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Things Are Tough All Over
2008-03-06 08:45
by Jon Weisman

Nothing's automatic, not even when you have Johan Santana. Perhaps the popular pick nationwide to win the National League, the New York Mets are learning early on that health will be a huge wild card in their season.

As David Lennon writes in Newsday, in the wake of Moises Alou undergoing hernia surgery:

How desperate is the Mets' injury situation now? It's much easier to simply list the healthy position players on the team's projected roster for Opening Day, which, by the way, is March 31.

So here they are: David Wright, Jose Reyes and Ramon Castro.

Sound like the makings of a National League East champion? That might win you a 3-on-3 pickup basketball game, depending on Castro's post-up skills. But the Mets, who already are on the hook for $140 million this season, aren't beating many division rivals if they have to piece together a lineup from aging New Orleans Zephyrs and rejects from Pros vs. Joes, even with Johan Santana.

  • As for the Dodger injury situation, Tony Jackson of the Daily News passes along Joe Torre's views on backing up Jeff Kent:

    Joe seemed to indicate that Tony Abreu would be first in line to replace Kent if it came to that (during the regular season). Delwyn Young has been getting a lot of playing time there, but Abreu has been battling an abdominal injury and hasn't appeared in game yet - he is expected to make his Grapefruit League debut this weekend. Joe also said Ramon Martinez wouldn't be a candidate, calling him "more of a supporting guy." But Joe didn't rule out asking Nomar to play 2B, even though it hasn't come up yet. "I never rule anything out," Torre said.

  • David Pinto of Baseball Musings puts the Dodger starting pitching under the scope and declares "This projects to be an extremely solid rotation.

  • Some of you know this already, but here's a reminder that DodgerTalk will air on KABC 790 AM nightly from 6:30 to 7 p.m. during Spring Training, hosted by friend of Dodger Thoughts Ken Levine and Josh Suchon.

  • I'm going to the UCLA-Stanford Pac-10 showdown tonight, so my weekly Season Pass writeup on Lost won't come until the wee hours of the night or Friday morning. I'll create a separate open chat thread for it on Toaster tonight.

  • Comments (279)
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    2008-03-06 10:07:04
    1.   ToyCannon
    I know an outfielder who never gets hurts and is available. At least I hope he's available.
    2008-03-06 10:11:11
    2.   cargill06
    1 what's everyone else's opinion?

    we all agree that if the dodgers trade juan pierre they'll have to eat most if not all of the contract, and would not get much if anything in return. if it comes down to accepting a trade like that or keeping pierre wouldn't it probably be better to keep pierre and not play him than trade him? as he could be a valuable asset given that he could play LF and CF and could be huge in late in pinch running situations

    2008-03-06 10:11:21
    3.   fanerman
    1 "...the Mets are in need of a potent right-handed hitter for a lineup that is overloaded from the left side."
    2008-03-06 10:11:45
    4.   jujibee
    Well, if the Mets are in trouble with health, they might be interested in a gamer, proven champion type player that plays 162 games a year.

    Pinto seems a little less optimistic than most, especially on the IP category. If he's right, our bullpen looks to be worked pretty hard this upcoming year. It also looks like he predicts some sort of ailment for Chad this year, or several bad outings that he can only last an inning or 2 and keep his era somewhat low??? Either way, I don't put much stock into his analysis, but his statement when he projected it to be a really solid rotation is, in my opinion, correct.

    2008-03-06 10:12:38
    5.   silverwidow
    2 Trade him at (almost) all costs. Pierre is not the "bench" type.
    2008-03-06 10:13:49
    6.   fanerman
    2 Benching Pierre > Trading Pierre > Starting Pierre

    It'd be nice to keep Pierre and use him as a 4th outfielder, but I bet the temptation to overuse him if he's available would be too great. So trading him and using Repko/Young as back-up OFers seems safer.

    2008-03-06 10:16:01
    7.   kinbote
    0 Good point about the Mets. I view them as prime wild card competition, so it would be nice if we could get a serious jump on them to begin the year. (And no, I'm not conceding the division on March 6th!)
    2008-03-06 10:16:58
    8.   trainwreck
    I think the Sox DH is better than ours.
    2008-03-06 10:20:19
    9.   Jon Weisman
    2 - I've said all along I'm fine with keeping Pierre as a reserve if everyone just mans up and accepts their roles.
    2008-03-06 10:21:55
    10.   bhsportsguy
    8 Worried about tonight? Careful, what you say, there are a few Cardinal out there.

    I'll be there too. Cliche but it is the biggest game of the year.

    2008-03-06 10:24:04
    11.   trainwreck
    Yes, I am worried, but UCLA has the right pieces and style to beat them.
    2008-03-06 10:24:21
    12.   old dodger fan
    4 Let's see.. Carlos Beltran in CF or JP?
    The last 2 years Beltran has 2 Gold Gloves and 2 Silver Slugger awards and JP has... oh yeah, an old ring.
    2008-03-06 10:24:34
    13.   cargill06
    8 what about LF?
    2008-03-06 10:24:36
    14.   Jon Weisman
    You can continue commenting here, but be sure and check out the new post up top.
    2008-03-06 10:25:30
    15.   bhsportsguy
    It will be interesting to see if the Red Sox do trade Coco Crisp, their manager has consistently said that Crisp and Ellsbury are in a posisiton battle but most think its Ellsbury's job to lose.

    Again with Manny and J.D., you probably need 4 pretty good outfielders anyway.

    2008-03-06 10:25:38
    16.   Jon Weisman
    10 "it is the biggest game of the year."

    ... at least until next week.

    I don't really see Stanford winning tonight, but I'll be rooting.

    2008-03-06 10:26:06
    17.   ToyCannon
    Kemp fails again. Pierre cannot do it all by himself, someone has to drive him in after he worked so hard to get in scoring position.
    Where is Kent when you need an RBI?
    2008-03-06 10:28:45
    18.   Eric Enders
    I don't know if this got answered yet, but Dodger third basemen hit 15 homers last year, fewer than any position except CF and SS.
    2008-03-06 10:29:06
    19.   trainwreck
    It has been one inning and I am tired of Steve Phillips.
    2008-03-06 10:29:29
    20.   fanerman
    17 We might as well trade him for Nook Logan.
    2008-03-06 10:30:08
    21.   bhsportsguy
    16 David Pinto was on the K brothers LA Times podcast yesterday as they talked about the LF and 3B position battles.
    2008-03-06 10:30:30
    22.   natepurcell

    don't we already have Nook?

    2008-03-06 10:31:26
    23.   fanerman
    22 Why have one when you can have two?
    2008-03-06 10:31:41
    24.   Bob Timmermann
    I wish it weren't the 8 pm game.

