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Lost Episode 7 Chat Thread
2008-03-13 11:56
by Jon Weisman

No spoilers. Remember, don't talk about show details until they've aired on the West Coast, and no talk about scenes from upcoming episodes.

Update: My Season Pass post on tonight's episode can be found here.

2008-03-13 21:50:17
1.   Greg Brock
If you correctly picked the Ben's "Man on the boat," take one step forward.
2008-03-13 22:01:29
2.   Greg Brock
Well, that was a massive bummer.


2008-03-13 22:04:41
3.   Greg Brock
Except that his grave read 9/22/04. So, I'll assume he ain't really dead.

I'll let somebody else talk now.

2008-03-13 22:09:50
4.   kngoworld
So Sun's story was a flash forward and Jin's was a flash back? Have they done that before, going both ways in one episode?
2008-03-13 22:35:57
5.   Jon Weisman
1 - That was the easy part.

4 - That was the confusing part. Partly because I wasn't sure if there was one or two slots left on the Oceanic 6.

2008-03-13 22:45:20
6.   saltcreek
If Jin does die later on the Island Sun would have to put that date on the tombstone to go along with the whole Oceanic 6 cover story.
2008-03-13 23:27:02
7.   Eric Stephen
I wasn't sure if there were zero, one, or two slots left.

Confirmed Oceanic 6

Could Be Oceanic 6
Sayid (is he alive in secret only?)
Aaron (does he count?)
Jin (did he die after the "rescue"?)

Seeing Jin's grave was terribly saddening. I turned to a friend whom with I was watching Lost and said, alluding to Edgar Stiles, "I hope they give Jin a silent clock." And they did! (well, not a clock, but still)

2008-03-13 23:30:12
8.   saltcreek
7. Sayid did mention before he shot the guy on the golf course that he was one of the oceanic 6.
2008-03-13 23:32:10
9.   ibleedbloo
5 The entire online Lost world, including myself had only considered 4 of the Oceanic 6 revealed; Jack, Kate, Hurley, and Sayid. It was always assumed that Aaron was not part of the 6 and there were still 2 more to be revealed. Evidentially, (and I'm still not 100% convinced, Aaron is/was #5 and Sun is #6.

The flash back and forward episode was brilliant. I did not realize Jin was in 2000 even though the clues were there. When the "year of the dragon" was mentioned in the toy store I paid no attention, but I did think to myself, "my, what a large cell phone you have Jin".

Hugo's appearance seemed rather strange to me, and I am assuming the time frame comes before his break down.

2008-03-13 23:32:45
10.   Eric Stephen
I guess the date on the tombstone means Jin isn't one of the 6, but there's obviously more to that story.
2008-03-13 23:34:00
11.   underdog
Just watched it on Tivo.
Either the writers of this episode need to be slapped. Or I do. Or both.

My first thought at the revelation about Jin's story not being concurrent with Sun's birth story was one of aggravation. Like the writers basically said "Psych!" "Hah hah. Red herring." But with the time shift element now woven in it's hard to tell what they're up to exactly, except we know Jin's dead. (Or... is he!) Sun and her baby made it. And after that it's anyone's guess.

And so Michael's alive, and doesn't remember Sayid at all. (It didn't seem like he was faking it, but maybe he's a good faker.)

All in all I liked how the shipbound storyline unfolded, and had some frustrations with the Jin-Sun flashback/forward track. But I may watch it again.

Tivo also cut off the preview of next week's episode - anything juicy revealed there?

2008-03-13 23:34:30
12.   ibleedbloo
7 Jin's tombstone read 9/22/04, the date 815 crashed. I am assuming he "died" during the crash. I don't believe he is even one of the 8 which Kate talks about making it to the island.
2008-03-13 23:34:49
13.   Eric Stephen
Yeah, and in hindsight it seems out of place he was so intent on getting a panda rather than getting to the hospital in time.
2008-03-13 23:35:56
14.   Jon Weisman
11 - He's a good faker.

My Season Pass thread is open:

2008-03-13 23:37:19
15.   ibleedbloo
11 We are not supposed to talk about next weeks episode here, but yes, something juicy, at least they want you to think so. Might be worth a trip to YouTube or to hunt it down.

