Bob Timmermann
The appendix is easier to remove.
2007-10-06 09:58:20
24.   KG16
21 - I'm pretty sure that if teams from the same division played each other in the DLS, they would not be able to play each other in the LCS. I love Selig logic.

Now I could understand if they wanted to avoid situations where one division was assured of having a team in the LCS, but the current format gives one division a rather high likelihood of getting at least one team into the LCS and it seems to happen that two teams end up there more often

2007-10-06 10:04:47
25.   bhsportsguy
23 What time are you heading out to the game?
2007-10-06 10:09:30
26.   Daniel Zappala
2 Thank you.

I read about the appendix having a purpose, and not once did I think about Juan Pierre. I'm definitely making better progress at recovering from this season than you guys.

2007-10-06 10:13:07
27.   KG16
wow, UNC is beating up on Miami in a way that you'd think it was already basketball season
2007-10-06 10:15:42
28.   KG16
Plaschke's writings make me want to start an Angels blog as a matter of principle. Now, the Angels have an identity problem - even though they are playing without their second best hitter (Matthews) and their third best hitter has one working eye, and they are playing against a team that has been favored to win the WS in each of the last five seasons.
2007-10-06 10:21:42
29.   Bob Timmermann
I think we'll be leaving at 2.

Keep in mind. I'm not far away, but I have not yet settled on my mode of transportation.

2007-10-06 10:24:02
30.   Paul Scott
I do not understand why people call Pierre "useless." "Useless" means that he has no value; he merely wastes space. Pierre is far far worse than merely "useless."
2007-10-06 10:26:03
31.   Bumsrap
23 - Beltre might argue with that.
2007-10-06 10:27:13
32.   Paul Scott
BTW, there was some really spectacular journalism today on Apparently, according to interviews, players on both the Cubs and the Phillis say they can still win. Must have been tough to get those quotes, so I applaud the hard work done to produce those articles.
2007-10-06 10:38:39
33.   Marty
So, Ned gave an appendix 45 million over 5 years.

I think we have a new nickname for Pierre. If Ned signs more useless vets, do we call them the appendices?

2007-10-06 10:40:09
34.   Marty
Bob, maybe the Fightin Geniuses will be wearing the green jerseys today. That's always exciting.
2007-10-06 10:40:15
35.   Bob Timmermann
The only way you'll get my vestigial tail is if you pry it off my cold dead ....
2007-10-06 11:02:12
36.   Linkmeister
35 That's appendages, not appendices.
2007-10-06 11:09:56
37.   Frip
35 And that's "pry it FROM", not "off".
2007-10-06 11:28:45
38.   Bluebleeder87
Appendices reminds me of the song "bandages" from Hot Hot Heat...
2007-10-06 11:39:36
39.   Eric L
Interesting article about Jimbo that was posted in one of the threads over at BBTF. Apparently, the writer thinks that Jim was obsessed with the 2004 Dodgers.

2007-10-06 11:43:14
40.   Bluebleeder87
say what you want about Tracy BUT I'd take him over Grady Little ANY TIME! I know he sometimes made questionable decisions but I feel he's a better strategist then Grady Little, JMO.
2007-10-06 11:46:49
41.   Eric L
40 I really think that Tracy and Grady are birds of the same feather. Neither is spectacularly good nor spectacularly bad.
2007-10-06 11:48:58
42.   regfairfield
28 If losing Gary Matthews Jr. effects your team in anyway, you don't deserve to be successful.

In fact, it would help the Angels if they just put Willits in center where he belongs and played Chone at third.

2007-10-06 11:49:42
43.   bhsportsguy
40 Strategy? I like your spirit and enthusiam but I have to disagree here.

Jim Tracy's strategy was to get a lead and give it to his bullpen, among whom, he prospered by having the greatest run by a closer in the history of baseball.

Now, it can be argued that he never had a team that put all facets of the game together at the same time but Jim Tracy, a baseball strategist, sorry never saw it.

But I also think what people think of as strategy is often just second guessing pitching moves, etc. Very few teams have a particular strategy or plan, the Yankees in their glory days worked counts, the Angels try to run the bases agressively but all of that can be shut down by good pitching.

It was true 30 years ago and it is true today, the best strategy in baseball is the 3-run home run.

