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Vero Beach Farewell: March 17
2007-12-17 16:28
by Jon Weisman

The tentative 2008 Dodger Spring Training schedule:

Thu Feb. 28 vs. Atlanta Braves, Vero Beach 1:05 p.m.
Fri Feb. 29 @ Atlanta Braves, Orlando 1:05 p.m.
Sat March 1 @ New York Mets, Port St. Lucie 1:10 p.m.
Sun March 2 vs. New York Mets, Vero Beach 1:05 p.m.
Mon March 3 vs. Baltimore Orioles, Vero Beach 1:05 p.m.
Tue March 4 @ Washington Nationals, Viera 1:05 p.m.
Wed March 5 @ New York Mets, Port St. Lucie 1:10 p.m.
Thu March 6 @ Boston Red Sox, Fort Myers 1:05 p.m.
Fri March 7 St. Louis Cardinals, Vero Beach 1:05 p.m.
Sat March 8 @ St. Louis Cardinals, Jupiter 1:05 p.m.
Sun March 9 vs. Boston Red Sox, Vero Beach 1:05 p.m.
Mon March 10 @ Baltimore Orioles, Ft. Lauderdale 1:05 p.m.
Tue March 11 vs. Florida Marlins, Vero Beach 1:05 p.m.
Wed March 12 vs. Washington Nationals (ss), Vero Beach 1:05 p.m.
Thu March 13 @ Houston Astros (ss), Kissimmee 1:05 p.m.
Fri March 14 vs. St. Louis Cardinals (ss), Vero Beach 1:05 p.m.
Sat March 15 @ Washington Nationals (ss), Viera 1:05 p.m.
Sun March 16 vs. Florida Marlins (ss), Vero Beach 1:05 p.m.
Mon March 17 vs. Houston Astros (ss), Vero Beach TBA
Tue March 18 @ Florida Marlins (ss), Jupiter 1:05 p.m.
Wed March 19 OFF DAY
Thu March 20 vs. Chicago White Sox, Phoenix, AZ 1:05 p.m.
Fri March 21 @ Arizona Diamondbacks, Tucson, AZ 1:05 p.m.
Sat March 22 vs. LA Angels of Anaheim, Phoenix, AZ 1:05 p.m.
Sun March 23 @ Colorado Rockies, Tucson, AZ 1:05 p.m.
Mon March 24 @ Kansas City Royals, Surprise, AZ 6:05 p.m.
Tue March 25 @ Milwaukee Brewers, Phoenix, AZ 1:05 p.m.
Wed March 26 OFF DAY
Thu March 27 @ LA Angels of Anaheim, Anaheim 7:05 p.m.
Fri March 28 vs. Boston Red Sox, Dodger Stadium 7:40 p.m.
Sat March 29 vs. Boston Red Sox, L.A. Coliseum TBA
Sun March 30 vs. Boston Red Sox, Dodger Stadium 1:10 p.m.
(Schedule subject to change; (ss) Denotes split squad game; all times listed are local)

Still under consideration by Major League Baseball is a two-game series between the Dodgers and Padres on March 15-16 in Beijing, China.

Dodger pitchers, catchers and players rehabilitating from injuries are scheduled to report on Feb. 14 and have their first workout on Feb. 15. Position players will report on Feb. 19, with the first full-squad workout on Feb. 20.

* * *

Have the Dodgers played an exhibition game in February before?

Comments (193)
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2007-12-17 16:44:30
1.   Ken Arneson
So is the China trip off?
2007-12-17 16:45:13
2.   Bob Timmermann
Perhaps the China games aren't listed because they don't expect anyone to buy tickets.
2007-12-17 16:45:45
3.   Howard Fox
nice 10% bump in ticket prices....
2007-12-17 16:46:07
4.   Eric Stephen
I believe those are split squad games; part of the team will be in FLA, part in China.
2007-12-17 16:47:01
5.   Howard Fox
and the Coliseum game is extra....
2007-12-17 16:47:50
6.   Wilbert Robinson
ごろ = goro = groundball

フライ = furai = flyball

2007-12-17 16:48:43
7.   Bob Timmermann
The Dodgers used to play an exhibition game against USC every year before heading to Vero Beach in February.

They also played an exhibition on February 7, 1981 against UCLA to dedicate Jackie Robinson Stadium.

2007-12-17 16:50:09
8.   Ken Arneson
I might be in Tucson for the March 23 game, and I think Mark Donohue might be, too. A Toaster jam, if anyone else is tempted.
2007-12-17 16:53:57
9.   still bevens
I think I will definitely be in AZ for the 3/20 game and then some.
2007-12-17 16:55:34
10.   LogikReader
Let's send the PVL half to China.

Hmm, wait a minute, we don't have a PVL "half" any more. What a great offseason this is...

2007-12-17 16:56:49
11.   Jacob L
7 I'm pretty sure the USC game in 1976 was the first time I was ever in Dodger Stadium. I think it was free. Is there any information on those games available? When they were played, who participated, etc.?
2007-12-17 17:01:57
12.   Bob Timmermann
Send me an email address you want me to send you the article to.

In 1976, USC beat the Dodgers 11-1 at Dedeaux Field and the next day they played five innings at Dodger Stadium and the teams tied 3-3.

2007-12-17 17:01:59
13.   Improbable88
3 My tickets went up 42%. Seriously.
2007-12-17 17:02:47
14.   Jon Weisman
From the release:

"Still under consideration by Major League Baseball is a two-game series between the Dodgers and Padres on March 15-16 in Beijing, China."

