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Finley or 4+1?
2008-02-17 20:38
by Jon Weisman

In about a month, my third child will be born. I'm finding it hard to believe that the last time I had a kid, not only had the 4+1 game not yet happened, but the Steve Finley division-clinching grand slam hadn't happened either. The Dodger playoff drought continues, but there simply have been some incredible moments for this team.

I find myself cherishing the 4+1 game more - in recent days, I've been listening on a continuous loop to a tape of the radio call that Dodger Thoughts commenter Stan from Tacoma sent me - even though the Finley game was incredibly dramatic and almost certainly more important. I mean, seven runs in the bottom of the ninth to clinch a division, and that game's second-best in my son's lifetime? Crazy.

By the way, I still haven't dropped the boy, but there was one time where I lifted him up in the air and banged his head against a whirling ceiling fan. Fortunately, it was Skull 1, Fan 0 - so I guess that was our biggest victory since August 2004.

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2008-02-17 20:56:02
1.   Jon Weisman
That "Don't Drop the Boy" post I linked to is, among other things, a paean to Odalis Perez.
2008-02-17 20:57:27
2.   Bob Timmermann
UCLA and USC have been dropping the boy repeatedly tonight.
2008-02-17 20:58:01
3.   trainwreck
I got LAT'd.

I really hope we don't put in those stupid Yankee hair rules. I don't want to be annoyed with Joe Torre so soon.

2008-02-17 21:00:55
4.   raygu
copied from previous thread.

First time long time, Jon...great blog and thanks for your efforts. Long time Dodgers fan living in NJ.
Saw this on tonight:

Four Teams Considering Trot Nixon
According to ESPN's Jerry Crasnick, four teams watched 33 year-old outfielder Trot Nixon audition in Tucson today: the D'Backs, Blue Jays, Mariners, and Dodgers. Nixon earned $4MM in '07 while hitting .251/.342/.336 for the Tribe in 354 plate appearances. He was pretty much injury-free.

Nixon's calling card had typically been his ability to rake right-handed pitching. He hit .256/.352/.345 against righties in '07, drawing plenty of walks but displaying no power. Rather than a platoon he seems in line for a bench job this year

Why do we need him? we already have a 3 left-handed hitting left fielders in Ethier, Pierre and Young-although he is a switch hitter.
I read a rumor a few weeks back that LA had interest in Blanton, and that if Ethier went in the deal, LA would look to sign Shawn Green. Probably just a rumor, and wasn't sure it was posted here already as I do not read all the comments.
Looking forward to a great year. There will be alot of late nights here watching the 10:00 games.

2008-02-17 21:01:34
5.   Jon Weisman
Hi Raygu. Welcome to the comments. I wouldn't take those rumors seriously.
2008-02-17 21:02:46
6.   raygu
interesting note about Tom Seaver:

from Amazin' Avenue

Tom Seaver

Year(s) with the Mets: 1967-1977,1983

How'd he wind up here? Signed with the Mets as an amateur free agent on 4/3/1966. Seaver was originally drafted by the Dodgers in the 10th round of the 1965 draft but the two sides couldn't come to terms on a contract. He was drafted first overall by the Braves in 1966 and promptly signed a contract with them, but the deal was voided by the commissioner.

Never knew that!!

2008-02-17 21:03:26
7.   Jon Weisman
Do the rest of you see James Loney's name in the Google ad above? I wonder if he knows he's being associated so dynamically with ""
2008-02-17 21:03:40
8.   bhsportsguy
4 Welcome, one thing about Ned, generally, if it is in the paper, it ain't happening.
2008-02-17 21:04:22
9.   raygu
thanks Jon. I'm hoping for a batting order of:


2008-02-17 21:05:43
10.   Bob Timmermann
The under wins on Tim Floyd technicals.