    What this game is really for is to determine whether or not bhsportsguy or I get to see UCLA play its first round game at Staples next week.

    I can't make the afternoon session, but I can make the evening sessions.

    I'm really looking forward more to the 7-10 game next Wednesday. I wonder how many Oregon State fans are going to come for that game. Or if the Beavers will even send cheerleaders or a band.

    Last year, Stanford didn't send its band to Staples, although it may have been on double secret probation or some such thing.

    2008-03-06 10:32:30
    25.   bhsportsguy
    Nice poke by Paul, nice play by Ellsbury.

    If Paul adds some stength and improves his pitch selection, he could be a pretty good OF (though we still don't know if he can play CF)

    2008-03-06 10:33:11
    26.   Andrew Shimmin
    Is being Steve Phillips (going through life, having to think the way he thinks) punishment enough? I'm inclined to think not, that there ought to be some additional, external sanction. But I'm not sure.

    There's still time; I won't need a final answer until the revolution comes. But this one is tough.

    2008-03-06 10:33:39
    27.   Eric Enders
    24 Running onto the field gets you 30 years' probation?
    2008-03-06 10:34:51
    28.   underdog
    Yah, the X-Man was robbed!

    Steve Phillips = underdog's finger on the mute button

    2008-03-06 10:37:12
    29.   trainwreck
    He should be handcuffed to Mo Vaughn for life.
    2008-03-06 10:38:43
    30.   underdog
    Did Phillips just call Matt Kemp a tool?

    Oh, I think I misheard that.

    2008-03-06 10:39:10
    31.   Jon Weisman
    Kevin Johnson is running for mayor.

    2008-03-06 10:39:11
    32.   old dodger fan
    Except for a walk to Martin, JP is our entire offense today.
    2008-03-06 10:39:15
    33.   kinbote
    29 Careful. Fox Network might run with that idea. ;)
    2008-03-06 10:39:21
    34.   ucladodger
    Great play by the bison.
    2008-03-06 10:39:42
    35.   underdog
    Lowe's looking a little off today. I'm sure he's just working out the kinks.
    2008-03-06 10:39:50
    36.   fanerman
    27 I think he's referring to some incident about the Stanford band trashing some shack awhile ago and getting probation and not being able to play at football games or something.

    And I must follow with "Cal Band Great!"

    2008-03-06 10:42:08
    37.   cargill06
    ok i get a message from a nutrual friend saying kemp just made a great throw to almost throw casey after making a diving catch. than i get a dodger hater friend saying kemp threw a 10-hopper home, which was it?
    2008-03-06 10:42:24
    38.   old dodger fan
    Box score says Moss hit a SF that scored Casey. Who did he hit it to? Was it deep? Was it a close play at home?
    2008-03-06 10:42:32
    39.   Bob Timmermann
    Kemp made a great 10-hopper throw.
    2008-03-06 10:45:27
    40.   trainwreck
    Great play by guy I do not know anything about.
    2008-03-06 10:50:21
    41.   underdog
    Is a 10-hopper another name for a giant locust?

    Kemp made a nice dive, had to take a sec to right himself before throwing home but it was close - partially because Casey was running.

    I like Tiffee's game, he's made some nice plays the few times I've seen him, even if he has no shot of making the team.

    2008-03-06 10:52:32
    42.   underdog
    Juan Pierre's speed caused that error, according to Steve Phillips.
    2008-03-06 10:53:15
    43.   trainwreck
    Gammons spoke the name that is not to be spoken.

    He is like Lord Voldemort.

    2008-03-06 10:56:44
    44.   ToyCannon
    Tiffe used to be a Twin 3rd base prospect. He should be an athletic 1st baseman.
    2008-03-06 10:56:55
    45.   Bob Timmermann
    So anyone wish to hazard a guess as to which player led the NL in reaching on errors last season?

    He did it 15 times.

    Pierre reached on errors 7 times, but he has led the NL in that category in past seasons.

    2008-03-06 10:57:48
    46.   cargill06
    42 did it? did pedrioa have to rush his throw?
    2008-03-06 10:57:58
    47.   underdog
    45 Reyes?
    The Bison?

    Terry Tiffee?

    2008-03-06 10:58:18
    48.   bhsportsguy
    42 I don't think you can discount it but again its one of those things that probably doesn't happen enough to be quantified and certainly not cited to as a reason.
    2008-03-06 10:58:43
    49.   trainwreck
    2008-03-06 10:58:44
    50.   Bob Timmermann
    No, no, and no.
    Show/Hide Comments 51-100
    2008-03-06 10:59:24
    51.   cargill06
    45 miggy?
    2008-03-06 10:59:24
    52.   Lexinthedena
    Jimmy Rollins?
    2008-03-06 11:00:06
    53.   underdog
    46 No, the second baseman was tossing over to the SS at 2nd, and did seem to rush his throw over there, yes. Part of it is because the 2nd baseman is a rookie and he and Pedroia had a little miscommunication or mistiming. It was a little weak groundball from Pierre, though that's better than hitting popups, given his speed.
    2008-03-06 11:01:12
    54.   Bob Timmermann
    Retrosheet and B-R give different totals for the player reaching on an error for the NL leader. B-R doesn't count reaching on catcher's interference as reaching on an error, but Retrosheet does.

    Regardless, it will still be the same leader.

    2008-03-06 11:02:02
    55.   underdog
    Lowe just does not look good today, but I'm not worried about it given it's March 6th, it's the Red Sox starters, and he tends to be erratic in Spring.

    But his pitches are way too up right now.

    2008-03-06 11:02:46
    56.   cargill06
    wang had a rough outing today

    moment of silence for r. shackelford as he got cut today.

    2008-03-06 11:03:12
    57.   underdog
    Time to bring in James McDonald!

    Actually, I have no idea who's coming in because the announcers didn't bother to say before the ad break.

    2008-03-06 11:03:17
    58.   bhsportsguy
    Jon should be happy if this report is true.

    2008-03-06 11:04:09
    59.   overkill94

    "What's the dirtiest thing ever said on television?"

    "Ward, I think you were a little hard on the Beaver last night"

    2008-03-06 11:04:19
    60.   trainwreck
    I believe it is Stults.
    2008-03-06 11:04:43
    61.   haskell
    2008-03-06 11:04:45
    62.   bhsportsguy
    55 Not as bad as Mr. Wolf has looked thus far.

    Anyone know how old friend Brett Tomko doing?

    2008-03-06 11:04:59
    63.   trainwreck
    Nope. I guess they are not going in order they said.
    2008-03-06 11:05:06
    64.   underdog
    Nope, it's Greg Jones.
    2008-03-06 11:05:07
    65.   Bob Timmermann
    It's the rare right-handed version of Eric Stults that's called Greg Jones.
    2008-03-06 11:05:32
    66.   overkill94
    54 The answer is obviously Dan Ortmeier.

