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The Annual 'I've Got It All Figured Out' Stories Begin
2008-01-22 07:19
by Jon Weisman

Last year for Mark Hendrickson, it was the sports psychologist. This year, it's laser surgery.

From Frank Bodani of the York Daily Record (thanks to commenter Sam DC for the link):

Somehow, York County's Mark Hendrickson has pitched in the majors the past five seasons with terrible vision in one eye and only mediocre vision in the other.

Apparently, the kid who spent summers and holidays around family in York County always had eye problems. He fought wearing glasses and contacts growing up and simply adjusted without them. ...

The deciding moments came last summer when he couldn't see the ball clearly while hitting. He was 1-for-27 at the plate with 10 strikeouts.

"I'm not saying I'm a .300 hitter . . . but I was embarrassing myself."

Who's to say how his eye problems affected his pitching? He struggled last season but still showed flashes.

No matter, he had laser eye surgery a couple of weeks ago. He signed with a new team, the Florida Marlins, last week.

And he feels like he has a new lease on his baseball life.

Oh, by the way - so does Brett Tomko, according to Dick Kaegel of (thanks to commenter Dodgers49 for the link):

The Dodgers had changed his delivery and his velocity dropped alarmingly.

"We just stripped down my mechanics, went back to my first 10 years in the big leagues and just tried to throw what was natural for me. It was night-and-day," Tomko said.

Meantime, the San Diego Padres called, seeking his help for their stretch run.

"I came back to San Diego, my velocity was back up to the low- to mid-90s and when I got back to starting, it was like a whole new pitcher," he said. "It was nice because, for a moment, I thought I lost it. There was a point during the season when it was like maybe I'm just done, maybe the gas tank is just on empty."

But, in seven games -- four starts -- for the Padres in September, Tomko was 2-1 with a 4.61 ERA and he had 26 strikeouts and just six walks in 27 1/3 innings.

"Last year was a bad year and I know a lot of people out there maybe thought I lost it, but I've got a lot to prove," he said. "And I started, I think, the last month to prove it."

Sorry to be so skeptical - I'm not rooting against these guys - but we see this stuff every year. Like other journeymen, they'll have their good moments, but it seems a little late for a revival.

Beyond that - um, baseball players, a public service announcement. Don't wait until the end of your career to correct your poor vision.

* * *

There's a thread for Oscar nomination chat at Screen Jam.

Comments (133)
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2008-01-22 07:37:23
1.   silverwidow
Ned chat at 2 p.m. today. Ask, ask, ask!
2008-01-22 07:38:33
2.   Andrew Shimmin
Might be time to consider the scope of the mandatory physical required before acquiring players. Maybe there really wasn't a way of knowing that Schmidt's shoulder was hamburger, but it sure seems like somebody should have noticed Hendrickson was blind.

And awful, I guess, so maybe just not acquiring awful players is the way to go. Who's to say?

2008-01-22 07:43:58
3.   D4P
Might be time to consider the scope of the mandatory physical required before acquiring players

The physicals are a joke. It seems pretty obvious that they're a mere formality, and that the team doesn't really want to find any reason not to sign a player by the time they've made it all the way to the physical stage.

Even in those rare occasions when a physical does suggest a player probably shouldn't be signed (e.g. the Red Sox, J.D. Drew, and his shoulder), it seems as if the teams typically sign the player anyway.

I still don't believe that the Dodgers couldn't have detected Schmidt's problems during the physical review process.

2008-01-22 07:52:45
4.   oklahomadodger
Maybe they'll make another Chronicles of Riddick movie about Mark Hendrickson's career.
2008-01-22 07:53:34
5.   regfairfield
I'm still upset that Hendrickson got that hit.
2008-01-22 07:58:56
6.   ToyCannon
Because your a doctor who understands how all this works? I guess you don't know anyone yet who had a complete physical and checked out okay only to be dead a few months later.

Reminds me the Scrubs episode I saw last night where every single patient lied to Tuck about their condition so he was unable to help them to the best of his ability.

2008-01-22 08:05:13
7.   D4P
Players have an obvious incentive to hide everything they can from the team doctor. Nothing hurts, nothing bothers them, never felt better in their life, etc.

One would think that teams would want to identify health problems ahead of time so as to avoid signing injured players. But the physical takes place so late in the signing process that there is an incentive to deem the player healthy. Plus, at least in the Dodgers's case, there doesn't seem to be much reason to believe that the medical staff is particularly competent.

