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The Dodger Thoughts T-Shirt Store - Re-Opened for Business
2008-02-04 09:00
by Jon Weisman

It's Spring Training Preparedness Week at Dodger Thoughts

With Spring Training approaching, we're going to take our first extended look at the 2008 Dodgers this week. But to kick things off, I'm pleased to say that you can once again buy Dodger Thoughts shirts.

DT Blue on WhiteDT-WhiteonBLue

DT Blue on White - rear DT-URL-WhiteonBlue

The main design is on the front; the site URL is on the back. You can click on the images to see them in larger size. Your 100-percent cotton options are:

  • Men's white long-sleeve
  • Men's white short-sleeve
  • Men's blue short-sleeve
  • Kids' white short-sleeve
  • New Men's gray short-sleeve
  • New Women's navy short-sleeve
  • New Women's pink long-sleeve
  • New Kids' pink short-sleeve

    Deadline to order is Saturday, February 16, 2008. No refunds or exchanges. The deadline will help shirts get delivered by Opening Day.

    The Dodger Thoughts T-Shirt Store

    Purchasing instructions:

    1) Follow the above link.
    2) Choose which T-shirt style you want to purchase.
    3) Click on "Add to Shopping Cart."
    4) Insert quantity of shirts you want under the size you want. (Design will come with the shirt automatically.)
    5) Click "Update cart."
    6) If you want to buy an additional shirt style, repeat steps 2-5.
    7) When done choosing shirts, click "Submit shopping cart."
    8) After entering your name and address, you will have the opportunity to pay via either Paypal or credit card by clicking the Paypal link.
    9) Important: Make sure your Paypal mailing address is up to date.

    Leave any questions in the comments - and thanks.

  • Comments (160)
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    2008-02-04 10:55:17
    1.   bhsportsguy
    No Gray shirts for sale yet.
    2008-02-04 11:00:20
    2.   Jon Weisman
    1 - That's weird - they were just there. Let me check.
    2008-02-04 11:00:23
    3.   Dodgers49
    Dodgers Mailbag: Did LA miss opportunities?

    2008-02-04 11:03:17
    4.   kngoworld
    Can someone describe how the shirts fit. For example, is a large a slim fitting large or a loose fitting one?
    2008-02-04 11:04:18
    5.   Jon Weisman
    4 - Speaking for myself, I found the shirts roomy enough. Maybe we can get a consensus.
    2008-02-04 11:08:03
    6.   kngoworld
    I ask because depending on the brand, my size ranges between a loose fitting medium to a slim fitting large. I believe in a Hanes I am a large but not sure what to make out of "Beefy"?
    2008-02-04 11:09:04
    7.   bhsportsguy
    6 "Beefy" is just their name for their shirts it has no bearing on the fit.
    2008-02-04 11:15:44
    8.   Brendan

    I usually wear Large or XL in most shirts and I found the large to be a little tight (bought both sizes last time). I would go with the larger size. The size difference between the two isn't that great where you would swim in the larger size.

    2008-02-04 11:18:31
    9.   Eric Enders
    The website is down, at least for me. Who knew DTers were capable of such an onslaught?

    Anyway, I'm liking the idea of the gray shirt.

    2008-02-04 11:20:45
    10.   Jon Weisman
    9 - The site works for me. If you want a gray shirt, hold off making your order until I find out what happened. Otherwise, I think you should be able to proceed.
    2008-02-04 11:23:06
    11.   kngoworld
    9 Site is down for me also. I would love for the grey shirts to be available.

    5 , 7 , 8 Thank You.

    I am in the middle of purchasing one of each color (white and blue), but the site has slowed down dramaticaly!

    Jon, should I wait a little longer for the grey to appear at the store?

    I hope to run into many of these shirts in Vero, will be there March 8th - 11th.

    2008-02-04 11:23:59
    12.   kngoworld
    10 Sorry, you just answered my question. I will wait.
    2008-02-04 11:24:53
    13.   Jon Weisman
    Okay, fixing problem now. Hang on.
    2008-02-04 11:27:35
    14.   Jon Weisman
    Okay, refresh your browsers and click on the revised link to the T-shirt store. It should be all working now.
    2008-02-04 11:29:25
    15.   kngoworld
    "Light Steel" that just sounds sexy.
    2008-02-04 11:29:29
    16.   Xeifrank
    The site was down because Jon gave season ticket holders first crack at shirts last week and they sold out within 25 minutes today. Knock-off copies can be found on EBay with a 100% markup. Oh wait, that sounds more like the Colliseum tickets fiasco. vr, Xei
    2008-02-04 11:31:51
    17.   fanerman
    If there's still no consensus (or more opinions are needed), I'll try out my shirt when I get home and see.
    2008-02-04 11:38:26
    18.   Andrew Shimmin has a Hanes Beefy T sizing chart. I can't vouch for it, but it exists.

