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The Crazy Thing Is ...
2008-03-08 04:20
by Jon Weisman

A year ago, Nomar Garciaparra wasn't even considered physically capable of playing third base. Even as the Dodgers questioned the abilities of Wilson Betemit, they dismissed the idea of moving Garciaparra to third and having shining prospect James Loney play first base in April 2007.

The idea that Garciaparra couldn't play third base at all was absurd - but so is the idea that he can play it every day. So even if Garciaparra busts out a strong comeback season at the plate, the idea that he can do it while playing six or seven games a week is even more pie-in-the-sky. Tony Abreu therefore could be critical, though Abreu right now comes with his own set of physical concerns, not to mention the responsibility of backing up 40-and-a-day-year-old Jeff Kent.

Delwyn Young has come on strong defensively this spring, enough to posssibly consider him as a backup to Kent and maybe even a third-stringer at third. (Amid my ongoing dismissal of Spring Training stats, it's worth asking whether exhibition fielding is actually meaningful, in contrast to exhibition hitting - which Young doesn't happen to be doing at the moment.) And there's always the option of using Chin-Lung Hu around the infield. (You can keep your Ramon Martinezes.)

As far as a trade goes, well, the Dodgers should be able to stand pat into April. In a month's time, they should have hints of whether Garciaparra looks competent and the timing of LaRoche's recovery. Dodger Thoughts commenters like Eric Enders pointed out Friday that the estimate of eight to 10 weeks for LaRoche might be optimistic, depending on the severity of his injury. Regarding the ulnar collateral ligament that LaRoche tore, the Kerlan-Jobe (as in Dr. Frank) Orthopaedic Clinic writes:

  • Patients can expect a full recovery following treatment.
  • Recovery from a partial tear is 4-6 weeks. Consisting of initial complete immobilization, followed by a gradual increase in activity.
  • With a complete tear, the patient can anticipate six to eight weeks in a cast prior to beginning strengthening and rehabilitation exercises.

    Third base was going to be a low-expectations position in April for the Dodgers even before yesterday. Whoever played figured to bat no higher than seventh in the Dodger lineup. We'll never know what LaRoche could have done if he won the position, but there was a strong chance that he wasn't going to win it - if for no other reason than the team's recent tradition of breaking in young players like Loney, Russell Martin, Andre Ethier and Chad Billingsley after May Day. So not much has changed in the short term.

    For the long term ... well, Garciaparra & Co. need to show they can hold down the fort for as long as it takes for LaRoche to show signs of returning. It's a similar situation to that of the team's No. 5 starting pitcher. If the Dodgers have a losing April but LaRoche and Jason Schmidt look ready to help by June, how much patience will general manager Ned Colletti have?

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    2008-03-08 04:42:29
    1.   DXMachina
    The most worrisome thing to me about the situation as it stands is the notion that Ramon Martinez is now back in the mix to stick with the team. And if having Lucille around it keeps Ned from making a panic trade, I can probably live with it.
    2008-03-08 04:43:09
    2.   old dodger fan
    How things can change in 24 hours. This from Dayn Perry at Fox just yesterday:

    "The good news for the Dodgers is that Andy LaRoche, who's far and away their best internal option at third base, is raking thus far. He's come to bat only 17 times, but a batting line of .353 AVG/.421 OBP/.588 SLG is putting him in good position to win the job."


    2008-03-08 05:58:39
    3.   Bumsrap
    I am going to assume LaRoche will be on the Disabled list and earn MLB money instead of going down to AAA should he not have been injured and earning much less while Nomar gets the playing time.

    With LaRoche on DL, if Abreu is healthy, Abreu should be able to make the team out of Spring training. Whenever Abreu plays he adds speed and creates a need to add power elsewhere in the lineup. This helps Ethier get playing time.

    I think Kemp should be hitting second. He has speed and seems to be able to get on base better than he seems to be able to drive in runs at this time in his career. With Kemp's speed in the #2 spot, Pierre perhaps drops to the 8th spot or gives way to a more powerful bat lower in the order.

