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2007-10-26 22:16
by Jon Weisman

I have no comment on Joe Torre, Joe Girardi, Grady Little or Ned Colletti. No one has stated anything on the record regarding any change in their current status or non-status with the Dodgers, and so there are no reasonable conclusions to draw.

Making news out off-the-record comments is a dart toss, and making news out of "he didn't return messages" is feeble journalism.

This need to guess the story before it happens is motivated purely by a desire to be read or heard, and not out of any legitimate insight into the truth of a situation. Off-the-record is worse than unreliable, but people don't care if you're wrong. Speculation is accepted around the world like MasterCard, Visa and American Express. And yet it didn't save Pedro Martinez or Mike Piazza, or save us from Brett Tomko or Juan Pierre.

It's nobody's fault. It's the way of the world these days. But I don't have to like it. There is nothing to be gained from trying to guess a story before it happens except for the reporter who gets to say, "I got it first." Why should any reader care who got it first, when the thing hasn't happened until it happens?

And in the meantime, accusations and insinuations are tossed about that may be patently unfair. But after the dust settles, and someone is inevitably wrong, who will apologize? No one. Not even me.

Bring on Game 3 of the Series, and wake me when the rest of this nonsense is over.

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2007-10-26 22:57:36
1.   Nolan
I'm not in LA and haven't been reading the Times or keeping up with the local media but I have to say that Colletti's refusal to confirm the security of Little's job speaks volumes. In my view, it is this simple: if the Dodgers were 100% committed to keeping Little for next year, someone in a pay grade above Camille Johnston would say so. I don't think that's an unreasonable assumption and I think the press is right to point out the dynamics.

On a related note, although a different manager won't drastically - or maybe even slightly - change the Dodgers' fortunes next year, I do think Girardi's previous experience with an extremely young team offers a ray of hope. I realize he only had one year with the Marlins and didn't have the chance to play old losers like Garciaparra (the Marlins didn't have many old losers in '06), but there seems to be at least a chance that Girardi isn't afraid to play young players - obviously, sorely needed around here.

2007-10-26 23:12:46
2.   kngoworld
2007-10-26 23:15:30
3.   Bob Timmermann
I was thinking more along the lines of '''''''''''''' instead of --------------------, but I see Jon's point. Greg Brock probably is saying ^^^^^^^^^^^^^.
2007-10-26 23:30:41
4.   underdog
Amen. Er, I mean, ++++++++++++++.
2007-10-26 23:37:38
5.   Megaballs
Unless hiring Torre or Girardi helps us land A-Rod, this type of action, real or considered only, is whats wrong with the McCourt regime.

Stability or a lack there of.

I am quite confident that the Dodgers would be a better team with Depodesta doing his years with Logan White by his side. Tracy aside. I think he's a proven nutbag.

Build the darn team and stop needless sideways moves just to do stuff.

Now if we don't squash the story and still keep Little, he's been undermined...he'll be a lame duck.

Stupid. The whole thing. We're probably just getting used anyway.

2007-10-27 00:10:53
6.   bhsportsguy
The story reeks from being sourced by agents doesn't it.

OT-"Office" observation.

Does anyone else think that an ongoing storyline will be Jim dealing with the "New" Pam. And will he find himself becoming more and more clingy?

2007-10-27 00:10:59
7.   dzzrtRatt
I have always taken the position you have Jon. However, a few times lately, can't recall the specifics, a poorly-sourced and improbable story has turned out to be true, so I think I'm just going to go down into my cabin with Capt. Huffenpuff....I hope everything turns out OK.

Man, being a Dodger fan is tougher than it should be...

2007-10-27 00:13:59
8.   Doug N
6 my biggest fear with the office is that it will become a "relationship" show more focused on what kind of couple jim & pam will be instead of being about the absurdly common idiosyncrasies of normal people.
2007-10-27 05:10:07
9.   Johnny Nucleo
5 Exactly. This is weakening Little's authority, and to what purpose? It's pointless.
2007-10-27 05:27:55
10.   Suffering Bruin
I'm fine with off-the-record stories so long as the report doesn't become a stenographer. Buster Olney did just that and I think a lot less of him because of it. I mean, c'mon... officials familiar with Girardi's job prospects? Who else would that be other than an agent?

And shame on you, Ken Rosenthal. Shame, shame, shame. I suppose they'll be throwing snow balls in Hades before a reporter calls out another reporter. Oh wait, I'm sorry... "columnist."

2007-10-27 05:28:25
11.   Suffering Bruin
8 What you have described might be the difference between an hour show and a half-hour show.

Sidenote: Are there still fans of Barry Bonds left? Among the sane, I mean.

