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'Public Enemy No. 1'
2008-03-09 16:00
by Jon Weisman

Clayton Kershaw - catch him while you can ...

Vin Scully and the rest of us get our first look at Kershaw's curveball.

Update: Here's the postgame desconstruction, via Ken Gurnick at

Comments (128)
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2008-03-09 16:03:21
1.   KG16
That is never going to get old
2008-03-09 16:03:59
2.   Daniel Zappala
Very nice! But he still doesn't exist yet!
2008-03-09 16:04:32
3.   natepurcell
so....who wants to offer themselves up to the baseball gods as part of a ritual sacrifice to keep the Minotaur healthy?
2008-03-09 16:05:06
4.   natepurcell
Daniel could be generous with one of his 200 children....
2008-03-09 16:05:21
5.   Jon Weisman
3 - I've stopped exercising and am almost guaranteed to get an injury - that should count for something.
2008-03-09 16:08:15
6.   Dodgers49
>> Kershaw, who struck out the side after allowing a home run in his first game action five days earlier, said he's throwing more strikes this spring than last season because he's slowed down his delivery. <<

What is it with these fireballing lefthanders that slow down their delivery? He may be on to something. :-)

2008-03-09 16:09:28
7.   ucladodger
The curveball is obviously impressive by itself. When you combine that with a mid-high 90's fastball its unhittable. I think the pitch before clayton absolutely painted the outside to get 2 strikes on Casey and then he threw that thing. No chance.
2008-03-09 16:11:15
8.   Greg Brock
It's amazing what you can do with CGI these days. It almost looks like a real person.


2008-03-09 16:16:37
9.   LAT
Not sure if this URL works becasue its tied to Westlaw, but on Friday the Court of Appeal ruled against Steve Lyons in his insurance coverage lawsuit arising from a harassment claim. Actually, I feel bad for the guy. Even the police concluded the woman was a scammer and she still collected $325K.

2008-03-09 16:18:17
10.   Eric L

Do I really need to say anything more?

2008-03-09 16:24:09
11.   trainwreck
How are you supposed to restrain your enthusiasm and be realistic when you see that?
2008-03-09 16:24:10
12.   Damon
2008-03-09 16:36:18
13.   Gen3Blue
Thank you Jon. that is just the definition of feeelthy.
2008-03-09 16:42:49
14.   Dodgers49
9. Not sure if this URL works becasue its tied to Westlaw, but on Friday the Court of Appeal ruled against Steve Lyons

You're right. :-)

>> You have requested a page that is not supported by this site. <<

2008-03-09 16:48:26
15.   Disabled List
I have mixed feelings about Kershaw-mania at this stage. It feels like I'm holding a large position in a stock that's about to take off, but I'm waiting to get a bonus from work so I can buy even more of it, so I don't want word of how hot this stock is getting around just yet.
2008-03-09 16:49:09
16.   Dodgers49
From Diamond Leung:

>> Torre did say again that Kershaw wasn't a serious candidate to make the team, adding, "It won't hurt him to be around camp and be able to have the experience." <<

2008-03-09 16:51:58
17.   Andrew Shimmin
I often think that, when the time comes, I'd like to die in November. To go out with the aftertaste of the World Series, lingering, without having to bother with trying to get into football, again. A last couple of months with wool ties and tweed coats, where every evening breath reminded me of what fun smoking had been. And ducking out (in the nick of time) of Thanksgiving and Christmas, with an unbegrudgible excuse.

But dying the night before Daylight Savings Time ends would definitely have its advantages, too.

2008-03-09 16:55:15
18.   LAT
Here is part of the case. Court of Appeal affirms.

Plaintiff Stephen Lyons, a former professional baseball player later employed as a sportscaster for Fox TV and the Los Angeles Dodgers, met Stacey Roy while they were both vacationing with their families at a hotel in Hawaii. Following an afternoon of poolside conversation, Lyons followed Roy in the elevator to the floor of her hotel room and took her by the wrist to a hallway alcove, where he asked her to expose her breasts. She declined to do. Roy later complained of an ensuing sexual attack, which Lyons denied.

Roy sued Lyons for claims relating to the alleged sexual attack, including a cause of action for false imprisonment. Lyons tendered the defense of the action to defendant Fire Insurance Exchange (Fire Insurance), which denied any coverage under his homeowners policy because the facts did not meet the necessary prerequisite of damages caused by an accident. Lyons settled Roy's underlying claim, and then sued Fire Insurance for breach of contract and the bad faith failure to defend him in Roy's action. The trial court granted summary judgment in favor of Fire Insurance, and we affirm.

On March 10, 2002, Lyons and Roy were both guests at the Westin Maui hotel in Hawaii. They met at the hotel pool, where they chatted for several hours. Lyons claimed that Roy made several references to her large breasts, and to "how everybody loves to see them. And ... '[i]f you are a good boy, maybe you will.' " When Roy left the pool area to return to her room, Lyons accompanied her.