2007-12-17 17:05:16
15.   Howard Fox
13 I believe it...different price increases for different areas...we called them

they also expect that there will be alot of existing season ticket holders moving around for various reasons...50th anniversary, not wanting to pay the increase and moving to a lower priced section, not happy about the steroid reports, whatever...

2007-12-17 17:08:04
16.   Improbable88
15 Yeah, I could not believe it when I first opened it up.

And usually, they have sent us the season ticket holder X-mas gift before sending next season's bill. Someone dropped the ball there. Not getting the gift, as silly and inexpensive as it may be, made the price hike even worse.

Thankfully, we signed Kuroda the next day so I can at least feel that my moeny isn't only going to a fancy lounge in a section that I can't attend.

2007-12-17 17:09:57
17.   El Lay Dave
16 Well no wonder Camille Johnston got replaced! ;)
2007-12-17 17:12:40
18.   PDH5204
Jon, re my thinking, the same is at #171 of the AL pitching thread.
2007-12-17 17:14:16
19.   underdog
Never mind Gary Bennett Thoughts, my Freaks and Geeks, and Simpsons, trivia quizzes are now up on Facebook!
2007-12-17 17:15:27
20.   Wilbert Robinson
ごろ 迄 フライ 比 = groundball to flyball ratio?
2007-12-17 17:17:04
21.   Humma Kavula
Does anybody have the buy-2-get-2-free plan? I haven't heard from the guy who organizes the full-season plan that I'm in... questions:

1) Does the plan still exist?
2) How much?

2007-12-17 17:18:47
22.   Improbable88
21 Yeah, that's what I've got. It went from 2300ish to $3425.00
2007-12-17 17:19:34
23.   Howard Fox
17 Camille was my gift!
2007-12-17 17:20:08
24.   Howard Fox
22 my INCREASE was 2300
2007-12-17 17:20:08
25.   JSN
I have been reading DT since sometime in early 2004 (I think) and count myself a loyal DT member. I frequently sport my Ghame Over t-shirt to the gym. I don't post much because most of the things I would say are said much better before I even sit down at night and open up my browser.

I graduated from UCSB in 2005 and moved to Charlotte, NC (to work @ Wachovia...a once unheard of bank invading a western state near you) It's made watching the Dodgers difficult but your collective comments have filled in the gaps between box score numbers each day during the season so thanks.

Anyways, I plan to make the pilgrimage to Vero this year so was wondering if:

a) Anyone's seen when tickets will go on sale? The ticketmaster operator I just spoke with had no clue what I was talking about.

b) Any advice on what to expect in Vero? I'll be going with mostly grad students so the budget will be limited. We were thinking about roughing it at a campground. Does anyone know of one? Or any other tricks like cheap hotels in other nearby cities.


2007-12-17 17:20:41
26.   Howard Fox
21 yes, and I don't know
2007-12-17 17:21:56
27.   Improbable88
So, in a way, no. No it doesn't still exist.
2007-12-17 17:23:16
28.   Humma Kavula
22 Do you mean 2300ish or 3300ish? Because IIRC last year my friend said that the four seats plus parking came to $56/game. At $3425, that's $57/game (including $15/game for parking).

Unless... are the reserved-level tickets less than the loge-level? We sit in the loge...

2007-12-17 17:24:09
29.   Improbable88
24 If your 10% increase was $2300 than, considering the huge amount you are already paying, you can probably swing it.

The 42% increase is really making it tough for me to do it this year. It is literally twice what I was paying for the 2005 season.

2007-12-17 17:25:54
30.   Improbable88
28 Reserve. The Loge "2 for 2" are now 12.50 a seat. The increase is there, but not the 42% gut punch I got.
2007-12-17 17:26:03
31.   Humma Kavula
29 We first bought the plan in 2004. It was $38/game for all four seats and parking included. That went up to $44/game in 2005 and $56/game last year.

$3425 / 81 = $42 + $15 = $57, unless I'm screwing something up.

2007-12-17 17:26:17
32.   regfairfield
29 Where do you sit?
2007-12-17 17:27:16
33.   Humma Kavula
30 Ah. Reserve.

So I have to wait and see what the increase is for Loge.

This is not going to be good.

2007-12-17 17:27:22
34.   Improbable88
Reserve 32, row F, seats 1-4
2007-12-17 17:27:31
35.   Bluebleeder87

I've never been to Vero so I can't answer your travel questions but from what I've heard one of the coolest features of Vero Beach is that you can pretty much walk up to a player & get his autograph cause they walk freely thru the fields.

2007-12-17 17:28:25
36.   regfairfield
I'm still upset that I can't get into the top deck for six dollars anymore. I'm just hoping those don't get bumped again.
2007-12-17 17:28:47
37.   Howard Fox
29 it was painful to see the gross balance, and the parking increase, and the extra for the coliseum game and increase for stadium club membership...everything up alot...

but I did get my gift, so at least I know where $0.49 of my money went...

2007-12-17 17:29:16
38.   Improbable88
33 From what I have in front of me, sounds like it will now run you $65 a game.
2007-12-17 17:29:49
39.   Humma Kavula
37 the parking increase

Wait, did parking increase again? Is it going to be more than $15?

2007-12-17 17:30:21
40.   Improbable88
36 Top Deck will be $9 on game day now, but still just $4 for the season plan
2007-12-17 17:30:56
41.   Humma Kavula
38 $65?!