2007-10-27 05:45:07
12.   Daniel Zappala
This need to guess the story before it happens is motivated purely by a desire to be read or heard, and not out of any legitimate insight into the truth of a situation.

First LAT's comment about his brush with paparazzi at the courthouse, now this. Both dead on. Honestly, find a good story, report on it, and I will read you. You don't have to try so hard and you don't have to pander to your readership.

2007-10-27 06:08:36
13.   berkowit28
I got LATed, so I'm going to try again. Apologies to those reading it a second time. A prize to any one who catches the minor edit.

"I'm not in favor of instant replay to overrule umpire calls, but it seems like the technology is there for umpires to know if a ball cross the strike zone or not. Fans see it clearly on TV now, assuming those little rectangular matrices are accurate."

Actually, I can't figure out which rectangle is supposed to represent the plate - the inner one or the outer one? It seems odd that the outer one would be the plate - what's the inner one then?

But I could swear that about 60% or more of the times the umpire calls strike the graphic shows the ball well outside the inner rectangle, but the commentators never say a word. (To be fair, they don't show the graphic in totally non-controversial calls, so the 60% is just 60% of supposedly close calls. Still...)

Which one is it? If the inner one, why don't the commentators ever say anything? Just not looking at it?

2007-10-27 06:38:37
14.   Terry A
In addition to the unsourced nonsense, Ken Rosenthal contributes reporting that is both inaccurate and biased, showing either his sources are attitudinal and disconnected (Plaschke!), or that Rosenthal is just throwing stuff at the Dodger wall from his east coast remove, content to work in stereotypes and one-sided perceptions (yet more Plaschke!). For instance:

"Little... was given a roster of fading veterans and coddled youngsters, and the mix became combustible when the team underachieved."

Calling the youngsters "coddled" is the first I've heard of it. I thought they were forced to "break the door down" to get to the majors.

2007-10-27 07:02:43
15.   Ken Noe
This story could go away easily IF someone said something on the record. The fact that no one in the organization will, other that Camille J's I don't know anything about it, is the equivalent to Sherlock Holmes' dog that didn't bark. Little, anyone, deserves better than this.
2007-10-27 07:49:12
16.   Suffering Bruin
14 "Little... was given a roster of fading veterans and coddled youngsters, and the mix became combustible when the team underachieved." Yeah, that raised my ire, too.

15 Are you Ken Rosenthal? :)

So Colletti makes an announcement. Then what? Olney et. al. will talk about the uncomfortable off-season the Dodgers are having what with speculation about Grady's job and all... without once having to point out the source for the speculation (Olney et. al.)

Columnists: all authority without an ounce of research and being right because, well, they've got that reputation so why wouldn't they be right? I mean, nice work if you can get it.

2007-10-27 07:57:15
17.   Jon Weisman
8 - The Jim and Pam story has gotten about two minutes of screen time per episode this year. Even when the went to Schrute Farms, that story was 99 percent about Dwight, for example. J&P's story has never been smaller than it has been this season. So I'm not sure where this fear is coming from. The other characters have been out in full force this season.

On a different point, some of the critiques I've read of the Office this season have been the caliber of critiques I've read on the Dodgers. The hour-long episodes = the Dodger kids. They get blamed for everything under the sun, regardless of cause or even evidence. The episodes are supposedly too bloated, even though, when you see them broken down as half-hours in syndication, you'll see they work just fine. I've seen people say Michael has become too unlikable in the hour episodes, as if he wasn't unlikable before. (The show has always pushed Michael to the edge before redeeming him only sporadically. It's always been part of the show's genius, but suddenly people are having a problem with it.)

The show, at any length, has never insisted on having a laugh at every moment, but even when it was hilarious, people have complained about the length. It really is like the Dodgers and their young players. Find a convenient villain, and then just run with it.

2007-10-27 07:58:34
18.   Bob Timmermann
Which ends the latest tonight?

Game 3 of the World Series
Cal at Arizona State
New Mexico State at Hawai'i

2007-10-27 08:13:54
19.   Johan
Owing to all the extra time taken by Manny chasing down balls in left field, the WS.
2007-10-27 08:27:51
20.   D4P
Scrubs was disappointing. I've been hoping all along (knowing there was virtually no chance) that Elliot and Keith would get married. Shows never have the guts to marry off a main character to a temp. Not only did they have Elliot break off the wedding in the first 5 minutes, they then took the easy way out by having Keith be mean to her and having her "over it" already like it was no big deal.