    2008-02-04 11:49:07
    19.   overkill94
    11 I'm another guy who straddles the L/XL boundary, but I usually go with L. Mine fits a bit tighter than usual larges, especially around the armpit area, but it's still a comfy fit.
    2008-02-04 11:51:38
    20.   overkill94
    I wonder how hard it will be to be one of the first 150 wristbanded fans at Yankee Doodle's in Santa Monica tomorrow. I've already got Martin and Saito's autographs, but it would be pretty sweet to get Kent, Penny, and especially Fernando. Has anybody gone to one of these before? Are they super-crowded?
    2008-02-04 12:03:46
    21.   kinbote
    I just bought [or think I bought] a white short-sleeve size XL. I plan to use it to inspire me to exercise more!
    2008-02-04 12:03:53
    22.   madmac
    Don't know if this is frowned on here, but I think everyone here enjoys a chuckle.
    2008-02-04 12:05:10
    23.   Branch Rickey
    I'm between medium and large and the medium I bought was really tight. Really caused a commotion with the females in the neighborhood. I'd definitely go on the larger side.
    2008-02-04 12:08:18
    24.   sporky
    You can get some rough size measurements on the spec sheets.

    Chest measurements (inches):
    S (18), M (20), L (22), XL (24) and so on...

    2008-02-04 12:08:46
    25.   fanerman
    This is a completely random and off topic question, but how are you supposed to store Johnnie Walker (black label) after you've opened the bottle? Can you just leave it at room temp?
    2008-02-04 12:09:29
    26.   regfairfield
    25 I do.
    2008-02-04 12:12:49
    27.   JJ42
    You should plan on spending the whole day there. I went to the caravan last year and some people got there before noon. You'd be surprised how many people come out for these events.
    2008-02-04 12:14:32
    28.   Branch Rickey
    25 As far as I know (and act accordingly), vodka is the only hard alcohol that needs to be refrigerated.
    2008-02-04 12:15:02
    29.   Dodgers49
    Position-by-position look at MLB's worst

    LF — Juan Pierre, Dodgers

    2008-02-04 12:20:42
    30.   kngoworld
    25 Found this:

    Not sure how reliable it is, but it sounds legit.

    2008-02-04 12:21:32
    31.   eekrock
    Oh Jon, just when I go and mailorder about $100 in vinyl records thinking the dodgerthoughts shirts will be a few weeks away, you pull out all the stops.

    cheeky, but i like it. i'll try to get an order together with the coworkers pronto. Blue or Grey...hmmm...maybe both.

    2008-02-04 12:25:26
    32.   fanerman
    26 28 30 Thanks. That sounds pretty reasonable.
    2008-02-04 12:25:44
    33.   MC Safety
    I wont be drinking Wild Turkey again for quite some time. I find myself wanting to drive rather far to Wilmington for some seven seas soup.
    2008-02-04 12:25:55
    34.   eekrock
    29 - good to see the jints on there so many times. (i take it jints is not a rule 1 violation on this board.)
    2008-02-04 12:31:34
    35.   regfairfield
    34 Vizquel didn't deserve it though, his defense is still pretty good. Felipe Lopez or Bobby Crosby would have been better choices.
    2008-02-04 12:34:18
    36.   Jon Weisman
    I might have gotten XLs for myself - maybe that's why I thought they were roomy. I always err on the larger side.
    2008-02-04 12:36:15
    37.   underdog
    34 And then Perry takes some heat in the comments from disgruntled Giants fans, as if it's his fault they stink right now.

    But I did enjoy his line: "Seriously, props to the Giants, without whom this column might not have been possible."

    2008-02-04 12:40:49
    38.   Dodgers49
    35 34 Vizquel didn't deserve it though, his defense is still pretty good.

    Vizquel always seemed to play well against us so I also was surprised to see him listed.