    Man, you see a lot of mullets in the Cleveland airport.

    2008-03-06 11:06:38
    67.   Bob Timmermann
    The correct answer is Chipper Jones.

    Derek Jeter led the majors with 19.

    2008-03-06 11:07:00
    68.   underdog
    Wow, on a fly ball to left Pierre couldn't throw out the runner coming home from third. I'm shocked, shocked!
    2008-03-06 11:07:46
    69.   overkill94
    44 I always get excited when we pick up a guy who used to be a hot-shot prospect (like Tiffee). Who knows when we'll find the next Brandon Phillips?
    2008-03-06 11:08:24
    70.   cargill06
    62 4 ip 4 hits, 3er, 1 bb, 3 k's
    2008-03-06 11:08:28
    71.   fanerman
    68 Any commentary by the commentators?
    2008-03-06 11:08:43
    72.   underdog
    I do like Phillips' point about the high price of pitching, how many prospects the trades for starting pitchers cost teams this year and why it was good the Dodgers' signed Kuroda instead of making a trade.
    2008-03-06 11:08:47
    73.   Bob Timmermann
    Also, Retrosheet and B-R give a batter a "reaching on error" if the batter is safe when on a fielder's choice where no out is recorded. Such as trying to throw out a runner at home on a grounder.
    2008-03-06 11:09:25
    74.   kinbote
    68 Maybe he should have run it home. (I'm sure that joke's been made before.)
    2008-03-06 11:09:39
    75.   bhsportsguy
    68 I don't think many LFers could throw out that runner on that play.

    Again, I just don't think belittling his play helps the argument.

    2008-03-06 11:09:54
    76.   underdog
    71 Phillips: "You see right there the fact that Pierre not a real strong throwing arm out in the outfield there."
    2008-03-06 11:11:01
    77.   underdog
    75 No, it's true. It was hit pretty deep, so the runner would've scored on anyone, pretty much. So I don't know if Pierre even tried to throw it as hard as he could've, to be fair. Maybe Phillips' point was it was hard to tell?
    2008-03-06 11:12:05
    78.   underdog
    Greg Jones outpitched Derek Lowe today! Which is worth... almost nothing.
    2008-03-06 11:12:27
    79.   fanerman
    76 I regret asking for that.
    2008-03-06 11:14:40
    80.   trainwreck
    M. Bison rules all!!!
    2008-03-06 11:14:43
    81.   Marty
    2008-03-06 11:15:03
    82.   fanerman
    I assume that was a display of Bison Strength™.
    2008-03-06 11:15:19
    83.   Bob Timmermann
    You also missed Steve Phillips discussing obstetrics.
    2008-03-06 11:15:28
    84.   Humma Kavula
    2008-03-06 11:15:33
    85.   bigcpa
    Ethier's gotta be feeling the heat now in that RF battle.
    2008-03-06 11:15:40
    86.   underdog
    The Bison delivers!
    That looked like he was unbalanced and fought it off, all the way out of the park. Now that's power.
    2008-03-06 11:17:19
    87.   fanerman
    85 It's almost like, you wish you could play both of them at the same time. Almost.
    2008-03-06 11:18:15
    88.   Andrew Shimmin
    So, handcuffed to Mo Vaughn, eh? And then, say, locked in an airplane bathroom? It's coming along.
    2008-03-06 11:21:10
    89.   trainwreck
    No trading Andre Ethier. That's a bad Steve Phillips!
    2008-03-06 11:21:15
    90.   ibleedbloo
    so it doesn't seem the Bison nick name has caught on around here yet.

    I hit refresh and there are 5 Bison references in exactly 1 minute

    2008-03-06 11:22:22
    91.   cargill06
    i'm for giving john lindsey a spot over mark sweeney if they go that route.
    2008-03-06 11:22:39
    92.   underdog
    Talking about John Lindsay, Steve Phillips wondered, "Maybe if Andre Ethier was a traded at some point that would give Lindsay a chance." Huh? After they just finished saying Lindsay's a good hitter who can't field very well, would they plan on playing him in left field? I guess they mean it would open a spot on the bench but... sigh... {mute}
    2008-03-06 11:24:07
    93.   StolenMonkey86
    89 - There's a good Steve Phillips?
    2008-03-06 11:24:11
    94.   underdog
    91 I wouldn't mind that either. Though, again, while Sweeney's not a gold glover he can play a decent first and corner OF. Not sure about Lindsay...
    2008-03-06 11:24:51
    95.   bhsportsguy
    I guess it beats walking around in bear (or Bruin) costume but I wonder how Jon feels about this?

    2008-03-06 11:25:12
    96.   underdog
    Lowe's talking on ESPN now. "I had a terrible arm path today. Just never found any type of a groove."
    2008-03-06 11:26:31
    97.   underdog
    Lowe: "I look forward to this season... There's no doubt about it [that the mistakes and issues of last season are a thing of the past]... We've got to pull for each other."
    2008-03-06 11:27:11
    98.   Disabled List
    For those without access to TV today, has GameCast up and running.

    I didn't use it a lot last year, but I believe this is a newer and cleaner version of GameCast. It hasn't frozen on me yet, which right away makes it an improvement.

    2008-03-06 11:27:48
    99.   bhsportsguy
    96 Again, if a player is not coming back from an injury, pretty much spring training is about building endurance for the long season.

    At least from my perspective.

    2008-03-06 11:28:11
    100.   cargill06
    94 i'd perfer to never find out what a glove looks like on mark sweeney this season, if that's sweeneys defensive role, lindsey could do as good a job as sweeney on defense.
    Show/Hide Comments 101-150
    2008-03-06 11:28:56
    101.   underdog
    Lowe on contract years: "In 04 I put too much pressure on every single game. This year will be different, go out there and do the best you can, I enjoy playing here... "
    2008-03-06 11:32:22
    102.   underdog
    99 Definitely - as I said, I'm not too worried about it. Lowe didn't seem too worried, either, though disappointed.
    2008-03-06 11:37:58
    103.   bhsportsguy
    Hopefully not a trend but again another game of lots of guys on base and not getting key hits.

    But it is not the regular lineup out there.

    2008-03-06 11:39:07
    104.   underdog
    Boy that's two close plays at first where a Dodger runner was called out when they looked like they had beaten it. Good thing this game is meaningless.
    2008-03-06 11:41:31
    105.   underdog
    Pierre made a nice diving catch in left field corner. A little bit of a late start on it but he flagged it down pretty well.
    2008-03-06 11:41:45
    106.   Humma Kavula
    That was a nice play by Pierre.
    2008-03-06 11:46:36
    107.   trainwreck
    I hate bunts.
    2008-03-06 11:47:05
    108.   underdog
    Steve Phillips doesn't approve of Kemp bunt attempt to lead off the inning.

