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Deadline for Dodger Thoughts T-Shirts is Today
2008-02-16 08:52
by Jon Weisman

Don't forget: Get your Dodger Thoughts shirts before the clock runs out today.

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The main design is on the front; the site URL is on the back. You can click on the images to see them in larger size. Your 100-percent cotton options are:

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    Deadline to order is Saturday, February 16, 2008. No refunds or exchanges. The deadline will help shirts get delivered by Opening Day.

    The Dodger Thoughts T-Shirt Store

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    1) Follow the above link.
    2) Choose which T-shirt style you want to purchase.
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    Leave any questions in the comments - and thanks.

  • Comments (56)
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    2008-02-15 09:10:26
    1.   kinbote
    If an exiled Zemblan king can afford a Dodger Thoughts T-Shirt, so can you!
    2008-02-15 09:19:54
    2.   Andrew Shimmin
    Is the little girl in the pink DT t-shirt (on the "Click here to see logos" page) Miss Weisman? I like that you made her pose facing the sun, so she had to squint--my dad did that to us, for all of our first day of school pictures. I don't remember if it was because he liked the background, and didn't care that it hurt, or whether there's some principle of photography that demands scorched retinas.
    2008-02-15 09:53:57
    3.   Jon Weisman
    2 - She is Miss T-Shirt Company Daughter.
    2008-02-16 10:26:48
    4.   Bob Timmermann
    I hear she works cheap and her parents aren't all that bossy on the set of the photo shoot
    2008-02-16 10:51:05
    5.   27indigo

    So, does anyone know anything about the Dodgers' promotional schedule?

    2008-02-16 11:18:04
    6.   Bob Timmermann
    I know the Dodgers are having a 4th of July fireworks show despite being on the road.

    Except it will be at the Hollywood Bowl.

    It does not appear that the schedule for promotions has been set yet. I'm sure the promotions department knows it, but they probably want to doublecheck with the suppliers of all the doodads. Or else I can get another stadium blanket commemorating the Dodgers World Series championships in 1962 and 1966.

    2008-02-16 11:33:12
    7.   Greg Brock
    I'm saving my money for the Dodger Thoughts lunch box.
    2008-02-16 11:42:28
    8.   old dodger fan
    6 Perfectly good Saturday and you had to bring up 1962.
    2008-02-16 11:57:08
    9.   Sam DC
    Paul LoDuca addresses the Mitchell Report.


    It's like a half Giambi.

    2008-02-16 12:01:22
    10.   Bob Timmermann
    If I were so inclined, I would collect Mithcell Report confessions and denials. It cries out for a chart.
    2008-02-16 12:17:27
    11.   Dodgers49
    Tony Jackson interviews Greg Miller:

    Miller believes problems are behind him

    2008-02-16 12:21:46
    12.   Dodgers49
    Joe Torre discusses how he'll use Russell Martin

    Inside the Dodgers:

    2008-02-16 12:31:52
    13.   Dodgers49
    Dodgers' Schmidt Impressive in Pen

    >> ''Knock on wood, I hate to even say anything. I was pain-free,'' he said. ''I'm feeling free and easy. Stamina up, arm strength, too. (But) we're not out of the woods.''

    Schmidt used all of his pitches during the session, split into two segments of 15 pitches each not counting a few warmup tosses. <<

    2008-02-16 13:02:40
    14.   trainwreck
    I can't bring myself to root for Arizona.
    2008-02-16 13:08:25
    15.   Bob Timmermann
    I'm just rooting against Stanford. Stanford isn't playing anyone today in my view.
    2008-02-16 13:10:37
    16.   Bob Timmermann
    Doug Gottlieb wondered why Syracuse fans needed to storm the court after the Orangemen beat Georgetown today. It's not like Syracuse is a longtime underdog that rarely beats good teams.
    2008-02-16 13:14:29
    17.   trainwreck
    I don't think Kelvin is going to get much of a chuckle from that joke, Brent.
    2008-02-16 13:18:05
    18.   Bob Timmermann
    If Indiana Jon comes by, we can all tell him what he could expect out of Steve Lavin coaching Indiana.
    2008-02-16 13:41:16
    19.   Dodgers49
    Spring position battles should be fierce