After they both got off the elevator on the sixth floor, Lyons asked Roy to show him her breasts. According to Lyons, Roy said she was afraid of being observed in the hall. Lyons took her by the wrist and led her to an alcove near the elevator, where he repeated his request, stating, "[Y]ou know, you've been wanting to do this all day ... so let's just move over here." Roy declined because of concern that her husband might come by. According to Lyons, he then walked Roy to the door of her room and returned to the pool area. He denied any physical contact with Roy, other than having held her wrist when outside the elevator.

Roy had a different version of the events. According to her, Lyons sexually attacked her in the alcove, shoved her against a vending machine, partially removed her clothes, exposed himself, and tried to force her to perform a sexual act. Roy reported the alleged assault to hotel security and the local police, both of which investigated the matter. Because of significant inconsistencies in Roy's story (such as initially claiming the incident occurred at the swimming pool), the lack of any observable injuries to her, and hotel guests who saw Roy flaunting her body while she was at the pool, the investigating police detective determined that "the entire episode was nothing more than a scam on Roy's part to gain money." No criminal charges were filed.

In March of 2003, Roy sued Lyons alleging causes of action for assault, battery, and false imprisonment and seeking damages for bodily injury and emotional distress. Lyons tendered the defense of the action to his homeowners insurer, Fire Insurance. Fire Insurance denied coverage on the ground that the allegations in Roy's complaint did not meet the fundamental requirement for potential coverage under its policy because none of the damages were caused by an accident.

*2 Lyons initially retained his own defense counsel, but ultimately another insurer, to whom the defense had also been tendered, began to provide a defense under a reservation of rights. On the eve of trial, Lyons, Roy, and the other insurance carrier negotiated a settlement. As part of the settlement, Roy and Lyons agreed to entry of a stipulated judgment in the amount of $975,000, which provided in part that the settlement agreement did not constitute an admission by any of the parties of the truth of any of the released claims.

Of the $975,000 obligation under the settlement, Lyons paid $175,000. The other insurance carrier paid $50,000. Roy then sued Fire Insurance for the remainder (as a judgment creditor pursuant to Insurance Code section 11580), and Fire Insurance settled that case with an indemnity payment to Roy of $100,000.

In October of 2005, Lyons filed the present action against Fire Insurance, alleging causes of action for breach of contract and tortious breach of the covenant of good faith and fair dealing. Fire Insurance moved for summary judgment on the ground that it owed no duty to defend or indemnify Lyons because his alleged acts were not accidental, but rather were intentional and thus did not fall within the policy provisions. Absent a duty to defend or indemnify, Fire Insurance maintained it could not have committed insurance bad faith.

Fire Insurance moved in the alternative for summary adjudication of (1) the cause of action for tortious breach of the covenant of good faith and fair dealing and (2) the claim for damages. Regarding the bad faith claim, Fire Insurance urged that it acted reasonably in denying coverage and that at all times there was a genuine dispute as to whether it owed Lyons a duty to defend or indemnify. As to the punitive damages claim, Fire Insurance argued that Lyons had not provided clear and convincing evidence that Fire Insurance had acted with the requisite malice, fraud, or oppression in responding to his claim.

Lyons countered with his own motion for summary adjudication. He urged that Fire Insurance owed a duty to defend because the policy potentially covered Roy's cause of action for false imprisonment.

The trial court granted summary judgment in favor of Fire Insurance and denied the motion by Lyons for summary adjudication. The court found, in pertinent part, that there was "no possibility of coverage for the grabbing and pulling of Roy's wrist to take her to the alcove in the hallway of the hotel" because "grabbing a person's wrist is not an accident." Also, grabbing Roy's wrist was "an intentional act," even if done under a "mistaken belief" by Lyons that he had a right to do so, and thus the conduct is excluded from coverage.

2008-03-09 16:55:29
19.   Bob Timmermann
Will you be wearing a green shirt, a catcher's mask, and be dancing the can-can as well?
2008-03-09 17:00:57
20.   DXMachina
That's the first time I've seen Kershaw pitch. Holy moley!
2008-03-09 17:05:11
21.   Andrew Shimmin
19- Alternatively, if instead of the clocks moving forward an hour in the Spring, and back on in the Fall, they kept moving back one in the fall, and back twenty-three in the Spring, then November would still be perfect. One forty-seven hour day a year would be fantastic! Take the extra day from August, the crapiest month. We'd probably have to give back one of the February holidays (I'm thinking President's Day, since it doesn't mean anything, any more), but it would be worth it.
2008-03-09 17:16:36
22.   LAbits
20 You said it!
2008-03-09 17:22:16
23.   underdog
Does MLBTV offer any game highlights to watch for exhibition games? I wouldn't mind watching that whole inning if they offered it, but I'm assuming they don't. looks like I have to rewatch the whole game as a whole to get to that point.

I only saw him pitch to Casey, which was impressive enough, but wouldn't mind looking at the other two. Good to see McDonald today, too. Honestly, I wouldn't mind them starting the season with Loiaza as number 5, and then when he starts to fade, as he invariably will and probably within a couple of months, if Schmidt is ready, great, if not it should be Kuo or Kershaw, period.