2007-10-06 11:52:20
44.   regfairfield
41 You do remember Jason Phillips at first, right? Or Mike Edwards at third?
2007-10-06 11:54:47
45.   Reddog
What if Jim Bowden had accepted the GM job with the Dodgers? Would that have been better than Colletti?

I can't see how it could've been worse, but I'm curious what some of the more knowledgeable posters here think he might've done.

2007-10-06 11:58:22
46.   KG16
39 - As much as Tracy annoyed me at times, I did think he was one of the best strategic managers in the game, and you need to have that aspect in the NL. If the choice was between Little and Tracy after two years, I'd have to go with Tracy.

Though I doubt either one of these guys are good for a team in the midst of a youth movement.

2007-10-06 12:00:52
47.   Telemachos
39 That's a devastating article against Tracy... he sounds like a very kind man who's completely out of his depth and pining for the "one great year" from 2004.
2007-10-06 12:02:55
48.   Telemachos
That article also makes it sound like the Pirates' clubhouse was as bad as the Dodgers. No leadership.

I can't believe people would take Tracy over Grady. I'm not a giant Grady fan, but Tracy's incessant over-managing was often ludicous, not to mention his love of (s)crappy AAA players who tried hard.

2007-10-06 12:05:33
49.   KG16
48 - the choice seems to be over-managing vs under-managing. I guess the question is, would you prefer, in game, that a move is made too early or too late?
2007-10-06 12:06:05
50.   Andrew Shimmin
Remember when Tracy got Robles CS ten times in a row because he, (a) refused to accept that Robles wasn't fast and, (b) kept hitting and running with him, even though it never worked.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2007-10-06 12:06:36
51.   Andrew Shimmin
That was awesome.
2007-10-06 12:08:33
52.   Frip
43 Good post vhsportsguy.
2007-10-06 12:10:20
53.   KG16
50 - so, it is the manager's fault when a player fails to make contact? Teams often hit and run with their slowest players as a means of preventing the double play, the Dodgers use to do it all the time with Karros and Piazza because FC is better than GDP.
2007-10-06 12:15:37
54.   bhsportsguy
53 As Dirty Harry would say, A man has got to know his limitations.

But what innovative things did he do, play LoDuca in left field, insist Cesar continue to switch hit, move Shawn Green to first?

I guess he was part of the leadership when Gagne became a relief pitcher but did Tracy help young players flourish?

He is a very nice man from what I saw and he probably is what I would call a good baseball man but he can also be somewhat childish (e.g. wearing LoDuca's number after the trade), stubborn, Jason Phillips, and not a great leader (see September records with the Dodgers).

2007-10-06 12:18:20
55.   Telemachos
I generally think the manager's job is to keep order in the clubhouse between all the personalities and to put the best possible team on the field, each and every day. While occasionally a manager will make a poor choice in terms of replacing (or not replacing) a pitcher, I think those decisions are over-analyzed by fans and the press.

Grady's main flaw, IMHO, is his loss of the clubhouse during the September collapse. According to that Post-Gazette article, Tracy also has problems with leadership.... and in addition he was so fascinated with stats (and interpreting them incorrectly), he often did not play his best possible team. Remember, this is the man who wanted J.D. Drew to sacrifice bunt. This is the guy who decided to play a scrub catcher at first-base instead of the first-baseman on the team. This is the guy who batted Izturis leadoff while his BA and OBP were a black hole.... for months.

Grady makes the occasional stupid pitching decision... but they affect a single game. And, by and large, he's shown a willingnesss (when repeatedly confronted with the truth) to change the lineup to better the team.

2007-10-06 12:22:08
56.   KG16
54 - what young players did the Dodgers have during Tracy's tenure? Choi? Beltre? Perez? Izturis? The Dodgers, for most of Tracy's tenure were chock full of PVL. And if I remember correctly, he got a heaping helping of scorn when he went with the Ja(y)son outfield alignment, which was going with the younger players.
2007-10-06 12:24:13
57.   Andrew Shimmin
53- Looking through the game logs, he was hitting and running Robles with Antonio Perez, Mike Edwards, and Choi with two strikes. Robles on first, hitter who strikes out often enough at the plate, two strikes on him, there goes Robles, running into the strikeout/throwout double play.

You can blame the players for not having been better than they were, I guess. I'll stick to blaming Tracy.