    2008-02-04 12:46:57
    39.   regfairfield
    It looks like Perry just sorted each position by OPS and cranked out his list, he doesn't factor in defense at all. Michael Cuddyer isn't that much better of a hitter than Mark Teahen (about a seven VORP edge in 20 more plate appearances) but he's one of the worst defensive players in baseball, it takes a lot for a corner outfielder to be at -29.
    2008-02-04 12:47:35
    40.   Andrew Shimmin
    Millar over Sexson is a bold choice, too.
    2008-02-04 12:50:04
    41.   cargill06
    29 in the article he says as a CF he's adequate but in LF he's the worst in the league. if that's true than the point i was trying to make a few weeks ago that as a #1/#2 hitter he's below average. however, as a #8 hitter he is probably top 5 in the NL. if you're going destroy juan for how he compares to other LF's which is very very fair you have to cut him some slack as a #8 hitter compared to other #8 hitters
    2008-02-04 12:51:27
    42.   cargill06
    40 that's close
    2008-02-04 12:52:55
    43.   regfairfield
    41 The Dodgers will score the same amount of runs regardless of where Juan Pierre hits in the lineup. When he's playing a position that has better hitting replacements, he's blocking a better player from coming into the lineup and costing the team runs.
    2008-02-04 12:58:46
    44.   cargill06
    43 i agree, ethier will probably have better production this season if he played every day in LF so juan is hurting the team when he starts in LF regardless of where he plays. but ethier is probably going to hit 8 if he starts so if juan happened to start and hit 8th the #1-#7 in the line-up is not effected by who is in LF so therefore, regardless of who is hitting 8th between JP and AE we will have an above average #8...

    but it is pointless to talk about becuase if pierre plays he'll be hitting 1st or 2nd i'm sure

    2008-02-04 13:02:13
    45.   regfairfield
    45 Again, it doesn't matter if our eighth hitter is above average because we're scoring the same amount of runs one way or the other.
    2008-02-04 13:02:36
    46.   Eric Stephen
    Cargill, Pierre is not an above-average 8th hitter.

    NL #8 spot 2007: .255/.325/.379 (.703 OPS)
    Pierre 2007: .293/.331/.353(.684 OPS)

    2008-02-04 13:06:48
    47.   cargill06
    46 the avg. #8 hitter scored 65 runs last year pierre would be well over 80. if you factor that in with the .703 ops to .684 ops i would think that the extra runs scored would make up for that.

    all i was trying to say is if you kill pierre for being the worst LF in baseball which he is, i'm just saying if you compare every teams #8 hitter i have to believe pierre would be high on that list that's all.

    but like a said don't think we should get into a big discussion about this since he won't hit 8th anyway

    2008-02-04 13:09:05
    48.   regfairfield
    47 Leadoff hitters have both more opportunities to score runs and have better hitters behind them to drive them in.
    2008-02-04 13:09:05
    49.   El Lay Dave
    I'm a little guy; most small T's fit me, but some mediums do also. I bought the blue Gildan t-shirt last time and it seems to run a bit small also, as it was tight in the chest.
    2008-02-04 13:11:30
    50.   El Lay Dave
    Specials kudos to Kevin Lewis in the last thread with the rare 1 hour 2 minute 27 second double post with second post LATed. I believe that's a 3.8 difficulty factor.
    Show/Hide Comments 51-100
    2008-02-04 13:14:20
    51.   GobiasIndustries
    Alex Cora is in jail if anyone is interested:

    2008-02-04 13:17:43
    52.   Eric Enders
    51 He's not, actually, if you read the article.
    2008-02-04 13:18:38
    53.   Jon Weisman
    51 - I was interested, but it's old news :)
    2008-02-04 13:19:49
    54.   wronghanded
    35 I may be a little biased because I know Crosby personally but the guy is not the worst SS in MLB. He has been plagued by freak injuries and when healthy plays + defense and has + power at a position where power is often tough to find.
    2008-02-04 13:20:10
    55.   GobiasIndustries
    Yes and yes. I just realized. Sorry for the lack of due diligence.


    2008-02-04 13:30:07
    56.   Eric Enders
    54 While that's probably true, he hasn't been healthy since his rookie year and has hurt the team tremendously the last 2 years when he has played. Games are not won on what-ifs.

    That said, I doubt I'd pick Crosby as the absolute worst. Offensively, John McDonald is the worst SS in the majors, but he might be the best defensively. Tony Pena is a really terrible hitter, but I don't know much about his defense.

    2008-02-04 13:34:39
    57.   regfairfield
    56 Pena is pretty good defensively. If we're just going by last year, Felipe Lopez has to earn the award. He brought a combination of being unable to hit and horrible fielding not seen since Angel Berroa.
    2008-02-04 13:37:51
    58.   wronghanded
    56 I totally agree, thats why I prefaced my statement with "I may be a little biased". Many of Crosby's injuries aren't even documented as this past season he was also dealing with a slipped disc in his back. Don't get me wrong, Crosby has been near the bottom (of the SS pile) the past few seasons but the A's have known about his ailments and still encouraged him to take the field at much less than 100%. I honestly hope he gets traded and has an opportunity to get a fresh start elsewhere because he is a stand-up guy and still has loads of talent.
    2008-02-04 13:39:30
    59.   bhsportsguy
    Timmy was right.