2008-03-09 17:22:57
24.   underdog
The whole game as a whole... Sheez. Did I mention I desperately need a nap?
2008-03-09 17:25:57
25.   Andrew Shimmin
23- You have to load the whole game, but you can fast-forward to the good parts. I'm doing it right now. Pierre flies out at the 24:00 mark. Then the good stuff starts.
2008-03-09 17:28:15
26.   Andrew Shimmin
I finally figured out what Enders was talking about, about the irritating way they present widescreen games. And since they cripple the user interface, you can't just zoom in.
2008-03-09 17:31:19
27.   68elcamino427
I enjoy replaying that clip more than playing the hotwheels game.
How many starts/innings at AAA does he need to complete before it's ok to bring him up?
It was really fun seeing it live, knowing that so many others that visit this site were feeling the glory of the moment.
What a dominating performance.
2008-03-09 17:33:06
28.   ToyCannon
Not to rain on anyone's parade but I thought the way McDonald was forcing runners to make outs with his mind when his stuff failed him, was much more impressive.

So when was the last time 3 prospects like Kershaw, McDonald, and Miller all pitched in the same spring training game?

2008-03-09 17:34:57
29.   ToyCannon
Also Loaiza did one heck of a job in the 1st inning. How many pitchers have gotten Ortiz and Manny out with no RBI's, with 2nd and 3rd and no outs?
2008-03-09 17:35:50
30.   underdog
25 Ah! Sweet, thanks. Took me a second to find the little fast forward toggle/control. Great.

28 Heh. I was impressed by his special powers as well. If Kershaw is mythical, McDonald could be magickal.

2008-03-09 17:35:56
31.   Andrew Shimmin
Kemp's AB starts at 34:01.
2008-03-09 17:36:21
32.   Andrew Shimmin
It gets fun, quickly.
2008-03-09 17:39:41
33.   underdog
Yep, just watched Kemp's first at bat. Now on to Kershaw. This is fun!

I'm going to pretend Hot Wheels doesn't exist otherwise I'll never get any writing done tonight, before The Wire.

2008-03-09 17:40:07
34.   Andrew Shimmin
Kershaw starts at 1:25:35.
2008-03-09 17:44:45
35.   natepurcell
Is this Kershaw clip going to be as famouse as the Patterson Bigfoot clip?
2008-03-09 17:56:35
36.   KG16
18 - looks like the Court reached the right decision, you have a citation for that yet? Not seeing it on the court info page.
2008-03-09 17:57:55
37.   silverwidow
Rosenthal said Kershaw might start in AAA. This is a very bad idea (he should go back to Jax for at least 1/2 season).
2008-03-09 17:59:45
38.   Lexinthedena
So is the fear of rushing a pitcher more because of the mental or physical?

The names Kerry Wood and Mark Prior were mentioned, but their problems were arm related, and had nothing to do with maturity. Are the odds of an arm injury increased by pitching in the majors as opposed to the PCL?

2008-03-09 18:00:44
39.   CajunDodger
Why is that any better than starting at Vegas? He doesn't seem to be phased by the media/hype of everything. Wouldn't it be better to have him face the tougher competition and harder ballparks right away? Especially if they have designs on getting him up here before September.
2008-03-09 18:07:47
40.   silverwidow
39 I'm not saying he shouldn't be tested in Vegas, just not to begin the season. He only had a few starts in Jacksonville and ran into some trouble down there. I'd much rather he master that level first, then come up to the nightmarish PCL.
2008-03-09 18:13:04
41.   underdog
Okay, before everyone freaks out too much about what I'm about to post, remember: a) it's from Ken Rosenthal, who is frequently wrong; b) even if it's true, it's probably more about trying to find potential infield depth than it is about finding a starting 3rd baseman. But this still made my stomach lurch a little bit.

>>The Dodgers are showing interest in Ronnie Belliard and Esteban German in their quest for infield help, says's Ken Rosenthal.<< (FoxSports via RotoBall)

2008-03-09 18:14:12
42.   Dodgers49
Dodgers Notes: Loaiza still in running for rotation

>> Normally a right fielder, Kemp started in center field as Torre wanted to see if he could handle the position and said he was impressed with the way Kemp cut off a ball in the gap.

"He's learning how to play [there]," said Torre. "What he needs to do is learn his own ability. There are a lot of things he can do and he's a willing participant. He's very passionate about it."

Kemp said he's more confident this spring, in part because of work he's done with hitting coaches Mike Easler and Don Mattingly.

"There's a lot of knowledge there," Kemp said. "I've been with Easler back in Double-A, and he told me then I could hit in the big leagues. Mattingly was one of the best hitters in the game. They both were. That's a pretty good one-two punch." <<

2008-03-09 18:16:20
43.   underdog
41 Ah, okay, here's more about that:

>>Instead of pursuing a high-priced third baseman, the Dodgers are looking for a more versatile infielder who can play second and third, backing up Jeff Kent and Nomar Garciaparra.