UCLA 10-2, 22-3
Stan 10-3, 21-4
WSU 8-5, 20-5
ASU 6-6, 16-8
___ 6-6, 16-9
USC 6-6, 15-9
Ore 6-7, 15-10
Cal 6-7, 15-9
UW 5-8, 14-12
OSU 0-13, 6-19

Next week: Oregonians in Greater Los Angeles, Evergreen State teams in the Copper State, Bay Area showdown.

2008-02-17 21:11:19
11.   bhsportsguy
10 Right now 4 teams know what they will be doing the first night of Pac-10 tournament, UCLA, Stanford and WSU know they have the night off while OSU knows they will be playing.

The 6 other teams will be battling it out until the final weekend.

2008-02-17 21:12:31
12.   MollyKnight
When was the last time the Pac-10 finished with nine teams over 500? Has it ever happened?
2008-02-17 21:13:53
13.   overkill94
Come on Joe, we're on the laid-back west coast, let the shaggy 'do stay!
2008-02-17 21:15:37
14.   overkill94
11 Can you really make those conclusions about the top 3 when there are still 6 (or for some teams 5) games to go in conference play?
2008-02-17 21:23:56
15.   bhsportsguy
14 UCLA and Stanford need to win 3 games to assure themselves of a bye, and WSU has a 2 game lead with 6 games to play.
2008-02-17 21:24:51
16.   Bob Timmermann
If OSU finishes 0-18 (which no Pac-10 team has done), then you still have 72 other losses to account for. The other nine have 50 losses so far.

There are 27 more conference games to be played.

5 would have to be lost by OSU. UCLA, Stanford, and Washington State would have to lose a bunch of games.

2008-02-17 21:25:08
17.   Dodgers49
Chan Ho Park is happy to be where it all began

2008-02-17 21:31:58
18.   Xeifrank
4+1 and our DT writeup in the seaon ending Sports Illustrated magazine article. Can't beat that!

"Gameday must be broke."

vr, Xei

2008-02-17 21:33:07
19.   Dodgers49
>> even though the Finley game was incredibly dramatic and almost certainly more important. <<

The game was certainly dramatic but (and I may be alone here) I've never been able to get all that excited about Finley's home run. Werth had already tied the game and taken the pressure off all we needed from Finley was a (fairly deep) fly ball. Finley's home run doesn't make my top ten Dodgers highlights. Of course, I've seen quite a few of them. :-)

2008-02-17 21:33:47
20.   overkill94
If the Washington schools get swept by the Arizona schools then WSU would be in 5th place at best after next week.
2008-02-17 21:33:59
21.   LAT
4&5. But I want to take that rumor seriously.
2008-02-17 21:44:46
22.   Bob Timmermann
The AP story said Leinart was sitting with Brynn Cameron and their son.
2008-02-17 21:45:54
23.   bhsportsguy
Score one for Molly, from the AP story.

Former USC quarterback Matt Leinart, his ex-girlfriend and USC basketball player Brynn Cameron and their young son Cole sat together courtside. USC football coach Pete Carroll and Los Angeles Clippers coach Mike Dunleavy were there. Mayo's mother Alisha, who lives in Huntington, W.Va., attended her first USC home game.

2008-02-17 21:48:52
24.   Slipstream
Reading that "Don't drop the boy" post somehow felt like reading about the Dodgers of the distant past--with names like Odalis Perez, Izturis, Ishii, Lima, not to mention Antonio Perez and Jose Hernandez (who was he again?). Yet, incredibly, it was less than three and a half years ago.
2008-02-17 22:25:06
25.   Disabled List
It's incredible to think that Brad Penny is currently the 2nd longest tenured Dodger, after Yhency Brazoban.

The LoDuca-Penny trade occured just as I was prepping my move away from LA. I learned very quickly about Fox's stupid blackout rules on Saturday day games, as I was forced to listen to Steve Finley's HR on Gameday audio. I remember it being the first inkling of doubt that I had done the right thing switching coasts.