    2008-02-04 13:44:25
    60.   Bob Timmermann
    Who's this Weisman guy showing up on my Google news alert?
    2008-02-04 13:45:39
    61.   Jon Weisman
    59 - I posted that in the comments last week too :)
    2008-02-04 13:45:54
    62.   Brent Knapp
    New article by Jon at

    2008-02-04 13:46:25
    63.   Jon Weisman
    60 - I'm trying to convince them to unedit some edits they made before I link to that.
    2008-02-04 13:48:34
    64.   Bob Timmermann
    You can find the typo if you read all the way to the end...
    2008-02-04 13:50:59
    65.   ToyCannon
    Who dips a chip for 3 seconds?
    2008-02-04 13:53:26
    66.   bhsportsguy
    63 On a different note, here's a list of things the Dodgers should do in honor of their 50th Anniversary in LA.

    1. Have Vin do a couple of games like the old days, innings 1-2, 4-6, 8-9, and switch off extra-innings if necessary.
    2. Helmet Weekend.
    3. Cool a Coos.
    4. Old-Timers Day.
    5. Have a real stars at Hollywood Stars Night.

    2008-02-04 13:54:53
    67.   Bob Timmermann
    How about selling bugles to the fans to have them play "Charge!"?
    2008-02-04 13:56:07
    68.   madmac
    Maybe Dex saw Jayson Werth double dipping.
    2008-02-04 13:56:27
    69.   Andrew Shimmin
    I suppose I'm willing to allow that Juan Pierre's hitting is not a great deal worse than that of the worst position players on many other teams. But I'm not sure that's important. And I know it doesn't redound, particularly, to his credit.
    2008-02-04 13:57:42
    70.   bhsportsguy
    61 The other night they repeated in an interview with Seinfeld on the Charlie Rose Show and he was recalling one of his favorite episodes that summed up what he thought the show was all about, the marine biologist show that ends with George's speech.

    "The sea was angry that day my friends, like an old man trying to return soup at a deli."

    2008-02-04 13:57:53
    71.   Jon Weisman
    64 - ... of the first paragraph
    2008-02-04 14:02:19
    72.   bhsportsguy
    BTW - I may be the only one, but I am still stunned that the Dodgers sold out that game at the Coliseum. I wonder how much of it was the uniqueness of the event and how much was it the Boston Red Sox.
    2008-02-04 14:04:10
    73.   ToyCannon
    I hate it when people mention Cool A Coos when I'm working. Now I have a hunger gnawing at me that will not be sated until I eat some chocolate, followed by a cookie, then ice cream and finally another cookie.
    2008-02-04 14:06:20
    74.   Eric Stephen
    I have no problem with the fourth playoff spot. My only problem with the wild card is that teams fighting for the same playoff spot should be playing the same schedule (or with minimal differences as possible).

    My plan for restructuring MLB (which will never happen) is as follows:

    1) Expand to 32 teams
    2) Each league has four 4-team divisions
    3) Keep interleague play, but rotate divisions every year (no more natural rivals)
    4) Each team plays the following schedule:

    22 games vs. each division foe (3 other teams, 66 games total)
    6 games vs. each league foe outside division (12 other teams, 72 games total)
    6 games vs. interleague foes, rotating so that you face each division every 3rd year (4 other teams, 24 games total)

    2008-02-04 14:07:15
    75.   ToyCannon
    People who don't even follow baseball are geeked up over the event. Since they are trying to raise money for ThinkCure they should have held the primo tickets back and sold them on Stubhub. That is going to be the future anyway. Why should teams sell tickets and then watch scalpers collect the premium when with todays technology they can be collecting the premium themselves?
    2008-02-04 14:10:07
    76.   trainwreck
    I think it is the Coliseum. The few people I have spoken to about that game talked about the Coliseum and not the Red Sox.

    My friend already got tickets and I may try to find a way to get down there.

    2008-02-04 14:13:21
    77.   bhsportsguy
    76 Its possible you may have to find somewhere to watch a basketball team play its way into the Final Four that day too.

    I don't have a ticket yet, I am pretty sure I can find one by gameday.

    Biggest upset of the week?
    Giants win or Lakers getting Gasol for Kwame Brown?

    I know which answer I would give.

    2008-02-04 14:14:37
    78.   trainwreck
    The Final Four definitely has to take precedent over exhibition baseball.
    2008-02-04 14:15:43
    79.   trainwreck
    BTW, it is scary how excited I am for Signing Day on Wednesday.
    2008-02-04 14:16:16
    80.   Bob Timmermann
    Its possible you may have to find somewhere to watch a basketball team play its way into the Final Four that day too.