The Nationals' Ron Belliard and Royals' Esteban German, both of whom are attracting the Dodgers' interest, would be more affordable than the Tigers' Brandon Inge or White Sox's Joe Crede.

Delywn Young, who is out of options, is an internal possibility for the utility role, but his defense might not be strong enough for the Dodgers to justify carrying him.<< (Sez you, Rosenthal!)

A bit more on Kershaw there, too.

2008-03-09 18:23:14
44.   underdog
And there are three (!) Dodger-related items from Peter Gammons' blog on

>>The talk of Dodgers camp has been 19-year old left-hander Clayton Kershaw. "He's going to help us this year," says Russell Martin. "He has dominant stuff, a great curveball you can almost hear." Some of the coaches suggest Kershaw might be able to help right now, but more likely he will open the season in the minors. Kershaw has only five starts above the A level, but between A and AA last season struck out 163 in 122 innings. Also in Dodgers camp, Larry Bowa is sold on the future of SS Chin-Lung Hu. "He can really play defense," says Bowa.>The torn ligament in Andy LaRoche's thumb is a significant blow to the Dodgers, as LaRoche had opened many eyes and has a chance to be a legitimate power bat at the corner. Unless they change their minds and trade for Brandon Inge -- which doesn't seem likely -- that means Nomar Garciaparra will open the season as the third baseman. Dodgers coaches say Garciaparra has had a very good spring swinging the bat, and they appreciate that his all-out, unorthodox fielding style is not easily translated to third base. But it had been a majority opinion on the staff that Nomar would not have been happy as LaRoche's caddy or as a utilityman, so the loss of LaRoche probably ensures that the Dodgers will not have to make a decision on whether or not to eat his contract.>6. Russell Martin: The game's best catcher approaches his craft like Varitek, accepts responsibility for his pitchers, and has been a leader amid the veterans/kids media war of last winter. Larry Bowa loves to watch him take ground balls at his original position, shortstop. "We could put him at shortstop," says Bowa, "and he'd be fine."<<

2008-03-09 18:23:38
45.   Indiana Jon
40 I agree he should start in Jacksonville and not move up to Vegas until at least May. Of course, that's only because I'll be in Huntsville to see the Suns play the last week of April. In fact, I'm adamant about this.
2008-03-09 18:48:40
46.   bigcpa
Just flew in to LAX and did the big swing over downtown. As we banked south I got a clear view of the Coliseum. The diamond looks pristine, although I couldn't tell if the screen was up yet.
2008-03-09 18:51:13
47.   sporky
I recorded the game on my computer. I've edited it down to Kershaw's inning (minus Lowell's AB... my tuner died for a few minutes) and sent it to a few friends.

I'm assuming I need to have MLB's written consent to post the link to the clip here... right?

2008-03-09 18:51:58
48.   Gen3Blue
While the Dodgers have abundant young talent that could easily handle utility roles on defense (Abreu, Hu, DeWitt, and possibly Young), none of them have proven that as hitters they could really be mediocre or really bad at the major league level. Therefore, the media and the front office are working hard to sift through the dregs available.
2008-03-09 18:52:37
49.   MJW101
The main thing to be concerned about is not whether Kershaw or McDonald are brought up ,but rather how many innings they will pitch this year. They are still young and have not pitched a large number of innings in prior years (Kershaw is 19 going on 20 and McDonald did not pitch for a couple of years). Asking a young pitcher to pitch many more than 20 innings beyond what they did the year before is asking for arm trouble. Hopefully, everyone's enthusiasm will not precipitate a harmful outcome.
2008-03-09 18:55:38
50.   sporky
Is James Vanderbeek in Vero Beach for any particular reason?
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2008-03-09 18:56:51
51.   Marty
Wish I could have seen the game, but I had to fly to balmy Chicago. It's only 27 degrees as I type.
2008-03-09 19:08:31
52.   bigcpa
47 Can you pull out the Kemp HR too? I missed it. bigcpa@gmail if you have a URL thx.
2008-03-09 19:12:21
53.   raygu
Question for the Dodger faithful:

If Jeff Kent begins the season on the DL-it's possible for the 40 yr old; and Nomar is our 3bman-Does Joe elect to start Ethier in LF more since we have lost some of the power bats of Laroche and Kent??

2008-03-09 19:24:42
54.   gpellamjr
53 I would be afraid that his logic would be more along the lines of "We don't have much power, so we need guys like Juan Pierre in the lineup to help us manufacture runs."
2008-03-09 19:31:40
55.   Gen3Blue
53 And also we have lost a lot of experience and wisdom, so we should paly Pierre and Lucille ll more and look for someone with PVL to fill in.
2008-03-09 19:31:41
56.   bigcpa
Ethier's 2 HR, 6 BB and plus defense so far don't exactly scream bench player. I would like to hear Torre's opinion of his performance. I would also like to see a few heads explode if Ethier won the job.
2008-03-09 19:32:15
57.   ryu
I hope you didn't fly Southwest.
2008-03-09 19:38:00
58.   ToyCannon
Estaban German would be an excellent back up infielder on most teams. What is interesting is that the Dodgers sound like they would have eaten Nomar's contract if LaRoche had won the job instead of keeping him around as a utility player. German backing up LaRoche, Kent, and Furcal in an emergency would have been ideal if you want Abreu and Hu playing together in AAA.
2008-03-09 19:38:30
59.   natepurcell

if you can't post the link, I would love it through email.

