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All-Time Los Angeles Uniform Numbers at the Daily News
2007-10-14 19:37
by Jon Weisman

Others have attempted this kind of thing in the past, but it's always fun to try to fill out a roster of the all-time best to wear every uniform number. The Daily News is running the numbers now for Los Angeles athletes - check it out.

Previously on Dodger Thoughts: "The All-Time Dodger Alphabet Team"

Comments (111)
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2007-10-14 19:49:10
1.   Gen3Blue
To make us look like a clown. Oh well, I can live with it.
2007-10-14 20:28:21
2.   Cliff Corcoran
Check the Bronx Banter sidebar for the all-time Yankees by the numbers (recently updated).
2007-10-14 20:57:21
3.   Bob Timmermann
Al Oliver has 0 wrapped up and Joe Beimel has 97.

1 - Pee Wee Reese
2 - Bobby Valentine (just players on my list)
3 - Willie Davis
4 - Duke Snider
5 - Mike Marshall (outfielder)
6 - Steve Garvey
7 - J.D. Drew
8 - Reggie Smith
9 - Wally Moon
10 - Gary Sheffield

2007-10-14 21:11:06
4.   Bob Timmermann
11 - Manny Mota
12 - Jeff Kent
13 - Joe Ferguson
14 - Gil Hodges
15 - Shawn Green
16 - Hideo Nomo
17 - Roger McDowell
18 - Bill Russell
19 - Jim Gilliam
20 - Don Sutton
2007-10-14 21:22:00
5.   Bob Timmermann
21 - Jim Brewer
22 - Johnny Podres
23 - Kirk Gibson
24 - No players wore it in L.A., so it has to be Walter Alston
25 - Tommy John
26 - Alejandro Pena
27 - Kevin Brown
28 - Pedro Guerrero
29 - Adrian Beltre
30 - Maury Wills
2007-10-14 21:48:50
6.   Bob Timmermann
31 - Mike Piazza
32 - Sandy Koufax
33 - Eddie Murray
34 - Fernando Valenzuela
35 - Bob Welch
36 - Don Newcombe
37 - Darren Dreifort
38 - Todd Worrell, or the Black Mike Ramsey?
39 - Howie Reed
40 - Bill Singer

And I will retire from the field.

2007-10-14 21:57:58
7.   ToyCannon
I pay attention to a lot of things related to sports but player numbers is one I've never bothered with.

Other then the 3 Dog and Garvey all the numbers Bob mentioned were a surprise to me.

2007-10-14 22:14:03
8.   Bob Timmermann
Wait, are we supposed to be doing this from memory. The media guide has a list of all the players who have worn particular numbers.

55 will be a tough call.

2007-10-14 22:16:17
9.   KG16
The all sports one is going to be incredibly tough. Some of the numbers have been worn by so many greats: 32, 33, 34 especially. I'm interested to see the list though.
2007-10-14 22:19:26
10.   ToyCannon
Sandy Koufax or Magic Johnson-Sophie's choice was easier.
2007-10-14 22:25:34
11.   Sagehen
10 Ron Cey

Sorry, but for long-term contribution to the team at a position that has otherwise been a revolving door, I pick the Penguin over the Sheffield rental any day.

2007-10-14 22:26:02
12.   KG16
10 - not to mention Marcus Allen for the Raiders, OJ for USC. Or Bill Walton at UCLA.
2007-10-14 23:15:23
13.   dzzrtRatt
Returning to the topic of the previous thread...

I used to love the Dodger games on 790 KABC. They were on that station forever, and I became their fan listening to them on that station. At the time, KABC was sort of the "station of record" for Los Angeles. The programming spoke to many sectors of Southern California. It was intelligent for the most part, but where it was dumb, it was dumb in the way Southern California could be dumb.

Now, from what I can tell, it's just another outlet for primarily syndicated right-wing programming with a special obsession with the illegal immigration issue. Andrew mentioned the program Mr. KABC, which was pretty much the only politically unaffiliated program during the week. They bounced him so they could give two hours to a raving zealot named Mark Levin.