    LaRoche lines a single to left.

    2008-03-06 11:47:24
    109.   Humma Kavula
    Dear Bison,

    Love ya, but do not attempt to bunt.

    Sincerely yours,


    2008-03-06 11:47:48
    110.   cargill06
    someone jinxed game cast for me
    2008-03-06 11:49:46
    111.   Jon Weisman
    95 - Good story.
    2008-03-06 11:51:32
    112.   kinbote
    How does Stults look? He's theoretically in the discussion for second lefty.
    2008-03-06 11:52:15
    113.   Gen3Blue
    I've been home for half an hour and forgot the game was on ESPN. Darn, I hope they replay the Kemp homer.
    2008-03-06 11:52:21
    114.   Humma Kavula
    Phillips is jinxing our team.
    2008-03-06 11:55:11
    115.   kinbote
    GameCast Thoughts:

    1. LaRoche appears to be throbbing over at 1b.
    2. This game is being played at Fenway Park.
    3. Did they always have the moving icon on an in-play ball?

    2008-03-06 11:58:35
    116.   cargill06
    115 yes.
    2008-03-06 11:59:28
    117.   Daniel Zappala
    I'm excited for Lost tonight. I caught up with the last two shows from my DVR yesterday, so I'm all set.
    2008-03-06 12:00:04
    118.   Daniel Zappala
    By the way, Jon, if you have any influence at all, you'll get ABC to start shows on the hour, instead of a minute or two ahead of the hour. Really messes with DVRs and is just ridiculous behavior.
    2008-03-06 12:00:25
    119.   Jon Weisman
    Does GameCast have a Car Wash or Snack Shop?
    2008-03-06 12:01:13
    120.   Bob Timmermann
    Old friend alert!
    2008-03-06 12:01:26
    121.   Jon Weisman
    118 - Lost has been starting on time for my DVR, but it's always good to set yours to start a minute ahead as a precuation. I'm more worried about shows running late, myself.

    Oh - and I have no influence. But you knew that.

    2008-03-06 12:02:34
    122.   Penarol1916
    118. I think one of the points is to mess with DVR's so people actually watch the adds. The other point is to get additional adds played during the higher rated shows.
    2008-03-06 12:06:29
    123.   Humma Kavula
    Lucille is hot today.
    2008-03-06 12:10:36
    124.   underdog
    Stults looked really solid overall, and 6 up 6 down is hard to dismiss.

    Hull's in there now.

    2008-03-06 12:13:04
    125.   Daniel Zappala
    Underdog needs to do some penance for spelling Lindsey's name wrong. How's a guy supposed to earn a way on to the team if you can't even get his name right?

    -- Brought to you by the Lindsey-Uber-Alles Committee.

    2008-03-06 12:13:04
    126.   underdog
    Nice and easy inning for Hull. The bullpen's done a nice job after Lowe.
    2008-03-06 12:13:43
    127.   Bob Timmermann
    Geologists are saying that the Grand Canyon is 11 million years older than they previously thought.

    Apparently someone finally found its real birth certificate.

    2008-03-06 12:15:08
    128.   underdog
    125 Hey, at least I always get Stults' name right!

    And I suppose it's my fault that Mitsch Jonez isn't playing with LA either? ;-)

    2008-03-06 12:19:39
    129.   Andrew Shimmin
    127- Did it get declared a free agent, with its contract voided, because it was drafted before it was legally eligible? If Ryan Howard could break arbitration, imagine what the Grand Canyon would do to free agency!
    2008-03-06 12:20:19
    130.   Marty
    By cable DVR starts recording when the program starts regardless of starting time. Dump your Tivo.
    2008-03-06 12:20:51
    131.   old dodger fan
    121 Don't forget to adjust your DVR for DST Sunday.
    2008-03-06 12:21:59
    132.   Bob Timmermann
    Brian Sabean said that the Grand Canyon was too old even for the Giants.
    2008-03-06 12:23:46
    133.   ibleedbloo
    127 Was the Grand Canyon trying to play Little League Baseball?
    2008-03-06 12:24:51
    134.   Daniel Zappala
    128 You just watch. Some year I'm going to take over the world with a bunch of guys like Mitch Jones, John Lindsey, and Travis Denker. I will harness all that resentment from being held back too long.
    2008-03-06 12:26:43
    135.   Andrew Shimmin
    Arlen Spector has subpoened the Colorado river over rumors that it might have been helping the Grand Canyon cheat at being canyon-ous.
    2008-03-06 12:27:33
    136.   Bob Timmermann
    Not everyone can put up a .208 OBP in Japan like a Mitch Jones can.
    2008-03-06 12:27:44
    137.   Humma Kavula
    Lindsey up... bases loaded!
    2008-03-06 12:28:15
    138.   cargill06
    rafael belliard had a career ops of .529 for a 46 OPS+, he 2,301 career ab's can anyone think of lower #'s for someone with 2000+ career ab's.
    2008-03-06 12:28:44
    139.   Bob Timmermann
    I guess Lindsey doesn't do the "Oakland thing."
    2008-03-06 12:29:22
    140.   Humma Kavula
    Lindsey flies to center.
    2008-03-06 12:29:46
    141.   Daniel Zappala
    My DirecTV DVR is pretty dumb. If I set it to record a program 1 minute early, then it will consider this a conflict with a show I'm recording for the previous hour. Since some networks start shows early and some start on time and go up to the last minute possible, this causes problems.

    I will gladly upgrade the DVR if I can do it for free when I switch over to their HD service. I'm waiting for SWM to be widely available so I can use my existing cable wiring.

    2008-03-06 12:30:59
    142.   Bob Timmermann
    Lowest career OPS for players with at least 2301 ABs.

    Bill Bergen is the leader in the clubhouse.

    2008-03-06 12:31:12
    143.   Daniel Zappala
    136 La la la, I can't hear you! La la la ...
    2008-03-06 12:33:32
    144.   Daniel Zappala
    Lindsey got an RBI. That's a counting stat, so it counts. The out will be ignored for promotional purposes.
    2008-03-06 12:38:32
    145.   Disabled List
    I spoke too soon about the new and improved GameCast. It froze, of course, and is now noticeably behind the live action.
    2008-03-06 12:46:48
    146.   Bob Timmermann
    1. There hasn't been much action.
    2. The application likely slowed down when there were mass substitutions and players whom they didn't have coded in entered the game.
    2008-03-06 12:48:47
    147.   Bob Timmermann
    Lucille II's speed caused that error!
    2008-03-06 12:49:07
    148.   Dark Horse
    142-So what you're saying is, it could be worse? We could still be playing Alfredo Griffin?