2008-01-22 08:10:37
8.   LAT
As someone who has had laser eye surgery twice I can tell you its a vast improvment and its great not to wear glasses but it is far from perfect. My vision moves around alot (in and out of focus), slower to focus from near to far and halo-ing at night. (These are common side effects of laser surgery-especially for people withmonovision) I'm not saying it won't help Big Bird but I'd be suprised if its THE answer.

BTW, memo to Big Bird: You are a moron if you waited this long to address this problem.

Memo to Dodgers: You are a moron for failing to identify this problem (if it is indeed a real problem). Didn't you ever see the Movie Major League?

2008-01-22 08:16:39
9.   dzzrtRatt
8 , corrected

"BTW, memo to Big Bird: You are a millionaire despite having waited this long to address this problem."

2008-01-22 08:17:54
10.   D4P
How ridiculous is it that contract salary and years are agreed upon before the physical?
2008-01-22 08:19:41
11.   Andrew Shimmin
If D4P were in charge, the players would be waterboarded during the medical history portion of their physicals.
2008-01-22 08:22:30
12.   D4P
GMs, too. The stupid ones, anyway.

"Did you or did you not offer Matt Kemp to the Giants for Pedro Feliz?"

"I did not."



2008-01-22 08:32:21
13.   oklahomadodger
8 I had lasik about 4 months ago and have had zero problems and now actually have better than 20/20 vision. It aslo seemed to have worked pretty good for Tiger Woods and others.

With that said, I predict Hendrickson is once again relegated to a long relief role. At least now he'll be able to watch the game better from the pen.

2008-01-22 08:33:42
14.   Jon Weisman
My mom had a bad experience with laser eye surgery. Apparently they didn't properly assess her tear ducts or something - her eyes don't generate enough moisture and the surgery made her extremely sensitive to light.
2008-01-22 08:49:12
15.   Jason in Canada
Sorry, I know it's probably been run into the ground already but I wanted to say hello to Peter Gammons. And also Tom Verducci. Not like they read the comments, but if they do I want them to know that Jason in Canada says hello.

This goes for all the other lurking famous national baseball writers who know about this treasure of a site that Jon has built, Hello!

2008-01-22 08:51:28
16.   Bob Timmermann
It's only taken my girlfriend about eight months for her laser eye surgery to work. And she still uses a lot of eyedrops.
2008-01-22 08:55:56
17.   Ricardo
15. I was very happy to know that Peter Gammons reads Dodger Thoughts! Imagine if Vin reads it too! Congratulations, Jon!


2008-01-22 09:03:55
18.   bhsportsguy
Today you can get a steak for 1 penny in a buy one get one steak for penny sale promotion at Sizzler, dine in only.

I just saw this on the Daily News site and I figured with all the family guys and college guys, they might want to check it out.

And one thing for all the guys in college, do you guys still go to Shakeys and see how many of you can eat for one bunch a lunch buffet? Just asking.

2008-01-22 09:05:58
19.   bhsportsguy is having a chat at 10:00 a.m. debating who is the best young catcher, Joe Mauer or Russell Martin.
2008-01-22 09:09:38
20.   underdog
Dear Lurch,
They have these things now that are a cheaper alternative to laser surgery. They're called "contact lenses" I believe. You see an eye doctor, they do some tests, come up with a prescription for you, you order contacts, put them on your eyes, and voila! It's neat. Modern lenses were invented about, oh, 45 years ago, so it's understandable you've never heard of them, or optometrists.

You could've asked Matt Kemp about his color lenses, too. Oh well. Good luck!


2008-01-22 09:10:51
21.   underdog
(Yes, I know he said he "fought" using them, but just thought maybe he'd forgotten.)

Hi Peter!

2008-01-22 09:13:09
22.   Bob Timmermann
Mark Hendrickson would have looked really cool in prescription goggles a la Eric Gagne or Francisco Rodriguez.
2008-01-22 09:13:45
23.   bhsportsguy
22 Have you slept much since Sunday?
2008-01-22 09:16:27
24.   regfairfield
19 Interesting that they don't even make McCann an option.
2008-01-22 09:16:27
25.   underdog
22 Or these!
2008-01-22 09:17:34
26.   Bob Timmermann
Yes, but at weird hours, but I'll likely get straightened out pretty soon. I'm off work on Thursday and that should help a bit.

Don't ask me any complex questions at work today and tomorrow.

2008-01-22 09:22:10
27.   bhsportsguy
24 I thought about that but one of Russell's strengths is his durability. (Their words not mine).

Also he has those darn intangibles.

2008-01-22 09:25:43
28.   paranoidandroid
Hmmm... maybe ole friend Mark didn't see his feet when he took that face plant on the mound in 06.

How is Tomko worth twice as much as Big Bird?