I don't mean to be partisan by the way. I respect conservative views and share some of them. But the rabble-rousing tone of KABC's shows is wearying and upsetting. And it obviously appeals primarily to a narrow band of the radio marketplace.

So I'm trying to figure out where the Dodgers fit into this. As I said, they yanked Mr. KABC for Mark Levin. Now they have basically set things up where Levin will be preempted for most of the six months of the season. Where are they going to fit the pre- and post-game shows? Does this mean KABC is pulling away from the syndicated, partisan stuff in favor of a more local and mainstream type of programming? Or are there going to be abrupt transitions from rants about liberals to the dulcet tones of Vin Scully, the fairest broadcaster in America?

2007-10-14 23:16:50
14.   Linkmeister
Yeah, and wasn't Yeager #8? Wait, no, because he and Reggie Smith played at the same time. Hmm.
2007-10-14 23:22:25
15.   Linkmeister
Hmm again. Baseball-Reference sends me to the HOF Dressed to the Nines exhibit, where it tells me Yeager wore 21 at home and 12 on the road for the first couple of years, and then 21 on each uniform until he got traded to Seattle for Ed Van de Berg (Ed Van de Berg? For Yeager? Yikes!) in 1986.
2007-10-14 23:25:37
16.   Bob Timmermann
The Angels are switching to a talk radio station next year. I don't think Arte Moreno cares much.

He owns the station.

2007-10-14 23:59:56
17.   Dodgers49
15. where it tells me Yeager wore 21 at home and 12 on the road for the first couple of years, and then 21 on each uniform until he got traded to Seattle

That's strange because when Yeager's name was mentioned I immediately thought of #7. That's the number I remember him wearing. I'm pretty sure he didn't wear #21 though.

2007-10-15 00:05:44
18.   Linkmeister
17 Yeah, I remember him wearing #7 as well. In fact, when Drew started wearing that number I thought it didn't look right. Maybe the BB-Ref data's wrong (horrors! If that's the case, a million zillion bar bets can no longer be wagered with surefire results!)?
2007-10-15 00:10:54
19.   Dodgers49
15. Also, I don't recall any Dodgers players wearing a different number at home than on the road. Maybe it happened but I can't think of a single player who did so since 1949.
2007-10-15 00:11:57
20.   A Dodger expatriate in Pennsylvania
41 Jerry Reuss
43 Rick Sutcliffe
44 Darryl Strawberry
45 Joe Ferguson
46 Burt Hooton
47 Andy Messersmith
49 Charlie Hough
52 Steve Sax
53 Don Drysdale
55 Orel Hershiser
57 Pedro Guerrero
64 Paul Lo Duca
66 Paul Konerko
2007-10-15 00:23:05
21.   Dodgers49
20. Where did you find those?
45 Joe Ferguson
57 Pedro Guerrero
64 Paul Lo Duca
66 Paul Konerko
2007-10-15 00:29:33
22.   Dodgers49
18. Maybe the BB-Ref data's wrong (horrors! If that's the case, a million zillion bar bets can no longer be wagered with surefire results!)?

I just found a picture of Yeager using Google and, sure enough, he's wearing #7. So you should be able to win a lot of bets. :-)

2007-10-15 00:35:07
23.   Dodgers49
20. These are the numbers as I remember them:
13 Joe Ferguson
28 Pedro Guerrero
16 Paul Lo Duca
?? Paul Konerko

I guess Konerko wasn't around long enough for me to remember which number he wore.

2007-10-15 00:36:45
24.   A Dodger expatriate in Pennsylvania
45 Joe Ferguson
57 Pedro Guerrero
64 Paul Lo Duca
66 Paul Konerko
2007-10-15 00:41:58
25.   A Dodger expatriate in Pennsylvania
57 Steve Howe (March 10, 1958 – April 28, 2006)
2007-10-15 00:54:41
26.   Dodgers49
24. They probably wore those numbers only as rookies. For example, Ferguson played only five games in 1970. He then switched to #13 for the rest of his Dodgers career starting in 1971.