    I wouldn't mind having a "Dude Esterbrook" on our club however, OPS be damned.

    2008-03-06 12:51:33
    149.   ImprobableImpossible
    Plaschke + Old Yeller = well, you can pretty much guess without reading it
    2008-03-06 12:54:07
    150.   Bob Timmermann
    Brand new game!
    Show/Hide Comments 151-200
    2008-03-06 12:54:20
    151.   trainwreck
    Tied ballgame!
    2008-03-06 12:54:52
    152.   Gen3Blue
    Gammons or someone makes it sound like there may be nowhere to traon next spring.
    Lucas May! heck, he will!
    2008-03-06 12:55:07
    153.   Gen3Blue
    Gammons or someone makes it sound like there may be nowhere to traon next spring.
    Lucas May! heck, he will!
    2008-03-06 12:55:47
    154.   underdog
    Loved Lucas May's home run. Attaboy!
    2008-03-06 12:56:47
    155.   GMac In The 909
    149 Without reading it, I will guess a hate-fest on the youth.

    Did Old Yeller tell Kemp, Ethier and the gang to get off his lawn?

    2008-03-06 12:57:07
    156.   underdog
    Peter Gammons knows about every story for every obscure Red Sox minor leaguer but has probably never heard of Lucas May -- 'til now.
    2008-03-06 12:57:33
    157.   Humma Kavula
    Lucas May: Silver God?
    2008-03-06 12:57:39
    158.   GrilledOnly
    What was that
    2008-03-06 12:57:54
    159.   cargill06
    [150-154] espn is still frozen, please fill me in.
    2008-03-06 12:58:27
    160.   Bob Timmermann
    In 1958, people thought that there would be nowhere for the Dodgers to play in L.A.

    But they figured it out.

    The Dodgers will train somewhere next spring. Most likely in Arizona. It's not like the Dodgers are going to be like a family trying to find a campsite in Yosemite on the Fourth of July weekend without reservations.

    2008-03-06 12:58:39
    161.   ROC
    That fastball was grooved, but nice to see May crush it. It appears the Dodger equip guy packed up the bullpen already...ESPN shows him running back over with a couple bags.
    2008-03-06 12:58:40
    162.   Gen3Blue
    Who is our closer today.
    2008-03-06 12:58:45
    163.   ImprobableImpossible
    155 Ding!
    2008-03-06 12:59:02
    164.   Bob Timmermann
    Lucas May hit a game-tying 3-run homer.
    2008-03-06 12:59:50
    165.   cargill06
    164 who got on and how?
    2008-03-06 13:00:01
    166.   GrilledOnly
    with two out in the 9th
    2008-03-06 13:00:07
    167.   underdog
    162 The Dodger equip guy probably is our closer today. Heh.

    159 Two Dodgers got on with walks I believe. Chavez had a nice at bat, fouled a lot of pitches off, then drew a walk. Then Lucas May got a high fast ball and ripped it out for a 3 run homer. Tie game.

    2008-03-06 13:00:30
    168.   Bob Timmermann
    Actually Bowa is an equal-opportunity complainer:

    "What if Bowa had been here last fall during the conflict between the veterans and kids?

    "First, if you are a kid and that sensitive about a veteran's comments, shame on you," Bowa says. "But second, if you are a veteran and have a problem with a kid, you need to lead by example, work hard every play, run out every ground ball.""

    2008-03-06 13:01:21
    169.   Bob Timmermann
    It was an E-6, a walk, and a homer.

    Followed by an infield single by Griffin and an single to right by Lombard.

    2008-03-06 13:01:43
    170.   GrilledOnly
    go ahead run at 3d
    2008-03-06 13:01:55
    171.   underdog
    The George Lombard Story was just brought to us by Peter Gammons.
    2008-03-06 13:02:52
    172.   underdog
    And Lindsey was hit by a pitch, too. And now bases loaded.
    2008-03-06 13:02:58
    173.   Bob Timmermann
    Zappala storms the field! Lindsey hit by the pitch to load the bases!
    2008-03-06 13:02:59
    174.   Gen3Blue
    This crooner, George Lombard, seems like Repko. You just can't write these guys off in spring training.
    2008-03-06 13:03:03
    175.   ROC
    Linsday hit in the middle of the back. Loaded up for Repko!
    2008-03-06 13:03:17
    176.   bhsportsguy
    It will be interesting to see (how many times have I typed that beginning here) how many more people from Southern California show up in AZ when the Dodgers start training there.

    I have never had the inclination to see the Angels train there and the fact that there have been spring training games going on AZ my entire life has never convinced me to go out there and see it.

    But I will go once the Dodgers start there. I wonder if I am similar in that respect to many fans.

    2008-03-06 13:03:25
    177.   Humma Kavula
    Lindsey gets hit... and the bases are loaded again.
    2008-03-06 13:03:56
    178.   Bob Timmermann
    Lee (cut and paste) Gronkiewicz on the mound for Boston.
    2008-03-06 13:04:27
    179.   ROC
    Wow, slammed!
    2008-03-06 13:04:29
    180.   Bob Timmermann
    Time to go get some rye bread.
    2008-03-06 13:04:39
    181.   trainwreck
    Repko for the Grand Slam!!!

    We're going to the Series!

    2008-03-06 13:04:44
    182.   GrilledOnly
    2008-03-06 13:04:48
    183.   StolenMonkey86
    nice one for Repko!
    2008-03-06 13:05:11
    184.   Gen3Blue
    See what I mean. Way to go Repko Salami!
    2008-03-06 13:05:36
    185.   ROC
    Nice, Repko takes a hanging breaking ball and hits the top of "CVS Pavillion".
    2008-03-06 13:05:40
    186.   Daniel Zappala
    The Dodgers can have spring training in Salt Lake City next year. We're close enough to the Phoenix market to have Dbacks games blacked out, so that must mean we're close enough for the team to travel there for games. Yes, I'm bitter.
    2008-03-06 13:06:21
    187.   bhsportsguy
    181 Jason wants them to have 6 outfielders on the 25-man roster.

    Seriously, Jason Repko and perhaps Yhency Brazoban will two of highest paid guys in the PCL this year.

    2008-03-06 13:07:28
    188.   Bob Timmermann
    Nothing better than Salt Lake City in late January to go warm up.
    2008-03-06 13:08:58
    189.   fanerman
    Hoora(y) for the last of the 2005 Ja(y)sons still on the Dodgers!
    2008-03-06 13:08:58
    190.   bhsportsguy
    I would guess that the Dodgers have never had a grand slam and a three-run home run in one inning ever.
    2008-03-06 13:10:27
    191.   silverwidow
    Good thing I set this one to record.
    2008-03-06 13:10:51
    192.   Daniel Zappala
    188 You've obviously never gone skiing with three or four layers underneath your ski jacket. You can be plenty warm in January if you dress properly.