If they make Keith sad (like he would be in real life), then we feel sorry for him and Elliot looks like the bad guy. But since Keith's mad and being a jerk, we don't feel as bad for him and Elliot looks more sympathetic.

Lame. We all knew they were never going to get married, so don't bother insulting us by having them get engaged in the first place.

2007-10-27 08:31:33
21.   Bob Timmermann
Weren't all the one-hour Office episodes written by Eric Byrnes?
2007-10-27 08:35:05
22.   Jon Weisman
20 - I liked Scrubs. As someone said, it was probably better than any Scrubs episode from the previous season.

Keith has always been a boring character - he never made sense as a beau for Elliott. And clearly, as the episode progressed, she wasn't over him like it was no big deal.

I admit that Keith's name-calling was sort of on-the-nose, but it's not as if you can't guess he's crying on the inside. Also, I would have been happier if they had never gotten engaged.

2007-10-27 08:38:56
23.   D4P
Yeah, I guess I'm mostly annoyed that they got engaged in the first place when there was no chance the writers would have them live happily ever after together.

I actually like Keith's character, but he was better off in a smaller role being the guy JD hated then being Elliot's boyfriend. He was never appropriate in such a lead role.

2007-10-27 08:41:37
24.   Ken Noe
16 I wish. I could see a lot of baseball for free :-)
2007-10-27 08:50:45
25.   D4P
Speaking of breakups: it will be interesting to see how TMYLM keeps Hugo in the mix from here on out. He clearly seems to be a "mainer" character than Nick, but he also has an obvious reason now to have nothing to do with Jamie.

The dialogue and mutual learning between Katie and Dave is great. I think Katie is my favorite character. On an unrelated note, she has a lot of "little girl" in her and really needs to grow up in some ways. But it's also kind of endearing.

I loved it when Palek pushed Carolyn over to "her side" of the bed after she rebuked his advances.

2007-10-27 08:50:50
26.   Daniel Zappala
Let me go on record that I think the beginning of the season for The Office has been fantastic. I've enjoyed the hour episodes very much. Do I need to hold a press conference for this?
2007-10-27 08:54:14
27.   Jon Weisman
26 - :)

25 - TMYLM is one of the better comeback stories of the TV season. It has really come into its own.

2007-10-27 08:58:56
28.   bhsportsguy
And I was not complaining about the Jim and Pam storyline, I was just noting that it appears that Pam is different, grown, whatever you want to call it and Jim is going to have to deal with it.

Oscar = costumes, Stanley = urban.

And its Kit Kats Andy, Kit Kats.

Very funny.

2007-10-27 09:04:45
29.   D4P
TMYLM is one of the better comeback stories of the TV season. It has really come into its own

I agree. It was iffy at first, but wow, has it ever taken off. BTW, the scene with Dave and Jeff was hilarious.

One more Scrubs thought: characters who "sabotage their own relationships" is officially cliche. Please try something else, writers.

2007-10-27 09:26:10
30.   Jon Weisman
28 - I know. But Pam was different last season. That's when she took control of her life. Jim is validating her, but the new Pam emerged last season, without validation. That's what was so great about it.

That being said, I thought it was a great moment when Jim was reminded that Pam is her own person. But he wouldn't want it any differently.

2007-10-27 09:27:06
31.   Jon Weisman
29 - If you saw the end of the episode with J.D., something else appears to be what they're trying. Not that I expect it to last for 22 episodes.
2007-10-27 09:38:32
32.   D4P
JD staying with Kim (despite having no feelings for her) doesn't seem sustainable. I've been waiting all along for either her to break it off, or something to be revealed that makes it obvious that JD should break it off.
2007-10-27 09:46:25
33.   GoBears
15 This story could go away easily IF someone said something on the record

Most of these stories are bored columnists freaking out bored and uncertain fans. I often wonder how much of it really affects the people involved. It could very well be that the Dodger front office have told Little not to worry - that he'll be back, and that they had no hand in the speculation. Why go public? That would only validate the issue.

And Little is not a child. He knows how it goes. I actually wouldn't be shocked if he were off on his farm (or his motorcycle), blissfully unaware of all of this. And even if he has heard some of it, he's probably secure enough to ignore it unless and until someone is quoted on the record.

It's just fans who freak out. And we have no one to blame but ourselves. Just remember that all of these parasites are in the entertainment business, not the truth business. If they can keep a "controversy" going for a couple weeks, they win.

Same goes for paparazzi and those endless entertainment magazine shows. If there weren't huge demand for them, they'd disappear. For many of us, it's pointless and distasteful, but we don't have to watch if we don't want to.

I do feel bad for LAT, though, that his real-world place of businesses was invaded by the fake-world voyeurs.