2007-10-15 07:26:38
27.   Andrew Shimmin
I'd call Doug McIntyre a moderate. I could never stand Art Bell, so it was like a gift from Ch-i when McIntyre started doing Red Eye Radio on KABC. I hardly even minded that I was turning into a mole person, listening to him every night. And, while I'm not a devotee of the show, I think Larry Elder is good at what he does. But the rest of the lineup is pretty useless.

Talk radio is the only subject I get to feel like a codger talking about, since it really was better when I was a kid. Back before John and Ken got their taste for blood. When Wayne Resnick ran the Saturday Night Fiasco, and Tammy Bruce was an unreconstructed (Alien-loving; the outerspace kind, I don't think she took a position on the foreign country sort) pinko. Melinda Lee did the cooking show and Jeff Levy (his son plays the guitar for Norah Jones) was the computer guy. Kids today are missing out. Sean Hannity is never going to devote an hour to Whisper Radio. There's only one show I still listen to at all often; I've mostly given up on the format.

2007-10-15 07:57:15
28.   LAT
13. I used to love Mr. KABC. That guy was great. He knew something about everything in the most unoffensive and noncondesending way. Makes me wonder, whether Mr KABC and Bob ever been seen at the same time?
2007-10-15 07:57:20
29.   Jon Weisman
Michael Jackson, meanwhile, is making a comeback on KGIL (at the expense of Mozart).

2007-10-15 07:58:26
30.   Disabled List
To fill in some of the gaps in 20 :

48 - Ramon Martinez
52 - Tim Crews (Steve Sax? C'mon, rookie numbers don't count.)
54 - Tim Leary
59 - Ismael Valdes
61 - Chan Homer Park

Raul Mondesi can make an argument for #43. And the hell with Darryl, #44 should belong to Kenny Landreaux or Takashi Saito.

And Bob, how could Todd Worrell be the first relief pitcher you thought of for #38?

2007-10-15 08:05:04
31.   Humma Kavula
30 And Bob, how could Todd Worrell be the first relief pitcher you thought of for #38?

Right -- who can forget everything that Rudy Seanez brought this year?

2007-10-15 08:10:54
32.   Ken Noe
18 A lot of our current guys don't look right in their numbers. Putting Martinez in 18 may be some sort of cruel joke, but both Wally Moon and Juan Pierre in 9?
2007-10-15 08:19:12
33.   Humma Kavula
OK, seriously now...

Bob has forgotten more than I'll ever know, so if he says that the Dodgers' history at #7 is so thin that a year and a half of J.D. Drew -- good as he was -- makes him the Dodgers' all-time best at the number, then I'm on board.

Question #1: how much more does Big Game James have to do before he takes the #7 crown?

Question #2: Does Billingsley already deserve #58? Who else wore that number?

Question #3: Who has the most to overcome to get on this list -- Matt Kemp #27 or Andy LaRoche #28?

Question #4: Who is more likely to take over a spot -- Andre Ethier #16 or Russell Martin #55?

2007-10-15 08:29:52
34.   Disabled List
I'd rather see Billy Ashley at #7 than J.D. Drew. I don't think it'll be too long before J-Lo takes that one over.

And if we're talking LA-era Dodgers only, I think Mike Scioscia should get #14 ahead of Gil Hodges.

2007-10-15 08:35:03
35.   Andrew Shimmin
McCourt's on with McIntyre right now. They used Dave Frishberg's (right?) "Dodger Blue" as bumper music.
2007-10-15 08:35:16
36.   Marty
Mr. KABC has shortened his name to Mr. K and is alive and well over at KTLK 1150.
2007-10-15 08:38:17
37.   Andrew Shimmin
McIntyre: "James Loney is as fine a young ballplayer as I have seen in years. . . The same for Russel Martin."


2007-10-15 08:39:21
38.   Andrew Shimmin
McCourt wishes they had "another year or two of finishing school" for the best players on his team.
2007-10-15 08:40:47
39.   Humma Kavula
35 Yep, it's Dave Frishberg, who I saw perform at the Jazz Bakery, and who was not so great.
2007-10-15 08:45:43
40.   LogikReader
I don't think I'm experienced enough to compile an all time Uniform Numbers list.