    2008-03-08 06:00:14
    4.   Bumsrap
    Dewitt, will we see more of you this Spring?
    2008-03-08 06:06:19
    5.   Gen3Blue
    It boggles the mind.
    2008-03-08 06:40:04
    6.   MollyKnight
    I want to break the no explitive rule so badly right now. But I guess I'll have so settle for a gosh darn it.
    2008-03-08 06:47:28
    7.   adamclyde
    I was at the game yesterday. You could see the disappointment of both Nomar and laroche as soon as they got hurt. Sucks. Nomar was just mad. But he's got the better wrap. The pick off throw from the catcher (who looks exactly like laroche, btw) to laroche was way off and laroche had to really reach around the runner. I think it was a bad call by the catcher to start with. I'm going again tomorrow. I wonder if they'll play Chavez at third again or is Nomar cleared for tomorrow?
    2008-03-08 06:47:54
    8.   adamclyde
    I was at the game yesterday. You could see the disappointment of both Nomar and laroche as soon as they got hurt. Sucks. Nomar was just mad. But he's got the better wrap. The pick off throw from the catcher (who looks exactly like laroche, btw) to laroche was way off and laroche had to really reach around the runner. I think it was a bad call by the catcher to start with. I'm going again tomorrow. I wonder if they'll play Chavez at third again or is Nomar cleared for tomorrow?
    2008-03-08 06:58:54
    9.   Ken Noe
    The wild cards are Kent's hammies. If they continue to prove troublesome, and Nomar continues to show his age as well, Abreu, Young and Hu could be playing a lot more than expected.
    2008-03-08 07:13:42
    10.   popup
    Jon, I don't think it is Ned's patience that is important. Unfortunately with this franchise it is McCourt's patience that counts. If we were talking about the O'Malleys, I would not be concerned on that front. McCourt is a whole different matter, which is why at best I happen to be a lukewarm Dodger fan at best at this point.

    Stan from Tacoma

    2008-03-08 07:44:03
    11.   bhsportsguy
    10 Even so, McCourt's dealings have generally involved his front office personnel or management (if you consider his terminations of Jim Tracy and Grady Little). But in terms of his direct involvement in player personnel decisions, there has been no evidence that he has ever directly interfered. (Again, unless you believe the Will Carroll/Ken Rosenthal rumorings of a fractured front office where there was a split of whether or not to deal for some veteran players. And if that is true, McCourt has stated a preference to keep the young players together.)
    2008-03-08 07:47:32
    12.   Jon Weisman
    James McDonald is scheduled to follow Esteban Loaiza Sunday.
    2008-03-08 07:52:43
    13.   Ken Noe
    10 McCourt's not going anywhere, and neither is Torre. Ned is the guy under the microscope this year, and he needs to win to keep at least his place in the Dodger food chain ahead of Torre. We can assume he's okay with Nomar at 3B, and I don't expect any Inge deal. The real focus shifts to JP's contact vs. results, and pitching (notably Schmidt).

    On a happier note, my kid drove down for the game today.

    2008-03-08 08:01:10
    14.   Bob Timmermann
    No NPUT means BT is LAT'd.
    2008-03-08 08:06:41
    15.   Bob Timmermann
    Oh, my ears! Remember I live in South Pasadena, swearing is illegal in my city this week!
    2008-03-08 08:53:00
    16.   Gen3Blue
    Despite the lack of a third baseman, I really like the look of todays line-up.
    I had forgotten the front two thirds that we are capable of, which I suppose is not a good sign.
    2008-03-08 08:58:00
    17.   Daniel Zappala
    14 If you want to stay on that old thread, I'm with you.
    2008-03-08 09:00:47
    18.   Greg Brock
    Jeff Kent to third, Young/Abreu to second. Moving positions to help the team is exactly what PVL is all about.

    It's really all about team.

    2008-03-08 09:01:58
    19.   popup
    11 I don't think it is a coincidence that the roster has been littered with recycled Red Sox with McCourt as owner.

    Stan from Tacoma

    2008-03-08 09:11:45
    20.   PalmdaleSteve1
    Guess Garciaparra's hot .283 bat from last season will be missed in the old line up..or not, but his foot tapping, glove adjusting, helmet adjusting show between ever pitch might be.
    2008-03-08 09:21:50
    21.   Lexinthedena
    I love today's lineup. If Abreu can show that he is healthy, then he and Nomar will be an OK third base. I really hope LaRoche comes back strong when he does come back. If anything this injury seems to have awaken the masses to how important he is to the Dodgers.
    2008-03-08 09:25:08
    22.   LAT
    You can't put Kent at 3B. With Kent there during the top half of the inning and Bowa there for the bottom half, the hot corner would become a contaminated pool of irascibility and grumpiness. That has to be a violation of an EPA rule or something.
    2008-03-08 09:26:58
    23.   underdog
    18 Kent to third - talk about moving the trash can.

    I'm with 1 - I don't want Lucille II on the team at all this time 'round -- unless he keeps them from trading from some horribly overpriced 3rdbaseman, in which case I'll choose the lesser of two evils.

    2008-03-08 09:33:07
    24.   underdog
    From Tony Jax:
    >>Tony Abreu, who yesterday played in his first game after being out of action with an abdominal injury, now has a gluteus injury (a pain in the, well, you know). It isn't thought to be serious, maybe just a day-after injury from his having finally played in a game. Torre said he felt it the first time he took a ground ball. LaRoche's surgery is Monday in L.A. Nomar is fine, but will be out of action for a couple of days. Joe and Ned met this morning, and pursuing a 3B from outside the organization was discussed, but don't look for it to happen until later in the spring, after all other options are explored -- and those options DO include trying Delwyn Young and Chin-lung Hu at 3B.<<
    2008-03-08 09:34:43
    25.   underdog
    I think the Dodgers should have a turnstile installed over at the hot corner. Larry Bowa can take tickets.