I need to go offline before I violate rule one.

Then, when no one can hear me, I will violate it with extreme prejudice.

2007-12-17 17:31:50
42.   Humma Kavula
38 At least tell me that that $65 includes $15 for parking. Or am I looking at $80/game?
2007-12-17 17:32:14
43.   regfairfield
40 You know, that's actually kind of tempting. How much is parking?
2007-12-17 17:32:23
44.   Howard Fox
parking is $15.66 per game, not including the coliseum game
2007-12-17 17:32:54
45.   Howard Fox
even the handling fee went up 25%
2007-12-17 17:33:09
46.   Eric Stephen
I went to Vero in 2006 and stayed in a Best Western about 5-6 miles from Dodgertown. I think it was under $100 a night for the room.
2007-12-17 17:33:16
47.   regfairfield
43 And now you've talked me out of it.
2007-12-17 17:35:35
48.   Improbable88
42 Right, including parking, unless Howard is right that parking went up 66cents a game--that will tack on another 55 bucks or so to your total tab.
2007-12-17 17:36:32
49.   Howard Fox
my parking is $1300 for 83 games
2007-12-17 17:37:22
50.   El Lay Dave
23 Keep close tabs on her; she had the eye for someone on DT day!
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2007-12-17 17:38:28
51.   Improbable88
49 Ouch! That would be the death knell for me. That's why I park outside and huff it in! I work off the impending Dodger Dogs in the process as well.
2007-12-17 17:39:45
52.   regfairfield
51 Where's a good place to park outside the stadium, I've never tried.
2007-12-17 17:42:18
53.   El Lay Dave
52 Near the Police Academy.
2007-12-17 17:42:59
54.   Improbable88
stadium way used to be the best, but since the parking price hike last year, it no longer is my best kept secret. provided you get there 3-45 minutes early, you can always find a spot.
2007-12-17 17:43:05
55.   Humma Kavula
48 Well, that's a relief of sorts. It's still a 16.5% increase. 16.5% not counting the extra $0.66 Howard Fox fee.

That's a 71% increase over the 2004 season.

Total playoff games: seven.
Total playoff games won: one.
Total number of outs at home plate on a double by Russell Martin: two.

I know this isn't a terribly fair way of looking at things, but my wallet, my rules.

2007-12-17 17:43:11
56.   Bluebleeder87

I hear TC has a nice spot.

2007-12-17 17:43:18
57.   El Lay Dave
53 ... on Academy Road, natch. Arrive early.
2007-12-17 17:43:45
58.   Improbable88
2007-12-17 17:45:14
59.   Improbable88
55 Yeah, my tickets have gone up 100% since 2004. I guess I was getting a ridiculous bargain back then, not that I didn't appreciate it, but the people really getting screwed here are those paying $20 on gameday to sit near me. Wow.
2007-12-17 17:46:12
60.   Bluebleeder87
I try & leave my house at least 1½ before game time when I do that I always find a pretty good parking spot OUTSIDE the stadium.
2007-12-17 17:49:50
61.   Humma Kavula
When the whole package was $38, or even $44, per game, I appreciated the convenience of the parking pass. It's really nice not to search for a spot or go for a hike.

This past year, my wife was pregnant during the season. The pass was a necessity. Long walks were not an option.

This coming year, we'll have a stroller. I don't see my position changing... the parking pass will be a great help. But: man.

2007-12-17 18:00:09
62.   Bluebleeder87

I've heard long walks in the last month of pregnancy or good for her body. Walking long distance in general is good for the body for ANYBODY.

2007-12-17 18:03:28
63.   Humma Kavula
62 It's good for her body, yes. But if I suggested a long walk, she'd punch me in the Rule One. So it's bad for my body.
2007-12-17 18:05:55
64.   Bluebleeder87
my dad lost one of his legs to gangrene so he had a handicap placard displayed in his truck, I use to barrow it once in a while. Hey, for sell out games it came in handy!
2007-12-17 18:05:58
65.   Suffering Bruin
63 Been there, brother.

"How about some exercise? Or you can relax and take a load off?"

Yes, I said that in month nine. No, I'm not a very smart man.

2007-12-17 18:11:42
66.   El Lay Dave
63 65 Things I've learned in life:

1. Never, ever argue with a pregnant wife.
2. Never, ever argue with the wife when she's a nursing mother.
3. Never, ever argue with the wife when she's the mother of a toddler.
4. Never, ever argue with the wife when she's the mother of a school-age child.
5. Never, ever argue with the wife when she's the mother of a teenager.
6. Never, ever argue with the wife when she's an empty-nester.

2007-12-17 18:14:33
67.   Eric Stephen
Gary Bennett is one of 10 players to have an OPS+ under 100 (with 100 PA) in each of the last 7 years, joining other catchers Brad Ausmus, Rod Barajas & Damian Miller among others.

Bennett's high OPS+ during the past 7 years is 66 (2001 & 2002)!

On the positive side, he is tied for the highest batting average in New York Mets history. Bennett's 1 for 1, tied with a a recently hired Dodger roving instructor, more famous for crashing into something rather than Bennett's having someone crash into him.