The Rockies are on the cusp of being one of the very few teams to sweep their way into the World Series.

Since the inception of the Division Series, no team has swept both rounds to enter the fall classic.

In fact, few teams have even run the table during the postseason at large. The most recent example was not the '98 Yankees, but the 1976 Reds.

They defeated, yep, the New York Yankees. Truly the BIG Red Machine.

2007-10-15 08:46:23
41.   LogikReader
[permission to re-post on High Altitude?]
2007-10-15 09:00:52
42.   Jon Weisman
For what it's worth, Yeager wore #7.
2007-10-15 09:11:03
43.   Bumsrap
AROD is going to wear #3 next year for the Dodgers.
2007-10-15 09:11:30
44.   Bob Timmermann
For the record, I did my lists really fast and I expected not to have everyone agree with me.

If everyone agreed with me, it would be boring. Although that would be a perfect world from my perspective.

2007-10-15 09:15:12
45.   D4P
I just read that Brett Favre "could care less" about being the all-time interception-throwing leader, given that his team is 5-1 and is playing well. Earlier this season, Nomar said he didn't care about his own stats as long as the team was winning.

I wonder: do these players who claim to care only about the team and not about their own stats believe they should be paid based upon team performance, not individual stats?

2007-10-15 09:20:27
46.   Bumsrap
If Boris tells Cashman that AROD is going to opt out would Cashman try to trade AROD to a team that would offer Boris' extension demands?

If the Dodgers were that team, what could the Dodgers offer knowing that anything Cashman gets is a plus?

The Yankees need a third baseman and a setup pitcher and closer assuming they move Chamberlain to a starter role and they don't resign Rivera.

How about LaRoche and Lowe and Brazabon. Would other teams offer more knowing they could wait and try to sign AROD as a free agent and give up Texas' money?

2007-10-15 09:23:25
47.   Daniel Zappala
44 I have no idea what uniform number anyone has worn, except Jackie Robinson because it's been discussed here so much. I defer to Bob on this, via a proxy vote that I agree with any of his choices. I'm all about making the world a more perfect place.
2007-10-15 09:27:12
48.   fanerman
45 Isn't Favre being the all-time interception leader kinda like a 40-something year-old A-Rod being the all-time strikeout leader along with hitting 800 home runs? i.e., it's a product of playing lots of games. And not like being Nomar and having a sub-.700 OPS?
2007-10-15 09:34:13
49.   D4P
Either way, it's ridiculous for players to act as if they don't care about their own stats.

They do.

2007-10-15 09:42:13
50.   Jon Weisman
45 - Did he say he "could care less" or "couldn't care less"?
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2007-10-15 09:42:16
51.   Bob Timmermann
Ryan Howard was aware that he struck out a lot, but he didn't worry about it because he knew it was a byproduct of his style of game, i.e., hitting the baseball really far.

Supposedly, after Jim Rice set the single season record for GIDPs, he changed his swing so he wouldn't pull the ball as much. And then he stopped hitting as many home runs.

2007-10-15 09:44:20
52.   fanerman
49 But "stats" usually refers to production. I have an easier time believing players don't care as much about records (especially some that are less meaningful than others) as much as they care about their own production.
2007-10-15 09:45:28
53.   fanerman
50 I think the article said "could care less," even though I'm pretty sure he meant "couldn't care less." Most people do.
2007-10-15 09:46:34
54.   D4P
"could care less". I've never thought could care less and couldn't care less should mean the same thing. Nor choking down and choking up.
2007-10-15 09:46:43
55.   Andrew Shimmin
49- You spend a lot of time being angry about how much money sports players make, and the ways in which they get that money.
2007-10-15 09:50:40
56.   D4P
Not just sports players: I include most wealthy "celebrities". I understand the economics behind it all, but I don't believe that the system is ultimately healthy for society.
2007-10-15 09:56:09
57.   Bob Timmermann
I think there's only one way to fix the economic system that D4P doesn't like:


I've got today off, but I will be interviewing serfs tomorrow. I put a posting on about this.