    Dodgers third baseman

    The contenders: Nomar Garciaparra, Andy LaRoche

    >> If common sense prevails, then LaRoche will win this job. The Dodgers' struggled all of last season to get adequate production from third base, and LaRoche gives them their best chance to reverse course in 2008. LaRoche is a career .294 AVG/.374 OBP/.524 SLG hitter in the minors, and last season he was even better than that at Class AAA Las Vegas. Garciaparra, meanwhile, is injury prone, very much in decline, and defensively challenged at the position. Unless LaRoche is in the lineup every day at third, the Dodgers will have trouble competing in the tough NL West. <<

    2008-02-16 13:55:05
    20.   Dodgers49
    Dodgers: Proctor enjoys commuter life

    >> "My thing is, I put the uniform on every day, I've got to be prepared to pitch every day," Proctor said. "That's the bottom line — I want to be in the game every chance I get. Unfortunately, that's not always the case. Sometimes you need a breather." <<

    2008-02-16 14:13:16
    21.   underdog
    They;re showing Mets vs Astros playoff game on ESPN Classic and I just saw Jeff Kent bat for the Mets. I literally couldn't recall any Kent at bats as a Met until seeing this one. The Mets also had a young Jeromy Burnitz in the line-up.

    And Ken Caminiti just blasted a home run in an eerily quiet Astrodome. For a playoff game the place looks awfully empty - was it always like that? (Too big to fill up for baseball)

    And Luis Gonzalez singles for the Astros!

    2008-02-16 14:20:35
    22.   Bob Timmermann
    That's not a playoff game you're watching.
    2008-02-16 14:20:50
    23.   trainwreck
    Lavin preaching the zone, which O'Neil will never play and Lavin will never understand why.
    2008-02-16 14:22:23
    24.   Indiana Jon
    18 Fortunately for me, my fandom moved to Texas Tech with Bob Knight in 2001. Indiana's problems continue to amuse me and give me great pleasure in my revenge against the school for their unfair treatment of Knight. Speaking of Texas Tech, the new Knight has a chance at his first coaching win today. They're leading Oklahoma right now.
    2008-02-16 14:23:50
    25.   Bob Timmermann
    I guess you're such a big fan of Texas Tech that you didn't notice that they won Wednesday. :-)
    2008-02-16 14:24:26
    26.   Bob Timmermann
    Rule 9
    2008-02-16 14:29:13
    27.   Indiana Jon
    25 I guess I am. I was out on the road doing some Army stuff all week and didn't get to check much news. Thanks for the update! Being a Texas Tech fan here is about like being a Dodger fan as far as news. Wish there was a RedRaidersThoughts.
    2008-02-16 14:31:41
    28.   Indiana Jon
    25 But I did notice that IU lost to Wisconsin.
    2008-02-16 14:33:38
    29.   Bob Timmermann
    In a weird Big XII game, Nebraska outscored Iowa State 24-11 in the first half. In the second half, the Cyclones have jumped out to a 28-11 start and there's 7 minutes left.
    2008-02-16 14:41:50
    30.   underdog
    26 D'oh, yah, I mis-read the little Tivo write-up on the game. Was flipping back and forth with the Stanford-AZ game. Uh, erm, can you violate Rule 9 if it's, you know, already happened 15 years ago?

    Could I change the path of mankind by changing the fate of a game? What about that butterfly I just stepped on?

    And Eddie Murray's playing first for the Mets. Man, how many former Dodgers are in this game...

    2008-02-16 14:44:25
    31.   underdog
    In other news, just heard that Mike Bibby is about to become a member of the Atlanta Hawks.

    From AP: "The Atlanta Hawks have agreed to acquire veteran point guard Mike Bibby from the Sacramento Kings. Hawks owner Michael Gearon Jr. says the Hawks are to send four players to the Kings. Among them are 2007 first-round pick Shelden Williams and starting point guard Anthony Johnson." (And former Laker Tyronne Lue.)

    2008-02-16 14:45:25
    32.   trainwreck
    Should only be a matter of time before Artest is wearing a different uniform. I expect him to end up on the Nuggets.
    2008-02-16 14:45:36
    33.   underdog
    Jeff Kent smashed a ball-- but right at Caminiti!
    2008-02-16 14:46:43
    34.   Bob Timmermann
    If I say what the result of the game is will Darrell Kile come back to life?
    2008-02-16 14:47:14
    35.   underdog
    34 That's only allowed if he brings JR Richard back with him.
    2008-02-16 14:48:22
    36.   underdog
    Wait, JR Richard's still alive. I'm not doing too well today. Who the heck was I thinking of? Okay, yes, it will bring Kile back to life. Go for it. I'm sending myself to the showers.
    2008-02-16 14:48:34
    37.   Bob Timmermann
    JR Richard is still alive though.
    2008-02-16 14:49:05
    38.   Bob Timmermann
    Ken Caminiti is the other deceased player in the game.
    2008-02-16 14:50:06
    39.   Bob Timmermann
    Andujar Cedeno is also no longer with us.
    2008-02-16 14:53:45
    40.   Eric Enders
    Good god. We just signed Nook Logan.