2008-01-22 09:29:05
29.   Jim Hitchcock
Bob, is there any truth to the rumor you starred in Hostel 3 while in the CR?
2008-01-22 09:29:21
30.   regfairfield
28 Tomko was at least serviceable at one point.
2008-01-22 09:30:14
31.   regfairfield
27 I guess that's it, because there's no way that McCann is better than Mauer, but at least you can play the intangibles card with Russ.
2008-01-22 09:35:15
32.   dianagramr

Makes me wonder how the late Joe Kennedy was able to keep pitching with that ticking time bomb of a heart :-(

2008-01-22 09:50:33
33.   Daniel Zappala
26 Where can I find books on the Treaty of Peace and Friendship and its influence on the separation of church and state?
2008-01-22 09:55:10
34.   Humma Kavula
Bride of Kavula is a doctor -- of philosophy. She is an astronomer.

When you're looking through a telescope, the atmosphere gets in the way, and there are two ways to correct for that. You can put the telescope in space, and we do -- that's the Hubble. You can also put a set of glasses, sort of, on the telescope, to correct for the atmosphere; you make tiny adjustments to the telescope's mirror. Those adjustments are called adaptive optics.

Bride would go to Adaptive Optics conferences. Also there would be medical researchers -- AO, apparently, is also used (somehow) for eye surgery. These are the researchers studying the technology.

To hear Bride tell it: as of five years ago, the researchers all wore glasses.

2008-01-22 09:55:37
35.   kngoworld
18 Shakey's Bunch A Lunch buffet is an old High School past time. Would skip out for lunch with the rest of the baseball team and walk a block and a half to Shakey's. Two or three guys would purchase a buffet, ask for an extra plate each, while about ten to twelve other guys waited in the back room (usually empty party room). It was glorious for about a semester my sophomore year, until we were asked to never return. Darn busboy snitched us out. We gave it another go my senior year, figuring a turnover of most of the employees, although there was usually a watching eye which made things tense. The guys lucky enough to purchase the buffet spent less time eating and more time refilling plates. Loved those mojos!
2008-01-22 09:57:15
36.   bhsportsguy
35 Great, glad to hear it, back in my day, we just played Space Invaders, Asteroids and Carnival while one guy took turns eating.
2008-01-22 09:58:45
37.   CajunDodger
Cajun is back from exile exulting in LSU's victory in the Allstate Compromise National Championship! I now consider myself a good luck charm and will imbue my aura on Chavez Ravine this year instead of concentrating my luck units on Death Valley.

Not sure a case can be made that Martin is better than a healthy Mauer, but I would take him over McCann any day.

2008-01-22 10:05:41
38.   was it tims mitt i saw
the hendrickson thing reminds me of jose offerman. i recall them saying he was a bad fielder because he couldn't really see the ball until it was at his feet.
2008-01-22 10:07:06
39.   ToyCannon
The same way Pistol Pete played basketball. None of us would know we have that heart problem until they do the autopsy?
Did anyone here ever watch Pistol Pete?

I think McCann is not included because they only do one against one in these chats but that doesn't mean the chatters can't bring in other names. Keith Law has hosted a few of them which is always fun since I learn where to eat in places I'm never going to visit.

2008-01-22 10:13:00
40.   bhsportsguy
39 I did, I wonder if today, there would have been more pressure on UCLA to recruit a player like Pete (though there was no way he was not going to be coached by his dad in college.)

Pete Maravich would have average 50 points a game (in college) if the 3-point line had been in used back then.

2008-01-22 10:13:05
41.   kinbote
37 Speaking of good luck, my total last night for a last-minute supermarket trip = $19.88.
2008-01-22 10:13:06
42.   Marty
I haven't thought about Bunch o Lunch or mojos in a long time. We used to get a group of people from my work in Glendale to go to Shakeys and try to eat them out of business.
2008-01-22 10:14:05
43.   CajunDodger
I'm only back for 10 minutes and already an indirect reference to LSU...

Watching Pete at LSU (or at least the highlight reels that I grew up on) was very similar to watching old college tapes of Jim Brown or David Robinson. Light years beyond their competition.

2008-01-22 10:17:06
44.   CajunDodger
The hype and level of competition surrounding Pete in college was similar to what LeBron experienced in high school. Of course, Pete only had to play against white guys in the SEC...
2008-01-22 10:19:00
45.   ToyCannon
Never a fan of the Bunch o Lunch. We used to go in Santa Monica for work lunch but basically it was a lot of lousy food. I'm sure if it was a HS stoned lunch I'd have a different opinion.
2008-01-22 10:20:36
46.   ToyCannon
Not as though he didn't excel at the next level when he played everyone. I rarely watched college basketball then unless UCLA was playing so most of my memories are based on his pro career.
2008-01-22 10:23:07
47.   Jesse
congrats on the peter g. shout out. excellent blog. i don't comment enough. time to teach me somes english.
2008-01-22 10:23:49
48.   bhsportsguy
43 I don't think David Robinson was light years ahead of competition though maybe he was given Navy's schedule.