2007-12-17 18:15:58
68.   D4P
0. Never, ever argue with the wife when you have no kids.
2007-12-17 18:16:32
69.   trainwreck
You guys make marriage look great.
2007-12-17 18:19:50
70.   Bluebleeder87
Rod Barajas has such a nice swing I can't believe he's that bad, Seriously, I've always liked his cut but I guess he ain't much of a hitter.
2007-12-17 18:20:16
71.   Eric Stephen
Would it be wrong to rent a Lexus over the holidays, then wrap it in a bow, just to get a reaction from one's significant other similar to the commercials?
2007-12-17 18:20:25
72.   scareduck
66 - Never, ever argue with the wife.


2007-12-17 18:23:55
73.   D4P
Years are commonly divided into 12 not necessarily equal time increments. I've learned that there are certain portions of those 12 time increments when arguing with the wife is even worse than others.
2007-12-17 18:24:57
74.   trainwreck
Make sure to put her real present in the trunk and say, "Here's your gift! I think you will be excited, it's a book."
2007-12-17 18:27:23
75.   D4P
"Here's your gift! I think you will be excited, it's a book."

Make it a book on weight loss. She'll love it.

2007-12-17 18:30:32
76.   Jon Weisman
Braves NRIs include Javier Lopez and Joe Borchard!
2007-12-17 18:35:07
77.   Kingmans Performance
12 Bob, would you be so kind so as to post the USC & Dodger lineups for that game in '76?


2007-12-17 18:39:13
78.   TheBigGrabowski
25 Another UCSB grad, nice.
2007-12-17 18:52:56
79.   GoBears
I could complain that I got LAT'd in the last thread, but I'd be lying. My dangling opinifier came 2 hours after the NPUT sign, and it's not worth sullying this clean new thread. But for those interested in Wilbert Robinson's theory of the origin of "furai" to describe a non-grounder in Japan, well, rush right back. I waxed pendantic.

The Dodgers need to stop signing Japanese players so that I can resist the temptation to translate everything and get back to whining about Juan. Southerners call it "Juaning."

2007-12-17 18:59:34
80.   Dodgers49
From previous thread:

60. Gary Bennett wore number 28 the last two seasons with St. Louis. Shea Hillenbrand wore that number with LA last year.

IIRC, Shea grabbed that number while LaRoche was at Las Vegas thereby forcing LaRoche to have to pick another number when he was called up. So the question is, will LaRoche have to yield to PVL again come spring training?

2007-12-17 19:01:36
81.   Hallux Valgus
7 "The Dodgers used to play an exhibition game against USC every year before heading to Vero Beach in February."

I went in 1989. I got a "1988 World Series Champions" tee shirt, which I still have and is the sexiest thing my g/f can ever wear (because I was ten, and it doesn't fit me, but it looks amazing on her), There was also a home run derby, and Bret Boone was the only player on either team to hit one out.

2007-12-17 19:04:07
82.   JSN
78 By your name and alma mater, you'll like this: Jeff Bridges took Q&A after a showing of The Big Lebowski at I.V. Theater while I was there. We brought a 10X5 foot piece of carpet and a black marker. Afterwards he was delighted with our rug so much that he signed it and spent 5 minutes drawing a huge sketch of the Dude above his signature.
2007-12-17 19:06:59
83.   Dodgers49
59 . but the people really getting screwed here are those paying $20 on gameday to sit near me. Wow.

Were you really that bad. :-)

2007-12-17 19:08:36
84.   Bob Timmermann
The LA Times didn't run a boxscore for the 1976 USC-Dodgers exhibition at Dodger Stadium, just a line score and batteries.

The starting pitcher for the Dodgers was Rick Nitz. He was followed by Charlie Hough and Ron Bryant. Steve Yeager was the catcher. Davey Lopes, Leron Lee, Joe Ferguson, Cleo Smith, and Leron Lee are mentioned as playing.

The USC starting pitcher was Charlie Phillips who was relieved by a guy named Hayes. The catchers were Wiencek and Hicks. Also playing were Doug Stokke, Rob Hertel (better known as a quarterback), and Tom Ricks.

Ricks could be Hicks and it was just a typo.

2007-12-17 19:10:25
85.   Eric Stephen
I kind of like LaRoche wearing Cey's old #10 now.

Someday we'll look back quizzically at photos of Loney wearing #29 and LaRoche wearing #28 much like Yankee fans look at early pictures of Mickey Mantle wearing #6.

2007-12-17 19:29:14
86.   Bluebleeder87
wow, Bennett's #'s look horrible leave it to Ned to get the worst possible back-up catcher.
2007-12-17 19:33:34
87.   Bob Timmermann
Wil Nieves resents that!
2007-12-17 19:39:53
88.   Benaiah
86 - It doesn't really matter who the backup catcher is, a good one might get 2-3 extra runs over a bad one, and even then the sample size is so small that a bad hitter will frequently outperform a good hitter. If Bennett is good defensively then it's fine.
2007-12-17 19:40:59
89.   Humma Kavula
88 Except to the extent that a good backup will give the manager the confidence to rest his starter. Other than that, I agree with your point.
2007-12-17 19:47:35
90.   trainwreck
Except, Bennett apparently stinks at that too.
2007-12-17 19:48:24
91.   Eric Stephen
88 If Bennett is good defensively then it's fine.

Eric Enders pointed out earlier that Bennett has only thrown out 21.8% of attempted stealers (71 of 326), and his CERA is 4.64 career.

Also, in the last 3 years, Bennett has only thrown out 16 of 91 runners (17.6%).