    We can also build an indoor facility if necessary. If we can host the Olympics, we can do anything.

    2008-03-06 13:11:03
    193.   bhsportsguy
    191 I probably got May's homer but the DVR shut off at 1
    2008-03-06 13:11:30
    194.   cargill06
    someone tell jason to dust his SS glove off!
    2008-03-06 13:14:33
    195.   Disabled List
    GameCast is totally borked. It still shows May up, even though Lindsey is on first and the score is tied 5-5.
    2008-03-06 13:15:33
    196.   cargill06
    195 the dodgers are scoring so fast it's going hay-wire
    2008-03-06 13:16:58
    197.   Bob Timmermann
    The Dodgers have been playing baseball for a long time. You would think they have pulled off a grand slam, 3-run homer inning before. But it's hard to check.
    2008-03-06 13:17:27
    198.   trainwreck
    Meloan certainly does not make it easy for me to defend him to people.
    2008-03-06 13:17:59
    199.   cargill06
    198 what's going on?
    2008-03-06 13:18:56
    200.   Gen3Blue
    Oh no. Meloans choking.
    Show/Hide Comments 201-250
    2008-03-06 13:19:00
    201.   trainwreck
    He is walking people and just gave up a double.
    2008-03-06 13:19:48
    202.   trainwreck
    Now he is out.
    2008-03-06 13:21:45
    203.   Gen3Blue
    Oh no. Meloans choking.
    2008-03-06 13:22:33
    204.   bhsportsguy
    202 Jon and I went through this last week when talking about Greg Miller but I think guys like Meloan who can just taste the big leagues sometime get too amped up for a this kind of spot, he had bad location and then tried to place a fast ball for a strike.

    He'll be fine but he's going to Vegas.

    2008-03-06 13:22:40
    205.   Gen3Blue
    203 Sorry--make that whose Sierra?
    2008-03-06 13:23:03
    206.   silverwidow
    2008-03-06 13:24:32
    207.   bhsportsguy
    206 Josh R. said that he's in camp but he will probably pitch once the squad splits.
    2008-03-06 13:27:48
    208.   cargill06
    everyone least favorite redneck gave up 2 runs in 3innings today pushing his spring era to 7.20. hopefully it's 2006 all over again.
    2008-03-06 13:28:33
    209.   trainwreck
    Joe Thurston is pinch running for the Sox.
    2008-03-06 13:31:55
    210.   gibsonhobbs88
    So what is Mr. Suit, (Phillips) saying on ESPN after that big 9th inning comeback? Should we serve him his crow al dente or with a white wine sauce? I'm sure he spent 85-95% of the game lauding and kissing up to the Red Sox. I'm so sick of his opinions on ESPN, at least Kruk played the game. I'm glad I'm working so I don't have to hear his inane drivel.
    2008-03-06 13:33:06
    211.   Bob Timmermann
    The Yankees are the only team with a slam and 3-run homer in the same inning of a World Series game.

    Mark Langston is still not happy.

    2008-03-06 13:33:23
    212.   silverwidow
    Is Meloan still pitching? How many outs? What's the score? How many baserunners?
    2008-03-06 13:34:09
    213.   Bob Timmermann
    Jim Rome is on the mound now.
    2008-03-06 13:34:12
    214.   trainwreck
    Since Brock is teaching da kids...

    We win!

    2008-03-06 13:35:05
    215.   silverwidow
    213 RACK HIM!!!
    2008-03-06 13:36:40
    216.   LeeLacy
    What a pleasant ending that was! I tuned in at work around the 7th inning. Then I was on a business call with the TV on mute when May and Repko hit their bombs. The person with whom I was speaking on the phone must have been wondering why I was getting so excited while discussing some boring report.
    2008-03-06 13:38:14
    217.   Disabled List
    214 just spoiled a perfectly thrilling ending on the 10-minute delayed GameCast.
    2008-03-06 13:49:24
    218.   Eric Enders
    I tend to agree with the general consensus that Steve Phillips is an idiot, but he actually wasn't too terrible today. I think he's better off without the bad influence of John Kruk. When Kruk is around, Phillips tends to agree with all Kruk's idiotic statements because if he doesn't he gets the "you never played the game" argument thrown in his face on national TV.

    Anyway, that ninth inning was going pretty well until my recording shut off with two outs in the ninth and Repko about to bat. I take it he did something good.

    2008-03-06 13:50:26
    219.   Dodgers49
    The last Dodgers pitcher didn't have a name on the back of his uniform. So I thought I'd go check the boxscore at to find out about him. His name (Sierra) was highlighted in the boxscore so I clicked on it. I received the following information:

    >> There are no statistical data available for this Player <<

    So, I guess we went pretty deep into our bullpen today. :-)

    2008-03-06 13:56:15
    220.   Sushirabbit
    Too bad we don't have many guys that can hit HRs. :-) Of course it is Spring Training. I still somehow wish it would be Pierre that gets traded and not Repko.
    2008-03-06 13:57:22
    221.   Eric Enders
    It was nice watching the D's on ESPN because at least McDounough bothered to mention who was batting or pitching and tell the audience a little bit about them.

    Steinday would have done something like this:

    Steiner: So, #73 batting. What do we know about him?
    Monday: Nothing.
    Steiner: Well, who is he?
    Monday: We don't know, and don't care
    [Then a conspiratorial chuckle about how little they care about the game they're calling...]

    2008-03-06 14:00:49
    222.   regfairfield
    219 It says something that I've never even heard of the guy.
    2008-03-06 14:04:42
    223.   underdog
    Just like LeeL, I was on a work call for awhile, too (but working at home, had the game on in the background), missed Repko's salami, then saw Sierra (who?) save it. Fun stuff for a meaningless game.

    220 I've said this before but yes, if by some miracle Pierre was traded, I'd be pretty stoked with an outfield of Kemp, Jones and Ethier with Repko and Young the backups. All people with power, fancy that! Well, I am glad Jason got to show Torre a little something at least. Maybe he'll get a shot later in the year.

    210 I'm not a big Steve P fan either, but in fairness, he did also praise the Dodgers young players a lot today and predicted they'd win the west this year (jinxing them). He wasn't all Red Sox all the time. Peter Gammons on the other hand...

    Although Gammons did tell The George Lombard Story.

    2008-03-06 14:04:46
    224.   natepurcell
    Tony Jackson forgot about his "cease fire" proposal.
    2008-03-06 14:06:45
    225.   underdog
    224 Uh oh, I'm afraid to look. Is it all about how the Dodgers came back and won today because of Pierre's speed? I don't even care anymore.

    okay, back to work. Enjoy the sweetness of that meaningless victory everyone.