    Man, if they think LaRoche is injury prone, I wonder what they think about Abreu at this point?

    2008-03-08 09:42:12
    26.   Ken Noe
    23 Unless it's Beltre or maybe Betemit (just for irony's sake) I'll take LII over a trade. Ned likes Nomar and LaRoche will be back soon enough.
    2008-03-08 09:44:00
    27.   Lexinthedena
    A Gluteus injury? guess Abreu is never just sore...

    i would love it if Delwyn showed he can handle the hot corner.

    2008-03-08 09:49:29
    28.   Gen3Blue
    A pox on whoever Beltre's agent was.
    2008-03-08 09:50:42
    29.   Greg Brock
    28 Take a wild guess...
    2008-03-08 09:53:57
    30.   Bluebleeder87
    What a bummer about La Roche man...
    2008-03-08 09:56:54
    31.   Bluebleeder87
    if anything I'm happy to watch the boys in blue on a lazy Sat. morning.
    2008-03-08 10:00:32
    32.   Gen3Blue
    29 I should have remembered that.
    2008-03-08 10:06:51
    33.   silverwidow
    2008-03-08 10:08:11
    34.   Bob Timmermann
    Adrian Beltre: Fluky seasons, followed by mediocrity, has its price.
    2008-03-08 10:22:29
    35.   Gen3Blue
    Uh-oh. Rough start for the new guy.
    2008-03-08 10:24:19
    36.   underdog
    Uh oh. Hiro's not off to the sharpest of starts. Hope he bears down!
    2008-03-08 10:32:13
    37.   GMac In The 909
    2008-03-08 10:32:53
    38.   silverwidow
    Vin said Matt Kemp is "struggling" batting .200. What???
    2008-03-08 10:33:24
    39.   Andrew Shimmin
    Delwyn Young is Tony Schrager. Except he can hit, too.
    2008-03-08 10:33:48
    40.   silverwidow
    DeWitt has a GREAT swing.
    2008-03-08 10:35:46
    41.   Andrew Shimmin
    38- Kent is hitting .200. Vin just read the wrong line on his sheet.
    2008-03-08 10:37:40
    42.   GMac In The 909
    41 Vin also called Kemp Delwyn Young for the first minute of the AB.

    Spring training is a time for everyone to get sharp.

    2008-03-08 10:41:24
    43.   Andrew Shimmin
    Is it ironic that only Loney could have fielded that toss from Loney?
    2008-03-08 10:44:19
    44.   underdog
    Darn, I missed Young's dinger. Damn this human need to occasionally go to the bathroom.

    Was it a nice deep smash?

    Yah, Vinnie's still in spring training, too, cut him some slack.

    2008-03-08 10:50:26
    45.   Andrew Shimmin
    Was it a nice deep smash?

    A no-doubt-about-it, thing of beauty.

    2008-03-08 10:50:30
    46.   Gen3Blue
    Nice inning for the "Young"sters including DeWitt. And getting my info from the "super"box it looks like Repko hits looper for a double.
    2008-03-08 10:57:09
    47.   GMac In The 909
    The RF battle is hotter than ever.
    2008-03-08 10:58:36
    48.   underdog
    Nicely placed hit down the line there, Bison! That must really be no man's land in the left field corner, too. Seemed to take about 10 minutes for the outfielder to find it.

    And Loop is out of it.

    2008-03-08 10:58:52
    49.   underdog
    47 Sigh.
    2008-03-08 11:00:16
    50.   underdog
    7 runs on 5 hits. Now that's efficient. Would love to see that carry over to the regular season. Walks + extra base hits, homers, that works for me.
    Show/Hide Comments 51-100
    2008-03-08 11:00:18
    51.   ucladodger
    Super Bison Speed! After today, how can it not be plainly obvious that Juan Pierre just doesnt measure up to any other outifled competitor. Ethier has 2 walks, something i dont remember Juan doing all of last year. Kemp has a triple and 2 RBI. Delwyn hit a monster home run. Repko with a double and RBI. The things Pierre cannot do- walk and hit for power seem to correlate with scoring runs. Unbelievable!
    2008-03-08 11:03:09
    52.   Dodgers49
    Finally, a better explanation of what really happened on that play.

    Hot corner a sore subject for Dodgers

    The ball ricocheted off the helmet of Cardinals base runner D'Angelo Jimenez and struck LaRoche on the base of his right thumb, causing a tear of the ulnar collateral ligament.

    2008-03-08 11:03:22
    53.   underdog
    51 "After today" is being chronologically generous. ;-)

    DeWitt's up with two on.

    2008-03-08 11:05:02
    54.   Icaros

    But only one of the players you listed above was on a team that won the World Series five years ago, and that's where winning comes from.

    2008-03-08 11:06:43
    55.   underdog
    DeWitt pops up. Ah well.

    Then Repko hits a soft liner that Izturis boots for an error. Probably partially the duststorms in the infield to blame.