2007-12-17 19:48:41
92.   Bluebleeder87
Russell Martin is gonna be run to the ground by his arb years... anybody know if Posada was rested by Torre or did he bust a Proctor on him as well?
2007-12-17 19:51:24
93.   immouch
i was prepared to resoundingly agree that the bennett signing is a big, fat, stubbed toe for ned's otherwise very decent offseason....but i looked at the other ml-veteran backup catchers... oi! bennett's hitting stats are shockingly strong when compared with the rest of the veteran options. even lieberthal's one (1) rbi last year isn't totally out of line with what's available.
2007-12-17 19:53:00
94.   Eric Stephen
From Humma Kavula, previous thread:

Jorge Posada, games caught:

2007 - 138
2006 - 134
2005 - 133
2004 - 134
2003 - 137
2002 - 138
2001 - 131
2000 - 142

2007-12-17 20:00:05
95.   dzzrtRatt
86 Maybe Ned lost a bet. That's the only explanation I can come up with.

If you have to hire him, at least pay him the ML minimum plus $1. At least it should be made clear that he is on the team only because we wanted the cheapest possible option.

Signing this guy reminds me of George Costanza picking up wedding invitations.

2007-12-17 20:02:16
96.   Eric Stephen
So, if Juan Pierre licks Gary Bennett, he will be off the roster? :)
2007-12-17 20:06:30
97.   Bluebleeder87
It sounds like Torre will be more reasonable then Little was. Russell Martin caught way to many games last year.
2007-12-17 20:09:48
98.   Eric Enders
It was in Little's self-interest to play Martin more, because he was trying to save his job. Martin in the lineup gave us a better chance of winning. Grady wasn't going to be around 8 or 10 years from now anyway when it's time for Martin's knees to pay the piper.
2007-12-17 20:18:23
99.   Humma Kavula
94 To put those numbers in some context:

'07 Padres - Josh Bard - 118 games
'06 Padres - Some guy named Piazza - 126 games
'05 Padres - Ramon Hernandez - 99 games

'07 DBacks - Chris Snyder - 110 games
'06 DBacks - Johnny Estrada - 115 games
'05 DBacks - Snyder - 115 games

'07 Giants - Bengie Molina - 134 games
'06 Giants - Eliezer Alfonza - 87 games and Mike Matheny 47 games
'05 Giants - Matheny, 134 games

'07 Rockies - Yorvit Torrealba - 113 games
'06 Rockies - Torrealba - 65 games and Danny Ardoin 35 games and J.D. Closser 29 games
'05 Rockies - Ardoin, 80; Closser, 35

You may draw your own conclusions.

2007-12-17 20:27:32
100.   Humma Kavula
98 I have no doubt that Grady believed that to be true, but to what extent was it actually true? Martin maintained his great eye but lost some of his power in the second half last year. Would he have maintained that with another day off a week? Would Lieberthal have been a better hitter with more opportunities? Even if neither is true, isn't it worth being especially careful with the new face of the franchise? These questions have no answers....
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2007-12-17 20:32:20
101.   Bluebleeder87
there's also the argument that Russell Martin is just to good for his own good, but still, I hope Torre rests Martin at least a little more.
2007-12-17 20:33:26
102.   Eric Stephen
Here are the catchers that have caught 2,000 innings in the last two years combined:

Catcher (Innings Caught)
Kendall 2400.0
Johjima 2279.3
Martin 2269.0
Pierzynski 2183.0
Posada 2162.0
McCann 2155.3
Martinez 2152.7
Paulino 2135.0
Pudge 2107.0
Schneider 2041.7
Ausmus 2031.3
LoDuca 2001.0

Keep in mind, Martin did not play until the Dodgers' 30th game of 2006! Martin has more innings per possible game (7.69) than the leader Kendall (7.40).

2007-12-17 20:33:52
103.   milkshakeballa
Russell Martin lost his virginity before his dad did.
2007-12-17 20:36:58
104.   Humma Kavula
102 What's amazing is that Kendall got so many opportunities to stink. At least Martin is good.
2007-12-17 20:42:14
105.   Johnny Nucleo
I'm excited that the schedule has come out. It makes plans to go to Vero this spring much more concrete. I'll likely be there on sunday the 9th for a quick hit-and-run trip to Fla to watch the Dodgers play (and hopefully trounce) that world-championship-team that nobody here EVER shuts up about, except maybe to talk about the Patriots.
2007-12-17 21:02:52
106.   Kingmans Performance
84 1 DT TY 2 BT, KP
2007-12-17 21:04:25
107.   mattSD
As bad as Kendall is now, he was maybe the best example of a player like Russell is now. Great plate discipline and superb athleticism for a catcher, durable enough to play way too many innings when he was young.

I just don't want Martin to be broken down physically like Kendall is by the time he's 30.

2007-12-17 21:15:36
108.   68elcamino427
Martin is the modern day Yogi Berra.
Joe was a catcher, he will take care of Russ. Look at Posada, he just had one of his best years in 2007.
2007-12-17 21:54:32
109.   Daniel Zappala
I will be very tempted to go to spring training in Arizona and see the Dodgers-Angels on the 22nd and Dodgers-Rockies on the 23rd. March 22nd is Ramon Martinez's birthday, after all.
2007-12-17 22:05:16
110.   Kevin Lewis
The ticket invoice I received did not make much sense. If I read the ticket price list correctly, mini plan prices for top deck is $7, but they have my 12 pack priced at $4 a piece. I didn't think the 12 pack would get the season ticket price. But then at the top of the invoice it lists the package at 83 games. So, I don't know if I am getting a steal or if I will be putting a deposit on a season ticket package.