    2008-03-06 14:08:37
    226.   Eric Enders
    Okay, I dislike Pierre's game as much as the next guy, but isn't he a better player than Jason Repko? Why would everybody rather have Repko? Simply because he's so bad that he could never be a threat to Ethier's job?
    2008-03-06 14:09:15
    227.   GrilledOnly
    221 Charlie and Rick also have a bad habit of not telling us the score of the ball game even after a run scores.
    2008-03-06 14:12:16
    228.   Jon Weisman
    Eduardo Sierra is 25 years old:

    2008-03-06 14:14:06
    229.   Jon Weisman
    The White Sox claimed him on waivers from Colorado on 4/26/06.

    He was non-tendered by Chicago in December.

    "Sierra failed to impress after being claimed off waivers in April, amassing a 5.65 ERA in 43 innings for Double-A Birmingham. The hard-throwing 24-year-old probably won't ever demonstrate the command necessary to become an effective major league reliever. "

    2008-03-06 14:14:58
    230.   Jon Weisman
    He has had the strikeouts but not the control.
    2008-03-06 14:19:58
    231.   underdog
    226 Because Repko is a fine 4th outfielder, in my opinion, and a lot cheaper than Pierre. So yeah, I'd rather have Repko as my cheaper 4th outfielder, and feel like he can actually hit with power if healthy and playing... Well, yes, we're basically stuck with Pierre's contract so there's no way around that. I guess I don't think Repko's had a fair shake, partially because of his own doing.
    2008-03-06 14:21:20
    232.   Daniel Zappala
    219 Edwardo/Eduardo Sierra. Has been around for a while but is only 25. Pitched for Oakland, Yankees, Colorado, White Sox in the minors. Gets a free pass to join my team with Lindsey, Repko, and Brazoban.

    2008-03-06 14:22:24
    233.   sporky
    >>What if Bowa had been here last fall during the conflict between the veterans and kids?

    "First, if you are a kid and that sensitive about a veteran's comments, shame on you," Bowa says. "But second, if you are a veteran and have a problem with a kid, you need to lead by example, work hard every play, run out every ground ball."<<

    I'm not ready for the Plaschke-onslaught.

    2008-03-06 14:28:25
    234.   Humma Kavula
    From the Plaschke:

    Says James Loney: "I'm thinking he might not ever go to sleep."

    From "Night of the Hunter": "Don't he never sleep?"

    Ohmigawd, he's the Preacher!

    2008-03-06 14:31:22
    235.   Humma Kavula
    Also, I note that Plaschke ends this column with a variation on his all-purpose comment. It's not "They'd better be," but "It better" is pretty close.
    2008-03-06 14:45:05
    236.   JoeyP
    Lucas May has to be a candidate for future Dodger 2nd string catcher.

    I'm not sure how good of catcher he is since he just moved to the position last year...but this HR power doesnt lie. Certainly a better alternative than the Lieberthal, Bennett's, Sandy Alomar Jrs of the world..

    He'll be a little old for his league in AA this year.

    2008-03-06 14:47:53
    237.   bigcpa
    I'm reading some fantasy beat-writer blurbs and come across this odd sounding health report on Andruw Jones:

    The LA Times reports: Andrew Jones is up to about 245 pounds... It's the oddest sight in camp. It's the loudest whisper in camp. People are staring, people are talking, everybody is wondering, there's no way around it. Literally, no way around it. Andruw Jones looks heavy.

    The lack of carriage returns threw me off the scent.

    2008-03-06 14:50:09
    238.   cargill06
    236 he had 31 past balls in 78 games.
    2008-03-06 14:53:11
    239.   regfairfield
    He also had a .310 on base percentage.
    2008-03-06 15:00:28
    240.   alex 7
    .310 huh? or about Bennet's lifetime OPS average. Kidding. So those who have watched - any sign on Repko's speed? He did steal 10 out of 14 two years ago, so now I'm curious if he might still have that solid speed after the injury.
    2008-03-06 15:07:45
    241.   fanerman
    Tony Jackson on the cease fire: "I just said I wouldn't RESPOND to anyone's comments. I never said I wouldn't initiate (agitate)."
    2008-03-06 15:21:03
    242.   GMac In The 909
    241 Professional journalism at its best.
    2008-03-06 15:23:05
    243.   underdog
    237 Forget Andruw's weight. We have John-Ford Griffin waiting in the wings! And George Lombard and His Orchestra!

    Actually Jones looks like he could eat Griffin and Lombard for brunch.

    But I'm not particularly worried about it. He doesn't exactly look like Tommy Lasorda.

    2008-03-06 15:27:38
    244.   ToyCannon
    Tommy is not trying to play CF. As someone pointed out several days ago A Jones might be the biggest CF in the game over the last decade. For years Tony Gwynn failed to acknowledge his weight was a problem until they floated him over the Rose Bowl.
    2008-03-06 15:33:20
    245.   underdog
    244 I guess it's just worst than I thought. He didn't look that bad the other day but maybe I wasn't looking at him too closely. (Nor have I weighed him.) Maybe he needs Larry Bowa barking at his heels, make him run extra laps.
    2008-03-06 15:33:40
    246.   underdog
    worse, not worst. Sigh, me failing English today.
    2008-03-06 15:36:16
    247.   StolenMonkey86
    224 - The Left Fielder and the Right Fielder

    "If you're watching the game on ESPN, you have no doubt noticed it. He is 2 for 3 with a stolen base and a bunt single and has made two nice catches, one of which was a spectacular diving catch over by the line. Not sure who that is playing out there today ... wait, let's see, let me just check my scorecard here ... looks like it's ... hey, wow, it's Juan Pierre. Imagine that. ... Dodgers are hitless in six ABs with men in scoring position, but none of those ABs were by Pierre. Only run came on a homer by Kemp. ... Red Sox 5, Dodgers 1, top 6"