2007-10-15 09:56:21
58.   Jacob L
I'm with Ratt on KABC. It's a station I'd rather not waste a minute listening to. I'll be extra super careful, when I get out of my car in the evening with the game on, to switch the radio to another station, lest I'm unpleasantly surprised when I get back in the car in the morning.
2007-10-15 09:57:18
59.   Andrew Shimmin
56- But it's healthy to spend this much time being angry about it? I get obsessed about things, too, but my obsessions tend to be a lot more fun.

Like, right now, I'm a little obsessed with pecans. I've always known I liked pecans, but, of late, I can hardly believe how much I love them.

2007-10-15 09:59:14
60.   D4P
I recently started eating pecan-encrusted tilapia from WholeFoods.

It pleases me.

2007-10-15 10:03:19
61.   fanerman
57 I searched on monster for "serf" and I only found an opening for "Accounts Payable Clerk."

Is that you, Bob?

2007-10-15 10:12:21
62.   Daniel Zappala
59 Weren't you the one who said we should either not care or go into a raging hate about something? This was in the discussion about pet peeves.
2007-10-15 10:12:41
63.   CajunDodger
Good Lord, I have been obsessed with pistachios of late...It's nuts...

I apologize for that...

2007-10-15 10:14:45
64.   Bob Timmermann
Actually, I took down the listing as my business plan for feudalism was turned down by my bank for an SBA loan. They say I needed to have more vassals in place.

Does anyone wish to swear fealty to me?

2007-10-15 10:15:26
65.   CajunDodger
We have serfs at my company...they just call them "assistants".

This is evidenced by the execs having their assistants get them coffee from Starbucks in the morning and never paying them back or allowing them to expense it. They make mid six figures and they don't offer to pay them back...sheez.

2007-10-15 10:17:42
66.   Jon Weisman
The next home for Jeff Kent:

2007-10-15 10:18:50
67.   LogikReader

Who knew? I had my money on "piece of toast"

2007-10-15 10:40:30
68.   Sam DC
See now, I was just trying to get my mercantilism plan off the ground.

If I just find that enormous stockpile of gold and a few colonies lying around, I should be OK.

2007-10-15 10:46:09
69.   dzzrtRatt
29 I'm going to miss classical music on AM. I did the dishes to that station a lot in the past few months. Hearing classical in mono on a low-powered station with a little static floating in and out reminds me of being eight years old. I knew this format wouldn't last, but it was kind of cool.

Now the only classical station in town is public radio KUSC. I guess I should be grateful for that.

2007-10-15 10:48:32
70.   dzzrtRatt
57 What about Communism?

In the old USSR, the only rich people were the nomenklatura and ballerinas. Maybe we should try that.

How much money do you think they'd pay J-Lo if she had to sing in Russian? Not a lot, I'll bet.

2007-10-15 10:48:39
71.   LogikReader

When you say "Michael Jackson," you mean the guy who sounds like the v/o of car commercials, not the 80s superstar, yes?