I parked outside of the stadium every game last year, except for when Barry was in town. I think that came to about 18 games, and I was happy to not give McCourt the $15 bucks every game. We would normally show up an hour early with our own hot dogs or a burrito from Chipotle. That's right. I like it cheap and simple.

2007-12-17 22:06:36
111.   Kevin Lewis
BTW: Any word on the ticket prices for the game at the Coliseum? I really want to be at that game. Is it possible to get over there with the red line?
2007-12-17 22:15:06
112.   Eric Enders
85 "Someday we'll look back quizzically at photos of Loney wearing #29"

Even more quizzical:

2007-12-17 22:16:53
113.   Eric Enders
109 And his 40th, no less.
2007-12-17 22:22:27
114.   uclasway
Ken Gurnick said "As a switch-hitter, (Delwyn)Young could be valuable for pinch-hitting. Some see him as a switch-hitting Lenny Harris type."

Lenny Harris never slugged higher than .414 in 17 years in MLB and never even above .400 in the minors.

Young has never slugged BELOW .457, and has slugged over .492 at each of 5 levels and in his September stint. Does anyone have a 2008 PECOTA prediction for him?

2007-12-17 22:26:12
115.   Eric Enders
Gurnick didn't just make up the Lenny Harris thing. In fact, the two players you hear Delwyn compared to the most by scouts are Harris and Matt Stairs. Because, you know, Harris and Stairs have so much in common.

It's pretty clear that Young will hit for a lot more power than Lenny Harris, so I think the comparison works mostly on a superficial level, i.e., short, stocky, black guys who could hit but couldn't stick at second base.

2007-12-17 22:34:07
116.   Bob Timmermann
You can get to the Coliseum via a DASH bus from Downtown, so you can take the Red Line.

The buses may be a bit crowded on the way back.

2007-12-17 23:11:29
117.   El Lay Dave
98 Grady wasn't going to be around 8 or 10 years from now anyway when it's time for Martin's knees to pay the piper.

Neither will Torre be. (I think Martin will get a few more days off.)

108 Joe was a catcher, he will take care of Russ.

Grady was a (minor-league) catcher too. (I think Martin will get a few more days off.)

2007-12-17 23:13:02
118.   regfairfield
114 PECOTA isn't out yet, but ZIPS has him at .255/.295/.408
2007-12-17 23:13:16
119.   Benaiah
Charles Steinberg, the guy that is replacing Camille Johnson, is the guy who branded the traditions of the Red Sox. He formalized playing "Sweet Caroline", brought in the Dropkick Murphy's and sold out Fenway park* at the highest prices in the majors. He won't make the team on the field play better, but he might make them more popular. I would love it if he could make James Loney and Matt Kemp into stars.

*Having a really good team probably also helped.

2007-12-17 23:14:32
120.   natepurcell
for Frank to put into his catalog...

CHONE's Kuroda projections:

Kuroda: 181 IP, 174H, 49bb 137k 21hr 3.78 ERA

2007-12-17 23:14:37
121.   68elcamino427
117 I will make a bold prediction.
Gary Bennett will appear in 47 games in the 2008 season.
2007-12-17 23:16:26
122.   El Lay Dave
121 All for the Dodgers?
2007-12-17 23:19:48
123.   68elcamino427
Yes, all for the Dodgers, if he stays healthy. Otherwise, Gary will probably be replaced by a .167 hitter.
2007-12-17 23:23:35
124.   Xeifrank
120. Thanks! Consider it cataloged. :)
The Chone for Kuroda compares evenly with ZIPS except for a very generous K/9.
vr, Xei
2007-12-17 23:24:56
125.   ibleedbloo
I'm wondering if anyone is not considering renewing there plan this season. Ticket prices have gone up again this year, so much that I am considering giving up my seats. For the first 4 years I had my seats they were $5 a seat times 4 seats=$20 a game(buy 1 get 1 in the reserved level). Last year it went to $28 a game. This year it will be $40 a game.

Tickets have gone up 100% in 2 years, not to mention parking increasing 50%! If I do end up getting the tickets most of them will end up ebay. I went to over 60 games last season and at times the time, effort, and cost of driving from Riverside wasn't worth it. With an additional 40% on tickets and the ever rising gas prices, I doubt I will attend more than a handful of games this year. All of this after a 4th place finish. I shutter to think how much it will cost to go to a ball game if we ever win a playoff series.

2007-12-17 23:27:25
126.   natepurcell

What we really need are Kuroda's gb rates in Japan. Although Bob has been saying those are pretty hard to find.

2007-12-17 23:28:46
127.   Xeifrank
114. FWIW, of current Dodger players I have Delwyn Young's closest comparison as Matt Kemp. My comparison calculations only take HR, K and BB rates based on 2008 ZIPS projected statistics. ZIPS has Kemp's and Young's K and BB rates very even, with their difference coming at HR rate. Next closest was Repko. vr, Xei
2007-12-17 23:30:32
128.   Xeifrank
126. Yes, I'd like to know that too. His rate stats compare favorably with Derek Lowe, but I'd like to see how the two stack up GB% wise. vr, Xei
2007-12-17 23:33:55
129.   68elcamino427
Lowe: 199 IP, 194H, 49bb 147k 20hr 3.88 ERA
2007-12-17 23:35:07
130.   Bob Timmermann
I've got my top people working on it.