No player has ever dominated college basketball like Lew Alcindor (Kareem Abdul-Jabbar) did, especially during his first season. He probably could have averaged 40+ if he got the ball that many times.

Walton probably was a better defender, rebounder and passer but in college basketball there is Abdul-Jabbar and then a lot of guys in second place as the most dominant player ever in college hoops.

2008-01-22 10:26:16
49.   Marty
A friend's dad used to always complain that the older generation players were better than the newer ones. One day the talk turned to Abdul-Jabbar and he said "Yeah, Jabbar's good, but he's no Lew Alcindor"
2008-01-22 10:26:31
50.   CajunDodger
True, but I do not think that he would put up the numbers he did for LSU if faced with a more integrated conference. His dad did go out of his way to ensure that the competition he played against out of conference was more even, though.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2008-01-22 10:28:52
51.   CajunDodger
I just remember seeing highlights of him versus the other service academies and the other competition he played against. It was like watching an NBA center playing on a junior high team.
2008-01-22 10:29:54
52.   bhsportsguy
49 But in a way, he was right.

Okay, I am not one to publicize myself, but since I just typed this question to the chat and Tim K. answered it, here it is, and yes it was about those darn intangibles.

BH, Los Angeles: Tim, from where you sit, should Russell take on more of leadership role on the club and in the clubhouse since he has played with most of the younger players in the minors and as an All-Star, should have enough cred with the vets?

Tim Kurkjian: (1:22 PM ET ) I think he's shown some leadership skills already, but you're right, he'll need to show even more. Even though he's a young guy, there are certainly younger and less experienced guys on his team that he can help. There is a pretty good gap between some of the veterans on that team and some of the young guys as far as age and experience. It's always helpful when a younger guy who has been around for a few years steps forward. Martin is the logical guy to do that.

2008-01-22 10:37:57
53.   Eric Stephen
I love Shakey's but haven't been in years. I didn't do the buffet much...we would go after high school and play pop-a-shot basketball for a quarter per game. Shakey's would give away a pizza of varying size depending on how well we did at the game.

I could win a personal pizza pretty regularly, but a friend of mine was a pop-a-shot savant and would routinely win medium pizzas, even mixing in a few larges now and then. It was very cheap eats for us.

2008-01-22 10:39:44
54.   Eric Stephen
Also, on the Peter Gammons shout out, did "great writing" only apply to Bronx Banter or to Dodger Thoughts as well?

The lack of parenthetical notation after Dodger Thoughts was disturbing to me for some reason.

2008-01-22 10:39:49
55.   Jonny6
This doesn't have much to do with baseball, or anything else for that matter, but somehow I thought the DT readers might find it interesting, in an apocalyptic sort of way:

Last night, blowhard sports commentator Stephen A. Smith was a guest on Chris Matthews' Hardball offering his analysis on the South Carolina Democratic primary race. You read that correctly. There wasn't even a sports related theme from earlier in the show that Smith was initially interviewed for, he was on there solely for his insight into Presidential politics.

Are there any sort of credentials necessary these days to be a cable news political analysis? It seems to be a race to the bottom between sports analysts and political commentators. I'm not quite sure whose winning, but they are both spiraling quickly.

2008-01-22 10:42:16
56.   CajunDodger
I like Tim framing Martin as the leader there. Martin is naturally inclined to that role in the same way Varitek, Jeter, and others are.

I always think of it this way. Which guy would you most miss if he was out for a long time with an injury? For me, that's Russ.

2008-01-22 10:42:47
57.   kinbote
My latest "throw-it-out-there" name for a Ned trade/signing: David Aardsma.

He was DFA'd when Dotel signed.

2008-01-22 10:46:26
58.   bhsportsguy
45 So Donald is calling out Dunleavy (according to TJ), does Clipper Nation give Dunleavy a pass on this season?
2008-01-22 10:52:02
59.   ibleedbloo
Does anyone know if "bleeding blue" was originally associated with Dodger baseball or did it have other associations prior to "bleeding Dodger blue" (i.e. Bleed Cubbie Blue as a blog on Gammons list is titled). The reason I ask is my Xbox Live handle is ibleedbloo, and I get asked quite often if I am a Kentucky, Royals, Michigan, Blues, etc. fan.