    I'm not much of a Memphis fan.

    2008-02-04 14:17:13
    81.   bhsportsguy
    78 Its not the Final Four, it would be the Elite 8 game. (Assuming UCLA is in the West Regional)
    2008-02-04 14:17:14
    82.   Brent Knapp
    66 who would do the games in the 3rd, 7th, or extra innings? Would it just be silence?
    2008-02-04 14:18:31
    83.   Bob Timmermann
    Brett, meet Jerry Doggett. Jerry Doggett, say hi to Brett.
    2008-02-04 14:20:17
    84.   Eric Stephen
    I think the old trade off was Vin 1-3 & 7-9 on TV, and Ross Porter innings 4-6. They would do the opposite shift on the radio.

    I always loved, "and Ross will be along in a minute..."

    2008-02-04 14:20:23
    85.   Kevin Lewis

    I was hoping no one noticed that. I came back to the comments after that hour and tried to refresh but it did the post data thing, so it posted my original post one more time. I was very proud

    2008-02-04 14:22:52
    86.   silverwidow
    74 Would the two new teams both play in the AL, or would there be a move?
    2008-02-04 14:24:30
    87.   Eric Stephen
    For me, the Gasol trade was such a ridiculously great surprise. I heard it first -- sort of -- from Stephen A. Smith of all people, who mentioned "the Lakers got rid of Kwame" cavalierly as he went to break.

    I was just elated to rid the team of Kwame! Then, I noticed a text message from my friend detailing the trade, and I went into a transaction euphoria that I haven't felt (for the Lakers) since the summer of 1996.

    2008-02-04 14:24:55
    88.   Jon Weisman
    This is my first SI column since the starting pitchers columns went over so poorly, so I have to admit I'm a little gunshy about being out there again. If you see any problems with the column, let me know.
    2008-02-04 14:25:36
    89.   Eric Stephen
    It would probably be easier to just add them to the AL. Unless Milwaukee wants to move back or something! :)
    2008-02-04 14:26:36
    90.   Brent Knapp
    84 I don't understand why they switch announcers ever. I know the angels do it a lot and I think it breaks up the flow of the broadcast. I would rather just switch announcers for whole games in a series. What is the perceived benefit of switching?
    2008-02-04 14:27:11
    91.   Bob Timmermann
    Because it's really hard to talk for three hours straight.
    2008-02-04 14:28:43
    92.   Jon Weisman
    For something better than what I wrote, read Ken Arneson:

    2008-02-04 14:28:50
    93.   Eric Stephen
    Switching works when there is a singular beloved figure to be shared (Scully). Switching allowed Vin to be heard on both the TV & radio.

    Of course, the same thing is accomplished now via the simulcast of innings 1-3.

    2008-02-04 14:36:05
    94.   ToyCannon
    The Laker trade only because it is about as one-sided a trade can be for a team who is just missing one key ingredient. If Jerry West was still GM of Memphis, I would expect all sorts of shouts of favoritism to be emanating from their competitors.

    Any of you basketball fans ever hear of WoW (wages of wins) or WinScore?

    2008-02-04 14:37:37
    95.   Jon Weisman
    LOS ANGELES – Rick Monday, who is entering his 15th season as a Dodger broadcaster and 22nd season overall with the organization, was inducted into the Southern California Sports Broadcasters Hall of Fame during the organization's annual awards luncheon at Lakeside Golf Club earlier today.
    2008-02-04 14:37:57
    96.   Jon Weisman
    95 was from a Dodger press release, by the way.
    2008-02-04 14:39:04
    97.   kinbote
    I just got my B.A. Prospect Handbook in the mail today. If anyone wants any specific information, please let me know. It might take a while, but I promise to respond.
    2008-02-04 14:39:13
    98.   Eric Enders
    95 Which means Enzo Hernandez still has hope for Cooperstown.
    2008-02-04 14:39:20
    99.   silverwidow
    NL West


    NL Central


    NL East


    NL South


    2008-02-04 14:41:12
    100.   Eric Enders
    94 Is that one of Dean Oliver's metrics?
    Show/Hide Comments 101-150
    2008-02-04 14:42:36
    101.   cargill06
    99 so than the al would have a 3 team divison? that doesn't work
    2008-02-04 14:43:18
    102.   silverwidow
    101 No, the AL would expand by two teams and have four divisions.
    2008-02-04 14:48:00
    103.   ToyCannon
    2008-02-04 14:51:19
    104.   Humma Kavula
    So what two cities do you add? We're probably looking at a western city and a southern city...