2008-02-17 23:00:17
26.   Eric Enders
25 Penny is the longest-tenured Dodger; he joined the team two days before Brazoban did.

Brazoban was acquired earlier than Penny, but was in the minors. Of course, if you're going by when they joined the organization, then the longest-tenured Dodger is probably James Loney.

2008-02-17 23:24:52
27.   jasonungar07
That trade really helped solidify DT as a daily place for me. I was so happy to be around some people at least who had my point of view. My friends and family didn't. I thought the trade was fantastic for us at the time.
2008-02-17 23:53:24
28.   coachjpark
I'm hoping Chan Ho can impress the Dodger brass and somehow either get a long-reliever role or slip in there as the 5th starter...

Penny, Lowe, Billingsley, Kuroda, Park

I recall Park making his debut in the United States on the major league roster in 94 without any minor league experience, if I'm not mistaken, before he and Dreifort were sent down to the minors...

2008-02-18 01:36:18
29.   Sammy Maudlin
Happy 70th birthday Manny Mota!
2008-02-18 05:33:21
30.   StolenMonkey86
26 - actually that would be Jason Repko, who was drafted in 1999.
2008-02-18 06:31:35
31.   Suffering Bruin
According to TJ Simers, Joe Torre doesn't care about winning.

Yeah, I know, I should've stopped after "According to TJ Simers...."

2008-02-18 06:56:47
32.   MollyKnight
Yeah! I saw blonde hair and a baby in the corner of the frame showing Leinart. I was optimistic, but didn't want to assume that the blonde he took to the game was his son's mama. In related news, cute kid. (The baby).
2008-02-18 07:39:41
33.   LogikReader
Happy President's Day everybody!

Choosing between 4+1 and Finley is like trying to choose between Alyssa Milano and Danica McKellar. I'd like to just call them both even.

2008-02-18 07:40:20
34.   Eric Stephen
I hope Billingsley, McDonald, Elbert, and Kershaw all go to China now.

2008-02-18 07:43:06
35.   Eric Stephen
I choo-choo-choose the 4+1 game. It just seemed too magical to me to be real.

Of course, I'm still mad that I never got to see the Finley grand slam. I was in Seattle, and the local Fox affiliate refused to switch to the Dodgers-Giants game even after the Angels-A's game was over. I called one of my friends, who gave me play by play (he's much worse than Vin Scully) of the entire 9th inning over the phone!

2008-02-18 08:06:56
36.   screwballin
Nixon's calling card had typically been his ability to rake right-handed pitching. He hit .256/.352/.345 against righties in '07...

Have they redefined the word "rake?"

2008-02-18 08:09:47
37.   Marty
The Finley game for me, since I was there for it, and I missed the last half of the 4+1 game.
2008-02-18 08:13:03
38.   cargill06
i'm sure it's been discussed. but i haven't been able to get on for a few days, the sat update on schmidt on is very very encouraging, just as long as everyone is telling the truth. the orginzation being truthful about injuries however, is another topic another day
2008-02-18 08:30:00
39.   old dodger fan
36 Versus leftys he was 224/286/286 so comparatively speaking...
2008-02-18 08:31:31
40.   Eric Stephen
Updated +/- standings for the Pac-10:

UCLA: +5 (10-2; Pomeroy rank 3); 4 home / 2 away remaining
Stanford: +4 (10-3; 12); 3/2
Wash St: +2 (8-5; 9); 3/2
USC: +1 (6-6; 27); 4/2
Arizona: -1 (6-6; 20); 2/4
ASU: -1 (6-6; 41); 2/4
Oregon: -1 (6-7; 40); 2/3
Cal: -1 (6-7; 45); 2/3
Washington: -2 (5-8; 56); 2/3
Oregon St: -6 (0-13; 178); 3/2

2008-02-18 08:34:35
41.   Gen3Blue
36 Apparently. Even JP wll rake. So we have several righty raking extra OF's already.