I had always assumed it was solely a Dodger thing; are they stealing from us or are we stealing from them?

2008-01-22 10:54:46
60.   dianagramr

Gee .... perhaps they thought that Smith could best explain the African-American perspective on the whole Democratic primary scene?

Well, if Rush Limbaugh can be a (at one time) commentator on the ESPN's football coverage ...

2008-01-22 10:55:38
61.   ToyCannon
Just an FYI but Russel Martin is my pick to be the MVP for 2008. I don't expect him to put up MVP numbers but the voters love the intangibles and when the Dodgers win the pennant he will get the votes.

I haven't done the catchers yet but the LA Dodgers might have the best catchers since 1958 of any franchise:
Roseborro, Haller, Duke Sims, Yeager, Ferguson, Scoscia, Piazza, Hundley, La Duca, and now Martin. Rarely have we been without an above average performer behind the plate in our 50 years.

2008-01-22 10:59:50
62.   bhsportsguy
59 Well here is one publication going back to 1977.

My memory is that Dodger Blue or Blue associated with the Dodgers was in 1977.

Certainly those south of us would have us buy into Charger Blue and not being from the Kentucky, I cannot comment on their history with blue being associated with their team.

2008-01-22 11:00:08
63.   ToyCannon
I thought Tommy created the bleed blue and I'm sure he stole it from some other franchise. It was not like the Brooklyn Dodgers wore blue.

I'm not a fan but he does get a pass for this year. Not much Don can do since he gave him a ridiculous contract. He has added some credibility to the franchise but he coaches a boring brand of basketball.

2008-01-22 11:01:13
64.   ibleedbloo
61 I did not look at any numbers but I don't believe Hundley (as a dodger) belongs on that list.

Jason Phillips probebly did more for the Dodgers than Hundley.

2008-01-22 11:02:13
65.   fanerman
59 I've never heard the term Bleeding Blue being used with anything but the Dodgers. I'll add you as an Xbox Live friend though. My gamertag is "WETPETS."
2008-01-22 11:04:32
66.   fordprefect
22 or Ben Webber?
2008-01-22 11:05:18
67.   fordprefect
sorry, that's Weber with one "b".
2008-01-22 11:09:55
68.   Kevin Lewis

I popped in my MLB2K7 game last night only to remember that I had traded Loney for Sabathia a while back. I was sad, but realized that the makers of the game love Nomar, so he is batting .318 with 30 homers. I am sad to say I go with the attributes assigned in any given year, not my heart. Of course, Jason Schmit is 6-10 right now and Chad is 13-2.

Oh, Wilson has 25 homers right now too.

2008-01-22 11:10:36
69.   Kevin Lewis
Betemit, not Valdez
2008-01-22 11:14:02
70.   fordprefect
the race to the bottom has been over for a while now and we're living with--excuse me--reduced to having to wallow in--- the results.
2008-01-22 11:15:23
71.   Yankee Fan In Boston
0 i love these stories. last year i actually bought into the carl pavano fix-it procedure. one of his legs was longer than the other until they magically corrected the problem in the off-season. he started our season opener, and the rest was deja vu-- i mean, history. i was a fool.

but being able to see should help the big fella. this is hilarious.

2008-01-22 11:20:58
72.   CajunDodger
I am playing the MLB franchise with Cleveland as my randomly selected team of choice.

Hafner is batting over .500 with a 1.100 SLG and a 1.650 OPS. I also traded Paul Byrd for Garret Atkins and Atkins has miraculously hit .800 in the 10 games since I got him.

2008-01-22 11:36:17
73.   Bob Timmermann
My brother's brush with punditry:
2008-01-22 11:39:24
74.   Eric Stephen
This was also from the Kurkjian chat on Martin v. Mauer:

Someone in the Dodgers system told me that someday, Martin will be one of the best catchers of all time. I said 'Of all time?' and he said, 'Yes, of all time'

Pretty cool.

2008-01-22 11:43:09
75.   LAT
Has anyone here been invited, or going, to the "Pemium Power Lunch" with Ned on 1/23. My Firm got an invite which has trickled down to me and I'm trying to decide whther its worthwhile.
2008-01-22 11:46:38
76.   bhsportsguy
75 You should go, at least to lobby for better yogurt choices at Dodger Stadium.

This must be part of their plan of reaching out to the fans, or at least those with really good seats :), that Jamie McCourt mentioned at the end of last season.

Based on my season ticket status, I will get invited for a midnight snack with the groundskeeping crew.

2008-01-22 11:48:38
77.   silverwidow
More crazy video game stats:

I was playing NCAA 06 on the original xbox and beat Hofstra 83-7 with USC.

