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Dodger Thoughts Ticket Exchange Thread
2008-03-13 12:56
by Jon Weisman

If you want to get or get rid of tickets to a Dodger game this season, you can leave a comment in this thread, which will be linked on the sidebar. Dodger Thoughts commenter BigCPA suggested it, and we'll see how it goes.

2008-03-13 21:11:38
1.   therickdaddy
Great -- I'll be posting here often. Thanks Jon.
2008-03-13 22:06:44
2.   bigcpa
Thanks for putting this up!
2008-03-13 23:21:37
3.   Strike4
I want to place an order for four tickets to Game 1 of the 2008 World Series at Dodger Stadium please.
2008-03-14 14:26:55
4.   Eric Stephen
Anyone interested in going to a Dodger Thoughts South outing at Petco Park on Saturday, April 5? Dodgers-Padres is at 12:55pm.
2008-03-14 17:59:06
5.   paranoidandroid
I have season seats in top deck, section 13, row A. This is the front row, first two seats on aisle, good leg room, totally unobstructed view and is even with the pitcher's mound, halfway between home and third base.

With fees and such, it costs me about $4.50 a ticket. Box office price is $9 a ticket, day of game is $11 each.

I have all the games available except for Opening Day, the Angels games, and the last home weekend series (Fri-Sun).

For the rest, you can purchase my two seats for $4.50 a ticket. If you take a Friday or Saturday night game or a giveaway game, I require you to take a Monday thru Thursday non-giveaway game also.

I live in Palmdale, am often in Anaheim, I can ship for free if you pay thru PayPal or I can meet up for cash exchange.


Thanks for this thread Jon!!!!!

2008-03-15 11:33:12
6.   therickdaddy
I am happy to sell or trade these seats. The location is 37RS Row CC. I paid $22 for two seats per game so I'm basically slicing them in half to sell. I live in the San Bernardino area and I'd be happy to ship them to you for $1. I accept Paypal. My e-mail is

$10 for 2 seats

- 4/14 Monday LA v. PIT (7:10 pm)
- 4/23 Wednesday LA v. AZ (7:10 pm)
- 5/5 Monday LA v. NYM (7:10 pm)
- 5/19 Monday LA v. CIN (7:10 pm)
- 6/2 Monday LA v. COL (7:10 pm)
- 6/24 Tuesday LA v. CWS (7:10 pm)
- 7/11 Friday LA v. FL (7:40 pm)


Bobblehead games
Sunday games
Noon-time games



2008-03-15 18:04:47
7.   bigcpa
I have my 2 season seats available for the Friday 3/28 Red Sox game. Loge 122, row A on the 1B on-deck circle. Face is a steep $65/seat.
2008-03-18 00:15:42
8.   Loge 161 Loiterer
I have 4 extra field standing room only tickets for $27 each and 4 extra peristyle standing room only tickets for $15 each for the Coliseum game on 3/29. Exactly what ticketmaster will charge you. I also have season tickets in section 161 row t and i dont go to all the games so if anyone wants either just contact me at
2008-03-18 18:08:46
9.   bigcpa
I have a friend with 20-30 games available. Loge 138, row K. Just past 1B on the dirt, first row under the overhang. $40/face + season parking in front of the stadium club. If you take 8-10 I believe you can participate in a ticket draft to select games.
2008-03-19 15:13:31
10.   Brent is a Dodger Fan
3/29 Coliseum game: I have 2 extra Lower Reserve tickets, just 19 rows up in Sec. 25. I acknowledge that these aren't the best seats, but the market seems flooded with seats that are 50, 60, even 80 rows up. [Or, not disrespect to Loge 161 Loiterer, GA tickets.]

I'd like to recoup some costs from having purchased other tickets for the same game, so I'm asking for $80 each. Mention who you are from Dodger Thoughts and I'll knock $10 off each ticket.

Contact via CraigsList Ad:

2008-03-24 07:47:22
11.   delias man
2 tickets for 3/29 game at Coliseum. Section 5, row 40. I would like to get $110 for the pair, but make an offer please.

Please contact at

2008-03-24 19:55:17
12.   Jack Dawkins
One (1) standing room ticket, general admission to Coliseum game.

Asking $26.50, which is face plus the ticketmaster fees. My e-mail is rinconeditorial at hotmail.

2008-03-25 10:09:57
13.   Kevin Lewis

I sent you an email about tickets for future games, did you get it?

2008-03-25 11:00:30
14.   ToyCannon
Click here for a list of available games and tickets.
2008-03-25 16:30:11
15.   Dangerous Bri
I have 6 together in row G+H 3+3 in front and back of each other. I am selling all the April and Red Sox games for face value of $50 each. I do not have Opening day, April 1, or 15 available. Email brian dot andrews at g m a i l dot c o m


2008-03-26 23:33:06
16.   edoner
I have 2 season tickets at Lodge 143 tickets are $40 each. First come first serve, if you purchase a giveaway game you must also purchase a weekday game too.

2008-03-28 17:41:49
17.   Jacob Burch
I need two tickets to the 4/15 game against the pirates. Any seat will do, though looking to spend 40 or less per ticket (would prefer less, but good seats are good seats). Mostly just looking to get over TM's insane fees.

If it helps to buy more than just two, I could probably trick a couple more friends to buying them as well.

email at

2008-04-11 08:27:33
18.   Improbable88
I have an extra ticket for tonight's game against Peavy and the Padres.