2008-03-09 19:40:28
60.   Bob Timmermann
Poor fashion choice by Phil Jackson tonight.
2008-03-09 19:46:31
61.   KG16
60 - and poorer defense by the Lakers.
2008-03-09 19:48:13
62.   paranoidandroid
I was encouraged by two Loazia performances in a row. If he can put a few more together, we might have the starting five set with Kershaw, Jason Johnson, and Kuo as guys who can take a spot start when we deal with injuries.

Hu has impressed me enough to think about not signing Furcal. He has also impressed me enough to think that he can play second and third and be our super utility guy if Abreu isn't healthy.

I still don't see the need for a trade, especially a guy who won't hang around. We've made our moves for the Brady Clarks of the world only to accept the fact that we have better options biting at the bit in AAA.

I still fear Ramon Martinez can get the nod over a guy like Hu with the familiar "we want Hu to play everday" mantra.

2008-03-09 19:53:31
63.   paranoidandroid
I think they are breaking Kershaw in slowly for a guy who has major league stuff already, that is why he only threw one inning. 10 pitches and to the bench? Only if you really don't think he has a chance of breaking with the team at the end of the month.

The fact that we seem to have a rotation that can break spring training as of now gives us the luxury of not rushing him. He has exceded expectations so far, I think they don't want to risk any set-backs right now. As much as I'd like to see him take off and be the next Greg Maddux or Bret Saberhagen, I'm willing to let him get a few starts at AAA and push his way onto the big club.

That and Meyers looks good enough so far to make the team which makes Kuo the guy we need to decide on before we bring Kershaw into the big show mix. Figure out if and where Kuo fits in before we risk him to waivers first, then look at Kershaw in the rotation.

2008-03-09 20:01:47
64.   das411
Good lord that is a nasty curveball...maybe i will invest in that this year so i can watch #96 and David Price dominate their respective divisions...
2008-03-09 20:01:55
65.   Lexinthedena
Ethier has looked absolutely great this spring, and Pierre has looked exactly like he did last year. Juan Pierre does have the intagible that Ethier is lacking...Bill Plaschke.
2008-03-09 20:02:32
66.   Eric Stephen
Watching the Lakers' putrid first half, I spent some time researching Lawler's Law (first team to 100 pts wins), and I looked at every boxscore from the first month of this NBA season. From October 30 through November 30, here are the results:

234 total games
76 games with both teams under 100 points
158 "Lawler" games
153 times the first team to 100 points won
5 times the first team to 100 points lost

That's a 96.8% success rate for Lawler's Law. In case you were wondering (I was!).

2008-03-09 20:03:48
67.   trainwreck
Parker Posey and Lauren Ambrose in a network sitcom is so wrong.
2008-03-09 20:06:52
68.   jujibee
A couple of points:
If Kuo ends up in the bullpen, I don't see this as being a problem provided he gets used in the right way. When he set-up Broxton in AA a couple years back, he was lights out and looked very comfortable. There is nothing bad about having a surplus of late inning arms like Broxton, Proctor, Brazoban, Kuo and Beimel getting the ball to Saito. I don't think he'd succeed as a long inning relief man. Either start him, or get him comfortable doing what he did at Jacksonville in 05.

If we need the infield PVL as rumors are suggesting we're in the market for, who's to say one of those 2 teams isn't looking for a PVL like Pierre and some cash in return? If that's the case, I bet we'd all approve.

Let Kershaw dominate the minors and get his inning count closer to that expected of him if he were on the big club. Bring him up at the end of the year when rosters expand and don't exceed his inning count to take an option year away. Next year, he can fill Lowe's spot in the rotation and have a bit more seasoning, while still being extremely young.

2008-03-09 20:07:46
69.   gpellamjr
67 I guess you can't make a living just from Christopher Guest movies.
2008-03-09 20:07:58
70.   Sam DC
66 How does it do in games where both teams were over 90 when the threshold was crossed?
2008-03-09 20:11:06
71.   Eric Stephen
I didn't delve that deeply into it (I would have gone cross-eyed), but here's some further data:

Of the 158 Lawler games:

95 had only one team with 100 points
63 had both teams over 100

So the success ratio of Lawler's Law when both teams scored 100 was 92.1% (58 of 63).

2008-03-09 20:12:29
72.   paranoidandroid
68 Very good reasoning. Kuo's control can make his being used for one batter less likely than being considered the long guy.

I'd be happy to welcome Ronnie Belliard if Washington would take Pierre, but I don't see it happening. I fear Delwyn is the guy who would be used to get said PVL to carry Kent's jock strap. We have Ronnie Belliard already, his uniform says Martinez. I guess being non-roster makes his number 18 go to Kuroda without any cars or watches changing hands.