    Tampa Bay-Texas-Kansas City-Add
    Oakland-Los Angeles of Anaheim-Seattle-Add


    Las Vegas and New Orleans?

    2008-02-04 14:56:56
    105.   ToyCannon
    San Antonio is a small market but I think they would support a major league team related to attendance. Problem is the media revenue would be small potatoes.
    2008-02-04 14:58:39
    106.   Humma Kavula
    OK, since I'm actively avoiding work...

    Let's assume 99 and 104 actually happen...

    2010 playoff predictions!

    ALDS: Cleveland over Boston
    ALDS: Tampa Bay over Angels

    NLDS: Dodgers over Braves
    NLDS: Brewers over Mets

    ALCS: Tampa Bay over Cleveland
    NLCS: Dodgers over Brewers

    WS: Tampa Bay over Dodgers

    You read it here first. And since we're completely making up the fact that Tampa Bay will be in its own division by 2010, you also read it here last.

    2008-02-04 14:59:14
    107.   Eric Enders
    Vegas can barely support an AAA team at this point, although I understand that's partly because Cashman Field's a dump. But the population turnover in Vegas is so high -- would anybody develop local loyalties, or would they just root for the team where they came from? And since the ballpark would have to be built far away from the Strip, could you get tourists to go out there?

    New Orleans, of course, has its own set of problems right now.

    The two best places for expansion right now are probably (a) New Jersey which the Yankees would never allow, and (b) Somewhere like New Braunfels, TX, halfway between San Antonio and Austin.

    Portland, Salt Lake City... would they be able to support a team?

    2008-02-04 15:02:58
    108.   trainwreck
    I always thought Portland would be a good choice. It is a large and growing city and they have given great support to the Trailblazers.
    2008-02-04 15:09:27
    109.   Humma Kavula
    This is a crazy question, but:

    What if MLB put its money where its mouth is WRT a foreign sports franchise? What about playing MLB games in, say, Japan?

    It's a crazy idea that's fraught with many obvious problems. But it also has many advantages... and talk about a market being able to support a team!

    How would you go about building MLB in Japan? Is such a thing even possible?

    2008-02-04 15:09:45
    110.   madmac
    108 I truly believe Portland would be a great baseball city given the chance.
    2008-02-04 15:10:44
    111.   Humma Kavula
    108 110 And if Portland gets its MLB franchise, maybe Rob Neyer will attend enough MLB games to get into the BBWAA.
    2008-02-04 15:11:24
    112.   delias man
    The problem with going to all-auction ticket sales is that they will have a serious problem if the team stinks. Ticket sales will be too low. The current way at least gives them an accurate idea of projected revenue. 2005 would have got ugly for Frank in the second half.
    2008-02-04 15:18:51
    113.   D4P
    The good people of Portland have always balked against the idea of helping to pay for a new baseball stadium, but I think they'd be open to the idea of having a team if the owner paid for everything him/her self.
    2008-02-04 15:24:57
    114.   madmac
    113 oh yeah, that's why they don't have a franchise.
    2008-02-04 15:26:10
    115.   JimBilly4
    The problem with baseball in Las Vegas is that it is approximately one billion degrees in the summer. Even at night it can stay in the hundreds until very late in July and August. Not too surprising an outdoor field with minor league players doesn't draw major crowds.

    Las Vegas is still one of the fastest growing cities in the U.S., so it would seem like a good place to put a team if you built an indoor or retractable roof stadium. Of course it would probably lead to one of those "can't bet on the locals" ordinances, so the local bookies would hate it.

    2008-02-04 15:26:16
    116.   fanerman
    107 Daniel's extended family could support a team by itself.
    2008-02-04 15:41:10
    117.   fanerman
    100 I've heard about it briefly. I don't think it's perfect, the way I don't think PER is (or VORP, EQA, etc.). It brings up the question of usage and whether players become less efficient as they have more minutes and/or larger roles (and the difference between them). I should look into it more.

    Here's a couple Lakers related articles (Kobe/Bynum/Shaq) from the same guy which you may have read already, in chronological order:

    I only read the first one and didn't realize there were follow-ups. The first one was my introduction to the term, and that's pretty much where I am right now.

    2008-02-04 15:59:49
    118.   Bob Timmermann
    You couldn't have a team play in Japan and then play in North America half the time. The travel would wreck the team.

    Eventually, MLB will just buy out NPB and make it a colony of sorts.

    2008-02-04 15:59:50
    119.   El Lay Dave
    Expansion? Surely there aren't enough pitchers to go around, if this isn't already an issue. Having just endured a season with both Tomko and Hendrickson on the roster, I'm certain it already is.
    2008-02-04 16:02:46
    120.   El Lay Dave
    Relocate the Marlins to Havana!*

    *Once the little political issues are ironed out.