2007-10-06 12:25:08
58.   Frip
Gazzette: "Tracy's strategic skills, demeanor and experience might bring him another opportunity to manage in the majors. But that team probably will need to be talented, experienced and prepared to manage its own clubhouse."

I hate when writers write things they know aren't true. He knows Tracy will never manage again. He KNOWS it.

2007-10-06 12:26:05
59.   bhsportsguy
55 My hunch is that he didn't lose it in September, it started in June when Loney was brought in and Nomar was suddenly moved to 3B, a place where according to those who watched the team daily, he didn't even begin to take ground balls until that week.

And again, I don't think it was ever this guys should not be playing if he is better vibe, I do think that there is certainly enough inference from some objective folks (not LA Times columnists) that would place blame on a lot more than one disgruntled outfielder and one cranky second baseman.

If Grady had to do it over, he probably should have tried to set a lineup that at least could be more easily understood by the players and then while they would be still upset by their lack of play, they could understand the why they were sitting better.

But Ned did Grady no favors but the construction of the roster and that is probably one reason why you will hear no complaints from Ned about how Grady managed the team.

2007-10-06 12:26:59
60.   KG16
And while I'm thinking about it, one need not be "innovative" to be good strategically. Being good strategically means recognizing when to go to the bullpen, when to pinch hit because of a good match up, when to use the hit-and-run and the run-and-hit, as well as the double switch. Grady is better pre-game, Tracy was better in game, neither is very good in the club house.
2007-10-06 12:29:35
61.   KG16
57 - ok, I'll admit, those are not the best situations to go with a hit-and-run, in fact, I don't think it's ever a good idea to call the hit-and-run with 2 strikes because you're not likely to see a good pitch and you are compelling the hitter to swing.
2007-10-06 12:32:04
62.   Frip
59 "it started in June when Loney was brought in and Nomar was suddenly moved to 3B"

Was that a big deal? Nomar wasn't bad a third.

2007-10-06 12:34:39
63.   Linkmeister
2 Thanks, Sam. I'd never have noticed that article on my own. Having spent 15 hours watching the latest Ken Burns epic, I'm back into WW II reading mode.
2007-10-06 12:34:47
64.   Marty
Tracy also was infamous (as Grady is) for letting the pitcher hit when down a few runs only to pull him the next inning.

As BH said, Tracy's main strategy was to get a lead into the ninth and hand it to Gagne. Which is great if you A. get a lead into the ninth, and B. have Gagne. In Pittsburgh, A. didn't happen very often, and B. never happened.

With that strategy, his obviously horrid player selection severely hampers success in part A. as well.

2007-10-06 12:38:34
65.   Telemachos
Tracy's in-game pitching decisions were certainly better than Grady's. I think some of his other decisions came from an insistence to use strategies his team wasn't suited to, rather than adapting to fit the personnel he had.

Frankly, my preference is that the Dodgers go with a younger, hungry manager who has limited ML experience. I think too often teams go for the "name" hire.... but "name" too often means "retread". But I know this approach is the opposite of what Ned would do if he replaces Grady.

2007-10-06 12:42:36
66.   KG16
65 - retreading seems to happen in most pro sports (cough Norv Turner cough, cough Rick Adleman cough)

The ability to adjust strategy to personnel should be a top priority when looking for coaches.

2007-10-06 12:46:29
67.   Frip
65 If Bill James is right, Robin Williams will be our next manager, since according to him, teams follow mellow guys with hyper guys, and vice versa.
2007-10-06 12:47:04
68.   LAT
Grady v. Tracey

Hmm. That's a hard call. Generally Tracey was not all over the place in his line-ups like Grady is. When Tracey filled out the line-up cart there was usually some rationale to it. On the other hand, Tracey was so stubborn in his committment to certian players, especially Jason Phillips that his judgment seemed impaired. One big diffrence is Tracey almost never accepted responsibility for anything that went wrong. Grady at least shoulders the blame for some of the teams failings. With this young team I think I prefer Grady. If we had verteran team I might go with Tracey.