    Man, poor Vinnie is goofing up left and right but he's clearly rusty.

    And now Furcal lines a hit and scores yet another run. The rout is on!

    2008-03-08 11:10:37
    56.   Gen3Blue
    It seems like everybody is enjoying things, but how can that be with our three main PVLs not present.
    2008-03-08 11:10:55
    57.   Andrew Shimmin
    Pierre had two walks in each of two games last year. The Dodgers won both games.

    2008-03-08 11:11:08
    58.   GMac In The 909
    This is exactly the kind of game we needed on TV after yesterday's news.
    2008-03-08 11:12:32
    59.   underdog
    And Loney doubles home two more runs. And a sloppy throw brings in yet more run. And the rout is even more on. 12-3. Wow. I wish they could do this to the Cards in the regular season.

    So it sounds like Hiro is done already, he's throwing some more pitches in the bullpen to keep going but is probably done. And with Tom Martin warming up in the pen it's probably not over yet!

    And now Troy Glaus may be hurt on a play sort of like what happened to LaRoche, on a throw to third. But Glaus looks okay, probably just a stinger.

    2008-03-08 11:14:12
    60.   underdog
    And Andruw eats Ron Villone!

    No, wait, he just hits it back to the box for the third out. Sorry.

    2008-03-08 11:15:32
    61.   Icaros

    I'm surprised, you usually seem to have a lot going on most weekends to be posting spring training inning recaps.

    2008-03-08 11:18:37
    62.   eekrock
    60 - Do you right for DodgerBlues? Nice snarky comment.
    2008-03-08 11:19:20
    63.   underdog
    61 Heh. Yah. I'm stuck at home doing some work, and had to give my cat his insulin shot. And now I'm recovering from all the wounds.

    Someone will have to take over for me soon though, and for tomorrow's game. Er, not that anyone needs these recaps.

    Back to the game: Tom Martin sucks.

    2008-03-08 11:19:38
    64.   KG16
    Mainly because I don't remember them wearing them before... the Dodgers aren't planning to wear these blue jerseys as "alternate" jerseys during the regular season, are they?
    2008-03-08 11:19:49
    65.   ToyCannon
    Makes sense to me. Kent lack of range wouldn't hurt as much and he still has the arm and reflexes to play 3rd base, while Abreu at 2nd would be a huge improvement.

    I totally agree with Jon's post. We were within an eyelash of Nomar already being on the DL, I think you could get great odds that he will be on it by May 1st.

    I'm no fan of Brandon Inge but I'm a huge fan of a healthy Eric Chavez. Even in a injury plagued year he still posted an OPS+ north of 100 and I think his glove is still golden.

    I also think Andrew is right in that Andy is going to be damaged goods even when he comes back. These hand/wrist things never work out coming off the DL. Time to do some research but I don't think it bodes well for Andy in 2008.

    2008-03-08 11:22:39
    66.   eekrock
    62 - write. that was bad.
    2008-03-08 11:23:18
    67.   underdog
    And I also wanted to hear Vin Scully for awhile, for the first time in months.

    Paul wisely avoids ramming into the Bison and dives low for that ball. Nice double play turned just before that though.

    2008-03-08 11:24:19
    68.   eekrock
    64 - i think these are just Spring Training kits. I'd hate to see those hats in an MLB game. /shiver
    2008-03-08 11:25:02
    69.   underdog
    Pierre and DeWitt for Chavez. Done.
    2008-03-08 11:25:18
    70.   Icaros
    Hee-Seop would've caught that.
    2008-03-08 11:26:25
    71.   underdog
    Tom Martin puts his foot down to stop that roller.

    Loney must not be a fan of the swirling winds and sun in this ballpark. Don't think we'll see him goof like that many times.

    2008-03-08 11:34:31
    72.   eekrock
    Kuo in vs. the top of the Cards lineup.
    2008-03-08 11:34:39
    73.   underdog
    Hong Chi Kuo pitching!
    2008-03-08 11:36:37
    74.   underdog
    Strikes out Kennedy with a nice fastball on the outside corner. Sweet.
    2008-03-08 11:38:18
    75.   Bob Timmermann
    I believe that teams are required to wear the ugly caps and the funky jerseys during spring training.
    2008-03-08 11:39:32
    76.   underdog
    I actually kind of like the Dodgers' spring jerseys, but I'm obviously in the minority...
    2008-03-08 11:39:46
    77.   natepurcell
    Brian Barton is black!
    2008-03-08 11:43:29
    78.   KG16
    76 - I'm just not a big fan of alternate jerseys for some team (the Lakers' "Sunday Whites" are an abomination). I don't have a problem with the Angels having 6 different jerseys (or the Bulls having 47 alternate jerseys); but the Lakers, Dodgers, Yankees, Celtics, and probably a few other teams having alternate jerseys just seems strange.
    2008-03-08 11:44:01
    79.   underdog
    After a pop out, Barton lines a double off of Kuo. Then a deep fly out to George Lombard and His Orchestra. Good to see Hong Chi out there again.
    2008-03-08 11:46:24
    80.   CanuckDodger
    What inning is it and what is the score?
    2008-03-08 11:47:15
    81.   underdog
    Top of the fifth. Dodgers batting. 12-3 Dodgers.
    2008-03-08 11:47:22
    82.   eekrock
    top of 5th, 12-3 to los Doyers
    2008-03-08 11:47:43
    83.   eekrock
    13-3. homer by Lombard.
    2008-03-08 11:48:10
    84.   Andrew Shimmin
    2008-03-08 11:48:31
    85.   Dodgers49
    Broxton will be ready if Saito is not