2007-10-15 10:51:06
72.   Sam DC
Who is also different than the beer guy Michael Jackson, no?
2007-10-15 10:53:14
73.   evenatriple
OK, this is a very obscure point to raise, but do any of you recall the fuss made in 1998 over the pre-game song when the Dodgers switched from KABC to whatever AM 1150 was called back then? They messed with the traditional Dodger pre-game song: "It's a beautiful day for a ball game." The concept appeared to be that a new day had dawned for Dodger radio, no more of that old fashioned stuff and now it is going to be hip and edgy. In fact, as I recall they interrupted the old song after a few seconds with that irritating hip-hoppy LP scratch. Poor Ross Porter had to listen to a lot of complaints about this on Dodger Talk. Then when the team switched to KFWB they did a similar thing to the song, retaining the first line and then switching to the edgy, newsy theme. Hey, what could be more edgy than the Dodger pre-game show? In a world of trouble it doesn't matter a whit, but I hope they either go back to the original or give us a new theme song. I suppose the old Danny Kaye song is definitely not edgy enough...
2007-10-15 10:54:28
74.   Marty
I have a box of chocolate-covered pistachios on my desk for my staff. Chocolate-covered almonds too.
2007-10-15 10:58:56
75.   Jacob L
We've been having a lot of discussion at work lately about privately funded toll roads as the "wave of the future" in transportation finance. Also popular in the middle ages. I'm going to commission a study on bridge trolls.
2007-10-15 10:59:31
76.   Andrew Shimmin
62- I'm also a strong proponent of hypocrisy. My central guiding philosophy is that, whatever the subject, D4P is wrong; everything else is negotiable.
2007-10-15 10:59:44
77.   Bob Timmermann
At Dodger Stadium before games, they will sometimes pipe in the entire "It's a Beautiful Day for a Ballgame" including the not often heard "sexist verse."

"It's a beautiful day for the ladies.
So throw all your dishes away."

2007-10-15 11:01:20
78.   Jacob L
77 First time through, I read that as "sexiest verse."

Its a fine line, I know.

2007-10-15 11:04:57
79.   Daniel Zappala
76 I need a Cliff's Notes guide to the characters of DT. I know you and D4P don't agree, and there was this whole minions thing, but I can't for the life of me remember why you are so opposed to D4P and everything he types.

I'm also fully expecting D4P to use this to his advantage. For example, D4P says stealing candy from kids is wrong, so Andrew says ...

2007-10-15 11:06:27
80.   gpellamjr
Alright guys, maybe we are only supposed to consider players. But if not, how could you all not instantly think of Jim Tracy for #16?

And as for economic systems, I vote in favor of an old-fashioned slave economy.

What? Too soon?

2007-10-15 11:07:19
81.   evenatriple
You know, looking at the news release posted on Blue Notes, it appears that Dodger Talk has been silenced. How ironic is that? On a talk radio station, there will not be a Dodger Talk show following the games. At least based on the news release, there will be a Sunday night show for the Dodgers, otherwise just a pre- and post-game show.

Here's the quote from the release:

As part of the new deal, KABC will host a weekly show on Sunday nights in which fans can share their thoughts and get the latest news and information about the team. Additionally, the station will carry a pre-game show prior to all 162 games, a post-game recap from Dodger broadcasters and several "specials" during the course of the season.

I wonder if this had anything to do with the frustration they felt last year with Bob Harvey.

2007-10-15 11:07:49
82.   D4P
I'm also fully expecting D4P to use this to his advantage

That's the thing. If Andrew truly did the opposite of what I told him, I could inflict serious vicarious damage.

Which brings up a question. Why didn't "Cassandra" of Greek mythological lore just tell everyone the opposite of what she knew to be the truth about the future?

2007-10-15 11:08:09
83.   Bob Timmermann
Nothing like settling down in a romantic setting, fire blazing, good food, and with the woman you love and then firing up the Harry Simeone Singers.

The next best music to that: NFL Films soundtracks.

2007-10-15 11:08:24
84.   Andrew Shimmin
"...[T]aking candy from a baby[?] Say, that sounds like a larf."

I don't remember if there was anything specific that made me decide to spend my life opposing D4P, but it's not like there aren't plenty of good reasons. The minions thing was his bag; I work alone.

2007-10-15 11:09:49
85.   dzzrtRatt
I think there's something in the water today.

Jon's link at 66 is positively lysergic. Unless there's something I'm not getting.

2007-10-15 11:14:27
86.   gpellamjr
84 Please forgive me if this causes another Simpsons quotes thread, but isn't it strange that the three far best lines from all of the years of that remarkable show came from one episode?

1. Moe: "Do you know what I blame this on the break down of? Society!"

2. Brockman: "I'm here at the scene of the Christmas burglary, where a creature was stirring last night, and what he was stirring was up trouble.