2007-10-06 12:47:27
69.   KG16
67 - only problem is we've gone with two mellow guys in a row. We're going to need someone really hyper... like Dane Cook.
2007-10-06 12:48:26
70.   Andrew Shimmin
The only problem I had with Kovacevic's article is that he should have looked up CNN's go-to neurologist on the Pete Domenici thing, to get a quote about what Tracy might do now. I think with proper training, Tracy, too, would make an adequate paperboy.
2007-10-06 12:56:16
71.   KG16
If there is a god - the Yankees will lose tomorrow, A-Rod and Torre will be ridden out of town on a rail; A-Rod will end up in LA or Anaheim where he will proceed to win multiple MVPs and World Series and set the career home run record; and Tracy will end up the new manager of the Yankees.
2007-10-06 13:15:21
72.   Bluebleeder87
I'm just saying I like Tracy more than Grady I've seen them both for 2 years & I gotta say I like Tracy More than Grady. It's just a matter of taste I guess, I'd love to have Joe Girardi though.
2007-10-06 13:24:35
73.   Frip
I'm going to need to record much of the post season, does anyone know how many hours the Time Warner DRV can store?
2007-10-06 13:28:05
74.   Bluebleeder87
Grady Little can also be impatient with Rooks, how quickly do we forget the Aybar situation & the La Roche situation, as soon as Aybar & or La Roche would make errors we wouldn't here from them for weeks sometimes.
2007-10-06 13:49:36
75.   Andrew Shimmin
I'm reading my New Member Handbook 2008, and came across this bummer:

"Identification as a member of SABR should be for identification purposes only and should not be used to attempt to obtain special privileges or other advantages.

"... please note that only the president, executive director or executive board may speak for SABR..."

Fortunately, on the first page is a reminder that, while I can start enjoying the "non-publication benefits of membership immediately," I won't really be a member till January 1, 2008. To my eye, that means I've got three months to speak for SABR, and demand special treatment before I'd be breaking any rules. So, I've got that going for me.

2007-10-06 13:57:35
76.   D4P
I guess they felt is was unnecessary to prohibit members from using their status to pick up chicks.
2007-10-06 13:57:51
77.   Frip
If Andrew was funny and there's no one here to read it, was Andrew funny?
2007-10-06 14:45:34
78.   KG16
don't tell anyone on the Toaster, but Cal, Granderson, and Thomas are talking about the bunt
2007-10-06 14:48:26
79.   goofus
I'm sure that somewhere on one of the screens it will tell you "Hours Remaining". I don't remember how it worked when I had it 4 years ago but I do know both Dish and Direct keep me informed about everything.
2007-10-06 14:56:25
80.   RonG
Grady Little is not a bad guy and not a bad manager, just not a good manager. He is far too passive for my taste. I don't think that he is capable of managing a championship team. By leaving him in place for another year, McCourt seems to be writing off next season already.
2007-10-06 15:05:46
81.   ToyCannon
Vishal, El Lay Dave, Paul Scott, and WiffleBallLegend looking strong in the true blue world series contest if the 2-0 leaders finish off each series. At 1st glance they are the only four with
Arizona/Rockies/Boston/Indians in the 1st round.
2007-10-06 15:06:11
82.   KG16
80 - I'm not sure they're writing off next season, but I think it's a realization of where the team is. They aren't quite ready for the Joe Torre/Phil Jackson-type.

The big question though, is who do you bring in if you fire Little?

2007-10-06 15:15:54
83.   Frip
82 David Duchovny. He's mysterious just like Grady, only he's good looking and smart. He went to Princeton.
2007-10-06 15:17:47
84.   Telemachos
I suspect McCourt is desperate for some continuity, and is willing to write off this year as "unexpected" due to injuries and a big influx of youngsters. Whether or not he's right to think this is another question, of course.
2007-10-06 15:23:35
85.   dzzrtRatt
That Jim Tracy article cited in 39 is creepy. Tracy's obsession with the 2004 Dodgers is like James Stewart's obsession with Kim Novak in "Vertigo." Forcing Chris Duffy to hit like Dave Roberts? Telling Jack Wilson he should field more like Cesar Izturis?

I wonder who he made dress up in Jason Phillips' goggles.

Jim Tracy might be a better manager than Little, or he might be worse. It's hard to tell. But he is a much stranger person than Little. If I were a GM, I wouldn't want him around me.

80 Is McCourt "writing off next season already" by keeping Little such a bad thing? Not if his mandate is clear: Develop the younger players. McCourt is a monkey-see, monkey-do kind of businessman, and maybe the monkeys he's studying now are Arizona and Colorado.