2008-03-09 20:27:39
73.   Lexinthedena
Pierre to the White Sox for Juan Uribe...Then the Chi-Sox can deal one of thier power bats like Konerko or Dye for some pitching.
2008-03-09 20:28:51
74.   Eric Stephen
The players in the Lakers/Kings game is getting a little whiny tonight. It's as if Jazz fans are on the floor at the Staples Center tonight.
2008-03-09 20:30:34
75.   jujibee
74 I don't think anyone whines more than Kobe, and he just got T'd up for it. Just play the game already.
2008-03-09 20:32:41
76.   LogikReader
Eric, something about the Kings is really crossing the Lakers up. It's like how the Clippers always manage to beat the Kings.

I can't figure it out. The defense is pretty lousy tonight.

One thing that's interesting is that although the Lakers are clearly playing down to their competition tonight, I don't get angry about it like I did during the Shaq era. I think there might be a difference in the mentality this year's team.

2008-03-09 20:36:01
77.   Lexinthedena
76 I don't think that the Lakers have played down to their competition this year. Certainly not like they did during the Shaq era. The Kings have been shooting lights out, and without Bynum the Lakers interior defense isn't that great. The Kings won't be able to stop L.A down the stretch of this game.
2008-03-09 20:36:32
78.   oklahomadodger
63 i like that line of thinking, but man what a curve!!! i say start him out at AAA and when a starter eventually goes down, up comes kershaw.

even though it won't happen, i wish we could deal pierre for somebody, ethier and kemp have both looked so good this spring. it would be a shame for pierre to steal ab's from either of them.

2008-03-09 20:38:04
79.   Benjamin Miracord
I can tell by looking at my dog's face that he doesn't fully grasp the concept of Daylight Savings Time. I don't mean to be critical of only my own dog, since I'm sure there are many other dogs out there who don't "get it" either.

To demonstrate, I asked him this morning what time the Dodger game started, and he had no reply.

2008-03-09 20:38:05
80.   Eric Stephen
One thing that's interesting is that although the Lakers are clearly playing down to their competition tonight, I don't get angry about it like I did during the Shaq era. I think there might be a difference in the mentality this year's team

I'm in the same boat. It feels like the Lakers are playing with house money this year. They are really set up nicely for the next few years with Kobe-Gasol-Bynum. That said, they have an excellent opportunity to take home the trophy this year.

2008-03-09 20:39:33
81.   Eric Stephen
Interestingly enough, if the Lakers win tonight, they will have defied Lawler's Law for the second time against the Kings this week.
2008-03-09 20:40:11
82.   LogikReader

So far, Andruw Jones hasn't sparkled as I'd hoped in ST. I think we could platoon him with Pierre.


I'm just kidding, of course :)

2008-03-09 20:41:18
83.   Eric Stephen
76 ,77
I just looked it up and the Lakers are 26-4 against <.500 teams this year. They have really taken care of business.
2008-03-09 20:47:04
84.   Eric Stephen
Lakers are trying to follow the UCLA playbook from this weekend.

1) Trail underdog team from northern California almost the entire game
2) Make late run, win

Maybe they can combine both endings by having Kobe convert a 3-point play by getting fouled while shooting a shot from "behind" the backboard.

2008-03-09 20:48:26
85.   LogikReader

Wow, that is really good. I also note that the Lakers have one of the two best road records in the NBA.

I also don't think the Kings are a sub .500 team. What I mean is that they were hit with a rash of injuries, and with Bibby gone, I think they'll be much better next season. They certainly play better than their record.

Maybe it was facetious to think the Lakers are playing "down" to the Kings tonight.

2008-03-09 20:53:51
86.   hernari
Sean Casey on Kershaw:

"That was some of the best stuff I have seen in a long time as far as a new arm,'' Casey said. "The first pitch was a hammer, and I hate to say it was almost (Barry) Zito-like, but it broke with this 12-6 tilt. Imagine that from a guy who hits 97 (mph) with his fastball. Then he threw me another one that froze me. That was great stuff, big-league stuff, and I think he could help that team this year.''

2008-03-09 21:06:14
87.   Sam DC
Katherine Heigl plays Steven Segal's niece in the mid-90s classic Under Siege 2.

You know, in case you thought she'd burst onto the scene out of nowhere.

2008-03-09 21:06:19
88.   bhsportsguy
84 Speaking as someone who was at both UCLA games this weekend, its clear that the team that played well for the vast majority of the game did not win but again UCLA was never down more than 2 possessions for most of the game. All it took was 2 or 3 stops and some scores. And some luck.
2008-03-09 21:07:11
89.   Daniel Zappala
So is Vujacic playing as well as he appears in this game, based on the play-by-play? He seems to have really turned it on this year.
2008-03-09 21:09:37
90.   Eric Stephen
I think he has just been way more aggressive this season. He seems to take every open shot he gets, and hits a great deal of them.