    Juan Pierre is bad enough. Do we really need his less talented little brother?

    2008-02-16 14:54:29
    41.   Bob Timmermann
    Another Mitchell Report signing!
    2008-02-16 14:56:17
    42.   trainwreck
    At least he can't make the big league squad out of spring training.

    What are we going to do with you Ned?

    2008-02-16 14:57:28
    43.   trainwreck
    Nook Logan was in the Mitchell Report?! Now I am just assuming every athlete in the world is on PEDs.
    2008-02-16 14:59:16
    44.   Bob Timmermann
    Page 229.
    2008-02-16 15:05:15
    45.   regfairfield
    We had to replace Choo Freeman somehow.
    2008-02-16 15:07:23
    46.   Eric Enders
    I would have rather had Gary Pettis or Eric Yelding.
    2008-02-16 15:16:06
    47.   regfairfield
    46 Your forgetting how much Choo Freeman's name was above replacement level. Logan gives us the same production for the same next to nothing cost.
    2008-02-16 15:23:21
    48.   Bob Timmermann
    On Valentine's Day, all I got was one card from a girl that said "I Choo-Choo Freeman You!"
    2008-02-16 16:09:59
    49.   Dodgers49
    Lowe not feeling contract-year heat

    2008-02-16 16:31:26
    50.   overkill94
    The officiating in the Stanford/Arizona game was quite strange. After pretty much letting them play in the 1st half, the 2nd half was slower than a Molina with all the fouls that were called.

    The ones that really hurt were the 5th foul against Jordan Hill where he got elbowed in the face and the phantom foul on Lopez at the end of the game that proved to be the winning points. Also, it seems that final block on Budinger's floater was dang close to being a goaltend.

    Either way it was a pretty gutsy effort for a short-handed Arizona team to play Stanford that tough.

    Show/Hide Comments 51-100
    2008-02-16 17:00:12
    51.   Jon Weisman
    50 - There were questionable calls going both ways.

    I remember when it didn't matter how good Stanford was - we would still get torched in Arizona no matter what. I imagine it was a pretty gutsy effort for Stanford, coming off a loss at ASU, to put together a victory in that environment.

    2008-02-16 18:00:34
    52.   neuroboy002
    Way off the topic of sports but...

    Does anyone have relatives that have lived well past their generation's life expectancy due to theoretically adding a supplement to their diet? I know exercise, stress etc all play roles, but I find that the older generations usually seems to attribute their longevity to some food they ate/drank. For instance, some of my friends' grand parents swear by apple cider vinegar.

    I bring this up having just read an article about a woman who is supposedly 102 yrs old. She drank a glass of olive oil every day:

    Sorry to bring this site off topic but given we are all people of different backgrounds but share the same joy of the game, I was curious into what foods people's families or cultures attribute to long life.

    2008-02-16 18:08:26
    53.   Joe Pierre
    I finally got my order through on the T-shirts. That pay pal was a little confusing to me at first but I finally got it to work. The name "Dodger Thoughts' is great because that's what were reading here "Thoughts".
    2008-02-16 18:33:43
    54.   Joe Pierre
    To POPUP* if you're around.*I'd give the world to hear one of those broadcast back then with Red, Connie & Vin. All I remember was they suddendly had 3 announcers. I think they had 3 innings apiece or Scully did less. Whether he was broken in slowly or not I don't really remember. It was so long ago. I remember Barber use to say something like, "Here's our Young Red Head". Connie used to sing sometimes and a substitute was a guy named Andre Baruch who also mc'd the "Lucky Strike Hit Parade" Luckies was one of the sponsors. I don't know why Scully does it alone now, it would be good to get a sidekick someday. Those days were great and it didn't hurt to have the 2nd best team in baseball. DEM BUMS!!!
    2008-02-16 19:28:04
    55.   Sam DC

    Pronounced like the thing in a Thomases' English Muffin, not like Tim Robbins in Bull Durham, for the uninitiated.

    I will say, he covers a pretty mean center. Not a gun for an arm, but not an agonizing liability on that score either.

    2008-02-16 21:49:55
    56.   Jon Weisman

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