    2008-03-08 11:48:45
    86.   underdog
    Mark Worrell is pitching for the Cardinals on his birthday today, and, as Vin has reminded us several times, is no relation to the other Worrell brothers.

    And George Lombard and His Orchestra hits one out!

    Maybe he can play third base.

    2008-03-08 11:49:22
    87.   underdog
    Y'all are either prescient or have a faster connection than I. Or maybe I just took long to type all that.
    2008-03-08 11:50:19
    88.   underdog
    Not over yet though. The Cardinals have come back in the 4th quarter many times before, and a touchdown and a FG isn't out of the question.
    2008-03-08 11:50:50
    89.   underdog
    Oh no... Vin... must resist saying "Hu's on first." Ah well.
    2008-03-08 11:52:51
    90.   Gen3Blue
    This band leader doesn't look to go away easy.
    2008-03-08 11:54:16
    91.   underdog
    Loney now with 11 hits in the spring.

    Who says hitters need a lot longer to get the rust off?

    And Lucille II comes in to run for Loney.

    2008-03-08 11:57:02
    92.   underdog
    Lombard could end up agreeing to a minor league contract and be in Vegas as insurance. That's the most likely scenario unless another team wants him.
    2008-03-08 11:57:28
    93.   Bob Timmermann
    USC leads Stanford by 8 at halftime.
    2008-03-08 11:59:08
    94.   KG16
    91 - is it too soon to start the Loney-hitting-.400 watch? Because seeing a guy hit .400 (particularly a Dodger) is pretty high on my spring training wish list for this year.
    2008-03-08 12:01:03
    95.   underdog
    Rene Rivera is now in there to catch. Which is cool.

    Tanyon Sturtze is pitching, which isn't as cool.

    In fact Sturtze already looks awful. Which is probably a good thing.

    2008-03-08 12:03:42
    96.   Dodgers49
    Bill Plaschke:

    Garciaparra gets third chance with Dodgers

    >> most enigmatic of Dodgers veterans has suddenly become perhaps the most important <<

    2008-03-08 12:03:59
    97.   underdog
    Blake DeWitt just made a superb snag of a hot liner. He might have had a better chance at a double play if he'd reacted a little quicker after he caught it, but still a great play.
    2008-03-08 12:06:31
    98.   eekrock
    Sturtze gives up a bases clearing double.
    2008-03-08 12:10:08
    99.   underdog
    I hate to root against anyone on the Dodgers, but I'm fine seeing Sturtze fare poorly here. I don't want the team to even consider putting him on the roster.
    2008-03-08 12:12:47
    100.   eekrock
    Kemp again with a Triple.

    Bison Power!

    Show/Hide Comments 101-150
    2008-03-08 12:12:57
    101.   Gen3Blue
    Not a good inning for Sturtze. I know Houlton needed a change, but I wish---
    2008-03-08 12:15:53
    102.   LogikReader
    Blake Dewitt at third? Hmmm....
    2008-03-08 12:16:06
    103.   underdog
    Two triples for the Bison today. Nice. Young has 3 RBIs.

    And Blake Hawkesworth walks Blake DeWitt. And now William Blake is up, followed by Hubie Blake and Blake Edwards.

    2008-03-08 12:17:04
    104.   Ricardo
    Matt Kemp is a great athlete, wow!
    2008-03-08 12:18:01
    105.   eekrock
    Nice piece of hitting by Hu (oppo field/inside-outed single) to knock in a run.
    2008-03-08 12:18:50
    106.   underdog
    Hu bangs in a run with a single too!

    Now 16-6, so the Cards still need a TD and a field goal.

    Rene Rivera is up - first time I've seen him for the Dodgers.

    2008-03-08 12:19:16
    107.   Bob Timmermann
    I thought William Blake played for the Tigers?
    2008-03-08 12:21:25
    108.   underdog
    107 Hah. I believe that was the Tygers, actually.

    They do have William Inge, though.