Reggie Bush: 23 carries, 520+ yards, 11 TDs. He also ran back a punt for a TD.

2008-01-22 11:52:05
78.   Terry A
"It was nice because, for a moment, I thought I lost it..."

Um, lost what exactly, Brett?

2008-01-22 11:52:11
79.   ToyCannon
In 2000 Todd Hundly had the highest OPS+ for a LA Dodger catcher not named Mike Piazza in history. Granted he only had 299 plate appearances but for one one year he earned his spot to be on the list.
2008-01-22 11:56:25
80.   ToyCannon
I went to a lunch at DS around this time in 2005 but it had the whole management team. It was fun until Jim Tracy took the podium and spent 15 minutes answering one question by saying the same thing over and over untilI literally wanted to rush the podium and throw him from the stadium club. I could not have managed it myself but I think by that point I would have had help from Tommy, Frank, Paul and every single person in attendance.
It was the 1st time I ever heard Tommy in person and he was great. It is to bad the public Tommy does not compare to the private Tommy.
2008-01-22 12:00:52
81.   LAT
76. "Based on my season ticket status, I will get invited for a midnight snack with the groundskeeping crew."

Probably more fun and you'd find out what really goes on out there.

2008-01-22 12:02:02
82.   gpellamjr
41 A few weeks ago, I went to Taco Bell and my order turned out to be $7.77, which I obviously proclaimed to be a sign of good will from the Gods. Then I realized that I had forgotten to buy my wife's drink.

I immediately filed for divorce.

2008-01-22 12:05:07
83.   CajunDodger
I have a friend that has been on the groundscrew for the past ten years, and he gives me the skinny every year on the new guys that make the club. My favorite was when I asked him about Kent:

"He might be the crankiest guy I have ever met. He's never in a good mood. Really good tipper, though for the clubhouse guys."

2008-01-22 12:06:43
84.   bhsportsguy
83 Which in the end, I am sure, is all that matters to the clubhouse guys.

Maybe they should have chat with those guys instead of Ned.

2008-01-22 12:07:20
85.   bhsportsguy
82 You should bought her something that got the total to $8.88
2008-01-22 12:12:36
86.   ibleedbloo
79 I guess its a "how soon we forget" moment. Perhaps one day someone will mention that Mark Hendrickson had a 1.30 ERA through the first 6 weeks of 2007 and the memories will come rushing back…then it will be over, just like me thinking about Hundley.
2008-01-22 12:17:34
87.   LAT
I RSVPed yes. I will report back. (I'll be annoyed if its the equivalant of a time share presentation, i.e. a free lunch so we can upsell you on Dugout and Baseline seats.)

I have no problem with cranky and a good tipper. It just cranky and a bad tipper that is not kosher.

2008-01-22 12:18:04
88.   bhsportsguy
Based on last week's press conference, what questions do you have for Ned? I am sure Juan Pierre, Andy LaRoche, Nomar Garciaparra, Joe Torre, and Jason Schmidt will be discussed today but what else would you ask him about during today's chat.
2008-01-22 12:28:02
89.   Eric Stephen
Maybe something about the progress of the international scouting department. But, it would have to be phrased in such a way so it can't be answered with a "but we signed Kuroda" type answer.
2008-01-22 12:29:59
90.   Brian Y
the days of Hundley remind me of another steroid anomaly named Rick Wilkins.
2008-01-22 12:30:48
91.   Dodgers49
63 59 It was not like the Brooklyn Dodgers wore blue.

Back in the old days before the Dodgers moved to Los Angeles all the players wore their pant legs high and the Dodgers socks were blue. Their caps were blue also. And pitcher's long sleeve shirts were blue. But I didn't live in Brooklyn and was watching them on TV in black and white. :-)

2008-01-22 12:43:13
92.   bhsportsguy
For those keeping track of these things, Kevin Goldstein's analysis (Baseball Prospectus/Premium Content) of Dodger prospects and the 25 and under players (includes non-prospects like Chad, Matt, and James) lists will probably be out next week (he still has Colorado, Florida, and Houston before LA)
2008-01-22 12:47:11
93.   Andrew Shimmin
I hate Todd Hundley as much as any ten men (who aren't taking artificial rage enhancing drugs), but he doesn't belong in the same sentence as Hendrickson. Hendrickson and Coomer, maybe.
2008-01-22 12:47:13
94.   Bob Timmermann
I never thought I would see this day:

2008-01-22 12:50:02
95.   ToyCannon
Thanks, I've only seen them in black & white footage. Blue, how cool, based on the caps they sell that is surprising.
2008-01-22 12:50:10
96.   bhsportsguy
94 I have a pass to go to any game with a guest this season so if you want to head out to Jackie Robinson Stadium (I have never been and plan to go a few times), let me know.
2008-01-22 12:51:19
97.   bhsportsguy
95 What's your prediction of Goldstein's top 10 "25 and Under" list for the Dodgers.
2008-01-22 12:51:31
98.   ToyCannon
When your basketball and football teams get beat by USC you have to hang your hat on something.
2008-01-22 12:52:24
99.   D4P
I suspect it's rare for the pre-season #1 to have the worst previous season record of all pre-season Top 25 teams.
2008-01-22 12:54:11
100.   Bob Timmermann
JRS was being completely resodded when I was there last week. If you ever go to a night game at JRS, bring a coat. It's the Candlestick Park of L.A. area baseball stadiums. When the blows in off the cemetery, it gets mighty cold.

I went to one night game when I was student. Jeff Ballard of Stanford shut out UCLA.

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2008-01-22 12:58:32
101.   ToyCannon
I put it out the other day
comment 21, but Canuck said that Martin would not make the age cut which hampers the team quite a bit.
2008-01-22 13:01:49
102.   ToyCannon
Strange, after it seemed that Kemp was getting little respect in baseball in the last few days both Keith Law and Rob Neyer have now picked him to be a super star. I wonder what changed?
Of course Rob Neyer picked Tatis as the 3rd baseman of the 21st century in the winter of 1999 so don't hold your breath.
2008-01-22 13:02:21
103.   Bob Timmermann
Probably not anymore rare than the sixth place in a conference winning the national championship.

And that team being Oregon State!

2008-01-22 13:03:46
104.   Jon Weisman
100 - JRS is in Austria?
2008-01-22 13:04:39
105.   Eric Stephen
Another question to ask Ned is do the Dodgers plan to take advantage of their big market status and sign drafted players above slot, like the Tigers and Yankees have done in recent seasons (and that didn't get us Kyle Blair).
2008-01-22 13:05:08
106.   silverwidow
1. Chad Billingsley
2. Clayton Kershaw
3. Matt Kemp
4. Russell Martin
5. James Loney
6. Andy LaRoche
7. Jonathan Broxton
8. Chin Lung Hu
9. Scott Elbert
10. James McDonald
2008-01-22 13:05:50
107.   D4P
Speaking of Oregon State (nee Oregon Agricultural College):

One of the Duke student chants directed toward the NC State fans (at the women's basketball game this past weekend) involved Duke fans pointing toward themselves and saying "Culture", then pointing to the State fans and saying "AGRI-culture".

2008-01-22 13:07:21
108.   Bob Timmermann
It was on January 9 to be precise.
2008-01-22 13:08:18
109.   regfairfield
101 Bills, Kemp, LaRoche, Kershaw, Loney, Broxton, McDonald, Hu, Abreu, Elbert still looks pretty darn good.
2008-01-22 13:10:36
110.   paranoidandroid
58 Mike should get a pass. The Donald is just frustrated as the team can gel for a quarter or two, but has a hard time putting together whole games or games for a stretch. The west is too strong for a team like the Clips to compete without their all star forward and a future all star point guard. Bottom line, it's not Mike's fault.

Kaman has emerged this season, Thornton is showing some real talent and development, all the point guards have been injured, Sam forgot how to shoot, and Maggette is just Maggette. He'll get to the line a bunch of times, but he'll take an ill-advised shot from behind the arc early in a play clock and he can pick up some silly fouls when he's not throwing the ball away.

This team needs leadership that is buying into their future, and Sam isn't it. I think when they trade Cassell in the next month, things will improve. Knight is hobbled and Dickau isn't anything special. I think Shaun and Elton returning will really make this a good team. If they can play together and stay healthy.

I think a good draft choice for Sam would get it done but we need some salary (6 mil) to make the trade work. Not sure where there are dead contracts in Boston or Phoenix or some other contender, but we are looking for one. Maybe Chris Mihm?

2008-01-22 13:11:25
111.   El Lay Dave
Josh Rawitch has posted a new press release on his ItD blog:

The Los Angeles Dodgers today named former National League All-Star Mike Easler as the hitting coach for the 2008 season. Dodger General Manager Ned Colletti made the announcement. Easler will replace Don Mattingly on Joe Torre's staff, as Mattingly will shift to the role of Major League Special Assignment Coach for the 2008 season due to family reasons.

2008-01-22 13:12:11
112.   Jacob L
94 100 Bob, you'll recall that I wanted to save a newspaper clipping from Cal football's week atop the polls. I didn't even get that chance. I wonder if you weren't thinking of me when you posted.