When it comes time to consider the teams '08 record at this point I would subtract 2 wins for the cluster-bomb that spring training is shaping up like. Of course there is time to adjust that, but I'm afraid it is likely to be adjusted downward.(wins that is)

2008-02-18 08:44:16
42.   Sam DC
Is this funny?

It's elaborate, but it doesn't really seem that clever to me.

2008-02-18 08:51:10
43.   Jon Weisman
42 - Don't ask me. I always worry about the victim.
2008-02-18 08:53:19
44.   Eric Stephen
I actually liked that. It was pretty funny, sort of in the Jerry Reuss / Jay Johnstone mold.
2008-02-18 08:54:08
45.   GobiasIndustries
I've never been able to get all that excited about Finley's home run. Werth had already tied the game and taken the pressure off all we needed from Finley was a (fairly deep) fly ball. Finley's home run doesn't make my top ten Dodgers highlights. Of course, I've seen quite a few of them.

Personally, I think it meant so much to so many people because it defined the moment the Dodgers FINALLY got back to the playoffs after what seemed like an eternity. For many of the younger generation, it was probably the first time they saw the Dodgers in the playoffs to boot. Plus, I think it was vindication for a lot of the guys who had been on the team for 4-6 years and never got the job done i.e. Green, Cora, Izzy, Beltre, etc...
I guess I'm a little biased too as I was at the game and it was one of the most awesome live sports experiences I have ever had. That place was absolutely electric after that HR and it seemed liked nobody wanted to leave, or the moment to end for that matter.

2008-02-18 08:57:30
46.   old dodger fan
42 His agent confirmed the deal? Who does he work for?
2008-02-18 08:58:26
47.   Jon Weisman
New post up top.
2008-02-18 08:59:51
48.   Jon Weisman
45 - Plus, it's not as if it was just about the home run. We were down 3-0 to the Giants in a beyond-pivotal game in the ninth inning. The Dodgers had to scratch and claw to get in position for Finley to win the game.
2008-02-18 09:06:38
49.   scareduck
4+1 because I was there, but I loved the Finley game.
2008-02-18 09:27:35
50.   Dave G
I was at both games. It's hard to say which was better, they were so qualitatively different. The crowd was actually more into Finley's, given the stakes, and given the buildup as various runners got on base and scored. In other words, the crowd was really ready for it. At 4+1 as everyone knows most people had left.

I guess my point is that Finley's was more of the traditional, big-game homerun that everyone hoped and prayed for. 4+1 was wonderful, but just as surreal and literally unbelievable. I guess it just depends on what you appreciate more--the pure drama of the moment, or the deviation that the moment represents from everything you think is likely or even possible.

As for me, I remember saying after the Finley homerun, "wow, I've just witnessed the greatest sporting moment I will ever see in person." At 4+1 I had just come home from a long trip where I had been really heartbroken by some girl, and I was still really depressed. I remember thinking, "I thought I'd never see a greater sporting moment in person than Finley, but that was it." I was angrier at the girl for casting a pall over 4+1 than rejecting me in the first place.

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2008-02-18 10:18:11
51.   istillhateniedenfuer
For me, it is the Finley homer. I watched both games on TV, and the 4+1 was incredible, but I remember laying on my living room floor after that Finley homer in absolute exhaustion. The tension leading up to it was so unbelievable, especially when the Giants shortstop muffed that grounder to keep the rally alive. And to be honest, hating the Giants makes that game so special for me.
2008-02-18 20:24:24
52.   Joe Pierre
The one thing that agravates me about the Finley Grand Slam Clinching Game was that I was following the race on Sports on demand MLB-Extra Innings as I usually did before I got my computer, was that the game wasn't scheduled to be televised and I had to follow the score on ESPN. It was great and hard to believe to see that final tally but I would have loved to see the game. But needles to say I was elated to watch the replay of the Grand Slam.

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