3. Homer: "Ah! I knew this would happen!"


2007-10-15 11:18:40
87.   D4P
Andrew's jealous of my secant pun.
2007-10-15 11:37:20
88.   Jon Weisman
86 - Those are the three best Simpsons lines of all time? Only the middle one seems to even be a candidate.

And no, let's not use this as an excuse to do the best lines thing again.

2007-10-15 11:38:25
89.   Jon Weisman
85 - Well, I just learned a new word.

So, Ratt, tell me what you see when you go to the link.

2007-10-15 11:49:40
90.   Marty
Hmm, lysergic.....where have I seen that word before.
2007-10-15 11:50:43
91.   Jon Weisman
90 - Is knowing that word a litmus test?
2007-10-15 11:51:16
92.   Marty
its the L in LSD
2007-10-15 11:56:59
93.   Jon Weisman
92 - Yeah, I know that now from looking it up.
2007-10-15 12:01:00
94.   Linkmeister
Yeah, first thing I thought of was good ol' lysergic acid diethylamide.

Do not ingest if you plan to be on upper floors with windows lest you self-defenestrate.

2007-10-15 12:03:54
95.   BlueCrew Bruin
73 I, for one, was extremely disappointed when I was no longer encouraged to raise a hullabaloo at the ballgame.
2007-10-15 12:05:43
96.   dzzrtRatt
89 A website of an artist who paints faces on tortillas. Which is surreal enough. But then you declared this to be a new home for Jeff Kent. And that seemed really weird. Why would he be at home with an artist who paints faces in tortillas? Was this about his racial problems? Was this some Kent dietary detail I didn't know about? Were you saying he's going to finish his career in the Mexican Leagues? Or were you just...tripping?

Since then, I've figured out the reference. The toast ad. But I was definitely in a very weird space until that came to me.

2007-10-15 12:07:36
97.   fanerman
94 Defenestrate was my high school history teacher's favorite word. He brought it up when we learned about the Defenestration of Prague.
2007-10-15 12:14:13
98.   Linkmeister
97 Which I always thought was a metaphor for a bloodless coup until I actually read about it.
2007-10-15 12:18:05
99.   Sam DC
"Put some music behind that Liberty Mutual."

Joe Posnanski still has it.

2007-10-15 12:18:22
100.   dzzrtRatt
Anecdotally, one effect of lysergic intake is self-defenestration, in the mistaken belief that one can fly.
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2007-10-15 12:19:15
101.   Gr-ool
7 Steve Yeager...

I got a kick out of Josh Wilker's description of Red Sox fans' view of Drew as a "robotic cipher." That's a pretty excellent description.

2007-10-15 12:20:08
102.   Sam DC
And his comments on McCarver describe exactly my journey.
2007-10-15 12:23:00
103.   Humma Kavula
It's a matter of some mystery as to whether the cause of Chet Baker's death was defenestration or autodefenestration.
2007-10-15 12:24:09
104.   Linkmeister
103 "autodefenestration"

As distinct from auto-da-fé.

2007-10-15 12:27:18
105.   Humma Kavula
2007-10-15 12:28:04
106.   Sam DC
99 There may only be one October, but I can't spend every waking hour of it watching Kevin Youkilis foul off pitches, OK?
2007-10-15 12:29:53
107.   Humma Kavula
Reading about the Defenestration of Prague, you've really got to hand it to the Commies.

I mean, they can pick and choose their ways to kill a man, but when in Bohemia, they do as the Bohemians do and throw the guy out a window.

Stay classy, Stalin.

2007-10-15 12:33:49
108.   Jon Weisman
2007-10-15 12:34:45
109.   Bob Timmermann
The first "Defenstration of Prague" happened in 1618 and touched off the Thirty Years War.
2007-10-15 12:39:40
110.   Humma Kavula
109 Right. My comment is missing a key piece.

It should have read, "Reading about the Defenestration of Prague on Wikipedia, and following some of the links, I've decided that you've really..."

...and it can be the same from there.

2007-10-15 13:45:47
111.   goofus
3 Steve Yeager at #7, IMHO and IIRC.

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