Jackie Robinson Stadium may be the 'stick of college ball, but the park down in Palos Verdes where I played, and umped, Little League was the real deal. It was situated above a canyon, propped on top of an out-of-commission landfill. The winds would whip up out of the canyon, it seemed particularly on days where it was nice everywhere else. When I was umpiring, the weather made my strike zone a lot bigger.

2008-01-22 13:14:26
113.   Ken Noe
Question for Ned: what did you think of Moneyball, and who in the Dodger front office is your DePo?

111 What exactly then will Mattingly be doing?

2008-01-22 13:14:57
114.   D4P
Major League Special Assignment Coach

AKA "Money For Nothing"

2008-01-22 13:17:24
115.   Eric Stephen
I think Mattingly will be in the Bill Mueller pre hitting coach role.

Maybe the family reasons are to teach his son to play better baseball.

2008-01-22 13:19:09
116.   Bob Timmermann
There are 12 schools from California that have made it to Omaha for the CWS and 10 of them have won at least one game, including Cal State LA.

Cal, Cal State Fullerton, USC, and Pepperdine have all won the CWS.

During most of this time, UCLA was coached by Gary Adams, who made Karl Dorrell look like Pete Carroll.

2008-01-22 13:22:22
117.   Jacob L
116 Stanford has won the CWS (more than once), have they not?
2008-01-22 13:23:21
118.   Bob Timmermann
My apologies to Jon and other Stanford alums. The omission was inadvertant.
2008-01-22 13:24:07
119.   El Lay Dave
118 That's what Freud said.
2008-01-22 13:26:23
120.   El Lay Dave
"I'm very grateful that the Dodgers have allowed me to take care of these family matters and I hope that everyone can respect our privacy during this time," said Mattingly.

Wasn't there someone else that was rumored to be coming with Torre but decided not to for family reasons? I wonder if some of these guys and their families are realizing how far away L.A. actually is from N.Y.

2008-01-22 13:27:24
121.   Jacob L
116 Cal's win in the CWS final was over George H.W. Bush's Yale team (1920, perhaps?). The loss pushed young George into a lifetime of conservatism.
2008-01-22 13:28:57
122.   El Lay Dave
Maybe this new job lets Don see Preston play more often.
2008-01-22 13:29:51
123.   Eric Stephen
Lee Mazzilli also turned down the Blue.
2008-01-22 13:30:51
124.   Bob Timmermann
Cal didn't even win in Omaha when they beat Yale. I believe the CWS was in Kalamazoo that year.
2008-01-22 13:31:00
125.   bhsportsguy
120 Usually, this plays out to one of two bad things, a family illness or divorce.
2008-01-22 13:31:50
126.   El Lay Dave
123 That is who I was thinking of.

Does this mean Mattingly is no longer Torre's heir apparent?

2008-01-22 13:32:32
127.   El Lay Dave
126 ... whom ...
2008-01-22 13:34:53
128.   CanuckDodger
Goldstein's thing is "Players Under 25," rather than "Players 25 and Under."

Current Dodgers who will be on there will be Billingsley, Kemp, Loney, Broxton, and Abreu.

Prospects who will be on for sure are Kershaw, LaRoche, and Hu. I have a feeling that Goldstein thinks more highly of McDonald than BA does, so I am confident that McDonald will make it. The question is, will Elbert? BA did not penalize Elbert for his 2007 season ending after three starts and having shoulder surgery, but I am guessing that Goldstein does, so I am going to say that Meloan makes Goldstein's list.

My estimate for Goldstein's list:


2008-01-22 13:35:11
129.   ToyCannon
In Glendale(Scholl Canyon) we played some little league games in a park that was built over a landfill. Later it was turned into a methane power generator. To say it smelled is not doing it justice.
2008-01-22 13:36:32
130.   Bob Timmermann
So Don Mattingly was having an affair with Lute Olson's wife?
2008-01-22 13:36:37
131.   Jon Weisman
117 - Back to back, Jack.

New post up top.

2008-01-22 14:45:26
132.   cargill06
colettie listed his possibilty of 20 HR guys on the team as, Kent, Loney, Jones, Martin and maybe Kemp/Either

He also said he expects 100+ SB's out of Pierre, Furcal, and Martin is it just me or is he telling us Juan Pierre is our everyday #2 hitter/LF

2008-01-22 15:09:44
133.   jtrichey
Call me vindictive, but unlike Jon, I am rooting against Brett Tomko. I don't really care about Hendrickson, though I'd be shocked if he ever pitched too well, but Tomko I really can't stand.

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