    2008-02-04 16:03:18
    121.   MikeB
    It's a great day to buy two!
    Looking forward to wearing my Dodger Thoughts "T" at the Stadium this summer.
    2008-02-04 16:06:44
    122.   Brendan
    They should stick a team somewhere in the midwest. like Nebraska. they would support a team
    2008-02-04 16:11:56
    123.   underdog
    I don't like to sound like a crotchety purist, but while I wasn't against expansion last time (though I doubted the long term financial potential of a team in Tampa-St Pete), I am particularly against it now. As said above, there aren't enough good players now to support two more full squads plus their minor league affiliates. And I don't see a good argument to be made for any remaining metropolitan area to gain a franchise, with the possible exception of Portland, yeah. Not unless they want to branch into Canada again. Not big enough media markets remaining, not enough good players, not enough sense to the idea.

    That said, they'll probably still eventually get greedy and try to expand. But I don't see the point right now.

    2008-02-04 16:27:42
    124.   Jon Weisman
    When I think of underdog, the first word that comes to mind is "crotchety."
    2008-02-04 16:32:50
    125.   Brent Knapp
    How about expanding into Mexico City?
    2008-02-04 16:33:11
    126.   Eric Enders
    119 IMO "dilution" is a figment of people's imagination. The quality of play (and the size of the population pool players are drawn from) is about three or four times what it was in the 1940s. The worst pitchers of today's era would eat the worst pitchers of yesteryear for lunch.

    And it's funny how it's only the pitching that would supposedly get diluted.

    For some reason, every time I hear dilution talk, I can't help but think of George C. Scott ranting about protecting our precious bodily fluids.

    2008-02-04 16:33:26
    127.   trainwreck
    Bob Knight just resigned.
    2008-02-04 16:33:33
    128.   Johnson
    124 Underdog:"Crotchety"::Undergarments:???
    2008-02-04 16:35:08
    129.   Humma Kavula
    124 128

    Referring to the thread from about a month ago...

    Underdog : Crotchety :: Penarol : ????

    2008-02-04 16:36:35
    130.   Lexinthedena
    Portland, Indianapolis, and Carolina(s) would be good places for a baseball team, but I would rather move an NL team to the AL to even things out, there must be a reason that I don't know about (probobly stated in this thread somewhere) why there are two more teams in the NL....bugs me so much....And I am sick of baseball owners crying small market poverty...greedy, greedy, greedy...they are all sickly rich, plus there's revenue sharing, and many of them have publicly funded stadiums...there's no reason why the Twins should operate like a "poor" franchise....two points that having nothing to do with each other, I know...
    2008-02-04 16:37:20
    131.   trainwreck
    Maybe I missed it, but I am surprised no one has mentioned that both Jason Bateman and Jeffrey Tambor basically said that Arrested Development movie will happen after the strike ends.
    2008-02-04 16:39:10
    132.   Eric Enders
    Mexico City wouldn't work for a few reasons. One is that baseball isn't that popular in that part of Mexico. Two is the travel. Three is the altitude -- it would make Coors Field look like sea level. Four, and probably most important, is that ensuring the players' security would be next to impossible.
    2008-02-04 16:40:06
    133.   Lexinthedena
    Sorry if I'm late with this, but one of my favorate old friends clutched up en El Clasico Caribeno yesterday....
    2008-02-04 16:44:24
    134.   MJW101
    126 In the 40's there was no big time NFL and NBA to take athletes away from MLB. For some time now most American black athletes play basketball or football in HS and college not baseball. This reduces the pool of potential MLB players enormously.

    If it was not for the huge influx of hispanic players, and to a lesser extent asian players, MLB might only have enough quality players to field 24 teams.

    2008-02-04 16:44:36
    135.   Brian Y
    Is there a chance the shirts can get to us by the start of Spring Training?
    2008-02-04 16:46:34
    136.   Lee Corbett
    are any Dodgers, besides Furcal, involved in the Carribean Series game tonight? Including farmhands.
    2008-02-04 16:57:58
    137.   Indiana Jon
    127 Sad day in Indiana. Since I'm on an LA site and live in the hometown of a great coach from LA, I will be nice tonight and say one of the two best college coaches in the history of the sport. Unbelievable.
    2008-02-04 16:58:42
    138.   ibleedbloo
    131 What amount would Arrested Development the movie have to make for someone to give it another shot? Are most of the cast members even still available? I know they have done a lot of diffrent films, but are any doing any shows right now?
    2008-02-04 17:01:19
    139.   Eric Enders
    134 That is simply false. Many objective analyses have shown that the quality of play has gradually increased over time, and is far, far greater today than it was 50 years ago. (The same is true of all sports -- take a look at the world records in swimming and track.)