    2008-03-08 12:23:09
    109.   eekrock
    107 he gets around when he's not busy with his carvings...
    Good call on the Tygers, though...
    2008-03-08 12:23:43
    110.   Bob Timmermann
    Stanford appears to be suffering from post-UCLA depression.
    2008-03-08 12:24:30
    111.   underdog
    Okay, as exciting as this game is, I'm outta here. Hasta luego. Hope no one else gets hurt.
    2008-03-08 12:24:42
    112.   Dodgers49
    Eating away the innings in baseball's cheap seats

    >> Before last season, the Dodgers didn't open their right-field bleacher pavilion unless the left-field bleachers sold out. Then they began offering 3,300 right-field bleacher seats with unlimited Dodger Dogs, nachos, peanuts, popcorn, soft drinks and water. The section averaged 2,200 fans a game last season — and sold out for one-third of the team's home games. <<

    2008-03-08 12:25:11
    113.   trainwreck
    The last day we get to see Mata-Real and probably Love, Collison, and Westbrook in Pauley Pavilion.

    Thanks for the memories!

    2008-03-08 12:25:19
    114.   twerp
    Ned may not trade for a 3B, but the more he thinks about it the more he'll be tempted.

    He already may have made inquiries...."just in case."

    When your system calls for PVL and backups for backups for backups, you never can have enough, even if it causes lineup logjams. After all, the manager can work all that out, right?

    I think one of Ned's worst nightmares is having injuries hit so hard that he literally has no one to put on the field to play a given position. That's probably less likely than needing a 3rd string catcher, but Ned probably thinks Frank would fire him on the spot if it ever happened.

    Ned may not be tempted too strongly unless whoever plays 3B for the Dodgers doesn't produce. C'mon Nomar and whoever else...

    But if there's a chance to move JP and $$ for a decent 3B and and some extra bats and balls and Gatorade or whatever...scratch that trading itch, Ned!

    2008-03-08 12:25:54
    115.   eekrock
    Orenduff looks good.

    Just k'd Brian Barton, I believe.

    2008-03-08 12:26:06
    116.   underdog
    Ah, Orenduff's in there. Maybe I'll stay for one more half inning. Nice start - striking out first batter. Looks even better after watching Stanyon Turtze.
    2008-03-08 12:29:18
    117.   eekrock
    another k. just purty.

    did he strike out the side there?

    2008-03-08 12:31:41
    118.   Daniel Zappala
    This is the first time I've had a chance to sit down and watch a Stanford basketball game this year. I'm not understanding how they're ranked #7.
    2008-03-08 12:33:06
    119.   Daniel Zappala
    How are you guys watching the game?
    2008-03-08 12:33:27
    120.   eekrock
    alright, off to spin some records.

    have a great day everybody.

    2008-03-08 12:33:59
    121.   overkill94
    119 KCAL 9
    2008-03-08 12:34:07
    122.   eekrock
    channel 9 has it on locally (LA/OC).
    2008-03-08 12:35:17
    123.   Daniel Zappala
    121 , 122 Thanks, that's what I thought. Not something I can get here. Which is a real bummer because Lindsey is up now.
    2008-03-08 12:39:53
    124.   Dodgers49
    Will Torre be part of All-Star Game in Bronx?

    2008-03-08 12:42:58
    125.   Eric Stephen
    USC is playing great today, but those two big dudes with the chick names scare the hell out of me.
    2008-03-08 12:46:33
    126.   Bob Timmermann
    It is Senior Day at USC!

    Are they honoring anybody? Do any seniors play for USC?

    2008-03-08 12:51:58
    127.   Eric Stephen
    Reed Doucette is the lone senior for USC. He has not played a minute this season!

    The 3 juniors have played a total of 412 minutes before today, an average of just 14.2 per game.

    2008-03-08 12:53:34
    128.   twerp
    OT, maybe good for chuckles==

    As UT's Pat Summitt guides her defending national champs back into the NCAAs, if she's wearing a coonskin cap, this may be where it came from---

    But sounds like this particular coon wouldn't give it up easily...