I think Micheal was faking. Did Desmond and Micheal ever meet previous to tonights meeting?

2008-03-13 23:37:40
16.   Eric Stephen
I sensed tension in the Sayid-"Kevin" handshake, but maybe it was just me. It seemed Kevin/Michael's eyes seemed to say "Just stay with me on this one. Don't blow my cover."
2008-03-13 23:40:21
17.   SVbeagador
16 I saw tension too. It looked like Sayid wanted to hurt him. I though Micheal was trying to hide that he knew them. Next week should be interesting
2008-03-13 23:42:35
18.   SVbeagador
15 I cannot remember if Desmond and Micheal met, but they had to. Micheal was still around when Desmond came back (after trying to leave the Island on his boat).
2008-03-13 23:46:37
19.   SVbeagador
The interesting questions are how did Michael get on the boat, where is his son, and why is he working for Ben (I assume he is the one).
2008-03-14 00:01:52
20.   underdog
Well, Sayid definitely wanted to strangle him, and after rewatching that bit again, yeah, he's probably a good faker.
18 It really did seem like Desmond had never seen Michael before, but I guess he's a good faker, too. Did their paths definitely cross previously, before Michael left? I think you're right but it feels like ages ago.. .

Cool. I do look forward to the next one.

2008-03-14 00:02:06
21.   ibleedbloo
18 I may go back and check this weekend. I know Desmond took off early in the hatch storyline and returned way later, just before the hatch imploded. During the time Micheal was off looking for Walt. When he returned to free Ben, I think Desmond was still out to see.

I think it is very likely they had never met.

2008-03-14 00:02:34
22.   underdog
20 I meant, "yeah, Desmond's a good faker" above.

I think next week's episode should feature some surprise cameos by characters from The Wire.

2008-03-14 00:06:05
23.   Eric Stephen
Is Desmond a good faker, or is he really mentally "back"? I know he's not jumping between 1996 & 2004 anymore, but once he talked to Penny, did that mean old Desmond was back (the one that lived from 1996 through 2004), or did it mean that 1996 Desmond is back in 2004, but is content with being 8 years ahead and with no memories of the prior 8 years?
2008-03-14 00:08:42
24.   SVbeagador
23 That is a question I was also thinking about. Is Desmond back? He did not remember Sayid from the Island time, so even if he did meet Michael before (I just cannot recall), then if he is not back, he would not remember him.
2008-03-14 00:16:50
25.   Jon Weisman
Desmond seemed very "back" to me tonight.
2008-03-14 02:58:09
26.   Greg Brock
Desmond was back two weeks ago. He's still back. His backness is permanent, since he contacted his "constant" in the person of Penny.

He's Perma-back.

2008-03-14 03:55:11
27.   regfairfield
7 Sayid is definitely one of the six. He mentioned he was one of them to the guy he shot on the golf course.
2008-03-14 09:23:00
28.   JoeyP
I thought the simultaneous flash forward/flash back with Sun/Jin was extremly well done.

The only thing that bothered me this episode was whatever that thing on Juliet's lower lip was. Did she contract herpes on the island? That was gross!

So Ben staged the fake wreckage/body recovery?

2008-03-14 09:35:29
29.   ssjames
28 I thought that Juliet's thing on her lip was supposed to be an injury from her fight in the hatch when they were trying to disarm the poison gas. Makes sense anyway.

My question is where/what/how is Walt if "Kevin" is on the boat?

2008-03-14 10:17:17
30.   ibleedbloo
28 I think we are supposed to believe right now that Ben staged the wreckage. Witmore, however, is the one who "discovered" it.

What do you record on a fake blackbox?

2008-03-14 10:28:32
31.   fanerman
30 Karaoke?
2008-03-14 22:02:18
32.   immouch
Speaking of Walt, where are all the kids? Weren't there two kids from the crash who were on the "list" and, as such, taken by the Others? I think there was a very brief reference to them a couple weeks ago, when we were flashing back with Juliet and her affair with her therapist's husband... somebody said something about Juliet being good with kids. Anyway, I think the Walt/Ben connection (both as kids lose their mothers; both have whacky relationships with their fathers; both have "visions" when they get to the island) is key to whatever happens with Michael on the boat.

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