2007-10-27 09:56:40
34.   GoBears
I still watch Scrubs, and I admire that the writers were willing to make both JD and Elliott such vulnerable, self-obsessed, shallow characters. It takes guts to show your characters' flaws and not always forgive them. That said, I'm sort of sick and tired of both of them. They're pathetic. Grow up.

I think part of the problem with Scrubs is the same as with nearly all shows that run this long. They might have run out of ideas. All of the characters have become almost completely predictable. The Janitor, Kelso, and the occasional patient are really the only wild cards left. Cox hasn't even had a good rant in a while.

And still, I'll keep watching, and be glad that I can. I guess I'm pathetic too.

2007-10-27 10:08:49
35.   Vishal
jon seems uncharacteristically perturbed by this speculation.
2007-10-27 10:10:52
36.   Jon Weisman
I'm just perturbed in general.
2007-10-27 10:14:39
37.   Bob Timmermann
Apparently, a large comet has passed through Jon's orbit.
2007-10-27 10:18:26
38.   Suffering Bruin
[35-38] It's the weather.

My students are asking me why I'm so perturbed and I'm asking them why I seem so... perturbing.

Notice how I'm talking about me so much? I normally don't do that. I'm telling you, it's the weather.

2007-10-27 10:42:19
39.   das411
Anyone else hoping Jon does not have reason in the next few months to post a thread titled "??????????????????" ?
2007-10-27 10:56:27
40.   Jon Weisman
It's not the weather. It's too much reality.
2007-10-27 11:13:49
41.   jasonungar07
Do you guys think that if Evans and Depodesta (and by extent, Tracy) were not treated the way they were treated that this would even be brought up? I think based on the track record it adds to the speculation.
2007-10-27 11:42:51
42.   Bob Timmermann
The weather is reality.
2007-10-27 11:48:51
43.   Linkmeister
Injecting reality: NM State v. Hawai'i doesn't start till 6:05pm HST, so I think it's safe to say that will end last.
2007-10-27 11:50:31
44.   Bob Timmermann
I still think Kevin Youkilis could be fouling off pitches from Matt Herges at that time.
2007-10-27 12:45:14
45.   mountainmover
1. Jon, that's a great take on the media circus about Girardi & Torre & LA - well said.

2. Earlier someone said: "I am quite confident that the Dodgers would be a better team with Depodesta doing his years with Logan White by his side."

Here's the deal - Logan White would not have stayed if DePo had stayed. Several key baseball people were set to leave, including Logan White, had McCourt not fired DePo.

2007-10-27 12:46:48
46.   27indigo
45 Do you have a source for this?

Several key baseball people were set to leave, including Logan White, had McCourt not fired DePo.

2007-10-27 12:48:21
47.   Louis in SF
What is frustrating about the reporting by both Buster Olney and Ken Rosenthal on the Girardi/Little situation is that neither of them have tried or have let it be known that they have tried to contact Little or his agent. Rosenthal who initially wrote the more sympathetic story about Grady twisting in the wind, would have had a stronger story had he tried to contact Little or his agent.
2007-10-27 13:05:49
48.   Reddog
I think the Dodgers future would be bright with Girardi as manager. I don't think he would hesitate to sit Pierre, for example.

I also think after next season, Colletti could be gone, and we could see Logan White as our new GM. At least, that is what I'm hoping for.

2007-10-27 13:07:04
49.   still bevens
47 Tony Jackson noted that there were messages left at Grady's 'office' but that none were returned. For whatever thats worth.
2007-10-27 13:10:05
50.   Bob Timmermann
Yahoo's stringer at the USC-Oregon game needs to work on his math skills:

1st-10, USC39 M. Sanchez passed to S. Johnson to the left for 10 yard gain
2nd-1, USC49 S. Johnson rushed up the middle for no gain

The second play resulted in a first down.

Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2007-10-27 13:17:52
51.   mountainmover
I go to Vero Beach every spring (11 games last spring) and hang out with scouts, fish hacks and others close to the team. I cannot supply you with dates and names, but I have heard the same things too many times by too many poeple (DePo was very smart, Depo had no people skills and in fact, devalued scouts in general).
2007-10-27 13:57:10
52.   goofus
Maybe the reason there is nothing coming out of the Dodger office is the imposed blackout till after the World Series.
Maybe Little AND Colletti have already been told they're gone.
Maybe that promotion to Assistant GM last week is the first step, with Kim Ng or Logan White being promoted to GM, with Torre or Girardi or LaSorda or Sonny Tufts hired as new manager.
2007-10-27 14:09:24
53.   Suffering Bruin
49 Here's the link to the Jackson article, FWIW. Apologies if this is ground already touched on.
2007-10-27 14:26:46
54.   Bob Timmermann
Halftime in Ypsilanti