RESV 32, Row G, seat 4

E-mail me at if interested.

2008-04-22 11:32:28
19.   evenatriple
I have two great tickets for Mothers Day, Sunday May 11 at 1:10 PM against the Astros. My seats are Loge level, Section 113LG Row E, Seat 1 and 2. My wife pretty much told me that if I leave her alone with the kids to go to the game on Mother's Day, I should not bother coming home. It's $115 for the pair, including great parking. So, any DT readers with a baseball loving mother? Or for that matter, DT readers who are baseball loving mothers? Please email me at
2008-04-23 11:53:09
20.   Right Said Ned
So basically, I screwed up and got tickets to see Sly & the Family Stone while forgetting I had tickets for the game on Friday.

Sooo...I have two tickets for Fridays game (4/25) against the Rockies. The seats are fantastic -- they are located in Section 3, Row X. Section 3 is right behind home plate. It's $150 for the pair and come with preferred parking. Please shoot me over an email me at:

2008-05-05 08:49:04
21.   ibleedbloo
I have up to 4 tickets for every game of the Mets series (5/5 - 5/7) available. $7 each, which includes shipping ($5 for ticket $2 for email shipping). Email amurvine at hotmail dot com.
2008-05-06 17:36:02
22.   kngoworld
I have four tickets + premium parking to sunday's mothers day game. May 11, 1:10 pm.

Field Level - Section 27 - Row J - seats 5-8.

Right behind third base

Dodgers sell these exact seats at a single game rate of $100 each.

Season ticket holder price is $65 each.

Selling all four plus preferred parking for $250. OBO

Email me at kngoworld at hotmail dot com

2008-05-06 17:46:38
23.   LoneStar7
So Furcal is just experiencing tightness? where was it even reported?
2008-05-06 17:50:30
24.   LoneStar7
sorry forgot i was in the ticket thread
2008-05-14 22:24:47
25.   aamawi
Looking for 2 tickets for Sunday 5/25. Hoping to get reasonable rate. Traveling from Fresno and bringing my son to first Dodger game. e-mail any offers to Thanks
2008-05-20 20:20:44
26.   Louis in SF

I am coming down to LA tomorrow night and am looking for 2-3 tickets for the Friday night game May 23 against St. Louis

2008-05-21 08:09:08
27.   Louis in SF

If anyone has two tickets for the St Louis game on Firday May 23,email is I will be in LA on Thursday AM and staying on the West side.

2008-05-28 15:57:56
28.   bigcpa
I have my 2 season seats available for the Friday 6/20 Indians game. Loge 122, row A on the 1B on-deck circle. Face is $60 each and I have prepaid season pkg in lot K.
2008-06-02 11:06:31
29.   bigcpa
Kershaw scouting opportunity

I have an extra pair of seats for the Weds matinee- 12:10pm vs. Rockies. I handpicked them off stubhub. Field aisle 12, row D. Will take face obo.

2008-06-05 10:19:14
30.   jmmack
I'm looking to surprise my husband as an early Father's Day present and take him to the game this Saturday (6/7) with our 2 kids. Anyone have 4 tickets they would like to get rid of? Hoping to get reasonable rate as we are driving down from Fresno...please e-mail any offers to


2008-06-25 16:33:33
31.   Improbable88
I have 4 tickets for tonight (6/25) and tomorrow (6/26). Anyone who wants them for the cost of e-mailing them ($8 for the set) please drop me a line: ifallelse1 at aol.
2008-07-08 21:34:39
32.   coachjw
Looking for TWO last-minute tickets for Saturday night, 7/12, vs. FLA. If you have anything available please email Thanks.
2008-07-19 05:22:07
33.   old dodger fan
I need 1 ticket for Sunday Aug 17. If you have one email me at msuiter at maida dot com
2008-08-01 14:43:23
34.   be2ween
Anyone have an extra ticket for tonight's Kershaw - Johnson match-up (Manny's debut)? :)
2008-08-01 14:44:21
35.   be2ween
Oops. If so, please e-mail larrykf at earthlink dot com.
2008-08-12 13:59:30
36.   Tangled Up in Blue
Anyone have an extra ticket to tonights game?
2008-10-11 09:35:40
37.   JJ42
I have tickets to game 4 and 5 of the NLCS at Dodger Stadium. Email me if interested: jjlacs at hotmail dot com
2009-02-03 02:02:50
38.   hedgemytickets

I have access to Dodgers season tickets in the following locations:

Infield Reserve 1, Row A, 3 seats together
Infield Reserve 2, Row A, 3 seats together
Infield Reserve 7, Row A, 2 seats together
Infield Reserve 16, Row A, 4 seats together
Lower Reserve 24, Row A, 4 seats together
Lower Reserve 27, Row A, 16 seats together
Lower Reserve 28, Row A, 2 seats together
Left Field Pavilion 303, Row B, 4 seats together
Left Field Pavilion 303, Row A, 2 seats together
Left Field Pavilion 305, Row A, 2 seats together
Left Field Pavilion 309, Row A, 2 seats together
Left Field Pavilion 313, Row A, 4 seats together
Left Field Pavilion 313, Row C, 16 seats together

I'm looking for season ticket partners and/or people to buy single games. I'm willing to sell most weekday games for less than season ticket holder face value. Please contact me at Thanks.

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