    2008-03-08 13:12:31
    129.   Eric Stephen
    I'm not a big Brent Musberger fan, but he just had a good line. Steve Lavin said he never thought he'd see Musberger in a West Hollywood bohemian hotel, and Musberger replied, "Hey, I'm bi-coastal!"
    2008-03-08 13:13:08
    130.   Eric Stephen
    I think USC is 2-0 on CBS this season (wins over UCLA & Stanford). Bodes well for the NCAA Tournament.
    2008-03-08 13:18:05
    131.   Gen3Blue
    Its kind of fun trying to figure out whatis happening watching the box score. But the poor St.L pitcher in the ninth--I've never seen a guy give up six hits that quick.
    2008-03-08 13:50:20
    132.   68elcamino427
    Who would you rather see at 3b, Hu or Nomar?
    Does Hu have enough pop is his bat to justify manning 3b? It is obvious that Hu has the makings of a great SS, but for now he can fill a need at third without making a trade, get plate appearances at the MLB level, and put competetive pressure on Furcal by playing next to him.
    It looks like Abreu has a soft body. What's up with this guy, The Dodgers have great physical therapists don't they?
    It sure looks like the Bison, Loney, and Eithier have done the things that are necessary to preare their bodies to perform.
    Hu looks like he's ready to step up if Nomar goes down or just isn't able to produce.
    2008-03-08 13:53:33
    133.   fanerman
    If Kent can play 3B, that opens up a lot more options (without having to make a trade).
    2008-03-08 14:00:45
    134.   68elcamino427
    133 You are correct, but a move like that would mess up all of the offensive stats yet to be produced this year by the future 2b Hall of Famer. At this stage of his career, I doubt that Kent would agree to a move like that.
    2008-03-08 14:02:57
    135.   Andrew Shimmin
    Would winning this game get Cal into the tournament, or are they too far gone for that?
    2008-03-08 14:04:08
    136.   El Lay Dave
    The longest stint Jeff Kent got at 3B was in '96 for 95 games. He made 21 errors, which sounds borderline brutal to me. It was the last season he saw any time there. Not that fielding pct is that useful, but his career there is .925 for 157 games, 34 Es. The season Pedro Guerrero played 157 games there (1983) he made 30 Es (.934). Kent there, at age 40, might be really, really awful.
    2008-03-08 14:07:25
    137.   trainwreck
    Too far gone.
    2008-03-08 14:12:37
    138.   Andrew Shimmin
    I was promised seven Pac10 teams in the tournament this year.

    Lies were told.

    2008-03-08 14:14:00
    139.   68elcamino427
    136 That is great research and an excellent presentation.
    2008-03-08 14:14:03
    140.   Andrew Shimmin
    Steve Lavin needs a cough drop. Made of hemlock.
    2008-03-08 14:16:08
    141.   Bill Crain
    I really would like to see this USC team play together another year... develop some consistency, not have to settle for these conference splits. Too bad it won't happen.
    2008-03-08 14:16:29
    142.   Eric Stephen
    Oregon needs to do some damage in the Pac-10 tourney to get seven into the NCAAs.
    2008-03-08 14:20:48
    143.   Andrew Shimmin
    142- I don't know why I thought Cal was the seventh place team. But I did. Between you and Bob, the standings have been posted here six trillion times. But it's like when people introduce themselves, I never remember the name, since the chance I'll need it ever again is so small.
    2008-03-08 14:22:43
    144.   Bill Crain
    I'd much rather play either of the Arizona schools than Oregon. I doubt the selection committee cares, though.
    2008-03-08 14:25:23
    145.   Bill Crain
    Standings through Friday:

    2008-03-08 14:31:18
    146.   Andrew Shimmin
    So, going by the Pomeroy rankings, nine Pac10 teams should going to the tournament? Going by the same rankings, Oregon State would be the third best team in the Ivy League.
    2008-03-08 14:31:53
    147.   68elcamino427
    My oh my, aren't we glad that Kemp hasn't been traded?
    The Bison looked like a man running around playing with a bunch of kids out there today.
    In our early discussions regarding this guy, we compared his stats to Miguel Cabrerra's at similar stages of development.
    It might be time to put those in the "trash can".
    As an athlete, the Bison looks to be superior to Miguel.
    This is a question that I love. As the Bison learns and gets more experience, how will he be producing and what will he be capable of 24 months from now?
    2008-03-08 14:36:26
    148.   Eric Stephen
    Usually, since a lot of smaller conferences take up many NCAA bids, you pretty much have to be top 40 in RPI to make it.

    I think UCLA, Stanford, WSU, USC, and Arizona are in already, plus the winner of the Oregon/ASU tilt tonight. The loser of that game will probably have to get to the Pac-10 tourney final or win it to get in.

    2008-03-08 14:40:16
    149.   Eric Stephen
    I messed up the schedule. Oregon is playing AZ, and ASU gets OSU. So there still could be 7 teams in the NCAA tourney.
    2008-03-08 14:43:10
    150.   Andrew Shimmin
    Now Lavin needs to share his hemlock coughdrops with Musburger.
    Show/Hide Comments 151-200
    2008-03-08 14:44:29
    151.   Andrew Shimmin
    Also, no way are the Lopez twins the best big men tandem in the Pac 10. Luc Richard Mbah a Moute is the best big man tandem, all by himself.
    2008-03-08 14:44:52
    152.   Gen3Blue
    I know its early in the spring, and also some of our young players have some unavoidable slumps to get through, often called "sophomore',but more likely adjustment and re-adjustment. But I have to say Kemp and Loney, and Martin look like the heart of the order guys here. I think that may be apparent to much of the baseball world, and even to some people in the organization. Am I that wrong?
    2008-03-08 14:52:50
    153.   Andrew Shimmin
    Wow. Two games in a row. The mob must have a fortune riding on UCLA's tournament seeding.
    2008-03-08 14:52:59
    154.   Eric Stephen
    That's one of the greatest shots ever.
    2008-03-08 14:53:10
    155.   trainwreck
    OH MY GOD!!!!
    2008-03-08 14:54:20
    156.   Eric Stephen
    I don't know which was cooler in the last few minutes: Shipp's crazy shot or Lavin calling out former AD Pete Dalis.
    2008-03-08 15:00:39
    157.   trainwreck
    UCLA has produced the craziest endings I have ever seen over the last three years.
    2008-03-08 15:03:12
    158.   Eric Stephen
    I'm still bitter about the Gonzaga game. I would have won 3 different pools with that game!
    2008-03-08 15:10:12
    159.   68elcamino427
    152 That wrong or that correct, you are right on. If another stud can step up and join the big three of Kemp, Loney, and Martin, then you can be even more wrong. Unfortunately, LaRoche may be made of glass and unable to join this group of new stars. However, Hu does look like he might be a player to make this a foursome.
    2008-03-08 15:16:20
    160.   Disabled List
    That was an amazing shot by Shipp, but UCLA needed another bogus call by the refs to be in position to win. They definitely have some kinks to iron out before they dance starts.