Eastern Michigan 3
Western Michigan 2

2007-10-27 14:29:44
55.   trainwreck
How do you pronounce that place?
2007-10-27 14:31:18
56.   Jon Weisman
51 - This is not to debate you, because I wouldn't dream of disputing what you experienced first-hand. I just find it interesting that DePodesta, who is a completely pleasant person (something I witnessed first-hand and have heard from others), is said to have no people skills, while Tommy Lasorda, who would assault anyone verbally at the drop of a hat (something I also witnessed first-hand), is considered by some the ultimate baseball people person.

I mean, it's ridiculous, isn't it? I get that baseball isn't meant to be like a book club, but aren't these characterizations of DePodesta phony on their face? How do they get such traction? DePo is a nice guy.

Doesn't it seem as if "no people skills" is just code for "didn't tell people what they wanted to hear" or "didn't return Plaschke's phone calls immediately"? These are capital crimes? Certainly, these might have helped DePo stay in the long run, but how does this become "no people skills?" In my mind, it's yet another example of how one little thing, like Matt Kemp moving a trashcan, comes to be bigger than it is meant to be.

Again, I'm not trying to dissuade you of what people told you. I'm just really losing my taste for challenging the hypocrisy that surrounds this game and how people talk about it. It just can't be beaten.

2007-10-27 14:34:54
57.   Gagne55
Is the USC-Oregon game not on TV? I can't find it anywhere.
2007-10-27 14:35:14
58.   trainwreck
If he had no people's skills, how did he nail the interview with McCourt to get hired in the first place?
2007-10-27 14:35:33
59.   trainwreck
Fox Sports Net
2007-10-27 14:40:52
60.   Gagne55
59 is showing Arizona-Washington. Is it on Prime Ticket? I don't get primr ticket. :(
2007-10-27 14:42:03
61.   Jon Weisman
So, does Booty get the next start?
2007-10-27 14:43:13
62.   Gagne55
Oh well, guess it's better I'm not watching it. Wow, USC is terrible this year.
2007-10-27 14:44:13
63.   trainwreck
Where do you live? Because I live in the Bay Area and I am getting it.
2007-10-27 14:44:30
64.   Jon Weisman
2007-10-27 14:44:44
65.   yankz
Office: My guess is the next step of JAM will be Pam trying to advance her career, and Jim struggling with her being away/a possible move. I think they've handled their relationship exceptionally.

Scrubs: Better than last season, but aren't premieres supposed to knock you out? Also, I really don't like Elliott's character anymore.

2007-10-27 14:44:44
66.   trainwreck
Probably, but I still think Sanchez is better.
2007-10-27 14:47:00
67.   Gagne55
63 San Luis Obispo. And Cal Poly's cable package includes FSN but not FSN2.
2007-10-27 14:51:47
68.   Marty
61 Doesn't much matter anymore.
2007-10-27 14:52:34
69.   Marty
68 Cont. So, arguing with myself, leave Sanchez in for the experience for next year.
2007-10-27 14:53:00
70.   Gagne55
66 I miss Palmer/Leinart.
2007-10-27 14:58:19
71.   Bob Timmermann
I don't believe the game is over in Eugene.
2007-10-27 14:58:23
72.   Gagne55
68 Yup. 2 losses = playing out the string. And I was just thinking, the Pac 10 has so many top teams, it looks like none of them will get to play for the championship. Ohio State and Boston College wouldn't stand a chance of going unbeaten if they had to play eight games against Pac 10 teams.
2007-10-27 14:58:33
73.   D4P
Amazing how easy it is to throw the ball near the end of a game.
2007-10-27 15:01:00
74.   Suffering Bruin
56 I don't think it's about being nice, per se. It think it's about glad-handing, pressing the flesh, making people feel good. My sense is that DePo had no patience for that and/or wasn't very good at it. People in a workplace really like to shoot the ol' bovine scatology and I don't think Paul was like that, not at all. I get the sense that people complained about it and that's why he was let go.

Is this backed up by anything other than air? What comment of mine ever is? But I can't see any other way of making sense of the issue.