Any progress he has made, though, is counterbalanced by his Mike Miller headband. :)

2008-03-09 21:11:32
91.   blue22
89 - He's sure shootin' it well this year, but one has to wonder what he's doing on the floor in a last possession, defense-only play. I'm "watching" via GameCast and I guess he just hacked Udrih.
2008-03-09 21:11:36
92.   ryu
Yeah, but leaving him in to play defense with the game on the line?
2008-03-09 21:12:22
93.   Eric Stephen
Horry was open at the top of the key. Booo!
2008-03-09 21:13:55
94.   natepurcell

Sasha was on the ground and Udrih ran him over on a backdoor cut.

2008-03-09 21:14:09
95.   Eric Stephen
Yeah, that was unfortunate. His foul occurred while he was on the ground. It was not Sasha's finest moment.

I finally have a common theme this weekend in games involving an LA team and a NoCal team: if you have one or more players with a female name, you lose!

2008-03-09 21:14:59
96.   Daniel Zappala
2008-03-09 21:16:29
97.   blue22
94 - That's a shame, but Turiaf and Farmar, both superior defenders depending on what matchups are needed, were on the bench.
2008-03-09 21:17:08
98.   LogikReader

What a disappointment. I knew I should never have taken the Sacramento Kings lightly. I'll live, but this is a bit of a downer tonight.

2008-03-09 21:21:51
99.   Jason in Canada
Well, I accidentally cleared the cookies off my computer and forgot what my log in name and password are here at the toaster.

Whew! Now I can get back to my wonderful contributions of posting a meaningless comment here and there once every three weeks or so!

2008-03-09 21:23:46
100.   ryu
99 May I recommend PasswordSafe?

Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2008-03-09 21:26:28
101.   Daniel Zappala
100 Hey, maybe he's smart and he's using Linux, in which case he can use:

2008-03-09 22:12:23
102.   ryu
101 Did you just imply that 92% of Dodgerthought users are not smart? ;-)

(92% Windows market share as of earlier this year.)

2008-03-09 22:13:15
103.   berkowit28
Is it indicative of something or other that, in the off-season at least, this blog spends a significant number of posts first on football, then on basketball, but almost never on hockey? It can't be proportional to the number of local fans as a whole, or the region could not support two hockey teams. (Actually, I wonder about that sometimes. How did hockey ever spread to the warm weather states?) We'll take football for granted (whatever). So is there something about being a baseball fan in southern California that's antithetical to being a hockey fan, while being linked to being a basketball fan?

(I'm originally from Canada, where basketball is of virtually no interest except in Toronto. Yeah, I'm sure there will be contrary opinions, but it's true.)

2008-03-09 22:15:27
104.   trainwreck
I post on a general sports board and no one talks about hockey there either and most of the posters are from the East Coast.
2008-03-09 22:17:33
105.   trainwreck
A lot of people just follow football, baseball, and basketball more closely than they follow hockey. I watch the Sharks occasionally, but I do not feel I know enough to comment on them.
2008-03-09 22:28:15
106.   Bob Timmermann
I watch hockey and usually go to one or two games a year.

I have friends who like to talk about. Of course, they live in Toronto and Ottawa. One of our commenters das411 likes hockey.

2008-03-09 22:35:00
107.   KG16
103 - the Kings haven't been good since the Great One left, so they don't get much attention. The Ducks still suffer from being born of Disney - though winning the Stanley Cup helped.

Hockey spread like it did because Gretzky was traded to the Kings. The Kings only exist because Jack Kent Cooke saw that there were a lot of former snow birds living in southern California.

As for hockey's popularity, it's definitely fourth in southern California - and probably across the nation. The NHL has a terrible TV deal, and losing an entire season could not help matters either.

All that said, it's a great game live - I've caught more than a hand full of Ducks games over the years, and even a couple of Kings games. But their marketing stinks right now, and the aforementioned bad TV deal, makes it tough for them to penetrate the market.

And with that, I'm back to reading law review articles.

2008-03-09 22:37:33
108.   trainwreck
I am one person that hates the Ducks for getting rid of the Mighty Ducks theme. I grew up loving those movies and they are the only reason that team exists!
2008-03-09 22:37:37
109.   Bob Timmermann
The local papers here stopped covering the Kings and Ducks on the road. The LA Times "special section" when the Ducks won the Cup was four pages I believe. The Register's was a little longer.
2008-03-09 22:52:24
110.   Joe Pierre
I spent the day buying tickets at Shea (Dodgers May 31,& June 1 among them)and Yankee Stadium. I got a strange feeling when I looked at Citifield. Although it is still being built, at the moment, it looks like Ebbet's Field just got out of storage. After leaving YS we ate at a sports bar across the street. When we enter I saw on the T.V. scoreboard that we had a 3-0 lead. It was still 3-0 when we left. So I knew we were getting good pitching. When I read the recap I was so gratified over Loaiza performance and everybody's raving about Kershaw.
2008-03-09 23:41:16
111.   Brendan

I've had a share of season tickets to the Ducks since their inception in 1993.My seats now are amazing. I've been in attendance for every one of their home Stanley Cup Final games. I agree that they should have left the Mighty. It made the team unique and they had already taken all the abuse for it anyway.