    I don't know how non-UCLA fans can stand to watch any game with Steve Lavin in the booth. The homerism even grates on me, and I root for the Bruins.

    2008-03-08 15:19:42
    161.   Bob Timmermann
    There was a potential that the refs could have said that Shipp's shot went over the plane of the backboard before going in, in which case it wouldn't have counted.

    Rule 7, Section 1, Article 3.
    "The ball shall be out of bounds when it passes over the backboard from any direction."

    Back in the day, Dwight Anderson of USC threw up a shot from behind the backboard that went in. It was really cool looking, but it shouldn't have counted.

    Shipp's shot was very close to going over the backboard.

    The rule was put into place back when Bill Russell was playing because USF would just toss the ball over the backboard on out of bounds play for Russell to grab and lay in.

    2008-03-08 15:26:28
    162.   Bob Timmermann
    So back in 1958 the night before the election to vote on Proposition B for LA voters to approve the City Council deal land swap of Wrigley Field for Chavez Ravine, Walter O'Malley booked time on KTTV to rally support for the measure.

    It was five hours long.

    Can anyone picture people sitting around for five hours listening to ONE political issue being discussed today?

    FIVE hours!

    2008-03-08 15:26:57
    163.   LogikReader

    Cheaters!!! :)

    2008-03-08 15:27:56
    164.   Ken Noe
    159 Freak accidents can happen to anyone. LaRoche still will be the starting third baseman by July.
    2008-03-08 15:33:12
    165.   Bob Timmermann
    No one else remembers Dwight Anderson? He was one of numerous "saviors" for USC during the Stan Morrison era.

    He wasn't bad.

    His famous shot happened in 1982.

    2008-03-08 15:40:51
    166.   Dodgers49
    From Tony Jackson:

    >>By the way, Blake DeWitt is NOT a serious candidate to be the backup 3B. He has only spent half a season at Double-A. But this was a big day for him, and Joe Torre now knows a little something about his game. <<

    2008-03-08 15:49:00
    167.   68elcamino427
    164 I do hope that you are right. I would love to see LaRoche fulfill his potenial. Notice that I included the qualifier "may be".
    He does have alot to overcome though. Already with a history of a bad back, bad throwing shoulder and now a nasty injury to the thumb on his dominant hand, I wish him luck and success.
    Some players are very gifted, but prone to injury. Others seem to be made of steel and rarely if ever get hurt.
    2008-03-08 15:51:08
    168.   Gen3Blue
    Yeah--like JP
    2008-03-08 15:51:52
    169.   68elcamino427
    Mind reader!
    2008-03-08 15:54:07
    170.   Dodgers49
    From Diamond Leung:

    >> Chin-lung Hu has an 8:30 a.m. appointment tomorrow to begin taking grounders at third base tomorrow. <<

    2008-03-08 16:25:06
    171.   Bob Timmermann
    You have to make an appointment for that? It's not a walk up?
    2008-03-08 16:28:38
    172.   Gen3Blue
    What's the difference between a SS and a third baseman. Ideally, perhaps the third baseman has quicker reactions and a bit less range. Both need strong arms, but the SS perhaps a bit more. Nothing here disqualifies Hu. Offensively a SS needs less power and a third baseman more. But I feel Hu is developing more like a Furcal than a Pierre. As an interim solution, I like it, but it also objectively makes sense for the Org. Hu is not that young, and seems like an addition to the core of home growns with both maturity and potential.
    2008-03-08 16:29:41
    173.   Gen3Blue
    Whose got the 9:00 am appointment?
    2008-03-08 16:52:12
    174.   Bob Timmermann
    0-18 in the Pac-10 for Oregon State.

    Arizona State wraps up the #5 slot.
    UCLA is #1, Stanford is #2, ASU is #5, Cal is #9, and OSU is #10.

    2008-03-08 17:19:46
    175.   Jon Weisman
    New post up top.
    2008-03-10 06:02:47
    176.   ET90210
    Dodgers are now looking at a Belliard-type over trading for Inge/Crede.

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