2007-10-27 15:02:39
75.   D4P
Oregon is (predictably) choking.
2007-10-27 15:04:14
76.   Gagne55
USC gets the ball back with 3:20 left. Perhaps a comeback is in store then.
2007-10-27 15:05:54
77.   Megaballs
I had no intention of bringing up Depo other than to say Depo, aka GM X, with Logan White by his side and committed to developing and not trading his young talent, would have served this organization better than the last two years. I characterize the last two years as average with needless acquisitions of replacement level players, injured free agents, mild contention in an average league or division. The only real progress has been the development, or some might say just plain aging of talented youth. I recall Depo was doing just that in 2005. And Logan was drafting nicely. Therefore Depo or Colletti or GM X would have done just fine.
And without the needless turnover of a GM X after two years and now lame duck Little.

Action for the sake of action? Never happy...grass is always greener on the other side? Frank and Ned, save it for E-Trade. This franchise needs stability more than anything.
2007-10-27 15:06:02
78.   Gagne55
Arizona-Washington is putting on an entertaining show.
2007-10-27 15:08:18
79.   Gagne55
USC using a lot of time for not many yards...
2007-10-27 15:09:11
80.   D4P
I think putting only 3 guys on the defensive line is a big mistake.
2007-10-27 15:11:45
81.   Bluebleeder87

Nicely said.

2007-10-27 15:12:09
82.   Jon Weisman
Terrible pass.
2007-10-27 15:13:21
83.   D4P
Kenny Wheaton II.
2007-10-27 15:14:42
84.   D4P
I wonder if Uncle Miltie is down on the field.
2007-10-27 15:16:16
85.   Bob Timmermann
But in the biggest game in the Pac-10 today, Washington and Arizona are tied at 41-41 in the fourth quarter.
2007-10-27 15:17:06
86.   Linkmeister
78 Um, yeah. 41-41 with 7:00 to go? I didn't think UA was capable of scoring that many points in a single game. UW's defense must be pretty shoddy.
2007-10-27 15:17:53
87.   D4P
I'm surprised Oregon's mascot is still a duck instead of a swoosh.
2007-10-27 15:19:07
88.   Gr-ool
Oregon, yeah!!!! It's amazing how they've actually gotten good, and they can actually beat USC now.
2007-10-27 15:20:01
89.   Gagne55
Well, looks like USC is done. :(
2007-10-27 15:20:11
90.   trainwreck
I thought Phil Knight was the mascot?
2007-10-27 15:21:41
91.   das411
56 - Ah, but does anybody actually know Girardi's (or Torre's, for that matter) policy on clubhouse trash cans?
2007-10-27 15:22:31
92.   D4P
The impressive thing about Oregon this year is how well they run the ball. They actually have more rushing yards than passing.
2007-10-27 15:25:04
93.   Bob Timmermann
UCLA scored 41 points against Washington and the Bruins were playing the Law Firm at QB for much of the second half.
2007-10-27 15:30:01
94.   Marty
Holiday Bowl here we come.
2007-10-27 15:32:36
95.   Megaballs
People skills?
Its more like change for change sake.
Sometimes rich people feel they're too successful to not win. Hence change.

So now Colletti is the stockbroker, and McCourt is the wealthy guy who is listening.
"Frank, all we need to do now is go in a different direction. See, maybe if we..."

Ned the broker knows that if he doesn't swap his stocks to improve performance, Frank might swap his GM."

2007-10-27 15:40:35
96.   Jon Weisman
Did the 41-41 game vanish?
2007-10-27 15:41:59
97.   Bluebleeder87
I was just on MLB.Com. I wonder if Josh Fogg ever looks at his pic & say gee that picture isn't too humbling I'm gonna go ask & see if they can change it, do they (the players) have any say in it? I'm just thinking out loud.
2007-10-27 15:42:17
98.   Gr-ool
38 Weather's affecting those considerably north, too. Perturbed!

I'm thinking the Rockies will come back to win a game tonight, now they're back home. The Red Sox will miss Youkolis. Plus my brother's making a big deal about taking his girlfriend (a big Sox fan) over to a friend's who just got a big TV for a Series watching party this evening. So it figures, Colorado will win this one.

2007-10-27 15:42:45
99.   Linkmeister
96 UA won, 48-41.
2007-10-27 15:42:46
100.   D4P
Did the 41-41 game vanish?

It morphed into a 48-41 game.

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2007-10-27 15:43:26
101.   Linkmeister
Small irony: Josh Fogg is from Lynn, Mass., if my morning paper's story is correct.
2007-10-27 15:47:08
102.   berkowit28
13 OK, it's nothing to do with being LATed. People just aren't too interested.

Just quickly, then: in the TV graphics showing the baseball arriving at the plate, is the strike zone meant to be illustrated by the inner rectangle, with the "frame" of lattices being ball zone?

A simple Yes or No will do, if that's all you've got time for. Thanks.