    People talk about football and basketball, but let's be honest -- they have very little effect. The number of people in the world who are good enough to make the "majors" in more than one sport can probably be counted on one hand. Michael Jordan and John Elway couldn't hack it in baseball, and neither could most other NBA or NFL players, even with years of training.

    The population pool from which MLB players are drawn has (according to a Baseball Prospectus study) increased from 125 million in 1940 to 690 million today. BP also developed something they call "League Difficulty Rating," which can be used to assess the quality of play in each league over time. According to this metric, the level of competion is about 120% better than it was in 1876, and about 40% better than it was in the 1940s.

    Frankly, the idea that the MLB talent level would dip greatly if another couple of teams were added is preposterous. The quality of play would revert back maybe to the levels of the late 1990s. And even then, it would bounce back within a year or two.

    2008-02-04 17:04:05
    140.   Jon Weisman
    138 - Here's where Jeffrey Tambor is, for better or worse.

    2008-02-04 17:04:35
    141.   trainwreck
    Jason Bateman has been pretty open about an AD movie and I do not think he would bring up the fact that something looks like it will get done if other cast members were not available.
    2008-02-04 17:05:06
    142.   underdog
    Hah hah. I don't think anyone who knows me personally would ever think of the word "crotchety" unless I was doing my Dana Carvey-esque grumpy old man impression. But if you'd joined my Super Bowl chat yesterday you definitely would've seen a couple of crotch-ety photographs by some disturbing coincidence.
    2008-02-04 17:06:52
    143.   underdog
    Maybe they should do the Arrested Development movies, like they've done for Futurama. A series of made for DVD (and then aired on TV) movies...

    Or they could just bring the show back, like they did with Family Guy.

    Btw, did anyone see Charlie Brown steal my coke bottle yesterday?

    2008-02-04 17:09:21
    144.   trainwreck
    I kept expecting Bart Simpson to show up instead of Charlie Brown.
    2008-02-04 17:16:11
    145.   Jon Weisman
    Rudy Seanez just signed for a non-guaranteed $1.3 million. New post will come.
    2008-02-04 17:16:42
    146.   silverwidow
    Dodgers re-sign Rudy Seanez (per Tony Jackson)
    2008-02-04 17:16:47
    147.   Humma Kavula
    144 One commenting wag said that while it was nice to see Charlie Brown win one, wouldn't it have been a great tag to have Lucy pull it away?
    2008-02-04 17:17:51
    148.   silverwidow


    Only one spot left if they go with 11 pitchers.

    2008-02-04 17:18:13
    149.   underdog
    Rudy Seanez! {insert crotchety routine here}
    2008-02-04 17:18:21
    150.   Humma Kavula
    148 Whither Kuo?
    Show/Hide Comments 151-200
    2008-02-04 17:19:00
    151.   Gen3Blue
    Mailbag: How could we miss out on a guy like Santana? What if we traded a couple of top prospects for a guy named Schmidt. Have you heard the name?
    2008-02-04 17:21:14
    152.   regfairfield
    151 Can't you make that argument against ever making any move, ever?
    2008-02-04 17:23:13
    153.   trainwreck
    Waste of money, but really not much of an issue.
    2008-02-04 17:24:43
    154.   regfairfield
    145 I'd rather have Seanez and Eric Hull than just Eric Hull, so, whatever.
    2008-02-04 17:32:21
    155.   Gen3Blue
    152 Reg. Only against long term gauranteed contracts for pitchers. I'm sorry, but I am a nut about this. I think you can get around this by putting enough resourses elsewhere. Am I right? Who knows. Do I feel righteous indignation---yes indeed. I've been ranting about this for a couple of years, so don't feel targeted :0).
    2008-02-05 07:59:20
    156.   Ken Noe
    Another shirt sold.
    2008-02-06 15:09:29
    157.   Joe Pierre
    I want to purchase a T-Shirt, my size is "large". You only show one size: S3XL, I'm from Brooklyn, What does that mean?
    2008-02-06 15:51:31
    158.   Joe Pierre
    Forget the above I got past that but I couldn't get past that PAYPAL thing. I do not know if my order went through. Better luck next time.
    2008-02-06 19:15:25
    159.   Joe Pierre
    Apparently you need a PAYPALL account, to purchase these T-Shirts. My computer seems to be blocking it out. I can't get to the application for a PayPal account. Sorry no purchase.
    2008-02-07 09:03:14
    160.   Jon Weisman
    Joe - E-mail me and maybe we can work through this.

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