I assure you!


2007-12-17 23:37:30
131.   natepurcell
For Spring Training...

March 21st: Arizona (Tucson)
March 23rd: Colorado (Tucson)

Definitely going.

2007-12-17 23:38:45
132.   Bob Timmermann
Nate, if you're truly dedicated. You can try to track down all 26 of Kuroda's starts here:

and then check each box score and see which plays are coded as "G". The problem is that hits won't be listed as being line drives or ground balls through the infield.

2007-12-17 23:43:32
133.   natepurcell

So we are only going to get GO/FO ratio with that method?

2007-12-17 23:45:23
134.   Bob Timmermann
In Kuroda's start on Opening Day for Hiroshima, he faced 26 batters.

11 batters were retired on grounders (including one DP that scored a run).
5 batters flied out.
3 struck out.
1 fouled out to the catcher.
4 singled.
1 walked
1 reached on an error by the second baseman.

Happy calculating!

2007-12-17 23:46:17
135.   Bob Timmermann
2007-12-17 23:49:10
136.   natepurcell
Well in his first game his GO/FO ratio was 14:7.

Good start!

2007-12-17 23:50:33
137.   natepurcell
wait, wasn't his first start April 5th?
2007-12-17 23:53:23
138.   CanuckDodger
About Gary Bennett replacing Lieberthal, hasn't the big concern (in the organization) been how much worse our pitchers perform when Martin is not behind the plate? Looking at a baseball magazine from 2004, I see that when Bennett caught (in 88 games) for the Padres in 2003, the Padres pitchers' collective ERA was 2.13 lower than when anybody else was catching for the Padres' pitchers that season. That is what teams care about in a back-up catcher. Are the pitchers comfortable throwing to the guy? Offense is pretty much irrelevent in a back-up catcher. Many teams don't even insist on getting offense from their STARTING catchers.
2007-12-17 23:58:25
139.   Vishal
96 wait a sec... juan pierre for backup catcher! that's perfect.

so what if he can't throw anybody out. he'll make up for those bases as a pinch runner. heck, maybe having to throw it only to second might help.

2007-12-18 00:02:30
140.   68elcamino427
138 Thank you. The catcher's primary resposibility is to take care of the pitcher.
2007-12-18 00:09:08
141.   natepurcell
I can't believe I'm actually going through all the box scores.
2007-12-18 00:10:22
142.   Vishal
141 i can believe it, if it makes you feel any better :)
2007-12-18 00:13:05
143.   Bob Timmermann
The Japanese season starts in March. The CL starts on 3/28 in 2008 and I believe the PL starts on 3/22 in 2008.
2007-12-18 00:19:30
144.   Bob Timmermann
The big question now is: how late will Nate stay up.
2007-12-18 00:24:25
145.   natepurcell
Its my winter break, I'm doing nothing anyways.
2007-12-18 00:28:14
146.   Bob Timmermann
I found Kuroda's platoon splits.

To a point, it doesn't have OOPS, just OBA.

RH hit .224 against Kuroda in 2006. LH hit .304.

6 homers given up to RH, 14 to LH. 28 walks to LH, 14 to RH.

2007-12-18 00:30:30
147.   trainwreck
Norm Chow and Rick Neuheisel are apparently the finalists for the UCLA job, unless the team does really this weekend. Then Walker is another one.
2007-12-18 00:30:54
148.   trainwreck
*really well this weekend
2007-12-18 00:33:39
149.   68elcamino427
I predict Chow and Walker.
2007-12-18 00:44:20
150.   trainwreck
Apparently, Rick may be the leader.
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2007-12-18 00:45:38
151.   68elcamino427
rick has a history of some bad decisions.
2007-12-18 00:48:18
152.   trainwreck
So does the football program.
2007-12-18 00:51:28
153.   68elcamino427
I like Rick, but he has NCAA dirty laundry.
2007-12-18 01:04:39
154.   bhsportsguy
I got my season ticket invoice and my miniplan tickets (Infield Reserve) remained the same price.

Just thought I would throw that out there.

2007-12-18 01:05:46
155.   bhsportsguy
147 You get the same info I do, but somehow I feel right now, Norm Chow with Walker staying on is the best course. After signing day, I'm not sure.
2007-12-18 01:06:38
156.   natepurcell
well I messed up and skipped a start so its only 25 games..

What I have (I probably messed up a bit so its not exact)

25GS 170.2IP 701BF 117K
GO/FO ratio: 2.25

2007-12-18 01:08:37
157.   68elcamino427
A great offensive mind matched with a great defensive mind/recruiter. Sound familiar?
2007-12-18 01:12:29
158.   68elcamino427
156 What's Lowe's go/fo?
2007-12-18 01:13:03
159.   trainwreck
I would take almost anyone over Rick Neuheisel. I guess I will have to root for Chow/Walker combo.
2007-12-18 01:16:15
160.   natepurcell

from that article, closer to 3.