2007-10-27 15:52:15
103.   Gr-ool
92 For Oregon, all those quarterback/back fakes are surprisingly effective. Watching games, often enough the camera crews are fooled, as to who actually has the ball.
2007-10-27 15:53:35
104.   Andrew Shimmin
The inner rectangle is the strike zone. I don't know the point of the outer one, since it doesn't represent all non-strike space. It may be just a nod to the fact that a lot of balls in that zone end up getting called strikes, even thought they shouldn't be. There was some discussion of this on the SABR-L last week, I think, about balls within three inches of being real strikes (based on the GameDay system) are getting called strikes at an alarmingly high rate.
2007-10-27 15:56:21
105.   Frip
It always sounds a bit absurd when someone professes to know that person A, B, or C has the boss's "ear". And further assume that having his ear just HAS TO BE the definitive factor in the boss's decision process.

I'll tell you, bosses are 1. intellectually arrogant. 2. independent 3. naturally suspicious of people who supposedly have their "ear".

2007-10-27 16:02:44
106.   ToyCannon
Go SunDevils

I can see a scenario where they beat the 3 big teams and then lose to Arizona in the rivalry game. Pac10 football has been fun this year.

2007-10-27 16:13:10
107.   Uncle Miltie
Wow, what an amazing game. Go Ducks!

I wonder if Uncle Miltie is down on the field.
Yes, I was on the field. I was talking to Jaison Williams and a few other players after the game.

2007-10-27 16:18:32
108.   Bob Timmermann
UCLA is playing its usual game in Pullman.

It's nice to know that there are things you can count on in college football. Such as UCLA playing poorly against Wazzu.

2007-10-27 16:19:31
109.   Bluebleeder87
There's a poll on "do you believe in ESP" I was in the minority (34%) with a NO. 66% said YES, 27,553 people voted.
2007-10-27 16:20:35
110.   Bluebleeder87

Whoa, Uncle Miltie is connected!

2007-10-27 16:28:47
111.   Gr-ool
109 My answer would be "yes." It's a bit like asking if I believe I am actually breathing something, even though I can't see it. More like asking if I believe in the music emanating from my speakers right now. Which happens to be some "Horsemouth" Wallace dub. Yes, I believe in it. Music's a great interlude until the Series starts back up....
2007-10-27 16:36:43
112.   berkowit28
104 Thank you.

In that case, if it's accurate, the plate umpires are appallingly bad. If it's accurate, then, yes, instant replay is needed. It could be on a similar basis as tennis has, with a limited number of appeals allowed (perhaps from the manager, not the batter) not reducing when you're right in your appeal.

2007-10-27 17:50:18
113.   Gr-ool
Off topic, The Office.... I have to say, the Michael Scott Director's Cut of the Local Ad, was by far the best of the new season. Glad to see the series get back on track. (IMHO, & for me.)
2007-10-27 18:34:35
114.   Bluebleeder87

the "I declare bankruptcy" episode was pretty darn good if you ask me.

2007-10-27 18:58:47
115.   Greg Brock
So, um...Can I have a new coach now?
2007-10-27 19:07:47
116.   Louis in SF
NPR just did a report tonight on how all is going so swimingly in Boston Sports. Wondering if we should be hearing a report soon on what is wrong in the LA sports this point I can't wait till the series is over so we can find out if McCourt and Colletti are going to do something real stupid or build upon what is a good nucleus for the future?
2007-10-27 20:22:12
117.   Dark Horse
Ugh. I must say, every time Lowell does something favorable in this series, I get nervous. It seems like just the sort of thing Nedly would use to justify a signing.
2007-10-27 21:20:52
118.   Daniel Zappala
108 Didn't I tell you? I'm sorry.

Great game by Oregon and USC. Every team in the SEC ought to be forced to watch that game every night this week.

With Cal over ASU, Oregon is looking to be in very good position.

2007-10-27 21:21:44
119.   Daniel Zappala
Oops, looks like ASU isn't going quietly.
2007-10-27 22:31:18
120.   ToyCannon
I'm still waiting for the Cal offensive explosion Farr said was going to happen in the 2nd half. I guess he'll have to adjust his predicted top 5 BCS ranking and stick ole ASU somewhere in there.
2007-10-27 23:04:48
121.   Greg Brock
I just got back from the worst Halloween party ever. And...

I'd like to hear, again, about how the next UCLA coach might be worse. Really. Share some thoughts. I always enjoy some good ole fashioned straw grasping. Lemme hear it!