    2008-03-06 15:38:21
    248.   StolenMonkey86
    244 - There's a quote on Dodgerblues about how Betemit said he became a better ballplayer by gaining 20 lbs. Is that just the Braves way (although Furcal doesn't seem to look too porky)?
    2008-03-06 15:38:34
    249.   SG6
    244 - It's not like he just signed a huge short-term contract with a new team, or has anything to prove coming off a dismal season.
    2008-03-06 15:40:54
    250.   cargill06
    i do like how in plashckes columns andruw said he got back into shape this season by eating whatever he wanted. did anyone ever explain to him there is a difference between putting on a good 20 pounds and a bad 20 pounds.
    Show/Hide Comments 251-300
    2008-03-06 15:53:30
    251.   madmac
    While I am guilty of missing some posts, but I haven't seen anything from D4P in maybe a couple weeks now. You out there D4P. Anyone heard from him? I know he's got the school/job hunt thing going on, but still. Just color me concerned.
    2008-03-06 15:55:45
    252.   Jon Weisman
    251 - No, he's been missing, and I haven't heard from him.
    2008-03-06 15:58:15
    253.   madmac
    Thanks Jon. Best wishes to him and the wife and my prayers that all is fine.
    2008-03-06 15:58:31
    254.   Hythloday
    251 - I am far from informed on this topic, but I was under the impression that D4P was in the middle a brutal run-up to a dissertation defense as well as suffering the usual vagaries of the academic job market. When I went through that experience I broke out in hives all over my body two weeks prior to my defense. I wouldn't wish those two months on anyone.
    2008-03-06 16:00:19
    255.   Gen3Blue
    I've got to admit, at 18 mil Andrew Jones has me scared. Big time. But as many people have said, we have to trust him. At this point he is a young man with a load of talent and a load of incentive to do well.
    2008-03-06 16:03:14
    256.   madmac
    254 yeah, knew he had that stuff going on, but I would think that DT would be a much welcomed escape from those pressures. I hope that's all it is.
    2008-03-06 16:03:39
    257.   fanerman
    Does 10 pounds really cause that much of a difference in appearance? From "yeah whatever" to "wow he's huge". Is it because he's always been kinda big to begin with?

    I agree with cargill though, that it's one thing to gain 10 pounds, but another to do it by eating whatever he wants.

    2008-03-06 16:07:38
    258.   Gen3Blue
    Brett Favre. The kind of emotional mess that makes it almost impossible to fathom football players.
    2008-03-06 16:08:05
    259.   madmac
    Re AJ. I think he may have overdone it a bit, but I recall reading he wanted to bulk up this season after shedding weight last year and thus losing some power. He felt one caused the other and was looking to bulk up to power up. While there may be some truth to it I think there is balance to be had. Hopefuly he'll play off the extra weight. I don't think it's a Tony Gwynn situation though.
    2008-03-06 16:08:38
    260.   underdog
    If he's going to eat anything, couldn't he at least have the decency to eat Juan Pierre?
    2008-03-06 16:10:21
    261.   fanerman
    258 I thought he un-retired or something.
    2008-03-06 16:10:38
    262.   Eric Enders
    Going for the two-year deal seems a strange move on Jones' part if he didn't intend to work hard to improve on last year. If he's really taking the attitude of "screw it, I'm not going to bother getting in shape," then one would think he'd have taken the best long-term deal out there instead of a short contract that requires him to prove himself.
    2008-03-06 16:12:06
    263.   Eric Enders
    259 It's sort of weird that he's concerned about losing power, when power was really the only part of his game that was acceptable last year.
    2008-03-06 16:13:12
    264.   madmac
    262 that's thing, I think he thinks this was the best way to improve himself as a power threat.
    2008-03-06 16:14:21
    265.   Andrew Shimmin
    Tony Jackson must think he's cuter than puppies dressed in people clothes.
    2008-03-06 16:15:58
    266.   regfairfield
    Going by the numbers (career high in fly balls, career low in fly balls making it over the fence, very low BABIP) Jones pretty much approached every at bat in 2007 swinging for the fences, and lost some power somewhere along the way. If he's trying to gain weight, he has no intention of changing, he just wants to hit the ball further. If he's going to do that, this was the right thing to do.
    2008-03-06 16:17:57
    267.   underdog
    Repko can't be feeling too relieved if he reads this blurb in Ken Gurnick's latest notes:

    >>Repko has impressed Torre, but that doesn't mean he'll be able to crack the Opening Day roster of a team with a crowded outfield.

    "He's called attention to himself," said Torre. "His goal is to let people know who he is. If we have to say good-bye, we certainly won't forget him." <<

    2008-03-06 16:20:37
    268.   Gen3Blue
    Re Andruw; the problem is that if you had a bad year and were 31, and couldn't land a long term contract, it would be relatively easy to report looking like a Greek god.(for comparison, I would have to gain two inches, get contacts, and work at least as hard as Sly Stalonne.( I think I am a year older)). And probably take steroids. At that age, with that access to gyms, with those genes, it would be so easy to put on 10 -15 pounds of muscle. I'm sorry, but he is tending much closer to the Pillsbury Dough-boy. If this is just the way his body works, and I am wrong, I am very sorry. But I'm scared.

    Time will tell.

    2008-03-06 16:25:12
    269.   Jon Weisman
    Kuo might pitch this weekend:

    2008-03-06 16:33:44
    270.   Dodgers49
    232 219 Edwardo/Eduardo Sierra. Has been around for a while but is only 25.

    While checking his bio I did notice this:

    Eduardo Medina Sierra

    Fantasy Comparison: Johan Santana 1729

    That ought to be worth something. Even if it's fantasy. :-)

    2008-03-06 16:36:12
    271.   regfairfield
    270 That's just the top rated player at his position.
    2008-03-06 16:39:27
    272.   Dodgers49
    Oh, too bad. I thought I was on to something. :-)
    2008-03-06 17:14:42
    273.   Dodgers49
    That really was a nice story on James McDonald that Josh pointed to on Inside the Dodgers. Can't wait to see him in a game this spring.

    2008-03-06 17:28:19
    274.   StolenMonkey86
    320236. My eyes!! And my hand!
    2008-03-06 17:29:16
    275.   underdog
    In other sports news, David Beckham apparently was offered but turned down a role in Stallone's new Rambo flick - smart guy; and the Bailey brothers are united in Denver.
    2008-03-06 17:38:28
    276.   Eric Enders
    I only recently found out James is Darnell McDonald's cousin. Darnell was the most highly touted football recruit in the country in 1997. He signed with Texas, where he was supposed to be the next Earl Campbell. But the Orioles paid him an ungodly bonus to skip college and he ended up with just a cup of coffee major league career.
    2008-03-06 17:40:53
    277.   underdog
    276 Yeah that family is full of talented athletes over time. Wow. And I remember his uncle Ben playing at UCI and Golden State, too.
    2008-03-06 17:48:34
    278.   MC Safety
    273 Yeah, it's a cool story. The team I played on with James coached by his Pops was bad (I'm talking won one game one year) and the funniest thing was we were the Giants. James was like a young Pedro without the control. So maybe he was a young Daniel Cabrera, but he had the three quarters thing going. I gotta dig through a bunch of boxes at my Dad's house, but I'll find the team picture, it's pretty funny.
    2008-03-06 17:49:40
    279.   Jon Weisman
    New posts up top.

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