2007-12-18 01:22:19
161.   68elcamino427
Thanks, I want Kuroda to do well, especially this year. It's going to be fun to see how it really pans out.
2007-12-18 05:08:20
162.   Benaiah
158: 3.4 for his career, 3.46 last year. GB% is a better judge though, since that would basically be GB/(LD+FB).
2007-12-18 08:27:48
163.   LAT
No matter how much you may hate Simmers, you can't dislike him today. Touching article.
2007-12-18 08:33:23
164.   bhsportsguy
So now Brian Roberts says he did use steroids once in 2003. The player most felt at the least amount of evidence against him since the only thing written was that Roberts told Larry Bigbie he used steroids once or twice in 2003 but no other evidence was mentioned in the report.
2007-12-18 08:39:56
165.   D4P
I'm insulted that players are thinking I should absolve them of guilt if they claim that their use was to help recover from injuries.
2007-12-18 08:43:45
166.   Ken Noe
ESPN started this "HGH is okay for healing" mantra the day after the report came out and baseball people are picking up on it.

My favorite new rumor: Saban to West Virginia

2007-12-18 08:48:50
167.   D4P
Baseball people are bad for baseball.
2007-12-18 08:54:12
168.   Sushirabbit
Are Nippon baseballs pretty much the same as MLB baseballs? I've never thought of this before, but I could see that making a difference (like if the seams are higher, or the skin smoother).
2007-12-18 08:57:55
169.   Andrew Shimmin
165- I don't believe you.
2007-12-18 08:59:44
170.   MC Safety
2007-12-18 09:01:38
171.   Jon Weisman
168 - I've read here and other places that they are not the same, but that Kuroda has been practicing with a U.S. ball.
2007-12-18 09:03:52
172.   ToyCannon
I have the same 2+2 loge plan. If you do decide to give up your tickets but would still like to have 4 games in the same area I'll sell you 4 ticket game packages for 40.00 a game or 2 ticket packages for $25 a game. I don't have parking passes. If interested you can email me at molokai at yahoo dot com. Opening day, bobblehead nights, fleece nights, fireworks nights are excluded from the this special offer. Must be over 18, must never do the blah blah "sucks chant", and if you happen to catch a home run hit into the loge by the oppossing team you must have the balls to keep the home run and tell the idiots around you that your not from Chicago and to get their own tradition.

My tickets are in the 3rd row, next to the Dodger bullpen fence.

2007-12-18 09:04:29
173.   D4P
Hopefully he has been practicing with runners on base, so he can see if his warriorness translates.
2007-12-18 09:04:31
174.   El Lay Dave
145 It's my winter break, I'm doing nothing anyways.

Translation(?): I lost Gauge's phone number.

2007-12-18 09:14:54
175.   Sushirabbit
171 - Thanks, I can't believed I missed that. It must have been bad mouse wheel scrolling during the "report" days. :-)
2007-12-18 09:19:07
176.   MC Safety
172 Those were very cool seats Toy. Have you ever snagged a ball over there?
2007-12-18 09:22:18
177.   hernari
2007-12-18 09:24:56
178.   D4P
I don't know: Kuroda's getting a bit of a late start to be breaking any records.
2007-12-18 09:31:30
179.   ToyCannon
Never a home run. Jose Lima used to throw balls upto us and I got one of those.
Todd Linden hit a home run that the guy in front of me caught but that was the season just before I got my plan. I think it was Lindens 1st major league home run.
Kemp hit one last year but I wasn't at the game. Home runs in the loge only happen about once a year if that often. It is hard to pull it that deep and keep it fair.
2007-12-18 09:33:09
180.   Reiichi
So Kuroda is going to be getting paid roughly 4x as much as he would be getting if he stayed with the Carp in Japan.

Have any other Japanese players gotten so much of a raise crossing the Pacific?

2007-12-18 09:36:51
181.   MC Safety
179 Nice. I remember the Kemp blast. IIRC didnt Andruw hit one over there off Gagne that game he tried to come back and got roped by the Braves.
2007-12-18 09:37:11
182.   MC Safety
181 ?
2007-12-18 09:37:43
183.   SG6
179 - I was at a playoff game and Jose Lima threw a ball up to the reserve level for a fan. I believe it was the game after his playoff win.

Has the season ever opened in March before? Seems strange.

2007-12-18 09:38:17
184.   D4P
Did part of your post in 181 disappear? That has happened to a few of us lately.
2007-12-18 09:38:32
185.   regfairfield
180 I was going to say Matsuzaka, then I realized he's getting less per year than Kuroda.
2007-12-18 09:41:47
186.   MC Safety
184 Nope , just a good old fashioned human error.
2007-12-18 09:42:01
187.   bhsportsguy
172 He had a good view of Roberto Hernandez last year.

Seriously, always a pleasure to check out a game with TC.

2007-12-18 09:42:27
188.   Jon Weisman
New post up top.
2007-12-18 09:43:27
189.   D4P
Kuroda's contract makes him tough to trade and tough to send to the bullpen. That's a pretty big risk to take with a guy who has never pitched in the minors, much less the majors.
2007-12-18 09:44:14
190.   ToyCannon
Nothing against the Angels but how awesome is it that were having a series against the RedSox . Nothing like getting pummeled as we get ready for the regular season:)
2007-12-18 09:45:35
191.   MC Safety
187 I wish Toy would have been there, but I think I had his seats. Hull looked good warming up, I dont see why he didnt get Roberto's innings.
2007-12-18 09:46:48
192.   Bob Timmermann
In North America, cowhide is used to cover baseballs. In Asia, it's horsehide. There is a difference in its tackiness.

2007-12-20 10:11:12
193.   Da Dodge
Got on this post late, but this is sad to see that the team is cutting short their Vero Beach farewell, and not even for the purpose of going to China.

In the past four years, the Dodgers have treated Vero Beach like a baby treats its diaper.

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