2008-03-10 00:13:42
112.   bhsportsguy
110 Is that the one next to the subway entrance? Made my first and what will be my only visit to Yankee Stadium last year. Stood in line to see Monument Park, saw Clemens pitch his best game just as the Yankees began their big comeback to get into the playoffs.

It is interesting how the NY papers cover their baseball teams, when I was there the Mets were in first place and the Yankees were losing games to the A's. Yet all the stories were about A-Rod, the stripper and whether or not George would replace Torre at mid-season.

The same I suppose could be said about the LA Times and its coverage of the Angels and Dodgers but there is not the same overwhelming coverage for one vs. the other like the Mets vs. the Yankees.

2008-03-10 00:41:22
113.   Greg Brock
I used to watch hockey. Like a lot of Angelenos, I became a die hard after Gretzky came to LA. Played street hockey, rollerblades, NHL '93 on the Sega, the whole nine. Really enjoyed it.

Gretzky left, I stopped watching.

2008-03-10 00:44:14
114.   trainwreck
Yeah, I got into hockey at same time, but I know I am a terrible fan because I like the Sharks and the Kings. I know that can't be right.

By the way, I got Swingers on my mind now.

2008-03-10 01:10:32
115.   Greg Brock
114 I'm gonna make Wayne Gretzky's head bleed for super-fan #99 over here.

There was no bleeding in '94, which is what they said they were playing. The script gets that wrong.

2008-03-10 01:25:02
116.   trainwreck
Brock, you are so money and you don't even know it.
2008-03-10 01:51:04
117.   eekrock
103 - I'm into the Dodgers & the Arsenal (North London Footie club)...and past that the Lakers & UCLA Basketball.

I don't take it anyone here wants to take a pop at Chel-ski losing to Barnsley...?

2008-03-10 06:59:21
118.   Penarol1916
117. MC Safety loves Arsenal. Of European futball, I primarily follow La Liga and any team that has a Uruguayan.
2008-03-10 07:00:31
119.   Bob Timmermann
Sheesh, a bunch of Gretzky come latelies, when it comes to hockey. Nobody else was watching the Kings of the Marcel Dionne Era? Back when Rogie Vachon was a good goalie and not just a bad GM?
2008-03-10 07:14:40
120.   Bumsrap
Since I have been guessing Dewitt would wind up at third instead of LaRoche, partly from what I could see in LaRoche's swing and what I felt intuitively about Dewitt, Dewitt's start today may be the start that changes my mind or nudges me further into Dewitt's corner.
2008-03-10 07:33:57
121.   Hythloday
I'm no swing analyst, but LaRoche's numbers have always been good while DeWitt's have been more spotty. Is there any difference between that claim and the oft-kicked dead horse of Pierre's intangibles?
2008-03-10 07:47:07
122.   CodyS
George Lombard has 14 years of minor league experience. Made it to the majors at age 22 as a hot prospect, and somehow never quite stuck.
He has a depressing 314 minor league stolen bases and 140 minor league homeruns.
He's like a minor league Rickey Henderson.

All kudos to him for keeping going. I don't see how he makes the team even if he keeps batting .500 this spring, but that is a heck of a journey.

2008-03-10 07:54:30
123.   Marty
And now its snowing. I'm definitely not in LA anymore.
2008-03-10 08:12:34
124.   Penarol1916
123. Oh poor Marty, today is the best day in Chicago in the last month, and probably on the top 5 since November. I mean, it's just Lake Effect snow, and we're actually cracking 30 today.
2008-03-10 08:17:08
125.   Bluebleeder87
123 Im totally LA, I have family out there but I just can't picture my self living any were else that isn't LA
2008-03-10 08:45:52
126.   Jon Weisman
Two new posts up top.
2008-03-10 08:50:33
127.   LogikReader

I tend to agree with the field. I've always been and always will be an LA Kings fan, although I never did see the Gretzky era. Interestingly enough, I just saw their last game against Montreal, who happens to be really good.

It's hard to get back into a sport, any sport, when you lose an entire season due to a work stoppage. Even baseball's '94 strike didn't wipe out the preseason and most of the regular season.

Finally, I have to admit, the game itself is still pretty good. I saw a game on NBC yesterday that had an exciting finish, and I enjoyed that way more than the college basketball game that was on CBS. So that's where I am with hockey.

2008-03-10 10:02:23
128.   Johnny Nucleo
Just got back from Dodgertown. Great trip, great game. Boston fans sitting behind me after seeing Kershaw pitch: "Holy (moly). Who's 96? This guy is sick."
Afterwards, wandering the grounds I got another Minotaur sighting. I would have mistaken him for a fan, except he was signing autographs for two or three kids - left-handed - and had a thick Texas drawl. Someone asked how he felt out there, he just said "I felt all right!" I didn't bug him.

It was great to have a long-held dream realized.

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