2007-10-06 15:25:38
86.   Bluebleeder87

I would have though XeiFrank & his machine would have done well also...

2007-10-06 15:28:43
87.   Bluebleeder87

IMHO I think you also have to take what writers write with some suspension, there always half truths if you ask me. everything I've heard about Tracy is that he's an absolutely great human being.

2007-10-06 15:29:22
88.   Frip
85 "But he is a much stranger person than Little. If I were a GM, I wouldn't want him around me."

Oh my gosh that's funny.

2007-10-06 16:10:18
89.   Telemachos
87 Actually, the article specifically talks about what a good, decent person Tracy is. It just also points out his flaws running a team.
2007-10-06 16:38:06
90.   Telemachos
Hell of a game between Washington State and Arizona State. 23-20 with Washington State down but threatening, 21 seconds left.
2007-10-06 16:40:50
91.   Frip
This poor Ron Darling fellow just isn't very bright.
2007-10-06 16:41:13
92.   Telemachos
And Arizona State holds on for the win when the WaState kicker misses a 46-yard field goal.
2007-10-06 16:44:49
93.   Bluebleeder87

You can point out flaws in everybody if you look hard enough, Roberto Clemente use to get EATEN ALIVE by them over there. But to be fair I'm sure theres plenty of truth to the article as well.

2007-10-06 16:46:01
94.   Bluebleeder87
I'm just glad the Cubbies scored, & still knocking on the door....
2007-10-06 16:48:35
95.   Telemachos
93 True... you just don't need to look that hard to see Tracy's. :)
2007-10-06 16:55:19
96.   regfairfield
ZIPS predicts big things for Justin Ruggiano, not so much for any other ex Dodger.

Can't really say I agree with that assessment, however.

2007-10-06 17:19:37
97.   regfairfield
If the Diamondbacks win this series, how much credit will go to Livan Hernandez's Kaz Ishii like performance so far? I'm going to say all of it.
2007-10-06 17:39:33
98.   KG16
97 - I would say only about a third should go to Livan, and a third to each of the other starting pitchers, and then a third to the offense
2007-10-06 17:56:26
99.   Linkmeister
98 4/3, huh? Like Car Talk: "we'll have a new puzzler in the third half of our show."
2007-10-06 17:57:20
100.   Gen3Blue
I quess the background on this has to do with how easily the D-backs won the division while scoring less than they gave.
But also how the fine players in the National Leaque west could impede the even finer young players on the Dodgers.

The Point--How much do I hope the Rockies do in the snakes!

Either way it's a challenge. (pronounced as Clueseau would.)

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2007-10-06 17:58:13
101.   Bluebleeder87
at least I still have the Paquiao versus Barrera fight going tonight, man, the Cubbies (if you let them) take you on an abyss of feeling bad.... (in a weird way I kind of dig it) but I must retreat, sorry.
2007-10-06 18:01:09
102.   Gen3Blue
99 sure, like Yogi said, the games 90% physical; and the other half is mental.
Or something like that! My memory of that is weak, but I remember the gist of many wonderful Yogi quotes.
2007-10-06 18:06:22
103.   oldfan60
I am not a Tracy fan but I did not care for that article. Making a big deal out of players playing cards...???
I can see that if a catcher needs to drill blocking balls in the dirt, he should be doing that. Other than that, I got that Tracy may be too nice a guy. I will take Grady every day.
And on Grady playing Pierre every day, his boss paid big bucks for this player. He is not going to show up his boss by benching him. I think maybe Leyland would and maybe LaRussa would. But those guys can get a job anytime they want one.
2007-10-06 18:38:06
104.   Marty
Well, USC is showing their stripes. Cal and Oregon will eat them alive if they don't turn it around drastically.
2007-10-06 19:31:26
105.   Marty
Congratulations Jon! I hope you were watching the big Stanford upset.
2007-10-06 19:43:03
106.   dzzrtRatt
Speaking as a Cal fan, I want to thank Stanford for knocking off USC.

Now all we need is Florida to hang onto its small lead over LSU...and maybe Cal is #1. Although the announcement of the SC loss seems to have pumped up LSU fans.

2007-10-06 19:56:25
107.   Jon Weisman
Thanks, Marty. I was afraid to turn on the set when I heard it was close, but finally watched the final 2:30.


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