{folds arms, taps foot impatiently}

2007-10-27 23:13:39
122.   mountainmover

Just to clarify, no one who I talked to said that DePo was not a nice guy. If fact, they said just the opposite. However, the scounts I talked to said they felt DePo didn't "value" their opinions and that he was a bit condensending toward them. They said he's a pleasant guy and his lack people skills was just not listening. It's not like they expected him to do everything they said, they just felt that their opinions were dismissed.

Now, while I did not talk to Logan White about that, I did speak to an oldtimer who is very close to the organization and he's the one who told me that White would not have stayed if DePo had. He also told me that DePo was a good guy and was best suited to be Assistant GM in his opinion.

I have steadfastly supported DePO's decision to trade LoDuca too. That said, Ned has made mostly crappy deals in his tenure. However, these deals were made to create a "bridge" to the younger players as he has been loathe to trade our top prospects, unlike his mentor who has traded lots of top prospects. Ned is not Sabean by any means, but he may not be the GM we need. If we don't go deep into the playoffs in 2008, Logan White will certainly be a viable option as GM for us.

2007-10-27 23:31:33
123.   Bob Timmermann


2007-10-27 23:45:02
124.   Greg Brock
123 You're either:

A) Advocating keeping Dorrell because of some weird, Twilight-Zone like insistence that the next coach will be like Walt Harris...


B) Just playing Devil's Advocate because it's a fun intellectual exercise.

I'm going with "B"

2007-10-27 23:48:42
125.   Greg Brock
In other news, my car just blew a gasket, the pistons are shot, and the exhaust spits out cyanide.

But the next car I buy might blow up, so I'm keeping the lemon.

2007-10-28 04:25:07
139.   LAT
This problem is easily solved: Assign Rosenthal, Plashke and Olney to cover Brit and KFed. No one reading those stories cares about sourcing and being first is what that game is all about.
2007-10-28 04:41:59
140.   LAT
So are the Rockies really not that good but only good white hot at the right time (which bodes better for the 2008 Dodgers) or is the AL just that much better than the NL's best? I am going with the white hot theroy and this only confirms why next year it will be the Dodgers and/Pods for NL West and wild card.

Rox pitching has overachived in the last six weeks. They really don't have a front line starter. Sure Francis is pretty good but he's no Pevey, Penny or Webb. After that is a mis of 4 and 5 starters. And come on, will Matt Herges ever be this good again? He's got no where to go but down.

Dodgers on the other hand should be able to do better. In broad strokes, the freshmen class will have more experience (althouhgh there could be a soph slump). In additon, managment will not wait 2/3 of the season before pulling PVL. I think if JP does'nt produce out of the starting gate next year his streak ends by middle of May. Fianlly, Ned will be better. Nearly every Ned transaction badly under performed. That should'nt happen again. If nothing else the odds demand that some of his deals have to pan out. He can't go o-fer two years running.

2007-10-28 04:45:22
141.   LAT
Sorry for typos, couldn't sleep and didn't want to turn the lights on.
2007-10-28 05:50:28
142.   D4P
But the next car I buy might blow up, so I'm keeping the lemon

Ned understands completely.

2007-10-28 07:48:58
143.   Bluebleeder87
Nice observations LAT. On that note, you guys think it's gonna be bitter sweet symphony for Gagne, I mean the guy pitched horrible for the Red Sox & he also came in in the middle of the season if it were me I'd really hate this year specially cause I didn't contribute the way I'm capable of contributing, I feel the same way about Julio Lugo (to a lesser extent) he did play great defense in a premium position for a premium club so I'm sure '08 wasn't a total loss for him. I'm sorry I just can't feel bad for a Boras client (do I sound like a horrible person?) I do think Gagne can bounce back don't get me wrong but '08 was just horrible for him.
2007-10-28 09:06:10
144.   Andrew Shimmin
UCLA's next coach should be the guy who designed this play:

2007-10-28 09:15:07
145.   D4P
Woah. What happened to comments 126-138...?
2007-10-28 09:35:12
146.   Jon Weisman
121 - See? UCLA beating Cal didn't hurt your cause at all.
2007-10-28 09:41:37
147.   Greg Brock
145 Arguments ensued.
2007-10-28 09:57:47
148.   Megaballs
I respect the fact that the voices with greatest weight on this blog are refraining from commenting on this apparition of a controversy here in Dodgerland.

Refraining from judgement at this stage is likely the mature thing to do.

2007-10-28 10:08:39
149.   D4P
Which particular rules did they break...?
2007-10-28 10:11:38
150.   Bob Timmermann
The weird part is that they were all Rule 9 violations.
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2007-10-28 10:31:22
151.   Jon Weisman
2007-10-28 11:45:02
152.   berkowit28
149 Rule 3, just beginning to edge into rule 8.

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